Thee Podcast Episode 195

Thursday, October 5th

This week we send Cobb off to Austin.


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And not know what we. Hope and think. I think that when you got to seriously look at some of the rules and regulation from the cover office that occurred. It's good that comes out a lot of fun. With the budget with the corporate. But I think it was a earning a living up to pick up a it. Will I don't know it would make it counts that that it. That's from atop the Apatow. He put it went. Full full commitment to protect typical to open up yeah. I Hitler man out is through voice heard about it. No picnic immaculate started. I think we podcast this isn't just any I guess just any podcast couldn't do this. ET. Contact list or in the pits. Starting big stuff. The starting these tents and I'll. Elements. You thought that that was the 195. With the majority debts that will be posted this here podcaster podcasts and all the way all the way it the left of me as my burner buddy my good friend he's always carelessly. And that's. If you have somebody that. Or are now I don't have that I'm considered I Teamsters about bill not return to work until demands for better conditions are mad. Shares in the broadcast and record highs today as investors poured it on from big cast this week it. As Cobb booked a trip to the Grand Canyon smash hit a major for the summit content to go bussing tables sluggers. Did Ted sexy hip to bring in the big (%expletive) we'll find out that's experts but hey that's what we're still get a studio setup get in the water. Mac account of the producer and TTP with a mandate I don't I'm pretty. I'm a little you know it's. Called that casts. One on one make the most out of it also this that. Yeah I mean. It's like when you go to funeral. I well I think they're still ways to be. The so I mean obviously we could be it can be a sad Cassidy really come and we love you which is true. Well or you just talk about some fun stuff do you know coveted time voice yeah mennonite we got some great hands he does hear my voice yeah bounce yet. I just took Arnott that night and warned that with an air. After it might sound funny as well. And maybe just well these are different headphones and abused plus were were cast Sunday so I feel like you know and when not being judged and keep the loose today. Yet for the first time a long time I think we're kind of have any. A not a pot chocolates episode but everybody. Of a fun 103. For three and allow their industry for that is exactly repentant and I percentage there. Yet soak up. As we said last week. Moving down a Texas. You still might call and every week Matt nice they're going to be here so we're not positive either way we podcast continues. Ended march and on to Texas a mini. Nicknames besides the lone star state. You know Florida has been the sunshine state. And Nevada Florida the gunshot incident in his eye Ferris State nickname half of all kinds of sunshine maybe. When they like about Texas. Summits over the years he has they're hanging over the what to do to Texas and when he would drink water while they were drinking and they call pay in taxes. Did not bat that we don't want to pay the taxes. Two years I've realized I think at DePaul off cowboy boots I don't think I'd pull off spurts. Well now your thoughts. I hope that he could you I mean you told me when we were at a bar there scout with the spurs what you gotta be a real cal Woodward are expected to create those kind of spurs. They now are cleaned. Yeah Ted WQ pull off cowboy boots. I mean ideally I'd look taller. But I don't know man I got Scotty lakes those things look very confident that hook up. It's like tonight I mean there's that cowboys. Have either I'm sure that you do and I just I now they look terribly comfortable. I don't feel like in Yemen and in the three of us who really. That the cowboys quarterback outlet outlet and all right whiter blast plaque. Is what I mean I cowboy hat the hat and they're pretty cool. Apparently what I understand this Alex. Most people Wear the white in the the black it's like you know the deeds bad ass in desperado. So I was told by a guy who probably has no idea we've talked about miles remain. I like to believe that. At some pictures. I mean act. I don't know. It seems reasonable would have the guy just fashionably was just like you know. So early I don't Wear black cast my color yeah cowboy boots and mean it is the terror they look cool. I don't think got to be we're pretty tight jeans now like eighteenth yet I eighteen it's a whole the whole thing that apparently is what jinx the two time. I'm JT can cowboy boots is completely different look at it than probable that the message you don't want to spend and they developed savings and rattle skin but a snake skin boots. Think easy cowboys and I think cowboy boots look uncomfortable to have a guy that lives like is light and air Max is an who. Did you know Maryland rainbows and Miller missile bonds are. On ten passed here earlier I didn't I don't know that I heard the response the Texas state fair and are going to correct that's gonna try to pull up as the food okay. Yeah I'm on the computer right now I am also for people who don't know the texas' Ayers is famous it's obviously Texas and on for everything being pager. And so they of this cowboys who can't massive state fans really long and agents. New duo I was I was famous you do the names of all if you you're light. Mascots and like local light you know art pieces I can't. How do you know that there's a cowboy at the front of the entrance jewel that was name on how the best slowdown on his name man but some respect don't. Another video that. Bloated and overdue and I giant foods and deep fried everything ask it had before one in north trial more that yeah and like the Texas State payers like famous Philly having crazy stuff. The amount a year. So basically the corn dog wasn't that the man. Like yes yeah fried butter corn dog was invented really. Fair. It's like the Paris Fashion Week of food women. It would record up yeah and I don't get a W it is. I feel that we're gonna gaining on Mountain View like no man who was the Iowa State for in the third quarter. But that's the maze dog. Talk hardcore endo an adrenaline. All right I gotta region it's. Got to reduce some things this year so deep fried chicken noodle soup artistic. What yes the breaking new ground. How does that work. A home style perfectly spiced chicken noodle soup is deep profits they're gonna stick. Each byte comes of that. Spoonful of savory broth to deplete the army base best chicken noodle soup you've ever had. Yet what are they wrap it and some sort of Reading. I mean it just looks like a little suit. Ball. Paula. Yeah that's a deep breath and then they have deep fried fruit loops. Fruit loops folded into whip marsh road dipped and creamy batter fried to a golden brown. Topped with a trick with Gleason archer now that's not discussed in me. I mean it does but just a name alone like I feel like we have to eat fried for. They were contrasts and ran breaks so I talked to Chris my brother and I think Amy and a couple leasing widgets here. And I don't know we shouldn't if we should be eating cookies if egos don't worry. Like will go we will have plate every time we get them split between so we can all calls are like this that in caucus that's good. It's the one Osama the fat and lose three delicious Belgian many clean cops on a skier. Dipped in cafe to move in yet that. Knew about it being a better thank you are tried to their golden brown does approach your drizzle truck car hopefuls. Wow yeah he's the first part of that again threw balls of one. Three delicious Belgium Chinese cream puffs and what are. And cream puffs dislike those like you have a uniquely clustered inside kind of it custard inside ethnically. But of it has just. Cream ties creep up. I don't know a lot of cream puff it's that simple mainly clear that we can affect the one and they should just call it custard pop these things let. Except how to growth. We're on your face deep South Africa surprise. Call a cab home. Did that affect. Trajectories. A great look I'm not gonna have more people read the whole list but Matt after region one more okay. The funnel cake baking caiso burger. I think eight. Begin to funnel cakes or Friday grown crunch AKA bonds. And then topped with a juicy freshly grilled burger patty. Top of the other topic best approach archer. While. At first so as I I don't know of any case though in there but that's just like replacing cheese that's kind of turning into a cheeseburger. Bacon cheeseburger. On replaced on she's awesome yeah there were literally means when he knew what we haven't is that value that she's on a cheeseburgers. And a man I'd be and present as I was there I had have to as they have. Krispy three numbers were that the Krispy Kreme. On a bacon cheeseburger I've had those those were only bonds via yes I'll via some people look at that right away human rights I was. Wait you diet and that's. Air and do your magic have that. Yeah those two were limited in their vision media picked up throws and live your life with bits. Into. But I'm etiquette the army times I've left a path back to you. Perhaps that some ridiculous suit accused the heat big grin on your blasted on notables that is that you don't know how strong they are ease gas. Role. Oversee the way and in orbit. That is one of the few places we still find homemade animals that bond they. I had I I really powerful and from a friend. Recently. And but it was still labeled as I hate each of those is a hundred milligrams to be careful. But I have that unity and no back it's it's like. Yeah gal doesn't Rickie made on this hit a high right probably does it was. Bottom from the old lady right I have yes the message year I've ever got. From worldly didn't know what that I want to like we. Farmers market not a conflict and and there is like one lady and you think this little old lady but her we was that the most powerful we endorsement was at its policy or your smoking and wasn't animals. No but the problem was that this farmer's market as you walked around this is yours again mostly dads are brand new. So people were just doing here like to get ahead of are we early ticket Dan. Manuel in and regularly travel animals the same kind of thing like like being at a food show and lying shows except. I think their compound facts yet exactly but by the time I got this lady her we was like so late pitted. And I was like yes I just staring at trying to use. You wanna buy some at a a couple of yes. She's not a right now I'm trying to not a I don't chief late 408880. And she they put an agent apparently ran after lovely if you get up of local or. I put in your pocket here but. Take out ten dollars I think I think somebody and you came over I was helping me out like Yale take eighty component. Of the six party. Both deaths gap between your walking around furiously try to suitable for this bowl prep you know and after a while ago I was really high and I found myself to slate. In life. And yet this does taste different it is better for pain. Like Mike sitting nearly tells you everything and I'm. It's zero dollar mosque as samples stand by this is good today right so it's miles tonight so apt words. He's clay and let's go to Buffalo Wild Wings thought you know I'm game. For whatever reason he was gone just like on a break from booze or whatever but we're both really stone we get there and we order. Then like finally I have a couple Beers I say something because you're talking again and political but it is that you're pretty quiet there for aka the hoosiers into the borrowed. Yet and I had a similar experience I don't weeds are opening in in Bellevue. Can't have a name of that actually idea on Pakistan Baghdad made just had a bunch of like different sort of samples in the week bus parked out back and even on that thing. Oh yeah yeah night to viewers Matt passed on joints whenever I think I'm cool and then they give me a doubt which is for stab my life and I went catatonic. And yet unable to speak practically unable to move you know I drew saliva literally coming off a kind of think that was about it so. Another field. I never go to that can Davis cup of Everett. And I tick is. Cap miracles big sponsor yet and every one had cavity counts. And I also take in adapt earlier and then. But they came in sought cabbie cone with the dells army down. And then make a bunch people column and that at some point I was super high so I decided like another line. And I. Realize everyone already had their alone they couldn't pass it anywhere as I smoked a whole cabbie code of itself. Hall. Well well well well are. Just I didn't wanna put it out in San yeah. Well. Just felt committed to do the things we do it cool man perfect island back over management calls death. The company is now a little bit prudently could easily but it Beckett do as a natural man kind you know it's to me. And but the caviar gold tent if the seemingly got me I have fest at camp death look at that when everything and spoke to plunge. And then they gave me a bunch of hood just put it in this little box from right the same thing right in the all looks so cool and they're just chief beneath yeah. You guys are pros and I'm like ice with a lot of healing I did so with them and I starchy for a lot of stuff. And then right now when I'm leaving. I stopped the growth she's experience. In Malaga Spain to grilled cheese that's the story when I'm walking out obviously. You're not driving aria now. All right. I think it sort of laugh at them they really and a grilled cheese with like actual state give it a box that we you know I mean that smile dissent at all. In disguise and Candy Land announced that the it's also. Not drive and the cab door I look like about the dropping of the past about a sharp and put it even ignition and had to look at it. It was pretty. It's out of you Desormeaux of this as Catalonia stove what's going on in the spring rain yen though not that's enough. So. Right it's really Barcelona and that section in the country wants to secede correct. Not only do on seed so recordings on Sunday this week since a fly on Tuesday and this morning they did in cattle own dances a big region of Spain they opened up polling stations take a vote. There's only one question on the ballot which is should Catalonia secede from Spain Spain. Said that the vote was illegal so they sent police. To block off all the polling stations of which there's 2000 something so then. Californians. Camp out for three days to make some points stations stayed open. And then the Catalonia and fire department stepped in on behalf of the Californians. To stand in front of them and block days Spanish police. From. Attacking them the Tom. All over. Gas it's gone down now I mean it literally like lines of firefighters were pushing against the lines of police officers. And yet pretty crazy. Wool yeah I mean Eileen do about that as a football. In Barcelona it's such a big deal like that stadium like facing is seen them. If it's it's not just about the soccer they wanna be separately screen. Sort of like a different. The Arizona sheriff Basque Country is a separate area. Or is the same area about another sort of some different like. I'm tribe is wrong word ethnicity is the wrong word like some different. Groups that are separated by some. Something larger than like. I attribute their ethnicity or wobbly economy now there's a natural variance in. In areas department just be a region to. Yeah I play of cascade used to see it like I don't that's not based on religion you know just like people will leave here like we look now yes based on the album pilots are called bio region. Are like the idea that like you know but there's two different drawings of outcast Caribbean and I was kind of summer Pestrana pleaded and tennis like you know if they. Our success once the seeding I think that sort of starts. The very beginning of a tiny little trouble rolling down hill or matters and points to cascading. Pretty cool. Do you think that we saw I. Here's my own thing I think if he sought pesky you know you'd see the United States play completely Texas wants to succeed California wants the secede I think. I think it would be really cool if we returned to how the US was originally set out which is that we have a bunch of states. And we come together for things that make sense to me and for like the military and I'm male and you know I'm interstate transportation like trains so we. We cooperate on things like that that's of the federal government's orbits to a small and states kind of do their own thing in this case by Arab regions in which I think they're BX seven in the US. I'm citing doubt equals if each region coming govern themselves but generally like if Europe had one army for instance would be more like that screech our own. Stayed around staying but things that make sense to cooperate let you know we get rid of a lot of the size and bureaucracy federal government get down to a smaller. Overarching. Government but you know. The slots in Amish life to be pretty tough and all that. But doesn't is hours doing unites means it would. You know take a long time we could see some crazy stuff. Yeah Ali it's leaps out of the question the only think the regions would be. I'm so map laid out online. I know one of them was like largely solved one of them is essentially like. New England's slash northern East Coast. One less Texas Oklahoma and few of the states above it. I'm I don't remember exactly how the lines for split by coupled field made maps show on what would make sense in terms of a political ideologies. Yeah me my arguments always the same it's just like dead. Making a law that. Works for somebody in southern Florida is not gonna work for some in northern Minnesota images too far away to disparate of cultures. Different religious backgrounds different settlement backgrounds and like New Orleans was French companion app like. I don't know I puritan areas of Quaker areas and so I just yet it's. That's I think we have some kind of wild national laws that affect on people on and persuades. And I agree with that it I mean that that's like telling all the time and talk right traveling United States in Alec. Yucky and you know like it's like but if this is Europe these would be completely different countries and cultures. We have like sometimes. The brightly obviously people in Texas have different culture people without people in the northeast you know Oakley. Is a massive country. Yes as was yet and this thing like we'd be speaking Oregon Indiana California and now we were you know we have. Like one friend who speaks speaks Monty any enemy need to bring modest Montana he now be crazy. And go back to Montana. Yes it's by David Graham have you got a lot of Montana's Jimmy interest in glacier. It's a national park via short. Dude that's Jesse grew up rabbi there and I was asking him if he had an interest in Mike. And it turned term air around the park yeah I can well we're talk about that yesterday. You guys are Democrats who NIC guess amend. But he's been hyping Meehan about hyping him I'm going to go in six months now we're talking Malick met Thursday to Katrina. To Montana not the best reason yeah our go back via the actor but that's the Marlins can't she's so beautiful and well Pepsi rideau sections governor beautiful. I heard there's another part of that is pretty there. The they got some some gave and it will count there might have or tea Bozeman. To. And then glacier. And they have flat head to race and they have. Yellowstone and I don't I don't mind blow so yeah gaga too but cool spots check out. Yeah flathead and flat it was Alaska. Nine. Busted you come down low teacher to fly fish it's. Oh cool I like violence itself. Yes I've knocked out of the wreckage. Just imagine they say the three of us bow hunting I'd. I know guys it is Kenneth Bo and I was like I've Boise which job coach you would never be acknowledged pound. But I think it would what and like I heard them laughing but they clearly were starving they might have been attacked by an animal with the I've yet they got that talent to take three of us on the list like bring home any sort of reasonable game I think fowl hunting we could deal. With a bow and arrow. Ago with which John I'm tired bow and am I gonna hit you know I get a squirrel with a gun but I don't think it hit a squirrel to bow and arrow. Or anyone there now I mean they're a compound Bosnia those things hit hard. Item I get Turkey. You think it did step one W I don't know that what is it gonna find that her. You either shock me compound grows ever have a balance. An artist you. They're a lot easier to shoot them like. Little show the kids bow and arrows that you were given the kid. I'm you know I really struggled with those and then these were like OK. I can kinda hit. Part of that circle you know maybe by attorneys signing we're gonna damage darts. Hit pal hoped that it kind of that difficulty level cell. You know but it it's a lot of animal like. And we got to I Sebastien was these are also not so it did that's who we should do we should go out and hung up and down with darts. I hit it into the frequent rabbit just throw would divert the Internet somebody has become wrath hunting Knebels pretty fun Bogans. Because rates have guys. Pretty fun. Bode well there aren't good at it that. With that apple that it was just colossal. Irony in the sooners in Seattle yeah you're kind of square. Musical experience manic guy does all kinds of fishing and hunting. Him. Equal would you volunteer at some point but where it needs ambulance and hollered at the end of ceramic our best bet is late with guns and it duck blind. It's a channel little bits and really just an unrelated to relegate it to the front I don't couple Beers yeah a cooler. Some appetizers. The perfect salami player's death of the like that. But let's say you had ten which is some ducks down at the other red river Shia interrogate. All of that. A week. Takes shots at some some birds down there are one of the few people it's in issued a gun. Have oh god dude yeah I saw you like that would that was probably one your more manly moments like Rambo and corporate loopholes that. Now that AK 47 and the and there's owners yeah it was a big it was some sort of so I mean it's all I've fall solve any five Bernanke forty seminar was in any case it was an acoustical there was two others that shot. And man I don't know Reid provide guidance. The only thing I know for sure is that when I thought that they emptied the clip. That was like and we've got to go like one hike if he's steel jacketed rounds so every account that it likes Sparky. I think I was there fifteen. Now it wasn't. And what was that we had pictures with the AR fifteen and it's that it I don't want to have to deal with won't be very much on yet. On I don't remember what it's called but I definitely know was nominee our fifteenth that the woman just held by. Knew we had to extend a magazines that team again on. Are cracked. I'm forcing you talk about this week though Tesla gets focused boys picked the two minutes in an area 36 birthday party put out. She's. Number one. As a graduate from who's an hour. My bone loss and our this week. Say that the clock is switched on death. It's somehow it was an hour behind ranked so like I was in my home and kept throwing me off they go smoke some weed in my bathroom doing. That's definitely. Not one it's only midnight. Writes this happens a couple times I don't really think about it I go to bed. Get the next day at the day off Sheila. Take aside and heaven now. So it's lake lake 1245 A get a text from Robin looks like they just checking your okay I'm like teams we're actually. I like would like Twitter like that tweets have been crazy that's ninety. Slump like that but yet there are good seen in twenty minutes is a guy. I think shower and I get out like with 115. I look at the other clocks in my room it's gonna be up to fifteen. Malcolm my phone game it's clearly an hour behind. On them yeah. So when is daylight saving time in the fall the only fallback. Iraq that's that's that's an attack and not allow it bites us in saying is maybe the date in stone is off. That's from years gone. I don't know what's the date on your phone. Well the first. Each week he. I don't know when that's finally theory of looking at right now that's an actor refers. Yeah it was strange so it's. You just count on the phone to be right. There when I got to shower. My auction is off maternal and out of my watch was off. Or seemed off I would check the phones against it rates and I thought it was lives of our own entity gag it's like connected to. I thought I as the authority factor for gas she's standard fare at the it was in this day while now. Why should have to work showed up America it's messed up that are restarted it was fine. I. All right maybe it happens somebody else now never. Like the coverage yourself about Brad and went the other restaurant real fishy. How it would ease the horrible offensive and the shower realized it was 215. My back I'll ride out they. She's like I believe you normally you'd know I swear took what if that is the reason particularly. It was just it was alarming. Threw me off of hold. On was. Thursday. Now and you resent it just fine. It's been fine. But it you know. Makes it makes me and more to host those thing is it makes you question something that you've put your faith into your whole life yeah. And legitimately showed up late if you don't mean that likely. Robin fear resentment Friday it was only when those here you're gonna have to become watched now that's that aroused and then scattered in Alaska and not a digital one. You know look I watched this man like tenth Smith rock. Now haven't watched for a replica dress up and afterward. He's I've been really cool and fake Rolex cramping I mean China. For China list like them and support as against date of a tourist destinations like. You know it was a little more rare in an America that banner ad that's awesome fake Rolex they love. A good there's some absentee and Seton semite and there's some fancier watches but there's also some good like T shirt. Prager I'll watch is. I heard it on them in the gym all the time that. Not even now it's on with there the proper faces there's some there's a cool ones out there. Yeah I don't think too loud a lot to watch team is actually almost overwhelming. We aren't if you decide to become watts guy he asked in serious options yeah. And level so that game and then yeah. If you ask people's opinion the only a lot of different answers to is some people. Late watches me like ticks like people are very loyal to one or the other and right there's levels of like you get the super. Hard to park five inch it's like 500 dollars. Like thousands of dollars. Like tens of thousands of dollars for some crazy. Well wasn't until they got Mayweather like six figures something dude yeah. There's a lot of like rare French watches and sent to lax with swatches that they haven't made in my twenty years that he. Never. I'm playing you know gangsters and rappers. The Israeli didn't like Italian gangsters make it the Rolex like super cool. I remember anybody else general Lexus like gangster films. Knowing grinding of people that rock like ridiculous watch is now atomic pretty much rappers and add to sports stars and feel like sometimes and watch game they are Paramount crib sheets seed yeah. I like when people started doing like that you have to blame him like the cribs are gonna get daylight criticisms and how psyched you know I pets Smith did one of those Redman and Matt Matt method man that are really do want and now I'm Judy Redman definitely is still it seemed cute. So like on bicycling and they have a its vice slam Boston drives around so what's awhile just like different people on it. So that's when his right hand and easily comedy DJ. And it's like he keeps his going silent and it's like red and DJ on the bus filling this this would be her a couple of hours late. We can't get a license for the music he played in just hymns everywhere outside like all of us what people wanna hear. Every time he sort of the news that nobody could hear it is just like party in capital class. Outside. That'd be anybody you guys are giving you trouble. You have as retirement they don't like the blink of watches did you see that a bad thing that Miami has on the sidelines. Of the chain that senator who has a turnover saying yeah I didn't see them that now the University of Miami if you like recover a fumble or get an interception. They have these giant gold chain that has just like the EU on the bottom and you get to Wear it for like a series. The use like six inches wide at its massive car and I don't know how they get it on the players so fast and that's what impressed me. It's I think it's for causing a turnovers as a lineman. Tackle this quarterback Mike punch the ball out and as he comes jogging over the sideline like it's already on its neck Kirk. You now like he's tied 33 feet from my kitty on the sideline they've got on a minute ones around him his job come party chair and yeah Mike so they have some guy who just like is dedicated to like watching that and make entry gets on the correct plant. Her up yet he's right cute when it happens of them aren't Turner's job. It's probably when the when he had the equipment nearly defense and assist anxiously back turn ever happened you get to change find him yeah. It's amazing how well they are put it on to do and primarily Brokeback out the excess of du site yesterday it is now they have the red shirt contests in me that earlier that its success that you are rewritten by coming and accusing you pump for the casting of excessive June 3 and that's the moment this week. Now only if the dude holding the sign but another guy they head but it inflicted on the top met up what I heard. So much truth do not only that there's so much use that serves the role would die each yesterday April 4 fourth down a couple of items that that's stopped inside me that's the it is. Ten yard line and going for a fourth. Probably should get the points doesn't matter. Go ahead touchdown a minute and a half ago. Gates speaking of that hats off to what's the coach wasn't he's been forever. Mike Leach yam Mike Leach I'm usually he's the kind of goes foreign crazy situations he played a little more conservative on Friday night and the end of being used USC. He really yeah. That was a much conservative for him there's like two times when it was like four men and fourth 2.3. And the announcers specifically like. While they're gonna kick it. The big big change from Ike which I think is the right place yeah aren't you right. A lot Mike Leach he's that we are the coach engineers comments after the game now that I have. Like Mike a great win and what's the atmosphere Q describe the atmosphere for us in Pullman and is it. Yes like like Woodstock there when as the clothes on her. It if you. Oh come on Twitter you between some random stuff like 11 o'clock every night's. Eclectic tastes. Yes and when that broadcast start right I watched that. How they were like novices early duel it out on the pollutes the pollutes Lisa the pollutes like three times I. I text hand like they do it would with a loose to peg last AC exact same thing all right well maybe he sees a little nicer person ten text me back. Like question heart wait are you seriously asking me this there's this a joke. I thought but it. Click seriously apps schemes she's like oh. Well it's the whole area it's called the pollutants in the weather. We go rolling farm hills that kind of stuff I'll pass like that part of the state. What is it is a pollutes like thing like a plan. It's got to be like Reza it's measurement. Yes it's kind of like what geological terms I don't know that's that I'm I'm never heard it like as character as was service like specific to that area. And if it's like a regional thing north that's like me type of this terrain. These balls. Out walk on at some pictures of it. That pollutes the so then they call that whole area yet she said it's the whole region over there sweetened farmlands and wheat fields. But who's pauses I really cool those are there other police in the south and it was calls by that glaciers the thousand years ago. Yes I think they're probably be another pollute somewhere in the country to Boca cool but that yet. I I had never heard the term to a saw that broadcast at least Italy for time yeah there's a lot of weird. Like technical geology terms you know I guess geology and topography terms or whatever but like. Now there's like so many different ways to describe like where land meets water you know like fjords and Ike. Is the masses and stuff like that. Now oh yeah there's a punched it but yeah in a psychology say that like I guess there it's gas is it time and night. I don't know just subtle differences. By. Well we use all the time to write yo thing about living in an Alley. Did you live on the peninsula that you know I'm not alone and it didn't really reassured about I don't know and I. I don't have much to back you guys I don't know that hill's pickup and we'll ask. It. Desert Mary on Ashe meant a notebook that I am getting at that picnic. It's. It's. I'd you know it got the idea I don't know if I wanna get into the whole mile thing I wrote it down and I'm like it. Do you have anything about it count oh hours of that frankly if you were eleven minutes topography terms from mass that they're taking a wrong term life and fraternity life I'll still healing thing yeah I had to do it's complicated actually have really thought about it that much towards my part time he got to. Joins I modern. But it's very divisive and there's not really any right answer. Yeah. Here's also. Kaplan it was taking menial for he treatment of black people in America but I'm not positive exactly what they're healing for me I think the whole. The whole thing has gotten to this ridiculous level at this point out of there I'm trying to. I'm gonna outbreak is like nobody's really talking about what cap predict originally took in before. And now we've just turn this into. I can't trump thing more I heard. Well Charles called sons of bitches to not do very well thank you can't say a what are you saying it represents now if the original messages. You know. I mean now it's just a divisive waited 81 person or another either you hate the flag or we love it more and you. And I think I know the deeper reason for it you can do the math but I'll just be nice to say. It gives people simple reason age. Doug Baldwin has an articulate thoughts on I tech guy. You know mention of ha. You mentioned the thoughts are well he edges in the death certificate that he's obviously the health Allstate and locker room last week and you know he's he used I Irvine interview with the it's sports stations. In he's talking about like you know that there's a lot of this treatment. And of black people and racism still alive. And you know I don't disrespect the flag or that military I'd she's taking the during the air than it is to bring light that my father and his. Dad was a police and is cramp follows in the military Nike's he's guy the only has tons of respect for. The police force and now the military Vegas things they should be more practices and plays. You know to. Educate and it makes sure that these. Officers are due group they're doing it in the hand. To alleviate some of these problems she isn't it is. Tune up he's met with like people that Olympia about it so you know gadgets and Doug Baldwin's super and and dollar deal that. And at a school here because I was literally having that same thought. Earlier that bad days is that all of the analysts talking about after last week in the kind of blew up. And I gather message is kind of getting lost space helicopter and it was nearly four initially. And then all the images they're talking about it being super passionate articulate like Alvin. You know people. Did he needs. You know he has direct people that have served in the military and the police force it's not it's not. This stated that those people eat that has anything against those people these anti that but. You know that doesn't mean that there's not still some issues with the way black people were treated that we needed do more about. I mean I just think that's what's that got hijacked a man. Yeah hijacked now it's turned into genuine your against the military a year against the flag but that's not what it was about now and then right right. Despises. The which is the tone that people use you know like the president set the tone on sons of bitches so are the boom and that's our duty Green Bay that had a sign. That said we don't needle like neo in your own time now might. Ike is its late knowledge he so first at all stop telling athletes and everybody to stick to sports. Right like I don't know which you view but I don't go to your house and they stick to teaching rightly. C United States people will have jobs now politicians the president is the reality TV star. So. Just gimmicks I think that is so it's so stupid right people on work post on faced about dot Healy these athletes Neil that. Worked. Bitch you're at work on FaceBook talking politics talker vice idea and I think. I thought I think and bullets serve it's so it's it's aside and understand what went. What the imposition of movement is I don't plate and it posters in the news so. Essentially the idea was that. There kneeling not a out of disrespect. For the American flag or the military and police but they're saying essentially that. Until you know they're not proud to be Americans while. African Americans and minorities should be treated this way about the place in this country and now that has turned. To some people the police. But the first time power cabinet yet you might he's he meals for only two games and after the third game somebody asking just as late. I don't feel like with the same I don't know why should stand for something for flag doesn't stain from Europe like people right. And in his first couple statement he's talking about police up but he doesn't even really mentioned. Since time hormel like I'm systemic oppression. OK and then now that. Message has been taken by some to mean like if you Neil during the during the National Anthem. Then you are taking a direct position against. Me and my military background or our military or the police department. Hello the name or like the pride of the nation tonight if yeah. You are people I'm boss hazard so. Rights of any of these billionaire owners now there kneeling before the end of people it's like I don't feel bad for Jerry Jones like we've forgotten really mixed up here right now and they just. Release these statements like we link arms for unity. But beauty for why her whenever we're not entirely about anything right and they still don't hire count after nectar and now they are kneeling for unity slate. It's also an and the amazing thing is to us of a bank islet that sign. Like number one you don't own those players I should have to explain to you when it's like why pay my money like. Let's be honest it was down low slate the year. Thanks so ho number two is if you honestly wanna stick it to the Packers. Don't go to big gains you soaps. Paid the ticket or in New Jersey the stadium go don't do what am I back would you gave them here you've got a the money late he really cared that don't go and both sides now are boy gotten him intelligently it's funny but it has started with the black by smack their people. If the cap or nick. And now it's crazy the complete opposite and these right Winger Cooper like boycotted their record I think it's a weird way Agassi bringing people together. I figure able to transition the word rape beat to the roads is constantly being. This figure out how closely were I hate it just like I'm more general subjects like the in the entitlement of people when bear. Out of place of business like the. The check with Jack in the Box last night and check with so pumped that I was just being nice to her house like a what's gotten him Taft and she's like. He had practiced a lot to ask our people be in inevitably it is up to be indexed here and now. Out of that sir. And now it seems like. Yes you could see issues like oh my god someone understands like. Yeah we don't warm up of their dislike you know it's she suffers I cannot save lives there you know like target different times like yeah you're right. Tell them stress me out just yet people like advocate the customer the whole like the customer's always right thing. I mean I get that I'm on board that to an extent is also human beings are dealing with whether their football players are fast food workers now. And like an ego alone that person is playing on your NFL teams because yet in seasons ago. In it its yet. I will say. Criticized last summer after one of lake each were things listen to lie. I get home Saturday night I am amicable Beers with groups and we order pizza and eight from down in its taking for ever like in and to the point where the app now just like he just disappeared. Some get and I love the tracker the lakers' off bright sun gets carried the best thing about Domino's so the trackers off Ted Smith has worked cycle shop in the dudes like. Each is taking a really long time. I'm like what it is canceling means that well it just went out of the art cool. No words right. The guy shows up like it's still another 45 minutes an hour the guy shows companies like. So sorry but no idea I'm no worries me and the news. Think gadget stoked. There. With sodomy and he goes Kenny Chesney was tonight. We can get crushed at the hotels and has some lady was just scream and Tammy Franco all electronically electric Kenny Chesney how to use. Yes she was secondly you extreme and immune night. Think it's like thinks are like of the yeah. Lake. It's pizza on a Saturday night David you can't be upset with that that it's late to again it's amazing that this kid's fault yeah why it's amazing that you just being a normal human within. Regular you know like acceptable response is like a godsend to him that moment. Yeah I mean like that's sad and it's gotten so far the other way it has been like hey what's a dude yeah that's all good on patient in now I understand that the world doesn't weigh in on me. And he is like thank you like those of the pizza Matt I was why invited for a smoke them if I dude. Forget about them manage their pizza six minutes late it's going to be a catch on average it would mean. Now every hour about it. Todd got to see. How to get it to us but get worked out. Normally we deal lately dealing isn't it a half hour last is this freely and we haven't done that twenty years her had to pick a to do it. I don't know I talked about this in the podcast you stop if I happen for a long time my eight number. I think you noticed him my number was almost the same as the partly actually in Edmonds are except I believe the last two digits were switched. On my cellphone and so people would call but not regularly enough that I was ever prepared Florida's about once a month once every month and a half. And think that they were calling this pizza place and this is before partly that she's got a call senators have maps now all their calls go to 1 central spot aside I'm now one of these calls and probably five years. How'd those get these calls hands for awhile as a co pace are you just hasn't Pontiac she's the F are numbered hang up and only once or twice what they call back. After awhile like I don't know man I just I was 192021. I was in Boston. And at us funny so when people would call. Our. Noise is surprised back for their right connect hello Mac. As part of that shape and so then I kind of had to congress and oh yeah yeah at the back about a thousand upfront. And you know protect us I am front and then either out of hand it to a friend I told my friends that's what this about this at this point. Or I would take some recycling yet what can I get for you boom boom boom take their order come up with some Mike absurd price you know like to stranded. Try to ballpark and the back nine and it's not there and thirty minutes it's free. Pop pop pop pop and I don't ever doubt one called back but I just got about like what how much they run. All it's computer it's. Furious when it read out means. And so best. But I probably only did it may be like 88 times or so and CNET that pizza karma. It's not not great pizza everything about when I mean I watched driveway never use pizza but think about like. What went always made me laugh and the exit a watched her happily ever receipts pizza at its and watched pot never boils that's like the 2017. Versions. I remember about her our members are looking out your window of the pieces never shown up duty get relaxed from on the game and again there but. So I don't know plasmas as they think about them that minute 28 that I Connie. I don't think I don't think it meant to it's between slight settled down tot they're gonna make it fail is meant in my. Bennett's morning nine you know reflects I the blinds are pulled his ass man driveway at minute thirty to do is I'd run around the house review of the the answer about a two minute 35 you know it's calmed down men authorities send a pace Willamette and it. Minute fifteen to step into his elation as compromised the elation to like semi upset to devastation to this past. You know I'm into the hole or emotional pizza cycle anyway. That you may view that you made that like. Seven different eight therapy. Go through like dude I'm not proud because at this holiday I would be open and share. Yeah and did I delivery it's alive and you maybe some some of the Lyle come back you know karma how it off my child say you're definitely yes. He's definitely got some some bad stuff on back catches. I think it's I think it's already happened math think that accurate for a long time ago on pizza world. He was in the vortex for awhile he had dude living in the pizza for a Texas where I currently live yet but it's a long I heard to the of the three plays at a Domino's delivers they're now and I heard Papa John's the music. Well our marriage is right down the street yeah Andy is that the coupons you of that in the ocean when you're at Dallas and there uh oh dead. Elected agencies is locked down there any time and they will or they'll deliver bread. I'd rather just block now and I was the only option for food as the bug zapper that sentinel have an errant strong fluorescent lights yeah and though that is. He big bites. The last time when he gets hunkered up a big bite do iced it it goes all the time when has it been. Down prosecutors you have the lake. Mean you join the conversation with the game went fishing we stopped at a 7-Eleven miles looking at anomaly. He. You gotta be at a specific time and place through like let's get beat by Baltimore is definitely that unhealthy it's period her life. They have got to learn to Britain where our task and I I would have big by its in mountain do play. The read a four times a week for lines via. And not do you really fell off until it got so popular for a while there and like 1718 yeah. Bush energy drinks Cameron though more effective and a surge I've managed earnings news. But the owners you rock you still find that you crouch. Little Taco Bell earlier one and Bob last a little earlier on sleep more nice now. Reid has ever I was going to Wendy's Wendy's in Ballard is closed. Either light. Burger that are gamely model I'm hoping it's getting remodel and not being torn down for big Condo complex but on that makes sense on that streak now yeah coveted block when these two late. Knocked down and talk a time down mr. Taco Bell the street the had to go to as a result. And and we reached I don't as the Ottawa or outside knocked I'll admit we've lost all the local places now severed it was a windy. I don't know this. At least they didn't Kerry when he turned down the Bank of America man you love Bank of America. It's not right. Crazy out here. On the assault on America. Hundreds of movie mean you don't win the casual. Everything out. For and love that twelve north along. I I. When these Italy of its own in the past due to bird drinking to agree with him and the fastest when is America. Where is that. Next HQ in Columbus. Okay we've talked about that we have I'll almost at Ohio average order tally thirteen seconds he's going out on that zone. Also conversations sonet. Back there it may or may not. I'd seen and we member of Dave Thomas strip club implements. Every night. I feel like if you said that that we have made I don't know you know it just you know it's possible that is giving my opinion on the matter if I did it would have been prequel moment. I found shut out the daytime she and the other. I did did did you. If hi Alex leads me you know. Stiff as singles. Am I quit the last five days I've been spending money only in two dollar bills that have left over from that for your place in Portland. But dime doubles point now what's the strip completely out of custody outlook thank you. Yeah I had a and might skew fast. Attack. He grows like frosty. College we're gonna get a bunch of emails and your departure so no worries we don't end up getting this when I met all you in person for apps at once somebody forums like meet some battles with new guys for years and take your advice and knowledge of this coming from a close personal friend. I was look forward to hearing specifically especially your opinion on whatever topic capital come up but how come my facade is inspiring help me achieve some major goals in life. Thank you I'm on the flip side new podcast a summit through some of my darkest times cannot tell you how many times have worked through bad day lawless and a reruns from years and years there. How I met in person you just come back from Texas there's been talks about possibly moving and the future. So I sub descriptions of last week's cast as prepared frost come. There's not enemy unit hang out and I hope you all. I'll find a way to at least make you're recurring guest immigrants podcast I'm Lance all alliant seriously thank you very thing you've done are you done a lot more thrust fans you'll probably ever now Alfie AKA the sweater came AKA. Bobo Bochenski AKA. Today it's most bombed out the podcast was. Okay local. All. If a state map period imbalance. Thank you Alfie I am honestly brewing cabinet and dance and was able appear in in someone. Mom. Tests now trying to pretty read through a second time in as little boys OK we had a sexy female balance. All right with a photo. Wow so now carried out. His voice and just cut up a little over five months podcast since worked personal I've got a bit dizzy you in the men's your regularly to cast and never missed an upside. Last summer it was new boys back at the end of April I was nervous that. Two basis. I don't I was bit nervous there and stand apart aggressive from the cast him in somewhere else. So obviously I'm glad you're still around since a wealth of information always brings to convert the cast does a second part to this amount. Outpost of radical books he brought up not algorithms to live by and slight edge to upgrade books. I almost also almost spit in my wireless in the final haven't cast its Ted mentioned the restaurant group my dad works for sounds. There mainly based on why it is the first male location. If you liked that crap you agree tad highly recommend the crab around. As a big dog crap on top posts are really tasty props. A different for Joseph and I bought it for his wife when it is it is unbelievably. That's who she pleases the crab Roman. It is right across right next to him. Okay. I mode suits okay this makes sense so it's gonna blame us I've ran a little way. Analysts that she said that we helped us through some struggles comments she upped her game and finally sort of pursuing her goal of traveling the world. I'm less than a year spent four countries and if you read this she'll be her fifth and the number one on her list which is Japan. Also. I answered as opinion about dating with braces last year and likely has been and turn announcement and who knows them anymore. Stay positive I'm knowing names and email but if you leave soft aspects. Senate picture hot Asian. In a CI accuracy with a poppy. In a whole. Yeah I and then her second email. So I just listened to today's podcast. Just getting cogs moving good luck down there are crediting yourself side note. One of my friends are met visiting Austin in December in your admonition for food or cool bars. Can't see your name I'd just email us hang out you know project Vito veto. Some. Is. Bring. I can't speak for many if not all of us when I say we listen this cast because we love you guys many may not know you personally but listen you guys talk about topics range from donuts international politics a big part of our week. Feels they get together with friends and I know how important nudist listeners and hosts alike. General love you guys have when you're in the studio together radiates through the cast makes a truly unique. Regularly as. He's been regularly listen thirty podcasts discount my Q&A from experience the cop commit cross country and deliver quality cast via satellite. Last podcast on the left as the main host in California. While the other two were in New York where you know with Sam Harris has almost every guest on Skype. I don't know appears to in this method telecommunications or not but I speak with certainty that dropped an audio quality never trounced are want Cuba comments mysterious adventures. Satellite email to envelope and great podcast quality whenever that may look like out of thirty podcasts I listen to. He podcast is always on top it's for it is truly the greatest podcast in outlast all the land piece noble. Are nice it's fine on it's not about the departure. Announcements of the later Cobb. And minimize the time yes Matt here's another one where the surf and turf and teeter. Back to the crazy fruits. Sucked on lobster meat is marinated in Lebanon empire. Partnered with seasoned stake it has grown to perfection. Both are top of chatter Romano cheeses after being stuffed into a piping up the dictator with roasted garlic butter melted inside. Stop off with a single empress cut. Lobster call the side of lemon butter for defeat. While. I'm not a big lobster or baked potato fan and some sound to give it up in the pictures just the giant lobster claw meat. Jets. No doubt that if you actually emails after the big news on last cast of the best for cop analysts endeavors but there's something I have to know before he leaves. Ted you're love a student you I figured it and it helped me out. What is the deal with the second best chess player on Mercer Island haul over the years Cobb as one to tell the story and it never came to be. Carson a lawyer and I grew up on restaurant and are around your ages so we got an out. You bond immigrants podcast I'll Lance although I had thank you for all you duke captain grants. I. To do we have more. When do I guess water out of there terrorist. So I'm. Parts of the second best chess glamorous on Ted if I forget any details still Meehan Psycho cut. So there's this so there's is Jewish school on numerous rounds and they're gonna decide they're gonna hold. Talents now. And their kids at the school thank you. Our web ninth green at the time ten feet for. I think they're just in high school. Yes so and this is when they are in maybe it's a great great great they do something whenever you know my friend told the story is. Three or four years younger than me so women a little bit after you guys were there. But they do this talent show and you know all the parents nobody shows up its once a year and it's a big dance like a hundred people. Act and to some you know gymnasiums. So. Each of kids are encouraged to go up and demonstrated talent thrown out. Their friends and family and Roy and their community everybody race to get the big field this little. The show. So there's not a kid and keep in mind like I mean. You don't have the highest self confidence when you're in ninth grade but this kid decides like OK you know what I'm really get a chance I'm gonna go up there. I'm at in my chest ounce on its black and obviously like chess players typically have a lot of love for the game chess these are. Typically not a must extroverted people right right so he plans this thing out. Hands he's like I'm gonna go up and do it I'm gonna challenge anyone from the crowd one on one split speed chess match in front of my entire community. And to win Jewish defense he is very good each. Moon are quietly. Chipping go to lake east lake full like he's good which yes I think one of the top juniors in the state at this point kind. But word of this of his talent gets out. And one of the adults from the school went one of the parents is coming happens to be a low ranking chess grandmaster at its. Now rather than. Just letting this kid have his moment in the sunshine letting any average dad. Step up then planet tests the kid goes to the middle of the stage and he claims. And the best chess player on Mercer Island I will challenge anyone here in the now it's doing and I don't just read sex. Well this chess grandmaster decides. It's time to teach and teach young Johnny a lesson to you raise its hands. In the moment he raised his hand the kid on stage obviously this guy is an idol of his he knows who it is apparent seriousness grandmaster in the crowd. No one else raising their hand in his heart drops. And he knows he can't be discounted chess especially in a game of speed chest especially especially in front of the entire town. That sounds he like. She basically like. Can I guess like what's your name sir I'm a guy comes up to play and speeds fast enough for you Greg and Matt Stairs. Does wives of one over the Nevada. Our community go one by a point of pride that this guy had in his life random might be included chest just destroys them. And so that's why he's no longer the best chess player on America he's the second best yes. As they ought dear Ted I juggle up you will be the second best at some point. What he told us that story to Weaver. It's now my body since his camera now now I'm bodies who attended the school. Was therefore he was friends with the chancellor kids and relayed the story trust in Tenaris. Brian lapin for I mean I can't do it justice but. United just practice keep it right. In the way he tells the story two is slightly crowd authority and couldn't do the cheer for students. It's just late night out. You know take the challenge oh. And the crowd can see him lose and you know the kids sweat men like. You know all on the verge of tears. And just count god it's like some out of a movie. Yet it's also. As Stiller who sodomized by now. It's always had a bad guys. Rightly did that have to put him in his place and until you look he's a grand master. You have anybody up there proclaiming to be better react yeah you know advocate learned a valuable lesson. I don't know man seems a little too harshly at such a pull their blades. What do flake. I don't know all claimed to make. I would if you're at a basketball camping your like on the best basketball player in here and play. Jordan's in the audience does Jordan get to come out beach you but I think the claim is just like part of the show yeah well. Like everybody says yeah I was like a hero of his says that kid knows that there's a grand master on Mercer Island I don't know that he was a hero of his when he saw him stand out he knew who relies. Q like almost. Okay he didn't necessarily know that that I live on Mercer I don't you think that I had a kid in the school. I came to beat him it Chastain Urquhart now that makes it better lives and renders them pick the. Yeah it's like no plans at assembly there's and I cafeteria yet I'll be back. And or are we a 1:1 morning now that you're able to. Three NCTA. A voice at the TP inconsistently working out five days and weeks instead I doubt what the Fed started seeing the results. I've two sets of stairs in my house in the forests are doing squats I've teased the railings my knees don't. Cop I'm sorry to see you really leave but I'm happy for your decision is whilst immigrants podcasts on land all although he realized we needed to do for your wellbeing and you're doing. I think you're crazy it's a group in the desert and cast him he. But kudos for doing what you need Imus a miss hearing you every week you really cost up to cast with your book references aside I. Mobius and a value guerrilla rather cook played against thanks I appreciate that. It. On. The check ins. Obviously there. Well. I had a cool weekend. I days there is a fitness summit avenue Renton and at the quiet right or water which is really nice nice. And I went there because there's just an awesome lineup of speakers in prisoners. It and Moses really cool crowd to while awesome people there really passionate about it and just kind. They I'm just getting started with fitness. But it's something that I. I feel and to be really successful at. And you know on new and so I basically I just went and saved myself late ten years of and mistakes and learning experiences. That other people bidder where Al wanna be. Had and so on dollar really get inside as far as. You know persons in exercise stuff that all apply Monday you know it tomorrow with clients and but also stuffed albeit client down fitness and my online training and is. You know future. Of learn headed so. I mean really fired up a little sick at the end of last week and I didn't sleep time. But. Yeah I get time and then in the middle of that it's Friday and I. I went out she news hide out to see ten miles wide. I'm proud Papa and even though I had 6:30 AM workshop with Maxine who you should check out Maxi in our contract says that she. And and cannot live is their last show for awhile is there going. In hibernation mode to make their next album is really exciting. Dirty thirty was also their kick off the two were in a band from Austin who is pretty dope called transit method so on. And then so Terri cannot live first evolve. I missed we go for answers on call work says it go but IA. Aside from that is an awesome night they played this song Ogden 48 from. The price send him their mother ship which they haven't played live in forever and Bryant's anxiety they're based flare as a super stoked and then. Ryan is about you Matt they knew Malcolm afterwards on where. At about our latest coolest dude get right and then they closed with propping up also off prize that'd him. And then it gets says. I think the stock had. It's a piece in it's just that goes way down before the ending. At that time run as I. I think ever come up onstage. This garden the last song Russia to a seventeen and so we dug it up on C eight other the first one out there. And will the drummer he would be a drumstick. Only plays crash symbol for the NS talk sizes up there there's a bloody jobs. One symbol symbol right on me it was still in grad and I itself let's line. Say got out of super cool. And then ten. You had a that a lot of fun though overall great weekend and a lots Nathan for you. Which is that how it might. That's a song called purple love that show on compliment I was trying to think yesterday's at least a marker of these yet Symbian and capital. Nothing now that one is they may get for use much farther by far much warm compared that's real. The legs third is hilarious and I don't know how. Tightly scripted it is but there. You know it is is a lot sharper. Than hatred for a year it's it's like wrong uncomfortable that's posted a funny about curves he just sets up the seat. Okay it's almost all unscripted okay calling. Yeah but a lot of it is real life too so like when when my it's based on stuff like six years ago when Mikey was getting divorced and stuff he lives in divorce in real life. And I never told you this news Obama earlier enthusiasm yeah Larry. So I went to a wedding out on the vineyard and I was waiting for the ferry back and start talking this lady do live on Martha's Vineyard forever. She was like yeah Alina that's part of the show that's part of his life to my Euro. Larry David and she is yet he was building a house on Martha's Vineyard in his wife was there all the time she falls in love with the contractor. In got divorced. You doll yes. Sorry Cheryl Hines. Heating up by the new gig that's a oh. No fault of your own. I thought I mean they got started early and it does parallel his life like that could have made a lot of sense to me he and hearing and heard that before but it makes the makes a lot of sense. Is that showed seems so based dollars on real things. Yet though that he was a wealth of knowledge she starred Jimmy alternate theories of what happened Chappaquiddick with the Kennedys and stuff. He liked what dude with your. Ted Kennedy is basically is car crashes in this look now. And then they found a girl and I write late night after party in a frantic or he flees the Euro on the backseat. So for years it was it in I look it's probably the truth maybe having an affair he freaks out the girl dies but she. This phone Estonia popular theory on the vineyard is that the girl was just in the sleep. Or was sleep in the back. Headstrong doesn't know that and Evan gets in the crash he just takes off because when you do eat eat in their shoes back. Think again it's also viable a woman on the ferry to hospitalised in the vineyard I mean it is our get. All the knowledge out of yeah I laughed at it that's it hot spot of knowledge I feel like and gossip and oh yeah. And that the curve thing makes perfect sense yeah. That sounds sounds viable I don't know that's a big thing to be commenting on and on iTunes who were thrown at at story in the first place though. I feel like the curb thing established her credibility and then might that makes me believe the the Kennedy and more yes that's how she got. It started with something so I've heard like. References to Ted Kennedy and something I knew there is something that never researched it. And I didn't pay much attention in history ever around update talk about that history class play. If they did I wouldn't I wouldn't be able to tell you about it and so. I. Yeah I'd and you there's something there but that. Palestinians Martha's Vineyard to like even a plot to restate it still fancy lake we had to agree or shoe store. And they sell play nearly cremate damages basically pre made lobster rolls and you used by like thirty in the case. And they also ahead Peter Luger sells for sale. What's that Peter looters like this steakhouse New York City for one of the nicest in the country you can only paying cash for their card it's like they don't sell their stuff and I so. How they had the Lugar soft of the store with a make things. In the science stuff. Her blue blood and yet we won't cape and earnings that blew my mind but that the Indian chat Chatham. Yeah that whole area. I. Hard working people to keep that to show my uncle oh for sure it's a considerable sandwich via. My two innings and much like that. Yeah yeah yeah yeah. Top a for the top topic this week one to tell you guys about a little side. Projects a personal project. So over the years beginning a lot of different. A lot of emails from the guys about things we've touched on on this cast an early had time to go into. I'm hosting amount that since the last cast that we did. I'm there's lot of emails you know with unanswered questions whenever. I'm so I'm sorry we'll side pod cast it's can be short ten men episodes so. Basically you can just you know weight on it and then cruised through room liked him thrown style Spanish lesson. So I'm it's gonna trotted the big ideas to dive a little bit deeper into some of the stuff that we sort of touched on but scratch the service on so stuff like. My staunch partnership small business physical performance. You know attacking sleep psychology all that we are nerds at the economic team and myself. Not officially an hour ago. Point at a peak but yeah so anyway I'm he has called the Aaron Cobb experiment it's on stitcher should be on iTunes this week it's on Google play or on my website Aaron comp dot net my name spelled like a girl. By the Hearst equate ER RI and and then CO BBs Haas and sound. Anyway derivatives for years and really ask desperate thing but he checked it out and appreciate it. To be called him a fun little journey and discuss them to keep me busy John Austin plus a lot of stuff and want to get out of my head anyway and just. Codify and like breakdown into its component parts so the idea is to take a lot of the books I've read things like that just distill it down like K here's like that. Actual pieces here's the stuff that actually helped. So that. For me it's a it's a way to. Contribute something that I've been trying to folks on more as I turned thirty is trying to do. Thanks for other people and for me up winder ran a lot of this stuff down. And just about your book free and so this is a way to do that he walks out of a lot of money or influence impact that so wondrous to spied you know shop you'll what's worked well for me whether that's now. I'm mark went you know world there are a world their spiritual stuff or you know depression anxiety or whatever so anyway check it out here Cobb experiment and when William Joyce. It's out now so they get that did us just the first episode. On some people can hop on and just hit subscribe and I'll probably start doing a certificate and Austin but the ideas. Basically it's. Ten has subscribe now and forget about it for a couple months and then once they've racked up a bunch of ten minute episodes you can just cruised through amen you know. An hour to work so it's not like long. I am long podcast it's our frequent accidental. I'm so psyched to be regular but I am hoping to put out quite a few of them by the end of the year I mean you know if possible close to. One every other guy. Yes I'm going to be banging on how I don't feel like get to listen to them regularly and just you know same amount and then at some point go okay what. He's an evil man all right listen as they come out the end and let us start applying them one by one and then you have like. Even if it's you know listen in every every couple days or whatever they come out. That's like oh cool ought to try that starting right now and tomorrow and then it all that might seem cool and then. The next one as one may not really apply to someone has or how whatever that is blown off point for the next one people without. Last duties Matsuzaka goes. That's always hesitant tight lipped that garden. Can wait. Yeah that was because they sent me I was nearby as if someone just like wants to figure out how to like. You know. Whenever I get better sleepers on an average of sleeping like I know it taught about tax and spend like. You know twenty hours researching. The best mattresses and you know white noise ground noise pink noise tunnel and it relates how you set up like you know. The different you now on its Canadian ribbons spotlight the that Brack cycles and stuff south. And you are young man it's just it's a place for me to no doubt about summit patent. If it helps you ball great and some say it doesn't help you you know forget about it move on so parents want to plug that are. Top topic that's. Read it and show up at the other at the last one for allow us immediate yeah. Job top. Biron on the Backus a tie ups. Why this is one that I've been Ayman Saban for a wild west. Units last Cassel is well I'll be in studio for on. Something I feel a little weird asking you guys were pretty comfortable around each other but. This is a big one. So mom. A big if they are really know rhino how to put this forward you guys but. And unfortunately Matt's girlfriend happens in the room which is an added layer of complexity period. A kind of hold back. In their prime. Which spice girl would you choose to a couple of. Wu ball man that's great player not present day in their prime. Mean I was always a baby spice. I don't know that allowed me on that and say oh yeah just let sorry guys yen. We have two hours away your brother record. Ginger spice. Had done Playboy prior to being a spice girl. Am and so she was the one that actually. Off to. Blight. You know in averages managed to Haiti to the video think that now. No I tell you think about them after a lot spice world whatever skills aren't the respect honesty girlfriends in the room violence is it's a birthday party. And say oh jeez I'll doctorates and Bernard the movie theaters and that later hired you yet. So. And I. Sporty spice the hot. That boarding death of the chick who's married to the the only scary. Now I'm gonna say Victoria Beckham. I cannot see where ice with odds I. I've he's sees in guys coordinate all. I'm now at a police. That's what he's I think you know efforts they are warmly. I. And she was willing to initially. That added in babies lies and then theories by the ease up on the baby spice stuff. No and impose brokered or. And an obvious that I go on match and I. I'll tell your Euro over the Internet. You don't. Early formative years I could see sporty spy is what's this one. Scary spice scary spice LB yeah. Yeah now Ted. Unfortunately usually we have totally different taste in women which has served us well on the future and the past not the Rivera doubled any of them but we both yeah. Google different women rich somehow you know feels feels there. The I'm with you I Sagal baby spice baby spice gone baby dude I Scott blonde she's just let me. I want Victoria Beckham was like the hottest one. Yeah and I like the longest legs and stuff late eighties by so it done it. Pop ups are photographs that you. Pretty resounding endorsement game despise. Which many of them cracked failure which and you are real it. Now. I don't even though and I and some power and I know. Well no ginger spice because it was ginger knows who's Gerry with a GR. Eight something each. Each now all of the house and then now amount among BetaNews I am there's ten or else has this sport is by it also amounts for a pleasant area or else. Scary B Victoria posh Beckham. Emma baby Bunton melts minority see Jerry ginger how well yes. I remembered and move on in the job done and and I kissed a hike. How soundly you satellite passing got to die if I kept affect and they did it. You know get the girls are planning on the edge bad but the ball on the group but we're. The support score it's issued it will touchdowns production. Numbers. I would radio I would say it's Cobbs last podcast brings just the last year to be in the studio yeah they were looking up on the phone or something and ogre who yet. I'll ask Google fiber down so mental Tyler I assume you go have a nice dinner Tuesday night it's we have that's when our record. Com. Yeah well for somehow pictures live north and a buddy Jeremy is we've you know 10. Arts or not. He's gonna go have dinner or Jeremy obviously. See that steer me to. And we'll figure out all right and now. It. Sent to a lot of great segue he's back anyway all the parties might pull up to benefit. This you know obviously Kabul mission of and Althea couple weeks down in Texas and optics the pictures of company from the crazy to weed out there. Europe and Asia as episode one any time so for MC TP for cop on the jets and it is the podcast cheers. Well up what. Odds wanna say quick thank you everybody for listening overt over the years have really. Loved doing this podcast appreciate it and I you know I'm not mean studio but I'd get ideas ballots and as.