Thee Podcast Episode 203

Wednesday, December 13th

This week we're joined by CageSport fighter Tyrone Henderson, who will be fighting this Saturday at Emerald Queen Casino!


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And response tyra we start here constantly on the intro and then we're doing the interview he might slip valve and you hear them pop in Mike. Yeah he's part of it and got it guys don't discourage behind. I'm not I don't know whisper I. Auditing podcast yeah just any I guess just any podcast this. Mean her. Contact. Storing these kids. Starting deep stuff and these. Storing these kids would spend all. I don't you know. Steve podcast. Episode 203. Coming at just yeah. With those avoided pitch that the other hosts this here podcasters contest and Galileo Motorola and telephony is my burner buddies always here let's be somewhere in southeast Asia on two wheels and actually down in Austin right now you're going to cop drama going on. The neat guy Dow Jones and NASDAQ suspended trading today and all eyes are on the podcasts as the annual shareholders meeting is set to convene next week it can stream Barnum and it promises to be a star studded red carbon remembered rumor circulating about appearances by Warren Buffett. The Dalai Lama and apparently Stephen Kim Jong-Il has sixty minutes and shares and he loves himself a couple of tall boy as you don't mean. Here's a three and a half percent this morning. We'll Ted battle the Korean dictator and chugging contest to win as hard smoking in the Alley and find out. Expressed. Alcohol tobacco on the wheel the steel in the studio all setup especially putting next door tonight a little tough there yeah Mac common producer MC TP what's up man they can power you dude I'm great Kolb is back with a vengeance at that intro you autism. Proud to be honest with you it's funny you bring up that how they can't tell you behind her before and after Sony sound as matches for a lot of time and Alec current three man I know you have class and it. We smoked and now I kept back. Possibly. Just possibly when it was legal. That's an example Cabrera up already but yet the the podcast get together. That's in the December 22 40 PM down yet can she bar and oven if you've ever been essentially field he's seeking streets right across the street now is a giant building fronted by. Right next in the lodge as well. So come on down there have some Beers and that's a Friday even a minute did loose have some fun. I'll be this Paetec expect that all right now. Also this weekend coming up. Case toward MMA Saturday night Demirel queen casino. Thing starts at seven against folks make sure you get there early you wanna see me walking down memory. It's it's the highlight of the show. We have one of the fighters in with us today Tyrone Henderson Daryl what's a man I you don't remove good. So let me give some back story here. Tyrone is on the card. Tyrone grew up in South Chicago and South Chicago join the army. Not enough being from south start over the army said I got to introduce. A little more physical violence in my life. It pretty physical places these YouTube you put that perfect. Dick grew up in Chicago. Felt like when they can read it MMA. They made that for me you tell him not to get into a fight and I guess who. Right not a (%expletive) rested and get paid for it yes I Mia couldn't hurt her insomnia for that at the. I also like your story to those green about your see you lose your first professional fight yes he says it's not a big lesson they did. Now you've ripped off three in a row. The army's got John deer season. The meeting George at a camp out there just call how quest know what's gonna fight that no law. I came my hair is lift then this one in the fight in the you know what's crazy Jack came on here going through a divorce I do would Allred as you look through the wars in Missoula Mitsui. And financially. Did you hear that mob mob very first fight I whipped into that fight with the military mindset. To where. That's my Fran I'm not taught her Chu and mop pull it when it's an F fight where he'll know me know cure by mean anybody get paid. And it was too mental states in that case and I got beaten mentally and physically so we're told me are really good lesson. Yes well there's so players you see in mill even blink top line guys sleep. I mean I think about eating up box and for those those Norman knocks against a sugary letter back in the day was a it was more the sparring sessions we're fighting an end. You know I like watching this forward done around a lot like you can definitely tell that mindset of people maybe there is absolutely a slew. Thanks. Soaring trim out near the West Coast into coma Bruce both of Bridgeport in LA I had written pretty nice to really nice people. They they they it morning good morning and like people who are you invite me so happy with the hosted though I do like enemy gyms in general. And I mean I boxed a little bit but like. In the mixed martial large gym seems a little friendly fox always gambled more cocky just won't. Oh no I did both I think emigre zooms that they don't know you do get size though my fill I ties you up. Especially legal way as a wall 45 or an authority I won't 45 marine that doomed the okay what the law was so weight class within. Every one wants to be Autoliv has a fighter out there right now that's not funny to me the best they soon be fighting. You know yeah so they go to a gym and doing the same ricotta somebody else does this law they know what talks about when you can't fight your teammate. Sure the new guy and is there I think it's crazy because it's if you my teammate in your big great fighter I wanna fight you. I'm not I don't back down from no fights out of pure wolf by it is not take feisty weeks' notice a moral notice we must noticed I love the fight and nephew my partner. You still wanna fight meet boss a wanna fight you wish you the greatest or do you think you did this. I mean even that's why. And I am absolutely DC and that's what you look down the light heavyweight gazillion wanna fight it heavyweight into with the Ghana's cape. I don't believe that I if you if if if you're my majority in Umar teammate and we do 1101. I'm not gonna compete because you're my teammate. I want to go against you to prove that I embedded in you and if you've been mean we go off of this later but I'm not one enough fights you go through the same thing. We can be phrase ought to refight. Yeah is there anyone in your weight class Energen. Yes how do they feel about this we actually rooted your friends aren't we have the same mindset we both off fighting to be the best and he's pretty good Amano mess he's on the fight card he's really yeah. He's really good and out I love is my say and I know that they came down to wit if is mean immerses help. Was sick cares hey by the good looks a unit case will fight when no rules at the fire house I'll hug his wife followed you say defy brother. The torturing. Maybe there's a difference between like a guy camped don't liking your actively like I wanna fight him. So when our fight everybody and I go to. And it's really if you're fighting in its lake tied for this felt like we did you got to fight to do your came to exactly yeah. So I'm not I don't listen to sell yourself short because he jokes owning a saying in a way classify wind tunnel that's crazy to me. I like it like the attitude into a fight. Nobody went let's go at the bay for this botched attempt to pick up I don't know I didn't wanna fight and help but I'll I mean clearly pick it takes a lot of Mitchell power to grow a beard like there's so Ono are. Is it I tell you what is the most committed thing I've done in my life. Do you have a dog you know there was due to win rings yeah. Hand did you not once in the Como we were put a stupid really humid primary myself. Yeah right I believe that drives yeah was it to go we sort of thought Tacoma had you have fun at Tacoma if you. So we're too good of a benefit I think. So Chicago you joined the army knew where I go when you're the army. A match he instructed our t.'s hand in combat and I tease weapons training but mom and my father was infantry. Six in a big red one also want to. So where else are we traveled. All mob it's a career I've been to Afghanistan habits are cabins and Hawaii have been to Texas. I just left Korea actually are alive a lot of Korean armed Korea is Paul who we. The second best place I ever been. No kidding that the second best place I ever written a love career my daughter is half Korean so and rusty Tillman was a little bit so. The second mystery driver that. So I tell you for kimchi. I'm only continue and missed when no swear I don't like it had no idea I can do some alike. Although bill bop Aladdin would go oh yeah collect all know if people say about curry flow like all the Korean food. They taste like Americans who couldn't. Felt well I if if I can we now sit. And I don't know exactly what is there not to be Omar phone look and a Google and you to say is that he was and it. At least how he sure grouse and my friends would you like Kim she learned how much do you like sour I'm only you know what it's like sour sauerkraut. No it mind you now sort of so most of us who couldn't. Look man. The big white man I didn't doubt the cash Mac can do that that covers I can do with our I smelly and get sick. Yeah but the vinegar and whatever you I'm Obama defend kimchi. Don't know it's normal now. OK so what do you find out what he walked away so walk around that house you wake had don't want the moment because storm also mom normally if I'm not a count electoral hole electable go to 192 from my account and so I do it's when I got to fight are going to count. I stored almighty to have as my calorie intake and I walk around around one severed he once every five. That's collectible 451325. I don't really care who I even when works either one works it died at it. I always won a fight. Who lost by depends on how was food I don't wanna eat and yeah that makes sense yeah all of our lives so until up to five because I want it he lost by two won't wait five or maybe I'm not hungry a couple homeless you know. So I really don't care. Maybe it's time a year. Yeah try to do December I think he fight to have your guys you're right those holiday from Iran November they did it and a huge problem maybe April may is spring you see you trimming out anyhow after my body right into the summer bring it out what's good for no reason I'm here in this one of the school to be some walk around a surtax I have to. As well while we don't try to get its hands on in the day with yeah. Do you see terrified of 135. And all the whole wide tax me to cut weight just to try to lump was a futile Ultimate Fighter I was the wants and father figure was around the tapes. And I know. Our bronze around around the end I'm just say it and it was like he'll be deep thought on this promotion of finding now are about an R&R DCJ also. Oh yeah their lives on the card today so they took his hate CD can cut down to 130 stop now like yeah so they'll let you edit should not do would do a little trowel cut. A lot I you know what it up easy okay cool. Comfortable what do fluff up a still feel good a lost two more pounds and us while somewhat Herbie pretty. Often the go no further realize if I was passing notes she's not his I gain weight why I was so hungry so I told I told my coaches then that the most out what ever fight is won 45 I I I can't even possible to cut tomorrow 45. Somehow strategically almost make it more 46. No kid in the west yeah. Hot day blood volume make the wait didn't you have a master so what do you though when you're fighting would do you care about. Weeks style before to stand up and banged UNC to the ground rules Obama must finest Dow is over I'm a reaction fighter so we go to the ground on constable. We are and if you want a case dirty Boston on constable do we stand in box. I'm comfortable where wherever the fight goes I don't I'll reflect how a weakness that can be exploited to a point where you would dominate me. I also like I have that the only we knew is that if you in decades as you should have is your card real. If you had a bad card real that you do you like being a while why he puts him right there why you move like that I think and when it goes nikkei's give more respect regardless. So what everyone kept you have you get tall. The saints still sick you get taught defense of finding officer finally how to maneuver how to dot Bob blocked a soft like that wit right. Your heart. Your determination and you'll resiliency. Your card real all that Collison to play and if he were those variables decrease being US still sick looks lack thereof. Yeah yeah. Total Tara Henderson's here ice find out cage where MA Saturday night emerald queen casino 7 PM. He is well that's the thing about being a fighter too great but you're on a team thing and this and that but then in the daylight there's only one do watching your meal plan the only one do making sure you get all the work and so that's a bit I think it's late mostly do you like athletics. It's like fighters are so respected and you know you guys it'd be so much mentally under own as well. Yup this is an individual but it's a team sport also. So and then went up it's funny because when I came here I've visited a lot of dooms and one of the the reason why axles to jemaah fine and now it's. More like a family are a joke so you go to wait no one you must all still single. Yes I'm still single. And that's why ladies the freedom after the slain student who hate it and if you can't act on what the crowd definitely. Front runner up. If people want to look thug who's. I'm telling why anybody doing OK to play and now walker crowd out there who helped us to mock up output in the Obama coastal air I don't know whereby it into her cup. So this individual stroke was a team sport also yeah ONL like no one really understands what a fighter or any athlete there like goals do when they cut carves out their diet. Well my hat serious injury you know so when you cut caused such a diet. You you kind of puts us opens tuition where you're more emotional you most just footage if bush today a lot faster to become like that old grumpy guy their lives like in the middle nowhere that you met with source ups and their grass. Why did you become that person you know so when you have. That team effort this helping you a give you depth positive energy and help stick cut. Go a whole lot faster and a lot easier and less stressful. Yes yeah exist somebody there with keeping keeping you keeping you and they understand is that they they understand what's it going to and you could tell because some zooms. Be how would how go to jail oh my goodness the finest will come in and you've got to fight the coming even hamburgers. And Eden pop pop pop arsenal so Google and you couldn't we don't know if young gals are all the time don't walk around Popeye is this get what you able what you mean you can do when you come away lord man you can't wait in the Holocaust and Iran's dossier rainbows in life. Look reconnaissance tossing unicorn is hopping around you can hear her voice and Iraqi had a hip hop. I find that very easy to be thought I. Spent so we super fired up since it. You why. No no I don't know part. All the promoted it because you gotta be strong and gonna lose don't know are you do what you three wins though all. Via knockout and submission. The mission all my best estimate dismissed in Iowa how one knocked out but got knocked out was more reason it would asking. It was a back story to that would insist no one overseas spoke English and those I'd change it totally. We're listening for proclaimed got a microphone so have you. Mike check my check so odd two story armed than the one guy that I knocked out. Three things happened then no one knows about overseas why and he said I had no Haynes. I crossed to my daughter is a miss Greece is how create half black he called my daughter very negative word. I know you very negative word and I guess I speak a little Korean at the time I was married in my model my wife told me what. He called my daughter my darted senate guitar lessons for. Right and it three he told. Someone on interview they used when a knock me out. Some right now on no one got a chance. Of being hit a couple of times and I've been joked a couple of times well right OK okay. I thought February 1 February 1 is a very special day to me because my daughter's birthday balloon. I NASA to knock out so invalid and not out here on the and I do and I told them before the fight the and that it did the league was wrote FC cannot sort of worn. I'm not them on a first round at any U with the military also some knocking on the first round this fight is not. Eight I fight where I'm based now off to teach the strategy or based not move me I house. Anger in my heart but not in wanna know I'm very. Happy go lucky personal fool posit any ZLX auriemma motivation I might make people happy. This guy like very much can I wanted to be known assaults on Obama not come out now one to bail out got knocked them out. You fellows play in Iran felt a joke. So I say okay Obama Macgregor group Hamas the McGregor and so McGregor as we know you say so many you do when you go indicates so he got McGregor. When we get a little cross chair dance I'll call I got on with I know with a laugh and that it with a crossing was done. Nice he was done now won its mobile to rev came innocent but Dona onion on your passage. Goodness. Oh goodness all right you gotta prediction for Saturday. All the Saturday arm. I think Tom would be dealt with humanist sector around. Podium go a little deep principles yes like Doral 'cause I'm born out differ among the moon kittens the two with arm bar our producer Ryan are encompassed with Omar sec around. I don't. Three minutes into it optimism less or more good. I deceit OP tax the gas got fogged in tax. Unfortunately is if you lose interbrew badly he didn't happen arm bar read all you cannot tell I can correct me if I'm wrong. That right now we see in the gym it's tapper early tap often yes simply give. Elise is biz in late. His oxygen got cut off and I do brain but only if it's an arm bar why would you not tab to see these data should think about all Boris and I love teaching. Several different types of arm bars to think about Omar's every good fighter but Arab respondents think they can escaped an arm bar. Right so you at least attempt to escape it but the problem is is if you go the wrong way. Or do you maneuver or to fight another part of this good at scrambling due to the comet puts itself. In a worse position he was already and so we try to scramble allows aimed at putting meet Billy down so with a bottle down on Mario thank you with the belly down Omar and this is how much of a nice guy you know like the mom mouthpiece until I know Brothers tap. Brother tax. He still want trap all saw I had no choice but to pull some more. And then I heard it for a particular click. You know I don't feel bad but it hit even after the final so that's why I apologize you know but it's a fight in use an attempt. But so when they do do well brother and then what train together and I think. And MMA. The fight community that's what they are global body you know I confide to aka beats you up you can beat me up are likely but it got happy and if it does adding Newsday let's go to Applebee's you know to that two to twenty. December and I dollar Long Island I'm all right good aspect about the I was Aaron Henderson you fight this Saturday delegates toward anime and queen casino in a doors over at 7 PM. Yeah come on down see him fight dude great avenue elementary auto and eroding its how many top and yeah hopefully you fighting human cardinal have a backing him. Yup upon a fight and every other moral high and I'll be right up there on the you know McCain aides don't see celebration as center caused by my celebrations also for. Are covered take a quick time out and then we'll come back in. Google started. Got help column about it. It is. Go out of my hands on. You're going to be there. He's probably in the room somewhere. Heir apparent guy oh yes she employment mom I was non volatile guy yourself news right on. I just sucks that I should say that matter you see he was confident that he didn't come off arrogant I had. Yeah did make those type managed to find zero. Did you put those did say like if Anemia put to sleep two days ago and was like aiming to Miramar when he's he's good personality of the shore let's do it. Did he wasn't impressed iMac here a lot of good like to soul like wants America. Yeah rerecord and the app. Oh Jesus this all right so you and your girlfriend I don't want to guess for a comment I'm behind. I didn't realize your record and again we got a gift Cobb. From the game or you aren't or are not podcast series we're Pontiac right now we're podcast that antenna though rim a gift that my girlfriend got us. Come on sex all tonight errie it's not something you'll see a sex don't. He doesn't put a woman you don't left. I don't know I'm just doesn't guarantee good twist. She's a lot of tape and it's our call for us. Well remove bush. Hall mayor of that here say close your eyes Rick yes okay. She is good. She got as a gift god she said it was for all three of us you ready. I stuff. Car. Or she got to the new 00. Hill yeah that's the only their immense. Attacks have happened and also yes well maybe I'll email you directions in the room I don't know nausea or Syria and its clinics. I think works good ha friend Chris. Mae and clean boys leaned mad you wanna win regular double hits know how her enough. I'm at a boy's job you ever hit a belt fresh out of the box. Now man. So I'm Mormon sloppy seconds kind of guy yeah well maybe you can touch our bill next week. Our home fans that is also. Well Matt I mean that's not good dude she's already like your girlfriend she's our primary gives you gifts and and she's getting thoughtful gifts of podcast do. Helm. For the bars hi I have fears amount Christmas and you know standard gift. You know I got her stuff though I. It's eased to seize on this level for the three of us like you know she got some stuff in store for me out of what I have already is gonna cut I think cell. Who got her. I just sort that there are and I'll be all right. Job rethink UVs and we are right. Didn't mean to say it is the coupon for the back massage is not gonna get Sudan I don't know troubles this year. Her errors very coupon good for 69 backdrops. Why don't I don't 69. I see item yeah this. Well that's why is the Z aren't there. Classic classic CEO moves so yeah. Classic especially in today's workplace environment. But that's. So mr. Cobb you've been down in Austin. Isn't it Grand Canyon. He wasn't a Grand Canyon but he lives in Austin. Just all right. Your big fan of karma if you will correct. We gritty mean mass sand. What you believe in karma like I I feel like I've heard you talk about car bought. Com actually served well I don't want to derail your your state salsa yes I'm actually sort of on the fence about the idea of karma oh aria. You all right we'll dismiss boys think karma came to roost with you recently. But. Can't tell you think about my brother was late. You know wasn't talking about all this women how hot it was in Australia as we didn't it snowed down there. Alaska gets snowed amend does somebody call me about USS I wrote on the phone juniors like to its gold domino like I'm literally in a tank top in my driveway at seventy ones are already bounced back MacWorld. Oh yeah I do today I was skating news seizures beautiful. Did you make those colds waste and we're not close to water I mean there's the river yeah on the lake in town but. Design like a big body a watered typically that helps really regulate climate you know like Seattle's that maritime climate south. We had a big like desert springs why eastern Washington. Tough time right now and the only back Jack I thought I thought I had you there for sure. Like a photo so funny but go ahead anyway exiles a Christian right was bragging about slim indeed daddy in this is that like no longer. Well you know be real I've not been swimming and most days been like 5560. 65 maybe I mean we grilled out tonight but. You are nothing crazy quite possibly one anecdote most of time quite co starring. You did go travel to the green king great great Kenyan. Yeah we are drug. Crowd and we have we. Men no idea what it on all give us short version I guess yeah loop we have to grant came with some format buddies from us from school and then. Is awesome girlfriends they the applied for past and brought it. They are in Mike's January. This year and so sorry boys and your talk edited my headphones are so in my envoys back in my head but. I'm yellow when they hit that out it was way way way bigger than expected and you'll probably laugh but the reason I expected to not be that big as I winced in. February to horseshoe bend its coolest thing ever bend there's really cool. I'm there's just go to our other our minds or grimace like a big. Does as an iconic bend in the river. And I didn't realize when I went there it was again okay McCain it's pretty big you know 5600 feet deep. But that was like one tends go to canyon so that's where we whip and hide din it was a mild deep. And say you go through a couple different levels are like tears as imposing a giant staircase down to get an act and so that last little bit. Was like the last little tense and I didn't realize that third hole canyon itself as a way bigger and wider than Mac and it truly. Is grants so yeah we did that and then there's little we did some like slot canyons up by on the channel pseudo looks like it's called it's. Bob Wright Angel and down yeah I'm really cool area beautiful wilderness send us a lot of wild animals they aren't sheep like paso dozed okay. Yeah and what do sheep only live up there and those hills ranked. I as far as I know I don't talk about big orange people we saw Alex and Al could side just a wild life was all over and it was pretty approachable with some budget dear. They'll just come right up to you because you don't haven't been hunted a matter for so long since protect himself. Yeah I just see the colors of the canyon or really brilliant really incredible. I'm lot of cool like so bridges dulled and of course like just as you'd expect the people there were awesome Iran's and waiting a year to get this past you know so. On to stay America the campgrounds and you actually do IQ. In multiple days and Tom nemesis good spirits good vibes are scheduled to an old friend and I. I'm glad I didn't pass on the Grand Canyon weeks I thought I'd seen him before and hadn't truly experienced and south to I just went out. That's crazy man did you. Where people like is it just how I Keener is there Laker girl like Tampa Blake died and those are the people you can't put there's at that point desolate that you just kind of by yourself. Yes he we can't do and like it campground so amazing they get a set aside area so the canyon itself the conditions can be pretty brutal. Luckily we know we went must always like the best time years so we nailed it is like 65. Cent and he every as it was perfect but you know on the summer that cranks up like 121 in the winter the snow so. It's a pretty. In hospitable place and so. The main canyon runs obviously the the river runs into the military men and there's a couple spots where a little creeks sort of dip out into it and they've carved their own pathway through the stone. And so we're we camp was basically at the mouth of a little creek that comes down I think is going to break Angel river some aren't out. Debt Tom comes down between bike through all these slot canyons so to give me an idea when you hike up this creek there's a little trail is about three feet wide and non either science or sheer cliffs that goes up. I gotta throw out like 4500. Feet I mean massive class some society side's views it looks like you're in the Alley that ran a smoke weed it down my king street and technical I. Yeah allegedly allegedly possibly yeah. It's hos why are now I mean anonymity does things but that's so. Yamana and just yet massive out mass of Klestil likes of which I never seeing. And yet you or courses like sectioned off areas for camping and the reason that they have home an album has so you can avoid that morning Exxon and hopefully can protect people. Through the race. Is illegal oasis. Right. Yeah I was wrapped. Nine out of ten would recommend. Cup aren't any hobbies out there are hiking around. Dude actually there were calm I was in no position and you know. It highlighted to me how incapable I am of thumb impression women but yet there's a couple op park Rangers that were just. Gorgeous I mean Heidi and I think we're gonna park ranger well yeah. Honestly not even like hot for a park ranger like no no disclaimer here like just. Just hot and you know of course they've got like little shorts like a full outfit which you know didn't hurt. And they know their where on the outdoors you know that's Kallis on their hands and attributed probably say in my life so mystery sexy. Yes I would have to think BM. Park ranger in the green canyon musings in the new job people want. Oh yes that's I talked to what is in as I on national park zone in southern Utah. When I was there and march I think I was toggle is one of the I wanna park Rangers and no I didn't approach her shoes were in the boosters energy it and so I was like cool but. By asking her about her job and she waited so there's like there's hundreds possibly thousands of national parks she waited like five years to get that assignment. Yes she was used they go hiking everyday Eddie is a living in the park. In cabins pretty cool. Who yeah I think a big if you wanna do that job that's going to be an awesome job to get. Oh yeah that's like a dream assignment that's like when you're in the military and you get Pearl Harbor in now yet don't trust that whatever it's called now yet. Well that's funny that's who we restarted tyra he's military ties obviously Jim got your for a while Hawaii tiger back to a lively yet everybody wants you to Hawaii. He had ruined by it takes about thinks Fernando didn't like Hawaii are in Germany or Japan Amanda like North Dakota or some sort crazy you know. Yeah exactly. And Ronald North Dakota but you know. Yeah for war. I will say hell I was watching enough. I was watching some what did NCAA you know bolder vision where its late not division easy division to. And S and North Dakota State University. Is also me what that's for Carson Wentz went. They want my they lost last year they won like five national titles in a row at that level and one double right. Yeah so there are stadium rocks and rolls it indoors or whatever. But one of the commentators is in Florida right any shows is dudes family and take the data mom move appeared during the fall. So they can watch all the suns teams. In the kind of common the color commentators like I don't know how they do it I'm from Florida this is rural. Hopelessly out honey is it that's batted North Dakota weather wise. This. Could do its ruthless I mean you remember when our mutual friend. Ash was up there thrown advancement goes like wide Al blizzards and you know like zero degrees it's crazy like doesn't think in Seattle we get freezing we have 32 more you know sometimes site. When he. But truly going below zero and then get here in the fifteen degree windchill does realize that Matt. Yeah I mean even my grown up and DCI remember some bad snowstorms I remember being like snow around like a week or something but like he would warm back up. But I only ever lived anywhere able pond hockey. But I think yeah exactly that frees a limit somewhere where it just that cold and I wanna wanna go play pond hockey when he's here somewhere but. I could and out there it's been more than a weekend where am I actually actively playing hockey. You know I mean today it didn't come back that coldness. Yet it's insane. Deaths. For what it's worth pond hockey is dope I got to play like you've played times in college Austin Andrea. Yet in Boston like so all the guys are obviously. Played hockey growing up they're all from my Massachusetts. I'm North Dakota Minnesota and senator and us and an expert skates and which player to come. And what's cool is like I never even seen a frozen over body of water before but what's cool is like it's solid it's knowing what you're out there to be sunny beautiful day. But it is cold enough to plans out of our records and. Sixers on the Internet and yearned to make it to one of those apparently like. In Minneapolis. The night. Big is that I and I went as his research in there lake has exact term romance they would say do that I honestly ages. Get a hotel and balked there's like ponds all over of people playing pick up hockey all over and you can just get a and no kids Fiat and also. So than ever met when I do have any daylight research where are like dish duty players. Playing the jacket they would beyond my level recreational. Like Matty got a team out in Seattle guy where can I fit in and not completely screw up the party. Did I got a buddy from a dynamic on the Minnesota merit going get a job Boca. Cold he lives in nine same politics now OK and I you'd Daschle he's a date are you player you know some spots where. Who cut yet I bet some of it is just easily drop like kind of just. Around yeah their own nasty dude right Austria who's led the best hockey players are received. Beyond that it's it's a religion out there man and and you know it's fun to play against people above you but when every leg. He didn't really play dropping game and there's like varying levels in your somewhere on mastectomy if you're on the lower end of the spectrum but there's one guy who likes. Played first Spokane for example. Blake overran. In so he is like he's their guy guy cop they love and I've played. But you know there's there's one guy did to that super early level in the we all just smaller underneath it. In my Minnesota everyone's up at that like insane pace and I would just be the one and guided to know what he was doing. I'm out I will vouch for that when my friend we played in a Merrill also and that same friends but when you play is clearly down another level. They item probably find a middle school rink in just gets schooled like they wouldn't even care that I was older there's prize some that are bigger than me and I and not thought the biggest Rambo like. The they'd they'd biggest start of young and people are obsessed out there. And then I mean if. Julie moos hockey stories I hear of do you start now in Canada it always starts with pond hockey yeah. I learn Bombay and couldn't pay cash deal that match that's a great reference this. Bring a live moment ice. How a high Tampa. I've got all he learned that yet video stores do. Yeah every Erica lawyers. Who we are is this I can't of this is part of another email are not just says oh and quick vote c'mon boys of the meet up in Seattle let's do it old school low key. Beers bar chill on the chair dumb idea for the Martha time I had. I don't think about it Diaz needs suggestions cheers chest and we got to kill us and Royce from their Susie no last week. Yeah Saturday we'll see you Saturday. No Friday straw as well as Saturday Friday and devils coming down hi last night so yes Friday just. But I'm confused. Next Friday at twenty seconds twenty seconds king street bar and oven kinship memory of their good PCs said correct. Cool they're called me today called flat bread because pizza Coca. Yeah do what is that I don't even call Matt Kutcher are simple walk a slap Brady is clearly different than pizza right. Look I we we're gonna get into food. We worked building that drives up the wall as I went to a bar and I got to wrap it was on flat bread but really listen AM pop pop pumps this is a rat. That's a flat bread sandwich clearly he did toward Attila dog as illustrated by the got him flat bread it's wrapped and right. I like I ordered I ordered Iraq to our great flap red sail it's in Arrigo. Where royal ground there's. And I'm a huge fan of flak for it however ray ray you're subs do what you did out yeah then I guess ten minutes to vote in the flat bread sandwich and get me Euro. Okay ready. And then that's a BC and is one place ordered a rat that's a journalist left friendly crowd now about how we're just got a chicken sandwich at this point. Yeah. Yeah it's a toss up or pissed off about double thanks. Well not north oaks is just a bit mandatory system if I can. Hum one. You as a site and about in the last cast people who film videos and concerts from the front row. Dude in her same thing had Lady Gaga who these people don't like what are they watching these videos don't sit there and film for like ten minutes. And you can barely see anything it's all crappy four days I'd move in and around today just sit there house watching these things you never hear somebody saying like oh so I got plans on Friday amid stay home and watch my videos that rush concert seven years ago you know and I mean. I've been very narcissistic and bring people care about there awful quality video that they're live streaming on FaceBook. Are these live streaming not a lot of time Soledad S has contacted NASA and some deals like ten fraud and I think these days is live streaming it if it's long term like that. Did I mean yeah that's right I see it all the time. The like I and then never sounds good. Lake you know you had a high really quality recording I'm not gonna listen to it on my cell phone. And that I was gonna computer. Leg I don't wanna hear cell phone quality audio coming through actual computer speakers. There's just no need. I mean. The last video I took get like a veto like something was when the sounder is on the Western Conference finals cup we see note I took a video of the fireworks and only lifted up the cup. Wouldn't it was a ten minutes long. How about the thirty seconds. Yeah which are acceptable I've drawn do we watch it like once or twice you can tell. Oh I gonna do with this but I'm just so excited at the time yeah test IOC that some of those people are like the people ago. Yeah I was at that conflict click I know you relating guy got probably don't you wanted to show me a video relate here it is yeah. RD I don't dig dietary thirteen transformed itself thanks do. I trying to take like five to ten pictures in the first song. The first couple songs. And I don't check them that's why take a few second go through later and might hopefully at least one of them turned out all right and I can make. He spruce it up with some effects. And then you know I figure out and some kind of goes showed earlier the cobra and Friday night and not pictures really came out that while but I hadn't had a great time I fell whatever too bad you know like I'm doesn't gonna sit there might. Scroll through MBA is this undated this and I surest wasn't about to upload it wants in there at the concert. Yeah so too yeah. Yes that is the strategy. You nailed it quite applicable clip ons and enjoy yourself and enjoy the concert rebates for. And I all forget to post stuff that night and did I did it too because then I go on with cyanide and came out my friends and my girlfriend stuff and then it's like. I guess always still alive and hash tag TBT Allen or something. 100% ended live your life beyond the step one live lives stepped like seven recorded it necessary could yeah dude step one is wrapped. Click album that would act upright so yes but words are people in the news media to think your madam out. Well also boys is called did kill us more tests. There are then nice. But house announced that I sent around another thing happy birthday map I think you're seeing via the Internet so that's that's a month and that's very LA. It's better after the fact you are not bombarded with birthday wishes. You'd think he'd say you're enemies are you so it's RM where they kidney or an early birthday wish him get and it is awesome. Did you are on the same wave length my friends from college always get mad because I weeks after them a baby I wait like two weeks and then I called them to talk about it. But rather than. Day of and tire they don't want to talk to be able inundating much messages or phone calls yet. I feel like that's the more the more caring moves but I think sometimes it comes off as like you forgot didn't forget I know. Plus any I don't now. Played a certain point like. He just some people like you don't if they Texan in the next day or day before like I know biggie. You know like two days later like I cool you know thanks for sane happy birthday. Yeah well I feel like with the view. It's more pertinent to do it that day of because the next days Chris Smith's. And at that point. It's like wish Ted Merry Christmas and then if you're like piling on with both I don't know you know an energy UT I knew that please sales data birthday and a Merry Christmas like. It's good to reach out but I feel like. You know if there's ever a guy or take get it on the day of age you say you can text do you say have a birthday out. You throw a party every writer birthday day to go too easy just big guys and easy on me your right but I'm very bad about making sure I get the happy birthday is on the correct day so to say it. It's a town picked her up on the 26 man alcohol beer 128 see you know picker. There's a window you know for tonight that it is not a sign open I had the week off from Maine joins Miller lags men and life. The trip back. One other thing people wonder where they can find the old episodes Matt said stitcher is so looks like there's two different stitcher seeds there's like created changeover and post a change over her up on stitcher and just searched deep podcast. Com you'll be able to find them. I don't know that they're all there but there's just we have a big load of them. Cool nice big load. Big amount of them I don't know Ohio student or not that is the second time today after big loads access solid written on FaceBook cognizant of talking about. I know it's a massive load those like all right. I know he Phyllis and the podcast. I honestly don't know what your target about. I don't partners at Grafton. It was independent. Somebody got snipped. At them they relate you don't what do you produce anymore is it still massive loads just knew swimmers. Oh somebody snapped I did a I don't wanna talk I don't I don't think it is a make more sense. Did you check let me ask you this was it in Seattle native. -- Cobb that there. Little immediately. Let's look at what is written cheap little opal and you know the group of talking about so we have. Should ask size yet there's like one on the guy in Seattle who does like 80% of the the vasectomy is pretty awesome I wanna say is names doctor snapper some like that could I just still thought Blakey you're doing you're not married is like I just thought they would do for you apparently have been wrong about that. Honestly that guy is like a known alleged enemies. While this is not wise allegedly EC NBC I bet I don't sit out the cash. Isabella every guy swears by them is a pretty ruthless procedure though do you know much about duck. Yeah really cut out early the what do they do except Richard Dawson. Are now DOS vineyards or something like that DOS mavericks. Yeah a year fast friends there it is. Yeah I'm I don't know much traveling the names of the stuff that I just know they like basically take a blade like split the sack right on the middle and then Mike region and wholesome stuff out before they caught our eyes and start time and I don't know man. Just. My buddies at. Who was watching his brother are marketed Darren took way too many photos and I believe you were on that thread Iowa or tigers grow. Our analyst Ross let's move on. All gas Abdullah's endeared terms about pew Keenan rallying outside a general we call it. Draws tad it's a tactical so now furthermore Irish tactical blow to the good work immigrants podcasts on why are all land. We sit at Hoboken. But tactical agenda for our tactical broke yeah tactical John that. It's a quick action agenda I love our while I don't want to man. I'm PS what is the theme to 2018. Minus the year of accomplishment as a starting my training for iron manned. I seventy point three I'd done legionnaires'. I had Tom Larry for the non Irish speakers. A kind don't worry this every point three dollars. I don't know. Here we go again I am sick and Neuheisel era also is came out so organically. Welcome everyone here are not expecting year's team's premier podcast. I hope whoa whoa well hopefully I like Steve Matt and could happen I just. So we got to the go to shareholders media we'll talk about it you know what. Hate next Friday come out have some Beers can you help us to move the theme right that perfect. I like that turnaround armed powerful often windy year puzzle starting guinier first year. Yeah we got some wiggle room once when he team rolls around we'll get in there via. Our boys is a long one girl I. Just catching up when he got us congratulations on over 200 episodes of the greatest podcasts all the land all alleged. Particularly think given you united. Cursed with having a role play me so I am an answer military Tarrant Toppert. But I think I am once in a previous top topic on what subject you'd be bit embarrassed to be an expert on. My house for my dad got me to watch top gun in my many kids or thought it was the coolest movie ever and wanted to go into the navy and just sly like that planned. The F fourteen tomcat agree username model. And she's here's AJ what has and it was so cool dude. Tied to the senate the F fourteen. Suffice it sample wealth of knowledge about military plans around the world there's somebody out as passionate about throughout my childhood and still faster with today. Tom. I'm gonna skip duty just drops. In credit incredible military plane knowledge tried to next three paragraphs. Rios reunited quicksand like I was so I'm getting that plane the F eighteen hornet was Taylor America phasing out via sports teams. As she's going through different years I'd what do you got on the plane Diddy. Wait you call quality tests. I mean to skim through a map but. I say they said. Being that the closest thing I have to religious philosophy which by definition is reason and evidence essentially reality when you boil it down I do believe that in general there's no such thing as bad knowledge. It's only a bad reason for that purpose. However without getting an amount politics are organs Seattle I know better than to talk about in my political beliefs I'm also firm firm believer in the nonaggression principle. Meaning I'm against the initiation of use of force doesn't mean I'm a peacemaker a passer as they stretch the imagination. House I have over half a decade's worth of training in martial arts and hand combat. I wish I love having used and also a decent amount of knowledge and some training firearms and gun fighting tactics. Both of those grants for soft stance. Similarly embarrassed all that much about the knowledge analysts try to play and Smart tactics how to use amend the reflexes against Matt anxious to please some of those us today. The thing that bugs me is from my whole childhood I was so passionate about learning to become a fighter pilot I dedicated so much in my time in my used to learn about it. Not only to not utilize it as an adult but understand not only how useless acknowledges near ready humor human interactions. They're realizing how useless that industry is outside of countries blowing each other up fifty. To edited this knowledge about it being useless it cost me even just a little bit every time I think about it. They just say in the salaried all that nobody makes a small modicum of cents us you guys that they get together and really get together. I promised not to bring up trump or any other Superfund political talking points. Boiman tell Ted that the 3% of scientists who aren't a part of we're all gonna die global warming consensus no the the models did and ninety's. 7% believe and are so bad ticketing to break the past whereas. Are tad. And knows awhile back but I can not that we'll go live now I'm going to answer. It is every single lowering its not real. Though I'm implying. I'm not sure he's got to process them and read them the same time so whatever you as I say it kind of sounded like that I'm always looking for global warming is not real theories that I could buy into because I think it's real and it terrifies the hell out of me. Well I'm not talking of course the mere yeah he's safe. So mad to read it back he said I won't even tell ten dead 3% of scientists who aren't a part of the world and it died global warming consensus. Know that the models the other nine not 97% believe and are so bad they couldn't predict the past weather events are Ted. Knows a while back I could my bag on answered smiling face of OF torque at night but I look forward to hang now what do you guys. Meehan map might amass some talk about since I was also a personal trainer for awhile. Happy holidays some large part of our power. From bacon caviar and. Called mr. bacon. Yeah I know that guy. I never knew they had that many I know he never had knowledge of fighter pilots are fighter jets. Do you honestly he threw down like three solid pair SI like sound you know we're only for the sake of brevity but it's impress us you know as a recognized vacancy in Boca you met him before cool. That I am tight LE a what do bacon. He delivers you wanna do my house once claimed. It was like one of those days I guess Sunday or something inside ordered like an entree and linked to appetizers from the straight shot. Music Ted Smith who was a really limiting vacant the gossip news real nice about a man when he left it was like. He knows I'm in their loan. But I prefer prefer to deliver I don't know who's just felt like bananas just millionaire hunker down onto wrapped up there's of his dinner cost. I hear a drive through trick you agree that Minnesota's Sarasota is just. And that's dumb was I arrived. Here ordered a lot of I was told when they were to my checkers and l.'s academies checkers nova now. I ushered refund for Dave and I he I think Knutson the meals and get in the middle of daylight to cheeseburgers. And got hot dog large Fries and why would you eat all that middle day. I remember just. Getting regular regular meal and not being able affairs it was delicious bows like presents a lot of food. Yeah did I never really thought about Tyler to receive in my car and let my body borrow my car is struggling to Baltimore. And I came home and their like dude. Normally when you're getting the McDonald's supposedly. Yeah I was laid out hungry you know I deal is that why didn't put the times are here miles an hour right eats. Got a backup. The fact put my child support but I think. 888 but you've got an arts. That's had some self esteem issues but I like where does you some steam have to be after you be worried about getting judged by the McDonald's drive through acts. Now I vessel was he was low but I mean you know you're ordering three or four sandwich is large truck and Ainsley. You know what they're thinking. Was up what does that ensued and a couple of months. Hey did you Matt and I if you wanna hang on snohomish Jimmy out we just don't go to all the good bars albino match. That makes sense he moves up there. Hey Matt actually invited yeah yeah with a with a rampant job you're out manned. Alex I think deserts are about snohomish and maybe not last tested on before plural arbiter of what hang out Gregor and stuff Oreo Sarah at. Hey guys love yourself realist things small task as podcasts on land although land. Rob you mentioned he slept on a beach in Bermuda for a week I'd love to get a story that also how is Bermuda. Who have learning about new play is enough tonight or are on boys Mitchell. While Mitchell let me tell yeah. Though the saddest part about Bermuda is is should have. Forced me to start every NBA because that's a Sam Zell went down so me in my body got these are trying to destroy our boys. I mean embodied god these really Limbaugh said the time is like my sophomore year and no BA big plans for spring break I was like all. You know not gone home not final Dicey out aux and Roy. How the money to do some iPad and the time I just out of work two jobs in the summer. Give most of my school meant to keep a thousand dollars for each semester for like food books and stuff like that. So. We heard about these like 37 dollar sliced Bermuda. That's light and so okay right that sounds examine wanna go with me and my body said he resents. And she was like do what do you do when we when we get out dole its economy and I can. I'm a backpack or grip I didn't the mounds in in Washington and I could will be get a deal will just like it's Bermuda it's a tropical paradise was sleep outside and saw it go they beat ourselves. We bring back. Attacks there we realize as soon as we landed their reasoning is sly 137 dollars. Was because. It's the off season. And I'll seize Bermuda is pretty ruthless and so. If we get there and it's basically like Seattle weather I Seattle in I would say march April. Like to call out pretty wet out am definitely not tropical beach environments but you know we had a week. So it's the first three nights we've post Saddam we we got scooters I had all the big guys for like literally two and a half hours. And they have these scooters that easier fifty dollars in debt. We ended up getting them for 55 dollars for the week. But it took a long time to get better and so you tell a thousand full money saving most say the least so. Sounds. So we post up as we go we find this or like private beaches from this big really nice hotel and I was like to know what I feel like we could sleep here and we'd anticipated a tropical climate so I was plan to sleeping in my clothes when I was definitely not the case so we did as we walked into the solid towels and we grabbed I'm not proud of us but. We crowd towels to split to still towels. Note to jar and he's down comforter is from the larger room Smart. Who asked her rollback got the beach and basically just set up camp and hey there's a pretty Gaza was a beautiful beach and after the first two days decide really start to break outs and so we just slug Dublin has little hill like this blocks. Those in these New Jersey sort like tall grasses looking out over this beach for the first like three nights and that point. We baseline around a little bit yeah Andreotti Otto we had very little monies we couldn't you know for me it is an expense of violent but it's really nice. That's pretty small he gets from end to end our scooter. It's probably fifteen miles but it takes about an hour and twenty minutes to solve Kirby Aaron Rouse. So we're check out tourist spots and like I don't know just how many good time. And down my buddy. It's just he fell into despair. You does not. I did just. And yet a tough moment orders like man is like I think we believe we on the money to be here recite. Tamp down the slot whenever and I was enjoying it meanwhile nights we slugs are not in a park and Karen you don't ask am I so whenever there's some almost he ground but generally speaking America there's this guy I was looking on his boat we went on drank has though with him does have a good time but you know. I think my body was used to little remark comfort. And so I like the fourth there's just today she was ready to leave and house like now mammal to ride this trip out and so we ended up talked to people in town and signing a bungalow that we can say Adams bungalow behind the spammers house and so. How we stayed there for like the last three nights we watched probably forty episodes of the show Jeter's Majoli Greco Arthur ever show us heroes. Cheaters yes and it's oh yeah. Show Jerry Gregg goes the same guy got stabbed on about one of those episodes. So anyway yeah we just we watch cheaters is suggesting a one point two in an abandoned hotel Iran and around America and I later side get blown up almost every channel pretty cool. I'm CIOs don't trip but it was definitely kind of like on my date earlier adventures and it was not as well planet's most of IDB's status. That is kind of funny because it sounds like yeah I spent I was living on a beach and in Bermuda I mean it sounds amazing and it's like well actually. It was a little cold. It was almost cracked up to make. Yet do we haven't really good time it was definitely not a tropical paradise. I mean I don't doubt about plays is what it's nice but yet I was not environments on ourselves and so do your research that's my point here. Competitor and an eclectic fare. But if someone offers you a 37 style slight Uga I'll. Yeah and elsewhere but this data I mean that's pretty fair Writely you got to take that deal. A 100% I'd go against. Huh all right once again party Friday the 22. 48 PM hour check of what's manner just says. Obviously. Good. Must match. Yeah I. I had a lot of fun this weekend. So as mentioned earlier Friday night here in the co wrote was always very. And that Lance made it out he had a Kelly days so he got to come hang out. We then girlfriend and I and them after this show which is awesome. Pursuant to bed in he came over early ages I hung out living room and tried three or four hours talking about everything like we do and so it's listen just. How did a great time night her for a few hours are Friday night. Saturday. Went out to Issaquah. And my girlfriend new glasses from costly though with her parents house do some laundry and in my buddy Josh who you know is aberrant the Joker yeah he just had a second kid. My congrats he has Lou will be new boy a win visited him in the hospital and yeah view is these really cool. I'm not exactly the biggest fear kids on a whole flap you know. Pulled the newborn three core is really cute and you know always is Blake's these ending neon man might move in Iraq is a lot more animated when I went to hospital Lou did need judges firstborn. I and sell the Dodgers first floor is now I didn't raise these almost too. Andy is like. Run around Kron on stuff like using learns not not a ton though like some any kind knows what's Johnson is crazy seeing him. You know and like almost need to fell I'd be exact same room that I first saw Melanie is like a day old. And then holding two Holmes other newborn is yes cool I'm happy it really haven't for Josh and share in there and they're doing well and I guess does does really really fun. Real sheet to go go be a part of that and then. Saturday what else we do that we came home. Two of Fremont. And my girlfriend finally tried royal grinder which I looted two earlier some of the best sandwich is in the city we did not get the flat bread but they are really good. And got to bring you're I think we've got Italian grinder some but the app plays. Com did you go there when you've been very thought. Yeah I went there but I was announced around the state of mind or food or not he's great. Oh really. The oil oil once. Only went once and I do remember enjoying my sued but. Well yeah they so a lot of they used to edit the video anymore and I am only had a lot out there. Man well if you're gonna hear about that is good things he had generally walk by the Lenin statue in Nagoya what they smelled so good at what smells so good it's royal riders. The Euro right next story graded dumplings plays in the alleys are great but that smell is always royal grinder Tommy led July auto from there with me. Easy. Well now ha ha ha that's a sock and I'm sorry yeah I know that we really got about how certain. Oh we doesn't I would say story we did dumb ass I was with you know do your friends to get it. Back. Funny and we should be there. He said yes. And yeah I would do one of the top three steroids is in the city for me I. Soto Delhi's up there I had been there yet to really geared I was put hats up there. Taxes that's my head. Let. Honey hole that's due on honey those dope it's nice yeah they're allowed to say yeah honey hole Soto and royal runners in my top three. And based Fiat taxes that's his brilliant third treasury to find it on the I'm in Tennessee like Seattle like that we do have it legit low cheese steak joint. Yet has across the street goes over an all time all right on earth cousins. Ex girlfriend was the manager surprising since who have three blocks from oil granderson never went there that. VI it's it's a really it's by you guys trigger on a ferry count. Did. Not. Jeff. Although it took me oh why old to go to royal runners after I moved in and I went there. And I go to fly very I'm like dude have you to L'Oreal cry hears you think of course dude it's amazing it's fresh down the street. And I just no one told me I just like that I should get to know many aren't sandwich shop you know and went in there was pleasantly surprised it never heard any hype about it but. The out of school is. My girlfriend now I was as opposed to its images and she's. She's had Billy low expectations is that there might your run of the mill sandwich for general YA. Obviously I love food you know but you take my word for it and we've been dating for over a year and a half finally went there had a mind blown and Eisner and god told him. So next step is our buddy Josh. Burglar into. Works in Fremont has never been a rogue granderson but it was his birthday that knights who went over to his party in had a great time bomb. Hang out there for a few hours saying hi everybody term Bradbury there nice. Yeah I'm so that was down the fun Saturday night and then that at Sunday's. When ordered my girlfriends mom's house to watch the Seahawks game. And then there. Came in here and I got to guest host while local for Kevin he's on vacation LA and Dell's Tony Dow is in studio. Does already scheduled they have their EP coming out on Saturday at the height avatar dimension but the U we got to make debut it on the air Saturday at posted a blog for the Nissan now which is like about Matt's sister. Passing winner no beard overdose or Jews. Eleven years ago today from Saturday when I posted it sounds like. Really cool to be involved you know and are still a big stand. But to get tonight. Debut that single on cash to be dot com and then play the in studio for loud local might kind of be a part of it for a little bit was really awesome some stoked for Stoops Saturday night now. Now and as I get. She did lane and stay with you all day on Saturday no no he left it about like 3:30. In the morning or someone to. All right yeah that was Friday dozens of the ship right gap Friday night and then came over. For pro us the hi I'm around midnight mean. He came over and beat her out to about. Theriot said. Yeah I knew I was gonna get banged up watching the Sanders IM LS cup loss on Saturday he had to Friday night I literally like had some drinks at a bar amendment to aggression stark. But I think that was pretty sight and a guy yelled out. Violating at the mergers are on the way in Greg's I was at you can't you learned the cure Siobhan capital heroic south and Broadway but right accurate personally on Broadway right the honey hole yeah. Yea yeah. So I was at that one in I was across the street. And Jimmy's on Broadway and had a beer and a shot. And then miles cross the street this league drug called lady was like. And you got one it's all there fall to just appoint him happiness he's got off and more. Think chase is Christ the globe let's just leave me alone I sort of go to the grocery stores. Junk that's UFC on a Friday evening news exciting does this dude. This is like it's exciting right now 38 PM it's like it was a little money Tuesday it's exciting trust may have been there after castle yeah like numbers like cat team that won this crazy via. But I still don't and I'm out there. Shiva due to. So what who was this lady homeless or what was heard was her deal oh yeah she's home but she is. I know 4515. I mean you could tell she had been I mean granted I just had a shot of Beers I was feeling no pain. Ritchie was she was deep into a you're just mind your own business how to shot a deer in the bottom of the solar clout hotel walked over to get some groceries and grows comes out you signed Weis correct. Exactly how it went down they end this is on top of the fact I was at the silver cloud rain. My mom had just stayed there for Thanksgiving night that hotel early Supertramp. Like he was really nicely a huge indoor pool and hot told him there. I think I'd love you said I'd say it literally has just feel like wow we said the words over our lot and almost some organs announced a quote literally about indoor pool hot tub we gain more time yeah. And then that that that barred Jimmy he is pretty good. And then I made friends with a couple of them the night time manager anyhow. So they don't go and accurate seals lake. Screw it I'm a pop and Jim Rice and talks so I hired to you know get a drink so I order a beer and a shot right. Some kind of planned on my phone but I like to be that guy got to sit here and look at TV or whatever. So there's a girl two seats over. Right. Attractive enough and I could feel are kind of looking ME a couple of times but on the site. Not gonna say nothing and and the bartenders are you another shot right over the net and our good. And she said she is as you know once you start it's hard to stop like you know like tonight never ends or something miles again happens NGOs say what you risk brilliant but go out you know about. Might assert our mullah ready Brendan how he passed away in the cement. So then naturally I just sits on the my colleague is placing at the hotel like you live in the Seattle area. Videos. Some like that. Thank you sir book bag. Has like some whiskey suburban from Kentucky right. Saying hello he worked you work in the wake alcohol industry your just bag from Kentucky. Now. So now a sudden I see two seats over there's another duty and he just kind of laughed at him for patent. So then Mike. I think I should wait one more thing and and violence is a pint sized soft talk a doer finish my dear Carolyn my tone for a minute and then when I'm leaving she was. He's sorry if that was awkward about it questions. Now she's like. I literally comet Disco well possibility chat so we will don't have a good night. Usually do you gauge and keep the conversation. All of a sudden it certainly I felt like I was like the one might they be in that kind of bar and a warrior for our money in their late. I wanna tune. I'd I know exactly mean it's like people expected entertain them I said summing similar not to that degree happened we would this thing called the the walk of flights are puzzled why some like that and oh yeah I sold one objects here. Spoke ES RE editor in our group threat on yet and they just like sues a free booze and bad which is awesome but yes same thing now we're site. But I was gonna say with your wrist and when you've mentioned the wrist bands. Ice I always try to Wear some thing just so someone has like a reasoned that if they wanna talk to me. It's your good to open door to talks mimics I'm not good at approaching people so I had this headband on those like fluorescence. Mom it's like an eighty's gore Tex had banned but it's got some pretty units get eighties retro colors aren't whenever I forgot I had and on. I'm so I had an arm like a couple women right tailing can head dams or talk to me whatever and there was this one group it was this. These two like. School psychologists. And one on set like I like your head as it okay cool I go and in my old dog and pony show whatever target zone. And then they just kept site. They it was like you're curving may you know and as a slight. Like near like my friend who's with me mayhem noticing his dues like you're like talking down to units I just stop doesn't okay well I don't entertainment says journalists are gonna him. And then they were like desperately pioneer press to get back in a conversation went down. Only to do it again as Psycho. What it looks a hell like I'm here to entertain you look and so finally I just called maulana Meehan campaign out of them for the rest tonight bruises like. I'm a man it was a weird dynamic. Like. Yeah I would I would be the same things like you would you introduce a conversation image you want to talk like oh I did was got a late. Talk back like you just you threw me off. Yeah it's weird because they like bill initiate the conversation and Emmy Mason like expected to entertain them. And so like even some asking questions whenever you get one word answers like all right I'll go back to live my life and then immediately they re engage users like what what he wanted to do here I just me a lot of mixed signals mean I know guys are dumb but girls you need to be more obvious clues really tough ousted. I would give to them when I go outside after the senator actually can do you know a strange that I get to the next. Stoplight and I'm waiting in this league he rolled up behind me he's got nine. And she's he's someone if I just look at Jesus Christ. But anyhow that's looters or got a funny because some good in the Earth's. Time's up our boys are entirely it's about that diet. You can't talk and it. Companies. I did see you know I love Internet warm holes power so I sold down one like a couple weeks ago that blew my mind and I texted. Us I lived with this doctor over the summer is running like an Ambien be in Seattle launches she stated that the whole summer. So young doctor this is like 27 she just got a medical scores in a residency. Police is 36 actually so. Com I texted her and I was like man like the human body is blowing my mind right now and she's always a good. Coach you say that because she realizes. Just like how many layers there artist. You meet near or around and so she's. I was listening near as cast last week. And Matt started to drop some bars on that and I was like dude yes I ride with you man it's crazy in order what I have been researching. So. Originally Canada's holding because I was watching there's a YouTube series where they take cadavers. And have a surge in. A doctor and AM. I'm not the undertaker one of those guys call the coroner. They'll go through a notoriously terrible aren't these bodies step by step to show you how everything functions pretty fascinating dot. So then on the Internet normal I fell down was. How the visual cortex works. Our daylight. How we process what we see as a malice my mother a little bit last week and I was a site. Dude it's acting crazy they also learn about some might if you are appreciate your body learn about the visual cortex poke your essentially turning light. Into electricity. Processing of through something that's really similar to how old. Computers now AI using neural nets has visited giant game of please go up from the price is right like you dropped. I picture my bird in the top and it's like to do didn't addicted and goes down I am not and not a bear not a whatever you know Lance and bird box. Well you basically have that going on the back to your head on and level that's tough to even sat on there then they get into a chemical signal and passed in your brain your brain is interpreting. What the meaning you want a place on seeing a bird flying straight at US but it's insane yeah. That sounds about right. Yes so much data coming ideals like where that burn is relative do you the size of the burn the danger little bird like so much information Harris anyway whatever word you. Thought it looked like here from eight years ago works your mind Israeli pulls that out of nowhere. Guess trying to match and not all in real time including hot topic this week. What small things still amazes you feel free email us you know deep podcast dot com. Power has some from the Twitter machine I don't shy anymore Matt does all right but small things still amazes you since he took what I said last week. Prepare. Yeah endocrine system the series that. I resent an RN nervous system the way thereafter but I'm learning about the digested system. Saw go with that. Beat says man the fact that. You didn't end. Now what's interesting about this is a lot of times people talking about this like. Mind their nutrition habits and they talk about how cool does anybody does the stuff. When I finally eliminated the body to do with like I through a pop tarts but the way it'll do is break down. Fruit which is essentially a form of energy. And then it. It does the food is stored energy and in the way your body processes it to extract energy and give you energy on a cellular level. Like all this of its happening inside of the trillions of cells that you have played the fact that we have trillions of cells. Blows my mind and then like you start learning about what's going on inside of them. And like it. It's and it's impossible to fathom what I'm trying to study it my best and precision nutrition they make great dom is like. What is going on he got like. Electrons breaking off and hydrogen atoms that all this stuff like on a micro level. A leg trillions of times. Per millisecond in your body just the stuff is constantly going on. And like the bodies he had been a function better we knew eating lots of vegetables and lean proteins drink your water and lots of but like the fact that it's so does this to woo with the average American diet and people are still able walked around to get to work. Just blows my mind. And I think there's something to be said that is not the most like in depth explanation of it but I didn't get done there be said for leaving that led wonder opened my that's what I like bow eyesight. As I don't know but I I can appreciate how miraculous it is like I haven't studied the visual cortex our own content. All try try to learn a little bit but it'll just be like my brain just process live like it's magic be grateful be appreciative BO and and yes so I would say it digest of systems but really. Any system that the human body and has. Like when you go down the worm hole about it. It's gonna blow your mind and that's I just think there's a lot to be said for just haven't gratitude for for that on a daily basis. Nor could take that away from you is not dependent on. You know how you're doing financially or what you look like here. You know what kind of friend you ever how many friends you have her social stats any of that stuff like. I don't care who you are right there's a lot of miracles happen every UB. A live in and I just think appreciating Mac and could have awesome ripple effects throughout her whole life. It's California to just sit. Ups. Are easy to say tides. Are manned. Like it's kind of a me easy make payroll in every day they roll foul plagued proudly work and just had a lake. Now unfortunately grant and a lot of trash and stuff sorry bacon to the ocean but it's got to make them how to do tonight. Works Enron and then. Kinda like I don't know he. Tides obviously that's a massive thing Thais would have a tie just tell me a little by the moon or some others say right to control allegiance and a hunt is always like in these times decreased. He. Won dudes when I didn't realize so we just had a over the weekend. Superman. Was a million before and though last weekend. Yeah and when I didn't realize is that the sound. For some reason I could make sense on here but I always is kind of assumed a deep mood rotated on the earth in a circle. But it's actually you know look serious and lips and I say that word but. And so sometimes it's closer to yours and other times and so when it's really close. That's when we housed those super moon and it looks. Bigger when you see it right as it's rising over the horizon that looks up to 28% bigger fear of kind of registered. Yeah and it's did good tides is just the moon and grab it from the point all the water and once out of nearest man back tax Fraser's. Yeah I mean Craig that's the part that on this lake. But I I fat removed it's still kind of amazing to me. And then basically that I'm Bill O'Reilly come he had somebody on. Trying to remember wants it was Jon Stewart heard yet so he's somebody on there he was like. You know it's got we don't know how this works you know the tides go women's had to go out on his acquire actually don't we know how the tides work. Etc. is that Barack at echo the very alliance. Oh all right they go. Let's see if you're around this again you look for some fun action man can navigate toward MMA and it's an open casinos 7 PM. Our buddy Tyrone Henderson on the on the fight card. Comes favored juicy. Crap up at acts actually given by by Arab buy in new row. In a new rose going to be great fight and in the winner that fight will probably. Take on. The last guy we sat in. Now body MacIntyre of Curacao comedian and if you gave Schwartz that's a didn't matchup to watch. The electronic says he terrified man. No exit via Yahoo! and now you tell us and got what do you think easily choke somebody out without our Marty easy it's not GAAP. Dude here's the thing I can't see you does like this camera only goes one way exciting get a look at the guy but from the sound of his voice. Daddy loves site genuinely. I think. I don't think the arm bars gonna happen I do these don't win and I do they use him in the second round nice I don't like it. Also our entire our party or get together December 22 for 8:48 PM can sheep barn of men. I don't know that I think were good they were try to bang out one more next week. And then now we'll finish out 204 episodes. Well tomorrow don't we did you join her for this year. Just two and a four. Who's this so tour to a 3203. So we do another one that would lead to a four. Welker for some reason I how bad boy Lee duo forfeit a year but if they wait a minute we've done to a four or four years I have not been a year so. All right well for Cobb frenzy DP and the jets' Smith is the podcast chips. All right it felt fine.