Thee Podcast Episode 175

Thursday, April 20th

This week we have a great time with Matt Coble! He's an all-around badass fighting in CageSport this Saturday at EQC. How many people do you know that are professional MMA fighters AND fire-spinners??


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I'm going. Now. And I'm a little. Just the point that it is only make us if you ask me some and I haven't you make some of the. And so you don't you know I'll make Syria right on the Mike Matt half when what we get ago. Like like this decide bat the perfect. It feels. Nice. Here's another topic here and I realize you're decked with Matt. So I walk out there remain most of the destruction and targets. That is walker for the day and you're like yours and oh. God here. I thought that's really fun recognized that. Exceed that ticket. Has slowed so partners and yes aft after. Yet we gotta we idea. Like July. Don't like that their deck of the new digs now. And Jack we tackled there's no word yet. Yeah as a movement what are I don't know what race obviously were reckless when you have got to have quality and don'ts for people feel that work your buddies. Yeah for a smoke regularly. They're gonna have to go to downstairs. You know subdue the guns and more terrible things out of dryer sheets well it didn't look at names for those. I've never heard what got a spoof. I'd probably split over the official name I cannot split this on the do fake version of something real spoof. So well. How about that excludes. Are split. A wired or split you know I'm proud Papa. Podcast I think McConnell my dad suggest any pod cast couldn't do this. This is. Starting these start. The starting these tips and talk. Fuel to where I don't know it's. So what 75. What did you weigh these debts that Filipinos the fear podcaster podcasts and all the land the land. Della that is always my burner bodies they'll hear what he's somewhere southeast Asia on two wheels. He goes buddy cop out what's going on. Urban dictionary I confirmed that the Nikkei rose today or domestic markets tumbled as concern the federal rate hike in June oil slid lower as overseas such an increase in the Shah of Iran is threatened sanctions against other oil producing countries. Just the podcast continue to afford a slide on news that Ted's still has yet joint tender Fulham in the south and who. Played on bated breath for about your profile picks up go about it. Hard back I was of the speak ill rock appreciate getting really set up back half of the producer. MC DT with the man they said hey don't do. How did it every time Cobb does the stock report and it makes me wanna like invest based on the advice that he's giving visas so convincing him like he knows financing. He's probably right then. I've forgot what I Iraq erode we had three days of prayer out of his absent everytime I know mostly about. So. Things here on this episode guides got done a the annual trip with a yet to come with donkeys and Steve Steve migs out there we'll talk more about the army casters company's stores and Britain appear. This Saturday. The 22. Down and animal queen casino we have cage fort MMA. So as per usual we got a fighter in here with us that they we've met cobol. Ironically enough. Matt run the G in a gene and edged dam of a mountain Vernon a lot fire have roommates and the guy we had in your last week who had done the donut torque. He actually works out of your job but yet he did jujitsu there nice. Now live fireman a his name's Alfred how that Alfie yeah yeah did you like Don when I Russert talked about got to whom name. Paths. How are even imagine how does one get their own jeans. Well other run it for almost five years I and I kind of you know started training just clean slate had a little bit or wrestling. For land is so Walter who I know late in the it's a great human AKA yet total rockaholic too yeah. He he turned me into a coach and then turn me into the you know professional fighter. And then kind of set me free. And so I'm console hole in the wall place in Burlington Washington and and I turned it into an awesome place announced live wire and a man finesse and on the run it for about five years. I liked it and some of my own voice so I started coaching. Have had a heck. Are you at ten and seven. What was your first professional flight. My first professional fire it was like back in 2007. Right and see there's a long sword behind now we have time for the long story but long story short in a nutshell. Five. This guy named Cody McKenzie who went on to win the Ultimate Fighter and Bill Walsh is on the decrease the choke right yes it's called a prayer choke but. My favorite fighter at the time to ESP called it a McKinsey eighteen and he's not my favorite fighter anymore as a I'm off awful what's your first by it was against again and putting opened fire now I thought of as an amateur exactly one year before that and it was a really crappy ref stoppage I don't like to make excuses for losses either trust me I'll tell you wanna get mastic. Money whether rest stop it too early. And so exactly when your leader we are supposed to have a professional debut against each other I. Acted you know the big fight and so were. We're bird trainer we're getting ready for a we're doing everything we're past like this interview now so it's Friday I get all the way over to spoke Compton. And I go to weigh in any shows up in a sling. I'm like what happened what coach her me in practice then why did you have become all the way to Spokane. Sony and Tony all the way men and come on so. Stuff happens I get it right I think get a replacement fight that night now's my professional debut. So well. App all right so K so one people's fighters don't show up by distill their barking up the wrong tree but so anyways so we're on our way home world dropped me and my coach and we just we cornered a couple guys that that. We can still was able to coach and stuff I was a big part of the team so I was coaching shore so we're watch in this tie and the guy I was like three and one of the time sterling Ford. And my coaches like that don't show up back election shall and fight you so me at the time I was a OK coach yes there. And so my pro debut was exactly one month later against sterling Ford whose foreign oh at the time wanna say I was away now and he took me on the first round. If it were established British statute. I want to go do a really cool like judo throw. That I didn't ought to do that didn't and he took my back and took me out what's funny is that actually taught the short took that he did to me. To my class like three weeks ago and battle this big suspense at all as big story about the technique in the and I told my whole class that the kitten your coach got choked out what this. Would you fight peak. Yet it. Different their preference Mike would you like to choke somebody out you're not about that when a wind is now a matter I've always wanted to be like the knock out finisher but I had this I went to the seminar. With Fabio Santos who actually cornered hoist craziness first three UFC fights on center of the plate the old Brazilian do noses stuff Friday. And I was like Cain on going to be thirty. I keep finishing fights who were naked chokes and stuff but like the whole first half of the fight I'm going these people's faces why don't I finish the fight with the need to people's faces. And he looks I mean you go sets jujitsu and I was like oh OK I get it but like his elected testosterone thing is that like maybe I'm decide. I've maybe I'm just like good at technique can not really that good of a fighter and he's like now that's jujitsu your putting amount he mainly. Like you're nice dude you beat there ascended to the point where they wanna quit. And then they do you break them mentally and then they give their back to you. It's easier to choke somebody than to sit there and smash your fists in their face that's for New Hampshire Iman has got to you know. Like you know US AU burners right on the burner so deep down side. I want just being nice to everybody so it two weeks. You know when you watch rumble in DC. Like. But I hear announcers so like I'll rumbles kind of given up forgive his back to Jimmy eat we eat you know an awfully easy. Yeah I mean it's just he's such a tough to hear the voice trying a little bit. Wall a lot of times those really experienced fighters is like you're used to like defending off chokes for a really long time and practice of sometimes and get your ass kicked in a fight that's a place you can go to. I just I think he's gonna choke me and I'll rest a little bit. Yeah but that's not a very good thing to mentally do you know you can't punch out yeah. But at the same time you know somebody's got your hips controlled and you know they're dominating union start to give up your back then they're going to be able light not only punch you in the face but Tokyo on you lesser technique as well you know it's crazy everybody knows jujitsu now and it. I it seems that way. Yeah tennesseans are the foundation of any good fighter now at this point sold like a lot of guys especially appear in Washington in the Pacific northwest come with the wrestling background right now is gonna ask you about that since you're Jim is new procedural woolly if you get a lot of those guys home and I get all the seasonally wrestlers rent on get emotionally youngsters to. There are public or to really top notch team in awhile but. Get a lot of cedar wrestlers there. Don't believe that famous so they're wrestling Yasser so if people don't know anybody is from Washington on those procedurally is the small town. Pretty far north this employer like let's sixty miles so them and this is little town and I'm really small you win a part of an otherwise except that did this wrestling team that list. Absolutely dominant for like seven to 109 years it was Breckenridge they would win this yes state title every year they would have almost every guy win their weight class mean it was ridiculous and nobody can really figure out if it was just because like there's like why people from Iowa are good they're Bakken hay bales when they're young as they're really strong farm boys or what about. Their technique like that it was just there was freaks coming out of there and they were completely crushing everyone and a lot of went on to really big college person. A lot of the parents and a lot of the late you know the community it's usually on it's really cool to see the bull tons of it though. Because I get a lot of the people that aren't necessarily into the wrestling there. Don't like on my kid got his ass kicked on wrestling team summit. Take the go to fight and jujitsu you know and I and I get a lot of that too which is cool because then I can teach you to some wrestling you know subconsciously in the senate back on the wrestling massing go get his you know college or whatever. The school's only import right I'll tell everybody. You know quit wrestling and be a fighter but that's not a good idea because what's gonna give you the education is gonna get the is that the wrestling is going to be on a college not and the mayor. Yeah and being a professional fighters just such small amount of people and there's not that much money and blistered for him to do unless you have an Irish accent in your house. And the thing I always come back to. That has come back to its just all fighting it's like no matter what even if you're the best in the world as some point. You get the complete kick daddy in front of everybody you know. Malia yet even been about south. You know there's always somebody out there who can beat you up now what's funny is like the USC I mean. We go on and on about politics right. But guaranteed probably like some weird remote island that nobody knows about this pro X and sixteen year old Katie key kick all of their asses right. You know it's crazy because it's the money that goes into it like. I own a business and I teach a lot of people and I'm good at talking so happens sloppy wanna give me opportunities. So if people give me an opportunity. Then you know that's like a privilege right yeah and then with me I arguments on in my brain to earn that opportunity. To have earned that opportunity or did they get that because of who I am in the new got to go back to like what made you who you are all the effort and hard work going into. Become in the mixed martial arts fire at. But. I think that a lot of the people out there. Today. See the top notch fighters and they think that at that time for that week or whatever those guys are the best but I mean it's a slight hip hop you know. Nobody's gonna remember the top song next year that's the top song today it's just not the same anymore. Yet and it's tied I don't understand. Sitting with Matt cobol by the way you could see him fight Saturday night and queen casino cage where remain. Yet and you're like I'm not a big Macgregor and I mean but I understand for the you have seal like he gets clicks he brings in the money brings in the drawl. Think with him I get to a certain point. But there is some high days. I'm still shocked our round and it's like how should I even the fight on that car. But then also what you've just got to meet the point like our Anderson Silva he was so dominant for so long like did he get to call his lash out as much he wants moon. And a lot of around the guys through the older dudes that like a save a perfect example Bandelier Silva. Right he he just keeps going. Yet it has machine yeah and see the thing is is people want and say bad things about him now in this in the and the other thing and I was actually thinking about this was doing when Sprint's the other day. And I was sprint and to do to do and I'm thinking about why do I liked and listen about him. And I liked him because like a lot of people talk crap and say this not about his up and coming law are his losses that he's had a recently but the dudes old. There's there's proof in what he's doing the guy just likes to fight. He just lets think he's just a tough son of a bitching gets in there and throws down. You know in back in the day he had the right technique the valley to go to you know the jujitsu in the morgue time analysts think it hurts a little. Lake his best fight I should they is best fights but he's to me he's gonna be most well known for what he didn't prize. Oh yeah I think that the people that hate on them like our rights a year late in his like this it's face the only USC now. When did having to spell tort suit but it is ailing you think it hurts the people to take shots at him because he didn't thrive and you have Selig. Exactly and that's the thing with the USC two is I think that they brought a lot of those guys are like near cocoa cup. And and given get enough chance and you got guys like mentally Silva. Mir cocoa cup you got Josh Barnett from here in Washington Barnett system of heating gear and no love by the USC you know an immune. And then when that affliction card came up affliction you know the all the buff much to do as a member of the really fancy shirts and are you Iowa. All I know say for the record. I love those shirts in the first came when they first came out how to make fun of how the flakes are those things were cool the only reason I make fun of it now is because I was that dude with the bid dazzled affliction shirt and the buckle jeans yeah I just had turned professional I thought I was so cool he could happen. Right and I you know don't care who doubted and it didn't have had to hang in hang around Kirkland. That yet. You haven't heard this I was the same date but it was a blah yeah. Buffett who are fighting broke it literally has assured that a hacker Woodson. I was after I party to a phone. And he's a hookup that he's yet but right after studs back in the day by. All right. We reviewed the heat Saturday cage for I would get the fighting go away but you're pretty interest and skewed. I ask personal questions of why do you like have a burner now and my cool. We went orders start with. You have two friends both they map for other keys. So we have. The original maverick he's he's a pipeline owner so he's he. Stays down in California trailer right and that every holiday instead of staying with despair when he comes and stays with me and he brings these huge cases of apple pie moonshine and it's just the party look like pipeline there are some delays pipelines at its top. It runs like for a job. But that's a it looked that way too legit and no he actually take sides he's Diggs big holes and puts big pipes in the ground. That stuff run through. Pay but Ed but knowing California Davis is standing right guys. So on are all. But. No it's really in California they was some other but he maverick he's a masseuse here in Seattle actually com that's two. I met him through the Seattle some never wanna maverick tour book lamp types of atonement happy talk after Teixeira and asked. Matt maverick though in Seattle Seattle maverick not California maverick he he spends fire ploy and he was the one that I was in the conclave whiff. Last year so we had all these choreographed like fire dance moves we had to do. And so. I'm in this conclave thing and they're what is conflict Seattle fire conclave it's like a theatrical artsy. Program that they put together every year to do the big performance that inside of the big circle burning man. Right so this rate doesn't like most major cities have won again there's 32 that get accepted every year at their body Brad to meet me that you see in the Seattle and he was an informant circle we room yet okay yeah so. Has there. Quick aside retirements on the final night at burning man there's fire spinners all around moved a giant. Man in the middle of the second set on fire yes hundreds of these fires parents really incredible. And they ought to do a lot of work to get there and so I decided last year that I wanted to. Do it for my thirtieth birthday and it was burning man's thirtieth birthday to the exact same weekend August 27 was a member there it's like 1030 at the dirty thirty at the burning man. I and I got a performance pass and got to hold a big ass again it staff that was on fire. Not talk about that like yes that's possible happen and as our video got cut and we did get to be the coup performance but I still got the passing got to go into the middle what some. That's awesome to put silly people haven't been and they don't overstate how qualities yeah holy that staff up there I just feel like 400 fired dancers gone crazy if people spin employ the fuel who's moving through finals ducks jump been fired yet tired jump rope none shocks like anything that you can I don't find these people I don't fire created somewhat. We had about a 45 minute choreographed piece that we had to do and so one of the girls and different thing but would be a good idea to have all the new people. All pro trade telling burning man society right so you have like. You're. You're death guild the people who have been go on forever right that I the what's that big stating something on iron on mad Max I got on my oh yeah hundred Orlando to actually get lighter this year it was awesome it was a bucket list. Burning man was not the president you fight professionally nobody was 300 pounds. And had a hard time getting him in the straps but he thought he was like 45 draws and give the people do a heart attack did Karzai did a minister athlete to do it now manage extra extra couple I was leaving because I watched the first couple and they were doing and we uniter some pencils like all the people that like come with them they got to do it then I am clean nice steel cage fighting and thundered and all these doors to fifteen year old girls beaten this out of each other view was crazy and at first I thought. At the art but it goes to operate is the first David yet there was set up camp and we're like is riding around our bikes right. We've been immediately go to temple were donors to his crews are on S and we passed undergo right oh. You do that thundered. And easy to dudes like steamy text but whatever those mutant vehicles are that look like tanks for Matt and access his drive by cops like hey man. Is this thundered home and it just stares at a news. I heard this this and I doubt and it might. Yes it's better you know better over the giant metal dome for anybody with an incredible place really and you don't know I actually. People bring smaller versions of it and stay in them you know I mean oh yeah. But I don't think eyeball on him to another that's really your diet and yet they're terrible sentinel hated. But. Pat hopped a pop up ads and are holding up for like three hours and Ted talked in the cold. Now the other thing is I felt the burn home sweet home. That's cool man boo got honored was a crazy experience but that you went yeah. I of course I want. Out of some senators like former social going to be ups will also welcome to thundered. As I was leaving he was standing in line and you look sad like a big sad dog and I was like what's wrong dude and you nom that some drinks and you sum yeah real talkative and stuff. And I go up to him and Mike. So what's wrong to music nobody will put me in the thunder doom and Mike. Why is it cool do Saddam might be too big for for the way. And that nobody wants put me is like a 45 year old biker dude with a long Tony tell he's wearing jeans and like a cut off like grade teacher but he does he looks like. To straight up biker dude right. And I'm like well I'll fight in you know I'm not gonna tell mom of professional fighter. No not how you bottom well I respect your right I just. For some reason get pictures like a middle aged ladies out there you know like I guess nobody drives. Sometimes programmer from San Francisco as a player that I approve a 'cause some pep talk. Look sold four billion minutes and wrong you're bureaucratic and and I know more. It right and what I want. Even plan on doing in the line was so long that when I went back to my camp until the story there were like you actually. Got to do at the line was long as likely and nobody is fight this mammoth so I figured I just don't really behind the year grab onto the road and then to start the his assets and it was so lost some. And what's funny as we're burning in right so it's like a party for a full week and I actually went. It was like 11 o'clock at night I went back to my tent and went to sleep for me more knowledge give I was beat. From like two long days out there three minutes of three minutes of thunder dome was worse than any fifteen minute fight I've ever been and as far as Carty who goes. Cities where you're you're you're also brie and I've won over the but not sober in Brea and a bunch alkaline from the desert. Here which is which is ground. Erica. I was like why do people wanna go down there and get all thirty you know and I went and I was like this is like really clean better guys. And it's so fine it is. And incredibly fine. I he just gets an everywhere and specifics out of pockets and all the tracks him. Just tell a story this weekend buddy monument tripped him in his life just in the first time. And Lee went that you never been beside the summit machine so much stuff to climb on and jump on those tunnels like. The sexton and it's still my favorite story it's just the latter with a forty feet in the air there's a bar there and I was. Fraction that's all that up with people where gas giant forty foot tall actual. Sexton somebody fell off something burning in this and for their armored summed something like that or some. He's asking him like people mosque hurtful ultra low and I radical hospital has dammit what brought you a political and everything will they were fired no insurance. Obama both our thoughts aipac sucking her that if she. Appoint Democrats. That. But I like that they Catalan people do what they wanna do now you know I hate to win like regular events and there's all these signs all these rules and regulations out there it's dislike him notre investments ever don't smoke we because the Nevada. Yeah yeah that is the one big I tell everybody who smells sweet. Off the pick and a lot lots of atoms start yeah everybody can't be applied as a no business cops everywhere yet. It's it's not it's but. Yeah men it was it was it was crazy experience. In house counsel since legal now Nevada. And I want you there when it was legal even with that. It's different time what's funny is you got all these people commended burning man might 80000. People right. And there all the drugs that are coming in who knows what those terminal cancer acid much and who knows what the doctor Barnett and and they're and they're like key to get to meet them and enough of this weekend the Fed's. We would do to boost tumultuous week yeah. That no idea it shocked I tell everybody acted like we're about this and I honestly. The hardest thing to find and apply it is weak it's creating I think that if you're going to hit the Dutch boy next door early Nike owned some and they were like. Thank you assume you just like we don't celebrity's right over there you're not from Washington you know we'd. What's crazy is the camp by stayed with was actually. How Washington how Colorado. Off it was so fun nice we're real. All we were on. Asks. And. Pam. We're way on the middle. I was like it was like. Saves the edited time yeah we are at a Paula nation was the it was the camp and I was away if I Paula nation we had a big ass again equal the B in front of it. Blown fire out of it and stuff but immune system and they had a that a lot of cool camps you know when I first got there are some I can't boss we'll we do coups camp and then you walk like two feet near like. Never mind. Good candidate who has stood in the conversation that lightly he could find us when we're crossing the fire breathing dragon. Which will claim no crap from you what night it was like half a minute each of the rhino for Morocco party think they went. The giant giant run around the smaller rhino. Don't know. We near one of the fire meeting dragged into the Ryan. Ides of Mac cobol you run Lime Wire haven't made up in Burlington yeah assert your fight Saturday night ever reduce Hedo. Cage where in the main. Doors open at seven I used to be some tickets to get in there comes format and you first up. No I think later on on the card because it's which which is good because you know like a little bit arrest but I don't like to be last night in the main event. I just don't like it is then you got to wait you know have fun hang out there but he. That's I was for the say sometimes when my favorite things about doing that event is slick guys that are on the undercard. That I do my last announcement were the last few fights and obviously. I'll be in the back Richard it here's what's Chad Allen Miller until fighter like do you have to wait to party went to a shot a he could be here and shot. You know it's funny I'll go there and ridiculous I'm not gonna drink tonight. And then in my head all the drinks that people bought me I still do and technically doing because I had him by them yet you know I mean that's fair that's totally fair that you earn that. So. Like when I fire at. Excuse me near Reno on the World Series of fighting. I didn't actually wanna drink at all laughter and after you discuss people and he drinks the stuff and mixing you know earlier about 45 liquor drinks in you know have having a celebratory drink keep duke the next thing you know you're wasted in fall asleep later on after party. Yeah I stood there with a guy forget is named TE was like knowing that its fourth fight or whatever but he won. He's getting his ass beat for the first round I believe joke in the second round. So he's doing a shot at Jay was cities I did you Jameson. I sort of got between the people to watch him fight in the people they knew who I was on the radio and watching drink like 45 shots that matter rap about our. Mostly he's at least you know. I met with thanks for coming in the last seven yard and is it policies Saturday night. So so we did. Talk a little bit about my losses at the beginning out you over to bring up we'll also know I just want to mention that after I lost my first couple pro fights I did win foreigner Roland about agree re issue ever since then I gone physical by plucked some of my sponsors hope critics might add dude a that I should ask. All right well. I I it's easier I got. I got some good stuff going on there it's getting county action all right. We got this I know we are you guys were talking about weed a little bit but I'm not sponsored by that we company but there's a company that utilizes the medical. Portion of it the CBD Clark sure. And and it's called liberty motion they're actually really good and they and they give me much of product in. That take every from a fight give me my banners get a dvds to screen and an avid rape thought. Yeah I didn't read it on my eighties. It's it's awesome for fighters and stuff and then I got guy that makes all mine you know apparel for me. And a dirty work ink now what's cool as a wanted to talk about him a little bit because. He works like a full time job it is like concrete esque debater but then to cycle happens travesty services on the side and what's funny. As there's like 150 million graphic designers but I only use him for that reason I like that he's a man and as a job you know I respect that that and then how we got a fight hypnosis Mya fight mindset guy you know I'm mentally strong. But. My opponent this weekend is it going to be able handle anything coming from me physically or mentally my five mindset so perfect. With MiFi hypnosis got to the point were. I didn't really need to fight hypnosis before the fight. I but the guy just kind of hooked me up what then started doing and a first started doing it like as a joke because I was a skeptic. And then it worked. And then I was like. Blow this stuff is serious he specializes in hypnosis for fight yes but here's the crazy thing his first original job was he was a hypnosis for military like snipers had a hard time like Paul not trigger. In that that goes back to us talked about me joking everybody down so to finish and with knees to the face yet he's helping me become the finisher than I wanna become. Yeah I know a lot a lot of olympians to you like the whole sports psychology payments they swear. Just like just for fighting and there's so much psychology he goes into it here has like this one and everything you know like with the burning man suffered talk about bush. You know all bulls decide fighting is number one army shall know I'm always gonna run my gym I'm always going to be a coach commendable because I like to do balls and so. I just wanna move. And get in the top ten ranking in the freak and world actually and it's gonna happen because I've been training my ass off. And like I say that I went to burning man last year and even though that's just like a trivial passable. That was a huge goal for me to just complete and get done so now I can just focus 100% on fighting. Yeah well I mean. You trust account and I talk while at times like these he's such a thing to go there and actually get it done tonight I hear an island where Edward. I wish act and I hope to go back what Dave and I'm happy that at least. We talked about it and set her mind to and actually did say to guys like three or four years of talking about it or found pointers Sam and those who will never know that Thursday morning breaking point for just. What am I doing here yeah. Yeah that's awesome and anybody else need to plug our good. I was gone for again something. Of Fuentes motor sports on find this Saturday right also that's gadget speedway upn schedule Tony we have car number 74 point does motorsports getting down out there with the big fat live wire on the side of it if you take your picture it's got the school's part B only when the taxes are taken on the side of the car policy and that's Imus yet on both arms it goes all the way across my back. Who won its last ten to. I don't like the back of his arm a course like trap innocent from people pinky I try sadness and traps at the big and massive things we did an awesome presence trapped segment as back. I got through new. It goes across among us. Our souls but I think our traps can pick on cop and you're out of CTV's audit. Did Matt speculative buy sentiment that would be awesome this there are gonna suffer yes excellent dude can't wait to see a whacked it in Comerica will finish in word. Given the boot I don't know man you do that long you think amendment or partially. Odd. I'm gone out of he has broke the curse. Oh now it's like I thought he does or both they definitely do not. In Joey broke the curse there's no curse yet good column actually did I we're back a is it that PS were backed its respects. Yet they went for I forgot about the curse to be totally honest. That whole time and never once crossed my mind that's wary because. If not then dealer broker. Is she literally says to them smokers are. I just like that for whatever reason we only interview guys like 155 he fights one from two Fokker. My kids are weight class and Brooke if you look at perhaps that's the luck of the virus and I think we don't look at the nickel why I'm particularly heavy hitters in here when the big bosses do the big boys. Yeah you don't have to it's. Yeah I mean may have killed Brett now. Insists. Who I've heard any sounds lovely. A delightful. About him in my wedding. He's if he's a very nice guys can embrace. And crazy nickname and I'm not positive where it came from that the little scary. The kids did too does the ring announcing by the way I took him with me use the the virus from the cup we also. Are you more scared someone has a nickname like man kill or some as a nickname like the Teddy bear or mama's boy and nine the not pocket right now honestly. He's a few people that like in that Kate in that cage is really intimidate me. But I don't think he's that need of a person as I've talked to a backstage he's real nice tonight he's not fighting. But just like I guess for him to it's like I just column into the cage like you ready for that fight McCain and inflate. It's a come on man shoots straight he wanted to call you man kill. No comment. Are there to get shot a man an arena where I'm not I'm. So he's probably the most intimidating. That's a question I do think for my money that they got put a lot of stock in them a guy walks down the ramp. Or into the cage like UFC in its songs just way too laid back actively it's like seven easy easy easy listening you like. Why's he so. Yeah exactly like he doesn't need data Zeta front with some intense rap songs right like nothing like that just he just walks out of that east lake. Maybe smile we Judas like guy that guy scares me. Yeah but that's the thing to like guys are comfortable in the cage they pay a lot more dangerous they can thank. One day the pack can last a while longer now burning up all that energy. You know stress and now and then too there's a lot like the and that flow stay in a sealed by professional soccer players or professional athletes in any. Category IP they don't know that nervousness gathered in that zone and so. Man I and it Anderson Silva you're semi Hemmer earlier key said that ever he's just smooth and Sean now its energy you know. Just talk them out about that a little bit and he's like talks about how he doesn't smoke we we have to fights. And is like does that affect here near game registered your life in general and a good her a negative way in his right man. Might grappling takes a hit put my my boxing's a lot sharper. I can't happen that I can not in my head out Phil quit but a balk at that. So days edit when he's grappling if you smoke instead zinni's I don't stone at the time I it's really he's really in that floats de a lot gets there are a lot easier. I mean that's like Rogan always made the argument that. The only time ET marijuana. Is performance enhancing is probably forged it's noon in an inning or give your stone. Talked come to will be on your back but it. You probably more comfortable with it. Via. Yeah out played and gawker hi uncle Toms and it was nightmare but I think you I don't so fast as possible. I think basketball stone once I absolutely hated it yeah I think are pretty I don't. Real close it down Agassi jittery and nervous out there and number in this slowdown. It's there's my game better for not only Pelosi down in afire with weights so yeah hike to gadgets is alleged itty. In compact. Think height he liked to smoke at the top. And each all the way down to an abrasion salute before and after. Not as much top BI guy aerial stone at the top yeah I hear right maybe a toddler followed orders. Israel had yet went down my song gonna split the betrayal has. Because we're looking at the map is Lauren champions over the summer and as artists who are looking at it. And that is older couple looks is looking percent in the white thing out of here and husbands and let's just Colorado after smell of Merrill one. Fifth. At this the Tikrit say they is there. Matt must back myself out here while also marijuana you can go get lost. You. So you know guys showed that parents. Are often does that I don't like the smell of marijuana smoke. I gotta we gotta thing now because of that and you it is a miserable prick like. Think you. There's something. We saw the awesome about being on the top of the mountain haven't victory bull. Yeah in and immediately I mean what does ten you know they're not committed to getting it there thing. Concentrate cop okay all sixty S she says she's critics your head man doing Eric pulled the blinds. Yeah are you not familiar with ten that you hung out there before it's like seniors there are always do it again yeah. Well she's obviously dancing or there explained to back to offer and now I'm day. There with pat felt that in looking over their immune hasn't gone. With the focus. Thought this Victor bull. Yeah I mean it's off the bottom of the moment I'm not prepared stamp that. Just when you're outside just often what you liked at the top of mount junior's broken we'd like it wrong I'm not against the Detroit two outs in the top U. That is something. Such as the venerable. On background that is the crossing the post successful. Rightly that's a great bowl week due to our attitude is the term bull and and a joint used interchangeably and I context. Yet. It doesn't sap I picture you have the Dow mound with a Jane not it's for now. Yeah. Number average balls on on the trips. I didn't like to see him I don't see him like take in the pipe up there you know eyes to simply take the pipe affairs at the little quicker. I'm not his balls he has mapping it as they got a I listened to them it's going to be on our popular one from the pipes more discreet yeah the pipes quickly you hit it to put their target that joy is sitting there yet but it's legal. Yeah. Yeah yeah right it's also kind of like during can rightly that joke I don't now. They depends on the mountain but generally tolerated in house counsel in fact check every week. Toughest race. Like if you if he was so good appalled and put it in his pocket he kept looking at that match. And the guy walked by he knows it smells like we'd he's not gonna make a point of kind of like old main lake sane to. You know to me. Think you deport them. Just like yeah answers like being discreet smoking weed yeah the balls just east now also I think of him Morris and it courtesy thing then anything. You know in terms like. Just went and I know you can't legislate courtesy and so I feel like a lot of the laws are trying to kind of approximate that barricade. Don't smoke in public announcement in view public their affair whenever it's like to sink don't throw in people's faces and I think partially that may be why that woman's so. I'm worried is the guy yet the woman had no issue where you guys I don't people use there like speakers when Ike. I'm not a fan personally anywhere not a fan like on the bus or whatever like if you just want to on the street like doesn't headphones and the up three dollars down twelve and I headphones. Yeah I mean I could see if we were in a big group and Mike Nolan was there I can hear a Bluetooth go line in my guy is just be cool. Yeah exactly I don't know I don't wanna get too I don't know its two pilots had to still be in like half those people. I did these situations arrive at our when our producer boo generally now. I'm like headphones. Plus in my. Q and do it ourselves. And since it. That I have right now. I did I like that we already agreement that we don't like cloud player is he's a guy like you but your quick to do that Powell. God that we like he's been there would be a good song I don't Illinois. Apology evidence of funk fair and I'm glad about a bunch of us together and I Saturday and complain and. So that's the place but did you get to the summit you're hanging out. A kind of athletic at all but there something about the actual hike itself. Yeah I mean just like general principle I'm cool for people doing almost whatever they want and doing their lives but then when it's or infringing on the people up and it's. Yet that's a failure when it just weird but it's just got here in nature when I walked by to hear your song. Action. Under the present office you know it doesn't solve. And he's pitched about it that lets them around now arming. That if I it will at least I'm sure there are you program I think. We had somewhere and this girl is live streaming her height. Just she. Lectures and a group of people to. And by activists. I've shedding its FaceBook may be periscope at the time Padilla. Like who the cares. Yet that's the only attraction in those trees or regular like walking downtown I see people face timing out. Let me just call live streaming. The war the height not. Not even a quick night panoramic. Our photo or even a quick video even a quick live video from the summit of like hey check out who loses. Just. On the walk. What is wrong with our society Alec Sanders play their game Friday night. So for a change in the season they had a Saturday when they are silly they kept we now a look at some of the players. Now for Inco is that it was like the first time ever went for a hike out here in it was like rattlesnake and I think. Actually the Disney Lian of hikes later where he go off the air and Blake. Fifteen to speak. Soccer but a couple home its state debt and mailbox what was yet missiles is a you do mailed the final decision. Yes to haven't done in the summer the summer when he seventeenth in. Rip them mailbox near the spot gets you in the past summer fox the cup car. Mom borrowed this from about eight summer box and cone like you guys but god dammit I respect you. Well with suffer 55. Part it was. Eastern normative duties or via boat he. I stability and again that you were sick unfortunately that the act that I was I was home and his squad with our parents and yeah. Mr. Steele I imagine your parents to make it decent meal for Easter Alia. Nice and big actuary with the body daycare you got money they paid yeah yeah and my dad made like other stuff with it adds solicited avenger. Yeah all right but were you always on eBay campaign. Yeah I must honey I am that place that like is its own store this time it oh yeah okay sir they they are wrong line with sort of this a little bit like four years three years ago. Aren't so honey baked ham are there other people who make. Honey baked ham. This store called honey baked and a half you by this point there's some other people and I mean look there's other stories usability heavenly ham place. You can go to any grocery store and by unequally. But to be a honey baked UST for the money mediums. Okay but are they the same thing essentially the least and may turn out. They are right advocate to style of doing it but like specifically. A connect LC honey glaze or brownish browns open four of its funny date AM. We've seen it rates got a beef from a hobby became store. He comes from a Google rapidly into its its spiral cut you have some of my friends at home or go get some between the podcasts and when this has. Started signs both the style and the store and so now we're talking about food that I have in my fridge right now via podcast and hungry. Rick a lot of people ask this question and I was Thomas and Mike. And it was a hunting camp's story in Bellevue via. And they used to be smaller my mom said they got bigger location it funnels the amount of Easter traffic a lot better do you like when I was a kid out tell a story than him and you might. Me and my brother can remember we drive out to leisure world Montgomery County. And we wait in his long app slime at Saturday that you could yet. So this is like one stores nationwide only sells them. You name it. And they can't tore yes they itself try to do. And Turkey Saturday broccoli whatever rice there Israel out of they have and we entered this year yes. And Austin he offers less than with one of these tents cost. Part of my wildly at the dude it's been so many years that I want it's like it's done by pound. Keeping an event on breaking story and I really do only heard about it for you guys like three years ago and haven't heard anything about a sense I mean that's their business do you would like you know yeah I'm digging on one thing you do really well yeah but now they have a spiral cut turkeys get to. Personally had a correspondent chip out from. I'm summer to Christmas now they have like Muster any go to get a sandwich any time but I mean right like for me that you with the holiday. Even like in the summertime. If all the Smith's go to the beach at my mom via honey became we've been free. But it's over spiral you do is peel that all guys I mean look that is. It's just it's gold and it's got a little crossed on top of the thing is you could buy an eagle he's been doing commercials for. You buy any of these scams. But they're never is you're just not the secular and I. I don't feel I agree him this weekend but my mom's an anemic hands and probably. Now. It's accurate. I'm so users give her money out. At the popcorn. Had some chocolates nothing too crazy memo did send me too fancy. Like high and picked up high and they were Oreo o.'s real like covered in chocolate how he's Easter stuff on who they are also. Has morals like that in Texas actually teach you there just to put a pack yeah. Yet it kind of blew me away and it went in her bag candy former girlfriend's parents I don't know I put it. And find that. The ethics Acadia. Work. Let's see we didn't even sales this week one in. I'm Matt cobol does that mean you'll be fine Saturday night. Several queen casino cage organ damage early doors. It starts at seven units in W early Matt we do its patent owner sir last. But yeah. Yeah. I just wanna hear the intro not March Madness. As you'd get. Referenced earlier has not Leo well this week and that I had some great candidate him unease here. There. Due to relatives limited. I just they think I'm pretty sure he doesn't and what's bad in the muscles and eyeliner and Charles. It's a bit or didn't. City Hall on foreign CT puzzles in the last episodes I Y one more topic a lot of room for. Hewitt who was in the last episodes. Bike yesterday or two days ago years are talking about. Tender. Ted did you kind of get on the platform and now. Are you going to. Yeah eventually I was gonna say you should go bumble. A lot of talk a bumble this weekend however are curled sixth. This weekend to get more. Well there's a couple that donkeys and actually single. They were indeed it tenderly bumble were happening quick. And you didn't get convince on this trip to give you wanna try now if good out of edited. Then we can Puerto. Just have some absent some guys that are Reno and would be able to help probably you know in the show you through the ropes a little bit. Sure in your right but the main thing was like and I've tendered as well for didn't get it right but I mean I've had its own for two months like I rushed to. Mean I have the Apple iPhone it's Emily really logged in and we did to FaceBook and I actually I'm cool posters. The first step has been taken this eclectic. Halfway there Boca. Thought jet took notes before we start up topic. Did I can't find them and I I was looking through a crazy my notes on the phone almost about a loss like seventeen cents. Sentenced him to stay until they died genius brilliant ideas they're all gone Matt fraud on. I'll book the bell. This is a few real quick way. And. Mean. Okay knows when and how I got. On this so my nozzles in new guys talking about ten he has retired about like one line or like what you opened their profiles to about how high my uber rating is. Yes the yet formally to. Press honestly I was Rockingham. And Adam going to be better and there's almost no point the story but I wrote a four point nine for a long time and that our boy. Wouldn't freaking come down today the uber and it was like 35 minutes 3535. Minutes he made this guy away and I my attitude I'm sorry did it alleges in the little turnaround at the elevate. Until finally my right as it has not cancel it. Shows out I'm pretty your game. Poole who before that I was like almost flawless. Always gone my way I'm out there to her earlier I'll admit it's a long time yamana. Yet. Wow that's coming two years ago I'm still recovering. Yet that makes sense and so anyway. Aren't. Obviously did I mean they don't wait before it packet that day when it was just black cars I think they'd wait a little longer like was it the black car and ax. This is an SUV. We met Jim meat I don't know third I I and it's by five Matt said yes definitely say yeah I don't know it was this really analogous you know I'm going to be here. I don't know math and you obviously was happy about it through injury yes I'm Matt and essar ramat now but he can't be good. And on the back of that when I was gonna say is that. It shifts the it. So like everybody has like someone like Alex some line or whatever it is likely go into like. And I'll break the eyes are like ally in the mood or whatever. So like for me I'm always suspend Mike. Yeah like and it at some sec my ideal that must know public thirty facets I was eighteen I expect quick like that you can say it just like. Put amenities and ever so when I was gonna go with this week top topic what is your goat to icebreaker to ease the tension. To free mouse he not be podcasts accomplice of them Twitter machine. Why does a thing about it another one of mine is I know you're expecting a hot chick. Sorry there and selling girl so he's been expecting so much to show up to like. Grab food or whatever found and so you see I mean you literally conceded the spot on the basis. Oh. I don't know that's a tough yummy have a conversation legislation just try to start. Some fifteen bills say something in the conversation about their life this and that I have something to relate to work. A test and exam today. So I generally if it's a cabbie year like it who are simply that I just try to judge based off the accident and how to spring up like football. No they can't Seahawks did not mimic football football. So let it go like oh you mean soccer than the Hoosier. Right the guy that's got an easy way of thinking and that out right now even people have accidents or anywhere in the air like generally asked is how many about. Where they're from can legitimately knowing something about it is pretty awesome. Yeah. Yeah especially it would Hoover like a lot of like east African drivers though a blown away and you know our like Ethiopia are small and yet. Yes that's kind of soared my I'm move that got from you which is just asked people more questions. I'd be interested in them could may have to generally means every UN right. As historian knows something that you don't and so. The bats they've added you know I'm pretty satisfied with myself you know if that comes up great but I try and night. I naturally talk about myself enough as it is so I try and just like focus on asking people questions the point where it's like. You know. I'm poking around for something that I can park barn with some interest. You know and in the meantime just maintain or get a steady genuine curiosity. You know not overdue and just for the sake of asking questions that. You know hoping they'll find find something that I'll have something to say about. Yeah I was racking my brain event of like you're cool lines that a variety milk. Yeah I think that's not like. I haven't done by Friday afternoon at 230 and it at some that'll come to me and that's usually used to ballot it happened at your address. And alienated. Or like for me it's something and I don't know generally it's a normal person. And I don't know any about prominent just means no money yet talked to him at the little awkward and it's look for something they're wearing something that's like. I can make it off here now. Try to make adequately yeah you know some sort of connection from it goes wrong to. Which Saturday night the beer garden opposite in this couch. In her body rescind it now VIP we are discounted as beer garden. And there's a woman. And now probably right. You know late thirties early forties that my perfect except. That she was on point. It she's got a laugh in the some whatever it's and they are portraits of cute reaches its other router purse. And it was all white and they re just like this weakness strap was different whatever. Some some reason jumped at those appointment I'm of the white and a teacher up that strap. She's a yet that's the reason I count the purse. It now. Sweet so goes it goes backwards through her her her post route and the most brutal and then make our friendship she's like are you here we got to get to the girls obviously I. I I. Her credit she got to get out. Yeah you this grizzly is definitely down sort of guy certainly bring me everywhere. I'm not yeah it's tough when they do get back. Or I mean that's an Australian so proud myself Leo it's on them who like to talk about like. Generally it's something you talk about when you make mistakes. Thank you backfire for sure hi Larry yeah played her good on that one episode 175 remember Saturday night. A county or government down watched fights to hold down the consumer is not part of beer the other was it say our buddy Matt cobol he was just on check them out to a throughout north specially early in that area Mount Vernon whenever live wire anime. Of a hippie find out emerald queen casino for cage were this Saturday the 22. Doors open at seven get an early I'd love to see. What they have. Frenzy TP for copper beach at Smith is the podcast chips.