Thee Podcast Episode 204

Thursday, December 21st

This week Cobb is back in studio for the Holidays! We'll all be getting merry at King Street Bar and Oven in Pioneer Square, tomorrow (12/22/17) from 4-8pm for Thee Get-Together 2017. Hope you can join us!


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It's been dividend of headphones general group he had a good. By the hour here are guys that turn this on so I had the answer oh the next nor results and my thoughts we can hear it. Sit through puts manner and that we're good. So you're saying these my strong and he drinks or hot hot car costs. But it's. And on in so yeah. Of interest are we talking over oh no no that's. Yeah that's what you're right I'm sorry I'll. We'll have blind over year Amanda blurted out. You are getting to a podcast yeah. Just any I guess just any pod cast couldn't do this. This is. Contact him distorting these tests. Starting deep stuff and see starting these kids with high end job. You'll underwear I don't know. Defrocked after the food and 04 foot of the 25 that the woman was this your podcasters might capital land although it caught the left of me. Actually collectively refer buddy my good friends just wouldn't get so they've come that we fearless he's somewhere in. Southeast Asia on two wheels it's a cop. I've really got through that. That's seven and has soared drowning Dow Jones Industrial Average closer at some points higher today on news that time petroleum were new bilateral few disagreements cheers of the podcast skyrocketed new highs today that's ten is drinking cabins are beautiful women. How was back in the emerald city Nancy TP is heading to Austin. As Iran's favor muscled inside to follow how do we assume we'll find out at seven. If it. I batted in the studio setup getting all the headphones were not using. Matt commentators and TTP what's up Matt five dead I don't know it has costar in this new place group. I think it's gonna compare the sizes grill conversational. Begala dictionary of us back in an actual studio. The boys don't want to do I've had a day off and clearly have not had never told a. Fast and loose for pat and I don't like judge just got to from a nap took a shower think you mean not had a break from beverages all day. Yeah well you know what happens many of north yeah outside the city surgery at 32 ounce course lights in cabins and pew forum and yet we are burning boxes. Dude I mean can we like I don't know how much joining going to buy your last 24 hours there pretty hilarious he Shelley's. There's a little reluctant. Right well first of all I wanna start with yesterday we have the office Christmas party here. Feel like my request of Carty B was a little aggressive from the ground. That he yet the were you we're not with carded at a rappers on them. Yeah when you think I may be learning move writes like one of those Barbara songs in America are being pretty or as well. But yet last night or requested that him and if you us today I think I looked over and I saw like our balls are GM. Much feels how look at that sounds like this is still much of. An hour and a lunacy to say you're turning out. Only half a class act yeah. Dancing has connotation that light turning up I feel like the next level. We've gone through like the dance circle we are now into just like aggressively throwing hands and stance that the. You're feeling good yeah it's our feel good and then that turned its offer cheese cake to a north Reno fire but there's actually furniture and stuff my house now. UP endorse. Some funny car and let's go. Drive up north. Proceed to drink about every beer parent happens to pretend Brad have their codes. Still wish to thank you thank burning couch it earned burnt out just idiots or until you've corkum and if it was still wait for him. Tuesday night's. Tuesday nights while announced through phantom. Yes and it's one we got up with me this morning I now people over there working on the Powell Suze wait too early to schism but he was running a tile sought. I'd like nine. So for people who don't know X there's still finishing out there. I've their house and so there's like contractors coming in and how whenever tilted to wake up part and I Rihanna leave Iraq. But believe it out of its a terrible no good news sites. So that combo high right up there were held part of how third arc. So it's like 830 when her in the morning so you can't so there working upstairs so Terrence comes upstairs of the better mom and right just like crawls the badness like eight. So it was out of there I just wanna go to sleep like yeah whatever no problem but then we're sleeping here. For me between periods if she locked the door behind right she locks the door it sounds like somebody's coming downstairs right now. There's upstairs working and then cut cut cut cut cut. Like all the door and I think the chiefs collectibles like over the door. And I literally laying in the bed she us. You know Ted from the mantra. Please link this looks salute dinner the city inspector. This I've ever pars which is science just like. Not a good look for your Boyd says Smith on Wednesday morning good a couple of great how to Wednesday morning to sleep in a lot Truman another man's woman. I love it Dinah we're out there going crazy counseling from your friend connect. Tuesday night dude could put relax knowing that when we got your neighborhood there was lake there's trouble LaBroque. The fire truck was there who think these people late ordered off the road with the trash and stuff. Well give all money was crazy adventure presumably got back their Brad is like. What took you guys so long I just stop at a bar and I was like I'm not kidding you the road was boarded up. Lit and yet had to move a rubber tire. Who else beat you speak to her like crazy road accidents are viewed as a very taught this to death on radio but that I'm down in. Lacey whatever the train accident do those national news goes on the front page of the Wall Street Journal from page in New York Times yup. A massive apparently what I heard only two people died is that still accurate. I guiding check it today I heard three blast that. Yeah I mean I assume for a six and I was down a three was that I heard. But I don't know I've been keeping a ton of tabs on it. I think he crazy dreams like I was going EB you know thirty. The train goes yeah yeah they should they trained team that corner at eighty miles I don't know headquarters was to be thirty miles now. Wow as a conductor how do you make that mistake. I mean I don't know is the guy messed up or is that just late. Super carelessly continuously scroll over it lake. They just start speeding up her I don't know I don't know nothing about Joe's coffee and knock something in the wrong way or something RO. Yeah but feeling a pretty big player over double. Aren't all that. And especially since he's off to steer it like isn't that about 90% year job just controlling the speed of the train. Yeah I have to I figured now was automated two way I don't know I just kind of figured it's point seven team like yeah it's an old. All school solid transportation goes cry like. Dusan technology in their along the way light planes have auto pilot for crying out loud so. Yeah that was shocking. Yes you're right. Like all right so we control everything else but you know what let's give this guy on the throttle. That's the only thing he gets he put all our track for a. Things might just like here's a little I know much trains item pictured him in there like someone Colin notify yeah and like how good a little hat the movie doesn't standard. And stuff. Cycling most neighborhoods trailer cab that old train track that runs the accurate then there is a do the live in College Park and and he Worley fuel for all the metal you're talking about and he was just the train got in him to the drinking by easily down their rent them buy it. Run and let guests to think of Cecil trains I saw some YouTube mashup believe there's a guy like that on YouTube loves trains and he. Might as they go by yes super excited to be filmed. And they maximum M filling a bunch of different ones and to me like all my god you're going got one of the new MH 24 afford to so yes. Yeah my dad you know they don't all the model numbers and all like what lie and it is and who's there or whatever our weather probably Holland and stuff. And it was also kind of fascinating to watch a mailed it do for more than three minutes he saw on the video was. That's pretty cool and I like they always have a train whistle with them yeah it's it's always regretted using that back. Completely do you. Strange life he always have the whistle train mine but step one bring the whistle. Through into this place in Ghana and northern Ohio rabbi you know Tommy Boy the movie. We accords so you know that Callahan auto parts yes. So since your fans pick a couple of I'll say it does he often does that I don't yes it was a real ID gets. So with the town and it's as marble Zoellick so race as you drive past he'd actually drive assets in what I call prehistoric forest regalia and gays are right next that is placed. And train O Rama and train or Rama is the idea says like most trains in though like whatever like to reach an athlete down your summons I was there with. To what guys are the school with and one of them is I've backed somebody who's a lineman in the NFL and he's like a big. Ike kid like people don't realize because he looks like a viking and he's really like. Nerdy is not the right wearable like kind geeky about some like that I just loves like. I don't know weird. And we also there weren't too I guess but anyway so round we go enact and Kaymer I take we see the train's windows like. Yes twelve dollars. My comfortable. Acquittal of you have the baby bump Ohio I get is nothing around Mets know people know tourism nothing and and sigh as a guide on there's no way that affront little retail area where they saw transmit bacteria that's all those like momma transit out. If you could talk a chorus. A look at twelve dollars yeah it's my body of course like here and bass account and he's 65. 300 ten plus pounds he's a tier and around trying to seed and all of us are immediately outlooks as they see a bachelor party atmosphere so we turn a leveraged. He used to America with the guys like. Command. We treat you got. Out. Early willing to pay the money hammered and screwed reliving his role but it's out there should've let him go. Yeah he wanted to have men and he had do we have gone there is again we're like outdoor zoos saying that remember that when there was a big story we're all animals got our man to kill much room. Yeah it was one of those I don't have those the same one as that guy who you guys had him on the the radio show on. Olsen who lives now yet the document resulting in the living room McCarron the guy's name but he basically really get documented at the time. But it's about it. The proliferation of people have a wild animals as pets in the US and how typically. They don't have the knowledge to care for them so and escaping into the community boards hard an amount. Look at the cougars. Yeah alligators full grown African lions venomous snake me this guy like cause the go boo invited Burris to step up. Not really crazy document name anyway yeah as one of those places a big outdoor zoo and if. And that's the problem the Everglades. Some of the snakes down there now lake aren't native to there and they are getting bigger in the eating everything. Yeah I think the great way it. I drew the big guys is like a good place for them but I thought their natural out of Abbott burials people have like python that weren't. And native to Florida in the dump them in the Everglades figures would dump the shank sneaks in the swap. So after awhile the snakes adapt but now they're eating like another ex super snakes we. Invasive species because no predator who know pray Ike has had that for a long time you know as artificially introduced itself. Yeah not ready for it yeah as those giant black snakes what were those. It was just my thoughts. And now I know nothing about stakes although I didn't get to watch a python need to mice last week in a poker game that's pretty. What was that on the river. Leaving it. They were part of a poker game well and now this may put you all. However that's what we know mentally focus goes along with gain do we went to this how am. I want my buddies down there mayhem you know on his one as work friends Amedisys poker thing we went in this house was just chaos is a lot of fine but. Terrorist six little kids are in and around. Two big dogs. Cat. A snake. And hiked ten and his little mice. A couple of wives turnaround there or not shows the TV was I was sick over stimulation. Anyway may not to cheese nachos or lake screaming not just a short chiefs know like the full not to bust that like homemade style cigar crock pot go with the cheese and it's like case jokes as proper you know like outside if Austin. So I covered Texas style whatever I do not. Not Austin, Texas but like. Cowboys Texas yeah so they had that they had me they had like he doesn't make your own macho Barr thank. Amount yes anoint it. It may Hebrew Killen time we've revenue bushel up check out the snake musical actually has meanwhile today of the little kids reach their hand in there. I grabbed the mice out drop a million and like the snake is it's going crazy says dean and couple days like snappy towards little kids and some as a ball ball python. Which side and I told the story about the ball python I told on the Castro that's that's Terrmel. They got loose and our walls of the Bellingham for yeah month and how that's one of those. So anyway yes font program now costs on money. My buddy said McCain and but little alligator. And I seen a big tank cranked and like he had seeks to I didn't like snakes they treat me out. But the came in had a little late pad probably like as big as the keyboard. So you walk around on its own then he'd be in the water swimming and he put a mouse on man. The McCain and the mouse would be running around a little pad floating pat greatly just freaking out. Which he knows as soon as he's on that pad he knows it's time is up big came in just like cruises around I mean it barely even acknowledges that analysis there. That's like five minutes this little bastard it's Doolittle wind sprints it stops her second puts its head down and we came any tit. Everything is out there and watched it late Tyre itself out. And man yeah creditors apex predators are using predators are war. I never heard of it for. Phenomenal documentary. Are my notes with about. Both basically about his game serve and Africa who sit at our war. Predators at war out war yet. To basically just has got it falls around only thinking goes and big cats and this and that but it doesn't rain for two years sending those are extant and extinct. No friend and there's strong this game reserve. They're gonna learn to respect the leopard you'll lose a little respect for Machida. It's crazy dude it's two hours but it doesn't rain for two years right to them like this comfortable balance all the predators have a each other. But once the other animals are players who grew will bring more her enough and then creditors. They're war yes or kill each other and he gets real. Oh yeah it's a very good documentary it's very sad honey to the point of like Phil and some of the animals. Campbell yes. On the Machida does well whoa. The cheetah does all right good because you have to do opinion I don't know you'll just as in the student. Losers who didn't shoot it tell you that had nowhere in electric. He's the man. All right speaking of predators of war good fighting. Are more Tyrell Henderson said he would an arm bar wins an arm bar first round last week it. First round yet it. Sure I fully know what an arm bar it is is that when you have like the dudes arms basically between your legs and your knee is like wrap on his face. Where you are arching your back is that Marmara. Correct what are embarking come from a couple different might directions or whatever right the classic arm bars exactly which you talk about. But you would be in a mount position. Your legs are kind of hooked on his other shoulders and then you have his arm and he bandied back. Lift up your ties to bend his elbow to Teixeira hyper extended elbow or managed to kill John generally you're gonna want a tax break there. But you can also late getting in other ways like. Mean dude Tarek Kiki got it a couple of you know finally sink the last walking from fourteen. He was just kind of squirming around my virtually guys off from the formal from the back it's all sump. Yeah possible that's what he does Riley you saw outside he was if you sit madness. But just a fight. And then he really trained team to hand combat in the infantry for the arm. Vanessa when he made that comment I don't wasn't talking on up I guess but I'll like all that's exactly the job for you can yet so not only does he win rank. But he's jumping around the cage is all fired up and then I'm standing there right on the apron. By the way matter everybody's a good job. Oh cool things could have that stupid. Both fun and the Tyrone comes over and he's like pulling through the KGB like I told you how intelligent public yet can't have it look so African coal always did look like I want you next. I was so seriously I looked like some got a big time promoter some that. But they don't wants for you baby but eight I think it is important to eventually catch him and I told you don't like that yet dog we did it dollars in its week. We made it pretty good at it as a epic. It's the law can't put her thirteenth seed together dynamite we did it America. I do the cast didn't he just all bar and you does that dieting the exercise and training FF a meditation. Could could. Skill development and who couldn't all the actual fighting. But we have the same group. Two when their fighters were identified why don't with girls they like don't solar. Just solar and even get the better ancients yes and that's good when you get to a certain level you can walked out girl split. Yet on the west south yes I am right lake. I mean as Estonia. The vote. McConnell Macgregor he walked out girls he's big time enough yet I feel that I these lights separate. Yeah country one of those off the right orient you kill me. The bottom one. True. So one above that now yes and then that secular down. It's better. Way to oust her mood set new writing gives night at that times and I us. US sensitive nice man baby blues that Hillary says you can't there's a soft everything feels more sensitive despite. Could this that's life and it's Nazareth and while we're a lot of sunglasses the minute somebody in general like. Shield people from seeing mask when in reality and just yeah if you like sensitive ice blue ice. Join us Friday 22 for 40 PM. Publicized movie that kids you're part of a no sign us. Yes seriously everything about coming to dealers has to be fun I'm actually pretty stoked and do that we are same over the casting leads to the post about a Barbara four hours. Yeah that's that's right in our wheel house rent streets no lights show. And he feel about maybe put some lights on a tree afterwards. What you mean. Decker and Chris is true dude yes yes for sure yeah how's it will be there for four hours are we wasted the host a clean joke the maximum possible too late to the tree that I thought I just gotta understand last night. I thought did you go to your usual lot at. We did little boys Imus abused or what actually know seem like seem a lot but different guy working with seeming drunken off. Today in a barrel fire bomb was a now as you're told me about these two you know just when I was a kid we always went to a barrel fire there have been pardoned barrel fire. Ever could this be more common and ask them. OK. Now I gotta be us an email on the east side gonna put him on a lot of barrel fires because. I. Focused on all of Juanita. The Patrik Patrik every Christmas tree lot we went to as a kid had a barrel fire that's fun. British one acquire an old aero oil barrel. A little incident I know they are a bunch of them down in like that do wanna cash area but they look like it might be folded like a big stack of them looks precariously against like you know tumbled part. It's probably five stories high. Then. Yeah that was it was tense for the Christmas tree northstar a lot of their belts so where does that fairly vigorously. You know I feel like each is part of a parking lot that nobody ever parks in and then in December they put Christmas trees. But you know I mean via Barbera yes we got part of what if Fred Meyer parking lot where it's like. Either this is the busiest day ever Freddy's or Europe they're selling. Company like your weight deepened that our elected. Yeah back weird dark corner. Actually when we reduce our road trip plane costs the US who slept in a couple of us do you like China comic absolute corner of somewhere in that church parking on something. But it's also weird to lose that you try to finally filling most inconspicuous out of the way thing but I also could give your top play. That's the karma go overseas. Yeah we have buses and the city was that Phoenix they're really setting up tents and a pardon lot yet. Might the very back corner of this on church parking lot probably like. 3:30 in the morning or somebody to stop driving week when crash out and then they actually. Told us about a part of how we could go do that and where it's like where content of this party are so deep that a certain point concrete just turns into grass. And then there's a big like on the golf course there's a fence on a golf course there's it's going back there like the pay of Saber when our laws and so. So upstarts like there crashed out much. Did he just really come through it's only called accountability are summing up I'm sure some call them spirit Erica my five minutes and restaurants most of of the car. We Anna did Phoenix and there's a site that area we were in especially you know swallow all retirees and stuff. Mean we're you know we're watching that football has some stake Seahawks game and retirement. Like AC bases grandma's house it's all like you know. Snow birds. Are you worried you know Republicans and apart more. We imagine is like thirty years old by. You we do and anything that tent. Or what to do endowment. For the crazy she had a good time on my part entree right did. You get out there mountain. Say that much. It was the only document I have no idea dude. Last night was really on to. How life views America I mean you're an hour late to the press area you've got caught him I am I am running on fumes right now. We got you know the Moscow mule that to rest a four. Now the imagery in Libya that could pop back on the train. The only national those without mental side to give him. Here the notes I wrote down 204. Tyrone Henderson Christmas what's Manning top topic. Already be too aggressive. It's pretty low when you light that you run out of some things you run us on the senator's speech or like I don't worry I are gonna my trusty knows they're a much stuff here. I think almost goes back now. Good times and lifelike that you know realized. I don't know I did Tyrell popular cars in my gone nowhere man I got all the stuff thanks so I'm Zurich came from the factory was Jack is terrible here on gloves whatever. Now that saint if you senior boys like 130 today at this brewery patent. The terror have like a beer drinking or some. I'm talking act. I'm only my third IPA combined to go Beers I didn't grab any three event. Giant hands in Tuesday's ago and humidity certain western am Rick with the credit major. And a good. Bet that's pretty much what they learned how to brew beer and announced. All right all right this is who would step process so it's cloudier you don't filter sliced our what man things are yet. Yeah her it was good thing. Events but it was like semi topical conversations. We're coming to naturally very curious person you know it's like learning as much psychic could spin it lends to about that are much of our nomad. They're merely does memory wiped. Out. I know it's like well it's that Jack's barbecue he told us all that stuff lower the than me in this and that Wellesley. I I'd listen to it on to the whole Torres again man but keep the word here for a year then use it. What else like I now saw armor they're all really throughout the audio puts you ship would appear its answer for a year that it's got. Yeah. Bellic last thank you we like Tennessee don't worry we unifier in altitude it's raining. Julie you won't be raining but we clearly seven rain just backfire like. We just kind of forced to elect particularly spears for hanging out by this fire did as Ramos northwestern for never heard. Mike just forcing at George camera trips are back friendships are when are growing up authorities like. Well again my rain will probably be very much not to it's clearly Randi just said here on the coast yet and elsewhere and sweat pants and boots and also it feels really militant. Lose you know and Elizabeth so we are combo doesn't come our commemorative behind Simon sweat pants and and showman and a hundred boots main active mode. Yeah has it seems just funny I was like handle whatever stand around and just swept into new intra doing mode meant. That's like corner dragoon mount. It's. That it's me I'm wrong and a buddy hit gap it's. Are do we have emails are now. All of several hundred don't think so. I think we had our couple that were just related to the to the podcast party which I answer those people directly. Are palms you mean how proud are you there for the four hours. Ought to be living like seven got her brother's engagement party. Oh yeah packet terrorist operation that the who leave generally you grew stronger as it did we are in the center of Baghdad. You've really got it I'm excited that this season people on. Yeah I exists I'm not the best that scheduling. Apology on giving a hard time that's pretty limited excuse the guys I had I don't know that actually in new they'll only set it up. My mom told me I did. But I didn't I certainly didn't retain it blah well enough that. But you don't know what you now know get to me most poison him yeah. Title vasectomy oval. Hey guys just quick Cobb video up cut your second half. FF FF I say that so hard that I think you're like do you have an operation works. Oh yeah I would elects. But let's Saunders says no they exploit it by you don't like you know it's like a little like they go in migrated my third. Barack bottom senate let's duties that Phillies doctor obviously he's talking about I it's a tiny incision and they just caught our eyes the tubes stitch you up and you go home. Dust and I agree with Cuba slightly off my understanding is that they cut incision that's about. I want to say like half inch or an inch and they reach in with like some. Men do not know the medical term for me it's like those days Erica it looks like a pair of scissors and it's a little clamp on target amount. Take a little grabber almost as they have in my medical settings yet I've seen them yeah I would call what are they didn't they have a certain have been umpires yeah act as you can might slip home where they stayed closed. I'm I don't know other cultures. That dangerous. Like right both I think yet is like every doctors show you see your emergency room it's like yeah I do that sutures had no Nazi know our futures are stitches yes I saw the bleeding but anyway the region and I believe that they hold president he's yelling about a foot yelling at their podcasts right now where I hit an idiot. Both just found mammograms delta and I'm. So I believe they reach in and actually pulled loose to select for those outside of the body and I don't know if that's the vast difference or what I believe the wherever too scared believe it pulls it outside of the body and the main car as them and house antibody response talking about. And you can like it's an apparently could smell the burn which is most horrific part. It's so I said your little sore for a couple days after meg not a big deal doesn't mind would speak enough topical big daddy's got a mixed vasectomy. Last week gets us talk Iraq via. I think I was told accomplish. Yes suck you up Marisa your friend of Parker's. Yes that's right. I'm so Beijing news do that is a single dude. What do mean. Given your wife cosigned. I just IDS a this last week I just thought for years I thought there was a thing like. They are like you you're just a single duty it's like. We're gonna do that you don't now. It receives is difference between like a marry person BM IK. I'm gonna surgically yet fixed. Where Sega Philly doctors would be a little cautious Stewart for a single person because it's like William and Mary Peter. You'll know for sure you know anti about like a legal. Prohibition of them during your turn about like I'm more of like the medical dubbed them. Doctors like moral stance on yeah. But I thought it was a big deal as it Blake single person go get a vasectomy or area. To guide thing check. Two to weed through real women call it. We do to start well I think you're about command yet beautiful appeared to its title leave rates it's the second lien or a that is our cup. Do those of you question I mean I know how to slow alien tuba almost sounds like a weird appetizers that I dipped in ranch. You don't think you're sixteenth right. We'll look into slightly credit cards until it's golden brown Diaz would technically it fassel has really got sick to eat now. Give me your best shot how are getting your tubes tied works to coach because I also don't know for sure amid all the way I guess is when they go in lake. The rule of late don't ask me to be tell me through okay my impression. Is the hedge somehow they insert a sounds awful. Some problems you're inside the block a hypocrite and and then. I'm just getting a break from that the main entrance that we use. Bowed and magic school bus style when I don't. Do you think you both what you entrenched religious like entrepreneurs to bet that's frozen under I will not speak. The little square not pollute on David could leave it. To get everybody back up period what is it called little hole to go there anymore. I've I've just her for risking your tubes tied. In my gas he is so there's the ovaries which I believe are aware of the and he's there to retreat stored or created or however the process works. Found so yeah I think he's deep fried looking to use numbers eggs so the goal labels on Chara. Good I'm very immature and I sauces keep. Bloomberg garlic pepper. Homered to bring those that didn't missile. Yeah. It. Oh and so yes I believe egg traveled down before being twos and attach themselves consummate inside and Vick got it on the same as on her according vaginal wall itself off all and so I think it somewhere within that process you interrupted by. Intercepting win attitude I don't think they physically tied to build a man I'm guessing they just like Connor has that are you know seal off sea off the entrance. Like OK you know to it's what's that called Indiana Jones. He's trying to he's gone out of assembly don't. Crazy have a golden is just look at every ball I had them all I'm not all could maybe it. Nobody reads is under grabs is happy that door shuts forever I guess since June slowed me observes a dime it's as bad as we know works like bats. Unsold that makes a lot of sense may soon threat. Like that I knew two different people that had a vasectomy is dudes. And they like the big thing is like don't do any exercise flee through your forties strength. 92 separate dudes the one Alec the third day in which didn't run firm run and then they're like. You never senior testicle the stroll and saw a man can pick up and goes if you believe that apple like yeah. The doctor says three to four or four at the end I went on the third hit ten off. Do I believe the guy going to twelve here's a school nobody was talking about yes I do. It's only it's only thing was just do not seem pretty tricky Dick if it's simple if you decide you really go for Iran. Does bounce it up and down gravity it's it. Is that it's I guess classic I may all move to you know. Yeah typically took what's eating with doctors about screw it I'm five I gotta you know lift in in a reformer who. There's no you're not. That's when you do miss played. All right so number one we don't know what it's called for a woman gets her to side. Number two we have no idea how wars and number two we have no idea with that tool with it it's the little pictures that they put in everywhere yeah. I don't know the more I think about it the Morris can just scares me I should not collect glass to bring Jesse and actually till now. Right away. Now summoned I'd say dice roll pretty food shot doc. You think just his work you'd hear this but yeah I mean not like there's an excellent. I like to think that all of us are somewhat. But you know it's specific knowledge that's medical industry knowledge Jesse we're struggling to figure out a couple of terms here aren't. I assume your charming and you'll know the answers say upon Mike because he's got classes it is got to know so many give us two men get a vasectomy. If a woman gets one what's it called. It tubes tied or something it. In the last and they are sorry for an amazing name for there's got to be a medical school term there hasn't it and there must be but it. Teams that can't are wants to do exciting. And then when a doctor like calls for those like medical pliers like to put those on year. Forceps course. All of course that's maybe you clamped. It's like joins us via buses are now suggesting that you France and all of the problem we would sit over here for ten minutes later terror plot Castro and alerts. Like it. Gets too much can be. You wanna Miller Lite. Yeah Ruth there's summoned from the shady back. All right and. You know what I'll take want to put up Potsdam point. I thought I'd take some time to clear up a misconception expressing an email last week. As a scientist inspiring teacher I feel compelled to help spread the good work. You know weren't some here. Kyra change is not whether. Weather is hard to predict we cannot predict outside a two day window accurately climate change is dynamic and expansive across many systems however. Climate change can most easily understood through ocean a certification. As carbon is released it creates acidic compounds our oceans this to me measured through ever decreasing mosque shall size and integrity. Hans I feel like you know the thickness I'm assuming it's great news and take you guys familiar with most yeah. Like oysters clams and mussels. I was gonna say. The great barrier reefs decay is not natural and it's a victim of the same mechanism. Climate change similarly isn't as simple as one issue like weather or temperature and as complex as fast effects across. The every ecosystem but first he didn't like capstone project on ocean a certification I would love to discuss the subject or beer if anyone who's got questions. While you get that opportunity or match up on Friday. Certain looks now our another 48 when it. Teaching part of forty could bring your socket schools bring your forceps sake it's gonna be there he's fired up. Us are two of the castle some science but who doesn't love a good shellfish. We got to protect those delicacies if we won't do it for the wellbeing of birth overall regards noble AKA. The bio Prada Lulu Lulu. Yeah good sound alike here if you want to yet he's right in recent good points. The job that I've heard the I've heard things about like though seeing getting messed up and and that goes back up and atmosphere to the skies and out messes up the water for the rest of us and then. In the cows that were greeted tonne of an all that sort of stuff are around. That is you're the kind of live processed it loosely didn't sound good he is a. The theory just about Cal's eating grass. Now just think Cal's themselves put off this immense amount of methane because we got we feed him corn. So it's literally like number one grass fed beef is better for you. The number two is like you would LT and violent if each if they just referring grassy. Area and we feed and search for. Corn because corn subsidized so. Yeah use the part of corn that is not. Suitable for humans they Camby turned easily into something well actually. These both ease some of the stuff that is easel for humans they're like you know parts of the corn husk revenue wouldn't and they get a subsidy for. Selling that to. Ranchers for feed. And feel as if I was in a live off corn for the rest my life could be Mexican street car. Who was done I still is he got to thinking minis in April at the chili powder on top management and Mexican tree corn. No man I looked north let's pale ale. You know Manny man oh man days if you could get off oil on the grilled in a little bit manes and in my chili pepper. Sounds calm down memory that did that shocks me. Our experts that we're really Mexican street cord blood a good Mexican restaurant hinting a famous quote never gonna. You have done techs I did you have always amazing elect five times makes its require while. You know they have talk shows. And it was June Connecticut just. Some muscles and say about climate change. I don't remember. I am I was in this climate change. Whatever. Tom comes back in its interest not rain for five days in December. Dallas for a lot of eyebrows eyelids and the weather report. Oh that's because it's about climate changes you don't I would like to hear is I feel like sometimes we get an echo chamber. On. On the more like. Liberal science based side of climate change to this a lot of people who believe that it's and orchestrated conspiracy if I'm not mistaken. I would like to hear. Somebody well spoken I would like to your well spoken hot argument on that side I think that the interest and to hear what. They who they think is aligned to convince people that the environment is changing so that they can benefit from. Like how that whole thing works economy. I think that's the tough part with some loosely. Conspiracy theories or whatever they are sovereign assuming the name they are talking about sandy hook and there's evidence of this and am I do but I just. You have to give me a good read I don't understand how faking something like sandy hook which who benefits from that Mets might issue. Like all right so if you are gonna find this conspiracy like generally every can speak everything that hasn't spears and it works is about money your power. I sort stand out like. Killing innocent Americans like who today. Well yeah I think sometimes it's more. What it's like. I don't know the correct way to sayers but I think sometimes it's more. Governments being opportunistic. Than it is like pre determining that they're gonna do something so like you know like chaos. It's like what's that that to what's that all like. Saying about like the Chinese symbol for chaos forever. Hominem about budget that's our minds anyway it's just like. You know 50% of that Kaye asks no I is like they're symbol for something. Has two meanings it's like. Chaos and opportunity. And basically like to take advantage of adverse. Scenario state advantage of things that are like outside the normal so. You know as a for instance like with the nine elevenths stuff there's lot of conspiracy theories swirling in an Irish or SATA hard but. If let's just say that it was totally how legit and above board. But if you're in the government and you've been wanting to invade those countries already well over geopolitical strategy whether it's oil or hum in Oxnard and you know projecting power to impress Russia are whenever there's a bunch of different there's a wider argue that but if you were RD line do that as a very convenient opportunity that. In hindsight would look like it or should not eleven ransacked two to stated as an opportunity I'm not sends out and I'm no idea. But there's a lot of things like I think in history were people take advantage of the situation and may be looking back it looks like causal you know. I ain't a thing I've got all the time because of that whole idea with the Bay of Pigs that they screwed up. Was it was Davis social and it calls it looked like chaos that I didn't analog over and that's why Kennedy was assassinated. Was because he didn't send in the second wave of military support and because of that they made the CIA and the CIA director look bad. And so that was one of three. Groups that Lewis. It was not pumped about him being president. Yet I think Kennedy and Doctor King both he killed for the just talk about the war on class. Yeah law. There is a civil suit daylight proved pretty convincingly that. King was killed by government and he notes to do is off civil not criminal but you can't. Try the government in criminal arson I doubt there's a reason why they couldn't even do it criminally if they wanted to but also the burden of proof is lesser in a civil court so a lot of people like her business it. But. Like when I did research on it and became convinced of it leg. There's there's only that lake is the president wanna report on that trial at all but this one guy that did bomb you know everything that he reported that. Made it sound like it could've won a criminal case to you if there was a way to try I think as the FBI for that one bomb to try them in a criminal court pick you can't. So. You have this united real lesson here but. We are fake news let me tell you on this I don't alone we event scientists. We have been doctors giving medical advice and now we're giving our legal opinions. We are claimed to be news source none of those three things we have yet and he's got a background in about being honest not a new sort out hundreds of a gun yes. Ha that's California who hit the kid can't have all right Matt I'm dying here let's check him. But the trend and. Obviously the. Still. Plus match. Yeah. Well that in stroke because there all the time and pet. That's what Graeme Storm at the annoyed that this weekend we wouldn't do this we can continue their children. Well I do it. Talk opera group known for her heyday. We retrofit and I meant do the woodland park zoo worker. Wild lights. The zoo lights is the point defiance zoo are version that failure I was not good to look very similar they're called wildlife it's like wildlife. Allows. Dallas fire and and ironic. In. A cage it's. I feel like some viewed there was an attorney animals on some dude in glasses drinking decaf and August is like slicked wildlife global call. While flights a halt all blob. You got a while Roy America that's marketable and put Leno monkeys on all the shops in Greenwood you know what we're gonna tweet that out. Which we had to hash tag right. Why are we did Jan. Twit. But are gonna say Donna put the ballot that Denmark's syrup off. No mcdonalds or I'm not a hundred dollars late fifties smoking a cigarette out back. Jaded or I hate it to the dump it takes our coffee strong and bought completely. If it. It's if it's a hard at the he this is disenfranchised because you realize that those animals should be free fall campaign. You wanna talk about zoos outside give up and say that this. Easy credit has that law. What it expect the back of the sixties and afternoon remains bullish is good stuff you probably missed Kennedy. Look at the maps think about it. Yeah it. So I'll let the solo home let's go yeah yeah I. It. Then oh until we went to dinner with. And another couple hidden. Isn't this expression on Capitol Hill are about fun uncle my girlfriends friends and gone out of Mexico. No they didn't. I didn't see anybody outside of oh look out for that from now on the have and I've heard of it replaces but yeah like a video of her vendors are ordered it's not try it. And then after the out into this place from a house called midnight cookie company. And that is there when you live there because of real we'd storm nausea. And now as ever brought. There's a surprise that could happen it really can get to peace. And I got. They closed on the Wii shop and open to go to Asia late night and it's just just up there with the Seattle. The same book or how. Do you came clientele who had arthroscopic actress imagine what may be and that's donor like. Nominee and let's start selling cookie because you knew we'd anyway in this town where you gonna get could get your emails jobs within walking distance. Breaking unit could warm cookie admin night. Will be the place. And thank cookie company itself goes shows. Great food we went in there and this ordering cookies and some guy came in and night had a cell phone out recording things and make. Tie it just satellite record this interacts in where he was doing oh like real she'll be Russian accent. And got my mechanic. What do you filming this far in his leg they YouTube is out can I met comedienne and Russia you don't make rookie teammate cures at night that we are just like. Looking away her and that's awkward goes on comfort what do I does this segment how soon could get into a really awkward moment for the weekend now. Pretty it was like turn away I don't know wannabes seem like on this video I would love to see it though because dues just like. Obviously I'm high should decide what is going on right now who is this guy and then as soon as late. He has he turned the care rocked the kid lost the accent codes figured it out pro life. Post made there's something here is fixed so a 20 order her time. I wasn't even his order dollar clay is so here's some. Struggling comedian that's like trying to make it on YouTube and a leg. There people's mood in the meantime an has really come depressing. I can't I'm unpack the whole thing when I think it. It's another thing these kids have also got a got a birthday Kay Quinn two nights in a row is. Who we were back move through good how wanted to try it ships mores on the first time as well I try cookies and cream on the second night. Which is also really good I tried both rehearsed. And he gets so I don't Hillary some cookies. I come. A pro. I'm probe it's got to be the right situation. This would be catch a lot of heat that's like unnecessary. Remain vigorously to worsen the world's oatmeal raisin cookies since he's thrown shaded cookies do a lot of people over a brazen. The US meant gone and it all plays in the that is our cabaret in some sentiment yeah I'll like to bring it up angry at desserts. How Saturday's doubles last. Permanent gold maids age of sugar right now. Relax. Overall I don't want and in general gold maids are not present president gore made the cut here. The surgery phonetic called. Just say. Damn it I'm telling you it's not just tubes tied hysterectomy. That's what it is for a woman that's what if it is. Oh Mike throughout Ted's. No one minutes then you get the lighter jacket. You deserve that white jacket noise tonight fifty minutes later I'm very unit did have a plug kept. It felt like he cited a was dude confidently yeah dude got it just fifteen minutes later pick on top doctor Smith I. And I mainly concentrating hysterectomies. Gavin you ladies have been two studs and tomorrow I. Will be you will be of the above on Friday. If so could lose if you go to doctor Susan a lot of credit that you do side. I can guarantee number one you're Jews will be tied I heard something go wrong crowd. A good. How. So. Saturday. Night Pacific. Was also find odd don't tell me down released in media is as three of the third EP of the year for them. And it's just. Be it really really cool my you know they've released three over the course between seventeen so. Object you gave really honed in their craft even more regarding going about their plans for a long time now. But they're growing it's just they're they're they're following has grown. Off significantly. And so whether do now. They're growing it's amazing. And yes I'd I'd a ton of fun Saturday night. Eyes and imagine Tom front row just you know Bolton now scheduled are really cool picture of like the whole band. Wall Chris and Ian are both in midair jumping. On maps and Nat and it's got their son sunshine their trumpet player like front senator and night. Two of the guys are due in mid air with their instruments. And you can just see me in the front row at just this look of life. All for gas cans and this fish I. Lindsay can get by this whole whole shot of the demanded an extension in the front front row just get my mind blown that one is going on this is so cool. So I does. Does a great night and then on Sunday luckily I didn't watch a pox in her home my grandpa or. We my grandfather as did well that was brutal via via I didn't and is glad my grandfather plays that he's a work around for awhile. Calm down and Tacoma. And I'd I'd fine I didn't really follow it a whole bunch. Is on his. I don't know it's kind of tough to follow autos in Spanish sounds like what is going on here but does cow like this does he does I don't have. But also Spanish. Spanish for Detroit seventeen right Google. And and does decide marveling at the the amount of effort and you know time and in just manpower that went in dead. This relatively small production of this play that's been around for a long time it's kinda. Tough to follow maybe not all that exciting and Tony seventeen I was it we got a fast and furious franchise right leg some. Yeah ninth century if it's bearish played as a really. You know give me all fired up there's failed. All you home leave seventy people in the past or something only now a look I'm action TV show yeah I played at seen a year like this is pretty there's like a band back in the shadows you know like doing all the brass and all this stuff tonight. People are seeing in and dance there and act in Asia as they. It was really cool witness even though I had no interest in the play I didn't I didn't follow the plot very well. You know a couple of songs are all right for the most part news we've been doing they allows content is today. Oh that's. That's pretty cool itself on a lot theaters pretty dope if enough. It is not it may not be like super exciting that we're used to with our entertainment you know and all the craziness but. Is really. Really like mind blowing to just witness in a kind of think about how all people Paulson went down off so. Not a sort of phrase the face the music comes from. We mean so. In Beirut typically have a pit orchestra so there orchestra's actually in a pit right in front of the stage and dished to. I'm all used afterward there's two schools of thought on where to phrase comes from whether it's like. To become a great conductor you have to face the music IE your back is to the crowd and you're facing conducting the orchestra or the most symbol think is like. You know to. Become. A great actor whatever we have to go out on stage and you're sitting there facing kind of playing music click right you know. In your face or your putting yourself out there basically. Gotcha. About a let's be honest. To face the music yeah I sit in the face to face the music is more like. To deal worth. The it's called so I deal with what the repercussions of something you've done so I don't know them I've description makes them. S yeah. Yeah are really does that give out lie to cover my tracks a lot. Yamon facing but he is getting caught when in the line that would be facing the music then you have to time the news or use it yeah and how does that phrase come from that ever reading some threat on the Internet about it on cement trying to quit utterly real quick the Seahawks game. I took a nap in the second half mr. Woke up the F their ass beat. Some go on the corner store it is literally 5 PM on Sunday. There's three hawks fans like in a screaming match. I go get some Pellegrino is course lights. Come back five minutes later and one's getting arrest it thought he'd give it you don't think while hawks fans she took this loss hard. It was pretty pretty brutal and at home to look like Guinea really they seem like they knew each other but they decide that all right before the play my dad who's lake. We're gonna go to go to dinner after a sought load into reservations so five who's not coma sort of go to metals I don't. We're going to at a I don't know matadors and I was there Saturday RAF shout the shot beat him the severe liver matador. But it my dad who is or was it might as like oh what is placement on it and have TVs on state. Yeah I hope still gonna get out here you can see into the game you know I mean. And big you wanna do not go to a place that TV is so you can go home to watch your recorded. And I was like. From leg maybe we just. Say screw didn't screw dinner and high tailed back home to. You know watch it recorded it and cook whatever is at the house. On in his plot and so throughout the play I get intermission I checked my nose like halftime as are some who is I saw like 35 to nothing there's a vows like. Yeah the an app that let alone like spoil it for my dad you know but I wanted to know myself so to make an educated decision on scout played jobs they. Yeah I'm pretty artery which try to get some food like knowing that the game would be on a matador we could save ourselves in time and then and site. We lock and empowered districts TV's ally that light to just attracts your eyes to a masters they all got. Like what's that our prayers like 42 senators of my dad liked how our eye off. Yeah I struggle watching games on DV RTO yeah wickedly and it's like a couple I mean I get arsenal match and it's not like 4:30 in the morning. So does a DVR and watch chilling nine or ten. The lights NFL football and that's the middle of the afternoon via when you don't watch that thing is not. Agreed. Yeah like maybe sell it for a half hour record twenty minutes to you know finish okay and get some commercials just skipped through whatever. We've her friend whatever to my copy out. Rewrite three hours after the fact. But federal work. On that face the music thing in looks like there's a time. How have they called plausible speculation Minnesota Stacy like four. Possible origin stories and regrettably the document or writers don't point any clear source of the phrase. They listened to and I send a couple other ones and they're saying basically that none of that. Stories match up to like what the current the phrase actually means in current. State. We were not I'll hang on really the top topic I'll bet somebody's gonna go go oh I forgot that well and editorial rooms they. Con job over the. Origin story. What piece of technology deal hasn't been in your lifetime. Email us to not be part of Viacom has some of the tree or seen or visit us on Friday that he now he's. Gail viable. Cause solar powered desalination. OK I was oddly specific. We do that have a green way clean way of taking ocean water. And get us auto got to capture five countered destroying the quality of the water itself to play you know figured out how to make ocean water. No it's such area freshwater now we've been. These are they I'm keeps water out that's false assaults in the ocean and it comes our mounds and rents down a report from mark the first step mattress on the union. Yeah Reynard Dario water. Right to it. My understanding is that I'm not saying. I'm assuming that make. It's a technology and access is a man made version of the current system right candidates in its scale and control little bit more because via. That's it out of the house summoned in the Middle East and my p.s. Way less developed countries in the United States bit. We have huge system that played its you know a lot of people make a lot of money off of the way it is they have the power. But like the ads it's certainly doable as wanna see it dawn on scales we can. The death figure out out. I don't wanna pizza vending machine. There's nonexistent. Now I mean they got it Tokyo you don't like a little like Jody has got everything in their names like little red buried deep dish or like properly now I really got proper medium pizza. Without this machine would have to be massive but lights real Uga having like an apartment my apartment building housing a soda machine like a little snack machine right. So it's like I got a bucket to change. Galaxy stars a quarter staggered have they get a Pete so here's the question anything he spilled also abide by the slice constraints of Manning machine in this typically are single serving type. Snacks and negative six dollar medium pizza come out of the machine he can't afford it you get no pizza. It could. You have to ask. You can't afford right it's sailing where we're already put all the availability out there I got a machine pumping out medium pizza astute I think mod pizzas like seven bucks repeats that. We're kind of when markets are now yeah. Fine. And affordable flying cars which sounds like it's possible that would make it I mean ideally to have like a bullet that doesn't kill. What they have a lot of balls don't kill. Yep but I mean religiously wake of mammals while now we need to shoot him with a bullet in it would just say I heard him for like a few hours stopping power via. Yeah they've been bean bags they of those would towels they shoot at the ground that balance one ricocheted in somebody's high in Boston remembered how does being banks hurt toot all cardiac I do you hear that you almost hurt more seem jackass and how can I just took so there's a lot of different behind you I was just curious how good Chauncey. I think I think it with a stun gun. And I've been around tear gas but I mean you got to be the front of the protest each other in the bag yet. As you little rich for my blood. Since we're venturing into. Who career and on our weapons that is fair by the way up weapons expert I Diaz. The there's a lot of different types of bullets and I know like some of the like Tumblr rounds ever made to maximize how much of that. Inertia. Hit your body rather than like if the bullet is just like rot you know it's a rifle round and just goes right through you. But I really tank a lot of that force stays of the bulletin goes out the back so they want a lot of that impacted you and has a thing with those. Bean bag rounds of my dad is like the things not passing through you see you absorb all of that. Four senators. Silly you know baseball rank and listen you don't realize like it's hard as it is to hit. Many men out ninety mile an hour fastball it's also easier to hit a home run. Is the force of like him Thorne at that aren't connecting with your back and also to go farther into makes sense. Are you look there is 204 I'm on vacation oval wolf wolf wolf. Well shady on this want to call it fun aren't gonna 100 seriously though from the podcasts have to see you Friday. 48 Derek king street and Merry Christmas everybody can make Christmas happy new year. The year next year 2018 or every tool when he eighteen that's our next episode premiere after years right correct will have a new national champion. Craze. A paper ZTV for cop a beach at Smith is the podcast cheers.