Thee Podcast Episode 176

Thursday, April 27th

This week we discuss hair styles, food, and nipple rings.


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Now some benefits that people. Delivered pizzas yeah it'll say it but I felt that everybody. Nobody is mad and pizza man. All the things we podcaster at this isn't just Indy my dad suggest any pod cast couldn't do this. It's due. He. Contact and storing these tests. Starting to start. These. Starting these senseless and I'll. Fueled underwear I don't it's not. See my dad. And so what seven days with eligibility benefits over the host that is your clock that's great but apple all the way Holloway. Tell us to me if my good friend Mike Berger body he's always here let's go Julio. Somewhere in southeast Asia because that is cop traveled going on the. Unique iRows today we'll domestic markets tumbled amid concern the federal rate hike in June coliseum on the wrong one. Foreign markets in turmoil today at trump announced plans to continue sanctions against North Korea US warships diverted from F giants. Mr. Podesta stormed toward the coast. In local markets Amazon Microsoft and just be podcasting have a few points this morning adultery he has meant to address beside deception on issue as we had this summer. But the bottom on species going extinct we'll find out at 730 and Jeff and bill. Back on the day of the DO CL a in the Steve you also now up water or extra confidence. Phnom Mac convert a producer MC TP with the pay instead they don't really really get they had that it doubles semi Downey. Nice that what was the reference in the stock report out again. I would do well I started on one available on somehow but that the secondary one was. Then that Amazon Microsoft enters the podcast are picking up a few points and all three CEOs met to address besides except punished. And I ran into summer I mean I don't know I don't ask me a lot of belt W deceptive cons out so he met with. Delegates and now to face those things Jeff to me when did you meet those guys to discuss the second issue this week. Well I don't know it. Sorry of what are her with a company. Well so MC TP just pulls out of it that's the only about LA. I was doing this or that I was pale and this person it's not like a liquidity and just like. Did you meet your mail is making power moves to those threats a day dying species are you and I both love Pacific northwest power summit Tony seventeen. Doing to address this BCC it's a garlic dark hair. And more for you but I bet on an honorable and they're not annuals Earth's he's trying to bring down the cost of policing he's trying to make is that more tanning salons and he Siad I don't know casual the more Land Rover dealerships I don't know what these girls need their Juicy Couture. I just want them out there we want it to be a write in QB should nest I'll choppered out that the economy is dying we wanna make it as the separate Conn friendly as possible. In the streets of Bellevue Kirkland. Some damage spring Britney back man I let me ask you this from a deceptive kinds you know are people still tame. Well. I would say yes but it not like. Not at the level that we once like around. Russian airline wants a 20082007. You know at the height of the real estate bubble I feel like more darker tan was and now I feel like it's on a Mormon natural look. I gave I gave the keynote speech at the summit earlier about this is not a fact big reason that we've seen a decline in tanning. It is a method of deceptive Conning is the rise of yoga pants. Who just you know instead. Compensated for the pale skin a commentator for the celluloid. Want to QBs got a point yeah it's the thing is it'll why is driving the market for the last 45 years have been there so. Those those I feel like. At Philly that paints like. All from where I think detaining and I think each is gone down as people realize it's. Kind of bad. Did the summits are you right now are you either as raw anger you're dead wrong here's what it last may not care about your own romantic like crazy platinum blonde was in and Mikki obviously fake tanned but now it's more like the arm brain hairstyle which look it up we don't now. And Formica and you know it does this grow like Saddam. Crazy caked on May about makeup it's like just after that natural. You know grass fed look with the yoga pants a limit more you know senator spiritually. The bit more of like the new almost like a new very. And the deceptive it's AA you're right it's tough to keep up with them trends change real fast now world I use a colored hair. OM two dot depends on whose rocket it happened didn't win mourn them the last three months and blue parents of like that never thought I'd be the guy. Food I don't know man says get older you just get like this streaks the streaks of colors a lot. It's fun I don't know I doubt poll on had a purple. C with thick paste it's not a pierced nipple OK now blue hair some and I am that Jeff I'd rather have the blood hair than just the streaks. Yet how you guys feel about. Solo nipple piercings verses having both done. Preference for congress on personal solo and Yost turned me on but I'd prefer double yes so Lou nipple ring is equipped with the puck I. I mean what you got on an island. That's good. But that plays of the mall when there is an advertising piercing place players. Now an accurate news like beta of solar safari or some like Dan tonight how a man the radio commercial for its slogan a mind. Now I got an apples Peterson high school nights that's ours yeah. Would you yell at the bars the bullet proof the growth nose rings yeah. That's huge right now by the way fund in a lot I've seen them much in Seattle bow out in Austin and every girl had the that computers and yet so here's Valerie do yep it's honoring elevated half bring in the mic talking up in their nose and a on which comment but yet that it can be professional. Yeah honesty is that clock it's 5 o'clock back to rebel mode. Rebel you know annual growth and vote in the poll well what I dealership and spears chatter. Ayers did yes that was pretty cool cornerstones person never while. At CNET what I strip club now that's has not up as I've seen. I was just it was week. A lot of selenium but diamond piercing. Three little shyness and if I'd ever seen right I've seen that yet that we just stupidly the ring room topic. Likelihood yes yes so basically was like then there's also. Just actual piercings two yet this one yet which has got her account they said the but I read as others nerves are four times as dense they are on the penis. While he countersued three syllable. Proper version of that word we are completely correct. I don't know we're talking clip tourists. Yeah that's okay clinical term Parker quit right to the the one I stood. Saluted the one I saw. You write weakness on the hood. Yet. That would have been flat and a familiar days demanded distance and you have a that was awesome though because eight if you were doing certain things. Like he was particular investment and it was like you knew where he should be a leader. The key on the map. I think it should to blow here in north tower ambulance bay due north of that. I think I'm more like you're healing mess around and thank. Click with its content. Richards or. Actually obviously got her here via I could think he just he was east I liked it. But you don't invade your. Anyhow this girl also one point had here. 22 it is such an aggressive visual manner as soon as the dog go after Africans utility. It was like no I mean like chewing it completely. He's not being delicate dog the there's occasional times she was a tough products like the current out. Like it's. She had that so the idea of story so you stepfather Bruce spears as well as a quitter. And she jumped off a cliff initial land. And they both ripped out on impact in the water yes both give him yet more dollar. How that's kids' test. I never. I wouldn't even think that the water would be able to do that. Yeah it was allegedly thirty foot Joseph I noticed this while I mean against you think about it but still like when you and they were. Okay avenue and a desert and. Jeremy different studios that's affect that impact. Yet home Hydro dynamic that point you know thousand word I was looking for force totally no coward just continue Eric and do not almost told. Easily hide your dynamics got there it is I don't have to be done yes I thought let's just like us just like I. The only reason I'm on ounces from swimming so much. I'm what you said it made sense because that you know a little about thermodynamics. And aerodynamics in the town. I it was a distract me once and it he ran nine year round says like this like. I don't know like club track whatever so people are really intact or I want and not talk enough for an aftermath. Hurdler is the weirdos who gets no longer it's stretched. Her emotional time anyway but her overstretched yes there. Chris ash. So anyway how there's this guy in a four by one man house watching. White tank top you know for his lectures he. It's rang assassin candies reaching he's trying to pass this baton. And his guy who's in the zone in front of him is like running away from him you know like they do and I both the running of the got its gonna get it starts running in and you got to kind of pace it up so that catch up to him yet exactly. So he goes to him as the time and he like casts a jump a little. To get it there. Gets the the time he hits the track and us this. And he lets out a streak that I will never forget I can't repeat here. And he doesn't like a little push up off the tracks. And you see the pools of blood and an analyst at. To nipple rings just. Ripped out. A man bloodthirsty crowd. There in eastern Washington here at eastern. Ruthless. Yeah nip Forex give both of them have nothing bad happens he cannot be two of us that you have any Peterson. None are more barbaric Osman Apple's. You ever. Do. Actually. I had any adhere to it but I'm a story for another top a non podcast story from Kansas. You are you holding out on the listeners about it ring right now cop. Picked her or me appears in Utah about like a prince Albert of something or Jacob flatter. I don't don't have it and neither of us aprons. I thought that involve sort of Jacob's ladders multiple prince Albert's. I'm as they like dynamic bar bells whatever. Outline I had no idea. Do what I'm pretty sure any piercing would qualify as written like. By the if Korean news a totally different thing. That's a physical O ring zeros how has seen those few out there are guys it was like keep blood in the gap I gotcha I gotcha there also. Had a vibrant and ones once you buy a little disposable ones she naymick were you ever use them. No I have I have at there how once more heavily to him I think that opened in Akron. Oh. And a new tournament I think it's by said that as active again Venus. For can use this program that's an instant what was it that day it was obviously box you can only have one ear pierced. Yeah I thought was now left one I was left one. I was gonna get back to Dave like the little diamond in the Crosslin. Old school Barry Bonds I always wanted to little bar through like the upper part I get still fully inside the year ballot great hour here on sand and I don't know why but. I didn't. That could and we. How do you guys ever have frosted tips. Munich give you some and yes now. I wanna do my hair's too dark man am I'm Paul I don't do much for any legal grounds do no rule or and complete an animal blinded. Yeah I mean that's even I had air honestly like I my one like my second acreage year. A buddy Matt Stairs CI. He showed me how what you grow it out and then we would like to begin with house achieve up underneath it in the departed on the middle flop over. Right there were like stupid like lake ocean Pacific a while others are first invited and he had a pool in his backyard pool Leah. But that was like of course there I ever had and that I wanted to map I had one freshman football practice the next have busted off. Legislate it sucks at any moment you know it's hot and then I'm trying to think that I never really grew it back Alley it was a little bit but late. I am not a lake. It was. Yours might be longer now my. Theory iiroc. The bowl cut for like two years longer than everybody else her her her anatomy and I 'cause this has this really nerdy and really like in. I don't know man houses in the school and so at a site didn't really think about like. Other people's perceptions or any time that preferable cut too long and finally you know valid at times this woman played a pretty short. By scout for most friends have to pull you aside. Now I think I'd gotten the message playground the first set. Kyra I got now I was like oh this is well and did you before I junior idol are going to be a crime being cool as was appraisal well the same age. Yeah dude it was I was a real way bloom I mean I like the worst active anyone you have ever mat for it until Ron my junior year. Senior what I Opel. Like a cut you do with the bull. The rumble is used to cut your hair. Physical bowl real long hair on top Super Bowl over your head you cut it around the edge also known as a mushroom cut. Other tech with the. Didn't really brought that aren't that deep down what does it around 2000. 2000 we would have been in the seventh or eighth grade. Seven to the beginnings I would say probably like. Three quarters of a few seventh grade is when I decided to go just like. When I when I found out about gel bowed out there and act now that's an out of taking you into the new millennium. Yeah yeah aren't. I'm proud of that no guts it's good honest these are good a business you now that's analyst at jeans I had like some Mike Price and cost a court classic economy and. I was home I think you I was in the school. And you don't late nowadays people know more about like. Q what you know there was no Internet or not but he didn't know how uncool we were sure there's only a couple kids and a the fly stuff. And I tell you that here we had the street so cool. At a time right men like oh dude aren't here for a change rematch when I went from that to like jell. Who can shell necklace and a friend who moved to our school was from California SE like. Have like skate shoes always set I was like I'll words as a whole new world they are. Joe's game changer. New us isolate guys to wake up the next day in just put some water my hands and it was a fresh reach results I steered. Now it's all about the clay. Has your hair thin laxative known now as I used wax for a long time apparently now my hair's too thin for wax and so my. Am I like Barbour has got me on this it's clay and it's Micah. Paced summer path viewing much lighter so. Tell you get this way yet an Audi that it it's funny like. Is you've got to keep up with like looks out ace. You're India and it's late Israeli people back that he makes what you guys didn't use that much product and parent up and I'm always kind of amazed too late and meet so many people. They're like in their early twenties. And like they're they're kind of dressed in the ninth and really to get it sooner or whatever and you realize that they're broken nearly a much going on like. They've looked really get it there. That's just I don't know I mean I guess it's always been my data it just seemed to get more prominent. Dude it is all wasted do you use any views or moisturizer into our back. I mean I put some blacks might be years not collapse and I had game. Now I just wash my parents sometimes up with emotional moment for. Now do you have on that we mean for your head like it's like status. I'm case stuff. You know who's got a from the store it's actually. I usually used crew. There's heard them on economic improvement. But is. Go out into wedding and didn't bring anything gray hair instead ago drugstore and have some like acts stuff that it it is still used that. Does the trick that you are going to remain on or about and it ties as few as though he's an act logo just have to Roma as a myself. Yeah that was the thing I was all about he first you'd see I was all about it and eight grade yet all that well I was aussies it cover up the smell pot. Bird I was also uses I don't they don't wash clothes and I still that is days like what I smell Cologne on myself I feel like I'm covering up the smelled weed. Is that whenever I drive the speed limit I took a look guilty. I don't know if something wrong if I'm in the right lane doing sixty. About that no fear could only bring one Lotta time exactly do you think you use now and sit in since he automatically assume that for the people are so we've had you 100%. Really but I also are out of my parents my people what's yeah I. Allen's what about candles when I smell my priority usually smoking weed you know it's like Alka. Candles on balance. Via incidents that they get invitation for me to talk about we've. If I'm in an environment where I don't ever try its knowledge that's almost some I know there's smoke weed with. I don't know the last time as I. Australian cents or if there's what we've. Yet gesture it I'm moving it to a new place south and middle so you're not a place I did it ourselves over south that maybe you'll start burning incense. The kind of cover up the weeds now pago and that was the good candle. Yet is it like that that's why ask the question is how they simulated the insensitive it was obviously spoken we. I feel like I mean. Do I like I think incense is great but I feel like it's been so taken my like that he can hit the crowd then now it's no longer. Acceptable the wrong word but. It's not like. Now it has to me there's too many links and constellations with weed smoking you can't just like be a simple man burning incense in joint efforts. What can man do you want your apartment these people. It's going to be smoking weed in his apartment I realized I write it yeah we'd miss read the whole time. But I can't cancel cover up the we'd better than the candles I feel that's I think you know definitely today. Read people's make assumptions some people definitely associate that's an alibi and always he's going their bets. Who cares is better than them actually smelling weed because you got some candle you know it's like in the corner that you know they just. They don't commit these semi smoke there are at the American a threat in and smell at the same rate as an asset. Yeah I didn't really consider this to your problem now allowed to smoke we knew deeply. Bonnie technical and a lot of so we not my split as they viewer winner selects beer landlord is your friend now your landlord has probably like a real estate investment trust someone Colorado. You know here yet well that's why I'm asking about the incidents but by the same token elect spoke we hotel rooms all the time Mike. What you write in my so just what. I barely in their for a couple days and then you're gone. It wasn't someone smoking weed and every day for the past however long you with this new place Norman. But they're wearing her down. Aren't I your background and dinner sentence on. Amendment keep and security deposit. Yeah 'cause I mean it's Seattle it's an apartment building like on the ailments program. Yeah UB and yet I keep their thousand arrests so it explicitly and there it's South Africa and is thought that splits or general. Yeah now you know but like you're each been a special agent. Asus vote once anomaly supply and so you know stopped her but you're right easel to split them there in the tobacco. That I can guarantee some of the normally. We about Canadian dollar and cents and I can imagine them but he says senators voted out of piper bong area. Because it audio throws going out into the air is the stuff those in your lungs are reasonably joint. Even without any you know even not a blind or joints reek B Africa's because they're smoking the entire time yet. Which is exactly what blinds and split Steve importance list also contain tobacco sets late. Didn't Obama get back in the ball game. Bonds have fun and yeah so it upon this weekend with a friend of ours and how's he forgot how much Alex could've blown. Low tolerance. Lovable bowler my Bob Orr has the pole bull that your deportable up to clear veto it and our car by post butler's. Which is pretty cool. You can also get a spleen. Word of the day if one last week. Stewart even though my two little cardboard. Territorial rolls Alia like that word about the weekly got to be all right but I think that was my big question delight like I was the candles like to become incidents can. Barack and I'd go for yeah I mean step wanted to meet the neighbors tramp that engaged you know we're there had to do we think that that introduction. He likens her to read where her back act like slightly to I don't like balls to the law just start like knocking on doors immediately and the new guy honestly. As much as that's frown upon Seattle that's usually my mood out right we are now leads the like initial. Three or four door for an around me have a quick conversation maybe Branson could use some men whatever but. Realist I just having. Having broken the ice so then when your on the elevator and so the McCauley and you knew I was suddenly you have. I mean it it accelerates that by six months at least well and the other thing and I like. I put him to say this to the guy that was show me around the building but like we went down like we looked like one of the models and went out on the deck. Like I was looking around the other to have some do you have like. A little bar and like to stool set topic clearly and act straight it was fluid was used treated cigarettes not just weeds awfully. I think LB are right. Tasker and yet. Osgood this weekend now you're what shocked me if there's there's quite a few hot young chicks living in the building. Given its location proximity to Hamels on the moment. Yeah sadly it's a lot of fuel when will we have to our work downtown but it. But don't wanna pay Capitol Hill. And a belt slices. You know. They mimic how low belted out but it just if I stayed here to replace fleet I would have to severely changed my lifestyle. You really own only other rents around here just there's so it's so that you have no idea what it's like outside the barracks now. I don't know I I credit him I think it's peaks. That ball it's brutal it did say they I mean it literally today the guy called me. At like. 5 o'clock in the thing to do good together here approve this and that meant after the late it was only late. Twenty after its only hourly we are trying to show Cobb the place and it was like it was RD golf. There are studios. Renting for more then our four bedroom apartment goes for hopefully I'm finished. Hundreds of them which are four bedroom apartment that rents. That is comparable to studio on Capitol Hill gets split four ways what is the total. I thought Scott's point 100 try to 19100. Sort of 1475. That's seen this or at least I bureaucrats are about moving in together and like how I view Brian is out for awhile now. Complacency in and definitely good to think about in the future but I like in the meantime. Man can't beat that sound you doubt about that please this man via so jet and a to and -- you look out ultimately in lake and it's pitch it out now and places don't hide some vaulted ceilings like. OK it's a little run down B did by the same group to do is live in Hartford eight years seven in on him and that I'm thirty Reno area years they users so they haven't had. You know queen anything. To remain or no maintenance audio out and skyline at one point it's fenced it there's new dishwasher put in its. Actually you little will want you now on. Now they raise the rent my afternoon but it would be no like we've been there ought to refill it it updated payment and clean it up for anything though. Yeah but maybe isn't petitions man store like order. I don't know with a three veteran it sort of goes warm electric two bedroom I've below its booster basically the same prices r.s eight. Next story is a three bedroom area. He sure about that. Talk the talk this one of their employment so crazy now make more sense but I don't know at bat that operated through three I don't know how they've lived their violently Devlin as Graham for. Grandfather rates. Yeah I was pumped to be late. Instead I mean it's first Taylor like on the edgy downtown. As an athlete almost eighteen under for one for one yeah. I'm like that is that good yet not very good for you can rent by body normal Seattle standards at the steel. Yet in his own crazy it's insane. Yes so I do think though lake out for. 100 particularly adept are but I do think. I just continually used those guys are what the hell writes I'd evidently we're we this conversation we could have an international podcast guys. Are right. This weekend went down cage for anime. Not a great time good show Cobb you were there acie was there yeah it was also need the fights were better than I've seen down there. Ever actually there's like some huge knot where you antibody actual fights themselves yet. Alcoholic the guy wrote to there was like so the whole thing ended in this massive like crazy knock out like a crowd pleaser main event yet crowd on its feet Ralitsa beat Harrington who we add on here he beat him again but late. The thing is that gives him that it did get knocked out. But he also dropped Julian what you like the first minute and a half and went to a knee. Early you write it he's from you know possibly Reid is going. Yeah it was electric Lenovo and the fight right before that had children and does a second time fighting a rose and like the last of these rematch. Right right away Oka who atrocity if Harrington at one they probably we probably would seek a third area. And it was just people on Warren Nam and even like on the undercard keyboardist. Don't know all I mean there's only like one mismatch the other ones were just site. Not gladiators battling for supremacy and it's really cool hornets who was impressive like it and I don't know of their skin better matching people or happen to me good night or they're getting better quality fighters but I mean prognosis it was technical news it was physical. The crowd was into it it was awesome hamster. It is and it's weird man because with fights you just mean he would sports teams rightly. You know they have off nights or whatever. But it's so weird with fighters because sometimes you look at it before rain like these matchups of Austin and those who lopsided victories are will it matter. Yeah there's there's no no no real boring ones in there let's say unfortunately our body Kovil iMac cobol he did lose. But his offense he took an illegal elbows to the back of the head. I'm pretty sure it does not amount it was illegal owe him very stop they stop that and then after his five minutes he said he was OK so they they started the fight back up. I was throwing elbows. And I guarantee he would Vietnam I'm good I'm ready to go yeah right right he's activated Qaeda fighters are we had nevermind I'm a good. He. Yeah no it just even hang around them for an hour and a half or whatever was like. You dealt Barry has not gonna throw in the towel on the third earning him a chance to keep fighting itself. And use his bloodied and battered and abet. Yeah but the not fix damaged. But lesson learned we are never. It use of the word that we are not bringing up the curse again it's not a real curse. We're just out that your cells that you can ask top right. So Kovil cops like to my left leg were you like the second row. When he's on the outside like his seat outside like the role in front of psychic sea imperfectly. So go late again he's a warrior but he liberty illegal elbows right in front of me easily. They're what you do about that via an audience that get T Kato. The fight and we never had to run the back to disseminate its path Cobb that you brought up the records. Thought I ask you this co. Narratives don't look like she added I think universal Willy Nilly and look what happened he'd listen to the occurrence. And it's not me homes occurred. I wasn't here we got interviewed Harrington desolate. But home were you there when interviewed jolly Kursk's. Olson yet Joey watch well how about yeah. How about I don't know we normally do we'd hang on hang out barrel up in view. And I saw him backstage Ford's fight is I'm glad you bring up the courage loves it there. And this is all you god until you run out of us. I could but my how many white hypnosis and therapy sessions that the go to you now. That you. He's an opponent he's why you would. Can I so let me figured let me Canada as we were already put it like chatter about how to how does that set the new year positions Claire. You guys feel that the curse does not exist or even has ever won a match knickers again because you know it exists. How well. Is this state in this court we just agree that we will not mention it I don't believe Andrea exist on the same but does or does that I was saying we're not magic in it. I'm sick of it doesn't. Announce then we did it play it safe and not mention it because then we're the ones creating the curse. He made that didn't know about the curse who knows what would happen is through that gets in his head in the back they units smaller thing. We don't need to be put nine guys heads are coming in to our cast the hype for their fight. Please don't know and I think. Secure. Think we need a winner. We winners' medal winners. Now man we need dike and Dominique. Victory momma I bought yet JoAnne Ian and we got to have somebody who just winds. Week after week after week we just so zionism with Tom when he when he first came on here that's true. Yeah it's a Sanyo Kirsten. Bob content massacred I don't now I didn't even I didn't matter and Amanda pads the yeah. Now in elect. Maybe the show is curse. Our fighters don't we and then can't win of the action her that I have a we've got to win something and I've. He do now under the cats and also I mean it's his retirement made of stuff real of one you know this week analysts are swell let's read it. Hopefully it's Bob and I and realize you're there at Rio back but are they short for best. Bet I gotta give you an official apology for my cousin. He'd call the doctor got laid back got back Craig's that he used came into matches bust the balls about I had my only realistic it is he's got. A lot of zarrella thanks now could well I just I think that I didn't feel bad because like people you know I could be a little bit more bomb like. Inspiring. Like on us that people so that they know they make you can't just eat junk food. All the time I'd I'd obviously from the Smiths that was just me and him busted ball cannot that's I think usually do feel that hopefully they'll let it up a lot of via I want to a soldier on the candidates dogged it pilots could this email. He looks juniors and eats much with excellent. Have accounts that rock side but like you know when you see the rock posts on that early this gym people lake Griese it has to do it all the time like. You you can't like they're eating that meal that picture of its agreement you know prosecute if any time. But they wouldn't have that pot and make you morons in the Olympics. You wouldn't have the energy policy and have the energy to stay in the gym if you ate junk food all the time like that stuff makes you feel like garbage crash and a must attend to now. Email from last week please check with. A lot of pro worried that hateful a lot of broad and fast who I some Ben I want and don't use different won my my parents house to do I go to its. Most popular Italian restaurant and like 37 states and Mike yeah man I love I love my gates looked. I. Now it's OK at grandma's retirement party there's gay people there Eaton two point did they now say no ad for. She and mom I don't know died in a fine man I just now. This one of those things that you throughout all of this and I'm excite the owners are religious and stuff like. And it does not boycott should you don't know that's not a tossup I guess that's shocking that the religious people are against homosexuality. Right. Is too. Too gonna say you're for me to stem an applicable well yeah I wanna if you are. I just think you know and justify your head I would say we should blame the religious institutions and of Bassett guises. God in jesus' message of love into one of hate towards a certain group of people and then. That those institutions that started doing that bit the impressionable individuals that took that in rarely fit like how much are they to blame. I'd I'd rather just get mad at the church maglev dude to play guy you're really religious she got a little bit caught up in the in the hype he sets the stuff. But I I've. Fault the people above you. You know. Tony my opponent pulled pointing fingers is a good chicken industry it's all an RR of your troops and sent out our go to temple after this aura about that and let's look to the Bible. To rent the fifteen. Jesus approves found these cells he talked about ignorant that's right yeah. Imagine you're gonna bubble burst and ask you discussed as dark and marble front at least 2000 don't know that at the last welfare polity is so well. You know they added to it and order a eleven days. Our voice won't go into the drive through one of the kind of cuts out of last week was what's your line like was the thing you say to break the ice or whatever else so you know from from TJ. When someone thinks they recognize me I say I got one of those faces you know from post office posters. Some new. Authority unit so that would get him laugh some bee boards Basel have reports when he upon that's now running at very happy for toy thing here. Ex pilots he was let's back. A panel on way out of the arrow went and made aero. This is just. Check out what it. If you every time. Yeah this weekend let's see. I had. Three straight days of our friend Lance. So it was an excellent week. Friday night my girlfriend and I went over to our friends Jesse ingenious. Place. For dinner. At zoo is that plays today on a house or apartment the bottom of the vote. And and that was really cool as awesome vote my age they vote. This type of some suspect I'll. It's outdoors sizzle with not round and it looks like out of Wes Anderson movie. Yeah yeah I think everything's wood that panel in there and my self so quaint yet the sailboat. And he super cool those who are awesome and then Lance showed up yet Moochie. Why are you doing your owner yeah I mean Joseph never had it they gave it to craft. To Jesse told the or Jamie told me like watching YouTube haven't for the first time this mode she has him OG the thoughts at Georgetown had a little balls off those soldiers. Weird texture. Yeah we had we had some awesome talk shows and it was super fun and then Lance came over after he was that Danger Mouse. It amounts to admit. Here. I. Yes fed announced. Page arouses the guy you're right now he OK he was the one that I did on ours Barkley with Sheila yeah and OK gotcha. So where does it dead now span. When outside it's focused Livni into a sign that said no reentry a hook prepared and stuff he got locked out that its patent on ballot Beth. Are you here without. Like guys out slug through it they can't give that kid but they really why we're the show one repeater. Since it asserted cigarette thinking give back in use there we've yet those days she and Brian and those big shows who's never reentry at liked. The period at the smoking section. Abu especially belong to Paramount there's no reentry the moral life. And Joseph boxer of those type places yet to 21 you can reenter. But and you out because it alcohol laws or something I it's just sit down. Liquor control board regulation I believe. But yeah that's got he's got my shots a law and not and then you think. Think Phil Phil decrypt. I want outside of the parents or to split them back into my guess would be that it's a venue pay for them to increase alcohol sales and decrease kids around taking drugs or are smuggling them into sell the people on the. There will be my guest on much that's fair I don't know how that goes out of a bar reality this is I don't know hard. Let rodent. Our liquor control board has there's a lot of weight weird mr. weird rules and it's a pretty well know like you're a California are Al Rosen and Baltimore you know like. Bartenders were able take shots you can bring you drinks outside at night all this stuff browser. We're doing here this is madness magnolia states is dumb with their alcohol regulations NASDAQ. As a while Diaz to we have to go to state run liquor stores by a hard day you know though. You know we just got past that couple years got a Marcy. Gas out as fun Friday night on the boat and then Saturday. And went up to you up north to our body kneels birthday party up and comical TO. And had a great time that night. Without Lance economic growth and obviously it casts and Joseph and Corey there. So much to melt down crew. And then that. But back to the ranch hung out there. As my girlfriend and I am lancet cas about point we just hung out. Pretty UA had a good time want to laughs. Was it Saturday night Saturday night this race on anymore there via the but it is nice is denied and then. Spoke up late Sunday and sky high alum Lance cast empowerment you. What's called. The chuck wagon in and it Everett which it is like the name love is a great place for breakfast though design and solid I got to Elvis French toast which was like. Peanut butter and this is suing the peanut butter banana is topped with sweet cream in the French toast Liz. Breaded with Paco. Mean and it's impediment peaks and I was just at the city yet well yeah well the either way. Here's here's a guy without talking about some food again here in Everett get that Elvis French toast even if you're already fat anyone start losing weight. Do that first presto you have first. Or Xavier fairly your first she deal yeah whatever figured out the oranges you know walk there or something it's an exercise you know. Ballots and that out find final works for you but. That Elvis French toast is not to be missed. It's. Yet pout you're right I would give a shout out to from our weekend we went down stone gate pizza itself the coma. Afterwards Matt first of all you would like this place. It's massive. So we get in and there's a band. Dietary brat room this went out see brash now what's gonna be here. The rebels with us the rev was little elf yeah. So was he was jet frightens them please there's a band downstairs and music and get some pizzas were. Yeah pizza that was peanut butter and peek into what was also. Kim butter bacon burgers or some of my favorite yeah it was so weird how what is his debt Salinas family originally starts Olympic. They're famously across and so it's a different style pizza but it was pretty good are. And that upstairs we have another late show that they completely. You could even really hear the difference. Proxy easily you back about reject this outside another full menu yes I go up there and I ran back down this that you would like the upstairs and awfully hate you guys got to come up here. As the French band. With that tall. Lead singer who has tapper hagee is wearing skin tight red and there rock of bill the burlesque. You know it was so strange it was not a serious yet on cool in the bed downstairs at a hundred members of replaying covers it. It was pretty fun and I I would. I've been talk about it enough calls from so many of the do it can't W and definitely it would be off campus life the answers and a lot of game because it'll. It's that time. Talk talk. Mountain. Our boys site and don't plan Reich and sent to calm Ottawa because you're talking about the chicken. And nature of it being so desirable that humor won't turn their political beliefs how to win now known to indulge. So. It's Stephen King I'm gonna make us feel. I'm a charter. I do damned I'm just in the pre nine years he pitch again those hate. I haven't had ram but I will at some point I'm not going to be embarrassment. Tom if those these persons summoned. How hired as really good at that at this date for. Bulldozer has spent but not at not just mama's boy Joey euros would be utility to a tee I was VoIP. Because one winner. It drew YouTube's I was sure drew us here that doesn't count okay all right Joey PO when you're here we have means you're zero winners now suing drew listener. We've never a one hour it's just me interviewing someone not jurors one a couple and then lost a couple since the day. Jolie kicked ass that well and does not time of the curse. Women always have the guy's hair and I. Says Steven king you know as familiar as a friend FO. I don't read his books but I only a couple of movies. My realtor friend Josh. You Shawshank. Pretty sure he wrote parts of their pen didn't know that this is if we did as a great great movie yet people think is pretty too. Now I only think of with the Wyndham hotel. The Chinese are keen now voice service line but that crushed me all right I was like first to fourth grade. Now respond on this week that's nineteenth. That's nineteenth. Yeah Abby cuts lifetime. I. So it I get together you've got. It cuts obviously. But yeah it averted printed on this road. What would Stephen king's it be able to lure you into the super list. All deemed their car I ever get do you mean gas from the movie it. On the analyzes are right thinks now yes so you know we're to about chicken being delicious what would. Stephen king's it be able to lure you in the stool super way email us well and when he mailed this week collar two boys were down you're doing our thing. Email I'd be podcast dot com to ease. And organism on the Twitter machine happy podcast. Or two res. I mean. My first instinct is Chris because. The fact is I've always said that you know like please me more religious and at first are working in Baltimore and radio. Like crispy creams are nice company but they're always in radio station and how to explain it later Chris and I always act number. That we at this point I am still there pounds I'd stimulate. He would leave the devil could take any form for me it would be just got Ian. It's news I'm serious man how many I mean website give that record flight a lot of sitting or anything like that we snow about I have six. Pretty impressive yeah I don't read the thing is like. And I didn't set out DE six on a two gallons now last eight yeah just do that guy definitely cog Cobbs that it is like heavier girl like you know as I don't think thick with Ted sit down and trying to eat as many as possible. No late wreck like top like top pot right about it three doughnuts and top pot. Would you eat one. Now take a couple of hours he the other one whenever RC six and crispy cream and he just sit down the six got it done this for being fully honest Sunday mornings I just right now with top three in house problem. But do you eat them all right away yeah to personally that I mean as my breakfast yet. I'm going to have pizza from the moment here's all the other donut places like if they're here for free I can pass them up. Like Krispy Kreme just the original Krispy Kreme like ours again and I won't have produced free chicken wings last week. I Dini. But like if there is Christie creep in there like I got to have at least one. And I don't enjoy their little enact it seems like it's not doing damage damage just crack hasn't cracked. He he seek artists know that our eight get excited purist you're literally swimming and now. Glistening easy run. They don't control you anymore. You make your own decisions and yeah. You're a powerful men. That is man I'm just odd thing about this Pete times trying to figure out there like a specific. And her our top brand in top and would be brand and topping the man you know let. Eliminate get into this tour with the clown. If you better be pat we got users CTK. Right now and it's Domino's Pizza I love dominos I love peace. Love pop jaunts. The Jack Crowe on these and none out there out of those three but you might add garlic sauce so be adamant they might they might be a top when you consider the garlic sauce comes with a pizza. You know and you guy that's had a ranch to. Trust me that's the best up I dated dated 75 cents combine day planet. Both at the same car the AC turned out to be delivered pizzas for four Laura's letter he did color butter birthday France. I mean little bit about you know back import duty view makes up a little bit we watched the OJ series and we ordered Alec everytime. I was bothered our Tom my life but honestly can't damage subs. Now. I love ranked I don't know if I wanna mix it with my garlic butter and help me out owner Dan you are go for eyes slightly die for his eyes not not buy it by by. I'd I'd go full slice of garlic butter and every line opponents better know wanna garlic butter to Washington. Announced that pizza and the Democrats and I mean a minute or so we're we're all in. They know that maybe intercept to count on. Yeah. I'd be their season their dying very broad what are you dine or do you go in the super four I really didn't notice that the economy is black hair. I decide it's like jet black hair yet know where it's like that black. Natalie because I feel like a lot of girls I've met Al they have black hair used to before. I'm back call. Feel Medusa field research we are trying to next week. More to figure out that the mortuary I think it is. Yeah I mean I love you all would you fake blondes fake tea still get to board. Sly and those DM throws. Put it the first person to slide in my DMZ is like just doesn't. That's gonna sound bad to very nice person but I just a listener I kind of notes are you married that doesn't count and your house sliding. Not. What's in the sewer. Do you I was gonna tell a quick slide in storage yeah. I just yet did I did so I did that them that TV's on this this model Californians wouldn't. And I he's just immediately was a mean. Super aggressive and Judy we got to. RT quick break. All may well at all people every test that I met. All worked out there that I thought that. It's a much better that's so cool. Yeah it was gave me in my house so we need to it is leg drop everything does and that's crazy and were done so cool mean that's so funny. That's of orders through the mikes opera percent after that I'm pass I knew Stewart do you honestly all the systems and since. All most of the guys said I mean probably like. Two yes pizza or like. Honestly French toast for your retirement matter earlier this time damn good to be somebody food related here to tell you don't give those drug like Odyssey evidently no way clown but I haven't said don't trust you but heavy music just a couple of slices. Now have a couple crew there as fast toasts. I rain had had this seasonal pattern the Nazis hovering right exactly he's got like that fancy one we get on nine era has limited minutes are up that night he's got the details on its. We you know we should do what he gave me pack the jockeys with the Papa John's garlic butter. I'd be in every Ike. And losses. Reinvented. The pot with that we call in the middle summer music pop up. Outside of the animals like do we should do is do a whole bunch of food pretty didn't think. Superstar motivated to. So every giant pizza. Which I'm pizza. Calorie counts. A home icon yet it did pizza that's so giant that women would be turned on mass buying it and I'm not rude. Hand we should how do we even I don't you know like you have to order at a couple of days in advance or what you ordered an hour in advance of the there's slices are always made to their make at least be Pete's result we even get that mean real question queen and get them box and here. In here you expect is that pizza in Bellingham a pizza pipeline and believe you literally can't get that box through to ensure you got to turn it like on its axis to get into any room in the pizza and slides to a quick. I don't it was eating here. Are very eater at the restaurant to impress chicks. Federal way. To return over the dumbest plan and so I ordered a new rooftop deck at the plate is well I'll three guys share lists how's that a pizza agency goes hi guys evading giant pizza. While. As they can really kill creditor protect my health. I got the one on the right. You'd like three card Monty whatever he switched its. And obviously I don't know that anybody would come to a deck. The three of usher was bathing suits eating this job and pizza pale cell and you know how look how excited at the US would be I don't know anybody look at three games ago. I get weather friends her. It. Oh man. That would be so far. I mean and also be discussing probably sit in the sun on the deck of the summertime jet and a drive they are thinking a rainy Sunday at Harvard and then Sunday inside my mind immediately over to my turn grows artist feels like all right so. Since salary goes is in west Seattle we just take you straight to the beach Mench and insight to what you're indeed speeds on the sand now know ordering a bunch of giant fetus to complete a whole pizza between a three mile to super impressed this plan's gonna work somehow. I really honestly I feel like Ted ends up like dating now hostess or something in this whole plan was all together yet. Can happen to. Let's figure out what's good positive we really had a certain topic but there's a lot of talk I don't have a similar problem and the description. Not a guy hits a prize and it is I don't know. I usually this the first time that we've been back together as has been us right. Is that we had guessed the last two times you've been your I think it's the second time I know god came back and bruises throughout percent you have tightness. Oh we did and then we did that the second half. You ask. You know old school cat's meow wives and area I spoils they go get it and how here time out food breaking Carson's love it just imagining how I'll just imagining myself on out I beach. Eat a fall at slice of pizza. It just this ridiculous deceptive content comes behind it and you might find you guys here Kirk I'm like how the deceptive can't I know you're into it. I'm India moves room. Curious is grease you're just wrapped up. Have we got here and that's my beard to well the real dec. I think it's a video episode on 76. We're really big coming up but as always executed and we appreciated and the boys of summer were around the corner I can't wait man. Copied that yet hum beats that are obese near your hot pizza medium hot chicks wherein yeah. Fred is being offered up of the jets at the podcast years.