Thee Podcast Episode 190

Thursday, August 31st

This week we talk strip clubs, imaginary bachelor parties, and recap Summer Meltdown.


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And is that a weird sound is that just my headphones. Are a little bit feedback when you put your head when I put on approach like that he's still here weird sound. Now attacked but now most peaked yesterday from sports nicely sprint now idea was planned out pick up soccer Capitol Hill. And there was like a team has scheduled game. And they needed players select all complaint with you. And I got to end and my buddies this plan on the other team and realize and so on or around Horrow Iconia sort of mid feel like tic. And America unite sub out. And one of the guys. And Eudora. Jessie Becker misunderstand smells like Jose Garza Alec yeah I mean I had a whole public John's pizza alliance has come back to bite me. With that yesterday yes yesterday did it's funny because it's everything he lark on do you Papa Jon. Now. Somebody sent me a message on caterers on Twitter email and just like our rating to the other data pizza place. Never pizza place I know the months ago a month and a half ago operate out of that out with the puts them out of the little like the dirty pizza place that's open like talked for an am root out these forgot seized dude yeah out senate. Also wanted to that was oddly economies don't expect and I just said laughing and even sailor from Miami is gone like. Its secularist political appointees are acres to match. I got a and I got this new Syria which keyboard or push Jeff made on. Aha with the assay and that's always my thing and lifted its forecast but like you could tell the night. By the pizza in the morning. So it's like how we got you're stumbling on the order pizza early. If it's like Milan and looser like pizza bomber base leave bits of wood Ghazi Europe pizza mart like you were up to like four. You made some remains questionable decisions yet and then it you're like screw it let's keep this pizza and today defense. Whatever you order pizza at that time and Heath thank you either drunk or stoned or something like. I don't know that this thing to please are good but it always tasted that night. They get it done yeah bottom line bigoted and they get to you'd still ha you know decent price. Pilots that are up. Think we podcaster at this isn't just any I guess just any podcast couldn't do this. It's you. Starting deep studs and treat starting these cats and dogs. You'll let her Wear a helmet and. These cot death. The third 190s with the which avoided debt that will be hosted here podcaster podcasts and all the land all day the left of me is right now. My old burner body quite good for any Philly here we. If he's not be somewhere in southeast Asia on two wheels good running a cop out what's going on Dow Jones Industrial Average cents up nearly two points today as crude broke through the forty dollar mark natural gas production exceeded expectations for the second quarter growth. And for all you podcast bulls out there I hope you ball on the debt because shares of the podcaster breaking records and winning grammys up nearly 9% an all time high of 187 and a quarter. On Kabul in the history of a meltdown the boys being on point beer garden and Mitch posting a banging out to party. With a good shot times continue we'll find out. That's expert. I factor that we as a steel hit in the studio also without hope how can I go about punt. For Ed for the moon dome back cover the producer at CTP width of a man. I don't explains why people. You know we just don't have headphones anymore than you guessed at least he has compliant treated you are fired for you today in my off to the what's man in the intro. Yet that's result we need a phone that. We're gonna talk some about melt down the first I just on the say. Thank you to Mitch Matt's dad for hosts and it's over for the US patent for UFC fight for the economy breaker. Floyd Mayweather. Ethnic box boxing trait which we can talk about that we want to put more importantly. May in the house is so much fun and different terror links the mayor just a fact what we were Saddam will make every play you have to admit to placate guys that eat six like things there's party. It was night. Kia is an undercard for a reason Republicans didn't get it up but he bitch whatever save a billion a certain point he's got like it. I by two guys over for the fight not just for the late partner just enjoy my pallets. Yeah but the lake with wholesome so here's the funny story wanted to tell right. So if you if you ever hang out with matter whatever you go to his parents house which could be nicer in eagle. I think it's fair to say he likes the right which mad at the same way and I've been there with you to like your very welcoming. So the families a hole like the host right. And as soon as you show up he's back chick in fruit which by the way if you're swimming in a body of water chicken fruit deeply watermelon chicken and you can't go wrong. So then what what we're sitting in the kitchen I do you know Mitch when these days at a steams and SharePoint. He's like oh yeah Hosley Yemeni youth how partisan the duke. Actually admit it's pretty simple as that some Beers some water them all day. These guys like we got in I can keep a little pay at the does little containers and don't get much in jail and use could you make old bank. You know castle like salt pepper paprika and he's and so results of that. I became he starts pulling everything out I don't like I keep talking about he's like a pale like this the pale like that I'm kind of buzzed up party. In a band like that were perfect it's pretty simple but if I know it. This bastards pulling troops out of an attachment without like all right I guess the Stephens. What's it was an easy images funny like he walked me completely diplomat rapidly it would LCD when Alec tunnel walk the walk cal went up I didn't expect his breakout trip from the for a bridge with a dart through Steve's trip. How to come out. They were good Matt you have some. No I'm not sure got a much talked about that of at you like your steamed shrimp is the way to try it for regular second ago and yeah but it is time I've tried it randomly in the past it's not them all right. I remember your saying your mom has like of the special way to do and it's from a hill bay killed eight and an episode here's my question for you guys shrimp. Prawns. I mean I like both lonely they're not that much they're not really how desperate they were the same thing that's exactly my question I think the same thing are not because I've heard both. I I've heard vote every time I don't like either. Every time we've said that the theme being so many calls that it's specifically like this is what makes a surprise on. In this short well there's like some of skiers on the I think it's really just summit skiers being that makes one on one tree. Another call my friends farming elite tiger shrimp in his basement counseling for seven years. Yeah and you'd like flash freeze them and send them Japan news like you were talking about like seven 295 dollars shrimp. The tigers. I don't know outsiders like some weird his you want in this guy's basement 15 funniest human government pilots my body you know I'd Jesse the bound. Yeah of course it'll would rather I used to be a gang banged around California literally triple gold veins scar cutlass supreme. In high school workers who don't just. We will take it with. And the pumpkin or is that the vote. Pumpkin at the pump it for us the great American ball well that Obama thought about yes of this little brother so he's like it. Whatever and so as a long the long back. Point historians he's on his camera now I've never Matt one of the five for his brother Matt and he. He's always been dead all I've given top right now but it's never met. About those other four he's a whole is involved in some like weird business he's the only guy to beat the human ever quest tallest or at some point but. Really committed leadership in his basement. Is he still running trick now man now he can and casino games so apparently. He so he just went busted the latest word on rob is now and sit down in Florida apparently knew what happens if he sure seems. Okay do it also since retired about it we'll talk about it so our. Originally uses just loved we'd biggest owner you've ever your iris writes he's like you know hustle on a couple. QPs on the side whatever to make it through this is like. Mid ninety's are probably time Ali ninety's. And nice at play in the scheme ever quest ever classes and and the mile so like world war. Are those giant games you play around with a bunch of people it never ends always quests and side missions and whenever there is no beating again. He's the one person history to ever beat ever quest on 300. So. He he's in this like guild Klan and call on this group that go on adventures. And there's other persons group this ranger. And our notes are. She's arranger. Whenever I knew him so that a character mr. on missions together whatever they certainly you know talking over like you know the text chat voice whenever mr. before. Before it's this is for like. You know FaceBook Clive and all that stuff so. It's gone missions of the stranger about like 23 years and he's really funny at times are cracking jokes to this thing and now. Finally she's like hey two to meet up in real life. And he's like toll free one now like this just like. Gamer dude witnesses whenever turns out she's a Penn State cheerleader. He flies over Pennsylvania meets her Mary's they're smoking high. And if three cats and all right you're saying he'd beat the game being physically beat beat him physically BP is the only person to win and then get out of a game like our and I got more out of it than it got out of me so you farm tires on for awhile now he's in the casino game which basically. Apparently and I don't know all the details almost holed. While drinking is that you can go to a casino in Florida and you can beat them. He enroll in with your own money you can be playing as house in a couple different types card games so apparently he was doing that. Cash last year and a half and recently he jacked plane now he's gone off the radar the last. Six months so involuntary at the piano and somebody got a real hot hand. Military problem he's operate Arba hope we will resurface. And I hope I can assure. It wouldn't shock me man can be is go to. For my music trading magic cards and stuff like you said that's a great hustles. Yeah. I think that's not have a friend like that but they're always in the south than and they are never. I now than ever hurt you completely but there are always a kind of work and some weird angle on this or that demon. But I also have friends that I IDB's just scammer some speakers and I don't buy there's this much I think is pivoting scheming and scamming. I. You know like Lawton plot and always bullets gaming if you are a little bit more. Deceptive. Dominic you you know you're trying to actively. Screw been the other person over for your own game. I think scheme and still has a bad diminishes me about scheming has some bad connotation I didn't hear about it out out there yeah Naia. Obviously about rightly and act like a thing about my buddy don't like he's always legal work email. And it's like a new restaurant or listen like he's he's legit consulate. They have a completely the other kind of it was like he was always keeping like method every works out but everyone I talked to on the flip. Just got to energies for this exact thing it's like. Is this money that her body which he stash of. All right. I mean. The Macgregor Mayweather thinks I here's what you say kind of went exactly how we thought it. Yeah I says more exciting marathon could event. I thought might have been been pretty boring and they both. Both made it. A fun fight to watch for everybody. The hype was the most fun part and you know having an Austin. Gathering of people over to celebrate and enjoy a nice day with those late. That's what it's all about so. The fact that the fight didn't completely suck was just an added bonus by that. Point yeah. The other story you'd like obvious. You know an accidental full grown adult Maryland it just seemed scene with me but just static. Courtesy to his mother. We'll sneak him on the back where lake lake behind the girl hides its focus with fright and we're sticking in there and as I've hit it. Here comes his mom walking and I would suppose like you are we hiding from her defense got a I. And that really good imam I guess we just go back to the deck then I'll get we just voted the living room now are how we doing this impunity. But old habits die hard Mets. Well I mean that's what they like I I knew issue Billick you know what I respect will have courtesy plan yeah right there's no there. Because you know that smoke weed you know it's just like jail time not heat not there right in front of you as then I go to politely move out of the way and then she shows that loves to play it. Hey. The other and other rights movement and with like. Ilya boat and jet skis so we're gonna go get gas one night so stayed behind the pump you do that 7-Eleven we lost there. And that goes in and and he's back now like real quick hook if he's very proud of hopes up probably decent dude you'll believe it upload it what. Just tell the story hurts so Lockett at 7-Eleven. And they as time walking as I opened the door Simmons finishing their transaction. And others. A gaggle of five high school girls. Walking from the solar. And so. I'm saying. And I get they're basically the exact same time as them. And technically there in the store first so I assume like maybe they have shocked and hear me now. As a person fish is they're transaction. And you know. They're try ended pullout there individual debit cards and I'll do their own transactions with their pants there on the phones itself. And I it is like. Reach your account right. Seventy and three Richard and had their panties like all right guys is booked it out of there and make I'd maybe I'd caused them at 32 delay tops I used. It was quick and courteous and it's problem I mean. At least five minutes it probably if they all get individuals therapies I don't expect the courtesy of I came in we should just let this guy go coming from them. So you have felt like a real moral victory when I got out there. Didn't screw over high school girls for personal gain that was the right move yet the the power moved. Dude in her moved everything out yourself yeah Huntsville adolescent into an important big problem that broke out he actually. About a either way it was good we is a Democrat for a slippery anyway de autos is they use a debit cards in their minimum now. Now not settle on this annulment on the I think I tape kind of you know I feel like. When a is that the mom and pop shops they'll charge you fifty cents Thursday that transaction future get they get charged for it than me he gets five bucks yeah yeah and so. But when it's a big giant corporation like units a year or something and get some as they have dollar and eyes Idec are. So you they pry out some arrangement with visa like their. There there get a discount because there on that seem like huge levels level but either way I feel like I'm getting one over on the man when he's later when I use my debit. For super cheap transaction. Him as a thing to kids these does they've never heard of the original that the current cash. This happen I did in Havana dollar 76 my appeal like c'mon bust out two bucks yeah do Gaza Strip club few weeks ago. And so maybe get some Lafayette since the very much enjoyed. And maybe I hate in me and she is they. Yeah legislate. Cusick it's either going get cat. I have to wait you look of the ATM to reach your acting like ultimately like hell yeah I was born in the eighties for a quick and it just your club quite usual for sure but without. He had to news from the plastic I deserve an exciting about. Throwing. Yes that was also the last time you heard the term what you're doing cocaine in chewing on the invisible sandwiched. Is looking to kind of be like. Hang a couple of minutes of yet about. Once I heard that from Sean Kenny from alpha chain that he's the person that you have to be kitsch you know businessman credited. But that when I was leaving that strip club there is play. The four bros and they couldn't tell lake and I kind of spiky blond hair for some reason I assume they are Australian. But they're all groups are on the ATM. As an excuse me in the hunt centered around. No problem the like Orton was. That's airports yet. Also pro tip. You're gonna go to a strip club on weekend beginning at 1030 Indiana there were going midnight and the visible sandwich people show her. So strip clubs cut offs a little bit later in the borrowers. For when you wanna be and now. Says yeah those same principles. You go to the bar till eleven and you get the strip it adds league in waves yeah you wanna be just one just like I have a dodge ahead of Democrat who got. Yet that's basically were re. Or Raila. You want to lock in our does that mean it's Walken and as there is a little until three right right that you don't want to be their Q3. I well almost they have been on the flip side I've been there for 23 that was terror bureau wanted to waste it guys. All on a percent death like going out to have. Since then with the equipment is aren't they could pull up a fireball. I I was one of it was always a fun. Yeah women at the strip club was in Seattle detritus on neatly. Liquor. Probably why we either you stole that liquor where that is not real liquor in late either way. I've not buying liquor off the street. I met manner principle here I am finally found her quicker in a parked car go back to shook up my final street here's the real question what are we gonna strip club in Seattle the three foot rule I feel like it's just. Now just pointless at that point it's not real. Reading through the rules via. Depends on the girl. And the club fair enough. I haven't been. Honestly it on the up and discipline in Washington since that rule in effect that's how much psychologically. Affected me. They got an edu distant cigarette smokers are we stand 25. Pete from the entrance hey look man I don't make the rules deal and everything and I hear him assailant Los socket three foot rule but it sucks because there's no booze. I don't think that is just the with the likes to drink I mean it just sucks because the vote. Right lake. Instead of late the girl coming over in Chechen yup and you buyer couple drinks that you just kind of sitting there and then she's an argument simply can't washed Errol clinical I usually don't ticking time bomb frankly don't go anywhere that's rightly you don't really wanna hang out and there's much. Yeah yeah. I don't injury in last silences a strip club. In Portland. Went to use the Acropolis and yet used I don't drink but the vibe was totally different I've all of the girls a drink and liked the urges in there hanging out and you know there's. You know one on 11 or two on the stages depending they they had to a locked in Allentown of one. Wasn't super crowded or whatever but like. You know let's just say if you just hanging out it was totally way better vibe even if you don't after Italian animals are hotter CS big money their girls Ausprey. What are the girl's night lives up in Seattle is there a strip since the hour's drive down here on the weekends and pay my bills doing that. There's a ton of those girls yeah and I don't play possibly the east of Portland or just more fun. So much yet more chill too like they're not just about money haven't had time. The next thing yeah yeah but the doubles plays doubles point. At this point in annihilate Cassidy out 'cause the diablo the house of the two models. Yeah I think that's officially closed Acropolis with after mr. Clemens Portland. And you know they opened a cast diablo mere Acropolis. Hello on a funny fight between like the place that sells burgers and stakes in the B. That's really which cast doubt wondered imagery for being beaten we would just go there again. African at a colors. Yeah that was the of this one right electing him some tips the girl we eat cookie. Before we do is likely vehicles use that banks would no problem. That I cash and agree that I have a pot but a pocket for Rico. Let your your choice debit card or security. Yeah that was also the infamous night I wake up in beat on them for a bachelor party so I wake up I'll leave my buddy's name or stain and a really nice hotel. Davenport. Forget the name it science. And yet probably is that it's got that that restaurant urban farmer yet. Are the respect that the ninth right in one of the things is that gives you room service where for hours a day. To the next day I wake up. And there is less I mean the saddest little side Caesar salad or seen the bite. There is a gorgeous look at hamburger that you tells cords at one point that clearly has to buy it. And then there's that sticking with five double leg because somebody ate more and the the morning following my body and I knew what to solve obvious. You pretty wasted and very insistent that I ordered something so far everything I man I'll take the sites if it's now. Leisure real excited 8182 bites your burger you what does it. Is that a real good look at it later if they are really good look at stripper and avoid instead does that hurt did I. I wish you suggest that it's that it would far yet. Obviously. We had him. One guy high on that trip. He's just very smooth with women. Does that talking mismanagement of the dude he was up there's a Florida hotel that like as challenges. And like he's kind of like a party for so he was up there yet to the strippers convinced to come back the party but like the guys that can organize the big league basically the pastors like. It's my party when I haven't strippers hotel room and I don't explain. And I thank. He he gets to pull rank on the that's Aaron right happened that was I don't like company's got a point. Eight and he just not that. And here's the deal with the blowback which even if nothing happens right stuff to deal like what is so whenever now like. That it's not all contain lead they're could it's like toxic waste underground you know like there could be seepage years from now. He's gonna have to deal on. And sometimes that's exactly right it just sounds bad by anybody texas' affected yet. You I mean I'm originally it jealous person and I dated girls before and though tell me the story endlessly. What what what Barbara human who released. Late drinking all night with the but to do it for the Marine Corps what else go and you don't need to sounds bad I can't do that honestly that's always breaks my heart likeness like that sad romantic CE. Bachelorette parties that are out and the prize like. Making Alec to it's like here that like someone on their bachelorette party elects not to someone arms like him. You should begin here. I. I mean dude I'm with you but again I've never been married to meet easier to judge but I would like. If you need to get that in like the night before like maybe you should begin. With but what that said. I am a huge proponent of fight you think bachelorette or bachelor party should go to strip. Ode to defeat the old there could buy and snow after Purdue on a hundred. Nothing wrong with that. Yeah as you get extra attention negative thing break while we they'll bring up onstage even after parties are there find out due up onstage it's a whole thing. On the end yeah that's too mean within within the proper context that's lake. It is reasonable tax book make fun and hey how about you married bill like that. That's a strip club experience like at its finest you've been a strip quake there's. There's a CD sketchy awkward. Strip club experiences. That are out there waiting period to be had but the bachelor bachelorette party experiences like one of the best things that that. Offers where it went on to itemize homegrown trying to blow the thunder from down under rise too much alliance bankrupt you want to but I know lots. Cricket wicket Pickett. He Europe's can be a smell of freshly signed divorce papers yet everything about what would you do for your bachelor party. We had a. I'm so far from bad universally tough spots. Still one acquire a woman well and I'm with you. But like the bachelor party thought. I just love the result because it's like girls growing up they're dreaming of their wedding and Michael flowers in my guidance and pull the slide. Man. I don't lose she is doing Matt batch of party rules around. When we go to Dallas baby. A little worse first black cowboy hat I'm going now ha ha I want to strippers in an open bar. Look at what's your batch welcome to what's your bachelor fantasy you've been 610 years over there. I. Off what's a lot of apps. If goes less so yes I'm confident I'll put a couple look at the East Coast. We've read this week and immigrant and put operatives watched it get blown out by a body found it just tailgate he like a six what's the public to look at the bad stuff. I think. Probably in the strip club Puerto half strippers and a house there you go. And like that and are what goes one I just wanna go to a cabin with a budget dudes in the Pacific. Like I. House you know like they do we go hiking Monday may be you're sort of in a river like we get outdoors were Connecticut haven't really injury did just doing whatever it is devoted to this camp. I. You're going to be and I we got to let me again they get on that. Yeah. It's him we will get to the playing phased roll and hope you can commissioners that are hopes to. We talk about two cabins. I don't know. We got we got talked about India right now. And again look at Ted's a winning plan for getting them back in London where pressing issues here that's our pocket. Problem. Nobody else that thought about that holds. Then that's I've not out of I've thought about. Getting Mary did you know like how we ask you know and what the wedding might look like Brit I have the after party at cross my mind. I think maybe just because I didn't support of everybody else is a dislike. I'm ready for this fine I'm gonna really get married Billick I'm ready to have a bachelor party. And ready for everybody else to feel like these come per visit you're whether he got a bachelor party do bass their priorities Missouri bachelor. But didn't but then it would take away from my act never got better. The I was your refund I'm in other very cap campers here I like it. I don't do that all the time or at least once a year to light up a bachelor party this temperature to be completely different. View of what did I did that was one of my buddies and it was a great part. They would like to happily got a caddie Danny Green water I should do would bet. But for his we get a cabinet agreeing water but the first night we just played like beer pong and drink which which fireball all. And then the next AB got up to the gondola to the topic crystal. Like I just walked around and try to. Try to slide down the snow fields on on our feet which everybody else did not go well for me and diplomat at the very wet but. The other we went back in like one guy but he Oliver. Cooks this amazing chicken and it takes them hours to deal so he just sat there on the barbecue grill very low heat to start cooking chicken for hours. It might mean Ben and his brother and all over to the river Alex were to say it was just a fun time this. Sounds weird but it's such a fantasy having an on what was it about the that's also object in the it got to get any Fortier could get the crew. Get a let it snatched and second. I can equate Wii two do you agree times food. Printed. This is putting today on the air is that it's in would you want for your funeral the what people have Miller Light red cup this fixed with sub paragraph I ran regardless of minimum cry at the funeral and afterwards you do the same Ted Smith stuff we always you feast. That he eat drink here or your some moments sausage dip recipe in my will also act can be there all men should relax. I'm not gonna we'll let anybody. An outdoor as you know how will you would recipe I'll wilt the body. The number of like my sister's somebody in the family that make you decide who gets up I've picked the boom. Beneficiaries from an oppressive why should say that she would give it to anybody I gave applicable people to choose what I learned that from my friend that's was given out. Over them like independent. And dies with the idea it's it's got to spread to so albeit slowly you know restricted to say what bill. Operation with a speech different speak. Yeah I'm also a special recipe honestly I'm not the guy for either of those tips are. I'm not really I cannot I don't host people off and Matt love the space double attend any any part of the Spanish dip or the sausage to does that. But I don't know that I'm your guy. All right that's fair. You don't mean I don't know that I would do it justice by making it. Multiple times during dip season give the people and that's all right I'm sure Mitchell of the match as a for the. Oh. And how pat have a hope that I you know my period before we have I think I am not sure if new immigrant under she'd over there. Well I had another L Chandler in this town I had I had shrimps and gas which we talked about it two for two at summer melt down down get there. You got a quick thing on meltdown Italy are who hasn't made on the bracelets it's Amber's name. I don't remember you I was trying to sell you aren't you can meet up. Now I just had mine given to break Greg Davis has it was at a virtual sports we did so cool yet. Yeah how can I just say that whoever the hell you'll are those things are. Awesome that was like my power peace for all of meltdown. Tons and I I when I got under Islamic I don't know maybe I'll just throw on the costs and try and see if I use it. That's like my costumes are now themed around that bracelet Scott. It's for people who don't know it's a white. Beaded cuff with. Yellow lightning bolts on. And it makes me feel like I am some might anime cartoon character runaround and firm bass anyway. And dozens of compliments people love it it's a major power piece I was rock and the whole weekend thank you that thing is rat. I was I was that guy mine too maternal and AM mylar upon medallion from. Johnston. Is the main east chase yeah I call them just in and I got the right of it was I who are Cobb the yeah. As it just in Isaiah. I just look at his Twitter. PS Jason is a sick photo view on the summer melt down and sir Graham. Day after. That was a copy because I talked to do you were caught in the wrong maybe it's just. Due out very careless hear everything clearly you. And I got a little guy's name in late night tent the first pocket you know Jason sorry amnesty in the near our nightmare economy now but tech got he had some amount mr. Graham has a sex abuse in the yeah and I write it from my apologies T Saturday had a lot of fun on the river it's actually a lot of fun Friday. I got away from me had enough sleep pledged to Saturday. I showed downer is pathologies of things that what happened do you because I think it's you in the late attentively and I was I was artists. You know Europe the full night and day on Friday to Saturday. Yeah without Lleyton workaholic and power sleek and then yeah yeah I honor I'll get those that Saturday morning. Or afternoon we came into. To order. Well that's the other crazy things you know what that bracelet right and so. Yeah everybody got what they're weird things right power peace patent stack. So for work cut off technically the penalties yet so for whatever reason money. I'm having my social these people like I don't pick my. I pained him once before and burning. Opinion mails a bird and I'm. Yeah Michael helped me out well the other thing too is they are going in the dark secret really tell during the day that they repaid with only underneath black like them. So Friday night with gold night we're all gonna Wear gold stuff. There restate their nails. Even the gas in just don't know. And I turned down once intends like moment page emails. Right to look at it honestly was not feel super confident. And then I'm looking at all we can and then Sunday in the beer garden. The bartenders cute chick and she recognizes my voice or whatever synergies that we you to address again. So right when you should take some Nicole and shocker I can't freeze up if and she. At 600 cool I I broke. I've just got to stand having them now right there's no reason like to be a acrylic there's nobody else in mind it's the middle afternoon on Sunday. At any issues they pour the beer she goes oh I like your nails. I'll think I'll really. Campaign for me just your here retirement and now. Terrence physically trophy with me she is here with her boyfriend. I'm here with the lone campus hang in front page that you think are cool videos you around later sells like all right the pain it feels right about it. They're gentle sounds similar my plan on Saturday we are all camp and we wanted to go hang on the beer garden. And to rally people I was like let's just like come with me to. Like ghosts young man that little backed party connections and a Elliot Michael what are we need to do like you listen music rounds like we're gonna go sit by the bar and put out of the I doubt about it we did you really that was also that I'd open led to the bar for regular 45 minutes just about the man. Yep and a couple we met that we're lark burst yeah they're great they're travel around the country and stuff when he was cool seeing them actually got to say the big shout to everybody that licences podcasts and then. Maybe the bold move it to show that belting out you have time. Yeah I mean even when I was driving in my in my RV right tense there with me in this this woman just starts walking in and are vehemently. Just you know her I don't know her. And then that we've been looking at her fifth we. And she's like immediately my husband's up the air listening to the podcasts right now a quick execution that you know we gave it all went out off. Via amicable harbors a lot of fun. Once man it was there's a Lotta Lotta love down it was tootsie Josh. The runners at the couple harbors in the woods like 3 in the morning actually did you yeah I owe it to other states and Arnaud like on the weight at that stage like one of those streets that are too there's so many cool camps in the forest. Well we know half of the E Street orphanage eighth. That's chasing in and then. With Dylan. Forget somebody else that we've seen those guys for years. Yeah. On the UFO camp and made friends with but there that by an actual weight. Life size like UFO and I can't ask really it's just tell he loved aliens all over the place and stuff. The one of the guys. In that camp works out at night Jim and I seen him in the gym. On currency where's. Metal band cut off yours through whereas Sonoma go outside the abortive Osiris out as sick to lift the you know on these ballots that he would. And so. Is kind of cute seeing him. And the you know got them right oh we talked about the metal bands insert her wearing at the gym at melt down. I'm blessed came up woo woo and in the goad the answer the flu disease that right right towards the front on late. And yeah it is in the up poking or sat back embassy were cool. BI just walking down the streets and just seeing all that all the way it went sets at their camps. The force stays obviously. It was really cool this year Rite Aid they ramped up. With the the decorate reduction in the decoration those trees that when you look up at the trees the way they are lit up was just. Yet Loma mind yeah diesel that there and cranked. Do you go idea that a bunch of like neon tetra heat and hanging up amongst the trees and it's all about black clients the trees the sounds are wrapped in like. Silver reflective raptors the school. Weird like. Moonscape time and immediately in the middle the force that you're standing on like small silly soft ground like that that's only Alex Griese is going out that only cracked. In like catch all the equipment out here with a match at a school four stage is so cool. Yes but overall not a great time I know you just scenery you're probably the best whatever. He has a lot of fun. You know let. Knowing a thing I had on there it's just I don't wanna get into it we've been having a nice not quite Arctic cat's hair lets the vote three to be it'll. We got a bunch they'll try to kind of blister on the hand for your autumn so yeah I guess we'll just open up like fortune cookies is who we got. And letter you yell. All my greatest podcast I'll Lance all the way it was new guys this cast number one couple things I want sent. Cobb always seem to know a whole bunch random facts or at least that's quite worldly. I was feel like outlines some endorsement do we do this whole host of was he talking about various fields current events Ted the stories you tell on the jokes you make on the podcast for men's room. Always make me think we would have been friends who went as cold nights sounds weird but I get the impression that your just funded beer out yes it's true he hit it. Polygamy guys at some point island Covington and hate travel I'd minute. I am lazy keep gas going in a tennis each and every week but on. AKA the executive coordinator of products or relocation. Means currently stocked shelves that is mind me using me. And my electronic carrier pigeon. It that's cool and you'll have only been recovered and Mike once or twice as a girl I dated her mama don't maple valley but I am. As sound random I've ever go to a Chinese restaurant would come across in the Wal-Mart that was really do it. Parades and marathon like genius dot geez Travis pretty bad publicity it's closed major roads retired. Are for the mini rant about road closures this afternoon Bryant. Also so are for the cursing MC TP nobody will run into you at the robe like concert and bio wanted to make up for Africa. On the top topic a fine TV commercials especially some of the Geico commercials way to find. He knows they're pretty down constant laughing at them even when it's in the multiple years Philly B. That's fair I look at Portland yet to guy diving is the best actor and TV. Commercialize. And oil that lets an epic echo that cynic I can't get it Gekko the art like that the mayhem like media. Oh yes or alternate mayhem Whitney yeah that was that bad. There is pretty funny not pay boys murders your conversation about smoking Metallica. Every time smoke could use so we at Metallica that was the wrong on there that's right but I would never smoke weed your courtesy of their careers or C oxy and I'm like. It's a rock concert rabbit at claim cats do you feel that Seahawks play. I'm. Murders your conversation about smoking and Metallica I witnessed a man without a grinder split a swisher and keep the guts on the ground and start packet. He instructed a beautiful blonde was pulling latter out of his pocket during for whom the bell tolls. When lady for alcohol. Her to came down the steps down the row and snatched it from women prudent amount. She booted my man three sons and they pens of the way to go in any venues and streets out on forests and stab at center fielder Safeco look upon Cody. Thank you coated three of the other problem is still daily a bit when he broke that out. Yeah right minded and ruthless outlet with the whole joy. In venue I alluded to roll joints and had a time and sneak them in in my sock or somewhere other very very travel friendly to and disguise the ball. Discrete and that it's that there is drivable through a time sizable. Is ego but Roy did that garrison and opt for an out hole says he can't be mobile. But if you sneak into it and he can light it and move in in Italy the jets. The. Think that's also gutsy during the daylight junior move because I was if I was epic counters does it you'll smoking we. But I was only in there when it was dark. With a weird intersection of corporate America and the rock subs last counterculture. You know I mean configure in a major NFL will bang you in on like the Tebow clearly. Mean they got to be all over access to must deal rise in the state the last three years actually field and so he acts like this is a weird. It's two very totally different forces come and gather wants to I don't like Seattle's just so we rate. He literally Sunday before the timbers game. I went down thing drag action that the if it activism yes well it's does that within TI probably talk to you after the Catholic yet Oca. Anyhow he was going into the game. Then I walked over and saw some other dudes I know nobody paired. And their panic tailgate and in this like little part in eight in literally one due to smoking a blunt I'm smoking a split. And the part you have attendant he becomes ever goes. No tailgate. Don't like what. It's easy yet but you can have it one more peer whatever that you I think if you get to a year. I think she did say a word heard about the way he didn't just like bill to aid north over the gamers shouldn't kick your values and amulets were Beers. A coach you just felt like she. At this act of not. Me. Voice. Listening a few years now and finally taking the time to write it. First big cheers -- for ten comments on a lot of fancy DP and I to the best podcast all the Lance all allay as a new dad. New homeowner doing a renovation at thirty something professional still trying to find my niche podcast routinely helps me whether the stress that life has away after. I'm also a new non drinker health issues on addiction. And enjoy the part of this really well written a quick economic. Think art art Susan McGee uses under read. I'm neutral to positive healthy while being messaging share. While also getting into just enough shenanigans to allow me live vicariously the typically found myself awkwardly laughing oddly award current story don't give a second time. Thanks for all you do. Keep on keeping. Nice who's Afro. Well you told me early on. If they don't put their name again not Sam might not have an AKA in the title lines I'm gonna say they Brian AKA mongoose AKA. The sultan of total. Aren't like how. You guys are writing in and honestly I owe it to those little like words in parentheses to better describe stuff. You wrote that exactly as I'd like to write so I pursuit of the opium speaks at least without drinking helped issue. Not that I. Now I don't feel like little parentheses Dicks to describe Matt my thoughts and sometimes some of the emails again it's a site. I just. Panic has details yeah they don't even predicted. I have some friends Jonathan it stopped drinking. And they just kind of were over it. I never would have picked them out to it the group to be like the biggest drinkers are like that that person to stop absolutely they just kind of stopped. OK so here's his question for voice so in email address the sense all the land greatest podcast and homeland dot com. Send as any now that literally just says the word tent and that has a FaceBook. Do like cricket and crash the mantra of drive toward one who blows. That's like so specific of any email I've been aided dice roll I would think that a plot couldn't wait. Come up with that and notice and that to us to see if that web sites real Adam. Those at greatest podcasts on the Lan dot com. Equipment that's real that doesn't. Who. Let's invest it. On to number attack him do it now race. Real. It's not real I think Abbas and now I liked. Those I'll add them robot to get pretty out of control. He had duties in the new box on Twitter but the usage is Buick hot chick right and they would just like something. But naff off when he beat her I actually like using your of global tweet it's like oh this looks cool. So you don't mean Malia looks it looks like it actual chick is replying or relate quoting your tweaked chronic. Upon to witness. Any of matter and matter to all oil and natural language processing in the staff. Well up with politics million people like I get it I get real fired up to but on Twitter like you're just arguing spot sometime this. They have people have a hard time realized the damage like this do for the Mac fired up the persons at the marbles there. Aren't as quick copy us. Quick question why would you decide delivered a big city I lived in the backside lacy my whole life and can't imagine being surrounded by so many people can stand Olympia. Did you pay what you grew up. Not around people maybe you're not as entice to it but I I was gonna grow up around cities that are you know Negroponte the suburbs of DC is still outside the beltway. That lived in Baltimore that I lived yearly. I love going to the country I love breaking cabins but. Just some of the gets too quiet for me then it's an actions choice. Yeah I'm an extrovert I'd Ted's likely classic city slicker doesn't have a car I just love to be like. I'm a man now on Friday or Saturday night I'll of their recent actions something going on to get excited about. I love the beauty of the country obviously nature by the Alex do you lament clustered like the beating hard pulls my poem yes. Oh. Was very very deep on positive on I drank coffee yeah at. And it's an act confident I've hate people that a high living in the city says of the convenience the doctor about like. At the united shows I go to on the weekends bomb obviously I. I'd because I live in the city now hide I've jobs in the cities and it's like super convenient. But. I also work off hours which is why I can stay sane living in the city with the amount of people that are here. And the amount construction that goes on. And you know right yeah I do not have a whole lot of patience in regards for other people's stupidity. And that's on full display a lot in the city so I get where he's coming from. And I think bit. Working off hours Wear on commuting to the gym between 330 and 430. From Fremont and Ballard not too bad. And then I'd drive to the station. At like nine or ten nothing going on then then got back to Fremont and Ballard at 5 in the morning. I avoided a lot of the overcrowded in this that would make mean claustrophobic. And insane. So yeah and Ted walks toward in my primary mode transportation's scooters that we all kind of cover on ways of not only with the the downside of traffic via. The latest I think somebody's preference I grew up. It's also really nice to get away from it. Well hundreds all the time if you. Make you know it's just say if you're out the snot out in the woods and you come to city. For word the Metallica concert or something like ballot that's still a fund like oh man okay cool some cool stuff does happen in the city and you appreciated. Relative to you know live in a pretty quiet life coming in and get in on of the full action. Make when you're in the action constantly. Going out and spending the weekend of the cabinet level with it now to even just my parents thousand some elderly grandparents yeah grandparents of the north thick yet really nice to get away from it on. And so you know I appreciate those times. That's Cassie we Gary amount and god are suggestions helped. From Mike Matt what was and in that book to help to stop drinking Anke. The birds Aaron was called es latest sob drinking it's been republished under the name stop drinking now. Which am slowly working our way through to compare differences aside and have a better. Understood is that they what's in print if you go to Amazon. I'm yet to track down that easily stop drinking from a used sellers or whatever on the unique in order stopped drinking now on prime no problem. And there are few differences. It seems like. And I think the tone of it didn't seem quite as harsh when I was reading it because I was in the throes of drinking a time and that kind of like cut through that that that tone but I read it now it feels like. Almost dark. Move and I don't know in which way. Just. The way and you know things you can have so far removed from from drinking but it it it just say. The stuff he's talking about is stuff that I went through. And then I'd I've been free of for a long time now and might re reading it to say brings back some weird. Feelings and emotions. To give her appointment time different when my life and so actually Glen for window pane. Has by a original copy. Of these they stopped drinking some work my way to stop drinking now. Now on them and compare contrast the 20 so that I can just have a better on key Joan what I'm suggesting to people. You know I mean that in fully and so that I can compare the tone really is that much different between the two or is just the way I experienced it back then. Where is like Al this is a wake up call that I need to on brainwashed myself from this illusion that drinking is awesome thing. Whereas now I've been removed from now for a lot of years in their. They're trying to reach Nat from four years ago and now I realized well that's that's intense but you know out of my life back then. It's though. Yeah I wanted to side by side comparison to second suggested better than. You know I talked to you about management planned it to kind of help people without a little bit more down the road combining it with fitness I think. Knowing the difference of two differences between those two books would be really helpful with that because it's a huge tool and in that. That program yet sure so yeah. This our last once Jimmy Fund one voice. The lieutenant Erin and Matt. Just want to just if you would don't know parents my first. Just wine too say hello the greatest podcast on lands all led. And includes a picture of Melissa white who was bribery to that of arch enemy. Just wanted to know you think that's all. See you guys sometime this year who knows where and wine hopefully doubles coming down as Sean Massport which is also mine later Stevie. Honestly right now. Actually years to come take a look at those looks like through pictures in the autumn look at that these pictures they don't get any bigger than that so I apologize. And so she's wearing for people swear like which call that a white like. Bikini top it's a white. Tank top it's like split open all the way down the ribs. Blue hair the trouble like Tim is a green in there silver necklace. Tiny body. What ES thank. I mean I mean. He's. That's an expert on. Yeah I remember hostage at Loomis is that in now he's he's been never Mori's this Seattle guy really insane guitar player. And some of his soul work is really cool I love never mourn a solar it's awesome to indicate a metal shop. While ago it's super cool and then he joined arch enemy and as I and then my ex though because I follow him there's pictures we've put two Texans pictures of her pop up McPhee knows oh. I'll cool and match. You know. There really really cool band a local she's talented no notes and performing and lenders and them like they're from. Way out of it Jeff Lewis is is it known as a world class guitar players they recruit them. Boca there. Yet Steve honestly bristle at first questions. Duality in your email address I'm curious to know more. The girl you'll slip up now and I this is a setup I just remain. Tune with it's a dude. I'm sorry I'm not a public. All right look out say she's not arrogant and out it's not dude all right lay it on cabinet you know source the makeup is and I sat at the epic epic. I mean honestly for whatever reason the last like three or four months I've gotten much more into like the you goes on. The right word like. I'd nontraditional. Look like a little bit more like exotic or rock and roll over and ever so I'm variant tuna I now like girls the tattoos which had been previously. How like girls with like different colored hair dramatic intense look I mean do it I love at all if she ends Libyan dude. Sue me cash is hot I'm attacked. It's funny how like every year past thirty like that things change and I like girls of different looks. Tattoos I'm like yeah I don't care yet did whatever they thought about it up I'm trying to have his bachelor party of no problem. A home from an operator we get on even though we're gonna leave now and I. Yeah it's been. Man. And all that intro. And it's been a wild. Quick catch up so last time was before melt down to him for melt down now Wednesday. And who is really epic as my girlfriend's birthday and royal blood was in town we both love them. Got to interview. Ben that if he's at now cats W dot com and he's just the coolest guy. He's so funny OK so I got to tell you guys the story. I don't know if I don't pick up on Eleanor watched the interview but it is is cracked me up time so would you like to do you know any year in the city or whatever. And who looks at me is that that is British accent don't bother embarrass myself I've been thinking out. A lot of times in five if I've made a friend from got a friend didn't sound like digging out down the hall pop up a while to look at this look at life. I am crushing pass on the level that your mortal mind cannot comprehend. It's awesome like by the other talking about is super humble British charm a guy like the way phrase about like. I looked there's Ozzy it's you smile and hit this by the email like. Got it appeared your view cry you're deserve a friend. It's is really funny I was a little nervous. Bill you know why would now be it's just cover for order a beer stands it's yeah if you take. That that the end is when Jimmy page's Bayard hands and they with a plan in a box and market and sell off. Great great time. Yeah we a lot of fun I was sitting out richter there. It's not hand out fine and now from their nets and drew from. Yeah there's there's a whole bunch did the whole bunch of us there we just had a great time and the as it opens birthdays cement initiates a roster our favorite Italian joint down pioneer square. Between the interview in the show itself. And just had a great time and obviously went to melt down which loses a ton of fun. You've we kind of touched on it there. And it. Earlier and those. You know that all places just unreal as you know what. It was really great haven't Stephen the full this year by any gigs making his first in his plate to override in fit right in and you know Lou it was really really cool Hudson had some really good powerful experiences with him which is dead. Lot of times when I see and it's just he's just rolled in at 4 in the morning in Harlem like about to leave your parents though. When different wavelengths off the topic he's half the city's if you got the energy of a guy get off port yeah exactly so. It was cool that is beyond the on the same same schedule as have the same wave Lanston you know. With good bonding experiences. When Jason Resnick to tell me something about yourself when you pursue an epic. Thought I heard himself with pro wrestler you know I've learned pro wrestler and reverend stays as I know what something deeper. The pen and write yet dollars and some really cool stuff on until he told a story that I didn't. Yeah I don't know if he's made that public and I repeating here now deep it was really cool at deep story today you know I had a happy ending in the nose is like. Off Al welcomes the we are we all got a hug and after that these discount I stood up and just everyone in this hurtful about water on his Lleyton might. Who are people he told that story this is like Friday evening that we just had a happy hour in the rally for Joe's and it's not like it's any time crazy late. And Steve just jump right until he was unbelievable like he's. Speaking of unbelievable you just totally brushed over that happy hours last rallies yeah there we gotta get both of those little background on so. Obviously Joseph is our mayor of meltdown. As you say the only problem with the happy hour story. It's purely. Festival story. That makes sense but I try to tell it three or four times that you would go nickel. OK I had no reference but I feel like our listeners do have the reference point of Reid called Joseph the mayor of meltdown in our crew so. This awesome couple and our crew Jesse Jamie host at happy hour. And you know we all went off while they prepared for the happy hour and then. Or walking back. It may go for an analog and back. And right by the late night ten I see this red light blue sign that looks like just your average political son he's in someone's yard come September October. And it just said vote for jokes. And Jose. What the hell is going on here and might we lock up to camp and there's just campaign posters in slack for vote for GO. All over camp completely decked out they have the bar has drink specials that are all gin and tonic bays with different names they have to do with him and so. They took this a running joke. Within our group when we just refer to Joseph is the mayor and you know Ted's always talk about down at City Hall we don't talk about it much since I don't and they threw an election rally for happy hour and we all got in the Evelyn maintain in my room right now I looked at my currency says. Vote GO. And yet it was just phenomenally well I mean Jesse. Like I think that's the problem is that likely people get to become a man to seem like if you weren't there to see how much time and effort they put in aegis. It's hard to translate I was like being an actual campaign rally the behavior posters everywhere everybody's wearing a pot Mikey with. The colors were on point late. And it just one of those things you're kind of seek. The guy whose it was awesome and I people would block by our camp in their lenses vote Joseph thing. Here is there's a post on one of the port of bodies of one point right the got so so we had fun kind. Introducing a lot of other people who are nonsense of our camp thinking it could make it visible. And then. The melt down a super sweet last week he and was tribute shows with. GT phils put together on a good in the Layne Staley benefit them more so at tonight. Go onstage at the more before everything on what they went out there well liked. It was pretty I gave me goose bumps in on that stage and looking out and espionage or does the British shot even flow with that. This is insane. And via just hang out make. Add backstage access which. I have a lot of light local show venues or whatever I'm used to run around and hand out all the friends and fans when you're doing it in the basement of the more. It just feels different it was really cool brouhaha. And say judges argued JT Phyllis who loves who are really hard cause two nights both. You know paying tribute is Seattle legendary artists the first that was at the crop and mother love bone tribute band pros in tribute band and sound are and should be banned and a surprise Nirvana tribute from half of window pane so. Does really cool emcee that night and then Saturday night was on the way and see that whole thing. For Friday night at the crocodile. Not first and I yet more. That Rick field who's you know Seattle OG do that which say being in turn off of it. Out of out of helping you directed a great job too on found that a tall task that you can now because of 33 yet when lanes they always moms in the audience with it. Yet Ethel. So yeah bit Bennett and yet the united states of the crocodile as a ton of phone sold out and you know there is news really cool that'd mean no one knew that patents surprised Nirvana that was gonna happen. So that's just yes prize the crowd. On and then bring out powerful window pane to governor bond on a stage in Nirvana played back in the day is pretty. Pretty cool so and then this past because the Macgregor fights on those that applicant has everything all the major highlights. Yeah living on for awhile staff. Yeah trying to wrap my brain benefit I hit on the on the me they really missed two shows right it was three week. Three weekends of summer weight yet heat they've just in the thick of you have been out there live and wouldn't give voice. Those kind of crazy the only rain we've seen all summer was that melt doubts as the first ever Israeli laws that I know you said it's it's happened to orbit. Under CNN Saturdays are river day and night. Wake up at like 1130. 'cause it's cloudy and you don't wake up at nine from the beating sun coming in making their 101000 degrees. Which is when I'm used soup. And then but late. We got out and it was cloudy and there's a rain in it this is our river today. I the gold speed already doesn't know hasn't Speedo whether you know I got it in now I was nervous to work on. And that's how we got the river. The weather's perfect where's that in my big complaint was almost empty. It felt weird when we showed up right and we basically opening kind of close that beached at eight it it. Became what we're used to it being a pretty major beach party probably not as big as yours past elbow right. It got there whereas a lot of fun and it he ran inflatable T Rex swimming in the water on stuff beyond what the hell. And. T Rex got married well one of the T Rex is did when I was in that back bar at the deep Eddy part. There are hardly the T Rex came in with a with a woman dressed as a bride. They've seen regularly jet. Belt down Lennon here ha wow cool. T Rex in and done yet I should it is probably a lot of T Rex is out there but if I guess we saw one of them married. Definitively you know just from lake effect the at the U invite your family. And getting married about the out you know we want to buy your family your wedding night out Obama Taylor coming and all that I. They gave mom. As failing yes. Yeah yeah well Natalie do you want him coming to house panel but also play. Late to make sure you dropped this much money to kind of music stressful to deceive I look at yeah. I think I think a lot of times he but the team that is probably somebody whose family party goes to the festival whatever Brett Ehrlich and a few million married a burning and is with that's really wanted to do. It. How do you have any. What's the word on if you bet you have any phobos this week when you know it's going on burning them. Pretty that's oh man. Yeah that is for sure I talked to a touch a couple our mutual friends from from burning man I think I think next I gotta go back. Yeah I think it's time for me to return to to the citadel of the promised plants so I kind of a kind of fully committed already for next year. Would be. There's two of us are three of us so far. We didn't respond crew. I was gonna ask you like this on air America thank god you know stars think in agreement plants and time lines retirement plan art car together one of these dudes it's like. Full on like just on the side on mechanic he really wants real terror appliance. Yeah I think in an area back. This this year I was close enough grounds like you know what I really wish I was there right now I think next year's going to be turning point for me. I think I'm gonna go went to directions. I think getting to the gained burning man I'm either gonna party for. Seven or eight days and night while pack closes a chapter in my life I'm no longer in festival condition can handle the elements or. In May become an annual. Typical dad used to be a fork in the road and I'm I'm plan on heading straight towards so yeah man major foam no matter yeah I was fine. Does that mean decision early share was an ego but then when you get to this week you know Labor Day weekend coming up but analysts texture on Sunday easily. Amy and teach her how hole like we were just drive we were in senate what was its senior Villar Centerville. Up to California. By McAvoy had and then. Yeah like you lastly last week at the big hearts and backpack party over the power or Hillary match. But I think I don't ever I told you know due to my house scared we were like two years ago this Fargo is we relieve didn't like it coupled AB it's like. I mean I pick we have everything. You have that I don't know are you thinking of ever on backer you all I wanna. I definitely am going back. Although I don't know that I'm ready to commit til next year niceties like it did but I think yeah we'd get time yes I'd be I'd I would be. I would be upset at myself letting you back there at least what do you think the brownish camp may be an option again. Yeah this year and those conversations. Yet I have a couple of friends do the roadways being part of became the stuff and they they kind of want out of the camps and not hovered take like three days ago now yet now now it's. I. All right well we'll. I guess it's about that time. Crop top. Button being in. I'm voice so. We can't even tell the graphic just look stuff and it. Now you freaking out about that work and we brought the DM now. I am so I don't know how much we talked about this her or not it's not really that relevant story about like. The so listeners know during the winter I'm always do with some some depression and that it was a film great this winter and I'm one of the guys and play. I read a lot of them listen to us talking about it. Just sort of like setting your state for the day. I'm just sort of getting some good positive ad space freezer. So I do every morning as I go on ground on. For now I go and grab cut copy across stream go I'll walk in some nature and house by the Molly cut. And when I walk there's always decide this one corner right take by the Kyle there's this old fisherman exits are there any fish is every morning. And now. One quick side story he was tell me about blue gill fan I talked American morning took quick quick chat. He sent me about you tell me about blue gills and I was like why like immersed in what it looks like he's like a whole lot you put your cash Phillies you're a couple of us out there. Bonus polls on one hand shows via blue yells at us pretty Boller anyway. So we talk every morning just quick brief Shaq is old guys probably. Late seventies group the Louisiana. Like black do you need to see saw a lot through that time and you know he's appeared need to catch these fish and girls and men whatever just like a true. He's supersonic anyway jobs a lot of a lot of knowledge dominance in early morning wisdom so. One thing I was talking about your dance like men you know if you thirty quote retired thirty year old self and say god awful on drops knowledge on me about. You know. Even years to be UT Klain and being fully yourself and you know two points there and stuff like that it's us think about and I was like man down. You know with podcasts a lot of people write in and IK what would you do with those would you use that. So the question I have for you guys and some of our listeners early two's I left for them even on Nancy this is what advice would you give to yourself at twenty. What are you wish she would now what little knowledge poverty picked up that just maybe you know some missed points when he five this would help them out when bullet. Long colorful lives so anyway at some things about it feel free to email us you know the podcast. Or has up on Twitter machine. Had he podcast to ease what advice would you give your 20/20 five year olds. I mean. It's hard to do it 25 now predicted to 125 but it 2829 activist started a prime what does it start saving money earlier. Does and puts the money away. And then the other thing. I would tell myself a 25 East Coast. If you think you have a shot and a girl we stick should she she she. Right if you miss it's fine but at least now you know I feel like I didn't learn that to like him there that's elegance and a lot of years my twenties and lose those who have master we should try to get the late. Future shop if you get shot down fine but I didn't have a competent to do. She did what right suited. Her BC that you have to play it to get you like about the pull up bird jumper in the NBA news pulled it down and it. When she says slate but I have a boyfriend was still hang out. Loud and now he's being did you think he's giving you differed it's it's like that game immaturity might not here I Delhi that collapsed last month and exactly on this Q did you able strategic. Soon it. And remember if it doesn't go in good shooters keep shooting. The person can mine a little bit more practical. Now beat by bitcoin. But from like an emotional personal growth level. I think. Stay patient. And optimistic. And working harder right victory. Three biggest beings there. You know I think our. Are very. They've been very helpful on. Yeah I think I did that there's other important things that honestly even though I can think of some really big dumb ass and behavior from back in his days at thing. I had some stuff figured out back then it right. I wouldn't have needed to tell myself there right united I'd. I always did kind of believe in myself and you know have this inner. Leg. Faith in the in the process and life working out and stuff on the and you know I just I just visualize worker can I tell you right now as I was all I could think about back then and you know. I did state nation and optimistic and trust the process and all worked out but. You know I'd. Our professionally I didn't always feel that way and other aspects of my life. But have since come together worked out. An excellent I think yo thing with. Not trying to sound darken up in the late on a freeway it's easier to do is you get older but he there's people in your life. What I see llamas a toxic steep pocket toxic people. I don't mean might. They're drug user drunks and it's an anemic their toxic for. Rightly the oh they are too. They're always kind of bring in drama are getting new round up about something and wanna get you kind of like The Beatles and a fun thing for them and you realize after awhile Meehan. Policies he and stuff from hanging out with these people pessimistic negative items. I had that I air though listen you complain for life. A long period of time without giving you some advice and practical advice on the situation. Make them people. I think complaining is just a huge. Huge source of Selma its non. Negativity. And it's it's a simple thing that there's actually ate up a thing online that they. Stop complaining brace letters and and and refuse this you know each time where on the same Bristol benefit. If you can play at slit wrists and start over Sonny time humorous and rest for thirty days or something like thirty days stop complaining. And the journal are right in and lastly it's delighted between chaplains. And because I didn't. Didn't succeed because they weekly talents go one day without complaining. And good luck but we do. Just even being aware of that mental exercise kinda helps you deal where. Of how prevalent it is. And I mean if you pick complaining against then complain about action's a good thing. Keep complaining I guess but if you get up at bats that's a source of light some you know a whole lot of negativity without a whole lot alike. Progress towards a solution. Which is how I'd view you know complaining I think if you out a solution you can just kind of take action on that move towards it. But this kind of realizing that toxicity and that is and attempting to go one. Indy without complaining. Is that low blow this is this is an issue bit. While working on myself. I've just noticed how my mood changes when other people are complaining around me bomb or you know how. One complaint towards me error that I start with just our hold negative conversation with someone. The army just takes takes the day energy and in him. Usually not very productive uplift in place so. And royalty. It's it's something to just take note of the amount complain you know people like Purdue. Right that's something if some people are just like them are negative and it's tough in your twenties is that while my friend and this and that but I think like apple the you don't need. And you know late date they just won a bitch familiar to you all the time and I got new swim like there's much you think they're so important to you like trust me they'll find somebody new to bitch and moan too. In Allen if they're not asking about you were this a badly. Is that really helping is that without help. I had and a few friends back on higher early twenties who word in toxic relationships. And they were stuck in an and they learn. You know it's affecting our relationship. And making our relationship toxic they're being run by their toxic waste of their girlfriend now they do it can't do this anymore. Yeah tell them straight up like dude. I don't wanna put two and an ultimatum where it's me vs or whatever right on out repairs and I'm not gonna make you make that choice I'll make it for you I know she's important. And you know and I just kind of cut amount allies in com one of them is bummed we're really good friends and we ran into each other so Kwame casino 56 years later. And if he'd always tell that dude you're gonna do this can eyes still we've been I believe in yourself it's gonna happen and stuff is great guy and then. You know that kinda happened along the way a known reconnect as they. So yeah among cats W every night. And Kenny thank god and it's amazing relationship with the energy thought it might as well it doesn't you know boys again it's awesome but I think. Cutting him out of that time and you know. Not dealing with that so I could focus on doing this giving him the perspective Billick dude is costing you what are your best friends. Late whether you like it or not it's not like you have a choice you get to present one of the other liked our balance because I couldn't take it anymore. On and you know it's it's worked out so you know by senate pass a long game at it's there was a note in a weird spot you'll. Reconnect on better terms later. Also I would say that I should not be blue deals. You hasn't yet the other cities I would get these try to get back to actually keep yankees a small mouth and enlarged now about there. To touch on a couple of things that Matt said. One in terms of year your mindset you know. Neural pathways that strengthens over time that neurons that. Fire together wire together and so the more you think costs of dots more of those things are gonna show up in your life and and the more your brain is physically wired ten. Wanted exhibit that behavior and folks Imus thanks so summon it seems small 120 as a cabinet and his negative. Can become a much bigger problem as you go on and you get a nose. Top patterns which can be reinforcements evil one whenever also. I have Warren Buffett has a good quote that says the chains of habit to like to be felt. Until they too heavy be broken. I'm not a lot. In terms of yet had a negative people and a life whatever else also it kind of takes balls to be positive like no one like. This is awesome like Matt swear about you love like whatever band when everything it's way easier to be a cynic. In our sign back on that's cool that's not cool whatever like at that ball or if that girl you know. It's baseball's been positive so you know cubist DN try to put yourself out there and I think. It becomes a self reinforcing belief methyl Ottawa my morning walks about actions like you know being grateful for things and I'm creating compelling features of like that on as far as daequan. I think that's a really good point while one big Qantas company is a great long term investment who knows in the short term but. Realistically though the important thing is. The power of compound interest and a purge the steepest you've heard this but. One quick piece to explain most people you know the first ten years they say they don't really. Make that much but the reason it's important to start early is not the first ten years it's the last ten years and you think about making. I'm 12% per year 12% per year on the 1000 dollars he saved his nothing it's 120 bucks. But twelve pursue but if you start early start at twenty then you get ten more years on the end of your life instead of a featured thirty. And at the end of your life you're talking about 12%. On a million dollars which is 120000. Dollars a year. So the reason you need starter earliest you know accuracy gains right away those gains are really gonna calm until. Do you know from sixty to seventy instead of you know if you waited going to be from seventy to eighty and so most of that. Compound interest is on the back and and so that's the reason he needs start saving and turning their now about some important. Listening about my only advice to people would be mum. One page has your dental care to do little things. Data up over time. And three strength of character is very important. How you treat people. I'm Heidi depends if you want looking and not looking for any like massive. It's rightward like massive jumps in life cycle time finish is a good example people trying to like get in really good shape Paula wants. And instead it's like about and one brick every day you know whether that's giving it financial shape getting an emotional shape. You know psychological strength. Spiritual strength you know guys it's it's a process has me two steps forward one step accidentally you know once the top of my yeah. A. I think they go both serious note but there's it was a one night before yeah. We will be back next week. I think when you see Guns 'N Roses in Matagorda island. Are nice grove was edited and Iran the kidney I did not drop yeah act yeah. I of those to be better show and I expect oh yeah parts they give there's it was a 19 be for MC TP for cop on the -- Mitt is the podcasts cheers.