Thee Podcast Episode 174

Thursday, April 13th

This week we discuss DICC(,) pills, and food.


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It did you remind. Oh yeah. It. Fits well guy lacks the government's need to sit over there and co host it in appropriate amount. I don't match. Surprised. Staying on singly podcast yeah just any I guess it's just podcast couldn't do this. This is. Starting deep stuff and these. Starting. You'll let her Wear helmets no. Podcast and so what 74. With the acuity difficulty both with your pocket revived after the all the way all the way and I apologize last week's vote that was dine with side effects. Doubt they'll have to make my Bernard buddy he's always hear what's on two wheels somewhere in southeast Asia to rename a cop out what's going on. Just the broadcast climbed seventeen cents an amber revive summer outlook of the boys get where jet ski mask against don't show. Market seemed to react well to the trio parents Bellevue speculate amended again to enter additional foreign markets did Ted finally meet the December economist James we'll find out Catholics there. I'd macro we have steal it steal set up march 8 at circle today what I do and CTV back out of the producer. What's up man had I don't upgrade. And if they're very excited to be here. To set to kind of future. I wanted to be went through this I know it's the truth. There he can read these things kind of fast and honestly I was like that if foreigners like Ted budget that feels weird to say myself and then. And stock report I don't know if we've brought up on this cast cabinet have talked about the stun our personal lives Matt you've heard this debris. But. Crisis and make three years he or something that Sunday afternoon percent in my house watch football eaten pizzas the grownups. I don't know what the conversation because that is the Chicago. And a man and Saddam and end up with a banged up parties and it has alive weird and I like I want you referenced here also have Mary McKenna president of the bank now part of Europe. It. Yemen MM well yeah out why the whole system for it to write his tailor our twenties and stuff she's super hot Atlanta Miley. You know it's like it's I've got in my thirties that I start looking better in life had a cooler job and stuff. She's on the that has been a rising trajectory and she just you know. Headed down to it yet. I think an economics who called the perk production possibilities frontier you're right there were supply and demand me perfectly. Okay. The most plugged the cool thing it. Either way it's been weeks has been on there would say that's been inclined to me yeah. Two photos noted that occurred at. And that's what's his record and play. All eyes aren't that hypocrite I. We did do you suppose steam over the dope international. Comedy hit it that Dick fifth fifth at eight DI CC. I will I have to say so we went over there everybody was everybody is pretty good. I thought two of the best people one of which was our buddy fiber. And it Susie and Susan Jones lined. They are both great but they both went over so they repeat cute disqualify him the rules are very strict yep. I heard fibers orbit two seconds. A result rules are rules you've seen them isn't it through the judge's own. Yards when you do live without Robert. The houses lately and I heard this before it's tough to judge any contest is people like like some comic effect and are you knew it. When they give it to me afterwards Utley. But it felt bet. David give each about it. I got chewed too Smart ass remarks that like funny because they're comedians but also like. Yet they do they want that thousand bucks an ounce of truth campaign and yeah out. There on Avila at islets is name Jake. I'd still only he would say anything whereas nicer kind of buyer after Ernst and like I have it's important music. Mean I had you in second. I have I don't say that you idiot I that's yeah I'd I think I'll I found myself doing it too and he came in second with all the votes tallied but it's like. Massive bronze and a few parents and you in there yet. It's like well you know we liked most but not the best closer when Iacocca got you just to clean GA first to show aidid. Tacoma comedy club. Like he was on that bill easily helping me out I was only two. We're just we're like the guy was taken advice from an ounce and judge made senator ivory tower that I I attribute couch at all with like hey. I've never been any stand up I'm just. Like your average dude watch in this but. And I got a lot of stuff for all these people. The it was it was a far America man. You don't clawed his way higher and I expect you were very funny he had Jake I wasn't sure. He had like a whole bit about mushrooms and I was like. And I've been a literal. A little biased here vote like I had I had I felt like he scores and it was very funny material about much revived by it I. I heard you see that tumor afterwards yeah yeah yeah yeah they'll think of a mushroom a lot of dates. So relatable. But I hate this guys like me. I kid you GA but isn't it one of the guys I vote of four to notice is name but like his act I didn't really care for. But the subject matter and stuff out there right now. He dominated the Reuben are those agri all right yeah I got to vote for yeah cadence was on point yeah exactly those that well just because I don't like he's he's. Contact doesn't mean it that he's doing a badge out there. Yeah all things got. To the winner and obtain the jets unity ticket cash prize. I don't know. That's Tyler so the breakdown I don't know how much we talked on the cast by those thousand dollar cash prize and then. I there this sort of like secondhand jet ski or 400 dollars cash I believe ideally you guys in 1994. Jets can. That's right I will say I like the way Tyler built it up like. He told us that yet ET to cash option but every time he announced that he is lately when it thousand dollars in a mother in jet ski better and it just think he's off. And then he pulled that picture of us all three there's a picture of all three of us on a jet ski and I posted Baz like here's our judges for the podcast and all man that works so good for this. We look like guilty digits yet we know is that didn't is that the wave front right now jet ski man. But he did tomato to motto yeah I mean I'm pretty sure what was going out for the prize was. A wave runner because I think. Jet ski means it's one on the stand up once technically yeah I went on to say estimated smile I think there are two different things I thought that wave runner was actually also accompanied the man via yes so they're the Kleenex of wave runners wrap so wave runners on the sit on the jet skier and I can actually that he wants ran to. I think it's callous socket that's what we have is a jet ski brand. But you could call them. Some people started calling wave runners are it's sit down one global full people wave runners and on the stand up ones were jet skis that jet ski race you're sit down one's right yes I believe. Mean I get a good brand of callous soccer here some are Yamaha. I can be really fun and dangerous stuff. They're tough they're they're I've I've heard Obama Brothers has been mine but a lot more work yeah well you know that I think that's why. You know the the easier in the sit Allen they're still fun his command yet though there's no I drop off you don't that it may benefit for making it that much harder. You despise the talent I was talking about driving and that jet ski today on the Manger. And having her Causley just completely different and I expect him and premium on personal and it breaks. Her best then second of all like did you see videos of people driving jet skis and it just seems so easy and like. You just colliding. And then Blake when I actually drove that Mozilla kind of German ones like oh yeah and actually on the water but geek you're not just like making my hair pin turns stuff. It is easier by yourself Wilson SM a scooter and excluding is one thing when you have somebody on the back a motorcycle you know. But I totally different when you're by yourself you can control all the wait the time I think a lot of that carries over to jet skiing as well yeah those I am three digits as a parent. Dan saw that way like that that lag time in Mike when you. Yeah I get I get pretty pretty wild and out there by myself but some was on the back like. Ike all of build yanked me off the Fargo too hard you know and so is this idea you take a little usery out here and then you have to. People both grown men on the back when you're gonna toss out all the assets are mine and it's yeah. Yes it that way I was just images he wasn't. You know what none of that stuff is so when I want snowmobile into that was an excel at all when I expected. And it's pictured mean an open field shall throttle. You know I expected to be like on trails and Hamels tonight but that's I'm not shatters a lot of snowmobile accidents. Like I mean I do a lot of late. Stupid stuff over the years it is out of I don't know what the power sport thing and good. Nearly that the BCC scooter like a mess the 145. When he gets about the most power kinda stuff I mean. Yeah. And semi actually I'd like to get the gas he had some point out. Jet skis are fun yeah and it really considered it to this conversation. In new gold peaked in chips. George park. On. I'll be out there kind of I mean you know my parents along lake and they they seem like a pain in the ass if you don't have a dock. Let me give it time definite time right and some are gonna get one next week there yet but again I live I just you life. Mitch Burroughs predicament is just sitting there at the jets PMI group that held I do with this thing and have a truck for you're gonna get this little launched. Did he should just put it in his house hurt aren't as Arizona and just didn't discover it makes it on the jet ski watch TV hookup and it is and I think that it did it instantly. But what you need to do that. But you know maybe took the navy to catch up. I like to think anytime what's he doing now yeah right in my mind. He took the jets. It is broad I don't hear much about against the rules but if a comic while they're up there like guarantee that they would take the jets the enough cash prize. Approach to vote them yet a definite I mean who would have been. They're considered for sure via Mitch was great be oh you're so your slipping to an issue with him winning yeah they use meet the other guys and limited the there are electing to bat for at least. She's hilarious yeah haven't come out bursting its example it is yeah yeah I mean you could see it on her face she was like wow now when a mess here ago. Although does yet casino I'm on the ride it over with thunderbird. Right he is like you just don't wanna go without these golfers that that is her babies. Yeah fibers that was too yeah her commons ones that are also just you know you know on the ground Elin and me in the reactions that that it deserved. We'll take the second to give people in the that's. Do you member of the EU and fiber talking on the way over the company. Yes right we talked about some Italian we're talking about. Coat custard frozen custard. And I brought up Regis. Which is a big the only filly like the gallantly they're all of Maryland College Park police dispute beach and stuff. Brand I was complaining because you can't gain good frozen custard in Seattle. Right so read is is Italian ice and custard. So we're talking about south out great. Is of one they're pretty sure they call July even with Richard Otto which he's just like Italian ice custard Italian ice Custer. Right yeah I elected chair so. And now. That was the first time I've thought about Reid isn't forever and then I just found out like a week after I told you enough fiber about it Safeco Field as. What. Mood I'm. It's wild that's good now yeah it's another reason to go to mayor Adrian young lookout. I go to amenities for some I was gonna say terror has tickets prevents him aren't going to US right there. Well we get done pod Kathy about going down their for Reid has not the game and honestly dislike him pick out her. The good bad about Safeco Field. Honestly is that it's such an enjoyable experience in sight lines are so good with this imminently good food spots like. There's so many kinda it's so conflicted and like. And it just hanging out it's like to be much any baseball yeah I just go hang impossible Matt beard are announcing her hands yeah yeah that's my spot I always sang drank Beers top people. Make friends how is life. Inedible and just envision a lot more sitting around watching the game Magid parents aren't this is like Disneyland. Where the system varies you know I that is our running all over the place I average half inning of game watch them today realistically. I think nine innings a good foot two and he wanna embarrass his decade cubs score. I'm in our point just and what's her name. He's the guy that. Jessica she's a nurse kind of it's she's an up and comer then. But if she were well suited him about a value pick they're around these are all. Right let dude it's the sixth inning. We've got our tickets are up in the and cut. Color relief but I think it. There is always tracked with a two games are all a bit yeah there's always tried to women I'm always like. Just they look really high and like the jerseys they like their hair all done. Yeah what a much better look. Like in and it filters but it it just declared I've never gotten laid in America staff literally on one day for mariners game so this is Q the real. Yeah. I've never really met a girl manners game looked up. Only wants me. I think. Poorly I followed a bachelor party. You are hard to square one from Chris and that my votes are Brad. That lets you follow them in this stadium though I was there with a couple other people and you guys wanna marry me. Pinkerton they were talking to the party. And then we ended up. Him off our I don't care boredom that area from Wellesley what are we doing here mail like you're right we shouldn't be India's yeah let's. Well we keep others will bark. It totally rockets now they have meant last night I thought it's like. Literally doing a bullet in front of a place I thought I was getting pulled over their red and blue. Flashing like siren lights inside. And so literally I mean it covers the whole streets at that intersection you know. I was like today the quick double take command line. Good but not okay. Parts of yours is great stuff. Honeycutt talked about counterfeit. It's been a couple weeks. Cobb. Now people know you're no longer on the TE GO yeah yet kicked off so I wanna talk a little bit about reality TV and how networked. But first I have a funny story for Matt nine. I don't know how your life. I'm I'm in Connecticut so I'm talking to my Brothers this weekend. And he you know who's. He's talking about some my daughter's gone she's my niece is the hotter. Than it shocked. Beast beat Vacek shocker I haven't ya I wanna. It it. At the blow people's mind kind of learning more shocking if I had secretive or publicity undercover FBI. Secretive. Real. Men seek your kid just don't know dude you seem. Never really blow my mind. Have we yet deepened that I have to hold tire for this law and I mean at least seniority used to being like an undercover cop an arsenal if you. I don't know how they how we are cops like the least cop like people have. Ted easily scoffed like the person error. Do you view count. This is divot hole like that tube socks court classics on Jean shorts dark sunglasses like Oakley is in no beard total cop on a fast I. I won't I won't deny the only time I probably could look like an undercover cop was we're Bernie mean there's a couple of these are just went kimbo shorts. And like almost like rash guards you know kind of tight shirts and like the cowboys like. Tonight I got my back in my back fact colors of like. Might look a little aggressive compare and everybody else heard her half. How. Yes I do secret kid but it. I saw this look Joe's line he just to get the audio Yemen undercover agent these imagery. Bure an undercover cop she quickly shattering real. That people are not real and yeah. Eddie house of my brother so my knees please eloquently soccer team in the travel the only tournament itself they play a couple games and today. So it is usually the timeout they all liked about it you know you get food Billick kids. So whatever reason in the girls have to stay at the field and not gonna go out to this other dad finally cooled and my brother and easily. We go to the brewery and they just get in line to immediately go beer's to the course the rose it's that he's down. It's at its and we created I don't enough and you are distribute take it the Democrats at their current. It at the bar. In somehow this year you're on the partner of though in the dialects are talking about it is he did he's been watched every episode. Some might not great I always get you my brother haven't actually backed rent but he's listened to the podcast as long as we do and stuff and and I mean I talk about you to a lot though. He kind of feels he didn't you legacy just nonchalant with this openly. Yeah like I know inherently had to come right but it is he's the guy at each of this look like and I think we have to have a cup and get it. Your friends with a few local that monster. That of shocked me yeah. So I just thought it was funny right. I guess that was heat from the naked in a you do that Israel or bonnet if the front I think I wouldn't tell me I'll die in my happened like. We covered the nicest one of the nicest people that there. You have had an outside and athletically back. Is extremely I. Figure if depth. So I mean I was going to be part of my question now that you have been voted off when not voted off with the dudes it's awfully. And I know you haven't watched it but I mean policy in the reacts used UB summit shows the different thing we've ever done. I yeah I watched the first two episodes so them one of the producers kind of warn me at a time shoes like K. To prod and I don't like to show you know we have you as a villain so just a heads up if anti. OK I'm cool how about going to be and I honestly and myself like well you know likely united in sending bad about anyone else pretty sight PC Cammie too bad. The issue is like. Yeah I'm kind of game that looked like your we I don't brilliant editor over your. Yeah so I'm so I looked a little bit into Mike Franken editing and all that US maravent. Only when you told me about it now yeah that bomb them for Babel listening basically like what Franken and and as you watch on YouTube video about about. There's it'll do like a kind of ways they show some space started the sentence and the cut away to something else and you take that sentence and basically use awards have been sad and other times it's he's alive Mike real world's like that. So. Anyway. I I I knew that going in as a guy whatever I don't say anything negative you be fine well. From everything I've heard from the other candidates may bury me on that thing. Tom might then like six other candidates and fans like it least that you hate kids yeah like yeah that's that's when outside in about my case. Yes I said. I don't know what I heard Karzai is always poster. Actually say so I was like oh I'm not good I've said summing like well I'm not good with kids so luckily. Now we are doing this armored in this challenge where we. Are like helping kid coaching kids and passcode. So after the challenges you do interviews he's over the course the next like three days so they'll get sound bites and stuff so they can. Make this story makes sense so this four story writers and so. No right to questions for the interview and then penis they're trying to kind of lead the narrative before he gets it's editing so. So I said was. Like I'm not good with kids you know on the bachelor America with kids but luckily there's sport there's basketball SATA way to relate to them. May change that until like. I don't like kids and some summoned about basketball house like. Now her I doubt the last that's reversed last moment of the job wash but I am. Gala ass kicked off this week. And they finalize the show I'm a friend Julie wants so pumped for her. Around and just along now to our show's audio yeah Michael made last episode. I just barely. I'm guessing I mean I watch. Yeah you me both brother so he added me as the villains there's a couple of us those red the other contestants were messaging maze like dude I cannot believe. Mike what they're doing TX they obviously you know they were there so they know what. Actually haven't verses kind of what was the black over what comes across. Oh Buffy yes. Buffy that's dude she wants to take us out in the game by the way she lives in Atlanta yet but she had cancer she does all the taxes for a lot of the like hip hop stars is a bike bash is really well connected to. And I'd say whose taxes yes. Its major players down there and she was like I was like you heard the strip clubs are like the big. Seem down yeah that's where my business gets done and that's like some of the best strippers in the world and she was like there in Miami looking at documents and this is that I've heard is that any yes it's awesome to be they have incredible food there and I was like. Is this at this time we'd ask the wood would you take announcers Al. Boo we'll take you out on the town and she was so pumped about it I was like. Peso like you know if eyebrows and friends down or would that be cool when she was so pumped is like I will take you out any time. Senator we have an open invite in Atlanta to got hot on the tally some serious connections did. I just hope so cool endured so much of business partner and account. Who's you who looked epic records and portage your business partner Deb as to what you don't know anything about outfits. Appreciates what it. All this news telephonic and it could happen widgets and using the U there's no right response for you at that point that's why he's got right. I. Yeah man so like off camera they wouldn't let us talk very much but. Like four remaining people like at the end of the last four we're all pretty close we are all staying in the same hotel he can't talk. Any time the cameras are on the ideas they can't talk but we are able to talk a little bit Mike transition periods like in the elevator and some like that. And so on. Yet she super cool actually really liked all three of the girls and a spot on the show. Can't tell that from the ship to hack yeah I all right editor at it but jacket while you know reality he's a class act. Out of TV they got to make show it to this acquisition was on my brother. Now I gotta go back and rethink I think about some people see reality TV oh yeah 100% probably like the did the story arc. So I always knew that like oh yeah they edited a little bit. I can't believe so I decipher my case I forget about that but I just can't believe. Like what would happen and today vs what you see happening today I mean there are things we were were rumored. Be filming it for five hours when he would be on the show then there's other stuff where. Mike they would pieced together you know they take like two little one minute clips and peace to rest together with interviews so. I don't know it's just like. The magic of editing it's crazy and all the power resides in the person who has the final editor final cut it never got an asset. It blew my mind like what a day it would be like you know we don't like sixteen hours a day menu only see like six minutes of that and so it's you know. They're selected but yeah I was like. And I was a little bit. Disingenuous I guess like a lot of challenges need to really. They worked hard to change it to their narrative which I expected bows impressed at how capable are about her. Yeah yeah I'm in a definite challenges like oh my god comes and asks a note every year well I don't buy it. Doesn't over top now that but there's a couple of challenges that I won where like they literally make no mention of that as a psych here's this thing we're doing and are there's no winner move on. Yes there's like two or three like that. Dallas this kind of BS but pound ultimately pretty fun experience and Abner had film show like before in about TV couple times but not so that. Scale so school's cool to meet Marcus who's like the main guy and now we had seized upon business challenges. And made a couple really good connections so yeah I mean nothing else that's a good step. Yeah totally now. And he and I mean I got to either way it just kind of crazy watching. You know they. Christ and me pretty well. To me. I don't want to Lhasa Apso but I heard you look really good in the suit. Thanks and I never know what to say when he says that when I mean I'm out flat and you I'll let you know yeah thank you are welcome. This is awkward. And what are we go from here bless. Well it's a dozen out of me offices the last episode order are exactly right so I was gonna say late your example of economic ship owners and it means he's a prime example. But I think from most people like you might. It's funny to me. How people view view is so much different from a group to group or even person to person. You know enemies like yours is a player an example like are right the edit together this and that's that's the way we when you see. By. Even fully check IDs interaction with my brother Robert and no issues he's a minute that's not how it is believed that it is now. Another guy things he knows Scotland sees him on TV for the last six weeks. I'm expecting him that's his definition of you he does know you in that respect so. Yeah perceptions reality I have receives me now. Oh yeah. Are you serious. Zone and about worked up about how someone could do business on national TV. There's plenty of people who are now or don't you hate kids aren't there yet. That's that's the stores the week ever on an out like whatever dearly Jewish and Arab friends and annoying ominous signs out there. I play Alex yours is easier example I think people immediately give you an anemic aegis. It's funny me Ellie other people indeed different. You don't mean that makes sense. Yeah I think a little bit about like who would you rather. You be would you rather have like. Everyone to view you have a positive light or would you rather view yourself in a positive light but everyone views in a negative light on main. I don't know that there's one right answer but just like you intrinsically kind of know. Who you are and you know what you're about whenever else and so would you rather epic love yourself on deep level. But have everyone else hey you're thanks in my house or the opposite might be here and everyone else but new like. Hate yourself. Who who'll I think that rather like myself. Me too I think Daria brutal struggle you have to really like yourself to be able the good tune out. Everyone else thinking your speech back yet no but what it but I do think you duty better than. Everybody thinking I'm awesome and and I get home he itself. Yeah ultimately that circle now ultimately yeah I'm with you I think like it's not so we were wired. Ballots what does that construction and build and I'll come. You know like growing us guys out for my dad or in the Villa or apartment regular guy out there. We have guesses CDS are a little careful talk. Where the rabbit 2000 don't scan it. So the whole like tribal mentality you know how I was like really important for your peers to. So like you and trustee and respect you sample now. You know we're nine tribes of sixty people anymore and so it's weird because somebody like. Ten on Twitter now there's McAfee Stevie says something and people who know him. You know right close way it would understand that the people who don't on the at all. You know they see that and have this perception no matter what like someone's gonna find some negative thing about so he gets negative feedback. And then in his mind on like you know primal level it's like folks like. I might get kicked out of the tribe finesse you know I am on my come minor scale company sees something like. I don't know those like. When I person blows up on the Internet like there I mean more there like you know viral pieces. Footage and they get this massive massive amount of negative feedback. Carolina where I was going dial thing except that you know if oh just basic Dyk our biologists not wired for. The new environment we find ourselves and in in bigger tribes in cities and now on social networks. But it is. One other side point everybody who has sent me an email. As soon as I send anything back to them. They're super sweet and pumped to talk to me and just like on my kind of sauce like Caylee be answered in Canada and tell how they love the show itself just I get. Yeah it's just like people just want some sort of you know recognition first. Yet it's weird to you know late. For years you know what Howard Stern was on regular here terrestrial radio. But when he was on radio and addicts general. You know he dominated ratings and on the a lot of new this part of it was because people that don't like you will listen longer. Billy keep the amount of people that within just to hear legitimacy next. You know it was crazy error when he moved to Seattle. My mom sort of listen in that Tom like yes. She was really hate this guy I don't think about it call us and that nothing don't have the debt is holds he wants to write this this whole importance. I ask me Tom call 1877 Tom Ritter loses thing. You won't jump from Columbia tonight are the number of why does he start listening to the white kids that he'd take over your slaughters them from Baltimore. As we came on out here after seepage draw okay app back garden on the buzz there's not a gotcha yet so whatever you know I think like his did go on a autumn and Tonka. But either way she sat listen to. Yeah it just crazy lake perception of people write what you see with athletes but it can't happen crank. Later what he's a god he's such. Distraction in this in that but it's late but. Niners voted him captain last year and her which is weird it's like obviously inside the locker room baited them. This that I'm getting into the hole politically just. He just weird to me how perception. Of people can change. Yet totally and you know be manipulated as well. Right and your perception of somebody doesn't automatically make it the actual one you know like I had to do it too late they're just a simple thing like there's people. I think there's somebody right now who I use like I knew flicked another group of friends out those and I like that you or whatever. But that in the end might mean it is called him once on a bad night never really hung out. Now I can hang out of them on a regular basis and deeply and didn't. Also people change over time. Yes hopefully. I'm happy I was gonna want to stereotype and you were saying in people's perceptions. All right all right. All right so Alfie they emails it's times. I'm sorry camera backs me one thing on say that's maybe a little bit controversial can't re edit the state when peace yeah. When people are accused them of a crime. I feel like most people tend to assume that they're guilty and I feel like controversial I use them like well like. Let's hear this dude side you know like the the mayor announced Seattle's accused of those through the a smaller stations went on us yet and he was just I mean what happens if somebody and I'm. Public office and then he said Kayla the timing is no coincidence you know they're doing this to try to extort money ripe for rank on a run for reelection. And so. You know what happens when something is like completely. You know completely untrue like you're stained with that forever even if there is no basis in reality people just assume Mike Ovitz in the paper. Comic as guilty and so with that I think it's good to withhold your perceptions until all the facts are out. Because a lot of times a paper or paints on the one way when you actually look at the facts of the case it is completely. Different cell anyway at some. That's a really tough one because with especially with Blake you know it's sexual assault and things like that and and those sort of bot that sort of violence they give viewed dismissed the accuser you know that the bats. You are saying wait till they're found guilty nom I'm with the idea I hear richest amber you know we're constantly told it like you can't dismiss accusations about 30000. Because it is that's the problem and people on talk and it's. So I I I think both sides on that but yeah I mean at its best when it comes that sort of stuff there's really no no easy answers now and. Yeah I just with which you would withhold their judgment. But I hear what you're saying but also for me way too many times violence against women and it too many dudes just go wow. It's that and it's just it's just complete blow off automatically like with a woman is automatically. Right we talked about this like. Episode like for California and number Ray Rice right now Dario came out nobody really believed her when meaning that this would be spent a prolific team samples. Right in the video came out and he was never allowed back in the week. If he was good enough to stay in the league. He did this time or whatever it is that society should let him back in the league but I do think it was ridiculous Tutan. That America needs to see video violence against woman believed. I like to see. I think it's important. I don't think it's about I mean you bring up Josh Brown believing her believing him that cops in Kirkland do the NFL to the Seattle Seahawks knew there was a rush compact. Just rounds would be on his wife for years torturing her once added NFL. Pro Bowl and he added heat they threaten her so bad that the move her out of a hotel in when telling him which he was. And Josh Brown like the punter. Yeah that Josh for. We is that okay what does that do look like. You know I read all I know that's John Ryan is John OK not kind of OK hang on because I am very good rescues of Baghdad John nice to pay out their clothes funniest. While our great couple on jet broadcast follows me. Yeah that's been done so with the Ray Rice thing will probably disagree on this I don't think it's about saying you might look at it keep it with a great job yeah integrates region due to. Who's Greg. He. Yet he's I don't eases lesson with. Craig used whom would ease. Or little with Melissa Berger to now little Woody's what's. Right. Yes and free market free. An image honored his buddies in the podcast place yet. You know with skis became so small company LTD. Now out LTD LT was my favorite bar for a long time that our our. That's man that was my Buckley's you don't I'm Scott McClellan I got out your right to put your back in the hood now and these are you wait on now. I'm I'm the head of the that says akin the outing are great wings analyst flat and that it greatly greatly isn't it drink. I'm giving us can say is it's not at the Pacific did to me it's not a hobby yeah it's a funny thing that's miles miles signal I'm scores aren't ours in Seattle operative. And a who's like inexpensive it's cool. Posing as a oh with a with a woman that I don't think it's about like saying we believe her or we believe him I think it's about sang like OK click. What are both years I what's the evidence on both sides you know like if she is a black guy who would probably punch in the face he now. Or like the video but I don't think I don't think because he's now FL player remuneration be like. She's lying she's just trying to bring him down but I also don't think just because she to reclaim out there is anybody could say anything and so. I don't think that we should just immediately put him in now. Hop on the public trial so that's where I think you and I disagree as I'd like to see some evidence from one side or the other because otherwise it's just a couple fighting to. A common thing that happened that domestic abuse right. He'd been to trial. And she was scared she lies she was worried about Luke you know losing beings and having an attacker so would give him as yet another case where until the evidence came out. Nobody said a bad thing about Josh for. Josh Brown was never suspended by the NFL even though they knew all the stuff with pat. It had a night out and tax bracket so I'll have a boat without the whole thing like a lake. It's appeal. Subpoena late with court records come out and with the word. But either way deposition Britney got released. If he's in there quoting himself sailing I'm a monster I tortured or this and that in and Britain's but he never got in trouble for she. Until this came out that's my point. Of saintly to speculate let's wait to see what happens that doesn't always do the right thing you remember when you're punished and. Kirk sixers later dude. Six years later after the evidence came out it's my point but the evidence is known by people rights also want to point anyway I don't want to press charges because she skipper dean. Yeah that's a good point yeah you bet I remember this is what we do that Mike was the crux of overtime with the domestic violence issue specifically. I think. What I'm talking about is like. In general with any sort of found. Mike. Any sort of like. Disputed events you know murder or. Who actually rape appellate fall under the category. I'm but I started nine more general terms I don't like to some people are guilty until I see some evidence. The domestic assault or abuse could be an exception to that rule because I see what you're saying that. Women. Get scared and obviously you know they have good depend and a co dependent relationship with dispersants as I can Mac case and so. Then the evidence doesn't always bubble but like in that Josh Brown case without knowing very much about it it sounds to me like he end up getting punished for it. For what he did. You but it was like a book or simply to saint. He had argument accord they already been through this but he never yachts bodies found not guilty in court no they found that he'll delegate counter something that like she did testify. That's my point went a huge scene outlets shake it out in court but it's like it doesn't always work that way certain things you know that's true love OJ went to court. Reasons that I don't think children in a battle they had her her past. Never met a man prepare for I don't know enough that. Thought I mean you know series there it is it's cool what part of this cast is getting serious cell Alfie they emails that hey. This will be good time and out in droves but I hate about how he grabbed a microphone there. So you email me and he said hey wanna come in thank you for evenly matched by the way and the rodeo direct threat just to them lazy. So. We got you here and and I'm just down my notes before and and I hear you say you and your girlfriend went on a donut tour. Yeah that's exactly what greeted with with Stockton. OK so I think we had plans to hang out on Friday and we know exactly we wanted to do but we knew we went to come to Seattle could relive like 67 miles north. So she sends the minute you don't drink but if you write any traffic yes have been traffic official Mount Vernon I'm hoping that we have been in their play pool like once I'm pop shots from. You know. I've won the claw machine there eagle did that journeyman thing yet Richard Pryor is Aaron Rodgers whatever whenever. Yes so she emails are not in a BC text me a picture of like a Krispy Kreme donut that's like Gary Delhi's squarely at fancy chocolate company they have David at least two different donuts. You Krispy Kreme steer them. And I was like apple hate we should go down and get back donators something issues that with a closed in Seattle says like okay. Ever going to be got to Seattle I've heard you guys and on and and Jim talk about many different donut places so we looked at like the most popular donut places. In without drive and a voodoo doughnuts in Portland so. In one day in the course like three hours we hit legendary doughnuts in Covington legendary ease through it right we went to top pot. And then yeah we wanted that Christie dreams that we found and then in Lynnwood there is a frost doughnuts oh yeah all the math that Rosen Joseph Andrews and then last one was Henry IC gadget actually for. No we I I know exactly sort of the cruelest a cast or we can look around her and asked what the like the specialty ones where. By the time that's a legendary it was pretty pick through so I ended up. Have all the state in the video of it yeah we we document to the entire thing that's that cat. So. We got like a I got like a breakfast line Donald engineers and she got like a fruit through girly chocolate be covered with sprinkles and all that. And north of the city that I don't is girlfriend does not view behind the anti authority through big girl and that to start early did you drive to Covington and worked back yet have regarded nice deck is if not we wouldn't have been able to get all of them done in time. Our authorities are definitely mountains and I don't I forget three we left Melbourne and around like 44 or thirty. Now and now see restart I got offered at 3 PM so we're trying to hit all them on the way back so it's kind of my thought too for it being insulates that the answer to kind of picked over. But every place you went to we asked them what bears. What don't we should try. And so listeners was good on and then top pot which we decided it was our favorite. Like we just idol fashion so there'll fashion is so it about a global fashions an unbeatable yet that's old master of maple. Yes exactly so we we did that and then have a second when we got there we are copied acumen and crispy creams. I got to geared believe me once I guess I got the proof through line is back and then edition. Oh limited minutes that's at the daily that's not yeah yeah party. OK okay. He's tried about Itar. Yet and so and then she got just the basic cream filled line and then trying to remember all these doughnuts this is close like we you know. And then. I'm prost which is like super cool it on the onset there was super cool like dudes and Mike. Bow ties and everything like it's Nancy it's very fancy. And that was really get to. Again I don't remember what we got she also got a Mac or grown macro route that's a fresh record is not a not a rude it's a macro wrong to do some fancy she's beachfront I don't. And so and it is. General the at Akron. Jack knew it was deleted and then Henry I got a PB and probably the best of the entire time but I didn't wanna and yes probably the best one of the entire time but I still has an overall plays at the top pot. Took the cake or is there. Yes my number two in this town with everyone and resemble want yes he we want to hundreds of it every I didn't know if there was would look here's I will say about pets are Henry's to me is your classic Cambodian Asian style doughnut. But the one thing. Is they don't use a lot of preservative so the later in the day you get it I mean they didn't really have a fair shake out okay but like top spot those things last Lebow longer very sturdy donuts I'm I'm with unit they Dugard great. Classic giant consistency is they key. Okay yet he's the cinder old fashioned was like their specialties. They could have gone within it was delicious yet so but Henry's is closer nor too so that they should be when they'll try one of these times to anyone in my patios whenever. Yeah wanted to frost for ever if I don't I don't ask don't million square. Lincoln square when it's where there aren't yet is that the county count her out contests are madly over the deserve cupcakes and it was Ross is the donut truck got Doug cupcake to. Convert Roth and output across America. The mayors of frosted and he's him and he would. Times now they've got don't tour yeah it was fantastic at an event as this city air being Hank you know it's crispy cream right next to Safeco. And that could go down to read as an end just like get everything we're talking about right now. Be nice little. The final Tuesday night talked to my cousin last night and he's like personal shelter because and Dan the popcorn he's making an unbelievable acts of unbelievable. A my cousin Patrick was that you were gonna have a podcast this week you please vigils yet do it sorrow six. Sorry has almost Diana goes on for quite easily which is a Mac Posey a personal trainer in eaten all that stuff I'll grab and I said. He works out that he is a bit of a natural kinda high metabolism to be up if my cousins like all right. People mozzarella sticks may have might mozzarella sticks that I am a gay at least three pounds. The guy and I mean first involved with how busy I am during the week. I'll wake up I grabbed a protein bar and banana. And then come on my feed the gym for six hours with maybe too hard boiled eggs snack. Then I come here. And have like some cheerleaders and beans and rice. So I don't get enough calories for how much time might for how long my days aren't Alice Thomas dynamic be like. I'm gonna calorie deficit I just need to eat here. To fuel myself odd generally I eat smarter stuff. That does make for interest in podcast material like you know ruin his gut all man that is not me it's Trader Joe's lifts them spies to lime how Pena black beans like. Top notch three books you know fifty grams of protein like that at the meal or right there. For the average media thanks so I'm constantly like I can't they have room to add calories and I'm not Smart about what I do with them. And I've I've I'm very honest about it do I got Helen Thomas looked I have genetics homicide after working out when I was younger so I didn't. Legs get a bunch dam to stop drinking route 2637. Between six and so you know like I. I've got I've got a bunch of factors it that allow me a little more wiggle room and someone who's. Overweight and looking to lose weight. Yeah major events out on his personal trainer what you guys have heard of talking and eating Wendy's be out my and my my suite two visas in. Out of control and it static he's got a six back at the weekend. Try couple I don't Dennis I I even ask you do we have any emails. We have to but it. They were. Now. I short version now I know there in the hang on I go grab mine all Oca. We'll start. Vieira go there. What retirement that I confused and your wrist yeah. Yeah we are so Obama and articles so we are at the podcast parties that you were Nat and shocker there are no green didn't Sweeney invited us here. In all fairness. The guy it's only your podcasts with the kind of why I am sand literally didn't know about it we told you about. Yeah we plan that you're you're known as planned. Brit is about that before a trip everything all the tank just slipped your mind. If anyone out there remembers exactly where only started announcing the podcast party can email us cents an episode numbers so you didn't know that yeah. Out nice try and knew we we were plan had him on the whenever sudden dates Ali yeah yesterday I we do what Wendy guessing that was so I left don't want the fifteenth. Then probably January. Yeah I do you guys talked about I think awesome in March we announced it before you left I am I remember. TV announcer for he had a little late march in early January. Pretty sure. You to do you suspect now that he's that I don't look at it constantly. Cry I know he's very convincing and good looking had secured guys I. Someone out there urgently I I know I told him when we were doing it but that might have been a phone conversation. Not a text message soon to tell annoyance. Now attaches any area. No I tell me about the kid. Dermot and president of I react to him because I tell her out without stalling trying to. Make him look bad not shown up to the party particularly notice any email before like back in October when it's hard working yet and his sister is a bartender at virtual sports. Server some details about his awesome guy yeah who bears the awesome bracelets. Bomb my irons they're called tough cops handicap vehicle can't wait is candy just like the general who is her own name. But these are specifically cops cuffs. So bomb bind that it has mr. animal internal aren't our green. And it says cast on it. Heads mine has a black bear who course at the top of top of my totem ocean argument that he spoke with split. What is your faith had my kids the on underneath. There that's also yet though. That the whole naturally. Yes it together all our cops make. Plucked guy I do lose but you've also. This is like. It's a matter as much a lightning bolts as whites primarily with them my yellow on a topic yellow lightning bolts. We clicks coming out of the the flash comic he has an act. And if the video show. Remove my summer around him on camera flash yeah it's great when he gave the sun's powerful Brett it's pretty cool. And it's. It's conversation piece that I've not thought governor you'd think. Especially when nobody else is where this student section really awesome and they you yeah. We thought that it was like good for you to Selig of course that Lazard her lightning bolts on his post twilight and loved lightning bolts to Elliott's white light and that's my main report. Here's the thing is super cool I definitely did detail he used to. To have like the black players who have split to make you white light Dassault and it's that split physicists top notch there has really impressive. The mayor can't handle a split stopped. He thinks its two with the tees there's a wealth Alec it's yeah see thank you and every time Americans by easily messes with. Like since he has the money is it weird I know you'll make it weird knowing that is. It's tells me. In mind telling you is like now. He hate ask the heinous and he wants he wants candy yeah he does. He certainly looked between business goes to the one member Jason Davis and the polar fire at meltdown so a few weeks ago we promise we are now I don't know what Jason leaves in this one of the a major critic and they're really came to doubt that combined with the scar from Michelle yeah oh yeah. There are accessory games in time about where rebels yet. I was going more media and we're ready hole he had to me me down and out late nights this thing. Do you think Andy can swim in the rivers that bad call of course a Whipple a chemistry is held together with room. That's like a denial on that scenario and elastic and yeah I think they'll refine the river. Mean the big thing really is if it's gonna absorb water if it's not smell though you call it call. Sun screen and hippies Latin (%expletive) I don't know but I I do you know enemy gets you sent us wanting to swimming around me that that trailer around a motorist who mean that all night. Either I was surprised at the river. I'm Todd sent millions cliff hanger of a surprise that an analyst at 6000 Mondesi do with surprises out dude. Why you know I have a surprise for the river to go through impact statement ever. You know coming outside I had a bigger surprise that all about you. And pay your legal surprise surprise. You surprise. People are talking about mice for heaven's song about it in. This surprise for the received. Operates about average in the emails. Came beer cups but the it's it was okay. And obviously. But yeah. Yeah. Paul man had a great great weekend on the a lot of fun stuff. There's few few personal accounts but those aren't the podcast worthy you know and you get through stuff. But there's a lot of fun stuff do you. And that started Friday night. It didn't matter plays came out so enthusiasm got the there's a few days there don't drop this totally down in the spirit of honesty to a negated and details of the gets out of line that given the positive in their lives. So. Friday. Don't be one of those people that gap that's one thing I ever this'll lists about spirituality in the in knowing people about it. Just think we'll elderly now there's some situation that it is not a positive. Here that's okay yeah isn't knowledge did not informant move on as I did. So. The see Friday. My girlfriend and I went back to is it law. To pick a nobody call and has Down syndrome and is just the most fun com. We drove out to Bellevue. To go to lucky strike to play through video games. It's repeats and some throw Leo. Bombed some Disney songs the entire way out there. I gotta say man. I really I never watched you on now and never did it forming the data song on that soundtrack and I'll make command at a youth it is like straight paying your man. Now art. In rat though that's well as forget how good dizzy music isn't I think I'll call him because I've yet never listened to us from within. And then. On that playlist on Spotify which in this do every time I see him they added a song from alana the bit is sung. Fight Dwayne the rock Johnson called to welcome which is really cool to. On and they Odom played played video games copies today guys train. And so a lot of fun it's always calm. There is he likes to talk to people. To strangers are and so you just can't and it's flying for me watching people get uncomfortable because he is. He does. He had the Vieri is. Relatively. High functioning. But also doesn't speak well at all some people. You can I mean if you don't know him. I can understand maybe 20% of what assess how is on a good day I 27. Right so are not exactly point 8% a very patient I've known him for a long time. So if you're just a stranger. It lucky strike say an uptight looking soccer mom with a short blond hair cuts. Before they'll come down and I talked to the men are headed talking. Yeah and he can weren't coming out of hand and he wants to come up in the air private parties section and start looking here all the I'm talking you know about Jurassic world. I love that play it was still fun watching that lady squirm and Mike. It is holding in are heard that are you know just whatever was it was yeah it was a lot I got a kick out of that and he doesn't he's oblivious to a high edges it back aren't. Yeah I loved as a world the night. Doing nothing to speed up the process that is better enjoy it but he also like you know I like when he goes. A couples and the like or this this one then Dylan and Eric did you Khalilzad there on a date and so he gave big guy a great opportunities. To show a nice sensitive side about himself I hope that worked out well for back at the rodeo place. So. Yeah as a fun Friday night and yeah Collins console a lot of fun and so. Though it is Friday. To anything that night lucky strike it out and had to be sent to. Pole day there was a field there's quite a few mean hasn't con plan. Yeah if there are only left leg. Right and about ten minutes turns 21 up and like all day idiots are there just lately there's. A lion inn and there's like I think the and they just had their logos are sponsoring a backdrop for you take pictures on stuff like stuff and arcade in a bowling Alley kill out Bellevue back. Wait there advanced step and repeat at an arcade yeah was for the bowling Alley yes. What was it like Disney lucky strike in the Mac are nursing mechanism arcade game got that lucky strike. That I see that's right down. Mean glee doesn't Jesus seems so cool out there everywhere. But lucky strike is like I amble announced that makes and they have damp and it's LV LV if we don't love that stuff IR rolled my eyes on the way out when a lot about it. I hear you that's happening it's lucky strikes here in general like. But there's been I don't know culture that I made a man lucky strike profitable for the whole not under sniper cells that is capitalist if you don't get that picture in front of that sign that did you really go out. Yeah. I think that's that's more heads in my car ninth cleaned up with those tickets. And it's aloe Dow's Friday Saturday it was really cool. We went in saucer to still lay it may Moore park alone yet on when you Zia ye now. Yeah I doubt lose. Does trip man there's some crazy stuff that people are doing merit pay. Most of it's like oh cool. But the the other acrobats and everything you audit this bit. There's a contortions as they came out and houses. Really uncomfortable for me to watch man. He says is dude and Mike. He. Shale play had his his neck view looking at Q laying laying flat on the ground and then just like. Lifts up his legs over his back and puts his feet in front of his face on their side. And as a dude man. Food that mindset I was in I was is really really uncomfortable watching Memphis is amazing as cool and yeah up plays Liz. The lot of fun. And there you can't just say this about pat circus so layer contortions about certain slice. The world class has a quality of the most to us so we are time on the phone Scioscia and world class world class has a county combined wins. The storytelling. And knighthood to do around my packed theater holding. Really impressive democratic and men at some point to go to one. Tickets are over a hundred bucks and liked it's I I actually I'm delighted that the tires that much because this is like a world class performers there bring in the Mary Moore park. They charged twelve dollars or popcorn. Bluetooth I ridiculous profit margin but you know again my pet he is eleven and you realize that's an expensive production of put on and yeah yeah circus easily. Yeah and then the water then they saw the brand was just. Water like that the brand name is just JUST. All cast. And they want a five dollars for it and I got one but it's just like. You pay five dollars and then the bottle comes back with tight just water it felt like there early Raza sloppy and a face years. And I know it is free home via. You're getting just water for five dollars how do you feel. But I felt great afterwards because they're still as awesome was that Nathan got this pretty cool pretty talkative on. And all of that there's a mother daughter in front of us what the mom's name in her fifties and daughters teenager. And the mom who is snapped chatting the entire thing. Right which blew my mind because that's the daughter's hair attributed to Al imam pride means well to try to connect with the daughter wants that'd be in the world. But turner and brightness down lady that's a social network. Yeah and and it was like. Wow the model is adding it to her story in my lady your 58. Who's checking your stat cat story honestly. For the amount that your bothering the people around you lake that that's not. Not one of my buddies that I sit at the founders came with morrow lake mean thirty's are. And they relieved of Behar one night there's a dude puke and so one guy late. Took it was snapped and and that dude you Keane looked up the persistently company snapped Jack using. Snapshot of to get all of the but it almost. I could do legislate clap back on real quick in her hand you could probably widens you can really yankees stop to like lap back and. Yeah sit out of school and the latest net jets have over already. It out of that stock now move all money into the contest here. Yeah so that was it immense and they help my girlfriend finish up move into. So he point. She's up there she's in north Ender for real and dressers bed clothes Oklahoma that you're doing your part to make sure is the real smoky one track track extra smokey and O'Meara I. Q does he hit that half a which reported it. All right we don't have any to promote or anything coming up soon. I got enough and we have podcast part of it I knew about I got to sums I would. Well one year time on Disney movies the out my enemy come and if so if Emery told ES this that a little to the Lion King tape story. Now. Ten. Late tape of the Lion King might an audiotape of the Lion King soundtrack. Now okay. So art for small how do you guys man hired to know the answer this what do you what term do you guys use for people who have a mental handicap. Disabled Tehran disabled and can't. We'll go disabled so that's not the Tennessee is on the stressful to me value that Mercury PC for everybody I guess I used to seeing. I would I would shy away from seem retard anymore but I thought mentally retarded you. I have yet to regrow and I thought that was a clinical term note and all of a sudden became in my eyes it's just. Words are weird and move a society where it got kind of bastard guys and so that if the word retarded you can be in state. Contacts I'm man now and I'm editing works. Ever and now. All right so let us talk like this that the lights are off the men thought you can go anywhere intent but it always did you watch your back. So are so my friend is a growing up for an high school. And my friends. Little brother was in mentally handicapped. Program. So what they do is they have everyone together how one junior high and it's everybody from the district says there's I don't know it seven said. Twelve kids America and they ranging in age and maturity level you know on physical capabilities. So sick like on two when you say it all like. Technically. Like official doesn't sound as funny about. Anyway so in this class is class there was two kids and they had like this ongoing war we teach others her backhand both of them you know they had their own disability is and one of them. Was just absolutely in love with the Lion King slacking soundtrack and it was like this was his. His safety blanket Syriana. I talk boy if you guys remember those. And like a little walkman thing with headphones you listen Lion King soundtrack constantly over and over and over. We're talking about so many times of the parents have to buy another one of those tapes are he'd he'd like burn through the same sort tiger about like. Compulsive level like thousands of times a month plus in the us this was like his go to anytime anything went wrong. He listened to stay so he got into this other kid who who could say it's. Since you since to include got a new equipment this kid had a dead and 99 called back before the heart you can do. And this other leg down there's other special education sounds this. A man his or down do this this retard grabs this tape player. Posted today about who runs over to a blender. Throws in the blender with water balloons could save it from the tip just screams these ads read tonight thinks there's no more abuse Toews the world is like. Embryo at the big kid grabs the the big the blender and drinks they didn't have 10 o'clock right. It's. Just lost it bull let's break down a dynamite two weeks the ability to impact request. That's incredible like good citizens like which I intend to you like it just triggered cassette tape. And I was having a meltdown of the worst day it was like yeah. It went well is that the soldier. Is a joke out classic and like the Fed that you don't have that level of self palm to dip back into sworn enemy I really impress. Sort of admirable god dude it's just. A bit and also worry about is incredible. Note currently top of it. Yes so be careful man like. Be careful who you wish harm upon these who can exact some serious vengeance. It's Monica hot topic. And open hands. I held a lead and now it's. The. There's spring and in the CNET. That subway he has given answers I'm so. Will leverage from it must surely it's funny three system where cops. How like the cuff. Get a funding about where in the cops now it is late MacKey duties due to like public outreach at the parents to retirement. I'd guess we should service. Split thirty hazard mine and that's it that's what they're yeah. Yeah I don't think the things can be eternal flexible so it's Cobb you can say if you're leaving its time for me to bolt. How do we don't actually get. Until we will use that benefit in not just leave the party year the festival but just everything you read and a wrap them compatible. Yeah it. There's great lines he. Says comp time it's about pills yeah well. Someone to say when I was at a weird time on the cast like ten year and a half of two years ago you talk about order and tools menu probably. Some like that off. There at Indian bag I've births. I agree it's only not actual bank Viagra the brand name yeah. All right it's our normal it's called to be some sort of days of dial editor of questionable origin parent. Three legit. About four. I thought I took and when you're in the trigger effectiveness no not for its legitimacy when you reassert tonight India's pharmaceutical game it is actually pretty. Pretty respected in general. You know sell our. But I don't know about the guys who decide on an on line to people in the US for big points you know hey man that's a pretty good you look inside I think Q. They got yeah there's like fifteen. Might mornings and disclaimers of like don't worry we'll actually send in Sierra. Eyes so basically so I tried one of those like so we are make a funny on the casting your half two years ago so my dad. I asked you for wind trying to like. And silent or I'm gone man just heaven on a path until they announced total radar ball flatter over the heads I never knew until I got one problem. If you ever wonder why did you guys. Isn't right he's just like both secretly via the thing that's hard about this I have a jungle out Saturday here but could it do doesn't that bed and that appeals program a top topics though is that what went boasting about the cop topic and like. I don't act like you haven't got to bow warning I'm Mike not a relic home sketchy Indian Viagra like maybe if only show like maybe yeah. Mean I you've got a minor after I heard it existed edit trotted Phoenix. Well better oh find out or aggregates and that's myself. Yeah their vote that's for much how how would throw at me a year and one of our guests from the cast. That's been on. Also also on board how did you turn on that originally masks. Also. Are to the middle and last I am and is that just got so max's got. Or Syrian as a news is me. Lightning rod of personality. And he is just really. Extreme and over the top and like all facets of life. So I guess. Apparently. He was putting an adult for this station here in some company was advertising that you could order generic Viagra from India. Bomb by calling this number that they're advertising on our commercial which would sound like. The and so I guess that. That's where he found out about with you put in this commercial and our system here it aired a one of these four stations through and so he called the number and ordered it might. Told about a thousand. And these guys are tries some conflict. I mean. So I try to man as I all right well we're trying to mount. Fair enough yeah. Several us and got everyone thought about it I ordered some last week very excited for it again here if it clears customs were not sure. But top topic fully and in the game I'll gag lightly doodle that's the thing you can't order it like five pills. Do you get them minimum ignore I think it's twenty or thirty I think he had some like that but then immediately there like those guys have racquets and man I'm frustrated saints then that's like I'm a hundred what I'm sixty bucks or some and probably in particular shipping is like thirty bucks it's coming from India. And they know your campaign. Type. But if you're like eighty bucks for twentieth. Like a hundred boxes like 300 NN free shipping over a hundred bucks yes there's like hundreds hundreds of them but they got big guy systematically. Outline to match like hundred no. Now 200. I'm on my pride only person never actually just sort of the point I'm sorry AB tests now like crazy. So anyway. Top topic this week. When he curiosity get the best of you feel free email us about the podcast dot com has them too much however and entities girl. That's pretty straight. Scat man and I think that'd trump card Providence Catholic but it's a weird stuff I'm about to top that I wanna tape jobs in your past a they do meant. I think are partisans truth do you want an active defensive team here never heard that term until then you know meth. Well I'll get. I don't know I think I've gotten a lot of trouble with curiosity. I once went to a late night eight. After lake after hours party where they are filming a porn. Hello and it's out right and I knew it was evident yes and I was everybody does happen I go there it is right that this is going to be awesome. And then we got there. And I was knots over the that we got there honestly. Is kind of creepy and sad. It's weird. She is yeah felt creepy. There how so in a warehouse are now in a warehouse party I had after hours parties mirrors filming and like was a full studio production as it's like to do with a cam corder. And I love Paris Hilton style is like lighten it up and set up and nursing a bad like I cannot describe it like out I'll tell you more off the cast all I was saying is this candidate to beat that one point some of the actresses who were currently acting like walking around like LA. You know for this not a money like you left Texas to. And my buddy who was sitting next to me I texted him at that time I think I'd really much rather go look at the answers for it. OK okay. Pockets. Are. Was the attractiveness of the boots stars. Like what. I mean I'd bet in regular life. Probably like seven. But in that did creepy light deflate this setup it was just like. Since they were ugly legislate that trip I need to get out of here but I feel creepy. This whole thing is creepy like we should get and it seemed like such a good idea rightly. It is after hours party and party differently report only. L so gaga and I heard about that I'd I'd wanna go check it out there's a lot. It's day late dollar Beers or something he does seem like Ted Smith and sent some some things are better on paper now yeah. But better be weirder that you're just like at a party invite up one started being filmed you mustn't had a I thought it orgy brother. Well right now I imagine Judd about the Christmas party but there is this now. No good one that whole sleeve of a Christmas party. 60. My cousin orders and my maholm ordered me popcorn for Easter right she does and every year. Well my cousins China's late start this business that she or it's a popcorn from him as opposed to this other company beastie he's rate. And literally last night and I opened the box and it's like happy Easter and then underneath it is a picture human prop up obviously. Does it is back under your forever never MI IRD kind of forgotten that whole area is very yesterday your college days. Oh poke him far euphoric. Do you long though that was my mom I'll tell you I didn't take it and when you knew the orders via a I think your mom as I can't even if it's you know and I'm out of Larry I'm hesitant to speak about it shot hi sorry sorry sorry I thought I feel like I'm Obama started out I'm seeing it I felt like that and then came around on that you know that that was pretty funny like that that's a whole matter is they're Diego. That's just my two cousins method that feelings were hurt mapped it out bridges were burned. But I think we tell you I'm it was me it was awkwardly realized why they feel that yeah. I don't mostly I don't go back and it was that awkward but it. Yes that was my mom's still perpetuating midshipmen play this decade Jack ass content and the halls and I like is curiosity for you which is the these pills yeah big. The best may have tried one like a year ago and has account now on goods and Mike you know slowly like. So again about a man like I don't know for a response he goes like aren't. This is the weakness in the Pacific that Sega folks. Get stabbed and there's ever stood with them before frenzy DP for cop on the Ted Smith is the five to Syria perhaps.