Thee Podcast Episode 196

Thursday, October 12th

This week we have Ben Fodor AKA Flat-Top AKA Phoenix Jones in to talk about CageSport 47, this Satuday 10/14/17 at Emerald Queen Casino!


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Team New Madrid before. So. We get judged me numbers and I don't have an abuse finished the contest to win I Q&A better anything I don't have enough lead by Anna. So I got to fix this summit goes store so I start to go to the store I walk out in the year ago broke that just through the catchers you just bulls. It amounts to read my fire station so that yours. Disclose those headphones. Vega. Via America. Marketplace. Throat so. I hear. People up here. Industry. And razors chocolate well. But. And drinking the BQ and a place that you read. I wake up Aziz who. A few. Blacks I don't know what happened in. Four hours. The costs. Low. With the Portland. Which letter. Back yard. And my. Tree house. Where what what. Africa there according. MySpace and few weeks they shippers school player arrested immediately. Is for me. Attic but do you there was all of them I'd never again let them. She says. Hello. Yet. And that. He's. Charged. The plate. It. Excellent though. A major. Chip hale are. That don't appear. At the Matt I do not having. Uh oh. Yeah I mean you're asking about that yeah. The court. We get that actually probably yeah we'll get the emails next week Leo fear that and we just are co host just moved to Austin via figure out and have them. It. Hole tough words. Israel. It's it's like Mexico. And I'm going to doubt you can actually the Dallas. Well and it's going. To see lights. Yeah that's what we look at Arizona passed out of the South Korea I go if that's why should they thought it was I've never had an issue without bubbles. Yes and yeah it definitely. But a couple of days into it podcasts that this isn't just any I guess just any pod cast couldn't do this. This is. Starting these start. The starting these senseless and talk. You'll underwear I don't know. These podcasts and so what I did that with over to Boise State's vehicle be both if your podcast right spot after all the land all day collectively. Now I got here actually. Well through it I background that we have the feel get the studio often enough. Mat on the producer at CPP what's up Matt all exhale man I'm stoked about this have made it back and I in the air we got somewhere down in Austin do then. We have Skyping capabilities. So yeah I think we've we've you give that it a try Theo goes. Yeah I think in the next couple up podcasters might get there and get better world it will be transparent here who have to steal right we'll see how it goes this week. Luckily enough we have some big. News for. You know I was good at you each were anime and and see the fight down animal queen casino. The first thing you gain from going down there to see the fights. Makes ceased they would have to match if you will be doing and scenes. There Israeli radio on that new but not man yeah the way there's you know good to go. Also right that this Saturday October 14 and then so we have a guest in his in the main event there. Lab then flat top eight or fighting you might gnome is Phoenix Jones you be the main event there welcome yeah what was that. Again good now Ben I've seen you fight down there I still call the greatest announcement ever did. I agree I don't I thought I was out earlier this thing yet the bath. I I was those that you're not going to be there. I it was the funny part about it I was so mad that by because they had me come out first and I like how are you could have become first in my home town. Against some crazy fool I was like well for us it was Cunningham right. While I mean you all you don't claw their two. But he's not from here and he was gonna lose. Like use the guy who comes out second is that is is that is the guy I'm ranked number one. I come out it does Superman Billick can we do make you happy in my nothing from the believe I'm an artist from asthma is. So I've been a bit like one of the anyway you want to go late. Yeah about time I get like there's a few nicknames aren't they. Cool I you got under him to rate I obviously a lot of people in the first to be impeached yeah absolutely right so. Packed the arena is already going crazy about that and then Cunningham is there he's like now calls they'll have their in his boundaries like that. I mean by the time I got the other free and it was like. Would receive real big super hero over this real life American hero of the places go in and say I thought a lot of places and I've I've actually. Only 2000 had a crowd that was that crazy and then it was probe a positive like a flight Illinois one time in the touts the crowd started chanting. A Will Smith go home Will Smith go home. And I was just beaten the mostly that's mass that will Smith and right and sorted. It's confused. Is that a the other time was biting. I I was up let's put those casino. Hi points that's double from the crowd was like loose that and board and there's so it out amid eight weeks Lou. It was like Spain yet the rays aren't you fought around the area few times give people some background like. Separately each of you were already trainee in fighting different disciplines force I was I was in ninth time to champion in different in different things kick boxing. Collins I had to fight for a long before ever started to. Which are bred but I'd pick one thing it will would you say you were best that we got main export. You know I was actually really really arrogant and fused cute so what my thought that was very anything with what you did I was kicking but I would. How is for. Like just. Would be in great shape and I think that became the beginning. But agreement for eight fights one moment knockouts and never won a round. Kids now it was to be getting beat up to Sandra everything a whore. I mean it promotes muscle like you know. Yet there will be another fight for you with Emma to direct applicant and I've been effective for your head that the excitement to see you think the media than not the but he yeah I was or as aware. Amid maker is it my career my skills to be bald until you know nine points mean by about fourteen of fifteen point oh is now. You know even the fight the U announced round he. Can hit it out right at the gate that we down Mr. Big shot them. He did nothing like the fight was over and I was totally fine. And he was like bruised on. What would you prefer he preferred standout defer to wrestle with do you care I deferred to the opposite of you. So like everybody throws and it has like a game plan whatever that is I don't wanna do I go like this week and you fight Austin. Been for rate. Who knows yet he's obviously he's a good wrestler. He ya think I think collegiate team I think is an NCAA and CI a and it. I don't follow us real sports. But I mean. Select I mean I is it less excited to go to work well myself up and read TVs via it's not an image him amid respected again it. But around. All right W like me you know worried about his wrestling skills that going to order no absolutely been roughly filet risen like four years old are but nothing I can learn in the eight weeks before they told me you're gonna buys this topic guy who's been roughly but for usable. That's arrogant statement. You think that it week's Atlantic as it has worked for. I mean McGregor learned approximate year. Really that was learning about the I get a lot of different. I hit it out I guess we want something incredibly different. But but now he's gonna take me in the fight outside of a mile back is that produced no way around and that's just life. But I have more submissions are back then he has fights period. I have Boris I abort amateurs emissions off my back then yes flight times three I have. 99. Amateur championship three professional titles at the bills that we're going for before he got it. Left it went to Phoenix the fight for real money. Came back then beat the champ they effort to combat games what was up here then down to route that taken as well back. Mean the guy he is the team before me. Was that guy IB. And the guy it's before that with the guys beat when I go to watch. Kate sport it's thank everybody for second place and then it. I'd been and we got it got to talk brass tacks in the Cunningham fight it and draw absolutely. Right aren't right yet. And then. And then he would accept the rematch retired until I left the state and then he signed back to fight had the belt and I came back to fight him this time and retired again. Right and you're left like so I mean what they're talking about I think UN fault in what the World Series yet had a little by the Walters yeah I'd whip. Of the state took the loss the Mets yet they lost that rather. Are the equal to talk about the matter. I don't want to your brother and up and teach kids these day so today basically. My first go to that would not buying I think my team and our and the first two rounds I got just the crap beat like. It wasn't so what's the shots were horrid it was just how many he landed. I landed like. I wanna say it was like 45 to 61 round and shot lands. Right from off my back in the next round would maybe 47 of 48. Mean I was. I was get murdered so back McWhorter and make coaches like yeah we got to throw the talent what you look easy you know it's it's again I can not like. I do that. He's like one believe the ring guys like elevates legitimately like the only got a the Michael it's left that I thought the last clear on this as you know fragment from GM who is in my corner and I want radler and I'm not really sure coach who left that fight a war. I mean look he was catchy but I mean since he was waving shots we definitely need to an atomic team know it wasn't it wasn't like that. It was like. He had been a position where. Out of the IU fans are about this but basically in the side that the guards he couldn't past a guard is digits he wasn't good. But in order to team from that regard at my hands on his hip and on the shoulder and rotating. With groups there's nothing blocking my face. So I mean it's the Pentagon halfback pass if he's right he's Easton and he's on his knees and for your right so I've been where admitted. An active decision to hit it in the face because I let these ago. He's gonna pass that I would get the Mitt I think at a paper in the so trouble. So I looked at a technical shut the face easily three minutes left how hard can be well. It was hard. Yeah the Canada so goats left out one rounds three I went around 34 and round five but I didn't illegal up kick in round five with a 2.0. That's admitted draw. I want three era five routes extra forgot about that though I mean and I did they have kick on purpose is idiotic cot. It was a momentary lapse you normally get a warning but mine was so beautifully that. It was that led mass. Ali and the worst part two is the rough was like you know ref came over it was like you know. Don't do that don't don't don't do that without a purpose that I guess I'm sorry. And that's what I think the point deduction at that point gap I should and I'm you know I guess it's an additional line about I just could be it was on purpose. Yeah I mean I saw him coming down. My foot out and he didn't come down as far as what it and I was frustrated. Keep the base. I mean I knew it was the largest. Didn't think we get stopped for. Now well. That's the reps airports ready cash is what it is I mean. I would love to lie about it but it is acute eye to your coach leaving what does that have to do your brother to look at its left. I doubt it would trademark thick collar relative hey you know let's let's train. And we've never liked each other was like you know ultimately can imagine you'll. Make it and indeed if the shot. He's been the next six months to poke at me around him like he's just. Hand over fist man. But after six months you know starting him better and notified the World Series and one. Almost every time I mean after a year. I started doing better at which are house cats which are you know and people started talking about you know me being eighty better than him. And then a little bit dull and four months after that I kept in the first submission under continent country. Economist with Mora a couple of different times in training. And I mean he's beaten me hundreds. I rarely catch him and when he when he felt we catch him he says if I'm gonna fight this guy got to do. Because he's getting better and better and better and I'm terrorists right now at the same care he was well we fought. I am now. And he knows that he got me at a great time he's really he when he called World Series he set up the fight then he kicked out of the gym we're treated industry partners. After we'd agreed that he was thirty going to be human quarter for the next World Series but he was brilliant strategy brilliant planning but it was a like horrible betrayal friendship. Yes and then World Series is drop ship for one ball. No it was a isn't art the World Series changed she via professional fight and they wanted to renegotiate contracts and pay us. Might look for at agua take him payback to it today hoping scaled. You know the World Series title one funding our nightly. So they were like we're gonna take you paid hours score he paid the pain the last that your people with states like that like. I ask you this is a fighter I know from my angle just from what I know about the business stuff. But some of these promotions a World Series tomorrow would you rather fight in a giant arena that there's like a ton of people in. Wears it better to fight in a casino show over the rooms acts people. Some of those big production to go to their shows but just it's tough to fill out a Comcast's an hour. With a one down encountered shoulder area you know I mean I would I would much rather my game. Well and I can't argue on the net capital raise it but the that they have to say it over lake forget them understand like as a fighter like. Overall overall I'd rather fight on TV the answer I if you have a TV if you're on television and it's going to be on TV that's ratified. Because the goal is always to get that next best light to move for with your career and TV does that. They just a minute. Yeah and and and the best thing about the World Series is after the first three politically it's killing the guy it's not like those. See if you can use the good fights come on I. They've got guys big 35 dollars for back row seats in the front row. That's the best and there hi there is I visit comes a you can't find. More excited fans the in the World Series of biting would no age limit all the way up filled Aaliyah will fill the rose start from the front on the way back. Don't care he jumped up from the 35 ticket and they want you to the front who got awesome man good of the USC. Getting new backstage plays in the blocking the front. Yeah that a lot of the fight is on there or you'll see guys are just a little bit past their prime. Schorr says he does not make you ran the Jake Shields of the steals that O Carly I mean they have good fighters you're right there for 35 bucks without. Please so what's your goal now. Do you when he eighteen. Is fighting fund for use fight paychecks is that you wanna DR YouTube and get back to a UFC level. Amidst all the above I mean I definitely paychecks awesome. It's definitely fun I turned on the OC when it in the African or on the fight for them the contract involves two regular it's me. An interest in giving you 40% Phoenix Jones act and what doesn't and I that's my little buddy obviously life as being Phoenix Jones as well. You have to have a ton of other stuff I mean I would think some people just when are you just because of the me exactly and it got Islam single right now. Among delicate anti bullying campaign going Tom module a little too with like a random superhero book fax us. All kinds of one's them. It's just. I come back connect I was intrigued me. And when I got the World Series and an opportunity to fight that has just on the roster in the column. Shores so would an opportunity here look that ties in coming up. One. Called like a cunning like he's got the tip to will call you back that it's in the coming in tighter and like again. Like you it's stuff like well got a retirement than that now is retiring this time. They're like. It's right so rates that was going to be my next question for like for this case were infamy fight it's Saturday the fourteenth general queen. And we see you know like for that is that just is that just the future fighting now yeah like he just like our react to fight them I mean very report he's a cool dude I mean. I don't know too well and always a good wrestler he seems nice has been pretty respectful and I have nothing against him personally am and tries Purcell. Is not a personal thing you happen to be the sole communicate with army. You'd like to talk trash now. Now. They are so I think that completely. Believe. Right but I mean you could see how if you're fighting you or something you can be what you're talking trash if you're very confident. Those same reducing he's been respectful he's just this company and you is would you take that it's in the count and inner where in talking to you can be it is. Feel like he can say whatever he would say it is not factual. And you commended the facts that. You have to professional flight the no titles. You have a few amateur fights and you called up and says I wanna take a shot at the politics but the truth she never lost the belt. Even away took it back gave it away and coming to take it back again. I show up and take the belt when I won it remind people with. And you did a shot at some milk it's not a target it's the truth I am Chia. I've been the team I'm gonna beat you at being everyone else forever. These guys are not able. I'm so fired up this week and I where did he know reaction to that Europe. Product. We talked a little bit obviously like most fighters cut some weight yeah what. I mean you're super fit dude you can Rupert you run the streets of Seattle protecting people. Is there any different you have to do you lately that the fight is it that much toppers this and a normal. Stuff that it's a lot tougher and are actually in this case because often gas tank is very good. Now I'm older I doubled its in flight three rounds because he's got no championship experience. At all. But in the region which act accordingly they have a fourth or fifth right yeah how do you call is an epi would notre. Like you can lose in the Jimmy Choo grounds they emblem championship and the distance which you can go to three rounds and vice champion. I think it's right below him and I that every championship fight I've ever had has finished in the championship is he calling himself a champion I've just heard that he's undefeated. He's got he's like a out of a country. Was looking thing and crowned champ is that your not the Chia and say yeah I. How was the chip in the Dow lost it and obligated back you guys known and so on champ a month thing here which you can't say I've never been to that room but you guys know I don't. Yeah I'm in my back in argue that. It's just it's just acts yeah it's just the facts are slightly easier thing in the cup with little time for the cuts lots of us. He's got a good gas and the gas thinks I can't just wondered dumped depleted the Yankees get tired I mean normally meet 80% asthma and but I don't taking in this case to peace. I think Mike Aston needs to be. You know 9526%. B.'s eyes at 4%. I don't consider myself. A larger. A large margin Morton. So where is normally I can take the cut for granted. And really cut a lot weighed the because I think it's relevant to these people Austin has more you know he's demagogue to. It. Are high enough to valid comment if I got a war now oh definitely got a war now. Crates doses this character who trains super super hard. Because he wants to go complete these mystical journey so that he can these memories erased most of killings for him in Indian calculate guy. Why is it kills the news and he pulls it off. But he beats not as strong as this he's not demy guys that it peoples not just dedication and time being Jim. That is the scariest kind of guy and that's Austin and for BQ season Jeanne every day because he asked if he's not count. He's not on other things going on cast to be if he's not there every day he will lose everything he's worked for now that you. I shall be weeks before a fight into amazing shape beat mentoring partners walking they take about them too is mice. I felt like she is different as me my next question what he would you celebrate with a oh man. After the fight. And a pretty this week you must eat pretty clean your general yet now now. I hope welcome. So it's certainly you clean people it sucks and you go is its money in money out read our 815100 calories a garbage they go to the gym that I burned 17100 calories. Doesn't matter away. I mean my body's naturally looks like this I mean. It's kind of like genetic breeding you're big you're big with. The skin together that day I mean. 300 years later here I am we'll have plenty of and executed on the fact. Right W would afterward and did I mean let's celebrate without and oh yeah don't drink it up Bobby no delegates special pizza ice cream. We got game but that's fun I have I have a secret celebration after the fight but I would not the ball it's one because incriminating and two because incriminating. But the what I will say after the fight I'm going to monkey off downtown Providence who went to really bad music but it's the only thing open. I hit an average and I know it's a horrible I love the club gotta love the people like went through a friend that degree club with me suggests guards. I don't know I think that's in my but he's the idol like it's knock them out of the DJ music to be the most talented he is the world. I like and what music style. Yeah I mean I could be unbecoming to a country festival to linger at birth defects you don't suck that doubt be crazy like me and which and yes I have credentials with the expertise that input of credential pop during the don't even outlook on the country. Her back a couple of true road. Today is I was there that your audience metallic thicker Maryland excellence and he. Iso after the after the fight go out yet the night away yet good ideas that away and different as indoor swimming pool. There rocketed go to these guys swimming pool and probably this route adult in the as for fun and that's that's pretty funny I think colonial items and what do we think what if it's an operation a crazy race you're down by Iberian. Oh okay. Yeah it could be on it and an area in the year. That's all you're going to be here yeah exactly that pool party is around the town that is yeah great analytic I do my job for one weekend nice party or pool parties. It's yet man your gym or give a shout out yes. Ladies and gentlemen. If you're looking for the best human Seattle Washington and you've got to check Al Miami an Eddy Grant the third White House not only right now does he have a person who's in the number one spot. In the UFC. For the women's 12510. Pound title shot up on Jack he doesn't get a bunch of other amazing fighters myself included. We teach kids class we need to dot closet they've got a great schedule and they're not paying me to say this team believe it. At that the that you tend. Well the good work. All right so for the last word people coming out they're gonna buy the tickets which he'd probably would they give us yet of the band aid or fights. Well. I always have fun and I try to always have the crowd have fun. And I'm a slow start seek it to seem to get beat up Portland but so you mean and you let things don't work. Come about by at 3500 dollar ticket and watch he gets socked in the face you can live vicariously through other people. I mean it's pretty gray does it mean many guys are gonna actually get in shape up indicates and then you're gonna acts go commit crimes define me so the best second best. Watch some other dude hit in the face if your bed and I'm being told a little late what the second third fourth round I am also after getting beat up ever so politely otherwise enjoying your GM right there you have to be. Dedicated enough to get a fight with you or you've got to go out to bit rate of growth via. Ten minutes at the U fighting Mia you're intranet or the worst is gonna be like oh no he did not describe inaugural Iraq and it and it never found it. I want written about the he did it. Do you feel about the that'd. When I first match here moot Christ at 867. Years Yemeni and he doesn't and seems like I was gonna first interviews when Americans I don't with dementia because. I knew you guys were like I did it's it relaxes this DiLeo at first taste. At least I would still feel like yeah oddities before that which definitely. I didn't the superhero who. Abdullah while ago my defense it was during an interview I was doing anything bad did you seeds you guys but it's on to do with the taser at the end. Now do I fight falling into a bucket of okay. I thought it mice like armor penetrating ground. Our case for the days they finally come out of them and I'm Mike Epps I could be to pitch and I got the best arm out there. Just give me shots though the company Fraser got the other mean they decide she after the act but count them covered waters stating the cubic. Tonight with confident that was going. If you needed attitudes the bull lake. Get that by just such frying and have tried not to all of a right to equal people here regularly see the light on fire. As all of it was live so I had to play cools it like elect. Advocates it's at today. Get through it. God that's a rat out the regular C that we Opel and about this if the watch him. Three out our it's bad well. Lawyers I have them though with sales pitch like that you like me how much an exciting like he don't like yup let's let's starter he leads the budget is for your enjoyment. Pretty good. Of aid you would leave before the end obviously the beat in of the despair you win but up until that point you have a great time and UB all the traffic relief and if a fight this Saturday October 14 and we're queen casino. You'll be the main event its cage for it 147. And laptop locked up you know our. In the championship man basic room I've always played here and I'm sure yup that was rock and. Thank you final tee shot outs check out my Twitter app Phoenix Jones sent a list program things and act means young and my FaceBook. At at the things Jones retro they're all the same. I suffered from Lindsay who's listening and Brett fighting on the card my homey McCain part of from the gym. I'd make is awesome prepare to watch this duty he is. If he's he's going to be one of the better fighters. Is you'll see he's gonna do some amazing things and IT he's got like five pro fights some that he's won them all. All right but he's that he's just done and now like to talk one of the people because it makes me look you know less awesome. But Brett is right up there with me if I can recruit him though this appears sued. Gossip. It's Hispanics alive on me if. I read is that it's a great pair. Yes he's confident wow yummy now all say. As your god there's a whirlwind ya. Not any real fired up this weekend. There's going to be a lot of fun. A the same unit that battery only rock and they are saying. Didn't it didn't seem like exactly keys is that incompetent. That's crazy but I feel it a try to like all mallet what you're talking ethnical yep it's just. You know fact definitely. All right Andy was saying and I believe that is managed in each of rounds of like. All right got it is Conosoga at a champion crowned champ that's. Yeah I'd say that a guy it's got cots and belts under his belt. It might takes him. Some of outlook on offense but it just take note of it and have some things they have out. Yeah. I wish to see what happens to your attacks yeah totally keep mean that literally I'm real fired up this by I mean. Because he came out to recover it and stuff Hussein and later about Austin bingo for ray yet by the guys it was you know. Garnered some respect and it's going to be. It become a bigger fight you know light. I'm just real pirates who happens. You have an easier chance to say justice on Thursday and go down cage where anime it's always good time. The matter be down their doing its thing. And CNET but you get in there your thing to Atlanta yet but at the you'll be doing your thing that night yeah. But it's always funny in and yet just kill me I love match. Then he would play the and and obviously in the excesses that I at first play on the hand but now and that's an after thought that could hit it at RC bruiser Brody around its other immensely. Bring on straighter and their Ford is going to be insane you better get those names now yeah I know who it is low tar. It's a yoga. I generally at this point we would reits and job attic get the email also let's check. A and that sounds cool extremist cop to hear a voice that it that's cardinal last night in the habitats and stuff for awhile and he's doing it and says hello. Nice and Seattle bowl we'll keep posted on that this began with super laid back and the weekend before. But really taxing and over will then call outsiders. Went up north tomato printout the ranch and just leave little time on budget movies like Seahawks win. He's 12 and back on their bandwagon nice again I don't watch it buy it I ought to start there I mean it's hard right. Right now you're in the state of Washington your college football fan. Jump on one of the band yeah yeah but both the Huskies in the coups in the top button I consider jumping over to accuse bandwagon because that that'd be fine get there early he would Hoover I figured I'd stick to our gods after. Last year jumping on the that's he's there it's on back. Yes he my problem is. It's like I always went to posse GameStop and I have a bunch husky friends I had two friends who I was referred to girls like these cute that's my reason innocent victims. But the counselor never really competitive. There wasn't much of it nobody ever was they hate. That the rebates and hold me down this year got rid of choice. But I feel like now there's like like immediately. Totally yeah I'll make but you know I'm not from the that you like both. Yeah I mean it doesn't matter until last week of the season I hope that both undefeated by the outlook. An insane game. But it's college football anything happening Saturday. Yes so exciting yeah so. Just lay low. Out and you know renowned super fired up this weekend that's going to be wild Saturday. Wait a blow up the ransom. I think that leaves you options for like was was was there Buffalo Wild Wings involved no matter who you really that Carl's junior a chronology here for breakfast they have a sonic going in right across the street from across Europe they're by the way. All right I saw the sign for that very excited. And warehouse in Leo at the target. You good target right target rate for its super and that's. That's Jesse and Jamie likes staple that's where a lot of their magic comes from says you know he notes it hot button. A good target of months especially Blake you just have to ball. It was a lot of time target everything they do. We had a we ordered pizza and that's it Alfie which is really good there. Are we got some wings there though. Yeah we didn't have anywhere in there it's time to say now. Well. I needed it man that the that we have a 40 wait that's in his conference it's bigger ground Putin's senate and the you know is like four days of just a lot of learning a lot of networking and B and on the brain's going. Not sleeping at times notes it's getting over being sick and so is just. Just a lot of factors that they have a pretty exhausted says it. And the unit rechargeable Obi and now really this Saturday I gotta bring it man I got behind a bigger better into the ring. Octagon at the eyes. Yeah cage cage and it's technically ranked I think technically if it's late the octagon is just the UFC. Out of any enemies shapes and sizes are different but I'm always like to be key to the cage is cage sport it's Korea that's easy enough. Yet arcades. Are you guys pumpkin people there are. But you go to pumpkin patch Euro or are you pro yet this year we didn't last year all right the al-Qaeda. I'm just kind of flies by and then play out October's over it now hers though. That happened last here may be fine yes it really against it. Oh really yelling at us of his ego pumpkin patch like. I mean some city I don't think it's got a phone yet by especially idea it would have been great. Where it's like not pouring down rain and Netflix on sun and cloud to cool stuff. Do you ever been down that mayors farms. Down Mike and you needs just there. They have off lake like that's going you conflict here right yes. No I've got them now on a big hole countless family farms when it which had the zombie paint ball thing and are amazed and stuff not pretty. Yet that those amazes me and need to shoot the zombie easily it was so via the only good partner. It's crazy because they're like high school kids. Yeah authorities. To simple all paths. Repetitive but I think any of our country people man at a similar to those farms and who killed the idea of label to strive and he school buses to be chewed paint balls these kids but it. I'm totally Emporia. That's and creative thinking right there good for them Yemen and ice and relate that I'm not economic scary stuff they do that in other parts of the country. They may do now I never heard of retired though like a few years ago here via me too. So yes people don't know like so they have easily. Obviously it's hard to pay rights but what the wanna mayors farms it takes a half hour walk it's legit scary it's also. And then. You pay this out of money in unity school buses leave taken out of the seat and just benches along the windows. And then you just have a paintball gun with the attached to the window and you drive by. Drive the only piece things there's some that are just got a stationary and yet there's a high school kids are in and around exiled issue. It's insane. There's farms down south. Correct pay yeah that's down by Buckley and then Thomas fairly far right. Out snohomish them except though yeah I think autumn Donald both both ends and usually we have deals on the park's website and I sure we are not checked typically fit into record. Possibly Rockford style having negotiated double edged gonna dogs yeah we always think if I thought this be it. Yeah yeah. Well I'm. Report. Oh yeah of course that's what I brought up marathon our fifth. Coveted album it's really mean I was pretty issue. I was the folks. We do have a deal that. Told full disclosure you know I went there once at a different like as we don't know that that take away from the endorsements he is if the professor Barrett favre's it's worth it. But they've but at the by the price of whatever the deal is its work. And like. Pay hike if there's like a VIP usually skip the line do you could have an hour Saturday night right now going to be bracket that's right. Yet that facility IP line cutter he's. Exactly which generally I'm not a big fan of that stuff like. You wanna deal makes sense yeah possibly like China. Does a great idea he lines man I'll always hated lines as repair parts are not drinking awaiting a bar lines anymore. Via cell yeah yes there is sometimes in the airlines as like my new thing. I'm always like relax you to sweetie for the you know consume it that you could get that in a moment it's easy to get so worked up legislate weight of you waiting to go buy alcohol light. You only give you all the good problem to have great guy Kelly exactly how do you work diligently on the lake you don't need let me know what you buy and lose. Yeah I think that's what's funny how we view airlines struggle with like. But you gotta go to this place like a food truck utes. Went. Yeah yeah I'm not I'm just not a big fan of him in general and I think long night it felt like crowds we talked about this group and being on the overnight strategists. I avoid it. You know when when the world's really hustle and bustle and I'd just kind of commute in the air act on off times but things are a little quieter so and there are ton of people. It's like Arnold and this is overwhelming noted ton of people that stand and wait with them flake. Boring and over and there's too many people not there yet that. And this is the one exception and I here's a massive people that'll go goal. You know immersed myself and have this is definitely one of the longer lines apparently. Yes sometimes those entry either insane I mean I think the longest lines her weight is probably Disney World. Yeah Iran that Disneyland. It to a lot of that he would then Six Flags but you know wait in lines for rollercoaster uses. It's kind you know manageable. It's not a game day is I go people he liked yet. It's good call yeah. Has roller coasters you're right definitely. Almost always in a group weighting of your friends yet to have time to wait for beer wait for talkers are an average ethic is just sitting there by yourself. Maybe don't wanna pull out your phone that fizzled years that their bellies pot around. Thanks it's you who's that guy that it's at that acts. Aren't easy to iron or I can you wave that there. Leaning way. Pay per provision court she is the you know she's governor over you come on down. But the what my issue. There's one that's light on that these to tell which one. Made Darren Hayes Karen. It's cool how you might have might or might satellites. Need. Let. Alone what the red light on. It. And I'm in the market figures so I think so I'll admit when your turn out yet. Radio here La La thongs and got that a nice coming to work more than one of the latest America. And is he a nicer than. In what way out to sockets that's my spot. Well I daily dead spot event where does your podcast you know it's over here absent the well you didn't like. It did just there today that you're sitting there are you always sit on their pretty podcast I was that are here to be podcasts and and things up yet. And a city. Where is the manager might stand. We'll look at me standing in my in two of the dead slipping it does have a good better be funny Hilton and attract. Yup Russian. But yeah they're a big. Oh yeah. Tearing top that it doesn't dust into ever I don't know what it I really to practice that you know good work totally yeah. The veterans against the you know we'll all admit I think as a reference case. The parent topic well. I'm sure to YouTube to come as no surprise that we got to go there I had a few slight disasters over the weekend. Hello look at battling the elements if you dial one involving fire one involving water one involving the fire department in one not involving fire department. But my question. For today and I got the fire department on myself this weekend which is really sad Eiffel brought all right and like it's humiliating. I called the fire department and myself but wondering wind was the last time someone called the cops that I department on you like what happened. It wolf one time. I don't know this a the day actually got a call about it better they were just like fishing be candidates. Well basically. I was going to see a movie the Redmond town center and i.'s most of pot. Goes to move week. And complex followed me too when I park parked and locked my car got out. And they could tell that guys smoking pot. And it is reached they hit and as an sizes that some friends out maybe an area of stuff on our earlier talk about that I'm fine you know and his. Played it off my college lock picker getting in their. They were like trying to get me on and on and you know whatever and and you know as. The girl the girl cult as do most. Optimist when you compare they're good good cop bad cop and thank. We received calls about black at 150 flying down was to a two whenever it's been with the marijuana clouds billowing out of late. You know what I want is the most popular vehicle being sold these days snow and I don't know I just play it played comments I don't like that I think suspicion but that was the last time I heard that maybe optical. I'd say the visual of like. A block of 150 just paring down their like smoke clouds. And I love yeah ads on the house on our part of that. Pleasant and accurate. Long time ago he he irony veteran of a crippling. He said to go global. Cops call on our about a mile. Of the dailies are cub fire department. To security counter tops out. I mean like you really high school parties they call the cops I mean if if you have a good security story Alan here. The best security story I have. Is that W hotel T hello Ali and I went there one night all super. Tuned up if you will. Little laced it with a guy I was hanging out with time. We met these girls that were stay in there. And then like we were so loud in the room like security Capcom. And then like the extra security guy came up. And they are like you guys can't late party in this room or whatever it would of course in here but you're not yeah lead. All holes that I dislike for democratic gardens I would take a room. Yeah exactly. Our group a lot of it was but it was like five dollars and all that it. Spent a great guys were everywhere you go and not an hour this quote I cannot recommend the throughout the life and don't let. I cannot let it is clarifying to this day I'm not positive but I'm pretty sure that was Jason Roth is he used to edit security. My dealer was I tell you have to be you know like I mean I don't we didn't know each other. That's funny that I guess you guys or will it when people say like oh yeah we go way back you guys really do away oh yeah yeah it was that there are we out of a hotel. That's not yet what you remember. And you are healthy bottom weren't you know people would call it out on us. Which field parties yet as an adult I don't we have the cops. All of that you gave your credit card to a security I'd like like he's got it doesn't work at the front desk it. Car and I wasn't it so often at the time right it will actually we will honor it might yet final hours later like not worth it. It's I don't do it I didn't like a a plus plus you like 23 and have a ton of money you can review. But for me it certainly took my summer back. You have got a couple cheap cheap weekend and yet. Of course I mean look up one of the girl and he met question I did they think you were such a. You know cool dude that daylight and on the I definitely inoculate the ways that it wasn't worth it. It makes that. Man and wound. That's fantastic as a guy isn't he loves a good I'm good lap 150 guy when I got played at their checks and only man. Sharon. And Democrats dropped its folks the bluntly if they deal with it it's obviously and I did that tractor yeah. Cool and ever after. An album still up and DeVon airborne unarmed and I showed the tractor failure at the more recently this was like away long ago yeah given their credit. Prepare Helio back then. I can't loan limits within eight XIA. You know how inept a little I don't have on the are important are a lot. Our planet it was a lot better on the via Alia Ali honey you know would have Lizzie. Yes and yes I'll check out great great I've checked out totally. Not my thing out there doesn't want nobody thinks. I think I have thought it was go out on that next week maybe comes back maybe not. If you look at W this weekend go down emerald queen casino cage toward MMA. Does seem that and CN. Been paid or we just had on your flat top beach June he'll be fighting he's pretty confident Aaron. I thought super I could feel his confidence through the glass on it Jack era I did the thought I. Compliment him on that because it is wearing a jacket in the pizzeria. That's the actors spike was charted an arm it's like and opportunities to your name right now. Kick it. Just inter act. Our products at different varieties they. Frenzy TV. For dared to donate of the that this is the podcasts years.