Thee Podcast Episode 205

Thursday, January 11th

This week we're back for the first time in 2018 and already have a theme for the year!


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The damage seems harm pretty regularly gets kind of wrapped him in schools that I can mess you now know which are shown it and I don't doubt. It's free week Darren here's all the menus in town a free music eighty shows how well. Yeah out. And I was just say in Boston Los sign her rebirth talk about the podcasts were about yeah Florida announced our records are back on pilots fired up okay. Still maybe I think podcast. Oh just any I guess just podcast this. You eat. Contacts it's storing these tests. Starting these start. These. Starting these senseless and com. I don't know. These podcast episode 205205. Which overjoyed Egypt's if public posters here podcasters hot gas and all the land all cooler air. Still left of me actually flew Skype for me. Front burner body he's always carelessly somewhere in southeast Asia on two wheels and a good cop car what's going on. Shares of BP podcast. Home putting out of the game for 2008 team closing up nearly twelve and a half points kick after the new year as the boys live large or did season smoked we will still legal and even got to play must now. Cool attorney general Jeff Sessions private joint from MC TP. Quote from his cold dead. Hands more news today. That's big news my quotes off us for alcohol and I think. They're on the Rio Vista killed in the studio setup already cursing. Know where it's point eight team and compact out of the producer of the ATP with some that I didn't do and low free gala in college started with that teen boys we have some audio issues sometimes describes in. And I thought maybe Eli quick recorders something that. Yeah it's just sounded like you get it did sound I want are puts him when he first started. So now that's not happening I feel pretty. So obviously since the last time we've talked view. It doesn't seem like it's been that long it's been awhile right Jack curry like three weeks. We had Christmas. We had new years. And then also I guess when I come rain out first of all and just say a huge thank you to everybody showed up down to the do you get together. Me podcast get together damaging she bar and oven big shout to king street does awesome. That belly out I was awesome so much fun man everybody brought lake not everybody billing people brought gifts yeah the Asian Noory brought French many French Mecca rooms and you tell in the middle. All so we need superior. Yeah I don't ever just hit a chop it up with people have Beers and he would isn't firewall shots with folks like through every this and a good mood good spirit you know got to give us some hugs and south coast bias well thank you for Mears offer a ready come out those. Don't Demi and yet commenting on your right rude we had Krispy creams or hair. A Mac for us T it's it's in the pac told the pizza is legit they really good yeah. There are links to that's right yeah we got wings. Ouster he buckets of Miller my hate each tax cut up up up up I left my car there because that's paid got. Bras are showed up broke and I'd just figured I'd be there for awhile might get food so like the Eileen tab open and I never closeout tabs anymore they don't dream yet afterwards I just left and had to come back the next day. Dude but is it worse going back to get your card when you don't really don't have any if you look at action is that once pleasant deeds of you wanted to close out but yeah. Like who do you waste it like. Now and then I I I don't drink I just open tab got an energy drink yeah that is the standard 25% growth to relieve that'll be six dollars that's how most extensive roster. Realized how. Yeah that's a good save I've definitely had to walk back into a ball are. And might get my card or something unique in generally nights like that is that you have your head down and out of truncate only got slate style quickly. I don't know what they say any thing they do those popular like now just left it it. It's an idiots should suit and. Assaults on that yet I'd get generous fun man delta one of the highlights of combat Seattle this idea highlight Mandy Moore awesome to a serious I see some that I love back sometimes it just feels like quarter like you now. Is talking dome Uygur following each other. She out Google which is awesome our official legal counsel was there again. Let us somebody right legal counsel there are your legal counsel GAAP. Our buddy Brian and we know from meltdown came through here. They just gives a solid crew puts people. Can't do I thought it's Graham and judge John Eric. But it's generic comments and am yup and yes school and hear from Carson lawyer like he's email didn't you live emailed in that hadn't met before. And then he hasn't. The old time believe met that dip at past ones laid Noory. And Rubin and the eyes is that does Stevie on TSE's there Niemi did see him so how buying a Mac came out. Yet Tristan. Tristan pool react he blessed with a nice gift I. Are you Christian was there yet system. He sees this just in Austin fire arm general read an email also from mom arsenal lawyer I don't follow when he has around. Oh and Justin and Hannah I always forget all that hey listen I know he's he's you know all the time and as I did some guys and then might. Yeah CNN there and I guess occasionally a drop a Lar upon her call me MC TPH shows but it never really registers as Eric. Oh that's right with substitute for that yeah. That was all so simple I gotta say. Carson a lawyer and he had good cop eye for allies of the sick. I was asking me about this story that Ted Knight told about the second best chess player on Mercer island's phone Andrea. When we told that story you know we told the second hand from our buddy George whose friends went to that school and for those who don't remember on the short version was that this guy is really get a chance he's in high school damage talent show and he challenges the crowd to anybody who I -- speed chess little does he know that there is a chess master in the crowd who comes up and destroys him handle in Panama all his peers and all his friends so. Com car owner Fiat master. Was that cal was it just master. I I don't know but yeah I think god user rank a grand masters like top 500 wound and so there's about 500 of them are now and I'll be able get like all on me about that you on scale or whatever it's called. I don't know chests don't join us you know a lot more than me from the sound of it. Yeah and appoint as he was like a top level premiered transpire and so all when he stood up big kid could recognize and I mean he knew it was instantly. And he knew that he could not beat him France out of 400 people. So anyway and yes artifice sounds a mile listed recommends and so on basis of Carson was like dude. Who was that kid bite is that a real story sounds like. I was like gem and it's a real story my buddy George told to music I think and know that can't I think my brother went to schools and can you find out it's sad the podcast party of course like restrict appears to laugh and Tom cytec somebody George 'cause like she was like dude Tom Cruise the second best just cameras around and he says laughing is like what it likes to Ivan talked this he'd Jorge Lozano and now I haven't talked to amend probably I don't know four months at this point. So he's like he's a dude why on earth do you ask cows and we told us around the pike customized back and just tonight people from now Meyer asking about it so he's like no way did it enough I wanna say is ends Gabe and I can't remember street text salt his classmates cash and he's like several later response and scan I don't works and so finally she hits him back with the Nam and the first Sims game on my guess it'll last Nam but it's a very Judas class man. And so he's like that's my man and he's like what are you gonna Duke's Mike Ouellet. You know what are you doing this information sample on desire. Just techs are now and non X so. George is free now I can you know are you uses is some air what's going on music or you just trying to track him down. Concise set the name ticked by Carson a lawyer and he immediately sends him back. A photo of the yearbook. With this dude space in a news at the told yet dynamite that's Sam we know on the soaps my buddy George you know he's asks what do you do with us very get tracked him down Spain sent back consider him tracked. But you must. And us just slow sidebar from the party she yeah well it's good we got caught up and we Thelma died. We're gonna say you wanted to get him in here for an interview. All mine got me re live the words ma am I liked it beyond you to talk a pretty early on my back. And it but I couldn't do too. Yeah plus I mean like for him it means nothing. Like that the story for us is and he seemed a bit late. He has no idea this is something happens when what I it's a great school so most humiliating moment in his client didn't really successful now like these Smart because these credits as they. Yeah exactly. Who he is talking about keeps. I mean aren't permanent the only person that gets her mrs. probably George to discuss your Buick what are you George Martin telling the story everybody. She ended the story deserves to be told man student. Guy that was severely until that story you're still lord of the flies to. Do it analysts. Any out of that the party was great and it was for a date it was it was also time at a great time. After that. Spent little time when after ocean shores that was for that weather was terrible. Thank. It was RSS I mean it was like. It was almost like deployment issue like you know get like the National Guard out there except that the weather and have regularly BS. Over sixty mile an hour winds and migraine blowing in sideways on the beach so it's a mix of rain and sand. At all. Yet mad I it is blatantly was like hey I don't care I'm bitch now you know like you who I'm giving off the speech. Her to go another room what do you leave you stood at we stood up that we wrap their median out of her I mean you're soaked. And there was it was like a chemical commercial yeah. I think we tried to fly three kites that I was gonna say there's certainly has had to fly kites. Yeah I heard us and us on New Year's and you know like the that chuck is being with with the dogs Uga tennis ball having you chuck it. I mean you can ask cop I was barely lob and that being in the wind would take it like. Sixty yards hurry up and I'm being dead serious when I see young assistant he's the company he duty leaves it looks good city. But yeah out of windows web and out there I never really seen like that. Now and then the next of course it's clear and still presidential leaves. Yet again you did they let the daily could have gone out there on the beach it was unbelievable and I mean that for hours that we knew we just whipping through there but. Bonus if anybody's going after which insures the show winning suites at Annapolis 24 hours my friend yeah. That would do we have there on Friday night when midnight 1 morning. Pretty laid I hit that sign like milled down Saturday after we asked how windy beach and use car. Crazy hobby I would say we probably in like 1:2 in the morning to you Beers. And they know we seem to care. Matt you would or not and there's a race high number eight and they train pool. And I mean I was clearly knots over at this point night select everything he's in the hot so you desk job I spent like half an hour just floating in the pool. Her head out for you guys got here in the pool windjammer hot tub pool where it's at. Excuse closer to an hour you're put on like a full on sales pitch just Clemens Fred should get people in Iraq Kohl asked a rule so. And I had a football do know that they're throwing darts I was catching passes when you're routes stuff like I'm. Thought out running routes and every time I catch one other important elected back in my mail my Jersey and it's a pool not even wearing a shirt let's look the Jersey. Free jumping into the pool pitching the ball close thrown in midair I was not without my favorite. So just it got done. Here at some point. But yet they see and everybody came out also funny Troy that owns king street. I ended up going out to the med grow with him and his wife Ann and my eight yeah my mistress dead. Joseph. Come back. That's not a suspect at 60 and I were having to be here and I think they may have. You know like I just as Detroit Texan really did down the men like him and his wife Sudan or the day after Christmas first at all. If you've ever wanted to go to that trotting grown to sit at the bar for happy hour go on December 26. Yeah it is not very crowded of plague usually have bar packed for her you just walk gain. Bruno we're said man I was late 2000 this is great we were having my delicious little late appetizers and subtly. Just a new tradition but I like yes yeah day after Christmas ornament. It's a snake. It's what you do to murder and other atheists to assist. Most of it back to Christ so when it gets out of the way say and they generated showed up that was a good time in a blast. Also I wanna tell one quick story about Christmas of Christmas Eve generally mean met cob all hang out. But it starts snowing on Christmas Eve her so. You know and stick and sticky night ME their steep hill so Matt calls at some point easily dude it's a mess over here on the east side but I'm gonna make an American making over. I'm like dude no worries that don't don't even risk. Greatly grandparent MI KE that we don't drive down here to the city right. So. When it happened earlier was like I Tex account a city near you coming over early music now I can't. You know and do you mete out and then no worries right Centex and other bodies and Amy are you coming by early he's a Mac can't do it is like paranoid. So I go up to that pizza place and in these pizzas are massive. Proclaimed bad icu since Christmas no we aren't in Kabul we would test how big these pizzas were. They were comical amid the point where I am the first thing I asked him I showed up his cannot sit through a regularity door jamb. I heard her yell at you got a late turn around here are practical joke big yeah. So this place Italian family style pizza right born in Danny so it's not far from my house I. But now it's late summer palace walk up there uncle maneuvered to carry so. But now it's Nellie like 430. Until we will show brown fox made some in the and I look at that Hoover in its later take half an hour summit it. But out of walk on the right. Some walkers know with two giant pizzas and toilet paper on top of it got. And I mean Matt I mostly like three or four times in my time I get back at my house I am like dripping select. And just think oh god. So I just hope I hope somebody saw me walking on the she's absolutely a. It's a it's such a funny visual to see some lines like that on Christmas Eve of that goes it's itself on it that sets out there a vibrant today. That's what I've seen in great. Leo one point took a break in when dry spot and sat him down. Do you mind at this point but the bottom of home is our right in its integrity is reduced given weighed down while the pizza is it's snowing so hard like I am wearing a baseball cap bodily now where you do to display and tennis used. The baseball cap now has like a little layer of snow on the memory of Clinton incident and I almost did it twice as we can you imagine him in every decision and Domino's commercial right now I haven't seen it I was up there can live and I. Busy with the pizza shop when I left to use you know walked those toll any easily. I'm good luck man here we go anywhere at. I totally about he just kind of gave in and I'd like. All right but I was like I'm grow on me when I got it. Gotta walk commemorate the elements the but then later and it's. It knows the neighborhood. He knows that you live on literally the Steve dissection of the steepest hill and all of Seattle art and. At it it's almost funny to me is I was tell the story later in the night in Georgia's there and George looks having Yost. So how long it take you walk don't have to do it probably took me like legit twenties Wi-Fi minutes easily secret just waited for the Hoover. Sometimes I you know what you're actually surprise. Truck packed St. Joe preached and that's also there's. I mean it's like with somebody sit in the big chain here and we couldn't it was like that's weird but you can't arms in front of like talking to people and Georgia's lake. Well gee I just move the position of the chair thank god George shop doing that because I thought. Did jerks is a good night party yes to general you know yeah. That's Texan that feel the joy is funny to rake in the plate. He's down and hang out and stop him in a party as hard as some of us like he's gay but I like about the need. Went to make the delineation Gaza people know excitement towards a black Republican not the George state tutors into the second. Most. Accomplish just glamour around. Oh good god there's no agreement thought about that and I. I didn't do much for New Year's mad you Europe north for the Scotland during yeah and Terrence Parker house warming party who like half and didn't when he seventeen you are wrong. Yeah technically it did pick up. Separate out how would you pretty years. Honestly we we had grand plans to go seek Romeo out around. Around I wanna say like it. 10 o'clock we stopped lying to ourselves worse like man for both thirty plus was just hang out house Sami Amanda's character and I went outside to see a firestorm plans about it. Yeah I did like the same things plus I mean I had a lot of fun of the speech was a little tired and and then you know receive like literally like I did laundry. I took my tree down. Like Scott old mandate. I flew in that morning from Seattle mad beach trips us just how reasons why and and not a sleek New Year's us judge there's always a lot of build up. And you know whatever is like I can't believe I miss New Year's would you as you know it's never ends up being like a super memorable night self. Yeah like I am as some might ought accessible other. I have one New Year's Eve I spent over and not in the Enola but like Matty C in drag you know. And that was like a really fun New Year's Eve but only that like I don't even have a New Year's Eve the leak stories. Russ cheers yeah and I don't remember cancel. Last year's is really good gallon of suit to go out to the ranch. For a couple days and oh yeah relaxed for the school I've your name out there and my people this late show up randomly through their for. Two and a half days and so do his got to filter any got to see a bunch people and has a lot of fun. Nice do you save you sound like George W. I set up to the ranch at Texas. Texas. But it just shows a sell off handed I could secure alone know that the the red surrogate nickname for his sounds conference play this. And but he really just about out candidate to sound would you like you go to some cool ring. And she yeah. Yet there's a higher class of factory out we have people who listen in May not remember all that play so it as we call house and my girlfriend of that. That's nice is taking a flight two and a half three days Jones yeah. Yes fun yeah. Cobb we miss Joni years Damien don't still got pizza and watch football but we we inserted our. 09 cents to take up dear to honestly Tammy you stand forming after our he's terrified pretty well. It's funny to these Barnes I guess I didn't see his tweet right. So for the last two zoom into three years cop. You did two years I and the like dumped in Cobb and I would get DNN New Year's Day and just eat pizza and watch college football. Mike Sargent Matt can't. Happen. So. So every year don't and I we Lou Pallet out she has six potato chip didn't. Pizza croc which sounds weird this potatoes on and I know but I love the thing so we get one every year. So I had seen bar I guess Barnes and tweet out earlier that day like you guys are to compete like he took Perry out she's logo out of reviews like come on. Like what are we doing with pizza while making the economy. Accident at an indictment are sitting there and I ER dot com or you have pepperoni sausage in half of that potato primo or whatever. They barges like. Are you guys happen within curb. I like now mastered December oh yeah I think we get it every year music seriously we drafted with me right thank you saw Mike twittered I was like I don't see that tweet live music I was making fun of the speaks. Could end up like and has argued don't get I get it every year the man has. Pineapple on an anti pineapple on pizza tattoo. Very strict on pizza at Barnes yeah the FBI ought to rules. But I hope everybody had a good holiday where you were and it when he eighteen now I think every man out yet by the way. I've had its real rounds and youths there in salary on the long as seventy ones aren't and I've signed four of on what five. When he put it times a primary in the date down not only one trying to seventeen screw up. It threats are turning to seven into an HR that aren't exactly yeah I owe everything he gets healthy and back and look animal and everybody's on it. So I know people are gonna ask us about theme for Tony eighteen or this an act. You know I mean the only things I thought of Garnett just picking up what Matt's insane for months but I had to make this I like the positive aspect. Your enemy I think for me there's just certain things and when he teen Imus stop bitching about. Now. That does mean the president doesn't mean sports is like certain personal issues you know at a certain point late. Yeah make piece of it or you know any mean or you got a get out of those relationships but you're gonna staying down then. Just stop bitching about. Mirror and you know who. Thought I'd definitely you. Yeah I'm would've stray I tax so around. So my body measles random all virus and not gonna say because of nature of the story but down. You as those person walk around he was Susan Berry you intellect on a day party on New Year's Day as the only clubs in Seattle. Yeah I have like a daytime event may do well now why did. What's that was the day shift. Tom I'm not sure was that monkey lost. I don't know if they do they do a lot of data parties in the summer I figured that might be that oh I know this this. And it could be so anyway I'm using like just using a very psychedelic state and down. He had I don't know he was just how we're talking via text a little bit about like the year whenever she can say is like you know he's like what do you look him. Ira I. I send this text that's on. Grim fire vibration don't place our proverbial mountaintop for the rest of us cousins down here in the trenches. Was one word retaken the 2018. And response. Diligence. Who who so yes I'm going to steer to artists that's funny his consistency was the other word I had to since these big. I diligence because it sounds fancy. Yet what would diligent sounds via sound sophisticated. Yet that's my problem is I feel like I'm pretty unit and then Mike. It's like mid July or August and I asked summertime no worries. That's like college football on the league this guy that is getting its duties you know like I do good for half the year and it's like come on vicious cycle did. It's a part of life so you now I feel like we're always gonna have been slow is that I feel about like both my diet and exercises like. There's always going to be times when you are just kind of junior on fan enjoying some I don't think you ought to go through your whole. Tom why it's like restrict everything but at the same time you know I don't. Diligence and persistence subs is really important I just personally I guess I senate to beat myself sobbed when I'm not perfect and everything about you now that type status. You enjoy it'll born during the holidays again. No no you're right but also there's a certain point where there's only there's only so many false Argentinean myself like we're not gonna do this again and you keep. We're excited applauds your leg Wear was may Ted may Ted was on bomb caught up on board. Now you may. Never slipped shrimp really actually greatly and he's like I got my meltdown body in April that may help. This is what this is a time a year or I usually. Have a tougher time eating right because it's just. He outsized YE whatever and not even like you know not care about that. I'm not just been learning about nutrition have been very intrigued by everything and so I just like experimenting and try. Just eating more produce item is due this weekend with I apologists seasonal vegetables that are elect root vegetables from the bars target. Can delicious late. It's so good man joblessness can help pump the act act carrots potatoes. I think parson if there's something and purple carry its and Blake beats two of Jerusalem artichoke and elect some of these things war. On Jerusalem artichoke yeah right little tiny little things that look like little tiny potatoes almost warts on Iowa utility are. Some of our chat sign. I'll let you know it's hot hot topic canal artichoke world for I hate it. Well you don't environment like LA and New York. Yeah you know what's funny you bring up let's do his last name and my DU verse so many in my hallway was cookie and Mike. He just smelled like EU against you were like a cool wash yourself then I think it was like. And you could smell like they had seared to meet their put him you know do I just wanna do knock on the door like a bowl. And I come in and do like to have some and wears a sour creepy yeah. I didn't notice the searing meat thing I just like I was looking at a article about what. And seasonal. Still would've wit Prodi's is in season right now on the northwest just like your grist grasp on that sort of thing. And does take an even know what all these things are certainly you all to instill in that I just say god and in my head that houses you know like. Figure out since do says when the farmer's market by a bunch of fresh seasonal stuff does surprise me affordable got some local meat. And just threw it on a crock pot topped it with brought just eyeball that didn't look anything up. And just to see what would happen. And those awesome those so easy Ellis plunges five by mound you know and lack of rules and is doing whatever right I felt like stand. It came out real good unreal palm but I tried the searing meet him when my clients told me that safety Syria Rick. How are you talking about yes sir certain meats just if you gonna put him a crock pot use and assumed free throw brown mutt yeah yeah. Now those are really get down a little I think I kind of got that yet I it's wanna Rachael ray's seat I was about crock pot that's right word it. Apple publishing at W I just knew that of an island of Rachael Ray wouldn't surprise me that's my client got that from two knowing her yeah and I didn't we hear that introduction. Problem like diligence. Diligence I. Nice never go boy that do intense. Diligent figured ads at that moment he was more in touch with. You know serve like million the collective consciousness that all of us so I just. It was can I ask him to like tapping into the group Phelan that in that club but that time so yeah I think he brought us that message from on high. Dude have you been to one of those tea parties. Know. Good question Tom what do we were doing the the promotions and down and topped Panama City Beach until allotted day parties but I've never bent like a Vegas state party or are we shall we won in Bellevue one time but not really it. I would say. Yeah that's what. I mean I guess the burning mainly did ruin the district that I miss like oh yeah adds a certain slash a childish things. How well they get blue lake when he Stephen how we're doing day has certainly a silly and Lou I. A good idea slot at the problem is like I don't need to make sure the next day off. Smart. Oh yeah you am useless and don't make plans that night actually gets everybody does is a like when I'm drinking in the day dude it's always the same story. At 3 o'clock I might X man this is awesome what I do this all the time and us are doing this which are doing this. At like 7 o'clock Mike I've never days drinking again terrible idea gone about it. Man yeah I don't. You know I don't miss drinking very often. But does the way you're talking about that scenario of Dade drinking. As I Al god that I had some fun days like that. But it's threes early on that stage means is awesome really Leo I'm so he had that. Four in the afternoon and make you think you have this long epic madder had you in by eight you're just out someone you didn't you forgot take your shoes off. Do you guys in the worst Ager he means to me it's. He is on Sundays. And I've been very good the last couple years like it to you how many times you for years ago I would go out on a Sunday start watching NFL in just links are pounding during sleep day drinking. And then go home. Pass out and you wake up it's like. Six. Not really sure it's going on and there's just a weird music plane because reds there is now off the pat pat pat. Here's just doesn't help. But her her I beat it could be Thursday or overall Lionel. And I don't want him. I think it's yet your right note with mean when it's 3 or 4 o'clock and he started Dijjer him like you make your positive you're going out that night if you're gonna hook up you're gonna. Due to meet up of all these bodies like it's gonna happen you rate to examine that I'm not going anywhere. They're nasty food. How I don't I had a friend do it just hit an OK you get fired up at four and you're so excited about present ideas. Kicked it further and oh encourage private drink more edits via never works yeah apparently dizziness. Possible at 2 o'clock and the sun's out you've had a couple holes once you know America the world is yours and a moment. Yeah and that's having to like especially lake for sporting events like this happened cultural ball he's ever on the East Coast more you like noon games or whatever. If you stay with the group your. But you'll probably be okay if you're at somebody's house or whatever like you're fine. But it's when you separate from the other Dijjer records and did you Google bar by yourself for like all ode to guy apparently good to see this. Yeah totally it. Site ran a marathon before the marathon you know like you get down near the site in terrible you know you're all beat up and in terrible shape and you can't really tell that everybody else just like damn (%expletive) sunburns. Match. He's speaking and sounds from. Yeah the other night the other dirty fun one that I like to. Europe and like Cal's relate to the good dark and dirty like a bar. I think kills and dirty but it's dark and I didn't Ted you know me you know on that yes corpse that you're having fun and especially hot day. You're there where your iris on screen in the pub in the middle of the day. At fort thirtieth hope. And they put up. My favorite moments every time I go to Vegas I try to replicate that moment on I don't know old Vegas and all the odd drink and gamble like in not one of those Italian dirty both casinos you know yes and then up like only to light after like hours and hours this cleese a starter Alec 1112 whatever after hours and hours this huge sister to believe that it's evening because every casino looks like it's evening and sums just about to happen out here noticed that putt. Happy now an officer and Christina. Yeah you always give that moment where you go ahead to open the door and it's not just that regular sounds like that Vegas sign it just goes scripts. So. This year here and you just Lindsay feel like the double on every denounced Spitzer army errors or banana and always a fun moment. Did I you've heard me tell that story at first I went to Vegas right. Theories about dead and determined to strip club yeah I mean that's exactly what happened there I opened their doors like a ha. Yeah I will say this though the last time the internal debate is my buddy rob right. He kept its super classy when the UFC fight their inning so Friday may we had some fun to Saturday you like we got out. They we were so Belushi we go to this law. We're getting massage is retreated smooth he's three and free lunch of who shot on break we're just two and everything you like triggered coffees like. Trying to like get back did he eat normal humans. But it Vegas that you're a few years he wasn't a week you're not tonight so at one point Neil up that night we go to the fights. And lake. We can honestly when we were kind of dragon asked during the fights right and it's July 4 weekend and then after the fight we you know restaurant. And we were like you're relentless on an espresso let's see what happens so we during a couple strikes those. Now we're trying to out. There were going to these cheap casino were gambling and I meet up of these guys I knew from Twitter. But I never met him buzz do rich is there an air for bachelor party in Vegas a Michael called me up with a slide south lake to thirty. Prove we're happy hour Margarita Ville Jimmy Buffett's. Credit LA public or the board Enright still we get back to improve at some point of execs keep in mind the night before we both bring in the we want Mike I'm only 300 dollars in humanly 500 dollars before we went to the river cut out of the second night where it is due to no worries I whereby journey you're on one has a freer and won't tell you something did you know that Margarita Ville has very good start to foray have. It's us and hookers I thought and I like other bartender just getting off right like it took a pathetic this is a bit. It's a crowd at city sheriff's compress heat but it's weird is all of a sudden I'm pond to Italy for admiral Mike. We export our courts. Takes about boots. Always beautiful and I. Don't talk to us sold for only. So I am now getting back to what the sun rise and in desert. Him a hug may use and stuff. So we have Blake I got a solution junior sweets right that has a little sunken living room. So rob goes to bed there's no weed but I'm waste and wanna smoke something so I have like a cigarette or couple cigarettes. And he viciously beat Lee was again and I woke up at some point he is the sun was rising he has you were just standing there staring at the sounds so Pete Seeger. I'm shocked at how everything goes dude it's you were there for only a few cigarettes and a few Beers just want to confront the left I don't have to cut. I. That's on the most used to have ever come up. Did you guys know we you know at that moment in my hand I was in and so did my press amazingly. Off. Dugard told Floyd. Ted dander who measures. Yes so some me said Fred good multi day Bender you know. Yeah I mean a little luck I'll be dead honestly go episode 204 hour with gusts puzzle until there who have it was the last dad worked. Stayed up way too late haven't fires a parent and then that Kirk and then yeah we are well I gave drink. And Kaka but the fact that oh yeah remember that like right after you're my comment. Yeah it'll ask you get I didn't resides at a time yeah on the entry and how much fuel to go through all. You know I also like to that I really fell asleep the Tibetan math and it showed a play I was just hours after he got caught I was suffer flustered that I like today I was looking at my notes have to afford early. These suits looked terrible like I'm right. Crummy little notes of late these are even less and make no I don't think Eliot you're kind of drinks dog met. So. Who also bottles say as far as resolutions go. If you broke one don't sweat it. You strike January had some stuff going on in my personal life god take care of having a beer. I didn't know his stride January. It was fuel strategy didn't lift per. Senate he's got a whole week. That's a lie I started on the second and I had a beer on the eighth the six day because that's almost a week you don't start a whole new thing dry April that. Try to be discredited retrieved. Eastern secured a mile to a month nobody sweats. You still get to Sumitomo real naval twentieth may have doggie dry April again not so grateful people try it. Look at. Matter you didn't yeah I heard niceties and supports I have fulfilled only in. I'm out. Call do you like how do you have no self you have no Joseph Joseph they all you can do you hit off the owners do not and his drink recently announced that well I'll find out America. Out of visits. Does have to do down there and it like there's a much demands of car but honestly April if there is a month to drink it's April that's like their primetime space in the middle summer here. You know got to be the best weather right late low eighties like sixties in ninety. Aha that's like all the festivals are like the middle spring in the middle of silence all sounds like he does in other time between seasons or best chef. I learned in that strike April to late may get down there in April. Check out my instant Clinton folks like I poll go to help combat that the Amish gonna help put up an LA guy. You think governor go to guns in London after Africa thought. Sorry drank from this at this book will on the issue. This oh man all right. Attorney billion notes that god that's a mile porous carry a dog there would have been to the heir apparent hey guy here. It was really great seeing you all podcast party for me it was awesome way to end the year to a T doesn't seventeen was a year of many tests and simulations and life for me. Had a lot of good times and a few bad. But overall a huge learning experience a blessing like to suggest he doesn't eighteen be the year resilience the summary to push forward and it's an amazing things this year. Wishing you all the best. Bloody guys and mark on. Nor AKA days nor AK AMS nori a few nasty. Man those locker room that I. Show good day gave nor do them Mac through and queen or some type that he genial little Hashemi gifted like rolls a joint I know one of those two are less it's okay. On your cubs. I you did too cool the other. Sue verdict in your scenic view this. Still earlier. We don't tobacco and that in the acting like mixed up and you play it's a little container that also has a built in roll or on it. And see like put in the it's like one of those little roars that you see. With that. I don't know I describe that material well Microsoft's. Yeah I used to have on hand was enjoying a man and you roll it up I live with that thing for years the out Lois noticed. Yeah it's it's so to life. Tied neck. The study used or liked the citing her ire on underneath deciding on a house or throw all right. Around here ever fair few know it tied enthusiasts. That I would have gotten her count until he's told me. But yeah I think and then the way you roll and as you put this stuff in there and then you put the paper and they just shut the lid on the container. And it pops it out role that super cool to have been used yet oh yeah it takes a little bit of practice but like if you're going out for a night you know he got a role. Five or six in a row. That's a good time to use it I got you mixed it all well and can't really easy I just put it all I always makes him you know before I roll anyways. And you go one and then the other yeah com. You know different different approaches we've not done its job done. Yeah I just. Put it in there instead the paper on the lake along the back of it and with it and then he shut the lid and it just pops out it's crazy. Values yet. Now I am not. You would down there and all stand where I know technically we is illegal zipper and very small medical. No but people still smoke wheat grain. Much why didn't. Yeah people smoke weed but you do not as Selig and amount of the bars suss I'm not Ike's now getting a loss of weed and how Procter and allied air thing I mean it's. More rare than I expect people definitely spoke we but I think it's more about like in the privacy of your own home out of a bond type of scenario and less like out well again as a lob and no one cares type of but I. I saw so that pause and arm out of him work. I will be absolutely that's all they've seen it's a college town like I just figured to be the same way. I mean people smoke weed or saw it's mostly like Mexican bush we'd you know when I come across the border Karzai that greatest quality. In my opinion but also. It's just site. Because you can't be as open about it it feels like it much more hush hush and you really don't see as much she now like house parties status. And two cents. You know until me Ana how true it is on security guys in though and late. Here it is there is late there is in Seattle PD isn't Lorie about people's voting taught in public even though it's against the state law right because they. And do after years man. Her current group that's cool that's funny that's Seattle is always pretty lax and yeah I was so that story about the Kia Rihanna sonics games that's how long -- one's gonna consciously fellows so it is you got to be farther away I have to get what you back did but I mean he did evenly dig the joy for us that we just walked away that's so cool. Yes as a gesture but it Jeff Sessions starts. You know what I did with and I also I read some of us suffer are the Republicans have come out the Mike act we don't know what he's talking about nobody like. I may just seems and a personally shooting him can seem like the Republicans are really on board with it. Yeah it does in my personal issue I like Tom the wasn't I think was the governor in in Washington. I. You know sends out a tweet us is right now. I had jails they husband's death stays I Lowry announced fight net neutrality on how to do that and you know when I learned about. And he held on network via just idea here's the thing about the we'd Leo as they should just kills me. Is like. A talk to the thirteen cops right. What it would Seattle PD are gonna coming here and tell you held on you know how crazy it's been now like great like a case and we have one less stupid thing for them to worry of but people we'd aren't going out there like. Drunk people calls a lot more Havoc in stores. You now and it justly did you see that BS down in Georgia that house party now is it outside of Atlanta and they charge like. He kicked him in the number they charged a ridiculous amount of number of these people at the party. For a minor pot possession. And it was so windy and they're like yes he came over west an ounce of me that's part of the pot problem with marijuana is that each each of race issue again. Basra say and it certainly NN that sounds sounds about right. It's so pure and Elaine it's fine but as soon as you leave the city limits. You in in Georgia sideman cuts out. But that's how awesome as a Texas. You once you leave Austin Writely just I Hillary's and I see that is killer Mike. Was talking about amigos or somebody arrested like Georgia Georgia. Georgia so they went to some other college right to perform and usually what I tell them boys like once you leave it in a UE and George but it is different. And. So weird tie I beg game last night. All that was a great tee shot. Over time I yeah. I was walking I was working and I just saw. I saw the playbook or. George did kick the field goal in overtime the Nassau Alabama the two Alabama plays. But does all eyes soften the games are working out like this is so awesome I feel like the college football championship. Is like completely epic like that. Every year there has been lately. Yes usually pretty damn good yeah. Violate the arrested over seventy people what's it mean overnight. They announced between that seventy of them but. Oh yeah. 00 dude and testing with pot is it has been an overwhelming is success on like almost every measure. You know enemy and I guess sound like well like there's a lot of bad a little bit of good it's like. Now use tax revenues huge reduction and my teens smoking aren't all the stuff and just out there you almost couldn't have gone any better. Yes Jesse the only downside to legal legalization of marijuana I've seen in Denver. And I think it's a little to Seattle to not as much as such in Denver. Is just. That's like the only downside I've seen the gotcha. You know. Yeah and I'm inform people were adjusted so just. Jeff Sessions sent a letter not to stage set had legalized action I'm sorry has started. Washington California and Tori and I believe their governors got together and rough draft a letter and sent it. And then Jeff Sessions. Think I was reading them on Twitter but I'm their public documents are pretty interest saying no two interpretations of the same thing. You which said don't hold their ma'am I'll whenever Eric Holder. It yet it's crazy. Boyce. Is he most status AKA Rosh club's number wanted. Number two women do get their tubes tied but it's called to bull like geisha and our guess I doubt that stay owls and I've really got to. Her back god Derek does funny. I still like that come and I were driving in a car if you think Al Heyman is gonna text Rahman we try to read it. Is she just like hey you make tilts at least through this for match up. Yeah Maurice Morris is a hysterectomy is over Arnold's of that as yet those in the eleventh hour just let. Hysterectomy. I was very company only you we totally bought it like yeah that's sick isn't a Smart Ted MySpace marker yet everybody laugh. Love as we walked out of the room walked into the studio next story and immediately. Like. The only two girls are there are both sale whatever the right thing as horse like. I think I did that brought us. Well beside them right because we have like three dudes we were so confident vitamins. Tyranny Jeanne you're like now now that I'm well not even close. But let's bring you again here hold uterus removed her over Easter and yeah I'm gonna stop but I was way off. Stay till this photo less. At a at upper high but still a Malkin got back that you don't the graphic. Instead I wanna read you the post script in this email on you tell me if you think this is true. So she signed this sincerely. Kerry likely the only girl that lessons from Boise. Based on your past experiences. Do you think that's accurate. In this case. Our care retirement same person. I don't think that's her but I think the other one I think that other girl solicit still NASA NASA Osiris senator yeah. Should share this is a long one boys I'm looking in I'm starent at seven paragraphs Holloway made for the record we should. Go into the Boise football game was fun. Yeah did it sounds office money goes on to see you on the blue terrorists you have record heat that nobody Chandler is there. Leo how I find Jesus I'm at the bar with a black dude that's. But walked in and I found cook. It said PS2 you have any answers in joining the the dream team more traffic are trying to get into that pool at Carolina Panthers stadium. I Jacksonville Jaguars to help her out in. And update our economy there's one down and Arizona to that's possible but I feel like we are really ready is all coach Jackson is that why slimy the original those got to be the Diamondbacks goal. This so that's what we did Diamondbacks are based all right correct in Arizona is leaked to the cardinals have won also there seems indoor. Now the cardinals don't. OK so that's probably the one Carl's talking about what I was talking about the Jackson no one art maybe it's Sunday resolve but it's like got that enlist. Enjoy and I don't know it's like the glass you know the fields. I'm so I guess I'm moves. Duke we're combining all of the best things we're talking about daytime drinking in a pool. At a football game it's. Like what if our people in a poke fun and like all there is the big hairy guy in the pool this weekend like why aren't why her hat I'll be fun fodder for Twitter per day like we're drinking beer in a pool. At an NFL game. But I didn't what did you do with you on Sunday so I got back I thought. Callebs has delivered the dream on by Jackson's health Florida prepaid phone would you have a chicken wings. And agreed to look the wife. Good job was in the Shia state would collapse. If it could speak. You know what went down on the landing in the day before it's who signed. The. Oh yeah Google and his don't mess letter presents the Washington. All right so this this email boys I'm not really sure how to tackle it it's from bacon big I read the whole thing when I was in line the airport this morning and my guys get all over the Boise girl. But it what are you guys talk about her specifically it. Oh no color here at no that was the end of the email or shoes scratching you know us carry our our. They scared yeah I just wandered interviewed doctor or your soccer is still. Also listening in Boise. How many it fell out of my goal early hour of the soccer in house and you know don't let your eyes it's. Tom. OK and so I did this on our slipping uses every too long make and I mean I were directory I thought as Terry just sank. So this is about before we retirement. To 97% scientific consensus on climate change. Oh yeah wherever that. I'll try to give Diaz a rundown as also to reach record clay. He's a great get together guys there's fantastic mean personalities trying to raise podcasts on land although I am. Honestly I should've known to throw a statement like 97% scientific consensus on climate change would it take our life is its own rather then I saw the main point I was trying to make it. I'd just clear that up that was joke others are 97% consensus and just because there was a consensus. Also doesn't mean they're right out of scientific method skeptical by major which the opposites. A consensus. Around that he goes on to make a few. He lists his notes and makes a few good points about its. One how anybody who doesn't believe climate change is immediately labels are climate change deny there I'm just for questioning some of their. Primacy is and then he sort of goes through a point by point some of the inaccuracies that he sees. And some of the recent said he did. Basically breaking it down and relation to around. Ocean certification. CO2 Jews are trying to cruiser and do this but I'm. Basically I already made some good points made in my hope was to have time to. To resurgence fully but I realized I was disoriented me about two hours and treasurers this really busy day so oaks. I didn't get to it I apologize to you for our email to me. Yeah Al storage both here dot com and I said PS quick note to Tyler. Anderson was who's trying to say about being her own person not just a girlfriend of one of the cast composite neither mad nor the other Steve Hewitt now way. I'd to meet Sarah and I'm sure she understands us mostly listened to cast only know he was Matt's girlfriend but he does little burst out of your round and I appreciated it. They can teacher found her polar stakes express. A taste that is very delicious current stay warm Alice. Could it get our tech guy wasn't nice where's our my girlfriend at all all true. Yeah yeah Bates and it's just July email frankly we just. We lost on a long time we have Florida three Erica Sam my com. Pretty terrified loot of climate change if I didn't get some roots and evidence of the contrary I might feel a little bit better than he actually talked about bass specifically. Are you being worried about it not a genre journal would think SI murderer when you're mad as a reason to actually scares units after your balance at. But that is point 00 they have Florida way Matta KI SW dot com. Send it. San net and that's every now Boris are nice here. To to to tend. Truly be a thing going wrong and no I mean hash tag diligence has to do is just 118 to near new theme. Bill insurance. Diligence. Diligence diligent religion has its diligence it. Also Matt I like that you don't resent. Talent that 20 and millions eyes yeah resilience. Diligence. Consistency. Put him but to start a huge speech. These are all shin these are all things that will help you help Roberts. There and picked. Man I don't know what it's more at some point like I'm a human speech I get you some fired up speech. Not just lately get a ruling the real rally. You know I mean yeah Bobby broken chargers brother about a way looters sport opening down Tacoma alone can't lose our own. Check it out and on Twitter elude us sport. And he treated you treated that's already tweet it out the podcast. And and yes and his brother like coaches wrestling for high school and make invited me into talk about labor nutrition and fitness the stuff. Let it it was like before holidays and they never never came to fruition and I'll thrill fired up I hope I distillate go do that and talked to some youngsters. Yet they are needed to be allied bought an apple and the only people what is this you play since opening looters sport I think LUD youth sport. Now what do they do it's I did Jim. Draw the butt buddy Derrek Lee. Now Jim citing Jim Mora fight in Egypt. But they I believe they have some some general fitness stuff and other talking about trying to do it. To its registry tweet that we. Yeah most I mean most most gyms that had anything that are gonna be like fight related weather Xbox scene. Just to. Judo any of that kind of stuff like Taekwondo late generally they also have fitness classes as well so would have to imagine their gyms and fitness class or two he didn't end there. No idea but I know a lot of new security caddies that never box their life they dislike the fitness classes and it's an hour of getting your ass warped. I'm surprised G could window never really took cost. Which was to begin though. G Condo was. Bruce Lee's martial art all right. That he felt some combined a bunch of the best aspects and different martial arts that's like I never hear every talk about it. Here's a good point. Did I got a buddy that just got into the with C is really being crop calm McGraw dropped on my god I don't know how to say it properly crop of my god believes I'm sure. Yeah I mean he was my boxing coach he's a black belt and another like he was already Kelly very nice Randy was already a little scary I'm like god Damon Rob Blake. What are you doing with what fight are you compare enforcer. No seriously. It's all part Matt let's check in would you not still all right it's. Obviously there. Still. Plus match. Yeah. Well I had a great great break I got to hang out with the creator of that song he gave me a Michelangelo. The ninja turtle most are all too nice. Apron so I can make make wins and now mine is still that and it. I got a over the name what is it wing's season yet. And he did submit our yeah I guess that this current Ivan sleep and yeah I actually. So this figure out to the farmer's market hours on one Ballard high bond. Oh yeah I was really cool as saying earlier is just like mighty Whitey. Super allow it to beat. She got ER done about house cat status. Record farmer's market would assume that you can learn on Dyson vegetable stand up. Not it was really in the morning. Fat fat fat. You still free independent man mask. At it it about a Lacey about being free and independent. I don't I'm not gonna let Mike matching outfits work you like where in this day and tights now. Well it's yeah. All right yeah all the picture a New Year's accorsi didn't ITN the I mean those are a little bit different I like the ones that I ordered dinner just to be worn is tied so broad allowed. But I don't know see light of day again they're pretty cool. Play yet those are sick and loves us. Yeah there there a lot of fun and plea the farmer's market had chicken wings still. I hope I was like dude if I put these wings in my recipe in granite I tried go to like smaller stores you know not just the LA. Big grocery store type stuff. So that is a little bit more local or ever polite thank you farmer fresh wings and then go put them through my process. Raise raise the game. Yeah sell that that's that's dormitory eighteen diligence makes some farmers and there's things. But I made a ditch in farmers' markets due to buy stuff that I haven't. They're beautiful park and quit already I don't know man but she just. She's that's what my goals farmer market swings that god damn it and but I don't see how do you see how ultra fast talked. That. You may be Eunice yeah. It took just over a little bit about goes far resorted to go around and bruises in my life right now. All. I've done it it's so much fun but I I don't generally it right in its I don't think it's a terrible thing which is a great if it wasn't for women and just generally wouldn't go to that stumble when you go it's like homosexual all right. Other affordable are going to be eaten healthy all we is not not too bad oh my god is that elements Greek yogurt who does this skill do they don't. They have mini donuts the only lies for those that the market DD a farmer's curb pike place which also into street bum. So yeah if I don't remember where I was Cohen that they do the wings is really good on its way and feared a little while. Figure that whole thing out. That's the focus where villages. Gives us a trade with type plays gave a floor. Wouldn't just give food just yet because I was go. That's why I wanted to step up my fresh food game. So I got some eggs down pike place as vegetables to go makes moments of my parents lie nice Saturday lighter brown. Brown nice I wanted to get duck eggs that they were out and they had dug is the farmer's market. But I've our regular legs first song that's Owens and are sold out relatively later it's I budget regulate the eggs cool. And then later it's odd duck eggs are excellent itself and next week. On go go at some topics for the week after them. But yeah Harvard still man lot of fun except one lady on my god so we got some room. Brussels sprouts still on the stock gray yeah. As awesome super excited about it and we go to this other stand and those are batting order. We're getting a big bag of root vegetables from the stands to put in this do right it's got. Here at the beats. And just other stuff though isn't fully Shura different types of carrots arsonists. Yes so I'm excited about it and the girl does like. Boca fear they have Brussels sprouts that are ball off the style geez I joke Nazi era. Little Brussels sprouts on a stick there. And as make. Yes it's pretty positive and she's like comic guy I would say let us go like this they. There's a lot of war pitches to get him off present them and that she got like really late. Passive aggressively condescending I'll just say yeah I mean it's it's better for the plant the way we do it take them off we can we get more usage out of it in this that Mike got super. I doubt its way to Seattle for me out like OK I'm not coming back to this area and these and other and other ones that. Any I was COLT has called it like yeah I'm excited to be eaten fresh food that's still on the plan she's taken a few Brussels on my stick yeah. Yeah Dobson Seattle yeah I it sounded a little condescending but then she kind sorry nobody had you Becky. The summit agenda lobbed you not feel about it. Yeah out so meant so much stuff happened the party who is a definite highlight missing your New Year's Eve or Christmas Eve party is definitely a low light. On Blake yeah Eddie that that's not always looking crazy out and damaged and we have on very steep hill it. The four wheel drive SUV was not not have been any outs does it well that's a mile under the white Christmas with the family which is great but it lake. Manuel talk about some full Mo Jeter have been that the Ted Smith's Christmas Eve party you can't understand. I will say this there was a period remains until it. People come over after five right so I've walked over these giant pizzas I have sausage dip in the oven meat pie holes. There was there was like an hour is cops showed up finally put out some nobody deviate he went to a shot to what's up a nutrient tiniest snowman us I'm a bitch. I got all this food deal amateur racing to show up we banged on the shot it's not no worries goddess hair but. And then there DC crowd too but I. I yeah I always like my meat balls my neighbor came over with much better people really. Oh yeah and reminisce shall make it up from Tacoma. Yeah that was the weird thing I knew he was still won it all that I and that's it the same day he said that I destroyed a big it's like what he came from Tacoma. Now did you made the right car via non. It was sunny right that would be terrible to get into car accident don't forget Christmas yes that was taken by the alternatives and then my girlfriend and I what I had to go pick her up and you're in and the PL is a whole thing. Duet. Man getting down so it if you're familiar like some damage there's a plateau we have on the lake below the plateau but who went do you. AA at the church service up on the plateau. Which is just a giant hill and then and it was fine on the way out enduring that. Hour and ten minute thing where budget kids act out the Christmas story as they okay cool as Dahlia yeah it's fun. And then. Out after that don't like. An inch and a half two inches of snow like in that sort of tied and this area hasn't really meant for that like there's no snowplows to hit. Get out there consult the guy and so. Going down that hill at Inglewood hill feared if you're from there that area. And two opens is this little different than it legally you hear about that certificate and a sockets. Gaga the he has a toll of the top it's nice hunt. So today. People were just sliding down this thing and I'm pretty sure there were some accidents there's definitely abandoned cars cars on both sides of the street. And it was just mad isn't very stressful. I wasn't driving but when you feel. The driver lose control of the car right you don't need to be driving to know I hope that we don't have control of the car here. And it's terrible guy and you're on a hill and you're just going down and happened multiple times. And man it was tenth but he you know those are good family bonding experience I would say. It was pretty scenes on Christmas Eve it was really and waking up and haven't and the dogs grab them upon running around India knows it was really cool so I'm great time. Now the I don't know a lot lot happened on the break I can't hear and remember at all but it was cool man. Nice call it there. I'm the same in even for me out I was gonna thirteen going on Christmas Day in nearly thirteen points late in the more you. We usually it's kinda hard to get table even in the bar on Christmas like we got to a pretty easy in the eyes again it. He is a slow this morning Canon. Field and show up smells like Nokia isn't there but yeah I mean you've lived anywhere from Seattle north which by the way if you listen as podcasts you've never lived in Seattle. I know it sounds ridiculous but two inches is all takes to paralyze society. Yeah it's bad man but I ask. And I mean Mike like some of the streets in my neighborhood and I'm talking about I mean that. Great he is put that's so I was thinking about Blake was they okay. You know if I get up the main road to probably be manageable write it I like a highway one on gas and and sell my parents live off kind of a main road. They aus I guess that in my via an hour's late to invite you to Ted's house and there's not like parking on the out one stretch. It's just like some of the steepest hills in the city. Moneyline cheats you don't have to turn up up and go up like music was that the deep before it was like he might snow at like 9 or 10 o'clock at night on Christmas Eve. All of a sudden my three surgeries in just a principal and like a lot like Dobson earlier and stick it. Yeah those on the our demand will I guess is about that terrible checked in all different. I forgot the belt. Look at known therefore I mod and jagr had the bell yes sir I did the ballot itself being deuce. I think in the meantime. I guess some points may wearing. Bury this time no problems so one how school district's work in. Washington. Is if one school says to be clear at least fairly cautious going estrogens if one school is closed all the other schools are closed at one schools to live the other schools are delayed because of busing issues so when I was in junior high we have to be in the same school district as Inglewood junior high which sits way outside of arrests of the district. Including like how they haven't. I demand high schools whatever that's so much all right. Yeah only one on the plateau so shout out Inglewood are mad love dingle and hill when you got me out of school many times Greg and I are right yeah. First of all good. Second mall Matt some people are saying about that party it that it was the super bowl of dip. Fell while. Well you know sometimes. It's nice to just keep some information from your friends. Am I certain final question in and it goes right along with keep in commissioner Franz. Were I to bring it into the studio. Are you willing to promise you right now do you take a bite of believe. Let's us know what that is or my associates iPod Touch owners as a former aide. Move it say god you're cooked prepared version. Matt. It's simple question. I need answers made some man I'm all about experimenting. With new feuds this year I think it's fine but. That sounds sounds. I feel like I'm getting set up. Jim a computer turning into no. A cat well actually Larry I do totally OUNL. Guy you see it is that house developed duck embryo. Seen some places house delicacy but really it's isn't just a bird in that aid. A bird dismayed and gelatin still on that point I just about bank worker that is Bert. Bully BA LUT. I believe those who do it if you usually you don't wanna just did a racetrack. There's a thing called blue ice cream that pops up in the chest god now AL now. Well I think I'm glad I didn't commit to that. You know things are trying to set me up Dick. I'd do my embarrassed oh my iPod. Yeah to get that bill. Ten which sent. Ali Adam and about a third. Luke god don't. To the net. I speak in a free. An independent man who don't need no woman. Your book is out of the skate rink last week oh. Wednesday night is skate now. We we hated every week down here in Austin it's spew I will be some adults you know unmanned X quote unquote whatever very fond found. Yes there is a lot of debris on the ski rink yes it's a warehouse. Yes it's a square around then you know an oval so they've cut some corners literally and figuratively but just. Immigration and hello Al skate Knight is people turn up. Biggest wild and there you go expecting six people. You it is about. A 160 to 200 multiple birthdays. It's one of the things do in fact that night Wednesday nights there's three skate night's independent skate nights in Austin that's how big bonus and it does so anyway. I'm most were on roller skates or school when you do now I you boy blades after time after time I go skates anyway and of course is beautiful woman that one of home. This young. Sexy woman dark hair incredible skater rice is on now she's on quads doing or saying. Killen again and so. You know I was asked for some. Tips whatever serve Claire north Thursdays are gone pretty well and I was like okay cool like you know she's single we have slumped war. Yeah I'm gonna dust in the tools off send Mike you know. When using any conversational. Waiter skill that that I have. You know try to woo this woman and is some pretty guests don't get about it and ash is release 12423. So Mike sat just. Very sexy all underscoring that yoga pants do throughout next. Visual learners with. And neck at her father's ass content appears throughout boogie nights. She is essentially wearing a black ski in time body suit. So anything. Yeah well you. Yeah because my feeling now. So. It's all well and then of course you know. I have no idea why but she skated back on to the rink which. And I hadn't talked draw happened a scheme by which can Shiite almost skid ends meet Psycho I put my hand up my guard against her skin enemy but I also was like. I don't know what my plan was us trying to flare with Eric's basically just Palmer in the face to swarm. Oh are. All hall lawyers they've got a group that's our thoughts who's really you touch your butt. When did you seize defeat from the clutches of victory have get a Brady email us he hubby podcast dot com has of the Madrid machine. When did you use groups see heads out of your race yet comic lessons hang onto probably I got a couple questions number orator. Was this I mean is is like a stiff armed did you like buys Winterthur. And right now let's create. Now are now it is us apart like I would say like. If you're still like Mary gently touch someone's face of your palm. De Soto was the issue does not happen as shields excuse me you would like this Texas drawl and it is not the right moves up yeah elect. I my intentional most of what reserve also tables are running into each other X I don't know Basra trying to grab the shoulder or like. I don't know Manaus and who initiated physical contact but it's just like it would all kinds Iran is very Koreans were and it. AM. Yeah palm to the face masks. And I would be see her tomorrow night but we're gonna Katy Perry and San Antonio so I won't have to limit my sham until next weekend. I'm going to Katy Perry has. Eric are you gonna get a farmer's market. Mean I'm trying to think. But I've definitely done it with rim actually fight this is the best story to be women I'm just about when you had something in the bag and you managed to screw it up whatever it is. We had to opt for B yeah I can use simple little things like Robby you've seen easy between indoor before and just completely let one go through this tickets there's nobody around me. But that's I mean that's indoor soccer. The one I'm gonna talk about involves a woman and I will leave some innings out of it beat you remind your boy is like. At 21. So I have like this girl that I have been like friends with for years but like they always wanted to hook up there right. I follow law and told everybody this and that. Some live in this house. In Baltimore right this row counts. And we would have McAfee anti Christmas party like two weeks before Christmas for like you had to bring it to eat you can only invite three friends and you had to Wear light. I mean I'm sure we were just probably where Mike lasers are looking khakis maybe somebody wars to project the kind of like dress up right. So anyhow so I invite this girl she's that he algo. And everybody there knows the whole story and she is smoking pot and I'm probably would do it 300 you. Still probably 300 pounds in the 310 at this point in my life. But she is smoking hot so we both get wasting eight late. I can keep in mind I don't even remember all this part of it might as other people describe it to like you know when you're like oh. Dance that was somebody in my your heads or like resting on each other like you right there right. So apparently we don't even realize that we're the only two as we move the furniture out but we're the only two in the living room like in the middle of the room slowed it. Like nobody else is dancing. Everybody is watching this. And then I got way too drunk and I did I had to puke. So late guys so I just like right now but is my body's telling you it's like dude but we all know he wanted to hook up their right. For whatever reason she was feeling this might inflate. Would you guys like resting your heads about a kid accidentally and then you left. And the reason why did you legally what do you do it. And I like outside MIA. I mean it's hard I don't remember Billy 21 by candlelight quick you can and the average distorting it teetering or something that's how I act. Put the moment passed right and I kind of knew I was close but it was the next day when all my friends or dislike you all are an caffeine 88. But you were assisting you and worked in the years that you were there and and obviously it was the only chance I ever had it was the closest we ever got. Mann act. That's got to meet you back legs aren't a its know how do you tell your right Alec it's fine and everything look like you're right. My pride is not feel great tell that story. Yeah. I got a few those. A company headed into what to expect when it came to Miami or San actually I don't remember all the details about it because it's so uncomfortable legislature blocked it out. I just remember one time I take a train from Santa Barbara to LA. And I agree in the back and there's like not very many people back there to say a couple random people scattered out it's like free open seating or whatever. And there is like hot chick on and then on the opposite IL like one row back to remember and there's like no in between us are never. And that she asked to borrow like Japan. Or some thing GE's. And that she had something out that she was like traveling somewhere at a she'd just traveled or whatever. And does site I was so smooth goes like yeah as long as you cross comeback in yet tell me about going there or whatever and make. Do hope it was slick shoes like totally you know my smile everything. Well then she took I think it was a 10% how earlier layers that I had just don't wanna think about it. As she's over there like five minutes maybe ten automotive and they had over government I just remember. In that time I psych myself up there was she came back and I was just to stammering mess pick could not just. Did not converse. To save my god damn life. And to our members that says the train wreck most when he opens even if you. Go to bat. I is that I always ahead deet tails I wish I remember all the awful lie and I've made my ego blocked it out I just. I kind of love is completely blocked and Alex and PT SD two I remember vividly being hired. Wholly might have been one of the smoothest. Lines of my entire life right there just seem list charming quick she was into it. And then Airways just like oh my god. Yeah you steal the bat just connect and you know it's part is perfect. Amanda but who has followed by five to ten minutes of me sitting alone in anticipation. Of this beautiful girl coming to talk to me and boy did I blow that Alan. Yeah. Yeah because it out when you have so much time to think about it but it's liquid somebody's playing third base right. So eats the hot corner right so there's one time in the hole between third and shortstop he's gonna dive forward. But he doesn't have time to think right. Right to the ball's already in his glove and now he says he can take to The Hague. They got piled as he can take all the W winds and that's when they air. Air mail the first base and extended over his head because you know you have all the thought like just relax throw to first base now fellow know who learn eats. Yeah yeah DC isn't hasn't PK isn't soccer to icing the kicker and so ball. Yeah but you have all that time like our young dude just the simple thing now died Heidi it's much easier when it's instinct of some of the craziest police GC. We do we just do that is it's instinct. When you have time to think about it I don't like it's I don't remember the details of just talking about like that feeling is is coming back and it's. So. Humbling. Tell us what happened would rewrites and then my buddies the next day or give me this hard time right sub home now hope. Well I had a chance maybe there's a chance tomorrow we'll have some mystique are there is there left and you wonder if that literally that was the only game that your resume and cracked open for me and I ran away from it. I. See I don't manage. Where can relate like we've all had that moment you know like that story could have ended with YouTube owner Ted. Yeah you got to count your blessing and I know him well. I'll let you see the line tag you did out. This whole life with the press. Good night I and it it it it it it. You know why this is why don't you go to part spark that's. Adequate time State's fracture we ended up on Mike the other time on the backs of future you know all guys syllable and east goes I don't even know you guys that threatens you in a bar and I'm like yelling and I'm like. 350 foreigner town's largest broker now we didn't he say usually drink anywhere. What about ought wife last gotta say it's a hot topic if it is it. Yes and every square off my full time it's applied. Yeah I what do you guys even doing here this is it home and are able they Diego there's never sued to 05. You know foreclosed out just what the IQE you know thank you so much everybody that showed up too little get together. But also me and just thanks everybody that listens steered. Italy the league in percent tennis in crazy T here like people are legitimately coming up to and haven't multiple times to people like. Yeah I mean as. Going through some like. Dark bad times and beyond this way analyst at the Mike. Do you guys gave me some hope and something that Judy you know I had that found a lot of inspiration in this match and I there's multiple stories like that. And I thought it was the coolest thing because that's what I'm like. Beyond trying didn't create positive change in the world you know especially to fitness and nutrition. And but I don't think of the podcast is something that. And doing that that are adding that it is I don't around my friends of like remember opera stories in the back of trains are completely blow it let's. Yeah but I'm really really stoked to be to be a part of all of that and really is really cool to hear some of those stories so yet. It was a great time thanks in Detroit everybody it sit down and die king street and catch I was reducing Brian I think was a server. Black dude. Mice do anyhow but thanks meant to advisory came out for just honestly like he just nice like he really did the weeds star. The guy checking me out mostly due to listen to podcasts and are okay hello well Clinton and so just say I work in there as it is the network Coca. Yeah but I mean I I know I feel like I did speak for Cobb a man don't listen to like obviously. You know I didn't mention being Matsu and overnights Cobb seven Texas so we are things that we do you regularly been. You know yeah a 100% it was awesome and I. Humbling and super cool to see people come out just like kids connect with people in person ma'am I I loved it is around thank you guys. I'd diligently agree peck peck peck peck kept diligence that's a word Berlusconi 182018. Diligence. I read the frenzy DP for commonly Ted Smith does he podcasts chips.