Thee Podcast Episode 178

Thursday, May 11th

Matt makes sweet, passionate, shakespearean love to a toilet.


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All right Leon yeah. Thereon. Matt do you ever the joke he said last week were sort of the show note. Yeah with a good it was well my cousin Patrick is kind of become my. I might need her on stuff you mean he travels a lot for work so he listens to him as they come out. Any texted me like Thursday morning and it was a great joke Matt capitalism cats I went. Damn it I don't my super. We got are already there yeah I remember being like all is usually one YouTube has the lies guys got to wait for allowing you to do a line and then hit the intro. And this sound like where is Gaza I. You do that line at the entrance like. Man that's intense but it. 14 guard like I'm glad priority Kirsten for re start letting job you boys and a alt right you know let alone win and it went. At it from Albania a lobby. Day well into its podcast isn't just any podcast just pod cast couldn't do this. This is. She contacts to him stealing the tests. Starting these start. These. Starting these tips list. Fueled underwear I don't know. Beanpot yes that was that was 78 puts up to avoid debt this will be the vote group get hot yet verified that the bottle at all. A lot to me he's always here he never misses me. Right for everybody belies the reality somewhere and southeast southeast Asia and we don't go by David Kopp got going on. Wall Street made a bull run today is concerned the trampling any year were quashed following he'd political race in Microsoft region. Jersey podcast at nearly 4% as we can increase was her email strong tender interest for the boys and of course. The sun shining and we had the mating season format be able to safely that this weekend we'll find out at 630. And he guarded Rafa from thought I was gonna say hey look I'm here that are real region of France fan now. Yep definitely smarter than me back there on the we have to steal get mysterious figure that out it's if obviously and European. Geography major. I had a different there it's and indeed the number after that. Body double and. Chris Lowery you know in defense though there is a Burgundy region dads are just Aline Wright is like its campaign. I and I think about it is reasonable of their vehicle sovereign right and I literally just. We are locked into it in their little intro all the time and I was just walking in here and I needed it to not say France twice and zones like Microsoft region good guy. Brew in the jokingly explained the two minutes. It's Augusta Abbas and your jobs start and I'm like dvd comic as the leader that. All all all these secrets all is that regional. It's a few moments. I told you I found a thing of it outlined in a much criticized as are you could help them. All right it would it would run out on day picnic picnic at. Where's your final round. I found the best description I mean beamed at each bag from Seattle that I never knew. And it was late can't ever it was a Seattle Lister like the West Coast obviously recently realistically. Impeachment should be. And one was late this guy can tell you everything about this region of this country even though he's never lets look it's supposedly did it. That's recent times. Now when you do your math I have too good at that like I always tell people like I don't lie. But I'll give information and kind of let people think what they think. But that's the two I get the votes this late. Sometimes like when people say they have kids or something of us doing Ehrlich you know studies and it's all up on an island. Have kids only now he's now right at I know who. It seems aren't too. You could say would travel in my it's apparent to me I had to go through it right and even to this place in Germany Italy and even now credits from. Some on HBO special with the yeah. Yeah a singular of kids. I don't know man. 36. Mean I'm a mail site at kids for a while. Oh yeah I mean in terms like biologically got a bit when I'd be more like he's listening and student. We say I don't know but I. I just sort of speculate at this time maybe that urge would pay me. Mean you know kind of you know. I deeply feel urges. To like one day be buried in might be committed to benefit. You know but I don't I don't feel that scene like being. About dollar data from Sam one. I'm not trying to make light of children blah blah but I could see myself and have real release series its development and the dog. But what are you. Know content out of a number of white picket fence Golden Retriever. Yeah like a bigger dog that as titles that he now who has little children about caviar for. Yet there. Domesticated Ted Alia DT suburban test that. Suburban have you early yet well. As loud and his house that at least eight. Idyllic suburban Ted wouldn't mean my the truth suburbs of meg she asked I beyond the city limits you know. You know England's item like Wallingford others in the promise dream a bullet in Wallingford to me like this ever again. And winner Greg shorelines. Alec appeal talked him off in the region as you might do obviously in thirteen years I've been up. I've never stepped to do they got a window while there they do here and they everybody knows the Mexican joint to look up. Or visit your copyright and there's also that famous burrito spot up there for to write to look I was good at I've never actually eat there and there's a net element. You are now. Frustrate you gotta go cause I think forget about you've been there now there are married and I did that. I think don't next door there's a Thai restaurant I don't know the name. It's a house it's phenomenal I've eaten there routinely and got it out there yes. And what else is up there and it's courthouse. I drank an island. Coca violent elements across mr. cover children ran Sino foreign that the original to progress. I'm not I don't know. I don't want it are you now I am month south lake union area that is the average and one of and a half 1009 man and yet somewhere like that it's probably were suburban dog it. Suzy your dog is her dog or is it a dog you guys got together to ride out. Both packed it to a five year plan. Mention the dog shows up and then I feel like the dog. The beard it's like this guy loves responsibility it's easy grown appears. He walks the dog yours you know its commitment yes right exactly commitment he's got a commitment vote look he's got a beard and a dog. To bring mad dog to this beach winner there frighten me jumping in and about and him and his buddies giant pizza is obviously an app. Does he got married what is not a lot per yeah. I think Underwood went on a cat but. It's pollution. Plotting you know we can do gangster stuff till we did our own fire pit of her out. Good to keep that bad boy side intact it. How are you now. Spot not at the moment now my girlfriend in the same boat but it sees. She's a lot younger than me so. You know the the biological window will remain open for awhile if things change play at the moment would vote count right. You had to be way cooler it is save all that money and go travel everywhere. There. And so that's that's the plan for now and we'll see what happens you know like. Maybe we travel and then right hey cool now would settle down and vote I think. I think after traveling under the dock. Is the there's always a time stamp city years sell like you know it's not you know we're not. Super far down the road that conversation bit right now all everything's pointed to like hey what's. Go see the world the Dallas Stars of the dollar against the triplets. Chicago's top. Did I am basically like. I'm I'm cool no kids. By. I'm open I give the woman that I end up with really wants kids like Warner to back Oka I can do that and that's something you really care about I'm final event. But I hope hope whenever I hear this and that but I'm just like yeah I could very easily just now I'm Garrett. You know. I think it's a huge part of it is to. I mean I. It's easy to sit here I think match that will different boat but I think for me new teachers in. That electing the right if you meet that girl. And then you actually got married and it's like talking about family gets to that's why very cautious is not you know I don't want to answer Brett obviously for me I don't see it but. I'm not yet it yeah it's still I get it I don't somebody did it affect a player that I'll be it's the obesity. Woodward said all that edit was brutal I don't know how to play out is that our elected her have her own. Which don't want to know that's a serious however you start up kits. Hum boy since some about oh yet they act that like having kids stuff yeah during yeah. Try harder I do I that we started with this Siewert. Birth we get this series solid sound so serious so fast when it happens to me sometimes stupid argument great. I hear that and I'm like are going to be fun yeah like I get that at the compliment. But you know. The group. Of the group to handle ignites the coop in the money Nokia and believe merits lack sleep and the sheer lack of personal time. Your personal thoughts gone. Yeah and. Allah offend anybody here we would look. So I was married people with kids roaming play. Yeah I'll talk to mostly towards your prisoners at. And I sell it in about Aurora I asked but I think it's a terrible like and it was build trust. It's a love you've never felt. You know I and they authenticity. You'll notice in this bomb and Gerri love to the right to you have carriers all the elements of what do you tell your thought that. It's amazing scene like I get from some people and I go all right lately that I still it's the party this man. But wait we would bugs me this will be it's like somebody that late mr. friendliness and that he doesn't drink off to him yet again there for a beer music. Don't do it man. The content of that blow art are right. I was injured jail. Dude I was at a bachelor party line time and strippers can erode the house you know. And one of the guys got to those of the best strippers reactors five and want us. And one of the guys got. SI Miami power tools and put up quickly we couldn't let that go yeah we should be father jailed. Yeah. It. Great play from Bauer and they'd campus president elect me I'll home that is yeah. Though one of the guys at the party. Was like super drunk and had a kid and tried to be allied morally right is about how he couldn't do it and I. It was a it was a ten minute debacle and then he liked. Got your round in lights forgotten changed his mind about surfers were awesome book I write and here is I. This is just liked playing and I have a family van kids they used. The most strong guy there and meg known as taking him seriously or just being a bit. Literally talk about it totally forgot that you as worked up about it and that is back take away our shippers Rossiter. That's awesome and got caught. Right now it's gonna tell a story question. Weeks ago years ago I had a second cousins get married and then an up close to them. So Meehan my buddy there when it right you oh I've gotten up elect. Some crazy amount in the morning and went rockfish in the Potomac River. Earlier that day with Blake the late William and Johnny liked to do with I don't know what Turkish rockfish is just these giant large Ralph bass. But they use it as you look on the dive to the rocks the debt makes the go out like that just the day until the river like the big open part of it. And it's a whole thing there's a I think it's like in the spring and fall. The eagle rock fish palca in Italy a massive thing. So I've gotten up and on rockfish and and then my buddy picks me up and we securities we see you at McDonald's. Two double cheeseburgers and so that's how we buy weaker cells back up and then also back in the day when it's the had a badger and we would pop to repeals had a great party. Rights that we get to hear you respect that yeah I think basically we were doing drugs hell yeah. And I was such a little bitch about swallowing stuff that I would dump mine and soda. And I actually saw hall where repeals tolls. Brewer I he had in this I think there's still rip fuel but like this is an artist I caffeine and yelling and activate David Mayo goes rightly. Like that Jackson Kelly that's a pet. That there stacks in. Yeah so we go to the party right. Yellow school buses gonna pick us up where the garage every time you comes out because we're only like nineteen want the payment perjury which are gonna be here in the who told word on the street manipulate my job in appears. Okay we're talking about it right that we do all this that and we go to bars yellow school bus IP outside the window and I 95 if you don't meet. Which I peers about Sandra ballot. The window box that's the we get back in the stripper Sheila and I think we were just a wasted for whatever reason we didn't really care. Simple play a but we're talking to like the security that's with nominees like show announces go on I'll. The story sounds real bad dangers talk. Sounds awesome. Husband material ladies I. Future father of the year right here right Scott Hoch. The house had a Great Dane dog. I thought it would be funny nothing weird but just to see a naked woman. On top of the ugly public tiny horse how how how that was put out as water that was the action by governments and everybody like yours sick dude. But I was out about Laden's body yeah. This daily I believe that it was not sexual oriented and I want and I will maladies such an awesome Mike. Blown up picture to have pain on her wall. Paul I'm with the under. I said in the almost story of that but all thirty of those dudes could had a for ever real story yeah. And a poster for the war I mean she was hatched reparations may be a hundred pounds that dog had to be almost underground which you talk about (%expletive) yeah. Government pumped. Also it took me a I'll make it could be that don't make it equip. He's not gonna last forever. That's what kind of came off the rails quickly. Yeah mark did you know sometimes they do sometimes we're so those are program back sometimes and on forever. Still think about the Chris south region dude you have are now our our whole time before the cast is has been thrown into a tool fugue state over here what do you got on your list and it. I got a few things I was at talk about fixing stuff badly I was trying to fix the toilet last night oh yeah. I had trump FEI am there don't effort to get to that one. I have a topic caught problems are personal. Meaning sometimes. Like your problem seems to big prank and then you can look at somebody else's problem in the majors and small. But yet your problem is the only personal problems you know. The thing. He'd seen them go through it yet hosting an amount that liked two days ago I was listening in this thing and I can resist. You know so manner film bad about myself might feel. No matter in my situation where the problem once. And then now I'm I was listening to this thing on the radio about like this do you use bones are so brittle. That like if he costs. He would break a rib cheeks and I was just like. Well. Cut present perspective. It's gonna killer in no sir just like Gammons a relative. But sometimes you need a reality check like some like somebody's having real problems. Yeah that's why it's a weird area right did you write compared to that in makes any of our problems he really miniscule. But I also feel like sometimes in society. We counted diminish people's problems because we're now yes but look what I'm looking at that person's mentally but you're right. In perspective is good but on the same token that's a problem that person know so it's a very big deal on a personal problem. Yeah and sometimes it's relative to the person to someone that seems to not be a big deal to you can be a huge deal to that person you know yeah. And so. Yet kind depends like something that Paul also Enron's wired really differently you know realize they killed her again and so. Yes amendment seems like trivial or like a nonissue. To one person can be massive. Massively scary Taylor public speaking for example he announced someone's got. Yes amassing get up and do some public speaking for them it's like a nightmare. More for somebody else respect of you know kind a panacea that's a prom night revenue from you know. Yeah I mean I see it all the time dedicate sport. I did you know there's some guys today have fought our. The organization since they are organizational chart what's on mind. But they've gone on to the you have seen stuff you know and they'll come back and out interview room before the main event. And afterwards and thanks manic out or before really nervous and stuff and it's so funny is I'm like. You're this supreme athlete that goes to a cage fights and steel case of Sarah now with another man right. But the nervous part for you with state and compared talk going to be great that they greatly. It is that we're we're talking like problems that Alex and Naji now that perspective opium like well yeah it happens that that that was and within people's problems or personal. That's a great example that most people will be absolutely terrified to step into. Steel cage fight people well enough and also want you were totally terrified of public speaking but did you see that dichotomy got a little like straight up. Go in there for and arrange schedules fight. Thank. All right. And gotten 99% of people would never even consider that. And it would be terrifying but is that yet at that our our our speed to the crowd that's that's scary that. Yeah unmanned. I think too I mean he seated sport's all time leading the public speaking different you know like. I mean I know people in this business and it China fire themselves up like before they give you something or whatever like. I don't blame it talk to me for not nine seconds for a walk state. You know what kind of quiet panic electric but it's we like everybody's different now. To see that video of the guy in need of a benign view just in a football locker room with a game. Now but I thought a lot of Siberia is author of it's just play lately emotional line. Crime of all of us that we earth right it's like the clown in view of the dude silently with Ted in I was always salad ahead founders silent at Purdue is the guy. Yeah I was late. It's funny make use of such a public speaker and coach in there are doing this kind of stuff I love seeking Allah. I played sports of those more of like sports you can let your plate it all talk and mean. But I you count. You around the boys up. You're giving a speech to Yemen has kept on the swim team can I track team. Vice president and the student bodies and a lot of a public speaking skin and people Joost but I'm not really a big talker like. My favorite environment it's like I don't really sane thing to the opponent now like to just out power come. But. My favorite environment is when your life on the road. And there's like a really negative aggressive crap out off the that's by far the best you know then you just you wanna just. Absolutely do about so I mean also like as they get older most sports are played were more individualistic come in the track and swimming you know. Right quad pull a Cameron back but it. Yeah having team sports are my favorite now for sure yet scan pumped out. That would you blitz team sport. You out there that vocal leader. And in her eyes just Crowley's just trying to do my best and just focus on those are my game. As good up I played hockey mostly united as a grid. Teammate in you know usually had more assists than goals than you know is always looking to pass. And body and all the coaches view I can assist as good as a legal point deploy in our sides legion field infield facilitating the ad I I like I vivid memories of life. Being more fired up with. In assists them in certain goals were right. He is here Reeves has a bright on the guy's stick through good defender and the guy just has a wide open net and just. Tap today in the right. It's the best feeling on my. They are escorts and three goals do it I remember one of those two bit at those assists. Those that was my Sally you know it's like I'm not going to be on the bench you know talk on if I'm talking and it's like. About the task at hand not there was never like let's fire you up is right now that's kind of what I do is trainer figure it out. Yeah it's the output and public speaking in general lake in front a crowd that on stages kind of intense for me it's fun. On video I advanced agers it various shows and my meltdowns of iPad and that's always say. Really interest staying. And yet because I speak to so many people on a regular basis through every night and once we hear. But it it's totally different and a microphone and room to my friends or completely alone yeah and then again for all that people and all that energy it's like. It's a rush bit. Doesn't scare me in nobody. It'll knock me I have I've detonates the hammered and bin visibly uncomfortable onstage funny at times it's doing that sort of stuff. Yeah but it doesn't scare me away from it it's like okay cool if that's still an awesome thing to be up onstage talking of people I think. I just aren't a ton of experience doing it says it's not it hasn't always gone that grave and it's gotten better man might have thought I. Not that doubles on me down stage or do with Kevin like out of the park does a phone line outside ideas and I. So yeah that's it it's it's better with time bit and I was shy away from it. Yeah expensive bids and ones is like oh man those rough. We've been my goal we did the one for a hero on my guys are and a Seahawks can't iPad nervous energy. And Mike screaming into the Mike picked out for the first Rivera did. Ballots were those and I. Watch. Man. All right and I it's it's a simple job but I allied to fired. It appeared a bit the night before the Super Bowl spew going to be too fired up about starting at sea hawks can't. But I think I managed to pull off that night I like that I just captured a top firms that's really my name but until I turned to say and that's up from if you'd like. Bert. All right yeah. Because I just we can view it repose that. A couple months ago other video via a live video of it. I would run out rather and I. Are you really positive we have got a high isu Fridays ago but like shaking my excitedly. Do Dow's big vote too late at night before the hawks play in the into trouble like pre and Iran Jones onstage take at the crocodile that's. So Seattle and a dispute to be a part of that lake. It was super cool that's having to like rightly that bad news that placed the ninety late. He says before the super immediately. On the leaf electric electric yes I was the nineties that was the second suitable woman lost Theo I was meant for the super all the woman one. Where. Justin timber. And even he here realists like I just got to do one thing you know. If I didn't manage. Think bill and Thelma did that not Selma definitely gets I thought that the illegal as he's the front half of pan terra who opposite Cobb likes him Bob. And the Aggies. I don't remember view is if you actually started camped definitely like this is that a week is that during the playoff Fridays at. You you will result your drugs route through borders liked each Jew in Denver go in and I like to rot Seattle I would just lost it and the does not equal one and thoughts I was rat like the people that aren't there. But the barriers there I think there mental job interview. Some reminder from the east closely not all of them and a couple of yeah Betsy talks thing on your water cooler. I'm like dude think they don't speech hiking and a grass aren't as Seahawks chant I can't act like I don't cheer form but what matters. And sorry no offense on the skins are dependent on now. Hello. And you don't have to have the war Redskins. On merit which is like. Mean I know I naive you have your conflicted beard if he uttered and I mean I got personal email here you can play with good or bad people liking you please stop saying that word from eight. Oh like. Rights and that attitude he soared at the skins and they are out that tries in Washington. The hand like there's there's apparel that just says Washington I'm sure that you did try and fire and by yeah. Serving to write take away the racist part about the Redskins name tech said. But did Snyder sucks. Like when he had dinner yet when it's over Latinos like he is the main reason that I don't count myself as huge NFL fan anymore. But he tours that once great franchise and just threw it into the darts. And that's why like part of me kind of lasting a little bad that so many friends that are still committed to that the Washington and stuff it's just like they're never gonna begin with. Yes I doubt whole thing with he but the clippers for so many years and I the only team to Islamic prophet and stood there always liked. Given away players and not paying people enough America on the diehard fans keep us profitable. Donald yet Sarah and yet. By the way I'm making this call right now we tape on Tuesday. Washington people. Capitals fans they force that he said so here's the deal out. They forcing game seven with Pittsburgh now the capitals of the best record and we make presidents cup trophy has also have Justin Williams. Bases right being said that extraordinaire you have missed a great seventy games that it. That's cool McMahon but I tell you our dear when they win. I'm predicting they beat Pittsburgh game seven DC at that point the caps are gonna win finally win the idea daily. Awesome I'd love to see here. I will say you know the last series they are in 1998 the net swept by the these are red wings they have red river powerhouse a matter of ads so when I sit in that did two years RO they've been battling the best you can leave him lose in the same round of the penguins the ringgit and by the penguins would be a massive thing here I was up like a moron. If they lose that game. But I'll always remember when they're playing Detroit game three which they lost which sucks. But I was in ocean city beach reaching year hooked up with a chip that night you know sex there's a rumor out there I never start of that roof. We will not have sex. Written deftly made out how her caution now. Seventeen ours via. Powerful. Yeah bound to have you seen this statistical like distribution of Wayne Gretzky vs everyone how yeah. It's absurd I Soledad data print down I'm like what Lemieux's number two I think deaths Rio regrets he's like number of games played DI average summer goals per game isn't just. I haven't seen that specific info graphic way out the the number is that it is just McGrath a giant insists that graph of you know. Via bit and I it's leaps and bounds but I don't mind this hockey people don't have that argument team. But late easy as the great yeah. Yes and no one's even even you'll start time allegory howls like those kind of play best stuff but like greatly when it comes Kurt Mueller when it comes already how the former greatest player yeah he's literally almost twice as likely success was LeMieux by the numbers yet. Any great Bobby Orr the body or Patrick although that's. From my donkey and I thought you call him. The Bobby or it would about it it's the gory out accurate call that volley I'll grad. Would provide the assist them a goal yet if you buy it yet had a goal and assisted by the court how Hatcher I was trying to give the donkeys like a speech announced on BO cool when 08 years you miss I'd say OK a skull voice. What does Bobby your hat tricks that I Gordon out coach according hot chicks and you go about their well I can't talk voice. That this year. I agree he should they when news here. Pull them W. The machine. Now. In the next I tried man. You know it could coach and it. That's supposed to just make a run you more rocket from voiced in the game. And everything their leader prevails either vodka. Did you have been shot which rock. Usually it's late the week able to Dexter Beers late. There's only one god and spot this year receive. That processor ought to might be it the wrong verb there. No it shocked. Oca it's only August saying I don't know that I would be shocked about banning it will regard that type alcohol or outlook if you had seen me amount of beer accidentally drank on the trip you would be shocked at the about a block that restraint in not be here. That's my. Like right yeah I would he got out on BA intrigue. May be perplexed. And arrow. What's it up this year non lost but I think the amount the amount would not shock me. Now it what are her talent would be in shock to map. Yeah you understand. That David don't feel it's Latin Shockey in general. I. All right eastbourne goes crying boy. And that is now the united anchors. We know want to go there. Hey guys hey I'm with MC TP cover for thrown. The other day it's Iran's right to make fun of me for an am but is awesome merits 92 about what they think. To me lines a couple of happy for everyone else doesn't. I was wearing on this weekend. And my girlfriend and I can't use in the line we can view the bag for a pay off a lawyer stuff you make friends. But I guess that is awesome but she pointed out lawyer at Mariner's game and saw. Dude wearing cargo pants. That that is not acceptable too far and I totally agree yet cargo pants which you for. Wow cans and part and parcel like that I've got to judge in this form and are judging outages and everywhere around. And I don't think they'll look fashionable at all. Hall. Unbelievable. Look at a time fed cattle. You defend the cargo shorts photo George draws cargo pants are not Charlotte elusive GAAP. Probable. Once that crowd gets e-commerce guitarist gene that an adult way denim shorts dead just an ounce of respect for yourself. I that is where are part of these are my story who knows that either are people would agree that there is a big difference between cargo shorts and cargo pants she doesn't let us now if you listen I don't cargo pants a more acceptable growth less cargo pants. A pair in grills Matt. The guy wearing cargo pants was not fair growth of cable deal. Yeah maybe bare grills spy in inspiration and okay. I think got its version from bear grills of pride get Soledad cargo pants and be very low on the list them of things out get inspired by their growth is so unbelievable you're looking you hate that you. Explains sleep. You like we get people tea or something that he beat too dark evil white. Would your cargo guys but I'm cargo short yeah law are. Air cargo paired with the group third grade. Cree. I mean I think guys would be like I don't I don't relevant that pointed out I think you're exactly right. I own a pair of pants they could be misconstrued as cargo pants may be their climbing pants that rock climbing pants. The gift like small cargo pockets very much like a bit bare grills pants you know yeah. And you lose and no I don't argue that there that they've who wanted to break it down. And in some some of those like light super light pants that you you use where hiking and stuff like that they have cargo pair of top Ricardo Clark Tom. That makes sense out in the woods but just walking through Seattle. Who to turn right back heavy like sort of like I'm in north immaterial honestly. Canvas the F South Africa yeah. You know when not to Wear a met his girlfriend and tunes you know it's everywhere Arum says there might be economy between two of us. Sensitize our comments are over her. But you're right that shorts usually thought of you pants. Not shorts. Are you not wearing target ago we're bath all sorts. Of cool so. Look at what is their cargoes who would zip off legs. Is that the bottom of the leg are off because it's off upright can't tell who's your turn their cargo shorts on and come talk to you. Stuff friend called shorts. If the bomb parts on. I imagine I. How close to become sort by guys who that I would be different amendment bad guys that as cooler than some words as he went full cargo pants all the time. Karen is keeping his options open. Our respective weather changes a lot in this town. True. Hey guys abroad dungeons crab last week because malicious dungy I think to getting good work I like dungy. Does this does not just knowledge drop months. I think to get a good work to meet ratio. You need to get a large pensioners or snow crap. My problem with king crab is a despise her but it solutions. And uncle that lived in Alaska and would visit him get fresh crab. How and I was on scraps a few very common on my work to crab ratio. The problem is I. I'm not a person that I'm a male under original rock crap that we now another weakness in other male blue crabs which I know a lot of them come from Louisiana. Town. But mailer blue blue crabs in the smallest craggy and do the most work for probably at least economy so I'm used to work in port dungy is almost seem like easy you. Nancy to me and Angie is a battle balloon crash I'd go crazy and see us. Yeah I Democrat man yeah it's always good do do eats like burritos over the sank a crack. My pal like cook cried maybe like four to six minutes I mean to it. Most of them like your average patience level is about like a 47 out of a hundred Buchanan dude who's like sex. Yeah have you ever known me to be a patient man has no but do you enjoy barbecue. Yes all right just because this is me on a bomb like of my ribs he was dealing joy right but you're going to clear enjoys making it somebody is may write you understand the processes that are generally go to barbecue. A lot of hanging out this net. It looked like when you're in Maryland. Actually you did it who would you go lake. So these backyard usually am the newspaper in the news don't those crabs out and he spent a couple of hours out there. Coming in oyster make south exact a guy who don't board that you know say it's a hole to an event yet. The crackle go to crafts. I had them I'm back on board merited Ballard's. Arafat's grabs one time of my dad's friend who lived out there and like he had a bunch of friends and family able we're all at this bar restaurant they have like a big. There's like a bar and then they have back room freeing crowds. We just have like these super long tables and be gathered in the newspaper down in my old bay everywhere on the floor and so vice yeah yours is slate. What is this way rather than novelty of it out I enjoyed but the actual life if I was hungry that would be Douby real frustrating way to get some crap. Yeah well and that your idea you'd like Ali teeny restaurants. And in Ocean City maybe get a Cooper's over and what's our what's that Ocean City I don't know. We go to those places too lenient Jillian like shrimp and crabs easy dealing chicken with it is and it's all. Did this year we need had a soltys. Breakfast. And other wanna go for a long time and just like. Now I guess I needed somebody to go at their reason ago at some point this year but said that mad human interest in mind yeah command to stoke. Point one heard it but I do that there and I just realized that they set out whenever an arm and yet it's also. So auto club until his eyes were talking about crab I'm going to be a real fancy pants here. If you're downtown by the Paramount there's that nice sushi joint public since I sushi. Just go to the bar get of here. It's kind of expensive. For me hearing that they have king threatening injury it's so good. Just a little thing you know that your image is that huge hunk of king. Assembly to a twenty minute that I would you know. For the topic when I was younger this is a bit longer than five years ago we used were holes in our genes now people buy them that way. Yes that bothers me have nothing oust common ironic since they don't pay attention if fashion a lot Carter shorts though I'm a debt in optical hole. That's that's fine. And dad's just those who workers estimate that about fashion to Mikey you have jeans with three holes in them it's fine if you get jeans with holes it's not cool. Yeah I'll Wear my cargo shorts though the polls and the Jakarta committee that I go to all navy on an island halfway. Through it foresee a cargo nets then now. But you are talking about like Cobbs that cost vs value guy all the time like. One parent cargo shorts from old navy is like I don't know fifteen bucks present an iPad there's super cheap over there. And that. I eyewear from damn near every day in the summer for like 45 Summers and RO. And that they are all time for an affair and it got down that is caused valued valued. And line nine yeah name. Hey guys. Discuss some dreadful facts for you guys are all threats stuff. I forgot about all that threads of the fence erected there that's fire that is pretty funny got me dreadlocks existed in most Asian cultures at some point or another. What Georgia dreadlocks sew up some debate. The earliest found evidence of dreadlocks is an ancient Egypt however many other cultures wore them including. Have never know how to say the words Selz celts. The CE LT yes. Oh late Celtic were actually Celtic it off the celts yeah we see Celtics in America but it certainly be a parent celts and germanic tribes so I wouldn't consider someone who isn't black wearing dress cultural appropriation. Check box made a comeback with rust foreign hasn't since is considered an old testament hairstyle. Sampson may have had dreads. Epson. Mile fountain. I've got to say it's not that. I don't have to science and I gotta say it's not my favorite hairstyle significance now and Samuels side that since they're dreads are not knowing I have to maintain them but that doesn't mean it can't look great which chairman much like a black Greek god. Love casts you guys rock. Johnny. Yes we're I have a great defense. And I thanks John don't you started on. Cultural appropriation. Appropriation appropriations. What Miley Cyrus. The whole split yeah I disliked SI mean about that today would it mean. The group united. Guys you think that Owens is like the mean that I saw was seriously saying that she was like. And I could trying to like get the shock factor of being like super like hip hop and how rank and this sort of like. Thank I don't know like classic like black rapper look and style of dress and now and everyone thinks it's played out which is like switched back to my country like her. It just right she was just sailing well I don't listen to rap as. Much anymore it's all about. Making these chip on my cane and cars in this and that it's late. You word. You informed so you'll never the worked worked in you were working on TV your client a lot of money you're climbing up on down there in in body suits. In boots on my old sixty classic Cadillac slate. You are fully and now you're saying I thought they put it but I still FTSE heard that the Colorado and in my price top ten concert felt. So far right so long to grow into the time at Etsy Betsy was to Oprah I would say it's high play our. Shia site is now via I thought I thought you guys that are mushrooms for that show and was the coolest news late. It was designed her for me and most. A pretty much. That might have been like two other people there are mushrooms there or get them before experience like Dallas if that bear with Toto just packed with people an area and try to improbably. Did put a little girls and how does their eyes. Driving a boyfriend dude this is awesome guys are on the stump and I don't know if you fully appreciate. How magical is this the man. Yet she edges and eight plus performer like my my mind set aside it was one of the coolest by most energetic performances that are seen. I'm glad to hear that now Michael I hear that like somebody has paid not just because a type because they can bring their chosen craft. Yeah cheese grits and did do it for so long and I thought that Petitti was all right but it. I really thought about until I read that it was just like. I just seems like she used. The rap culture and what's up Cobb when we start by Sam Caster hallmark I believe by the stats my podcast app I subscribe to 46 podcasts. And all the commotion. As Dan Matthews solid cast so I never miss an episode of and help QB threw sixty hour work weeks. In home of the Pacific northwest. This is by far the best podcast on line all of it and hold this cast in the steam of the Joseph Rogan that's a powerful confederates and we have and appreciate that. You guys bring excitement and inspiration to boring world class inspire some of us to attack life with com ferocity you do it's half. On the subject of the top topic to five years just haven't left high school five years ago the lingering thought of hacker circles hag sacked six times. That's France physical activity and laughter good stuff. On the jeans topic it's all about color buffalo jeans and Costco. Blew an army green well fitting ridiculously comfortable flexibility. Not to head kick or TTP bit. And Dell accessible 24 dollars and thank. Also Cobb what's your pin on Smart drugs and he takes you through your accomplishments and equal habits you guys have put in place to enjoy life. The way you do. It's our troops are pretty crazy man like a lot of it is about. Fumble for a small I should servicing there's a lot of marketing a lot of hype so you need to do you're an independent research. And for that erratic command examine dot com its previous staff teach us. So actually I don't take any Smart drugs. But currently but I tried like on the NASA knows pretty crazy it's just too powerful for me it's an antenna clock tick you heard of it. It's it was used by Ike quite a few. Sprinters at one point. I'm but yet Santana Clapton candidates it's called a week almost promoting agent technically. And it's sort of like. Think of when you like you're on no drugs no. I can caffeine or anything beer like to say you're like most focused and awake like that power like one hour in the day were it is really liked Fiona and in the zone. It's like that for sixteen hours at my fundamentals of the six in our energy. I'm glad I don't have the problem is though you just you eat up all year a seal calling and so used to supplement with Colin and it's a whole big process. Frankly I. I don't think you know you spend a day recovering from a Z two days worth of work to and one day and he's been a dangerous and so. For me as ours that this mother cool stuff that I like I'm not. I'm not. That they've gone on Smart drugs like after all has been helpful at times. He's just supplements. All the same thing that would fall under Smart drugs so I can interact brass at tam and he sort of from. About five HCP. Yeah after that it worked well for me know some people really like it I mean every everybody's different you know so. On our team to solve it's like yeah it's getting more. Yeah but any sort of like Anne Fadiman so you know I Ater all us for different amphetamines Tom a lot of good results of those and I do. Personally but there's a stroke I'm trying to remember the name of that. It helps you be like. Less. It it's supposed to mimic the effects of alcohol in terms of lowered inhibitions. Without impairing your motor function and have taken back quite a few times I am a little jar but it's over the counter it's legal. I'm Mike Cameron Nam but if I do all cost and on the next cast our farm or billions on so that's it for me on Smart drugs really. I just say supplement that I've taken at all but it's in the past. Prescribed and overused. Whose how to describe. Describe it and then I think a budget supplements. The one I've noticed the biggest difference with. Are these things called adrenal support perjury don't help that I have and I'm trying to look up within them now but basically. Over sixty hour week 65 hourly sought time and when my clients to the gym is that kind in natural path that would ever. And I thought about my schedule is today earlier drills are fried. As they go. Will likely do that as that you sleep morons make. K knew what our success. And do that Ayers. Amid the Hulk and so we just went tell me at this is trying to get me to come in liked. Go through the full day out Michael and I won in my car and looked it up on Amazon. Ayers budget different types but it's got like. So Iberia and new rodeo loved root extract. Holy days a leaf. And in the for track proprietary extract bland as. Bosh will guard their route you know holy days and there are some moments yeah that's an a lot of all the and then wild owed. Milk PCs fresh and she is Sandra buried. You know those are a bit but I think I start taking it and it was clay called doctor Pitt. Can you utter read that label until this they'll run first pass. And then. The then when I started inside is certainly in the united twenty bucks on grounds that well. That seems like something worth it's the end of an out I took on and within a couple days Tuesday. Whoa cool I can sustain my energy longer and might today's seem more manageable. It and less hectic and that's his become cruising altitude again guys era. Very huge help what he's doing is and how they're the only Saturday. The there is there's a few other ones that are more. Now I'm not leg dead set on taking every day out of them by and indeed it is. You know and smooth with Seattle. But gas Smart truck. And if you're getting vitamin. Thanks giving a real guys hope to get out to one of the cast meet ups here one day. PS would love to have this read comic cast sincerely don't come brow. AKA the overly dedicated to podcast 23 year old are AKA. That guy with an anime engine in his garage opposed to much Earnest Graham and rights to life sentences in an emailed Aaron Cobb what talk. I think he's actually an earlier. Problem. Yet IA is dead to me about how to protect your cobra and doctor dope that's cool nice. What's going on boys so I had a question for the greatest podcasts on land all land. Do you think all definitions should be literal Ted stance on cultural appropriation may be wanna do your thoughts on this. And I don't understand how they shouldn't be. Out I don't even know it. What does he mean by that with the past month. Liquor all definitions. Like he's saying like technically. You probably could look it up and say it's. Which. Keeps it cold are perfect and it makes it. The rate you have to take every definition literally. You know I mean lately you don't know which mean I don't think we were zero. I'm not that I don't try any examples I thought my head but I outs is a lot of things that we've. You know should we or shouldn't we nobody is that we don't we which are assigned new meetings to. Like values or whatever like. Help me lose lose a strong beliefs loosely held yet think Nancy xanax and that everything's death. As you can hear the way I'm talking about the dreadlocks now. You know yeah whatever I think to date it was like an article that was late straight people of your own pride parade here six things you shouldn't do. South lake. What Obama didn't even get. And he adding get the terms that I get most of it right they don't try to pick up just don't go to a lesbian bar dripping of lesbians and yeah but I legislate. Of the IN it's literally are straight allies here six rules and it's like sometimes that stuff. Act now the president also very complicated GAAP and sometimes like it's just like fluff article. Is to raiders hypotheticals person rank with definitions wind may change over time to you have like the identity of meeting in the commentators meeting in now. It's like the identity of meaning is basically like here is exactly. What I'm talking about an excellent there's confrontations. Two ways sang and it's not maybe go like literal definition itself. Yeah was this question should we use literal definitions I think. Not all us. Do you think all the tensions have been liberal now I do not. Agassi a lot of things stand behind him but also like something like that aren't NATO wasn't right about that as read too many things yet but it. Oh he is willing to stand corrected stands tallest. I got into a discussion about nine. Tossed in this room. I can't discuss about this because I posted videos and had commented that a person knowing offscreen was incorrect calling the speaker big. Oh yes I would call that person a bigots here someone who goes out of their way to label people as bigots are all over bank. Over zealously. And someone posted the definition the dictionary definition of bigot and my response was. And based on that definition I'm a billion for not wanting to be robbed or murdered. Anonymous same question entitled together what your definition of cultural appropriation. Do you think about it the current cuisine of Italy at least we know of in the US is based on cultural appropriation of the Chinese. As a B modern weaponry based on gun power thoughts are on the line trucker. I think the thing is man going trucker lake. I think taking recipes from places is okay you know to me like the Italians in with the new rules with the Chinese and stuff but I think. I think if you want to Sicily. And talked to all of that and felt that they were all mafia also because you've seen the godfather and that would be bad that's how I can see called cultural probe recently. To regionally just kind of bad stuff without taking the good stuff too. No now but you gotta take the whole thing I don't like where are Miley Cyrus certainly it's fine that you got to. She got to stop kind of being put. Which is a huge difference you know I mean everybody else was and as videos and stuff tsunami blacks and rappers that go through life she got I got to play the part for. So that to me is kind of the difference in into what Italian thing like. You know I don't mind going to restaurants here and you know the Italian food now they taking to the beautiful the Chinese but. And the it's ridiculous that we all figured this sleaze bags. And we'll put him entrance into. I would say American Pete does better than Italian pizza. Look I'll be the basic pitch shared development pumpkin spice latte to but. The last couple years I really liked the Margarita pizza. The agony strata I would let the bastards I've ever had was the only time I've been middle house effort to you guys had a rupees or just from iPad. Random shop on the street and it was I details how he says her. Italy. Air when I was there and both sides sample size. Yours is one and I don't as I was trying to on the best one legit and pizza place and Italy. Maybe it's possible only on. Does that you Adam in Italy we that I got the needs of adequately. These guys I have. No I had one on some island that trio live here exactly. And then had another one in Venice which I'm pretty sure I'm a sculptor a style tickets that I Domino's inserted. Very funny both times I was like how it as I OK I think it's cool but it's that south pizza it's like bin crew does then you know it's like. Way fresher and stuff guys like dude. Like stuffed resin bag the big hit of pepperoni on it steered we got we got this down like we got to get beat. Is this true for that argument be made no question well it's very different stylistically yeah yes seek. I'm with there's definitely time and place I want the American ridiculous style pizza but I think overall like I'd rather eat that dean. Margarita brick oven pizza more. The flavor for per inch for me out of that time pizza was a staggering but. The Americans out it's like it's almost its own dish at this point he now recollect the deep dish in my New York sound stuff like. It's also incredibly good princes like they're so desperate at this point I'm almost almost went in and you know that's fair. Lady out on over there I used to say you know this is cool but. Though the way we kind of hijacked Pete's I'd I'd prefer it. Did a lot like Pete said that because I feel like people just I eat I eat. Consistently try to resist this myself maybe I did too much but he would he would just get caught up in the hype. I being told that time pizzas best pizza their whole life so they go there and they are you expecting it to be the vastly you know like. As best its I've ever had regardless of whether they actually feel that way or not I don't like that in with their friends and every night that whatever peer group there was. And so happy USANA. Pass to. I definitely went over there and I'm gonna have to keep them alive and I have that expectation with not meant either. Prior whether congress on apartment promptly though maintenance dollars. Tourist pizza dollar's. McCain to keep their possible this isn't yet. And then. He does put nearly that's yet to warm bumped to next week Arco. Well maybe it's it's. But yeah. I would spend. That's coolest stranger. It's a vote. Yeah Israel is it was pretty cool and Friday we just lay low and then and so then asked Saturday who woke up in the weather is great. And we've talked regarded Mariner's game which started at six so. Costing us through that and game time app which. Were really really heated seats behind home plate in the 100 public when he twin heroes back. On Friday forty bucks apiece which wasn't too bad and others cruises this leg and eyes stabilized tickets brawl. I all the 300 level ones were right way more expensive and I remember them being on their all like into the thirties I was like oh for 42 or 43. Argo behind home plate and I checked throughout a bunch different apps as he you know so I did my homework but either way. Based on the market that day offense great great value seats had a great time there. Regis did. Not as did got the strawberries. It's less Hewitt the mango ice cream matter that. I will call that that auto. I don't know I'm guys it's custard cost custard via both Custer in the east lake. I never knew a lot it was a thing they read is back in the game and he went to it because it's auto it was Italian nice and custard to tie and I think roster. Right. Now I realize clearly not a lot of Italian I think custard. Don't let him more about iron that it custard. Miriam area missed out that surrounds him better Harbour frozen custard the Abbott I I just thought they there could have been I would like her extra. Player vice aware no rights to air custard conscious custard on the very top and then all lights. Man you know what does that talked to read its headquarters I don't know if there's space and write a little man ice custard ice custard that threw you out there over XP. And it. Guys aren't paved the average man we. Re. Onto us like I didn't talk. Can't yet say what Monday when your back you man Alan he spent three hours the small Democrats need to pick an all day. That you reached a real read it ban. You're out the outside about it too is good but now I feel very this very let down all so they don't have. There are Cisco buries any more bad they day they. As a senator Bob brand now yes Barry's now she's few days out. Still have chocolate covered strawberries. But dare I chocolate drizzle not chocolate dipped and then drizzle and ample sprinkles or nuts on. Yes it was pretty. I pretty underwhelmed by that. What what Cobb. I never made it during horrific nine need to do Diaz but Lucas I know likes it's doesn't name rank. Like some rip off and not an added benefit it's not sister Mary is it something where I'd I don't know enough and I got to from the guy locking up and down I nearly had his legacy. Sunday talk to my mom for awhile and we are talking about baseball analyst at sea coast rate. But it's typical Seattle let me come up and down shoes at Mary's Catholic thing. Now. That he you see who real suspenders okay on the some Mountain View with the resigns drizzle. Get on the presence chocolate have skyrocketed look at all your favorite candies and king sized candy bar now. Two dollars and 29 cents in science online at regular size candy bar dollar 49. That the used to be like 49 cents and the thing is now that famously on the banks takes a one a Snickers can sustain Garcon broken in two bars here champion last chocolate. And also the bag that's why don't you were supposed to be shared a city on home I'm done watching the thing I got there and finally on people's health. And so then the little bag daughter the little bags of all the little chunks LX 450 but you really you're gimmick a Snickers bar half man. It's crazy out there on the streets I was trying to buy candy this weekend. Chocolate prices duty hour upon hour to talk it is yeah Abbott skyrocketing while I. Have no idea man man. I am just an above me are you Paula Zahn now at suited finish the current. Organization that prides themselves on the fan experience over the actual product out on the field you get those god dear she's from Barry's back in there. I you know what I like to be gained Friday night. I didn't realize she is Mary's went there gap through warm my favorite things I'll look forward to if I just berries and garlic Fries. Those are the two icons you gotta get him deepened dots. Yes that you figure if there's three. But I was very underwhelmed. President it is different dots than our readers instead because they are different opposite of the system bears. I didn't yet didn't get crickets I didn't get fascist Barry's thousands sweet gas saw Al Assad as close in the field whatever job that your MI. So before that though we went down to view. Is it taps tacky that's valid. It's really. Let a text did you notice the huge X immediately definitely went after news yeah when I was I I just pastor plays on the bus headed down the Safeco. We'd both like to an afternoon game was until six through to the bust and a pioneer square. Got out it taps and got to say or arts series is great woods yet just teased state efforts on their had to go classic. These that is the closest to me to reject as Bridget is huge and massive. Aussies and I'm not there. So next time try to attach route. No deaths. And now I'd they're me baldness is tonight meatball subs in general you've got as far as meatballs goes on like that's good enough. We don't harm total manual to really get that somebody got Obey frog hair not the choice that you always talk about. And it added paradox too is that it is Vick give it favors for yeah its commitment is so on the go Rouen I think. And that's what it's easy state though. From there and try to. I was I was educated she's an official he's. And then we walked back to pipeline and cargo pants. Yes. Pellet or blue crabs of these target. Made a lot of friends ally and eight. Oh let's not. But you know. Years ago the first of what Anthony's the sun and a crappy. I stuck in old bay and I stuck in my idea cargo pants that's not cargo short and you got my carpets or come up. And then me now you bring seasoning into your pay. They didn't care the girl I was being the times is that you brought in your own seasons mortified I honestly can't get back at it like drugs and a little zip lock bag is opened it up adopted now. I it. Simon. Now that's that's that's yet us Saturday went to pike place them into America walks American as I walked to being moved around the city. Took in the weather and then. Sunday. Didn't do much to terrorists there isn't a bit shadow land west Seattle its own shadow is still open out brilliant but we don't know just yet. We're in yeah who should go her parents house and variance out. We just wanted to food without that little stretch US yeah screen and a shadowy it was right down the street salary goes duh what's that Eliot neighboring yeah that's pretty cool. I'm memorably Lisa hang out that's what's now and I got this against our heads gonna happen. Yes it looks like did factors the you'd expect to it sending shockwaves through the roof lot of disease in the crops it's a very difficult crop to groan I guess cocoa prices themselves are now gone up. Yeah like 40%. So almost doubled and as the every chocolate companies trying to find a way to you know demand is as far outpacing supply. Yet total consumption as ramp. For the older I get some more I enjoyed dark chocolate. Yet it's a fair comment you know PAU sweet taste buds chain like silly me I don't yellow mustard. Here are massive yellow mustard as kid yet. I mean really -- and did like 2526. Due to another one for me was onions are instruments of the and instantly twelve Megyn now. I feel the white chocolate. I like what chocolate but he intervals to sweet sometimes. Yeah activity a lot of men but it's also getting better. I like him more now mandated for sure that I enjoy like a small piece of it not a big piece of canned him as a persecuted like he memorably. Hershey's miniature bag regular holidays whatever it there was a crack all the mr. good Behar and the regular and special dark. Is that it eats that art theater stuff it's awful and now Michael special. Two he had been trying and need to do more research and how the taste buds change and wine but it seems like pretty chilly just dull. You get older just dull I think that's what you take more bold fluently old people will always eat like. Crazier boulder flavors. Maybe but then like what's what's up with someone like McDonald's taste in really good kids but like not that could do adults because he put sugar in their Fries. Well the pressure in the bond to basilica why would all do not like sugar to taste buds are doled and they want that extra powerful kick their burger. But I think you need bigger flavors thus slate or people generally prefer it Worcester sauce Leah was this year this year I don't know I was fascinated. But yet that's what you see like older people generally and I enjoy it like more peppers and onions here. Announcing a dark chocolate meticulously because your pay taste buds dull and you need something bigger to give him. Thus the simple messages tennis salty sugar be seen the light dark chocolate I feel like cheap. Chocolate doesn't taste as good that you Wallach richer. I guess that is right players and what you like raw milk chocolates awesome. And they say is go right get more McCormack or truck seemed about to me seemed like you appreciate the nuance of dark shards as a kid star Charlie justice of like bidder. He had better yet you say is as I mean take it tastes change rather than Mike but it's not time just as you taste buds dull as you get older. The Soweto just regenerate every seven years or someone that. Citizens are planning to resource and I remember hearing. Also is very cock eyed I dev wherever you're hitting it. That your case what they've read generate every. Certain many years 57 that might that and as a result that's why you like different foods like you know I used to not like canyons now like onions and you know and you know broccoli and Caron tonight random things that. Via and having some that's just vegetables don't sound you're when you're younger. Image but there's definitely been taste good shifts in its eye he's not be able to handle spice at all. And some as a bit the taste buds regenerate after after a while America. Hole which makes sense to take you out of your older body's constantly regenerating itself has just always are the ages adult they just dollar overtime thus you can eat does beer bold flavors. Contraris totally announced that it kind yeah I'm trying to re just found out what our whole army of people it's time to kill their jobs and it you. Oh. And propped up. Live. Easy one this week we were talking about it's before the cast retired bouts. The head of the FBI getting tired today. In the snow and they're saying you're parties and you know I'm don't. As you've been dumber it's been hurt. They've lost about thirteen I run respects a man committed to his team. Even if Vijay and suspended him for the big game seven iron out just millions of video of that hole that you pitcher press and who got nine out there remember cub leaders agreed in and is under TRE. Well. Via these should really if you really. What we did in 2014 or tore through a Francois Stanley Cup was. Heading into game seven there is Justin Williams lock screen and you'd put a picture of his. Gorgeous face as your background your phone and I'm gonna tell us. I'm gonna cut ourselves out out in my opinion they lose all the time when I watch him so what I've stopped going is watching. All right fair enough yeah. You do your current home and on the night but last week bewitched dale was a white coat and there is three and a half minutes left the caps were up to. They pulled the gulf they gave up two goals and had to go to overtime now luckily they won that game but I turned it often went over to Hannah. And I'm dead serious in my cousin last night obviously you know watching it now. Now not used to your part to watch when parents involved. The world. He doesn't think man I could I mean yeah doesn't warrant I don't yourself in similar. And so there's an LA kings crew. Here in Seattle though I Mujica watched games together some times not as active this year. And I meet any of the need to display it she. I I would say I'm not as active as they broke no affiliation I've been busy all right. Sorry to say this time I got invited you see it I just shot in regard to our shores it's. I don't know what order for years you'd let the Olympics. The hot hot hot hot stuff. But we did in 2014. We Maria I didn't break everybody can mean you have to be angry beaver to watch games and I showed up for the first three games against San Jose Sharks and kings lost all three. Does that well. Not going Denny and to watch game video kings fans at the beaver anytime soon and so I didn't watch a Sinaloa all these like. Cool people that we are of the same deal had a that I just. When black just didn't didn't show up today thing until we had a hard. Championship dvd watching party later that summer there for that but I like I can't talk to you guys can show up to meet up site. They lost the first three games they won album is like 71 or something is bad so you know sometimes got me exact. Writes for the greater good to add an aspect of tandem for that. He said when black was especially in England went dark where you're with I thought talk to you live as it went black death he. I had I that was yeah a went black dude. Announcements have been there off the grid man dad did or did totally. I literally takes its element today and I want has gone dark path her path. It also could be races by when black you mean stop watch hockey it's tough talk. Birthers by that. A I'm Tommy and I couldn't this. So the president to make their email accounts public as in Mike you know like how they're site public records request. For information. Ike is are those public document summertime and a personal email about there. European size of their interns are around tiger about like. Their professional work you know it was highly classified should reveal that should realize and we should be as public be able to see and feel free email us you know of the podcast dot com we will read it. Or has opened Twitter machine. At the podcast to these. Simple answer no no there's many stuff that goes on that government only we need to know worship with the obligated to answer. The Germans asked at this week that government can be more transparent in general. Play the and that's the solution. Yeah. I mean I think I will say it is the common cancers if if you have a home if you have worked classified stuff. On a private email and yes. In in discoverer whatever in the court that you become public we should see you should be Smart enough to have that security clearance that you're not doing. When your private email. You know but yeah I think the classified stuff that goes on like. We don't need to know it's part of reason FBI director having got fired. His tee yesterday. In the in and they in in that congressional hearing. They ask them something about the Russians in second it throws why can't say anything if there's an ongoing investigation. How would the White House knew that investigations going. So I think they have secrets within each other or yeah. You know I mean the struggles for power amongst the branches and stuff yeah I thought I. I don't now. For me I think I think there's some classified stuff that should declassify the yeah I don't know for sure I also had no issue with WikiLeaks some of that stuff and some of the stuff they released on the not CIA but that NSA spying basin on American citizens but that's a big part of constitution that gets violently that. Yeah I'm gonna do so the president after amendment. Sure well I mean he's crazy I mean that's a hole deeper conversation to write my music starts you know way back in the day no offense would say to Gmail to the first speak being that you give up. That much digital information in this man. And grew was good about it they say no but. At the end of the day. If you have that much information of private citizens trust the government can come along river and there are an attacker but they're rigor and slamming your windows and stashing your accumulated Big Easy where that are doing it I don't have. Have to get it right in Gmail that's what happened. But they figured out that the aid attached to software android is least the ones that would give to our general fund vulnerabilities yeah 100%. Russian lake stuff like that dynamic knowledge power. And. What do you think dude. I think there's no way that nation had have to make their emails publicly maybe like fifty years after the fact or something you know a thirty years like some sort of but I mean Summers had. He so sensitive and even if it's just something that would offend a foreign leader you know like you don't want that out there about level on Mike state secrets and things like that I think in that. Incidents like the need for secrecy trumps the need for transparency. I think that's why you have congressional hearings on stuff he knows that bring some that stuff off the light this isn't right you know but you're the average rarity now you know it's like. The air buddy Joseph told Latino dance and he he stole somebody else the damn thing nobody's watching. In email like you'll be read aloud in a deposition since holes. Now you call it's picture dude but I like Europe you people should be much more careful with emails and they are. Well haven't they are folks can't let me go out there and elect constitutes our record through pre you know us. When you want more and not feel good but you're really and or reasons we are right now I'm good I'm strong unity is down into one. Yeah Leo and this cast. Last I hate for a ATP perk up a debts it is the podcasts years.