Thee Podcast Episode 199 and a half

Wednesday, November 15th

This week we celebrate our very first half episode with Sal from Not Playing Stupid Podcast!


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Yeah it. You know like these are pretty good directional to regain it gets you stabilize close jar and and you unit. Well when I was on May exactly be way and Agassi is now they just turned turned down I'd be way inside it to mean I mean pretty much making Allen and Kazaa assignment here he's taken me so. Right I mean yeah because they were valley act now area and I figured out yeah I say right I see and I want to. As we say so yeah sounds weird to say it sounds war. Yeah you for the walked off that it's well it's weird too is like a lot of do we tell and might just natural and I use the microphones they start in there. And they just end up back here yeah now I think they sound so crystal clear but you've got to speak into the thing. Definitely adds a deaf until the warmth that tells a sloppy seconds. Well I think we podcast yeah. Isn't just any I guess just any pod cast couldn't do this. This is. Contacts list or indeed it's. Starting deep stuff. See it's starting these cats and dogs. You'll underwear I don't know. 1989. And a half. What that would avoid these dead than probably the most sincere podcasters but after all the way although I am oh. Up off his honesty dirty job but and I don't south. Felt that elected me as always by birther buddy there actually night here I've got a week off that the cubs are 199 and a half. Fact of the we have to steal get the studio all set up. Think party cursed no let up doing is producing jobs Matt Cameron producer MC TP with the man they said hey you'll man graves. I'd be alive fight this out like that dirty job they did with all the land I'm not a new guy I know I know what's going on there. I today fitted for if he's that I don't know with a Elliott easy going kid is great game yellow pads and so I think Kelly's dad I don't. Infants Stefano with Yogi Bear gala there Mets quite yet. People who. So a thousand years thousand with a host of the not plain stupid podcast correct I've been on a myself. You downloaded where at this hour we're gonna get your iTunes stitcher not place to be dot com. Prima Denny format pod being the scum of the ones out there but any any podcast format premature fine. All right if you've come to one of our medley get togethers with the newscaster that may cast get together. You Mets down and his buddies or by people Beers made all the tickets at a virtual sports. If you came to read festival. You probably saw Sao walking around as the old school new muscle and yet to see England upon him that ended in the Barbell yes. Crimea. I was like oh stimulate the curl bar. It's. So yeah I've been known as south alma and I am kind of become friends so when you thought I was leaving for good 2008 at you come in and help those that aren't. And then I just kind of worked out the week we got Armenia cops idea. Perfect Emma and the Big Ten opportunity. If they expect so. So what did you guys podcast about. So my coast tonight Chris. We were ex military were ball both retired air force and the nonsense that went on over twenty years. Basically do this every episode. They're obviously version of you know to the story is different ridiculous and it's it's shenanigans like you brought up earlier. And now it's is being very entertaining you listeners love it because this is nonsense the entire time. And says budget changes things that you know kind of go lot worm holes. There have no idea how we got their only try to backtracking now but it's been vastly needs. I gotta admit when I did south podcaster was nice it was a Sunday afternoon he had me as a whole thing pulled pork in this or mentally. We just gotta have a man. Yeah yeah houses or bring in some meat today it's here and I feel in the beef jerky TSI feel that as I am trying to yeah I was deem move by. Leaves him down there but next sound I promise a prop muscle looks targets and Jack thanks vending machine over their man's. When did you think you remember the jerky was gone on about when I got to Seattle. Our judges Paula yells like son of a bit it's kind of jobs I don't know if that's better or worse because you're great you drove up from Olympia yeah so getting to Seattle's the destination. But like is it worse if you remember like halfway lake. Like or like only like a third after you left the house that it's like to go back to wait odd is no way that traffic iconic iMac and you know I. With your credit they would be worse now lakers and yet makes south saying you can't. Turnaround. As just logistically it would make any sense they have to sit their whole ride Nolan Nolan like. Even for me right like a couple weeks ago. Half the sentence play golf game are paired off my ticket. Went soon rook of slips. Walked down the stadium as much as I'm more mean the king street team of Buffy honestly dead even forgot my ticket. If I had only been like halfway there are probably turned around as walked back and got it elect that talks somebody's nephew who's tech smarter than Miami did you do to blow up and a fellow network the. I even I if I eighteen season to brag undermine our half early in his tank killed time so. The body known about it you know there's only a little lake whenever I turn back the funny alloy to see out there is no way that's hung out like Attila the bombing and now on the parking garage. An hour before anger don't pay for the ticket this'll twenty dollars an hour but after you sell your car yet semi car to get reaper. Our data I mean what's against Jimmy because I dig along a lot or how to pass likely an empty bottles and I felt really creepy. Yeah I muddle this old Anna O'Neal now I feel creepy right now just listen you talked. This is your door for we grabbed usage now has been involved yeah I guess except the bottle out from my wife goes in my car and sees full bottle. Like that water bottle. Now is a little bigger and Allen are right on back there knows there's going to trick now and is a bigger and need a new lease like a 32 out of you just in case is he is still over it's just a mess in the locker additionally. Yeah it's hard to judge the volume amount of peavy is generally Justina to a toilet yeah hammer now yet you took it to only be time. You had a yes. Yeah I'll go through a 32. I've done it with those Gatorade yeah bottles the Helm you know victory jazz area bottle. They this is Diego Pasternak idea one of those you know as I agree or sixteen point nine ounce regular a lot of miles of the much more narrow mouth and then. Yeah it's. It's an orally I don't I don't like on bottle. Just because of that reason they're never big enough yet and that's it panic feeling tight ends right like and Phyllis and like dumb and dumber. Yeah do you not see you a choice it's I mean like come on page twenty bucks on anathema that new owners waited out. Think that's the right call yeah. Well this is not a year. It's dark inner rains a lot says eating you can get away with that a lot easier just outside leg around the city that in the summer when it's light out and then there's like evidence I was so I don't lit up parking garage sigh wish that was I can taste a little parking garage and I'm like where this building is leaked right downtown. It's like right next to the jail. I have a camera there on six try to take a PR mites. Now in my car was in my campaign I'm alone at them like that yeah blog era. He probably could have got away with it that we run out of my luck now you don't know much like I I would definitely be in the clink and you're better rested Ali act. Yet able is no orally C three days in the clink where. I in Colorado. Are and I sat on my dad held a story so and I was in noncommissioned officer academy. He car strengths. That's come from originally to send me even worse. And so out is that an academy it's not well yet they're fourth time he's in their two cars can IndyCar springs on the north side and in the noncommissioned officer academy. There's different places for a bid to place I was like to get to was my hometown. Which I like this is perfect and I like the way that you called it noncommissioned officer. Yeah every other military person is always in CO school Pataki's acronyms that kids understand people like or would help with the hells enemy sent via. Been out my mom. Works for el paso county sheriff's department in so it was any huge stain where I'm gonna graduate the NC academy and then season retire like the same weekend. It says all these hyperbole things original lineup and then. One night I stat destroyed drunk Emma buddies up overturn it. And he's like well no big deal I'll drive you got a drive home Lumix in my group from a driver's home living deal signed almost a fit the block Obama's self. And then the like three hours car bombs at the bar afterwards and I had any kind of the Dow did it it's we got the Mike my buddies opened came picked this up. And so we got a doctor's house I felt sick as hell I was like man when he gets sick in a keeping everyone has gotten my buddies bring your house and let me just sleep outside. Bad idea is October or snowing on me so I thought the idea is that my car. So so in my car my car keys were inside my car and I I don't sleep. Two hours later someone who were to Wal-Mart SATA drive by it would be concerned citizen and call the cops on me. So I guess I got pretty angry is parked on the street I was parked right from nobody's house are. So technically was the street I think that you know they are Sammy Smart after governor freeze to death. Carl's finest tapped on the window and that I can you need is the do you sobriety test is like Ari corner driving in a deal. And right now and yet be keys and car since the he just has to come a black (%expletive) no tea to come out there. Smells like some of Pitts says like this is not happy rang is that turnaround. And I went to jail after doc is Allison drunk but my buddies girlfriends to pick a sudden had Tahoe. That's brutal yeah it's not so I mean. Measure this in jail because I mean for three days it did not in not go out of his it was in the deaths are the best stories in jail baby. The worst time ever did I ever I ache Ive seen that happen before camera to liquor store back to Maryland right in this dude came in. You honestly I don't know that he ever came into the store but he fell asleep in the parking lot this car ran. Any we knocked on the window knocked on the window in like tried to wake him up in just I mean like. This sounds kind of badly but we were leaving a light. During the weirdest and make take your keys out of the car and we don't care to sleep in the parking lot. But like we knew was gonna happen yeah and I mean he didn't wake up and I'd say within three minutes straight and account drove by just. Then im watching is getting do you lie in the idea parking lot. So what so it's has on trying to wake me up and just say hey you know and I would Hannah with Saddam means and I mean guns on what his house biting a panic is Memphis. I was asked I know either its site to the cans and he wants or assure them deal parts a letter Steven I got kicked dead noncommissioned officer academy. And so I had time on here obviously with those retired the same weekends is a graduate and you owns a card issuer for them as in the arsenal armed associate retiring from there that that local sheriff's office to you. This is like the lowest known in my life to go from being you know. My my momma soap out of me for all these things and now being kicked in and see academy and that to go back defeated in it. It definitely affected Ressa my military career Davis it's it's all about you know stories and things happen she writes I guess its offer you know for a reason. How bad did it hurt your career I never meet senior NC okay is that really again. It take you now far out where America ready amazing things afterwards. And beginning two years later and I noncommissioned officer. For the entire base of McCord. It is still it hurt my career that much I tell you they could to Levy and the alleviate the mistakes I made that's also bags under generally troubled for now like that before. That's hiding things a cracked it and in nothing really happened about two years now I'll let you know I shall retire anyway aside I bombed the test on purpose. Just to stay attacks are retires he cynics. How. And how to say this that's our had a bad but I mean you can't be only younger dude in the military to get. Yeah Julia I would think your comment. Now largely been cracking down and I hate MI commander was called ash that you can actually driving I wouldn't. Because I was instructor at the time to sour lost my special DDB instructor a lost everything likely she's like I'm being taken. I know I'm a bit by basically you know Sadie I'm I'm basically did not Mary make a mistake ever again. And I didn't and I I made sure I was only the best freaking NC on the face plants coming out. Award after award after wards to prove my you know my worse than anything and out tiers before and iso image als like you know it is time to evaluate him him I can say longer. But every twenty years and we got into power it is the military is not if for you after twenty years yet. Palestinian relationship between me and CEOs and commissioned officers it depends a year when your job it's like our aircrew. Pilots are low mass is a multi. And Basra palace drops are lousy loan masses are listed. And that those crew is a real tight the when he can see like you know the typical officer. And CEOs fraternization so easily happen I mean. Easily can be you know construed as being inappropriate. So. The doctors will try to stay away from the enlisted people simply comes that are current and always together and what is it ever has between rigor officer and noncommissioned officer. Well one is actually commissioned so a pilot a sorry like I go botanic. Captain. Major in command level where listed. Is bikini command level but it and not their immediately officer sees you become an ops team actually going to command level. We're in new enlisted you can stay. You more via quote unquote grunts and speak okay south upset I was a McCain it a firm for twenty years airplane mechanic. And you're not can't officers are his mechanics in anyone's either flying the planes or control ball on the all the mechanics you know and they're they're the boss Oca. Says basically the difference in just to go to like one of the academy to be an officer no officer candidate school now that's that's very big misconception everything's that's good academy I'm at a townspeople with 24 year school. Get all the the boxer gather system. And in the team and a commissioned officer. That's like saying going to you say you're Florida. And you give team get a degree. In its opening of the air force needs. You know for indie kids become a underwater basket Weaver you're degree in that in the coming officer yet to have some sore right he knows that they that they desire. I'm managerial also like that in. If I can hate shift 'cause I'm completely Iran. You mess is just that now points to deduct Congo a mixture of field all those he I think. Do not email Matt I got Ayala got into your military questions that you mostly officers are. Because I have lost my collar is done by got done later in life the yacht delays have it that history in in his and it's beautiful new suitable. A position that meets Air Force's needs to become an officer or you're the cat a mean you basically just a bit for four years. Mean there's got their fourth Cammie they called his youth for reason it is just nonsense. In the rules are so strict is ridiculous. Yeah there's no way if I would ever become an office and we never that they ever stand. Right so here's some of the things is again nonmilitary person I hear about like this number one I was here at the air force guys at the the finest. With a column with a funny is not. Not the finest tools you wiser and we'll or toys toys theaters and I think those guys think about academy and then when I went to the army navy game. It candidate that was kind of shocked that lake. You know there's like there's some students that go to West Point for awhile from the Naval Academy right in the at halftime they exchange students. But like the army navy thinks having a monster deal didn't seem like anybody really hated the air force academy. Now if we're canister reticent children I mean there's always that you know. Simien and illustrated it immediately realize that hatred seeing Ali guys are as you know martini military you know all we're doing is. Is hanging out hot tubs in intriguing you know excessive drinks and I get that means we're not. And I've been to combat environments I'm not I was in you know fear my life in seeding you know terrorist summit that I was armed with them with a range easily and I buy take somebody out when he assumed it was like that how many hot tubs and champagne yet it is so out of two or three yeah. I hung as a critical places he knows I mean his military no place to put you they're not put in a tent will air force and did an opportunist who tell. And says lifetimes are we on missions where I was with the State Department our secure service in word. Four fives are resorts. So those are now parts incoming army guys like this is BS rounds tense beat you know basically Grubbs is above the ground yeah I'm not complain trust me and anyway I mean I I'm the biggest post how the military. I barely graduate high school one point six GPA I was homeless and living on the streets and I do an air force homeless. How were on eighteen I I went says I I was always a summer school until the same class three times does it feel for the fourth time. In the English teacher says that she is on failure right now. Now as likely to airports in three days. And she's like here's a will wow any fear in nine months later I was working on B one bombers. 200 islander aircraft. And at the time when I join air force I Hurley would arrive Wallace missed anonymously as. Welcome bombers where else in the world can do that. I will let me ask you I anybody Ernie get into our military side Dario and you know it's I get to veterans day does have band you know line as well he announced so how do you feel is an air force veteran and is a veteran overall like what do you think about when you see now how that like. Our our bombers are back on alert for the first time a long time. It's scary to gossip the it is our defensive now here's the crap out of me certainly tears mean. Luckily the B one Weis were kind is not nuclear capable and more unity start treat the Russians we had make sure that the Bombay doors cannot support in new anymore there's obviously they don't have a bomber somewhere stored away just in case you know they want to bring new con there. But I mean it's is one of those things that I don't like where everything's headed because I mean it's it's scary. Yeah that's real scared me does it Ellis takes is. I don't wanna. Not rabbit hole scares the crap out. Number I'm retired sailor after all this and I think have been Els like man staying guys kind of retired it was perfect timing. I think you need not and I talk nobody's in there you know I mean people realize that. Next Secret Service and eight cent a guy. When they sent dot choppered in pants to anywhere in the world. The amount of people take to lose those people around is astronomical. Is so expensive taste only man hours so these people that they're pushing now. RR I mean did military guys that have a T support all this don't lose in sleep there is take it from their downtime is being chaos lately. You sound that you can't peasants go anywhere told trump does go anywhere to be continues see you bring is amazing. Right I mean the number one it's a ton of money the number two is right like I saw thing no Secret Service guys are like. They're using up all the overtime and stuff obviously we can't keep this pace up and there are so many people in trumps family to protect yeah. You you be surprised how many people he and suvs and I knew. This is outclassed by the mean dad there's a vehicle that when I was working for serious servers was the end of the Bush Administration. And when the Eagles they have had a chem warfare vehicle being case that there's ever I cannot. Nervous as are not yet nerve attack this could be his command. Vehicle command center pretty much. So we have to take that everywhere we receive South America we will bring that it's and there are still on the human things we didn't pieces you have to people think about it. Wall what are the giant planes and they put all like that. Limousines and suvs with that he's seventeen now as my plan worked on our time for. I was not playing fur since 2004. To 2000 some team are retired sixteen retired. And we can fit you know eight humvees on there. I've had a presence when Moammar vehicle on our plane plenty of times and transported. Eight next one which is the presidential. Marine One helicopter. Side as Danny from military presidential support to trash. No literal I've we've picked up trash before and it's upsetting it accurately picking up we've picked up hum the rams but they're all busted up on what what are we doing here. And in the week later taken have been no ad senator so it's it's very diverse and the mad different things he'd take gorgeous amazing. I'm so down the sake I mean I thought Craig got a dozen Secret Service guy on air force monitoring the only people who are not pet is there any clarity guerrillas in the big gorillas in the suits and that's not true most those Secret Service guys you when he mentality like tiny. A bookworm yoga that one's a deal with communications demands deal with the Internet safety and security serie. So you don't realize how much we were moving wheels are you know every single time. It's yeah I have a body that works for the state depart. Yeah and he does all that kind of stuff and play he has his seat too much but he should think you do not understand logistic clicked when the president trying to. Came to Seattle he was he was like one of the guys that was pretty close to read in charge of anything you have no idea. So I asked him as a woman kind of athlete. Might use so much of our power in this and then easily if you ever thought about what would happen if somebody hurt the Chinese president. On our soil gas and played her you forget lake is worth a start like it's starting now end has started already nothing. Mean you're right I never thought about it that way. Ads is is amazing I what's the Sulu. Was at the C seventeen that we'll massacring. Means so. The key you play footballer like I ask you is our lead. I've never started when a believer seen pictures of my buddy as the coolest picture is on Internet seemed fine at that. Pete Manning was doing USO tour India to play catcher Pete Manning on the season team. Aren't my next question is it was amazing. Every. You know what that's sounds fun Barbara Peyton Manning Tom when that ball in the when he thought I saw there I kind of low and Samaria so yeah I bet he's coming and that's imagine dropping that pass the embarrassing that B cell all pressure. Yeah at the ridiculous. Getting but he south coast in here today also the host of the now points to the podcast. Arts we're talking military stuff you're retired air force. The C seventeen. Is it that miserable ride on canal is the best thing in the world are debilitated Selig when you dig the military transports it's brutal. Well if you're. Mean social Sansa view are the same things we Annan Annan saying if you are just say it person. Going and deployments and it's in your just riding the back. On seventeen. And it's packed full tanks and it sucks because all you our eyes on the seat is based in the and a match that's what I'm that's what I'm envisioning like that guy in that seat he had a guy I guess access sometime today if they have eaten through it and they ever make its broad legal lay down. That's the gracing the world is when you know as a when we sin is you know yet airborne the Pallet be much on the pal for a commercial listen okay go ahead in. And play in the fourth we need to and you know ice to bring to mattresses. Tom's mom had just isn't as soon as we're airborne I was I was knocked out and is the vibration from the computers. How is Ali cannot walk her now purposely about the hung over. Sleep on the plane going ten hours and then I'm a new country memories are drinking among our writers go in the past like me we each ulyetza. But why according Nextel might have. I guess I'm more the bar you know and and it has you've been on a plane it's refueled midair oh yeah that's a very common. That is all the time it just seems so complicated it is crazy when you first see it's crazy but it's it's neat. And it. He is so used to it com. It's a gimmick and almost annoying in a way it was like his explosives strapped and because he he's a breakaway. That either seize the KC ten or whether killer is. Each count if need be debt is also turbulence for some reason it's the breakaway right away and so with that being said impala has village die right away. And seem to be strapped in Iran has the Cox he's an enormous ceilings yellow and a. Cite another plane flies out there ring now in hand Dotson yeah it's it's it's really cool opt pretty cool. That's I'm I mean has there that's like a Tuesday. Yeah I know we were not a military and nonmilitary and like I completely get it just that you've got to be kidnapper of wind up winning so big yet and he's like it is just up there refuel yeah. It's pretty amazing it's it's cool are to what you know about air traffic. Is it ever scared Yemeni planes are often her yap Qatar now NASA may close calls we now is actually just talking now now because this question what sort of it's really it's only in the last couple months that I I really realize that lake. Commercial flights take longer. Number one as they try to see fuel Marco was that correct and the number two at a at. We can't fathom how many planes up there but it's kind of amazed scene there's not more plane accident and the. So. Obviously Sloan now lob and Iraq in Afghanistan at the time when the war flick kick enough yet figured there. Yes LA and the RCA commercial airlines allot TV these are military planes that are coming in. At all hours in ninety continuously mean in its. It's chaos that's why are our air traffic controllers and you're forced to pay the most becomes like bonuses and all that yet their bonuses insane because all the training goes into it. They're forces and lose that but he of all the people say you know. Seats acting like hey will how are you right away he's air force eagle at training and you are way beyond what we have. You know combat ready I mean it's. All right that will last question I was yellow and act Arad had to fire away how true is the movie operation dumbo drop. The fact that I Sarin remember. And Danny Glover and mariners' up a belt and a plane obviously now we've taken some weird things I went down and they have seen. What's the weirdest thing you've ever drop if you could say late airdrops yeah I mean you're just like. Adamantly I imagine new pair dropped food and stuff do you really just been Mike Magee late I don't know see a budget troops were prepared and you said airdrop in my jackets. You know what happens a lot which is that this is only embarrassing so. I mean I've been up a couple airdrop missions. In UN fine obviously the success of the mission is and obviously a lot prepared preparation goes into it. Weird and one mission we were trying to get supplies is mostly bullets water and teetering it to the guys in Afghanistan in this kind of area that was side. Didn't have. They're they're kind of they're for a long time so we trying to resupply them at their most necessities bullets here in water. And I'd like to fifteen. Palace we dropped five of them we they completely comparisons to not work right. So imagine like your place you here's your your load. It is a huge thing a bullet succumbed green down and just gets obliterated in a studio city gators some of the Palestinians have been downloaded exploded. Saying. Things they like I'm an early sinks them and he you know obviously got some of supplies demeanor summing things that can go on go wrong you know as a senior drop. I can't imagine if you're in country. Kennedy and had battles. Plate obviously unique to bullets to survive yes but I mean like. Sassy one of the best skater children and why yes yeah for other. Let's go Ohio brews like I imagine that point the runner nanny nicotine or anything else they have like. That's going to be like the one thing like Jesus give it Gator you act you some largely symbolic things any incredibly do you drink like on Thursday. Yeah. Yeah I was and Alex do this state going first full circle the three days I spent in jail. That was the first thing I remember that exploit the last day and a half ought to think about history gonna Geary Kyle so thirsty awfully in my get out of here I don't tragic airing I don't know toothbrush so that is like two days and then we give me two thrashed at the image or I sell off like. I was I mean is this psyched and so. That I went when you see when the lawyers for some guy and who she was. The issues like me you still reek of blues sounds like Amber's teeth in two days. Yes I nagging I do you feel the layers a sweater and it's like six letter on there and the guys seem new and invents an inning guy I mean to you. I guess aged and non dry so wet so I guess I was in general pop. I'm sad to brush my teeth is still it was horrible experience was the shower super how to super cold com. Yeah it was lukewarm all your first overheard saying it Mose you'll in Europe and central booked in wherever yards either super hot reciprocal now it was lukewarm Tom Davis rich. It is like where the people where the inmates would recoup obviously is staring right into it with a shower that yellow today like they must like is I'm. I'm I'm Mikey I can't pee in public as it is. The IT imagine showering in these thieves are looking at me in Daytona red lake is in now on the new laws military. This is someone really wants to be jerked open jump purpose knowing you're trying to daddy year they say keep your hello adult now it was like aegis. America look like a crazy person Pervez Islamic I don't being or any along gonna have to yet. And I was IDS is what the judge I had some issues and they went dead when the absolute crap the was ridiculous it's funny now at the time was terrified. Well I would you like I told stories now I'm laugh about it but I I've never been more scared in my life. If that includes having to fight people. Yes yes they may put meek is Agassi the judge in the had to take me to the judge they in under potential before. They handcuffed me padlock to meet inched shackle me to another prisoner or another inmate yet and I was like man. Under control much higher level and it's feeling basically Jeffrey Dahmer Hannibal Lecter here in a mean and say take me usage edge in my I'm always the lawyer. And Hillary goes whatever you do you don't you're back on the jets now is like at a town at fourteen years now like surge no interim that kind judge military bearing. Story be gotten and then all of them make a statement. You said the judges you reading up everything in the the DA don't even tell IA got bats so they Diego as good Mike my lawyers like this guy's been military fourteen years numerous times decorated. And added I never in trouble. In the idea here is his little tiny tearfully told Jerry he has a lot contrary he said back in 1996. He got into a new. No insurance accident. Now it. What the hell and it's Herman back and the judge still look at him and then the judge that don't you turn your back coming out on my guy can win this place and that a matter. What happened you lose. It was that absolute nonsense and so then which got really crazy is they put me back in the paddy wagon with some other guys I didn't know. In these guys all been like our our. Hardened criminals if they get announced this yet they can say look at me and I basically you're look like a like bitch prima Donna commanders trying to get to this day you know and if so then make me go to you backed myself and I mean sell a day you know some among them. Small time offender. So the well the opposite whenever he goes to try to take you down. Yes he really does take me down Tim Mike myself and you must pass myself as a hate sir might I cells aid is except F up. And it didn't lock down the hallway it's our skin darker. You tell like their funding is going down to paint like peeling in the lights are flickering I was like sir sir this is how was an A he's a shut the F up. We always down like. And Gil was up that door and I was like I don't belong in there I just had to dig his bitch face every now he was like Paul are sagging and now. Yeah because Mac is like Ali AA asked taking you far. Hall. He was implemented and in a look like Charles Manson and now like I would I would last thirty seconds and there. How I would how much I'm hours I never felt so I always rated. Help me out was when I went up to the tears in his RD darken my time. So like most people were still in the cells like we were just Graham and the little boats and sleep on. And I was Al before everybody but gen pop opened for the day facility guess one of the things are really safe. Acts are ranked. How about that serious stuff out of the way a personal story about this past weekend. Now Friday night I went to Joba rule in a shopping I was that actually was a lot of fun. Meehan Chris Jessie Jamie coat tie Brenda writes ram a good time also the job rule Shantee crowd there's a lot of you know not to say if there's a lot of hot white trash in their mid thirties coming back. Have to use my real house the bad boy is mostly in their mid thirties a lot of those like there one night out. Her from like the kids in the caused him though that that was a little whenever there is that a baby tolerates the I. But man I fell in love a hundred times. Just got great there's so many girls like when you go to Iraq surely got sinister form of people show up mainly girls are heels of this and that I'm sure it was a nightmare for security is the budget puke objects in their heels. But so Friday night like we had a great time. Stayed up really late. Point of the story is Saturday get up among over. So our good buddy Joseph the mayor he's he's downtown he says hey let's meet up for birther. The man I'm hung over greasy burger sounds delicious. President gap right now even right now thinking about Iran overly but that seems. But to me about hung over there's like three things you want either a burner so pizza or like chicken legs more sleek yet. For it right maybe he'd yeah and it's there. But you remember those days Max yeah. Very well Matt's PO I. Yes peel like that was always like when I felt like I was close to death. I just thought the great points tasted good. All right yep video digest it if I wanna say I learned years to do from something and might really flew fighters or somebody is on tort like you keep the only. Anyhow so we go to this place it's a failed to your joint that the name it the menacing anyway but like. The staff is beautiful right to a most normally Jolie's leg all the chicks are really hot in the third had beats and appetizers. And then we get to its feet right biblically and meatballs. But then we get older this burger in the whole reason we went there is this Joseph the mayor had seen this burger on each degree right. Her and it's called the impossible burgers like we're joking around like swimming and look at these we'll take to a possible birders GAO's. You guys realize there's no meat and those right. That's the real like what she does yeah I mean I guess I could round up a few paddies back there if you win a real burger but like. The first of all honey you know it really sell that that only thing I roundup from patty asked her her sounds fresh write the the first cut half right. Is there a possible murder by the way you've heard of it eat it's the one that's been all over the Internet it was made some lab. It bleeds I don't know what it's bleeding. But it has late juices come out of it like upper. And a regular yeah. So I will say also this place isn't it but the French friends publishers. So the birther wasn't back in of I was gonna eat a meatless burger I eat this impossible burger I couldn't even make. But the way they used to cook and like flat top or whatever that's what kind of tablet that charred piece to it so it was good but I just was like. I got pissed off. Like county Lincoln again tricked by a labeling talent. Yeah pat pat pat is getting I had over certain but I that's how I feel army is not real meets its is not real blood it's basically if they need imagination and CB clean magic land break so here's the deal and to lose to this day which is where a few days later. It is for pay this debt up to date four days later. If she ended told us I'm not positive about what a super noticed it really good because she said it that's kind of hung over like boom it was just in my head. And I couldn't get past it and that I was not gonna let I was even tell I was not elect Joseph gonna wave and a site and also Joseph. We came to get a burger that you saw on its agreement to. Gain the edge when and where they tell you is not though. He's like rocky mountain oysters the fun of is counted afterwards. Like you realize those are bull testicles in our. I'm with you played he was kind of a nicer joint in obviously you like is we're hammering down our second order lamb he called us. If I don't power jug and where they really lamb they were they were delicious Sheridan learn how also wanting to chips that Catholics implement I went chip excuse me. Is Earl bail means she's like yeah Catholic too if there's anything you tell people about three years from now when I'm gone that he can always tell a pat pat pat back half. It's I don't know this is almost like we do that may cast and that's like should I be mad that it was a veggie burger really was good at just like I was expecting grief. I I give Agassi your pain I would be it seems that way plus I don't know if I judge a grown man just making burger calls on how looks Orleans Seagram. Now daily said she's on it to resist cheese steak no a pretty sure the Jesus real kind of button knows good and they have like. They have like karma wise to onions are safe over lake is so many if they get doctor tomorrow with Amy you hit you can never eat red meet again. I go get this murder really just the one I would get yet it was it was by far the best one of those that had. It was just sleep. I just wasn't ready fort. It's definitely firm obviously you over world population which oriented anyway word and actually get a real burner anymore. Yeah he's an eye on the thing you preside gay Issa and I'm glad her were already at a place where it's pretty good they'll try improve it. In elderly yes. This cal thing is pretty unsustainable losses in documentaries. Well Matt though would you you enjoy good bird a lot of sat out part of the problem well Taylor how would you feel if you were promised to Bernard it was I mean while a good one. Now burger. Well I mean the context is interesting here because. I feel like if I was gonna go try it and Neuberger. I would know I generally know some things about burgers that I seek out. You know I mean my is generally not just one in Saddam's picture take a thrill list article or some five that occurred ER I mean stimulants. I just feel like I've I generally. I think I would know or Joseph would know what you'd be mentioned in the instant am post. I don't know if there if that's a misleading advertising by them hurt the person that posted it didn't. You know do an adequate job describing it but it. I don't know I just generally last time I try to birders great state his Pratt the meat man told me to go their sets say all right my meet guys tell me goes burger joint I'm gonna go there. Obviously it's real meat. Let the cat always I always heard things about it and I feel like. This impossible burner one of the first things to mention against their posts is that it's lab be. And then you know. Yeah I mean it's made complaints I guess there's only two and restaurants and it is that was nothing we were like is this year. Inning and she was like Ned and this is would be impossible burgers and bring in Joseph had no idea. I mean look. I don't want to defend him and all but I will say he literally saw the picture and to say hey we're going over to this place. Because his burger looks good at it that's fair and it didn't play the apostle burger I will stand up late. You're gonna have a burden not me for meets late this is the burger you want that's a classic join Hampshire it's got some good. You know played appeal. Make our get a lot of analysts the cheese like it it looks. It looks ID. I just if it wasn't the fact that also go over and really one at the burner. And that would have been fine if she didn't tell you he didn't know. I had a time plus I think. If someone just had no idea and she didn't say that. I wonder what their reaction to be because like I'm still curious I may go try it knowing that I had a time not in his. You know disgruntled hung over a state of like he can connect him all this way for a Kurt Iranian. That's a fair reaction and I feel like that's their skew the experience a little bit. So for me. Like to go seek it out now I would nobody I'd be a little bit more open minded to it so it probably. Prime be better but I'd be curious to see simmons' reaction when they had absolutely no idea and you tell afterwards. What the Rocky Mount Royce how much it costs. That's amazing to me is astronomical for a fake burger or is it. I mean it was kind of expensive this is an expensive too. Seeing you you know like a forty dollar body Hamburger Helper to go out there I think you might probably like fifteen I lake somewhere in the anemic forty are you know boxes of Hamburger Helper in Asia that's not going to be obviously economical. Whatsoever in their interest you that I eight medium burger we just obscenely don't get me wrong playing. Part of it just fun to give Joseph a hard time about it. But yeah I'm with you like honestly that's the one question I had if she hadn't mentioned it. And I'm sure it's said he didn't and we were just like possible burst into a two cutting NIC was like hey just so you know. She's calling it yell that likable people saying you and tell us is made at plastic or have emulation based plastic it looks exactly are. On point the texture was a little different but that's about it. Somber snob my wife's parents had 200 had a cattle stay up liking to steer and we are half a cal every year. So I mean are. Army is selection is ridiculous I mean he should add music opens up we'll my deep freezer personally like death angelic. All and identity is a white paper wrapped. Aren't used to other question I have about Burger's right now we're talking burst like windy it when people start asking you like how much tinker how you want to bird. But to me it was a it was a pulled ground beef just cook. For our parents reasons mainly did you need this election yet I Tuesday and the new pitching depth thing now like people order personal mostly the order states. You know I like my my burger medium rare I Arbil in a camel number I would not your basic unit and these disaster action to meet. I guess but I swear to god it was only like seven years ago was the first late I've ever be in a place in DC and you know like how he went to burger Cotto Mosley. Berger do you just cook. There like to know what you would this Wellesley I may because that lake some places their greed of meat is gonna give me yeah. QB that rock chick and you priest since he really ticking rank all Mexican medium cooked their server and already Iran in an ad that's disgusting Raj Singh and his group rose. I was at the grossest thing was once I went to a fancy dinner party on the top of like Capitol Hill right yeah. So fancy that there was it dude there that was in. Christ would you call when may eighteenth a bunch and they don't a ballet. I happen. He nearly died and that past three games I'm not going out there whatsoever we began to laugh but they don't they don't see anything on the back of singer but I had a bag of answering directors here. So he got a lucky break that he knows the ballet right this is a fancy like group setting. So I'm real excitement that's ally I'm not really excited about Mary Margaret my buddies statements Mormon. That we have to go she's chosen it to Bally's guy's gonna be there. So creepy though the course is a dinner party to profane to in this event but are they serve pork. And it was just lake Alice lake and a link Atlanta as an American eat this it's kind of paint their plan though that's the Italian statistical bureau felt like. Sure chicken pork I want it cooked all the way. Obviously you cannot pull pork yeah. I'm really built well guess I. I'm my biggest fear is because I don't get someone sick some bad plastic glove all the natural glows I'm very very careful when I'm on a poll on the court. Anixter internal temperature is at regular why is sort of black. Blue blue map medical with Jack yeah. Definitely not naslund government then that she white ones said definitely. But it was a pretty nasty black what the blue whenever I watch the barbecue competitions like the cool guys always have the black yeah I mean I my blue ones that I'm I'm I'm taking. I didn't use my hands yeah. I think of it feel get sick they get people on here and no regret that you put it. You'll know you serve us not to stray hands and trust me a lot of Lux yeah that's true nagging about it but of acting kind of barbecue parties you know really dig about coming this item nation might. Internal temperatures at 200 degrees and apple and and they sharing news. You know legit. While meat thermometer man that's receive urban a lot of meals is Bluetooth probes have everything goes through a Bluetooth and tells me internal temperature in. Ice meaning general like I mean once I got a meat thermometer. It immediately. Apparently I it was only used eating chicken that was like super dry and my card port. Yeah I mean you know like pork generally think those little things things that I would cook for ten minutes longer in Ireland awaited it's actually done. Miracle on the but Don I prove or whatever things all I grill. It innings is Bluetooth write your phone I mean I can set it up where I'm sleeping and it wakes me up and when to pull it off and let it rest for four hours car. It's legit. School. There's so much heat pull open of the guerrilla exit when you're peaking you're not was it the term to look you're not cook him. So I take off the top you lose so much he uses wasted a whole hour bona heat back up but I. Yeah. Well that's the hardened that's the hard part I think the slow cooking and when you're smoking something sooner after the crock spotlight every in my crock pots on open. I had like don't open yes right like you put it in him as belzer killer man I know what it's like live a better is Jack harper. Now romance and you're not a lazy through live. Especially if I hit especially with smokers man yeah like everytime you open that the news losing temperature yeah you don't hear anything like that as are the people are costly opening up to based over the top you know like I gotta keep did you see. It's light of the fact it's a built in user. I do you do right you never opened the girl at all on these villages poll in. You know and it taken out so the wife's family you didn't have a calendar year yup so you know like a brisket do you buy a brisket or is it us now. And I things referenced. Only now. A brisk it's. A smoke a brisket usually try to tip and then now I'm everything fur. Chuck gross a west chuck gross is is astronomical. The all right if the word magical comes to mind it stagnant. That's amazing is that had to pull pork amount she feels amazing and the net and going senator chuck roasts which is usually but the rough BP's in me. Seemingly nineties mean absolutely phenomenal. We are river a Saturday sixty of action we did primary. Phenomenal. First primary ever she destroyed it is and we're thing restarted 500 degrees and turn of an off with the inside their season. Aaron is is ridiculous is just kind of ever had. I'm the guy and I'm Jimmy's not I I'm a big fan that red meat obviously. Yeah well that they try to impossible Brian could. Now the odd man really funny to serve that semi and a father alive who is obviously caricature the judge has burger out. I did I I was that'd be definitely one of those things he's like a beauty fan I probably wouldn't invited back to Thanksgiving or Christmas is that now the wait outside. The other is the great YouTube video well highest that I YouTube channel for cropland soon yeah that would be a good game it's that way you have he already Amanda sometimes uprising hit me RA had the last thing you did he's a big towering pitcher and has lasting India's he would not doubt about our leathery Holmes yeah. Yeah I he is next year's crop had. Yeah and with the top Paula that's a no win situation right now either he knocks you out in my. It's tough to like look at your wife again or like. What you knock him out nowhere I think that's her deadly that's ever using Hughes was a real they had anybody like if you get in a fight with your father mall that is a no win. You know yeah eighties I know wants us on his face is completely black and blue and has yet beat up is that no account kick the gay and hit me in the face and knocked me out. I was like do the hostile late night got up I nature I know broken bones and on back to working on might. Oh my gosh is she be like him and moving me daddy you. Think the DMR romantic now. Yeah I just look at mind. My hand this fix that to bitch the south since my wife's a little calluses from dead lift and that's about it but that ally that's next that. She's only she is what do you do when I'm reverse matter Azam hydraulic McCain can seasoning you have like the softest hands for hydraulic mechanic canals and I'm instructor now. He's like there's no calluses on Arabs Jew like this is like. Obviously air force is all Martinis obviously Africa I'll just we did I can't and often had the biggest they're pitching and you're seeing like how my friend after they're sad they're yet. Play to the point of what I've been places before my. So what's going on that like somebody else's wife like tacitly you've really nice hands don't. Yeah I think that does not help me yes looks unites dad you look you know what I can't think that's day. Do you also were gonna pack back so I Matt let's check in with your weekends. I would spend. Love. Laden guys. I have read mellow weekend Allen back out to my parents and her at their muscle weekend. Just relax. They would they would then it's that's a good time off Friday Nat played hockey for the first time all around hockey game went around did this stick and puck in out really fun to skate around. And you know I think I'll like about sticks and pucks. Is stick and puck different than just like you delegates is up getting nuts is an open ice there and now yet exactly and got there and what I like is AG's united goalie there and so I got to. Lakewood is our goalie is trying to hit the posts where I hit the posts in here trying to that sound is so satisfying. Yet. But usually hit the post and game. It's the worst sound in the World Series game for the net crash though he had got a few those lake pains in. You know who did some did some skating drills and fell really good feel like a lot of the training have been doing. They single leg based type stuff five more come on motor control is really really paid off with a really good out there has been my Condo. Maybe over a year probably since I skated play in legislate what I've been doing. In the gym it felt like his has that helped end you know I'm edges underneath me pretty quick I met a guy before hand you hadn't played it in there. Like two years because he broke both his dress that I broke our harassed by knock you on time but they weren't actually from pocket their most sports. As though that both our first time out in a long time and yeah I used super cool guys who reacted to skate around there is no doubt there is. Older you know like prize late 50s60s. So the three of us you know between. It being our first time out there has got to be a little bit older weekly hits and two on one drills and stuff and just kind of messed around and how nice it was a lot of fun man I'll tell people that. Mess we're in Renton on the small ice over there and there is maybe like seven people out on it to skate around one of the nets had let one of those. Those goal the late pad things have like the candidates with some holes in the corners and in the five hole. I see you have something to aim at and then most and that's blocked off by it. And so that's fine and then that I've gone the other images into proposed sky is. Yeah most the time you don't get to enjoy that sound. And they gadgets just. Man I would. Love because talked about this over the weekend that I just love. This CI a video of what it actually do a truck kick vs what it felt like out there I felt like I was in the Mighty Ducks just out there crushing it. I was letting on migs. Miami Johnson and I are behind me and I did I skated with a lot of guys that clothing in the ages have the best things to say about it say yeah he's gotten real real annualized skated gives him not in the Austin and a lot severely cold you decide you get millions mix. Well two things number one I don't you wanna see the video yet I thought I don't because it's like when I first are it's no staff less snowboard tried really my fourth or fifth time right. And I was like I did you have this whole play in the around the corner and I heard the girls are pals that you film. I have McNamee has gonna look awesome there when I watch the film that was let's have not the only city that doesn't cut it right and in the same thing with boxes and I remember like I've been training for a couple months of its late. We did spar and in our small gym yet this the first time I go to Cappy is right and I'm like you know I'm. What I think. Either Robin we ends your guy watching it on film was just lake I've never really probably why am I beat looks stopped we think that's what you actually move autos for. Like a butterfly out there are Manningham could come up at blue and they would you watch tobacco bill that they nominee you had a video zillion double our out of love to see that all you Google it. They're really I don't have a deep down I I'll gag or check that out and out of our. Her for a long time I only watch for a minute how dugout like well I thought that's sort of gun and said you are fast your Mohammed Ali tax cut starts out so promising. But yet it's the antibodies that thing up with Cuba like everything I watch film with that the you know look as cool you fuel with a one point five speed in the united team and. What then it's fun about playing hockey with guys that are way better than you. I've there's a guy played her Spokane and Mike who went the hijacked by the red wings we put it on probe well had some injuries. And silly he's just like lightening fast I remember one time. The way he played for the chiefs. Yeah nice yeah and say. I just remember one time. A lot of times he'll just like kind of laid back and let everyone DB. Weekend lawyer dips that don't really know what they're doing and the one time. IA EO he. And so when there's other really good guys till step up the intensity see kind of get a gauge. And you you just got to take it easier on eagle on time record out Bynum I was slack and then the next play. He started is like he ripped it up a lot and I still like pull that off and got I'm a scored. And he just got pissed and just brought it up to eleven right oops. I fast. So aghast at times it's fun to play N play Wear out your week. If ya know like going back to the boxing thing would have told a story of in my box coach Rob Blake. He knows what he's still black belt nuts Taekwondo. Now he trains and echo a with the chrome McGraw yeah yeah yeah. So he doesn't he's doing but the whole time we were trainer if he never really hit me as hard as he could. And then one time I hit with a body shot link right on the side right it legit hurdle that he just. Clips me and I don't totti then you're here prop eight but it is so bodies dollar rivers way to Hawaii but really that's a really translates to punch haystack. There really hurt us. The tunnel tired you were after into the double our fight he's a year hearing hazardous obviously just. So I had my right hand it just hurts so bad really your hand hurt here it the end probably worked taped absolutely correctly have. I mean dude even when your win you know twelve ounce gloves and then they did he like. Mean you're right. And that we all know this that you're punching somebody in the got the face yeah. My guess nurture me and that's true I guess Ike and I'd have them wearing gloves on so I guess. That's one thing I mean any any not felt a bucket list I guess. Yeah well sometimes me and you don't even need to like sparred often just go to like a boxing gym a lot of them have like fitness classes and stuff. But you do like lights brake its previously used to it stations or whatever but he. He gets that urge. You know and then you can take classes if you really wanna learn and stuff but hate. Eight it's what you just the fitness class that box and on and I'm cut had tended now from economists. Are your yeah. Yeah happening and I'm not an idea my brain kind of the wheels turning I think that they pretty cool it's. Have a little in PS one on line. They're costly valley today into a neon a microphone as were costly belittling each other which is obviously a great time bit. Taylor begin the squared circle and it knocked his. My glasses off. Sounds like you're trying to be a professor there. Of the suites and yes. Max yet. I mean it gets up Matt that's good to hear about Lambert got back image shattered time. Try to look at the name. And it debated babies in general fitness stuff to yeah most I mean most. You know obviously you like I can tell variously that's going to be a little different right lake immunity get GT class there are some dinner her in the nighttime asthma fighters comes in coming. But a pretty sure you're caddies up on Capitol Hill like most of the boxing gyms have this fitness classes made a ton of fun. And can't read it they are parole is Hulu do sport down at Tacoma. Valued the U sport really the true brokerage bear. Works that yeah and we recorded its common SO and that the parallel through yeah are buddies now one of the only times I mean we've actually Lar to withdrew the the eternal country now I'm serious I gagged. A kiwi down proposes to winner on the he'll be down Julia. These weights after nine set on once again a most are challenges and losing he's it is crossed it now that amorous yes on the website your broken Tyre Alia. I don't want creature Kodak. They need is cross then I mean he's talents of go a little bit he's a strong and he's older taller than you rally back and have prided destroy Obama so talking up. With his ass 1005 did you you gotta do what I did is Chris I mean. Chris is gonna talk a lot trash Ali does user I didn't use got a quiet in just ring his bell and hold on. Second. Try Kentucky check with their ads and I think you could talk some trash but he's really talking so much that it is being so obviously you go silent there might creep about. They got should've told to disarm all like artists like George saint Pierre constant just you know is mild mannered and young and what's mass. I mean George CP yearly people forget now fighters talk about it but I know back in the day GSP was among the first fighters ever heard you like. He knows that you scared before these fights yeah and like that was so groundbreaking late you know that's 80 yelling at courts they're. It scared him GAAP what you're gonna live to be you don't terrifying. Thought he's a champion for so long b.'s very you know south smoking and he seems like a guy he'd be very dishonest and his you know yeah I mean again the only bad opinions when I thought you had to fight their local casinos just. The purest adrenaline. Dump your struggle my life I remember none of it. Currently at all I mean again I haven't had a drinker so we'd two month. Eight I barely met I think. I don't remember any of it I remember like little moments of like. When my head gear back on amassed operate through to around Robby alike you've got to hit them harder. Apparently that happened to be like yeah every little moment but I patted it was a member electorate really thinks right you were like the whole crowd restrict your name. Not a drill off Alia as soon as that curtain open. If flake. You know if you ever had too much to drink you like you know like you kind of remember the moment where the make and and it's not as are adamant that the hat yeah that's exactly what it was for me like the curtains open in him like assault people it was just over. Cause I'm totally I'm I'm so intrigued now it's ridiculous I penniless and we anyway sending be perfect every team yet until months and his training in. How will his ass. We've idea Qaeda audio I'll let you know about this tomorrow record her hat on looked like his ass. Out he's actually over the mean all of it but yes it's. I do like it. It has in god is art talk trash we never you know we had a lot of vehicle promoter now may Allah and not how might you most who works but I feel like the podcast branch out all my god as the Emmy idea. If your ring announcing for that would be amazing that. Meg I'm CV that the wrath he now it's a man. And deplete you a little rascals that comprised there's YouTube videos very clearly stated I have figure out the fact that you can. If it could according to mailman has our prowl doesn't. You know Christie Fallon are your teeth and everything. It just in my play would you watch it in you know Automask beat but you could see one of the knocked out he just physically threw me over and it's like that. Thank you count when he went to BS and endless. Panelists that's garbage that sounds like fake beef. You know what's funny say that I'm still looking at pictures of the apostle vertical path that we talked about so much now like you know one of those we're gonna. Half past of the tend to be if I had known it would prior would have the right. Well yeah I heard about does a lot of got to know there are available in town but they're kind of intriguing just is like south alluded to I don't out think of that cal. The towels as food model it at the rate it's that is super sustainable so now there's some boy who lab grown meets going to be a thing I feel like in my lifetime. Now yes I can easily see I mean I think it's made from plants. Cool even better yeah I liked I felt fear is like the first time Mino like a new. And Joseph Rogan makes a joke on time or no bill Burma Sudan on time is like I wanna be the first person I hair plugs. It looked like the tough I want to establish a forehead you know means a yeah UN obviously waited out a little bit before you assure you this all the time we had no idea 18 am giving me on night vision at. Tail real soon which really cool that. You never know what's gonna get some. To the stuff that in our society we don't know the long term effects of because now is everything's evolving at this crazy pays and just like rushed to market for money. And yeah they how how. You know give him out the public and at the public decides they like something and it turns out it does have all these side effects like it's too late. Felt like. You know it miles right. Yeah manager rightly he still has. The gives vision isn't horrible but easily Wear glasses and stuff when he drives any had lace. But he had Lisa X so far back in the day when it was like pre and you know had better like that that they didn't last. Now no way yeah I mean is maybe I don't know it still doesn't like it is still that could be outdated FEI technologies constantly improving you know I'm glad. I've really. Really is vision in one of my guys. I write one. On but the doctor was like yeah I hear it left as is gonna do most the work and then once you left eyes. Tired of that and they're both babble litigate it glasses or contacts or whatever. So I hadn't I'm glad that I got a little bit of a delay because by that point I think acted the technology will have evolved. Did did they pay him for it that's the major concern they give you money for a year Bure bases in ebitda. I'm not participate in this research study exactly so our episode one nanny nine and a half I was not here south Sydney and of course Matt and I. Here but Terrence in here for and are it's about anti. Who cheered up there first lines and into how are you any good at cracking backs because normally when any man that cracked I would call on air in Cobb but he's too far away. I'm down yeah Michael on the given that cracked and led the way thousand foremost late. Are you good at it I'm down. Have to figure out back not a direct your fifth or how I've been sleeping like really it gracefully lately like not that you know we kept thinking of things you there live dearly editor remodel your Carlo I didn't like how are you got my text I got car and here I am I mean it. But my back just like. So yeah he and renewable fuel cell action gotcha aren't cool hook unqualified adjustment yes I'm I'm making is all about Salma. Yeah topic so they're nothing clearer idea Beecher can pack up and now I I don't know that IMAP is. Well I guess first of all your pulled pork is the greatest so thank you for. Shayne I was young once or twice in my life so far. Yes I can blast. Plus my airport any happy that the sum it definitely has and so on make any time you guys need like a small event I would. Be honored Xena easily do twenty pounds pull power it's not that we got what I. It's been fun both say crank supposed south tax me like hey man not gonna make the poll pork and it you don't rebellion ought to think that we show up. And then maybe a couple hours later seat hair and she goes and she is is. Breach of the Cold War and yeah. Tell me about your all time biggest army saw it coming to. Topanga but for mixed as they can as our Rangel behind his I had no idea how to do as I hear I said no matter some running up the hill. In a good bagging on his legal everywhere hold it here now wait I wanted to be the enemy is low gas so I'd everything has let it wrapped. In some running up the hill Manny there's Jews everywhere and Vicki B recent help me now I'm named is at the mess Ali manages the reasonable sense yes if Magellan dropped. Seeding or beyond makes cats like how we feel like I'm so tired is that worked on my smoking in. A twelve hour ordeal is the bucks well it's comes about twenty hours already had a guy yeah it's bigger smoking for the honor it was maple involved four hours and of inches there's enough. And then an iMac does that suddenly heated on the menu for hours arresting. You say is I can do it's it's fun it's a love it it's a it's it's a passion and is losing that owner of pine. Pakistan but it is a little bit. Well who were just gonna sing your praises on my anatomy to park fantastic but apparently. Europe podcast was like in the top five of the best western in debt I wouldn't you bring that up right now that's article out of his stoked and blown away yeah yet number five. So the reason I bring that is because it's been defused a beautifully into the Tarrant topic which is what is an award that yell haven't received before the main people don't know about some you're either like. Here again crowned some thing or or rat like that the best senior class are on and I got I mean this is aside from being. You know top five podcast blue who thought out what's the what's the award date they even get that title even given an eighty someone doesn't know about missiles maintenance. I mean I'll keep it was south river have a topic about south. Not so much you know ward to just kind of thank you know to me it was an award is billion. The years ago. I got I want them court or joint base Lewis report. And whenever that medianews for guys that are cycling out. And I was like when the people got to come inning might give a little talk Camaro he got forty minutes and Jesus Christ at. How will go a long time super long right yeah I mean it's awesome that stand up there and some giant hangar all the state flags are up I mean. It's so official right of course. I talk like fifteen minutes and unanswered questions and they're like all right heads. I'm playing they gave me what I thought when you know a flag let's hold a perfect that they have flown on a mission Antarctica and stuff so wait yes I like to me that's like one of the cooler like categorically rule. That's what people let it this very. I know I'll know I'll have my Jersey got all improved to where Ramon crusty and sophomore year it. Evening was that club across popular Wesco no I was in Vermont because I had sent away up off yeah I don't forget we're not everywhere and I really good yeah and played on time and then. I grew up playing hockey and there's enough crossover. That I was able to pick it up pretty good out today. As a physical guys and good creative outlet for my aggression. On play you know team needed that I filled the role very well and I do not like most improved on midi. Short stick lords to either his short six and oh boy. It is and I was smoking a ton of cigarettes I I cannot believe you guys have me as he shorts and you gotta run so much chatter going on you guys both it was against the rules Isiah like six scenery ever like everyone knew that's vote a ton of cigarettes like. And owners or owners and as I. You have to notice of a spontaneity and the asset I did chase my dog the other day might fires however analysts that I Arnie and smoke cigarette assesses new yeah. I'm so for me back in 1999. Dead and alive trouble in the first on the military and then have arousal is constantly looking at things have changed things on the bomber. How do you Omar. And so I've done this part we were changed all the time music. 1101000. Dollars to change it. Who act on always having to change it for about 65 bucks for this portion of it. Both sea and air force is a 197000 dollars flat earth. So I guess exit airports Kimi 101000 dollars cook which they they tax enforcement been so I got I think seven to 800 dollars but. Airports actually gave you money that Stanford giving huge changes if it's a tangible savings now as Polly now they're gonna catapulted media connoisseur is it my first three years I take it seriously I was like. This Steven I only get out. In it and that kind of was like all right this is. I was like this more more more ams I started panic you know feeling you know getting my round in and that means it's every clues in you know exited heater on and realize how cool. Or is confident in yourself yeah exactly you though you do a little bit in the first three years were miserable so that kind of was like catapulting way dead beat him and becoming career for me saying resigns as well. Way cool that governor does bring a whole room down those long. I have to share a funny one because I think it's first of all I mean. You guys are I'm in between your ages LD south 3930 a concede is barely barely ahead of us. Did you guys remember when girls wore butterfly clips and their hair back in the daylight Yahoo! and others about violence of all seed like twist your hair backer Breda document that perfectly fits within. Think going to be shattered ten year high school reunion they like gable awards out for different things youth and awarded me death butterfly collapse how proud I. Did what is picture up and it lights theory is one of the most and there's few photos of my book I have we're not quite sure how you qualify it I cannot dig up that fairly easily. But man it it was it was like one of those like more refined doesn't you know what. Damn it I did have the best out of my pledged you best believe that a film that's awesome and I'd get my big thing yeah. No matter as an anchor graduates they have guys that screens honorable mention played pretty exciting now. Right and I was like fashion forward at the time. Very cool. Trends that are probably now general mentioned those are always green yes. The dollar test home well. I election against sealed air whatever relate. First place was like waders second place is like Rick lake and I don't know the general engines were green green. Accurate or feel the exact figured it was Smart much sugar when those chocolate apple pies tackle type that hostess pies. I like to Europe for mares and knowing helpful playing again Arnold mentioned that yet used it to keep little wrapping paper from here on poses a cupcake and held. Your hostess type of high Zia yelling I'll never forget him because like I played baseball's acute Rosa short bracket like I did not excel a field day no because it was attacked in government and so slow and I think I'd rather you don't mention me. I'm just go home and accept my loss last mentioning yeah heading up up up to the quiet like hey you try it I somehow that's dean work yeah. We all know we I lost we all solid yeah. He tried hard. Yeah Ed Miller if you even when butterfly clips and your hair continue to grow I took to senior prom. She had that you don't like the bravely halfway back. It's yeah except the air there though they put you were doing that up and stand it is my first girlfriend hasn't even called when I would bring up that stuffed her she's sent out. How how crap off knock out as quickly years ago. All male until everything is lately grown to homecoming Mikey used to be like a bit degrade it causes. The late ninety's yeah like girls really cleavage was always being. There are more like long dresses and liked the giant lake. Gloves yeah where's like no we seek girls that are going to pull that I like napkins yet they tiny little. Michael that either. What impact if it was just late. One girl yeah color output like sorry if they don't dress that way right. It's in style yearly fee feel creepy and the well are mad cow makes you feel the. Let me sinking like a I don't I don't you can get on each individual one musically this is what they where it's terrifying. Little. Yeah well coming from butterfly collector I. Came back admitted I was really risk day yeah Craig. Fact your got thrown out of the house where those are like let's. Who can keep looking for the I pago. South thanks for coming in com my planner thanks for terror topic that's the first half episode we've ever done even though we clearly went for over an hour. Sorry that there was a no no that's good that's episode one nanny nine and a half. Next week probably back it'll be episode 202 you know last I'm not important. The path to her impact our rights yeah did cited broad. Make sure you bring Hatcher ticket that you see from episode one yeah finally gonna get to that troll doll. Thanks. That there were so what nanny nine and a half for south Fred TTP for Terry on the debts and it is the podcasts cheers.