Thee Podcast Episode 202

Thursday, December 7th

This week we discuss pop stars, food, and our listener party plans.


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Oh yeah we've been up against him yeah holes like we're sitting here of the sort telling that we you know we know we're gonna podcast and start right now. I think podcast. Isn't just any I guess it's just podcast could do this. This is. Eat. Contact the store in the pits. Starting people studs and treat starting these senseless and I'll. You'll let it Wear helmets not. Feed my cat. Episode 20 through old Eric go to DC by the way to a two. What are they what's salvageable these debts that will be posted here podcast the greatest podcast that all the way all the telephony as it. Now on Skype has the now actually you know what folks Cobb is in here he has the very good reason. It's a serious reason of it into. I've left over we'll think we'll get this to be all set up get everything lost it now. Matt Palmer the producer and the DP with the matters that are out of stock for four that night. In this so. Yet cop could not be here. Any taxes they said hey man I'm not going to be there is that cool Bobble I listed shore now knowing. You figure something important was going. I do right EU almost somewhat worried that something bad happen and you know Cobb is usually miss stuff no folks what happened was. Mr. Aaron and mr. Cobb. And on the meat and just when the shark quote in this way. Blah blah blah I'm missing the cast because I have floor seats Lady Gaga. You're not tax me that when he thought he did that very. I think I understand why now we can't do without lack ethics he's an absent some words. All that said Miley Cyrus is still a top ten concerts in my life so maybe I've heard Lady Gaga appetite it shows that. Hope he's having fun but not like actually work and run my mouth. Yeah. I mean obviously looked do you play. Now it's December. People people get lazy to work its if you like I can you guys handle alone at the you know it'll be a quick one before on those do you think you make funding for Lady Gaga album like. Mean if I have more steeply gaga I don't effect. Yeah yeah now admittedly if we try and busted balls about it. Next week either a come back and tell us how awesome it is and time make is look like idiots anyway so yeah. I bet I bet it's an awesome show I've heard nothing but great things about Lady Gaga out alive. On cheese one of those like pop artists like actually act writes on songs like does on stuff I actually. I don't I did. Haven't heard any of her song that I particularly like but I have some respect for in that regard and you know you just kind she seems like it cooled. Cool person and yes. And I mean let's online lately begun has some. He had some big songs that may never did it for me but I understand like why their math. That song speed of bankers UN saw Miley Cyrus and she was on that toward loved it. Does it bug you at all that she's like now like which is the phase that the company. I didn't I mean I didn't really keep tabs on her I wasn't you know I'd I once it goes here again if she's in a new Fraser she's like. Which is singer songwriter now are sometimes. Nice I like that Miley and I thought my dad at the time habits Selig and listen to it all the time house late. Our coach sector like in the rap world and this and that path and now she's gonna like I'm over it and so we've anymore. Yeah BS out I don't know I really enjoy that concert as a lot of fun. And you know that's cool. Is it. Gave me new found respect for and like she really has an awesome voice late this year it's in that phase series using some auto tune and a mosaic. But when you saw our live that I owed this girl has some serious pipes and put on a held a show of those very. Very psychedelic influence and I was very psychedelic influence while I was there. But it wasn't just because of mean it was it wasn't as doctors and out as my best this stuff is going way over most this audio. Has had yet I think if I I just yeah I like that my retail Imus may still. Aren't so important things today. About where people were figures suggesting for the app podcast get together again not a big deal you can make it also -- route to a Friday. December 22 damage king street bar and oven. Down a pioneer square right across the street from. With that building and it's across it's across from the north parking lot there's a giant building in front of it now. The the the condos yeah they're looking is century link field yesterday. King street straight right across the street from there again king street part of in 48. And that I think yet talked to people that can she normally Troy. No go to apart and then and they are going to other extend happier for the whole time cool yet. Vacation he still cute and I actually have a brick oven in there it's like come down yet good little pizzas chicken wings cal zones are phenomenal match I see the decals. I do Logan Cal's LB is said weighing say that's an in depth and have some of those two yeah we'll get some links to but. Ton of wins this week against them and yet it. Nice. Yeah. Man I'd outlook signaling split on a pry it don't genius at pizza is really good though. Yet some insanely can cheat to get straight there it's like. I know it's kind of a bar bar like going there for a light light Beers and and shots or whatever but the food is a shockingly good like holy cat. And I pop in their further I'd drink a while ago obviously who think. But died in an attitude. I don't. Like with cal zones every dog how to line of loved it but there's always pizza dough available and I always go pizza over cows out. That's fair you know like it's just tough when when your constant it's like. Other flavors of chicken wings that I'm sure they're good but if there's buffalo on the menu like nine times out of ten that's what I'm going. In on the opposite I don't drive around every time. Every time well I mean I still like buffalo wings and Sam Mike if there's a dry rub on the menu general liberal driver interest yet. Put the sacred sphere. Yeah yeah I'd I'd you do let those that's right and I knew that about you like Ted we heat means a lot lately he loved that they love buffalo and drizzly day. You do sneak go to the ball with the dry Arabs. Yeah me and lemon Pepper's managing and now. And now. Either ways that we got that set up come down I know like our buddy Joseph hill just went down in the beginning. Match the cob and I'll be there for the for the four hours. I'd kind of forgot her brother has an engagement party set I dipped out around seven hole record at all about lesser product quality that. Right. Robin I'll be there from port 83 or. Be it income down lace that it's a Friday the Friday for Christmas and new people are busy LA civic there's no special event literally. Which ended. When you walked up the stairs of the left over by the giant TV rumors and we sit there there haven't Beers cans of foods and it's. Yeah I think it's gonna be really cool. I think. We kind of think in terms of like oh there's the holidays is a lot of stuff going on. You know we mean huge turn out and that's toll five the other stuff men bile millions of planet and more important to meet up that's. It can happen the senate is also a lot of people this site. Moved years that don't have a ton of family or friends around like this could be something Darren they're really excited about that. John Elway looked at the side of the coin where I people are going to be busy with other stuff but there's there's a legitimate I have that that stuff that this can be really cool for which really. Fired me up when that. Perspective crossed my mind of the week. Yeah an and and granite and you. You know like Billy the last one we did just for the podcast he had up from Lynnwood. Then we did line with. It may cast in the mix cast down virtual sports and talk Willa. So this will be back in the city I get to leave have a tough time but that's that's what they're like what will be there for four hours every day for the. And it's a central in the cities you can get from the north lies now it right off the freeway is a hit thousand and now. Well I thought that would be Peru I work and Ballard and live in Fremont and getting the Ballard debates and affect bright panel area like there. I would people visiting too late late in the republic of ballots easily look art is really nice and I honestly there's parts of hard. That you pay the same rent them pain in my plate the first you know her and get a bigger space and stuff to legislate. Commute is brutal the key then how about just tough yeah. Yes it is a cool neighborhood feud if you live there though is tough stuff there's the restaurants to bars and PA can should be dope and a team that's this is more that's more my speed anyhow me and Troy and on the plays I've known him for years like. Richardson Miller Lite there's a fireball. And Shirley temples gallon yeah when you look at the whole thing. Good fun. You know. An albino Matt we know him obviously from the get togethers and whatnot and he he's prolific on Twitter to see released. He was asking him about quicker we talk about trump and stuff but like. I don't think that there's so much trump stuff going on and I kinda wanna get into it but also like. Really got like to cast left in the holidays man I like it's the Howard can easily for playing on the par really there's stuff going on on the slate of I wanna go and they get it. I'm voted out voted against it number one a pretty pretty uninformed on that stuff kind of kind of willfully. You know I edges. Bidders. When there's opportunities do it fails I call the guy the FCC about net neutrality and yeah I call collier your representatives. Both online there's I. We remembered it I've done I've used it that I website we can just like the it'll it'll call you. And automatically connect cute to who we need to talk to leave messages for. Because like. We need to keep your city that I owe it cool when connecting your senator nightly voicemail there press count when you're done you call your other senator caught in Mike. I've gone through the phone tree it'll probably said. Could remember and like you know Donald. So I think that's a big issue with the Internet to really awesome powerful thing. That. You know should be kept free in my opinion I know there's certain. I think bears. There's more advantages to it then I don't know that I am more on the I I hear more of the anti net neutrality side. Or. Yeah we wanna say it and the pro net neutrality side. I hear a lot more of arguments that they make a lot of sense to me about haven't really researched any potential positive the united giant company. Right exactly I'm gonna senators like I'm one of the people man I want this this thing open and free on a train people on the Internet like. I got is a big part of my future and I don't screw this one up none so by all means. Call you know call your card representatives. If you like book up. How what can I do about net neutrality or whatever I'm sure he'll find us so the software there's multiple ones though I think that's an important issue bit and you know I just try and have been really trying to stay positive on the micro and the macro levels and yeah others. Even with the the calmer representatives like I wonder how much of an impact it has. Certainly a scenic does but I mean I just think overall I greatly you. Just I'll always abdicate for calling senators in this and it does have an influence. Doesn't seem to put all the trumps them it is very hard to talk about it without being natively there's. And if you just sorry if you take the are away from its mean I think a lot of people on the Republicans I cured by what the hell's going on. You know yeah so many out there. There's a lot of commotion out there and this lady for us tech guys for the new studio now aren't they is that who that is that. Yes that's let's say I wanna get on the trumpet we I don't know I don't know why Billy bush is still apologize did yeah would be. Yeah it who I'm not the best guy talk about that I think you know. There's just so much to be grateful for that we do side of literally like eyesight. It's such a tricky amazing seeing the ability to communicate using words or other people can read your mind. And then like the ability to communicate that through the Internet through podcasts through the radio like green and those are specific as laughter is more suited to me well I. It's such a trip and there's so elect those are tiny things and even the ability to get worked up. Over Donald Trump you're nervous system your endocrine system like your cells are pulling off some crazy trip be amazing piece of feel that. And not say that wrongly shouldn't feel that but. Eight think there is beneficial later. You're going deeper it is not on the podcast now on how much trouble spot yet biologists say in. You know what people have negative emotions like your body's still doing some amazing things you don't feel that. It's I think if if people can take as an outdoor anonymous self and I feel like it's been beneficial that aren't sharing it you take its second. I'm learning all about cells that this is. What is going on in his body all the time adventure not about like nonstop and so right. I realize its eye teeth of ballots on the world like man. All right but I got. I got some cool stuff happening here sad eyes and appreciation for that stuff can be good for your overall month and it's certainly not gonna solve the problems that trumps create. Has eroded AP's mind that I think about. Didn't you would you deal via get buckeye. Maggie just had a birthday Selena 31 yup I am entered into the third youngest all verbeek. Yeah lecture. But so with that with the like the dark thing in the day you're Dearborn as the countdown to death but ultimately. Well through right like technically that's right out of the most positive outlook on a newborn baby I. I think the the presence in the deep possibility of death in the help you squeeze more out of life and times and that's. That's kind of what the Day of The Dead thing's all about on when a conscious talking about desert. We're get oil deep yet they say it. EO Dave Lewis from where it's the is due to Israel's interest do you not deal more I know is I noted the hour. I'm not positive what it is. Yeah. So yeah I don't know that it highlights. I get a little nihilistic but kind of use it for law. Like optimistic. Outlooks on life and how fleeting and in weird it is and just say Al I Lanka the lucky to be here. Don't need to get to. Yet some people get really depressed about that stuff I'm like man jagr right. This doesn't mean anything let's have some find. Yeah I mean. That hedonism I don't know great lake and even the date the only thing you're not sure of a ton of stuff. We're sure of death. Yeah yeah I mean a pay hots. I don't know I was the one of those people just like I don't know there's a reason to fear because it's the it's inevitable and is it inevitable but it happens to every single person. It is one of the few constant that we all knew we don't talk about how much I don't know about that don't are about who spent a lot about you than way. All these things that they unify us and have a focus on division. Yet in debt yet clear. Victory on examples to be bringing up well that's been. Advocate no weird weekend here's another two dealing with that that the gets me sometimes when you go well they're moving on to a better place inflate. Again you're trying to be nice but also late for that person right to put somebody in Matt's found that just passed away like. Sorry that you need he's allowed to feel that but it to eight and be pissed right now I namely he's never gonna see that for. But also. That's kind of the sign tutorial norms that's what you do. Right at the end people who do with good intentions wrapping guys come and hurt Amin and yeah yeah and I think that goes with a lot of things people trying to help an active. And I appreciate sentiment that you're you're really backfire either mentally being counterproductive here because is not I don't hear anything right now. Yes sometimes I try to catch myself to like I just did this the other day for NATO sought to assert and it talents on and don't wait a minute. My in my I tell you which charity element yes but also the idea that recently to. FF FF I. We all of. I don't sit in front of the computer. I won't pull up the emails that if you tell the way I'm stretch out my words would you not have them pulled up right away. Off with your skillful or I hate well done I got it in. Again December 22 death Friday even 48 can shoot part of income by have a beer say hello. Let's see we'll start this one learn agrees podcasts and all the land all the land. He thought about a Barr's brother Jones calling techsters in Greenwood great for events in groups as much a pinball arcade games problem bomb enterprises are good. There are modeled might be good spot right footer Greenway. Greenwood a I don't know Poindexter is my house is that he's easy Greenwood catalyst to write yeah. And ought to ask me about it. Thank you Ethan we're good I'm taking shape but I appreciated to your brother good looking out index IV get a chance here in Greenwood go to court and I'm always look for barter is stuff to do besides drink and you gotta do it under our house. Jupiter Jupiter in belt now. Oca trust. Like involves a knock on the crazy games even having gained like six Uga played together a video game well yeah. Arts and now in some of the bar beneath his cup topic one of the best things my parents did while raising me that in the we have video gains. My brother and I asked him about 22 years ago. Toes just go out and play outside instead you push me into activities and hobbies are still look to this day. Which are skateboarding and snowboarding. My love for snowboarding openly gay way to work in a snow in the snowboarding industry for five years and especially shop. I recently quit the industry now do full are full time nice. I still snowboard and ski board every week LC keep shape also keeps do we Smartphone in my computer which a lot of us can get sucked into solid pointing being. Brian eighths. Ice his PS eleventh grade my photography teacher co host you opt for not having the latest degrees Xbox that teams or Xbox the front of the whole class. I was the only person to navigating system the next day he gave you super Nintendo with twelve teams in both controllers. I still played it's only gaming system my own car we were cool after that I appreciate which US TQ of the good work make you mark bond eat that are. That's incredible that is pretty funny joke I'm amazed that teaches lately college out for not having a gaming system out the baby was just an dirty deal it was like dude you got. India. It's finance panel and feature Clinton and bomb plot today shows up with a system the next day like that might be the best teacher ever yeah right that's different story to eat huge. Oh one guy sent in. Something about big farm and Pete chick in a four that humans. Four that was pretty funny. I'm my dad Jamie Dimon rotisserie chickens and compromised. Last week we were talking about with a glass of your mop you can round it. Right like this one with the fellas in college recalled at the urgent so tired. Was always an effective strategy regards noble AKA tap down that debt. I think the president threw that up just had a repeated a surprise and a person with a I also really like the purge considered. That with doing him a dude Easter. There's no he's purge and artists they're just come and surgeons of great you know making it you don't. Dear greatest podcast that all the way all the land. We stake now we think your mom for them a couple of RI. Is the enjoyed mom on here. I watched tales from the road in the featured Jerry Lee Lewis. I saw him play between 1993. The American graffiti festival. In marked. Modesto California. Austin George Bush. Which was based off the movie made by George Lucas and about great balls of fire at a movie and I love it's cute. Went to YouTube and thought clipping him from 1957. On the steep challenge though in your mom mentioned 39 and holding which I've never heard before. The fight to stay up and rock image that it ever since the start with that the line. Thank you for your thoughts to me work your which Jolie Johnny shakes AKA. Johnny thunder fist Bulger. AK 837 and holding AKA the big dumb to build though in an agent of words to each year. Yes Matt how the with a tattooed. It's great I love it yeah I'm a buddy. Johnny actually did it loud god I've talked about it but. Maybe miss that some but I doubt it it's really cool it's at the logo or the album cover. Of out on the walls and then it says destination unknown destination above an unknown underneath. Of course from Russo host of god I'm loving that. I wanna get. More tattoos. In the not too distant future. I just think there are a lot of fun to get him real pretty cool after the fact to. Well I've we are Portland this weekend and there's is that Tatis job of that lock in automatic I don't know what I want and it's like go get tattoo. It's where you get one via. Yet Johnny shakes however Armando would you like that sought. It's the all boys sketch up the last two podcast for you guys to everybody the pot pies I thought I hate you it's an insider information. There's a bar called Russell's on stone way I have been Russell's great it was right now my house yet in Fremont. That makes killer chicken pot pot I pieces to their own deal at least is enough already. Tristan a what's all the centrist and Tia devils coming down next Friday or next Saturday. Russell is good may have been a sometimes they saw the soft pretzel. On May have been and there are a lot of time laughs I went there. Will is. Three years ago read for us. That's so funny right thing it's been like there miles and throw her down to the states with their four years of being I went in with miles as like that Fiat. All right and then now the last one in years up bro hands. So I can't get enough of the greatest podcast and all the land all. Which is why I'm writing. Is there a way for me to listen back to an early episode. I was able to find one to 26 on Google can't find anything after that. I gotta find the one we're red anointed Cobb a nerd he said he wasn't hindered. Thanks to laugh boys. Thanks for the laughs boys are on. I believe it's on K eyes W dot com. Ayala. I think all the original lines that. And we can go behind scenes though that that's all right. Which we switched. And servers for our web. So I we updated our website and make everything switched over the Lotto ago. And then there's a time where the first I don't know how many episodes we did in this on the old website maybe call it a hundred college at the halfway point item and not a hundred. So the first hundred weren't available only got the new website it was just like you know the open new ones that we up up David apparently went. They told me they went back and updated all the old ones. So they should all be available on K eyes that we dot com I think I tune I can go only to get the last ten or some might that. Still doctors stitch you'll go back a little bit the app goes back ten for sure. So he had very your Guinea pig go to KIW dot com and might download them to your phone manually. I believe. Would be the best that by the time they should they should be there. Nice yeah I mean I don't remember what went up so we have Brevin on now is definitely in the first hundred Bo now has got to be in the first and I was real early yellow we're talking on. 200 about great guests wanted to bring up Gregor TO. Oh yeah remember that episode yet. How then it's just news. I mean he's married with a kid now. And I just remember we are talking I think you hit single back banners so aides like it was a super serious with his now wife. But yeah as hours of fun fun episode and he's he's a guy that has really. Like he's matured in. You know old husband fatherly way but he also hasn't. And a lot of I still yet. Codec I know and we would talk about how old you know world overpopulated we don't need to be having kids this and that only so expenses Nat is like naw that's that's absolutely true but. Mean and it's so cool advocate. Now right. But he's sincere about it and I believe him my is contradictory as that sounds and my trust me we would go down the anti Kiet rabbit hole. Our ha ha. Yeah I mean it. That's what happens a lot of things up yet I mean you believe what especially a team like that that stuff like you to eat it's always easier. With the children in the marriage stuff when you're not married or have a child. To talk about. You know the right grader gets married loves his wife whatever advocate. Yeah it's awesome that meg grocers it's so cool ironic put. And we'll still agree with all the points we had a voice again Elvis still still really cool. Always say hype it doesn't make sense but you're so sincere and genuine about it and I trust you and and have known you for a lot like I believe you. Yeah it's still not very high on my priority list the pit. He had is just interest than and you OSHA Gregor back yet we should he started doing mornings at the end now is what really saw Nadal wanted to have a and in. Is date. Yeah I need to go to bed right now that's right there was that long and kind of fire you get them all fired up and it's a lively podcasting and out of the league you ideas and even live in the city yeah I'll lay open. I don't know snohomish then I'll think yeah. And the city not just accounting you know about I don't know via. It got to go up there one. Yeah Natalie good reason to go hang outs and wish any round of good local bars there out in his new kid will be bikini and then will you know. How we'll beat the kid who in the backyard and it's noon and we'll go in a bar yeah perfect life path that idea. I guess it's the weekend against the zone and hit the bar let's check in with that. But yeah. A hey there. Had phone dot says it's an mikes off that listen I don't speakers sounded sick thanks Rubin on. Reuben a pagan gave weakened to an answer him I did great weekend. And there's a birthday as you mentioned turned 31 happy birthday think you went down to Portland with my lovely girlfriend. It and it for my second birthday in a row got to spend it with window pane. And it was so much fun and those guys are so cool to me I am on the now IE eight. IA champion and a promote them the heart itself but it's as they out of the genuineness of my heart how much I loved that ban in their music. And so it's is. I'm just such a big fan of them legitimately that when they have nice things to say about me. Or whatever like it just chips now so I had a great timing out than and they are super. Super glad you made the trip down and they just crushed it and so. They're so good live and there's so many awesome bands here that I realize that almost. Almost slept on window panel little bit the last 6 month or so am ISI I was like dude these guys are so goddamn good and there is supposedly we've been to so many window opening choose rate we take empress loyal guy and and yeah I'd I do. I'd I'd take them for granted when I'm not listening to them. And then when I'm listening to it and or witnessing them live it's like oh yeah oh my god this is and saying itself. On. It's been announced activist signing party and sixteenth. It's he has seven for the fact they signed with the B agencies. The odds gonna send him on tour basically is is what when it sounds like I think that's what artery global does and the other they'll look at to a survey going to be tour and into when he team pretty hard and they've just won so many fans over with their live shows you know especially here locally about like when they tour with five finger death punch in Seoul plants still flies. And they'd be at their mertz table after the show in my it. You know and five finger death punch his heavy and regretted that he yeah both those fans are not window pane style right in it but. They had a ton of fans from both those vans and up and like they're shocked that the amount of soul fly fans are right. Yet because it's legitimately like impressive awesome news at the end. You can get in Q. And it's not it's not corn ball and it's genuine and I think that that's what resonates. On. And so yeah I love window pane is great survivor they would spend real stoked for big money you have as the finally I felt kind of battles that's what Eldridge true man. Gas so that's to say I'm glad that their top McNamee or send them they covered out of the black again and proceeded to live day by royal blood. I'm I said Allen out to me. There was the show. At this place called rock hard pediatrics which is I'm not in downtown Portland I don't know where the hell it is the bill it was. Away from downtown Beirut pretty pretty decent turnout. I would say you know with where it's located. The only people that the people that are gators beat you there. Intentionally came out no one's just like walking in guys that are walking down the street like it was almost in a read off farm laborer. Tony thirty minute and a thirty minutes away and it's now yeah I mean I would say like. You're going to show and like shoreline or something like I'm. You know technically shoreline still see accelerated nicely it's not yet not in not even close they're pretty pretty solid turn out. Bad but not. Nothing like when they place the apple. I had room to move in I had to stand front row and on hip was spasm drunk conscious trying to film at all. Well. Yes so it was it was really cool. Dow's Friday night which is terribly tonight before my birthday and than. The day we stayed ahead Mary our Mary. Courtyard yet courtyard is around the hotel bar is boulevard I kept up rhyming those global markets or yard via. Under Hartnell for about a few the first time right and Erica cup wrong with that. A and so yeah then. In a place called sloppy cakes down there where you make your own pancakes all right yeah I saw the pictures yet it was so fun. My girlfriends and artists are issues like make your stars and flowers and Jamie eternal my spirit animal. She made yesterday but will designs made some some Brock warrant spirit. About how hard things rock there's a huge is making a week and there's like a griddle in the middle in the griddle in between Israel in the middle of the yeah and Ed the batter comes out and you can order different types of batter and they come out almost and my little plastic ketchup bottle season but. But quarter dividends of matter. There. Grunow in the middle covered. A leader good trip. That's places often mean that we lined up on DU. That night so we're basically made is kind of like a theme right now Emmett Till now down thirty Y a decent for myself. Though may amount and case I may amount on DO. And you know started off the year with some responsibility. And yeah it's it was Copland played. An indoor pot but. Course it's kinda similar is they insert Bruce's Nazi similar with flat stick it is all black split. And so it was just like really cool are all the plays and everything all right glowing the anomaly play putt putt hours. Now is really cool. And the man. Yeah we do is just that random fun you know better spend much time at Portland and his company little wander around a little bit and yeah that's cool stuff what to do to to make it to blue star. On but that Portland cream donut is. On point last hour to do with the first I'm going. And I love fruit loops and so at the fruit loop cover lines on this and that it is what covered in cereal like right I disagree you know cap crunch at thinkers some. And so I got those last time in the cereal because it's on top of the donate kinda gets a little stale. And that takes away from it and so I just went like traditional doughnuts like I want with M and Kansas and sprinkle traditional that is dependent. The cream one was like really really is a really solid donut and it was not meant to be like. Island gimmick if you well on so yeah that was cool and then on. Via though some of pulling for the first time. I line of human mini golf I want ample and nice we have finished second game Tuesday had the we have ago though but I won the first game which accounts. How. I mean down the fourth. On gas and that is that one yet has been on since though I I won in. If anyone is not. Yeah is is fun week and Portland really really cool town would you give that. We drove back Sunday morning and so was able to go to my parents after the hawks' end and I and I was really. Really fun game as I'm pretty sad about Seahawks now has really excited when it up Aaron axle back. I did not think Theo and when that we'll most of then I wasn't super surprised. And they have water earlier players still and they respond well with a chip on the shoulder thing. And she can and tolerant you know no. In her car all right well we'll stall. I'm death toll taker ten cents. 00 lets us see our presence that say about that people at the CI Phyllis this podcast won't vote. And yeah those super surprise is you know they play well the chip on their shoulder. And it will all primetime bit Phillies strength of schedule. Going in was pretty weak. For I just remember looking at ambient light located have a better chance then people I think it because we we're out we're down Sherman and chancellor and you know that this intimidating record and a. It's just something. This pace she's obviously turns running into the studio behind us she just check if something that he's got a river car. Yes she's they've run its use you rush I ever noble are probably about the third topic and yet. And yet to go back in the studio so. What area time. Yeah I T here's a funny story. Joseph and I decide to go. You know the lodge like you live in the Seattle area you've been to a lot actually there's one chemical Tito was like Kirkland. There's one right there there's one next to king street bar and then we're gonna have a party on December 22. From 48 and then there's a lodge downtown ranked. Now it happened dislodged is right across the Hotel Monaco and it's in which you call the hotel district there's always a bunch of out of hours. So it's Saturday afternoon Joseph was working on a case or whatever seats stayed in town of like it's like. At 2 o'clock hate around them. You and you'll meet up with the work you'll meet up somewhere and get appearance and snacks and you know through the lot. Lodged by the way has sneaky good chicken wings and especially to get the driver which I like. You get those oil and yet we did I earlier atom yet so Joseph and I sit down in there. We sit in the bar granite table like a tall table height. And I top tried to hit it high top in the bar right here but the guy next to sitting at the bar. It's not just like your Eagles he runs like the Eagles official. Like booster club booster club or whatever rights I mean he's sitting there now is he handed out tickets Mac he's having people sign waivers right. What yes so there sign waivers and stuff rely. I don't probably because he got on the ticket or whatever like it just it just seemed like something like that that's how official this whole thing. He was buying tickets it's the resale that. Eagles fans. Specifically. No it was definitely look at organized thing. Okay good solid he's like run and the apostle. He's buying tickets and resell but it definitely was like it a you need to fill this out you get your ticket Reagan beat duke and I think that's very do an app for profit he could do that these insanely obsessed with the Eagles and wants to. To take that up today it sounds like he gathered a massive ticket somehow. And then is December. But they are the same matching shirts they have lean year for disease that might dislike a a group like I would think almost like the Eagles probably help these people get it got you and I mean yeah when it seemed that official. But the Jonas and now. Like most these people right if you're of the a lot of Rwanda like I was the Phillies a massive city but a lot of the Philippines to her from New Jersey yeah the thing is stereotype of a guy from southern New Jersey. The Philadelphia. That's of these dudes are right. The general and I sit there and they keep the have to come by us right there like basically like. Squeezing us against the window because they're all come embody their ticket and if you like all the moment beat us here but the guys here blah blah blah blah. So number one. These. I'm not the biggest NFL guy like rubberized feel like I do not like the Eagles so they're getting kind of fire amid Pannemon point. I think Joseph just me and Joseph just keeps kind of late late jumping late you know. Say some two or whatever because they're just like salty bastards in that area of the country like they they won't talk to Joseph I think you kind of blown off but he keeps trying to like make up. I discovered the very funny I don't want to play. Then I think it was like the second time we started seeing an idea of fights. Routes like our till we began here. Music where you've been Catholic high because these small places will Philly and I thought that I don't like them like that fiery rage like when I was a child. And I hated Philadelphia are obnoxious sports buns off notoriously. Yes that's that was tellem later I said look manly enough in DC billion flake an hour and a half. Two hours in traffic from from DC right I'd never what there's a trial. And when you rubble option in football fan like that was the thing like. The people went to other stadiums there was always think that they do told Julie don't go to the vet. Don't the road game in Philly when it's not going to be worth that I told a story about flyers fans trying to. PW my brother my brother of the 181000 allowed it I'm not surprised write it we were at capitals game may have like oh we don't really doesn't do about it blow blow blow. Via that that doesn't surprise and well. On do you know anyone who does the good filly. Accent. Good feeling actually I mean it's basically the same thing as a Jersey acts and they don't you think. I've heard after game. Who was nothing has built nervous some podcast houses and two where and I've been to Philly and live in Baltimore liked. There is just a slight dip but it's it's a really under appreciated accent the waited days. The guy did it and explain what it was I just can't remember us as I've maybe you know some without that are. That area supposedly rich you moved to Baltimore Miami will you meet Baltimore the top one way and then you meet somebody from him in. And they got that hole when being in a completely different but you know it's it's like you could 'cause I don't hurt out of them ashore yet he's just like how do you have accepted you food. Ten miles from where I think. I. Yeah those east coat like it it changes quick out there and night out here he's counted. Iran does new York and Boston and that's kinda it and yeah yet it is there's some subtle subtleties they all sound like. East Coast accent you're on to the East Coast umbrella but he had bidders is always different accents of like just different. You know you all look listen you know I just think you're standard East Coast by people let their voice it is where the hell does that come from and I was. Is acute from Seattle had no idea like where yeah it is originating from what it was there. All the subtleties but he the allied lot of variance out there. I mean I remember once coach in a basketball camp rocking. Him. This is his little kid in me and he used his general drawl was so thick right. The leg of this of the do reviews like shooting from the music for watch music you're from Fort Washington youth again that Jesus Christ. But this Tony it was a twenty minutes of with the dude I was coaching her with a twenty and it's a review its revenues like how do you sit out the which were southern and not the effect at. Can't do that is my favorite accent. Well they get those southern accent. Which is pretty hard to find what you liked and fox lets you watch them interviews with late defensive backs in the NFL. That's pretty easy fine. Yeah the Philly fans. What else was in a state did you watch any Monday Night Football last night. Arm I was working goes on in the background I saw that play O O'Brien sincere Butte and you know and kitten leveled pretty good I mean he he initiated tackle moment with the had died out pretty scary and brutal but it. On those Steelers Bengals games that they're talking about it on the radio afterwards. It's as it was brutal just brutal and Roethlisberger had a quote of like. And day even when it's the ravens and Steelers at a level of respect and when it's late Steelers angles you just hope Northcutt her yeah it. Gonna work. There at the government's six minutes a viewer quick feet and that's oppressive British that this account of the game as we work but they say. I I thought it did you huge. Shuster it I was fine. I thought they just good hard football. And Montana with the perfect we have perfect yet he gets a lot of military I was finally that juju stood over him that the U fifteen yard penalty but it. I now decked out there poll that's football maybe you gotta hit. I heard that on his clean I had NCA going on that I saw that made the rounds was. Ryan should 01 which again I mean yeah that was initiated its its hard to watch. And that right out but then. Who is that Antonio Brown he got touched down near the end of the game and they hit on his at bat but he still kept there right oh yeah. Understand. Tina it's usually it was just clean man cracked back. To head on a swivel son Erica. I can't hear. Detailed. Darren top man. And often. Seen something and then and. So. So totally QB notice makes the move looks that yeah we actually see. A picture of it earlier yeah caught me off guard. You know of that and it comes out and the record glare from like pulled. Completely looks like Hitler delightful probably not gonna IG also looks like five moon's right now because of the we have like reflection thing happening so. You can probably like in a post Latin you know. Mean people people they Photoshop people's lives at its Photoshop that's realist Biden's 98. The Johnson and. Buick Open IG now. Instinct yanks all of Ted knows all the hip lingo that the kids are saying. He's been on all of ten months. From about eighty. He's some expert now not edit ripe for a lot of work you got it let vetoed those are the first pictures of our program they discuss that and a lot of our big big story lines and we can't yeah that was so awesome and your first post was loved the idea of the men's and sausage at light isn't up yet as an assortment of sausages from a with. That's our secure from older there. On the Google know what they call yet the Google McDonald's often do you mean it's stuff. Are you guys for the stared topic let's get RNC here's the so Ryan castles going on all of AK hi. The late Kathy Faulkner of K I SW fame. Is going to be feeling well which I mean like she she broke like every band that you could break from Seattle during that she's alleged. It made me wonder. If someone was replace you for a day or maybe eight. Clay you in a movie. A famous person who who would play you in in a famous person after being desperately need them movie. I mean that's a tough question is how might you do I wanna be like who are literal. Or like who I think looks most realistic. Well what you answered those questions. I mean I guess. You probably have to add a few pounds I'll take Jack. Like Jack and I have to be ball. Basically and basically Jack Black put out to have Kyle gases haircut but that's a crap about how does that at all. Over yeah. Mean obviously I would pick and Denzel bucket if anybody got a ball that I just actually I can see it now I thought he'd have been very realistically. That trait it's. Yes element and then I'm by an imovie. Go straight to dvd bound by an. Up yeah I am not even Blu-ray. Now now the street dvd they didn't have the budget for the blues and betting on it it only pleasing dvd players that are part of your TV. That America. And all the comes NBA Jess. All the media. The data on. Well. My first thought was Ryan Gosling of course that. That you via. You a lot of goat it's good to. Blend. One guy. People of like that looked like opt for Kyle liked him in those movies in the ninety's. I don't know if you remember him Bombay's name was also Matthews Bullard. Yeah yeah yeah from scream. Guys have yeah that kind of reminded them of him on the as the cool it's little more obscure that I'd take that deal. I can totally see that it appears it SA LC punk yes can't be fantastic I love my view that's a good cop and then. Originally. That person would have been Paul Walker. Yes I now I right about now. The blizzard of those technical fix. And so I think so the what are the one the person I've been told I look like. Like it's only have like three times in my entire life but it's always been the same person and it's the only person anyone to implement like an ads drew bury more crock. Which I don't know I mean I don't have the blond hair so maybe it doesn't quite translate as well anymore but that's the only one that I've ever been told Mike you know economically is very more. Because as far as like Amy I guess. I guess if you if you're gonna have some smoke in my purse to play you are a guard what's her name. Now and I can remember name fox Megan Fox yeah yeah says she's gonna play me in my in my dreams. Okay. Let me say production company that that didn't help claiming. Really and it actually it's only in black and white of the name noble black when they don't even do color no agency there. No it's not seek out a great deal without that comes on cassette. And it's just karaoke. And there's a Bob's litter that looked like me. Yeah. Steve Holcomb. So are you gonna play him in the movie about as Bob flooding turner I mean he's famous enough right yeah yeah yeah. Alex all Q. I I mean that kind of blurry picture there like oh my I forgot he died. You know geez see you're you're gonna play him in the movie about yeah maybe that's I don't play him. While he died this year yeah. Wow what a buzz Hilton. Small walk her a lot of her eye and usually at first I could not all well I think I'm finding out if well as content as he away from this coming out. You what's crazy to think about though like if there was ever going. Be in the Iraqi TV show about like a cool group of people feel accurate yes. I don't targeted three musketeers who I'd have to win four. Would you like Stanley Cathy Faulkner's Phelan in for castle she visited playing rank castle Orion capsules I'm. Yeah the guys have their act acting that I was trying to get jobs who would do it. I don't know. And by radio person. Yeah me my first instinct would mean we just feel like me eggs that are there. You know like Barnes somebody like that out yet have to be somebody else that radio yeah. You know what you don't do my job for day Tyler Smith. And I got asked right Diet Coke boobs you could haves beaten people the aren't they got episode to a two Tito and Erica to a tunes from. East Coast decent yeah I knew it. Parent also I don't know if you've heard we're having a little podcast get together and. Friday December 22 from 48 PM the king street Bart album. I only will get off work and come right there. Al 48 PM yeah. All right us out our the got a little bit there. A proxy slate. The F a party no one's an accent me. Yes it's two weeks out makes the plans probably back on Skype next weekend he's out jointly ethnic. That is yeah force easily. Column always the one up and everyone I protect and press the TP a Ted this is the thought yes she.