Thee Podcast Episode 177

Thursday, May 4th

This week we discuss the NFL Draft, Fyre Festival, and dreadlocks.


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Course. In it was a picture of gloomy but he bring in the music guy where my wrist. Boat and he was late or that your body. Period between it and you know yeah it is tonight is senator Russ fine. They think it's famous pictures since he needs any CEO stuff on his MO Aggies have the parties and there are and he was like I was already eaten. For the first foundation came up in this and that he was with the cast to put two and two together like that thing. Doing that it matters. You know editors have a nice cool thing I think that all of them. Yeah 2%. I was like hanging out with this girl whose. One for Brothers navy seal I didn't find out until like aways into and the other one who's going to be a navy seal but then like. Was analog to join because it sound like Americans hearing or his vision or something. That's the kind of thing those make you like. I didn't know whether to be like how she be great I mean obviously her family's very disciplined war. She has two Brothers who were killers you know. And it makes their plots. That's I decided it was a net plus but it's like. In here that you're pretty. Discipline dude. The UPI yeah Navy SEALs. But what are they get artist sleaze ball well you know life goes sleaze ball like you stay fit and stuff I think it's a little different than being Anthony. In it if I had a sister by the U banner. Days you log into it podcast this isn't just Lady Gaga suggest any pod cast couldn't do this. He's. Starting deep stuff. The starting. You'll let her Wear a helmet to know. But that was your loyalty definitely gonna fear that your clock at great podcasts and all the land all the well I didn't. So what 77 my dad has gotten the jump around 11 AM and again. Right to the left and of course my burner bodies that we hear what he's on two wheels somewhere southeast AG of and if a cop out what's going on man. Markets in disarray this morning as the president took to Twitter to announce his game you have to use the NASDAQ was up Dow Jones is down in yours truly sort of the way the industry. Just think podcasting game Manuel may climb headed in the boy's favorite season as head begins. Cubs started lifting in math is still this and ridiculous shape shares up three and a quarter. Summer is supposed to be around the corner we'll find out shortly quiet back there on the we'll still get everything set up Matt Thomas the producer at CTV with them it dead. Are you doing something great from an awesome weekend. And they'll get tellers. Are gonna have myself. You really pumped about this Matt our outlets that it yeah. Greatly Northcutt depth. I see him at at. The world. A suitable. Cop I saw you this weekend we went to Leah Sanders matchup Saturday night. And you pretty good when they were down three nil when came all the aid package tied it up. Yeah and we sigh remember those. I. Area it will buckets of Beers memory business and I'm just hanging out by the sausage Shaq for what was that like 45 could it's probably well. I still meet. So I always go to meet Joseph of them you know the data public man I was gonna meet Joseph at halftime at that spot in the get appear. Now Joseph wasn't at the game our friends Amanda in court were there. So they were still gonna come meet us and then my buddy Baird met up with us and then the UN -- party together. So just ended up got to be in a group and then people were kind of leave it or whatever. We stayed a little bit longer ransom listeners serve yes and event and that obviously it was three not that. I was prepared to be like argue cares and then they scored two Muir what we should really go back in and they check of the third goal lead they put him. Yeah it was awesome as a quick aside some and we need to clear up which I didn't realize until listen text me. So when we're talking about the mayor were typically talking about our friend Joseph however the person knew had. Rape charges thrown at him was Seattle's actual manner. Not our friend a man and out we are saying it was because. The elections coming up. And so. Like the actual election we're not not much out so good clarification just is a quick clarification about that yes some attacks me about it in. They said which cleric. Yes all right fair enough. And he literally Tyler time French thought Jesus is somebody I know. Yes it is pop idol is it. I. And adds up yet so. And you actually got a textiles like woo yeah okay. And not Daschle mayor of Seattle are but you know it was just a joke. So jet. They gave him. That's always a spot anyhow it was a good time we went back in there. Always always smells good year when you're in their necks of the stand that you governments around matches now. Have you bit. Yes you got like. Not heard don't argue it's warming I. Yeah I'm not not a big soccer guys and yeah I mean me this stadium experiences like kinda cool but lagged. I then do enough seahawk games and I love those so much that it just makes me or says that the Seahawks. Bank that's fair in how did you feel but the Seahawks draft picks. I wasn't stokes. I mean I have I have faith in Carroll and Schneider. You know it's outdated faith. They happen they had that same home runs than draft as they did a few years ago. On ala like C cam Robinson or Kevin King on and you know they they just kept trade labor those guys and got. Does Graeme McDowell or whatever who I had I knew nothing about apparently is. Pretty. Pretty good sized list of question marks there but could be could be really did. But I don't think that the interior. The O potential superstar quarterback opposite Richards Sherman or of course are always doomed offense for so that was Raza. I'm pretty much always like when money is spent online. No offense or defense of the. Like money you mean act big money for free agents are you mean just like I'm not all of our capital and a case like yeah yeah general random parks by free agents of the new. Putting a priority on and. Yeah beat can't. Some teams try to get like just one great cash he'd like a couple monument wonder too bad guys that Szczerbiak has drag out I don't I don't know enough about this stuff so I don't like it too worked up with like last year. The only semi bright spot on our line was Justin Britt. It's be it but offense Sigler Freya who is Justin Britt moving to center and doing while and then there. But it took him like. Thirty years of bouncing around positions with no success to find that so what do they do with their second pick. They draft a senator who they plan on moving to guard or tackle on a night we don't have time for another one of these projects guys lake. Yeah but draft team. Drafting somebody in the second round who's a senator that your attorney to a guard. That's not a project what you're used to see. You that's been taken things off this scrappy. Yeah I'm tired out there for creating a Nevada project that it's it's very common to take a college center and make him a tackle or work part. That's true I don't try to evade secular now I'm not a big. And Tom Cable is is waning. I think I do think the keys. Keeping it together and you know with what we have pretty well but I don't know I don't know why they can't get. You know more continuity and better better players and you. I guess in at faith I did she can't just turn. Like that's one of the Seahawks at their front office is great but what they do with that off its allies that joke. And they just got to wait a minute for so long for a couple of years there because of Russell. America loves to hate offensive line and we have learned in the last thirty years and it never really gave it has on her younger so it's like sorry that you gotta have real athletes in. Yeah I mean that play offensive line like they were bringing guys over from defense it just might. You've heard a note that the same relaxed drafting anybody that plays dolphins won the second round is good as an approved yeah I was there there was duct tape and. Hi that was an air I don't yeah it it just like. If we wanted help on the offensive line I fell like. Kim Robinson. Would've would've made more sense. Earlier and been without first pick that they had and I still think you know granite alma homer Mike was you know lots of Huskies are pretty good amount last year to as fair weather fan. And like really low as Kennedy quit the head the thought let's let's look at the but I really love Kevin King in life. You know that the hawks had two chances to take human traded down both times than the Packers to recommend as like. Like that that other that cornerback spot seriously chairman is is definitely there's room bird. For improvement FL like it would have been real cool so overall not that stokes split. But they do and obviously not there anymore so take our Ali conceded hopefully. Pete and John know they're doing some of these guys step up and impress me. Does that draftees like. Mean countless videos of people looking like fools and their experts are fans but I elementary I played the audio. From the 99 draft when everybody in Philadelphia blue are blue blue dot than me that this is awful this and that it's again. I legend like four NFC title game right Nancy and right so I don't put them like you build your team I think the draft but I. I really I don't care about a number one as much anymore but number two was that you we will week to work. I did not let myself get too worked up down bike to work down about it Bel I'll get super worked up leading up to it I wanted Kevin King so bad leg doing Edwards has been so cool and then. He was there for two picks situated down both times at Dottie might be there on the second pick of the second round on spots and they have it. He is gone and so you know like I would've been super excited. If they got him out super excited leading up to the draft is fun and and then when the draft. Didn't excite I mean the results. I'm not gonna let it like bring me too far down yeah you know I try to do is let sports be as source of good. Com and not put too much negative emotion into it. Yeah and they plan to cast my dice game I mean if you like they could have gotten Kevin King. At a value you now and what fight as they trade down so that's part of it too is they're trying to get a great guy as low as they can get a yeah and. Our politics I'd have done it yeah right you get politics you know I mean when you look it. Well look at the cowboys on two examples right so the cowboys last year were very good right and that press guy. Ezekiel Elliott or the best rookies that are. Which they are both very good but vivid dominant part is that often the line they've been put together for a couple of years ago. And then when you go back to the Jimmie Johnson Eric cowboys but they've been so good was straightaway Herschel Walker which everybody in Dallas and secure in Sydney. But they got so many picks that they built their teams to boot straps. Now I'm always have a theory trade gap like. Unless there's like a franchise quarterback that just can't miss you noted Andrew Luck like trade gap depicts moon. Yeah I'd always rather have like a bunch of pretty good guys than one superstar personally. I mean look into it. Even free eight you know to me like they had a sit around and cherry pick stuff like all right this'll work and system. So which I generally believe the Seahawks system they got to get they need to act with them but they're also yet they also traditionally have been really good at and the scrap heap as you called it not with the offensive line necessarily although that's worked okay form considering but. You know guys like I'm Mike Williams for instance who ate himself out of the NFL I am Ahmed do us the wide receiver yeah yeah. Who literally ate himself out of the NFL and then Pete Carroll went god emperor you know nothing and came back and had budgeted receptions for a so. Lot of stories I gotta feel like Pete Carroll looks for. Value around the edges you know and adds up a lot of those little. In a little bit of I hear element nightmares sometimes blows up in their face I went out and sublime but. In other times. Bearable scrape. Apply it to start the justice thermostats pretty pretty warm in here breaking a sweat Mehmet tank tops appeared. You guys and say vote no piano in his first year they had acted I am a Christian Arabs 600. I'd trade just like it was some other senator that. Absurd number of like the number roster moves he had made relative to every other coach yeah just all about a little like little edges here and there. Yeah I mean it works is seen overall the last year like that I just funny that people really get excited so worked up for the draft and slowly and this year the Huskies verse. Oh good and there are so many Og guys on that team they. Would've fit the Seahawks system and address some needs that I think a lot of people got extra worked out for the draft this year hoping met. So we get one or two of those guys and then. Watching them trade down and Kevin Keane go to Green Bay I think out of a Leona Seattle's like airman. So. Yeah I think that's kind also skewing united. My view of the rest of the draft. That is thousand but I wanted to see happen pretty boot maker go to Arizona. To be up in our division now yeah. I throw at them and we're all familiar with. Is it three or fry. That festival well from the fire fast buyer and that's. Ha ha ha ha Har Matta no confidence. Three of us not talk about to go I go out and just read about it incessantly tutored I took the story. The fire festival. Parts of people that don't know. The fire festival with this dude it's like in his way mid twenties the 26. Comes a rich family he started some credit card for people. And he's he's one of those guys that they always has bright ideas but Google's image. And then the other person partner with him with Joba rule it's his job. Rule yet rightly Dachau roll late in the murder of the murder ink. What we've blurred look right straight or the right a big guy you haven't heard from in years and he's Joba rule fifty cent and ended his career that he would have been. I wrote the president. Richard it was a job I think he I think Andy is out holds a Wafer in the rap game up could that be good for your career. It is that there isn't a guy like fifty cent. Walk around calling you a blank stare but I ever heard that term because if you start calling him and just like cloud of so art it was like. Who's almost that you couldn't like Zhao ruining. Now react right and then you know India believe that is clearly is everywhere in the exact route many in the best legal so his ripped. They have the free you know shirts here the yeah that's only just that came out those monsters CD and it. Yeah how people are kind of sleep on fifty are now might use its big deal. Well. He's put out any good while now. Does that mean that you can't argue that he's the greatest Radford in the world now and but right right that that's easily anyhow so the festival the whole idea is that it's a luxury festival and it's gonna be on a private island the Bahamas. It is. Promoter on instinct Rambo what they call. Where the palace people. Influencers influencers right now to models and stuff right so right that's the biggest and it. I'm still not sold that influencers. What are called on open. I would receive the return on their influence. Well they can track all that remain yet know and a credible link card it's got a little cookie and then you concede what that person dead and you know Paul ground there against that. He answered I mean it's just a different generation you know acts of influencers put up all this stuff for the whole ideas that Europe private island in the Bahamas. Luxury accommodations luxury food. Like this and so some of the base tickets were like 45500 dollars but then there is packages. Regan and a pain like 121000 dollars for a ticket. Hoya so they get there. Nothing set out. Like what 82 was one of the headliners cancels day of well there is there is a storm and as I get the facts designer than to be. That the campus off poison of them there was a storm took out half the shelters. Which so people were were. It with their tea preserving a flight the silent. A shelter and then Mike high and food concerts and pretty sure it was so it's like a bandit CA yeah it was yeah not like and you don't mind right Janice they had what they called FEMA shelters which I thought was a meltdown intent pack headed us yet I hated us because that thing if you go to apply easy does domes everywhere. So we didn't ask him down a remarkable in and about yet so this storm came in and wipes out half of these month thinkers are. Beat my way Erica wipes out half of them then they're catering company says hey you guys and past two weeks ago were out. Blink point 82 were out. And pretty soon in this thinks there's a fall apart and becomes survivor crime I mean. I heard the point was like like the month leading up to the festival that white people couldn't get in contact with the festival itself. And then I heard that they didn't have the money to play pay the artist. That's and they told everybody you should charger bands to play. 3000 dollars of spending money for wired down here so they can get enough money in their accounts to try to pay the pay us. Today's issue numbering cash instead charged this wrist bands with your ot your online account charged with money you can use that to spend at the festival. Well guess what when everything goes to hell on an island in the Bahamas. Those taxi drivers only accept cash trying to Arab plan to get out of there cash trying to get food. Age right so basically right everybody that festival you expect that all his luxury except you get there and justice tenth so like social media was kindness. Was like all these are just rich millennium goals and like screw them this and that which I get it so to make I get the people wanna laugh out am I too thought the number one. I don't care what you come from whatever you pay that much money you should get what you pay more but the number two is this or I want you to his festival goers come in. Like if you want top line food hotel rooms basically. And that kind of stuff which and you just go to a show in Vegas like I don't know that you really want to go to a festival that point. It totally hands. You know all say I mean okay what happened the most crazy and I'm not defending it but like the whole. Here's what here's against Hewitt like the rise like festivals. Getting to that point I guess. All right it's deeper issues in this contentious item a basically like I hate the type of people who go to a bar and expect. Like fun to just happened to them. It's like to eat at the end of the day like this is just a room. He needed to bring some personality and some fun and contribute what you can make it a good time and in that same light you know and that's what a lot of people are set upset about with burning man right now is the plug and play camps. Everybody else comes they set stuff up for other people electable come engulfed their camps sharing food drinks etc. In order to make that time better for somebody else on the brink cool personalities and cool. By aches and statues and whatever else they make so in that light. This festival what happened the most crazy but like you would think if those all these like how some people from around the world on am like. Island in the Bahamas like pistol had enough do you like they could've had an awesome time and I think that they just like. I don't know freaked out they were trying to they're trying to buy something that in my opinion money camp do you think. The people that would five that are are more Maurer wired it to show up and now when things go wrong not tram and the best out of it. Because alike because there at that time people who are paid ten grand to go to a cabana based festival. Yeah I think they just they thought they could just pay to have a good time and part of that is we are hanging out with and part of that is the attitude you bring in your creativity and you know I mean. He could have a good time anywhere for a and a good time amateur and raise did you do they pay to Google music festival yet even anybody at state yeah I'm messing and nationally out of creek now I would have been passed. What I'm saying is like. They did a you know the festival screwed up and use. Concern fun to watch on social media alike they also command the vast for an Iraq and it seems like a lot of them just mean there's a class action lawsuit filed on Sunday. Per hundred million dollars and Alec cork on Sunday. Before the fassel's even like officially over so I just you know I don't think they they made lemonade and could have. But. And that's how lemonade Lewis Eric it would about vets lemonade ever battling a storming hang out like you're out of beat out any attack errors an Allen testified about how he didn't bring anything. We need. I think they fear there accommodations are supposed to be set up like they need boost with the and they don't have anything. But he just heavily clothes. You boos every time to. Thought I had some renown in his fuel brought drugs of them none of these you'll Brian any satellite. Clothing and might have Imus saying like I hear your ideal. But let's be honest whether or not you paid the money you show up so these little bit on flights inflate her bill at the airports and like 4 in the morning in New York. Then you get there nothing set up. The I heard they got a drunk during the day with Mike Friedman whose iron and hybrid idea like out the Arab League that's what I wanted to go to bed like sorry if some dudes like hey lets just make the best of it goes live Arabic. Golf like yeah like it's a music festival like weather are you get they bruise me it's a drugs because they re like sock it to music festival. He you have no music you have no supply. You're not thinking about that. I do IP you're all beat the guy that goes to festivals and like barely sees any music just hangs back a cap cam volatile that its music theft took on over isn't that bad. It has followed his last figure out that's a good time at camp and asked I don't cops say as I said it can't have a good time with deer with your friends and make the most of it which. Do you I would think sounds good because that's your game at meltdown. Is paying and hang out with that the people in that the crowd you know I mean. Writes there in Bermuda whenever they're giving people a refund site and also I don't even have sky high into a fact I saw it could be on the beach bird didn't get much lake rosier view on this psychologists have fun lake side I mean forget it slipped outside on the beach in Bermuda for a week and honestly it was all some. I didn't did you go to receiver on the beach how well you just mr. backpacks. Reader has leads us home. I get Agassi I think you'd have a different achieved due to 8000 dollars said these are through here in this climate control aren't losing battle on dagger guys come. Could benefit from legends out there right but I do I met you here meego all. I'd go to meet vessels for the music like I'm with I want out of Hollis that you skipped in the same. The date it to music festival the stage was it evens the there was know that the there's nothing to look at their way here artists are it's Betty. So we honestly can't honestly expect everyone to go there well we're here let's have a good time make the most of it so. Even if you're there and your light headed as they do guys came here to hang out with everyone I did care about the music. Law everyone's going to be and have pretty agitated mood in a tough time them fund. Yes and I mean they once they hit it did said that there an issue refunds in on that point it's like. All right I you know our our losses are capped that. Three days of our time so. He now has cannot point to yes as far as the festival goes. It was a colossal power they may do. Really appreciate the people behind burning Manny spent a whole year planning summoned for 80000 people makes you appreciate the people behind tomorrow land behind the giant one in Miami. You know like. These festivals you know a lot of people think of it as like just to sort of like. Rave party promoter people who are doing this it's a sophisticated operation when you get to like an 8000000 person festival. Mean there there insurance contracts are banned retainer there there's so much stuff going on. And so to see that orchestrated. To see all part. So public that that makes you appreciate some of the cool local vessels we have like summer melt down like sass squashed like Perry and myself down. I mean that big and it's a full time job for Johnson Muehlegg and a busy year round they are I attacks in her knees as always. Always working on stuff forum and that's what 3000 people so hard that leg I was hot lap like five. It's up to five and a Lanka now now the outlook is much is not defending these people Indian pissed off I will save it that's fine it's a question it is like. I don't give these people really wanna go to a festival. Not at all that's I was able wanted to base pool party right and then that was my view on its that's exactly I get both sides it's like I do feel bad is the and they did pay their money. But I think jokingly prayed just go to Vegas go to Republic's state that Obama. This via. My dad and that I when his friends. Had his bachelor party in Vegas this weekend. And right. Which are so powerful I think the U I everywhere they are staying exactly buy it. My dad was kind afsane zone. Got separated as he flew in later whatever you know is is a little bit separated from the group and their right. We're all going to wet republic they visit my dad's friend his age Hughes. You know bin Mary this is the second go around and powerful so it's has Brezec older news right. And self. My dad's. He's got to grab a bite to eat. He's old school and a cell phones like 10% seriously just phone in the room and charges it and heads over to what republic. On his backhand with the its own so party and liked. Gets the VIP welcome conveyed babies have a can be and I and stuff set up and so goes past the line and everything in and night. Can't find the guys. And it thank you know reentry thinks so he kept just like hoping they're gonna show up and life. Poking around looking for them. And they never showed up so my dad is telling the story of how he spent four hours that wet republic. Just working. Alone or just like Horton. Yes it's gonna have an affirms this. There's no way to look cool just strolling around looking bird avoids other fifty somethings. The fact that there that are nowhere that you found similar advantages girls play with their ads hitting out sinking and people are film and there's just that. Go to third of their ample parking and at the hotel Arad and the last minutes into the breeze. He he get because there's no entry he kept. Like hoping they're gonna show up or surface diamond saw it yeah I wrote it out of morality are probably outlast like forty minute to go out. Damn Mitch yeah he'll question at black actually a great weekend out of it did he tell you was he doing uncomfortable drinking. I didn't you bring up Florida and I would imagine who you sounded very uncomfortable telling me about it two days later but I don't ya I feast and like I guess the cocktail. It's Lambert real stories started and he's like yes so we're all gonna go to about republic I mean you next snicker and rolled my eyes like. Pushing sixty. And management and a blowout problem or around. I know you sit out that gonna shall column wreck and it's it's cooler. I develop my buddies went down around. Not a time out for like how yet I mean he also mustard that is looking I do respect of A is now in my body rob we were at a very nice dinner. And we asked the guys something you think. Which is YouTube we're like yeah and easily. You'd immediately four or five girls with you where you're gonna have to shell out couple hundred again please you're like our cool we won't go. So good though. Yeah he does candidate is great because it's like you know you hear. Vegas bachelor party it's typically you know people in their twenties maybe early thirties or error vote like. These are like successful. Dudes that are that are you know doing real well for themselves that are older almighty god damn you guys must have a lot of fun. Those dudes always you know I've thought of Vegas and you know with the little about money I have you know I can't imagine just have a whole town at your disposal like that. And I can monument chip up. Impressed. Yes this emotionally on the Vegas he's gotten a 100% or like our old Trout or something you know about it. Not like some I mean. Yeah not some fassel or they're going to be staying in tents and I at least on some. Level up and a survive. But see that's how things nobody ever planned on state tend yeah because you still like me shut that kind of money getting some accommodations. And a and Nike ads are rule as he said that it was all his fault one up but this cannot be good for the reputation now but it it's. He I think the guy who the guy whoever the other guy is that socialism and it hurt him more I don't think used point six. Really they use it early thirties are put a dollar. Now with the I mean general rule late. Goers can hurt his reputation. You know any evidence not sell selling like medieval black Twitter like accords rich like you would least like they have jobs. A lot of up to give money. I. Think to write I don't a lot of vessels did you I've heard of this now now. I even heard it. Lou warmly at the name out there. Yeah secondly. Writes everything did. Joba rules don't fassel. And spending our tax credit could still play casinos. It's obvious that Amy annual Agassi John Rula shop they deny anything ugly yeah I mean that at that wow dude you're right. I owe you a dollar yes billion McFarland used twelve to 25 into sixteen so I'll. I read a lot about that story and a whole night and increase. Our man now I've down so much more experienced. Now. While I like the festival now it's trying to sue people there's that it cease and assists to people on social media. They're Munich yet fassel sucked but my pictures all youths. That mean to save their money for that big lawsuit are so that's nothing to you talk about make the best of materially. I don't care who you are your human beat you to be improved. But Manhattan. They had food that first night theater of the distort did you read with the people we're trying to get out like they literally locked them in rooms at a small airport. We we changed it blocks. I really don't try to go hole when your own will take care of you and stuff and there was rumors that the food was late they are tapped that was it. OK now they're gonna send a mall home Antonio might continues. Yeah I mean I saw it's your game video just people in a room. They shut the doors and then it chain links and locks in my won't let him out only that's NC who is there. Who do whoever's right in the festival but it wasn't my government. Now none of this is on the Bahamian government that is on the neck and it links thoughts on the rule uncle locals are doing this thematically. That none of that really happened. A growing number reviewed. It's just like. We've toll different. What I see Bahamian yeah and about how does a homicide cops are not a optical South Carolina beautiful woman fairgrounds. I think there. Yeah I mean I don't think the people in the Bahamas and he needed to and enemies let had a festival was sounded like. I agree with you first that it sounded like there were some unanticipated. Lack of infrastructure issues. That hamstring the festival kind of from the from the BM didn't realize. How much stuff they were gonna need to bring in terms of water and electricity in some point and so I think. That probably ballooned their costs significantly. Yeah we did with their duel is about how now that you say hey and they are right we can get a bunch of people down here we can make a grip money. Here's that conversation would would would have EC on NC Graham situation like purchased. But I went in purchase yet. Oh man we're all influenced by the the influencers and so I think plate of I've I've spent so much going on random things to come across on those targeted ads he had on yeah I am BI has got my girlfriend and anniversary gift think there's a thing called love book where you can just like. For it to they're going to stick figures and I tell whole story they have all these templates. Bomb I found. I found a book that I've been reading those targeted for that actually on Amazon but instant Graham and FaceBook targeted ads of like. But a lot of lot of stuff from a Mike what is that well as those goodies out there as I expect they'll go in should be duties. Basically we just like hey you'd like red hair the heads days or never and I was like you know me so well. God damn man tent or stand and and alleys in the rain drinking Coors lights in your of their make a stick figure love both sit back up. Remember my semen divergences Alley cat house Cadillac now more than this weekend. While it took kitten right. Well. Yesterday does that account yeah do you react problem. How announcement practiced well the cut. So I think it's so hard down the middle of get their nest on the same token I mean you people really want to go to. I don't know I and he doesn't have been one of those vessels on the beach. No but they have one down with the public to hang out festival or something was he down in the Gulf Shores like Alabama. You have heard of that like I think both school oh dude if it hurts I forget things about actually you know so late this is I mean this cool like southern coast town there's few cool southern coast towns that then. Reading about that like kind of intrigued me because you know comment a little guilty of just like the typical southern stereotype you know and it's like. A variance December meg no do I listen to around the Mississippi now Vanna that are just like super cool young liberal like on the B take totally. He you know and super affordable I had Paisley free via union mansion Mississippi River under under ground. Just one of those lists like these are the awesome cities where you can buy a house for under a 100000 dollars or whatever heard that and you know has to take. Man. Hundred undergoing. Well that's a thing in Seattle inanimate talking about not to get to our front and and are negative I like all the gains in this city really are going to land owners you know I called important lands already own some a lot of that. Just gets passer enters and you know increase property rates stuff out there and. Don't promise some of those towns are too is like they are liberal and some that thinking. But. Also late. The cops had changed. Yeah a lot of government has changed as a great point you gotta be you gotta be careful that outskirts haven't changed yes. You know mean make or break his meet in Vienna buddy it was living down in in Oxford. You know and it's like get to college towns would be able so we definitely he's the you've got to be careful plate there you know you're caught you're in trouble yeah. Could do now and they saw how like penal farm summit to. Yeah work farms really aria I hardly reforms are the Atlanta. Here's Atlanta and then when you leave Elaine you're in Georgia her the same way at the Texas is the exact same way and we are Boston. As soon as you leave Austin Houston Texas man who. First a voice let me just say huge Fannie Al. I'm listening to every episode since you guys started Ted fan since the buzzed and it's all nice and can say with confidence is truly the greatest podcast. You know one all land. CNN currencies. A crazy with a couple a nit picky comments first off I email address is confusing and I'm 900% certain as I write this they're even gonna get it. Don't respond to implement god. Everytime I hear it said by Cobb iris your dad's email us patent. The podcast dot com if you are reading this and I haven't terminate correctly. Also in that same and I think maybe at a little more information on the podcast feed for the episodes including the email addresses Twitter handle. Individual Twitter handles may be links you think our friend of the topics he discussed the episode. Well actually links to topics of begat. The test is a picture my podcast clarity description for the latest episode also notice that. You may go. Jazz aren't serious on off on me. Don't keep your own moral honest with you back and links to the topics yeah I was I really don't do and that is that our guys that's not gonna hit and I have to tell him at a time of my opportunities and links. Also I notice and MC TP consulate says my girlfriend when referring stories I'm guessing she doesn't want her name sent over the cast. Might I suggest you just refer to her as the CEO. That's pretty funny idea scenario I liked yeah there's better name is Tyler of multiple times vacated the CEO the CEO. Lastly can't be so missed what your guide damn near had a heart attack would title and you're never coming back thanks man. That's about a TV show didn't work out but it sounds like you're great life experience and a lot of business contacts I think contract with the little more come Bellingham boy signs went up to. While technically Custer but he candy to damn much ornaments of downtown. Anyway I just figured you all should know you're going to depress the out of bunch of people of you boys have split up. You guys got me through a bunch of rough times in past years. Past few years I hope you all understand the impact you have just few deeds and around people they begin a little buzz on its. He's yet direct. I'd trap delivery trucks and in my vehicle listening to nothing but podcast all day and you guys really help me I keep my sanity. Specially after it was into an hour about a coral going crazy anyway sir for the lawyer mark sort of along email mark on part of missed Maximus. From candlelight how nice pair of the next right here. And are boxed wanna. She hey guys what set off by saying on certain people colored hair is awesome overtime not hot chicks with Kodak yeah nice what's up dude. I'm on board. Have seen some fantastic woman with light blue or purple hair desert to Edwards your head on that a lot bit weary guys that would dreadlocks and growth. I did know one very try to grow dreadlocks it's tough because of the smell issue later. You tell me I am finish late night sigh I is that we're being with white people. Want with them. An hour now. You have a home I just I don't know it just kind of my thing. I feel like you're actively made these we will look he's got if that is natural lake it's kind of like it it just kind of going for a look which is fine. And a sand like to think it's different if you're black person that has a natural hired you dread Oxley that but it. Mean I've. How do you feel budget for. It and yet. Now the traditional yeah. American hairstyle so all senator that's. I mean their hair cutting but seriously you know acute fuel will likely be kick blocked an owner meltdowns and dreadlocks. Greg you guys beat down pat and strongly considering. It's a conference Allen completely against it is to be the ages that's levees and the question like I would like that micro blacker. Year and as odd odd response means not just curious. Eventually you guys have actual black friends of the stuff won't seem so we've got coming up I'm biker map for four years on the you know about cultural appropriation. But. It meets you feel like white chicks having dreadlocks is cultural appropriation. A little bit yeah. Why. I don't positive why the black players told me it's back up to it I admit it. Tutors who think he get a cold black friends when you want to depend on like two and a half I not a I'm not. It does for those who don't know Ted literally group in the blackest count in America. Palm's most of them. Yes it's about aerodynamics and watered dynamics vaguely and that is all under the heading of fluid dynamics in physics. It's a neat section of physics next against magic secrets never used them for a week. We're condition in my penis doesn't become flax and after finishing minds to believe you don't want a ring via yeah. That the ladies love Alan. Oh yeah I got this weird condition writers Dave Brock car. I don't know what to do that I have no idea why assists. I just takes about five minutes or longer of not doing anything to it for the blood to go away. Never that is where it's at the patted the so my life when I was growing up my parents were divorced him with a different houses mirrors is gone. And I don't I thought. It did I so everybody all the bedrooms on a roller guy there. I'm I'm not used to light incense all the time I see but didn't smoke weed my Dell when I never light incense the smoke weed a lot. He also used to make a lot of cookies this makes sense would be back on. Yeah retirement thoughts you can read in the new place in the in they're gods did you decide it says god. And ticket instead it's fast and powerful club. Yet dude if you have a lake if you are got that much blood rushing you period what you do not wondering. Yeah I mean you can end up in the ER. And I also think that guy who's taught me new drama use. Via US I reminds me out all of us feel like there's that big old school one just a really tightly. It was a sticky feel like the bloody and there are more like. The ones we're talking about a cheap in the night the library to dispose got there all sorts of stuff buzz it's Spencer's yesterday and so on similar materials like a sticky hands but slightly thicker. You know kind of some saga. Stretch our zone. On the top topic I think in order to entice me to go into the server with a scary clown who need a freshly cut and cooked dungeons crap. Huge sucker refresh pensioners and rock crap. Rack crab need not crackers now sir Arthur Blank yes a lot of things on talk about but it has Nickels and come I dislike crab cakes and grabbed it. The only actual crap on a much. I partied actual crash current crowd it was at my favorite thing about Merrill Ahmet Matt crabs themselves are just too much work for me. I call it crab dip signed me a paper. Credit you know you originated. I quite Gypsy dreadlocks you don't eat crabs. You know you've Stanley Cup. Double in the product that's well. It's. Obviously there. Yeah. Jumping the guy and jumping the gun anti aging Scioscia Ali pointed at me I have urges general IP intro. Like I just the just a YouTube is go to bat out of security threat I. The glass the on a play into again I like her tackle. A does that man you may have executive producer eats that stuff when everyone I'm not there yet like a poor guy just plug into I don't know trigger finger over there. And but it sounded cool. Your defense. It was a funny joke it did time I don't know what I and a Brunswick home payment that you three milk. Be podcast first and foremost because in round effects look forward to your show every week I'm also. I'm also first time mile email. I get right to appoint Iran question this week in order for it the clown the lure me into the sewer he would need. A rocky road hot fudge sundae from Dick's drive. Costs three dollars. Full for TV chocolate rum cake from the catamounts cool you know and stuff like thirty dollars in a big bag of high grade the preloaded ball for one last group. It's just a great trifecta and I can be in cheap can be as cheap and gullible as. Are no chance survival Q but the great work PS this is definitely the other hustle state savage. It. Forward Ike. He's trying to think about that clown Lauren Meehan. Deep dish pizza maker. Deep dish or like Chicago. The Chicago due to isolated Ivan Aaron had a from Chicago Biden get a worm on line you know. But it loom all bodies and there's couple other ones that I set. They're right. OK but I don't talk about this for you I think we've talked would've thought about it some of my cousin was giving me crap because youth night. You know he's at Chicago and he's like I think we eat basically. Are now I was giving him crap because ceases. They haven. Is that a cousin Ted tents and not be. He added. What up my patent and that is that and heads and yet he he's other he just it just funny to (%expletive) though I'm not related to its. Kirk we're both related Patrick now. So practicing in Chicago but are we needed dire grammar but I didn't confuse. With Ted. So they go in front of padded truck he's like overgrown elect a real official place of a go in many thanks so I keep asking the guys it's like a real deep dish place that is. Try to remember the name it I know what was it like loom on monies that you think. That was it doesn't get the most famous pizza place Chicago outside a beat Serena and staff I think it's funny my cousins and their family question public usually is legit they need the doesn't come and use America a tense and the tent. Yeah although. AJ knows what he's doing Ted took the right restaurant went. Didn't correct him when he was like is this really tells Ted sort of corrected about my cousin was destructive power there they could get. Nobody is it real real. Its. Market pat. Yes so deep dish pizza. There's a few places in Seattle so I've heard I've heard there's one my down by Soto or whatever that's got weird hours yeah I would try they only deliver you can't go and there's something. But is that a bad thing. I don't know I've heard is pretty good bet Seattle's sub breaded and set some good things and generally pretty well placed a free of the name is it windy city. I don't know. Now there's some deep dish pizza place in my South Seattle area round Soto. There was a place in Fremont that my Chicago friend attested to but it's gone bad two under about that place. Yeah I hit the drive by like tier and now it's gone. Best abilities used to be a neo. No they had to sign up for a lot of its been closed for razors and some of bear hunts at there. Yes I was told us so that club pros that good you know I what is Seattle know that deep dish pizza now god I and on my Chicago friends and it's legit. Am actually Ted madam on the Internet. Mike. Oh yeah. I did it from Chicago nice have you seen that with signature you would old Pizza Hut entered into trouble and you just went the edges just like a blog a flight. This'll Pizza Hut and whatever Indiana is now this up to that sounds awesome if it does approve each enjoy the Pizza Hut belts to I think it was acute. Called saris in eighties to. Pan who who'll make a blog about anything. Yet they will affect my and it's due in part of tiger there's an active blind. About pizza huts being converted and other restaurants and DO love honor their next. Now they kicked off yesterday's to be man. Ticket sales just never know how. How loud that place was on Friday night yeah lives and I'll be why they have got some candy and popcorn to free guys out on. Upon it could almost set our panels like like. I don't know I don't know if I'm gonna get a cultural problem is that accurate to live not on our kids kids I can't do with a straight face that happens and I'm in jets now. Followed and followed by a app or the actual as. See I like gay latest. Now this mean I like to put a half on stuff now fabrics and people online you mean they're just like text with the mountain lake. For whatever he's doing my cousin Tom and I don't curse around him. But I don't mind Texan don't like these terror to good AM. Yeah. All right hidden here we are stacking hit. This video was super cooled. I got to measure last week down. And it didn't really need you could be sold it out but double semi down was releasing their EP at the hi dad in Fremont right that you from the house Friday night. I wish. Obviously I was super excited about it you've heard me ever before on this podcast I had an advance copy the EP so I knew how good it was an adopted. You're very well there. Yes I think it. I don't know how much Ted's gonna listen this both talented talk about doubles coming down around him I think as you give him when he gets up. He had sounds great man Jack India did a great job with that and it just like captures their essence real well. So. Yeah say they're playing with hundred loud would she had in years the cobra tested stacked lineup top to bottom and right she from a house. And just had a had an awesome time Tyler island down Q norms to get some get some food forehand handsome dogs. Does great and then we went over there. And is beautiful man there's so many people bet I know and love like in this community and I. God day all we all love double. I mean down your cobra which at night says it is a huge turn out. Of like familiar faces and loved ones and twos really requires that we sold it out. And used gist of of lot of fun Lance came outside got nights I got back to back weekends at Lance podcast was there as well. Who's also a super awesome so. On the we had we had a good time with. With them casting a ballot just. Already Mexico. Yeah at castle Lance that that's not typically they're seeing you know but they both had a really good time. And went through Algiers the cobra. And they got to meet Devin tell the story about how I gave. Do you plan to share dagger premiere tee added that China trying to drive the stakes and TTL. And the guys is does this Superfund night I got view stage announcement for Dell's going down to Seattle cool. Basra my mylar on candy I saw that photo toss me you're definitely showed up. In my elephants can't tonight I cut out Muller bond candidate with some guys. We had fun tonight and man did we spas Ozzie be cool men. We all kind of hung out for a little bit after words. And then Lansing cast in tower and I went back to my house is Jones and then. I plan to cast never seen a stop by the troll cast on his nose is pretty funny. I have to. The Atlantis go no Lance that stood behind her smiling it's a really funny fixture Eitutavicius. But it lenses like. Marketed to kids. And bad ass doesn't cool and then they're pretty 03 gaga semi doubt that town and my mom's arm Budapest right now is there cousins though. We the house after my parents on how the dogs. And went to the dog park and saw they added a theory it's witches are fun. What's on the new fast period to read and eight lines. It's super absurd and really fun and you know just be inedible go in there and suspend disbelief very heavily in enjoy yourself don't take anything too seriously. On we went early enough that the feeder is pretty light which is get down I'd much feed them appears. That's while wait till. Three weeks after movie comes out and theater and a matinee. Sponsor able to get liked the senate seats on the last row of the front section which I think is great leg if it's kinda close split. You can see everything in the arts is like right on topic you and there's no apartment so it's like. All the idiots are behind us behind the walkway tuna popcorn and stuff like that 'cause they have a whole petered yourself. And he goes. Who's really really fun movie has really high and noble so he delegated. Don't know all I I still have some of that but I left that in my house Fremont. On accident rounds on this quonset stopped by the pot shop in his arm guys thirty milligrams soda and cookies and you know. Straight so yes but we can on all our descendants their time. Good they have. They have to get twenty or thirty programs. The bill that will have here like would you drink one if there was no teach in. Case YC act. Oh yeah and instead they dictates legit the pomegranate one from. There and legal makes that and then there's illegally yeah I've had that pomegranate winds are really good news to TU what's one of those that was tossed. Depends Arrigo that Wright intends Tammy military accident 1020 and forty mix up and they have some hundred milligram through. Which is lake OK now you actually need that little measuring cup place is a big come in like a little. And a red stripe size bottle bomb. Now yeah red stripe. And we hundred miso band and then that they come with like no one of those little measuring cast comes on top like power and are not quell. You know that you can measure it out let me get on quell on this casts. It's a tranquility. So out of touch. And so. Still need to answer okay. I don't know all brands you didn't crowd. But I did hit hit it it'd grabbed it above the back but boy girl would threads does sound like the fire festivals yeah. Yeah kind of think we've really got to crack crab. For her I think it's a naked boy girl would dread they just really crab cakes hover back. The fire first woman. Living. And care while. Because the dollar old song like that. Opera you're right well let's tell us if the good golf no evidence of exhibited on I was I was driving a jog real references on casting couldn't remember any of them ethnic. Oh is analogy is on the first daisies on the came out rush hour thing. That's I can remember we to it via Aaliyah Dana that was the whole thing just fifty rupiah. And so after you it's oh we got that the pots notice. Would undergo any actually need one of those like measuring cup do I need to measure to president wanted to get those are ripping off and I laugh and that's cute they gave me this like beautiful morning you know. Forty compliant script and rip and then on I did the same thing you divide its money or thirty. I thank the that'll capital industry and the legal and I had one before a flight one time has really funny because. Daylight today they have a total chart that runs down the side of it tonight at the topic today. Preparing for take off you know like on there and it's all these flying references and then at the very bottom and physics. Flying diet the cruising altitude or whatever and such as take all these flying how high you flying metaphors that during one of my got to play ones and that have laughed to myself at the airport but there. You're an apostle. I'm glad that I'd gone are the days of taking a mystery Hannibal and getting on a plane accidents about experience it's yes the dollar has missed three intervals from dead it's just been nibbling on randomly and that they use those surrounding serves me well just a little bit. On any of as a with a few animals in a long time to like do not. Don't mess around this Saturday night I took a third minute and oh is like. Way too much. So I mean yeah I take it one and it tastes good that's it sucks right now do justice and how to get our best yet how the delegates human. Our kids about that out. And that is. How long. And. I was on the some light rail. Heading downtown and there's a slight real Seattle looking guy. Not on merit and we just like I don't know we kind of share alike and knowing glance. You now are I know how premiums Seattle looking guy makes he was just like your quintessential. Like. Fifty year old like Seattle man who has lived in Seattle this whole life is like you could just see him like wincing Alec. Good the new people in town I only know how to describe it but we just like we had a glance where it was like. Yeah man like the city's changed and. You know okay which you know I just know that because you when you said let the quintessential Seattle look. I imagine that the Ted Smith. Cholera it's got the beard and ideas which some cargo shorts and visitors Seattle work yeah. I'm not a sink in more like. I kind of like Wilson from it's to improve improve and I got it now more of that type character. Could be our of those ten coat aria are Pimco in northwest profile commercial yeah which is great. Writers are one of my friends by no way they Graham on the air and urge dog sorry ladies around us. Yeah those things have been on point for a long time blue TARP camper like. I thought I. It's continued all of a good so good right yeah he's in the rain guy have been had to make it. Narrowness of slushy whatever. Cut cut cut. Think it's raining towards my degree that we do that slope it's may. Spirit yet they got my my my friends as this girl who's like super type A personality with tech Maryland and of course that you are viewed it's really into yoga and it was like. Taipei younger chick press sits in the front row and I take since he received this will and it's amazing grow it exactly like senator Breaux. Roasted Sulu is in DC now but that's fine. Yeah. If so anyway. We were we are looking in and Ike as we looked down the train wreck. Everybody had umbrellas you know that we're we're down scat sing on the the down the floor and he said some I don't know what his exact line was but as pays it like. My guess for doing umbrellas now like some guy. Drive an umbrella so anyway I'm. What was I I think they're becoming more acceptable so my question this week he has what was acceptable five years ago. That's not acceptable today. Feel pretty malice you know the podcast dot com or discipline Twitter machine that the podcast as quick aside where you guys who think and I just that I was there are some in this week which is that. You know when. Like one of the emails we got I got all pumped up and I was thinking about it was just like you know when USE mail us at we don't have any sponsors row always like trying to sell you suffer whatever else and we just common. And we do it we like doing it would like I'm finally like engagement you guys so if we think about email on us. Email us reach out say what's up I know I love remit these guys like I can see the look of disappointment when I command of my got to know emails. You know so anyway if your barrels amateur have a lot of us like tennis a man we love south and that's it. So what was acceptable five years ago it's not acceptable to that. Not acceptable that I have a boredom and a couple of years even though matches scrap my look and I miss them but cargo shorts. He had to those are. Another round on it heavily. I get that memo heavily frowned upon yes wow. There's even like talking like Peja get a new pair and I know I Wear the same for like five years straight to worry holes and. Here's a direct quote former friends with cargo shorts Carter assurance say to you at all a hole pulled lawyers you go try to make friends but. Everybody dude I just read about it lately two Summers that's the last summer killed anywhere cargo shorts all year because you read something on the Internet about how isn't cool anymore. Dude it's not just like a random thing keeps everywhere will Minor League Baseball team at a funeral for cargo shorts are. But cal state Fullerton like come on out favor how to like a memorial service for the cargo to make you carry that torch. Man I honestly like Qatar and B how scattered deemed now to be like dead shorts at what point do we just stopped caring about fashion like I always said to myself. That I would never be the guy who wears jeans with athletic shoes you know I mean like with my Nikes or whatever. I swear to guide the minute I turned 31 attendees in her own place. Yeah I guess I see why do is always do this could always throw a terrible when I was might warnings of like a man but these guys don't but sure enough. Now we don't the wrong I'd I don't know. I just I saw a lot of outages and he was a bad thing and I it's far from a fashionable person. But I just do that there was enough backlash against it and in the hole that it got some easily the other like debt shorts. That's a down night dad and I'm 36 like I would Trinidad range yet. Ha we like look like corduroy is would you wouldn't ya gonna catch you wearing corduroy is right now those are cool and more and how the corridors were 02 we think the power back meant. Khaled these people set these. Stand gay guys state courts there are people aren't cargo shorts and just divide and conquer. Core I ever did it to me for ragged that you do pot. I only ever had one pair of course I love those things labor one pitch he was with the alumni are great. I got a lot outlined there. When they're like we're cool in the third grade they're like. The end chords and I did it looked cool like a mom got him and brought Hauser with and then eventually I got a pair of sticker chords and about those so cool. Wrecked the little lines ago when there are thicker with a lot lot sweeter. I was impressed you worry about looking cool in third grade yeah man. How incitement is nowhere near that let I just enough that awareness to Selma and I owned a pair of jeans I was seventh grade I hated Jews yet I still rankings are a bunch TM micro strict of what's is hated stuff. I'm iTunes valuable chiefs know. And which slipped into basketball shorts and cargo shorts moto and the grant wants. I've Braylon American Eagle active stretch and it's 360 stretch now reflects. But I edit they move real life can do like the squat in America and and liked it Cuba admirably minor and a American Eagle now reflect. Yes speech. He he. It. So. Vince man. And I somehow wearing jeans don't. She seems. It let me tell it yes I do where JJ and I cargo bay of cargo pockets on the and very active flax Odyssey as you can imagine have a pretty pretty healthy amount of spandex America to look to move freely. But. Yet his first press beat him made all their stuff really liked. Mobile and sell it to a pair of Nike jeans and her body and they've been amazing maps like two years not that big. Not that I ever would have worn room again Berra warned him back then but I feel like skinny jeans have kind of gone away. Little bit yeah Alex this which aren't so obviously I'm glad about the Democrat now. Now it's a psych fitted into Aybar that could just be the age group for an I don't know what the kids around these days how maligning and Nationalists like the eighteen year olds. That's yeah that's just. I granting him back next five years. You know that eyes I don't know if they're right frowned upon now I've I've frowned upon five years ago to talk over every year five years everywhere five years ago. I'm with I think this super skinny Jean isn't as cool now but everybody overall where's tighter jeans. Yeah risking their genes are back yet but when you see somebody like really baggy jeans you're almost like oh yeah I forgot that's what relaxed and that's at least aware yeah now. Yeah ripped jeans deftly made a strong comeback in the last six months here. Colored Micah. With the lake when the genes like blue jeans they have a white you know. We narrowed and Nordstrom has a leg 400 dollar model ones or whatever yeah I heard about this site brigade gap and get it receipt which is close very. For five years now an announcement whenever. Was Jaeger cool five years ago as this when was when they're drop off start. Probably start a fire I took got about five years ago yeah yeah awesome years Jack right I was still drink it and when I was drinking air was like. Fireball is on the rise be Yeager was still. Still a thing yet and gone I loved it. Am trying to think. Five years. No lot's changed freer than me 2012. All I know we're missing the Marshall church could cost I ally. Call mister Smith have jury will be here in 5 years in the eastern city church people you've got half a pack it. It's totally differ totally different dude yeah really I didn't think there's some agency buildings and picked up a sort of mechanical for a in my. Which just to be clear I'm open to colts had just tested the right COLT. On the job then I don't know I've been so. They kind of against religion for after the past lake. Five bush years but I've started I come around on on my own terms which article like the idea of prayer praying before you eat you know. By. I try and date of gratitude checked before they eat and his flag be thankful and you know I. We're at at chase Rosser off. Sauce Italian joint empire square. Some friends that I as the site. But the food came out and I just makes started ranting about how awesome it was to be with great people and have this awesome food it's up the night. How appreciative about was all that stuff than a friend like. Amen as they argued honest our prayer before meals I just can't turn the health care as you know and Mike. Call call would ever foresee believe in god you know like that it churches hijacks in terms bomb. You know they they take its principles I think are good and they assign them a much much stricter terms and definitions. And you know they had to say using term god isn't something that I have welcomed back and I lightly outs there's actually talking about it and you know the idea of praying before IE I think is a brilliant I. Powerful hopeful thing because you know we just get so caught up and it's something negative and it's like. Dude think about how we eat in America there's a lot to be thankful for this better appreciation yeah yeah exactly it felt. Alec the term hijacked while the best terms have been hijacked by organized religion and even the people who set out to start some of those religions has some really. Great core ideas and it's not necessarily them that that bastard guys that whole servicemen in any sort of bureaucracy is gonna grow and and it's a team is gonna be different than in originally started to BM and look at you know like the military industrial complex and Mike the FBI and C ads itself. Anyway yeah I'm I'm with you man like. There's cool cold against grand ideas. To talk. But against religious whole Arab League on its ideas ideas make fun and John they may get your attorney is that is that just fleece people for money. Vietnam toilet beyond that houses on the minute I just thought that I could tangent but you know it's like you know me and thrill thrills that this year's night I. I like his line here it's directly the ten commandments that you ought to be religious. Pretty decent rules to live. I do like don't don't want your neighbor stuff don't think his wife. Pico with your parents and the don't kill don't murder has serenity prayer that's that's pap that's that is the news. I'm out off all of your arm in a mega church actual like. Big night mega church Colorado or Utah California suburb now. Man I mean I've had some other big one in Maryland where they haven't been clear pulpit yeah like if I nondenominational. Three to five grand at least he would never yet students. It's pretty crazy. You'll stadium for god. It is saying hey let me go to church in them here like I know the level you're talking about you don't you don't have anything like that in Seattle to my knowledge isn't overly pretty big tonight show where Saturn about right but they have parking attendants at one of vote and and it. That some of those mega churches where it's like. People are directing traffic and I think you're going to a concert thrown you come into the spotlight file manned crowd control. In my favorite thing is George Carlin when he is like you talking about con crowd control at the church how fitting in this all knowing like. Paul like you know intelligent like super human species god like the ones he can do man. Just can't balance a checkbook he can't manage money always needs money. That says you know on YouTube if you have any interest that yet George crime IE does. There are bitter and public education system now. Yeah sat right. Senator she's crazy vigil all steamed up he went sailing a 150000 dollars cash stolen out of state in his church. It I'd as or whatever it is I thought pictures as a state the other day outbreak of hand. Who met Ted Haggard is cashing checks to penalty suite to. Really yeah I'm pretty sure stern years ago had a male prostitute on his plate number one we had sex number two we spoke. Did that was the whole thing with some. Ted are you sure it had been Ted Haggard maybe it's Ted Ted Haggard was loaded in like in front of the charge by the prostitute from California art may get something. Yeah now okay dude so. Our first small swatch watch doctor merry. Tickled Jesus camp. Really good he kind of like starts again all he's featured on it as a prominent pastor at the time. Danny had this crazy fall from grace where this prostitute it came. He was. Telling people all these ways to live their lives now he had the best sex I've never unhappy is family and all the status lake right the lights in bad stuff like gay people and convert people over yeah and then by night he was doing math and banging out. Some might. Hooker dude is just a hooker for the guy Alitalia male prostitute you wanna be old school we caused us. Not nice out on in the seventies in. Yeah I mean in California and the whole thing came out on the church ask no leave this thing was like he built his whole. You know everyone he knew was involved in this church so there's another document or the camera after. That chronicles his dated and honestly. It makes you feel for the guy I mean he was living a lie and it kind of put me back on his side to Gaza with the anyways gotta try it it's dude it's. That guy has lived a wild life I'll say that. That's I believe that here's my issue was some of these guys. I I get it like I don't want anything bad happen to it is almost anybody any. And publicity for her her Buddy Guy like that when you sit on that pulpit in you preach that hate against homosexuals all the time and stuff. Which you are putting those people's lives in danger and you've calls so much grief for them as the least thousands of people that ball which you are safe. So I get that he was struggling his own sexuality but to lash out and his own. Think that's why don't like sorry I don't feel that that. Yeah I don't I don't bring it sounds like that second documentary is very well done by the film also so to further clarified yes of their. There's massive amounts of damage done I mean. Not only on the gay people who then are bigoted dives the you know the church goers but also. My biggest issue with religion is the guilt. Making people feel bad for being human and no doubt within that congregation there were some guy who was having some. You know homosexual feelings or tendencies or whatever who felt terrible bounce off may be committed suicide may be due in May be just hit it or whatever but. The thing is Ike. You know that people were shams and people felt bad about themselves unnecessarily because the guy who stand and Tom what do you know he was rather too. Now do I forgive all his actions now but. That seeing the second documentary. And seeing him reduced to the level he was reduced to. You know living is a man with a camera five. And he's you know can't get any work everything because his reputation. Seemed reduced to that and him accepting that. And saying you know what Ike a cost a lot of harm. This is okay like he knows this is my. Pen knife my sentence karma yeah I was kind of like. Okay cool like you know he knows that he. Screwed up on a massive scale. And like he's kind of accepted it so like I don't dismiss the crimes are saying that like. You know it's all good but also like watching someone might truly brought to their knees. It was heavy man is pretty heavy and and a part of you can't help but feel for the guy because he lost everybody he knows that the except from his wife and immediate family. Any sort of like. Job contacts or prospects or anything the church took back his house took back as much of it click clawed back much of his money as as they could. And he was just you know. Blown up in the national media for a year and a half and as a psych. How when they banned him from the city Colorado. A belief so Yasser to move out of state like. It's just a it's a crazy roller coaster of the story itself anyway. Anchors do a check out a. Yeah. Ted Haggard had a come in here I. I ask you this your dirt sit on a pulpit preaching hate. And other people played what about the guy that was gain his family would talk to for ten years and yet to Nevada state and I think that some older you know sunk. Thousands of dollars and whose church and stuff like that I'm not I'm not saying it wasn't was NAFTA man I just. I think that they had to send thousands more and an actor so that they could pay the legal fees to get that guy's money back. Kurt you know it's their jets and high powered attorneys. And yeah that's it I don't wish it upon people but I. I don't know that I got a comment. And I'm when he realizes that a good every time we talk about churches I like to clarify it like I got a lot of friends that are. Very religious and Christian there right there's a lot of good. Good green stuff to cut a lot of ways via there's a lot of great leaders in there that truly care about. Day the wellbeing of humanity you know regardless of race religion creed. Orientation all that stuff and sell when I'm not trying to bash and I've been because of course Arnold and that's out of Bassett and now in the bill of grand scheme of things that. Yet liable goes down and think it's worth talking about the time. Yeah but also I always encourage you to believe whatever they wanna bully if you know that's one thing that generally its fuel from the church have like this presumption. I like it's like morally presumptuous to be like oh we're right you're wrong. None of us are saying Moray or dislike it. Here's how what it seems like he's going on me based on you know I've learned in my life but. If we can be completely wrong notes. I so I don't made out no wonder it's yeah well that's the thing too soon take religion out of it play. Nursing that quote it's like on the day you die or something you'll meet like the person included in or something and it's almost its slate spooky again I'm not living up to this and that. An ideal self you're timer yeah but she's like you know what it's like Connolly that the Jews don't really believe in my and the like. What would just die and that's it. Or where did die in seven as they actually let that phase now here's this one. Yeah I've chief dots on this mean one I think a lot of their writing and scriptures talking about heaven and how you get there is actually reference and heaven on earth. And whether you're living in constant internal hell or an internal haven't. And the internal have a of course comes from things like appreciation doing good by your neighbor. And you know if you do the exact opposite those things like. You're gonna have a pretty light in a lot of ways and didn't hellish you know your company your neighbor's wife prominent and well for you so. That's that side on the decide that's I think the Bible's reference and based on way to do a lot of those readings from export policies and classes. He college. But as far as Catholic place. Yeah. I'm. But as far as the afterlife. And reincarnation all that I feel like in the eastern religions have a lot more to say on that and on whether spirit dies or doesn't die whether the whole universe is just sort of this site. Hole saying. Field of of vibration and plasma matter and yeah its much deeper discussion. Day I pray we're probably not gonna get it's sad to say like I NN dividend is thought what you see some of the things I think what most people like I go to different waves of emotion that stuff you know think. How man like we've got there and it was a could've done in minutes late. Or maybe you get then there's not I read a big its reincarnation might it just one of those guys I think with death it's so late will now. There's no way to dad that's just such a big gamble to me you know it up put all layered eggs and well. That's saving up for the afterlife like me gotta have some fun life here too that's. That's too risky of a gamble for me or people you know. And I don't think that you know my idea of god doesn't care that is as smoke leaders you know like to have good time in effect of god exists he invented breed exactly. And mushrooms you know sister site. Where heroine gets some well theoretically asked. But you know I I just think that. You know. And living by. These like cars got like I think a lot of those ten commandments will make your life on earth better in general. You know and I mean are you doing for that but that the church really like. Capitalizes off this whole heaven and hell thing. Yeah yeah and and guilt appeared to be out here here's the one that acting more so there's a way to keep people in line exactly. Isn't exactly do now yet I had to dialogue language that would go down this religion rabbit hole at the end it got the pot. Governor dog fighting are not laugh at we're supposed to be going out of the funny Matt had a great lot national that. Our cup next week we'll talk religion. Stated this isn't a controller tried to ask about. David why there's a fun little pick me up for the NB a podcast. Of get even people like that thought this state and emails that to go to my east they'll be back next week course that'll be 178. In for you religious Catholics you know with the number 178. Nothing okay can I. It's a hike into us in the advocates. A candidate perhaps he can keep her exits that the botnet years.