Thee Podcast Episode 201

Thursday, November 30th

This week we discuss food, Thanksgiving, and the ol' puke N rally.


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My audience and you. Sometimes you come to clear. Second there's like restart your computer and it's an elementary but that's the thing. Notre I'm definitely okay that's gone on May have to keep service announcement for the I don't by 230 well behind him back into I don't know now you know like a family. He restart the computer that's on the stuff out technical that they get a split between principle and I would just a week I. I thought about that it didn't help editing it thanks broke about yet to hear exactly all inclusive effort here. While we got you as is it's like this nightmare who can still do it has been to a point. It's a bit tighter to the robots and second consecutive. I'm just to get your return endurance. For a short all right since they both yeah when apple famously got there because it's a valid point back. We have got to do what I'm missing something quite back. Our new start would help smarts hope. Alive. Cool. Well. Here's Cecile mr. Cobb. Went out. There there is still handsome as ever. Yeah I did screwed no Hamas reduce since I can't see you. I did tell. That Teddy could tell that it's tough for me to find sponsors jumped and so. I had if you guys may get like more you guys talking and just all kind of site. You know I'd jump in when there's a spot like Kennedy's third Mike Cameron that's a lot easier. Person aren't. Old mayor and year out I think two it was tougher as my mom was there and she was Shani. Yeah it is tough without little delayed so don't want talk over people. And so I just I'd try to speak in my you know decent sized blocks and and shot the comparisons aren't. How about if there's a minute like that if there's a moment like that. Will just default is shutting up. And you can always this can talk meant so much talk that much tonight Gaza today is like golf event occurred I had known as my job you guys do all the heavy lieutenant that I just temporary and some some weird stories from my life. Stuff stuff is over here man. Do not that the system but I eighties that there would prefer premiere of. I won't need to find my notes and restarted my comp I was amazed Dennis. Real good. Pretty good race. I. You know it's got a nice after the cast tonight I think it's been MMI was in town for a week and just might stuff to do sort of got to say to go who wouldn't. Do nothing and sleeping like 930 tomorrow. When I see commands out of town series in Dallas for the night sir I'm. Some holiday concert and and some ironic. Nice cool now. She can't have occurred to myself sound bad com. But twenty home and we are you told Diaz that. For the nineteen and one cent. So flu like planets and real quick would probably could before yawns. You're flying in on Tuesday. Yet Suzanne. I hope. You know Boca cut out there Tuesday and is it night spoke at. And so Tuesday. Do do we want LA dude do we Syria castle a different day that week well we can't do that series is there's an office party oh that's right. I hope so it and figure out. They don't come all this part. You are getting laid podcast. It's just skinny I guess just any podcast couldn't do this. Being. Contact us or indeed it. Starting deep stuff and these. Starting beat Texas a and com. I don't you know. These podcast episode through. 01. What would you voice these kids that little bit closer this year podcaster podcasts and all the land all live. Selected me somewhere over Skype my burner body by good Freddy do we hear what he's somewhere in southeast Asia on two wheels you're running Macau travel going on. Tree in exchanges and a frenzy this morning as big corn shatters the ten K selling for the first time in history captures the podcast trading down slightly in nearly guns as plans for Ted coin have been put on hold until after the holidays. What do is well under way a long time funnyman says the market will just have to wait. Clueless here's sausage dip taste of lost opportunity we'll find out how fox. The fast fast fast. Started back there in the wheels are still actually had to put a lot of work tonight to get the set up for that Nokia had come of the producer Nancy DP what's up Matt stayed dead and. All right. First things first thank you everybody that reach out to me for the mesa complements I'm Bob had a good time should be attractive lot if you were taught my that it. But I think most importantly the thing that is on America's mind right now. Air in Cobb did you eat a pop why. Yeah I married soon. Those things are incredible I don't know I've gotten to thirty you're about my wife's friends are. You have no idea mimic I tore a lot of people on Thanksgiving my mom give Tom storage is again his bloodied Cobb does never had a Popeye and you're like what's. Who was never got to Pablo. Yeah man doesn't require that Turkey Mandela a little bit to stop playing some gravy is good news out as he cut into it I did some mashed potatoes on top. Save to say it was a success. You also ailing Jeffords by Diaz swam reminds blown. Yeah but so for Thanksgiving this year to go left overs my brother. I don't know wary sauter feed just came up with that is owned still owned mines brother Tim iron. Decided to make things giving him a blanket which is taking leftovers from Austin Turkey mashed into those. Cranberry and stuff thing. And putting them. In those crescent rolls all right and then rolling those up and put them in the oven it was mind blowing so sounds. Cruel gravy on top ten might do jury germ biz. Yes all right so I wasn't I wanted to talk about food rent mr. cook like it. So I forgot crescent rolls right yeah yeah heavily pigs in a blanket well generally I just finally the frozen ones. But since mom was in town she broke crescent holes and hand rolled them. Kind of like breast lifts her hacker attack. The year so much better when you actually roll with the crescent. Yeah I do that's always my move manna bring the white trash appetizer those with a little bit of beach is she's a man everyone laughs when you walk in the door. And then once upon out of the oven there are the first thing to go. Food how where you had only done news of the crescent. I like to pull out a Mosley they're just golden. Like yes slightly golden and and let him firm up outside of the out of yeah because of heroic there'd be two Joey now's like no crickets Kress it's a thin line between a regular cross enrollment per Olympia. Yeah and a hard one is is discussing escalate down when you get into likes more you know likely and I don't I hate to call likes more attack like you know Smart looks more. Strategy. As I'd like to just barely goal of the edge and analytic firm up as it cools a little bit you now. I'm not positive that so more or strategy is any better then struck a then see more attack. Us more Stratton. It's more tax on the new school it's like there on the up and coming yeah I got a couple guys in the NFL their turn that program around could. It. Jim a couple of years or. Perfect. Are its you have the top prize a late that you put mashed potatoes on top U ironically I gotta say big thanks nobody James and his wife Stacy the meal we had was all some. A lot of people there are some not. It's funny at any attorneys damage this year cook and then we learn what's shepherd's pie. So shepherd's pie is kind of like which you were eating in the Popeye. Except instead of having the puff priest three across lake top. It would be a mass but. Geez man I'm struggling I didn't even had a beer day. A hunter problem. I think think. And in the top players mashed potatoes so it's more like a brown gravy. Usually some kind of meat eat any meat is ground beef and then like potatoes. Are no eight carats apiece. Sometimes emotions on the mushrooms and then the whole top player is mashed potatoes can. Yeah that sounds really had yet to get old school Irish they have signed a group. But it tells you don't downtrend on so yeah obviously it's also weird like it's such a heavy meal you. Share. I I texted my mom because I'm Laura parents' house after this said dog off my suitcase that we root for in my apartment. And as I paid give me sometimes they're pop highs in the freezers sit Jimmy Popeye is laying around they completely confirming tonight as a back rookie gets posted but I. That's sound so good right now PV WPA. Popeye wash off. Seventeen I don't guess. We got some gray become an infamous Alfred. The man. So all right so besides the Thanksgiving thing makes it a mile is great ranked James and his wife couldn't be any nicer out of yes all the posts and put on into Graham. Stacy literally meet individual. Apple pies for everybody what. With the proper are cross. Alex stuff on top you know I mean like cross again mean they mean. I have not yet viewed it was unbelievable and does it look credit here. Yes. So meal was good and everything but I got to simply putting is James works at our retail shop francs for for marijuana. So lake has his friends that showed up all work at the shops so we go to the garage student easily check out the smoking room. And I mean they had everything that there is a good to have three set up. There was some lake and everybody can showed up with like this is the best sweet you can get rain out no this is the best we so I met James last year right yeah yeah I gotta remember that okay cool. Yeah oh I do I do remember that poster out yet to do to impress come on tell you you've never seen a table set up like this duty people were hand rolling cocoons. And Mike rapid amend or go. So basically all these guys are coming in just like spit in the they have the best possible we announced some scientist and whatever to it and now I trap. And outdo each other so you just sit and smoke and all of. Do you honestly you know how rare it is for me I kept tapping out. Really yes walk home that I was sleep dude these shipments Ehrlich super strong arose again you've got to keep in mind my mom is upstairs. I am I against notre grounder but like like I was getting late honestly there was only an hour and a half browser Jesus Christ I don't know that I do in this to still looms between while. War while. Kurt ever met Matt I mean Todd you would at a good time Matt. You would allow those stabs a Leo's designation trouble I never even did that. It you know oil dipped joints with your legs essentially dab blaze joints. Yeah because when us at. Man you bomb school we don't throw on her face I been unable to the stands now yes exactly. Many in Chelsea do this sounds bad but it was so hard not to Kerr. His niece didn't have nearly IDs and senator get a beer in my view Israeli taken dazzling relative to devils began. Yeah but your bad storm moved Fiat. And it's nothing don't get me wrong I stayed prick to lift it looks early afternoon. Man you're a Stoner in the Stoner store. And put it in upstairs was massive amounts of food. All ha yeah yo Taylor are about what is this this was Thanksgiving. Oh nice to actual. Hoya gets a say it was a great demand. Pat had a lot of fun and I was a reasonable adults who knows very full but I like I have gone to bed before Thanksgiving night like in pain Kirk that he marched. She did did you. Go to a place called mister bill's I've been like north Seattle. Now tell me about it all right dude so. Okay you quick little bit of background growing up my dad was a futon there isn't one of those she threw Toms is like. Matt always liked I don't know the mattress so I Compaq solar time. And so just you know. And generally longer until now but first I say red sex and and a whole thing like creeks or what cameras are metal and grows anyway so mr. mills they had this burger challenge right. And I I heard about it I was in high school. It was his burger that if you hated it was free. Which. As an adult doesn't seem like much of a deal but you now as a high school to a no money. Seem pretty awesome so yeah meat so that I guess they had had. Like a bunch of linebackers Freddy disobeying and Mike. You know like Seahawks linebackers are just a lot of bid big dudes had tests of their hand but I didn't know this at a time when nobody had ever finished it. So we roll into this place me in my buddy Scott until Chris he's probably like 666. Or so at the time I do is write a middle swim seasons so you know how many calories you're burning through espionage cold water and you know being mapped the water for two hours and access or so. I was like dude all I'll take a shot this thing so if you don't need it it's nineteen dollars and 95 cents so we go end. And we order and it comes at an optional two pound plate of Fries speed don't have to eat the surprised when challenged. So they say it is burger. It is really Dade board they don't tell you is that the burger is ten pounds. And two pounds of that is just a whole we bond. The burger was ten pounds. Yeah out but the bun alone was two pounds which means it's basically two loaves of bread. That's an analog stick arm. So. Of course you sir Spencer strategies you have. I don't ever has a half hour an hour to complete disdain some real probably you know land anyway so I just went to town on the sang it and I got how. How smooth it down to the point where the waitresses were like. You know like I don't know they get like. How was I call on somebody gets a big guys that you like oh damn like man actually pulled us. Like they were shocked her like they were impressed. A little bit of both like oh well this point to me but also like you now pity makes they knew that her there's no way so. I did I get there have to admit my body gets his you know your bills in late been like bitter lake. Shoreline dish you know they want thirtieth. Yeah probably right about there's there's a Carter should now I think yeah we'll mr. mills isn't there anymore yeah now I heard I was looking it up. Yes got an hour so we go out and you've human dream waters whole times a little hole Wii is like turn to expand in your stomach. And pretty soon you could feel it as an audience and Aaron gets wet like pushing against decides your stomach and you feel like you and exploded so my body was just like. Dude it's an easy to punch me in the style Mac's hard as you can. There were some of your pardon him out of his car dealership. There's so I'd I'd T hours later you sure news I got Sarah man is it. And so like I did all I teed up like a hand I don't my really about to punch anybody right now looks and right as I know I'd go to some wing he likes. It stopped out no I'm not gonna do it spends so we both has just been up by Jim you're both go home to try to go to sleep on Saddam as metal Suton and I'll never forget it was the worst night of sleep in my life just constant. Groaning and agony so even for about three minutes and happen to flip over explode back over the little metal bars are pressed against Sampras store so I know your time all of that thanks direct. Hall that's how painful. Yeah mr. Dole's ruthless. Yeah I think the worst one for me was probably like. Honestly at this point had a B twelve or thirteen years ago ranked so it's like I mean miles throw it their girlfriends at the time our wives. And I think we're miles south straight big. Here's a funny thing I hadn't been smoking weed that long range. Silly you still get the munchies but I mean. Neurology at the Monte that real bad at first I hope so same thing I have to pay level that's my cheese yeah I am and I do I now. There is a weird misnomer about their movie for as much as those guys smoke within always order that much food. That's good they're playing to stereotypes it's Hollywood. Crap. I he went man BI knew in movies that don't like seemingly like. Pro drug or whatever role like Canada over exaggerate. And Conn add to the misinformation. Out there no desist. There's there's always things there's a Luke I know you're not like trying to be anti we ability here's seriously misrepresenting it here. With that said the cob back kind of stone Montes. So. So it's Thanksgiving or would I just remember I eat so much alike it's constant rate like. When Matt we are drawn map for the gas are about like you know we do it takes a minute for your head to realize that you stomachs full. So I mean I'm misty might cancel craft whatever but really the same night of sleep you're talking about I just got home and it was like. Just rolling around in my bed images that you can't get comfortable dislike almighty god would I do. Ago. Yeah. There's a report matured and what do you mean by major self puke. Are easier drinking. Not friend found. No I think I'd lake. I've coughed. No such a net finger down there for sure yeah I am pretty sure I was sick Alice Thompson. Maybe I mean the only time I've really done it with food was but I mean it was our beach week senior year so it's a stretch we was an all you can eat seafood restaurant crabs and everything could. I just went to town and we got back to a place or like. Who do you draw and it's each week so we went out of this decade and a little. Doc because there's a little canal behind the place to Putin can now. Oh man. This week didn't shoot a picnic cannot. Sounds horrible I tell all out right now. I mean you know we're all young and dumb and broke wants. And it seems it seems super reasonable that time. I I. It's what you do men speeds reached right article Putin rally mayor and yelling go crazy thing we've got to get through usually it's booze and then more boos sometimes crab in them lose. Yeah I Devlin remember the first and I heard the phrase you can Broward. Like Greg before we graduated high school mice are Amanda wanna say Sam's. A friend of mine I. Valued as those now calm likes throughout a bathtub. He was in the best of. Home. Catch do the first time I heard you can rationally I was a junior in high school and I wanted to frost burden is like burning a bunch of dudes with the Iran now college guys. And like we return in so many Beers that night cute. And like one of the images losing colleges and where you go 1000 dot puke dude. When nine overs that know me and you got a rally and outerwear woo global what are you suggesting a cover up. If it's like you're saying I'm gonna start drinking again but I birdied beauties about just jab puke because you could rally. Let's play I don't know broom. To. I had oh and gotten really really drunk and high school infused. And then like I felt great it's I kept drinking and now as till my older friend. About it later rounds I got you can relate. After he puke you feel way better you can it is keeping your mornings they ask you can rally Jose got on are a thousand pioneer over he had very guy named Forrest. Right out of my stay away call this. I'm worried it just blew my mind if you can really too. Oh. OPS boys on that. The I was Sox thing yeah is that still go. It's ago com. Is yeah I don't know about. But us drone out paces. But around Barry said he and get us some gear somebody printer Sid and possibly some the succeed us and again. All right does TSA branches at any idea what you would like. Like Jersey lice. I am and I am an idea I don't know it just says the word gear. Yeah you know you just accept here. From pro franchise that's those are my thing is again dude here's our size is we'll take some gear deaths and go to my cat's eyes have more definitive while. I mean I Wear 75 eighths pretty recap. I think there are 37 and three eighths C that was 75 need to know looking XL top 738. Sometimes seven a quarter of they'd been Perez. Yeah we ran no middle ground that the three it's a safe actually got you know let's be specific. We're gonna need some of loosely guide short sleeved light weight batting practice jackets. Good idea. I don't need him. And so glamorous friends. I don't really have a piece. When you do think. Susan little (%expletive) you guys gonna Wear though looks. Do in the sign a man right there will be a moment I don't know you know myself there right now. Sounds awesome. Statue from being just one of those like original like oh gee I was socks hats would be dealt with the fraud. It's possible yes well I think they're gonna think we can get realistically I would I just frog Garcia. Yes or say and I think that we do is you just say hey here's our side this week yes he'd like some gear beat out. Time where your shirt sizes maybe America excel. He's excelled at coral. That's what I did years ago the Sanders. With who Fannie and are are the body party boy MM. Music givers can get some gear is like cool. And I mean anything you just have to make jerseys jackets I still I met Jackie do they Buehrle dispose of so official Mike does this hurt her but I got to from the guy I got from the team. Someone's name as party boy. Yes she's is nickname. Really I. Call my past could he have big big guy likes have a good time but he was he was the cute guy for years is sound it's okay. Which is funny term to drag U season with no time to kick guy. Thousands like what is he saying economic oh that's right the jerseys to kids when I get it but I never put it together like delicate gash. Think when his comic equipment guy or something but it's very specific at soccer through. Yes for sure such speaking of dates down the road we don't have a venue yet. We know accounts coming back so Friday December 22. We're gonna have some then I have the day also ripping you may know again happy hour thing. For five to 75. To eight. I'll be there are 58. We all know this. And then I am trying to paint. People can email intercourse and send us a couple emails and let us know. I dilution due city. It's a great we have been we have done nothing in the city in a while but 5 o'clock on a Friday before Christmas and in the city's going to be a bit bit we all are going to be city based in getting out of the city's going to be a bitch to mentally do for. You know more about people who work the gas to live Leo Florida seven. You know activism some time to to get down here towards the tail and things and people that don't have to work and be a little bit of traffic on the early and might 47. Governor I'll be there before they teach. But I'll be there are 42 I don't think so well why don't that don't just UC Dell's making capital you know that's the weekend before that team. Yeah I was like. Did Noelle I know it cuts coming up. Press footage President Carter Richards OK can never ever show Kuwait tomorrow they know it's one week off to edit OK that's not a Saturday. I'm Heidi even giving you Beisel who I talked to my cousin usually wears Matt had little dental checkup local. They're releasing there EP that man on December 16 at high dive and there are real while local time to be guest hosting. On the tenth of December Powell and I really excited about that just found that I yesterday. I am hope mean we'll have a good reason to get together on the ninth. Why is that MLS cup lol cool so yeah we'll Saturday Jim Richard game ready fund. Yeah. Out in town that we couldn't. Mr. Cobb yes and emails oh hang on. I can move them. Alia the economic rights and it's I was on the story real quick. So before we over a tent is a very nice get together our buddy Sean dogs you know Jason there like. Yeah I think that's what you do from work through whatever now terror and was supposed to go. Right no really Aaron Gray Tammy talk about watching apple cup for awhile but I think big a brat kids or something's attends I gonna go but Tarrant is very vocal. About you might be an acoustic and not talking and I think she talks asked if I look here's the thing. I watched tubes gains apparent in her family sometimes so sorry question fans I also cheer for the QX I'm a complete bore me to. That's a huge part are sort of the Ku was when this year yeah so. Just. Yeah go ahead. Dobbs is here to say you're the sorority sister voted most likely to get pregnant I guess your college or America. So focused. It's a thinly game lead Jeep is repaired easily. Taking a picture right in the days ago we got he would Jason antennae near to another yard easily throw of the doves right. So the guy. So we take the picture we post it MM. I got no I aid texted terror and like the fourth quarter decision dude like you know what what the hell. Since she text me back in just says will you jump ship quick. And I'm right back hopeless. Our hookup up and I was like dude I was like I'm just kidding around me and choose and I say bleak with stoppages. Jumps in response to this I saw the picture there. Now. It nice and not. It was unbelievable I think she's commenting on the picture Jeter is all fired up hysteria it's a boy were you guys go to school music. What does that matter now that I agree it doesn't legislate. I announced the hunt both you showed up without email it's a eat the meat and Sean McCall hit the most controversial photo a 27. Yeah absolutely it. That's hilarious. Shot heard round I'm not a press I'll comment six on our as pretty pretty rowdy. But I didn't know she texted you that is being malaria right that's what exactly would you jump ship quick TNT I saw the picture. And I lose it died DMO Reilly play. Sorry I know some fun we were shotgun and Beers there is snacks. I others. You know I was to have made it. Pending outcome he got and emails down there. Here gotta tell little. Some boys I think the biggest lesson I got my parents was from my dad you know I'm not close to him some extra equipment. After a lossless first AU basketball tournament my dad told me there always be someone more talented than you but don't ever let that discourage you from trying. Have continued to appreciate that lessened throughout lights. Why aren't. Good lesson yet that's a good one. Did the best way I heard that same lesson but there are stuck with me is if only like. What is it like if only load the bird at the most beautiful voice in the forests. God if only remote bird the most beautiful voice psalm the forests would be silent. Her. Who resent rich yeah. Yankee dome indoors and ancestors came onyx yes I'm glad I meant most to cast and sorry enemy in the bureau and as a meltdown I think Sunday. But I did you lunch rooms and I think all us. Added I realize that we've never Matt yours truly I'm magazine demand. Dude I would I so our guy ain't there was somebody like got Huskies there's so many in some Jersey is we were it was just like me. We'll just need GO. Lee Terry Brad at this point down there almost picnic tables from us and actually go to Niro and it's on it was pretty fun. Well maybe he meant sending evening yet that's a different story crying that's there. I thought I thought he meant so late Sunday afternoon I remember talking to do over that's all the dues said mean instead doesn't go well you do is so he's the guy. I think this cash basis says I think Sunday speech. Yeah that makes sense actually happened that live debuted. Remained so touch rooms yeah. Similar whom I which should check in with this guy and setting man. Yeah right so cub mood I mean we're doing live day at the casino right peek at the emerald queen casino. So in between if you bought these VIP tickets you know they have like the nightclub in the back. It's the bridge or whatever area. So in there like the Manger we did it question and answer PGA in May exit question and answer and then Meehan bigs did a mega cast. So afterward done this guy he's got the big dude right but he's really nice and stuff but. Some that just seems so hard and I this is like what's up man like sorry and he is all I'm sorry man I'm not Truman's all day. And all know where is Alex Ferguson yeah I thought that's why didn't she is so days out of my old. I. I can't I'm not tell people when I'm on true think it's a problem. I wrote that I he had hit a good guy is TI heroine no and rarely do it in places where people are army core area know that I dislike. All right I think they are better just jealous. And you know. That's fair I think my shoes maybe you definitely meet people see that Fiat Diaz says that's his way here and now budgets and would not think live dude be it'd be ideal place that if but hey. Fear and loathing enameled cleaner yes yeah how is pretty good for him to have got you tell people when you're on call all popped up on the short oops. And I appreciate the way you phrased your response and I second to. Do you think about how bad. Imposed political hopes for who lives down the future. Just took a star eighty we have another email daunting. Man is dead and I was like a nice guy and I'm content it into a and then. Him for the rammed it down listen to Irish share. Those are normally cius this whole thing is copied pasted com. Illness. Who you have that I think this whole thing all get it too maybe too long for us. How do you look for the days when you're woke up happy when you woke up happy is a child's excited to say you see your day. Tests are suing your day is gonna bring having creative imagination while going outside to play. In mistake becomes a magic wanted to be ruin your imaginary kingdom I do remember world not long ago. Yes and this whole thing. We dude this is our it was a tough one to decide from a half to and it it we can do it on a later cast. I guess I'm marina and it's like for a record five paragraphs long and others which are much but carry a wise man always said put a pin that. Yeah that's I'm gonna just just call match. Palm community intends to create Rick Raj and what's is it safety gains push pins is there any other kind opinions. It's these two. Close friends. That's are in time. Safety pin. Clones and but isn't close Tennessee to ten pars aren't Oakland loses in season are the crowd was the first resentment. Closed and we can't push the envelope push NN. Pushed in safety pin and BA's enclosed and yes pretty much all I gasped for pins are trying to Mark Penn game in game. Most are on needles. Note you captain titles. Yeah they're de ice all something's something wrong I was trying to rhyme or didn't push trying to make up Iraq tie at pine needles like I can't be safety pin. I think we're the other kind of pulled the prosecutor puts. It's a boy close in news. Illustrate her still pay pulls up to drive. We thought the child and I. But for single recalled snuff them out. Is he put includes paying for people with. Do have you seen that around there's a guy ranked going around. Around you two brand now seen a couple different people do way they have they have like just take snake tire rubber snake with a fishing line on. Oh yeah attached to odd. Or a binder clip made on an announcement shirt and I gold rose six ankle tell him as a person runs it takes off after I mean that's incredible. Yeah it's the. And nightmare I would doubt would be terrible. It's. Actually I may deprive year earlier for YouTube entertainment dollar if you prefer that I got to look like I cannot stand stakes. Out slept now again I'd I would not he has crossing the line pride holds funny do you yeah. Did speak just crossing the line. I'm just don't I'm also X were routed renounced but CN crossing a line. There's another YouTube in light comedy routine has been done a few times clearly and among the sense about it. So people will like set a bike out in a troubled area provides tests or comment oh yeah at a very on cable wanna. And then attach it something's so as a person rides away when they get about fifty yards away and really get up to speed to cable goes all the time and just stay now thanks a lot of flags what are your thoughts OS. It destroys his people. But I wanna watch this yeah I I don't know mean the problem is that. Intent at least somebody is stealing they got some vigilante justice. Yeah. But also are you just intentionally hurting people you know semi to grab that opened by two which is sitting there. Yeah it's also kind of light a regular by content sort of fights back. Profits but there's greatest there's not a lock on it now. Well I mean it's locked by. I had cable I just had your allowance thirty times as long as the usual care the legacies are thin legs steel cable that they can't even lazy I don't think people can see the cable too much. Yeah the Steelers are very thin steel cable is probably attached like Canada back. Underneath the seat or something that's you know I'd that you thought they consider what were they using electric shock that. Now they like charge to handle this. Did a big. Ultimately the cable one I mean I can see where the critics death point you know how some of the same but I legal millions. Pretty awesome example street justice are you were still mad dudes I caller today I'm I'm pretty sure I Sox. Doors aren't seen as they have one that's kind of set up on Micah concrete. Sidewalks that goes downhill and goes downhill pretty Steve some person gets on the by Thomas and ask your students battling fast and I'm pretty sure side dash shatters our wants and. She got. But why did you hammer that's all there is still I mean some honestly some of the prank videos they do they're like messing with people's stuff like I'm shocked were you don't get hurt. Oh yes Mozilla Masso Peebles for sure PL one like that you know that deep problematic coming in some way and yet there's some what are other people's grow and I just yeah. Expressing an event. Hip hop. It's a prank bro. Right exactly links it to you on some roam neighborhoods it's a prank frozen and go over to Africa. All right let's show again. Obviously. What's man. No it was. Cuts and so cool every time. Good. So reality on long weekend. It was Thanksgiving. It went down to Palm Springs. It's a hail as I feel I mean from my girlfriend with me so allows first time flying together. Now a very well. Got really high. As I always do accede hidden under thirty know Graham soon this time writer and a fifty milligram one tiny and it. I didn't really have like a plan I realize usually I'd do that and now my high through the airport has sleep on the plane and my girlfriend wanna sleep so I was just wait a disaster on the plane just having a lot of fun and we'll speak. I didn't shoot drive and try to do word surges and stuff. Trot and then shot down stinks we flew out on things giving. So the therefore it was into brutal. And he had great turndown Palm Springs glitz and golf. 82 out three times. Rode our bikes a bunch when I hike. And how to really get time. I was a high it was a tough. No nose like a mile and a half each way I super rather use a pretty cool three views are great it was like eighty degrees which is a little odd but it could have been worse you know got up there a good time. It was just crazy just one run around without a shirt on and learn shorts all the time in my. Doing that in November fell real good read and hysteria coming from Cobb how. The apple news yeah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha so it was great to go down there and get some weather in some in and out. Since stands stomped the family. You know that's kind of a big thing at the girlfriend be in there. But everything went great and was there and she got along well I lived a great time. So. New casinos. Casino we went to a new casino we have Ben do do is lake I think it's the best of the three casinos generally been too but we all lost money. And church Fiat the there is. We didn't have a lot of foreign that the ten dollars table ten dollar blackjack table which. I wanted to play roulette I never found the actual roulette to live this weird card thing. Bombed so I need to go back toward make sure they have prop through that but both my Brothers and that we were playing blackjack newseum between them as I came in here to have fun like. Not just. BA's degenerate compulsive gambler like I want aerial Denon and kings players numbers at the roulette table where. He does they how to hack a phone a friend my Brothers playing blackjack. But just got grind it down real quit. And then if we found out later after I was down a hundred dollars at the ten dollar daily that she had five dollar tables there which would have been sweet. And then we actually played their for a little bit. But if they sell us all that you but a five dollar table while great you'll get some real rookies. It yeah you get people like me yeah I never sit. Apple which I did that and latest sign it today you can ask the table in the deal or no guide you along they'll be okay it probably is what people are just like. Well I don't mind but my brother certainly marks its twelve people or just make him bad plays for their clue as. They affect you know I'm and he doesn't get the car he needed a blaze that person. Awesome I was a lot of fun to watch them like when the stakes are lower we all got to have fun there's couple. Couple of idiots at the table that you know we kind we're able that. You know to give a hard thing you know life. Just laugh about without an NC at all you know laugh about in the car might actually make recap it but in the mold me just kind of all laughed your selves. You know I there's this is one guy as your brother's like call them out yeah Tim. Yeah he he had some words is there he'd say under Meebo like do that guys in earshot and he's like. Clearly very agitated and possibly Coke gal like maybe chill out and his. Let them gamble money away and leave. But no deal had been I'd be critical and to me now late. Man I ought to be associated with this. Atlanta got in here but thanks so. There is a six person table. Luke and are sitting at the two end tables and then Tim's going to the ATM he's gonna sit to the right of me. And then the three empty seats the right of that this guy comes down to sit down 01 of whom. And I noticed there's like a little cleared chipped. Bill I designated that it's like those spots are being held for something on all three of those. All right and that he sits down a one of them I didn't notices to the dealer pointed out to MIK Simmons users from atop the pit lawsuits going on. And then the on a few looks at the open one next to me and I'll placate BMI Brothers at the AT and he'll be right back he's gonna sit here is that you have three Brothers I don't like to. Man I'm not talking about those seats beyoncé in this one here here at a news is like super agro about it and Mike. Yeah does it do like a roughly my age was no need for any hostility. And then you just tell well is like thoroughness ships out there use real. Real on on tilts and then Fiat didn't. It wasn't playing that Smart either employees so invested the game that you can't play Willie in this hymns loudly yeah tell me what an idiot this guy extra. So it was pretty fun. And then so. Well. I want to replace last night after we landed who's really good but I don't think I can go back there. So. But I feel I should just like say the names to other people can't is like they don't deserve to lose business. Because they get thrown out of that Mel so far it. Go to ranchers. In the Renton when you have lot of Beers on tap some pretty good fruit. Of plates are pretty big so. We had some leftover salad at the end but our waiter was his guy that was its. How like Alice waiters and Brian in office space I think the guy chops he's at like really. Really chipper and I you know at 37 pieces of flight that it's this. Gas so. Hughes really like upbeat. And use all so. Like half with the army he started training a new employee. Which. I was just during the meal I was thinking like man that employee is a lot more chiller and Mike aren't more on my way of pig. You know and it's geysers like super rugby and kept saying heck yeah they can't just it is not beat a euphemism for contained. No no no. At now matches Simitis personality no just like super golly can't tell if it's sincere or not well liked who cares it's a waiter like your being a little bit like. Over the top I'm cool with it. But Hollywood needs you do here is also realize that you guys training sale as soon. We're we're leaving we believe. And I think crime yes and he's like hey you guys are great training table thank you so much gay man my pleasure you know. And blue we lock out and Tyler Madoff and overhears him saying that to another table and she's right he just sent another table that there are great training table to. And I'm great men I would not wanna be getting trained by that guy could first day of my job couldn't. I did uses an observation I had. And then she says some ordinary annual world atop brand do you know something. Just a harmless observation not not necessarily a complaint but it just an observation as overall. Demeanor and is like heck yeah because he got saying that yeah here. How those same Matt. I heard loud cheers of commotion behind me before him I just wasn't paying attention and figure it's crazy person I am Milwaukee you know I'd go in Seattle no big deal. There's actually a guy running towards us to give us our salad we've forgotten thank you have the right I'm wrong has tried like heck. Yeah today braves now a techie guy even so it. All it and their big years so why that's why I sell players said. This is great. Personality trait for a waiter I think I I think that's good for that interaction in it now just commenting on my out when wanna get a letter I thought you gonna say usage thank you and the rest shot and he was like no dad no he uses chase us down a night. I don't think he heard all The Who conservation I don't wanna call criticisms because I think we ultimately like the guy and studies good waiter but it. He cleared it where it is right observe good talking as if he wasn't there and he was running up but that's to be super guys and it was this is the leftover salad that we forgot. If there's a yeah. Yeah you got caught. We leave you try to explain away laughter oh well hope we do know however are just scenes Fortis talking they are you talking that yet gotten. Yeah how does that flow is they want to could block to the car. I don't know I got there I kind of we didn't go back there. Not so good food good service is great have a lot of beer down and injuring it. Trent I was in the Renton landing is is a solid establishment in my book for the record. Yeah are they great service. Again shoot us an email I get any ideas. City. East side whatever for 22 we give their Friday 22 from 40730. Ford is the start time on a change in time every time I say oh perfect yes I think it is seven fortified. Now yet that's next week do I thought I do what I can do all right I I think the guys that it can change it's a jealous content to be fair it's entirely possible Ted Knight drink Beers late into the night it's happened many times oh yeah. It's horrid 11 o'clock dead did you go. I. Two we don't have a bill in the new studio team being. Boyce Q notice I turned the camera on our little secret you're amazed I gotta I gotta say this year's basis. I brush same Obama podcasts. Oh do tell. I have brought shame upon the shareholders of this great cast well. Would the U dub game watched breaks I don't want friends out here sounds like oh go like adding go to U dub but my parents went there and you know I grew up like demand in the shadow of the stadium's mystique aura when he does so you know collapsed beyond apple cup amount Dana thank. I go to this game watch anime can Fran you now shaking hands kiss babies blender and then acting natural target amount Seattle stuff. And I signed with this couple that just moved here this guy and a sound incredibly uncomfortably not check the news last. And down but both are from Seattle tonight I don't know mid twenties some banks and they were lights yeah I heard dead by two there's. This could donors and here went to display scored nose and I was like oh you guys know that there's as you do donuts like the blocks from here right and it's never busy. They're like why it and then not a couple next to us as mom and daughter heard they were freaking out Sarah Downey from Dallas and so they were gonna go don't stop. And for some reason three Beers Steve by to get us like. This is my shot this is my time to shine. In so I started talking to them about. Doughnuts and about Cambodian doughnuts and East Coast style doughnuts and how alike stuffed French influence the Cambodians and all the best doughnuts come from places crews can. Modi ends and how like you know rights to the Koreans Erin dry cleaning but the kemba is there that don't game it got locked up like this on an honor non right no gauge of my body and no give huge component interest costs and make all those nights and realized. I don't hold the tables silence us. I did. I don't know anyone man like I came by myself just a mid thirties do graying hair and beard community kitchen you rating them about a donut to quality and stop my subtly. Dammit I familiar Deborah Madrid peace. This console of these sound from the tables and speak God's sovereign this week on the back of that awful news news. What's the topic and you mildly ashamed to be an expert doctor. Feel free email us you know deep podcast dot com more visible to Twitter machine at the podcast what they topic. You were mildly ashamed to be an expert on and Brandon Roy listening I'm sorry to have a sham the public eye cast. I got asked were you sitting with the table or were you steaming them like. Yeah yeah. I was sitting I was in the middle of the tables picnic tables of this outdoor bars and the guy in the middle and then there's a couple of my last. And a mother daughter to my right and a couple other people like totaled around. Hawk talk me I had to meet five minute diatribe minimum gas and you know during our youth. Yes yes you would like to third quarter. You. Know what America comment to him or leave me mirror I Diana doesn't matter or get some Cambodian donuts site. I don't know what little old. Mobbed here yeah they expect apple app and. Oh man. I can't explain to people sorry would that makes me so happy. The computer app at. It got there I was out the window which Damon Arnold I don't know what are weird phase. There are ahead I mean it depends on the crowd so like a pig I'm only the donut things that crazy beginning got to judge your audience he said. But I think maybe no queen. I've definitely got into the conversation about the physical. Actual animal mascots. And with their names Hummer. Commander which universities have a home in the tradition behind him. I've definitely lost some people like why is this guy tell me about it tiger and I'll issue where. We're damned dog did come in Tennessee to look smoky. It's simple I ridiculous knowledge I think of of those college mascots. Nice suit. Obviously the trip comes to mind lately and granted it's been a big day's column mentioned in the open but I'm not an expert at it I just talk about it because I'd like maids some pretty decent money and it has its legs super easy is this crypto currencies stuff. But like I start talking and then I meet people that actually. Know how low or it's. And then they start talking about the technology and I just frees them right. And how to play this leg. Buy low sell high and that's kind of been my whole thing and I just. The act cool red light so there you go or not this could happen. Oh I don't. Just said reviewers I feel like to comment too is always like you know like I get the same thing when I about the U dub an error like oh so what city do you like. Our law I didn't really go there let us our dad satellite I'm sure the same thing happens if you do die about a guy and it's like most of which could get from George Carlin that's. Now I just I I razors the animals. Right or Eudora and also as a UGA. Right cents good call match. But and so they've having dinner with the UG eight graduate of the same as a little known as a boyfriend yet why is it available spirit is god damn name. Greg but that's so well you said lighting UDU dub it imagine talking to me and cardinals college stuff like you go to Georgia now where you go to school. I didn't. I just love animals I'm a big heart perk up papers. That's an episode I won't say it's a dozen people he went terribly who went to school there as we may have screwed there. But the BS comment that somebody out there rooting for team can CN obviously a lot of people are fake hamsters schools they never went to a not to vote. For sure. Yeah I mean you know you don't wanna put on us on offense and pretty heated rivalries now I ask Texas isn't fun. I mean look you're ranked and healthy I don't sit quick and I thank you so mad and I get it but here's the thing I told I told Blake jeetz. And how Stella Johnson goes hey you know you enjoy this now and I'm on your side. Akio his would you see a picture of me in Pullman that a game like how many covered and give IBM cougar here it daily hand signal that they do all these units. Yugoslavia song I'll learn quickly in like a night I know mold to the Ku begin a burger and some Beers and a wind pass when I'm up on it. Here's the real question which statute unions first. The organ doctor. May take so I'm not a war. Stupid if you play in the northwest outside the timbers I cheered for her. Gas field I even like down with the team a pleasant the blue turf Boise State and senator soon I would to a game that I saw here politician and only asked. On the town to get the Jersey I irbil welded it to Gary Johnson rally came out a Seahawks Jersey over at me and don't try to tell me don't do that every every town. I appreciate it I try not to Wear Seahawks dear to you may know how serious that is to people like don't I mean I still cheer for the Seahawks it was a departure form Saturday. You know but I still can't achieve that through Washington's have touched on this lake. I don't know where to land up don't get me wrong about dating a girl home that's really the Seahawks you'll see my as some Segal there a competitor who. Okay covered. Always coming out bright green. Give a college football lake outside the teams that play Merrill that I don't like lake frank put out whenever we go to a husky game once in Ireland and stage sure it's a nice email and was like. Who you do when I got an hour's drive to work. College shirt. We're thinking it was just like a sports in the marching bands for protect students get a little say Christmas lights a cold beer I tailgate some laughs and some proxy doesn't really care which team is out there now. Yeah exactly that's why don't you remind go into the demo and flew down to Texas for a game that he did actually go to. Yeah for two teams he doesn't care about I thought yeah we'll just like Florida Georgia and the official repudiate hate. It puts us I have to tell you Rhode Rhode that I by the way we text every Saturday still. Boomer sooner our sooners are looking good that was a rough one person there yeah. The problem is slow man ID ego episode 201 the president said it's an email. IE give us an idea is right now I I don't know mad it's a tough call pagan city but we will just girly side earlier in the day just be that you write every start a four. That's a couple big east side I now. Beside the salary he north at all deadly may be basically if we get to a more emails from whatever place it's probably will ever do it. Car and everybody that owns a bar and just let us know would you like rent a rumor some bad. Yeah I mean how that's all staff and anybody had bodies that have cool bars. Wii cool. Re match. Yeah. How old. Are like really know they're talking about. Oh man look. All right I've just put it out there for the democratic leaders that comes as no dummy couldn't epithet to zero run this dobbs thanks a real dog glad you buzz did we got them hooked up dude. Blue room fight frenzy DP for god when we did Smith is the podcast cheers. I was down. Context there.