Thee Podcast Episode 191

Thursday, September 7th

This week we discuss an epic show at the Gorge and get pumped for RedFestival!


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It. He went up. It. Boykin competent we don't stop. So we ever cool Alley to each other. And so much stuff between you and a many things to say. Compact relationship. This system that. Right now I mean it what is anything between mr. Summers. We're not telling me. Oh. Thank you hear me and really here. Yeah he's talking not feel it. How nice. I just went had a control settings on it though did you make it two years. Now hope this is bad had for procurement system method you'll move at a screen squash left. I don't know. Right for a start what's worse is Richard Malick and in an argument with with a girlfriend what's worse we need to talk Horry okay. K it's the worst did you notice like text that you back tonight. Well he's used to it right I text you back OK and I looked at lake I think it was only two or three minutes later put. By the way no worries and Harry yeah I'm just OK I know that's the thing you just okay a couple of things that it. There is my ultimate like off. Yeah okay for me. And out. Do you ever get a fight with my last girlfriend. Is like Texas or back OK one day and you elect in her French you know with me empathy that you. But that we you tax me OK sometimes it's on like you know text. Mean just means yes I usually use sure if I want. Like. Assure leave it sure is a defensible position to lecture. You know yeah. Here also have I began when you don't you have a lot of ways to say sure but like with you I would hit meant okay. But I just like when you look at its it's tax that is comes across so bad Yamon there's a lot of nuance does come through and that I am. What's the difference in that the rich medium we gonna pour medium. The tab medium yeah yeah well that that's a that's last question is also had that we need to talk if they are right. Why bother I can do that a girl wants I think it. Taking you combine mean in place before we go to the bar we know immediately three month. As a weenie chat about them and I I did it know massive head coach showed up mostly good if you think. Rocco leavenworth on Saturday were off and Saturday but have room for two it's. Romantic you know through plus it's. Yet managed to I was blown up our axes scroll through bumble tender I don't know a year with was you know. Ha. It was an ingenious way to like I have found some here frankly outside of the text loop man I mean I fanatic a problem for years or something. I don't know what the food present dates lights are bright. Sure and OK or twelve from. Sad. And when who's who's a bit longer have a girl for your army. Is right around the same time we bring you don't agree and a relationships that patella we were single and economic growth via. And we're still here Tenet found each other. Of the condensed. I think we podcast this isn't just any clock has suggested podcast couldn't. Dude it's. This is. Contact him distorting the text. Starting deep stuff and these are starting beat Texas and com. You'll let her Wear a helmet no. Thank god that. And so what I didn't like with them to Boise get rid of it goes that's your podcast iPod Jack and all the way out. Telephony is right for her body until we hear what these separate southeast Asia on two wheels given him a cop out what's going on. Here's the podcast tumbling today as photos emerged over the weekend of longtime cohost Ted Smith. Mean inappropriate gestures towards that towards McCain. The known bad boy of radio. Had this to say the dog would stop stern have triple the call. Shares dipped nearly 4% on the news we'll tell a man is evil ways and emerged from the ashes like Robert Downey junior we'll find out six. I think that there are that we feel in the whole studio setup of the water ice cold today Matt out of the producer and CTP but them it's that. Little unfair I watch it felt both views in different nights missile boat people but did you say that to sit here and yet YouTube and. Let the Abbott I'm excited about a couple things becomes podcast. Number one though. I only have stayed a little bit on the men's room today. As it was liberty weekends that are for showing Tuesday but I'll say eight year Matt get ready for the F aids. I mean how about those in terror. Go to Texas. Open and we can't beat Texas and Texas 5141. Ewing email folks. Maryland doesn't have defense well you know what taxes they have a deep anti. With faxes. Idaho saying don't give nicer on the table longhorns down the road pretty doll a you mean I mean you've been off that you spent some time at a stadium live in the whole town lives and breathes Texas football. And there's no reason anybody in Austin or Texas football man. She had any ill will towards Maryland. But I think we only played like three time don't quote we don't play them all in. They are. Arguably one of the all time powers in college for having me. And if it is the best that I mean there's Texas Oklahoma and Notre Dame as the Arab pillar of college career it'd go in there and look I'll be honest with yet. Tommy Crist is privately terps pants let's give them accurate with up. I makes the first half we went up and were women but I was like it's the first week they're gonna blow it Indiana had an egg. The first week a lot of teams know open the bad team when the first that the blues the gay. And it seemed like every time Texas is coming back he's taken the lead with dirty terps just wouldn't go away. Do lips are little like an emotional thing and a model. And year to only about old jokes you know adds it's match. Have you seen these pictures of the Jews know I couldn't at this holes they can. The warning signs or whatever we showed me. Yet they had warnings that Biden fits a danger excessive Jews. And I think out of it makes. Think those you know this morning high voltage signs of the big night lightning bolt looks like yet very intense. Cat in those danger excessive juices these are bused them on the fourth quarter it's run amok and on the sidelines. Yeah like I got a four point one of the spines to elect a I it's that you don't think I mean like. Basically here's what happened right the second half he gets close right and I mean Texas is only within 38 if you elect me on three Maryland football this is gonna work. But then the terps didn't go away. The medium that. Some hope. They they have these signs when they broke him out yet. It and then make there was like four or five minutes left and it's like hope we currently mainly kept coming back. Our running back goes to our starting QB goes down we got a true fractured back open. But we just kept scoring and then there's like three half minutes left in his late. Oh yes sleep Merrill is gonna win this game definitely broke out the excess of juice signs though. I've met tournament on Saturday and trying to remember if I can remember of him and now. In for people who aren't and college football. Austin is one of those towns there's like five or six in America. Where they don't really have a major sports franchise Ohio State you know may have a hockey team that doesn't really count while state Buckeyes. Michigan in Ann Arbor yup Louisiana LSU is like. These towns and the entire town. Lives agrees that college every single persons are and whether they went there when they had some. Cousin goes there or their former janitor went there like they know somebody somehow his connection universe and because of that. They Wear the gear their student stores or whatever those things are called in by the year huge they have like. Golf balls and and this is called you cover your golf clubs golf club covers cover our head covers yet head covers the up hubcaps they have like little things going on their license plate they have license plates of the school there. Like so much so much memorabilia. It'll make you nauseous like Ohio State in particular. But. These towns like live and breathe and live and die by their games and from Maryland to kind do that. To Texas powerhouse team is. Summit to be holt. Jacked up in tenth contagious energy. Access to news via. It was just while it's worth that podcast. Terry called me Saturday afternoon. It's probably. 1231. Of the mail games just about the and she music are you OK it's like yeah. Mean the excitement keep you liturgy this excited about like any New Year's subject of intense energy. It was just unbelievable compete. Montgomery Maryland Terrapins were at Texas beat. On on on you know any. It is safely access geez oh for sure. And about six. Oh. Four course flights to rate that's a reasonable non Jews. Yeah I mean do you know me. Mean I was grilling chicken sausage and buy like 10:15 AM at a beer cracked the first. Real look at it and couldn't believe it. While my cousins their body were repeals a different bell and his south avenue a good time and talkative and we're chugging Beers coast to coast having. As a whole Maryland Smith thing. Of these don't mention your plan to rub it and the alternate write them going to the red river shoot out which is Texas vs Oklahoma and Dallas. So mean with no my brother balky it's like we're like. We are deathly wearing Maryland here now but whatever we only strips we just for the team each year orbit like screw that we're we're in Maryland here. Like I thought that comment because he's got an axis lecture me but I'll I'll jump in its trade camera to be downer who. It's. All right the other massive thing I did this weekend. Oh wait you isn't he family members or friends it was into the podcast this week yet. Given running into the issues are running through my compact time which he asked me what I've been up to. And then I start talent moment you know I need to finish is sentenced early do you really want it known he's apparently. Mean yes be yes I do know what's Colin. I feel weird or what if I start to like explain some theory that I have and someone's like Nelson podcast. Sorry I'm just. Oh. So I had talked to us and we don't know it's until literally last Thursday at the toys that either equity and up to Hollywood to meltdown we did that the that. That's that I was winning journalist with these cat yeah yeah. I think that's pushed. Canceled. I think it's because we're more tko to as opposed to speed on the air well. And opposite hammering a radio show like Matt and I. Which to me like obviously the Manger might talk a lot more than you do an overnight but they need on the messenger like I give it a little stuff for a little infinitely fashion on the syndicate Keiko and huge deep teal about it weak yes and more granular format and you know long form. Yet the second time you brought up. The kind of format stuff. And platforms and a positive I knew about that man I'm glad you explained with green you'll. Yet just like you know down in the little greedy details rather than Mike top level and a view whatever. I. You can buy gold granules of sugar now I think. You're still showroom floor. Don't tar. That was where tap shoes it's very hard to clean up you can't find oh. But my grandmother Sealy. Smith's teams like very nicely. Problem not relate to my mom blog way but I like that. And Brooklyn as a kid and the county Phillip that your washes ashore just don't spill it. So promptly. I spelt it the thing is the only power solar like angered the likes of what upset of the white who cared she's like that you can't we develop just right. Which you'll step in the sugars to him. That's also old school enough that your grandma cooked a lot sugar yet to refill that your general time and I was cook and sugar is put in a court. Yet or placement frosted flakes camera. Mean that's frosted flakes Carty had this year. And it's a wonder that we eat cereal every day. A tight with a slot win higher around a campfire that fact that we don't have our whole lives eating chips and serial mimic a duffel bag is like three dollars. So damn good. I feel like an adult every day that it now in a lot of reason my poor people get fat. Oh hundred percentage. Calories cheap especially caller's in the middle of the grocery store but those of you know. Her dad right are very few micro nutrients and a lot of issues. Like carbohydrates. Atrocity du public thank you. Outside the fear of untimely young Catholic. I would each year chips. Yeah I think Israel's. Matt what do you say I do we. No it is not about being snowed in cereal without that it is remind me of one time when asked texting you when I was really stoned and that is like. In this summer one year in and I was telling you. How blueberries are in season right now and they're so good on frosted flakes and eight. I know how through. Alerts are no fluke. And that. Man of so fired up over here I typical brother Eddie I remember the thousand right now from where. I'm sorry dude you obviously really the third or fourth person that data without without an up and bears. I get a man merry thieves and city I don't look blue birds are out. It. I don't let the team isn't season. He's the same because I have an idea that in the today is easily excuse me text was Thursday that Ohio State Indiana team was on. Thought column back in the summit dinner you hearing. You marinas and answer forty minutes later he has. Eager to be young are you still want us replied yeah yeah manatee fifteenth. Cut back but some like that makes perfect sense for Smart answers to yeah. Report. Now I am trying to think of myself as past passive aggressive person I guess that is that is that as aggressive as I just aggressive. And I don't now I know how blueberries were urging. Look like yet the fifty. I know what the definition pass it Democrats are gonna act aggressively as Iran or Birtley. Now overly aggressive towards someone and I think of it is there action. That's assertive with sort of the middle between. Aggressive out nice via its assertive. You know maybe not the most. Delicate way to phrase. Feel like passive aggressive would be like leaving a little bit of sugar and someone's shoes. Now knowing that Somalia again like spread throughout. I see I think passive aggressive is morally. Try to think you're still bitching about something you won't just say it sure every one. Yes it is had to write in candidate actually a nickel a difference that upon. Yet exactly. So what you're saying your example and mostly that is the most passive aggressive. Pursuit. But just what you want the only. Specially sometimes two people late. I thought I was starting offense Seattle but like there is to super bass and aggressive tab yeah well I guess I'll just wait here and do you wanna ride for one. Yeah it's and people from the camera I'm moved back east. Abrams so directive right totally cut me off guard them that your analysts in a while to adjust. Especially New Yorkers. So like brazen intense there's like. I don't know. I was legitimate. I think that too is the total past the progress well I guess that makes pass congress it's the people who leaked out. But when you mean everybody else that lives outside group there. Are oftentimes Laporte. Yeah I think that is our problem of transport. I think there's a middle ground between Mike. Passive aggressive them I don't know I think beginning to have. And doing a lot of sometimes in my mind be from here New Yorkers black tacked an element that you liked. Intense and direct the demise middle ground from Chicago in LA you know what they mean but they're gonna do it and win it doesn't. Yeah that's always say about two. I like to meet your huge city like New York. And there are a lot like New Yorkers but it's just midwestern and whether there totally and everybody York's like April whatever just think that the way they talked to. Oh yet Simon Derrick did have a style he's now an intensity that it's tough to match yet I just like yell and each. Yeah and it's like Jerry. Now number word on line and just love New York comedians just trashing each other bogeys happen on opening Antony a lot of Robert Kelly's podcasts elected as a lot polite. You know and Norton and Colin Quinn and pomp Cali Patrice O'Neal back and he just start. That hey it's vicious and I realize that I still how I still have that means she can sometimes I'll let stuff out. Though it comes from listening to Opie & Anthony all those years. And it looks a sound real cold in Seattle. But I know that guy. Yeah some weirdos. You talk about that thing over and Bellevue and. I think I just went there and I you. Mean they're cut the life. Deathly tenth floor yeah. Parity kind of got in trouble for that today I dropped to joke it's a McDonald's talk about peppers and now onto it and I quickly corrected them. I was not speaking about the person and getting arrested to Oxford. It. You can kinda guess what we're talking about a few live in the area I I don't wanna talk about it you'll actually. I thought I looked until it out about it. Then and now I have a problem. Now I don't wanna do that I don't wanna go down that path I I put a pin that put the open mics are. Yeah because I have a whole theory but I also spoke. I am now as far as the rest of my life gives it doesn't seem to former governor row possibility if I don't want to cast now. And it could go back to bite here he hit it like and Smith arrested today. Eight Anemia and and it jumped on me. Probably because. That on balance. Gary and that. Aren't aware that. He would. Move on voice let's move on right so. Sunday. Get out go to the court. There in a brand new report for a nice enough they have some friends that I have an RV there drivers out there a way. The trap house for the army tyrant has never been more overwhelmed seemed pleased with that until the adult RV that you wake up well. The stories I airman that your child but I don't know. A daily dish open scented candles are one. How big split. It's just crazy like you're sitting on a leather couch. We eating cheese and salami haven't appear I think this is the way to travel through bad years there's tobacco on weed and money scattered everywhere via. But there was tacit drank bottles of fireball in the corner it's just so it was so much bigger because it has like slot on aids. And then I just think oh my god I can't run a trap that must like you mean like besides slide out tomorrow yeah. I also you know like try to be the RV I like to watch the shows and stuff. The Coke. Like when we get there we park and I start talking to the neighbors on one side the new voting Booth. I'm like ice fifth wheels and realize we got that day stuff then the guy and they don't like your dog with them and so the beat. It. Manning with a beat it with a dog it's like. Hit ball but almost like government. Terminator are much bigger shorter squad apple pot maybe was prank call on. Him and it looked a little mean. I would like it'd hit missed with a bull mix with a pulled out. Anyhow the top of the hug not a part I'll talk to this guy to replace. Think she's like you check it out. Of you never hear the dog RPM. Saturday patted the so we go in there in it is awesome there's link. Like recliner is in this in the mountains it's okay to get back out there. I just didn't realize how many c.'s fifth wheels where I think it's the with the news and a ten minutes till behind a fifth wheel to much smaller in the cement of the. All ball. And go with the wrong naval elements there. Do yet there's a lot of like subtle classifications and in my army's fifth wheels side. What Obama I think go on the back of trucks are. So that's the fifth we. I thought if you had a little behind that was called a fifth wheeled. He was telling me I guess to be a physical we'll finish on fifth will he was cynical fifth wheels it's because it's late feeding the fifth which is spare time it would be. Whereas I thought the fifth wheel which is what you were told them. Yes right it's that they. If get Tony was ambassador isles knew it was a mess around the country how pleasing because his wife just like coming here keep the mind. I was wearing shorts shirt with slightly. Vague and reject. Hi Mike outside and I mean starting a home in these remind me anything. Then easily. At that Tobias how. I know that our man speaking at the simulator that's my time ago. Our beat. But a lot to say not that information. And these these considers them an RV I just yet. Isn't as they were an array of Arab by a reluctance. Because yours is repo by the snohomish police department does me. I think that I rent went to private life. And our way in and a market forties driving a quarterback you know what you're hitting it really living people RV lifestyle here. Average their cool yet something to strive now there really have a good time. Also. Just a fever. If you're gonna go to Lopez island or any pain. Pill hole in his wife Mary that that's out there that couldn't be nicer that's one of their things like Todd just Amy and you get a chance of of the Lopez islander resort. Please do would just dumped its engine co and trust me if billions bill you know yet if he's working and you wanna beat. I was also ease the pain and legacy and as we part for him cocktail and I'm like I was on the back. But yeah I mean it was just such good times with the banks in them. And also I know handle MC TP keeps you cut. We are going in part of the story Baxter forum and on but I had in the worst security and the dudes like 20/20. One whatever he is pumped to be security. He takes a split totally. New to the to two things number one to display and a bag of fluff Aaliyah. Let's put him back excellent use him three split policy but I had a bad feelings of the liberal to the think he's had to take him. Yet. So we give them their first overall it was a record of their forgotten that repression mentioned that. I had never seen the gorge more crowd at the thoughts on the treatment Matt. Got as yet that's the reality. Obviously you like including like parody sounds like that I have been appeared peace. And then if I was 45 stages I received from me personally. I've never seen it showed that crowd and I seen. Mean I saw on Nine Inch Nails used on a Friday in an impoverished and watch our staff watched. I've seen. Who has seen Pearl Jam there see now changed it. Yet but I mean that was. They had never seen the law on the crowd even look for pro Jim there is room kind of spread out chill out like. Yes so luckily we got up there I didn't. Understand the top and it likely they are some music without man Tyler. I didn't buy them right away as north match and your first. And then they came back again and Matt and I spots. Yeah oh well so we. We've probably Chris Ellison blankets the Soviet two blankets sprawled out we got there. At 530. Because we knew Iran was gonna start at 540. And he opened her dues that's pretty cool yeah. It does air on royal blood and Guns 'N Roses. It was unreal. I'm so much fun as I Matt's ID lineup yet. I know who this really bad throw it off that is so we gathered at an early. Senate to blink it's so we reserve denies amounts based and where is left now we have to tell anyone like me were we got some friends family is. Sat there through. Iran. And royal blood and the first two sons of GA and. In man made Barack because you're still. You idiots in the campsite. So little with the work I'm on eight there was likes him forty. Mats and detects that the world bloody did you know I don't eat down via the cats oh. Yeah doctor and deductibility is a the outwardly than my I don't know half dollars though no price cats I will primus for a couple songs royal blood so. On day you know as though and you missed all of roil polite. But I would think. Bill is excited to see royal blood and I was not very considerate. About that might just with my day. My mind it's nice state of mind with how you know how how fired up I was having just seen royal blood rocked the cords that. That you know you miffed that they are awesome cook with the national mile I think you could take it you told. Yeah it. Miller missed by how much happened Gian aren't they spent over there wanted to yeah. Hi Natalie that anarchy of slate is lady walked over from like behind as she does. Eight were used to you guys like a barometer you know what's on the show starred in his race for bill talks that there was a outside we got like half an hour forty minutes I remember just. Knowing how things guidance lieutenants and so you know we are not the best barometer I think that that's exactly who've really. And any with a two minutes later Matt talked to bill that might we packed up of elected she was like you guys leave as a yes music art. So they walked equipment. You're now at a tickets and tickets said at 630 on them. And then Iran and posted on FaceBook be used 540. So I tested him and I was like dude you for realty if they think thirties they yep. That's that I got today and island and post about my FaceBook and Twitter to kind of get the word out on. His best back in the and showed up you know would together that we got in there about 530 we got there. Wait for thirty's that are adults and splits. I was able to get through step dad got through my grown up. There's no reason any give map of the truthfully. I mean it's not gonna it can't panic buying a copy of it up five. It's earth though it will be five. What's the quite obvious that our premiere I was drunk and there you got him. Sit down for decent part of his gun owners maybe that's my results show that school wasn't bad. I can't we sit down person he preferred that the chip on the ground person. And I did you realize you were spaced him out of the Batman and great backdrop. Yeah he's boots splits or what's your spot the eighth not ninth he had this. Added well. I'm into the gorge in law I don't know what their policy is that they're gonna pat down more cargo short Pappas down pretty geared so and yeah eyes fears you know. You think on any licensed them no no I'm Laura and we're just that just ended today you know outside the underwear now inside. Was there within a binary yes. They are to bag not that these lists are right it's your job now not that I saw no. I would union heads up on that page is say no tests now I would assume that those bird lips and that a powerful idea you could have been constantly just you know this is meet at an apple. Pocket man. If you know it's one of those things that we don't wanna know until after it was like Ted you're gonna want to achieve that you appeared. Yes do I have ever eggs a day site go to Ted's house and remember what we always hurt us anarchy. Oh that's only word so we're gonna see anarchy which if people don't know is 5000 Santa's descend upon Seattle. For a pub crawl and it's mayhem it's chaos like Q girl's best selves Santas and whatever else. We are stoked I wanna go into the big night dark brown beard like out a tattered tents council Marlon. Acts who queens. Now I wanna be pleased you know me about my record and now. At that are already here and we. Our demand so I go to Ted's house and out like us for him to stay my beard. And Ted's like while La. Clippers and we kind of looked at each other and one of those ma plans whereas like. Okay and where the cobras and none neither of us would know more information was exchanged and where they announced they needed to be exchanged. He knew I knew but as long as we didn't acknowledge it. But these these tremors were typically for. It was okay it was saints I trim my dear. Put away she gave the rest of it off we go out we have a good time sent Turkey and at some point heads like armament to Iraq came up. I duke is it wasn't that long have you should be you can put him back in there he does not pencil properly of the U wanna be in Europe in a humane and we'll take a beer. Elegantly candidates future Blake. I definitely know user whose shape your ball but it I don't talk about it. Is it over Ali how are Bordeaux wasn't whatever it was like it was understood I never told you you do if you got it intelligently. Yet you I knew I needed. I knew we said nothing let me volatile lives as a reference the year that. Situation at keepers workers. In the Isner attachments. Let me look at those greatest vote nuts slips with the of and I'm not gonna use your ball early and share them. This but if you knowledge event it's a little weird that's. Think what is the proper answer by look at you'd do you could use them but I only use them Primeau pubic hair yet that there are you like you to stick with it I don't care. Mean also this the beard got tram I obviously did not get laid but I had a great time. Stuck in a Matt that's to query we go out usually cowed. And at least in embarking on Barnes he liked that threw us a pretty good but who else with a dunk. And we started drinking and aggressively early art and art so we duplicate dance party in my own place in Belgium and I mean it was literally like 7:30 PM in this lightly damp. He kept hoping to get him to the Formula One guys go through it you guys on drugs you recant that Republicans and right to protest that'd. If I remember. But appealing to me it's really Lal who wins who just like brown with. They 45 pick your spot as all of like leaving for a show at the show box and are still like taken a time yeah yeah. Now it's on back. Did that. Let's see what some are beginning in there before we get in the evening hills. Also this weekend goes in the podcast series Thursday. To have time but to to get. Four red fassel matter you come down a nice hello when his. Saturday. One to eight and an eagle claw. That's in the palm online what's new immediately the premium passes I think GA's one. Look at that accent there's nude on FaceBook and then one on the way side and artists. Make your video class ever pays about it there's an error like. This on the website and that's where in the closet. The effort of our pre teases the you don't call Bentsen Alba school expose that. And it socially massively huge. And that's with the top fuel and remedies and rampant now. Try to bring people together online division in this country embassy in on Thursday the division. I generally make them. So don't think people. I mean are you guys that you wrap battling Amber's been freestyle rhymes you right we're gonna use a song now. How can anybody seen the reckless freaks yet. Are you familiar with them I saw them a couple of weeks ago denim belt town to plot how hard work that that's right that the more he had a super cool I'm an ethic. One of the most about obviously got Brad hands that I love but I. Yes yes I'm one time audit. Dell's coming counts you know they're they're playing and pages slate did this and had no idea woes going on. That are you know who they weren't and they just started late. The outbreak in breaking stuff on their chests and laying on bed of nails in my case he could tip. In heated staple. Of one dollar bill to their limbs if you wanted to go like. On the course though. It was five and I think the necklace when he recently picked yet I think I don't think during their does not playing music during those snow than the other night. It's a friction material would you accurately. I watched it woman still with them she is lightest solid should've lost the bearded lady should a full beer and a and then they broke out broken glass specifically Jamison bottles I don't know what to do with it but they were Jamison bottles. And then she took offers shoes. And stop on the Jamison bottles while singing opera. Yet Jesse mean migs were powerful we solved and then like this is a couple weeks ago. In the next an email from a hunter's girl autumn. But she was like no windows and it for what I know these people out on the reach out to just weird I saw them like. You make a week later as a doctor gonna be read fast and yet it's like a sideshow freak show thing come see it and they're all good people they're they're trying to. I don't know if they get to do the staple of money at festival. Public that our partners. We can't have. For him people stay put stuff do you resources but it nails they like to the concrete brick on the chess or whatever I think oh yeah do all that's how much a guy put. A cinder block Max who is junket and had to me smash. When he mean man next to. He took the cinder block put it in front of his Djokovic will be smashed it with a. Giant. What do collecting hair Fletcher sledgehammer. I saw someone take it to our I remember exactly what that principle was. The remember seeing it Darko in a summons in news is that all these crazy like. Dude innate and they're not they don't really flinch. It now it's really incredible thing of like. That kinda like them mental self gain in the UF date yet to be constantly winning and that. So like in five of them take rebar but it giants star and they all put it like rate against her Adam's apple and at the same time walked together and pentagon report. Now yes not dead it's awesome it's really fun to watch do you ask for the dark thing. Obviously you'd this once I'm camping trip aside dart. Again Terry throw at a bar here's statistical. Hello parties fail with us. That would either way Saturday September 9 that elicited this that's this Saturday Meehan like do we favor by some tickets come down to our polity without Matt's going to be there. How may be there are. He's been to the opening on the ultimate aren't starts with the Arab goes to hate you so silly yet. Our that we got beat LA the reckless freaks that window picking McClover retain some perfect new rules and then Nouri Joe's jar applies to us and yet. Which means Kyle court is pulling quadruple duty and guitar that he also your original super packed at dark eyes and us. Yes and then also we'll do like Ted FCC members the FCC lies we'll do shot of the day there. You stuff you expect from for the men but please come out it'll be a fun today. And honestly like your house here who very amicable and and now you played Boise State the cute guy that can be drunk. At the but that spaces those results of the you know call events. Expose that are demon I try to do the right being the opposite them but still called the vote in place. And go with us to get to them please see Matt seek obviously anything with ups and sailor on. Good plan they have and now aren't let's read to me. Yeah. Go with your guy hey guys Rubin here I made what's maddening team sock. With a group a group ID guys like it. And now and in modify anyone's voice on the track you three a perfect pitch and harmonies. At the same job you different from company for about four years now or target on my coworkers customers loved me I may get money. And long black hair and the man. Recently the company told Manny to cut my hair because it's unprofessional. We could easily get back Highlander adequate and pony tail Mallon long hair has no place in the world side now is okay for girls in the Simpson is now one. They were gonna fire me if I didn't cut there. Element to do on my customers and after me a job let's face of the column to a cut my hair stick with coming up of four years into. Relieved because I'm too stubborn a lot of company Tommy Alec looked. When my gut and take the leap now in the month and a new job and I love it it's stress free my core user friendly and make Mormon him before but it would've happened if I cut my hair. Do they September so I'm models this year. Ted show has moved in the syndicated columns on a business contusions show mad did vote recording with one of his favorite bands. Well a big here and I'll be damned if decree is podcasts on land won't have a lot of lay here. Guatemala this year. And I gave voice to Davis don't want us down it was the motto love Rubin AKA the show Simon champ. Our guest feel about the future. Nice a parent cool good I mean bone. Palmdale he had been doing that this year. Yeah like we can all do deck is he kind of got that way it's September now let's see if we can't just like pick it bit from now through December. It. Yeah I'd say looking back. And it's the Richards expressed herself be who you are and every every moment and now and aspire to be here your high itself on somebody sent us an awesome article I'm just Canadians that quick details. Two women blew their fingers together as therapy. Unfortunately there are glued together inside a copper pipe this is down in Centralia. And the fire departments and they can't get enough. Cops can't get enough nobody can get enough so one of these two women is probably knows finger after amputate. Awesome article super super weird and whose since that time you're as thoughts. I don't know why you clear into human. Does that relationship building of the grew bigger their pink piece together. And it put them into copper. I don't know the good news holding him close the quote from the Riverside fire authority. They came out and said yes we moved. Her as she said. That's crazy you I don't know like I get team building stuff that I'm Jacqueline in pink collar on it it'll trust ball. They're guidance counselor glued to men in this things that you determine whether they can go through life attached to each of the bad finger. I don't know she sent Everest unstick the woman were not successful there was no physical rescue rescue operation took place cents captains out. We hear of fire authority complicated matter was some kind of proxy. Sure this is real owed this is Reid who entered medics and will most likely require surgery 92 nations she said is an Olympian. There I count certainly high school students couples there be scheme gone very wrong has reportedly blamed his teams in Chile women are glued together. An and and and and a man with Taylor finished the three days corn essentially police Rachel Decker 27 attempted to turn yourself and it's pretty. And was in jail house and missed mere warm for driving under the influence case user for the warm it was turning it from jail because of her literal attachment to her girlfriend. That's for now yeah. Your play that game of the body re after holding hands. Somebody breaks. Like to someone's just waited it out I want I won't I won't share right we're in the scheme and I don't you make holding hands and anemic. My left arm in your right arm would be get it right in the our fingers are in her class you know I mean. Yeah legislate a holding your group were holding. And then it's like yet kind of like a weird trysts and things and see how far I forget what the punishment is it's got these big lake. More than just like round and that Beers and shots basically but I have some buddies did it's a farce like one guy would EPA and the other guys to be told the news. That makes sense it makes sense and is concerned about higher guinier kick someone or what the penalty was. I forget man is every time so they try to play with me I'm just quit. Both of you for your with a calculus exam was just like one of those things that you'd never realized the game was starting that somebody would just you know. Here's the thing I learned from a friend. That was a pro athlete so when it's all just dudes in pro locker rooms. You spent a lot of time in them but you forget how homo erotic heat it's real quick. Though he we used to locker rooms. This game to them at a Bard didn't seem that a place announcing its YouTube packing it seemed that size of these reactions of the year I'd like escapes out of it. There. These idiots at the eclectic eclectic. Gentlemen. Reggie give thanks for the greatest podcast on land although I certainly listening about a year back right after the wife and I had baby number two. Don't get me wrong my wife Amanda WS euthanize it was a romance that blossomed from shared love day drinking. Ice. A jealous that you played. Sounds so off of it until I orders to be your Cinderella story teller a note to objects that are data were much better in the huskies'. Yeah. She's always would you they like to drink in sacks she hits Spezza. And of mine irresponsibility. With toddlers want it's tough but to make a damn near impossible to get out especially in nearly months Kenny was said the door appease. Gotta have guys on an all time sent little damper on my chances of hanging out my buddies like ever. So every Thursday night when I put my doubted that I could play in the hereby astronomy has podcast on Lance although it until it goes out at a bar bull with the files. Sure Annie to participate in the conversation but how on the first damage have to borrow to style icon dock for. And I'll point. So I guess sort of becoming a damn fan boy you palace. And a little later on you guys really came through forming had a job interview is really excited for my ass off for a couple weeks and a day interview came. Pretty nervous the whole week leading up and we're deserves gets him. But I had a solution. Interview on Friday. Sort of an hourly sent a Starbucks near the office most of the greatest podcast on Lance although it does so many in my element. Elements confident relaxed your goddamn puzzlement and I went in the interview relaxed and got my dream job titles. Have never written in a piece of fan mail on my life. You guys deserve a thank you have yet a blast of the Mel don't often girl on one hell of a referred several long ass man. Also the really cool. Graduation hat AKA. Beautiful ball ginger AKA Chad that's acts AKA. Big reach. Objective work. I like that. It's crazy too right it's like you know man I worked in radio. You can use these guys to stop with this podcasts and it was blows me away haven't people taken something very tangible. How yeah do this course kind here BS and making jokes but it wants mom and this was tucked in the Villa or something that helps someone someone in no way without ever. House now. I mean did you raise. And I write off the thing with that big shout their rates and with that the court. Yeah do him he was there was of them all as a sign in with you with a gun instruments at a photo within he took him for his brother he was that the cast to his brother was. Gimmick a dummy of his brother with the face. I'm stuck on the Arab he has. It to them do you take on I took a photo that rumor shown up we said let's not and I. Yeah it is better step slow and yet did tonight pupil Samar paused at the pumps me up so much. All school sometimes and our industry for him if you listen in auto percent. Especially to lake which is just funny or is it here. Kansans were friends outside in this ligament so many BS conversation with the guys that so it can sometimes we've fallen and I just feel in violence in. Hey guys. BS conversations like conversations were BS with the child. Genuine comes at a pivotal time people yeah as we can meet some people would you deal. Our arteries stations and in the asking about music. You know me and honestly I used doubles. I'm so sorry I do you were in a massive rock station graduates are highly rock history like the meat is cut to all now you this is. I'll not a lot but I have no clue or talked about I am not your guy I'm tailgate guy. Yeah delegate I got you I got in his conversation a couple of times Sunday night at fight is that I is that the one guy like me and you bro. I don't get Glenn Campbell thing. What keeps telling me about it how big deal was they cover that I don't know I don't know who he is not sure that I care about them. As immigrants podcast greatest novel landed fact although I had. Anyway he retired about Ted's dip recipe and how he wouldn't share when he dies I'm an idea for you what if when you die you're a handful of close friends part of the recipe that no single person has at all. Then if they wanna enjoy and they have to get together to make it that's having good times reminiscing about the Ted Smith together dipped just a dot mark on. Tyler I liked the idea it's a picnic but if there's enough people that though that they'll be. It just out it's been depressed. And that's means nothing to me man that's right not about giving a few minutes dipped Ted. I don't want spinach dip got dammit. On the demand. Arafat on bonds again here last tennis you're. Placing but the Sox and I think it's really honestly I don't really eat and eat it. Like the spinach dip I actively lake scoop out of these UNC we. The popular third Super Bowl over myself. And you know the spirit of every dollar you read and and correct the Spanish did you wanna help it along and push you know give the ball rolling. Wait a recent space your site just look what I'm saying is the spinach dip is going to be gone either way and you know that it's got its own momentum but it doesn't need your help. When I'm saying with the Spanish dep you can say it's besides I thought this. Is no ops and spinach what's the Max chips. So hundreds of sauces dips going to be fine. It's community in the Spanish tip you know that it's not as popular. You know that maybe it won't oddity so you pushed long of a nudge it to the party maybe encourage a couple people. He tried this finished up I mean maybe your mobile sample from your play you know you know that it doesn't survive on sound so. Well disagree doesn't stand out onto my other Alex that's his favorite dip. Okay one person I know there's a lot of people like speech and a half dozen people who showed to you Chris this party for one reason and one reason only it's not you. Got up then maybe it's your birth I don't care America abductors sausage. You know what. Think to have them know that I won't have that something will we'll take some notes this year with the differences. We can't tell you that the experiments gone now. Well yeah I was asked them nonchalantly. Would you prefer to pay that stiffer substance. It doesn't mean anything it's not a big deal but which one you like it is for relevance just Telus which you connect. Who who is better spinach or stuffed the Yost took me Michelle. Well I think part of the reason I think SE it's that much divorce just it's spicy. Just to fire annexed it a requirement that. So were generally it is but when you can make it habit whenever you want it now but that's really the spinach dip it's hard to make and it's like I just prefer to eat that. To what is that they like when you can have something any time it loses its meaning TO. Mike thank. People with with hot tubs or pools like oftentimes don't use them or people with my. I don't know cool cabins in the slows me you get access some like once it's big deal. Is that I think it's just about access if you have access to an all time you'll still use it just not special to you. Where is like the hot tub at a hotel and I don't have a hot I liked him but you really when he used them. Rights of somebody that has a hot tub sitting in their backyard. Right. Out of your parents user out of that much yet regularly while government. Maybe and I'm like I would start use not to import my place which are definitely it wasn't as much as when I first moved in. I think you could get used to yeah it's kinda like. That quote familiarity breeds contempt and not quite so I think that's more about relationships. Mean that's always the tough part relationship so I I think people are very honest about it in you've been with somebody for 730 years like. No weighs its delegates than me about your relationship to truth sexually sometimes. Change some things spice it up or whatever just you've been with the same person for that long. Does one's retirement truth I'd be remiss not to mention not nervous of government and a relationship for seven. You know. I thought that line at what is it why can't imagine that you're paying. Do you trust me I'm the worst start with the media the game they were talking about it buried the first thing real serious about it. And nowhere Eisner. Marriage is for everybody. You know I could just do somebody like seventy years the men. Be done with it you'll be with somebody else of the you know Thomas stopped about my personal fielding them to your being here playing their own. I think I don't think I have a good thing going peppers adults grown up about it honeyed Tenet said. Yeah usually marriages actually kind of blows me tell you why exactly that's Saturday retirement tattoos and the Teddy don't have any deal. 36 year old mean. Integrity and longer than almost a year. I'm a commit to it too good for him he wasn't divorce and attack to do what is Matt I. I kind of forgot about our our shared. Fear of commitment you know yeah yeah acts I've lived in probably like. Eight different neighborhoods in this in this city MO is like you know moving all within the city we both have a data goes for a long time neither of us have any tattoos despite. Most of our close friends of a ton of news and I liked that news. Breathing that comes from Alex is an inner fear we commit as we don't mind committing to our friends demeaning to be good people doing acts. But it comes to our actual date and here's. You know I just want I mean I agree. Told guys when or where it comes from where along the lines if that's like an inherited thing 1000 in experiential thing that some points and Hamburg wise now or if that's like. Part of the reason why our friends are just shared trait that happens by circumstance I don't know. That you can put any of that stuff on one certain thing I think there's no east two things the way you're brought up in the way you honorees and community. Yes there is a couple factors that played it and nature nurture how much you yeah I mean a natural thing is who will grow them to recruit. Which I don't you know I shouldn't say that's probably the truth to mean Matt Howard you before you you know make your girl. Would it mean as single for a long time. Doing that she's ha ha just jealous of. And added that changed anything it's they have like Al isn't really. Looking for a relationship relies just. I doubt assist the now out there would be in single have a fun come though it filed stories and hear. Then you know. Yeah I just kept kept playing the field then and found this awesome girl and you know it's just been greater sense though. There's there's just didn't know or not there's no other I've been doing and then hand out there as much as possible so I mean I kind of group routed me to such as it and we just haven't talked to repeat. They yet it feels like. I was very lies in not trying to force. Relationships. Through those years now that out when that just works so naturally. Right where and I believe a lot of people. Did did not exercise that patience and try to force things for a variety of factors. That lead to lead to problems and you know that's by others. A million standup bits about your wife in this in that night you know you. Listing pretty neat but it does just don't resonate and I mean you know vineyard uses. Sixteen months that's that's a pretty east that's the longest question about her Bennett and there's nine announced that by now this line you know whatever whatever comedians there they're bitching about the wives are talking about it just like this negative connotation. With your significant other that's kind of prevalent in our society from the man's point of view it's like. And I don't get that but I think. Well according to my esteemed colleague that doesn't happen until you Sen. I'll look at that got. Technical core I seven year itch and make it doesn't have an answer. Yes those who have. I will say at a conversations later David Villa and a close with the mayor and podcasts literally. And what did he tell you this but if you just have to tell you can easily. That's a little different he's been in the real relationship penalties and you would obviously. Like I get what you're saying would you guys are all about experiences music helping you guys would all eat. O easily yet he was like it's really cold means that there's some stuff you don't get to newbies like authors need to really quote them. That's totally yet that's what'll probably. I think we come across as you know I'll keep. Them against the kids all and I I order I I think. I think the out of the race for right now com. Yeah but that was kind of a person's point daily you're never really ready for use. You have heard I mean there's so there's a lot of couples that don't fit. And they all seem to travel a lot. And that's something that my girlfriend and I wanted to do. And you know having the money and lack of responsibility that comes from not having kids is kind of a vital role in that. I feel like for for our. You know shortest term future next ten years or whatever you know it let's go globe trot will revisit that then. Yeah. Animals or kids like a year and a half ago. Nobody asked me violent like. Not surrogate what's the right term like be like as an owner to owners and a like physically have sex of them. Yeah. Wow that's a lot more into it she's not in a relationship. But she'd like time is sort of running out you know. And someone that I've known for a long time and so. You know it's just like house on the fence about it. To sign and ultimately. That a like wood but what I wanted to wait like a year or so and likely like that you know to make sure she was sure and likely that bug kind of went away. Are you friends with this person. It'll mean that would be creepy as you'd always know which are key. Yeah. Mean. Anything it logically. Leo's like you raising it in now and having him. Close relationship. The issue of relationship with another woman. Now now. Yeah I think the draw would just be too much of your actually friends of this person to speak like. That I wanna see key it. Yeah. The kidney wanna know whose dad is evidence that we have known him all this time gadgets and telling. Are you may have this sudden paternal instincts tell IP more president. Then let's. Is that not the plan. The plan was to be more of like I can uncle friend of the family type role. Now irony I've really got down to thank. You know the best thing magnet thing that's I think. If your friends this person I think it instinct would be to park. He'd be. I don't know what to tell. Dynamic it. I don't know about. This pregnancy scares story that's because it's fun but that's it. To the greatest podcast on line away and being 35 year old dad of three boys 96 and four years old husband of fifteen years. Differently that America announcers ten minutes over it and I'll. Get back if I go a few years for them. Act in time and tell my eighteen year old self to slowdown how we're talking last week about when you tell your Twitter itself. Have to freestyle skiing and downhill mountain Mike pardon my use some days is 35 year old man can't put my socks on playing hard and here. They never tell myself two or wish to stop I just wish it was in my dad's slowed down little mom my body heal. My have a better memory must head trauma now. Kibaki Don Brothers tears Neal a game. Too tired. To make game. Hash tag. There. You know yeah I right now Brett hate that we really have so many access skiers in mountain bikers. One last on but I would think regular OT really. Here's a thing like I'm 36 bush. If I start having kids already behind eight ball. You know I mean you gonna a couple of years of mean the girl in the cement Leslie mean. He's 35 like that we don't go to recent. She's expected to ought to be done raise your children you don't at it and you don't will say this though. I think on in the third the the thirty is age bracket. Relationships and marriage happen a lot faster or in my twenties after a couple dated for like six or seven years now we know people like Brian. Who's like you know much shortened my sack on Q&A half two years now like in captain thing about it so just that's my beat fear mighty. And refugees at my age to forty. And they just met somebody in the dimly six or seven months forget. What's that like. Is none of them worked. Well Leila legislate freaking out I think of the thing that happens the guys are merely there it is I freaked out and do you Mary the only. Two of homer like literally like six month. Him this year you're natural aversion to all these your payoff. And I was saying if I show up and amity negro really stoked about but it's only Billy five or six month and the proposed that would. Take a breath yourself here bro yet never you know when we sandy right now man you don't understand course. I don't that's telling you aren't. Are you one thing Yuri here. Hit Barbara if you want as many tablets abuse within yourself 01 idea on how. It's funny to would have we have with devastation on 193 curtains bought that I get married oh. Just ago. Future Ted that you need more time yes I got both relieved she's pregnant we're gonna make very good for months things have changed for your boy. Mr. Torre puts a dead or not ready and Jim Booth. And wanna book. For the top topic I'll start out by saying I'm 25 or there's no so then he's. There's no shortage of things who have told myself a warning or even earlier this year. Matt had answered the general idea of my answer which is slow down. Work hard and focus. For meals were in towards the big picture rather than now what what carved by next. New product tired just the latest version of the triple spend. Big picture could change depending on who you bar and some people whose experiences whereas for others like myself it's more investments and hard work now. So later on life and hopefully. Relax and enjoy life comfortably. So a lot of my trivial items on house now on track much slower track and he's like towards my ideal career. Matt the toxic mega relations with France cannot be more accurate slowly realized there was some long term friends over the past year. Possibly it's only realized that someone termed as a past year and sadly that just myself. To be lessening haven't changed my attitude. Cemented. Them chat stock market with any leveraged his national laughs advice and meanness podcasts on land. Although it Ian. I thought that the the nice that's really cool and with. Them you know it's distancing yourself and talk to people liked. All of that paid off look at the group of friends that we have. Bombs that were all three are part of can make all my friends. Through this team like attitude giant groups of awesome friends bit. Love and appreciate me for exactly who I am not updated pretender right time veterinary. Yeah I mean my. That's pretty cool million he is and now has just a result you know Leo like Kate. Gathered there are some there's some lonely times there whatever order they I'll I'm not talking about person or by. You know it's worked out for me so yeah goes back to patient. To. Poll. Speaking of which copy you know me I don't generally stay for whole show. I'm literally ready to bail on bumps and bruises the airplane patients mentally to oil companies like. Brody ended eleven if they 1040 just chill. Retirement program and now more so on be paradise and the began. You know local scene again to thank them hunter and his buddies me and that from which it. That was also hanging out and mean and I mean it totally is but he market's going and songs at Portland Maine as big kind of burly dude. You went. Who was the covers he did some random she only did she who cover. Doesn't reason with hardly ever. Talent. My boy bill that was run and they had the Boston stuff. He's signature on his wife knows you've got to get over here into the size does this mean CNET tools but it was unbelievable. But adding to the big thing to them again from which it out the late that hunter's mom too they reliever of the art will woodshed. We're not. Yeah that was great trip there records in the air you know what's equipment was. I. Yeah. All right so we are talked about Guns 'N Roses now is for sure at the highlight of the weekend. Really really cool CN CA Iran up there who is liked it for him just a trip and he just announced he's going on tour is the main support for the dead man. No right at two months the no this show box in November. So just awesome see an apple up forum like I remember. Last year shortly after my birthday is made Ben is Denver's. When he came over here is I talking about like. The that this is going to be made years this is at this album coming up coming mountain you know. And I'm going through this stuff than I did my agency's talking about these things and you know. There's always a lot of tock you know day he he had such conviction and belief in himself. And I'm always gonna be the optimist from my friends spirit that sort of stuff tonight. Be encouraged that sort of thinking and you know he mentioned playing with royal blood specifically. That pattern around the top. And then so period opened up for them and Guns 'N Roses like food. And then in that he announces the feared dead men to her today it's like. So and so so forms that's really awesome. The royal blood those guys that you just killed it's there was so so awesome you there. For that as well. After how and talk to them last and there are town it's a little bit ago it's so weird. The scene of again be it's so cool I love him so much in the last and I thought it was like over two years ago. That it seemed twice within a month and interviewed them one of the time problem. You know is just. Such trip and then. App that restructured our favorite albums though. Guns and rows back there for sure populist band last year. Her melt down here melt down and doing so yeah I was out that was super epic had a great time. And then. It's it's suit we can start Friday night. I mentioned it peaches that are in season earlier I know that because pat got she has the pizza primo which is a yeah it's it's the mozzarella. Game and it teaches. And crew who. And if there's too much and kick in there and also comic plays there end although it's a sauce is real good but it pages crush it with the seasonal and that's heirloom. Was best feats ever happen over the summer I Orszag he's coupon code MC TP for any 1%. I wish me and I would Alex don't wanna December. Elected and sliced potatoes and chicken I mean don't get it every year. I like that twelve you've had taught Mannesmann the twelfth live primo overalls assault pizza is that not a season. I don't know if that's all you I am I think he's started out as usual season but it didn't sit well. The and so can't get Pallet out she. She Oprah should sorry. Yes upright over there tonight. After after Cassidy at some we have the pot shop next door anyways so you on YouTube so. On its special so he got a call ahead if you wanna get it it's a slice it certain locations and Steve when they have it the only view goes on certain days. And or you can just Oro hole high on would you do. We Europe whole and nice got delivered after repair bad bread sticks and last time and I got to drivers are always so stoked to give me the pizza. Now granted I use you're the specials. And and rather always still OPEC ministers thought tiger has agreed plans like. I've always come down stoked I I'm so excited try to as pizza man. I. Dude it is awesome you were in fur tree and this. So it's as if on interactions that is about place and then we hung out. Air watched Alice in Wonderland. Nice. The original we're going to be tweet of the interview down for Halloween so had a brush up on our Alice in Wonderland. Knowledge. And now it's fun I do not remember that so they came from step one researched by yet research. The announcement out of school and that without lights. RD she fears new Netflix special double negative. And I was in tears and am my cheeks who are hurting my albums or hurting I couldn't breathe. News just. And it's it doubles special. Once called. Childhood at once called adulthood and the first half is this him ripping on kids statistic activities. There is. It is priced late thirties there he's probably like my guy and so. These but I do little Fiat he's just given his perspective on on that and you better kick out of it that. The that you meet nobody analyze the next time it now that we should these super got beat down. Speaking of comedians Jim Norton Latvian to brown and Ricky Gervais just announced he's from the more to earn his way to turn him venue. It is part of why does he rigidity stand up. I'd seen. I liked his first one I think it was and its second line and likewise mites. I'd be down to see it I don't know how much tickets will however they'd be a bit late and I'm not gonna go buy tickets to the alternate Jim Norton if we hunkered down Procter. People round here yeah he's he's spent the morning shows so. Yeah ours fears he special on Netflix is athlete layers I mean. Dude Netflix has just been killed and it was that that's in at least one he just hilarious specials this year alone the paper out talk lots and Netflix. I'm pretty much stand out. So lousy record and Saturday. The super hot so gonna wrap parents house in Adelaide and so that up before heading into the gore. The next day flat this lack of it is fun on Sundays in the gorge select. Much is that yeah. It's too hot last weekend can be out enough kudos and are thin at the gas via my that I resent it off the area swimming in the lake on those yet it was pop up. It is a it was smoky. Yeah well if you're listening to this that you'd like you've seen the stuff downtown. The driver and over across Phoenix and stuff through through the elements ha fire Tuesday it was unbelievable. At a Denny's does this massive force our travels the whole city again as in Austin smoke. This the worst I've ever seen it yet at par and there's fires and or in Montana Washington Idaho it's essential reps at rep just got back from a trip over in Montana into it means they. No hold get a guy like it was a fires everything's on quietly yeah the northwest is on fire. Well it yet to say how. You know the age card here at the local stuff you Don Blake where's that Aaron. Yeah I think most of news coverage is going to hurt in Harvey am announcing you don't hear about. Now and honestly I mean I've heard your mind now I didn't know I had no idea it was that bad do we start driving over the whole. Yeah yeah and that other Barry wants to be massive VO five and they're the one in the east or out accrued total write off. Eyesight so I don't know how much about that those categories work I was read about it it's like a 257 mile per hour winds I think he has a cab for. And then it's just plots. Just like they do eat. Yang Yang and cat five has won 57 plus there's like we. We don't now. It's going to be it's yet to grace wicked storms like that and based on off tornadoes and everything else like yeah I I will say this too. Climate change. What we're written it. We just not quite so that's definitely not a political issue that make this is not normal we're sorry we're realists in Houston on 1000 year's storm or some night and they event 3500 years storms on us and cash and Mike. I know this is gonna be harsh we'll get an email about it but sorry your prayers and doing anything for us I don't care anymore. He need to look at the science of needs that route we need to reduce emissions. Yeah. They do it sounds like a bad biblical thing look at how you are a whole city underwater revelation rightly another part that's on fine. But it gather Christians should be up at harper says but is anyone right now. Yeah so odd I'm. And looking around and all that stuff that is the in my case. This is very real sick there is a organization called. 314 action. The let you a little bit left to bear. Nonprofit dedicated to getting scientists in the politics. I run and running grassroots effort for now which I'm totally behind it. This is insane but this I would tell people like. I'm not a stupid person right biting to school but I know my strengths and weaknesses and so I think universities while I don't think college universities for everybody. There's obviously people they can be very Smart as does it feel to care about it but you're talking sign insert. And some literature mathematics that they those tuition college and it really good at that but the politicians. Should worry about getting your vote in passing. Rightly the science stuff should come down to scientist. Yet you've spent 27 years than obsession you know learning it partners now about how ocean's heat up and move currents and the staff yeah. Rightly getting even to someone supposedly coming angle and a burning wood a bit like we. We would've been in serious trouble had he not consult the people that had we fort. Already did. And it's right. Here's a politician should take with scientists are saying to heart and they're not. Wrecked yet there's too much money to be made right other stuff to destroy the right way but we don't know what that three. 314 action which is like for pirate ever been through for action. They're like well that's not happening though let's try and train up some scientists to go play the politics game. Which is like came and if that's when it comes due all take it though. I mean here's the thing about it if it's the truth whether you believe it or not hit that's a real problem yeah now it it. I'd like you can. Believe it or not pulling them by. Need these storms are gonna keep getting worse and every don't prepare for them you know these were just multiplied med human towel and and it financial hole and Mike yet about super saints to Earth's robbers stormed seen. We're talking about the crazy amounts of snow that have been in Boston Philly DC like. Folks it's easy normally this should deal. Speech that would get you go all right what do we do. And it it doesn't like it doesn't negate your whole religion and your whole a brand whatever and it was your parents believed. Believed just to embrace that there's some new evidence that suggests that maybe we should change their behavior. Yeah and here's the bottom line that I telling law and to look. And nobody in and the people who run the companies won a key mining and doing this and they don't want here for talking calls. That don't don't believe that marketing. But number two is when the ocean for a Chinese nobody can make money. Think that's the thing you forget about right now is that even when they destroy stuff there's still ways for them to make money when the oceans rise there's nothing to do. Major cities are underwater like. It really sorry that you're not nobody's profiting off this were all just gotta. Yeah like old pension payment tragedy of the comments like that Cesar hopelessly over finished and now those. Space users declining in mass and you can do because. Although as you want investments and fishing boats and each country's trying to undercut the other country and on the trip just like a bit of commons. That just look at thirty Whitney gave me over fished him down a moderate today. Now they can't do anything cannery row is an old school and receive yet none of them worked with the Fisher there were dozing in Peru. Or via what. I had a whole track were hurt theirselves up to dislike. It's obviously it's like the private prison hears that makes it's a tough. Is that a lot of people agree we don't mean private prisons in the lock up too many people. But as soon as you go to shut them a private prisons that hold little town goes for taking my job. Right things the same thing with the fisheries like look I know the fishery should stay. But you want them to stay open serving as a job but if you don't cut down enclose some fisheries some timely. You can official now. Is it meaningless. I know last tree is cut down the last fish is Eden and the last stream poisoned you realize you cannot even money. We're hopeful. I I think it's about that time. Yeah guys we almost got too sad cast voice to bring him back in positive real France. Would talk about politics it's I it's entered into with that. And not via. That's that's going on that passes that we need guys are way colds cheeseburger half hour. Our blog very funny but a top not a real close dance crowd topic so gets. Ollie are not beautiful love lives he hit album title and when you start going off about an hour we have lonely it. Now winter's coming. I voice I'm sewed. This thing I've been listening to a friend of mine sent me it's called the four direction opening prayer it's on like that Iowa scary Karros it's like the subtle. I don't know like album on Spotify and it's really good and it's this guy who's just down. Part of the living your true thing came from this this this guy who's just Hockenberry passionately. On the ballot being grateful for things that come before us and you know different things that affect our lives on. Maybe some other planes of reality and and nature and you know in the inner connectedness of everything that sometimes we don't stop and take time for about. So anyway. How are creatures of prayer it's pretty cool it's just like international speech but. I'm one thing that he says is. Malls that. He says. It. Which leads me to my next point living without fear it so one thing it talks about his. I he's like the black Jack alive which teaches us to live without fear and became a much on goal and them. We saw it about it it's just like I don't know the idea like that fears on a present now lives and it's nice to. Yeah I live without that. Limitations and oftentimes. Almost always itself imposed you know it's about on. What. Signs that. Are different school star which is great you know that Hungary. And here I'm saying it cops hunting this week. Pollen that they have been listening to man in the way of the blackjack law. When is a moment that you've lived without fear. So basically like some some stories some moments of the did Wear like. For that brief moment in time. You're fearless and did some cool or did something that you wouldn't normally do whatever. If three mouse he not be podcast dot com has Obama Twitter machine. At the podcast. To ease when as a moment you've lived without fear boys. I mean the easiest one with a lot of stuff but it did a burning Meehan but I've talked about that. Living the next when I do two years ago and it's like them up and these were. We got a chance to commit ground you've heard it's. You you own a big Maggie for insert tube gets it's viewed in federal way to be quite acts that are in jump office hide hide in the pool. Like when we got there wasn't and do it there like you shall announce that I'll go off a couple they like to sign the waiver program an awfully cool. And then I mean might. The ten meter Warren so with that thirty some feet. Now grant it this is in a controlled environment. They're gonna eternal bubbles the water is not a partner in that. First one that's the big platform out there right now console bringing you line I don't know it's a plaque for. Yeah so it's eight what is it like four platforms this is the third wanna. A highest when I went that was. Ten meters I think the highest one at the twelve meters and but either way like standing up there and look impound. And I've ever regulate the net try to I didn't mean to go and ask for the bubbles like out like. Of all. Yeah. Her apartment break and endlessly what do you do in what would you jump off this but it was just like I don't stand there too literally equal time and I just. Jumped in did. Feels good right when you conquer fear off. Follow through they were so off I think obviously jumping off stuff generally the biggest conquered it while I'm having a boxing match seen. I. Access. Well anytime I get on stage similar here really nervous. Yeah that's always one. One time. I was at a concert. On the ponson mushrooms and there's a lot of drunk people. And just like a lot of activity. In chaos going on around me. And it. Who is overwhelming. Maybe not like fear but just like a lot of anxiety. And as as we that dude. I don't need to contribute anything here I can just sit here and chill out and be five in do mounting. And I felt like I was problematic metaphor for life but sometimes these get they've not letting all that outside chaos gets me. You know I mean. And in that moment it was just overwhelming federally oh like now what the hell's going on. But I didn't do it just takes some breaths reassess chill out sit there believe that span the start it was awesome. Yet again so people are clear you're not say about the not contributing editor and part about like the psychological strength just like. You know being yeah I mean president. Yeah idea yet it is just people and asked it be able that kind of tune out the noise I guess a little bit too. And edges just be being confident in myself then and realizing that the out I'll be fine carpet and Dallas was awesome. Yeah that's hard to deal. Yeah I'm yourself down the Mike especially I putted energy of alcohol especially in a rock show can be scary. Intense. Yeah he got that that's all that someday be out nine off beat duke itself. Yeah I do it's it's it's that notable difference you know and you know that's just that's how our role you know like countering lights right now it's like rock music sometimes and found myself in those situations. I gotta man up and just you know lay low play it cool. You know don't start at one actually almost tripped on this and it came into fifth. Thug play you know yet telling you had. But but but but it totally. But I you. I did mine suspend like any time. I'd gab like jumped off some cool stuff. And I would say you Bruschi though any time Ike that I put myself out there. In ninety in social situations probably a quantum I approach this really like. There's like this this beyoncé level hot chick can Ballard today approach that. You know we out of my league but did anyway I've spoken about it afterwards Jackson went really well and then. How did cost point and a TV show a super as a character of the TV shows him and then every episode I was just like scared it's nominated star and you have no control over that are honored at a dead or whatever and there's like ten cameras and you know it's all surprised to hear there's a lot of lot of pressure and underground lines out there that's pretty intense. And your first one thing is that they picked that week complete yourself out there. Typical the sort of a partner at the first time about my girlfriend. She was walking over street we have like we had met briefly before a show and now we just kind of like talk done on instant Camelot. And so I'd like just just Flickr pictures in which who's walking up as a home. Nice and came up and I guess I. Eyes is kind of impressed and I just. I knew I shouldn't say it but I also knew like hey if she goes with this that's a really good side. And out of play and as they I'd I'd I'd be honest. I'm content but the I'm very happy at IE DEC 1520 pounds heavier you kind of take back girl pictures. Wolves to highlight the bowl like she and I don't know what we're told that story that Jefferson of the humanities and I'm. You're an iron back take mackerel pictures. Via I think that was the Pentagon want to what is real right. Patent area that is always going to be much better than we have like you look fit in your pictures yeah yes that's true reflects. A society we use that. Told Russian great round today and go oh really like dissent and Bush's main topic was signed by the way eyebrows around point. But I didn't make eye contact their toes a little scared about the comment that's washed away and Christiane land it. There were. Jailed before you know you'd get reaction. Did you just relative tween girls really late. And honestly give two craps you pay but some girls are really particular about the ills of the through that it's funny what's caused a public males. The candidate. Earl. I had no one's years ago I hope. And weird I introduce themselves and only Matt and she's cute game a little bit away I think as I. Oh he's changed and there could I yeah I sure it needs. On ice. As monitor this close call then headed your way. I think I'm nothing else the eligibility lots of graduate it's legal recognizing we know this everything opposite Fatah fun. Did all amendment that nothing was when you pay a sincere compliment I think you need to lean into it a little bit make eye contact such as real yea yes they know you're not just like. You know I don't know making a remark about the idea yet. I had half of it did I have one the other day like they can we get a half ago. Well. Was it a parking lot near holy smokes and Arafat. Talking to one you'd do it. The continued outside of its car. If he's a and Mika viral hit an athlete you know and I give my lighter right. Greed is the copyright act and here's the latest cool and delegates he came to backing turned her crown mostly like you appeared. I realize these you look back at me like I kept eye contact there I think it seemed weird that I'm just complementing median of it to you that appeared that he got to stand having his. Are combing your group went to. I pat how how. I'll. All right four wrap it up violates seriously I'd very much appreciated you come to read festivals they would that the mat suits that to me hopefully we'll be there. But the idea drop it to block mark on they would it's going to be a fun day you'd get a bunch of stuff going on. Motorcycles are going to be there like dirt bikes to and stuff that the reckless freaks Albanians we talked about I'll be performance of the round. But wouldn't kill destroy earth that we get all the thing I'll explain it's healing here and explain it. Just outperform McLaren. Do you say performing it leaves a lot of the imagine how but it to a song with him from that too freaked out of the fact clam. So elected it's only fifteen bucks at Saturday September 9. Down at the you don't call expose. Now it's significant and also it's don't like seven or so fifteen dollars by the come down whenever they with the doctor to be. I made others episode 191. For a with the ATP for Cobb beat at Smith is the pot years.