Thee Podcast Episode 208

Thursday, February 1st

This week we discuss roller skates, fun runs, and pop stars.


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It's did you do this. The homey Donald Trump was dropped bars on Jay-Z. In this beach. I'm not not the speed all I was like come on do you gotta be kidding me. I honestly edited that and you know like dude I'm so Thompson had distracted. Wait a minute he was dropped he was talking more astle and easy to date. Yeah on Twitter no kid and I mean I saw him doing it on Saturday. This could be from Saturday it's about the unemployment and yeah. I'll cash yes from Saturn yea you know I'm not a not a regular Twitter. Tweeter if he had until just lately and went back after a day. Now you know that distracts him reach far. Someone please inform cheesy but because my policies black unemployment. It's the just reported its lowest rate record it all capitals lowest rate ever recorded it. Liked him he you're like yet dropped like 8% under Obama my point 3% and are used are excluded. You didn't have her right. So much. Hard you know that's how trump was like people fault but things are gonna stop gap everybody knows. Everybody I'm not that that was the pro car and they're Ted sows the protocol you see them mood out there yet tonight. Off duty it's the subject of the top top geek in me I wake him up her yet it's our men kids massive. Well yeah immensely doses are here sir is basically all year. Mean as a six hours ago. Pretty close out your view on the West Coast which is turn the lights are certainly good at better easier now daggers are very very can't. Now nothing in the way all. Name. In the sky is it for you guys. To my left. Dude. How high could help. Alia. Zed that I love these how high you had the okay instead of that does that bug eyes checked out the mirror and odd DL. 66. Out of ten namely you know I'm Cobb asked that I wanted to sometimes do. For me via plus a dozen things start to look I don't like heat to lead just smoke. Some mystery man I'm always on some level are you going to be the you know that's that's my approach yet you would. Bread the same way as some thousand Brad a look at admiral Mike. Dinner with him for three hours I didn't see him smoke precincts really step okay. Dana Boyce another design nonsense was fired up today. You are listening to podcasts that this isn't just any I guess just any podcast couldn't do this. It's skins. Eat. Contact list or indeed it's. Starting these start and these. Starting defense at all. Jewel I don't Wear a helmet is not. He's my dad includes 208. Put them to Boise did this a little sis here podcast red hot gas and all the land land. Go after may years somewhere over on Skype is right for her body that we fearless he's somewhere in southeast Asia to real deal rename a cop. Problems going on. The NASDAQ under new highs on Wall Street in this State of the Union Address is delivered Mallard she don't. Here's the podcast stumbled this week after MC TP cop were overheard dining on street tacos and discussing my house in South Boston. We'll branch has collapsed from its unsuccessfully in the bad boys of summer I've summoned more of their sleep we'll find out at seven. Five fact other we'll still get natsios set up no more water cups those days are over. My problem with the producer SE CD with a back man. You know why things have changed com moved to a new studio no more cups I don't know the last hour sunglasses for this thing you're rallies have water bottles yeah Iraq really what I went down Austin I've brought Cobb his cup. I brought it with my music right now. Now must be nice well other avenues he's married he used his again I guess sizes are bringing ours back imminent real studio I had Jake keep them in the office. Oh yea I'm Mikey put me there's no places to keep stuff he cursed and oh yes and I'm really giving you a hard time we was ever water bottles lose either way yeah well I'm glad Cobb has sits. People realize. Top have you party with a giant red cup on the weekend yet. Now like taken out tomorrow as my cup where you're at that animal body I. I don't know did you digital Barbara Maceo like I'd I'd like the idea of UN mayhem sitting around a Saturday Blake. Yeah I'll drink didn't drinks added that red cup. Yeah I have matter accident and I've gone and animal party column. Yet when it is not a wild awesome dew and AM IQ did underwear fund run saying. And it's like the red and white on the cup could be permits and that events so what is at all. I don't know how it's for single people prior to like near sports it's a lot every now and Jesus near Valentine's Day man lost it whatever the like. Weekend before or on the day I am not sure some camera is that Europe. I hope that works out for you I hope that cup is a discussion piece with a lovely lady they ulyetza have some sex with. And upload helped facilitate that by bringing it down. I mean due to stick cup doesn't get on those are code more bright red underwear right for my roller skates. Are you running game is levels that exactly. Eyes open and the smell thing rollerblade yet. It's only homeowners creating. Let's not. Blading or skating. So as skate and I don't Wednesdays are easily skate but I've bought blades are moved down here so we blade it. Okay how many use the blasier down by the Braves veteran Rory learn. Cut up. Now better I didn't neighborhoods sometimes I bring the blades to skate night and usually well liked take them out for her you know 1520 minutes left impressed that sick. Did yeah I gotta be honest man I think that. For years I thought skates were inferior but I think quads gates actually might be the superior. The spirit transportation. Missing is. You get a lot more style points you do a lot more dance moves and stuff which you know obviously there's music playing. So I think skate or credibility practical or less likely you are jackass out in the real world. Yep blades are like practical and good for hockey but skates or styles that. The out blazer more viable right transportation from point a to point B. A tail on Mark Cuban run. I will say that I solitude like last year browse walk to work and he was on roller blades like obviously trying to go to work. But they were new creed and I mean I just I I wish I was he's never gonna make it but he isn't it he was about to fall like every five seconds. I feel like you told me down our membership on the cast throughout the Arab Christian you're about that I felt bad for the guy like you should practice more before you cited is like taking no work we are buddy Gregor has played so we'll go around Greenland. An honest days are you suing the Ellen sitting more but she's got when he rural areas the self and snohomish now. How do we have an update on hot chick did we did we see year did we Mosher in the face again. All due to real quick on the subject of scary to be honest I had not even considered. The possibility that I might fall in this Cubans on run. In a big crowd full of people and I east in by a red Speedo. All scraped up on blades has not a good luck. I think the other option to Leslie do you wanna be roller blade guy had a run. Paramount. I mean. There's you know there's there's some there's a couple Costa. Ams in the discussion and I'm not sure how creates a minute taken. Frankly he's usually my down my ambitions are always my confidence so you now I might end up just as regular didn't Hanson walked and we'll see a. A good every nowhere boy aides who YM one thing that consider would be act because. Neon and leg ninety's Kenny Lofton and sunglasses that are right to cool shape the car wraparound to have like the point still. Assad. All actually those abuse looks a must go into the ninety's pub crawl if you can't tell I'm trying to make friends out here and yes ours the girl that I stiff armed the State's Ted Turner now I am not a grass in her. But I'll likely austere tomorrow. Because I'm thinking about going knots in my local skate night but believe it or not there's three see nights in Austin on Wednesday how I believe it and I'm seeing him into the biggest one which is up Norris and she said she did sound frequently. Cousin in north DOS dinner north of you being like downtown area. I'm north Austin about that as loyal as I now salsa but each neighborhood has their own roller rink and I associated adult might finally you talk about do a Mike know how long jurors a mile home plate fund run. Yes underwear fund run all right so who last weekend flat stick of data pioneer square. They had a point five K run. Sybase and did you nice ring around the block and then came back to the bar but it was an insult it looked awesome and everybody was still dressed up in. You got to bid and everything like you were going on a real ride. But he just couldn't completely point five. That's a really give it a siren had an idea I met died at one point at something and don't you he's pretty young really nice guy that got him and his brother run ball to someone there. One Michael are current on or something via yet they're open one up then south union until crock. I'll nice. Yelling my buddy how my buddy Jerry on Twitter he said last year. Rand 14843. Seconds. Every beatings like chiefs on the 22 put the two minute to do there and Erica backlash. Now I asked if it. Yeah I like the Zahn. Don't see on my cancer I am pretty regularly and her girls are like my worst nightmare is marrying into a Stanley and it does five K is on holidays could come pet. Yet do you know what I've said that before and like people make economy but I'm Blake. Not like oh I'm still not against working out but I just I was like I mentioned seems that one of those girls we get up every Saturday for five K. It's losing yet god forbid you bring in more and how we can talk about that just Mike sorry. But getting a home Saturday mornings you know five gay is slate. I would do what I do have done it twice but I would do it but it's like I don't wanna be doing that every weekend I wanted to we are think. Yeah. Well yeah and have to get up like six to start running at 8 I am all for. Like cool five K is in marathons and stuff but. Yeah like doing those with regularity against your will. Who. Now when you going you did there and me did you say you done to. Yeah where they with women date you reverend sets us. One was one was Oca. That's good question out there yet fair question objects on the questions. I. It ought to answer that it could. Subject for this particular picked McCain as your attorney and spiritual counsel. For mideast mansard. I saw a great win today. And I saw Mimi it's again do you stand along in my one's real green and like you kind of crappy. It's late maybe the grass is always greener the Asia and over their kids out there. For a pack up. Just stuff they like I know we argued about means like a year on here or whatever but dammit I love a good mean they could set the tone for day. I don't know we argued that means weren't find I don't know her argued and we argued about what they when they started with the actually meant to be gaps. And say about that dad chick that I us. Spending quality time with that Russians take you to a miracle man immense. When I grace our breath that he said earlier. Is getting messages rations obviously this is her first language and she said may may like thirty times one night I just was kind of ignoring it. And then I realize of the what does she transit as it is is an immediate Miami sounds fair process RE two the did you caller out on it. I'm I just explained it to our light not NN you know I was a Dick about it. Because finally does that the retreat is we can a guy. Called the area are multiple occasions I have a move forward these are gonna Eric you get out our boss who was a little bit. But I kept going and TVA Eric stays empty for the rest of us. But before he did that like four or five times so he's busting your balls the wrong may have come aboard did that play out like it was exactly like. What's up Seattle so I he remembered me and our conversation. And like a significant part of it the identifying factor about me. But they got the name wrong later and I was like. Mean do I tell unlike how it I've field that felt so happy they he remembered us from Seattle or about bounced over the you can call me Eric and eventually out leg. We'll dear receive just social media like tribute beard like a map not hectic. So I appreciate your armor or Prague for Dhahran achievers these hockey fan. Did I will say I use lake Sheldon the works are now less. I don't know Sheldon really does production during the day so. He he came oversight I didn't remember his name at first but I knew he was in Oklahoma fans. So we just say you're tell us all good boomer sooner and feel like Oklahoma what's up from the finally learned the man's DMV. Can very easily you were them every day now how did you learn it easy out how I boomer sooner did the last time I thought about a month. Well done but that's I. What lured are known college football lover like here I anywhere near advantage sometimes and this is in December. Oh yeah Oklahoma was in the playoff when the good time to walk around yelling boomer series. No cell flat bat barrel this limited for shore. There was it was that's all right you wrote it out prescient a month out of that honestly bread you notice. You know how to succeed in damn this guy is a global equity his journey he's a Maryland thing and I think before I even knew his name properly I was I was given him the whole rundown of gun didn't fund ami enrollees were massive Oklahoma for hits and had a I'll. Slowly see a row and big shout out to other soldiers destiny had a little issue with this cute. Called up gobbled fellows take care for a while some think I got to me how it. And also met with CNN's those cob. So SOZ destiny is SO DSC soldiers of Jesse scooter club. But for Alston and there's two of us here about two B three we have ten scooters. Judgment. And so we decided to be why so ES and which is soldiers of destiny. Could scooter club's south nasty. As we obnoxious long why do you have and scooters for tributes. Are studio cigarettes and I'm Dave JI does to Gaza demand has nine and I Boller moved down here. All right I'll rephrase the question why don't make them have I don't. And I got only knows him and ask me is right next door she obviously yeah like what they do say hey. And it may have caused by the way you may institute. Hello that got them magnets in them the boys are one and yet nine scooters. Yeah. Yeah I think it did it make him. Seeing that it's your works with the added that Bill Clinton's Camp David Mann would look at 69. Could see maybe five or 69 teams that your quarter. At six agree reasonable cut out for you. Are Rollins just. I. But really does everybody Boyce mayhem you should know that since Cobb has moved there. My brother has brought it up late people lake lake mobile people brought up to emulate the escrow it was code also and hang out common oddly. We should we should tell mayhem that's by. That. So I think it's it's cop movie everybody has plans now like well telescope can do with god and all still like. Simon's got a roommate cool dude I wish we should ask at. Mac came down manners don't welcome to hide nicely thank you. Do it actually is he still live there. And now all right well another funny thing about you comp in my cannot trying to gash you up the comes good looking man right so. Either tonight there's certain things. Like I've been would come before were friend of mine talk opposite on this girl that he's not he's on your girl what he's just chatting with her right. So the new and I realize I've gotten annoyed if you comp is that when you post stuff on interest to cram people always think that your doing likes some amazing ridiculous vague. So really three people were like two with a common Katy Perry. Are you a picture of him with Katy Perry. Bryant literally said medical attempts like I know I was like why does is so unbelievable big late Joseph Joseph Joseph Wesley with a dude like. Mayhem works in radio they went to the meat and creep I Cobb got a picture with their like I'm like I don't now I think it is the least excited person match. It's isn't easy to wreck he M and I mean that's crazier every minute that Leo did you have access you get pictures of these people. Honestly I was on the fence about getting a picture like they're like not mango to go to the honestly I don't care like no like reformers are. May yeah added exactly it's like there's nothing quite exciting our our special about us literally just like yeah and then meet and greets for work and it's possible. Since I like I've done with TI. I do and know enough about dirty use hash tag Katie cat on the on the post though. Did so I'm all about the I have you know that right. I have beyoncé since yeah. Yes I thought those of the funniest name ever and I didn't realize that all of these like. I am pop singers or dark pop or what every call Mike they each have their own little Sam club I thought that was like. A remnant out like that seventies and eighty Libby would have liked. I don't know like Doug Beatles fan club or whatever that those old thing minute past but not at all like it's alive and well. Now here's a guy I guess he has a little monster right her daughter has got the monsters as a whole thing then I heard that Y and led them I didn't know that any Leo Lyons. It's caught doing job they have left out by the Katie cats and I watched her documentary terror remember the name of split. See Heidi new data at rest ice and they hide from Twitter. Do I think that's a big marketing singer Merrill doing now I've seen Katy Perry's documentary but I know they just it once for com. Demi Lovato and I also saw one for Lady Gaga before went to go see her show and I think that that's like. You know in around like USC now though how Mike about some like the story of the fighter C like ambassador number move. So that was taken from Mikey NFL huh. How they relaxed I don't know you wanna like attaching a personality and character and I don't VWE did it really well re like care about like the story arc of this person's life before the fight is your more invested in the fights are just too as in the case sort of Rex and I think that they're doing that really heavily with music right now with all these documentaries you're kind of like. Along for the ride rich. Honestly I'm kind of pumped about it because I felt like. Enjoyed the Lady Gaga concert more. Knowing like what was going on her life send what the songs are about because she watched her dark humor before seeing that. Yeah because I don't really know much about lady got guys there I mean you know like a Corsica a new issue was broken Michael stop a bunch of gaga songs. Are they you ought to. Did you watch documentaries specifically because he near gonna go see year. Yes so what I've been doing is I try to read a bunch of on someone's lyrics. All read like I'll go one genius and Reid may be it's set generate songs worth of lyrics and breach of their Wikipedia and trying to learn a little bit more about them before I go see their show oaks I think it gives me a lot more appreciation of the artist what they're about like LC for instance is really good and I didn't know she existed until we weren't there shall. Who direction. Who did you heard so many songs that I girl how all these calls me. Yeah and yet right she's got the usual and right now with Reggie easy. Yes she's got like four or five like big radio powers right now I mean I sure don't socialist. Chief. A regular. Commercials. Yeah. I have no idea that is really the gap. You just when our music yet you've heard double or songs that's our shares of GE EZ I really like to think it updated Bonnie and Clyde. Yet you one of those songs are once oil. Hookah is look at Emily I'm insane I'm nobody hires Jay-Z and beyoncé. Correct I'm sailing a Bonnie Clyde type song rank because you've had different versions of this a Jay-Z and beyoncé did like actual Bonnie and Clyde. And and great GM thick it was another one plate to pot had that song that lake everybody thought he was like talking about a girl being so automatic gun that might have been just me about bitch. But in I don't know I easily been two versions of I think I'm glad our and they called Bunning Ky Allen got his five or something yeah. Either way I just for this who are caught they're they have like the newest late rapper singer couple. Bottle there a couple. They are currently spoke to cricket wicket that that the. Gotta yeah there's also mom is another rap song about a guy and his gun and he has on my favorite wines it's like. Excuse me let me introduce violated her name is Beretta and she's model can crazy. At at at at at. But he inside can't name a summer had done. Yeah. Him and I that's the song which easy at Wellesley I thought it was healthy communities that's my least favorite how's song. Ninth parent whenever. We'll see I just jealous Adam has this just in geez you. Mean back and forth on him. Like I like his music any seems cool but like if I knew that you know we we get along. Ted I'm not really sure what we're allowed to Sam podcast man you might have to bleep me but apparently. You know what I shouldn't pass this on I don't know of pressure reminds her all right. Yeah I don't know like he'd be out and he's so laid. Sometimes just get that feeling about people think look nice the love Timberlake I still like Timberlake but like I need to hang out of like he'd meet him at different. Different stuff I possibly Timberlake played for has finally jumped the shark. But how so. I don't know he did Blake he's an R&B singer right. But now easily back to his roots. Being a white guy out in the country prefer hate commitment kinda path I don't know like this normal stuff like. But when they bring up Janet Jackson is savidge is at our narrowly Obama Barkley you don't know would you ripped your piece of clothing off that exposed her. Her group like you know something. But you know it being but it just I mean he got a late. Think you would imagine Jackson decided it just he got a skirted by it. But is he like now you'd be like yeah we talked about it was a crazy being the ages ago I don't know we just kind of happened. South that's ICU Timberlake trying to jump the shark. Explain I knew it jumped the shark means I've heard that expression before I don't know remains okay. So do you know that no fights everybody knows who jumped in the shark it straight. Like you people use the term of like so it's not too popular. It's jumped the shark. Writes about that term is we use it right would you fathom what I meant when I said he might be jump in the shares of birdies numbers are juice. Popular like that they're now unpopular or two popular like I'm over them. Yet so when he comes from is back in the day there was TV show called happy gates right he heard the fonts yeah. Since the days to match show was like super popular and there's a famous episode good Greg is he jumps like shark tank or something in lake on his motorcycle. And it was like that's on the show started getting bad so that's what the term comes from of looting jumping the shark. I. Yeah I spoke at the kind of peeked out you know I mean. Shot on Toronto our ball good pulled it Nina always do little openly Opie company OP. Cunningham to me. I don't I'll lose another race and I era develop wonder years. And wait a minute when you go. Out time out Arrested Development national as funny as yet. But I thought and you know what another great show tonight Euro was the wonder years. And I agree I heard the theme song reasonably. Many in our new studio many for many for one the sound of compare playing. But I wasn't this the one years though. That doesn't go as far back as that's that's filling my childhood rape like I never watch happy days does the right for my time I watch on nick at nite. I liked it by the pawns. Yeah he just never got in that went ice to watch. Who was to isolate the Beverly Hillbillies and I was a kid. I like that movie with the dude from office space. The Beverly Hillbillies movie yeah I'm a result had to do it eight Peter random dude in it. Do I know there's the ask Lawrence the out Lawrence asset to have the Heller got Cheryl Mack and that type two chicks story time. Could affect. All right so the only Blake got a important thing I wanted to touch on tonight too late as we're taping this trump is doing. State of the union rank yup so then last week we talked a little bit. And then. I and it you know Mac and it said to me afterwards right it's like I'm just like I can deal with the rain now and it's a gripe but lake. A year ago I was arguing that you shouldn't just block it out you don't wanna deal with it. That's a compliment you right so now kind of stuck in this middle class like I don't go right. Think what he had to regulate tonight I would go so we will don't watch the state of the union just because trump loves a good ratings numbers hurt her so would just be funny nobody watched him but it's like everybody's in Africa watch Jimmy Cobb was watching before we started via. I'd I think there is the you know. It's crazy it's crazy times out there. But I don't know. In your situation in the I mean it's OK to change her mind on something you know even though last year your leg out. Yeah that's what they want you to do it be so I still think that's part of it the gap. And so. Then I say gets you deeper there because then you feel like your part of the problem. But how do you be part of the solution either way. Is it by eight. Cause that kind of the approach that I'm taking is like on the micro level I'm impacting lives in a positive way. And keeping myself saying my marketing caught up in all that Porsche. Is is how I feel in my head about it. You and your right but then also too we got to look it. You know latest state like North Carolina right play. There was a lot of stuff going on there the last few years of their Republican governor in there. State senate in this in that knowing a lot of people courteous she knew of him like Charlie college towns like out of an effective system that. But then by the time the new governor got in there and they voted to do doubt that in my -- morally the change so many rules the governor was almost powerless. When I forget the world organization that they were basically lay North Carolina is not a democracy. Plate beat me they were like if that was an independent country like he knew would not be a democracy anymore. Intersect right so I mean that's you're rightly do you just concentrate on controlling the things you candidates lake. Are they taking all the gold out the back door you know I mean. Yeah and some people think literally that happens a lot you'll think that Fort Knox the US gold reserves they meant audited and I cannot pull this off the top mad but it's been a very long Thompson has done a physical audit of the gold reserves in the US. And a lot of people think. They no longer exist. I had not heard that one the that would not shock me. Gallery shock me at all how you look at some of the numbers just like the song or else they'll burn that. If she had. I mean when you look at the numbers in the wars just the amount of millions in and truly mean you'd did you just talk in per day yeah it's billion today I'm pretty sure yeah. I mean it's insane. So it's staggering no question but as somebody who likes money master I will say that the big number is. I could further back in history which draws World War II of the biggest wealth transfer in human history yet to think about the fact that the US was selling. I'm not I can't say guns blanket statement but. Supply is what it that's food water munitions parts or factories rubber etc. To both sides for a long time and suction outside Europe like crazy especially from Britain. Oh yeah yeah I mean it's all there so yes and that plus you know interest in the last like thirty years. Where I'm spending a lot on war but there's also a lot to spend. Food Denis I I just try to peak yet and for me you think it's still most. Troubling and stuff is that for all the the bickering and in frighten people do back and forth. I still just don't know if rank and file person and you know the middle class person that that works that doesn't work on what like I just not sure those people their lives are any better. And that's obviously not just try opening day a lot of that is Obama's presidency too it just he just. I don't know it just feels like. I just don't know that people are doing that much better. Dude subject of great debate I will say this I saw a little things quick two minute Blair last night abouts let me try to pull up to them. The book around us so it was. Interview between Bill Gates and author of this book and he said it's his new favorite book and basically what it was is sound. New Bill Gates reveals new Sarah book is called enlightenment and now I'm I have not read it but apparently. Dated it's Britain by a Harvard. One Aussie economists off Tom I have I'm not sure Harvard professor. And he basically walks through point by point com why this is the best time in human history to be living in terms of how safe the world has so reduction and on pedestrians getting hit them cross walks production literally if people even being struck by lightning you know things like that and you know people dying of cholera all kinds of stuff he walks a point by point and he says that because it. I'm the news is so powerful. Bomb you know it starts to really you know if if nothing happens we don't hear about it since I dip nobody died of a flesh eating bacteria on Wednesday. And so because of that it starts to. Distorts. What another author that I like cameo announcements out of this panel simmering got a book calls are our reality tunnel which is basically our subjective view of the objective reality. In which we all live and they are you saying that. You know it essentially distorts that and so it's tough for us get a clear picture and we sink to source a man are. I mean yeah. It you're right obviously your personal view on stuff has has an effect on it I. Yeah I again though I'm assailant I I just don't know ice maybe maybe my friends are. Could he losers and can't get mattered I mean I don't know I just. For all the of the wealth and Wall Street movie like I just don't see it for the everyday person. You know and I mean it's. Yeah it went to agree here now are so nice so on the but the Robertson is our Robert Hanssen will send to and really the only thing that the book Bill Gates was started about given my and I haven't credit but it sounds like. They were talking about physical safe seats like of the body but in terms of its. You know wages and things like that mean the emit the middle class in America has been completely hollowed out the savings rate in December hit. I its lowest in the last I don't know like five years. US dollar hit its slowest of value in the last three years a couple days ago so yeah I mean people's real spending power is going down wages have been stagnant that's you know. But that's like armed. Shouldn't say unquestionable that's like a hard fact at this point. Any rate that's that's the part that worries me but I see people buying stuff but like I also just realistically like. I I I know people are like I know what they do in this and that I'm that sometimes there's a million. How much are these people in debt is that is that crash comes just around the corner again. You know I saw rob sat zero I do for on her recipe toppled long term debt cycle one dual blades. Yeah what's MFI that I keep your own words overdue for a correction. Healey got I was shocked I had a friend of mine and he was like. Dude wouldn't let me tell you like we're basically going paycheck to an hourly U does a little page in easily yeah lake. You know we are causing mayhem and that's harsh reality. You mean someone that you thought I was doing better than a yeah we ought to be app after app act. Dads like it shocks me having who might add 37 in my age still do that. You know and I mean it's like you may lose their jobs when they're done we're not talking a few months a year two years like the dot. You know on this planet that's that sucks. We'll do I'll say this you. I odd man it's complicated so don't. What we care about what I say it but Tom there's four. Basically like unavoidable costs and so people always point to on the cost of consumer goods going down. Which is objectively true you know things like fruit. And down in a city by and the curse is or crackers ships whatever our. Both lower overall and lower relative to income but the problem as. The unavoidable expenses so like transportation. Housing health care and is one more than a camera brush top my head. Those have all gone up relative to income some of them by huge amounts like Tom you know health insurance for instance in health care costs. And so. Those are unavoidably you can't like completely cut those out of your life and so because of that. Com people end up getting squeezed a lot tired despite. The cost of goods going down. Yet did you tell me that years ago I never understood that and I I use that term all the time for people rightly like you could buy a lot of stuff right now but everybody's got to do TV anymore. He has threatened when you buy junk right it's very hard to buy the stuff you just wait out the stuff you meet. Move. Yeah and that whole health care of you I just watched a crazy Netflix. They have a six part series on and one of them is about why Iran's health care are going up so much and it still hold prescription drugs found crisis and form a brow and all that. Well it's all about the company kind of behind a lot Michael Valiante highly recommend you look into that ultrasound and more on the cast. Car right yeah and I know I think he you're never gonna you know every Red Sea people defend farmer bro but I mean to. To his credit part of that was he he's showing how ridiculous that system miss the up. Yeah I mean look what I saw that you know is obviously varies screwed up I thought but it is also right. Very eye opening for me and he did shine a light on that to a lot of people there were probably like me and you know. Didn't really realize how asinine that system as I and everyone knows op cost us way too expensive but to realize it was that is safe. The out could just be. Slipped on by one person's greed that quickly and like he was definitely not the first or only to do it's. Who is kind of yes kind of shocking and upsetting yeah it's crazy the out the hadn't BI it's it's at its and. It's good mess out there Connecticut. It's always great points to that. So are mad I tell ya go ahead. Under sir it's tough to intelligentsia. Are dot com but I don't I don't mean to try to dot com so it's called dirty money is a big documentary series. And the costs of those prescription drugs what I didn't realize. Is the drug companies mark them up. Not so that people will pay that there's so that people's insurance company will pay about who gets passed on to the insurance group which sounds a good thing until you realize that pet insurance group has just all of our pooled money. And so because of that. Each one of our premiums goes up because now whatever drug is no longer seven dollars it's 101000 dollars. Yeah. That's that's the part I did not realize personal net. Yeah quite think. Yeah I don't mean to his flake and part of it is is yeah you wanna believe stuffs gonna get better and everything and it's always gonna be better but I think. They were getting to a point where people got to be a little more realistic and I think getting inning also loom people about people on top need to talk a little different. Your enemy and their dvds of obviously the days of some restart now no no worry your pay is going to be here is over. Friendly people stay in a place forever and work on why they do it again I was director Peter Bell is they do it correctly you start on the line there you'll finish a millionaire everybody got us. But rate and then there's the qualities are gone down with their product trying to make their font they tell Bubba to trucking company yes exactly caught another. Did you play did you start there on the line by time you leave he'll be a millionaire. So anyhow so obviously we think those days are over citing leaks of the corporate kind of talk and incorporate talks it was decided. I salute you comic just concocted corporate coming out thoroughly but I think I think being I think people just need the you know it's one thing to screw people over there to screw people over. And then defeat of a line of BS to to be pretty annoying thing Indian. Yes arsonists in so you know they're too hot. Oh no we're not or are you could. And now about screw people over and and you know a lot of BS station it expects. Let's see before we get the emails I wanted to mention have either you two gentlemen ever been attacked lose to ghost took decent job on Capitol Hill. Or are you now to south union and there's wind I'll put him. I can't do it first though and then. What's next for sale Beacon Hill. Oh I went to went on Beacon Hill I'd never been there. The stock goes I do use this term reserve uses it to us tacos are thinking fire but they were no good dude in a little item on top. Ted it's your real fired up. Ray and get a little pineapple junk in there who. That's a sane man I had I had a pork in there to pork and chicken pot goody more BI get down and a l'Alma. Lama. Well although Oklahoma moment god do your rent. Yeah yeah to Ralph for some solid Mexican actually twice now nice. Torch he's the isn't it for breakfast to. I purchased a fireman to tour cheeks that's funny Georges has breakfast not because it's a little maybe double. Then that's just funny is a pretty short torch he's the name of the bar that Joseph is used to with a whack not the typical I. Yeah it is Iran Cooper Cooper a couple. That's probably taken a patient assignments and it's my friend got looks. Our lives I would imagine the tacos we mentioned common Katy Perry. Al Billy and Yazoo City in this is just being a sports cleared. Sunday he puts the NHL all star game in the pro ball off but I would treated this Alec this is peak January sports league is so pathetic how how how packed like cool what should I gonna watch probably neither here. So caveats and emails for us. Hell yeah we got it on slog a sleepless fellow. I narrowed it down to size book that's our lot in no particular order. Universal last week's top topic what has become normalized I couldn't believe for me it's a way ad buy music remember we Gerry did this on. And so. It's yellow why aren't it is alas we just ought to start by my bat. Daily comp. School orchestra free. I. Don't know if you don't Wear your payday is guy may incur that I was asked I stay in the courts throughout the process. Thirty more years earlier it's admitted we're gonna make it out of money up this way. But I mean I don't watch in the share prices and frankly you know the moves that this has laments if you pick out. You regarding the current Tommy goes weeks there's gonna sound bad but I'm happily addicted to cigarettes. I know thereby they help me get up apparel and and I think that's pretty good trade off the top in a cigarette is amazing. Yeah opera or read it later but for now I'm a piece of that part on guys albino Matt. Man yeah I mean I can't argue with that right if you're on here like yeah like sometimes like I walk by a lake rehab centers are never. You'll see you out there just like chugging coffee and so it's clear since late. Yeah like not I'm not we give these people a hard time outs of cigarettes it's all relative good trade. Yeah a right early we talk about trade now like you know you only eat your drink alcohol that he still smoke marijuana like Mer like get at Philly that's a fair treat. The the had similar discussion with someone. And visited that Eritrea as at the weekend about time I. You know I liked colleges each used to enjoy splits. Then yeah I'll lakes you know us that they. Again you know there I think there's there's there's a big difference between that and then the president elect. I hate cigarettes I gotta quit smoking Ivins throwing for beating and answered. Dads that's note the that's not a fun situation to be announcing. Those cigarettes over the worse I you know it was a from a by nomad I give credit for that went. I do enjoy a cigarette smokers there is a yes smoke cigarettes the but people that so seriously I gotta quit like. Come on dude that you know I mean but it. Yeah I. Week two there's a Muslim to salmon advisory dreary in the next email I'll read just talking about to go led by the way it all slide outs yet I'll buy a match it's your question. A few years ago Cobb took a trip and he was gone for awhile on scooters. In southeast Asia. That's why I always make that joke he's always hear what he's somewhere in two wheels and southeast Asia. Armor when I was gonna say I've said it before and I'll say it again. I don't trust a man who doesn't have at least 23 vices yup. I'm a three right at somebody tells me they have no vices dude mad you're comfortably amoeba like. There can kids or something like yourself that in some crazy. On him and like it doesn't do you have like you'll bared in my basement man. You may try to suppress everything like there's that one evangelical. Pastor was Clinton's name to Ted Haggard yelling Julia. Yes and he is given those interviews and he's like. And evangelicals the pastor of the best sex lives to Canada like all the some on and on and on and psych. Turns out he's client LA. Like. Hook up with gay prostitutes. Which is fine in and of itself but. You know like not appear like it it you just was like this darkness. In him many felt bad about it and embarrassed about because his religious beliefs remembrance like look at you a couple of dudes that's okay. You know but like you don't don't be ashamed of it and then tell the people they should be ashamed nowadays thank. Yeah Lance. You don't need to go right that's the thing that I hate to right. But he easily so does he litter so anti gay that's what it's like all right see you have some gay tendencies or something like. Quite like especially the lawmakers that vote all of these. And then like I couldn't handle Drake. But it's what I guess that you can't handle your sexuality Blake that's an extra level to go out and pot prosecute persecute those that do. There. It's it's frustrating and sometimes all too obvious or the persons on don't want their own issues. Couple speaking of that I watch a movie this weekend called trophy kids. It was just pay law on dude. It it was unbelievable and you talk about people clearly documentary it's a document energy is it just thought in my age I think is a trio document child's parents like push select the one guy he played. He played for you dove right. His kid wants nothing to do with what he might wanna play football but not like the dad does he do each is not cut from the same cloth right. In the daddy's just relentless song and in this in that and it's like it's destroying their whole relationship. And they get saints of what you though I mean it's not for me to like years and alma come back and realize mission of doing this like yep exactly what you can do ask her. Yeah off either as kind of conversation about LA how great sports word from my relationship with my dad growing out. Now leg but there's also flip side of legs. You know dads that busted bear rotator cuff and high school I never got their chance to the big leagues that are again. You know forces under their kids and their kids your on us and in due within their your present their dad Furyk and yet you know two sides every story that I'm really grateful for earth. Impacts were sent in my life. For sure. I would he then I love sports but a kid I'm trying to do it like giving it their quarterback that can mean he's a plea for UCLA being as UCLA. But saving his dad like grew this kid to beat. A football any ivy egos and NFL plays a one year dominates in the basin just was like. I'm out I was not a muscle and I would do it anymore if you don't technically. I mean I dated a girl I remember her telling me her brother quit the sport is he he's couldn't take with the data all the time. In the words of varsity blew off I don't long you'll last. Paul Paul Paul could talk cop Rick. William Robert. I don't rarity sent an email from the top topic but guys need some guidance. My whole family including me your liberal and up in arms about our president. We're all addicted to any and all news since I won't devote all my time to one network absurd and wonder if it's on health. Especially after this week it happened so fast the skylab the date and time this is written generate 29 some 45 PM. She declined Russian sanctions now hole basically having the GOP discredit the FBI. After watching the news tonight I swear I was not mentally stable I'd shoot myself what are you as difficult. I don't wanna put my head in the sand for seven years wake up with the only news source being Fox News and living in Jeff Sessions land. Our line emails and the couple Beers and and settle it flow while on a bottle Matt. AKA the it's Einstein. First of all trump would have to be reelected for you have to your head in the sand seven years. Know what that's those seen earlier like it's hard to know you've got to get away from it but that's false I don't know is that part of it like the Russian sanction thing. Late great congress is like hey we need to do this part of her. It was a the FBI are either way the White House is it now we do and and it right like I don't now that's that's the problem with in he's right would trump the stuff happened so quick it's so fast and lake. We're so far beyond in the year than we were with Obama just in the fact of like. You know member or Obama wore that pantsuit when they hadn't me GOP had a meltdown that he wore a TN suit you and I mean. Played. Trump is are not staying off hookers. Right. Porn stars. Yeah good call Matt points are now hooker to Africa. I will thinner that is I know that story that is one thing whatever shakes out however the strong thing and that's when we will never stop annoying me. Is in this is when I say Christians I mean he would make on evangelical. Like the crazy ones. But Howell. You could hate on the Obama's who's a nice family man with a nice family and support trump. Just just on your spiritual reused that is ridiculous. Yeah. I'm inclined to agree although will say that Obama's PR was pretty on point. You don't Rob Blake. You know it but the Bill Clinton with a guardian scum bag click on let's say you've got to like somebody's personal business we will battled the Kennedys. Kennedy was a scumbag to the you have to like their personal lives but I also wouldn't go around me like it's God's will. You know really and I was loses in God's will. Deanna yes I would Obama like how is like you know the largest number of like a drone and missile tests under an oppressor or whatever but oh yeah. Like Obama personally out mbira I mean I'm great PR there's an Emmy and like yeah whatever it. So first of all bake in your emails awesome second just shout out to everybody who who were emails this week it makes it way more fun for the segment read I fund re no matter of time and then. I've gone through I'm sorry Clinton gets everybody's butt that's dope to a youngster to chip and NX makes the task easier or more contrast. So that being said. Shots young pianist and hoping the FBI does most of the greatest podcasts on what else oh I had so. Good to hear through him. For retarded I don't know you just. I do it your mama Cass alive and kicking so answer 'cause previous topic what is the normalize that I cannot believe it again this a lot of thought truthfully it's pretty hard to boil it down a few bare. But for me it would have to beat the slow death. A common sense. Caused primarily. I'd growing lack of critical thinking skills in favor of passing laws and not sending anyone. Among other texts I get lists all kinds of examples are current common sense the one that isn't politically or emotionally charged that I deal with almost every day. Is pedestrians prayer you may remember the phrase look both ways freight cross street. Simple logic behind that right. As you may now Howard is a delivery driver here and one thing I've been forced to notice is that there's a certain hilly section of the city was shall go on NAND. Contends neighborhood continual literally locked in the street crowd even lectured us. Whether they have their right Greta where are not fewer pretty bold about it but some and so the point of being offended series and on the road. Look I understand that I ever responsibility as a vehicle operator that pedestrians on the right away but I should be careful not run over people etc. to get all that I do investigators say is I can't put baffling to me is that people. I'd take for granted to but I will do unfailing let that do that unfailingly clearly believes that a set of lights and paint lines on the road we'll save them. From 2400 pound metal slab that's for example might have had a break climbed blowout or a spider dropped me I had a driver. Again I am aware spear responsible but in my opinion many people here so little per source hostility just crossing the street. They're willing to leave their own safety up to other people rather than look both ways of for cross in the goddamn street. Commie kooky but so logical as simply dry as simple wall that's clearly not common sense anymore. Our state news concerns examples critical spot work clothes invented as slaughtered to use against opinions and sacks that Coke. Against the mainstream outlets it's now being used to identify stories interest you to sinister narratives and neither do you ski tracks are our laugh about them. In short to drop Muster news now as a man can get genocide. Well this a step in the right direction also highlights the lack of critical shot marks the general population. In that the majority of people had the skill to be no such thing a state news first place particularly in this age of credible readily available information. Thanks to the time I made some sort of sense. I left tell oxide one try to keep this short don't have to do elaborate class and I said keep those mines sharks Alice. It. All right first of all they can. We we got to stop saying. I try to keep it short every emails before pair. Secular stuff you have to click you claim Cooper I think templates audit and it's not that. Height that the think the thing about the fake musical is that. People are just using it for stuff that actually is real news sometimes too and it is not take these tickets. So I think that's the whole fake news thing is a massive issue because there is a lot are fake news. But you can't call something just a nuisance because you don't like the report right. So. We have people would do that to that that kind of gets. Gets messed up there not a thing about the pedestrians I was having this conversation last night would you. I can Iowa's got hit in a crosswalk where have the right away now I looked right. And he sits on the Michael sometimes he will go through a crosswalk and they don't look both ways for traffic and I did they don't. Because they have the right away. But when you legacy we just drove through three green might in the intersections you do and look both ways to see if somebody was walking did you music and I have the right away. Think right so with drivers. Are doing their job were all following the same street signs. But why should I have to each late huge you should check as a person walking. But why don't I have to look both ways of I have the right way should I trust the other drivers in the Ruder gonna stop that red light. Our main. Yes but it's also wake up hurt the pedestrians life is at stake and you know I am. I see people get jet out from between parked cars to cross the street without looking. What it without an inner cell without a crosswalk or an intersection and that I wrong different but didn't everybody is still have their right the right of way at all times. I'm just saying if you're walking through a destiny to crosswalk and you have the walks sign. Like I'm still gonna look to make sure. But the pedestrian shouldn't be worried about a car Maryland are now in its present that bigger was referring to and people aren't in no crosstalk with the light. Now you'll technically pedestrians always have the right of way. Yeah and you're like Jesse when I defended daily attempt talking about cross scene at the crosswalk I read the property and then there are pedestrians out there that just take that I have always have the right of way in all. Jet out not at a crosswalk on their phones like I've seen it. If I am sure people are when I get in the Aaron Crow laws says you mean to always have of golf in the chamber and this time Mir doesn't work as well because your windows are up but god damn it feels good and summer. Heidi is how confident are you that pedestrians is a Toronto. Relatively but I'm not a 100% share Digg is a pretty sure if you're if you're. Jay walking and get hit that's I don't led driver. That's all you need someone told me that out made good that I heard that in driving school and they're good China makes sixteen year old not kill people I don't know but. I never really heard it from someone had took took reliably leg before it there's is a million facts coming at me all the time on the Internet. Yeah I promise you Joseph screaming in his car announced the end okay and I thought. Should we another one there. Yeah one more. Hey guys and for good don't know like Joseph does like personal injury and SaaS deals are people getting in my car radio. I'm paid guys of the shell you guys skillet topped comic from yesterday really stood beside Saturday mail and I needed. Somebody I'm happily addicted to his competition that's probably while of sports so much go hawks mariners. My competitive nature keeps me active in different comedians. With league such as basketball softball darts and pool I don't happily accept. Any challenge in the games Madden NBA two K. I'm even in frank game of a little beer pong at the opportunity presents itself who does my friends I get older the dreams of got a little more class instead skated. I just like the separation of the winners and losers win or lose so we also go get a beer together keep the great work voice one miles. Nice yeah I mean it's always a good thing about competition and. You have ads trying to figure like it breeds like bonds the relationships. Yeah a 100%. All right. Let's see you know what I any bad person not email your feedback that we should have a fire on next week I would email him tomorrow. How could retire earlier hopefully. Yet has yet to see more coming up this week and and then the action we got two more weeks before cage Schwartzel W Tara back in here cool. Yeah. Super Bowl pick. Probably got. Ma'am add change or maybe a stickler my boy young pianist gold the birds. All right all right Matt. Pop on loan with patriots all right as leg came the conclusion and it's podcast last week I went and realism to build versatility rant and listen to him Mon. There's Burt Clijsters podcast telling the story behind it and the ad. She is just so epic. Yeah I mean out. Where might go and I'll just simply say this. Don't gonna do. Hope we can get it get a Brady says. Obviously there. When it's. Still. Plus man. No it was. Well I jumped the Donald literally that's it seemed like he did set up on your part to hit it. Oh no yeah it was good okay cool so I'll that's outside I give loves Elwood let's add in that area. Producing back here with hello I'm I don't think I would literally her job and jot down the time going to institute Newton Connecticut at fifth. I guess though as we alluded to. Down to Austin last Wednesday night. And well just goes all the way through the whole thing chronologically and I went on red eye flight and had an entire road to myself that I got to lay down in. On a flight on a flight. Wow flying out though let them on a Wednesday or whatever was has its perks my friends I mean I like the red eyes to. Don't back east you never get a whole round yeah. Those pretty good there are multiple people with their own rose you know you remedy forgot. It's. Announced its opened Rhode. It's not just a few hundred yards off McDonald's. They offered me so many free drinks for either of them have to. Let me let me smoke when you bought a plane that's for it and it is what it at the perfect. She had a Mac but I think it. Don Pardo was passing the joint overall these empty were cut cut cut back. And it's. Not fair it is great. Selves. We're down and then. Cobb did you have and therefore we got spend a day in Austin who's that trying to find. I realized after the fact Cobb you and I haven't like spent a ton of time together just the two of us. True like he had in it and Donna you lake. When makes a pretty great and friends so we have a good time minutes is was bridges hanging out but it didn't dawn on me to elaborate on lake. When was the last time just Cobb and I hung out like that like. Certainly for a full day and it's never happened. On a outlawed I'll add the easily bar and grill. Yeah but that was like dinner we've gone to do we've got amigos just two of us politeness was like a full day. Did hang out as a lot of fun. Awesome start would practice talking us corporate people it's up that you're going to be like or somebody you know old names sounds like the first seven and I think that's an awkward. It's though the tree it. As the whole value of the order events correct here we went so a breakfast tacos it to court seasons were delicious pie I. On Tuesday practice talkers down an opera Rios. And that's a good move commandos were awesome. And then. I don't remember though orders of everything job and then to be. We land solid the city during the day kind of jump around show me around referral walked down by the river. And it's kind of checked out so dense and sunshine even though I'm always like. Thought it was called zoo like 62. There are 50 eastern shorts weather man this is great. Not rain and the exact great. And oh by the way he was this in marine Friday side all you know for meals a day and made me very happy. Yeah so I had a great time. Just check out the city. And then. We. Let's see do we do yoga first rob. Reliance. Before wide alleged. We yoga before lunch or drink. Yeah we video win this amount BO go which is presented to me Joseph had turned out I was taught yoga Qaeda content. It can and does fun they is is a cool cool class. Went better than my last one but. I was expecting high yield has caught off guard and various lady very fast purchase and all the time you needy child's loose. President very little familiar to us every that'd be the advancements now one of our moms and I hang out here and who gays and they feel comfortable go it no snow. A good. What did you think you boys I you don't cold yoga regular yoga there's a lot of benefits for that cog. I and I will say as long as I'm new cop he's always done my heel. Because a lot of people call it high yoga. Up up up up up here is so why he's father ray your as yoga now and they're very different experiences. But there. It all wrong you're regular yoga is cold yoga to us record that you shouldn't we got your typical yoga. The comets are using that from now on professional and I would not yoga. But she would do yoga and notice of this cold yoga current path that. Barnicle showed their regular. Yeah. A press conference. And so it do. Of great barbecue glaze armour the name of it some blacks and blacks yeah god two wishes brisket sandwich. Danced sides and yes I was really good day now mess around so mom and men. After that we UN in two kidnapped them when. Two we got to go though on it headquarters. Alcohol which they have that Oprah is Jim there and there's guys. His names these sick. And then say good bye I think it's very handles Eric Melendez. ER I CER. I K and that ELL Andy. And he is. Ninja with these steel mazes which are right and exercise tool that's been around for awhile but on I really like. You know brought amended it American cultures in this day and age. And he can just do like some awesome rotational stuff like he does all these crazy they're so fun to watch on its gravest still makes it's fun to play around with. But. I've kind of gamble it out on him a little pet. But a flat I kept my cool. It was all right let's RJ frigid then bigger grounds opening back and united I'd I maintain the level had there. Though is definitely excitable and then. They told us from Seattle I dot name dot I but he set Jude does much on it courses and knows them. And then you start down by the Seahawks are as loose in there talking this guy at the audit Jim almighty usually have. And talking to about training Earl Thomas. And Mike nice green era Thomas back from that injury and might. Diaz I got bay he is always wanted to know there's like push through the pain you know like because you use that game mode but injuries he had he goes. It was pretty pretty epic in my Diaz so crazy talking about. Training Earl Thomas. With these sick out on it and then. The I was just a really really cool jam on to walk around and and decide Fiat. That company's awesome. And it was oh good tour and then thanks yeah and then we went back to the crib. And really got tacos this other place fell a home not law almost I thought it would be law home because that's the Thai house Spanish worked Brett wherever. I hunt and we got I got tacos and I got cactus is not just matters and it's male or female. But I thought that AA at the end of all mode make it female. Than you used law. Are you got me and California. I did there's a long time ago whatever fun there delicious and I got up and cactus talk show via another cactus delicious and then I got. Duck talk show. Also delicious. And a lamb to Rocco also lewis' all right. And it didn't Diaz is just interestingly has put anything in talker down there and a great. And then the cops showed me around downtown at night is kind of funny kids. They like shut down sixth street like Dave yeah that's spot the other night club they blockaded off with police. So it you know don't people who go wild and but this is a Thursday night which in it was like. VO 4550 degrees out at night. Which is really called them and so it was like. These are ghost town leg it was they updated and I was Alex drop that blocked off. And I was streets are wide open in Cobbs like usually it is chaos down here like trust me but it was cool out in the space and checking it out and Mike he had just. You know I can imagine. Come about we got some voodoo doughnuts. That was great wasn't it more on gas line and is delicious but I caught promising now it's not quite is. Satisfying we ought to wait a line and there's not quite as much height because it is not in Portland but I like that now rally they're that good. They're really good you know they give me a lot of points for novelty but. I'm really that good. Dude I will say they're Mabel bar game aspire like inside the best doughnuts in the country but I would determine the top ten tiring. Yeah I even their standard on its a pretty solid. Yeah and Myers said they get me a lot of fanfare and hide from Mike you know all the fund Mel whole novel ones in the you know like after Adam but. Problem is I Lou I want liked. Campbell franchise to screw loose ones and I that cereals now for a while kind of stale. So it's not the same value of one of those joints went by some fresh. Pot Captain Crunch or proves I deprive you really get better. I used to know if I want crunchy in my doughnut. I like to highlight the contrast between two death would you like it's limited edition stuff. Yeah but you yeah like says the ethics explore. Explore them yeah I'd probably indirectly he. There's as you think doc can happen. CNN as they've been Cobb. Well. I did say as the former when he high school Spanish club president ran unopposed. With Obama. So all my means soul in Spanish though a salmon announced that begin with a stressed. Off or hop sound. In Spanish these the article Al are rude. In the singular. That's like a rare exception. I was right with general all right all right got okay. So we probably either way they had some awesome talk shows great chips and salsa. We had a really nice waitress. There it took good care of us and got gears section chips basically I saw any. Tickets. Get to the chase IQ so tornadoes fire to GM that's the other one got the honors analyses just one of the places IC mayhem posts and about a Mike Twitter something. Probably it's just an appetizer and said oh that's that's how you phrase it this is the best case too late ever it's like that's the favorite after Oslo and brilliant. Accurate. Are many tortillas with Mitzi days PX cupid and Joseph little tortilla and it's essentially haggard case dia. In that point in its. Goods into the ticket and I that the that's six table Wednesday night it read I'll get our own good arm rose give her a serious. If so he had then after that the next morning I went to they call grounding camp which is. Thrown by Eliot Holtz. Who is but. Pretty well known and they YouTube fitness community. Sorry channel called strength camp why grayling YouTube is starting out and had. You know got millions of subscribers and is really grew our respect now is like we had to say on my mindset and some of that sort of stuff tonight. He kind of go into some philosophy type stuff while talking about fitness or time related to unappreciated. But then there's a lot of like fitness noise out there and people follow and I didn't grow like. Do you publish them might have pretty stress on the least amount Eliot holes videos out of anyone aground in camp because I got app. I remember there is cool and that's on that for grounding Canada looked interest staying so here I am. And basically it's. A camp Bob with bio energetics and OSHA meditation. Which are some interest in practices you can look up on her own but the the basis of it is kind of com. The B meditations all right a lot of up a lot of very active. Style old. Exercises. And then it'll be a lot of that like we've. I want what we're just like staring at a dot on the wall on Nigel would he find a spot on the Lloyd. Panels or whatever and then. Leg doing hi any isn't just like getting in the zone frank fifteen minutes I cavs. Berg on fire by my knees for fifteen minutes the death and just like getting into a meditative state about it you know I quit with the then I really cool music on all these things to like. Really long songs of all these different instruments coming in and out need do is BI is ought to dancing to you as you began tonight. Groove and it is one car and then the big new far it's kind of get a new different group with tonight. Yeah I was really fine. And but so all these up all the save up type stuff was thought it would be followed by like twenty minutes of like stillness playing Stiller sitting sitting still if you can. Hold that Lotus position comfortably which I'd have blamed down to such. And BI knows it was really really cool. They said lots of dancing all lot of screaming like really you do you get out some. Lot of energy and be added call catharsis and so there is. Multiple opportunities like wet out aggression and the ought to do have a big breakthroughs that sort of stuff. And for me I'd be knows it was a really cool opportunity to experience that they knew I mean a lot of cool new people. Bomb my a my biggest lake. Takeaways were the I enjoyed sent out people. Bridges island a lot of gratitude fur fur what I would you state the wise has taken a break from going down there. And I all the dancing stuff you know like. Very therapeutic in meditative and stuff browse like I it was a meltdown. You know I mean like I'm glad I have a place drag it to go and kinda. Recharge a mile and unique way every year MIA yeah. You know it just give away from things and kind of take that step back from life. Gave me a lot lot of like David says to appreciate and just think about in some new light so to speak but. Yeah I was it was a really cool experience and you have you are looking in the grounding camp more agencies and the media as some of the stuff we're dual boot biggest pretty intense they said a lot of yelling and you know. DL I'm breathing and jump and scream in dance and land still. It's kinda some form of all that. Who is you know in those really really therapeutic and just felt good but. Yes there's definitely some people out as my big time breakthroughs in school cool the witness be a part of I'm sure so yeah well. Got questions now as you say I I think I have innate you know. A bunch of different situations like that to where it's like. It deeply. I don't know I think there's always people are kind on the extreme side they're having this crazy breakers removed you know whether it's on the like status of the retreats I go on and I've had some two. I'm like guy that you always got to get a couple of people that are. Yeah I like to be real emotional B and you you I mean we were literally shaking some she. Yeah at certain points in view us lose the eyes variant staying you know and talking to people about their break through the night you know you just like apply things are getting to be their people on the and is made a lot of cool connections and really cool after Monday and the united asserted that he has is he's saying hi to everybody there I doubt woods who in my spare parts is like melt values. Always go of the dollar's ascent to talk about right to read about those as first grounding him there's a lot of people that have been knowledgeable they love it and I his first down at camp way from you know and just like all these little. You've got easy conversation starters. Everyone's guards down everyone's gonna talk to use sex stuff like that you don't get in the real world is always. Always awesome and and you know you can and created in the real world and I would encourage you to play that at bat as you know it's not the same thing. I'm. Yeah fly back but Sunday Sunday night flew back came right here. And he had got right back to grant nice so yeah it was an amazing weekend incurred in Orlando with gov grounding camps who wanna see more about it it's pretty interest. Who ranked. I now that time. And can't go high of course discuss. From then come tough period. But he still there to wall might start by others opt. And start sisters out there my whole star Sam went on which we know law are all part we're all stardust. This week. We of the super. Blue. Blood moon lunar eclipse. It's and a hamster remembered as so hell yeah I'm so tad did you bring that aren't they. Today's your birthday. Tomorrow mine I didn't I don't that Kurt had a birthday sorry. Listen do Norris has arbor day yet sir a two hours I have a son wet ass newsreader as I hope to win is it. Gamal is in this to the iPod just comes out after my birthday card. I'm so to break that down to be able to Superman is when the news is that its nearest. Point closest urged. I'll a lot of people don't know I didn't know until like maybe two months ago that dearest. Credit the moon's orbit is on an ellipse serious rather than a circle which makes sense but community and I never really thought about it closely so anyway. I'm sometimes it's close earth that and other times. That also can be a blue moon which is the second full moon in a monster. I know there's multiple definitions but it changed I'd stick with the new one change like 200 years ago. And then also a blood noon which is the red tint that Earth's shadow casts on the moon. During a lunar eclipse. So that's going to be if you're hearing ministers yesterday morning at like current us examples on the resound watch it very excited but. That brings me the top topic this week which is. What has not lost its magic on you. Oh what has not lost its magic on you for me. In space and the planets and the stars are so little we understand it is so. So unbelievably Massa Lewis and cool and crazy that the earth is friction Cadillac emission rules are not drop top Cadillac there's no roof on this things he goes out and Infiniti forever right above your head. And we just kind of acts like there's something there between us and the stars so anyway what has not lost its magic on you feel pretty mail us not to park dot com. Disciplines to put a machine that deep podcast was not lost a smash Kanye. Yeah I mean mine's pretty simple which is whether. But I think what does that yeah I think whether super interest in the way it works even just the way the tides work to me is amazing. Yeah I think it's because they cannot understand it bode you know much more thorough knowledge of whether that idea but yes today. I had to go get smoking a lot of my car and I left the big thing I got in my car and so. But it was like dumping rain and oh yeah there's sake. His so interest is so cool and I is that locked my car and just ask my shorts and flip flops and just kind of like embrace the rain and appreciated and make. PD and wonder of it out right. Does this stuff come from like oceans and our son then it goes up and this guy atmosphere and a new collaborative fresher whatever I don't. But I lose it's safe it's it's magical read I end date it has not lost its magic I lose sight of the magic but. Like I could probably research that real quick come out Fo on like you know right now I don't know outages demystified. That's more fun that way. And but the biggest and I feel that way about. Is Amy gets the human body in general. But because I understand that someone that didn't mean muscular and digest his system what happens there and AK is totally magical. But the nervous system is like that trickiest. In thing and I don't understand any of it a lot of view it. Big they're learning more in the in the brains part of and we barely can comprehend what they held the brain does collect the nervous system is constantly running the show and interacting with all the other systems like. Create your life your experience on this planet and it. Trips me to hell and again. I don't know how calm how much did gave the scientific community actually knows about it but. I'm just like Polly valid as as a magical mystery MB like dude. It's crazy it's. It's and dimples is here are so it can be ends and all the does that do. The they are actually at the earth. All all your movements like your muscular system or skeletal schism like so many crazy things I don't like. I don't know how we're two minutes pretty damn cool and we can all appreciate that we all share that with you know we all have that in common. We're all magical you may be at a time a guy yesterday who is I ask me for nutrition fitness advice thank. Give it some basics this stuff things I think you mention it's and I got looked him in the aisles like. Dude above all else like mindset is key to not lose sight of the fact that Europe in miracle right now and you will be and do you not the only to exercise to punish yourself because of the way you look or whatever like. There's some serious magic happening between your nervous and muscular skeletal systems and like your endocrine system gets involved in the hormones start pumping like. This is some really cool stuff that your get a date you. Had the opportunity day Xperia with and introduce yourself to you haven't done a ton of yet so it's all new it's all magic have fun with it and now locked. Those schools. Don't forget your magic. Got exactly what vegetables should I eat now eat lettuce growing I think it's also carrots are delicious. Cooked carrots and better and Coca that really eaten cold kicks yeah do you regular chairs are always top. Bartz could got a cap app I got app after I pity you though. There's a Massoud 208208. Appropriate diligence. That's our theology heiress to make you get out there just you know either working towards accomplishing whatever that goal list. Work life. I love. Maybe is what your dog to learn to poop outside. I'm gonna company go for it she she did eager for rob Cooper probably did some of these five guests jitters.