Thee Podcast Episode 197

Thursday, October 19th

This week we discuss Skype, Texas, and CageSport 47

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I sort of drum so just kind of dole again but it's a terror reasonably short. Yeah we've got to work. Aaron Koreans are like eight minutes these hints that all be really boring believe and probably. And I look at the seal the curtain a little too far back right hand are gonna have literally just talk about the same certificate and a half minutes and let the pockets. It's. Could you part of the interim credentials to be here. This isn't just any clock access just podcast couldn't do this. Good news. Don't eat podcasts and storing these tests. Stock. Starting to slip and cop. And it. These bobcats have a third 197 with average avoid these dead Smith over the both the fear podcasters but death and all the way it all away and that kind of in front of me on a video thirteen driver her body of a good read Tommy. Always here with the subway southeast Asia two wheels. Com what's going on. Nick I moved higher today on increased global production and the Dow Jones industrial felt went on points and S&P stayed steady. When the NASDAQ and new leader emerged chairs the podcast surging on strong investor sentiment as the boys are back. And GDP fine host case sport over the weekend ten comp we're chasing skirt and Dallas. To the boys catch any cowboy boots we'll find out at ten. It. Well I backed out of we have with you know get you off let up. Matt have a producer of the TP with a bat it's dead are you do it again I tried five Kolb on the screen through throw in the outback they. We can see him he can't Thea. This house where they go we'll wait that works so this little sound a little different I mean it's odd for the three of us as well. Which is also funny because I could seek out right now I don't part of the robot from roll until it. Look like he can't see us and we you're listening to this nobody you'll see that. Technology blessed for frank but also wait we as you talk about how cool it is to see of them like oh yeah you guys give the that's weird for me tumors talked and lines. Would you have in the background was it just a blank screen is it like a unicorn whit what exactly are you looking. Oh I think your about the backup behind me and I was like dude behind me next some awesome stuff there's like. I signed a Mac Lamar how long signed. Who is adjacent guerrilla album and assigned Steve DOT album and in my friend's studio and now Austin. Nice yeah looks like a pro set up you got there. Amid some back and sit in front turntable snob and how to use them but feels cool. Yeah I yet also funny tuba guy is certainly what's physically front of the computer screen and dude it's just all little notes and stuff for the cast and I'm not our emails one not where. Excellent. It's a start off this week basically two big things happened this week. MC TP when hosted Kate sport yeah. We had been fate our home last week. I think he garnered some reaction so it'll be interesting it talked to Matt see what happens there but first of covering up the fact that I did go to Dallas. You've got to have their Friday night. And it's Saturday afternoon the mega powers combined when I had my brother Chris with me ahead will. And then Cobb role and mayhem drove up from Austin. Yeah the boys flew in from the north we came up hop from the south undercover radar terribly. Tried to hit the state Fairmont was already burned out. That would and so here's the deal Matt wanting you will love is we ate some weird state food fit state fair food like what. Deep fried Thanksgiving which is basically just kind of deep fried stuffing all in all in one by. Yeah it due to a couple bites a look at this point right top of those guys are driving up so just mean our brother and will also work on order and stuff and split it. Between three to. The make sent via the that we got that and then we also got the tamale don't which. Is exactly what you think it is it's a tamale in the shape of a doughnut that I like his good play. Almost again. Guacamole slash rent sauls but it looked like it don't semis and yet a third time he bit into it it was late at the tamale. Yeah it would yeah it was very weird because when you looked at it I expected sweet see you later on it yeah struck. You here's the real question friend afoul. Tamale don't have ominously friend. Beat deep fried Thanksgiving folks. Who yet but the crude a top of the state fair. Besides the fact we played five tickets. To go see the world's largest lake contained alligator and oldest big out okay but you can imagine three guys are kind of drunk like we got to do that. When you get and it's exactly what you think it is just an alligator lane indicate an. So we will go over to another area there they have the world's smallest horse. Five digit rates the world as we got you through smokes or yeah. Tiny Tim. In matter over and over it's like time it's him he's so tiny you wanna pick them up and take it would you please don't touch panicked him. In this in that in Thomas heard the discussed in our boys about this. Ports and you get a bonus platform and then in the pit. He just this tiny horse down there right. The club could pick a pick up the a couple of activated a guy go. I don't get it with a difference between him and like a mini horse he goes well man you'll see how long years it basically he's just the dwarf. How's that oh okay so late that faith that we didn't. Practice. Yet I love one that adamant hit. Rather than just like you know some reasonable stable Laura spent situation with some handed. You know like a fitness conscious lot of bad images and suit it's like being in the world's tallest midget. You know it's like well is he a full size horse that's tiny or tiny horse that's pretty big you now. Yet and I know the natural reaction you're thank you Matt is lake and I see a picture of it now you think buy tickets to see this tiny Tim and like no pictures at lake. Your whole gimmick is that he's a weaker political freak it picture I don't need to take a picture man how many helmets at the ticket cost. Tickets are cheap the elite like for thirty bucks that you at a hundred tickets Oca but the line for the tickets is huge. To the point of we over bought tickets than we resold them the line to make ten bucks Smart you and I. But the great houses they was we did order it was a funnel cake with a cheeseburger in case. And then DOS that it. In powder sure I think he told me about Alan yes yeah that line god damn huge friend that being was messy bits super delicious I will say right now you can look in my arms. My hair's got a standing up his act caiso with hot lava. You Richard Burt a bomb. Speaking of caiso have you had that news with little teaser bread they do you have a view of the case still at its auto. Know all the way to make yen before I forgot I think he's the right restaurant GAAP. Yeah like the fort she's one BL a day comes let us also and it's like you mix it up and it's like bread yet cattle too much with the blue cheese or something in it for me a solid solemn thought love that. Yes that's case of error had we use. The whole thing I realize case. Puppets about lake a week or two ago I was in our people so fired up about caiso but I only ever get it is like fast food. But when you go to like a restaurant in its meat properly like oh I get him. And yet incredible. I don't know that I know funnel cages. Oh yeah it will that's I guess its orbit East Coast thing. Aren't you. It's like the East Coast version kind of an elephant here but it's a little more sturdy so they just a pattern like a crisscross. Shape in hot oil and that comes out with a funnel cake and easy get on top with like Algeria. Where he knew like strawberries and whipped cream. That it was almost like having that the doughnut beat the bond but this time those funnel. Okay and want elephant here ask. Yeah targets. It is not good Greg did I mean you know funnel cake. Yeah that yeah I know more item in California on up as in the bears or whatever you formal board and then had them and it. They have that wild lives item there. As good as seen them around here right 101000 buys Seattle and stuff like that. Yes you boys ever get intrigued by the the wildly season's pass on nine dollars. And it's a great deal. Almost by it every year every yard drive past and I were announced coma. I tell myself I was like forty dollars to go regularly and I think the seasons past is like 69 about 67 bucks in every year I'm Mike. Maybe this is my year like this early on every day about men and never happened. Did we have the light that people from wild waves up here a couple weeks ago work. Is they were like out pimping their Halloween thing. So I was like hey my buddy has this theory on wild waves and you wanna go I can follow September on a cloudy day when not a lot of people go. You can ride all the rides there oh he's exactly right. That's an agreement go about it. Did the other some book like that they make four from Disneyland to Letterman still accurate but these two guys spent a year. I collecting data this is adamant late ninety's. They spend a year collecting data on all the rides all the times a day season now audio all the stuff and we read it before it went my brother and I wonder like you know. Twelve and fifteen or whatever. And it was so counter intuitive the busiest craziest rides the fastest time in there as I like. 115 runs eating lunch like the new Indiana Jones ride at the time has brand new I think like ten times in the mode as awesome. Good that's a very Cobb family thing to do that. Thank you my brother twelve we did the research and yeah and they get on the rock it's if is that part of the state fair and everything was it was a very good time. But it we get back to the hotel Cobb wrote a mayhem parties and at the bar there's been a cool sports bar hotel. So we really haven't what one or two Beers there before we took off. That was on I mean total tab was throwing like fourteen Beers some honest. Yet good point or six of us yeah. Yet could call so then. Right that we're gonna go to this neighborhood but deep alum. Which is basically like he used to be like what the big jazz neighborhood or whatever now the hitters and moved in its enterprise it. It reminded me of Georgetown if currency. Late last year urged. The women Marlins on dresses and sexy boots yet so we go to this one bar. We're hanging out there. You know cops doing all right Chris and will hurt you mean Rolen are cruising through Peters Michael cook cook. Were brought here that I. So the newly I have to mention that is so great about Texas and stuff like. But we account and I took a picture with a with a girl is kind of joking around but I mean like it was just amazing to me that easily came in I'm you to picture this girl. Come over like a minute nothing I ain't. But it it was not the cold shoulder you get in Seattle some guys who were very friendly. Today she was a smoke so to me pull back on that story. You and Joseph and our. Our friend Joseph and tad were kept sending these pictures of the three of them in Seattle so we were battling back needs my three of us gas. So we're sand. Anxious about three of us with plates and not shows. Rowan how Manningham and the guys who drove up. And so then we wanted to send one back to Joseph it ten and hot chick in the medals are represented and anyway yeah this goes smoke shown she was totally down I think America bird. Connecticut had. And then there was a girl the bar to image was in the hostage a pretty good looking girl that was like I'm sort of order Beers start chat via a toll she was a model. I think it's your mom model model. America's I was like all right it's a Psycho right ago or do you model here in Texas Judith I'll take my beer bottle. What no usage you were a model essentially yet. And Pacifica I. Like I am not I don't know we we just usually get hurt like to regulate you think you're a model I Serbian amok over and it was late. Of that time. Yeah I know for some reason I don't know why dyslexic weird sodomy anytime somebody's who's Paramount went well and animals who. Jews in and done. Yeah. The other thing is is keep in mind at the rate we're there for Texas vs Oklahoma while the game's on like we're watching in the background we don't I don't care that much. So then it. BS the bartenders really go over this place was that the he can't be can every say it botched car in the everybody's. It's critical week they get rid of any bullets that. But there are six and us. In fact there's if there's a thing on the menu called the trawl through right in it was a pound of brisket a pound of beef rib a pound pork cribs. Half a pound pulled pork. Three sausage links and like a side. So the sixth of also like what we got to get it for like the point how would feel that we are pretty close to order to draw. Jack has thrown out multiple times. Yet hanging so Kyle were you at do you think we were go to one I thought we need jump Ted thought we need to draw that at bat. I kind of thought we needed like one and a half troughs may be too we get substitute some some big sides. I was you know typically I am always the guy who. Is left a little hungry after a restaurant meal frankly and so. You know I was on board but with us to trust and how and gone that direction. Right so we just order the one attacking Matt it is a massive amount of army backup and he's right we got like three large sides with a but did you go up with rowand to pick it up. Now I didn't all right still rolling it's rolling nice leaves a topic of this one. So he goes up to grab a though with the salad the guy I was kind of salty lake where is your receipt. No you can't just walk up and grab trough. And her. Keep in mind to this places. Award winning week sass and a bartender and local barbecue joints. And they said oh make sure you go to the economy lodge so we go over there and as a walk in there's like. Those sound. Those line dividers for a like rides carnivals and of those like crappy Matta wants you just winning a little barriers you see al-Qaeda like any event downtown. Yeah do exactly and we look at this wall and it's called bird. In a war it's. Plaques. Photos of them west but you know leaders of a republics and it was absurd name one just tons of awards. There's very few people on line as soon as we get in mine owners hundred people behind us. Out the door. Well when that happens. We're right if you are Smart. Excuse me thank right as the game's about and were like let's go over because it wasn't FR a walk at this point but let's go over there before the game and it's probably inning it's super packed. So even when we walked in. The lot it was pretty good size. But we wait we get a table and while we're sitting and eating the line at this point out the door I have to say it athlete on the block. It got below and we didn't know was a popular spot to a locked and she solved. Right so mean now we're just British checking things off the list right where drinking and in a cool neighborhood we went to a famous barbecue joint and with that that that barbecue was. Awesome. Think it was sort of caught fire Nissan and as our governor had minus the salt yes I did I did poop out pretty sure half of brisket the next morning. It so. So then we go over to an item of that was the deep alum brewing company we don't like the nice kind of like beer bar at the across the cheapest tattoo shop that Wear a telling. Is we were in Georgetown. At a young tattooed an impossibly cool that's on the people like Anna. Yeah and there's just so many attractive I will say this the card game. Is legit in Dallas. A dealer just cruise and Natalie they gave a crap about might stop and apart. Oh yeah no matter who d.s two and had a girl's green tech camp overstated enough port I don't like. Texas hot like the long flowing blond hair like big hair you know sun dresses are just like little one of those things called Europe's us attend the brawl let's. The brow laughs yes everywhere cowboy boots the little mini cowboy boots injury even sexier as ridiculous. You don't even mind right this is Dallas normal but also Oklahoma has brought an eight flock of attractive women could experience a world record. We hope the first things grow instead of your exits all it's like being Alec the sex like that Kenny Chesney concert. And with roads that I'm a boot mayhem Hempstead I'm love bathroom bath. A 100%. It'll rotate the or in this Behar I mean we're a chat people up. So somehow like all day I mean kind of like they wish your strip club maybe should I should say both of you like my brother and will have. Zero interest lately in going to a strip club and he was just Munich tampering and out and at. So that roller and I apparently estimate we're on a good pace. And I was like. I'd just loses trumpet Leo doesn't mean it seems like it's it's part of Texas we should never strip club that we should guns. That we started running for an open it's called guns and fund. But I mean gobble testing we we were taking this idea pretty deep. But oh yeah did your time on guns and fun for the better part of like four hours ago we were back to the hotel pool. He's trash talk people and the guns and on his rifle and Beers on himself on the concept. Those ridiculous. It's tough talk. I love when you get caught up in these in these ideas that these teams but it probably is scheme duty yesterday I was told on the but he had a ball park. I go with him and it's gone in fine you have a point out lap dance you have mute 38 out laughing at her or for sixty bucks. It's full nude which she has to belt of ammo water so you get to lap dance in the you can get to shoot Vietnam. The you end the pool there's thousands sick twisted fantasy outgunned in fund I mean this week here's the thing that. They'll sell right even if you don't like either of them just that dangerous wild aspect of this place that all the strip club slash gun range. Come on you know the food there is good you know the beer is cold and you know the women hot. Yeah exactly. Right like Jimmy we have also specials like to know stars and equipment nine male or. Privy to shut the fire volume to pop off for round the clock. Yeah and there's alcohol. But I'm pretty sure it out at CNET code city code wise I don't know Howard to get this one through but it will be successful. You don't you don't watermelon with a Magnum wallet opens her arm on and had just crazy stuff. Yes we got back to the hotel they have an outdoor pool like the size Thurber was weird but that. Assam as we. But they say that pools look of the weirdest pulls ever been in my life. But also has the floor was just lake I don't know who just Ilie appellate we were displayed in an aluminum tank on the sixth floor really yeah. As much or talking about it was I'd like the foot of I don't know that I answered skyscraper bred parents tall hotel looking out over the city of Dallas school and then yeah I was just like. A small metal pool over sort of like on sky bridge type scenario nice and cool. It's too much shakes out there is you know they're about to close who don't. Yeah so then I've also been working on the steering out at this point in the night. Like he's in keep in mind the hotel. Is massive and there is group's hot chicks for Texas Oklahoma. And that is also home the was that the loo who wrote girls. So yeah company and its anyhow. My theory was sometimes elevator doors would open just like a hot group projects and I just go boomer sooner those other. You talk about that the one I'd say we're trying to command centers the zero. Whole her whole whole oral or Dick well. Confronted some Mac. This hotel is packed with girls he's I can mean more so that obviously 109 notice that kind of thing but it was it was above average tax like it. There's a wedding in the lobby and honestly I you I don't know with the sweating muscle pull or you've never seen a wedding but they all these women were hot. We have says full porn stars something like that like I really didn't like is they're working girls in here and they're like now they're coming from that wedding elect. Yeah they were they are long and light and he had and beautiful. So we're on the elevator and we cannot packed in at the end. And so you know we're joking am this guy about his pants he's got like these UT pants that. You know and longhorns on Ayman whatever it is chopping it up mix in with the community. And I'm. We start to go up and elevators almost folders probably just affirmed for two more people. It opens on the fourth floor and there's just tall smoke show girl probably wasn't what had 1920. Yeah I Taylor 21 topped. You act in a short dress and your Skype face beyond excited about the game whenever and then her boyfriend who looks like. Mean if you can imagine like. A Dallas prep school graduate. I checked out the knives cowboy hat bike. Boots that have never been used you know terrified this guy I mean his hands are soft focus is trying to pull off cowboy but. Thousands in any down those caught palaces. And now. So she goes well okay hop on the guy Rwandan and now all trying to coax this Koch economy elevator freewheeling and leave the door opens didn't. Yeah. I can't stand close to us and I'm just I nominee I'll take the next one. And she looks at him like she once again on this elevator sulfur in bad and Ike he looks at him she looks at him like he's kind of letting her down. And Mike maybe she's just gonna go anywhere. Here's our as the door is closed the bone elevated just like she. Shouting down my town. I jabs at a garage did the 00. Lightly as fast that's about it. Closely uphill where it's going through the elevated mood doors are closed. Quite an I don't know why but it was late late you wanted the government felt leader like we're on a good route every interview we don't know are fired up like if he's just late. It was so funny and elevator he and you could just tell you she like he wanted no parts of it seems like. And the nets at Ascot on this thing is really fun. He either way I think of for hall. Dallas great time it was hot out. How hot. Saturday during the day was like 9293. And it was it was humid. The plus side as you know the girls weren't practically nothing Montreal enjoy it. It has warmed an afternoon. It it it was but you know unlike here without a bar pretty easy that it AC. Care. It was like Keynes when it was completely dark black out is pumping me see had to be one like seventy degrees a man. I will say a couple times we ring have a bar watching the game forever like I go outside and a yeah Africa model. Bat seriously and in the main thing is the next day when I let the next day when I finally left I mean it it must to cooled off toward to some degree. Sheila. It the next in Austin was like 75. Who's perfect actually they've gotten hot again. Now today was shields needed irons starred Alec really cloudy in the morning and and got guys that went around my terrorists perfect. Yes you are an Austin I was Austin city limits. Did us in on us awesome I mean so we get to go CI AJ easy on Friday night. And then Saturday were a few guys on Sunday and parents who run the jewels which is rad I saw them last week to Russo. That cancels out there they are massage zoo my seat and Novo. Policy that was pretty much if they once I met Portugal the man nose tackle on our body guards in your past or so ago. Now mix and mingle with some people would publish an amenable to talk to. And now yeah those on Amber's you know I just drinks Christiane sunshine. Excellent. Jump out at a still a positive about the delay take. This. Yup hey. This thing about I was there and have realized that he you know get us through this thing about how weird it was the states now about that. Data get the nod from you guys are like why do the little thing career win the cat and like. And let me talk about avarice and you know it's June blinds. Are right so lastly Comcast. I was not here we had in have been fade or AK eight Phoenix Jones who who is in the championship but. Fight dedicates we're gonna make so prodigy was the last two spot gash that. I was of the first half or so I'm not nom what was I doing now I I went at a grocery store and I. Had to I had to cut off man you guys are Killen a huge. You know I think you were great interview I was just tough to like. It is in Vegas FTS important. Oh yeah. Yes and that's I was gonna ask it about the you know talking and talking or whatever beatings and will know which is Faxon isn't that sounds like art you know what. If you go out win that belt. Like I am I gonna get a decent job of trying to keep it keep them honest a little bit by bit he just powered the crew here so they can. Matt you've got to tell me what happened to the point. Well. And. It was five rounds and could you give him every opportunity to be humble as wanna say that but it now. Well we're not ho who hunt all Kendrick fans again. So if indeed it did go five rounds. I don't think he won any of them. Austin who is. A I'd national champion wrestler was able taken down every around it's there a problem. And yeah so he lost by decision pretty handily won the scorers was fifteen to forty. It's used by any dumb Piaf. That 5040. If the 46. Or 44. And then like 42 of four victory. Wow yes today you is it was a pretty one sided 25 minute affair which was cave man autos. I'd also were first round X I mean if I was an exciting but everything guy goes by quick and they are the main events as cool that that lasted for. For the whole round and yet he hung in there. But never got. Light that it never had any anything going in the known it felt like I mean maybe he did. Pull something off at any minute you know and that's at bats and the excitement of the sport that is it was clear the entire time that Austin was in control. As far as like the scorecard win. So was he taken heavy damage or is it is former wrestling around on the ground type thing is he just ground however is organized and managed. He and they might have broken nose on its Graham. He got punched in the N. The blind landed on my shoulder. On the new sure yeah we've gone without it's time they're right there and a quarter in pretty content yet knows you're down they. So I'm on the corner and they are down right on the other end of that. Of that stretched a before their by the next quarter over. And I just hazards of the job comes to blood. Loop are like six to eight feet to win on my shoulder and leg I'd be exchanged storm to hit it. Yeah it was off. I mean my the girl that next CIA was talked into it we have like mansion back to back it happened with how closely are you grow white blouse. And then sure enough like I think it might have been that. Fourth round of that fight and you know author and nails it with one and it's just like that the hits mixture I. Please be blood they'll be dull piece not. Let's not that exciting played these people as though. The one timer here like please be blood yeah I those awesome. Yeah if you ever wished now Jerry in bed and you feel something when like he's told people. I went to Scotland. Also heart rates and then we got to pass I was I was I was the intro you went down the ramp. Yeah I've finally got through the guy who went cool. It kind it was a real man got out there and like it was just. Really surreal I'd definitely it and it up which is always Micheal and that's was castle and Dave told me on Thursday here. I'd like to that mindset yeah. And and self went out there you know hats off to read. And you know captivate energy and and you know just like. Delivered it and felt good about it you know I. May be because more comfortable on a dime before I could have milk that a little bit more than done more bad apple and I did a good job and you know in and a and so. About ultimate goal. All right. And then. Hello my theory on intermission and hold true to their little more lively for the intermission on yet you guys they definitely were it was kind of interesting. You know you odd times. They'll have you talked these people that he's kind of bring out some people that are there that are away you know names yet and so. One of ohm is USC fighter there was also on Dancing With The Stars. Page DNC acting through girl's name. Agents or am I still can't lead you get the talker yes it's cool yet the bomber. Why. She I got I would I think packed up its late and I just was jealous flow that you dig at the top. Yeah yet the debate she's dating and an upper right I found that Alec to two or two or three days before the event not to think of this month. I guess he had an impeachment thing well. That's the thing is. Neither her or the other girl who's that the first USC cut woman that I in the in the corner and she's like. You know didn't lurk in some quarters that night. And so. But neither one of them wanted to be interviewed and so it's like introduce them like given up our. And then people cheered and then out kind of bit of a well powered data breaks in ten minutes but they come into the cage yet again now I have very very cheered and they had a laser eye and interviews that I our eyes. And date piano's is kind of as fund might. They're both future Nixon you bring out some coupon girls to a crowd almost ideas and they've been drinking and you know on though. Both here and you know he's been in the energy is pretty easy. Yes this nozzles on our policing command to match the bulls and the ninety's bulls intro you know these same idea does though. As fun. Credible yeah yeah I did it deadly did ill is. You know I'll that is nervous is that bottom IP I just like they have on at that it's pretty cool. And yeah that got to sit and bright on the page bows the coolest part late. Pardon Afghan authorities rat yeah and I think I would call the apron. The apron or did on the apron we in the Disney hall it's the apron corrects there really this is these. A very very. Unique interesting insane experience. Let you know dude are repeating their schools pounded in the two feet in front of when there's like when there's a guy on his back right is a guess that this is where Ben. Spent a decent honest I'm right also just sit in his guard and so you see some of those punches they thought their side OR TR heat don't look like much who would your foot away. Did you hear the impact like that hurts yeah there's no he did a lot of body shots as much. Yeah Diaz. The other is so crazy to just be that close to it. It was totally like you see those things on the other paper views in Europe C and it's like you. There's HD do you feel like you're there quote unquote but feeling like you're there from HDTV is not the same as being there and who is. It was in San a lot of respect for those guys. I just kept reminding myself that like they signed up for this and so I was like hey. That is what they're they ought to do all right a lot today a fifth he but I think. Just when I got there the excitement of game to sit back close to the action. Gave me the excitement to go out there and do my announcements better. Lakers to say oh this is what I gotta do to the dictates and it's an apron I done. And so yelling out there and as cool. I was at high you nice. You know the usual suspects canny and Anthony and Bryant and I. Ernie he had and it's IV blows me that I remember I'm. It as you know a lot like south yeah I got more our bonds. Later admits test estimated two Italian medical ID act is there like that most of fight for super quick. With a lot of. That's it for anything. And if I ever had anything to do every fight will go to the distance Mecca at last year for the Halloween party primaries where showed up so AF. But just funny to some ninth man with those fights like he'll be zero knock out zero tap out. It takes forever it's almost a real media animation that there's other nights are people it is it dropped left right that's what this was older those are the best night of 15 before. It may have that went to the second and it didn't go very deep in his second everything else first round one that went the full verse. And then there was the doctors obvious as the do you that is based split open. Doubt that the voter I oppose that nominee in hand. And Emma FaceBook legs that was crazy. And today and against plan. Allay I think his forehead are athlete is faced with so covered in blood I consider the source of it. Late. Yeah it was and there have been pretty early in the first round two and he just kept kept go for a night. He didn't you know and not because the bloody he would no one now around in the judge's eyes anyways but you value he hung in there for the entire. First rounds pretty impressive. Yeah a lot of wet tissue to right above your ire right below. The high part of your cheek like they believed he had an inn in combat sports as an ambulance pop open the most. Right and then ending it in a lot of times that looks worse than it is especially for guys that do this for a living and how that kind of pain tolerance but man. It looks insane that close up. It was dude here's a request for you guys. So you know like. How I am you know traditionally like fighters with darker skin you can see. The atom how to call a bruising and stuff like that as much you can't see the damage mid fight. All right. Yeah now. Were. Mean you're not gonna get red spots but I don't know it's hard to tell bruising that like during a fight. Now man I feel like white guys faces always led the way you worse than most but I I was just wondering is it seems like. Right because the blood he's normalcy not sorry at the punch my laptop it could comment. Voice that I'm. Because the blood is easier to seats I feel like sometimes that Donna makes it look like he. The white dude in the fighters is taken away heavier damage agree disagree. No no comment. I mean look that's deathly part of fighting right like. Sometimes the guy that looks like he's taken a worst beating is not but he's just cut in the right spot where he faces the local news. I think even if scoring a fight especially there's still some sort of primal piece of last. It sees that blood squirting out his hand like I got a guys back in time for. Yeah I do think post fight the white guys look more beat up her credit that. Yeah when the bruise and said man. I would gives the emails here and a second. Just also always of course beat thinks anybody that was out there cage sports have a tough to Matt always we appreciate who our bonds whether it's me your Mac and. Yeah yeah a super cool. Yeah people Lester you're he's in Texas man. Well did you recognize me go to C units on the podcast you know and a ninety dollars and last week means there's going to be it be there. Yeah we talked about a cup talk we've got about kinda it belief here's something that's fine whatever unanswered questions that San high. What what. Me Texas adds fifth birthday it was funny that next step with five million Texas. You or email their cover. Her voice. Com. Guys is there's clearing as he melts into all non crucial numbers later almost cried in this announcement but it could've been my hormones catcher and reaction. Embassy cub and iron valuable random facts wisdom we share in the podcast past few years. W help definitely helped me it is tough times allies. Eskom the best podcasts on land or not only insightful feedback too funny anecdotes. As. All employer reset all the land that they ran out he's not that way let's put us you know which I classy Scott topic my answer would be Thailand. I Stanley first had been Thailand when I was eleven an impact in my decision on college there during that time it really changed me and help me grow from Allison to an adult. Still a special place in my heart and I hope to retire their Sunday. How does said. Tenant. Good luck and are upon days nor PS I'll be fire roller Disco and Austin you can recommend a visit SXSW. Erica doesn't get one. Georgetown in sub about all of our. And not sickness. Analysts are but sewage. The art. While boys two weeks I missed two weeks and come back to Ted we count fighting over Nazis Cobb was moving out of state. In MC TP is commence as slow but steady overthrow Bollywood Ted stage like a lot of Harlem where. Up to that I felt bad now. It was like going out and outlast cast hasn't won 93 but I wonder job of violence vs non bounce example near and dear to me. In 2006 they passed an ordinance where individuals were not want to protest in a certain distance from service members' funerals. After friend of mine was killed inaction as journalists. One of the ones that was the first funeral the ordinance was imposed on well. The folks of west Borough Baptist Church shows disregard your ordinance approaches it very loudly and I am I anxiously while taps being played. And his flight was folded to be hand to his mother. There's every time to meet a peaceful protest with violence I was time. Yes heard you as I've heard meets today terrorists there a bunch I can't say it or not he shouldn't be punched the west Borough Baptist church and burned to the ground but it's a as some point people approach doesn't add their own risk. And those against and should be ready to accept the consequences of their compassionate actions keep those simple rules in mind folks and make good decisions. As a bloc are on torched the black Republican. Yeah I mean like I remember when looney passed away that was a big issue right is that westar Baptist those people showed up and decayed. And protest outside his funeral. And our own national set Thurman are out. Help me out Arlington national cemetery. Time with George and I get that one we were libel Brendan when it's that anything like he gets probe people's rights protest. I mean George present a tough point and that shortly. Yeah like that. You don't wanna. I'm now I'm just still final punch in the eighth I think that it's if that's the life and fan but I have to draw people wanna judge young man like judge your way. Let's be what are your any case the Nazi puncher as the top. The Nazi Nazi Hunter Smith they want place Nazis are now welcome. Guns in pot. A little boy's eyes of the grain to him as being the greatest my cast on Lance all of 100%. Ted knows what's up. That's automated ginger spice was playing me to not know that that thank you you grew when he hopefully. Sounds like you did you do a whole lot of Google I. On both the Internet and self 120 five's my childhood memories cut even more around these days. It also can be Mel B mussina on America's Got Talent and then posh is always a classic Cobb if you're listening and as kids read. Subscribe to the podcast I'm excited here I go home boys aren't peak out Ian. But it is funny we did that you big chill out probably need a minute weeklies are back. Suze practice. Yeah. I think look I agree with that Mel B looks phenomenal right now and right posh spice is always in its. Mrs. Beckham at the height that I know that Martha caller posh spice. But yeah I know the questions about the originals it was his baby spice in those days. You know I think what people need to understand as yummy pretend moving down here is just a pump and dump scheme for the stock. He got the sock hop we all body and now wash our fortunes ride exploits. Put it into Bruce subscribers tier of the new podcast. I asked us to surge. And emails thanks everybody if you haven't checked out the and Cobb experiments on. ITunes stitcher etc. I we want more time. Yes sir. Nobody wants to give up their Friday and Saturday nights for a get together why not a Saturday or Sunday morning brunch. Together involving donuts. Let's just bring it doesn't Johnson their city. He only tried places like Henry Johnson north are rarely out there. Conversely someone who Israeli in the south sound would've tried legendary it's. Imagine the variety of dominance we have all of our listeners converge on 1 central location. Donuts. Cameron. I mean like that idea that was a good doughnut meet up. Don't super fast and all of that and they have meet up it's like everything else right like cars for sports club. Early may tenth yeah. I think we still like you were into a brunch the thing I think still wanna have this at the play bar and how much most of these doughnuts. Now cocktails to. Yeah but I mean goes to Saturday morning that we could find a place to be right it's like people would still eat food off their menu what is bringing in extra to that studio Cobb comes back. Yeah it's time as. As I say is we have voodoo donuts down here so realistically. You boy flies back some voodoo we got people drive and out from south sound people commands from Norris and we truly can out. The greatest talent gets added to the world has ever now. I knew I had to veto a voodoo donor dinner hosted. Dude did the food game here is ridiculous it's like we're West Coast meets East Coast so we have like. In an Albert current hole we also house Waffle House we have what are burger but we also have sought in sight then there's a bunch elect local burger chains like Pete Mary's college boy. And that there's like that Janet pizza game is on point talk a game obviously Tex maxed the best barbecue in the country. Which actually just had a big fires that our business for the moment of voodoo donuts is ridiculous put a fire. I'm out Franklin's. Oh Nokia didn't. Yeah Amanda dual in line for apple is like 8 AM and is instead voted multiple times the best barbecue and country I guess. As the story goes or some might small kitchen fire in the back whatever one of the Coles from. One in the smokers those amounts fire and it was you know as a medium sized farm and it's damaged shut them down but. But I thought it was the coolest was a guy I think is famous Franklin but I'm not sure it's fairly young guy who runs a restaurant. And I guess like a guy who did it you know who had we started the fire accidentally. Was freaking Downey was like you on edge of tears and attacked him up till now owner sort of the big boss I was like dude. We played with fire for a living bring your lightens up on fire every day and running five smokers don't sweat and and going back ups you know like in no time. Yet another super cool these last name is Franklin. Al-Qaeda makes cents. And then there's the guy he used to work for I forget his name. He runs we just a food truck now but basically the story is Franklin worked for him this guy always won best brisket or whenever. And then back I was gone out of business of and then Franklin left open one. And then when Mac guy he needed money to Seles smokers Franklin ball one that's start like this huge mass of rivalry. Nice. Yeah I mean I mean it's kinda crazy but it's a it's barbecue Killian not to be friendly. Her. Dude they're smokers are ridiculous to me it's like up converted propane tank so realistically I'm not in euros or the other day looking Adam. They have 317. Foot trailers outback behind the restaurant. Each with its own competition. Smoker on multiple smokestacks. And the three of us. Could fit inside one of those smokers. Yet. I mean that's that's a lot of beef in on 200 pounds Ted what like 242 through media and TP you know 180. Mike went seventy whatever dinner eyes that's that's a lot of beefed once that's all sank the other point Turco can't just. Philip brisket off for me to be all right who. I'm about to back. Did I every ounce the it was taxes when we went today that became lodged. Late nights the brisket was very good but I couldn't get over how good either pulled pork what about the business taxes I don't think they really don't report. Boys I hate to security but this is something I've had this weird conversation out like went hiking before if you had to eat human eye what part of any Biden and Tim. Well the love handles. A load to it and I haven't heard Allen for him seat seems to be the most marble. Yeah makes sense I was thinking yeah they. Right you don't have to look dramatically in my eyes Matt dragon it's weird there's snowing right that's strapped it right on that. On the low back out to the side. And it's this not a love handles so loved him as a kind of right over there that oath next in the over the oblique is. I bats immediate task I just a bagel like China to meet in Yemen Bono hold onto. It will wouldn't that was ready must Selena I think you'd have to cut back for awhile break it down. That's probably true. Maine I don't know I'd just like wanna be as far away from. Their face as possible realistically it. Don't forget the a friend of mine that was from Okinawa he told me there they refer to humans as long. It. But how do you know that didn't let the tight until like ten days without a retreat we had the very we were hungry we isn't very straight arms race. On. The you can flick. Where I'm from they call humans non paid. Out Lagarde made you want the eyeballs much out today or know somebody and again. Which he graciously took them every time. Editor smile on our French abuses of them and I have no idea how this week. Well let's just get reports that as the. What's been. Check out what's best. Can you see that delay. As is like the other battle delays super obvious. Yes I have a fun weekend. Friday night. Was. It was Brad to meet man's birthday and I'm birthday Brad favorite band and one of my favorites in this are was playing at. Low five with up well who's really really bad ass Jack Indio plays bass and then it John it's been ten miles wide was opening up acoustic says about a lot of fun. Lance came out for that. Lance knows John and tests. Who is in this art. Haven't called the test offstage but the that was a lot of fun. And then Saturday it was case for a we talked about. Before that went to this Otto as him at all and good work did you get the link. Sure it'd tabloid and said something looks really on the specials menu and I think you know what I'm here it. Can mobilize. Team. He had double the whole menu looked really yeah a dishonest let's be clear everything is so. As they all male what it had recommend a look at the land shake it said limited availability or as I. He do you have its Hughes who could fit in my laps yet. Figure 430 here but I you've got to get in their early via so in that house amazing night. I even though it was is cute they left the bone there and uses all the dollar it's fallen off the bone but came out. And that case it was super geared a surprise no like that. So weird thing with like target solar blue cheese that is I don't like to them to attempt immediately over powers of the cheese in the mean noticing it I was notice in the salsa and there. In my account for how good a lives like pizza is like a budget cheeses and rights and tomatoes stuff on bread potato bread. Yeah I mean look when you brought us extra bread it was great. As I expand. As out of breath brought that case and sure enough hey here's a whole loaf ain't you. This. He had picked and there are at a great time a case sport. Have a super cool down there. It was a lot of fun and games do you that. Date for that opportunity in. How she thinks felon in the out course. The guy just is so cereals and are close to the action. As is madness. And then let image and made it down to me it's best after that. Four. Week high window pane set. I like this say about your solos at the end of the last internationalists epidemic in time for them. Because there's a bus she by Neil there was talk into and then. Yeah had a good time send day I went to. My parents to buy a brother got engaged community and how much and in venues and so I. They might push our afternoon it could have basically had an early dinner has Lou Indian going to count the first time that gates night and so. Jumped in late. Hopefully that's not the last time of the year but it could be so. Into it that is pretty cold. But not too bad the hot it was. It just given how your dad likes to host in the food and stuff on me. It would be hard not to go there every Sunday in the fall yeah it was a great. The may yeah I don't know where am I wanted to go that is vehement and much of amber and ousted in two weeks then I'll know to Kate Taylor. Via I hear about it at my own personal excitement play out you're out that we cover up up up up. Stay low minority like weight of his post Halloween party this is Halloween party weekend. Cog yet come up. Is. Dude yeah I guess I'm gonna this party that's like there's occasion MA is and you wander through a maze and try to find us and find out you get to stand there and drank out of not some college thing I'm trying to draft scrap its launch starts. But that's seems fun but I can also picture me just an amazing. Or if I frustrated allies a bear cage at the began egg at her cage at the beginning and in the middle and at the end. Outsider to easier to heart now give me a big yet. Like chicks right. Not a bad point but just as. It could be a bad back. I'll hope. I think it's about that high. Food. Top. Top and. It's objects as excited spring the streak is broken. So we Catalonia going on. We got. Paisley the Catalonia is trying to break away from Spanish government obviously you don't you'll see in the riots they've seen we talked a little bit about the bomb and arrows wherever the firefighters. Protection of protesters on stuff. You know trumps all while the White House per usual nothing near there and of course the cascading amendment which allows its current. So what that being set top topic this week. Is every US state. Every state in the US went to war who do you think that way. They're pretty mentality not the podcast dot com or has the Twitter machine at the podcast to ease. If every state in the US went to war who do you think would win. Wanna deal little lateral on the street boys it's. And deep for awhile back. I mean it's got to beat Texas gas. I was my initial thought. But so here's the stadium Texas has united the deep water like out oil or it's camp you know gun smoke a lot of supporters. You even their guns have gone on her gun has a side piece on the strip clubs you can shoot guns and that was your quote the park that app at the idea pick the stop trying to make all of them are happy that it's not going to have. And but it is certainly aren't aware nuclear armaments are and down. Actually. You know Washington has that big sub base anger. So like there's yes malls and I'll miss this game what are your best thoughts. Texas. My first thought I had I can't. I always interested to hear what you would say it would it convince me otherwise because that its index such an obvious answer. Mom. Well he said is intriguing but I understand. All of the all of that. Stuff although adjusted about it enough so I added a my gut instinct which is the place with all the people with all the guns. Known as tax. Yeah I mean Texas my first thought I might throw California in there as well. Texas also just literally has so much military equipment fit them. I think that helps them a ton which is also just size wise people wise and military equipment wise I put California in there yet. You basically have half the marine corset narrated thousand palms without running. Yet yet massive plus. Yeah I just good people in Texas. Are gonna shoot better. You know I mean it's huge in like people from Tex does not mean labor like they're not shy at eight. Yeah hundred sand mean Colorado they have NORAD so you know they're pretty like. Bunkered in there and an Iraqi mounds of Arabic now a lot of natural resources it's. Amid cascading you do well but I'm just with Matt just likes sheer number of people with yup and and late eighties feel like it's got to be Texas or California. Bushels or that they give your states went to war like and you convert people to fight for. I get that doesn't say is that I feel like cascade her. Like the people that are behind it are like autos are more peaceful unarmed. Type people and then all the people who would actually help with that may not be is into the idea. Then I passionate about it we got some people you know we got some people outside of you know Seattle for example. There at the house and guns at it and it helpless you know that thing succeeding in in establishing cascade here. Would ultimately involve some level of violence. As receiving over and came Spain's Catalonia. And you know I've got the people around here that have the guns aren't necessarily in the cascading Kampala has skated here people are budget like peaceful hippies who I love and asked for the idea. And you know I'm as the I'm any guns. Yeah I mean Mike I don't know you're talking when you know. Los Angeles. Oakland San Diego. Mean San Diego into the net with the highest percentage of motorcycle clubs like him were like when you divert those guys the fight for. What do you make a massive military base and near to yeah like we can go up the coast and get I don't know salute. You know the melt every morning yellow or any of that they are merely a yeah I got support our Crosby and he. You know doing business here. And then you know it pales finance. Yeah SpaceX lasers. I will sit it bringing up anything that the state is always why love college sports has generally you'd have no other reason he and other state. Got a for paying back in play. A variety. Kinda hate Ohio but it just start to the Ohio State when I never met people from a high number like they're terrible human but is it. On the outside high in the middle oh oh victory at that I'm task. Now now now. Is his Texas Mecca this year. It appears magnate jump on now. All about what a wild weekend for Colin Powell to be out up top for 10 AM bell was crazy too there's a crazy we got a football. Yet now are yet to do is hope Penn State lose many dollars to their winning national spouses. Yeah. Hartwig joke how we beamed you in. So everybody says this and emails let us know which you think about it obviously we're gonna with that is backed its view we think about us as well to put down that actually worked out pretty well. Yeah my have to do next door at this point parent teller's new to our topic today. God anything else. I was like you have read for me to see some my Jesse checked out I don't know how a man knows all hunted of course yeah stoked to see guys like. Tenet is awesome series Dallas obviously nobody thought that's catchup what about the attacks but yeah a man might you know I've done a couple states gathered seismic I guess it loans or stated be. Yet if we got it and I guess I just kind of forgot like Robin I just naturally running decent to me and team. I think it's killing me right now because he's him a call a halt or what Kobe. I don't know. He. The guy is popular background of in the door behind Cobb. But no that was a blast and yes the will probably keep working on this but there's episode 1974 yeah. Friends and I cannot speak today Jesus Christ utility of forty. There's 197 frenzy TP for Cobb meet at Smith is the podcasts chips.