Thee Podcast Episode 198

Thursday, October 26th

This week we discuss girls and tailgates.


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Let us. Are ready to rock sure are let's do this. I don't know why it's not going to know silly anti climactic I though the everything's in. The Ted might even out and roughly Wisconsin. Oh nothing I'm just fired up about not mean enough went. I'll explain not mean enough women you know who can only think about the numbers fired up and a good way of its the F up the bad legislate. Out I'll get into the day I think podcast. Oh just any projects just podcast this. EU. Contact storing these tests. Starting deep stuff and the starting. Cooled underwear I don't know. These pod cast of the film won nine DA. But Georgia boy these debts that will be hosting this here podcasters vodcast all way all the land. Some are on a video machine to a computer's my burner buddy my good friends always hear what he's somewhere in southeast Asia on two wheels give him a cop out what's going on. The NASDAQ Composite Index posted big gains today on the back to recent US department of treasury report indicating financial marker reform is imminent the SEC is open investigations into a pump and dump scheme by one or more hosts of the podcast early reports indicate BC EO could be indicted as well as long time co host Cobb. Mr. Smith has been cleared of any wrongdoing shares down just two and a quarter percent. Did the boys property expense Dow 117215. To join the class action lawsuit we want. How. I backed out of we have with Diaw hit the whole studio set up Matt Palmer the producer MC TP width of hate dead and you don't do fired up. Yeah man part of the here right you've been fired up all right George just getting into all right. So basically. A couple weeks ago was everybody heard I was down in to say also meltdown in Dallas. And we were hanging out there and as Kabul attest there's a lot of fine women down there. Hot right so I don't know if I've just been slacking or whatever but it has ignited a fire in your boy Ted Smith. Well and it's like that's right likely. Like some mutual friend of ours invited it's like his friends giving right in late early November. So I was looking at today and I just said out loud mosquitoes like easy route to lakes and her message and be like are these girls single. But I see a bunch of the invite lest it list like our basic. Do you gotta go through Ryder research mammy desolate FaceBook stalking is all about ninety candidate that's the value of the platform in my mind just. Yeah that the strong point. But you don't know me Zuckerberg stick it back in billions off as like you Amir announced. Uh huh a local. So it's still pretty eloquent Matt walked in today can't legislate seas get worked up housing man like I gotta stop hanging out with so many couples and up the wrong late. I like everybody in the group would stop legislate. Likely the Halloween party calls late Lester are brought girls but bottle bring girls would be bringing girls that Barton. I mean like dude here's the thing. Your eyes guy I'm a guy's guy has what this podcast works but you know I'm not just say there's not downsides of that mean obviously you know like. We do not there must have a ton of hot women friends can let's be real and so you know you don't have to go buy side your normal social circles. Like but we're right and we're single we can forget how when friends and trying to look up. Well I just my theory is right you play a generally if I have a female friend at the he's married for a long term relationship we don't have too many feel they are harvest her friends. Right via it is just there's clear boundaries. But it's like humanitarian Allen attractive single girl like Anna after a while to feel like. The students. Had. Dana points and Matt harvest. And if I'm Smart. People as a human being besides just saying you know you you network. I want carvers may end its fall when he didn't get a good point but we do I sound like somebody who doesn't need to harm us. Boys I think. I look missed the best foot to get started off on or trying to you know put up with an immensely marry women as they did November the sounds. And as crops to be harvested. Yeah put. I gotta be honest with you man. Played this point it's just the numbers game for me a look at from mrs. Romney to miss this right now I was looking for women to be around here that at. Look dude you know me I mean I'll admit. Read up brigade that nature has given them a bountiful harvest but gave no question especially some of the girls you tend to like. And the quite like pop pop up when I like big big breasted women is that wrote a poem you're exactly right. I hope I guess so and just like. I don't know man I just think. On. Team than us harvesting is only only to hit it. Well true we're getting moments within this unit got a job a massive attack that's gonna slow companies looking to harvest and this guy elementary and. Residents here others try to be a wing men their eyes just. Speaking that had lunch I mean absorbed talk strategy you have good Whitman and our group. Stood the thing is is like we're years strategizing behind closed doors and microphones and Skype and stuff. But like. It's all right we're out there surrounded by women in and saying hey coach trying to harvest outlined to head are right there around I'm just trying to give you advice. But the idea is girls do business podcast were pride here this. So. Yeah that's night like harvest the works I mean right if you're listening in this podcast or you're not going to be shocked when the stock right and to. Horse. And also able as this since I moved down here one of my big sayings was I realize in Seattle that I wasn't just meeting a lot of woman is because I was approaching a lot of woman and so tried to make that more of a piece of my life not improve. Approaching them with any intent necessarily but just like Ted said just upping the volume games I get better those interactions. Because there's Kabul women I met last year. That frankly I just in the house like the skills to stand along I should attempt you know like we are now for awhile on a couple dates but. You know there's a skill set that comes back and frankly you know I've been single for a long time on and off throughout my twenties and it takes how to build that skill sets a mine moved Ted is a long term plans just like exposure and a site but your sand just. High number of interactions to get better deal with the. Yes trust me I'm blaming you in Texas. Have been out west are cruising along hang our people that I was in Texas and killing was so easy to talk to women. And I struck out like three times and it just wasn't a big deal mouth like I'm back here in Seattle man and I'm not that. Really suits so these I think it got a ton of women in France. Don't add up. Where I'm not iron out to pick up. And I got to say this is different. You talk for a living man. Like you what are your one of the best talkers I've ever met in my life correct and I think problem as around these beautiful women. You just clam up and as soon as you open that big mouth here's your gold dude like she's yours. But you you know once you get past that and also once you realized. Like. I think sometimes you you under sell yourself man you're awesome dude you are equal soup line now and as soon as that my dad comes across new communication with other dudes because you're relax dude chill and smoking weed doing your thing do people love it yeah I love and our dear but I think around women. Like you you Ike. You you like I read back what a breath I'm pressing. What do you mean pressing. Like try too hard pressed it will all know it's a city outside Philly you're like I'm holding you got almost. And the good call. And out of it just seemed easier Texas and I mean look everybody's got their downfall right and I talk freely and talk and women's different. Mean you look at some guys that win world championships in tennis for the can't play on clay. They hope tonight and broke out early this agent could. Anyhow I'm still blaming you in Texas. That we were talking chicks on the act. Do Obama's point was that I believe it. And I think that as soon as you get out your own way it's going to be just a watershed you know yeah. Well what do you think was the difference between Texas where you are talking all these women and Seattle is that because is that the grouping guys zero with or is it just that there's more lemon or. Wait what's that all I factor there too things in Texas number one Mike. Frankly like after like common I want to gather like. If he approaches the woman makes me more confidence to go approach is different woman to. And then number two was there wasn't like. It was like the conch. Con strengths I don't wanna sound that bad against any of my friends but it wasn't like. Wasn't the same comfortable group. Citing feel as attach the group the whole time I felt fine to kind of walk off and you talked to people Boca. You know I mean where is sometimes lake and if he caught up hanging out with the same people all the time I get no facts. But there's no you know you're not gonna meet new people that correct. Now which is cool I love all those people but. You know. I got to drive he can he gets comfortable. Right so okay cool calm and debt so how often are you in Cobb going out and hidden at town here in Seattle we worked okay. I'm saying like it I think it was it was just it was just be a nationality a sense of regret that you missed all of that they sound like he's he's helpful and you had them here in Seattle and you could have been up near Seattle in that whole time. Can't. Yeah via. And I didn't hit a Texas right and everything it was more of going to Texas CNET number of attractive women in just being more open the kind of re ignited the fire okay and have you endlessly as civic if I was still here like I would do the same thing we did late week mean traveling over the same friend group all the time like. It's like meat commonly antenna had this conversation. But are profiting. I think so I value that a girl her for a while the public a single guy I think this group of Chad it got back I. Should should do. Still one thing clear like I'm no Casanova I just think like. When were when we're together and were out of our home city because there's also something about there's like some mom you know evolutionary pressure. Like when your round Yuri your tribe or whatever else try to trying to meet women and phalanx and like send some signals the other women or whatever I don't know I read some weird thing about it anyway I think being out of town helps is my point. Yeah yeah. It would be an offensive thing can you bring that spirit to Seattle and you had any like success with that. Well that's that's and I got to start with five and Mike's up going to thinking that just couple subject. This could say your boys fired up I don't have an exact plan out very cool yeah as though he during the day and contemplation face it you're strategize. Correct dots and make better decisions to benefit to it good. Did I would like to suggest strategy it may. Look at my strategy would be a little bit more of or sag at all or non direct approach I think they keep it on the mission. In my experience. Now when I have a woman with me in is ten times easier. To talk to other women because your priority you know you got to social proof security deemed safe whenever. Yeah and since you do have an uncanny ability to make friends better than almost anyone I've ever Matt. What I would do is I would genuinely. Just. Make really good friends with a hot chick and maybe she's not in com or vice Childress doesn't have to be like that attractive whatever it is even. You know southern mill road and of course it and how west. And then start going out and doing things with her friend level that immediately gets in the door I mean that's ten times better than me out me. That dude honestly I already have that person in my till it's a mutual friend of ours. Nice yeah yeah. But I guess radio Durham were snowed out like this person's also in league why we never hang out cues that come out I'll introduce it people like all right they go beautiful. All right tab and now we got that out of the way they got an action plan. We think it. Just. Nice. We next steps I picnic it's are you guys familiar with the bills mafia. Know. Our that a rap group for is a fan of the Buffalo Bills thank you Matt fans of the Buffalo Bill okay. So the bills mafia has gotten very favorites over the years for two thinks they're partying antics and the fact the bills don't. I will say buffalo bills' Fred hands right now we have one with spent but if we do that it will look like I feel bad for you people. Now that's sounds terrible time I have empathy for your struggle to win became the fifth. Basically that Jesus shout outs and nobody Duffy up there you have it right alone on Twitter who Delray. Puppies complaints I feel bad for the buffalo people like they're great fans what they just don't win. So anyhow Cobb over the years. Kind of become like a joke Mattel gaining minutes the bills mafia. And they are more insane and anybody else so you're talking and jumping off tables and cracking down. You know like a wrestler would do. Now there is yet dude there's one tailgate. In this lot in the got in the got it runs it has these old rules like you can't beer bong or anything like that you waste it. Then the end there's these people stand underneath of me and and they just get sprayed with ketchup and mustard. Unanimous fan. I don't know I guess sounds terrible brightly got to stand underneath his nanny gate ketchup mustard all over me. I don't even understand physically out that's possible to standing underneath a van well like you know what I mean like the vans like that the guys at the ketchup mustard on top. The man BI got so there's being in addition to make yourself like some weird now ya. So it is and is this happening before the game correct so they go to the game stint with Carter minced and head to toe. I mean look I don't know if they gain they tell offer these tail gators that are going into the game and they can go watch it tomorrow at this hour. Yes good maybe you've made the commitment by the time he covered in condom sense. But you're not only that I had standard ticket at diagnose over the first thing led to earn government condiments. Like I was. You catch up on somebody once because you're pissed drunk and celebrate if those ball victory in his home that's. Been your PA should with a purpose. Anyhow so Cobb you know how much I'm on the tailgate but the latest video command of the bills mafia. Is a guy trying to jump on a table Brady WW style but they've lit the table on fire. Say god he subsequently. Catches on fire. Home. Oh Jesus was god I was just reading about some guy who lit his co workers who Oscar on fire at a New Zealand house party in the guide died. Sloppy service I'm not a big campfire at parties or to delegates right now. I mean look I think you give a fire papers on the wrong with having a fire at a party. But I'm tired in a slamming your body through fire tad there's huge difference. I'm with the so I bet the kind of reporter wanna get too was like you know I'm all for tilting and stuff relate to with these guys are mostly how much is too much of Mike. What do you do next we. Are you gonna kill somebody to step with you when you're little you don't fire. Look dude here's the truth OK here's Lee probably don't wanna hear that guy. Is you ten years from now you don't change your act he's got no life for shorter assignments are able to Buffalo Bills tailgate party I find it. No you're right maybe just the soul like Mimi think you know what man. Keep this week I'm jumping in a fire some chick is gonna love that I probably didn't let. Hookah. Man that's correct course now kids. I can't have you be that guy sit Seahawks north lot. Going through a table covered in fire. I don't want depth for you man you better than that. Have you seen somebody jumped to one of those tables at a tailgate. Now I saw that Michigan and it went in power I mean you're nailing it on the head it was and a guy like me mid thirty's he's drunk he's on top of a car jumps off. And I mean he broke it put it looked so painful like that's gonna suck the next day. Oh god yeah nobody wins man nobody winds. Yeah point the crowd grants. I guess on watch it it just Google ferocious Google like Buffalo Bills or bills mafia ketchup and mustard in Pinto Ron Kenny. Comes right up there's video people get straight to the ketchup and mustard. I. And it's also. Really the craziest thing you've solid tailgate. Amanda. Home. Do you honestly the craziest thing I saw a man and I don't really know how I can tell this story without getting anyone in trouble our own name names. Yeah Mac it's well beyond that Tom. OK so the craziest thing I saw was actually something that I heard. And our tailgate at BC. Dude got this really no way to tell this without retirement people involved I'm okay. Mattel is very generally there is a major murder in the United States and made headlines. Everywhere and the nation sat riveted as the details unfolded on TV all right well. I found out. That Amy and acquaintance of mine. His father. Was. Heavily involved in the research process he was a coroner. Four in this particular crime. And he was gonna meet coming to the tailgate two weeks out so I don't puncher research. Always it was a is that all right. Sorry I'm trying to keep it really general ox it's everyone has heard this case. Armed and so I knew it was gonna time becoming hoteliers and debauchery search and I you know got my questions ready to a style of research. And he gets there as are pumping him full of yours mean we're talking about us it's the truth you have not seen your boy slam natural light like this. And miss thing is I'm in college so my tolerance is fairly high. But this guy you know sick every every day normal working dad at his his daughter's tailgate right dinner. So we get out. Five to seven Beers Steve somewhere in that range where I'm feeling good and he's still a dangerous and his wife has looked kind of sideways. You wouldn't and then it's. I search as the details and dig into questions and what I am covered. Shocked me. And that's really all items are about the number of details why Powell. Yeah I can tell you blow it soft capsules crazy. It not only being murder number I thought you gonna go with this and by the way like this isn't Shockey and we all know OJ is guilty. But that's that's. It was not OJ analysts and Andre when check out on that in a year and a truck. Ha. I'm a little run again I'll leave it alone with and tempo I got jets. Matt your ceiling increase until nine and her down to it timely got to go to college so I think it's bigger there and I bet you don't have to go to college behind noted you know. I know list. I think I am still I don't relate I realized I could say that serum. It was a crazy thing you've seen a zillion mass. Is in the mirror once used to be pretty rockets went onetime. And say a friend of one of my friends. Just started peeing on a guy's car. Yeah mine now. Is like three in the afternoon. So I mean they basically the cops showed up Brady Quinn and her. Were none too happy it was something as simple as they came in your pee on my car yet if you could happen. Let us a great thing about tell gays is like your your day drinking and people are hammered like it's 2 in the morning but it's bright light outside now and you're on school campus generally. Yeah. And right there just lake. I'm trying to think. I've definitely heard stories that West Virginia of them pushing new report bodies of mail and printed and I'm a decision I'm never going to Morgantown to watch the terps. I really likes some of the after parties to schools win bagel like light catches on fire and from out windows and stuff just total chaos. Yeah I mean we university and Marilyn years ago like. This is like the early two thousands we beat duke. In basketball. At duke allow and they were so fired up on our football program was so bad. People went to the football stadium toward on the goal posts for basketball wind brought him back to the middle fraternity row and started a massive fire. He's I've ever in my buddy Tug boat went to town mayor and broke off a piece that the Pope Booth. How to help you break up the piece of a goal post you know it's not that hard when it's been charged for fuel powers the new kind of display. Kick off a piece of it I mean I I knew he still has it. That's awesome and I always on the crown part of the Kingdome never did. Yeah and they're trying to think just some of the crazier actually you see tailgate still are just unbelievable. Really just a pretty aid groups and everything I mean amber once I mean this is just my family right. So fuel must 120 so we have children in the current stuff. And what we're noting it Maryland it's set up this whole area nexus soccer field are on the soccer field where they would host the visiting teams. So Florida State to have this massive tailgate and like once immune Bernie and somebody else were like are right. We're gonna run over there and take their giant flag and in just running now it's a body. But people my family like encouraging this weekend boy. Did I can only imagine how some white Taliban's main. What would end the blizzard the craziest of crazy stands at a tailgate and waging against you now. Yeah as Iran and a hornet's nest right if you're awake fame and especially college at a game you're either a die hard for him or you're a parent of an athlete. He yeah I agree no middle ground. Yeah you know to me would you gotta be a strange guy and you know I don't you know it's funny like the crazy thing that he'll be that's why I'm calling up the bills mafia when the door was on fire. But I've seen a guy go through a table I've seen plenty appear bonds when he shotguns. A hunter I think being harassed a bunch nerve Virginia Tech one guides give young tell us. Loop. Petrarca terps were terrible but yet fun with that it. Another great thing our member is there was this guy. Ku. Out on the baseball field stands some extra tail gates and yet this giant wheel but he could spin right. I can't on this we will he had to listen all these different consequences and some are what you would expect. But some more much more intense and he would get a line of my kid you not like fifty to sixty students weigh in the span must thank. So. All we'll terrorists you know some basic things like take a shot take a shot off your friend whatever but there's also things like. Call your acts right now. All I am born without plucked at he pool. What do it too because there's like so much peer pressure like the crowd would just like call your. I expect all our eggs. Are eggs. I don't even know what I also yeah I don't even know what I would say if I called my groceries and ask that's incredible that's accretive bird. Hurt her again maybe well. Oh OK I'm at a tailgate blacked out drunk once you've Buena. I act so uncomfortable Joseph Dickey has denied. I tell you and your husband and say hello I'm nausea cramping problems are you did a degenerate Coca. It's got no responsibilities. Shaft. And he delegates that time you wanna earlier Saturday as your hammered with a bunch a raging hammered aspects. Of her home. I don't that provides more than might provide a little more cover. I mean that'd just be like sad guy like no Lleyton. Yes I wanna do it required out with a with a lot of large crowd support. I you know in the words of Drake you go 0200 real quick could you see answers about what she did at a you take it like you look like that level you're not sure you can actually beat up this dude is like I'm to go crazy picnic real quick take that level OP leaps. Yeah I did exactly let it be a slow build up like an arms race you gotta go yeah exactly zero to hundred just bring the noise right obligate. He still did you or did you up. Good to hear from you Ted and the confidence it sounds like you're doing well you don't suspect in this study you know it's noon on Saturday. I'm John on a soccer fields or by soccer moms and mediocre women. If these kids are terrible effect. And scored a goal all season. Are there's a lot of outs on real. And that's a fun game I will save my brother has a great story about being had a guillotine in these dudes had an adult Kenyatta right. So it was loaded with little miniatures of liquor. But the problem why is it. Grain and I wasn't there how I hear the story is that the guys that had an inning to tie it to so we just two guys hold it. And then your behind holding other trump people the right swing that if something it. Like one of burst open and all the marriages fell on I'm sure I was also government that just sounds saluting. Yeah wish you add that sounds dangerous is how. Yeah I mean crap I've ever seen their own game to seeing people passed out like the law and make him a little grassy area and her. Not that I could rip some people might it take a walk went off for. That. It's. Oh points right. All right see there. Didn't feels mafia all right Halloween. Question time boys' Halloween is it's still a holiday for children you'll sleep on holiday for adults now. Discuss welcomed you're an adult residential today we don't give us. At the starting point stronger wake up. To say it has gotten. Bigger for adults and I was you know used to be the realm of small house parties in your neighborhood with friends and now were talking about united giant events like around. I don't know what that big when they're does that add to its common on free night and it seemed like five or six big parties in Seattle I know a couple of the Bernard groups are throwing big ones animal. Thank Allah so I think it's gotten there is more like out quoted quotes are Matt at to do I just giant large productions. It just like I remember like. They're back in the day like there was a certain group of people that really celebrated as an adult but it was lake. As I was like bartenders are kind of background you know it has a little more fun but now seems like everybody I know it's an adult goes out and does something. Yeah did I mean I don't ever following and honestly even I. I hate to always come back to amend that they just do the fair sex and they all look so hot dress and there in their costumes they love doing it. We love watching it it's a great holiday. I can't argue with that. Matin is thinking about how and aren't at our party like that we go to Baylor carry everything earlier the lake. All the chicks pretty much have dudes and might knowing stressed particularly. Slightly thanks it's just it's just a good time with good people but like half the fun of us or half. Plus of the fun of being a single due on Halloween is all the scantily dressed women. And I don't know if this Saturday's going to be loaded with. No. For a couple. They hand them so I I'm not even I mean no it's not yeah but literally there was three single women last year I brought them all the Connecticut. Woody did I do anything I Friday night. I mean ideally I'd be resting his Saturday is going to be a long night but that's the line I'll probably go out have to be your dad terrifying today. Girls are we out Friday it's not a bad there are some Allison deal Blakey you give them a nice spontaneous. And all of immediately the Saturday yeah. Now I'm not pulling them out there right because I like those part of parties it too much for light up do you meet a girl in the next day it's lake. Click play you have nowhere to get her so I understand that you go badly do the corals that routinely cite Gillick yeah I. Known for Tony the marriage is simple aspect of our us credit drunk look up at it it especially on the C cool dressed as a sexy BEU parliament announced yeah. And repetitive but she's still dresses sexy Buick yet shipman oh. Cut cut cut off from what I can tells you and on French toast and fireball off if I. God damn test yourself together Matt. Let us bow man. All right you know I did I had other serious stuff to get fired up about that. We even have a so much fun and over when you're down that path had snuffed it out there. Right I won't say this and yet Twitter. Pat do you mama Twitter but I miss Twitter. I miss all social media instant brands like manageable. It's hands all right people just put up pitcher out like flooded main scampi with like. Cool fitness I grant himself for me to try and my pointers that helped clients with and stuffs at night. And and so I'd like I kept more control of it I don't follow all my friends on I'm pretty sure people post a little bit less late you know. Inflammatory. Or light you know opinion dated posts. But. Via FaceBook and Twitter me and it's it's tough sled and through there. In it's good like I like that on Twitter can get a lot of good information about stuff and my list that's happening right here you know exactly was going on on the ground just like each I just figured when I log in now and it not only that but I feel really weird about whenever I tweaked. Like I mean just last may have put out a simple tweet about hate make Eagles fight song now legislate I don't know the words hate NN I can't get in trouble for the NS. Yeah yeah there's definitely. Walt particularly. With us being like posting. In being associated with the station. Blake I don't know if someone has a problem with something. That I post and they talk today and made cut to the bosses about it and I think hear about it in very mean and so everything I say online as a lot more filtered these days. Yeah this is safe. I don't. It's not that I care five offensive wise is that I don't wanna hear about it from my bosses and have to deal with those dizzy and having that talk like. I doubt I'd seasonally stupid enough to late. Really jeopardize my career here or anything like that. But. Yet just like the idea of having lead have an email back and forth because of and in likes and that I said. Or haven't come in for meeting or whatever that is the site. Men and how audit I eyes suppress myself a lot more these days it's going through there's a lot more. Negativity it feels like and it's been us. Yes like shining a light on stuff that's probably been there Furl you know I mean but it it's just a lot to handle I just wanted to in my life. Yeah I well and I like all that stuff but there's also certain time where it should be funny. And in the with a lot of comics like dinner comics this post a kind of make you uncomfortable to me now but yet a missile Twitter. Allied unflinching comedians though why they're still out there and yeah there's Hewitt don't back down I apologize I stick to their morals you know I simply. Joseph Rogan apologize about something a while ago idea I kind of miss weep apologize about after that fight when he interviewed Cormier. After a guy ER rocks pretty it and blow like a pseudo potted out couple things because is that miscommunication or whatever. But yet there's a lot fake apologies in blue the public realm this that are just annoying to me and I think. Comedian should kind of the other supposed to do that I. Leave them alone if you don't like it. Unfold in hoga a lot of don't have to apologize for stuff frankly I mean this is a very easy thing to take on your taxes are talking up Oklahoma quarterback. Baker mayfield right so when they won at Ohio State this year Ohio State was ranked super high they were both in the top ten team play its fifth. Oklahoma flag at the 58 Ohio State who. Hey I think it's also. But the next day it's got to come out and give this apology right. And then on Monday because although regular Oklahoma fans they drag him on tour like why you apologizes that he is a look because may be apologize if not that's not right and it's like if you're Texas standard Ohio State failing. I bigamy to of the Dick to you and what do you care. You know like. I now I'd rather have somebody come out be sincere in an apology. Don't just apologize to apologize there would still want to get to yell at. If you're offended by this I apologize mother or that is not in a pound Africa cup. Yeah pause as your sanity ticket that you are bound for production of the I hate to always do this but I just read a really good article on what you guys are talking about I'm as I'm a former city you got to remember by Quist FaceBook for instance you know we have some of the smartest most highly paid people on the world's. Focusing their efforts on trying to keep you wanna news feed her point three more seconds. In on and that makes. FaceBook. Hundreds of millions of dollars a year and so this guy it's Tom former. Former Google where who. Worked with their ad products he helped launch a lot of their product there's remain ad platform. She wrote this article I was trying really hard to find it quickly but. And that basically I'm. She was saying that. Modern days social media and especially east of the Internet in general as it is a DDoS attack on your brain and commenced basically just flooding your brain you know it's all AB tested over and over and over again to figure out something clicked and stuff that's gonna. You know. Get you to pay attention to it you know in that. It was a call the attention age or whatever they're they're calling it like early in the attention economy took Congo you know or through our currency. Yeah you any attention economy you know all that matters is them getting Malick extra little click or that extra five seconds of your time to show you one more out and so when she was saying insist these companies these massive companies and some of the smartest of the world are incentivized. To just lied to your brand and completely overwhelm Matt and so she was saying it's like DDoS attack calendar distributed denial of service attack and basically that's happening every dancer he was saying that he thinks. Five to seven years from now. There's going to be a major. Tom. Not backlash that reversal and people you know as technologies. How mature research to understand them better. And so you know he saw the same thing happened west with radio or television as a first literally understand and the marketers kind of one. And then we realized. You know. How to separate marketing from. Content at least to some extent as he thinks that there's got to beat the pendulum is gonna swing the other way and people are gonna start. I'm putting up more barriers and and removing themselves a little bit from just blasting you know doing bossa in the face of those services. Our daily. Yeah. I think that's good. And I see some some people posting stuff and it's like look man I even agree with you would like why you put that out and her ha ha you know legislate. Canada yeah. Mara and he results to argue about it on him the ability to create. When you're getting flooded with so much stuff I hear in consumer mode. And it makes its cover for you to have your own individual unique shots and and create your own. Stuff whenever that is certainly don't learn and so because he is getting like flooded with its nonstop in your brain has a tough time right. Differentiated am trying to study for his nutrition thing. And I've noticed and needed watched. How much information inner membrane throughout the days that can be a bigger portion of it which means not just mindlessly scrolling through FaceBook and Twitter. You know for you know and when he minutes that are you know 220 minutes to an hour a day. And then dominated the you know spend it in our days studying lake those are just gonna and with the that's a lot of competition for my A. My brain cells. So I need to let really limit the amount legislate extra stuff. You know if you did you're gonna pretend. Sir. Aren't tunis on two out black and white. Black and why it we mean. You can turn your phone India services and an accessibility. Tab. To blackened licensed its mark cracks it's black white and gray it removes all color from your screen makes it way less attractive Pierre amounts. Plants I don't know where that is from working though not this well or hope or partially. Display and look at match yet there. No not implied. Point an upside in just tell America settings. And general. Accessibility. You have an iPhone. Do you not know what beyond you really find it by. All of. Around I do think there's always a limit on in put them. Yeah but I don't try to yeah like I I have friends that are in there is certain things in there at some point I'm like you need to take a break. But you're taking in so much input from all these different places like whatever it is you're trying to find your there find it to your your completely lost Europe had great. Yeah I am territorial. Aroma. I caveats emails source. Millions with gets old. So are housed in those. And this decision on bacteria. Patrick color guy keep your own watch and wider to keep it on color. I go back or is it really depends I mean insert Graham is just terrible in black and white and so usually I would say probably. 40% of the time it's in color and 60% of some black white. Mark Gray scales they call. Down. It helps a lot if you're trying to you know just. I don't know I think yourself and be creative I'm yanked. Our cars the Seattle Nazi and a few episodes behind it is against the law disorderly contact. Conduct on the head on this now it's not illegal speak your mind there was enough followers in form a small militia. What well spoken leader and a large group followers. Well with that a lot can be accomplished what did Jonestown. Oh yeah. In right I mean yeah. Indeed you'll only need one good leader to get that stuff go. What's the boys I swear without fail every time I read the greatest podcast all Lance although it. How does offer the world somewhere never knows my emails are reaching you all just want to write and tell you how much joy I guess most in your podcast. And there about thirty minutes work every day and lovely drive because of the podcast Q who sought or boys Josh. Dope. Thanks Josh let's finals talking my cousin last night and I forgot like. You know for the three of us we sit here and do it I forget the people over the years now kind of attached to make on expecting your voices so crazy to say years to me. Yeah. I didn't have a beard like this and we start it I know I did Cobb posted a picture of it allows Laura came across my FaceBook varies the other day as. Yeah man crazy crazy out. Do it's even crazier is that we've gone through this many winter. Winters of us like being stranded Alley cast semi talking about didn't girls and 07 not a debtor I have done really anything about it to expect that gets deployed but I'm reading this blog fired up now while the thing that we always save bad dude. Good hey palaces are fairly new it's in the cas and I stated that anyhow I think. Blizzard over there. Now just gonna say like when you say that that reminds me of late but like it's not like me you haven't done fun stuff like we would to Bernie man in night. Made friends like neither us got close to what you know for the girl. Out of staters people it a little like two years. Alley cat existence house candidates it is and you guys do his Alley cats like all all things considered. Yeah I think it's not one side or the let there's there's pros and cons to both sides. There's people on both sides that are getting a lot more of the pros and cons and you guys are definitely. Like some some pros and then the guys get a lot of pros out of that Alley cat life. As my head observation yet. Still Flemmi and always in the big thing or I I there's this party going on and all the people inside you all do on the outside the Alley cats a look at him in my golf man I wish you get in that party Pollack's endeavor so much fun at all you know couples. And on the inside Iran's look at their code to get the hell out of there so got a now. Yeah I mean god you're you're a lot like me like I. I've always had this to people like him I have a backhand when it comes in the women just like for years it's like you there's a chance Roy hang out at a bar. Slug light Beers and watch football and hang out the boy like no I wanna meet these are much I don't know man but it's a melon green. Late Bob spy and the does that Miller guy and there maybe some rainy heirs like at. Can I hang out there tomorrow Kirk had to. Yeah and most of the cool models I'm going to be gossip you don't wanna spend all there and dive bar yeah Saturday as like us. Models. Heroes and a different world than us Ted now and have no longer I talk to that bar in Dallas. Oh where your moral I don't have a beer bottle. All right hook up. It's. And I hear. Tell us fairly new listened to cast and I dig it all caps night anyhow. -- of the state with the best chance to be which haven't stateside going to war with each other I think stay with the best chance of being the southern part of Arizona. Why you ask I'll tell you. First and foremost one of the biggest bone yards in the nation's housing Tucson. Bone yards a base world military plans and how he is a captain can be converted ready to use at any given moment. Just those few air force base around second whose company called Raytheon has there and basically they don't missiles and whatnot. As well as a decommissioned nuclear sciele. So I'm sure that can be redone lastly I mean being American Max and I liked Colin. A live of the drug cartels so be very involved in the state and probably would be how one of the biggest economic resources for its realistically. Pretty damn hot there in southern Arizona breaks from the northern part. It probably would keep the water from the Colorado River dam Datsyuk and getting out that crops are probably dot. But anyway that's my take on mark on chance you're Mexican American Brad. Yeah I mean I agree with them that Miley issue with the Arizona as I feel at the cartels in Mexico which is an exit pretty quick. Are you idea narco state no question. Yeah LA Torre the author of we. Doesn't even does that not mean they wouldn't be fighting in other states still you know spurred Dominic controlled southwestern US. I mean Arizona doesn't have the best rap like I'm now are we gonna get down there and keep fight like you know let. And acts of Mexico they're here a key a key problem right like at. But some people we freaking out Scottsdale mantra we five. Now much did it. Matt your thoughts. I don't know I mean you made a convincing argument I don't know enough about all that stuff you know I think I said that last week just based on. What I knew I picked Texas that's a convincing argument I still think Texas had a lot of people I'm pretty sure drug cartels do stuff in Texas to. It seems like they would at as seen that show border town Laredo so. I would yell out is soon that's a lost those does uninteresting but I don't know all the like resources that are in Texas that might help. Help with that split. That would certainly leg move Arizona up on on my leaderboard with states as sort of it's still cracks number one. I'm with the. Dude real quick one of those things that was our last email real quick while I wanna got a license it's just chewing in the back my head. With women I mean there's philosophy unannounced like. Getting strategize as you know murder chessboard. All day but at the end of the day like you gotta jump in and I remember this one time we Erie in I went to Spain for the running of the bulls right out of out of college and now we're over there and I saw I swear to you the most beautiful woman I've ever seen. Three of us. I don't know if I guess it is on the cast well you know what I'm Suzanne we smoked hash in Spain walkabout the front this cash and all three of us turn our heads at the exact same time. And we see this beautiful. Alma god beautiful Spanish woman I'm not even sure she was real long flowing black hair she turns with a cigarette a map out pulls it out like the most European thing I've ever seen. It just blows a little puff of smoke towards us right so were all. Clobbered out synonymous think get on CNET so we talk about a real quick and my friend's little Brothers there and he's like. Many do you think she's so hot scoop talk tour. And where to site dude first ball way too blazed that second ball does not really how it works ma'am are you can't just walk I would turn to stone. Is now so. Three hours later in the bank. And we're sitting there and at this point work on that girls really air time stopper. That's how hot this check us like she ice where do you stop time for about four seconds has marked past. We get into the bank. Percent in those chairs waiting and he looks up and he's like dude. You know be cronies are there is Muslim you've ever seen was like yeah. Egos that's possible and I virus. Answer time banned it. Is it looks like a little sister patrol aside earlier right. So of course about missing a beat out Mike. Well it's easy Mac and just go tot tour truck back and he's like literally is there's not a big man most. Remember this is like a full bank okay it's everyone's us and those chairs it's quiet it's awkward to offer setting you know they AC is on if he gets up super confident takes two steps as the oil still read it backed candidates. And he. Believes he meant not that easy died at that they're there. I mean that's original point is he's he's been up the numbers game. Not harbor stunned ballots that. Volume kimono my wheelchair right. You know what I mean late EU not gonna get every ground ball to Reggie got I'd just yet a shift over you know put yourself in position. Tim if you just open up that house manager talk crack top bracket talk talk ran out of stock. Dance with the girl group rock that's you told me when we first met and it's sold still holds true to who got back. Hi Matt let's check it would be a yeah. I. Yeah. They return writer radio that Cobb are. I love that and show that there's since the late but he didn't have to adjust our voices in all his magnolia has urged his right and hit there I am not sucre. So. But see this weekend a well the main things. That are it's in my name highlights where food oriented because Friday night. Went out and found the best pal Mario and ever atom. Do tell. Billy beach sushi in Ballard. Delete beach I know I've walked by it never been and we got great happy hour which is why let that happen are right. 34 times I got great roles lasso it there's experiment or first summit there's a my birthday. Last year. And then Jose. We're gonna ratio in that before that it was like well we'll lists this year and we bought there is happy I made some great roles on and good deals. And so we've been there like few times over the past year for years so and then. But never ordered the cal Marty and it came out and let you know cut count mares a lot times it really ready and right. Candidate she Lee and squishy on any of this right chunks of cal Marty meet. Not like over fried it a little bit hot and theirs is spicy. And man via. They blew me away closer to like it tempore. I won't go that far. Play Seattle is used just prepared totally differently and it was like yet chunks of meat as opposed to just. These little like deep fried whatever if you can make some of whom are good but they need it does make squishy do we ones that are just they I don't know and are like those by its I was like the rings gatherings are good ones yeah one of all the tentacles put him in a little brain. Ever present good some good crew it's. Bay and has good ones and and rally actually put it this is just totally different and his brilliance to check that out. Happy hour goes until seven plate every day I think maybe not Saturdays but yup pretty pretty did. Pretty good menu they got there and then Saturday you know Ted didn't text me back Thelma waited Jack's barbecue. And man that brisket is. Next level is an 80 my god. Got we allied play with that sort of stuff so guys who pulled pork and some reds. But if I go back I just get all brisket let illness get an idea that could cut Jackman felt like an Israeli tanks and at 330. We have acts jacks to these hands down the best barbecue in Seattle via. So. That was really good. And BI did good tip on that those those root. Real awesome on my it's everything was given the brisk it was like on a whole other level. Yeah even that plays out and I grant like that he was so good but I don't know that the proceeding Texas was any better than Jack's doing. Cool yeah I knew what I was eating it I was like okay. Based only you said this is like this is what it's like in Texas like I believe it because I don't know how this could get any better yeah so. Yeah that's the Dow is really really game changing. Awesome day. Went back to my parents we had to get the jet skis out of the water for the years so got one last ride on those two and a sad day for the fan. In just a bit of a if it it it this year is cool because there was label one part right by the Boe are true there's a little glimmer of some my and that's that's right ride through what I heard the end south kind of cool does vote lol you know. And then. No it's a bittersweet is facing a stout tick of the summer it's gone by you know it's a sign of the changing of the seasons. You know the IA EG and up wearing a shirt underneath a life jacket is it cut down the wind chill factor. And the waters a little called Larry I did it helps go fast yet let's let's just fly down there so it's always fun to just gonna have the lake called yourself but. Because. The weather's so I just like that's nothing for you whenever your on that jet ski. But it's safer to go fast pickup. We have a better chance that we go fast guy he trust me even warmer if you go right at what it would arteries and go back right or anywhere on this Def TV got a new class. It's a certain chance. With the alcohol limit. Yeah. Yes fifth. Again it's. So you don't understand Mitch. And Cobbs is a new on our T put big jets we did we got a disk without water I know Mitch and the setup of food. And yeah he made breakfast place for that and then came at Seattle to watch game in my house fiber thousands citing the hawks pox crested and then. Talked to talked to where it's because that's and then. And sounds like he's come as Telecom about this before served while you're care Beers sounds like Cabrera went to come to Amsterdam with us. Oh no hidden back. Yeah I don't know yeah would you give him. Come airs again at the same time as us and policy of actuaries days or whatever because. Does a real awesome way to end the weekend when he does go. First we commend all right yeah so on the could be a lot of fun look forward to that. Mice. Ask Bridget. All right Aaron. Citing call it text you back dots fine weird G two I was EG two looked awesome. Yet you know what I'm not big on my gaming and stuff but I was doing the virtual rally so it was like I was holding two giant swords when a plane fruit ninja. Those verify it could happen as 35 and a bit about the halo people. Depiction of Saudi did you look flies. That date to us all is on its Ingraham crude thank you yeah other than hoodie for ever and I never Wear it and I bought those vehicles like these passes regular paying up to them and they're kind of like warm up pants react but I look good while now expand via. So. But I is that we're talking about that was a two tablets so good and went to GE two which was probably 80% do it. Oh yen that like Justine they wind usually that's a nice city like nobody else Davis you're at I'm that it it it. X I will say new G two was at a fund giant fruit ninja was cool via a target and add that a bunch cool people man about to army dudes and then like me eighteen inch. From hollow 37. In wing nut from a point seven the world often a couple other people who work here lake we whenever two lesion and had. Meatballs and Fokker pull up. Dude that's a lost I loosely on that I wanna hang out with him outside of this piece Yemen than we ever have its is always around him like wow. You're a guy lifespan is timeless. Or even like that's a good example right even just hanging out with Blake Taylor Nicole Lee just. There's like cash deal. He tenacious sit in here had a couple drinks like red like Hillary's talk of these girls is like it's nice we got extra girls here could happen I don't think we need extra growth. More girls right that feminine presence in radiance it's nice. Yeah dude even when I go at some of those meditation retreats right I'd build one that was all dudes and I Haiti. His it was just an energy yeah it was solely kind of just macho and you could feel all the egos in there and it was great work people haven't breakthroughs or whatnot. Left. Yeah like the last when I sat him I told to write you this the first ceremony is that in that was like half and half of roughly I think that's great shoes like why haven't what it's all due made news too much to her backpack back at X. I when asked about famine and balance. Yeah man I mean I'm still on the line from Bill Maher but when it's all dudes he gets really messed up look at the Catholic Church look at Penn State crept. While exercised right of the people like you believe eleven girls and a Boy Scouts and yes. Yet it's good are we just called the scouts overhaul her right leg not all little girls were bake and clean stuff. I from assumed that the teaching of math and I think. Blake is you need to stop building airy like you would mean it's all little boy eighties and then these men that run. And there's a lot of great scout leaders don't get me wrong but your building areas that are just gonna be. Preyed upon by private files. You know any would you you're building an environment forms would you let women in the Catholic Church we can pass a female priest we could we could even that priest. Date in meet women like this isn't unheard of in other churches. Yeah much yeah obviously it does give atop this so bad it's gotten now preaching to the Catholic Church they need more women. Whatever it is about the numbers will be able limit. C'mon archdiocese any job they're producing Pope let's go archbishops Holler I'm notes go. Right like I think confirmed to the church done for me lately. You know I mean we got a deadline already latest free Brad Malone. And it would take out all about and nuns and fish nets c'mon we're. Let's break to have it gives them little. I. Spring break at the Vatican strengthening the Vatican City dude Saturday night saint within saint Peter's cathedral. All with live. Going to be sick man all the sinners are going to be out any lasers include DSO play and Friday night. This. I don't think it's about bet that it. Not drop in new. To open. God damn boys I don't know how we doing double time around strip teasing and runs batted in and out. I know what I want adult court I don't think it's awesome propane. But we're not pleasant all our baptized in the more they all be washed away like I'm sure this is going to get most Catholic code but that would be awesome to have a it was a team Peter's square whatever we get though are you out of the Polk is almost beaches late. How he amazing. You and you know the Pope would be stand on top to some giant pyramid of speakers like with sun belt do some favorite beat that. I'm. Did member 2017 that part of needles but I didn't those guys are what. Adapt to the Pope meant to think about it cook up puck popped up. Everybody's drinking at a shallow foods. For. It. Ain't nobody like a Pope could have bought it to the Pope to have bought it all star laden. Micah makeup art. Did Dell system. How are. Those are all tools double boys and I never condone that here on this podcast. I'm. So. The top sobbing this week. Is basically one that I've always been all about awkward about I'm not really sure how to pull it off on my dear guys strategies. So. This happen to me last week but you're at a party and you find yourself. Like stuck in a conversation with someone you don't especially want to talk to or like there's going on on. About you know like somebody may you don't really want talk about not what's your bet. Feel pretty mail us you know. What is your quickest escape lines for getting out of that conversation you know wannabe and then. House Barney. Bar as a matter. I'd like to hear your line or move boats. Now let us into the bag of tricks math. I mean house party. Generally that they get somebody's house at Philly you can use the bathroom one pretty act. That's expected at a house party that Joseph hang out in other areas at the bar it's tougher for the use the bathroom excuse. They're still expect you to come back that the same spot in the bar. Right and of all four of us are hanging out there and under the plate after widen when health Ted what's he doing so long. So the bar is gonna be a little tougher. Clean man I don't know I usually just try to do the body language thing he just slowly start turning away. Kind of just like all right. You know Mikey lake. A feeling of I can turn my body enough and throw him like three. From Nevada and then your turn to never address he's got take some steps here I didn't mean is doing a walk off yeah. Balance house I mean I'll eyes you have a tiny Blatter Barry drink soda water rights nobody's business. Perrier water but so I've are under the bathroom enough and a house party situation greater say in that I was like. Okay. But sees to it happened Saturday night you know like with we got cool crew but every once in awhile you know people bringing prince of friends that may not quite be on the lot. This I mean that's just relative to the amount awesome people there that I would rather be spent much time with. Let. It wants it I brought it should just dominatrix. Couldn't have a better idea. A ups. I mean it dearly hope you'll have that well god this stuff. I don't I think the bathrooms a safe one and that kinda situation. And if it's usually pretty sincere I'm going when we're party and I'm just console wagering and so a lot of delegates beer. And so I mean it's pretty much every half hour I'm gonna have to like I'm gonna have to go so. Every twenty minutes all be able to say I have to go now hold the price ten mormons. So I would get out on that. Bars I'm you know I'm usually there with people wanna be with. And we're getting food you know it's a little different setting. But man a lot time that is kind of deep you have the body they would say how's that is kind of sit there and don't really give them anything they really continue the conversation. Nick let it be so one sided that if they booed all right and his. Embrace the awkwardness until they can't take it by its biggest stare down at that point you may have saved the. And you know like that for me like the main thing I nose and on to in his conversations like. Don't like don't ask a question. Absolutely even though you think what they're telling you is completely ridiculous don't respond to him right like tallied mats and let him finish up their thing. I'm halfway turns it. I'm all silence Cobb. Just sit you know it's always tough for me how he's asked that one question does Mike and I know you are very clear runway but like you you visit. The cringed sub Redick you appreciate. That kinda humor when your not involved in it. He's got to realize you're and it realize you know laugh about it later. If you can find it in yourself to laugh at that moment in your head about how long comfortable you are. You be better off for it but eventually they're gonna crack. He will break with the confidence. Yet and I could more often than not. You run into these conversations of bars is generally at a house party what you're saying there may be one or two. So you're gonna have something kind of a common. Yeah did I kid you guys not I was on the phone west aids friend Paris are a father the father of one of my close friends. And we got to an hour and 48 minutes I got more houses like I I just I have to got the phone I'm sorry asked to go home. Oh yeah I know are wrong talker. Presented that I met. From. Possibly did you meet him this summer. That I had about a year when is sun was out here for a sporting event. Not known and turn out different that night. I'm time at a local that Seattle. Yet do you trust me I've been I've I've done it now I've done with other people to eventually it's like all right I got to let you go on to issue a year off. Internal. That's a really long phone hold talks yeah yes they are usually pretty boat back and forth you have in the on pay out I did over the phone it's it's easy today but I go. And the other clearly question you you know and I mean and they don't know what you're gonna go do because they're not there so I feel like. If you have phone conversation like that go that long that's on you. Because I think I have an easier time wrapping up a phone conversation that you get trapped in one of those things in the flash. I agreement he's he's a known long talker and even his son was scratched up he's like dude you just don't feel rude you have. Have to just got to mall freezer you'll go forever. Yeah I know I know a few people who are good people like that a try used I certainly get like that some times a night. You know every once in while so I'm kind of hits in that are all right did I'll have it did it again so I'm sure he's aware. Unstructured. It's. All right well there you go I think now when you listen episode 198. The decrease the numbers. The main thing ratios to raise a few of those B ball but it's about looking out for yourself increase those numbers. And very selfish podcast this week so anyhow Cobb good to have you back in. Everybody's fired up your back on the cast that's also in those ever so 198 for MC TP for cop on the Ted Smith is the podcast chips.