Thee Podcast Episode 199

Thursday, November 9th

This week we discuss life and death, weather, and UFC


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I know what it was I mean there was only be one I had written down we started talking about. How to cope. With so so what else is new with your guy as we keep with you guys in terms of and mastered the stocks. Low. He's a crock pot are here parents and our Parker Posey a crock vitamin brunch this weekend none of that helps. Modem your depression nightmares. Major organs brunch and of layups. Oh while. He he really takes to be Saturday's they would be doing tomorrow. Rather it not that much what's up music of getting awfully and nine cent hour shift like that. Reduce some of the US got a brunch immediate slate yes I was like all right men. Terry Brad are one of the games and while they might combined purchase nice Meehan Lantana a little brunch on. At your house now and a local 360. Out of the Mandela and out of the city amity and organized jointly. The producers about a ninety hour shifts. Yeah he worked like three days or something. Always the attitude of some overtime. He hit. This when he is him Willard road to a show that night. So Wheeler came I mean in my place by the way this is that like 6 o'clock you know me but the way it's it's after five Sunday he got to get movement from her her her shtick. Ho ho Wheeler came via may have to stock throughout tardy was Rollyo OT well it's like I can't even get OT saved my life. Kirk town apple it's got a pretty Kurdish gig down at sea tac. We have some commotion studio right now cop. My name on it appears laws being resolved. What's the commotion I don't know. I have notes for a new board for a couple in a couple weeks when miles through turn here and literally roms and don't forget those where you leave. So just sit here now that I need to put those over there or I will forget that more visible spot yet to break green eyeliner on top of them right samarra the problem is and I forget I'm in the morning so in the morning John blame on those thrown out the only false. All be here on the overnight I would grabbed her from all slots like a gentleman well well that's nice. At the outset false. Tarnished that's also. Aren't let's get ago. Dana you auditing podcast this isn't just any I guess just any podcast couldn't do this. Starting people start and these. Starting defense at all. Fueled underwear I don't know. These. Podcasts without the third avoided debt saddled with most of this podcasters five gas and all the way all land that's the 199 ridiculous 200. All right all away from all fits my burner buddy my good friend he's always here or an all stand if not he's somewhere in southeast Asia on two wheels the other name acog now what's going on. Wall Street reeling today from a flood of bad publicity following the disappearance of key members of the Saudi family over the weekend thousand sobs and known supporter of the bad boys of summer allegedly letting the boys just he's women and yes at times stranded planes. Shares the podcast I'm tired today amongst make mix sex. For the boy while the ways and conspicuous consumption lead to their downfall we'll find out at 630. If a Texas Tech. I don't know the wheels of steel. Get everything all set up studio looking good Coke cups of water. MC TP met Compuserve what's up Matt hey he just makes he mixes then like just enough real stuff that I might. Mr. feel item or whatever they're real world like that and sometimes when he'll give updates on crypto currency could actually like mess around what that. A date is you break the hill drove real stuff then let herself Kuala Saudi princes and stuff so. As a member when he bit when he talks about crypto like pull iPhone I think I'll damn it. Felt I you don't got to select Alan I've seen the headlines I have no idea about the saudis what's going on a balance. Do you do is asserting that the stock report is not real. And our whole. Stock and shares in the podcaster fabrication. I oops. I mean to give that impression. Wow brown who was thought about Clinton's betting. He's got a lot of bold thoughts of Jim did in studio in the past when you've done the crypto currency things are oh really it's an old man. Don't backtracked mass Max we stand firm defeated Matt. Jesus dude socks or house of cards they you know I didn't throw EG I have an answer all of you talking about how to stock report. Is already made which proves that it's fabricated. Oh now we're gonna show people how the sausage is made I'm just saying I could I could not cooked it out it's probably right there and put into it all took it out. But it people conducting our our morning after or watch the markets my friend and a literally. But noted that part in viewing at the context. Hey it's a bull market out there. This. Along with talk like the driver and I think he. Casesa. Real quickly risen one last week that one's on me and a friend passed away sue I just found out dowry for the podcast so when I hadn't canceled that one. Same with may cast. But yeah so have you deal with that shot out to Matt fair seeing all right. Yeah I would just a one quick story when you repeated eighth grade he's very uncomfortable right in it's a primate. Catholic school so I repeat eight straight everybody's in a Hawaiian price. I was very embarrassing but this guy Matt Stairs who passed away he was like the super cool kid in the class below me for that was kind of a loser. Basically met may Nicole. South I can't respect him for that and and we keep in touch the most the last two years but he's good dude. Had a family and stuff so just it was sad news in her first match like showed up of ex army around to a podcast. I know you told me does say it was Halloween house and I needed turtles Lindsay could crack if you get after it happened to have that led it to Israel us politics. I kind of he had Thornton. And bridge so I could to attack we got to stop myself up people who have my ninja turtles once he. Do that so I mean the only funny for somebody seemingly in surely pizza just alone on all of them can. It cockpit. If I got a kick out of it but got a pizza yeah. I'll let did idea I didn't get a specialist special that was early common name so many you Charles. No they didn't have it it's they always have the seasonal ones out for slices. So I do is like tomato in go organs all and then make. Pepperoni or someone pat. Nine considering your cheeses like you know a little bit extra different type of cheese and some fresh tomatoes nice sunlight I'll mix it up like pat. Don't Europeans enjoy diamond also yet. Well did I was gonna say. I don't know if it's too sensitive or whatever but I think if your course that are current rule is that saying hi how are your friend passed away only because. I think that it's like just a very good like relevant reminders that it could happen to anybody he now. Oh yes so we just kind of crazy right mats. And I don't see this to light makes fun of nothing but I mean he kind of looked like PC principal. You know to me like that build like the blond hair short cut. So when he was using pitch for a great shape but he was part of his mountain biking club or whatever right in east 37. So he's just out on a Saturday morning and riding his bike around a lake. And then ends up just drop in debt card like arrest yen up right so that was the thing when we first heard about it nobody knew how he died. You know I found out that I know fits better or worse. Yeah it was if somebody dies like beef you know I mean you die between 3545. Resort for under fifty there's always going to be questions. I didn't know that it was some terrible drugs are so much Paramount announced late. It's insane. Yet that's after you and I talked Tuesday about Afro like an hour afterwards just you know. I don't know how many this cliche but yeah I just that we can he's going any time I just wild in our did everything that is us instilled just only the it's crazy and he. Yes I've I don't idea well that's it's kind of a little bit dark but it just lake. And I don't necessarily. Translated into lake. A crazy fear or sense of anxiety year like panic or anything but just with played all the mass shootings that have been going on. And which I had turned and you know he did try diving all that they just reading about stuff. And just realizing how vulnerable I am uncertain situations and others BC NN outside. Senator Carl drive Biotech Dudack do you just have a gun engines and me like. Right now that's just kind of crazy to think about. And it's it's kind of weird but it always makes me. Late just appreciate the moment and that that I have that why have it that much more so I turn it into a good thing but it always I had definitely a weird dark thought they. You know late I think about dying I've always thought about is that so it should be thing or whatever but it just with some little recent news. I'll just think about it and in those terms this is like man. Just any given moment you know in the. I would so two things so number one I will say that's on the after here I'm Matt Diane mostly comes a year after. When you know stuff you wanna do or whatever like you don't do it I mean I've progressively worse than anybody but there's certain times use and you get. Terrible little reminders we just something as simple assault from a buddy weeks. You know we were saying thank you talk for an hour and a nine after I told him and it was like I like I sucked this needs sucks is the reason we need to speak. You know me so I was yes seriously have taken care of all those little things off the populist who you know should plan on. Yes but that it's funny you bring up their lack shooting right at Texas that the church. So between that the concert in Vegas. Blake. It there's no poignant to deep from a gun stuff because frankly we can do about it. Yeah so I think we're in group on that but the one thing I will so give hissy about is I am sick and tired of white dudes getting away with being called lone wolves right. But when you're talking about that fear are now being in public places and stuff flake. Sorry that is not. Islamic terrorism that is homegrown terrorists dip. You know any grain admitted they might not be like hey we want you to feared violate it and I go to sporting event now you think about it right. You send an outdoor stadium like hat. How would that be any different to what happened in Vegas didn't. I think it they're probably just trend and that is weird deadly is that other terminology. And I don't know what it's about my guess would be you'd like. You know making some sort of delineation between like a terrorist cell like a group of people who were climbers first is like. One or two guys I'm not really sure about as bizarre. Yeah we'll just. Adam is just the way things have talked about break he had a he did have the Islamic terrorist. In New York with people driving the man over people right. And yet this guy any you know killed when I was the final count Texas one Mina church clear some NASA yeah I think it's just amazing to me like well he's our terrorist is and isn't that playing well. If you're scared to be in public places you shop like that's terrorism he's it's the same effect. The you know what I mean Graham I don't Porsche arsenal to him but it. I think to me it's all crazy and really when they host they ought to get funds. Price is sort of our Republican buddies like look they're members terrorist attack you wanna have a Muslim band. Prada you know what I'm totally against it but for this one. How do you view the Muslim band doctor we have some gun control the puck up right and I'm tired of everytime you bring up having a national registry that actually works or not having loopholes you were like you wanna take off my guns no I don't. You are being looked like you need a life sentence for certain things you know like. You should be able to Trace these things. Yes for sure and make sure that someone has the proper education with how to use it I think it's more about just putting. It's not roadblocks but check points to make sure that the person is you know mentally set to house. Whenever that firearm us and now I'm you know in some countries are to meet with the local sheriff's there's a few. Armed people that may have to mean US and hurdles and asked to jump over to make sure like hey this person is mentally stable they're not just getting it done same data Karsten Eric's girlfriend or whatever their house you know past. Palm incidences of like you know aggravated assault and assault battery and stuff like that domestic violence itself. Right now how popular they are now wouldn't doubt be a whole new industry there create some jobs couldn't put some like that in place let's go religious creeps me out main insisted the it is a sick. Thing we have with God's. You're eighteen and I'd by the way I want you describe argument all those guns flood over. Within their legal at some point flutter from overstates who discussed the Chicago argument well I'll Google or what Chicago is a very strict gun laws. It's like all your rights wars on Brown's right but it admit that I think for all these guns are coming from neighboring states in getting in there. So new Iraq math right gun control doesn't work and then right people always bring up to what will you care about gun violence launched a much garlic I do care much cargo. But also south side Chicago is what it is you're dealing that that is not random crime happening. Right where these these are people going in the places sometimes there is random victims and it's far more unsafe for the most part is though. Those are people dealing with illegal activities gangs and whatnot. As opposed to silence right as opposed would do just sit up and Eagles nesting in sniped and people in Vegas but I. So yes so that's that kind of Chicago argument but I am just saying overall the gun thing is just. And I now people just love when there's always a picture sexy women with Darren from playing Missouri matters like. I grant you know things a little weird like David decay like. And I get it you somebody's got to pull the trigger but EG guns are aren't too didn't dent that's machine you know the damage. About that one guy not trying to open has like a strip club. Strip club gun range called guns and funnel the funds. I got ya I wanna trade up these guns ran one example I thought it. Yeah doesn't climatic gonna drop that shows after Sunday. I have to talk they'll find it is over crippled and as the cougar. You're probably a little fun and gun did fund now features laser tag. I don't know if that's quite as marketable Ted. Now yeah totally return our senator. The eclectic eclectic eclectic if I mean you down in Texas that's a big net I'm stereotyping that's a big gun culture lake. I don't know that people talk about did they gave me again as I came across the border ran her NASA thought. You know what he's saying I'd what are people saying now on marijuana and does that mean that shooting happening at church in Texas. Yeah I did this quite interesting that I. Happens I'm right in sort of you know what some would consider like the heartland of a gun supporter territories around the and you know I say give you a lot of guns laying around. You know I'm very sort of a pro gun states stuff like this is likely to happen also yeah I think the bigger conversation here really in my mind is. Tom you're the narratives are far. Our media and sort of beyond. I was going to cultural narratives in America. You know like you'll see these incidents happening around the worlds mean each you do very occasionally but the US is just one country in accounts for a huge number of these. Tom he's crazy shooting so you know I think part of it is just like me. On the culture which is bizarre but yes stars like. A you know mass shooting happening in a place where people really pride themselves on gun ownership. I think it's made a lot of people question. Question what they've been saying for a long time frankly I mean there's. No question some. Some scenarios where I would definitely be a gun owner silent on a huge tract of land warehouse had the city for instance how much it's important that how to means protect yourself. But you know also Tom living in an apartment in downtown Austin or Dallas. And I can amorous all right full time pro tennis all right Obama ran so. Yet isn't seeing it happens in a place for they love guns I don't know that anything will change because of that. Armed. I'll let us now I would say don't you girl I am pro. Gun ownership. And you still for home protection for hunt dealing I'm not against owning guns just we got a lot of and you know gonna get a lot and it we have some very hot yeah it's also the type of guns right like the bonds stocks and the you know the nom. What are the giant madness due in large extend a match and you know me. I'm automatic semi automatics and assault rifles I mean there are made for killing people on ABC Mac interviewed a guy who invented. Whenever the radicalism they are using in Vietnam silica and am sixers on my dad and six I know I'm. It and sixteen yeah I mean there's a way to really cam it's at the military pass our sporting rifles and here's a slight. Yet this is made for telling people bottom line right that's what they are fifteen it's just civilian version of yeah and they call on sporting rifles and it's like. Man all right now on the some things in the country we have decided to Matt voted today I voted today. I would always remind people any of these conversations we have as you wanna be more. Active or whatever you have to pay attention to your local Pulte. Yeah. I'd. And I thought about you because every time and I'm does podcast there and you know who lagged leading up to presidential election and you know IB you guys be talking about and it all this hype around economics doesn't. (%expletive) matter in this state will live oak floor. And that's if that's true. I went away at the auto led. But you also. Always you know you don't like that narrative in and did people like me feel you know so defeated by the system and you know disenfranchised. Like that that we don't want a voter you know. Had have to vote for a guy we know is not gonna win. A hundred. And it so but we always agree background like you have walk a vote on the local stuff because that's the plays to my vote does matter so yeah. You know. And they do think I do think. Aaron is the biggest conspiracy but honestly I think both sides of the I'll would prefer that Smart intelligent or just any people panic just. Bal a lot of it exactly you talk to Cobb in nearly as kind of that same mindset didn't years you know I totally understand where he's coming from. In identify with a lot of that those same feelings. And then but I also exactly get where you're coming from and agree a 100% that's exactly how quote unquote they want it. I yeah he's just dumped there and I didn't expect. The other stuff that I knew about those their ethical thing heroic I didn't do enough research on on this legs are you right in Brad Evans her sheriff now. But I didn't. I am Monet the school board stuff like sorry I don't know about that I'm not gonna slam one lake satellite guy's name better whatever it takes. Did you read about it and them voter's pamphlet. Did I didn't get a pamphlet or Friday news longtime giants see it so. I knew moved about a few things and then I read the things that were provided on the other things and you know fill out 80% of their would have. Her yet and the balance a little different late for the was like the last one might just knowing they have the pamphlet they had little paragraphs kind of the PG yeah on it there's a staffer city status. Both both we have submitted and any new mayor and then also there's a bunch cameo Chinese Jackie do if Kelly share have. A bunch of school board stuff group one guy was runner up most mess up that path through this late both for Tim lake. But this is serious thing right it's an election Gaza Aaron always got to post are just write in somebody. Hello events remind dose I thought about it I looked around Blanco they have now had to do whatever. Hit a mission to put in some new work. Don't don't nominate me pounding neck her response though in my life just kind of a me. A have you seen that show by the way the mayor. Monroe it's on network TV its face relates. The council simulate I think like for the machine or something in the dudes and a young rapper and he eons of Winnie mayor. So it's kind of funny because now he's got a late your deals stuff and gives a piece of passionate speech is very does never wears the suit which I like. But then he's got actually deal with the problems I mean it's a comedy but it's it's a good show I like food with Gerald. Us. Too good show one of the network channels there match. It's called the mayor I'm pretty sure. All right yeah there's a lot of it now or tails out there. There is I mean I feel great now or relay AB CNBC. Fox CBS right correct not cable OK right is one of the net that narrows it down and out out he moved any of those that is. Yeah just so much out there on cable to. Zero show about a do the becomes mayor no split. I did not have a book written that throws me off because Blake FX or TMC very ANC you're never. They've those are cable networks. So when it says network chair I always just get him confused. Matt were my man here is talking about is. A mayor who's a City Council meetings dropping borrowers he's a rapper slash manner and not the other way around got to if he can sound that excited at except except except that it's you can't it's a pretty funny jokes. All right mr. Cobb you should be very happy you're in Austin. It is as the kids that say it's cold they have the up. And dark. Yeah I heard you it's like a winter wonderland of that yet. Literally Friday girls walking to work there was snow showers. I don't know if you're training people or sign came down in my current through there are still on my car Friday morning yep anyway he comes to find out. As in the five from really three hours a legit just kind of snow showers all day. The men. Right Friday night was pretty cold and then Saturday during the day was OK but then that rain came back and I thought he had called Saturday. Rained all through the night and then Sunday they were still against the yeah. Now when they announced by the city that you were getting the jets now. BI went up north bend the hawks and now via. There had to be up there and a lot yeah was dumped then. It even like there is just a light dusting of stuff that stuck. And that buddy I mean it in note and that's on the road like it was accumulated on grass implants late. You know nearly half an inch quarter and say now I'm not a time go idle little tiny layer knows like. Am let me just turn November. Yeah I mean Cobb even for me it's too cold too early. Yet did you sleep a year and a week ahead and wanna. Net and out today though with the last strike day so I have to look at it it's there and it's gonna rain for the next two weeks. Back sides and asked like all catch clearly I told to do on Monday how closely you've got to get out there in at least let one of those rays hit you in the face. American pastime is going away and I feel bad as leader but he's just seemed Janie. How stalking them on Saturday and they are like the ignored we don't worry it's not a good last winner to me cold wet but it won't be dark. Every day and that I saw that forecasts it's like Christ it's going to be dark everyday job. What did you leader doppler radar adults sound when he moves I think as is who will have to tell people kind of whether you got Devin also followed. There are I mean it's the middle of summer down here as far as I'm concerned you know the locals are cold but it 7580. Pretty much every day I went swimming yesterday and outdoor spring Astrid a Morgan. Yeah sizes and in a T shirt I mean you know now out of it just a little but I Wear pants that is still yeah so every Tuesday 85 every death it's also. Yeah. That's crazy well even when my brother right. I talked to him over the weekend to have both play hey police yeah it was snowing on Sunday music gals are in Salzburg is like 72 on Saturday. I think to him. Top two quick things about Texas Oklahoma and how excited I was like yell boomer sooner. Outside your Sharon aren't friends yet so number one and again I thought it was funny that nobody you would bedlam meant to where it came from. The last weekend was the bedlam game when I was at home by myself. Reform drinking Beers and Mila what's now boomer sooner or hurt her foot out of UCK. Story a sound kind of bad so I was. I have I did little tradition Bernard Sanders demy you know I usually you're damaging street have to will be years. And then I'll pop in the Alley right next door smoke a little weak right sum up this you can leave with our money. And the core of my arthritis is lead group of people and I see some anywhere and no you sure it's of course and Obama was sure her brain. Who am I to do not but it. I wouldn't say scared like a 1516 year old girl turns around mouth like oh like I was just at the game something I feared that I wanted to sorry I. Date I'd. I just source there and Saudi got to sign it. You ever related story come once I am. We her and drive and a car in in downtown Boston missiles thousands in school like there and around. One of my roommates is from. From Ohio he's from Columbus not a baseball team and Iran there is. Strahan knows that the Indians aren't Cleveland's. And so rom you see you kids who was so there is like you know some big game don't armed. Soon ash. And CC two kids walked out from minus corner in Seoul. Full Cleveland Indians Al senate's two she's. Koreans have been top lines started to. Yeah. And then then the data watch so I don't interns or the white dude this is obviously a Little League uniform do what is wrong here. Krakow. This is all as communicated and I zoom I'll never forget about it so Vonage. No that's the thing though the brewers sooner and they all linked her and you know me I was kind of excited bullets are. And they all looked at me and I legislate it's just that they deemed late legacy and I just think I have my bad. We now are you spoke and we'd attack calling a fourteen year old jab right back up now we're in the Alley doesn't really dev we got dornin is out right. It's no wonder about your life decisions separate from his. Dude I almost hit you upside during those USC types manager watched those holy cow I have it written down there. The UFC fights this weekend were unbelievable. Dude that was the best night of fights I've ever seen I tried to leave the bar was Alex five times I'd skip getting pulled back in house like now this is too good yeah. Like I and I knew Matt was that a show when I literally was Texas girlfriend Zenyatta fans who has closely you will not believe what's happening in these fights. And I mean. So Joanna. A champion Tyson gets any tourist nobody chance August. While kick or joint champion anymore shall also belted rose who has been equally hard name to say. A trust champion Bruce king for him. I so that was kind of unbelievable and there are even good fights on before that plus flake I just watch they can clearly what the bedlam game Mike good it's a decent cultural what. Not us I saw that deadly game and I saw the tree limbs but where that dude got knocked out the head kick in the third round yes did you see ally yes Dow is. Does an exciting one night dude just. Views here and there's they've the third round first two rounds as I was women. And that the other guy took the filing eleven days' notice or something and then. The other guys that do that to the fight on short notice was I'd give and get worked a little bit. But like as they're talking about how he just needs 101 left leg kicks sure enough he comes up and gets a guy on the side of the head and he just late. Freezes and then hits the ground. And it was just. Out into the woods commercials there's crazy alligator arms. I hear her it's the right path and when you fall down there just like sticking out there is little alligator arms rates and that was the last night on the premiums. Right demand join a fight is good and then TJ Diller shawl into reality no you. Yet those guys Haiti each other. So you don't you don't tell Sarah plates into the real robbery TJ don't show all used to train the team alpha male. Down Sacramento which is drier favors team which Cody is still want. Today and TJ when these these belt there. And then he ended up one of the other coaches moved to Colorado so he moved for that coach. But they have is everybody team office like TJ lefty didn't tell anybody they can visit him forever but Cody is not really the most likable guy either. Setting out that was the blue Jay grudge match I'm waiting for. Boy and they coached us across from each other Nielsen a fighter too yeah Patrick Moore and ends. Who is that I saw the ending a lot of fights was that the fight itself between curry and he did that in. Right think TJ doesn't go back for a period. I've been told it was in the best don't be dead honest with the that's always kind of crazy about it he was in the best of aluminum and that was at the third round started moving he literally said TJ do Solio's you're not making it out of this round. I think to a boom and towed all knocked out. Well yeah and he was taunting him earlier you know like you missed a couple of shots that TJ was just he was thrown some pretty wild. Kicks and punches or public spinning kicks that. Didn't hit their target and I did some jumps and stuff but. You know to his credit he just he didn't get. Say is he just kind of kept coming in and throw on its self out there and I don't know that he was the better fighter I want them to win Denny did but. You know I don't know they use the better fighter but you know sometimes. Just something connects and he landed a big one. Yes yet your drum up that wonder boy you guys Thompson kick to right earlier the karate like his he was a resident TJ it's a knock him out when that fight. And then the final the main event is GSP who Zelikow a four year lay off. Fight against the effects. Sorry that's I look at our that's our look and they'll otherwise there often terabyte sound product on the ground I think she's doing a video yeah GSP's return to the cage in a fight Michael business account. So sync thinly this mean was beaten the crap that AG SP and then GSP eclipse some. Gets on his back inputs in the sleep which also to distance credit. He intact since your gonna put it this week. Yeah me and a yeah well I mean look at unit are tight obviously any really train Shih Tzu would now like he changed your tap early tap often you'll get hurt. And I think even with arm bars and back in the gay dudes when tapped arm bars and they would break their guiding Amare yeah whatever you should always stats. It's like a painful thing I won't lie when that played ended I was going crazy guy tabloid GS three other good man there's been settle her. A guy I respected it's probably not the safest thing in the world familiar put me out but. I had to close that choke too it's a little different and arm are right exactly now Terry O'Neill part but I just couldn't have a little jewelry I respect Eddie that he wrote it out and honestly sometimes. People can't. Quite get it tight enough you know I've seen guys just kill little bit addiction and there and routed out for a good 3040 seconds of the round and Saudi item credits her. Well I think those who both think. Did like he's losing me there but it's really they're choking all those those arteries in your neck they're cutting off the oxygen into your brain. That's a pass people out. That's our real aggressive. Ted Smith wanna want the Alley fighting. Still there's I would think conciliatory that a long time ago sleepless we're gonna fight really dude you're on your back on concrete things have gone bad already. I thought maybe she. You're way over your head prefer I didn't play with this ship has sailed for you friend who might wanna stuck with the striking a. I probably got some emails. Do we do not know mostly gonzo I should ask you before we did this. Yet saw again did. Oh wait there is who won the you know one action agency lacked cruised through a fast. To share name on here now offer third shift housekeeper should take gusts on the past I haven't sent this email on because there wasn't shirts that he would say it. But after this week I'll figure it out as I go. Ted how they asked are you oh how they had asked are you having problems with women. This is The Third Shift housekeeper again when he won again 21 and I just don't understand how as a minor celebrity you're having this much trouble he's ranked. Does open your mouth. I'm with you that talking is pretty much my one strong suit you're attractive funny and I assume you don't smell like turns. And no they might not all be tens if they don't even understand how your number. Game so low how much I see you network. Like out their brother their shift housekeeper. Yeah I mean I still I guy's got it it's a numbers game my numbers are lol I mean uniformity. So volume increases the move yeah. Volume is that Eldred amounts like a sandman you're out golden Tom. Yeah I mean yeah I just think there's easier game means with these job I could probably take advantage of the current and I and I. Did you get at a clip clip but. Topic needs but the end results of some Brooklyn easy if you campaign he's got a great stuff out like is this worth it is it not. You and I mean he inequality is important. Yeah. Now my Guinea militants pay and it's gonna come over and give me an awesome job where it's been all my chair over. If you're gonna send an email sent as his personal account salary and a deep podcast he mouse. He did cinecast an economic. Yeah man I mean did quotas import and also honestly as we get older you know of course like personality makes so much Mormon different site I love to grow the great personality ten times what I love girl who's you know great luck drinks out. Yeah yeah these are somebody could show without allow Clinton's era. Yeah and end with that said two are also say MI. LE. I'm very ninety's so a good person freedom good boyfriend I'm also not the easiest person to like deal with a live with frank. The only here this part of it there's also the part of me it's like it's you know got a moody in the morning America. Some may even in the now so I mean he didn't buy a lot of its army to. Yes that's it I'm not an easy person to date either you know I think we you know anti drug tests but. Yeah I don't anonymous which had around a cast but yet that's the other thing to recite. The other day you know where the only like common factor in all of our relationships and so you know as much as come up. People are cutting taxes doesn't reflect upon themselves just as important the think he he he got worse yeah then you know how to for whatever reason tourism teams is still below year oh year for you're going. Did that being said though you know like. I don't know sometimes a series overtime on the party last week I don't be on the outside trying to get in. I sometimes it is nice to pull lay down all the focus on that for a second and Eli looked you'd like your does Sean your house string of Beers watching GSP questioned this and do their thing I didn't have to answer to anybody out there and brunch on Sunday drink a little Lance like nobody asking you to take a dear socks are cleared the house like this outside of that. Yes sandy was Saturday was duped dude. But out I went and and they. Just as BS and the body in the morning that you know we had breakfast are ever going to the grocery store everything that I have those crop those meat balls in the crock pot forever. For thing. And unlike you look up call and sort of like Jesse Jamie for an hour. Totally TV for an hour talked late two other friends like our times right knows how to watch sports drink can be ears and right now I order the UFC fight it was awesome. And I had you have to whistle meatball sandwiches. That's freedom it was. It was total freak if you only bopping around drinking Beers or downstairs so could split at Ronnie dobbs right lake. I felt kind of where is Hillary how your weekend one that it amazing that they have lost finally how early would you do coupe like up I don't know how else to me. Eating fruit. And what a sports. Exchange. That it does earlier solidly Dennis Alter the plane did there's upside you know like. Asthma is who yeah I'd start there and Coles on a Sunday night it's also used thriving on Saturday afternoon. Well I will I won't lie about that do you Saturday night late if it was don't Henry downtown it was just cold at the fireplace go autos like. Think this is linked to kind of weather we're thank you don't you have to feel guilty about not going out via our. The facts. Hi will be no emails and check it winds its. Not. We'll match. So don't look. Bomb well let's see visited start chronologically Friday. Where talk about last season date gonna pack Nazis in the Wednesday. Vows fund Friday I went to great steeper for first time. I'll try that I have not been there it's really had their Fries were like. Top notch really like in and out knock off. I don't that's of their China beat. Nearly a day can damage in and out doesn't deuce though props on that kind the patties were a little overdone but it's really high quality beef I know their meat man. And we all of the media can we get this bad I don't think you're choosing one meet in Hanesbrands. And that so he out is used to really edit but I think. I saw after I needed Emmitt often notice too they have their little. Little well diamonds set on the thing that daylight. To prevent illnesses they'll be prepared medium well I would say they were more wells and the medium well bomb so maybe next time I might dictate Qaeda that medium please. And see if they'll let me you know. Yeah but it might be wrong on this is Issa a new thing like it didn't do its ground beef flake. It's you can only last five years to assert order emperors like Blake how do you want to bird a McDonald's burger is cook it. Yeah actually that's what I thought too but then you know I just had some variances and you know some ways he's given their two. Too raw and Dade did. The June where I admit that made the body and soggy academy of bars and stuff where runs happen I don't know it bars. As his over the years you opened it and we can't all it's been good and not Atlanta but prop up the pack up. Okay PQB joint put the thing you do when it upon it's still usually can pick serve food dollar higher just to move trying to you're drinking and some it is. The perceived problem it surprises me you need to be a problem and it's not real. These these crazy right people run around doing great. And problems creating for her problems that aren't there the birds do. There overdone I got so. And yet you could have been a little bit easier just to bill a little bit let let's cut Emma Goldman agreed. As journal pointed out I think about it. Either way he had does does the only thing bit overall still really good burger Fries were awesome is it checked out plays out. Saturday night went and saw the flu Aziz missed airing Cobb. It wasn't quite the same. Without Cobb. His views with us where we south Uzi senator had a meltdown. Our Brian downs were also yes there's your record of phone Connors played before them so those fun dance at the show box all right. Chris first there we earth we examine views are working Leahy has. Davis at found this latest spot over the top that we can hats and route of let's see over everyone so. The house cool a lot of fun. And then there. Boehner and I ate a lot on Saturday to Herbert start so let's talk to ethos of the that's awesome on Sunday. And a time out three run their time out their favorite places to eat. And that. Oh he had a love royal grinder because like I ate there yesterday there's that element doubling place right next door around like I went there last night after the concert cannot help but I think at an at at at. How. But it's Sunday and a buddy Josh used dad owns Joker you've met oh yeah he's having another kid. And so they had a diaper party lieutenant knows that they had to they had the first one. And you just go overhang now watch see us games and you know eat eat food and bring diapers so they can you know and I have to buy gazillion diapers because they go through gazillion diapers. When I never heard that you're gonna like it yeah I thought it was Smart it's cool like I'm happy for them wanna can graduate Demi get a gift but like. You know it's nice today's media Zagat guide okay cool that's simple enough and then thanked his bush friends that I haven't seen. In awhile lomb the you know in high school there at the closest thing to a good group of friends and I had I was kind of goes well light in May well known popular browse kind of also won't America didn't have a set group. Yeah and they they and all job of like kinda say lone wolf her head how. So us trying to Opel is. That the but yet they did that Josh in particular Rosie really job of like made sure that I stayed in touch that group and you know since and I've really grown to appreciate over the years. So's called it to see other good I don't because. I live in the city and Josh was in north bend and everybody scattered all over the place so. He has cooled it disease of old friends and catch up for the day in and hang out. And then. Drove home in itself. Predicted that the that the suns got a funny yeah I want to run powered sub my parents house. Before and after because I was like. I grab my mom's issue be species out of town so. I was safe. Planned ahead. I was front. The Seahawks are playing the Redskins yes. It's very funny because lake people latest. When people ask me what it's like they all kind of wanna know for sure but you'll back home like you Richard washed a night. He hands who can compete out here like cheer for the Seahawks are laying. Oh yeah so which is it. It's kind of neither. Are right like I mean. It may get tournament how much red zone it's going to sit around watch Seahawks team drag but I also don't sit around watch veterans gains of one blessed to be so mean anything it's that Washington on it right. Outside of me that you caps are NAVTEQ bright and say that the hued. Hugest Redskins fan just so it's Connelly barrier like roots so I am not going to say. Fully jump onboard. On the Seahawks less. They would another Super Bowl in which case you'll be more than welcome back on the bandwagon. Falwell where I live in Seattle right now let's see a total win. And also like I see Dan Snyder so doesn't totally but at the same thing a win win or lose lose three term like. There's no real. I wanna there's no way to please everybody I just feel like he has a lot of reasons. Blake. As far as leaving. A franchise he grew up with. You know that's a tough thing to do. Either even if you do move towns but I feel I have any franchises. Like given someone they air munition to say you know what. Q are moving on. The Redskins are that organization. Yeah and the Seahawks are pretty phone group for but it just kind of a lose lose in this way ranked like neither of them are like night. My girl you just like candidates decide like who's a better ex girlfriend my. I now they're both ex girlfriend the one that gave you parade Ted. That's too hot hot hot mile to get back as many parades shots and like your point. Softly yet I'll tell you southern Sierra wash and making suggestions. All right delegates about that time the we talk. To include. It is so I had a quick question a point of clarification. As a work. Warm where my contentious that pour orange times changed a lot where. I'd disposable I mean I am reusable diapers like cloth is no longer used. That you you like baby pens like Tyler he's my cloth diapers. Yet yeah I don't I think idling anybody uses and many more. At a time change saying Laura a price change thing. It's that time challenge it's a price thing. And frankly. Some people just prefer to use to call for one's supposed to disposals. For environmental reasons food. Our. You heard that thing years or mention tiger not me. Have you heard that thing around Baghdad is like I'm not a vegetarian. Because. I love animals. Vegetarian because I hate plants. All other mental current lineup yet. Yeah I was pretty yep you're right. All right out to the CT this week found no crazy on back story but just you know we Europe. While it is slow them backs aren't we are out Chris Brown on our us scooters down here and I was just are costing about how when I was a kid. On my dad's a physical therapist as you expose now on some of the people listening to you but. On this she was always Tom you know he sees the aftermath of fuel right now motorcycles and you know just. Engaging in reckless behavior in general jump off bridges whatever and so Anita McBride Messmer our motorcycle. Especially vision and a shirt on an amateur and on or helmet on now you stacked product as an idiot you know he's gonna get hurt and you know as a sort of shake his head in and judge them and so you know how is was like. Man I'll probably ne'er ride scooters and motorcycles read thank obviously now mama says scooter content and some good. Here comes an us army sixth skater but it's blacks under fire asks and then I'm also had a motorcycle on what I've read some data on two wheels so. The top topic this week. What was the child's version of you be most excited to hear about you now. Just email us you know deep podcast dot com or check to make sure it's torture and or Minnesota in the Twitter machine that beat podcast two years. What would the child version oh you be most excited to hear about you now. I mean I've talked about it I'm still excited that I did at the child version of me would be pumped that I've gotten to not it's not just once but twice. Thrown out first pitch is admire league baseball. Chassis that's huge that's really get on aggregate total like little kids going to be excited about. Yeah shut out the rainy years in the Aqua socks for her. I am duty done both and in six yen in idea the ring nears one and then kind of dorm I'll go Sox won. And I'm like a random Saturday or that have so much Erica all right do we get it. Know you'll what I never own that hat before I went up I wrote I did that and then they gave me a Jersey is the America sucks in New Jersey in half to what season and how I heard Prague earlier on first pitch dark. No it was it was that you don't let that ever won I Wear all the time with the daily items out AZ yet so yeah AM they gave me like duplicate cheaper like snap back version of that. Site is like did so much just my serve by an act Kruup. You the old school frog one I have let's say just hats and exists device a rock that had for ever and then I have lost it in transit once on a plane brutal. All our listeners are top fashion might demand next half purchased hello Louis I'm never on want. Did the fraud one's good it always gets a lot of attention plus of somebody recognizes it like outside of Seattle earlier there goes your living down in Austin. Dude yet us and it was just as I saw one in Boston and I remember to this day when I saw the kid where I was like dude what is our hunt ever opera socks you know immediately. Iconic whereby he's a once in Maris hat I may say hello but likely not. And at that guy who's in granite falls disarmament Tom thumb sure down a desert trip remembers that. Yeah exactly who is so fired up and I got Don I'll glance I'm very unclear but that's right got to bridge the coolest you know even the store vets even if. First day comment I drove in the Bernie we are trying to find a place and I talked to this one couple and I had almost random lake Seahawks like twelve surely an arm home to be yours at twelve. And they are like OED go over this way that late wait a minute are you close it out all of us together like how I got. Exactly. Cancer. We got mad about you well there's been a lot of cool things that thing with child knew me pretty stoked Don but. What are my favorites have been that is. Definitely relatable to every adult listening right now. Is the fact that as an adult I can go to sees candy and get a whole box of just the milk Bordeaux chocolates. Who are as a kid he just had to get. Those like. Gift being what they ate eighteen different things that I won milk port au and one dart board though. Which are the ones with the sprinkles in that the nice feeling I don't know anonymity. And sees box. We me and blatant and the variety cal sang Piaf yelling when I was a kid like you'd like I remember my my mama you like the Whitman's sampler. Okay it was always a fight to get to all chocolate might guys do in the middle OK yes there's like one fear candy that I had that. Would say is the best. But it's like this is a little. Will seized killed his chocolate with some some feeling today I think it's. Board though if that's as route called but they have milked are gonna docs Dar Tucker wonder covered in sprinkles all of sprinkles. And there was my favorite but as a kid that you get these they gift packs to thank all these different wines those let what is on this the right. Peanut brittle and might. You know tie off easy up and all these weird like Berry flavored failings and yet our top player and yeah now you can you go tonight I'll take a pound the milk board it's all right I'll take a pan and sell our house dark you know like but. I just feel play as one of the cool things of being at an adult I don't do I don't exercise that freedom. A timed sport I do rises feel awesome. Yeah it adds a skirmish. I'm trying to think who would other real I mean did that's another thing I love to look like my job is lake we'll get here to use it like eleven. Now from earlier at 1030 whatever but I love walking around them like 10 in the morning. As I've ever been in school when it's like 10 in the morning. Generally everybody should either be in school erratic shot so like sometimes those take my time I don't walk around the city year hastily to walk down the market but specifically from like. The only ten to 1030 yeah just like he feels almost bet my god forgive me out here it don't crazy we have figured I'd wearing sweat pants all at times pretty awesome. He thought as to pull that off while wall with two jobs but that's pretty pretty slick point. Though. The co one of the main it's gotten my building today he just found out last week but I do. So I was walking him had to say run and an air announce what dance abilities and golf forty you're on your hard labor job tough talk about coal man. Know you play my 45 and still slats on this and I shower brought genes not everyone wears sweats to that station for kept act that the that's all right well Cobb number one I'd say enjoy enjoy the warmth hot. Yeah and for the and I own acts of. All right well this is weird so cubs are gonna be here next week are all currently Charlotte's the gentleman. Williams stereo. Less if we just got excited like he surely it's ladies in general it is enjoyable part. And I cubs and I do have a question for yen next week is episode 200. But you're not going to be here all men does that still count as episode 200 drew a call like 199 and a half. I would like for us to do one nanny nine and a half if it's all the same new boys I would love to be on episode 200 I think that's a big one is an important milestone for us as men as podcasters. As a real 199 and house next week. Settled done. All right well there's episode one Manny now hanging match point zero except. So all of frenzied DP for Colin need to it's that god got me look good does rebroadcast years.