Thee Podcast Episode 207

Wednesday, January 24th

This week we discuss dip, pizza, and cities.


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Student and I got to take back what I said about giving us a warning when we're gonna start. Lot of water. No need for the warning. Okay. I just realized that it definitely tells our momentum. It's a start. Daily launching twit podcast this isn't just any I guess just any podcast couldn't do this. Eve. Broadcast. Starting these tests. Starting these start. Starting defense wins and dog. Who donation. Steve podcast. Episode 207. It was a would you voice these kids who believe those with your podcast refine gas from all the way all the land. Still left of me are somewhere on Skype is my burner body. My good friends always hear what he's somewhere in southeast Asia on two wheels deals and in a proper job of going on. US treasuries took a nosedive as the government shutdown worry Wall Street shares the podcast rose slightly today on news that US president Al trump. Tune in to leave podcaster and the government shut down pass time. Puts its famous sauces to soon be served at trump tower we'll find out at six. There's different picture fair. Active on the real steep hill get everything else that's tough match com or the producer MC TP puts up that very topical uncalled for hit had a good. I know I know one I. I can guarantee you Donald Trump public wants us chip. Absolutely yeah. No I don't who doesn't like to sausage to test the real question. You know and now you know didn't it's been closely into the season. Ham I didn't realize we're there yet and there and empty what do they say for Shasta and hang up the spatula. Rhino we hang on paper and saw a step. The apron yet and hang on the apron. I think I'm gonna hang up my tongues. I feel like last year we came up with whatever the like official and of sausage season what do you remember royal we or Santa. We generally I feel like kind of Super Bowl ish like that area you're enemies they took a lot of that food. But you start kinda in the fall with football Eaton got like crock pot stuff and chicken wings people make it so we million C a many year I've made some survey thing they were delicious things there were. Guess the sergeants are not a big time vamp. Her crash saying to the outside either then at least you're right I got Imus out of mighty pissed it. It's fair. A couple. So the southeast it gym looking PPI will fire up in the fall I generally till like November. But. Yeah and I feel like after football ends. I don't know quite what else he really enemy could deport BI haven't had dipped this season either you sausage. Well I made them a Christa C I don't make it got it's gotten whether or by the way and we ask him. Trust me I was there about the dip. That guy doesn't say ha. Got a white Christmas with the family you know are hunkered I want some and did. Had an ambulance that's on you risked life and limb to you know an infinite depth yeah I knew once I found out you got there I was real pissed about and you guys may hear hear about it. So its first demand Hampshire in your defense here we are there was no wind and hand Cobb does like to drive and hope. Truth. Yes I mean I don't know I think I think he had to do it seemed oddly February march reality of this Super Bowl. Don't know yet. There's an had a copy blasting over Syria and decide but I think in the summertime there's dips right. The vets like lighter dips they of course you know any dealer make it hold leads sauces and guacamole and stuff I think there's always tips involved but this season's. Let you know which did she should have media and a sausage dip is nearing the end yet the winner did. A party soon be cheesy did sets no summer day that's for sure yeah I mean last summer my mom came outside broke out once we need to be done. The same technically was to be the end of the year. And I think she did agents are now but ensues here over the summer yeah yeah deck tomorrow that night yet Boca via. So yeah you just that was a special occasion like popping off to a garden party was sausage dip in. Now I haven't had an in season dip yet this this year. I mean you know garden party. I think garden party that once you be in a garden. And then I know it's got involved light cocktails and Mike. Tiny tea sandwiches. Boot my little string lights or something I don't really know I'm dress just generally know what you were celebrating these gardens. You know that you're right sun dresses Texas sun dress party Emmy we I don't know what the guy Harris. I should think guys got to Wear like a seersucker. Shirt or something I think I don't know what that means that kind of legs visualize it with the guy would look like. Almost similar to the boat entirely once discussed correct he's a little more color probably. Get good garden party or both parties where mascot. I easy that's pilot on picture and yeah. Ali Khan I think it efforts but it did taxis you have a better shot of go into a garden party we do up in Seattle. I feel like Dallas they probably have garden parties. Yeah. It's a little bit more like I dressy improper I would say it in Austin but honestly want I don't know what they celebrate and to. I have no idea what to where do I feel like the women Wear big hats. Guys definitely in my KM. I'm not moccasins one of those call like a low for sometime but other Mac how many Ryder. Yeah. Exactly did this stuff listen white orders involving angst I feel that's about all I know about garden parties. I didn't even know garden parties existed man. You never determine garden parties now. Ted and I alone here now I have a cell I thought it was much sleep Tea Party could mean but there's cocktails there but united we sit at a garden party. And right now you know it's all you'd price sneak a flask in due garden party. And it talked about how dynamic I replied you know I don't know outcasts at our party. They just flask and when I I don't I can't tell you why so much I have class that I think you'll flats to get a Chris history once a year. That I have for flask that is the only time I got the abuses legs. I know is still addicted general and I must last I don't know how would you like it feels cool wake if you feel like a real bruiser drinking out of but I would you. If I have one on my person if they completely unfamiliar wearing a suit it's acceptable. You and I feel like a weddings people do that stuff yeah school. But I mean it's more events anymore I mean you get a full god impact down insecure like it I think the flat stays had met over. Two point. They'd eyes are those like doing in buffalo to sell out. Oh yeah and bills mafia. Yeah yeah they're getting it done. Flask in his elders like god caprice suns style ones they conquer -- funds I have seen those Snead those around in the pocket shot Seattle there're there are can be great foreign writers say caprice and sized how nuclear agency flask excise the could fill out the Merrill lose your stats places. Dude the best news years ago right I did this girl that worked and badly cosmetics company Sunni filled up cosmetics in the warehouse. So we would go to sporting events they would fill up Blake link pollution tubes with goose. So then we would all have to sake costumes of motion with us craft got back up. That's also it'll. Others say it was a pretty good hook up dude it worked every time. Dude the only time I've tried to sneak boos into a game it did our at all I had a bunch of those pocket shots blind in my waist bands. So I was it I was in school. And news BC Notre Dame at BC my senior year luck they live drive by the stadium. A bunch of the girl's career wins where light can take shots or whatever ran so. I was like OK I'll bring some to whatever no big deal wine a bunch of admired. My like waist band on the front yeah and it resisting talk about the part of shots a little clear plastic bags you don't want Chinese are probably had. I don't know. I mean how dole aggressive I'm gonna say nine emblem either. Which is a mistake pressure at three putt so right as we go to the pat down. I get through and the guy like reaches a hand like his final hands to touch me. Touch is one of stuff like I'm already walking past touches one of them. Boom they grab me throw meanders like a little prison in the bottom of BC stadium. A little like holding cell drunk takes idea thank Kirk. But I lucked out because I showed him my idea and they could see. Our rights and I told them where I live so I got thrown in the drunk tank they had like a little list and I wasn't. I was and hammered I definitely had been drinking all day now and they they had a little list and basically like as more more people thrown in there is sort of still up in this room was probably only like. Twice the size of a normal suburban bedroom so I'm a B three times the size but it looked exactly like some from TV I just a drunk tank. And so pretty soon as a Serbia more more full they had to start like outlook editor listened to gravity can let out. Guess who topped the list every sign of just don't watch in the game from my house. Shallow little impact. MF for forty minutes I'll say man Manning's at all hours not. That's pretty funny though they really guard units close get out of here. As it semi embarrassing but there's like no charges or anything self I don't know how does the person I talked about it but anyway it's on in my past. Reformed man see I'm on the opposite when I was younger we sustained boos and all kinds of games. Her I mailing games in a undertaken in vodka and this and that. And then I got a call once I was going to with a group of people right in this wins. I'm at seven years ago on a Motley crew right so everybody's got. All this is Seattle RN yeah Delaware River. So the people I'm with that they have managers would they have all kinds of stuff in their pockets right. So you a shocker I'm wearing a hoodie for sickle. My buddy at the very end is just like hey man you might about put a couple miniatures and your hood anomaly can somewhere in him again no big deal. So I walk through a course to do grabs my good right away Democrats into mid majors but everybody else to skated through. To to this day I'm Blake. What are they put those in the are just so I would give the vehicle idea the after the sent off. Right he's really got up on the lawn and couldn't get did not tails up there like. How did you sneak up lets him make paid to managers and hood they got me. Did spear making cocktails. How we talked about the dead DOS the lemon lime dust to bring that up pretty. No now. Dude on flights now they're letting people make their own margaritas. So if you order a Margarita. They bring you lack. Some I don't know of its dehydrated or what chemicals these to make it but it's basically like. You know those are the size of those packets you get far crushed red pepper or hot so as a common Boston. Yeah. Elsewhere or analyst Peter. Wouldn't yeah I. So our glorious it at boys I thought Potts were Jardine. Now in Boston they call hot slick crushed red pepper when guys are deemed a little white ones each shoe on. Knows Jardine yeah whatever that's like the same Italian stuff it's got the hot peppers in there but it's like more the liquid form. And you use a soon to put it on stuff and salad is at the Wii was called the cops. After the U I mean yes the one name. Men. I their boasts in some cities or one or the other in either city Chinese test zero that's total daily familiar if this sale its place next says damn. Yeah right yeah that's a that's a real it's about vaguely familiar area. Are you talk about like DRM not that little tie a speech about like this inconsistency is that little tired sauce so they house. Pad Thai places like beyond I don't know what it's called but it's dark it's a little bit more liquidity and then my you know pressured or preserve early drive. You've seen it dude like Chicago but it only Italian beef. Mostly did you put it on tiny you know so stakes so absurd or sub sandwiches czar Colin actuarial track. So you literally a good idea is on the LA which cities around which cities call wish is obviously a regional thing I'm Patel. Time IMAP with different colors you Tyrod says the drinks on the planes that the dust. Oh yeah dude so literally. I was flying I don't know where I was always goes heading from Boston to Austin actually. And around the though woman and her husband NASA and our margaritas concern if they bring out like this whole little cocktail kit. And they get to sit there and make them themselves and Tagalog the slime dust and this lemon does I tried a little bit on it and yes a really good substitute today literary like whip up the cartel themselves in their seat. Was. And crazy. Yeah. We say he's as it is just crazy. Hi I hope it some people are calling toll spread but yet we're gonna talk about saint stuff. May I to begin a Boston. Oh by the way also I in no way is anybody paid need to see this. And maybe just as I was an adult last week it's a very hydrated and didn't do anything but. Feel pretty good flick and the cold Carney kicked its ass he got it out of there I took subside comps like I give a little shout outside camps like camp Beriault. Did it. At the letter wrong he had any doubts good stuff man he out works dissolves when you're taught fifth kind of play asks us to eat or drink anything for fifteen minutes after including water. Which I always forget it up I I did I did every time we. Procter and other one they taste good I disagree and say well flight and I'm sitting at home. The chances of me going longer than fifteen minutes about drinking something is it possible current pepper right I have a couple water but you know or be like. And it's like that's a natural resume man yeah me too that's why. That had to risk of this highlighted commercial what is I camp. Do the what I got they're just these little dissolve mobile. Tablet straight news you have to secure not so small. And it's late seriously as soon as you get a cold start taking that stuff and its host. Supposedly it shortens its mostly vitamin C yes like I said. I I also was very careful this weekend indeed give my waist did tonight. Was like took care of myself so sure that helped a ton to it is the first I've ever use that product announced late. But after a week later and I feel pretty damn good yeah. All I did I since that them that airborne stuff came out which. Obviously there's a bunch of issues about but I always take one of those big vitamin C. Hills and George and getting sick in the Costco on CR two cents or ever but yeah I I. Steel like maybe it's a Psycho somatic claim but I do feel like it shortens the duration. Lol. I read a thing. The this book summary in called predictably irrational. It is. Leg was talking about they basically did placebo study on people who live near lake arthroscopic knee surgery or some sort of knee surgery ying and the people in the placebo group had the exact same. Results is the people and actually had surgery. Yeah which is just like a crazy to think about the they're all people they like had it. The same knee issue obviously try and now yeah I was crazy to think about daylight on surgeries step OC vote affects real. So the idea if you if you had some leave then or Soria. You know who knows where aware of you know. And that is the Madison itself starts in your body just being miraculous in the united how are your brain. Begins play at the end that tripped me out and I'm listening to an honorable but I say I'm reading books sound smarter. Aren't good vocals literally looked at day talked about that. Oh really dumb kids yes called quantum psychology how brains offer programs junior worlds. And they say. Let's see I think this is the show yet it's like cost animal logical sociology at cern try to pull the quarry here. Basically that like yeah. Now I'm not condone Simon XX one but yeah same thing where like if you're attributing. Actually give me second you just talk. Well so this might have been an action. Because my girlfriend sickens you sick now sickened. I got to IS are getting a little bit sick either from you or her. And I color my client does feel assert Fiona on the way in on Thursday at my first client on Thursday is eighty years old but not about to go in there had been sick with her reality and so. So see I got there you know that Obama away assess our personal of that haze is gone now he's sick you know this is I'm not totally get it. And then type of investment clients and one of them is an acupuncture list and she's like oh do you want I did the ancient Chinese secret for sounds like Kelly I do. And she's say get. One cinnamon stick and crush it up and slice up some. And some guide him at some roots. Ginger root leg and I sit up like an inch and a half for the ginger root that sliced a pretty Dan. And then like put that insists cups of water and boil it Montserrat down to half volume strain it and drink it and it's like it light your whole face up is. An intense but. Sure enough I felt fine the next day and night. You can't get gas tank BI mean NATO it definitely. Had an effect and now as I I'll that's great I ancient Chinese medicine in now like that of course. Q does it cost me less than a dollar for a single cinnamon stick from the ball sexson. PC ginger root. And tonight of course you know there's hold businesses on bond Keaton you know keep and you know help and called save the billion dollar industry so of course only out there on us and on Ahmad Ali adds she misses them. And then it don't work quite as well my girlfriend and then I read it right read about that listen to it on predictably irrational moment. Son of bitch I have no idea of that. I'll regularly work cougars keep interest and it had an intense physical effect which like your whole sinuses and face late. Cinnamon and ginger are pretty pretty potent at the podium and amount of them. And yet I was simmered fried. You know over an hour with a cinnamon and ginger in ginger root in just a moderate six cups then and boil boil it and then simmer at back down to half volume. So I did not shoot whatever looked like how awful is that after simmers. Yeah I knew worked for me so be curious to see how or from the people. Do citizen and they said we Kyocera yeah. Our goal. How Wilson reminds us that those people who respond best of placebos in other words using the power of the mind true beliefs to directly affects the body also register high. On their awareness of what the late psychologist Carl young referred to as synchronicity. The perception of personally meaningful coincidences. Insisting connection makes sense and the so called mind body problem has been debated by psychologists and philosophers for centuries appears to be suddenly salt air. Placing Paris is geely and either or logic. With a quantum logic model of information translation I need replacing the dual us and or its mind and body was the more accurate term. Psycho somatic unity. Man that's us tripping out about synchronicity on the way over here. And just say you know life and parallels and all this stuff and of course now in college talk about that take that as more synchronicity that. Yeah and I'm not you cap has I was an iota better in the it's it that didn't work as well my girlfriend that works for me like I'm not leave you one of those types of people us pretty funny. But I'm Cyril tonight accepting secret Ehrlich seeking out synchronicity and personal personal meaning from grand coincidence. Yeah to a publisher that's what that funny thing when you notice something and when my mama just Communists and today. This is talking about so we are talking about burning man Kirk and she was like I swear I never heard of that thing until you brought it up she's like nice to have I hear about it all the time. But just when those things you don't know something in. It's a guy had a buddy. That was gonna get a per room right. Sign a really thought about Peru in this mad that I have another body that study down here for years so I sort of got the next month all iso lake eyeball bananas they were from Peru. Like this or that I was from through like I went back to DC my buddies like let's go to so RD since his Peruvian chief enjoyed. Kirk who speak. So yes like when you black parties are seeing it everywhere you know us like does this phenomenon or whatever for me it's out my lucky number eleven. I feel like I see all over the place has just because I'm looking for but. Using that as a little positives signed during the daylight OEM don't warrior on the right path today or whatever. Tom is great and obviously there's like numerology. Which I. I had no almost nothing about and probably isn't real lost some head I don't know maybe the senate numerology stands out there. Let us. They say they say that it's like a sign ensemble waiting out like eleven elevenths and so anyway like I just take that to be personally meaningful and obviously like. There's going to be a lot of ones in succession a normal I daylights anyway but it's nice and reassure and sell you know. Dude I'm with you you got me started on the eleventh stuff years ago and how much your trip down to Rochester and a lucky eagle casino in the eleventh in this who have. And men. Even eat eat in Alaska be years might give him some tough stuff for whatever in your kind of wondered are you making the right choices are you are on the right path this and that. I swear to god every problem in the one of those moments if I see 1111 you like reassures. ST I silence I am back of a bus and I'll like yeah right the out others less immediately. Yes it sometimes and I'll go through a phase where feels like two or three days in a row icy lake both eleven elevenths and oh yeah. They asked me some blood Barnes text each other every time Jaafari who joined that I have got up a new threat he'll let us. So it's throwing 80% of our communication right informed the school eleven rescind this. Ari Cobb used to live in Boston. You went to college aired aptly named Boston College. We all know their reputations of Philly fans the Super Bowl now set. New England Patriots Alston vs Philadelphia Eagles so my question you sweetheart is this just. How insane is Minneapolis going to be with all these rules. This is going to be fights every ten minutes. Yeah. That sounds about right to me he iron though there's some some real rowdy sports cities so. I it's kind of exciting because there because of the way they are a sports cities I don't particularly like either of those cities teams in general. On so I don't know exactly who to root for the announced that I was does clearing from both the other teams this weekend. And yes so now it's just like I know but I think it's it's just a fun sports plot line even though I've no real emotional interest and it either way. Yeah I don't think that either fan bases are Mike super liked by everybody no not at all. I don't agree with that and in fact I hate patriots fans but I'll tell you this. The reason I'm pulling for the Philadelphia Eagles is not because I hate patriots fans although there are incredibly annoying. It's because of my friend young penis we talked about a place. They're all out to Margaret oryx and go ahead. Well I'd size of this bachelor party in battle Jolla California. And it's a bunch of us. And stuff to describe how my relation to these people around. They are friends of we have a mutual friend basically who's the older brother of former remains from school anyway the whole weekend so four or five guys came out from Philly I'm trying to seize a work for the Eagles and I were so they used rockets have thanked us and us so a bunch of guys cannot rutelli. And they had this one like. Com much smaller than the rest so my young really funny guy named young pianist. And the whole weekend these dudes just hybrid young penis like by YT that like chanting young penis and those types. No excuses all we don't know behind this guy unclean as Steve likes to use John and of the strip club shot on two sides cedars and decide how do you thin young people who this. It doesn't think the whole weekend we never got to best find out where the big name jammed from the have been Conan that for years and are all ladies Philadelphia's super bros and so anyway I'm Poland for a I'm I'm taunts and Eagles at some point for young pianist and a beautiful wives. All right job on the other side. I know you hate all patriots fans but I know a couple of pats fan you probably like. It so who for those. Basically for the Smiths and New England. I feel like I'm in each year for the patriots but also. I grew up with skins and each is very hard to cheer for the Eagles him and their fan base is just the worst you'd they are the worst. Yeah I've that Crisco story. Yeah like some of the stuff like I could Philly fans just ask to discuss that can be. And they innings is known for being ruthless like any time the draft like they boo every single panic. Yeah. Right they booed Donovan McNabb who gave them arguably the greatest period of Philadelphia Eagles history. They're just they're only happy when Matt. This conversation sparked the revelation and and in fact rooting for the patriots all right beat us. One young team that's due to. Bill burns defining moment we've all seen alien Lance. Yeah all of her bossy guy that lifelong patriots fan like when he talked not a Peja is a Nike ad I'll I like your attitude about it and I've been Ryan. And so I would just love to hear him be you know I I'm just gonna listen of that grant multiple times sake. There's a new version of it on YouTube where they obvious cleaned up little bit it's still pretty. He just by even as is so ethic and you know the guys on my very favorite comedian doesn't his podcast all time and night. The apparatus for his team to beat. Philly when they haven't has suit up again you know I mean it happened it went around ten place years ago. Figure I'd I'm room for that just as a Dilbert stand with no rooting interest I gotta root patriots. Yelling go watch some of the videos and he learns vikings fans just walking into the gains in the Eagles fans there's chalking Beers that. That's before the damn it's like. That right how are her at all yeah right I mean even as a kid growing up in DC like he was he was just kind of always understood like you don't go to games in Philly. Wages tower that. Well did Philadelphia as a city. At this point really doesn't have a lot to like to hang their hat on or read proud I mean that's it's a sad angry destitute place like Boston they've won championships avenue good time like Chile needs something math. Albert dude sorry I think that's I think that's wrong on fillies here and there are people but they're not any more Phillies an attractive place to live a lot of people go I get to you my cousin. I have buddies from high school bell live outside of Philly delegates like it's a place to beat. They beat the used to be that angry stuff I don't give a reason to be that angry anymore except they're just. And the other problem is to not speak in on it. Is that people from Philly it's all these jackass is from god damn Jersey yeah. What did I would believe that because a lot of times on Rick you know reputation takes time to. Change and it takes time for information pass between people are seems accurate like right now all my friends on the East Coast. Have this impression that city is that Seattle is just incredible. And I this incredible you know what's a calls like com you Tug. Like keyed garden envied you know whatever but they don't realize that like. It was really incredible and now there's a lot of debt issues coming from that grows the traffic and things like that. And so I would believe that there's a delay between the actual reality of Philadelphia and my impression being on the West Coast of Philadelphia. I'm with you could be turning around. I yeah time there RN rocky steps and got cheese steak. Or TC takes hey guys here that needs she's I'm hungry for any competitor I'll. Yeah I mean I didn't make that I use I know really six people six different individuals whether couple or submit a move there. To decide revealing just seems to philly's a cool spot massively. So angry I know Pittsburgh had a revival to Pittsburgh did hear Pittsburgh's great now yeah the Pittsburgh and failure to different places the job that day it is. If Phillies become a nice than desirable place both those cities. While sports rivals and totally different. Have undergone that because there's reason not to become like a rough. You know town. And now it's I got a lot of tech then you know who is very. Yeah I mean Pittsburgh's problem with the same thing that happened out here on the West Coast in the northwest right but when you look at Aberdeen in those little towns and they're so sad because all their industry. Violated the law he laughed but he did doesn't exist anymore says that in Pittsburgh the town built on steel mills. And then they'll shut down you know I mean that's that that's what everybody. Did it. Here though it's to just think that town just to lake. He's always is finished little. Let us I don't know but I sort of got. Pete there's going to be the over under has to be at least a hundred fight in that stadium you're talking false and fans in Philly fans. Yeah. To let me also say this I've noticed a lot of cities are re branding themselves as text cities to map with your impression of Pittsburgh team that has a lot of tax. You name for me one or more tech companies that are there. No. 'cause I feel like I've heard the same re branding abouts. Detroit and about Pittsburg and about Cleveland and about com Philadelphia. And one other city in Pennsylvania I heard about it. I feel like a lot of these cities are just like. I ERP and there like that. Millie is of some might rip off of the Silicon Valley name a bit like we have like silicon hills or the we have like. The silicone like river whatever you announced a man I just don't really know like what companies are coming out to be. Towns like silicon Alley in New York book and I'll give me that there's a double detect a bit out of their buttons. Are not feeling a lot of these site posts are like. Not Russians atlas duster like desired former manufacturing cities are calling themselves tech cubs and I'm just not really seanez. Yeah I mean I used to elastomer went to Pittsburgh in when I was a kid we left him into Bosnia family in just the last time I was there. Just I don't I can't speak to the text stuff that city had had done well. Like when I was a kid at WW dot press restore in now. I'm. I went through in early like 2007. And now I believe in the revivals of a lot of the Rust Belt towns for sure I just don't for some reason the city officials always feel they need to pay. It should as like attack. Boom when it to be really any sign you know. I use my cell phone which is rare on its cast and our member what made me realize that was when kubert tested their self driving cars. They did it in Pittsburgh and there's an article talking about how Pittsburg is actually. Quietly becoming a tech town and that's I picked did Nate they listens and stuff I just saw to have Imus called to do will play out and read it. How all right speaking mistaken cheeses. When I was a kid we see these things got state comes all the time. I just wanna remind people if you look him up there like these cheap. And we clearly. This'll sound pretty white trash but we would fry him up and pain and piece of him American cheese and they we restored old white bread and critics. Spinning cal state comes to the funny funny social media count right. That's been bitch and moan don't twitters are knocked. Verified. I gotta I gotta follow from today announced pretty pumped while that I asked Tara to attend and you state comes right chizik analysts think of is that's Lance Cobb before they cast. I was gonna say that's a life goal completed play it when you reinstate comes out time twittered and even exists he could never dreamed that no. I dislike daylight did you go buzz TV even have a whole story on a lake I've been following them now for like six months. But maybe an aggressive really kill just about trying to get heard of verified yes until hours so you know add Jack. Is like the guy that owns Twitter whatever from her oxygen no Dorsey yet they'll tweak at him plate when are we gonna get verified you coward. Perhaps that's. Dude still I would did a Google alerts about that so you're talking about those sandwich as I didn't know what you meant so we had a similar version on the West Coast people may remember. From Costco called the Rayburn New York deli style hot sandwiches six pack. That's who read a couple households. I mean it sounds fancy you already got to put the other Sandler training. We is that maoists say comes are none of headless homemade. Yeah steak steak comes is literally just that stake in a picture a sandwich outside. When you turn amid the sandwiches but look at the box and it would just Google state state Soledad before stakes you have to have six trips yet. Well it's like a flat she I mean podium and who were doing it again. Here's the thing you've got to remember about authentic cheese steaks. Then this stage should be kind of eat or weeks. Where I think that's what makes it. So you go somewhere and they try to make it fancy like we views are going in this and that like this is the delicious steak sandwich. Does not mistaken cheeks spray any rash and that she's definitely needs to be like here today easy she's Jews out. I mean now you meet on booze you about in my career sandwiched. What you should. I don't know how we got there but I do know it's correct. And real as real live and highlighted math. Soon the Mac interviews so obviously you gotta Sharon is in God's going I don't want to call here at the sandwich in the bunt gets all moist and stuff but honestly feels bruised you know by comparison was at the ray woods. It's been paid Raeburn is the Cody was great New York deli style hot sandwich. Merriman it's a six pack but it's basically remember I'm on the what do we call that podcast respond to wheat. Pawtucket lips yeah on the podshock close were you had that sandwich with the grill marks yet at the inexplicable grill marks on abbey made in my grasp yet it's kind of like that. Levels sandwiched are right. I'm giving you crap is yours came with a roll which of I don't know that I can make you feel rouge about a but it still seems laser the mistake oops does there. If you get it I shouldn't say that those stadiums in your buddies now. Well like today that's sort of the fun things you forget about the social media. But nowadays is all the politics and everything is just. And I like you I like got to give them much information from Twitter but sometimes innocent damage estimate go back to fund Twitter and trying to screw around. I'm Udonis there. I've been making not more concerted effort to do things that I enjoyed as a child since about costs and I guess I was gonna skate night. I hit like one of those giant trampoline places and had a bunch of fun. There's like little things like that and planets on Mario Kart here at the crib. Yeah. Well it by the way we needed update how to do. Escape make second time in southern girl. Should thank god she is not there all right oh yeah I surprise as it feels safe. Yeah outlook this three skate nights in town which I know try sounds hilarious but found. The other two are pretty big and so she priority I think she rotates between the three at some point I'm gonna see here again and I don't know. DS think address it or every Tenet didn't happen. How was your reaction again. Not not good weeds dinner they'll pay me after that it was a late could face prime should. It's that is punches aggressive I mean it was like had a face Paul I all opener open hands. Palm and she said like. I wish they remember exact source and they're going on another podcast or some might whoa dude or some I Barry knows she's an excuse me really loud. Day MA and I don't know quite interesting to secede don't sweat it. But I mean I don't know I don't know if there's a good way out of this disease would have a that you don't sweat it she brings it up. That it Dodd more like he's he just won't stop in like pay attention dia. Yet do you burn it up for the laugh ha Haas IMS haven't haunt you in the face parties totally ignore it and you boast move volunteer lives and you know. You Zabian a really broad array. She's down comfortably Haas not like you say that she's very attractive. Well then if you wanna chance to third you got it bring it up can be funny about it. Was any was there anybody else lake approaching her was she hot enough that night nobody was approaching there. The second one all right so she's that good looking that people aren't approaching them. I say he played cool give her head but Blake eventually your head but she hoped you were ahead by. Ameritrade if so what could talk to somebody if she'd usual talk to your. I you know I don't listen may do Ellison and he can't do whatever you want I don't know just sit and talk to Irving don't mention it does. Right because clay you're dealing with a person in that lake was like had enough confidence to say how many do talk to her right. So my theory is based on she skating again for half and are you board is no real talk to reserve intimidate it says eventually you just say what's up or whatever you're not gonna bring it up she. Jim that I want talked this guy sure is a weird face doctor. Shut them all out of the boot. And known face statute that I'm happy I didn't I just going to focus Blake. Exactly what on the gas is terrible but I feel like. Anything like I did he remembered dating a girl or is okay that like my palm was on her face breath test I do yeah. You don't think I know. Are we really didn't actually there's one black or use our touching her hair wearing those go for broke on these women. Red dye mound throwing hail marys down here it's just made. Wounds yeah. It's the I don't I don't know good luck. Are we talking about before I thought rob skate update state sees sales all right and there by big winners your dog get back in the stuff and that you like the jaded as a kid. Yet man. I don't know you know you know me I love politics for the last couple weeks a couple I just kind of been like I gotta take a break. And it's just every day. And peninsula every day so many makes an argument to meet on why the everybody in the left to sell insane. And somebody on the extreme left makes an argument to me why trumps the need impeached today. And he just lake. Can I didn't like that I can't go to these emotions every deputy. Yeah. What's your recent fever pitch to you now Gary as you know going backwards like there's more information. And more opinions and more outrage possibly every day. I've as I've and I are right I had take a break exhorted the government. You know kid growing up back up. Yeah I mean back. Yeah I think I don't know any pork so honestly I don't know anymore they just like to find SNL they had a skipper justly does it matter in Italy. I don't think it does. Like jumping back and have none of it seems to matter it just keeps. Doing the same thing building I will see overall that I'll talk about politics right now if suspect. I there's got to be some weighing the 1% asks can keep making billions in people can still be safe. You know like he's got to be some middle ground in there right easy you realize and one side of the aisles got to help out these. Got it we gotta sell on the sun. And then they eliminate the oil and all the wars and everyone you know they just get a cut of all solar power workarounds I fear of you know. But that's the thing has gotta be some way I saw about oil right. But so all the stuff all right so like I'll go back to the new in thing rank is simulating drives me up a wall right. Like some guy today on face with him friends that gives flake and sign in of course a lot tonight. But he puts this post that's like you know what the other fell. The NFL players they drops like five F bombs right. Videos like yelling they're spoiled millionaire athletes in this in that in its lake. This is the problem we have and our country I think he could do kneel down to talk about. Police. Action against black people you know to talk about the things they're black people are dealing with the but he never came out said the military. Of so that we Dyson Bobby's shoes in my first. Amendment right just like they did they not really. Play. Even you know. But do we came out and use that language about the military meaning in it's turned into this thing that it. If somebody need that again I think I would the truth and not the way I would have done but it's not my April to. The same this is what happens we get so washed up. In these weird things and they convinced us were fighting about an athlete. No lake unity would you argue with a side it is like dude I have no issue it has support to military and what are you talking about. Who who did honestly I hate to see is there's classic like class warfare you know keep the the middle class in the porous fighting with each other way you run out of all the money out of the middle class like. Yeah yeah. He's just and this is why we ride my body count iced tea just like going off on that stuff it is like some. Awesome awesome wrists behind and out to super dose sorrow isn't it day. That may I saw Ice-T and made on the untitled action brought in jet. Ha aim. I can't remember exactly but he they were talking about like action Bronson was asked him Alex stay in shape and stuff and he's got like dude I'm all I gotta stay in shape. And easily we see there's like four versions of Ice-T V actor. Like who the is laced tea. I like Ice-T need to find a young Ice-T. Crude is at least eighty yeah. He's got to try to cash in a blog is like can't plot out his. We'll ask the senator that does make duties he didn't sell real right here and he's like. You know the guy he's just die he does I don't Vieira lots any credibility to me. You know along the way and she's but he managed middle of a lot of mainstream money which I think is awesome form. Yeah yeah. He really tell that line while. But I think I think also I guess you got a little bit alike dude what edu and sell out rat I think I think he's still. Funny or respect and everything. But I ICL seemed late. Everyone's still just do you think he won often made on bad grannies on a show about like kill people on Sundays is you know but he had news. The Dow is like the way that he aegis managed to. Tow that line. Yeah I think it's easier for rappers to. Because it's going to be dealing a lot of it's about having money basically selling out eventually you get all that money a good rock stars. By their own demise. You know the you can't go out and try to be a famous rock star and India don't do it for the the money in the women's league shot cook. Reprise media that would get real dude. And now ideally to sell Alec element of fluid. It. Right. Like at the outset and how except in sponsors yeah exactly or I like all manner of be a millionaire really gone he's different he took on the money on him Andrea. You got me. So it sounds it's dimly now regularly. On a hot sex prefer. If you look at now he's bloated now viewed. My caddie gets a tam my mother and Coca-Cola. But. The game was OK just the Philly fans are so annoying yet hash tag doesn't seem rolled her. Sweet dive but that's real life catch him. Come home. Do you god do you see a cup we should be fighting released a study. That was lake study finds out that humble bragging more and more during the regular brand. Yeah. I hate to book it and station is paid us the ten grants. To telemann thirty seconds. Brightly ideally we were kind of talking about the source of the forecast the lake. I definitely. Edison important everybody brags or whatever originally did just tell the story to all the story you're at a cool event. Does that go well I happen to be here waited somebody got Meehan blah blah blah like. Know what I embellish recruit you put just a different story ran everybody likes to brag sometimes and good to brag you know AEI to brag about trips brag about fund tied to brag about friends. Some leeway to brag about family up and it's a human instinct the I didn't. I have brag about why cancel it too much happen at a better tell our Tom thumb certain sort of complement fit. Since I got my newest guy flipped the Germans are not knowing him. Swords speed you know like bragging and knowing habits Diaz ever run into where like somebody you'll tell a story. And you're trying to relate to it by telling ID similar story and you can tell they feel like you're trying to one up them. All the time what time god did out when in reality it is trying to read relate you're like oh dude I have a weird like Star Wars storm trooper story do you announce. Sometimes I in I'm with you I don't mean it's a one up number it seems Leo was is and I was in my head obviously China. Yeah but don't tell the story on tracks yeah downplay downplay it. Yeah does it went well but putted. Did he eat eat eat it like upgrades to prefer I think I mean. I don't know how inhaling I think all of us are bad at the Cobb I don't mean you have done it to people where its slate. Even if you are just start talking about skating right you could skate night. If somebody else is like do I get escape they too so you know actually would you like dude one time. I was at burning man in the desert and had a skin deck out their ball ball right here just retelling the story but it's like yeah did I just roar went up this guy can lead to put in ally. I Bryant exactly. Unintentionally. Life coming off like your Bragg and when you're just the values had a cool I've got some cool stories yet. Are your like trying to relate to it to somebody you know that's tail lights out one thing I like about being residues like will often when we're just hanging out each tell a story related to some thing. And it's like I didn't feel much more console be like all right he knows I'm not trying to one up them or vice Versa like we both just happen have a story about YouTube or whatever it is now. Exactly yeah. Calzaghe vegetarian she's good about that and the amateur enough so Tom should be like all right bragging guy could not all right I have my bad my bad. The person. I got look at some emails and. Arab Boris Basra in the area lyrics to that this is why we arrived. Pre interest in math test out some real. Yeah. Metal Lois to really ask all the Lance corporal it's so ludicrous that you like real here. Maybe a bit late but time passes along anyway. I myself still ill with the flu for the first time in at least five years I don't get the flu shot and I don't take any medications are less absolutely have to. Me too bacon. What I did when I was sick was one take zinc supplement which helps give your immune system some firepower needs to fight infections. To eat oranges how Michael manner and kind to hunt on the benefits of eating oranges gives you vitamin C also important open site. Help fight infection. And three. Stand at the covers as much as possible. Basically stay as warm and it's much sleep as possible to a cold and the flu in particular you bodies heating yourself up in an attempt to burn off the virus. There's one reason you feel cold even though you transceiver. Essentially give your body the tools it needs to fight and make its job easier and it'll handle the problems for you. Also helpful by mavericks do this traditional chicken soup. Forget the exact reason why Al Z a well quicker but it is getting better nutrients are easing the symptoms or perhaps perhaps is having some hot and steamy in your face. But it does help. Like I said I really don't take any else including night cooler airborne supplements for buoyancy vitamins can be helpful to be on access to through instead don't have them. How to keep in mind their water soluble many your body doesn't really store them to London peaking out mostly attempt to better after seeing orange down a shot Kayla. And this is my humble opinion of course hope this helps I did have something I'd say regarding state news and top topic. About things being normalized I think on data might cost them more on the matter and give you more concise answer next week. Get and stay well follows him not a registered MD. Yeah man I know my mom did seeming to me last week she's like I don't know if there's any research I swear by chicken soup and I don't know I think he worked right for lunch and dinner for like forties. Well what's your mom tells you something's gonna work. And we go back to a we're talking about like that can be pretty deep in your brain likes mama knows best the students. What part of it too is just it's steaming bowl of soup results brink of the international. That's it that's what it and mag kinds of about does cinnamon and ginger tea. Which failed to turn the virus right off and you'll feel like it'll light your face some fire and that how Wilbur on the Meyer's offense seemed to work for me so it. I'll get your face can be a fire it's gonna were so intense to use. But you never pizza for the first time a few months to the Super Bowl usually go my usual go to his Papa Murphy's live in Cape Town. And Asif following on home that's for us. Now a lot of great options. No offense always cringe when you cells Tyrod pottery sees few bad experiences. I've got no trouble drive and proud of the pizza just want to mouth pleasure really worth it. A few hits to pick from all of view places that front thanks Brothers for your help. I figured I'd call my favorite place like that. Yeah I mean I don't know why it would do you really want our opinion you'll just our favor put X yeah. Here's that I would say your current clients the best pizza place incurred on his long gone now I was pizza time. Obviously roundtable also gone so awestruck to take those jobs Lewis ran up to date. Papa Murphy's. I mean taken baked if you got a friend who works there maybe somebody can trade some weed with. UAL Qaeda or standards I don't know pretty basic but good price decent value. Another option outside the box and Hyannis Caribbean Montes which is located Juanita over on the backside of stimuli they have out there Monty is good still. I'll see enemy aliens 176 gas station I would take I would take Papa Murphy's over Marty's first flight yeah I'm with you. So there's also in Kirkland ZX pizza personally for me. Too expensive for why you get I am now to nine under is a lot of people love seeks out. I think your best value lie us frankly. Is gonna be as smooth which cited perfect over the summer. You roll into pop America is in downtown Kirkland with the Mac complex and you buy the butter sauce. To ranch sauces and a barbecue sauce then you drive. 00 Moscow you could lose him Papa John's a Papa Murphy's. Oh I meant to say Papa John's imagine that knocks you say he cell polymer pleases you melt ice and Papa John's. Went for salsa you need to say poppy Jacqueline that look like whoa 00 ball over presented oh dollars. Thank you yeah so Papa John's wood in my tell little Kirkland complex downtown. Then drive up to the costs go. That's on the senate freeway I'd take eighty attorney says whatever over there and that passing get a 999. Large pepperoni I'd say. All in all your twenty minutes thirty minutes and but that's the movie did great value excellent pizza. And dipping sauces. The low cost us feeds as it was said Papa John's dip in south is a super good I like that plan. Yeah price or ten bucks I know like I impartial to Bob Murphy easily because there's not any downtowns I don't have enough server to what happens great. But yeah. I now how much it cost goes good mile thing with Pete this is where I differ a little bit from Cobb I am insistent on -- the pizza delivered to my health. You know I mean I'll walk out for good pizza you don't Christmas Eve but. Did that's I should tell ya but you really wanna go for a drive to become the first cylinder that Italian style our family pizza get the giant high that in. Do not do last couple. Like yeah true. Did I mean look I was happy leave bonnet and us pumped that it considered a doorway but frankly we're humans are the name of an idea yet just that it. I cannot and Sammy more about it I mean good I like it was different style pizza. Desolate. Would you also went through all that today to get it be and how little your taste under cost analyses. Yeah well Meehan meaning easier to go up there a couple weeks now you should come with us OPEC whose Casey is agreed we would go there and try to attack on just two or three dudes. All right I meant yeah and then roll them have a full measure in the pizza a look at us like the whole thing you go in the Gaza nuns who told him I lose. Yeah yeah I fives out on this dollar you can give me pause like that Ted Smith dollar fifty bud lights every day who. It's so I think it's just got a place yeah. I know they have ordered some pizza and enjoy it. In regards to last week's top topic what is to come normalized that I can believes. For me. It's the way ad buy music remember going to the store and looking for something I once had a now try to replace our consummate completely different. Now mostly chain store staff how row are last in some stores don't even exist throw us. I now go one of those few mom and pop stores to get a new release according to the pre orders and advance merged site. Maybe I'll buy out of their show our bad days only wish I am I do latter us. Not a fan of streaming because I'd rather see the dams get my money not three cents after a million streams are covered digital streaming browsers work like the physical copy of my parents and leading our work read the lyrics. And sank use in the booklet. It just seems normal to me even some final comes of the digital download the booklet scientists and it was nice seeing Ted Madden testy podcast party. Cobb I don't know. While wiser to crash and if you had told you all those things I told you but for some odd reason it felt good. Deals again and I knew precisely last year and has had that a the most sank. You're good man with a heart. Of goals and soul. I'll see you guys some tough time into doesn't eighteen Stevie the Packers fan. Thanks Stevie thank you that's all it does a beautiful moment that we had thus pump that you. Chairman B which didn't. Tight gat I'd I did read the music thing I have to it Kyra knife violence on a couple weeks ago. Who in their plan would tell somebody down I'm like went up to and rounds lake. Dudes be here's Tony bots on loyalists near on Spotify a lot these guys are on the road like it's not going to be a fair exchange so. He young man that give me a CD but I was just like. You guys are awesome you know embeds are touring it's always you know. It's always tie and size today here make. I didn't want anything back houses site I'm look IINSC's. In my car already have more than most people life. I didn't need a new CD. On honestly I've just listen the most part by having him put the Stevie and but the like yes I know Spotify is not gonna pay you enough for right the modulated I got out tonight on a get out listen the guys in the features so. Added dat. And then I also do is in order to used from Matheny CD Cobb. Off of Amazon they came today I'm super stoked about. But he had a says. Go see that in all the time back in my early days. But as you root for and so. He had been a trip down memory lane listening to a pay at school out in the exact same CD and book that case that might I don't know 1011 years ago now. Fiat has changed a lot. Yelled one good thing I've learned from bigs is that Blake. You go to a showing like Alabama despite your shirt or something. Yeah like you really you're saying is there on the road they need they need the money via. Yes for sure. Honestly you know of mass imitate you do a show a Mohawk on Thursday. Thursday night. Yeah you find out this week out fight out tomorrow night I know kids get there early Thursday morning and nice now while all they Thursday and then Friday go to. This retreat then I beat bee and stings call grounding camp. We a year out the animal costume parties any outdoor animal and the whole time. And then it's oh how are always present we have cars. Well I'll be there the whole time. I look at who didn't like me outerwear industry are that are OK pretty chancellor as far as standards I debate art abandons us they'll fire spinners lot of burners. Do you acrobatics and Mike. As a cool spot that is our. Cool. I don't even know about be allowed through just leave but it. Yeah you saw the overwrought. Let. We eat well on downer yeah that the ground and camera then sell not planned on us. I'm legally. Boy Alan do you down there Betty out isn't planning on it. I fear I'll do my usual edible for the plane trip threats. Yeah around his B. We've list for a few days time but it I think and you called we listen if you disaster and I'm not about any bad man. Let's see. ON slip list for a couple days awhile ago but us hungrier we've yeah and Jack you do it I mean I know I can't I've done it I've done it just to prove it to myself right a couple days here and there there's a lake. Pretty pretty intense lake god meditation based they sell for a consent I know we've pretty fired up without it. And yells pretty intense slate. Yeah I'm not fully clear on exactly where it went happens presence of the south active meditation. And the end though. I know that there is. The July jumping around and dance and laugh and hug in and also some might pretty intense I breeding drills birth and you know people are like crying in the videos it's like. A whole range of emotions. You know we'll see it's quite possible though at the end of it did to him and merry go back to my cap on X. And I could feed usable right now. So. See you address a warehouse party is totally off limits or it's like you're not sure. I'm pretty irony completely off limit EST I'm looking at the website what he's on the deal like I think that's why I was like dude you know viscerally I can't imagine they'd be happy we knew we may and I can't imagine. They feel like oh you're relieved to go to warehouse party tonight. Well the no I don't I did it's Donna's house a lot of lead these days. Says Syria hard maybe I'm wrong the outlet I don't know it wouldn't surprise me based on type of people that are going to thrown a FaceBook group like double B as of ourselves up. There were as surprised as some some people brought we admit I won't be one of the ones. Yeah maybe I'm better because I was up there you know I'll probably I would I would indulge if it was offered. Yeah and I'm just you know lately for me when I go on my retreats that such restricting median of wheat a week up to yeah you can't do it all week leading up to raise that flag that was just. It you're right but this is just it is just. They put it maybe they don't Democrats at all I don't know I've just by knee injury Tom had sides folks on Thursday the elbow that. Via I'm prepared ago that would that times without it we'll see how it got us. Can't wait through the migrants. I'd I knew I could neither Bennett I tries. I was only here handsome picture on sky like. If he happened to get some ahead of time and I Leah heartache but I'm not super worried about anyway yeah going to be interest stand by you attribute a lot bit too absorbed there that crowning king discrete. I'm gonna leave now to do too crazy warehouse fire. I. So send me that's donated and that's and I would travel off though why all about it it's getting the most out of life. All around this we'll see. Listen you're trying to full pauses and you ominous and by the campaign to out because of that option right now I can't say that and then Arabs and. The guy I know law not it's say either way probably you'll find out next week I'll talk to Cobb on Thursday. This week. I just bring some sort of cost him just in case just CO feels good I don't. Bottom. No way else course. That every must. I coo coo coo wells negative stuff go to all the check you it's that it's. Obviously there. Good. Plus man. No it was. Well. His you know his pretty pretty fine mom buy it says that the mine at my off from his sick now as a little bit sick heading into but I aid that that the T really help them felt pretty good and we had. We think it's. Thunderbirds game Friday night. How might little double date with honest and McCallum from doubles and down coat and his girlfriend fiancee now and to add there and is a ton of fun that he merits kick this out of the Cologne rockets and every time that Hebert scored. We are chanting that rockets up pockets. That I had a great time at that. And Jose if not better and tighter drunk right now is really in the hostility and yell at stuff itself line. And I have been a lot of I know they do that with a lot of the teams and back kind of forgot to drill the first couple goals luckily they scored seven of homicide planet chances. And as you can imagine my time. You racked up seven goals and in the process of racking up seven goals the other team gets really on Agence are skating champion between plays and stuff sitting out after the whistle action. And gadgets. The eyes is a source and I want to the thunderbird herds every team I did not know that and by the third goal. I find myself standing yelling at Red Sox could saddle it with the camera itself mine. Syria we had a great time is a great game to be at. And he had basically almost lost my voice which I I literally had a cold the day before the I'd just knocked out announced screen in my face off. And then the next night. I was a dells army down again at Lilly jeez and fight for Brad fest. And once again for micro screen Ambac I'd say the so that they can hear me over all the monitors are found out they can bait you know I'm just it's clear in my face often. Yes I don't know live as a desolate cold recovery protocol that I went through but felt fine. You might throw a little sore Sunday act and how vows sickness even back in or does this from all the yelling at that gives us from the Allen looking behind selling. I guess Saturday also. When she knew before going to the show and my grandpa I had dinner with him out pretty cool nice bomb goes down now way. And then yes and it hung out watched football and the ad dollars it. Now I have figure out in Austin. That. The Archos. Well the first game was great yeah honestly I did an app turns I have listened more. Yeah I was really hurt I was watching that first game and like you're supposed to rain all day was really nice to finally relate to thirty hours a car yet you for a walk. And then around three of the skies opened up an entrenched. The good time and yet classic Stoner stuff I should go out there looks really nice that I do I got rained on its. Let's see we have anything big coming up. And others in the cage for coming up in February so you might have may have another fighter back in here. I meantime don't want to reach Ambac can't be that prize fighting again he's fight again. Thank you sandy if you don't buy new man did not only did he win the fight he legit when it DC was this and that the guy all that whatever round he's even a duty and he did it. Yeah well I think he's given out at first he predicted the second and they might get them in a first. I believe is what happens yeah. That really was awesome Ziad Al retract I think Anthony Bryant have a million he's entertaining due to the guys who are you was actually willing to hear like 110 of his life story. You know kid radiates a good stories. You step back a. Yeah first round arm bar as promised oh yeah. Yeah. Val all right I welcome got sick got just our little iPhone and pulled our old texts. Because back when that fight happen. Ten I remember Ted texting us saying exactly. How he won and when. And that looked up intends to Mali's fake hand signals are like do we don't do a hand signals here man. Think what the hell is going on. So Ted's new rebel. I mean I assume boat yet jays are dialogue Syria. Now man I just you know sometimes with GM with the web connection whatever. Also silently to see it's up to energy Texans again CU guys around so it has just bide my time you know excellent taken in the what's manner. Cooled yeah. And then get maps from after ECUs it was a dope part of the weeks to just think. Had a bunch of flashbacks to two department team senator. Didn't trash on Seattle. Serpentine union buildings vacated cage skin trash in my tendon in my truck on captain Morgan's of that parking garage out there. And in just shown America what you rowdy. Could be added as little time in downtown occurred and as a kid that's why also like since I was living there rent before I came to ground to Austin. That's I was gone off about the Pete says I trust me tight we have spent. Spent hours and hours in a room with people and white coats figure out the best way to get. Great pizza at a superior value and Kirkland yeah Costco and. Sauces are realities that Kate sounds like camp and they thicker around bill Cobbs got this one. I think that is that the that next I animals on salsa cup got and I had to back off. Accepts. Higher I think it's about that time ever. You can't talk. The confident. Let's say what venue bell works good. Chris sounds good right crisp air strong. Diligent. Dillinger would Jan Elle woods' chances. Come so every morning I wake up I and you know pop out of bed and walked over like a zombie to. The Starbucks has near my house. And I've realized over the last site. I don't know six months or so I've developed a strong coffee addiction car now previous to this anybody's close me knows that I was essentially a Dick to decide our energies. So us have a Mike. It was only one of them a day but it was consistent for years to shoot you know when your Bynum Costco you know you have a problem so anyway. What a app valued at Ted year old neighbor and yell you're on Tyrod turn me on an idea cabinets full home. Yeah I mean for you guys with goofy easier during this things all the time. God they guy and live with now it does and never some I smell one it just lights me up. I was still in your offense eulogy drink wine over a day. My whole the old guy yeah I easily my though I mean B I love the guy in town I you have to do it anymore does he use a child missing all the time clock is right yeah. Oh through two days sometimes really spell long days the FDA you do that you have weird hours Seattle. Yeah honestly just like that bias and and vitamin B stuff certainly getting the mirrors are affecting harasses a difference in my adrenal system or what I'm not a doctor but I'd was dealing I was having. Really tough time my waking up after naps or whatever it is all beside the point doesn't matter pointed out I drink a lot policy. And I'm not sad about it so the cops summit this week is what is something you were. Happily addicted to feel free email us email RT podcast dot com quite a supplement to a machine what is something. You were happily due to do not want from me is a great shower. To get your mind rowand. Dude I'm with yeah those are to be well. I think on the weekends sometimes I'll forget to drink coffee. In like to be OK but I do love a good cup of coffee. Civilian and yes there's a good stuff. Man I love those Al garbage you don't invite source destination content I don't care other note don't even wrong I'm with you. I was on a sales call couple weeks ago and I was laid there like I don't know there's star looks like I don't care so the gas station with a cup of coffee. By this AM like sometimes like in my neighborhood there's one little bakery and I'll go there and get a coffee. And it's like that's when you notice a difference between real like espresso is suffering is like god damn this is good TR. Showers are also a little warm shower. Yeah I mean it's probably got to be we'd maybe is a wave. Yeah that question earlier very high here I did play well as they did a couple of days off now make. Man. Very everytime I go on vacation and I find it you know life. It defines me is my how I think commit a guy who vacations are good intense and you know it finds me at. About finance from now we have the time you do know why. Trading calm but firm way it's colorful magenta head sunglasses. Pay out as cool is dad the beads beads stand at the beach. Heroin addicts Colin when they're like good role hole in the copper out of their walls training so. Her backpack. With the U Walter that's more of a mess things up to a beads staking him. It's in Hawaii it we're seeing in the weeds to whom do you. Now eats brutal I don't know what you're talking about OK okay we see throughout a little bit. But you're so maybe Europe. Indeed salesman and now into that group Eads that you ordered up well I don't know it's all relative mix that with EED it's. There. Learn. Yeah oh please just. You know I'm with you and I I do. I do believe on the other hand whether it's marijuana or anything right you can use it too much and abuse it Nissen that but I also think. Heading for home hot people. How maybe they have other tendencies for other thinking slate. I'm just kind of like and so will we do want beer out near me like I'd like yes. You much cocaine and alcohol abuse to be worried about Blake my A my we have it's I'm late and with how productive I stay in my days you know I mean Mike. Most fuel to Syria pretty sharp harbor can do bits leg you know. I tell you sit granny G goes everything exactly so it's not I don't see it holding me back a whole lot you know there is. Little funny likes owner stereotypes that come up that are pretty pleasant sounds all right we have those moments and morality or do laugh about it but yeah for the most part. I I had no qualms with it and it you know. Because I'm so happy with it I don't view it is an addiction because I'm happily involved in daily usage of it. But you know it could be labeled one for sure foibles seat I don't think that you know that this event and I'm going to I don't think I'm going to be like. Craving it you know but I'm also in a exciting like you know. Energized in reinvigorating. Atmosphere with a bunch of like minded people like you know. Get me ended Tappan in this some other ways of elevated consciousness then so. The it's night I'm just going somewhere where I'm going to be border right doing stuff from Mike oh you know. That that's sounds far meant to not be more fun high. You know so I don't know. The I'd say I'm just I'm just. Happily choosing to use it but some of label and an addiction. As my girlfriend. Back at her Friday. You know I mean they've determined ditching signifies a lot of like traumatic becomes the result of some more serious ones. They added that closes thing to being happily addicted to it to let them. Yeah. And I'm not upset about it when he said yeah it doesn't do big break and Mike went to him. I don't know I don't know any regrets about the fact though yeah. Well. I mean hell I now feel like now I'm gonna go home. Broke up a coffee so so we'd take a shower. We talked ought to valued I'm pretty hungry for a hundred field in the store when you choose to close at forty minutes all right Bob May and I don't know me and I feel like. Felix showers or woman I mean is it I knows what it's safe sleep but there's some journalists like I need to get some sleep. Oh yeah to disagree one yeah honestly sausage dip what do works we would have been acceptable answer yes and as a lot of happy addictions out there what's that. He'll whip it good but some assistive I don't really eat I think to make it. Yet answered I think I'm orders are to sausage to prevent you in dragon who. I is that my girlfriend she's outside 500 could marijuana and see that Clinton commands late yes. All right but they yell I'm out about it everybody's healthy the colds are gone Matt addicted to the marijuana. God's gonna go touch women's faces because everybody knew those women love it when you pom your greasy palms on their face. Fuji type power movement touch it right let tees so. Said he laughs now but I'm pretty sure she and I and a merit. Yeah being married get us out here mask I hope so man I hope you end up with this girl and one day at the reception Matt -- simultaneously will touch your face. Yeah. ID go have sued to 07. Read the DP for god Palm Beach at Smith is the podcasts tears.