Thee Podcast Episode 200

Wednesday, November 22nd

What better way to celebrate 200 episodes AND Thanksgiving than by having the guest of all guests in: Ted's Mom!


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What studio you dazzled temporary. In order of the small studios by Jason's studios. Aren't you're. Yeah. So give Mike some sort of weird feedback on my own voice in my headphones. And secondly. Oh really. Now how it's gone now. None. Okay yeah I'd I gotta like halfway through one of our other podcasts to managed to grant phones often sign on Ochoa who Lebanon's. I think mine might hold on. And cool. They what's going on. Oh is he doing. I'm doing pretty good I'm not comment about him but remember. How come this Mike doesn't work. I can't hear either one works tightening. That's so weird right keys you can your my mom talking you can hear me but I can't. I can hear myself and I can't hear my mom took you talk back I can't I can't hear you read I can't hear anyone. I don't even I got all of your. Well we still hear you confidence is very we years is what's most important I guess so we can hear the three of us let's see is a sudden on a board that I miss and has only ever in here. Certain program. Check out yeah okay. There ago talking to a yeah. Okay have a nice Thanksgiving yeah it sounds different now I'll still only at various times. W so got a strength. Yeah I guess yes Thanksgiving every turn while I bashed her crib this year. All know you sit all right hang on I wanna ask you about that pathology of good roles with what it already we don't know who you ask your call. And putt putt. You know and I actually did down chicken this year and my oldest son is never forgiven Sweden stuffed chicken and. I'm Kelly and me NS Turkey via a digit. Yet Darren Dallas is also an attorney being only constitute a great time. Yeah we did is school is fun meet them and and also all of us being in a weird environment you know like Dallas and I used to so we just you know. No real access to water and soc. Do. It's also weird sound mean deaf playing or how it felt more comfortable on calendar it's now. Oh absolutely yeah yeah I mean like to deep elm park felt fine and I was just like being in Seattle. Yeah yeah the thing hipster like. Man known as you said you all a few times you purview of the current. That's where we came up with well Meehan mainly Meehan rowand but I'm open in the strip club down there called guns and fun to be cheap guy must and a good ocean floor. Jones didn't the day. I think podcast. Isn't just any I guess just any podcast this. You eat. Contact the store in the pits. Starting deep stuff and these. Starting these senseless and drop. You'll let her Wear a helmet you know. V five deaths were there to Boise. It's good for the post this here podcast great fight gas but all the way all the land. That elected me as my well actually telephony is my mom we'll talk to her later. And I. Always lit that's my Verner buddies always hear what he somewhere in southeast gauge on two wheels good running cock out of going on. Seriously podcast rocketing to all time highs as wealthy buyers from Russia scrambled scuba upstairs major Chinese athletic gear brand. One who are announced a shoe deal with longtime host of the popular podcast Ted Smith heading into the holiday season. Is Hollywood Smith a thing of the past because the pride of PG county he headed to Beijing we'll find out at 630. By the way it takes his shoes are coming out a couple weeks for Christmas gets tough then join. Fired back and we'll still actually adjusted a lot they appear to tidy little studio and I don't know that it. Matt comedy producer and CTP puts a man paid Ted are you may have good serves survive and advance Brecht. To get with it improvise adapt overcome the that's that's what we're doing right now. Well I'm. Adaptations. Ia and process well I think the good thing is to is my mom's here in town to take my come over to studio. Watch me do my podcast thing and it's like arbor go to the small little one yeah. We're gonna patch together some confirmed that didn't bring it back and bring you remember your coat it's golden bear I thought that app. Episode 200 to be a little looser probably a little quicker was it took obvious we're already started so count our probably is who talks involving is that what not. Coleman Norris facts also full disclosure to Seattle how Sanders SE. A plane in a playoff game tonight I'd like to watch the second half. All right you know we'll try to give assurance week is the delay longer geared that was that is not a good setup. Now this is our setup but I that's fair. First of all. I would say also big thanks to south cumin in terms of when many aren't happy out lot of fun yet man. Com I say is people are talking to sand cells on the wall like Tim and he's got to laugh. Akamai is today and get it just wasn't there yet does to us Stevenson M and announced time. But yes I'm binding good. Well you know a lot of instant stuff. Yes the salads and air force guy so we don't see and I kind of forgot you know we get caught up all the who's Neil and who's not mile an instant respect in the cement like. You forget sometimes like. Besides the serious side in the military there's also the fund sat right. So who we just are asking about like the C seventeen and he's telegenic he's taken naps in there really mad I would just like two little kids like taco trucks like tell us more about the big. Playing the head I. Think that's a lot of questions I felt panic in over my head there's one time lag. Asks this and then and then here I clarified with more (%expletive) I didn't understand God's sake. All right all at this Longo who vote yet but it sells those good military people to each other talking Michael the charge in in acronyms. So he. You kind of yanks know I don't like we had am grabs in the phase three and wherever it is like dude you lost like six there are organs are no jobs dumbing it down. I'm yes superdome. So I civilian death has been. You saw as a way to you don't you don't tear gassed and you just start talking of units are we have a system that's this don't you talk your mother and a I don't know about a half hour on this right now not today so I was. Ali yeah very. If not 200 episode. How we're floated special guest my mom Maureen Smith I get a quote local Oregon hello hi. Welcome to bring you gotta you gotta Telemar bond. Mark on locked on yeah south fly back live action role playing OK with that thing we deal. Matt and I have every once in awhile on a barbecue with our friend troops get mad I've done it once but it's our it's our official greeting further Pete Ellison the podcast on how to attack the announce or call our fuel. I mean I. Ex us I got my mom in town it's Thanksgiving. Before you and how they talk show episode 200 Cobb Matt I haven't prepared you for this. The top of mind favorite guest favorite moment. Favored just stupid thing we've come up with a 200 episodes. Okay all lead with this become topic today is God's. Took up. That's right I mean that people like Zell also look at Terry topic and a concussion after I fondest memory of the podcast was probably. Ted's mom if you get your mouth information try to wanna hear this but the podshock collects episode where Reid smoked about a wheat and any good fruit. Obama signed with that star I thought it was a blast just watch him grow where's this on like rolled at all today. Awesome. Yeah. Is so for the pop topple except as an episode mom. We so departure we news is that the old bill and there was a deck and stuff anybody have a day off. And then we went back to late we score Big Brother cafe you and we just laid warmed up terrible mark Corey food and stuff off of couples like this summer one point plate. The I was eating at patty melt or something. He couches it how does it have grill marks like I don't pucker away from power cut that you've always been created fit. I'm half up with microwave food yes the type pop vocalists I think. Yellows and Buffy thought about that one. All right how you guys have. John Moffitt comes to mind yet mock I guess that's the kind we're related sees Jesus not publicly event hopeful bullets is probably for the best yet but holy cow man now is. Surreal this LA. NFL player. In here. And then. That alone might have felt flare as pretty much about terror retire essentially aides quit on our podcast. Passed since he says yeah I think. Yeah like he didn't I don't really fully renounce the use that are retired but he could hear him just. Thinking it through. And just like sounded like a guy that it did not wanna be a part of. Of the NFL anymore and then like two days later he used a public news that your guy hey yeah I use just. Really interest and he was going off so much mom about thinking about retiring and this and that rates that we we taped it on Saturday. And I told Matt as it hold off we do not publish it right because that plays in the NFL. And then he was somebody in the family sweating or some since I was sitting in Bernie's backyard in blue weak demand causing us lenient. He's on a radio station right now on Denver talking about name drop in us yeah Salt Lake are right I guess we'll have to put it out. Behalf of the wild ones do from my includes beyond arrests out that in the room while in the studio yet and he's right he loves the conspiracy was the first person I ever heard kind of talk about the sandy hook stuff and then they say and it was all false and it's and that conflict while. The onus is disagree and he's like 67 matches this studio a small yet shaking that you hear your family and cowering and dads are very imposing big man. Yeah I mean honestly late people talk about drinking like vikings. When that largely. Kept guzzling pellets of red wine that this Iranian long hair at the time we have to indict him out does that rate in the wake. We match in great shape president of lake. Off to a three of us gonna do if he loses to I sit out rooms to begin with the yeah you're right. Talked I. I. Think it was it was a little scary. Yeah. I would also I bring up hey you know what George Meehan you know we now know ms. George or body. Pretty easy to email with the black Republicans or of electrical and not go black Republican. Has it. It's also the former lieutenant governor of Maryland and the fact. What's the Michael Steele. But was he actually governor to lieutenant governor attend and turn it. The I would have in Georgia and that was good discussion dad Georges and. Like I mean. And demos like. The Moffitt things that they thins out the most as far as like in studio. Stuff. I would say and then. But it's ours at the overall impact on my life the now awesome people live. That I know that met just threw him out say our group of friends of people who listen to podcast that met that you know develop relationships with. And he had Georgia's an awesome guy that the guys came in Monday noon matinee he's got to listen and email them only him that come and then and then. You know we met up at the Geary Johnson rally showed thereafter I'm has made nick who's an awesome guy and then there are over for the Mayweather McGregor fight like theorizes the east and in my home on Christmas just that he has very it has a lot of lot of cool stuff not cool people as a result of it and the ID. Whose line is this slate today just known as 200 episode discount. Who walked around. The reflecting on all the all lost and people that know all lost things have happened is direct results from this. Let this morning as. As bad good bad or gotten maybe maybe 866. Dollars if I went to bed and food and Lance called. How to make that I there's no way this last less than an hour. On Larry. It that I answered I just talked regular hour and a half. Raises the coolest guy like. And this existed in the making coffee just got to work his hosts led Seattle nice the guys diseases relaxed about it and so there at their hair out time again. And Diaz is and how cool it is today it's is hassle I doubt in my life and that's direct direct result this still. Give me and I put drew broken Scheyer and then down rightly guessed yet and it Annie led be one of the first fighters think we ever had only known. Of course he had many battles with you know died and Matt and I like the copy so you'll come back I agree current assets. And a rose about always fight in the December there count. Really what went in December. With that Saturday sixteenth. Neat idea come back on the nineteenth. Oh nice cool air which PSI was its US broadcast we jump in and be intro we just talk about our meet up. Oh yeah. Yes we'll figure that out oh there's got Harlem. In the podcast is a little loose arm so sometimes we. I doubt it's we have idea to really talk about it's a very good jump into half. And a BA you agree line as had to hit the intro because I hate their Leo were often run and then now here we are right in what are we learning. Is that when the podcast comes on if you need humor Unita Smith who is up up up up up up Brack for both of us now. So what comes that my brother Carlos is pretty funny my parents really aren't if you bring them all into the studio would be crazy. Up till close allies to same video if you brought them all into the studio it would be crazy. Yet so I'm trying to head that Smith Emery union please do that yet. Yeah that would be that would be while all the Smith's you know just not the best I forget how we can all have a shirt with. Yeah flaming objects right go to Disney World all let's have a shirt from my mom sat me birthdays she got era shirts main. Really you would look at color 018. It was a picture of me when I was just a little girl you know like I think of the fifties kind of kid. And I had on its own Jerry Lewis is to sing this song 39 holding so I had that on it and and I on the backs and let's get this party started. I I. So we got a whole picture put in a bar if Wrigley bill. It's been my mom and in my sister's husband at the time the XPX and hang out but it just funny he's depiction and we have to deal with the vaccine didn't but you are started started vote is just the three of us Cobb at the Barbara we try to pick stuff. I came on and I do here's the real question is Chris can be nervous when you tell them pay your mama is on the cast. You know what I honestly how I like my brother enough I hadn't really thought about it we should get my mom tells bad Chris stores a couple odd. Oh yeah should we just tell a much is at number I am not a we'll Mac news comes out Thanksgiving morning Chris is now walking the dog talk comes in my brother's up to a lake he's talking trash with mom home. Aha I left or throw jade how listen. I'll. It's not a target spicy hallucinating that aren't. At the first child in her first show. Tend to be there was one please and they do well and stuff put. So the next Melissa wasn't born to five years later so he cut. Chris what's a good kid but he did so to convince them that he was thanked saint Christopher that he never did any wrong and and he would terrorize them a little bit. And I can believe did I mean I didn't learn to later like one time this high school called and this hint. Found your son is late for school and I said to my son I don't think so I sitcom you know you have another Chris Smith there. That guy Latino students said. Nemesis message it is him he's welcome them on. As garlic is Brett they stop for breakfast but. Incident came on talked only gets out. Yeah it's your efforts to get I let my trips with. That's all right. I also see to my. My middle sister how Melissa got over I don't know that Chris was that slick it just Melissa was so bone. I helped him see athletes you know there's always a child and Matt you probably don't want for your. For your younger relative or friend who do did weigh it they just got caught yeah that's a Melissa guys and autumn and autumn moon. The heat in the from the front of the race oh that's exactly right took Chris and I were not in angels and publicity just got caught and we were to slicker about what. It is specifically token that the bearden back in time. Yeah look I'm a book of Chris is the oldest chris' illustrate loses he's. Vice principal at a middle school here two kids two dogs. Was on a bottle neck which is what it called a sack off a cold sack oh good for him for being slick as the oldest like I was just reckless enough they'll let us. What do go to India and just lake. You know some my Brothers had a. Easy I just came in you know and ends his bulldozed the some awful path of narrow like oh man this is really is heated to just. Now that it is very good if didn't exactly they exactly so. And the first dozen tips to forge that way and you know it's yeah cover Howard you will your brother lead the way Erie where you only got in trouble. Dude here's the big secret of the top Sam mikes so. My brother. Took a lot of heat. But I was really good it like pulling stuff off so I would say I did most of the bad stuff. But I got away with that does he tell like a the focus was on him as the oldest child and that is an expected him to I -- to do Ronnie came down harder on there you know there are more scared is a difference kid don't I know it's a do pigs about time I came through he'd cleared such a wide. Swath of trail through the jungle that I just yeah how has the freedom around devices. In the middle. On the middle kid yes I'm Mike the the Rosetta Stone able to talk to all the different members of the Stanley and solve issues and whatnot but I definitely I had good grades but I got away with murder I was always up to sometime goes on the teacher's head and Dominic. Yeah I'm a little and you learn to comment I've been trying to teach my granddaughter it's it's it's better to say under the radar. Jeff how are you don't accomplish a lot more fun ha ha ha. Yet USA under the radar a year ago soar over the top. Yeah like I did today and they'll look welcomed the hangover like you when I got in trouble plagued him mr. Burke would be like are right. Yoga is helping out with dislike me that's cool I feel like I got a lot of leeway it. Peruvian you know being in they did do being charismatic with the teachers in the staff and stuff but I still like stretch that rove to fit. And all their Baghdad earlier years suspended you can't. Security trust me when I played half as much as I talk about the math I mean they we're gonna kick me out of my freshman year and when my feet shutting out. I Jason blue kept me in that school if he is always like I remember I was a fresh music I don't know which are gonna do. It's going to be a college yourself and be so I'm gonna make money off your personality Billy. You gotta do little more and get through he like I can't speculate there's argument for you every summer. Perhaps okay status look at. I was like prison to him but I own. Yeah he but social social animal you got this great school armed Christian Melissa and I'd be waiting in the car formed Teddy was I continue burned. And Nicky Blair's tech mom and I guess he's just talking to people and be walking out of class patina ready in an accident. Socialize not much has changed. Because that's the politics you have to putt it only does he learned bitterly with a yet I still haven't that drives me crazy like a a party out west Seattle Ted gill man who really believes only guess euros go side who say a couple quick good byes. Dep now and I understand on the street in west Seattle for like half an hour as these to go around and have you know just continue party and don't conversations probably an out and. Yeah. I doesn't look ahead that treason then. That was our thought that was a fruitful staying around there for cop who was a (%expletive) ups and X. Irate so I got my mom here it's how they time. Just real quick everybody around the room in Cobb favorite holiday. I had a Christmas the top dark aren't aren't. I love decorating for it. You know I love like you guys have seen you salad small deck in my house I always do like all the big crazy lights and Reeves and you know might my executive looks at a parade float I got that my mama's like Chris wallow SATA so. Yeah well battle of going to see all of this month everybody if you're adjusted. The giant gingerbread houses that they Hilton downtown it's very cool you don't want to win that 200 person mind you just walk around. The outside of it you'll be like oh do you share their OS. What's up. Is it the owner of the Sheraton. Boeing is the shares Gerri are yet to do I did the same thing on a date there one time we do not wait in the giant Alicia have children that are really wanna see it. What I thought you can walk around like the outside perimeter and see although also gingerbread houses without. Without having to wait malign the school as a dad and then eat that shares are down ten it's on now. It approaches are right I guess here yeah people are listening to this it's probably up a look at. Yeah and it's really good today do a different team every year and it sounds both like architects. Builders and also like some of the top chefs in the city are involved and they make these things are just incredible that it Harry parked in onetime star forced him another time so yeah. Christmas for me for shirts the whole month of December. And everybody's argument. Australia. Met what that's great day idea you'll see him Holloway all focus it's okay I thought. I am gonna let him I'll be gobbled. Half. I can't. How come up. Yeah Christmas is the first when the cops in the mine had a really good nears last year. I've had I've had some good news is good at sea Christmas is pretty consistently. Awesome. In the nuns and the Brothers and I. It together with the parents and leg. You know I just feel like that's. There is it's one of the days where we're not. We're all just appreciating each other's company and not like it nines has nursed for different stuff. Enable led laps probably easier and I south have Basil has come out on now the best picture you're painting I don't know it's just. Is sadly yes I know it's and you know it's all it's all fine and plenty Lugo to write the ad this is it. I don't know it's different different at this did provide in the air on a holiday spirit as they say. And yes this is just a super super fun occasion. And you know I go lights going out leading up to it that helps this time ears these days are getting real short real dark people I'm ready for Thanksgiving to be older so I come back from Palm Springs everything will be lit up. Then ready to carry me through December. How by the way the good news for Seattle's a little bit of a heat wave coming through. Is going to be like we're set record highs this week like in the sixties the best part is is also a larger metro differing. Can remember doc could flooding on Thanksgiving Day. Why our man screened T shirts and act. I'm not a problem dam Austin. Larry I'd recommend he usually your extra. I love Boston. He has great town ranked TC willing to remind me mom Angela. They know I I do love Christmas and both my sons are born in December 10 is actually Christmas Eve but I mean yes. But. I generate a lot fourth of July because. Everybody dissident enjoys each other and you have lots of food and parades which are parades and is not that losing to be as much pressure on people. Sought to put his eyes mind. Thank you for the senate mom over whom do you like prostitute I know that's a good thing I'm with the late Christmas. It's a tough thing Christmas is the best but it's also my birthday. I don't know if that's part of it late in that you're right we get to find any year everybody seems in a better mood but same major same mom I like July 4. I like Thanksgiving. And it's more of like everybody's like desserts which pressured you ought to get gifts notes version yeah yeah and Mike. I don't know I feel like Christmas sleek Arafat's Sinatra song and whatever people always like he Sherri and I can be known in activity that's where. Like fourth of July and Thanksgiving. Did come out there all right yeah unity mean there's like you have to get it gives up his expectation Owen van. So she thanks him and you're you a lot of food watch football yeah yeah yeah it's a good time. Yeah it's pistons have builder feels the same way his tongue out that last week wanna throw about Christmas. That is going over your house on Christmas Eve though thankless that's become a huge huge say. Part of the tradition and the fun and it's like oh man is so cool it's resuscitated. Awesome group then. You know from the side of thirty in this year may reaction fewer non sexy girls are place so we don't need everyone hear about it up. Outside I got him as my mom's here she's it was a come you got to hookers is even on the cabinet don't like I have read over. When I thought the same party as mad cow bulletin late yes probably sometimes Christmas Eve like. Chris the standard approach like Christmas seems to shoot that generate dude that's how my heart I hope. My moms Alison I can see sometimes thousands sometimes doesn't 50% of let me continue percent of the reason I'm coming home as for that party fifth I don't have passed. And I also ran all the dips are out like just. I have my back now. I can do it is yes. Yet the place is a little smaller sort of the cut down the guest list a little bit but it be the same court yeah you know us to. Yeah reverend Michelle hopefully. You know you you've been there from the start bunny yeah half. Last year I got a little big from averages fears like day I think I've told you hoc poll. Wait a minute I almost struck. Wow talk while I thought that I was out of Reagan I'm sorry I got to run into trouble and that's why I went and took. Million thank you believe I almost went yeah yeah yeah. And every that a marine. I deserve a great party. Is that Harold honoring my other things last year. Well known as terrible it. Okay yeah lets you know what I. I'm gonna say evidence of setting up. You listened to podcasts you've heard the embarrassing story of Marilyn Monroe. Singing happy birthday very sexually. Mom now you're here you can tell them why you did it and then listen to the excitement out of carbon magically talk about why. It's funny it was that the so I. Did I could say I miss him what his birthday in this. This is like it is that was his second year right that you didn't come out there are third so I thought I own you know I'd like to send somebody says we don't say anything during. I thought I mean this I mean it is gonna make you sound Albert's fiancee ambit. So I thought Aaron does not singing telegrams and when Teddy loves mascots not me in kind of mask to don't just be happy birthday and party. So I called news that he was very nice she said with a mask until that he thinks I could do Marron know. And I'm like oh all right didn't it should sing it like they did to present it to the. Ryan Parent and I'd just like all she did it just like backup but much. But honestly I guess I was pretty 92 about what was going on with Kennedy in Maryland that's a ethnic. Then Melissa my daughter walks into Sidwell and decisions she called to try to warn them. But then ended up being absolutely. Incredible incredible. Hulk ever add an idea and so I don't black there brought hard sometimes. And the ticket I know that look on his face and Nicole might govern yet that the kids Marcum. And believe me a lot of then later on my nephew is going into the popcorn business and I sent pop squeezing unknown and well. On the site and not any out and he's he has acute sense of humor and other Smith. He puts a picture Merrill Munro in the popcorn that I send him every on the east a really trust her bra I don't believe me that has not died down and oh weird I'm you're gonna die down ever ever yeah yeah I'm and that's and the industry here is soft. And coconut topped them. Yeah there is it. So what's it keep a pretty tall. She was a powerful woman if. Commanded attention in the room I will say that I've never seen Ted. How about look compass face and not see that you know I think so yeah. It made sure I don't wave more exciting news you may we applaud the guy yelling you're personally love and I've got to go and yes Ted I've pulled the table out of the way immediately. Had a more you have never seen a keep in mind you her wild place I guess there's got to be at least what fifteen to twenty people in there. Yeah so busy it's busy NGOs. In music he moved some young little more room. Com and George I mean sport without much notice Tyler her greatest Tyler from a dose showed us horse that's not related to us how cool guy. But they spring into action so quick move back they've got a. Yeah. Out of it and enchanted evening. Did you hear this. The rescuers version of it to Heath oh yeah post my mom's only heard me don't Marty did you do good. Think that was horrible but trust me everybody else what how a lot of joy and on Christmas party. And believe me a lot of fun to dismiss hopefully never again and the yen the. My dad Ted you dated at a exactly and it's just tough when you pride yourself from being a cool guy at least. I kind of clean up in the heat problem that no my mom obviously those with theories. Eight very distinctive pitch in my movies that I did extremely us apart like upset about something Patricia does the U of I mean. But she was a okaying the economic. I. I think both look pretty I didn't if you. Isn't so good. Don't like. I like to every time I bring it up on the Manger who I hit miles music we should both civilians and what I post that video. City you gonna Google it and find it. And then within minutes you get emails we'll get an email after this monthly targets that are defined as a liberal and I haven't Monroe like all right. Could paint and Chris close to bring in wouldn't it. Oh yeah. Well mom they've heard me say it a hundred times that you can intensely nothing in that Smith family ever die it's or drew it really doesn't speak. A if you are getting so much content with. And. I we touched on it a little bit earlier my mom and I last year made a bold move. We kind of pleasantly those two years ago. Knows it was just two years ago. So we're. Matt you'll appreciate this we rent a cabin up at eleven we're nice move not only that it had it was late little lazy Susan it's okay. Yeah you don't lazy Susan are attracted the thing in the middle of the tables you just spin it. Frank do you put away for talk shows say you put all this to that's a great idea and thought about its. Right so it's neat my mama some friends are coming up like but you know I remember spends like a Muppet like him and his wife are coming up on Friday. But Thursday night it just DOS right. There refer Thanksgiving so we rescind the stock car inflate. Let's just get a chicken instead of a whole Turkey rightly jaded taste better anyhow. 'til tomorrow James takes a Phnom Turkey. So we got into this thing ever and we basically spent the whole dinner. Just kinda (%expletive) on Ben Franklin. I think it became a tradition and I therefore take. Ben Franklin like never when he was president ever whichever president was oh yeah he wasn't he wants to prove that the yeah. How do you feel about making an adjustment on holiday staple like that go and shake it still south still bird. I mean. I think you know we we go but this on to be severed tradition also that but. You know at the end of the day I think that social conventions sometimes gets no way of us expressing ourselves so I say go for the check and. Yeah. I think sometimes too late trustee I alliteration more than anybody. Right Billy you could keep traditions of that Ambien exactly on point break so I don't you lead goes pizza but I also ordered Domino's square pizza. And I think sometimes like whether it's a chicken and or friends or family like. I know frankly some people. Have family members they don't really like her hang tough swiftly so you can still have your traditions and hang out with other people doesn't mean you're against a great I think in about an X is Graham I'm not anybody in our next half hour mark given that look like you're you're talking about America. I have been up. They used to got a bird in front end you know but realistically like it's about getting together with your friends and family and I'm at a good time being grateful for you got. You know. And right in just the simple thing with a Turkey element just saying we had Turkey like. What was the point it was clearly to people that's arouse concern but I do a lot of things that my guess is to you. Course discounter eleventh. So I have this little. God so religion class I'm teaching night I recently retired and I need to volunteers and my parents and so its fifth green. As John boy those are definitely different girls. And and pretty clear and at that age group setting out this week we had to her. SM what they were thankful force our government of the few dollars or turkeys in their turkeys that you may get your hands. One boy put on Italian ice and other key boy credit they're thankful for feet yes let the April 4 Thanksgiving. Another boy just put on mutual finger Mimi Mimi had a voice print. He did train strains of more trains in the other kids look demeans you don't get to do that to mean and I didn't. I didn't know what he says and of course the girls have little hearts owners and family and health and everything. Well hey Jenny a meaning me. Know that the train means and mean but I didn't he started singing a song of that train strings and more trains. I didn't read the garden it's great fun while you know what I think it's okay that the three of us adult males are not in the wake you up. Yeah that's right good thing actually yeah Florida but I'm run for Alabama fifty. Hello you. Down oh whoa hello and alas there. Aren't I don't want our Obama out of strongly that he's caught off guard. Well about a couple IV aids or heaters tonight. How long do you think you'll have them on a chicken pipeline now instead that you could have put the are. You look lookup. Because she's so good this is making me look let's talented but apparently that it's because you notice that. Didn't grow god sees it your haven't a little look are you would have a lonely Popeye like we have the lonely July 4 barbecue. I mean who do Nabih pointed out yeah. I think so we were gonna go to friends giving down here but my body DJ may have missed oldest sick he's been under the weather all week so I was at trader Joes like. What was that I don't know like three or four days the only other of those little samples yeah. At a sample of my first ever Popeye and it was like a Turkey I Thanksgiving pot pie so you never know there's not gone by a bunch of the endless. I love them you never had a pot pie. Now when. A whole Mac is that really a big all of us on the sides. Great here's how are you glad pop plus mom Marmol has been. I'm while new York and this this alum in the freezer section wide and Murray Alan Garcia. I'm pretty. I don't know that I've made it from scratch efficiency isn't on the freezer trial and even in the for how do you little backwater where you about 'cause now what. Adams negatives so enjoy empire reference I had yet and I just never have a home or so I am glad Trader Joe's. There was fire and I'm glad I communicable those things don't. I realize just discovered a Turkey top prize at the age of thirty. Payout is gearing up for Thanksgiving solo yeah I'd stock up to I think you're have a great day. And I had a real questions many of them does one man need I don't rhino like Popeye I did survey is giving over the course of the whole day. I think their Marines is they're up three fingers doesn't have three maybe maybe your four to be safe. And they did about as they have the vegetables and two so you you just need. A power piles aren't there. So you don't split it up like a regular tied deal well hang on how what is decisive look like around individual wondered like some only seller a little bigger and square. No seat here and they're not lies the problem I only had a bite of one in the sample area and in my check out and you know they just told me about president check out the size mark what these things are all about on the I'm pretty sure they're going to be personal size but keep in mind you in Texas they could be. They're remembers it yeah yeah. Yeah everything's figured out exact. Well go investigate. And have fun with it clear effort treat. This is no real new territory for you walking you get it's I honestly food holiday wise on what imported Ted's party I'm not so concerned with what happens author stack. Like I. I mean you still think dude you've lived in Australia ranked. You're in a climate it's warmer you can go completely like all these dual on Christmas and just have a barbecue. Is grill some media. That's so we did when I was in Australia for Christmas and now is the best chris' I've ever had honestly it was a rat ran out our barbecue hailed so we are a white Christmas it's pretty cool. Also Cobb though I'm look I just do go to real quick pot pies. At each Trader Joe's dude there's a chance I think you would you had was a pot pie fight. Why it's it's looks like I don't bottle of like twelve of these little traitor Joseph days are really. Really on the next level at the snack game. Off duty if they're miniature Popeye it's like that in better. Yeah I'm with Merrick pizza toppers didn't bring you talk about pizza rolls of Popeye. You gonna get a have to get in mass like 34 boxes of these smoke a lot of marijuana and then pound these little pies. Illegal here but. Also our fifth. So I don't do that kind of stuff anyway Ted you know that but yeah I definitely do not have an oval when I was in Texas. The equipment with us. I'm. Really seriously don't know about to be limited to the American spirit as to be let's go to pilgrim dream but these pot pies. She just didn't look when they believe they don't Plymouth Rock won the first thing they said and got off the mayflower was like hey. One day people in Texas are gonna have attacked my prize and look back and scare. A. I'm seeing 22 ounces that sounds promising. There's a Turkey pop kind of classic Turkey pop high. Get one of these are now nominee go back out earlier statement even though you don't smoke marijuana seeded Texas. I think he he generally this is not the best idea but it's a holiday. You could she get stoned then go and make these decisions yeah. That's the right call up a heated up until two weeks and now you're like hey dude I still had a freeze or Philadelphia I I I. That its second cell block see full who cooked the books. It would seek how do you wanna reads and emails. Yeah we get a bunch and so here's my fear I'm down a recent emails but I can only see that. How I have them organize they only see the headlines and numb and down. We are your mom and studio so you know I I see one party is gonna be objectionable so just you know be prepared. I think in the aren't immune I don't know I'm an already believes tornado literally better refuted triple. We just let's just Gillick for Lake Forest I wouldn't get a call them. I got cool. Alarms. Are. Plus a boys' club listened to the grace podcasts all Lance all the land. This one's for you said. You may remember me from an email I sent to the men's room I guy -- it out in your Ozzie Ted voice is about my brother bring him back cements your bread and cinnamon toast crunch cereal any who. Let's planning on heading over your way sometime next year maybe July and August had sort of northwest. Analysts are to look into it further in terms of how beautiful the scenery is. And Jeanne it is some hiking and you mentioned a few different times. They've headed up there are so. I'm after some words what words of wisdom from another other than the Ted Smith where and what trails would you recommend a high crime make it over. He does say where they're coming from. On the C says I'm not a hardcore tiger by any means but I am reasonably fit and could handle a week cheers. None and dresses just about out. To me that that's a no brainer you you know wanna go up to rattlesnake ledge. Do rattlesnake ledge and then when you're done with it come down hit north bend north Ben barker. Boom treat yourself. Blackened salmon Caesar salad bastard and a half their ass. I guess and rhetoric I mean rattlesnake did affirming our about rattlesnake to me that's one of the easier hikes out nearly William outside but I forget. The go my cousin Carly was out here like we live on the East Coast and is that that elevation gain like it it sucks the wind people. Rattlesnake. You can relatively do really easy. And then also when you get up there there's a page there's a pay off when there's a great shot in the lake and everything you can see the mountains. Yeah that is a great Irish. Boris first off held a job on the podcast. Love listening every week it really helps pass the time in the office thinking of jumping in the maggert dam and a pretty guest talk about Obama cats multiple. And second he can tell you what it's like Google Libyans seem to replenish insides containment stuff. Wanna give me I don't wanna demand slowed to a site that's not trusted or some I trusted thanks for the info and give of the good order. I think it's the handle is act. Matt can't think we don't both good sliding his DN stripped the. Yeah way hero wanna deal. I don't I don't wanna turn this interview. You know an infomercial for my suppliers but if there's an app called privacy. We'll get like a temporary. Debit card number. They can use for single transaction so I would say. He can protect yourself in now way and then. Some of those I mean it's it to mean. Well it's through of of variety of them. There is. There are seven clearly looked more legitimate than others had to put more legitimate ones sell. Believe it that. There enough about it and Abby 200 laws are very happy Thanksgiving to you want to does eighteen Stevie to Packers fan. Posted you'll Gaza is Steve's demand via. Does a several on Stevie was not asking us about bankrupt because there. That's fair. I also heard this news site called for him so I think. Dispel life for him with the nest. And they sell relate they have let the whole. He had it I don't know how they do with terse description or whatever but Matt. What. Now I know it and they just they came across my targeted ads on FaceBook yesterday. And yeah how is is insisting that they seem to sell it. Through America and it seemed a little bit more above board if that's the route you wanna go for him it's. Hey guys to certainly target about cloth diapers baby cheap skate I suggest them to my wife I'd twitch here applied. Are you likely in the piles of two out of them. After learning how much of baby proves she was right just said disposable diapers are better for the skin because they wick moisture away a lot better. Also saw on my like to know. Out of the slots cut and baby sheriffs are so you can pull them down over their shoulders for Nate Cooper and explodes. Out there back anyway. Keep it peace out. I have center I can't wait to have a baby fair Bruce Mamas don't person in here that ever had children you know what did you do use call disposal. Chris and that Melissa and the the truth is I'll wiley got disposal so. I wasn't good enough to call. I'm of the clock and kind of headed diaper service that you just put that are diapers he and his saying they pick them up to come back. He brings a whole new combination fashionably used to mean I'm sure they still exist just I December 1980. Yeah a soccer since. He I think they are better on the skin does I think it was tinted. Did get an allergy shot prodigy give it to cloth diapers and any cost overall we don't we are saying is the cloth. Are going to be better for the environment but yes physically right you got to clean the coupe out of him and washing Molotov none of the evidence or take our lowest diaper service they like me and Emma yeah. The kickoff everything you can tell those children when you burp the baby used him for that. Plus any time you hear Cobb Matt RI talking about children care for so I thought. But keep an IMO of the mad cow prior single dues with zero children back has your children but a serious girlfriend. Yeah a lot of red flags from being a well I got this advice from deep podcast small little or no other television on some things about listening to your previous button that path. But just what their parents and wanna I wanna be podcast I guess my only advice to our strengths voice let the baby cry it out like it's it's been crying for two days. Or will it. Ted sorry to burst your bubble but entourage Ari Phillippe Petit featured that your idea of combining strippers and guns. Just a city podcast episode when you discuss this idea and then and crazy coincidence. Later the same day when I was re watching the untried series I came across season five episode two pretty feature our finest Dallas man called bullets. And bitches. Which is a gun range slat slash strip club here idealist so good to somebody else RE dot event. But keep coming up and ideas like that how likelier heads that hoagie. I mean obviously you Roy and I are look last year ours just guns and fun. Yeah oh got to bring the B word and do it yeah I mean they're working women at a gun range slash strip club enough pitches to hit gap. Sugar over the higher end clientele Gary and well though so in the bottom line thank you met there kind of place you briefest. Merely a great dad but I. Packed with cloth diapers so I. No rashes on this baby. I'll also boys is quick notes mention. Somebody hit us up I'm not really Mel I'll loud but remember we're tab and opera socks yes. So just some of the great connection parity emailed him back then he you know it is a listen dear oh my old still. I'll also shout out to Billy for via streaming video hook up thanks student Abacha now hold gamble. Also. You would do we shouldn't we should talk to the hook up there. They we get Daisuke. Like I've already done it's my names out of a hat but he thought if we get out to Dewey first pitch again. Yeah and a night right before like you and Matt both have to practice and get ready and then on the mound output according food that's not a I have to grow hookers out of that. And did LB Austin outback may which is like two earners and the torque Yemen. I don't know how light you know how close dispersants have been team went to dealers but you know. Strode out there who brought up the flag pole and I have shortly uncle Sox have a lark gay city is such a good effort est yoga. Apple just will be the chairs of the large candidate. I. Well it. We good on emails. Yet there's a couple more but a pretty long and I sewage and correlates man and it's. It's. Not. Yeah. In earlier hang out with three talented vocalist did you learn not now have you ever song somebody made that for us a shift his took clips of us. Saying that go in and day out may have regular bat pretty impressive. Yes we can it was pretty fun pretty. Not filled with sleeve was says. OK with. But. Friday. My girlfriends. One of her best friends lives in Ohio and Eric come and her fiance. To diss his composer on this road trip throws -- of regard to Washington. And I was who sleep in. Friday flew in there you go do some activities. And now we're here and do the rest we can while they're bear broke down in all like between apple and Ellen's birdie so Friday morning they've. I've been asleep for like less than an hour. And then we found that outs did go get out. Go to Allen's bird pick him up and Ellen's brew we're gonna go to let north on Saturdays and you've tried them yet since then recall the honorable as brutal and should call the audible on garner the story from price for a conference that's. So because. Paul we ought to boy Cabell good level worth today. You know you'll go pick them up and Allen's burned who have to leavenworth. Five did the town of wall or in and let north they get the call and they're vans. We've been repaired it it's a we have to drive back to Yakima to pick that up because there was an hecla bit the tow truck driver to the back towns from so big cluster (%expletive) But. Awesome today I. And it. The we had we agree we need great doom and worth driving around you know tar and making new friends basically for me anti America is the Qian met. Theories fiance so he does is much I knew their actions of fun fun in new you know road trip talking and why not. And then that. BO UN did. Saturday Ruiz went around the city did type place. Went to. Gassed were X golden garden saw whether it was a good measure from vote yes Saturday was enough gas today are great weather while they're here. Moses rare for this time ears are pretty stoked on that. That's and they went man made girlfriend's family and did that whole thing so yeah I'll raw Ozal over there if only had an affair did you eat any elk. No. Laws of roots in the Norton. Analogy girlfriends family. Oh no I'll say it's easy to my ex he's old now he he did not offer me any in May he's got a lot of the apple. We were there for through the first one it's a large joke I know he's got all over FaceBook there might and a lot of help me none stared at their daughter's boyfriend. And I'm underage daughter and telling my story about a half and maybe nick can especially when I hope so. Do you weigh in for it. So I don't worry curse Israel have Alfred days. I thought that I think. The minute rain down Mexico. Got sausage backstretch which he took the fifth and welcome hook Tyler will have to be a hook up to that that told me I'm Madonna's daughter are usually the sort yeah. But he he's still likes me here. Yeah don't tell monetary authority should contribute less of a ha ha ha ha ha I'm a yeah and so but they're part of it. This weekend bruises I had I had this revel in this idea. So we're going to get to pick them up and I knew any UGE. You know get some calories and medium energy out. So we're gonna go to Starbucks near breakfast sandwich and their specs airs his rompuy. There's McDonald's drive that Starbucks I sat and it's McDonald's hash browns to pair with it which I thought was a genius idea and like we had to think you feel hopeful. So boo and I got in the disarm its line I realize that you made my girlfriend really uncomfortable. And ideas of labor is when no one else is around just entertain myself. The Dow as an added bonus. And so are good to go and don't look a like showed personally. Check it out. Johnson McDonald's that's been around. Festival of the world. Would they think they looked at me incredibly had come through like old pop hooks like. Yeah I'm pretty Smart right. She's just like so confused they hit. And I said of the bill that I kept a straight face that this has been found itself and they'll Brazil out of they have people telling of Smart. My problem Fred's letter that it hadn't been heard and the late. Only god can put this hut so I I had is why we need now done. He terrorized the poor girlfriend. Of the fifth at all make sense that I and offices had now. I do is let's get irritated. At how I got big about consequences of action guys I'm sorry. He was a thing about us job. Did you yeah wanna apologize I mean everybody else. Yeah I got the British sailors is great as it and it represented yet PGA and do that. Did it taste it and Al sausage that secret. Our. I wouldn't know god that I will tell you. With the media Agricole once. Ordered bread sticks from Pizza Hut at the feet of compelling out cheats and I'm Heidi I've been their brother yeah it was a good life hoosiers who are right that's that's all I was trying to say we assists and everybody has to specialties yeah he had ups and downs. From where we found in every situation. Cater to our god has had breast ransoms and Melissa so ticked up to McDonald's I thought Obama or Nader touch every day and to talk good don't. Yes OK when the first time she came out here we went to talk what we took them to talk to attack the Rivera like now what's this talk of town to sit on the signs are right on man. Those already on like no we should he get them some talk pertussis is vastly just started late. You know freak and our I don't know did you think. It's like a bunch in white northwestern people make demands include putting ranch number heroes and serving tater tots and I mean it's madness get out of town or actually anybody just for some are one of the just unbelievable. I usually away if they offer is delicious Taco Bell goes statements like no it's different now and I still love Taco Bell. The taco Bell's time and place for his talk at times separate time and place yeah so say a whole meal. Healthy god he still taboo topic in year. Yeah I didn't hire another one doorman. For an area Israel or Bloomberg. Talked. Talk food with. Are so last week. Quote two things one rich your mom and studio. Two last week I went hiking in the Grand Canyon was two friends of mine they had and a lot of backpacking before. And I didn't really realize. That I had done so much of it as a kid until we got out there and although site and all that second nature sassy kind of assume everyone knows. Sort of kick in and and so. Around with that you know made me really grateful that my dad. I'm spent time time when I was younger taking me backpacking and the timing in this time annoying not being with your friends whatever and we. You know we can't find but I didn't realize. On how much I had learned from it. So top topic this week what is the best thing your parents did well raising you will cool deal for it. Or email us you know the I'm. People I Kaz like operators of literacy and Abby podcast and it does have to be like the absolute best but you know just something cool and also out on an aside if you want to email us about what Ted said earlier your favorite moment from the last 200 episodes. Please do that well. We read it or not or read a man I enjoy that so yeah. She and we'll read more emails on and ups it to a one I was just Vienna because selfish is on our watch second half that's our first match. I can tell you real quick it's the story I tell a timeout injured heard me tell a story. But I was clean baseball and eighth grade and in consecutive trade. Frank we're driving whom from practice and I'm bitching and moaning about not playing enough there's a man. My mom where's that in a lot of with a story about her father for me as my mom jeans as well. Go talk to the coach which told you turned turned the car found from Jews they getting and how it may it help your playing time. Till I complained to me to do talk to the coach. Then we drove back and I talked to coach and brake coach freighter was like you know it during like a did you start this weekend figured out. So that that it was had a big impact on a yacht a situation Google Talk about as let's say let's talk about a stock about it but thank you. Yeah and go directly to the source that can actually change that has good life plus and yes. Bomb for me it was also. I would say. The biggest thing looking back oil is. They're really had a big impact on me who has played. Ali's I zealous summit out Superman to begin with. And as they use you know pretty successful and important in the business world in Hollywood and stuff like that grown up. And but he always made time like taping on the hockey games itself on weekends the night. Help me play baseball which well isn't that good that the noble lag. We've he did with the I cages and stuff like that and says sports is always just say again. A really cool way cool thing the Protestant gather all the time and says that's lag has. It has so much meaning to me LA you know and he answers are all just like a sports ball I try and you know like demean sports because. You know they're just say meaningless distractions or whatever lake. I don't know day bad stuff really can have a huge impact on CPA and I think there's a lot of people who have done a lot of great for the world. As a result of sports and it you know the impact of that and the lessons that other people applied to other areas a license of shouldn't be overlooked or dismissed. And yet and that does is she huge thing this is they always always bonded on the way it is says hockey and particularly that I favorite you know listen the no more mr. nice guy vows Cooper on the way and you don't get cause. Year after this it's so good times there. Small dude I agree a 100% a man by mid late 90% of my friends are sports and realize that so later when I became an adult and wasn't playing sports but it was like. Since I wasn't that good with I don't know of those is like how I sound way to connect with people you know. Yeah I think I think every kid when you go to high school golfer freshman team. When email it or not like yours so cheaply for pulling on their plates like aftermath of fresh and football but by the time school started already have like ten or fifteen friend. Man I would I had a friend's gun and highs amateur and eighth grade but on a high school. Very and Lou please credit I play on offense in football you went to camp yeah the forehand. And got no everyone. May have been my name a bit of a name for myself. For some new scene reasons and it ended up you know come back to school and haven't budgeted Princeton new people lose it you know a new file was and wanted to wanted to talk and hang out and got to make some friends out of it. Mom got a story I do agree with Kjell and both my parents were. Who had both been they had played sports comes on play tennis pretty well and that's on those days women didn't play as much in daddy was. Pretty London city but. I was one of three girls from my dad always took me up and I was like playing baseball was probably more athletically inclined than the other isn't. Not domestic green Honda my nets and the other two were cooking making cookies and stuff and I was already have had a field a fly ball but other. There's times when the parent your parents are there any of that mutual thing to talk about and I think sports teaches you a lot of good lessons. One of which is how to lose gracefully he meet a lot of friends he knew people throughout the city dependent let me choose. You know you play in and bury their invaluable lessons. And yet a lot of nice chats with your parents who otherwise have. Yes an Audi and obviously you know live with the hips or someone you go the other side. B two obsessively but Nokia I have a hard time not it's a great thing for kids. Yeah me involved where plants in. Todd you good down there. Yeah I'm good I mean I disagree with your 100% man there's a ton a great lessons and sports and it is school. When your kids need all that much in common with your parents have like some sort of mutual. Shared language and you know I'll still go self esteem and connections Austin so. Yeah I'm on board members on. And it's also like. You know with children my. If the world doesn't need to be harsh to them yet ranked like the rest of us can be adults and with a whole life but I think sports is also the first introduction of like yeah Alec. Yup good at this freak you gotta get I. You know whether he'll just aren't based already it's feeling in this adapter cop for you when you were swimming in May was a certain stroke you weren't the best add to it. Economy naturally. Instills like I've got to work promising get better at it yeah. Like us yeah total. Energy is a lot more fun scoreless in the. Yeah that's just I don't know how I'd. Snafus the only thing that I ever really I've gone in school at a young age and eventually it surpassed my interest level but like. My dad would always show me all the stats her in the back from the LA times about the Hockney you know about hockey and how the percentage is American now runs a standings and look at the leaderboard and you know it's it's kind of like gave me 2000 kid I was and is still alive this is a good day help me in the real world. You know 00 from Mike Hsu free arcades now and he gave me or reason to be a cave and math a mobile undersea you know more about sports and so sure. Makes it come online via the yeah I mean every sport comes sounded percentages mean. Maybe maybe what they want maybe people want wanting to forgo judicial go make out. He had some details I can't see you guys when jumper and profound. You know I just were at episode 200 insides wanna make sure it's take a second and say there is both men he pleasure. An honor doing this these guys are they without a lot of fun we've been right now fairway I almost forty years now pretty cool we've maintained an. Yeah I think you know a radical Nationalists just stuff that they are person. It is religious life and lies today your hustle there talking about things that were. You know. Bootleg awesome things look back now we got some pretty insane emails from people do some really ratchet this is the result of our nonsense which is. Kind of mind blowing but it really awesome. Yet. Yeah an Emmy and they text of listeners to inspect and honored in a sermon and I think for them and hello we both so yeah. Somebody era yet it's in great work with the guys and yet for me to I would say you know like a lot of you obviously was in the Manger and but I I'm really thankful appreciate it really takes a texture to steps downloads podcasts. Plate obviously means a ton to mean it means a tonne all three of us and may have just been a blast doing it we couldn't be happier. Ranked well there's episode 200. Us special thanks to our guest I my mom here on the 200 Serbs we finally got down to the bottom kill him Merrill Munro into the hottest. Pyrite. There's episode 200 everybody have a great Thanksgiving and whatever you do want to have fun every minute pot pies they pick it up and hope they enjoy it but I. Christie TV for Cobb of the jets and it is the podcast two years.