Thee Podcast Episode 193

Thursday, September 21st

Due to technical difficulties had to re-upload our discussin about apples, cereal, and pizza. If you subscribe and already heard it, disregard and LARP on! New cast on Thursday!


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You know I guess my point out it's feast or famine with the convenience stores I think some big change too violent ones now. Mean a big thing too is that only get my buddy owns gas station. And he's like no matter how I think we can ask for it this far if you come in and fill up and then come inside a buy candy bar I make more they can't vote yet sure. Into the screen. And most of the gas is this am you might as strange to him. And we got the got to ask their guidance of the areas. And other vehicles conversation. I am in my equivalent. To follow it Q she. Team her. Days you log into it podcasts that this isn't just any I guess just any pod cast couldn't do this. It. You eat. Contest to stealing the text. Starting deep studs and treat starting these senseless and com. Alex. He podcast episode 193. But the which avoided that vehicle because of the fear podcast and podcast and all the way all the way the left of me at my friend or buddy my good friend. He's always there with a summary of southeast Asia arrive around two we'll go rename a cop out what's going on Tuesday podcasting in tumble on Wall Street today. The bears sorting the boys and preparation what could be a long winter. The Dow Jones closed up 8%. Little boys changed their strategy headed into this season we'll find out at six there. If these are authorities started. Back there on the we have the steal get the studio setup get all the water. Self useful Jason Hewitt always backed out of the producer at CPP with a minute Edelman grade. Dark. Yet commented that if we give accurate for the gas. If it felt like it's dark in any. False fear of her cubs thought about it work. You know I was thinking about that today actually exciting isn't it will commit terrible mood because it was raining and decided. I need to work on some some different associations with the rain some Hispanic part of my. Wife in this town and while rains align yourself trying to think a lot about things I like about the rain today. I look it was a struggle. See for many it's I'm not even close to that point but it's been long enough browser excite. And I have only been in my place for a couple months like last paid a legislate open in the door. It's very. Yeah I work out outside says. Aren't you just basic threat or violence and distillate does this relate to spend the bulk of your time in the rain so it's a both got to like our eyes is put down at least you'll like Holmes it's raining. Yes that's an insane amount trying to change like to view the ran the man. Brutal run today although I did use a giant umbrella for the first time or ten years. You used an umbrella or use umbrellas not my round in the non embodies that and now but over Adam. With that please call you village yet have free giant yellow umbrellas like ridiculously oversized ones like hookah. And use number off forever maybe it's time to trial on these things out cross new ground and did it. This pleasant rammed into a couple other umbrellas but ultimately just take up to sign space you know if nothing else sat looked like tourist. Mean do you say you battled horrible traffic in your like man I can't believe how much as cities change yeah. The mayor brown. And the reviews and umbrellas. And I thought this podcast at for a lot of things donuts. Apple and a honey crisp on the way right tips and we don't use umbrellas here's one thing you need to know about me attendance present and irony strong beliefs. Loosely held mall is open and new ideas. He does say that a lot I mean I noticed is they said that a lot because it's such a convenient cop out in situations like that. I don't have to combat a crack at another acquire willow. Now I and I generally agree with you on both stuff but there's something you can I feel buying sticky and no umbrellas this person was inaudible. Yeah I'm I'm with you on no umbrellas but you know slight error when I know like I'll try it out DOC if you know like maybe I was wrong the last twenty years maybe these things are great. They're not and a you know. You gotta like retest the waters like you know your taste buds change every they say on the Internet every seven years I don't know if that's true but he changed missed your taste buds change over time. Shut up and that's why you gotta retry this Frances I retried deli mustard on Sunday turns out. And only to disperse applied it to adopt a program tonight about Costco food court as I was picking up a giant pizza for cheat death had to get a dog so. Dude Ariel must not and one of Delhi. They have Delhi must again it's a good. Then they also had del Boca I don't like mustard side just have figured that hot dogs there Costco just out like ketchup in yellow mustard stand now and it's awful he used this in mind we are kids and like a little hard at Costco with the umbrella group who caller recently particularly you know I don't mustard. And I think when it blossomed trying to back and pickles but fried pickles I'm game freckles for so Milosevic. Let mustard you'll have some accident has Sarah too loud go to ruin the whole thing while ago like ten years ago in a month ago Rick within the last year and a half or so elected or re expose someone made it made some sandwiches that are being handed out 92 go by and I out of mustard in this that's the predominant taste to me is awful. I mean I it is something something I primer that I and relish it and I understand I've heard Lee says don't mess with relish spicy foods that come around us students we realists casting but I I'd like Muster but outages as honestly I just assume giving your job that you would like monsters mustered just economy you can use that on. It's not terrible that's what I do and that's how. Yeah so yeah percent of them is you simulate Muster. Where's the party of very few ask a lot of clients that are trying to lose weight feel like mustard. And a bigger all of us are Mike medical trainer years ago Jack birdied his late. You used pots also monster like stock with a catch a big stop with its dock with that. Also at the idea that salad dressings pretty control of it like fat sugar. And Ingraham and aren't. I used oil and and is that would vinegar as those put together frankly don't. All right I just go to town on the yogurt based rants like 45 calories per two tablespoons and Matt Allen yeah apple house farm has there's but Branson now but it refrigerated dressings action. Obviously yeah yeah it was real. Agree I was also fancy to funny it's now like that little brown box with the wrong. Little bit different because that he brought it really her Shannon Mann and I was feeling like twisting it immediately at. I had a quick question for you boys out of these three cereals. Which ones to which we need things like highest medal lost on on sugar sugar Coca. Frosted flakes cinnamon toast crunch raisin bran. Mean I feel like if you're asking me here to request is raisin bran and it's got its got a decent. Paula highest for high in sugar now what are your thoughts. I would. Day. Hand. Down with cat and razor brand's first it's an honor timeout will be talking Kellogg's or post race and home home good class there flat out Monica's Kellogg Obama and Eliot I could show it on the measure gives you raise good negotiator on amaze them a little flavor crystals. Via thump on raisin bran. And then so that we're not exactly at all costs across straight weeks over an adjustment. Through frosted flakes is an as a decoy it's number one. Raisin bran number two cinnamon CTC. Number three but I think the post raisin bran can't be. I'm just surprised you guys don't think does that Marcy I'm toast crunch being the lowest of those three and sugar shock and I was shocked. I mean I know Wayne Slater is that the way you finally I was praying for anything that way obviously it was a trick doing your kid though and sometimes when you're eighteen in May he has an adult. You know like you want to be healthy and you get the raisin bran in the right choice. When it adds he tees as duke is gives me gas and they're just they're allowed it's all part know by you know it's now aquarius passive just like recent. Got to listen to yet the oyster. The parents do. Pulled stuff growing on the comic talents Solomon usually for Syria trying to get stuff now I. I've fructose corn here which. Adamantly opposed brown sugar syrup or something on the back but at the same and publishers and decoding for her that that ranchers do not so confident that the mind. On to pitch it around you've. Only need. You know works. A team that I had the the 20 the Castro pizza. Yeah. You're about are we just outside about food grouping trying to focus a couple of pizza track. I've talked may be right that I buddy Ben drag on. This past weekend I went out to how to grow up in him grow his parents are having their fiftieth wedding anniversary shout out to John and Joan. Very nice people very welcoming to to me and so we go up there and it's like hanging out this site there's a tough actually. Here's the truth is soon as I walk in the party starts at three I was a little bit late it's. Is I was having a beer and watch Florida Georgia. Into college football all right so I show up at like five. The backyard it's packed looks beautiful but they've been working on it there's like struck up. White power of course there about Tiki torches cleared those nasty racist. Says both. I give it their right and I'm Hewlett when you walk to a party near the only guy that an eighteen pack in one hand. And I'm holding sausage to hip in freedom scoops and the other hand. Now the ball we pin because physically stronger. So I walked into the party that you hear the breath I took him just guided through the athlete. Though I walk into the party like. I was nobody bandit his. Him and his Brothers are running shows icu at a record my alma I can't go up to him first he's busy. Some look into his group of high school friends like focusing on one guy you know and like you off some lady stopped and talked to add some of them attached. I turn around with his brother parent like you. He knows he's got my parents seem DM gift guide it. I haven't heard what and he goes yeah the thing from the data got married with all the news headline that we are man in my back that I didn't think he. It's. It's like a really cool gift post my mom would spend the extra money to get in the frame. And he was like completely free to cut off. Anyhow the the parties also we stay up all night drinking Beers. And they have a ton of food from Costco. What I got to go home with a racket Turkey pin and B roll past them head on lookers on sandwiches. Sausage dip suddenly immediately it's. Giant Mike's sectional cake it was like lemon poppy which doesn't sound that good but more its lemon poppy key it's. So the next day his dad's like yeah I mean you should takes stuff on the ticket field line to it is protector and so ironically although its food and there's one cost you pizza in the refrigerator with the pineapple pizza now by looked at or whatever and he. That's the only thing can't. If I think what if you have that left. Me having Pasco Pete but the back it. Yeah and Nat cheap it's ridiculous and I know and act and much I never eat the pizza I was due for lake. With Turkey. The Turkey sandwich for the past now it's you're the only one in America. I everytime I'm in Los mpeg two but that certificate unless you seem even after that the cops never win all the way to go down it is. It's not did you know a guy. Those guys silently home. Hundreds of people are judging you right now. If they get the Turkey and yeah that the dog does not like come ons class AB ABA rule ice creams and a half Erica I know the media. RO if you feel crazy begin amber upper half. Markets which extra guy I was at a piece of their pizza probably fifteen or twenty years. Yeah I like the last I was gonna cost goes eleven. The 11 AM Thursday. And it isn't walking and ambitious construction dudes walking out by 45 Pete yeah it's reliable and delicious where would you rank it on my. Pizza stuff. Is it is it like yes that I made her Italian is like a pop while missing is it like a Papa John's they. Domino's level is at lake Alley out she level what do we deal with you're talking. It about like on a scale. Little Caesars late ninety's. To like. What's up plays and north and in Boston. Object camp pull it off top my aunt. Art direction I don't know I heard that her. I would say thousands. Man who has the very identity law posters yeah. Mom Matt. I would say. It's closer to the the dominance Papa John's Rome of things odds on that level. Yeah but I I like it you know I would say it's it's similar to those types but it's it's got its own unique texture. It's always got a good amount cheese which I really appreciate it and it's just the best the best value I think at two bucks a slice cross border. The 249 now. The values untouchable but I would say that the ingredient quality is higher than Papa John's frankly. And I said well distribution is better. Because they use the machine is a new machine and I've watched the pizzas being more cost per slice no question higher calorie count per slice that he get a single slice 800 and something calories verses. Bile pizza expert and attend much actually likes it works better for a large group. I would say the only thing Papa Johns has going for it I think. I discovered this weekend in. Buying pizza from Costco and sauces from Papa Johns now pop John also is a lie and they're hiding behind their sauces I loved Papa John's that would impede the vortex for years and couldn't get it. Ultimately their sources are making a difference and idle and out that butter garlic sauce for the crass. The barbecue sauce and your barbecue pizza going on and and the ranch so that's my two cents. I will. And well that's whereas with their guard down past the atmosphere there about off to inspect far. Via. The thought that that's an ounce at that level totally beautiful beach earlier Regina since I was put it higher put it. Through. You do cost of Pete. And got Papa John's garlic butter sauce for it yet I was looking forward of that pizza right now literally all week cost me. How sad my aunts. Oh trust I am beyond pumped order some pizza from the he knows tomato pie up on Capitol Hill. Apparently Danny now. This Q pizza place and now correct I get a Monty. And then across the street is they called deed goes to mean upon and make flu flu like if it's an offshoot from some other fancy restaurant. But there's square Sicilian pizza. I'd be here that want to go and that place and grab a drink I'm like oh go and and Korea are I swear I era commodities that are better. My he's good too you know as a little fancier and ability to do they have a five dollars light beard deal. They did not allow it during. All the time separate station and then it's. Italian family pizzeria up on first till now they used to be down on the exec and pilot the Blarney stone apparently that's supposed to be all. I've in the largest was monsters that you thought you two guys like we. We do a Sunday episode we'll get that pizza. Team if we whenever it real excited here and he'd come down. You still has. Talked trump this week now Robert talk about. So what's happened this past weekend he now. Where the guy was wearing a Nazi arm band. Somebody took a picture of him on the bus and then basically treated out to the ante for people and anybody else that hey this guys walk around downtown. And in other reports I heard was that people or dislike gays walk around downtown kind of grass and black people and anybody else can talk and his Nazi stuff. So that eventually the guy gets knocked out cold in people left them left him there on the street. Now. Here's my. I am fine with free speech in this and but we as a king world agreed to go a long time ago that Nazis were terrible and we were all against. And how people that go off c'mon Seattle here's what's everybody should have their voices now like I don't care. Yeah I draw lines and not the great if you want aware that that's. The pair to get your ass beat by some. Yeah I think it. It's a tough thing as racism. And unaware of that not the game back from. And yet. Would ever it is they. I don't think you're gonna end that problem. Unless you bring those people over and you're not gonna bring him over by a punch in the amount. Is gonna burgers at the divide and it keeps spouting there (%expletive) On. Which is a tough situation. Viewed in almost every other thing I would agree with you. But again. We're talking about the fact that the world came together in a war to defeat this faction of people. It don't bug me tell me with the Nazi symbol used to stand for and other cultures that's fine. But the Nazis were so terrible. In modern day history I know about melted down. I know about these other tyrants too so I don't need to hear it. What I'm saying is the whole world agreed and then we hunted down Nazis we made films about killing Nazis it's been agreed upon. And now that they're back the fact that people are defending them but do we not have a line anyway. Alan you got some say it. But you are you give me that look. So. First. Are we sure it was a Nazi arm and I don't know it does the president hammer this story at all yes. Was it like it so he was going out and his idea was to just like. Provoke people are doing. What the main was thinking all I knows the story that's been told zealots on the Internet is that he was he was on the bus he was photographed it and he went down at home. Right here let's lake senator. And then the other reports are that he was harassing people give them a hard time. So was he harassing people. Physically or verbally. Yep there via is if it did answers to verbally as are stage studio. Publicity is great. Homework. Wow it's. I was there I was told fox com. I mean idol police to weed out like we got reports did not get knocked out he's here we found them nobody saint. I'm kind of of two minds on the subject I mean one like what's the quote like a threat to it. Justice and yours a threat to justice everywhere I'm I think he's entitled say whatever he wants or not. He tells a listen to them I think he's also got to expect a reaction. He isn't physically harming anyone so I think you know realist in the best thing to do is through north moment that you don't. Agree with what they believe and buy it I think. People are entitled to believe whatever they wanna believe. And he now. Some would also say he got what was coming to them and now cosmic. Justice ran its course which I am. Finalist but you know personally I would never physically attacks month things they were saying to me on the mosque you know they're reporting. My safety at risk which doesn't look like he was from that 12 video just silent accuse Sam pierce and and I'm saying I'm so. Anyways keep scared now focus of what he sits I open 20 yeah I mean sorry you don't you don't walk around. Dropping N bombs wearing Nazi regalia and look at the repercussion we freedom of speech is not freedom every precaution. Yeah I didn't say they're amino repressions I was like yeah I think you know cosmic justice ran its course to I think he's entitled to and do that behave in a way that he wants of it's not physically harming others. Yeah but like he's got to expect some push back in now I. But I disagree wholeheartedly with that there's a certain point with words in in certain symbols that you've crossed the line the physically touch. I see you out there drop in and bounds and black dude we're gonna have words to here's my question for Italy who gets to decide. When you are allowed to stand now months. Again with the not please the whole world decide. Well I mean every just getting world war two and hunting down Nazi criminals that took thirty plus years I mean like that. Those same late this ridiculous that argument has gotten we're talking about Nazis in the beaten them. First when you say you like we won the war I mean in all fairness you know Russia did 90% financing but some minutes can be forgotten and I think UH I think yes filtering world decided it was a bad and you can't have quite the Italians directed the science and because of bad thing. No it's not like they'll hold while I mean we just I mean you know like. The side that we were on happened to when I'm not defending the Nazis went on sang it like this guy if he believes in the ideology that they were advancing. You know like that doesn't harm me and off he goes out and Mike says some south I don't agreements like okay cool dude like. The fats are you wanna live your life full of you know hate and bigotry. Fine and somebody's probably in a cup and punch in the face which they did. But I also don't think that we get to be the arbiters of what people can say out loud in public space. Doll I disagree. You guys so what are you talking to the hearts of what Hitler did this stuff for years and everybody went what's the big deal he just talk eighties a little crazy totally daddy's help in the country. Totally totally there they start. So what if that guy convinces to more people to start believing this Nazi propaganda polish. And he's already hurting society that he's already hurting somebody that might be Georgia would you can't stop the spread of ideas just because you personally disagree with them. Why do we have old car. Now there's so there's a physical war because they were physically imposing themselves on other countries okay. Right they were killing people and other countries and exceeding their boundaries and exasperating Jews. Yeah but honestly when we got into the war we didn't even know about the meaning of the war battle came out later Matt. Like we knew that they are being transported internally in Germany but like the death camps everything I mean that was like the Russians were finding those as they were advancing on the terms each. So we didn't go over at and T hit total I totally agree with you but we didn't go to war because we thought that Jews are being extra. I didn't I don't think that either. Most of them resent. I mean he's just I just adding that it often times we talk about Nazi stuff like I think we don't add in heat the extreme things we're talking about. So I just wanna make sure we also add they exterminated a group of people. Prior and I don't agree with. What they did and I'm not sitting here defending the Nazis as an idea what I'm saying is that idea is in general plural. Should be freely discussed and people can advance whatever. Agendas they want to advance and if we don't agree with them we need to go through the avenues that are at our disposal. To fight those ideas whether that is for that type punch in the face that you felt was appropriate response fine weather that's. To the courts whether that's through march in public streets whether that's through elections are we wanna do it by it. When I'm saying is you can't just put a band and censor what people can and can't say because you ban. You know ideas than someone has to be the one who's deciding which ideas are allowed to be talked about and which ones aren't and it'll actually that stance where you're society can go because maybe there's a better idea for how we organize society out there and you know throughout history. Society has changed over and over again it's because the spread of new ideas. And so anytime you put a limit on what you can and cannot say in a public forum you inhibit and ultimately you hurt. You know we're all wanting you hurt like. Humanity and so do I agree with him personally. Now I agree with what like the Nazis were advancing also now but. Do I agree with his right saying yeah I do. I I don't I think it's a society there's certain things you talked had a few. You talked eating other human being you talk about extermination of people these are just a few simple things that is normal society we said okay. You know in Germany had a feel you don't have the law that inch. Right's talking out loud in public is not. So sore you finally subdued sand out publicly like ominously for children and it's fine with you saying the word pedophilia in this discussion. Where you're saying hi we can't talk about it on site I know we just I don't know what it is seen as a society that where do you draw the line and obviously I can't tell somebody. That's an ally like OK if someone soliciting minors for sex as pedophilia again that's against the lawn can be so sort of three lesser at a bar them dudes talking about sleeping with a twelve year old you he and I'm gonna say I'm gonna have some I don't the XP against the law for him to say it I'm gonna say some of the because in my upper and enact personal belief yeah. But you need to separate. What is. Legal and what you'll personally Gergen taller. Aren't up your view. I think are on the other side of me but to me this is not even a thing I'm sorry there's side things that are. OK we jail walk around downtown like a mighty dollar guys Germany you can't do that. It still legal. The German people who have to deal with this whole or in the memory of the they've made it illegal. If your kid to Asian Taurus got arrested for joking around two months ago when he was in the company. I'm just saying in America we look like morons that we're defending like bush drew would do what he wants what he's wearing Nazi stuff guys like. I am a 100% on the side of poncho. I'm not against punch and I liked punch someone I personally watching it I just don't you legislate that or what what's that probably we want to my spot I'm not saying let's look if you wanna make it illegal weekend I'm just saying. I am pissed off that people are like well. First Amendment people should have that they thought Seattle was tolerant like sorry no city is tolerant of not to use walk of the you're. I feel like we have the same position like I'm flop a set of that outside I'm fine with him being punched him that's how someone. Felt like they want to express themselves what I do that. Now because they wouldn't like violate someone's like physical he now. Now what's it like autonomy by doing that but. Ike should do I think he should be able to stand out there and saying that deal with the repercussions on zone you know of course. Like he shouldn't be an arrest of an unless it becomes against the law which you know we can vote there and throw on the and find that. Just blanket repressing ideas I think is a really bad. I'm fine with repressing ideas that overall again as the world beside it sixty some years ago. That we were all against this iPod and with regret he knows that if somebody wants to start stain on the street corner telling you we should enslave black people again. How many fines and we need to repress that that that we were done with us we move off. They wire you even doing except. To get every action which he got. He reacts and what might. I do I don't understand I don't think telling people not to Wear Nazi stuff is anyway repressing any do you think you should be illegal to Wear an artist. Personally yes and he should be the same way it is injured. I think it. The core underlying foundation of this country at least on the surface is that people should be autonomous and able to make their own decisions and I have the government make them point them. And that's their personal lives their business lives. The sexual lives whenever and so. Despite my hatred for the Nazis. I fundamentally disagree with him. Yeah and and that's that's let my anger is so high right now to me this is a new breed. And I am shocked and you keep talking to that are like in my mind defending it and I know how you're very Smart I know what you're saying that I'm sorry. We're talking about a guy dressed in Nazi regalia. Knock him out I don't care. Dubai my thing is not and you're talking about two different things and that's what's that's what's frustrating me. Are you asking me if he should have been knocked out. Are you asking me if he should have been arrest. Why arresting them is totally. And yeah if you're saying that gives you a little wiggle thing you make your article that I used in Germany as an example because what I'm trying to say is is in America. We looked like Damascus to meet that there's pupil part of the people we elect or realist but I don't disagree with the same. You pressured me into what was that yeah I think we should make legal. But that's it's not my argument here my whole argument here is I'm is very upset. But how much stuff lets you know Mon who you believe Seattle like the one to be there will be that it's fine to punch Nazi's I'm like. EE. I don't have a problem and punching him much sent the house that but I. Are you positive in that. The police have arrested him. These have been removed from the public square. Now I'm saying that when I had I think we're probably both in the same time I'm with them being punched would I punch him now. I am I upset they got punched out dude you've got to expect a reaction but what I'm not fine when it. If the police coming in arresting him just because he was out their sayings and crazy I believe I I don't I did I Canadian boy I'm saying is. When you're talking you're using examples about. Like how like it should be legal or like. If something else should happen like someone going out saying some sentiment getting a physical reaction. Fine but what I'm saying is like let if you legislate. That ideas can't be that people can't bring whatever ideas to the table that's where it crosses a line terms. Infringing on American free okay put the legislation that book when you're talking of hot. Sending ideas back to a dark cola I'm fine with that but anybody sees Germany and not Spezza and Selig and that's with sending it back to what way. I physically punch them tell them come very late. I don't understand really even have it good donuts to Wear that stuff out here so what I'm saying is would you look at social media and stuff. And I get some people on the right wanna say what they want. Which are kind of defending this not the guys saying it was out of line and he punched it's like to me that is not out of mind the fact that even warned that is ridiculous. I let me ask you this. If you are wearing sounder skier in Portland an idea yet. People in Portland disagreement ostensibly on the surface national hardcore fan. And he comes I don't know warrant punch you in the face do you think that cash be arrested yet. Because he'd tell you physical harm. He broke the law yet and punched in the face because he didn't agree with your idea. So what I'm saying is I'm fine on comic level a personal level with dedicated punishment phase but I'm also came with a guy who punched in the face. Can arrested for violating him physically abuse and away. At what point of the Seattle Sanders FC team I'm supporting. Go ahead and put out hate and physically. Harm millions of people in exterminated. So that's my point that the Nazi stuff is that like while he physically did not touch anybody that. What he is spreading. Is dangerous for others. He only needs to find one or two more Nazis to make it dangerous for Jewish person in this town. Ray and if they hurts a Jewish person that's illegal and they would be you know Mae and that you'll be trying to arrest today is the idea of our justice system but. You know like if you're just sent Ike. Outlook. You're right you're exactly right most of that time it should be of the I don't care. When it counts the cops need to click sorry. He should not be where that stuff those people should not be arrested. They got she got when I think it's our pretty. I've if I heard the got a punched him got arrested. I've personally. Would be a little pissed off and frustrated by it and understand it on paper in the legal system. Was obvious thing is true but the big Iowa isn't necessarily imposing a physical threat according to the video that we saw which is there and not the whole thing. You just speak in some ignorance and got knocked out at he deserved it and you know I think you would be. With everything you're saying as far as the legality. Yet the slippery slope when you start legislating. That. That beliefs that. Belief and freedom let me ask you where you have both on pro choice ranked. And believe. Woman's right to choose old so the other side I'm pro choice also but the other side of that. Back position is that. It's murder. And so. For an idea like that mean now in a fight the logic continues Williams sang bad if you were at a pro choice rally somebody who believed that the ideas you were advancing. Well murder on a massive scale that they come up and punch you. And now be an appropriate response to guess about. I see your point at a totally different consider murder right in that would not be you know appropriate response hear me out. Again coming harp on this but it. The world as a whole has not decided where they stand on abortion. If it's legal. There's plenty of countries where it's legal missed many countries were not publish a story all the outlets cited just actors about the big right. But that's not true because there's 63 million people in Germany and not all of them felt that way Ted you can't say that the world written large to sign that the winning side decided that. A guy. I mean that's the reality of the way you're saying that there's ton of people in Germany man. There. There you know and at that time. They did not all think that they were in the wrong. So we can't save the world because not every single person in the world are people with dot those ideas were ballot Q I know but. Like it wasn't a total agreement I think you know regional seed. All right well what about slavery. Are part of our kind of fiery rhetoric it's terrible idea unhappy that's illegal. OK so listen that's something that's companies like a pro slavery regulate not totally out of line we all decided it was a bad thing. But with the abortion you're talking about a subject that it's not. It is still. Hit or miss throughout the World League to be more pro to bugler against it I think it's a totally different thing I think when you're talking up out the knot the fleet. I hear what you are saying that late listened let's let's look at a lighter subject UEFA. The championed the right a club called you Aventis in in it in Italy are such fastest and not to ask the times. That they have matches where their fans come to the games because of simply be eight years they promote inch. So that's I think the world like it seems like most of us has decided that not the stuff should be done. Cash and my worry is if we defended it all it lets in that light it's let's and in. I don't know time by UEFA smiley point on that would be that. So governing by oftentimes because of the search bubble and confirmation bias people feel. That everyone agrees with them I'm not saying that's not true in the Nazi case and sang in general people feel like. There on the silent majority but with. Bos series MP products house about a one for us to do against him oh slavery so. With slavery. My question is like. Do you think there's no one in this country. Who isn't pro slavery I think personally that there are people who are pro slavery. Well course there's not because of giving people that are pro. Sleeping with children there's people that have a lot of messed up ideas. And that's kind of my point there's just a few things to mean the world and society as a whole has agreed. The lake. It just let me try to protect you. In any way defending this may yen in net he should make up monster or Seattle was wrong and you talk about whatever don't social media. That to me just scares the scares this. His again. These thoughts penetrate immediate gain before you realized it late. Things are okay but these rallies happen all the time. People feel fine now it around in Nazi regalia harassing people. So that's what I'm worried about is that any depending of this is opening that door. Ideas can be scary moments spread fast now. So your liked. Sands and thinker so I think the idea that we decided where it eat we should get you to not let back. I'm fine with suppressing those like you. So where everybody would suppress the so where do we draw that is pressing where do we draw the line like 51% in the world experience sums about it you know how us I don't get Israel's crap. I don't let me say it's an okay so are you OK with pedophilia. Now that's where it's what about all sleep in the courses I'm OK with someone like. Hamas he would hook. Just tell me legal right to might be guided depends on the item daylight or night and then the state of Washington media ill again so requirement and you know like my personal views can only inform policy as much as my vote as forever decides. OK so my point is is that there's some of these things it's not a cut might resign on line or some basic 1829 we said no more sleep with children missing. These things are kind of decided on what do I think there's people that are pro slavery yes under the Nazi ass about that yes our personal. I but that's my point is that there's some things as a society there's no red line you can go. This is why because we got this many votes are just certain things we decided on better like not good. I I know we weren't planning on it but. We do have an attorney literally in our studio right now what I would just love to hear hit likes it's because of word that we gigabyte probably right. I would love to hear like his two minute spot on marxists you know move author lives just like how the other obviously they got a little bit personal beliefs to aside from. Union territory but it got a light come on man. Easy. Our. It just feels wrong Minolta. Here's the thing there are two kinds of things that are wrong there's things column elements and alum prohibit them. Elements they're things are evil in themselves and Malamud prohibit cameras things that are evil because it is say they're evil as a community. When you're saying Ted. Is that nazism is an element that is inherently evil we don't need it vote. There of course this is what a lot of people think about a lot of things and then Melbourne evident is don't speed don't littered don't. You know build your house too close to what owns those things that we just say. We've all agreed not committed because that's the power so. I don't think he has pressure disagreeing here's he's in the wrong language and that's my lawyer answer. A person out of the ticket if I open. That idea probably or people sign I just I don't fire people up who knows yet it just. I I like can be disagreed Ted because we always did we agree about most things. Yeah lake legislate. I like let output in the tree here and sorry Mike occupant with an excellent but like after the Charlottesville things like he started things that in the union might there. Obviously on different sides of a lot of things. And the politics is it time my. I'm not talking about it it was a parade of and I went oh I felt kind of bad about it and I don't think that army and when he called me a weirdo but not this is where I draw. Yeah right. I mean I don't think that out loudly that the team that I draw a line not the that's why I'm winced it is so we. Mean. It's moment we're turning up but I'm not pro Nazis. After I got the corner payment. It is not the case at all now I just in your. I just want nothing for them I don't care they have no rights. Frankly and I know we'll get to Nino I. I don't care if people can change their thought that's fine if they want to. But stay in your crappy little pork communities in rural America you don't deal with anybody stay there don't come to this it. Don't come to the people are don't come to worry make the money to support your wealth to support your home you bought you that. A few would argue some of those beliefs that are in the White House. Not import duties on Imus and his Georgia's. Yeah yeah. As the outside and that's why it's become like that would break out in saying it stay in your poor communities and in idealism highrise Manila Manhattan. You know it's like it's not just a marginalized or other means people with ideas like that among access brightly like I think. When you talk about the people that have this thought that would in major cities that are rich in that deal with it. Ernie sorry don't leave your small town off on the bots that cannot stop you. That's that's stay state were your thoughts are backwards. You know and I mean you're you know you're confident. Might be years you mother I don't know let me just state it. Roughly the saddest part about as their vote counts the same as yours. Crushes me all the time though it does that they're counts Mort thinks the jury main Atlanta remember that I didn't actually the popular. God what we're getting emails. And it could mean it is correct ample enough in my you have to give me like two minutes now. He has talked about she's. I within. Your pro Nazi I apologize and so. Yeah. I thought I. And I think Eli. I am pissed about those all play like the premise people method with Tiki torches. Scary unload the Tiki torches but they use them because that scares people with fire early pitchforks. But like this weekend that your ghostly. We're just normal people in a backyard there's nothing racist about him but yet the jokes are fine and certainly when I walked Utley. Moment if this races we have ticket. And those photos come out man it's actually good that fact. Even all right adopts Hawaiian pizza. I'm I'm gonna lose it. Nothing out there like this is the whole thing of the white supremacist and a why people like. Me and screw you guys know we're Tiki torches were into. It but it. Boys it's it's a minefield and here I'm gonna serve pulled somehow but we we got a lot to thank you ready Melvin. It's not assist explains everything and where we got that weird email they had like only a Lincoln. Dave emailed us and nose cone on should be told about the update on the ship to. That it's about all right now one week if I'm right we don't disagree and have all worked up over here. Yeah that's it that's so it's weird like about our society in general now we have more less public discourse. And so you notice because two or less I'm used to arguing with other people that like some of year. Primal like adrenal response and stuff like that hit because we don't like. A regular release of that kind of energy in my voice is getting time. Peasant saying my your body is preparing you to fight me Iran now I am realistically you know I'm hoping when I can go out of those things. Dude it's all right George army it's not just fighter flight I think there's also wrote graffiti the jail. Think just what people are just froze and I don't what do you do now Romney has that time. I am I emotionally that. The quality. And for the record my does not look at me. Well the couple looked better child make that Olivo. Also for the record I've pylon while the punch and everybody else who wants a piece of pop. Is going to be and it. So in the theme of didn't do. Good years add what not my seven year journey is coming to a close. You're one of the greatest podcasts on land so all the and a challenge coin kind of the navy SSB yen 741 from dale city Virginia. It's us that in the championship stadium that is mine miniature version of a birds stayed with the terps play. Our editors Sylvia I sent multiple. To have it's now equipped with. Ma ying and Congo into. Yeah I don't. I mean my girlfriend of time I left kinks to Washington June 2011 we're headed back it's my home of Newport News, Virginia mean the other six months they'll. Cook agreed. Approximately four news's food I Montana leaving Washington was a bad idea seven years to kids in four states three time zones and eight. That address is later I signed a lease in Renton. The first and started my dream job next month. He's Manning Brothers nice. Easiest thing MIA they relive it out here that exciting about Newport News which got to be honest man. I have never occur outside of a knee he may be used in the may even moderately like ever go back to Newport News. Newport News it's likely tightly Norfolk with a call the tide waters of an oh we have got so it's like famous for like they're black quarterbacks to like Allen Iverson and Arendt wrote yes not think about as home town yet or not there yet there are super racists. UCL a documentary about their hometown in the hole like their attendant at a school wanna yet. Now Virginia is like the first state south of the Mason Dixon believe well technically Maryland is that separates us and it's it was Maryland on the confederacy side. You know. Somebody. Here's the deal so Maryland were the district it is Maryland is is troubled state much like myself. Part of the state. Around the DC area was very pro north. But most evil would say the first bloodshed was at fort Sumner that's false. And I'd northern union troops or come through Baltimore. And the people that were pro slavery fired a gun and shot soldiers. The Maryland is always vary. Conflict to yet but officially north officially north correct. Not an angry email for the grace podcast on land although land does research into what is known as climate change. I'll he usually do with little calendar for it to us collective beliefs we all hear about. Not sure just how far you want to get into whether or not it exists or caused by human activity here whether returning the planet into either Venus or half. I'm more than happy to have that conversation but I understand the slight current podcast. Anymore. I. It was at its and that letting us get away with these kind of charged to. Charged topics. I will say this regarding the topic product in 191. Of the scientific method is a great gift we have in the society today. It's easy to forget that just like every other field the scientists that practice that are still human and their four respondents tenants and are subject to corruption. To keep open an objective mind when I you here. Things things they like 97%. Scientists agree. We're doomed unless we do XY and said. I asked how they came to that conclusion and more importantly for public scientists Wear their motives and paychecks coming. Perhaps even more important is Allison taken from economics try to look not said the visible benefits but the hidden costs in the proposed action. In the comics and counties and vice Versa. If the person or group is selling you on the former north and explain in the latter chances are they're doing it reasons not to your benefit. Listening to 192 now I have my own view on religion if you'd like to hear it really don't disclose it with no masking it's not nearly as offensive as it once was that makes cents. Announce on it with cob knob and of wheat and so freedoms all the way. Cheers guys vacant. Pianist and related chest tube in my senior ran fast and hopefully and get the chance to become mats. Thank you I like bacon but they can have a CE I agree with your which are saying about the scientists. But. 97% of them agree and then that the 3% that don't are all paid for. All paid for hitting a couple of them by. I follow the money with three dark. The 97%. On the broadcast at six yeah I'm pretty sure it's a lot of fossil fuels but I'm not positive settlements and and percent I just know. Out of matches yet but. I don't know I'd climate change is so scary to me and feels so real that when people ipads start talk come like. Hope this guy's right out out gladly be proven wrong on this thing. I look at the end of the day I don't think all of this is climate change what I think climate change is the biggest effect on accelerating things. The earth does clean itself does go to these. Periods of heating and cooling whatever I do think it's humans we have accelerated this. Sega's remember that guy. Alex Jones who got copy throngs now CNN via yet we oust her I looked. So his here. Yeah. That let's not forget he made up. Tune and the I think art call the on him. In that video also was there are some guys that are on the city councilor running for the City Council who have yet why it wouldn't vote that line I don't tucked annuals or some like that. What was so I don't actually said is really get. But his theory that the the coffee on a visit yet and he's ready I'm a well known around. Could easily fifth. His theory on it. Was. Bats. The C nod as the proposed carbon tax yeah. So the idea basically making it costs more to pollute so that companies are less likely to do so is the idea and it's on its surface like he was saying. Thousand sink theory I don't necessarily agree or disagree with him but on he was saying that the carbon tax. Man rigorous way. Paid more attention he was saying that. The idea of that it is just too. Extracts. More money for the government. And T Yee ha man you know I am I mean going to I I can't articulate his theory enough but who thinks the liberal audience the carbon tax look at British Columbia. Look at the gas companies that paid it in our property for a number two. How extra until supplements that have nothing. I'm not backing Alex Johnson I'm missing you know of anybody reason why. Also as an aside I I remember hearing about that in out of late is curiosity as they. Ought to go to check out the info wars story now I keep you in targeted faced look at. And it's like god damn it. Did I did the same thing out on the site for like six minutes of of the died either on the adamant retarded though. That is all right here's another thing I love you you're seeing people that are very anti gay. We'll keep you leave it's on the paper from like Kiki hookup thing it's like. That's a targeted ad Bravo. You wouldn't look in like I don't get though that smack yeah out of vehicle area it's it's the truth. Well I mean ultimately people fear by what's inside them the most you know people were. Me too strong a position of hatred uses because of how do you I agree I think it's funny that something like those of the screen shots it's late. Did Charlie and a Smart enough to know about targeted at our cap that. Clicks there's your browsing history or science that question aren't there guy has amassed enactment. Of what got us. Senators in this email while back but I think. I must and one the Dow lost my question is do you think there's an age when you're tool that roommate. Attempt thirtieth in this year and was wondering if there's a point or how to remain would be looked down upon by certain people currencies woman. I'm curious what MC TP in cops take on this is as I believe you're both about my age lived with roommates on some level it. Actually now so literally you people think about how to achieve living in Seattle and am not sure that's can change intensive. And most my dollar from the myself animal in the living in the remain lights out last two years I guess that scares me as thoughts on the subject are pot. Well. I lived it suggests. The first well I have three roommates so it's pretty. Pretty cramped but you know works it's fine at stuff out here in Seattle on. Has affected my relationship. My girlfriend and I are looking to move in together though and so. Fermi has about it but I also. We started dating when she's 22. So you know that that societal. Kind of perception of a guy with roommates when your younger like that probably isn't. Isn't it that thing verses if it's 630 at some bad experience with crewmates walked in and it would you know. Whatever happens. I like living alone from the right person to ask but also like I have friends that have ridiculous house's we have some mutual friends have liked. There are got to be almost forty in they'll be roommates but like. They're all system which lets have a they can afford their own thing. But act now and also got dated girls never meet like. If she doesn't want you because of her roommate is from an apple via. But I don't know society is it felt like and it is in New York after a lot more people differently. Yeah so this when I was like 2324. A mentor and close friend of mine was like and you're making good money by the failure roommates move on your own and I did I live by myself for years until I realized that. I'm an extrovert and a people person and being around people recharges man being by myself like. Wears me down so. I think that you know ultimately what your worried about here is like. The signal that a sense to a woman I mean if you like living with people out of the people and you don't and don't be ultimately were anabolic. And what's being conveyed the woman sounds like and realistically. You know I mean having. I'm living by herself as conveying what like the ability of up to provide for her project in the future now and so. I mean I think there's a lot of ways to convey that you're able to provide for family and be like a caretaker ever like you now. Apple watched Tesla whenever you're in tip personally though I think if your game to that level. And you need those kind of things to him and so woman to sleep with you or stay with you or whatever. This probably some bigger things he should be focused on and working on so personal and that's they have remained if you one's save the money invested your future you'll. Thank yourself and forty years but. And enough for some people you know how anabolic pat them on themselves move and that's fine too. Also our poise brand fiber his new EPO coat when a thirty track number two is called roommates and its people. Only. Hope they value more dates is day when in that house. Crew problems aquarius I would encourage you to check out but. Yeah it's available on a CD busy baby I gave it up Spotify and I think that's when he for thirty Brent fiber it's really it has put. Was a bit more like ten for thirty. Remain a top twenty for thirty was this whole thing used to a two shows nearly delinquent sure. Those twenty minutes hundreds worth an up here it's always a New Year's album without a full hours asked when him BP for thirty. We attempt one more voice one more. Hey guys I have increased in this week's though you know I only see the word religious. The power hey guys have yet to do a religious stock edit thought I was serious at the end last week. So you don't put an update on religious caste and target. Had too many of these and it's put in my two cents. Recently figured our man so brief background of 21. Born in Arkansas Dallas 44 not religious but I guess spiritualism. And went to church episcopal. With mom whose nineteen. Even though she was really religious netcam for important stuff. Now in Illinois. And are due to hum. I'm having real a lot shall Parse this month. I'm still greeted as it's written I'm now in Illinois and I didn't go at all for a few years besides with grandma. And then at about fourteen I got into it on my round. Ended up on the youth worship team for a few years until they pushed to get more kids in and then all my beliefs showed up socialized without parents and their backs. At that point prior to decide the actual religion wasn't for me. So I think now is charged for those who need it that's fine I did for awhile but we have to stop hurting each other over and basing law off their teaching. I'm OK with snow laughed and just being part of this huge universe I don't even kinda understand it. In currencies recently bought you know the grass Tyson's Astro physics for people in a hurry recommend it and understand about half. They need it for awhile and like to include another hot topic which suicide. When I was fourteen we're missing dad how long. How long story. And I decidedly. I'm neutral parchment says man. I mean. We're gonna skip the last half. I don't know what to leave the democratic admits it was so I know this how do you account Israel does for and if you want you it. Okay when I was fourteen we are visiting dad. Come hell long story comma and decided. I'd. I don't want to live for me I figured it'd help but I judged not let my little bro go. Because verbal abuse is an abuse legally and he was young enough. He'd move on okay my mom and I never got along and I figured she'd have an easier life and wouldn't care much. But and you can laugh my fourteen year old smoked weed twice self. Not for sure. For of my dad's prescribed oxy would do it so I woke up on the head and stomach cake and improved from day. Teel DR sorry I'm laugh and joke. It till the our church is for those who need it and that's okay and clinical depression is a bitch chairs they're shipped housekeeper. What sounds like they try to commit suicide. Thank by way of for Oxley with Malia and their 1492. It's that we you know and for oxy ID with. Whose third shift he is a price that is. Yes what they're saying there is rightly the he went to church then moved to Illinois with the fop like Fowler was and it was there it is verbally abusive to the brother. But he thought the brother rubio case each and it. A second school yet well on that night I mean how cool like I understand political got no luck yet via. Yeah well and the it is and that's it. Overall I agree with this. Person on the church and what I am not against organized religion it's not my thing anymore. I think it does help a ton of people. But I think one of the things they said first thing that we shouldn't base animals on it. Which I completely don't winning and try not to bring it earlier when I agree on everything that. Your loss shouldn't be based on any church stop current. No all right. Let the music for nothing that I did was in Serbia had an opinion. That's a lot of stuff from I'm with the thing. Church. Lot of good people the go to church that do a lot of good because of the church. For themselves and others and that's super cool. I don't buy it but I think I am able to tap into a similar energy. Actually the exact same energy that day a credit to god. On man known I think that that's it within all of us and that's how people do extraordinary things. In hand I do believe that there is a god but I believe it's a much more collaborative effort. Where it's mean in god not god make it rules and testing me my whole life and tell me not watch porn. So. I've there's chief should tell us give rise once they usually send us great emails I'm I was intending to laugh I was just I think you read this on her in some lava troubled part saying why. I'm what I was reading since re autonomy so that impression. And a positive I know parts. I'm just likes sorting like separating into like you know like it if you had. Like being a set of data whatever your exploded out until like you know reasonable parts whenever. I think I've only heard the I parsing parsing Eminem's like split him up like color. Oh and obviously you you're using the root word of what parcel. Yeah which sorting mail and just they're pretty ritzy part recent. Yeah I mean great beginning that patsy. And diligence to. But it helps Lotta people. You know it's it gets a lot of good lot of bad post and at the end of the day. Aberrations pork Watson. For real. To teach at I'll make that joke just because I don't care what your religion news. Or if your spiritual person or whatever but the anti pig thing goes through a lot of that stuff. We will use confuse the hell out of me like Jews don't eat pork. Muslims only pork. I did okay thanks that are essentially amazonian Shia Muslim parish communism they don't eat pork like in India lot of the religious Tony cal. Correct they were only count I think could've. Pork thing please my understanding of it was that it was like a very dirty animal and there is like some on some. Historically or some bacterial issues and so they did a mass that rather than being like a whole layer secret. Things like cow but I don't know. I'm with but right. I was thought of that for the religious reasons because there's no waiter for a tree pork. Ers and Ers alternate too is that don't meet the Democrats are hanging out people that are in Italy. Shaman and stuff and their don't know we don't report either. But there's there's a weird thing with the pig the rally spiritualism. And religion. Wonder what that's all about I think it does feel piano you know moot. Where is like in late buddhists got buddhists what would Indians and gives you put it into pants every sailing. Feel like that's one specific country that they word word now. Cycle to relate there's a lot of religions and India but a lot of people like it. It now you download the B comment I am I speaking of which. I'm not off the on the east side I'm you can ask him to tipsy capital in Redman her. Yeah yeah hole. And is it good burger yeah. Poll also require a throne if anybody knows Ted and are going to be in Dallas in a couple weeks if anybody knows a good barbecue joint we should really try to hit. Don't just throw like don't do a quick Google searches and an amber if you if you live there you may get some inside info. Useless I'm RD on it you are yet what does that do what we don't. And Pakistan Al Albert Jackson Jack's barbecue until the most real music art here's the place about a half hour outside it now with not super towards the lake that's who you wanna get. Half hour outside town yet this was the gains early so whichever way you guys drive and finds that three jock that's and equities market. We've made a probably be the three most exciting guys on the way to Barbeque and obviously guys and little time but. Pilots jacket that. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Mantown at. Put. Yeah I had a good weekend. And this lack being. His fate. Jar buddy Jose here the mayor. He doesn't have headphones on the mat turned off the mikes that we keep hearing this phone that because he turned the lights back on our yours joke on now wanna be on it. And the glove don't fit. I mean sorry yeah it was a good weekend Friday night. Lou is up in Everett at Tony v.s are back to the locals best night one that. Not cause us to unite. Festival thrown by Taylor court of Jerry comedian who's Kyle courts present to shout out to the Tony two meanings to Tony's to record an out and and he actually grew up with bill any Bill Elliott and so bill came out about school I'm Lance came out those school. And yes we did we fun night. Who is I've missed a colleague of fairy tail end of rest proposed. And then it's why don't in the wreckage. Clover Jane and ten miles wide. It's not a lot of fun brought ten miles wide and quiet up on stage. On which one it was my first time wearing. Leggings and public. Sizes and some bright as lasers super comfortable on stage or in public while both could have seen you in lanes of public but it. My guys are those orange ones that meltdown for cost denied this was just like this is just a regular it's Friday night our sponsor as well. They're pretty comfortable and there's enough people were black ground there I've won a plaque in my day without politics. And so a Orson some real old real loud fun leggings and a great time cut grass grabbed at least a dozen times. How would JRA Jean shorts party wants. In this news. 20092010. G-8 teams weren't huge thing I suspect asked budget enforcement for the time so Mike proceeded peacefully for the founders through fraudulent acts party resulting short. The cedar walks by intriguing thing kind of probably what happened you are just academic I'd slap on the apps that might. The six or shall I start with. Torrid Jake and leggings with a genes printed on them where they jeans with leggings stretchy material in them there and a third straight up. Blake is look like team yeah. So they don't pockets. Parents. You think there was actually a repair. Some some regularly and often as parent they have pockets and so maybe to have pocketed Jennings but it's not like. It's not a stretch he superstars apparent genes that's my strategy is side barely. Not which are thinking the game industry up late teens that meant by Bayer not G. I know the canister key gene to talk. And then the Saturday. Making. The victory to witches though crowded. Fine. Oh. We currently we are coming down like five and there are people starting. A hundred yards from the park people up there on that sometimes and I. There is of evil is like no equipment. Where they don't think you're prepared for an eye right there. And so. It was instant. Fun when he's on the moon and added at a set at the end I. There now that's their thought they won again my liking me and that's exactly the pretty constant battle it out there thought and it didn't take cumulative consequence got a moment on some not dotted I don't get it. God. Then it. And it. Crews really fun and that in it and it probably. This time a year and I do you forget how quickly that's when it. He had a need my date you'll super long yesterday as the game it's dark they almost almost out here well. Clients. It. Or content that still. On the outside of myself you know one guy. I can't believe how early I got up to data due at 815. Sunday that example up. Kidnapped period prevail it meets productive. Offense this quickly. That there. That I was. That would land him on his win at nine mile but he Jeremy and Tyler sat Allah now and so it was really cool has Lance didn't really know jamming. And say it's got to watch Lance get to know someone. The whole topic. In a way he asked questions. And to interact with a new person. Whose silent but I didn't even realize there's an elevation game it's like it's really. Awesome conversation there currently. Without on Saturday night. Wentz Scotland's but he Josh has band its neighbor would. That was really fun to side you know there. It and and and and came on Boca. And it what's hot in over an open house Saturday night so that. Pre weekend action packed pressure. Ox one airline pilot in Vietnam and we'll take those. As not the excitement. Level the game and needed after two shows and I and Indo. 27 hours. Yes same thing happened in the intra idea he got a Adelaide help them clean up the backyard they vehemently that now. And then yet to my house a couple Beers and their burger at the legislate the unions mentally. Feel like we should be more excited sued him a bit. Much to get excited about to the terps and honestly at about week. They're get ago. Yeah at a University of Central Florida this week. She use well problems UFC is you never reached shore that program some months ago at the guns are bad. But because of the hurricanes they have Napoli to gain this year the leader are not positive organ yet. Grip on people that term yet cool though it. I can turn on Joe's my acquired on. Joseph get in the match out you're. Just beginning to tag team match. Yeah it does sound weird if you talk away from the mice. I don't know if hearing which is my point now you can just barely hear you answer that turned the volume up and then. It is a weird thing is Hampshire right people who don't know just traveler. Like people can't add mean but it we were people that the studios it's like we mind just you just have to see it on the that makes sense and Brothers threw them on the ground background and a no commitment and what are the chances that they. Do I have to pass the bar exam and I get up just cross examine one if you're representing yourself you can cross examine all of them. New. And yet your seat now. Problem is you know as they say he represents himself as a former clients shouldn't that. There's no chance you could call me and as a special assistant in just. One guy what our with a question nobody can you know there was some sort of radio malpractice claim on him you're probably a year after dad you're my daughter came Ted's. The man Bible written it was clearly on their button was pushed and he walked in there anyway talking about personal problems and clear violence. Blink my buddies let the ball whether what Hopkins won more connected to a class and answer question. Though I like to be elected class top. New entity like their mock trial stuff like preparing. Coached the normal class just waste it took you happen to be a question about labor unions like it answers the teachers like us. Everything and I'd like these that once in a courtroom just like. I think the question did. They do bring an expert witnesses. My doctors earn it now. Whenever a once had a friend who is an actor earnings and occurred once and if you government to witness. I. I could take part of that jail. Bruce development as somebody who enjoys lawyers from the way the criminal justice system does work for some. Whenever that mistaking him in the perpetrators line. At Disney that was. I think it's about the time. As he gets the seat fight club right yet you know that ending scene I think they might sort of beginning to where he's like in the skyscraper and it's all in the schedules are strapped to the dynamite. And yeah okay cool when we come to this new studio and always makes me think that scene for some reasons to it's a skyscraper in the middle of downtown. And now. And we're sitting there similar chairs diseases like a spinning office chair might look at tenets all buildings behind him the the clout whatever it doesn't matter it's not that relevant to become a topic. Tunnels there. So at the top topic. I just didn't get a deeply intro the top job at this week he has some empathy development. And hate you witness. And all. Is well. If you're gonna die. Deceive and let's installing collapse before and US men out there. You know opportunities communicate with one what would you most regret. Not having told some. And Miami told them yet. Impersonal. Yeah what I like this tell you. Our personal. That is so unfair. Experience count on your although it is request. And we've got a name names. Now you have to. And just in their relation to you or you keep an anonymous. I think personally I would regret it is. You guys know me I'm pretty. Levy and I expressed my feelings and nominate your appearance there but I would still regret. Certainly rumor alive and my family and really given it to them you know I'm telling him now. When you feel vulnerable. They may feel better and been trying to be a little too tough or a little too strong because you know I you know hasn't. You know forty something and my family element came in worrying about. Patriarch in and or her own cluster and so you I think what I would regret is letting them know that actually. You know it's all we have an altogether. They're really good source of energy and confidence and and secret power. Because you know it's that's probably are but I would purpose and I would also really regret anyone. Feeling sorry for him because I a analysts on my friends I mean. For my age I have had an amazing life and I don't speculate a party player on house money at this point. So you know I I really use it wouldn't regret them but I would hope that there wouldn't be that kind of suffering you die it's in the now I'm in don't wanna live another fifty years. It's all because some already in the present and I am a very volatile and could answer. When you boys. I mean honestly I think there's a couple people. Probably would express. To them how much more they mean to me. And they Ayers. Will be a few people I wish it. Would express. How much they don't retirement Nazis tough talk about all that excited not. We have some new in my life that probably IEA I'd probably wishing to be a little more open and honest with him about certain things but I can't. Gonna have some other people in my life that I would like to yield moral and some. Not that I'd be just like let's be really honest. It NASA likes and some like inner thoughts that maybe are current socially appropriate salesman. At this in context here relationship yet. And there's just a weird lake. It is kind of a dark thought but I. I have a weird thing right just don't want anybody speaking in my funeral who I really wasn't friends. Move now you know it's a number I think about that and owners of the people to that I probably would express more love to be to sing sing think what you just. On iTunes I think. There is. So much fairway it's like my mom and then three boys and that so it's a pretty male ego testosterone. Fueled fairway and that's fine it's fun and painfully thin through this cast actually you know it's a little bit initiative on an. Being a bit more open about how much I love. Particularly the three males that by two Brothers and my dad. In people more vocal about that right now. You know. I think that it. I could still express that more. You know on that would probably be the overriding. On being. One of those and and little weird spot that and we'll get through but you know. And its knowledge and love is lost or anything. An answer though. Yeah I'd I'd clear the air on that now which you know would playing phone tag right now about it so now we're putting offered you know being. You know trying to avoid it but it. Yeah I think think the dudes in my family you know LaMont to bow like particularly those battery. I would say a I would just remind them that I'm really glad that. I met you guys and we talked about that in and you know it doesn't feel like. I look I you guys means so much for him respect your opinion so much hearing right. The it's not late a lack of masculinity of who was at the wrong with that you know it means it is Blake Elena do you love them special in their family. Whether is that a weird today. But. I remember I don't know that's analysts aren't we are talking about that eight and I remember being in the media room by eight adults. All of you at all. As I. When does not real comfortable. My dad is in critical booked the I have a about it has pretty funny vet. You know so. I've let them know and you know through. I think we all that each other around though and you know but it doesn't get said. As much as you would probably hope when you're buildings collapsing about. Yes the pressure situation. Whereby you high pressure. For me. I mean I think. You know liked China best throughout life to let them the people that I know that love. And know that I love them I think I'm for me you'd be. I'm a little bit more about. I the the appreciation. That I house and I like. Have been really lucky to have to psych and huge number of people in my life and and friends in my life I think. Sometimes. For whatever is like our personality or my attitude doesn't come off. In the way that I intended to in terms of being really grateful for the influences those who have been in my life when whether it's on simple things where like. You know sent some turn of phrase that they said became something I said that was appreciate him for that war. Something like character trait it's rubbed off me or whatever else so. For me I think it's just like. How grateful I am for for other people and for. I. The love of like what friendship is because that. You know there's no there's no blood line there's no like. You know. There's no obligation. To spend time with you lord to help you more to. Caught their way for you whatever else and here are my greatest joys in life is helping my friends. And I don't know it's just it's a cool bond because like he did or not. Mike you know they're not obligated to do anything it's I think just making sure that. Every one of my close friends and Iran in my extended friends who really knew. How grateful I am for like their presence in my life and how much they've influenced me and you know maybe clamps now. That's mind. It's tough sometimes to with like friends and family right to lake Lotta times the French shoes will be the more people you have be around. But his stream society tells you he can't. Tennis council harsh but sometimes in fact that between what people just coming grow up different and apart. Yeah like you know I mean that it's like it's very hard to tell somebody like I do it to fill my friend ago. Why don't talk to this person my family in your natural instincts purple line not like they're related team until I'm totally. Well that's not enough. Yeah you know you still got to work on that relationship. Did. You pick your friends and her family yet. True. With all that said Jenna Smith. At a map the family that melting at an event. That Kushner rocket launch points I'll tell you what you have within the podcast and while. Meanwhile intense that is what the plot gaps with about for awhile though welcome back. Get a real version there right where we deal with their map looked out of Ghana we got an hour and a half. I was that fight cop. People know that's what governor botched its I. To follow always good to have you buying thanks guys for him and I did that with a 193. Cribs the ATP for on the pits and it is the podcast years.