Thee Podcast Episode 206

Thursday, January 18th

This week we discuss cold season, coffee, and playoff football


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Well boys I guess you know we'll just still lives there yeah. So. I also mad Jim around what's Matt and an audio and somebody requests a debt. Like as an MP3. Yeah are any traditional file format by any act I could get it as a around I'd jets in here and got real sign it somehow. Article it's in an email all reader I just in corners throwing out and last sigh. I wasn't gonna read it I was answering our bridal if you couldn't determine if you can on Sri don't merits or by editors there has soared nearly Malin I think you know atone. Warren outs. Didn't. It's out of more usage and not in but I feel like crap we just gotta you go and spoke out or I'm non. Yells startup. You are getting to a podcast this isn't just any I guess just any podcast couldn't do this. And starting these start at these. Starting deep sense at all. I don't you know. These fox death of thirteen 06 Wu greatest loss death and all land. All the way how it's over two yeah I'm sure and it's all up at Sydney that Smith would coveted post visit my guess if I'm just following all the way everything else. Good putts there Roberta everybody's always hear what's he's somewhere in southeast Asia two wheels Hillary would drop out the door on. The Hong Kong neat guy and Shanghai Stock Exchange soared to a record close today on hopes of an IPO bonanza on the Chinese New Year in February. The greatest shares and all land or flats and it was low trade volume in virtually no news to move the market as far as it was put on CNBC's Squawk Box commentators. New year same pod cast but did seven quilt for the boys find a way to goose earnings a little higher this corner order we'll find out at 630. I baca who is still get the studio set up what the Haas Skype and everything on Manhattan's garment producer and CTP was amended Ted who. Yes so I'll start today by talking about cold season. All right so mad I know if you noticed as your your night but a lot of people around here been sick. Intact so here's always the kind of conversation I have right so like sometimes I tell people like you should just stay home if you're sick. Right is that everybody else is gonna get his big cold temperatures only affect you didn't sit. Thank you move it just a matter of being in the room with people but now you fast forward we get a half later. Now I'm the one that sick right so I I just got this today and tomorrow probably suck. But now stuck in that weird spot like my advice would be to stay home not the email sick. But everybody else is already come in when they were six I'll look like the paying the price to help well it's great to be sharing a studio with two. Thought that the U talk exactly that chassis that's right in the last week and a half I got here. I worry that it's a conundrum like politically you aren't corporate culture let's move there. I don't because Greg is I mean that's kind of my point I think. I think cold to be a lot less vicious her body if people did stay he'll only have them but Greg like what do I do now but everybody else on the shows RD worked with a cold except Mike lake. Now I can't call and right and was weird for me to take time off it. And for a called on the oil and here I don't really have that excuse here. If anything there's been times pledges don't do my KI so these shows and I hand out and and one of the big studios you know spread my germs. Are kind away well elsewhere. But still Blake you know I don't know exactly how all the meat you know they just hang out until the daytime markers show opera it's just on me. But either way. The day here it's a different thing but at the GM. I always the house did take time off vital calls on this like look dude let your health is my concern I can't be coming in here. Sick and breathe in around you and showing how to do this or whatever noise so I'm very very cautious in the gym sitting here not so much. Do Nelson this as someone who prides and someone not getting sick very often knock on wood I hate when somebody will like let me hug them or shake hands of them hang out for awhile just. And then at the end of the conversation mentioned that they've been really say clearly. I did that's out of time. What's ahead. I did that UN town and I might have come in for the hug. But I reality is they we hand before the podcast sounds like gas. Got a little sale issue don't have the floor room and we're just sitting in this office here's the last ten minutes are never around I well ordering us in the studio now. Speak that's sort of sailing it's late it it's a weird thing out thereof at the labels like. This would I feel that bad because I just got it come late the next two days I'm probably for contagious which is all great feedback as we sit here. Love and it's one that's a thing to do you practice what you preach. Or do you like suck it up and play ball and which one as though like preferred by about other options grants in now. Yeah I don't know it's a cynical it's it's a weird predicament. There is no right moose I feel I'm most situations there's a solution. You're stuck in the middleman rock and a hard place to pick it Pelosi this if anything else I just refer technical little weekend saga has been drinking quilt. Like 2448. Straight man who good life. The prison record high school so it. The dude since we're sad excited about Saddam quell I don't know how how much of Tom separates our bubble for the podcasts we have put in but you're saying UN rebel sort of podcast to. They got some quell cracked. Yeah got the Mike quill got the super delegate or eight. How and do the full satin Alia that the starter in the starter kit for her I'm a big babies I'm Amanda have a cold. Do of course like to know everybody has their own like voodoo and herbal remedies whatever I always say one of those giant. Costco vitamin C pills as a thousand milligrams of vitamin C it's the same stand as the what's this so that they sell like in the check out aisle and dot the powder that super insurgency. Yeah emergency is busy same thing but. I do feel like it helps at least mentally what is the scientific backing so that you know I'm no idea and kind of data here around I tools like him once that uses. Off Yemen girlfriends gold pull someone house and the parent she gave new one today seven. In my C up one after yet. It's set I mentioned to tell you well shoot what happens is our crazy for it sounds like UN from a radio microphone under computer microphone. All I did my radio right or wrong guy unplugged as a sound now polio. I failed actress amber isn't touched it Gary killer or. I'm so I mentioned that would tell late. Story the only story the story of the only time I've ever been late for work so. When I was eighteen I was working in the Summers I'm at a construction jobs you guys know in the mornings as journeyman laborer. And then that night I'm out goes foul lane at Carroll on point armored Kirk on. Which is days is a big office complex couple restaurants or whatever. And down so I got really sick like a fairly early in the summer. And I remember somebody was like oh man might just have my quote you'll sleep fine whatever dated and sure enough man the only time I sit on quell I'd like maybe a half model of that I don't know I analyze why not that's a lot of well pretty aggressive. Does a full account Bob it was like about twice the recommended dose whatever that was so what's it like for a Mosul cops maybe is to take care anyway is. Passed out woke up like almost of the Thomas socio work freaked out like Russia in my room grabbed my stuff popped in my truck I. Did down to carry on point and our member to this day at a seven minutes late and I'm still just about the only time in my life from her memory for work. Just to get that off my chest it's not a funny stories Sauna relevant story but how to put that out and I spoke act. Yellow nice quilt to remain a mix a little hazy the next day the Dow as I say yes we haven't had days at that point yeah because I mean sometimes lake. I got sick right salting a full the full dose tonight. But I mean I have played widget ten out eight to ten hours of sleep I can sleep it off. But like they're sometimes drive taken if we don't like military got half the recommended to the boost he just you don't wanna wake of that haze the next day yeah. But that's basically me with we'd animals. Right though that said did last in the last last spring was like you're of those nights are like the super hot or super cold. You can't breathe daddy you're newseum office just okay and quite until late tonight like the sooners are not like I'm going no need to soup then I'm going to hell to sleep. How did I hate that and it's always the debate right the same one west side. That they're having with icing on the muscles now but basically like budget drama you know vices. Are there like for takes. That's like do you treat the symptoms or the cause so basically like you know with tonight quell is that just suppressing year. Symptoms and make Jesse can sleep yes but then are you really treat the underlying cause or are you inhibiting. The body's systems that are meant to help heal you so I wished muscles I'm of your source more work our youth I'm Mike if you sprain your ankle. And you leave it in nice about 50% of doctors are saying. Put it in nice it'll reduce the swelling and about a 2% doctors are now sank. Don't put it in I stat swelling is the body's natural healing mechanism to bring more nutrients and oxygen tube. The tissues and have been destroyed. So you know. I don't now but San sang debate whether quill I can help source makes a C actually get sleep announced the sleep in turn helps our. You know just tomorrow is just it's just for sleep late night quote doesn't cure anything. You know I mean even sleeping helps a lot rages gives your arrest for me it just lake I can actually will be a really get some sleep tonight. Yeah I feel that and that's the thing is like does good to. Solid sleep help I would say probably you know a lot of healing goes ominously. And you gotta do the other thing too rightly. You know any like Kevin chugging water all day drinking hot tea to try to break up that injection and everything's in you still got to stay super hydrated. Be careful while what you eat and whatnot but. Yeah I mean. Trusty personal sort of good part of the day read about it for a I. No court is vako gonna cured but I never was almost a fire measures like yeah for me I just like I I guess he gets to sleep. So albums are tight beyoncé DI feel like a go at the worst foods when I'm sick I KER pizza and chips and just like whatever sounds good. Yeah I used to go mysteries this funny or just counseling this weekend Grayson get two Tonys party pizzas. They then Cabrera I don't know why was agog feel pretty bad but you know party pizza. Up party remains about sound and I'm sealed letter Latinos. Pizza or two OC knows party rolls. No just Dino who makes the party roles also makes the party pizza. OK gotcha. Part of their family and friends. It's put back tirelessly to use the week. Well at least your ground relic yeah I just that you never see need to pizza roll anymore cargo like at a kid that went bad indigestion anymore. You're like why don't buy something pizza rolls. 1:30 in the goddamn morning current practice. Did you hear a scene that sounds as quick off topic of your scene that footed steady show of bombs. I did just shorn of pizza factory X ten like this high speed camera that photographs all the pieces coming off the line and it like a little thing that'll knock a Mossad they don't look I give it out within stacked like if they look close enough to what it does storm now. Should look like. I haven't but that's that makes perfect sense. Dude it's crazy man I couldn't believe how many Mosul bitches Rita knocked off that. Yeah what's kind of amazing the products they can put out. Like he'd take all the nutrition and stuff happen but just the fact you can make their product show up every time in the exactly the same as pretty impressive. Yes dude and what's crazy is like everyone always thinks about why their local convenience store sort of site. Yeah I go and in my local convenience store has like 25 packs of hostess cupcakes but then you think about the fact that there are thousands of convenience stores. And each one of them is getting socked with twenty tax this cupcakes and all these cupcakes are relatively fresh. And I how many cupcakes gotta be like pushing out a data key Bubba back and dude modern manufacturing is insane. It's that's like. You know sometimes we talk about like referees or whatever I wanna say it was what's his name. Some didn't want your guys smacked hard. The guy that runs Sam Adams. What's his name Tim Jim cook idea because he's occurred yes hi. Pathetic that they expect that the fact that that other I'm pretty sure it's all the same way but you always had a good line to easily look like on the craft brewer. He's like but you got to give credit to like Budweiser and Miller course that the amount of these light Beers in the consistently with even pump them out over the years like it's pretty improper. Remarkable on its own right and yeah didn't he like when there's a guy hops shortage or whatever you like bottom line tonight and sold them to. Microbreweries that there would be costs both for the this shortage means the cost go up yeah that's. Pretty cool yeah he's cool dude from what I can tell they're racing like him. Do you do that's one of the key pieces of my guess I always say about mcdonalds like people hate on them but I honestly having a burger and a taste the same in Brazil. And and Thailand is so insanely hard you know and the lettuce and tomato that she's the bonanno crime from from places. But that's part of why people think Starbucks coffee is so bad my friend you runs a little comet coming in New York some about us. I get the DS care I tell you about every two Manolo lawyer ran them the you know. Okay. Do so basically what's gone now a Starbucks I guess is apparently I was explained to me excited nothing about coffee. Is its iMac from snipers Erica. They find his own good. Okay so armed doubles. Good story did tease out. Hamas government here and here so Mike Shanahan Ted's got quill these red yeah. She did you are you cool man. I get a big hotel you me and my head is pounding Oregon had you not feel well this. I called balls told a story that is how much could this I just told me just so I don't complain about Starbucks coffee tasting burn like especially people with a good sense of taste or how discouraging is Bernard never drink Starbucks whatever. I guess. That most coffee. Is handpicked because the beans are ripen at different. You know I had different at a different pace and so not all of the beans on. Single plant will be right at once but when you machine harvest them you're getting right cop he means and not ranked cost BBN's. And so when you have demands as big as Starbucks you know they can't just go to like one single small grower and it to buy it from Mike an entire valley. You know enemy in my all the cars now they're selling. I'll god knows we hundreds of millions of cups per day. Amid some on the scales Coca-Cola but its mistakes and so just that many servings you just need a Todd Todd Reid adds any sort of a consistent product. And so across storage accepts new packaging and signage market introduce thank soaks anyway they do it. And because it's machine harvested to get that scale there's a lot of beans and that there are not fully matured and so to makes to get rid of that. Tastes may get so the whole thing has a consistent flavor and it all these beams in the one watts and how serve like homo genius. I'm a more homogeneous mixture that veins and I must call roasts and get ready for production now obviously somebody listens to all sorts of starts and can give us a better angle but this was like the two men embers I got from my friend I'm pretty sure is co touted as minor status and start. Actually went to new coach I was mind it's that's kind of yet you're still you have to grow. How big issue right right clear that in the coffee you've probably nicotine content that's what I like coffee can relate to because of the weekend that is forget to drink it. Now I don't do cocaine the food that New Yorkers map. Yeah New York may yes like I say this I was arena with civic day like buzz yourself morale like. Like things you learn as an adult films like number one and everybody does cocaine. Never seen the holes like two that's true I think I should say that they relate. Once it became an adult Muslim holy cow a lot of you are doing that drug. Yeah yeah. I was surprised I Datsyuk and of course like cancers in New York Jack is a big cocaine and also I was reading today that. I guess a lot of the people who use soon import cocaine in Miami are now in the semi illegal gold business. Through. Marriage you know those pit mines in blood diamonds yeah. Basically they've recreated those in northern South America in places like Colombia Ecuador Peru. The drug cartels are running them and then selling the goals to launder their drug money. I mean they're always have to figure out away. On school game Stromberg. Let's see I wanna give a shout out to be out buzzing in Arlington and that was friendly affair on Saturday and a big thank you to crest. Ball with some beverages and had a good time there people are excited to see Ted sits at the buzzer and are not happy to have him. I got waste it caca. I was a really good group of people we had breakfast at some people left. And then hoosiers Meehan gel can you how to get a yeah even Joe's a deep lake RA man and I'm not keeping up with the other guy to divisions like Popeye a shot up my shot men. But yeah we need to get out of there so. So finally do get home later in the evening and everybody else by the way that I go on the like technically brunch where. They've all taken maps and having a normal Saturday. Connolly didn't whom teach in the that the new pursue from up near juice cost her happens to only guy about the different rap songs he's giving tips. BWAY buzz in this great and then. How do you you've touched on a little bit for you in the the other stuff recently keep a quick but that playoff team. Between the vikings in the saints for all Sunday morning and their first playoff game was great to between the jags in Pittsburgh slept right through it but I heard great things inside the home. So with so little to sleep quickly grader and second app from we. That's game the day before they wrap OK I'm back at. That makes sense checks out it's their first game was good within the second game is also an everybody's seen the play now belly Stephon digs he's he deter. Foley is yen on the council which is an awesome but you know let that slide and interpret trumka so ranked so he makes a catch time's running out the defensive back for. Saints. In exports exports it just for summary what happens but let the DB just dove that is lakes mead Dicks is in the air. In the guidance put his head down. But he showed her talent they just kind of dove and Vista they look good he told empty space and yeah a complete I think he has missed. Judged when digs who's gonna jump. I just don't even understand how that. Happens. I can believe it I've got there and I know the guy behind him and he did to delay hitting he bag got up his brazenly it hit many of the lake. You see it is lit the lit up like oh my god. I was like oh man are you a field goal. And then there's never another guy behind him and he is ran them for the touchdown as so crazy and I bet it clear the field for that for Qichen as. The Dow's madness. Yeah I mean I think for Stephon digs in the three of us all are just I think he was just as shocked as we were. That when he put his hand and looked up there was nobody else there yeah. And I just like the ensuing aftermath the chaos is just insane. He. Jeanne stared tar out there it is okay we need to feel cleared and then the saints are already in the locker room like they're potter comes out and played defense. 'cause they just like taken me all so. Vikings won by five with that the closing line is vikings by five and a half. An extra point. With cost people some decent money out there were key guys like all bets on Twitter app for words. I thought I'm impressed at some of the saints players came back out honestly and I was in the locker room my pads are often he does well like bad. I'm telling them over yet so NFL a kiss my but I'm not going back on my Fiat yes I mean I was of that mindset to organizers say oh my god did come back out like I don't think I'd goal. I don't think alloy and then my their partners the first guy out I'm like why in the hell is goalies all I do think cal would you gone back out. Send me to find I'm so analog crew. Doesn't say like unpaid Palestinian and then somebody like they would come in the locker room and like. Hit number one hockey league RD and you pads that you would you find a beer who think. What I got Johnson's over bro it's another day off created break after. He is out the Beers or colds let's go quarterback now today we have got Kabuki. Hello the whale big daddy says he says there have been a McCain yeah I agree on arousal Paris house. I simply just above. Imagine you would know these people Cobb would know these people right now leave the names out of it but it's a mutual friends and then some of the friends are like. Mutual friends of ours relate not to characters we hang out with all the time. Some sit at a table at a bar used to frequent. And some money it's they need my buddy's sister. Her husband then a couple of the people cried it's so many breaks of cocaine pain like Alec laugh whenever that somebody else is something. And I yell yeah kills me about that so people. What they have two or three Beers in the lake ice pack okay African. I don't like on the two minute tirade. Of people right. And really look broad stroke right and then I like is those other two psychic who's gonna believe they deal with it relate dude you're describing those two guys league's top. Com are. She might that. And had a lot of cocaine out real that got him thinking about it at all riled up yeah let me less than a beer later they're gone for a fact that. She. There a toll on the same thing where I'm just like Yang if you're like talking about something you hate and it happens to be pike. Yeah I hate those foot and mouth moments now yet. Right it's not like I and I. Like I may be other people couldn't tell I was a mess and these two would you use he would seriously now man I want to mess with a bit I get where they think I am happy here. I forgot I didn't know guys got their co kinks. Well they're growing needed to hear it honestly that's all I just silence I like say something minutes Mike's a truce but it was slightly cringe worthy given not aliens like well you know what I wish and senate but maybe that's a community here. Yeah I was. I a lot of this attack but they needed to live. I'm sure it changed their life Ted and now I don't go to anymore because your color no chance. Could relate that butt heads with guy he was almost all of them there. Because I yelled and I got an eight ball you and it's like now man I can't be don't want to stereotype anymore Catholic but I. You hear Ted earlier. But I think it is pretty sure my wife my girlfriend my parents have brought us in the when I heard Ted on this six here yelled to me about cocaine use a real rusty was sure he. And I knew it was time to change this. Faith college is getting to the emails now. And how our boys. My Hannam a window hole out there's a bunch of them okay Iran. I merited our twos fives and and I'll try to banks are equipped to Omar slightly along. Some boys so remember we're about. I'd. Bruce leave him one not last week some analysts. G kudos still around and similar styles and derivatives exist there's blazing green like it did some X a marked essentially a street modified version of how wing John Kahn comes through. Generally straight in styles are much more homogeneous routers so it's really hear about different styles because no one can really claim ownership of a hook. Right in Wisconsin being tested in cages moorings what you see in the air works. Grabbed my guy is a lot of same strikes from white tie and boxing there's a lot more emphasis on eye gouging and dodging people on the ball Simpson's meant for street sense rather than ranked sport as Rory see the differences in modern martial arts. What are you emphasize and what are you training for there aren't any secret punches out there anymore cheers Tristan. Yeah that makes sense. Everybody is make you could see stuff all over the Internet like people then and now you have to go deep in some jungle where. But desert or something if I had some new kind of form. Well and obviously just an has heard about the new see her punch a door cannot. They have reviewed the diligence funds. Cops that's reached diligent strike where I straightforward to the point puts them down. Pat and the. I'm just also is a PS some renegade priestly book out called artists of lights you try to read it but. And sixty us. OK Matt spano is seniority get to you what's Manning audio a fellow Matt. Yeah this had to restore this to you of reality here that. The guy calling you also home if you listen could you just rip but also podcast. I says. Easily with there's sending someone pride and if they downloaded the audacity for free bat my all the Mal I got audition right here John take me two seconds. Time that I sent to your west suite sub boy is 750. Dollars on a week we talk about my deep surge Sony beat out of their league sometime. General that covers as ones dancing you started out calm topic oh yeah about when you faced on the check. I'll grower dammit you have guys block it out your mind and Iraq goes. Dude I did I totally did you said that because I still known as he did night tomorrow to not bad guy fairways I've told many people that story. You don't use just isn't always like you put it out for public consumption and they are we everybody in our group is always that many so cool looking never and I go I know you are not cool crowd started the Italy has faced off the hot chick in the roller skate. He. It's totally screwed so you can receive new ever promise. He's got a lake could yeah public is tired as they give you some real compliment I don't know yet let's sort of lowdown around this movie's Craig. Dooms best security footage doesn't exist. Heidi is get awaits you run into her like in two months from now have a deep and yourself the into it she's really like now man from when you face comic effect that it just. Would have been a skate tomorrow ma'am I'm terrified hid in there. Yeah nothing new but just you know. Yeah golf fallen so boys who spent a 150 dollars on a day with a sox' way out of mile leak. There is around Halloween and who it's Maris farms I'll ask NASA to open. Yet replaces Brad. I about passed passes extra pay most of the zombie bus shooting gallery and more funnel cake Arafat a tiny Euro kitty. Anyway I was scared little bitch because some pumpkin headed to ask on stilts this chasing me down I took off and left in the dust all the way that was over. Because there aren't. The guys I can't believe that go ahead continue. I after that was over I went back to errant shoes dairy just students can read and I was awkward. I drove her home and I got a quick side hard and never heard former damn Mike is still angry or amused that. How lord god. That's why is there room. Effect that. Anyway as crazy as of the party and as fun meeting the listeners I'll be all enjoyed it presents and here's to a diligent 2018. Rubin all that's all I grew. That's for cook. Dude that's how funny man I loved hearing stories like that because then night you realize it's not just you you know I don't think we've all had those moments. Yeah everybody stood on the bad and those states. I have now ordered like girls. And you undermine our. It's diligence resilience and persistence to the greatest podcast all the land all I had. Basic copper mine and not to write under the influence of a nasty colds I promise this won't be a hundred paragraphs Wallace text. There were some things ever got to get to a nasty now although that's probably a good thing don't worry none of them are about climate change should hate mails on the whites and that. First thanks mavrinac comment about. Using the entrance we use when you guys are fumble. Stumbling through the Tubal. Ligation talk. My sim card rematch will. I don't know we're talking about. Tom Moore retirement to buoyed Asian and I'm not sure that that I don't I'll sign on and a TARP we. Took is that the tubes tied then. Possibly probably uh oh I don't the end narrowly talked about our exact US said that bay do you think you mean you welcome. I said I'm almost crashed my car in the middle to deliver real lab result I'll cook for my his. Second I'm having trouble thinking of a good answer to cops topic but I did remember a story to tell every once in awhile it relates to somebody wanted to tell had. They're on solid again and order and it's clearly for a party of people but all joking that it's one person who ran a marathon subs are 36 hours woke up. Smokes tunnel we did and then ordered food. One order I got from the old barbecue trailer and Watford is one of those orders or rack her ribs. How to smokes checked and brisket how links to every side on the menu X setter. There's at least twenty pounds of food made the same joke ran Lil the delivery and guess what. This time it really was one guy in a small part manned by themselves clearly after not running a marathon made my night. All man so he made the joke to the people at the restaurant. Numbers in there and food to dig it. I'm honestly national art thou be dollar total so operates and the reason he brings that up right exacerbate can. So idea bacon before events or whatever. And then one made it's I guess Sunday night I think holder Michael bar like a burger and who needs to appetizers. You know which a lot of food for one do you frame and then levels like. The door open admitted these they do it's up to another. Yeah. We think we have we bacon Alec I that he email in as a yes so. Yeah I I hate that. It's Kosher couple mozzarella sticks ditzy for the next day religiously yeah success of yours. Yes mr. Meehan is hot chick dishes in the bathroom to sell to us. America throughout my pet at exactly. Here's another dude over there. Yeah it is slow got sick addict. I'm okay. Where was I in this. Oh what I'm trying to say is never feel embarrassed order exactly what you want makes me happy debris ante up and frankly since they usually one mile day. On the guy more likely to finish damn near entire pizza by myself. And the guy has said he nutritionists no matter. Trust me no just from my and squelch happy here why you dislike hard and we must protect Cobb sensitive eyes only half joking. Our moralists of the same issue is light at Tora sunglasses outside red light out. I know how feels. 2000 those paralyzing to take him. By Alam are rarely tell the rule where I'm from Bristol weirdest thing to hear you guys give shout out single it. Even when I know the one perhaps Al hears nothing like the one problem. Don't play no snow that starters for a ticket at it. Yeah exactly you're in the bathroom last week which are about that I'm Matt hill on Englewood by the junior high it got me out of school all the time they're part of our district so it would freeze the buses couldn't get to just as one junior high speed you look at the map it's like a panhandle. Just one school out there are tiny little dot and because that the whole district would get off to Celtics. Yeah. Guys there's high school a mile away from that that's in a different district it is on the edge of the lake Washington district totally different climate. Yeah I am I got to know is like foothills in his car whatever so yes perfect. What's a Seles doesn't latest episode of the greatest podcast while Lance all the land. I listen to throw in my day drinking gone wrong story in the Ramadan could cut it there. So fears that no matter what might happen. Whose artists to miss a few years ago my wife tried to you Joseph the hawks it was semites I have an M tickets for concert a shoebox that night. Some enough to different century links the market. If you're sober and planned a game blackout drunken trying to give directions my wife's becoming agitated that she couldn't figure out how to get there. So my solution to the public car and make my way there on clay cook came out of my blacked out by Safeco Field with no wallet no so on us so my solution was of course trying to hitchhike on the relax. Luckily DOT takes me up to set SPD Lemieux's phone in job Davida stores my wife to come get me. I became sober enough to realize what time it was. The 6:30 PM or a single day hangover or not go well barb on Boris Brett dedicated jargon hitchhiker. Dana ball that's put in work. Six period. Claim I'm mentally thirty aren't critical benefit at the bit at the attitude he knows course. Huh all right. Well let's see what's mad men has. Obviously. Good. Plus man. Yeah. From the floor forget the guy that names that. Segment. Our friend Tyler Smith stand up comedian. Is throwing the dope invitational comedy competition and Geno Hayes stick and we been invited as guests who Tyrone after the cast as wonder. Bring that apply remembered though so. Five to me down at his Tacoma comical how down on Easter Sunday I don't know found socially speaking all of golf maybe not god is good press and press there press the hell we'll keep you posted. Are her. Anyways whoever. His cool. The so this weekend I aid actually get a out with two different people I've met you podcast with three Karen my girlfriend. And Friday night you'll never guess that is. Demos devils coming down there and it I have to act. Our Boy George came out all nice and yeah I view is sufficiently. Blown away and might I got it he's like I just die you're crazy but they're so that that was incredible play of course it makes sense now. Oz that was really cool. And then. Yeah does it out the fun night this being out of LA called Cairo knife fight. Was on tour and they were awesome as this two piece the drummer was seeing in NBA keyboards and make. A loop current FX channel knows just like. Does this crazy as awesome music well I what it was going on stage I could not process. Nights allows super cool. And then the next day. I went and played flat football with some old buddies from high school nice. Yeah I was pretty edit ELO is. All the mother beat it was all right she got. We saw a little bit of sun. Blatant it was still wet from earlier brew is not a manage your room and on Saturday -- as late Sunday was nice yeah yes Saturday's blue is like slippery but not Iranians those like I'll take it but also watch may see l.s. And we hasn't sung by the end. I was pretty cool to me 31 years back finally got. First overall pick. But if I. Had a rare one back on the kick off to visit the great highlight filled day let's let's press over the interception that threw him a one attempt to QB. But it was it was really awesome and fast one pick want to ask one tick and then I did OK I did. Lateral pass run up its QB and then our other guys thank you to use a wide receiver and he liked it a step back I threw to him a one out for the route. On the as well look trickery or frazzled as Q Monica toasts. That's. Yeah well thought out bill is so goddamn fun. And our guy read all the mood late awesome guys talent all over the world and during had a Red Bull needs to be really into racing in south. He came out played need to as a news randomly at MB up from Olympia. Odd jobs debug the airport and so. There will love you aren't come play flag football on this Brecht is after words like. Come on out to Bellevue loops around Dublin football yeah exactly and be get a lot of funny hero well. Yeah I caught a few days he's not he uses these very. Have you gotten better at footballer faster or have you stayed in better shape than some of your friends that's the line. I do that but yeah just like question no I just don't like or alternative kicks. I'm jazz had overall athleticism on the blitz guys on the wrong side of thirty Shrek with our big did you get. But yeah I was super super fun John is a little chided the rebels a little trepidation is at first and then like he got out days kitty I think got the first touchdown of the day and had a few more Rosie I use all the places. There's cooler on top of protest call. Flag black yeah and that's 87 yeah it was flat and it over 25. Your plane tackle your thing. Dude I was wrecked the next day yeah like most of the guys were wrecked by the end of the second game. Some words from going out in the first or whatever. I you know I warmed up and I'm pretty legs in shape everything's I doubt they will lead to hang out for most of game without really feeling it too bad. But the next day man and a double that Lynette was still sore from Dell's coming down the lake. Everything they are they like the hell is my offer plasma upper backs are Lima absorb Weizman will hold the low back and likely Neil little bit and then hits all. All made sense Hampshire easel type guy legislate. Ellis flag football many or watch in NFL like what the hell are these guys doing. He is just since they're all my age you know like kinda in that and that rain sell her older yeah Ed. Yeah talk about a young man's game in what was. 1 morning a flag football I get it. Except that accept. It's a great time out of gridiron resolute we hear I was kind of just chill and like I slept so much. Saturday night in the Sunday ideas and could not even be bothered garages. Out from just my whole body needing to recover. Fiat five football is awesome tells me downs awesome parent I if I was awesome and I has clearly can't possibly. Good stuff yeah. Hensley flagging a few years I'd be dime it's it's so fun now when that's why we're dying to have and so much fun now paying attention how much your curtains. Yeah I used to play or yearly Thanksgiving and got stops delicately in cotton so fun as this thing out. Now as dynamic as a buddy Keith who like sixty were 63 and like. I was playing. TDs in the red zone where that guy can play a big big factor but you know. Did my best and I mean that happens in the NFL right as it is a mismatch they united I took it in stride in the you know overall I'm pretty day out there is pretty stoked. Daughters and a quarterback for using the Smart mismatch Jack. Down the red zone toss enough cut exactly the pit exit strategy that yes. Mr. Tom I do not have the well I don't feel like on the and it puts you. Perhaps top and ultimately. On horn hand. Ever since you started seven quell you've gotten lazy. Saturday and forget about your responsibilities man that bells the key piece of shall. I now. But I you don't have to technically area. That the public did I have talent gap. I hate to get laid if it wasn't for the fact that I had we had missed one the first week in this but I would just canceled today and Ali I can't cancel my guys twice. In two in three weeks especially after a planned break yeah. Doors and there's a friends are for them to get shot here let's do this one quick. Must. So I was thinking a lot of ballots. Just. You know as you cruise the Internet you just inundated with information costs Lance pretty pretty mind boggling just how many news stories. You're hit list even if you're trying to avoid them. In a given day and of course estate news and Israel news and you know whatever the lines are blurred vision such. Insane amount of content being created and themselves. Tom I feel like there's so much that it's moved our baseline way higher for what has become normalized. Mastered thing about just. Things have become normal eyes are slowly seeped into our lives are now you know at first were crazy but now they just seem kind of normal like you know the president's behavior whatever else so top topic this week. What has become normalize. You cannot bullies. You're pretty malice he muddied by just dot com or does Mona Twitter machine. What has become normalized. More you know like how we don't have privacy and Internet. Rending super hi whenever. I was just things in line and I saw Jumanji come weekends ago. Joseph Jonas is character got sent vintage Monty in the ninety's and then odd the rock character and Kevin Hart and Jack Black. On Doug girl are all from my modern day. And want to talk about their phone and Joseph Jonas and Glen Jones Brothers whose like. This phone means something different in the future. And he had just three pretty insane what we have here. You know and it's really easy to do the it's just kind led. It it it goes both ways there's a lot of good that comes from that and a lot of that from that. And I think it's I think it's a pretty even split I think is pretty inning in on that thing where like. These things are really incredible and allow for a lot of really really cool to happen. And they're also. Possibly destroying the future generation I have no idea. You. I mean. I think the craziest one for me is so. Just how rat how they nowadays like it's fine to just argue and knocked it. Play people who argue points I have no basis in facts and they will just. Argue them argue them an argument. That that that part kind of amazes me that wind and I will never give people that vote. For the against their own interest. Disregarded. My party line is apart like write like get Isaiah from both sides like sometimes it just think why. You know and I mean my dad that's too ridiculous. I would say. I'm kind of a lighter brits serious note to wake. And it's got to be a windfall for the photographers but what we need you photo shoot professional photo shoot for everything. Right so. I hit senior pictures are like your wedding bright did you million engagement photos GU photos slate. During the engaged and in demand at a nightclub when had a baby come along right there we got an easy third rows in minutes they will not get married have a baby photos you've got to do the wood to boot wall are photos which is like. Basically lingerie photos for any normal woman just getting a bit like I used it amazes me how what you need photo late professional photo shoots for everything. Yeah serious I never thought about all dude can call. He copper and a lot of control it screenwriting you know somebody specially for you guys straight years you guys are what 31 out. So rights and you're right that kills and of 27 when he played 28 to 32. We think all your and I can guarantee you they have so many pictures. Yeah there's a lot there's a lot of them go out there. Yes pretty interest singer Rihanna C. So what's in my feed now is likely it is people that are getting it done for their marketing you know for their web sites and stuff and use an imminent and spam post it to generate you know leaves they're citing on this cause right stuff and that. That makes sense he had there are. But a lot of different occasions that people like Tamika thinning. And like. I just. I don't know there's there's a lot of it. I think there's just a lot of nurses is an armed rampant in our society and you know lends itself well that and now we also social media and you put those two on the other hand it's good time we have started her although is it because everyone can. Maybe dig really an insane pictures with their phones. And you know it. It's crazy to me like back in the day eighty doesn't replace a glamour shots. There were in like the mall. For people in the Seattle area be like UN laying yeah I believe our own Arab and you have regulate. You kind of made fun of people that did that right you lake girls went there for like again like senior class photo loser. Nearly got completely the traditional stuff like this but it's like now everybody's just put out whoever shots all of. My mom had me get senior photos even though for my senior year have a sense that lockdown facility a Montana yeah Al lake I'd already graduated. There's no yearbook I was at Woodruff is the point at this slave. I don't get it and you know she used them for whatever they have put up in the house and around lake. There's no yearbook I don't I don't care about these things like I went I just got back from a locked down facility literally trying to like. Make it seem like a normal again like college at that Powell agrees that it said these out. Diaz. But it ballads one of those occasions they get I it is always that is ridiculous that I I didn't. And every year book they got a very tumultuous senior year I'd rather not remember it. Dudes a couple points one Matt from what I understand it's tough to be a photographer right now because. It's difficult for customers to tell that there's in a really good one and really bad one until after their wedding when the shots come back. A lot of people have night around and what's a call like HER camera whenever and so you have no. And I don't think there's that side. Yeah and then as far as the senior shots did that's kind of what I mean about things like you hit the nail on the head to resisting is becoming normalized like. Also I think so many of our. Ideas and values and beliefs are inherited. And Mike the systems the legacy systems left over by thinking of people previous two west. And is so many things we just except because that's the way it's always been done Mike the senior shots for instance. Like she just got him because that's what you do well in now and doesn't Thomas a white guy and our society that we don't even question and I am hoping that. Our generation Starr's questions some of that stuff and make some changes is while legacy systems that are. Pointless or are heard a lot of them in the workplace CO. Oh yeah in America and corporate iron in my hand that parents ya and relationships. Who had a culture and our analysts say it's a really insightful stuff right when I'm over there on my hat was due to just let me think about a re lake. It's 2018. You don't need to spend money you don't have on your daughter's wedding to try to impress everybody that you have money. But that's of those traditions start right you're trying to impress other people that look at our wealth. Who never I didn't play. I don't map we out of the truth to how like high blood Jesse I'm not against weddings overall to saint. Tinny you expend in the crazy amounts of people do which is two teams in saint. With that said if I ever marry a girl I'll probably have a giant wedding to show what one. The addition mayor must unite to see him I'm the type of crude a small one I don't yeah it sounds. I don't think we need to like necessarily assume mark a man I think you animals with a quotes are that maybe is not an of that but. I think a lot of that to the big weddings stems from more like a warlord tradition despite our segment on first hand and I can use any names but. Bump someone within my extended family. Married someone from from a southeast Asian country where there are so the world I didn't and literally on the day of the wedding you have to pay like. As the groom Stanley you pay like a bounty. To the other spam and I doubt I'll read the disclaimer that sort that is in cash dude. Yeah and throughout the day they upped the ransom that they want so literally. Amanda has really don't want using one's name. Not that's totally these adults with in my family like Kerry and these giant bricks of cash to get to this other family and since they were kind of a prominent family in their talented. Around they run a jewelry business and so the I kid you not. The entire. Village was brought out this line it was 800 people and so. Since it's an old tradition most of it just you know. You bring some money to show that you're going to be able to take care of their daughter and then also just to help pay for the wedding and you get a lot of that back. But it's based on my that whole like warlord type reelect swapped in sheep for women who now it's crazy man yeah us. Yet that certainly I agree I think that stops and everything and so Rihanna we came in with eight different plates of food like carrying giant fish like all these different traditional things like. The whole process of my gift giving whenever like. Yeah just wild grass to destroy a lot of what I except comes from but Assad and I'll. Do you feel like I was deeply to food you boy Ted Smith would have been over their Mac coconut rice this. I got no serve no dummy wants it. You're not rock Ted if I'm an actress replied that he can go and sued to 06 also pretty rural area code right did. Hi eight of folks I apologize I promise next week I'll be feeling better. Who will get a funnier episode entitled to quell you have in Pomona light let madame Petri dish now you'll know. A conference for MC TP for Kyle meted Smith as the pocket cheers.