Thee Podcast Episode 194

Thursday, September 28th

This week we make an announcement.


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So. How do you decide. It. I don't really adds his eyes have a bunch in this kind rabbit and spot today. There is two days Wheeler magenta and I Hughes. These shoe laces so influence on here but I was like oh yeah I'll grab those crime match. I Wear all black that is to have it a little bit and matching now base of the nation together pretty. Channel on the last days of summer. And clots. On October yeah maybe I remember going near as it. There for a spot in the work and it was raining pretty dead and budget leaves on the ground that cargo shorts of put up spots I'd just the picture just treated. As Matt and I am and in. There's a lot of people. And good guy that would give detailed its mail. It would Wear shorts to its news expect yeah and sometimes it's like 35 degrees it's not snow Olympic puts their cancel to some people don't. Feel temperature though I told he has about bus station guy remember that like yeah Boston yeah yeah I do like blew my mind actually kind infuriated me. But attack has south Ireland in this you know luminous life not count temperatures so maybe you boys and one. His power chugging beer stand by fire but he is ridiculous stuff up up up. Dana auditing podcast that this isn't just any I guess just any pod cast couldn't do this. This is. Starting deep stuff and these are starting. Fuel and where I am not. Meet. I asked him so what 94. But that would avoid it's it's definitely vote with your podcaster podcasts all the way all the way. Telephony is front burner buddies always hear what he suffered southeast Asia on two wheels go they would. Probably going on meek I created three and a half points today traders there fuming over unemployment numbers released by the government in the land of the rising sun. Just the podcast rebounded nearly 4% of boys prep for this season argue about how to spice lattes and try to settle on how we count it will Matt be a sexy cat. We'll find out as expert. I've background that we of the steel hit the blue glass this vacuum it up you know he's still in the waters that Mac front of the producer of the sleepy but put them that. I had an argument I'm pretty get as sick over the weekend so wary of the apple of the the beginning of the week and yeah I don't last week I feel better now. Yeah after that's going around habits and get that first chill in the air you'll get congested but it. Felt a bunch dorsett at us again ya. I mean I was like sick but even after we got. To put both its not yeah notes follow. Yeah and it really it's not rock in the shower. Was units I think Anna yeah I don't think I'll admit I just saw this on Twitter via does like one of those other satisfying. It doesn't really Garrity in his letter rip. Yeah any concerns of light person ball any close or that they are right anyway and seeing you use. This is you and your mucus and an entry into Washington. Yes I had a buddy he was famous for every shower eat cookies you know there polls. Irish now I have learned Mattel this this season. I think that's just what he did when he was in the shower every day to cycling tournament you don't much like soccer players right now you notice that strikers like he missed a shot or whatever. Lake a lot of home almost instinctively every time you seem clear enough for. I mean it makes sense he plants like in the fall you know in the cold rain and Steffi again. And do it every two. There's some young I think it's like when dollars somebody somebody does that a lot at right is like nervous tickers on the board justly. Mean if you don't have voters I'd now like I do it sometimes does feel nice like my body that's as we begin shall be like a joke. Did you hear the water on the sixteenth that live there. If you heard it's not rocket she knew who. What's your outlook to policy on people I mean Moody's on her. After a terror filter. I mean. Think I'm fine with it. What do you do with I mean you've got to get that stuff how either of you asking that you and repair but it. Now by Iran you'll bear them and I'm asked to play sports for years you know I. Mean I never thought twice about playing indoor spit on the turf. Nancy I I'm kind of in between I'm OK with people spitting on the turf but I like them to hit it with a cleat. Like I'm you know breaking up again this goes down in her persistence and just. Spit some awesome ball in and I mean I don't know that makes much difference just personal and like I rarely sponsor but I'd do. Cleat drag. Appropriate. You feel when I was a little Cuban athlete baseball. Feel like you're just naturally spit more is everybody basically that's it. The new recruits that all the time we just plan on filter that and understanding gel yeah AF on the ground us sports like graphic totally tell I really it's been playing football. Today's. Yeah Michael dirt it's. That was it was a big thing too could you blow us now rocket the face. Care at its top IR and public and I now I think at Caesars the ball the helmet up. Bullet back down. And you don't wanna get. Lose them bowed to stuff your face. He does have like now one friend it's Alex six times a year but it's like that and crazy intense healthy eater yeah. News me too it's itself. For nine man kind of funny and a veil right now to. We'll kind of weird too because you're sailing there are very clean eater in this and that they'll idealistic yea yeah. The Derek obsessively goad Tony that has whatever and now as the stock in them so all the time there. All right so I have a friend and we've talked about this many times in week. Our minds are boggled by because it's like you and here you guys. And oatmeal with other Fran we each had a friend that we're dislike you or like the healthiest person 90 how would you be sickness. I mean like to either get that mental. Oh what's your question and I'll just have assumed that like. McDonald's cheeseburgers that's defensive magic and a meant yeah maybe ally as huge mainly because there's no toxins toxins. Toxics. In boxing in tactics and Adam at Adam big tax expert Tenet. It. A whole thing and they elect somebody well enough that someone like hockey in the strange look today. Who are in here and in the best of the easily. They gonna start let women drive in Saudi Arabia. Fifth there starters. He knows what hey you know look I mean it's pretty simple like people wonder how we've gotten to where we are politics and we let women. It is a long burned but this is the result. Hate to he's given me with the economic dude like it didn't happen there are sorry but he is given even odds that area now. Does look like what are you talking about it yet what was it twenties or thirties with them let them vote it's gonna slow burn to get to the boy was it just the to a you're in the room the quote Robin was hard to achieve a slap that publicly. It's a much effective advocate granite. We had just at a serious discussion. That's obviously do not just being completely full of yeah like those those kind jokes when there's no third party in the room that might get a wrist really have to decide how to react you know they know indicators from the person. Make for a very awkward joke and sometimes you have jokes like that. Where it's like am Katy which and it is different things something insulting them would just joke. Yeah I mean I know a lot of people like that Hewlett. People just don't take my Hillary like if everybody thinks you're being asked to gently that. The problem not the best jokes. Are playing who usually run in the so many sets of people. With the with the O line you have to be a couple times. If you run into an ass. Right human. Urine to ask your. In Seattle that they've SPS three. Three. You're I've noticed like a lot of I want generalized I think. People are getting a little bit more. Like as the city gets bigger yeah on my New York of people are our past generally been known to be yet. Well I think just as the city gets bigger people intentionally do lose more like individualistic. And beat them more closed off. From there humanity. And so. I've noticed that people in Seattle mean the last like four times a ban in the city I've seen. Seen altercations. Like two guys screaming at each other south like union on the Sebastien mom's car. SI a biker who I mean parents cyclist. Screaming at a car and cars elements came back which classics I'll be honest yeah and men outside of bars that you guys like each other and people Seattle don't really ever like. Come to blows. But just just like you know thought chest puffing in this town but this artist more altercations than usual for the end of summer. Yeah. And I don't think that's wrong. You think you think people start punch and more that you have more influence the town gets bigger. They're actually thrown in blows yet because I went on what I think it's rare to see the physical fight in Seattle. I mean how you don't let your decision that you barely even see them much like John back for yeah but usually people described rightly they'll say something. Snooty snow I believe it was like I don't FaceBook yet and you believe after the but it's weird to see it's I was wondering like. You know as late as more people move in the city it's figured you think that it starts and now they aren't well from New York whatever armor punched. I think. Man yet three point magma that. One that's only about the East Coast do you think is a bad thing but I actually think is a great thing when people just well actually throw now and I'd execute people in check. I'm I think it makes people. If they have to calculate that risk about what they're gonna say it makes them below but more. Polite and or carted. But yes fuel moving to town I would say one just the increase in population density makes you Baltimore. Desperate on the right word but like the other weird sort of sense of like how many resources Tarver how many people there are. The real passion into I don't know I think people are not as nice as it would be NC a small town. I'm when Sampras again and then yeah also the influence of a lot of east coasters moving here I think there's going to be some Seattle like who runs his mouth and maybe gets checked. Oh dude like the Nazi guy retirement yet I wonder of the day upon estimates from the East Coast. Well I think it was the first time I went out and yet I was blown away. Kind of like you with me and then sit in a bar. And like he since late. There was a week every year you know and I mean I like he was that part of the decoration in the root inaction of America. So late and like put his hand on something it make my statement the accounts that yet it's obviously fake problem law. So I just moved years with a chip. Right about the news I'm okay well all. Any it was a pretty small hole but that is ignorant hypocrite of the was talk like that forties and it's I don't mainly due to Tennessee smartest stuff to each other but it. It's not a big deal and don't back it up at all yeah yeah yeah did he just kind of likes it over your shoulders like yeah whatever. Legislature he became. Did I have the exact opposite experience in moving to Boston. For his time I was in a bar as a sophomore says underage. And Mike immediately like one guy says some into another guys girl ranked. The other guy walks over makes a comment back to a very direct eye contact you know scores of them and insight unity outside. Yeah up and boast a site like gentleman a true gentleman do biggest block out assignment on an Alley behind wrote gates. Who want to let I don't know I'd much doubt that the girl at the upstart dude I was too scared about trying to get back into the place to go out and watch it. But I just liked respected that. It was like a gentleman's agreement to undertake outside yes Boca and like almost shook hands like that's out. On board to both Lawrence like armor tomato fight about it a delicate Coke. You know they did their thing and we are all better off for itself. I think the the one guy it's a bit of the guys who are ultimately. Yes but I will take you outside departure. At it. I am willing to duels or this actually happened. You depressingly. Do you know anybody that was late. What happened that growth and I got my ass beat she went through with the other dude I don't know if that's going to challenge and never got an anti god of happened at least once. Who wants out there's someone out right after upbeat about lake of a real girlfriend like match has but let's think they it's a girl you're 22 year the public. This probably has happy. Oh for sure. I think that was more like not them Bally for the girl of them battling for like there. There respect you know one guy says somebody do this girl the other guy says some backed him which insults like his personal you know sovereignty or whatever is self esteem. As a than about points fighting for pride. Yet in it's weird to look like. The tipping point can be so it years ago right again it's like the second year I've lived here. Washington town in the playoffs their claim Seahawks with like Shaun Alexander. Like that sea hawks team Hutchinson film team that's there good. So meet a bunch of friends come out from Washington in their own Ritz in skier with them that we are in the bar. And there's a lot of ads talk him right but it's fine and actually like a lot of young fans could have been nicer we were at the old Tiki Bob's idea RP. Right so that one got panhandle. He's. Ease ease thinned out now but he said you. Easily yen little weight. Right any were beaten him any change and fresh field happening in the so this one do the book largely you know whatever Paul law. For whatever reason this and crew expect Chris. Just off like if you like comic Paula. This dale like. Those guys were talking trash and it was kind of a fun back if worth it because you Paul wall about as we know it happened and have crossed the lines there. Yes dom my mouth but it somewhat to Disco ball. You wanted to go outside of spite of it is that you come down plus you kind of look like Paul all the fifth. Plus frankly and appoint a thinker I like Paul laud him ultimately to the me I thought later he and they asked about it I'm sure he's up in the now. Easily. Honestly manly stops that the answer. In his statement the what I got up late. Don't think about that its Europe is the only opiate of the yet once I got off the opening up now Lehman. Yeah it's forget the reason that somehow when you drink I mean. You UT team when he too lenient like as a chemical thing our people want you. Think it's both. North and is that they care what people are always very thin yeah. You know it's like to have talent Tyson president yeah like cocaine people don't eat. But then sometimes you meet it skinny dude at the real big belly Soviets in Mexico for what you mean our middle. The party for two or three days in the billions. I've ever heard that it was it was it was late king queen whale yet but they are dealing with the only person I ever heard of really actively gained weight too real looking. Now. Is on. Dough for just you have to laugh becoming anyways we shot landed now a hundred. That's in my brother called me with it. Because any use. Forties they like. Are you account gonna make it back until what's the US that make it make you win at me like I'm only halfway this podcast. I don't think Alec I had an embarrassing as presents for and I. I think her you could do the colts look at it like we just eight years together like that to be doing. Do the vote for the all right both speed of my Brothers that you have viewed it does remind me I am going to be red river shoot out river to river rivalry if you will in a couple weeks in October. So while I'm down there in Texas though funny enough Cobb is gonna meet me there is Kolb is shortly moving to Austin Tex. Feel like we probably should tell you guys had not realized this I talk the mayor and he has. You guys tease that pretty good theater major announcement and I was like yeah we'll get to a next week. So at this point. We got a couple options number one Matt and I are still gonna do beat. Right to a coming year will probably get a guest host to root for the next foreseeable like two or three months worth and keep cruising along I think some might be shorter selected longer. But we'll do that also is a good chance chance that would escape Cobb on the idea. Now I have the reminder phone call or something and so we got a few options out there but. As it the foreseeable future it looks like this would probably be gone to we got two more episodes of pimps and in studio with us. And then allow want to change it up element. Yeah also does as an after I was an effort to be less mysterious. We cannot figure move and all that amount that's fine. But yet people have been told me lately that I might ensue were mysterious and they never know I think it's going around on with my life which I'm. As soon realized was Micah trade of mine by Agassi keeps a close of the best generally sell. Yeah internally. The little cut down right I didn't have a comfortable people you what my best friend I don't know her that I definitely think oh he's. They'd be high and how it's so weird it's like some and in relies on myself but. Yep basically. Two terabyte and who's listened. I wonder mixture that had a chance to thank you. The I'm heading down there. Because there are some stuff going on. In my life off cast. Last. Classic winters are pretty have heavy stuff you know personal on. I'm business. Wives and down. In just the winter was. It was a pretty dark time for me. And actually thanks so people who emailed Alison won and how it's my week for sure I'm coming in here and in the cast of the boys. But on. Yeah I just I decided to that personally I can't do via the winter in the north last anymore. Who really depressed announcement here and now. I just decided to make change so. Let me down in Austin. There's a chance hollered back up here I'll be decked up Christmas admitted casts and and will see the future in Seattle remains remains unknown players come up in the era now. But down. Yeah two slots gone on so. May have moved on the mountain. Are like personal mentor all I guess. That's a. And I talked to a I'll talk to makes try to get another. I would try to figure that it date. To give it cast together. Then we do that to to work around your town hopefully yeah I'm gonna try to do at least you know like ten days or week on Christmas now. Nice and even if it's not something like we did last time at a virtual sports they reach some smaller we used to do they have a thousand town. He's got a tad and his peers who drafted in NG here. Yeah ha ha yeah like jobs down we're gonna be over it Bob all volley comes they what's up commuters for beer soda water shall attempt but what. Yes sure but it appears. Also distance from subject thank by the Uga thanks both of you guys it's podcasts and real like. Source joy in my ally and source of life here and enjoy it and in my life in some times into now line. Well and it's weird to write you would sit here and conversation we've talked about fear it's even weird having me here. It. And I recessed in town like an extra year or at least eight months so to speak as a cast announcement. Does he adds slot on India part of all the clients. Via. And honestly like. You know I let you two guys sometimes I panic ticket for green it in Delhi think about it religiously notes that three of us that to a podcast and like. The Dalai fanfare which is kind of like three of us do it. And we will email like we see some people this and that so yeah it's kind of it. You know like Joseph was seen communities like I think he realized telling people got used to hear you guys are weak and like really kind of playing a round of Shania. Yeah it is kind of echo constant thank you. You know it's been awesome whoo whoo yeah and now a lot of fanfare but there are a lot of a lot of fans clusters and Aspen. And really cool you know above email primarily in 19 and a yeah it's just hope I mean we've we've dolphins and pretty cool so I'm pumped the as a cue from the torch Rolen and who knows maybe be back and then DM insidious plan to back on. I'm. So whatever it's a transition at that I don't know I can never tell the thousand out of the system. Now as it has taken it and it's a heavy subject you know. I'm excited. You do and you know. Just half an hour to command. Once we just cute so it is. Really cool. It and something they said I think we'd you can take for granted because this is what we do with the upper. Body years now. It and it. That I don't know that everyone had this that time to come out there Franzen talked about whatever week in and that's it's a cool outlet personally and then we actually put out there are too if you've seen bigot witches even core but it the judges. Just having our weekly. It's on the means a lot yet I wanna keep it going you know when it's I hope and I can keep. Quality up there are people still doing this there really. Cobbs he huge part of the it is that the flow and entertainment value of this show. It'll definitely be different. But it. You know I think we'll do we'll do we'll do. Bang up job on our own and figured out. But I. You know I just want people hook unselfishly and out lie they're counselors who attend every week. But we've talked about it but I hope people understood him back to late when we start four years ago. Somewhere back for right pad for a half and out he was account and I would hot tub all the time. Rightly. Minute and then it was like well somebody just simply take usually cannot do and podcasts like all right I'll start doing one. And in Cobb with gains we've been yes and all the time we met doing it. You know how bout this in the lake shore I mean that's the kind of funny thing too is that like and everything of myself as VP player. Things are not done. But it's kind of funny but how well this is done and how long it's been going. Many people we talked. Yeah I mean telling people we need it melt down the ghetto if they within the task or even just like it read festival you know and yeah it's crazy actually have any William elementary. Oh soil are on this or that. That's crazy to Aniston and even though like they used to be on the global wind there's like kind of a way to keep. Tabs on how many people are listening to reverend I have no idea. It's that it's a good amount man made you crazy just think about the amount of people that. We've crossed paths with in our lives. You know if that's not even close the full amount of people that are retired just the amount of people that have emailed in. That's just a fraction of people who list. It kind of blows from our epic rivalry got recognized that in an island say it easily find the right after the Caspian. Cop recognizes voices that. And we can dike we don't know numbers by. I think we insane and we believe that if he knew that when I the most popular podcast in the cluster which is pretty cool yeah it's always between ethnic. It. I mean even my English or no exit in the RV. And that and that woman gets out starts walking towards Italy. Afflict him no harm it. In she doesn't have a ring of them insurers using that word is yours your pot houses with the it to. Which often are basically one it's so funny to me when people ask me what it's about. Life. Dude I don't know sometimes cumbersome politics or. You know some personal situations and like one. Persons like I don't know man supposed time pizza donuts it's really difficult to explain I don't know if you've ever had to. Get stuff. It out I had to you can't use that that always gets me these few last a lot that early not answer. Yeah I mean it's it's it's really organic uses uses is how we talked and we always that I we talk about down the cast because is. Cute. The lines are blurred like it's the same same conversations reality is. We all all three of us forget but he when my silent on. One. Again Erica yes it's a hell lot of fun and we appreciate having you guys went astute you know how many the emails on my back and forth on on Twitter at staff I think it makes it. You know there's little band of like feedback and interaction I don't from papers and makes a lot more fun to remember that people out there. Listening to not just three days suited games. Yeah it is traders wondered acquire. It's funny too late pornography from the lines that meltdown and right like people with in the Manger I was in engines. Much protection over the puck past climbing a lot of people in that right but certainly going to be an inventor. A bar like cutting out a rock concert ever but I still love a couple of years you melt them coming back from the showers. Common right literally just have on tiles. But this didn't start ups that talks with it just thought because it's like a rope line just to use roaming through its threats that music. That's the fallen towels and the dudes talking to us and has an opinion on the means that he tried listeners are ripping you like. Would love to meet somebody from podcasts I listen to like just got a late. And I think it between a shower and change you dislike chill up your immediately think of interaction you've noticed that you like like. I may have gotten a chance had it. May they shake Joseph Rogan might resign naked ladies half naked just cruising through a festival of a sudden still. And that's how we fund. It it's obviously that kind of stuff obviously and that crazy. What else would not from the people right Moffett of god through broken Scheyer do yet that's killer guests via. Was missing your point got a natural. Gas added no. A from the voice I think you're on Jones Alison Jenks came and also Iran Jones on Joe's been in a couple of times and has been months. It quite a few different tires ten. Yemen. If that's legit guessing it's redemption. Yeah I think I think drew was our first fighter. Then the only the only confidence closed even haven't fighters on the podcast is the reign of GCJ eight. It's the perfect or just to be elect and due to delist we had Harrington Paul when he was struck an immediate if we wanna break GC Jamie got a amonte as a guest. Let the curse touch him but. Until. Now. I don't wanna as an excuse but if you're young anti QC QL fairly volatile like Julian. It was a Rome bombs iron advisement and Austin. Word got out as these days a guy look at some relatives listener. Cops errors. Well. That got no word from me from Yakima jeez jeez look at former about the author. I don't wanna be you go to mysterious. It threaten us he threatened me here. Did I agree that the right next to hide can do is commend news site. Yes and ups and its income guidance that I imagine suggest a rough sonic on the. And it. It's been. Like yeah are you the guys to talk a lot of pass and then touch people. Chuck touch strainer like I did I initiated contact that was the mistake of America ethnically I'm not so. For instance shouldn't cut. I. I mean I still thinking that he was the right call. I mean he survives you know that's something I did. Call what they have in have to say of late I just iPad again I had to broach the subject of like I'm friendly with you. It's tough you know initially physical contact at its soul won't go well. Protect. I think I'm friends with you let's touch. A picnic. I mean yeah yeah on some level when you're stand across from an intimidating man you know can snap your neck feeling you just gotta. Primal levels of trying to bond with them. Yet it is ever call it was late. Like two handed thing right again like a money to repair it they advised by the forward. Body English awake at night after I got plate full forearm guides might have been. More fitting there but I hit and it May-Treanor governor bring out more Armonk. You dizzy like slip a little late. Day. Thank you continue to face route I think the most was the right move that we're just opposite emotion I. Everything's all right you're sitting here today so we're out did you motion retreat emotions stand program like you take ground give ground and neither he did not give ground. Is well like my LA. My elbows are collapsing all you know Ted back there are Syrian dominance in the in the corridors. I'd be did you see what happened Von Miller this weekend now all right. How Von Miller for. Denver Broncos. He he almost sacks the quarterback right Karen Taylor. Tyrod Tyrod Taylor. A so their bodies they got trapped in the same draft class it would. So he knocks them down and then he'd go he Blake puts his hand out he's gonna help him up and it like that Lou currently puts it by his head. You see both of them smiling at the rapist behind Von Miller the I'd. Agassi can't seem smile and it'll eat those of picking our personal foul the drive continues in the Brock is basically lose the game for our clients. Via. So that's good same lake C Von Miller never thought that was like that's the same thing that could happen with me with them bush like you've worked out better with a thin line between them in my. Is too valuable to me it's a dental work. Cilic what would have been worse getting punched by him are horrendously pinching my shoulder something to be like today on call back that I. Just keep us out here but. It's. I didn't hurt corporate corporate right well speaking of MMA by the way yeah. October 14 while I am in Allstate are not Alston and down the river shootout. Our very own MC TP back have a producer Matt we do in the emcee duties down at H. Very excited about that yet it's I mean that's an electric atmosphere. And just when you're in the stands to be eight to be have the lights on me and that's. It's exciting you know little little nerve wracking that's it that EO. It's a little bit intimidating bit and I got to face their fears in life and death of and one of faith you know right now. I thought let's let's cool way to attempt to step up so I'm pumped about it and watch and you'll like it yeah yeah you gotta tell you on the record. We're gonna have to we're sleep. All right fair enough I'd I'd assume he's just a really deep Vigo. That's right out of time well give you what they want out of the TV I don't know. Not mean I'm I have a button up over oh I see how it's done I's dotted the view that deep. The problem is no place are gonna reflect a thing as American Apparel. But they abided bills will be available now I'm Port Authority I think our problem that they got rid of you know I Wear those animals like almost every day yet on. I'm just looking over the DP how much fun we meet with either all or view that thought now I mean that's what there. I love that the helix dragons parties we definitely didn't look real and orange shirt on in the early yeah of the deep feet. Like elsewhere in an undershirt don't trust me. It was. I don't know why it's cool that he thought I had no wonder you're DP car pulled dude. No match Anna Nicole thank you for doing that now outside of where to be. That opportunity five yet. I guess photo of you with a string girls who walk down a ramp up at Ali and Ernie is the main quality party's super cool and guarding our like you already know most of the crew. And learning you know Ernie. You know that. Against notre certified issues come up moment gathering and do our own email Taylor with toys yeah Brian's supervised the itself. Going to be good time to make sure you're down there teachers and support for him and you got a pretty easy announcement. In one of the fight it's got in Phoenix Jones yeah they are or something like. They talked about on our people up via. Balance is. Superstar Oprah got that tech all right well this will be in new new thing. Have been in front of maybe. By. 500 people tops with a microphone I would say in person and showed up and says that like. Pretty big for me and I'm really excited about it but he has definitely a nerve wracking text via let. Obviously I gotta say yes like I'm in the there now that bad sign of that crop is gathered though. We'll be fun yeah. While cops can attest that I it looks cool now when I do if he visits of the early years I was not that cool I thought about papered shaking in the win. You do any of this. Poll white paper is with this dome banana split blatantly not a good idea about breaths yeah that's where is probably about that. Yet they too deep threats the good pause on stage. Not necessary it just could add to groups and drama and suspense annoy you when you Leno. Reassess yeah I do it now goes into it's like sometimes and her onstage specially that communities. Where you you actually take that breath. And put the Mike down for second McKee. Even though you're taking a breath everybody else it just looks like your so into decorating draw Giuliani that's why as opposed to rushing through your voice be I. And I approach. Interview and TX two and now here's the big question. It's going to be a catch phrase. I don't know I had to get a catch phrase dude he shares the only guy out you I would echo that introducing first. Corner I think the main thing is you just got to figure which are in Charlotte this. We mean from that what they say about me when I think ought to welcome Michael. Why haven't told him this part but you got to rate up like a little too reliant to retrieve line being about yourself and the task produce a report that the music from the polls. I would you mind kind of tongue in cheek but come into the cage again it's like. You know as a discipline and pepperoni pizzas there. Perfectly after Thanksgiving like he still likes the leftovers like always something like that like he's ready for follow Albany's suburbs dale. You could be yours yours to be totally legit and if it all right just your stats down costs are brainstorming speak you know he's five. How top 525656. 56. Under. Its 56155. I. Honor and 55 pounds a twisted steel appeal. Actual record of 00. At its first appearance in the case it. Rick well hiding. What we're back with you though he's just write about like the guys though that he's in the cage doesn't have to fight if that's the crazy thing right you've walked on a rail. Into an army and a and given to a cage and some guys practiced for years it never get to do that yes yes and you don't get punched in the face. Late late unless you trip and fall late that they deem it should be minimal that app also lets be honest Bruce buffer Michael Buffer those guys eleven entering. Oh yes they're the best job on the planet Jim Leland junior and so one of them is the guy and then using his brother by blood or is it his stepbrother other Brothers my blood Yan and his brother abide by blind is that. Mike what a great career in Jimmy managing your shoot. I'm scared. Off I loved you that engine we have to detail them for copyright. Outage has seen. Did you say offers thing now said that and one aren't as follows after two and actively bad act. The original at a junior and yes and I don't know I think Bruce buffer I don't know but via Michael Robert Napoli and force a frenzy can save contact both sound but it's leaked yet. Yeah that is a saga. Matt just if if you were in how one. He Mira now tiger had voted at our house catch phrase that are to come about not happen. Oh. It's ready for action it could have a oh. I think I can get you anything call me Buick. He aggressively as the that they are ready for action object AM. That was a joke he should not view on cots at times I like his defense like W he's not throw you he doesn't drink bleach got fired up. They that would Bode Miller used haven and that's when that. That Bollywood Ted storyline comes into play the Indian billionaires like. That's what we need definitely on India the blue replies are down one of the guys whose involved with the ownership owns a tightly somewhere else and beat. Think two of the casters and pro now though we are yet to Bollywood tent. That's a look at four. I think it's funny I still follow couple this with eyes on Twitter. Mike Nolan got like Rancho formed sometimes my feet to sell this stuff from India what's wrong moment. That explains it. What's the are cobbled streets of emails I think we're gonna have a couple after last week maybe. I AM very aware of what happens we can NFL football obviously being decided to go to the root of just not talking about an answer serious athlete. And actually my Cochran how great another one of those top halfback. It youth where it got tweet was unbelievable. I was an intense conversation boys you guys haven't gotten that fired up since the battle of temperature vs feels like index of 2016 but I. Grace over the greatest podcasts on land although all can't wait for this you're sad cast just poll. Rivas candidates here all you rewind about fifteen minute. One participates in that earth welcome not a my good man. Thanks for another glorious podcast I say the greatest podcast. In all lands all day and they keep calling it ought to now. Puzzles and a common Ted Baker back and forth the last cast and one chime in the realized afar to waste on Thursday night's make an argument. They get in line to move with a good joke what's the difference between a chickpea in our bonds have been. You'll have a car bombs of the union Beano and you. Meg. Chickpeas is too easy sincerely Bryant and it gave the man it is for and it's front and grad student now. They boys just wasn't that episode 193 and just have to say Nazi discussion is great and that's spots. Ted you're completely right that if you're wearing a Nazi symbol and dropping and bombs can't be surprised and yet knocked out. That being said what happened in nonviolent protests. I've seen this ever since Charlottesville with and teeth and other counter protesters and hate groups get violent. And balanced doesn't solve anything like Michelle Obama said when they go low we go high. Precision mean we Ohio with Vista faces yes I get verbal at those people don't get violent that is exactly what they want. Matt when you said that that is a slippery slope to let people talk this way it's also slippery slope to let people punch of the people in the face. The next time someone. Sized. Go out and yell on their Nazi ideals there. You're gonna bring a friend or two or weapon and the first person that looks walks up to them. They're gonna hurt that person's freedom we have a rat. Violence and inside is not a cat bounce because. Okay it's birth Turkmen. On the ice extent of voice. Cotto commit acts. Yeah yeah. I mean I'm not gonna go back council. Yeah and it talkback. The violence yet and as a general note we had. I'm reading most the shorter emails we we had a bunch at some on both sides. And down just a quick note I would like to make. Is that. We do this podcast for fun it's for free like don't. You know we don't charge him and I don't take it to. Seriously you know like at one. Pretty intense email that night you know I drove an hour and fifteen minutes to be here and as just like it was like. I'm I'm toll quote people state their opinion but it was like. Negative and personal towards him is like to come on Mike among Lou my life we're just trying to apart history guys you know I sat traffic and a nine. Yes same way that annoyed me but mostly were super cool and their responses thank you guys and we like in the emails. Just be cool spot in our world to get right half it's funny how happy I saw how playoffs you should you are on a show Monica Ferrari. So does FaceBook care of yet it's just the language I mean that's what annoys me about trump this weekend. When you stand on the pulpit and called those guys sons of bitches. That anger in that language that he's using. Against seeps in and allows other things a tech guy in Pittsburgh called coach Tomlin. No good and right he's a firefighter use that she fire chief like. When people see that anger you know trump does not talk about other people that way in Charlottesville. For somebody from the white supremacist site killed somebody. He said let's keep in mind is very good people that site two but then to stand there and it's it's predominately black athletes that are kneeling deal and fire those sons of bitches. That's that kind of anger speech back to Nazi stuff right we got to be really careful here. You know like keep it that big gets you see violence begets more violence that language makes it okay except. Yeah I think collected degrading another human and anyway you know it's wanting to talk about the the facts of the issue and it's totally different thing to have. A personal attack although once I'd point with the trump thing totally unrelated to Nazis but is that I'm starting to really think. Well I don't know if it's a coordinated effort or not but the amount of useless news coming out of the White House to me. Is very concerning because I think that. Maybe there's some stuff that's getting brushed under the rug you know policies that are going through and stuff like that that we aren't hearing about because the 24 hour news cycle. In the bin narrative is constantly being driven by. You know like that's not a frivolous story but we hear a lot of frivolous stories about how the White House. I looked it work this weekend all right everybody now talking about respecting the flag disrespect the flag with that right. What we're not talking about it is the police brutality against black people which it started more health care and number right healthcare didn't they're going to bring it to a vote. They they're they're newest bill. And then what we're also not talk about with the NFL is what you talked about a league of black ball Colin tap project but now somehow after this weekend. Like half feel bad for the owners like dipped. How did this and a hitter Eric how is it flipped around you know I mean how much and owners think you mean do we stand for unity you know like they're statements. So I don't really say much. Yeah accurate yet or what they're like no teams that were gonna hire cabinet as well thanks to. It will although I did hear one other layer to that since her on the subject I don't know much about it I just a friend was on me that. The two or three teams that needed a backup quarterbacks potentially he had burned personal bridges with the owners in the past 290 about the I don't know the story and heard the chance maybe. Yes. Well the jets owners on Trump's. So there's a chain that's right he has an appointment like that the jets are not making mr. And there are some sort of like direct twittered something years ago whenever I don't know. And our emails ago. Three cool you see. Yet Phillips wanted to if you take your time morning chance. Just finished 193. Really enjoyed diversity diversity of opinion in this episode in the thought provoking talk. It's a great example as to why this the greatest podcast on land all the way it. Thank you PS test in the final time. In response of the topic I've two regrets. The first is Allison topic was what are you what would you regret having not told someone at the building was burning down and you're now a chance to. Make your peace. The first is apologized to my oldest son for being when it considered off. His mother and I were together and the navy moved me around so I wasn't there should. Fourteen now were close but still work in progress. I've been told them yet because some countries on the understand. The second is I don't feel like I've taught my kids everything. I lost my father earlier than its rate for an eye out to regret not learning as much as I could have from. I consciously trying to teach my kids as much as possible thanks Roy goes to on the cast doesn't like it. I feel bad that ethos is a bad father. At least right now. Huge yet here's the thing just don't beat yourself up too much and thank one we all make mistakes. Tons and tons of mistakes too you know he's fourteen I mean that's like really. When he starts to. He you have some critical time to to be the real male role model but he needs a lot of that damage can be and done. But it can't be if you if you beat yourself about you know go and make connection he needs you now more than ever I think it in a great job personally and the fact the awareness hopeful. Yeah is he recognizes that the state. Just I'm telling you this from personal experience some people who have even as their older. Don't you got to actually the Packers are all right about a minute. Some people. Don't recognize the mistake and continue making. So right so right he wasn't the best followed beginning that you can make up port trust your son is fourteen the tough age eventually it was. Yeah and don't take yourself too. Gentlemen. Episode one to three showcase just why does in fact the greatest podcast all Lance although I am passionate twenty minute discussion of the merits of various pizzas. At a at a followed by even longer and more passionate discussion of serious political issues. Immediately after finishing the episode capitals to an old episode may cast the one just after trump on the election and Ted's Ted talk. On the danger of devices. And Ted's Ted talk on the danger of divisive speech at the line. Violence is never the answer. Carrick clarified that. But backbone. The one I try to never say never politicians that never there. IE. The idea of violence going out just because he won the presidency is now peanuts or eight you know what you yes I'm going back on that site. Not to in the street I'm OK with that there's no way to correct that make it sound. I like I said violence is not the answer your gents I generally do believe that. But you can also look at Martin Luther King there were certain times and there's certain plays its roots like what else do we do. My two cents on the issue residents to a lawyer and a history buff tourism and he's truce. Jerusalem's. Tenet wrote an op amendment Jerusalem's holocaust memorial museum of most moving experience my entire life. Cracked ten minutes afterwards. But I can't accept violence in southern simply because they hate their beliefs. Rap too that the world community had no problem with the Nazis until they started invading other countries hell we in human boycott their Olympics in 1936. Then again I'm just small town pizza lawyer but the lineup has always are fond and C town what Carson lawyer. Yeah I mean I am not argue it and I give only tell you my thoughts. Yeah makes the appointment of sick you know it's a complicated. Subject. But that's healing tool it's like. Again with the Nazi Hitler didn't show up and go hey guys we're gonna burn all these Jews and kill them and concentration. It didn't start that way. Right it starts with that talks that's what I'm worried about it starts with kind of stuff like missile site that you have people out. Podium from a pulpit. Use in this kind of language it's people like it so then. Click on that big of a deal which we shouldn't be any violence but then it's too late than ego aren't it will now that we. A senate by the time the Nazis used balances to keep an eye problem either by the time a lot of Germans realized what was going on inside of their country. The it was too late. You know. ID yeah I mean I hope. I tried and stay optimistic with a lot of this stuff it is for a while I I wasn't the head it was mentally taxing. And I kind of hope that. Well with the the Internet and then the way that connects all of us. Some some things can change in time and that. You know there's there's more. There's more exposure right we see all these this you know. Violence perpetrated. But by police you know unnecessary force. Which. Has happened that happened before but now we see it and so. Conversations happen people are aware people can change their mind it's there's going to be growing pains probably not gonna happen at the rate would like to see happen. But I think that. The way we can all communicate and in the amount of open in the information out there can and can help us avoid history repeating itself with a tree. You know clearly. You know I racist leader of a big country I I don't I don't see I I hear people make that Hitler comparisons all the time in my. Yes I know that you know people. Deaton and didn't realize how is apnea happened slowly but I just. I choose to believe and hopefully I'm proved right. You know since I've that would happen. And trustee illusory at the Nazi stuff it's you're talking about a not to get coached I'm not queen president from tee off. But people do a lot of the old news particularly in this county could do little Bobbitt to. I went out there and hurt here's my thing is you need to learn from history in late. What I read you today it there's more believers in the flat earth now than there was in the Middle Ages. All physical like not as a percentage right. I don't H I guess and you can ask price total number of people which is reasonable. Populations. Analysts say I'm well aware of the flip side of like. Everyone has an opinion there's a lot of dumb people out there that can take other dumb people's opinions and with them and get realize control. I'm a totally aware I think she's not a hoax on. And let my mental energy gave it wasteland. On stuff like that what types of this before I'll say it we've all had a girlfriend that everybody really liked it and you break up with. And everybody's still awake Becker was awesome right but your friends they effect of them that my experience with her was different and my interaction with different. And most he would go again like I still really like problem blob like obviously she NT she treated ten different insight relationship. That's always my thing with the cops do the day we're gonna wake up still be straight emails. A popular in the wake up and still be black. Guy as I would think strictly email is on top obsolete. But a lot of in the wake up it's still be black males so the idea that someone people are just so lake there's no way that cops are doing this at this event it's like. How is that why do you think all these people are walking. We also just admit that we peer interaction a lot of times that the cops is different that I am a lot of friends and if they got stopped and frisked. Oftentimes walking on the street. They would be injured. But perhaps a bonanza are well understood it yet and I spam act yeah I had talked about yesterday that the black who lives in DC and he just told me a couple things are of the opinion that is scary. 21. Brightpoint in this since were talking about cops and and whatnot how much company that. They actually are in year guzzle building depth access. Accent so they changed and Jackson to a body of the art yeah I had a now they're going to be having drones that film your interaction with. Police and some of the body camera the drone and the ideas to make the whole interaction more. Night but both sides behave better because they're on camera and so far that's shown to have has been shown to be true it's. All right so every cop cars are just have a drone. Attached to it that. This flies up and follows a cop for some. I don't know Hamachi and say about it but their dynamic dash cam and I'm. Camera on the officer and a third. I would just you worry is we still see. The UH. Oh yeah I'm planting drugs yemen's port city rid of the whole issue but it's certainly. Helps in terms of he said she said conviction types or it's always a top why woody line and site. Well initials lotteries like my line given the scenario you know it really limits on that. Yet. And does and it Joseph wrote recently in the comedian on their talking about the sort of stuff. And how auto. Late a lot of cops that have been doing it for a long time. Like maybe should be evaluated for PT SD like you've seen a lot of each. All the time. And so. You know Blake. Who all this stuff happening and he's been in the force this on whatever they Aggies in a lot of that stuff and you know maybe more mental testing needs to be gone on officers. More regularly. Because the guy can come into the force with you know relatively. Normal upbringing or whatever any ye ye have you know you have everything together VCR is horrible stuff. The most the average person can't even fathom. And then after ten years of that Emeka is snap judgment based on us stuff like. It's it's understandable and from from that. Stay implements its okay way that things have transpired that they're all happening because of that night. And there's and is being looked. As a ton of stuff for the police that nearly and it's like I am not just coming down on the cops you know there's a lot of interaction between a lot of it is too late. It's kind of a culture that's been bread into them. You know and I mean I eat eat eat eat kind of changed I think over the last 4050 years he just the terminology which are world war on drugs and this and that and load them up with like military style gear and equipment every you know it's late. It in the end of the day right McChrystal seamlessly and I don't know and we know if you cops are just into the rink if I accomplish. He does keep us in the same guy on the scene corner selling a small amount of Cracker Barrel. Right he's a dual paperwork that he probably rather be patrolling neighborhoods in talking to people but. That's that's it I it's a whole thing. Right and I also think honestly I think a lot of cops do wanna speak up but they're scared and don't blame. They don't want look what they're turning on their other officers and unite. None of this that we are speaking up for easy. But there are pockets of very right I. Yeah it's good stuff kind of job and often. Fully understand outside but I think we agree that some systemic problems and police force whether it's things that they're doing war. Motions of their skin they can't express more now it's. There's a lot they have to deal with mentally and I don't think there's enough resources for them. Garrett and I can read your email but if I just read you the first line Ted get a grip mask and it bit. Some fellows of the greatest podcast on land although keep pushing. Love the argument you all had and it was funny nasty out and ask crap. Some like ten at a bit of fund for the record and keep that up and so entertaining. I'm 37 in my mama's might remain do you live in the basement and legal in the house that we have a family business of their being be mom. Can retire soon from Morton's teacher and she wanted to live easy as if I've kind of been crazy through my use my girlfriend and her son tiger's old stay here once Juan it's always fun. Permits I have that realm of Christmas and barbecuing in the winter. Kind of rambling but I haven't read them pull balls don't want. Deisler. Math curse just barbecue wintertime I'm in gander mountain lifestyle that's a map. Article. Coming in and then. We'll check it. Oh. But yeah. The well I mentioned I was sick the tail end of last week. So. A luckily Friday has started to feel better. On the through equal punk band. That dig from Brooklyn called Turk Losman is playing new lows are banned. When there are feeling a little bit. You know little bit symptomatic still like to dance that out mamet that Belgrade. Kind of like new yet kind of annoyed by a drunk people on. Could have played two hours sets in the second hours that it had been drinking for an extra hour and I are. Get a get a grip people. Like what that. So one of our friends from our group. Is this am really Hughes knew this year. Geez you've stated you look tiny tiny girl this guy this is the justices to guide China the dance with her awkwardly not. Just think the answer in her direction. There's other drug people are just unaware and standing in my way instead of the more knowing this guy is entertaining because it was awkward. But she is dancing. Definitely not like. Giving him anything to work with. But he is also not commuting in putting himself out there to give a response. He's as dancing. Kind of near by her. I'm and tiring and I did through my girlfriend. Right behind all of this as is very comfortable. And then Buehrle did it until the music ended and ages walked away I didn't say anything you learned never liked. Actually committed in and made a move and attempted dike officially gets there just think. Uncomfortably. Dancing in her vicinity. Hoping that she would make the first move the I did not happen. Meaning dance who with. That made it yes is definitely it's felt like an attempt to mating dance but. Gathers is always you know capital on Friday night though is a lot TA and aloha. So eyes at reminded why don't go up there very much non but it was receiver fund showed her causes though. It and it out zeit. Don't want Danson who's good and I felt a lot better about time. That's coming out of there which is cool and then on Saturday. We a. Wedding to go to it that we is. I mean it was good to see mouth president is not a traditional wedding by any stretch of the imagination ceremony was not there is just kind of like a loosely thrown together reception. Where. By we showed up and they're still a truck unloading. On hall tables then. We just have a Wii U early. I'll five minutes harmonize its of my friends the brightness there at that today I got there earlier than as inspector. And threw 55 it's a pretty in and night. Says we kind of blocked our found a spot that is got to kill law everything got movement. I checked the FaceBook page to make sure there was an eight opposed then this is from break hey actually it's good because it for thirty years of no there's no possible break. Because there are five minutes earlier but that is. Goes funny my my friend got married. Knowing heard the news. Not not surprising you vary. You know it is. Just. Not the not the most organized. Like super warm and inviting him friendly and is about friends they used to hang out with. Back. A four. Before I'd even gone to broadcast a cool way now that that that chapter of my life. I ended with me yet not a played Baltimore to go to school and sell a lot of these few lines you know long time and is pretty. One who was super chipped out that podcast with the very make back I have the men's group ambushed and it's. And podcast the iPod as they. Have we had music with the does school and I we are you smoke blouses they really shocked due to injury anymore yes yes they're totally shocked say entering game bar on this cool. Basically out there is an interest in reception fresher on good Chinese viewed. And then we. But I images all the friends that I knew from back in the data were at the wedding. When Tuesday Hayward and Oprah lock ages say. Flash in the implant in his hand as like wow man cool that we put a lot of ones back in his days so those funded this. Get what you get access to that one hand on the news later. On one alone you know duck in doubt that if kids bears she's seven now it's wide. Yes days. This is a fun trip down memory lane. And you know interest in reflecting on BioWare com. Since then you know just a hole like mental thing for me and I just kind of evaluating the last. Knows that. Eight years and I've is. 2000 I don't to school gas so. Yeah that's cool and then Sunday. Island backed her parents house thoughts hot name. Which is. Brutal yeah yeah. It's. It's do things that shocked me the most on Sunday the Seahawks look terrible. And I could leave Washington affected. Currently platelet uniquely Sunday night. And why do it yet and of Bradley a blow out you know I will say. As annoying as the odds game was I got there just says like the first active games were kind of winding down and Dallas and cool red zone watching. Yes it was an entertaining game of football. I fell asleep. Relate Hasan a Washington had thrown at him like when all those games in the fourth quarter. I fell asleep but I woke up the Seahawks game with the eight. In the first quarter I missed all the automatically re run I've now sleep. If detail and the Seahawks game where it says that this is not there is no comeback happening here. On and on a load up in the homeland it's local today. Expected videos of frustrating game to watch for sure. Yeah I was at. Night. Bank will we we'd have one more really good Lawny melatonin for about post Assad. Of port -- force to partner. I'm not even through the cast that you know you guys right now. Yes just finished a conversation about Nazis it's yeah. Genuinely think common tattered green on the same thing Nazis aren't cool because obviously do disagree on some stuff and I love how that has an effect or close. To such a powerful and sometimes pop. Such powerful and sometimes awkward conversations. I wish that more people were meant as mature as you guys have are free to think differently from one another and frankly I don't think they should be judged for that. Even if I do disagree with them. Fuel that's what makes almost unique it's what gives us character and it's this makes cents us an individual parents US and in individual. Now days it feels like if you don't agree with society whoever else thinks he shamed militant differently in a sport. And also I think long time because it's different from Lotta people honestly I don't really care about the demo sponsor opinions because. That's theirs I'm mine. I understand there are some extreme issues but let me give me an example us quite controversial. This can pronoun non binary. So IMAP for cars. It's absurd to me. When I was shallowest top that I was a woman has a vagina man has penis physically they go perfectly together penis and vagina. I don't think that was just coincidence. Now kids are being taught that they can be whatever gender and have to respect other people's problems teachers aren't going by mister or miss. They're choosing. I don't know pronounces guys that IMAX. Is announcing that mix. You know that it could mean. Voter I'll. WTF I'm terrified of child that will not. Agree with what they're teasing at school I don't care if somebody wants to museums that are went echo what the ever. But I don't force it to be OK are bad because it won't happen I'm all for LG BT QU I there government and letters that recently and it. I believe love is love even if I don't understand. Look at who massaged every zones where along and expect. I guess I'm saying thank you for this great Nazi obsession. So happy it did affect you guys friendship just because this one little tiny issue. On a side note dated a Nazi Indonesia and note to a couple months then went to Manny take his shirt off there's a swastika tattoo in the middle of his chest with its considerable. Yeah I was shocked and never vote against. I wrapping this up specialist in my banter and tangible gain so offended by one of the people sank literally anything you say somebody will be offended it's okay to be attend your feelings hurt. Being an adult and move on. It would be such a sad rolled up we all agree about all the same things but it's time. Corporate elites and stuff out Revis again I'm probably takes a step up I'm not going to it's only as of say about this nervous and instant. Top Farris you on the street and ask me on date thanks gentlemen just. It's and I was on the part of Simpson's prizes since the second part. Hey it's just say again one quick question what do you guys think about people tearing down historical statutes. I'm fine with it fatter ones coming. In to get better once have been put up. First of all it's a civil war. Secede from the country so it seems to mean that you put up those statues. But unfortunately the bulk of those statutes are put up. Long after the civil war there basically just put up in those cities in the south intimidate black. So if I thought these statues were put up there as purely comic that B one. To me a lot of them are just there to scare sent a message right and I also find it kind of funny people they'd all weekend having yelling about respect the flag with a match. But they wanna wait in further. Inside view is that all about America and so you wanna support these people who wanna destroy the United States of America voted act. But then year man apparently in need. That is don't we hear a message things like our country and they're not referring to African Americans. And I mean yeah like it's like. You know is that it's a very mixed country you know probably one of the most makes America equity tie. That's code that they can't watch about the small town of their dislike this is America definitely. Would you more American than me because I live in the city. You do. Lake right like they got more American than live on the coast but technology team conversations that happen I don't try to be nice an agency that was. I say I'm not more Americans are living majors it. So why everybody. In a small town there's a lot of time with in the country music think they would make sure above me let me to a bigger patriot. If you're Republican. Sorry you don't get to hijack those terms you also to get the hijack the military just because I talk about stuff doesn't make me into military. You know I you know pretty pro. Supporting troops and veterans. Dad did I agree with Hoyer points the sad reality is this. People. People need something to. To be pride Fulham and two. You know be feel like there there are part of some think. Now for a lot of disenfranchised. Americans disproportionately. Living in rural areas. You know you you refer down through. Through the I am the levels and it's like first year proud maybe to be. You know working now Morton on an auto line and making grace had a cars and then that job goes away and then. You're proud to live and whatever town in on. You know maybe that town's not so hot and they want you know to be aligned with something that's that's winning and so it and it's there. You know their football team more there whenever and as somewhat like that you end up just like well at least I'm Mike I'm white American. He now and them I think it's just because there and they they want to have an identity and feel some sense of. I'm importance. And monitor their life means something and they're part of something greater. How much you think is a core human need. And then and he had just also that they maybe want they don't kill it there on the bottom rung of the socioeconomic ladder. Yeah I'm. So. Far I agree it. Flat panel never understand people would vote against. Against their interest yeah a lot of people just vote on on rhetoric you know mobile and I don't know why I'm like right American or edit or make America great again. Yeah like that like that line taken by itself. I'm on board you know my show I like almost analysts say is that I can't let's make America great again but then. You get beyond the rhetoric and you see the policies in your site oh yeah cam back. You know. All right well. You like to re election emailed to owner and cup topic you've. Crop top. So much it's bouquets. And smokey YEK. Ran back out. This. Yeah I guess book jackets I can dove till this topic in movers high amount. So the transition zone where from Tyre to snicker about it's always tough sadly these weird sick so like esoteric. Questions or thoughts and Mike on Heidi it in about but so for this one I visited Austin in in February march had a great time. I don't take Ted's answer he had a place that he went and also. Affected him deeply. Okay it's a scant. We'll play could you visit changed. History ML schema the podcast dot com remains open winners what place. Did you visit. It changed. And for those he saint's day it's intentionally so. Who. There. Yeah now there's a couple met with crater lake there. That's lamb and France and put it yeah it out a definite but crater lake up there. What else. You know it's funny I was just make it front of the guy from little town thinks he's more American triumph but also. On the flip side I mean going to Libby Montana with with Barnes the end like scene with. That kind of America is so I think it was good to. You know kind of gently. I finally got balance pointers on different perspective yes no Latino lake. He's make it allows you be like oh yeah will this is how they are or this this is what I what I encountered growing. Then. And you find out to the it's easier marginalize. Groups in your head but individuals usually a really nice and really you know I've beaten and enjoyable to deal with its like people not individual. Persons. Like off the times that sports team. What it's easy especially when you're playing sports right to hate our whole team and right but there's guys on their side of the field which you know your fine with them. But when Merrill huddled up and they're taken that field. If I really hate Amal yet totally pick. That's on Monica school Manama Reggie did exact. Who I happen when a victim of rape of this pictured a team like football team jumping around and run and Alex short wheel at that moment I to me that her. That's thanks. On there's a lot that come to mind but I. The they show I'm AMOCO friend natter summer melt down the first time. But it all of that. Sprung from visiting Baltimore which you know leaded to this radio stuff and and didn't hear it in only awesome stuff that's happened as a result of that. And is also EO. Like tennis I'm not going to Libby from and go be brought up in DC. Yet a lot of perspective to go from a the the rich suburbs of LA in Seattle. Of Baltimore who did part built themselves especially where you're yeah like part bills. Not the worst parent of Baltimore but it's also not that not the best as. And it's just really you know eye opening and kind of reassuring I guess. Basically. A lot of black people are really cool you know late. They're they're. Down on on their luck in in plenty of regards that I think. That opened my eyes to the systemic nature of that on a bigger scale. But also just like you know. They're just having fun too late to do is a lot of late. If you're not intimidated hitters and asked. The dozens and cool interactions with some some guys that maybe you would have made judgments about before and if you just stayed in Seattle. And so I think bat that really applies to a lot of things and and it's awesome people nobody neighbors OC re good friends and the at that just kind of had a different perspective on race related issues since then which it obviously beg. Come pretty big in the picture lately. So ho. I'm really glad that perspective. Bomb on you know that that sort of level. It and it it gathers a lot of fun experiences arises. They just embrace being goofy white guy. And people like me it didn't matter that I was you know is on dollars and coming into it with the sense of hostility your judgment. Our differences are fine. You know I mean I'm not olive oppose our differences they are gonna focus on either yeah I've I was out of place I'd. And pick quite a few scenarios. Let. Guy I had a great time just being myself then and see if people liked me years ago on this than in so bad after all there. There. Out for me originally I was gonna say is I design on because it was so beautiful and obviously moved and natural beauty but I think as a person. Probably Albania. I went there when I was it's. When he won my thinker 22. And those the first place and then they take on its second world country. Those. He's and one of those areas that. Think that congress without Parse out but anyway it's just like. And they're just barely keeping it together out there you know like they're they're they're one they're. There infrastructure. Its chest abysmal and there quality of life was very low and getting. Just the basic necessities of life that we take for granted this is not a given there and their currency fluctuates wildly and it's they're just. Really live in a different ally tents and made me appreciate. It's easy in. But a lot of the business projects I've done complaining about city governments being tough to deal with the are being in the planning department being slow building department and Serra. But he'll think about all the good things that international billing code does. And he you know it's cliche but we just take for granted a lot of services and amenities and things we have here and so I think that. Mean you hear it and then when you actually see it and makes you know ho while OK he had as much as much as we. Have gotten wrong in this country we got a lot of things right to you and he and his beard a rule system. Hand now and there there's not a lot of roles and Hubert scowling and and here there's some. So exacting standards and safety checks and things and makes a difference Al pennant and goes for me I'm Manny. That's all our conversation we are not gaining but I do this or regulations that are there for good reason. Things don't blow up work sites are a lot safer is all good things works late the NC I've talked about the before. But if you go and crossed the street panic in his instructions say across the way and it saves you can't cross the street there. Don't cross the street I got a buddy that's all he does construction and I'm like that bug you use. You have no idea if he's like if an event ball falls off from up there like it's going to kill. Like he's eight innings that you talked about across the street you have time to week. Seduce her public service announcement structure. Never for the plumbers stop washing has got to impede lighten up get a big day yet and number two overall it workers' pay attention. It says don't use their crosswalk. I wanna see used for the electricians. Called professional alternative yourself. Hi there ego. This episode 194 Willie back next week for 195. Featuring cop before he takes off. But the and it varies stone ban and various recording an outstanding Koran earlier not party yet. I'm not the weeds by oh all right my works for me. Our patio and so what 94 for MC TP for cop on the (%expletive) and it is the pot she.