Thee Podcast Episode 192

Thursday, September 14th

This week we discuss dip, festivals, and underground vodka.


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Is nice if we use account manager that's weird sit over here on the set. Better or worse. The better or worse. Luckily when your worst enemies in an upset. Adam last week cope. Kamal. This seats kind of cool as I can see people out there they combine. But I like. I think during the Manger it's good for me that I'm not sitting where you are you don't mean I get a little eighty the issue will start looking around obstacle will squarely. What's funny to me is now the way the studios are set up a we're trying to experts in the Manger where we do ours we're doing this podcast right leave the lights are on to its very easy to see him tonight here. Sometimes I'll see people like just like Sean or somebody you'll be like. There and it went apology of I'm pretty sure you're looking at me and I was like yeah it's weird. I've only been an athlete. The guy can be in the middle of the show and they consciously do it over so I give my head is kind of like chuck Medusa like I'm still listening to the show but I know what. You know whatever miles or thriller sailing I know my next thing to to be to just is just weird to get mad zone public now I definitely looked accurate. So I whereby SATA over here real sets that I would spend the whole time to look at what you gonna people. Do right where you're sitting analogy you moves to the left by about a foot. I'm looking at you and you who don't know tents has ball and right behind them the archdiocese. And the two towers of the archdiocese. Cilic ideas double quick time out. That's kind of project positioned. Yeah I mean maybe it's bigger picture combating Alex leaders in the podcast turned. Yeah she removed my yeah. Slide. A little bit further. This. Message. To great start yeah I'm not have to Holler Boris. I accidentally put to Nevada and we got a posted. We bought a couple of this isn't just any I guess just any pod cast couldn't do this. It. He contacts to starting the tests. Starting deep stuff and treat starting these cats and dogs. Fueled underwear I don't know. What stuff avoiding that this will be hosted here podcast there's not that I give up. Who got up there and broadcast and all the land although I had should I could have a one night who. I'm so thrown off fine. While yet we that if we podcast about the left if my upper body is always there looking somewhere in southeast Asia on two wheels. Give him a opt out of going on just the podcast mixes ultimately trading today as the summer of sex never seem to be. Ted Koppel C low numbers failed to beat talent estimates issued march quarterly earnings call Max. Terrible for loaded shot two analysts from Goldman downgraded the boys from vital hole. Little boys get emotional back with college co Eds and calling for its and a frat party we'll find out six. I back there on the field get misty golf that I met comedy producer and CTP with a man. That I that intro editor but it got a couple ponds in their to do that exploits the summer of sex that never came into effect and. Yet. It looks up. While some good summer did respond I don't bless this summer amateur. But not not so hot and a lot of glass did you know Wall Street expects a lot of us and frankly cannot perform every corner quarter you know sometimes you can miss those those earnings adjustments and what happened here and Christmas will be kinder to. Policies and amp it up and careful limits conference season to season two with confidence he's. When the temperature starts to change to you wanna go ahead and grab a girlfriend or boyfriend. Is gonna lock it up for the wintertime. And then by spraying those bills break up with it. The feeling the UN and the west like a kind of set up like a card table. Nice nice cover like maybe some red sack and summon he's put the dips on display. News dislike. Lady's. Mom Sadie is going to operate here. I feel like that could change the game I wanna say ten numbers I don't say twenty but I think it would happen. Westlake now let him know we work with you read general the hot chicks like Nordstrom come whenever like the high and you know salons and shops stayed down a review. I put those I would say that they you know like a chilly day like 55 degrees or something it's low overcast is a breeze. All of a sudden attitude out there with a hot dip whom. If there's the question what chip Steve selects Mike that the girls trying to wash their figure meals wanted to do you know weekend. Who or OK let me genetically disadvantaged if she got in in and it shouldn't write every noses or browbeat where. But technically the sausage dip should be in with weaknesses. I sometimes I'll throw in this the free goes scoops there's an argument my brother likes Stoops better I'd. I'm on the tenth team on the argument yeah I'm with your hero but for our purposes here I dig via excuse for it. Your purposes here I think it weakens kind of act as your primary filter. A 100% possible the dip better. I will say one time in my house I mean SE. Holds the matter does we did the murder much sturdier on a much firmer chip with a group of freedom of scoop right there yeah. Legal thick corn wants. Legal we'd been tougher than a scoop. Blowing all okay here's I gotta say is yeah adding to be right via an out well I think. It may be the this sheet. About saint street goes around this sacrifices some structural integrity I don't know of the physics that it faults the arts brands arts one of the strongest shame though they are only the triangle crack. But the aren't just have to party dip bro man was built you have anti about tensile strength but I started about payoff. You're talking about the threat that you took the how you measure out of wherever I had a fifth trip to Augusta consistently since. Treatment. But with those arches they're all facing down the scoop with an up they seem archived I think makes it weaker. I mean ultimately be arts is about channeling the force torrid you know like equally to both sides I feel like. When you scoop on that tank unique get to get behind get a little bit vs. A week then it's like the leverage are you putting it at its worst possible ankle I give your arm is fully extended right yeah can't you know it's much. Mika benefits like curved in warrior hereby sentenced or group. Betting favorite but I think also is she's a simple thing of the weekend may tougher. Would suggest I'm saying is I think you guys are banking on the weekend being made tougher which I agree with. Against the power of the shape because not only does have that scooped shape but it's also got the side rails you know on Sam like it's like almost comical. Agassi this duke getting more dip but I still feel like at the Wheat Thins sturdier and that they. Maybe not every single scoop but a lot of those groups they're not all exactly the same. And if one's a little bit smaller current god forbid cracked you're in a world that trouble and I've. I've got to get dip bites with half a week then TO also I think we can take spent. I mean there's different shapes you know play the hand you're dealt blow when I'm talking about here is like OK when did his hot and alt all chips are equal that's fine everybody scanned through it when that it starts to cool down coax it become heavier thicker. That's when you wanna real deal chip that's when you want freedom scope. Now. You want to quit the day now I disagree I was art I will tell you this somebody once in my house put out brand new thing it dip right. They thought they'd beefing up the lead that we insist on top the dip. And like arrange a moment as it may have what do you do. On how this will be worked this beat rate is RD on top of it. But only did was he to the week in guitar yeah they were structurally not sound after a person's Akamai partisan Marti. He virus and that they're certainly not charged that the Chris I'm with you Brothers out of its mind. Call your own skewed two scoops of course you can meet on Wednesday but for the Westlake scenario weakens any of the box post now there's been now. Libyan low sodium version. And I think you are out there get a load as well and we did to the southeast. So okay. Here's the thing we were talking about micro stern get thicker which I found some some evidence recently I mean had a conversation with a girl gone by. Maybe throw out the scoops to and just kind of let those you know. Let the day go the way it goes stated depends on the day if it's like a weekday there although we've it's books it's Saturday. Of are going to be important to go scoop. And I think at think Cobb and you wanna be hype man I think you're gonna have to play security to and I keep dudes office. Oh yeah like a balanced heads the face of the franchise he can't be out there getting back kinda negative PR talent dudes paid beat it kid. But if you're unity hey man. Mrs. Diaz a bounce in the Florida Panhandle two full weeks around saying it amounts of money they no problem. That'll run security yet steer things Citi straight up honest of these guys who don't mean make you think this man made his deputies stand out here to meet dude it's the any your own lawyers right. Got to Jack the food are part. Back up. It Chris out there with rated had investments gives rapid row Adam and Bradley and Benjamin had but. Own rap Roth has really had a text graphics with Chris last night. With civil union went to future and me. But then like future and he was also the person but I hadn't listened to like that many future songs have been listening to allow our future and obviously. All he does talk about it apart. Like fake but I I know in mass golf it was a part of the biggest ice crystals like Jesus Christ is due to a lot of perks. Music yep pretty much. So for those who don't know our friend Chris is a bouncer around Seattle and a some hit his technique to try to 'cause you can't just roll in and and crack tomorrow and had you know since technique is to wrap. They wrapped their arms so they can't you know they're sort of like. And they can't swing on hammering thing and and he just sort of rolls like a little spin move kind of like the crocodile and pull people under whatever and so so we call Iraq general. I attacked the last thing you'd been with in the future of La Pena due does a lot of perks he replies lots and lots. I'm working in the region black metal show tonight these people are quirky but I'm good Ide oh great word sounds like a couple rap and rolls though. Oh you know this I. Roll. Me and I pray let's see the first from the weekend it's an image in big shout out to everybody came out to read festival. Matt I'm sure you talked some definite low Harper's out there yeah those fun bunch. Now where you work. Yeah it was good timing and they had and the reckless freaks out there are so cool ode to how would Ilya does that the Carney people yet. How was it it's also so so cool wasting money to hit it. Yeah let that happen yet I don't have an idea that was going to be allowed they let people stable money too and might got a great. Pit iron Mike our station photographer got an awesome picture. Of the moment win. One of the when. Alerts is slamming the bowling ball in the the cinder block that's on his crotch and yet like shattering at. Iron Mike I like a perfect job of that with the appointments that put him out on the that's on the cancer he faced me to solve that yet that is on our face but that it had a rails thing happens it. The I didn't get a hold on they're they're asking and it yet is that giant huge giant heads and nails and what happened so. Lurched laid on it and and someone laid on top of him. While he was on it and then they broke within a block on that person and that person gone off and put a cinder block on alert and broke it on him I should be on him the mighty lurch he has earned that title that is good cop is mighty as. I might say. Yeah easily be due to you via ambulance so. Tornado legit bearded lady named little bear. Yeah little head to stop on a Janus and bottles and opera gets a saint she stops I don't know why specifically it's broken glass of James and bottles but it is. And she can widget sing opera. I'm not kidding appeared a woman singing opera of very well while stopping. Obama and Brooke can Jameson bottles that's a Specter period is. As alert. Pro apple and golf are brought that's in Iraq with the bowling ball right has proximate. Yet. Yet Cobb you would you would like them. News is that the bearded lady yeah yes there opera over them. In some models how assure our youth and that's the lady. Positive credit pretty obvious person. Any green it she hasn't shaved in a long time Shuler DOT long. I mean her goatee he's got to be almost as long as the girl's. Yeah it most counted but it was just it wasn't just. Then even though we had the what's that the moon siren. Belly dancers which you know app yet and you know a couple of them from meltdown they come every year but we've talked to a one over. So they were they're doing stuff for the first acts forget what they were call. But it was like 2222. Girls and making them a little stage. And then they had music and sound effects we had fake swords but they basically were acting now like like a video game. Like every time their swords like they choreographed it so you heard a pitching. No doubt actual swords without actual support at and there are to a decrease deep body flips over each other and stuff like it. Obviously leg irons off I had no idea that was going on at some music to about your objective is like watching a live video game it was so cool I mean. Those eyes were fit as do you. You're a man lake lake corkscrew just spin off your feet over another man hours. Anyhow that's impressive yet they are real cool. There in super effective they had via. The dirt bikes stolen and they were doing jumps over there who's down the illegal explosives and there's a ton of room. The promise act was the rain moved within the within the that that jumping of the bike stopped at which kind of seems fair and yet we had the yen. The reckless freaks me at the belly dancers. We have on Japan's go I mean it was constant all day long and it was pretty fun we devote a lot big dummy there. New originals before and we had my boy kill joy the clown man raping ground. Yeah. And the prize of all surprises. Lance was there yes Lance jobs in Korea ahead and and Craig whose leaders to. But the I would just randomly saw. I was like is that Josh and I turn around looking and a lot of Josh is music you and I saw Lance before us are but it got home. At it for the meltdown crew appeared he would get his links rain and we are currently at sorry Josh trailing only Thursday or something else Blake like big rock coming down and I was like cool dude like a do you get their tickets come on down. And then now I know who's coming in with and that literally I was on stage Egypt's I'll lift up Arabic. Also played pat pat pat pat half half and applause. Yeah and I thugs and listener might make the beer brewer. Is that. My buddy list that the Earth's. Yeah yeah my magna has value plants that I like to posting a picture of Blake like these three girls really are friends of my cock. They are like how we like to imminently take a picture for a so coarsely it's takes them and if he released into the ground and things like three Celtics of himself or it could. I'll think man I wanna steal them that's his agreement with its own fighters in an Arizona starter right there is so far people ask you take pictures. And it would mean it was a tough to there was threaten people they are people or public. After the new originals and I went out to sea lanes in Chongqing Korean like. Let's go get a beer I TG dot civil if you were coming up and when you get a picture would average I mean a mistaken us. Half or two billion that the appear. You get swarmed around a lot of dolphins. As coach I visit our Cleveland as like that Ted was leaving India it twenty feet away talkative. Yeah but it it if you came out thank you very much for criminality. It was a glass and and so much love and stuff and you know a lot of lot loaf of for the podcast they're too but people say and mark on what not that. Always good to see in warms my heart. Stoke yet while I guess you feel pretty good that you missed the now. I know how to respond he kicked a threatened resentment. As I was saying you know people are asking where you're. Told them. Late yellow Larry I. Believe me opponents and was like I really wanted to get open was my son's first football game and our response. Fair excuse. I think you know for my first last whatever your children haven't Ainsley aspect that's okay. I'm not gonna do get priority and by -- you know what you're a bad parent when you pay attention to those kids could be getting drunk with us in the massacre at halfback. Thought back. Like a tooth. I don't know with that in the last thing I'm just left myself when I get why you heard it it just. Ice on a very funny. Crap you know like that at that have very good excuse that's about the most about it seasons. Kind of humor into a burning man this year. I've heard some negative things yeah I. I didn't really notice it inning but then a couple of friends we have the went down there wrote a couple like. It was a great burn but it is also the worst one listen that's from multiple people to yeah. I heard that it was the worst when I heard about homeboy selflessly throwing himself on fire. About that. Are right I think it's kind of strong her room. Bullets helplessly yeah. To take such a cat while Simon sorry I understand so the only information I have going in his personally if mashed about it is that. Someone. Ran into news or at the end detestable. And have a giant. A man built out of wood and they set on fire. And it's a big ceremony and sort of like the culmination of the fastball and I heard is that during that culmination someone jumped over the fence. Ran into it. To commit suicide. That accurate. Yes but I've also heard that maybe he was just out of his mind and Mike Green in there and fell. As when they started chase and here's my issue I've talked about this with a couple people you mean you have it mean to. We had to be at least the key to at least what I set up under. 150 yards hundred yards away from it and there's rows of fire spinners than actual firemen. The black rock city late. Burning man cops and in real cops and it's like a little offense and their tune but I'm still amazed that he got in there that far but when you see those pictures in the geyser chasing them. You're it just it seems odd that that happens the one theory I've heard that I don't. I only missed two crazies that maybe. He was just messed up was messing around. Tried to get in there when they start chasing him got too close by that point it's too late. That's possible. My understanding and it was that he didn't commit suicide rich. Personally. I mean suicides a complicated topic I think it's a pretty. Selfish thing to do it hurts everyone you know mobbed by. I guess how we look at that point for sure. I think though like to do that in such a public way such and happy peaceful. You know like spiritually uplifting insignificant event is spike. As selfish as as against so if Dallas hasn't and I think as a pretty. I'm a move I don't agree left but I don't know that I don't know on. I don't know what is I look I'm always I'm on the list I get it kind of you know so sentiment. Is very close to my family so. I just and it I don't like the term it's suicide selfish. Because a lot of times that person feels like the year even though. When electric deer hunt but they feel like they're such injury on the feeling. That is the that there helping people over a 100% you know well anchored here and they're taking the burden of them their existence off people. And we try to read for me in my town had. Two like it's the most hurtful thing you can do other people's nation Ayman ever considered. But let's take him how to protect have you heard anything else. So the year that we wins. Yeah are you an artist around like pigs and pass have a good time you know we've we expected to dust them. But the zone I love how you selectively sensors so it is weird its own trumpet out of here at the beginning of the show for things like the Guinness. Not that and I'm. It's. So. Let's keep Mac guests like Iran and north. But so the year we went you know we didn't know that it was an aberration and I'm thinking outside of the norm and we ran around our whole campus via blown away. Right now and we knew we had inch thick layer of dust on everything we owned and almost almost all of our positions were destroyed but we are happy you're like OK that's burning man and then we heard after the Dow was a particularly bad year. So what I've heard about the weather's that this year was even worse so you heard. Yeah I heard the weather was bad and then I've also heard from some people that sounds like. A couple of it is that they think it's changing and it's like a lot more people that. Maybe aren't part of better don't just gonna go one for fun as you see our program. What's that and for answer and for Godot for so many models and stuff just like it's unreal burned for the weekend and the week Anders serve one the real burners hate the most yeah Lou come in from LA just like Friday and Saturday. On doing the work don't provide any. Cool does everything else there is built and brought by attendees. So that's a thing it's not like a for profit event summit puts on. A festival says most of Emma comes and enjoys it mean it's it's a community driven things so he's persons in joint staff but also. Providing the Germans are working their bar and you are setting up their cool amusement or whatever some people now and I think there's a lot more people coming and taking. Rather than giving Matt Snyder. Even like that interaction I had a few weeks ago. With Steve major leagues. And a belt ballot that. But I leaned over there to the story right now to say are you guys on the Bernie and narrative she they are very pretty people would include rate two girls. And she's like if you didn't know what you see it she's like okay. It's certainly a place to fill up my little pool so I can hang out and it during the debate. And Housley. Pop up what they don't know. And then I was like there's trucks that drive by about water's not potable you really shouldn't be put in on your body. She's at the signing of potable means nutrition drink it sounds like everything you read that people do it that you shouldn't get that water. Mean there's not a place to fill up appease people when you and you have to get rid. Wanna dress environments on the planet yeah she just had no I eight years and like literally he lake but she left I was like. But I think she'll be OK she's pretty enough relate she got out there. And that's just as well every other fast slide into. I thought I'd be awful all ha ha ha and that does not meet every other bats well you vent yet but just I mean I. Your reaction visit obviously added yeah I like you as I get Carol yeah. Buying those two rebar stakes to stake our life to the ground that's when it got real for me. Yeah yeah ratchet straps that just like secure everything so win just you know blowing in the wind. Plan that that's a pretty real survival environment out there and. Mean I was like she is that what we're taking an RV and ilsley you can make you make sure he taped the windows and that one. Afflicted dusk it's an. Is that dust are only adequately and you look at anything besides it's to Graham. About this about which are going to her because denied her let's not worry that I'm not going to be EDC and this is going to Coachella this is none of that. Slight if coach tells on Mars and spends time in about. Yeah I was telling a story to the man who miles veered sits on the like with the launch on match powering. The thorough course have been homeless it's a story about Martha something I guess all week. And they know their comeback for burning man. Now it's almost DO DG stink and I you look. Kits that we stole that that hasn't had your stuff by films about stopping a burger they'll certainly Corvallis or whatever you we looked filthy. We might as stone patio we we kind of stuck out my here that we went in there or her racquet the food. Drop deuces and rolled up a compact a couple of things that watching arrogance so excited when I went in the British. Are you Rite Aid and active plots that toiletries like hot. And it just took it got to see this. Out Matt thought you know here things maybe that was maybe that was the year at burning man needed to call her element. Maybe a lot of girls you know and I curls maybe a lot of that's pretty people who were in for a good time to take an active. Went down there and maybe me you know fried yet. Well I saw a picture that someone posted late. Yesterday the day before it's been dollar price over a week. And they were cleaning up owners over 15100 bikes just left them. The bad to figure out what to do it and make. Get on trucks entering their hopefully mimic donate them when they always do it but that's not that common I had I polygamy cult that's not I thought that and that while that books. Generally they'll just pick them all op and then rent some real quick and drop them like boys going. The growth on the handling Reno codecs that's pretty no dad posts I read seemed pretty lake you know upset like this whose board than usual. It and you know it's compliment Newt during that it was going in the direction urges talk about that. Yeah yes I quite a few I'm posts from Mike those closed camps or reverend them. Plug and play camps and you know you could just tell like this person's contributing nothing in the festival in. That's a say it's overkill to me on Saturday and asked me and they are like would you think I was like those camps are there but also. I mean I've got to say like the plug and play claim the white ocean we have so much fun there. So it's like it they can't bitch completely about those camps. I'm fine if they provide something I didn't like the ones who were disclosed and then didn't have like. A bar or venue or something turn to contribute people you know. I mean you see like those Playboy camps everyone. Kind of dichotomy because everyone complains a lot of us like you know rich like Silicon Valley tycoons but also like. He not seen photos of a billionaire making grilled cheese sandwich is that the Groce stand for seven hours for people. You know so it's not. It's not necessarily one group of people but yet it's too bad it is headed in that direction but things evolve and change you know and as ordered as I'm sure the year we were there people. Like how man on these newcomers who now like we know what. Right that's nice to have a guy on Saturday I was like I can see that happen and it's also it looked like I'm a guy that works on the radio and talks about it. I probably didn't do much to quell that or help that there are. You know I mean I do always take pride in the fact that union set up our camp. Like our bare hands Malia secular we deemed to be there in camp in it which is we knew that we were doing so they always take pride that but yeah I've definitely work. Trust capture or item to some people I am part of the problem as well. Yeah I mean just the nature of things you know if someone starts on new line ups your festival in the woods than adults only grow when things aren't change. So. Birdie means owes me for a separate entity. But it's just too many damn festivals now. No big now festival every weekend if you my answer that would be no I think that. One thing that's cool about festivals and I think a lot of people tune into. Is. You know and our modern day culture we now a lot of shared cultural experiences Perino also on a lot of primal. I experiences and I think that they're sort of tribal. Elementary atmosphere to every one big crowd people's grooving to the same music and it gets that sort of like. And the Paulson collect and Iran's hard has been this and the new feeling and human energy. Low three and float to the crowd I think. Feeling connected it's really important. Are really important part of a human experience and now whether you believe in shock and I honor any of that you know hippie magic is that to you but I do think just. You know being close people on me close to the earth. And appreciating music and appreciating art as much of that as can happen people shifting. Spending their money on consumer goods to spend their money on experience like that I think is all positive offers many festivals as people wanna go to. Like if you're a festival outside of the city again. Right thing we like melt down with the big woman have Tennessee on our room aren't like even like a Chela I'm finding that but I just. Samantha seal the major ones in major cities. I feel each of the cash grab. Like it and it's also like is that really a festival is normally in Albany concert yes summer cash apps in question it and I mean opt out of I think you see the guy that area that now can bottle full of vodka. Like three weeks ahead attack. He buried it in the grounds. What's in New York City they have accused giant parties on something island forget the name I don't I'm not positive it is. Or around. And yet you know it's about a dumpster pools are you not announce that he. Noted an out you if I sit it. I know you can't analyze it and ankle not Ellis Island without outside content on Tuesday I don't know if I it's. Science Tony I'll party is out. They have like lightly causing Havoc queen's because royal blood and who were playing it one of the festivals there and thank you ago in my career BP's stuff. But I camera that little island it's on whatever it yeah. Yeah I did read that article really funny that some would go to that level of lake showing up weeks ended at the bury their home vodka they you know later. I don't know that was because the vodka was outlawed in there or religious duty and expensive to get drunk in there. Honestly I am going to both weekends and ACL and you may consider that secretary Harry Potter out. Also you and it's. Yeah I thought part of Austin city limits would you walk around and get cheap Beers in the date and booze and doesn't it just went up to three weeks at a time. To the growth pounds buried it. Got the coordinates and went back and now like that's obviously. And we were because I Qassam are talking about the expense that is just to drink all the indefensible. And then doing Ayatollah I go look I wanna be this guy what's he. If you look at a crowd of people. All on the same. Those people in the shop GC need Boozer drugs there's some sober people and background but let's got its most of them are altered. Dutch you're getting all those cool pictures you want them like. How Malaga you don't get out of completely but you. That's the sounds bad but you kind of need him to be drug to if you went at one fast. There's a happy balance by a Guns 'N Roses a size sixteen dollar Beers and at all. They're the craft blondes or whatever but by the fact that that's part of the price ranges. Just insane to you can't just say this I wonder of gone and I was just wondering if they like a death those prices. From. Event to event like pared DC got a lot more young 21222830. At that probably aren't gonna. A Ford sixteen dollars craft Beers aegis stock less that stop craft Beers. And stock up more on the twelve dollar bud lights or whatever or do you bring the prices down all the way around. I'm guess would be that the person throwing the event controls price with an unselfish and other venues do. Yes and an item on accent is there any change the price. I don't think so theaters of yours is I think there's racing in dollars it. For craft Beers at the gorge all summer yet aka. It also it also Avis which is that you got to remember inflation's very real I saw a commercial yesterday animated him home from me. Do you remember when two walkers at Burger King was two dollars. And extend this eight dollar fell to whopper deal the lease is still too big and actually 222 yeah. Now to operates. Seven. And here's and it's a deal to advertise deal and you're saying that's all inflation and not at a corporate greed of them written prices. I would say it's mostly inflation delivered the big Mac index. It's like who. That called tech. An algorithm not normally like a layman's way like shorthand way of comparing one economy to another. I'm because almost every economy in the world you can buy a big Mac and so. It's like. It's easy to compare currencies Michael what's the big Mac Costa Grande resident adolescent yeah exactly it's and it's a global reference point interest. Yeah and so anyway I'm. I think completely get marks inflation while most. Erica. And I mean that's holding about inflation only people owners spent time on the talk about minimum wage this so bad it's like. I know you do make that much when you were working these places public with inflation bike. They need to make some more money in its last yeah. Well that's it and you're looking to is me and ominously this country Sharma islander from Cobb. Is that that. Stuff. And crap you don't need each cheaper. But he couldn't and children were quite like your home and sleep actual book it's what is expected. Yet a sports the sport things that people can't go without those have all increased in cost. And ought a lot of the consumer goods have come way down you know like a sleeve of Ritz is basically free and calories are basically free but. Transportation. Housing health care. And who its fourth on canned humor and a. Yeah 'cause I ever article few years ago about Boston. It was just like is it a whole article was like how is power so many homeless people. Obese in Boston. And Aetna right now was the whole thing it's like well it's cheap and you go and get apology calories today. So let's just say it's like we saw that movie. Like where everywhere you go there's little bags of chips and Andy is that that you know just even if you don't want it he breaks you down. Right yeah AC NN like the big box stores especially like office steep when they don't have an act grows and grows and the like I was one music at the B I love that back in the hunt they have so which team needs to check the goodwill. Most of candy do they have a tonic and at least one wrong when he and it's easy cheaper. Honestly the best candy ran down a UN deals on candy Rite Aid Bartow drugs. McAllen and candy yeah and losers Nieves for 45 cents. Per pack those same things at Molly market. Two dollars twelve. What's made one yet. So. I was to McCarthy. If you're trying to lose weight. You're at war but like the billions of dollars of marketing speak out and product placement and Mike. Yeah it's it's not it's doable but it's not an enviable position like and and you know I've trying get that that lake level of fierce BA yes you are out war with a very very well armed enemy. And in this battle. Yet it's insane out there. Well still line from the wire. Should really call war. Wars and they're talking about the word out that until a cop just his vision global warming in the wars and on year a unique thing is David Simon yeah exactly and Iran's air. The about the new things are on about the porn industry which yes Franco frank HBO yeah. Maggie Gyllenhaal yeah excited I think it's like at Times Square sex workers and said yeah I pit the headline RS it was like. New CH BO series from creator of the wire is. Or is boogie nights meets the liar and as it. HBO. It unites the wire. And then James Franco says. It away again. You're in yeah I got so excited that read the article watch a trailer arm are what and it was that comes out but it wouldn't. Uttered those show all those shows called like narrative story arc shows it on for seasons and seasons and tear gas at comic series G yet without wires cling to your editor is an hour drama series law and order is also a series and each episode as it's known. It's story wrapped up and there's a term for like that one of the art. Our law and orders different them went in like the wire is the wireless they've got a new store TV series. Correct and so there's another term that difference isn't a drama. Episodic or something resistant than. Dramas this is John catches it and essence and so law and order in the wire both. I don't know the word day is like this is game of drones and the wire and break. Bad whenever I don't know. Cable series cable series event on nine but he Alomar cable acts like Netflix and you know and on original content. So there with a 1 Cheney era I am pretty sure a lot orders are considered episodic series that is phenomenal at the other ones to call right. I feel I have examples of where residency visas and abruptly Somalia or it's just specifically at 3 AM and two whatever seventy break that they ought Dr. Dre thing. And Alan. I was I watched it there was only one. On HBO. It is really more about June 19 via with the details call. Number four we keep putting out bad. Shot Randall's island Erica if go to Butler camera. Did you eat only ever know because I only know that because of huge parties to that one is for electric zoo. Beat their lake instantly giant bud lite party there Miller Lite party that party at the whatever it doesn't Eritrea. Yeah he would have been three weeks ahead a time period an opinion on. Yes it's still weird line up like. Is this mean a genius or alcohol. That's close close to call on an out and announced in bottle of vodka. These sneak mixers and with their resume time I mean what's his full strapped in now. I feel I need more info for in demonize them. He put that in there and he is bought drinks or whatever in the tampering and other drinks. He doesn't really doesn't seeing articles specifically. How they got it. How they got out. And army don't think bought the music festival schaeuble. Like he buried. If you put on like a fairly thick stringer piece wire and he just carried it down and left a little like it's silver and loop. Sitting on the ground that you just like earlier nine and knuckle and that means. We've pretty cool yeah police that the plane was simple. I've been going to electric zoo for four years now and lay out over four years it very good looks over four years elect five yeah. With that with that method you're talking about by some soft dirt over at leg of a little bit of a crowd having it checked this that is yank it up it. Not just. There are. Pretty cool stuff translates on animals. Are right now with streets of emails there mr. cab. Voice. It quite as you think something we said as popular don't know what's a guy. Moment of living without fear fear restrains me a lot life but the moment that I live without it was kind of polar plunge and like Washington February. Us from Michelle by the way. I learned about the health benefits contrast there opinion how bays a constriction and release can be reset for your whole body that really one track. So few co workers who walked on the doc and form has jumped in the same time oh my god. Very cool and we got up did it one more time and came in warmed up as an incredible experience and happy I'm happy if you're at home back on the ballot. Which. She just went out did her own polar clutch. Was like an official thing yeah I usually do one on. The first of the year which our eyes on each year. Which late. On lake union lost two years I have also done but the beach Matthew speech. That's it that's like a big chorus on Matthews beach now kind of important ones. Also. I just as a pro tip. First I swam for a long time comfortable moments in college. And the best way to Mick cold pool warm. To jump in get out immediately and this takes your skin temperature way down and then jump back into every year and hopes. Tremendously and he gained a lot of cool pools I am who. That's the move. Our guys. That a recent convert to the greatest podcasts on Lance all the land a bit necklacing previous cast as far as the apple let me. And from now and I felt I now Ike made contributions top topic. The time I faced a fear was about three years ago which involves fear of open water which stemmed from close friend drowned. Happened after a show in Belfast in which I'll call with main factor. The impact out of my life at the time line in terms of the depression when it did to my mental well being. I felt. Oh I felt it was time for a change. Or soared to the best Medicaid obeys these sand like had a big impact economists read that putt. So I resort to the best medication you can you used for depression which is going outside ground. Tell me get over some of the issues and and as a game they gave me time to think about everything in except when it happened. I from the so let me later Honda following year to do triathlon and cased my friend but here's the kicker. Swim start was in the same area and my friend drowned. So get over that. Just bottom my friend what he would say as a sort of batsmen. Let's just sag was in the fastest non wind out of the water eventually. Felt like a weight was lifted from several long message but it felt. It was give this topic and heated talk about it. That's which is best wishes Ron AKA king Burgundy AKA nine ginger Irish man AKA part time Utley. AT&T. That's tough flight to your buddy drowned. If you're part is coming go back to those waters swear to you I'm impressed that he conquered that deem it yet I cows the right move at baseball's. Ilya. Major policy now that that's wild man crops get on Iran. Yeah that's that's past and that's like the proper that's the proper way to do it too you know that's likes cinematic. Yeah. First off wanna shout at a big thank you knickers podcasts on land all the land the third year medical student Iowa and always blows my mind is let's just. Iowa ha all right and home was immediate doctor. Kind of use the podcast in the may cast is a way to relax laugh wind download driving home at the end of the long day moved Iowa from Seattle on a missile like crazy. The podcast last may not taste the Pacific northwest even from far away. In manatee cold months off from the podcast for sitting for a first round of board's July. Much I missed here you guys chat now lives near crazy adventures 100% dedication medicine for a whole month paid off and that scoring a nice of a percent. So stoked. Anyway while back yes they're talking about god and religion I'd love to hear the discussion be continued. Although might be sensitive topic I think it's on the a lot of people could benefit. A grip and of their religious household would no longer attend church and don't know affairs. A god or life after death. Couple questions. What are some other ways to find peace and contentment such a chaotic world with our religion. To any tips on dealing with family members are still religious don't provide choices course it's easy to say just don't carry they think that's easier said than done. I scan for everything it's my first time emailing answers they feel like you guys are my good friends and be great meal and. Well first of all you're lucky mr. Iowa. Mail and not come at him this year we're dummy count for. A so. The religion thing to me is a little bit easier is on still pretty spiritual person so telegram that outside the realm of religion. So like would meet with some people in my family like. I'd now like we just. Kind of agree to disagree. You know Mike it's cool man you know like my cousin Tom called me there Seve attacks lake. Broke out some capitol floor and give it's a blast in the music sire I was laughing so much it's not like it's fine but I don't care what you got into either have to some weird. Closing its fight so. And you just gotta mean right it's not that easy for you get an older religious person on the judging you but lake. You know we're all current after the same thing right wanna be good people can do well by others. I mean me. Now what you're sacrificing animals Clinton than think he should give me that part of a time if you choose not take part in an organized religion church you know lately. Dug out of it's it was that made out of a church like. I just don't wanna be a part of the temperature tree. Via my mom is. There religious and I try and be honest with her about where Matt says that you know. I figure at least we're on the same page. And it. I try and the judges saying I came on Mike I think Jesus will is great guy I think. He had a lot of great messages that I trying and live by and I think his overwhelming message. Was love love one another. And that's what I'm trying to do. I just don't. I'm not sure about the other stuff. And I feel like in today's society religion is causing a lot of device sadness and not a major problem. I think I think we need a lot more unity now more than ever. And religion is. Not doing that happens though I have a tough time picking a sign on now when I'm not sure about any of it on and I don't think. Anyone. Really like Camby eight you can be convinced of it but I don't you can't prove it he knows that's one of those things like. How do you how do you really know you just gotta have faith okay but I but. That's so I just trying to say mom book on time the maple about a place love everyone liked. I love you a lot I just wanted to be. Big in the world more positive like that's that's what I know I can control I think. If your God's real light. And that the shove the pearly gates and I live a life like that on you know I think he might cut me a break if by just because even I said a few times and. What's important. How am I think we should attic for next week's sweet feeling when you got your an hour but the short. Shortest verse can do to. On that he is I think my answer my Maddux had a few people but it's not intended to you. I think. Key piece of coming to the religion and spirituality. Debate is to be humble I think a lot of organized religions car. Overconfident. In the position and I think it's OK to say that you don't know. And I think it's okay for people to seek out different means of discovering themselves and exploring their inner world and our outer world you know the real fine and ourselves and I think that each person should figure out individually what works for them. Unfortunately I think a lot of people accept the same religion as their parents. I think that mutual respect is really important and sometimes they organized religions. Honesty within those scanned. Appeal little bit. Too quick to dismiss some of the other major religions or spirituality whenever. A lot of the religions. Are based on some of the same. Tenants. You know things like them all that's that's a long. Long warm hole we're not going to next week but a lot of them need to be religious to like ten. Gap I was thinking overall discuss our rules and I mean she's an out to I was there on the symbolism like the fibonacci sequence and the third guy and stuff you know and serpentine. You see a lot of a lot of patterns repeated across the major religions but I think. There's a period in time. In the major religions you know they filled huge. Role for society of that I think it was largely positive but it's also mediating influence. And you can see why. The powers that be also. You know wanted people to be morally good and to have a fear of god in them because it helped in a society build up and and maintain stability in the same way that. On the institution marriage his. You know is rewarded in our society with tax breaks and things like that because it. Adds stability. On systemic scale to a culture so. Organized religions have done a lot of positive things for the development of humanity the hospital on a negative thanks. An and Uygur ethnic people. Feel guilty for. Some of their base human desires dude sorry guys make appointments. But it will get more today during two was like whenever you're dealing with family is coming out of some. If you have somebody that you kind of like you have an interest somebody that you know you're gonna get into this religion argument is they're super religious and the like and it. Like at a certain point. Does not matter who's right or wrong but if you allow that hurts him every time to get you worked up that you fall into that trap like that's on you. I think a lot of times whether it's religion whatever it is dealing with a family stuff like. If you keep on into the trap then that's on and get sometimes it's easier like honestly like they say some just I there's sort of like Disco. I'm cool I don't agree with it publicly but I'm not I know you're up to commence a federal in my holiday here canyon now because I think your thought. Yeah yeah I think Cameron can believe what they believe you know I think bit copy of their really caught up in the religion sad thing from the the part of modern religions that they need to be right about it. You know that. Arguing leads to division amongst family members and stuff and it's like dude that is a serious problem like. I don't I don't think that that's that's. A good thing there's you know that's a good a consequence of religion that someone will be so on their moral high horse that they're gonna you know. Fracture their relationship with a family member over over this thing. Yeah if you're right and you know your right or if you're wrong like why do you feel obligated convince someone else it's almost. You know I see it is them trying to convince themselves and that it is it's just like to thank cool have respect for the people's beliefs like I don't care at all what Ted. Tens religious police are ormat I love them both we care about them you know I'm happy to hear their their ideas and Nolan. Works for me and sometimes that stuff that is backed by science it's more like you know. Like positive free world so I am. And define about it. Oh I am now. Arab voice what's that well coordinated well one more to him yet. Well aren't you sort of like Nvidia. Came and I came into each in the titles. Overs can roll the dice on. On noble. Was a pulse of going to be back of another upset the greatest podcast on one all all the land it just it just discuss things noted Jane century link. An era this that I forget to tell this story. My lacrosse program worked security gigs of fund raiser for team and we out worked Seahawks games. For weeks we mostly prevented people smoking opium perhaps one there fitness changed. We were told or security on the sidelines moving people out of the way of the biggest broadcast camera cars. We were no less than five feet from our beloved heroes Russell Wilson Earl Thomas. Jimmy Graham Richard chairman C gals all of them. Are high on life but it got even better at smudged like Canada's oil pan in my glove. Smuggle them sign. And smuggle my testing Canada's well Panama. And my team captain an opportunity abate and the Seahawks sideline that's. We pressed the Steelers in an epic shootout while keeping down next to Marshawn Lynch. We anchor of the entire time that I and we clicked on the best memories in my life agree weekend voiced hope to make the next meet up regards noble. That's pretty. Bad joke and I remember once and a husky game in the state and that is a couple of years ago when like that debate pens and just kind of coming out. I've ever played dislike after big play is kind of like in my jacket hit it in Wellesley and everything. Sorted out those that are those that are slick. You can you can play I have one just for those types of events because but I always forget I haven't 'cause I never use it on the data day Craig. It's too convenient I'll go through it too quick update one Q many grips it a inopportune times to the so conveniently forget how powerful and as. They asked for Serbia itself. Mean think about it and neighborhood that's an attack and stuff. Hard let's get a check in from a last negated he was Matt makes. Yeah. Yeah it's meant to. All right well. The main things red festival vows the big the big event this weekend as lot of fun. Haven't. Have an eminent people come out and you know and enjoy a celebration of something now part of the you know get in and get by tonight. While our ponds on Michael Moore personals really cool and so. Seen all the bands and you know there is doesn't really really fun thing an NC and France Josh and Corey and Craig has to say an added bonus is. You know everyone's running around and there's so much there's so much going Obama had barely side you have bail us out guys in the band I thought when I showed up. But back hats people this kind of chill with and just take it all and so jas ton of fun and I. Should also say I had nineteen jar of flies while that was they're really oh my god rained stones singing rain when I die in the rain the rain. Was that question to you we are talking about that I know I think that somebody regularly this is serene lake I was like Leon he says that. Doesn't relate this to refuel Gloria we're watching in the marine and a guy is news. Via super cool. Yeah and so. How is that a lot of fun. Oh. The big news of the weekend. Big congratulations. To my little brother Luke Coke. Well Lou popped the question too is open ten years all under a the trans Catalina trail lets you rate hike hauled down Catalina Island and then. For in Catalina alignments that that's got back. Which is thanks. So he made is not affecting your question or log back in there and yep ask. I think if you left at lake right nobody tells that story could end it and now here. And say out loud as that was the real big news of the weekend that was fun a likely mean Ireland and one time these days super cool and so yeah then. Sunday when Batman or we're about to have parents out that night has. Is claws closer to you claw. And so. Went there and only laughing that's at the age of parents out after we left wherever they kept. Yes does coolant gob White Sox game and and the other is is pretty cool weekend. And my favorite thing of the week. Who is our last man. Twitter when Ted Cruz like that point we. From. The moment known anti sects like conservative. Super good students. Senator and it grows and what it is yet Pol Pot isn't. There is Eads just like they've been you won't happen or he sees and you like you is that our button GM as the tweet. It was a torture of foreign. And then Twitter just had a field day with him last night sizes by it. Watch and hole by do you think there is treatment you need somebody on the Stafford you think he didn't realize that you could see would you like. That one yes. Now the latest in civilian staff. Is it possible to hit it while scrolling. Oh we all absolutely out who I've done in the quickly unlike something via. But I yet they god they added a buffer to the re tweet button. But on the all that really all I had to use Twitter and I can only get it on the official Twitter app these to be much different apps you can use for it. And they all had different quirks and good things about them but bad things about him. But my favorite for all the pros. On its one major car and was like you could just be scrolling if you just touch that re tweet button it's out there. And this is time laps followed all lot appoint accounts. Yet it got out of control there for awhile and well yes it. Mean instantly and 29. Is that you know if you double tapping into him that makes it got a couple feet of what everyone you follow is doing on our program right so that's my issues the president Twitter instead Klamath lake. Richard looking at questionable stuff. But maybe you know maybe icy lake when he your friends. So which is that I think she's hot pharmacists are creeping into like I don't just randomly like her picture I don't I don't photo from 2009 run. You don't even if somebody's following me like I'll go through their stuff and likes of their photos like right now. At the peak your iPad like you thump and I don't wanna like yeah yeah. Yeah it is uncertain and it took the big fear for me. I don't know like something I don't like. It's obviously it's late at night you scroll through who knows what I'd like an odd thing taken out of context of needs answered that sentence itself completely ridiculous. All right you know they rent. Yeah I'm just within. And see into it people like it's Graham an abortive if there's been all man. The out one of my friend. Like eight posts and there are ball. And lest the vixens in its day. Is that the incident of child yeah that is. Gone through no it's not that there there are all there all curvy. Courier women. But yeah you just scroll through a night out is to let this and then there is that guy. Is and it is going to be talked about hope but. But there's I ate like eight posts and on to sites scantily clad plastic sheets pop and other Monterey yet though. Yeah that's that's kind of. Boys to ask you summon up like this is the appropriate venue if ever there's a place to mask like this. What do you think is the difference between a vixen. And a bombshell. Burnett blonde. Feel like of Dixon. It's Burnett and ourselves blonde. Yeah that's fair and then also act like vixens the be redhead to. Yeah it's Dixon sometimes they're really sexy stuff but they're not as hot where's the bombshells like. I couldn't you know to me like the Dixon expects in this and that Billick I don't know from a giver a joke is that supposed to be sexy without being in a pre pastor. Did would you say a bombshell. Has. Large mammary users are not peace and for me if you'd be a bombshell you got a big blue's. For me both. Are gonna have. Big boobs in the Jackson's going to be a little thicker and have been grass yes. Probably has better shot at Nalen. Athletic that I picture like Southern California blonde bombshell. You know strayed off from most beach. Or as we should claim our spot and urban dictionary filling out those two probably not properly define it though he never now the Internet to big place that's true. While wonderful place for a lot of Texans obstacles. You. Are acting it's about that time. Yeah. To happen. Comes out of this frequently failed the benefits and it's definitely a topic because I Sam this afternoon to. Are there. All of 2010. Are right so. I was I'm back in yoga for the month and bot like one of those twenty dollar only can younger passes and you know in our night out yet it's great. I. You know it's taken some time off my usual sports and fitness to recoup some. Injuries and some pains and whatnot and so. Yeah in and on the younger strap and enjoying it and yesterday. We of this fairy like she'll instructor and she just you know utilities. She's no war horse and it for a long time since some stuff go down and I don't know she just like she wasn't really like. Super steerage it's super serious and spiritual with that and it was nice it was refreshing actions just. Honestly I'm Morgan it's a year ago in on the class was great Aaron enjoy it. But at one point he. She come you know we all kind of like it it was at one of those break points nine card yet and it's I'm spine your Mac can't sell out grab some water whenever. Actually cancel out you know cups water. Get a stretch and she discussed. Smoke them if he got on. You don't fire those reactions Ide bus that'll happen. In the north 'cause it's all silent hill in America yet no one else laughs I'm Diane CC NN make eye contact I always say that alliance like comments smoke man you gotta. You know. And so I was laughing and obviously. Brings in a cop topic this week which is when did you laugh and appropriately. Livery mail us not be podcast dot com has Obama to a machine I don't know that it was inappropriate in my lap was loud and it was long and it was sustained. Anyway yeah feel free to let us now I hounding you laugh inappropriate. I have an answer so I don't need to Stahl that does safari it too it. You suited tell our bodies Altman about that because he loves Joseph nobody hates the spiritual. Side of it like and coaches go off on these late in the I love it I do not need that spiritual bullish and there novice they give me a break and easiest thing. Super fired up about the light calming atmosphere yoga is it's stretching its stretching all right so do I never thought about that totally agree with them I never thought our lives and I don't want to get there. But he there's a lot of dudes like that. Yeah that just wanna go lane stretch for sports and stuff they don't want them but I and and so I just I Eumig at a Kia classic as new to a friendly yet when you. And again I disagree with him on it but I just think it's areas. Public you know their resumes its opening a shock for a yet spits it goes back to with boo with the losses you know yes spears has like Indians. If I mean there's a lot of exercises that were designed for something else that pot shots. At the millenium mean deaths though. Anyways you might enjoy that when I laughed in appropriately. This past Christmas Eve. We were. And ha call whereas this search Sarah's. And I'm so that's my girlfriend. And pet. I was an error an ego like its face and then and legislate. Mocking me like Robert way date as if really into what they are saying in my wanted to connect repair. So I hope he starts preppy. God like or did he come into our hearts and she's just puts her hand complex are. That's after. Or if it's it's it's. Who have guns really funny it is noon and I'm mad at them like 'cause I I kind of cop myself laughing. But then the fact that I started to laugh like may wanna laugh more and it's it's cars. Yeah George Karl on senate passes like times and you can't laugh for the funniest like when you're in school when you're in church and he's like the worst one. He has like a church school you know under a school. Yank all. Yeah I mean I laugh in a pro in real time but a lot of times just on the air from like fate phrases or whatever. But armor years ago same thing Christmas Eve blitzing and hard and perfect bail and the priest was like. I don't know he was Asian I don't act. I wanna think Filipino and positive so we had a bit of an accident. And everytime you if you go to Christmas Eve mass you're gonna hear a lot about mangers are. It's kind of what happened which he's poured in a Manger he caught a Manger. And. Beattie eighty that I I got a good laugh every IV gone commander. They two with them. The job board saying that come all and didn't like yeah. Me here is that about a law. I want ethernet saying sir. Blurted it is an object that was you know there's a match you're gonna laugh that make you Christmas Eve that. The Easter seems a little more secretive. Good Friday grenades staged the crops like all of yeah. All right and there you go episode 192. Next week we will be back. Don't tend to me that votes I would also be remiss to bite I mentioned a little bit earlier. Seriously though diversity military prince to know. BP Texas and Texas Texas connected if you're 41 and last week 6317. Over no now what out of juice thing. Jack I'm out in tents constant energy guides me in them what it's an overflow of juice or something I get a written into death that you are excessive use systems sit there at. Be it will be back next week that's episode one a two. Enjoy it we talk a little real women will die Mormon religion next week I'm sure everybody's dying for that will probably on a treadmill right now so please talk religion that's. Truth. Our apron at the TV for Cobb a beat incident with the process. Podcasts here Jews to.