Thee Podcast Episode 173

Thursday, March 30th

This week marks the long-awaited return of... our old friend Tyler Smith, who is hosting the Dope Invitational Comedy Competition (DICC). We will be judging DICC this Sunday night at Parlor Live in Bellevue. Come check out DICC!


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You. Yeah what will update will be obvious to the open well you look. At. I could do at bats you do it will be called jobs actually it now political blow for Tyler and it and and fifteen whatever your view. Right. You know no hard rules around. It information in there are transcript you know and there. What do you get asked that I probably four notes for you at the deliveries. Seriously is next on three words on the hopefully it's the perfect is that the rest this that. Yes that's pretty much Adobe like wrestling and not quite seventeen minutes on prince when he didn't Jesus. I mean I hope everybody works in a different way yet totally her mound tonight I appreciated if anything I'm Wilson when he drew quick or start. Stephen I've been a mega cast. Got into her interview. Chad Smith the drummer. For the Red Hot Chili Peppers and so as we're going to end or backstage. Hand graders down there and Gregor has all these notes and I kinda laps to go. You know. If he's late yet cute you bring my question the only. Now ha ha ha ha ha we kill their demeanor jets and it's also was he ten minutes he feels like eighteen nothing how is he gets there at. School. And that would be no growth works no doubts. The lifestyle and and it's I was doing so consciously or knows that yeah Mac and still stay. You plug it into it podcaster at this isn't just any I guess just any pod cast couldn't do this. Good skin. Starting deep stuff. The starting these senseless and got. You'll let her Wear a helmet and. Why seventy. We don't get podcast vodcast fatherland all the land. The last. Today in the back burner bunny those realities of careers in southeast Asia related to jump religion. In the studio god. Generally podcast rebounding Elliott says trading small time winner was analysts from Goldman Merrill and Deutsche Bank upgraded shares themselves stronger by. On the back to a renewed energy from the boards heading into what could be the summer of the decade. We'll see TV don't give up her pretend we'll find out at 630 download hi fact that there on the we have the field to field that up. Largely expected today that at this. And CTV. And it hit back out of the producer with about five head right Dolan fought wow he just. Real fired up yeah how generally say this does she have a lot in this episode today you know they have got his back. Can't they how much that pleases us as friends and co host Jews to be here. Nice. Also. We were but he Tyler Smith hero talked of a second person to say. I'm in heaven and a pack. A big thank you to everybody came out to the podcast party down virtual sports last weekend. I mean I had a blast the army to super cool they asked how people can do. I mean that policy numbers and you like 56000. Very impressive picture you that they should replace fifty or sixty people yet you but he was that yes it's picture now I don't even know there was podcast party bills. Neck like an exit. The last episode I was you know and I called Ted about it. Two that's obviously Kara staff yes Amazon began this that there. I don't play virtual reality God's law and that treaties like versions BR zombie thing where it is army's attack units like really uncomfortable. I'll live a newer version. They'll make a whole late in the whole thing a virtual reality. It is against Illinois Q. Cubes Adobe yeah I haven't Caesar and Augustine they showed up and brought home ate them out tamales and it was a good time dude this is crazy. So be homered and blows my mind yet. The mayor was there this kid's. Yeah it was a whole thing but everybody came out really cool. We had a good time still figured out how to play an awful party. We'll get to that if you know it's a cool if not I'll explain it to you later got but just that the out party. A but seriously think thirty came out all the time and huge thanks virtual sport. Yeah I was clear eyed I I was very high I took inedible the forehand. Does told. By someone who is fifty milligrams. Which you know that's that's strong but manageable. Though did you get the were told it was fifty. I don't packaging all right all right that's there could detect it didn't that a hundred no grads that took half. Our fifty's right now Leo how's upper end of my wheel house I would say and then politics told. Is that gave it to me. Fact that I am really feel on that edible he's like you know in the guy gave it to me was like not sure if they were fifty each app for eighty each half. Am. Appreciate their aiding Syria and Dana I'm pretty arm I feel pretty well versed in that realm and on went towards eighty itself. I think it does if he does weird that have a sunglasses seemed a little bit. Out of it yeah. Was a manageable yeah you guys is very do you think seriously do you have a good friend or that friend to me it seems like a great friend hook you up and it's already expected I don't it's not agree with you Ted Smith part of percent. It on the other way he doesn't mean I'm like an erotic warriors. You know I want the full information formula on how open and you've ever given you can happen often. Now my staff and Adams Harris Kerviel Nightline at twelve Milligan was blunt here is that accurate I. Let me Marty stone Villa after news that slightly now it tomb a. Are. Willing to doubt whatever that the so I believe in the house I don't think you crush Peters a virtual sports right like that doesn't drink despite is again the cardinal here's an animal. At and we'll see where I got from the navigate to justly K. I'm not positive. Pulse Japanese are so I watched that like in slow vote eat the entire. Paint and out like. School of five says lightning the half hour into it. I see Batman right that's that we haven't got CC right Andrea if even half power it yeah they are against my bad deed that might peony. I'd like out there. Basically because that's of autographs gets baby that I might die a little bit every week you know bunch of major value I talked do you have fun. Barack I offense that was a we walked outside of what that means dark as we walked back into my next advice with hey. The weeks of those vocal that he got back in Newton and which I don't think that's a drinking being on the there are good as hasn't been subdued the effects at all just right Tyler Smith is here. Tiring so obviously from the dope show you went on you've been on the podcast few times this Sunday. Parlor live 7:30 PM the first in the first annual duke invitational comedy competition for adapters due. I'm excited. If using a sense of the flyers like Matt I'll be judges comes back in town that we need to be confirmed on the bill. That's up to tout him around emote. The acreage as a leader he. At those label on the poster. You guys listed them with secret lives. And now gathered at the jets and Costa. That. We all of us to be there so on one about sport Tyler in his don't endeavors yeah it's exciting so it's all of my favorite performers have been on the groups and by eight. Thanks have a need 67 NATO says. And he's the top ten my pain and compete for 1000 dollars a month in jets. When they win a jet ski when a jet ski and thousand dollars to not a lot of pressure as a judge I like it has the top gun and eating out of grade jet ski he's the death if it does it. And we don't in comedians. Also my job to plot athlete flee. Happening every. Struggling local comedian with this courage that's it. I talk to try to work out otter has yet we don't. Leg is probably two people this again actually to ski by if you take the jets do you have an option of taking an extra cash prize. I and get the value of the jet skis instead of the actual cause critical. The penitent then jet ski and I. Recently right but the jets QB it. Didn't just the final days uploading a on the primary and the like and definitely answer the showed. Everybody you're gonna progress in the elevator. Present a live feed from the partner does it religiously is confirmed in the parking garage. I don't usually too much is there a giant Jack is finished actually cash cash in so. The sponsor. Who's funding the whole thing he he got this league medal silver lake cops and Stanley Cup. But the winner's name on it and in the cup. It's too bad at all yet that he's in singles those related. Yes. But I gamble to always the single to yeah it more fun. Most papers and there wasn't that the winds are people who don't remember what the dope show is he explained that shows off yes yes that that show the comedy showcase where comedians to regulars sat and me. Smoke to have high gear uncomfortably high hadn't and attempt to second set and it's been going on about home. Monthly all the major comic clubs in the sphere and out in great. We're at the parlor. Common comic clubs McCain coming club and great year ago last comic you'll see some minutes before on the bill eight. Even for a stone he do you still uncomfortably high oh yeah I I am probably late. Most experience when it comes do we do it but. I definitely sometimes nearly two dates and Mike is a mistake after another this debate at. We we had dealt magazine come Mountain Dew Mecca voter issues they rule article about the show off. Last October or. And before the show even started photographers like you need some shots that you smoking weed. So you know hang out that the cannibalized in that campus awesome yeah thanks to strike me. Hey hey it's great we agree to a items but we're on the bus just Wenzel Photoshop. Shoot and he kept ask me taking it to the giants are in need take another shot you had that jointly by more one more one more. Yeah I like the rejoined Slater who I'm like I gotta go start the show Mick and the and I go out there might have to confess I wage keep an eye of the LA now. Yet again to get a rivers dope show for me it's the boat. I started this show super high by the end of it I was actually Hobart Coca and image has now. Do you sometimes just in my mind that. I'll put it on rap music continues to itself. And I at least voted splits and they went into the air ticket and am I realize it's me half an hour absolutely worth half let them light. So wasted. Fast that's super the epic sounds cool I just told them. I already got a play at that Steve got an editor at what do you do have good ideas they blocked a new living room news they guide this time in my house now yeah yeah. A lot of times it's happened so it's the end of the night they need sleek and the V. The tally honestly. I mean if you are not performing and looking gangster blown smoke and listen in Iraq means that McGwire what you do it and read and a bathroom yeah. Well I'm living this lifestyle from the hit it the regulator emperor had a it was what you get in the game I mean you know. A lot of the people on those doubts the way a lot of us do you smoke who are on it regularly and way we spoke real time after we can off the ship. Even though really are already been paid to get really Tyrone was well with Bruschi smokey yeah I did and comedians do it who have never smoked before. Yeah. And I think that's tonight data CEO Dana Carvey or Africa not hand back his. It's so funny his size and handed and Dana Carvey signed Tom Carvey. He's doing with season Jones and so season opens for Dana. And then. These kids Tomlin it is he's going to beat me to nineteen it's too cute to acts in town. And there's just too indices in trying to regulate there's as lays in the column world's biggest single camera gigs and season was on my show Portland. And she broke a little time Carvey who just looks like a fourteen year old Dana Carvey could see. He's on the show and he played a tantrum. On smoke weed and I. And I thought yeah yeah yeah you wanna be on the show you gonna smokes and we'd like dances that. Well let's walk on obviously I think yeah. It obvious that I don't just. It. That's the fact that. It's seven it and make the most phallic by. It is a you find he hits and he he horrible panic attack I'll end up running out of the building. Like he didn't even perform I'd say you did it's overs. Smoke some weed for the first big. And then ran what picnic hello Posey really. When he's 2122. Boca they'll pay and a what are you run to. Don't know I chase them for a block it like the back in either Portland right now these guys govern from LA and that you hear from Susan hey you lost our guy isn't just idiotic couch eating like scandals isms you like he's run and I don't like chased after him Emma kept it is. Due to get breaded. God Deanna and I didn't think much like you'll Mike Myers cape finished his Santa. A but the quote. A couple of guys off the we had I always is really beginning of those shows that about eighty performers in only 78 and made it back for a second I think in he was one of them. And the other one of the axis kidney month cam. Super funny guy in from the same god and show the play her he's got really high and wandered off and played his Waterloo Q4 iron and just yeah institutes that. 'cause it's like some onstage display IRA so there is no promises on the senate yeah. Yes that is it exactly through seasons as head ago I connections have a much what you do and. Yeah that's crazy when I didn't coma one of the guys he was a huge smoker you could tell. But I haven't had Ingraham yeah yeah it is he just can't happen like why do you do. Then he. That was the only hope is that thing. If you think that you might do in the most time. I obviously wasn't a stone no heated enough ago. He he's legally spoke four times in the last two years and he's now supports regardless yeah. I got all that it's out there and it took four years you see record. Now pumped about sun am monetary I don't shelf since like you know a year and a half your time about that they have to be stowed on Sunday or is this just. No no mr. mayor ray of their show hostess ten minutes each comic is going to be ten minutes and then there's some rules that say they're gonna get polite at eight. If they don't follow in the nine to ten minutes and they get disqualified. But this is tennis that everybody it's ten minutes and then you guys will decide along with the other judge. Who performed the best and now and I'm just saying there is based on performance material. Now are you in your own view on an honest to be stoned. And judging process I imagine you probably will be it is it's 7:30 PM on us and is no requirement of the greatest honor that time. It's did you tell I got a popular thing that I. That would be good if not not frowned upon all the time. Next year next year Omega because. Everybody has to get blaze. The next question for us is there a break in between alt and that we could smoke more. Oh. You're gonna have to say there are. Not that Lott doesn't stand ho PC is about smoking on stage it part of the actor's at a loophole would work with and I wish she can they can have. That is like only if you like you know the doesn't alert and legal pot I Jacqueline islander forward to the next and act now. Everything I can't imagine actually having a league chewing on staff legally could very likely tape on stage now. A couple wise how laws are always in view of the public their affair though and I'll shoot is a comedy room considered public. I mean yeah Allen's -- you could even have booze don't stay in you can you can snow outside yeah I know lately you have you have an a cup there's no labels. Yet the premise that a couple years heroic you couldn't. Remember bands it was like they can have out on stage inflate. You know local brands whenever you hadn't played Torrey bands like those guys strength mimic exactly how religious they get on stage in our stomachs. No man that we also I mean I think all three of us are excited about property and a great show. Yeah laypeople. Two men they are honest and can communal and there was boundary from Vancouver's. Are you Portland knives. When LA. Earlier than from Theo. Do you agree. I mean I'm all lie there's partly a little nervous not judge him. We'll keep an anonymous felt. OK they're not gonna you know to have score cut the yeah. Yes it's there. Part of me that he's assumed that was Florida. Hope for McCain you would like Amazon Ted daylight gifts you're given it. Sorry Butler. Has. It. Right will be late you'll you'll have a private room to this guy's ego in the green room electrical have you. Low to about a minute arguing closings after each ten. After the time performers you know do ten minutes that's when you guys will be in the back. You know screw liberating yet and it's going to be one champion crowned you know tough yeah oppression. But I mean there is can we at three years in this but once he man. I understand it doesn't do it for us to discuss it and hash it out and figure out the watered it we have a system and we'll get your moment to talk about it but what's gonna happen as you grade one through three. And the saga. That those who each have like points systems and it's five to history and cause it's two points lower America and then we added all up between four votes in the three way. The show the most nervous is that he. Got its ability never grabbed a picture. You're honest guy PF and I. I'm Jessica awesome picker at the future Sunday night 7:30 PM tomorrow Ivan W. Don't international comedy competition Jason in my case argues yet come hang with us that's going to be awesome. Yeah these days ago. Am I mean you can get half off on tickets appease promo code green theory. Get a chance Thomas sponsors got hurt Adam green theory and jet city guardians are sponsors that Russia itself. Will be smoking Jesse gardens we either repurchase or green period of the ambulance except and cool thanks. Also. People of you think about coming out or whatever but they it is he received the go shows. I've seen we have seen four or five people on there telephonic comedians on the bill. Sunday night like he just you'll have a good time. It's great yeah I know there's a love note we stacked it with that people different tolerances so. Sometimes you see a melt down a few suspect it after the worthy just for that. The comedies grave that in light of the all of the build cherry on the cake is the thing simply deer in the headlight you knew exactly. I don't like you have it your all star lineup looked like comedians you know in this kind. Preserve yeah well my favorite headline is there on the bills that you agree yeah that's just have to pick the best exactly reminds of a just a terrible and the he. To be more nervous than you guys to hit and if we just to break there are all right who have faith. Yet you topic. Oh. To what was allegedly cut had it. First time I can about us. Super native. Boat yet warm. Yeah now. But to put any pressure on him its first on really long time and people missed it. And now. I only pressure they they tire pressure. Yeah Iowa had it. I guess and on the Italians. Where am. Yeah. We're back. An owner at a restart this. All right so. Does that Tyler and out there and do that Sunday. More importantly for the podcast. I was here Cobb has had to let me just exactly as Tyler was fine but it's late. Now you're here I don't know Matt has questioned that is when he talked yeah I'm more curious about how things went down without me I mean it's just two guys mono a mono in the room across a big desk from each other. You know like where they're where they're sound moments where they're stare downs would you guess he gets closer you for their part now. That's their closer. We only had 13. We I had fiber again that's that a tumor out we're closer we've thrived that our time people know how we. If you look at the change it and they generally you deflect you pretty good at public ought. Even gone where you bin people wanna though obviously people know you're on the the television show then the partner. Yes of the show we filmed in October and a. Members fuel ma'am in our member has gone for like I don't know five weeks then for some time in Chicago. Filming that I think by the time this cast come actually get carrots and not the results yet but. Yes fun show I know where I was gone this time we want a big road trip as you guys know down through. California Mattel like LA Palm Springs and then went into. Phoenix headed up to sit down around which is pumps. I oppose your school Lotta old people while sunshine I am that's I was just picture old rich white people. You've got a 100%. Gap decide exactly zero got a golf people. Golf and tennis sector that's eight year history. Yeah so we come down and as renowned man then we went perhaps Phoenix grabbed a friend of mine went up to the Grand Canyon which are he has never seen it I had never seen it it's dope. Apple analyst you know from place. But what's better than the Grand Canyon is Sedona. I agree I barely even heard events and on air zona. They have these energy board taxes and read about a mine and her Obama couple years consequently. I had that sounds crazy. So who wins and it's beautiful mean it's some of the best natural sooner have ever seen in my life he's shy and stone. And you know your call like Mae says surrounding this tiny town in the middle. And that's just picturesque main you're walking through post cards so they had these four in a small town. Sedona is probably. Two miles long by one mile wide. Or so in terms like the main town stuff and it's weird like there's going to be some in the watered down and I'm really what are we. Give me like a reference it quickly not a size town. Kirkland. Are. Weird to me that you might. Two miles long one mile line today like obviously towns like I announce that I'm powerful and well yes like idiots in this case that what's in this basin so it's all mountains on on all side these giant crazy Mason v.s in a photo that. Now dear don't show earlier and now we talked about it so. The weird thing about it though so there's this guy who was an MIT professor and he proclaimed that this was a spot where their energy board taxes. And immediately my ball beater went crazy I was like energy or taxes. Dude like what is this here check this out. Yes again like so that's all around the I think is that you might have enough that saw giants stuff and we use of the phones so. There's these energy board taxes and what this guy's theory was his she was saying that. And with people we know some people are more alive than others in terms of you know you're just living organism and you're taking in nutrients and exercising some like that so. You know someone who's 21 is going to be more vibrant and someone who's ninety right. So the cells are replicating more than more alive while. Yeah hypothesized that the earth is living organism. And one giant living organism in different spots on it there's more life and biodiversity and things being generated and for whatever reason. He stumbled upon Sedona Arizona and he. Decided or figured out I don't know that. There's these four energy vortex is so that's become this town's thing. Well well known well documents to disguise owes it all because the scientists who was adequate ancient tries to be in it you know since the scientists there's a lot of times in that. Area but the science guy figured out that it was like a very naturally. Rejuvenating area would ever so. I thought his BS as a canola. I want going this with an open mind enough scenes stuff that's that's plumber mind of the past two went to an open mind turns up the sky gives lectures every Monday. In the town but you must come asking questions whatever you explain the whole energy vortex. Missed election by so we'll cigarette there but so we went out to which these energy vortex lectures. Mother like. Here's our half hour. I'm who went out experienced on the board Texas very cool there's a weird energy out there I don't know what it is but it's crazy how they recommend checking out. And we are like in this crystal shop and Iraq. Todd innocent like the two most practical people I know who would never be involved with like crystals or stones were about to pay like. Seventy dollars for these little gem stones that are probably going to dollar market that's that he pulls you in man. So anyway we they by. I talked to mount an. Do you buy into it matured actually gonna buy an item they physically. I mean yet they were like getting their wallets how's that whole line Uga ethnic hold off on the gemstones for an hour think about it we come back time so. But the thing about this town is the people there are. Unbelievably vibrant. We're walking of this trail dying in the heat. And this guy on the mountain bike screaming past us. Because like a bunny hop off this rock and then onto the trail I look back in the skies sixty plus. Looks like a professional athlete and we go to the Starbucks this guy comes walking through. I gotta say 5859. He looked like Lance Armstrong I mean his legs. He's in better shape than I've ever been in my life. And that's including swimming. He was just jacked from head to Dover seemed so vibrant alive all the people who live there like that. Why I have no idea maybe it's a proclivity for an outdoor lifestyle. Maybe it's the energy board Texas there's something going on down in Sedona it's crazy beautiful town highly recommend our spiritual place. Also gets jumped. Other than that how we went to as I chatting and now I'll be back. I'm dude I get to myself do and years and it's it's super cool all right. So a design on national park which I've come on lesser known national parks but I think Utah yeah by far the most beautiful when I've seen just predict it. Do you still favored Google's eye on national parks the island check out some photos. It's it is incredible. Now we are in Nashville with big daddy who's been on the cast saying I question about. That. If it. You can spend a lifetime in that park. But it's a drive through an area you drive is wide enough for electric car and half of talk carved out societies mountains. It's and it's tough to describe it's like straight up clips on either side view. How one point you go into a tunnel. And you come out the other if this really long Tony come on the other side. You gonna Maroney looked back up the tunnel is like a pin prick on the side of this thousand foot granite face. These things are huge massive giant. Say a picture these massive like Mae says stuff. Really just some crazy crazy nature and get really makes you appreciate. The scale of it desire and score in the Grand Canyon yes. That's higher on my list to check out yet I don't effort that's oil I can survive I've gotten him that's that is FC before. So those those faces behind your thousand foot sheer cliffs huge. Yes it's ridiculous that scenery like that everywhere so that was only like a one mile hike to get to that point. You can go forty miles in the park that photos on its Ingraham yeah Boca. Democracy group so out of my way I did get new fellow human noticed an honest. I guess you back on the thread which is what I'm most pumped about a threat has been revived. We have this thing real quick this thread between. Four of us have been friends for a long time. And Ted's phone for ever he could not respond to the whole thread he only respond to the person who puts me in the threat. The other two guys on this surrendered to the funniest guys and no one's a radio DJ ambulance and rushed nargis. Whole area students in this thread is always site. It was the best part of having a phone but Ted the funniest guy on the threat could never respond he would just. If you posters on the he would respond you individually but the other two people and get serious of finally right after what had actually played. But everybody's names in the it's like maybe once ever tonight group text back yes sir it was a running joke in the thread that he can respond to us whatever century finally got a new phone and the threat has been brought back to life and now it's every bit as funny as it used to be. I was at a right now I have liked and group textile. Aria the threats been running like seminary years though yet and it's yeah anxious. I'm team you bound to design and years ago. Where you and Alston national debt which Austin where they're from month or so I'm glad swipe peeled and Austin Powers from an everyday and like deep anti. And lakes rivers. I aquifers. Really cool Hollywood downtown at least two naturally occurring on a personal water pump something you guys are most comes up from underneath and then also. There's little river that feeds them to. And so if fills up these natural pools. In the village downtown to account like carved amount but it's all rock and stone amendment you know is there anyway and you. You go swimming these giant pools or 73 degrees year round or whatever it's the same temperature all year no chlorine know anything. Yes beautiful and it was it was 85 get down there so we go from Seattle winter. Two girls in bikinis. Pelican were popping champagne in my prime want to reclaim beach volleyball. The scraped through and out to the bombed out to Nashville so all your critics could in some incredible. And it's all it's that it's university Texas it's it's co Eds everywhere. Just say guys yeah they write your idea there and there is like Texas style dimes which you know I don't know if that's MC TP is typed into site. Big block area. You'd love a heck of a guy it's. I feel like even like the sixes sevens down there I would love yeah I mean you have to understand maidan Sanyo photo gadget snap back kind of street cred. Snap agree prepare exodus of this going on guess that we bond that's Nashville we hang with big daddy's on hot dogs on the streets. Really fond. It's scooting out there with him. Back to I was. Did Danny skill and down I mean he's a great product operations and a bit their 33. After three carts they wanna be the biggest how to change Southland and other instruments pretty good if you want Dallas daddy's dogs Nash. And you know a serious thing men like big daddy is always been a big character and so how useful characters I feel like he's really found his niche national. And I got C my buddy Austin Jenks RO US friends yet we stomach and I asked oh that's right OK go yes objects is down there. When I'm around him for awhile how how is Nashville scene ever there's always like to Nashville's there's like. Now pop stuff they put out with that country and then there's like people that live in Nashville's. I love Nashville personally it's like and that's what you think of like a small cool southern town user percent gonna second guess there's like and others like a lot of hipster like Alec I like country twang hamsters and rob that's. Nothing like cancers that instead of flannel like. Cowboy boots and I don't know anyway. We did substituting side a year do you. They're going to go and I think all used to Pacific northwest it's yeah it's I guess it's like they're very it's like the southern version of you know the beard flannel gas. Ask villages atomic khaki. Pressed khaki Dennis. It's not done in the south that's ago I got a very like preppy southern gentlemen type thing yeah. Nashville. Is sort of like a liberal area in you know the conservative. Be in the center of the conservative behind stuff. It was and now lot of a lot of khaki or poll lows which you know eleven sounds like camouflage. I trump router into a lot of yeah Charlotte proper yeah we will win Soledad the one he's already impressed yeah. That crazy one yes yet like his bus out there with him in the thumbs up so there was nothing 101000 people who paid for tickets go to this thing. And it's also like 3000 protesters with really funny signs. And now we discussed it right in the middle in case someone off would be there for did you talk to the trump people. Yeah that's a problem. What was the rally for. That's a request no idea I think honestly is this for trump to sell merchandise yeah I mean he still loves the campaign I mean I don't assuage its money like. I think. I think we just loved to have been merely. So what do you wrap of the out late with with him and he won it's over for about elite you you prove the fact the dual dubious crazy with him being president you know there were snipers on the roofs and you know their pat people down and stuff. Massive police presences is pretty while yet well now late you nobody going this year on its side. That's different. Now is you know while it's cool man I mean you've seen a piece of Americana. Maria and it was weird because it was all all the people going to the rally were from Nashville they're from my. Powder you know sort of like districts and lands or whatever my ground that area and so he has a weird sort of I cultural melting pot in neck. Lot of friction oh my god one thing I would. Be remiss of I didn't mention he has a very hot chicken. Ali natural hot chicken yes he. Have you had never dude that is. He does and all be all of the chicken game is taken its offer yeah so like I'm not big chicken because spicy. Whatever you want man may have liked to have low degraded their medium they have hot and they have damn hot and those are and that's exactly what you'll say when you. How on top like. Damn hot. It's so good like I can't really explain they just do the branding in a different way. Where it's it's not really think Brett spreading it's just a little bit you don't feel terrible after eating feel pretty good bits these big steak chicken fingers. Incredible Fries him a shot to have babies as the best interest and I've ever had by Condoleezza piper yeah on peace why Bradley at the sauce on there. Tradition so it's so good you rarely hear me rave about chickens that never soak. It's indeed taken last week. Yes failure rate was laws from stopping it we gotta give a shout out the fat chicken and waffles. What they owe us an attempt to cast via. I don't mr. I didn't have a chicken I had a piece of news delicious but I actually have fried catfish plant which for now admits go to those. It's now donate now great drop and they asked are you on that out of you very. Here when I went there for the first time I love that place man which owns the proof. Men in their prime defense on the thousand different you know I both candidates because Nate is weighing in on the wing can buy you lots and regular fried chicken fried chicken breasts her legs. Fat guy covered. Aren't I I would completely outside the box and just missed it in fat cells like how many get this fried catfish have had forever in green to red beans and rice I mean it was awesome. I apiece of by the chicken chit it was phenomenal to but our buddy Chris Nolan with us like I gave a bi he for catfish in his reaction as it AM. But I should've gotten us. While on a roll the dice yeah. Yes and you never go wrong begala and namesake. Tim reading a really good. Book about that. Sorry to bring him books in but the it's an honest it is January we don't read. It's an hour or no book talk through its own stock what is this book called it's it's like algorithms to live byers something like that and they they're comparing whether it's better to like try new items at restaurants and trying new restaurants. Or our rhythms live by the computer science of human decisions. I'm really happy that you really anxious Japan yen it's about whether you should like trying new restaurants or stick with your old favorites they basically break it down by. Like progress McCleon like how long you're going to be in areas like if it's your last night in town he should go to a place that you know is going to be good because if you go to new place and try and love it. You only get that one time of going there you don't stack up all the benefits of going their over a long time so. Anyway yeah. I live by that out of in this weekend so my girlfriend knows of and smokey point. And we're really gonna benefit as we hear and then we came back it would cause junior. Which is our right there on a but the cause jitters right there on the look like on the next exit down from her and so we are going to college junior 'cause I. Explorer or exploit so it's whether you should explore new stuff or exploit the security now. All right the chapter that's really it. I'm glad. Well yeah I bet now that cause you hear is right on the way to or from my girlfriend's house. I'm now more cross here in my life site at the western bacon cheeseburger has opposed the usual. Bacon Swiss crispy chicken club whatever caused nowadays kids you know you'll be back and if that ends up being better you can exploit that over time gases as your last time every now you don't explore right Berger writes ornaments you know enact them and nine out of the western big into grants. Scott they had an onion rings are. It's I will say general idea for sex generally I agree with like for me tell you visited bold move. But will we sat down and facts I just got the impression like other doing my real soul food here. So I just saw the catfish I guess that's how it go fully in. Collard greens ready to race teams. So yes I would I got to win on that one but I also agree with like Chris that was like go with this you know they're chicken and waffles get jemaah. Has the whole thing but so now you know that the catfish is good to go back to exploit that. Oh yeah. But I much like when I go to Buckley's lately saying three things. Because you're you know they're going to be just yet. Nestle exploit explore paradox since really that's cool is any part of it lake I think I go to rushed out the teams a little more exotic maybe I'll be more ventures. But going to that restaurant the first place is adventurous to trying a new restaurants that are going to Barclays now Barclays is your exploit. I understand you know and be like on mantra that Brazilian steakhouse that's your explore. Now. At this point in now as we go through life. You know especially in pure and actor 50s6070s. They know what they like and so they exploit. But when you're young when you're like 152025. DF figure out what you like in the same applies to women some applies to the united dating. In general sir replies to my quad city you're gonna have been surprised food. Now. I'm with did but I I think once you're would you go to the Brazilian steakhouse here. You're in explore motor plant house money purely you know get sentinel morgue shot. Yet but I've been so we all know we will bring that. Look at his body as you said that a plea yet. I mean George later this week for hang out to give him and me because you are they're rich and if you Georges and here yeah how tight are black Republican but apps. I ate several books and I got a quality into their food there or back together obviously the triangle through baucus back. Memorably in Nashville super big you're right you are than ever go to a hot chicken due. I'll end it with this so the pinnacle moment of the trip for me. Was on our way back it was the last day of the trip. We were in court only in Idaho and we've been driving all we drove seventeen hours that day went to sever Karzai about card on Texas by the way. I'm so we're two separate cars driving in and becoming you know like maybe 3 in the morning. To this truck stop and it's a proper trucks there's 85. Semi trucks with trailers is that those looks like the famous one. I'm not love sues the other one it's like is it easier it's like this something it's a big club I don't know anyway downtown court land to pull off. Crashed out in the car. Wake up and my buddy Judd who's with me is still sleeps on Michael Cameron going to distract jobs who's going on this one of those big trucks out they have showers. They have like fitness center emotional and uses they have restaurants. He now. Everything see any lot lizards oh yeah. It's as I'm as I'm walking now they have this big sign over the door that says like for professional drivers only. And I just like I hadn't showered in five days since Nashville I'm walking a prosecutor who went. Qualify and I locked in Paris where do you there's like six truckers stand a man there's like a little like. It's yeah like a little smoking area outside and then like ran inside the doors oppose a public as chairman drinks. And I like kind of nod the smoker dies they just in the back like the like. I am itself like howdy partner and I like idea hired and honestly they thought I was tracker I felt like a tracker odd man out of the road warrior event when I was a I consider mr. overrode dot not a male like ours on the road at the last three days. Leading up to Baghdad probably I don't know 2000 miles or so on the car like we are drive and hard it is just being regular people games shower. I think it's just I'd make them feel more like pumped up you know the showers so it's a membership club you can use the shower if you don't remember habits like thirteen bucks sometimes a shower Brazilian membership that's when alas now. Anyway I blended and I was one with the truckers for alleged ability. Is beautiful man. So a lot of say in the shower would you put lately economic meltdown shower roller coaster like a locker room that. I would put it. Domestic prison shower and call off off off. I mean it struck her life out there dude you don't understand what it's like to cut it to. He's a vibe I pictured like tile like separates dolls it's like Sanford IDs. That travels Tenet Carnoy and adequate to their it didn't start checks out man went by. It's also an op idea of admiration every now miniseries movies like. Look like out heroes and they bring him during in straight black coffee Ian and I just to Friday its commitments you know as bad as the one they had to respect our rights knows this. They're an arcade and then there's the only game the checkered team. Oh yeah I attributes does allow a middle of the road for thirteen hours like Billy Jones play more of a semi truck race and then. But yeah anyway so those great moments. Screw brown well. Our parent by straps a time about your as time. Probably I got to help time for the cavs who what was the best moment of the castles can almost the worst moment. Best moment of the cast. Dude I care. I can't retain casts. A visit to be honest with you manly match of such a good job co host delegate kinda. But we don't hero we really missed so we confidently. We've kind of gotten it groove so we decided how to pulpit about the time Hayward shorter. Now lately this well prior to be a little bit longer and stuff but it. I also like I think building that was different was I was I was a little or nothing here a little more careful about subjects. That we get to pretty light. We got a little bit of politics. But for some reason just like I was like. Do you think of them do politics is once talked Paramount owns a war zone out there there's gonna talk about now. The cast I mean cast in good. It was pretty funny. They used and if so with fiber. Whole Powell ball five earns on the cast now. Apparently your architects at ten and and it's OK to tell people about the show you know we're pretty tight lipped about the show. Leading up to a with Mori east are shown up on the Promos and stuff. And so on the cast. With five bird and I think we're still sworn to secrecy about the show and five forget the text from someone. Day he's like audio diary that read this on the cast and thanks dude what the Erik Kolb is on. A CNBC show like China and all does that sound to say. I guess guys is that hey I got us and it and it did a beta and and I am. Just like. Shocked and stunned and and had they had me sit them detectors and you doc about it so it's OK it's out there. We'll that was Verizon's five seconds as one. That was a week after the highlight that was right at Ohio State was a the potential rock girls with you all know why not a Harry Davis and that I thought his new residence at that I was gonna squirming listen to our rescue like a comfortable stuff I can't carry a bit busier but why America's boyfriend and I think right out of the gate not Alia. There's not a problem that co workers can do what they want act I had answers dislikes that time about can be counseling. This will what I love about it is headed just sad that how awkward he has around the rocker. Yeah it kind of solitary American candidate like. It was a struggle. Ahead of the three late just talk to the mics that they're on the guy. Do news out of their levels like red lined over here and yeah Democrats crowds love him and hopefully that was literally that's Matt says to his spot which jobless here. He loves a comfortable over there who the real highlight cried real highlight to listen to voice. I was dying back out there like three times that's your just don't. It's I mean he's a good topic for a minute no no. I hope. Committed this we are now. Yes there was that. I kept waiting for cast though Canada come on out evidence that that moment is never came via a we'll tell Smith time America will 21 year olds bikinis like candy. I thought I'm actually kind girls like candy and so. We'll back you weren't given a much now men are at all and that's Crawford is standing right next yeah. Yes there's a what are you Sosa and I just like us they were it seemed like my swim yeah I mean I don't know do you think generally cover whoever golf but I just wasn't that leg. As its current okay cool your oven and I didn't write U zero impressed. He delegates are offered stay right there yeah. The guys is they aren't cool yeah three they've been. Side I didn't have a lot of excitement is to condemn it. Probably would have been better for your sick I Prodi made it more uncomfortable I don't think I think there's anyway out of health that situation. In any scenario. So the best thing I can do is is laid back than just got to let let. Can't handle it was like stages right first heat is what I asked that question and I think you know unexpectedly irresponsibly all of them BMI. He could have a lake projects targeted octagon at be were girls right the world girls did not happen by Sarah his stage two is like. Well Powell talked to about the meaning no like everybody wants the talk but notable wanna talk of a microphone I should take the any Al Micah she's a veteran right she has to Clinton she talked that was lakes states to. The candy was awkward and they were justices of the awkwardness of stage three which is like we'd have jokes like okay. Well my boyfriend hates these two are rightly we're not hitting the first there are. So morning and it's a good job back trust and it wouldn't agree that's about it on the fifth OJ told a joke about it I'm all the boyfriend steam. You are you pictured experts that it's not the pastor. Think that was likes the needs three. That they're they're really funny Joseph are forget it literally has like that weird beast the out legion which was funny yeah yeah yeah. The page just went through late stages like this is awful and finally addict and saint senator. It's hollow media. Here's what here's Wonderwall. That I thought perhaps but it did with a guy and yeah. And Manila this one nightmare another nightmare of Marilyn Monroe on paper. You have to. And but it but my mom died laughing about video by the way the circular and always out there. Maryland has put to its unique all these kids. Would it be out here and allies have guided the or rather I know the Maryland bearer of the budgetary but that's pretty funny thing. Jimmy up or face a couple times. With an annual four I'm like I don't know who what when we're fourths. The renewed. All of that I would say it would give a little of the parents of a Tarrant topics are good it has molecular. Kevin came in last weekend years in we have Kevin topic. So all that kind of stuff I also wanna mention four we get into it emails with Matt in here. You guys on the hook ups aren't so mad about this but. Meehan a couple friends. Are our haven't brunch Olympics Sunday April 9 over and your district at the jokes. Local news Jeff. He was aiming and you have some so it yet I'm not positive all the games are going to be a just tell you there will be a lot of excited people. Probably hung over and enjoying some of those movies he's that is. Sunday. April. Sunday April literally this is an idea that a few people came up with I haven't yet. Another serious behavior you know. What will probably start things are a new door you know endorse the face separate at eleven. But either way junction over the and the huge issue a day April 9 branch Olympics what can we be branch economic amounted to eat some branch watch you guys do things. Nice trying to recruits people to. Mark Hollis French yeah right sending a brunch. Brunch. All right first we'll go to emails. Oh yeah you redeem us there you have more and ice have wanted to guys that I did but I think there's one. Go ahead with yours is it from Brian. I'm not sure I'm looking for and now. Go over the years I'm Ryan says. Again. As good as the value by the way I mean talk about this. He says intimidated on the second episode of the partner skip through the first episode just coming up through in no way Cobb is an issue oh probably not coming back for the summer. Luckily well we don't know if he wins or loses but they eat out and ignored it. Luckily listening to you in managed just as enjoyable as the three of you know I don't cop. Pentagon. He's also would you impacted give will be without banks do. Anyway that was in the podcast for awhile now but I email yet detail they certainly can make trips to and from work Thursday slightly more adorable Brian PS. Hall is it's been a rough year for us to come on you've got a city this weekend Parcells terrible there they're real bad. Brian what I can say is this. We will one million dollar contract hanging over our head that if we say anything about the show before it happens. They're gonna sue us from nine bucks and they were definitely a win so I can't tell you much about how things go except that. On the current episodes. They have me as the villain. Their editing department has not done me a lot of favors. And now we'll see August. Now that you look awesome. Okay it I mean it's three episodes out of you talk about those eight foot past the big bonus on my favorite lines ever of television on. Well when they. Acclimated sanity kids these in yet now do it's. There's this whole thing called like Franken editing emerges where you and it other things that people outside into the news sentence. But the duke cut away from the pretty fast pace I guess they have like. They knew they got to become a choice lines my character that says that I wondered but no I'm talking about this in the Eisner. Out of the park and how posters. Man you saw a blond girls and you're giving her some constructive criticism oh yeah Tucci and her home needs to vote could undertake this tax that's cool but. So are always. Looking malaria. When you're like yeah I mean you guys is just not really do have four main. Aaron get it by you know its base and nice. Her best you act like different like the fact that at the end like. For many kill me of positive stuff. Like oh spacing is nice coloring is nicer really like regular business this this is like fifteen things and then the host of the Sahara now the host of the show is like. Tell me how you guys really feel I'm liking it any negatives anything and they were like trying really hard drawn out my. I don't see too much gas goes by too much of an outsider group we have been anything gadgets we bet that attacks that's from the the girl were homeless she schools. I will say though on the show it looked ruthless. Yeah Billy had a departments under your boy a lot of favors. Yeah but also to lay out also is that. What's it like I know use our bouncy and meet bias but it also appears that you're the only one it's really an economic competition should. Right here there's a lot you intelligent guys all like each other so even though they're trying to make it seem like the bad guy also easy to use the one that's really into the competition more. Yet probably get the bat yep you below Massa smears and right do it like it's pretty clear like how absurd idea the enemy he has Santos won it by. Yeah anyway and as it does mean mission the B. All I tell you talk rather as we are wondering. Did they coach you prefer a little more excitement than maybe you usually are walking around north. I'm an answer that that much Richmond he seemed. Will more excitable. And a few shots yet out expect from and Cobb eye and I agree guys locked in a target music here Israeli air. Bad as say yeah I mean we re shots and stuff. Also you remember there's like nine I like music. Four to six cameras and like thirty people that you don't see Alex sound Eizenstat like that so. It's a little bit more Indian lighting guys have is a bit more intense than you know you just see a standing in a room with somebody. Rats yesterday on I mean I just don't want us to bring the energy for sure Dow's one or reflect how something that you did. Either intentionally or on TV I want this to be engaging or it subconsciously you're excited or they're the producers right. Hey you know doesn't TV that's. Always great Oca. It's hard not to get excited for a camera like. True yeah. You know they're they're like sometimes the premium and there's certain jokes are thinking last about a guy. It's half true yeah I did take part of that story of that extra crazy part that. Yeah now let's say that it like there's a lot religiously sometimes you'll I'll open up a lot of it is that that's poetic license. Takes some liberties now what I was asked readers are a lot of stories in that you sort leads emissary and detail and I'm happy to as soon as. Does that final. And designers and whereas the full on twenty minute break down. Yeah I thought I guess of this talk about to say I figured out a lot of general would you give my turn on the TV every week that's like Texas you do that I honestly. It's surreal like I understand the bike my brother lite TV like those people backbone. He's Osama I get to check in with. But it's kind of weird like when you're gone for a couple might flee sitting at home on Tuesday after cast like that in the year. That's you on TV and I having an element to it creepy ex girlfriend and like I live it was surreal it was it was all. Better call the emergence of so gone out there. Yeah yeah the partner Tuesday night it's the at least the end Andre now on the clock but it's not a it's ten on the coast Max amateur. I don't watched them on there on demand an expert. Stay in via tighten abs collar. At all until the end of may that kind of move even a wash of Sweden. If you're still here. How by the local. Oh with I think that was doing. Email ahead I want for my T Jack. In. Title are subject line. Mexican food then when you guys are north next time check out the new Mexicans restaurant and Everett best Mexican food I've ever had. All freshmen daily breakfast as your goal show up early and its general for they're gone our bond guys could lookup. From there. I should tell you well you know you don't want stole partisan to. It's opera style partial partial. And a stand. I will I got a two man we got a lot of messages and stuff like people were legit concern about. What you have. Just does what you were here it's like yep that after a couple weeks in place you'd gone to the filming in the fall just in it nicely not a badly obviously is he okay. But I mean I had family members there Blake figured was the duke probably is everything all right now that yeah I mean he just on a trip it was all people wanted to talk. Round on Saturday. Yeah well do you know on the real like to count on that real quick like last year we talked about a little on the Casper is pretty brutally your form a lot of things to not come my way. Work wise relationship wise and senator. And so now finally things sort of like things start to iron themselves out. And so when one of them the big pieces of that iron itself out had to just check out Seattle for a minute. Catherine Arco in some sunshine to myself I better head space now. Yeah I mean which are going to be pretty depressing in Seattle especially when there's just like a lot going on man scenes and down. Yeah I was just went some to break my went last year and not really dead and so on. Sometimes you gotta just like kind of reset the system and so's you know and to take some time scale out of the city go see some might. Cool natural splendor hang out with friends and seen Guam. You know handgun travel on Mike. Yeah and half two years or so in doing anything sense of news I try to do one big should be years now and as long overdue. Just. It was nice people can now cool thank you guys appreciate it Don do all right we're back. Better than ever actually. And all right well let's check in the press. But yeah. It's been. What do. Yeah the through again with school is pretty low key time. The main thing is that the podcast party Friday a low. And got dinners to dock in Fremont that's always scared at all well does that drive by a private house my client to the gym actually I mean gift card there. Aren't easy you know zone parents though. Allows cool and then Saturday. I hosted a dead lifts were workshop at the gym early on down pretty was pre did. It is fueled deadly flakes all the time. Is that some cool man my debt lifted for dummies. No but that's that's good marketing opportunity for next time think you as ours are pretty boot camp piano now. Cause connects now I have done in the biz sort of provide people some quality information about dead lift domination hole and I like eating knows you're dead lifts finale humidity dominated. Well this is a beginner to of course yeah we aren't with cattle miles an hour and a bar dials wow you even need to work constant stuff. If you wanna do right I was back might as well on his that's that's the hot or in the game ever endo. He had been through but I don't answer that would everybody's all about the some of them are doing. Via lot of lot of and that's I got the idea for the workshop with us. Trainer client and his like out of the core matter some guy that had super arched back and you know. Today there is this just Yankee you see is vertebrae is just lake all the attention on what he'd do any media day. Don't the only damage way he's the bar set higher as you the back kind of mobility to get down that blow like. And just simple things those like. I needed just like. Host a free workshop is to give some people's and information. So that I can decrease the amount at times at the people that looked on with rounded back in August on the done via. Had a caller I got a it. Preempt missed opportunity. Or advanced classes dead dead deadly domination yeah I mean do you do you have this ET who who they aren't going well to do yells dude. You're hijack instead. The well now he's brilliant. Marketing branding. The so. Then after that. Clinton if you're one of those like slaves went eleven point. Is it that's so pumped everybody's Beck yeah right. Today we had the vodka authority went over and picked up ten. Got that edible. Immense and it edible bay path of Bennett act we got done about that yeah. So. If offline conversation about the Ivan Nova sol de. And you know I don't celebrates. Its great I mean I literally almost references to 9000. Not sure where their counsel. Senator Ted was an incredible day. And it will be it was nothing do with that fear is Lil is fifty by up to you later today week. Spartans hoping to get men with a so that was really cool mean but people seem to do lets him before. And did the virtual reality dodge ball didn't get a chance you laser tag or bring your dodge ball or nerve says to be easy hang around that Warren. Bomb. Yeah how is bows assert. A revered we've spent Saturday though it's all right Robin afterwards yes is so so beard but I. As a great call that. So mad his girl and Steve and I. It Red Robin south said that's how a man of the united Rainforest Cafe style. Right is right last that we did that down there right spot three of us on the radio or cafe right. So I the same mindset and on the state house so that is Steve's like I can drive you back on the city and of the but we're down into the remember the greater good spot and great Fries so good man yet we have the same prize is out of there the poisons public union selects the sun whatever in a time. Oh saints netstat Nassau in France and of the Stanley sold off for round one that they did. But this is back to our thing earlier I what they can might my cocky Ganassi is viewed the standard world read you. So I went to the one China and Matt it was adventurous always. Yeah yeah Iowa went for the explorer's blogs and as I do because at a limited edition. Chicken. And waffles sandwich. Says I will avoid a little too intelligent waffles is the bonds and fried chicken in the middle so. Yeah. Did I always. I pray try to pick up like the bass parts on my friends and that's one thing until it totally picked up music I never would touch any of them like special edition and like this goes that this movie are whenever I hear all about it although our freedom birthday cake doughnut. That was like the best explore. Exploit combo ever it and now I exploit than any time to isolate liking this late you know recently opened up the man. Who admitted it visionaries on my big bonus menu but they have like regular ones that are just say. Menu staples now and then just still whine I think it's call the bee's knees as they. Limited time home. Yeah sure like the daily special and you got me totally a national at a tower rings and fried pickles beforehand we're doing right now like those Twin Towers we got a milk shake and I got an ice creams and and truffles. He's out you know off ruffles. Still got people in this world you have an open without. And now now we're front held off freckles on them off ruffles did I mean look I I crushed three talked to marvelous three giant beginners to in this theater effectively. Ted was still the element let fried ruffles what are we doing here oh it was delayed brownie. Sticks sticks coded in floods yet and then possibly go do it like it almost solved or something EST cell. And then. He did commend the very different thoughts and with a whip cream or if you got ice cream sundae dividend that's what I did is great we mean by brown and stick MacKenzie brownie in the shape with a steak or it's like it harder there cinema brownie that cystic now it's. It wasn't hard teleglobe Scott. But it wasn't like super soft too but it was lately we all did this I had a little little bit it would be like in side impact our strength there. And it is exe soft spot obviously looked real spotted as a Jokester blown call for couples with a bat. And then we decided overall fitness there. That they drop offs are. Now LeBron kills a man did some analysts say Anthony. We've been having fun all day we can and so can we question might be years for a writ of chain restaurant announced Friday. We almost urban dad. So I'm sure you have virtual sports. Steeple as phone and looked up Red Robin and it's a closed now for some reason on a sponsor. I'll man all right well. What's around here on a breeze twin peaks oh yes we heard of that. That show. No the so there's that they have the restaurants and who grabbed reference yet you didn't and Vegas. Yeah I didn't know that there. Mean I believe it is the chain and so it's kind of like hooters but with they wanted to lumberjack. Feel in a girl's grandmother is flannel skirt and stuff. Bob and there was for a great. And we almost went there this time and then when I got there. Both governor my concert rob was opens and ended up going to read rob Ambilight Ted. Passed up on Mike scantily clad women serving in geared to top for the Robin. I did his food guy we got no regrets. Was the point goes party this Saturday this past Saturday yeah I was definitely here students. And undercover of darkness but man I'm glad to see you today it's. We're fine batters to do it just heard that and art and words that out at the FA yeah that's our boys and girls tech talk. No I'm about podcast meet ups. That Sunday Al model removed. Of two of smoke point living at the ranch after Sophie exciting stuff. Nice why is it called the ranch have its own about that outside. The short visited him Friday night this week. Yes. Number one it. App leave bitterly so honestly in the city around that 93010. Outrage. The great layout yet that house at the ranch just fits to a smells it and sense lasers lights. Out there who rejects yes yes it's real cool the real fun. Night. There's rug in the family room that is just that perfect bird. You know it's a eight of our friends. Piling up into a giant cuddle. Also an amazing couch you should. So it's also don't chair feel like the one single do I really liked. And Alcoa Jason Wilson that I don't half of his affiliates but he that you're taught well that probably. I didn't have sleeping on the floors is crowded I never settlement in count syllables so comfortable all you can you can lose in the hours on that couch and I have. On New Year's four. We could count the gas though this is a really really comfortable sweet house. That it parties late so you've been adamant about Friday night. You'll get ten that was grandparents his girlfriend lives the range and I like it makes perfect sense. Aardsma that. It's a rather. Top airlines. And I don't do it. And that is. Ago and it is. They don't oil up this bill. Do so cop topic it's related to that the CNBC show we are talking about. Is like a little like our nose out of the with the cause of the sphere of influence like oh out of the wheel house remain a trance on the new going to in this position to want a job with the sound. Has kind of marks the most hectic so small businesses. So my question this week is what's one thing you're glad he took a chance on in life. Different you know us you know had the podcast dot com has opened twelve machine happy podcast. Was one thing you your body to chat room. Could be some tiny. Mike the exports pointing to some massive. Literate person who's going to be going for the bees knees read rob had had a it's a Buddhist battle of the how exactly accurate they actually pursuing radio and I used to smoke weed and this incidents that go on a class immune right Escondido knife. Through bullies you know but first things like he had bee's knees Red Robin I was like man title back to meets tonight. My unit's floor exploit 'cause I've already been there twice and I know some things out like that it continue to exploit but there's also more than out like to explore. Though exploit. Now there's a lot of our brand activities Ruth Cobb topic it's good to have you back but he. Yeah it's a particularly. Yeah he's he's right I mean yes a pretty pumping up the catfish last week's. You don't get outs got a lot of you know the cap this recovery going. I mean I would say moving to Seattle just because there's so many other choices that means that he is that but that was like the first big. He has huge site that dominance from reportedly domino that packet see that personnel and you know that's on a path to go on fine burning man some of that other stuff. Yeah now it's daylight. Hands down the best part of following the radio thing. What I is the friendship day I've gained with Ted as a result of that you. Everyone in our group since meeting my girlfriend through his podcast and gall the united. All this stuff day that it is has come from. Knowing Ted on the personal side things is. Way cooler than candidates duke cats that we and there's some. And suites out by its. Here here studio typically last demand has been much does those kind of area just generally really funny guy and right now we're friends as well and a yeah I mean just I think about it. It's an excellent year. Yeah I don't want you to indeed an image uncomfortable but a team leader of the you know me and that will be back to be back active and finally I'd talk fewer text. And I just Irvin was of that is after the tacitly at somatic amien which used to a thing like he may not come back so we just got to music really the lake. I don't know we'll figure it out we'll talk some of the people like me believes mean you'd like its budget and a and only that Knight from Texas vehemently. And it's really hit me he's like common knock on impact and Housley. The the just it sucks is justly. It's so weird as we're doing this on the podcast of three of us out in his first I'm sent room. But it is much is like it sucks I have you for your for this dissect that. So what do you stay a year ago or move or whatever. You whatever is the best for use that was the best that we want but. Can't has missed it pessimistic attitude. Yeah. Does does intense man. Dead text yet diluted 305. That I'm just like your frustration in some. No no no yeah it certainly is like. We hardly motivational texts now like all our global I got how come I don't respond as like my phone might not like. And grimace. Sides I'd always weird hours and always on the toll on Nextel. Yeah I started this they pets and people something pops on my mind when I'm at work and if they came in a fiercely with their phone ringer on that's the you're damned fault and you know I cannot look at what kind of person does that girl why this is silly and nonsense that's out of nowhere and right now my eyes and clients' email let's send people tax and a as I whatever he did have a home phone rightly you don't call somebody's house aptly niners and write it into the weekend my mom did you vote results at him seriously. Send in the rain to Texas Austin and a good militants people. I had a whole thought there that I lost left center in ten. Well I was gonna say that was the other great thing about the cat so David noted on Niedermayer a diplomat for second here to. So we have like Matt is girlfriend and ago I think he's ransom your friends who never. But that takes this ball while horn right plans the whole cabinet. So you've ever been one of our parties are you met pat. Like. It's way too many things you know to me like you're ready to have like your loud you've Benito but because Matt had into the cabin the first night. I mean I hope that sets up a lead. It was just like it's been as lasers that you get those pictures that video watching Matt walk around in club with all I can this that all. Look at my little miniature right now I. I thought it smartly advanced voice. That does just because I'm a resident yeah. Lakers are shooting out of the window they audited trees by neighbors houses and stuff and it's leg. Blow thought. And that's this we house like it would not surprise me to hear that the neighbors. That live next door had issues with. People more wild than us you know even though were chill group in the house now there are so they're shooting into their bedroom at 1:30 in the morning like to. Right cause yeah there already soured on it yeah friends a laugh like hyenas and have a good time the damage your credit cards on the Montserrat and brash. As I just I. You to sit out that house that slid to watch him like. Like to think motherly like cliff looks all of them for and you got to be cool guy has anybody out Lou won a little bits per. I want her birth an ounce on the Saturday that Joseph would like Josh eagle game by what I love GO. Just how. Wallets closed my slider just that looks that he is in Hackett is out and a but the right it was just off the misery yeah. The at a good time. Yeah we have dialogue about it while but don't count the vineyards that episode 1783 hope you enjoy it. Ali said this Sunday you know chance come out to Viet dope international comedy invitational invitational. Thank you Matt it is kind of national because there's Canadians coming through your tech degree ran out a way. Oh no delta is it that's the word where else on the road. Some of them ditch I thought eaves and don't call it comedy competition call it comedy in in now Adobe invitational comedy competition the IC CD. For sure. So well judging deck this weekend if you think judges. Not infer some of us bias or how. I'm right there that it's outlets that at the rate cubs is that a great judge DX. Over the par 5730. A frenzy DP for meet at Smith is the pocket yours.