Thee Podcast Episode 209

Thursday, February 15th

This week we discuss sports, music, and other well-copyrighted wintery sports happening in Korea right now


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Yea obviously since our record and again. That what else oh god can we talk about that party you want to. Yeah when we it's such an act those pictures are pretty fly. Well obviously kept those disarm little trying to thread you now. A tunnel into do you like that the good boy and everything about that. Fear. Good question. Matt out I'll show you a couple from all my woes my I think my reaction to sleep the clip of you boys do hair and all your record number eight. Podcast yeah just any black yes just podcast couldn't do this. This is. Contact him stealing the pits. Starting deep stuff and see it's starting these cats and dogs. You'll underwear I don't know. These podcasts episodes to 09 with average avoiding dead Smith will be posted here podcast crazy podcast and all the way all the land. Go after me here somewhere over Skype is my burner body. He's always hear what he's somewhere in southeast Asia on two wheels no rename a cop out what's going on. US treasuries continued to drive down the dollar today is decreasing bond yields and fears of inflation gripped US markets just the podcast up nearly two and a half points on the dais Ted celebrating the end of this season. Young pianist celebrated Super Bowl victory. Did YP get arrested for foot and a car pool and more at 720. Crept up her fight back there on the wheels are still get as we all set up. Matt Palmer the producer MC TP with the Mac Ted play your man pretty good man good guys so. Wildly yeah I do say what's man in movie mood it's looted signaled this week gap. I think before we even get there will say we miss last week his Mets girlfriend's sister had just had a baby. Yeah that day yet a few weeks early so I yeah as the just a big surprises actually her sister's birthday. South kind of funny and ID act went to the hospital and knows. It's pretty fun thing to be used really really cute and really healthy and well behaved didn't. The baby's name to Mira. So the mom and the daughter have the same exact birthday. Yes. I mean. I feel like this is going to be trouble 1617. Years down the line. It's quite possible I don't know why they create this earlier as bond as us they cannot Imus I just I just I didn't. Look at look at the way a lot of women interactive there but all its. But all man that's really trouble gals who happens at talent yet I does kind of cool but there's still on the family and it's a knock out two birthdays and when and why are easy. I had. Super and that's like why you propose on Valentine's Day you know. Oh man what do someone's listening to this and they just proposed yesterday. The day before Valentine get in the whole group could put this out day after Valentine's Day. Or like I just always think people should lie and up with a holiday. So that you know like it's like o's are and it really don't forget their anniversary or whatever it is if the woman that they carried Mary pat. If the woman that they married cares about that. Yeah had a fellow weddings on holidays. Not cool they're acceptable one or my remains out I'm not immune dryness. All right now is it safe for my tastes like I get it almost seemed to OK it's like you have said now that. I don't now now it's easier remember of it yeah holiday now it's here. Anniversary too then almost got to miss our how maybe your your thing. That's on Santorum mr. holiday. You now like there's op chance the UN and of spending a weekend at the cape for fourth of July it's pouring down rain there's thunderstorms commend Seattle and in the train. Which is weird because they keep on the fourth he usually awesome. You'd think right. It's probably the best things about on the cape. It is. You know get anything with that fresh butter and maybe just some the old school Himalayan salt. Also PS I'm Kerry met when it was awesome storm Israel but two it was awesome that I did you still actually that was original report on the cape. Yeah at Israel before the wedding actually was on the best and it was beautiful whip Tom fund announced and we tell that to one of them on one exam Benton. Actually one of the best winning that went to was on cape now granted it was my cousin so it's funny and how my cousins but it. For parents who think the bachelor party for the rehearsal dinner. They had a guy. Come over any lake he makes would fire pizzas are brick oven pizza strength but he just chose to brick governor round. So you showed up magazine is like farmers' markets and stuff but it was also Matt Matt I'm telling you right now. You would've loved it it starts with him coming out awake these little chicken things wrapped in baking in the be fired up in the brick on then there's like salads and then I mean. You'll like the late traditional Italian style a Margarita pizzas whatever and they're like a little bit smaller in Sony every. Every three minutes he's coming in with fresh pizza student. Wow yeah. It was all have a good move at many fired up and always that bad boy. Yes jab to cousin Danny Danny did you work on that one mean. And I heard Obama speak at a cousin Dan since we weren't on the air last week we didn't podcasts my first question is up post Super Bowl. Tom Brady is he a bad sport. Lou. Right does that mean. He didn't shake eight generally you think the quarterbacks go and brace or say hello or whatever he's kind of walked off the field. I'm not gonna give me crap about being quiet in the post game interview and not saying much because he just lost the Super Bowl. Via Bynum. And a late is he a bad sport. LeBron. LeBron walked off once when you play the cavaliers again for the game was over the gap. You know and I think Kobe might have done it before like I think these guys that have warned championships. And are at that level. They just. They're just in in mindset that it is tough for a guy like me to comprehend. So I mean I lean towards giving him a pass his late tonight I'll be a crazy adrenaline rush. I think you solely due respects the competition and with that your competitor I mean without them there is no game you know that's why I always take issue and people have bad sportsmanship but they're like. He's going beyond talking Nasr there like spitting on someone like him so boy he sees sometimes do like trying to gouge people side hasn't whatever like there's all sorts of behavior that goes on between the whistles as people might sports now and I just like. You know without there being competitive like people hurt. Taught to hate the other team so much to like without the basketball team like you don't get to play. You know like you both love the same game so I think. Yes sportsmanship you gotta be a good sport otherwise in Al. Also kind of falls apart so I don't know what Tom Brady did specifically other than what had mentioned it's I can't chatter away about reducing sportsmanship is important. He and I just I don't know lake in Matt I hear what you're saying and hurting the dollar such Africa our point 9% gain. But it's almost flakes so. It's if another quarterback. Who's in the Professional League and he loses the game and sheiks in a court the other quarterback's hand are you seem like he's less competitive. Com. Does that mean I hit it in right those guys who know atomic are just so competitive this met like at a news we like to Jordan is Jordan. Obviously he's the greatest of all time. Well like. I get being competitive Jordan was also just ask the shock but I hate. The idea it's quite possible bit odd these guys battle level are also just develop a bit of ask us and then. You know they've deduced a fight this it. I'm not odd diet he used Prague pretty pissed at himself. Fur that last play you and he'd totally. Was in another position date easily go win a Super Bowl and then he used a one minute fumbled it you know. I think yeah so. In that that state of shock or whatever EI items I've just seen it before and sports it's usually. I I don't know how often it happens with Blake column B level or seal level athletes would they just don't cover it because it's not a story. But I've heard this story before. And yeah it's usually guys that are. You know really try to build a legacy and they've come with a B you know it's been within their grasp and then they it just slipped away from them and their superheated and. So I don't know but I guess that I but I'd get not talking to the media afterwards frankly when Cam Newton got a bunch eat for like I defended him and I'll defend Tom Brady for not talking. But I'm looking at a picture Russell Wilson. Just talked to Tom Brady after Wilson at the moment he intercepts in the while McGee yeah I I have are a little success that tough far. What he's saying he's a pretty competitive guy it was Peyton Manning shaken Russell Wilson an actor is the tell me like I and I do think on the field competitive and late. You could still go over and it's the Super Bowl and say good job he'd shake Eli stand those two times. Oh I don't know via. I'd be curious. On its head. Mostly Kobe rightly mainly Catholics and he's got he's in late. That is always there angle rightly points just super competitively yet order like it doesn't take away from their greatness just say well I asked the F spoke. Michael Jordan being an A hole you see the millionaire thing right. I don't know go. Oh did I guess so com millionaire was at the party I'll man I don't know some real zoo this story justice are there demand people just. Actually I don't highly recommend if your bored as hell yeah nothing's gone then you can check out our new Dubai it's not a crazy basically. Millionaires at this party he saw Michael Jordan he's a big fan is a bunch of like. I'm black like god entertainers and athletes well all I do remember this thing out. You have attaches like notable I don't know notable like. Stars have been that that community. Taken m.s like how started something I'm not sure and he went out and need one to get a picture of Jordan and Jordan snubbed him pretty hard. And you're pressed about it and just parents like man that's just Jordan it's just arias and now. Yet marinara sauce to. Isn't until there was a crazy quote we get to like rally take pictures of bitches or something. There was a record I just I couldn't pull it out the interest back up all right yeah I just I just remember he got a dog back. Mean I confront a bunch field your right hand man Michael Mont Jordan esque millionaire now and the pilot I will say that's what's tougher. Now I'm gonna defend Jordan and those guys were like that's what's tougher about that today's athletes too is like back in the day when there's no Internet. But number two is like all the reporters traveled all these games with the teams ranked so lake. You have Michael Jordan you have your reporting on the pulls it we just kinda it was no Mike. You don't report any of the bad stuff Jordan does do you learn McCutcheon walk. And also there's so many more celebrities now at different levels a lot of people just won't know. As someone else is known Mike wasn't there a guy. Who how man. Genre which actor was that so it was an older actors and some might young actress or singer came up to on the red carpet was freaking out wanted to picture a news site. Now are you talking about the hug. It Jerry sign felt some. Gelding cash. Indiana so that lasted less if he's just like no lake side in the late great he has no one can see who she is. And the women are not yet I think now I'm gonna miss the match. Yeah I think that's a solid pointing us. I have Michael Dorman new millions and is now. Millionaire in the island as he's still around like I haven't heard that name since riding dirty boots and here's the funny thing rightly people like to make fun of him because he's got a disappeared. But he's been thin in California work and home businesses. Smart yep pretty sure he's got a new app or something come. I'll cool yeah as a sale like it's it will be totally plausible they he'd stayed relevant in music and I'm just so far removed from. What he what he's doing that I wouldn't have heard his name since he had that gigantic sonic and had a bunch other life. Songs are big enough to keep from relevant that wouldn't Blake. Make their way in in my stream of consciousness but. Yeah that's still file as they care about guys like that and guys. Athletes that go on in life you know start their necks being in ours to her you know. Just to shark about it. Yet and it's in the most of their opportunities. It used story is up pretty cool man has lake. I wanna see somebody like took a picture and he's like in the background may see everybody on Twitter was just kind of clown comments amusing actually this is what he's been up to. Cook. Yes begin stand relevant to shout out to flo rider and down. She will resume Russian tea lunch on a ball. Both come out with cuts in Los like three years and really. Menu for freedom thinks. Now okay which shocked appalled and put now. Dude hold on I'll put a print out my computer I you know it isn't as I ask you that I thought for sure yours who say straight fly out there. Identify us don't give it to the the back at it it it sprint name of the song Nam. I'll rocked by. May and I don't know I honestly Cobb I feel like I'm a woman listens to the most rapid your deep into the shot Paul yeah. You guys here that are now. Now know. Now. No it took it's did so quite a bit frustrated. A sophisticated security except at perhaps hopefully you can just played I can tell you you've got to play it if we can get really make out it's out. And implant in my headphones there's a marathons at the Mike but yet I'd clean bandit rocker pop rock provide future shop on memory. Results are supposed to think it's unfair because of the house you live in now with Mae and Richard I know a lot more and you were music that we will. Well this is still doesn't sixteen you guys have definitely heard the song now I don't know for a lot to plant on on hair pulled. Yet that's fair people tell me that a lot and it way to sign around like. Noble and the club on YouTube there have played eighty really didn't listen to Mike. Pyle is going on and I will say this is a little more. Personal home personal for like us in the melt down group. But I I think I told like Jesse genie in terror and make in Bradley always tell you I got to stop saying that. As I always do you'll know that she'll know this I can't tell you is that you're the same way I put assault nominate a slate. Numb and I I don't know this ha. Yet you are one of the guys that does did does that to me the most I think around my dad does have zero Tyler to do and a lot has GA you would know the silent no no I really. You know I don't like I am the worst that I just did it last week to. To Sean I was sitting in Jason's office and we did it he's like I I have no idea that's about it I have to. It's so weird I like I thought it was a jump in every didn't. May I had a billion YouTube page views on one point seven billion. Jesus Christ that's what are you serious are now. Did you have deaths when I heard the song I don't know of yes it will literally throw seven billion. One point seven billion with. God that's so trailer got videos throughout they're getting over a billion views. Coming give it to but oh yeah. Oh my god did the views are massive pile. One incidents such a weird world hook up your old school and you go to live show. I go live shows led I don't gadgets have very interesting night. Connection with the outside world you know sorts in my time spent here late at night and that is just say it. What's going on a fitness and my clients' lives and them my personal life but it allies this stuff to the what what do you listen to make when you work up. Men let's seat body count is awesome. He breed down Pentair. You know yeah like I a lot of lot of late slightly heavier set up now I kind of late. Some of that mud vein that we're playing. Oh yeah eight years ago whatever is still really get. Yamana honestly Spotify is being creepy with. How let those big occasion daily mix and that's late boom lamb of god to play all these bans them to say. Man you guys are like. This is a weird weird part of the matrix or you just have me figured out and you know is that you know on the not another list. That they all these that melt down type bands to deny that stuff to you and yes it's really interesting but I yet. Now a stylus the most is that and then local bands went on got around notable were planned. Yeah I mean I think its indifference to like you work in rock radio and you listen Iraq time. It's like I grew up listen in Iraq so just like I know all the rockets and hear them an ideal homer whatever like I think are more apt to listen to some different news. Yeah even the lake. You keep up on newer wrap. O of Murray I don't do that pretty good amount so how do you you course warmer air powers from. A few days and then Eric does. With CD after means. Here on hot 1037 ranked. Do this I'm Mike off that whole time yes. Happy Chiming in there and so it a little techniques I didn't. What are the tax didn't address and I'll play well our. I guess you know but my headphones it's only a one a year or didn't you say get my feedback on one side in the past and on the other end aside that I can hear them talk canyons on my left side was on the hour Ding. Consoles like is AMR I did bowl right through it not on call friends out there I'm. That's what's that there are things that with one point seven billion views. Oh yeah do after that it's just now does not all welcome back welcome back they did you like you're being awfully quiet. It's really really didn't he like really have to wait like that half the secondly yeah like I'd wait in the industry. BI is Canada. Really who it's going on now. Don't see shouted to ideas have no you can you know yet to hear and read don't. So yes you know aircraft orders. Yes it's I thought I stayed up underwear rap music layoff talk with the intention actually whatever it like air just like Sammy is I don't know man. What you eat you're listening to stuff much newer than. Before it gets to me. How's that night. L especially nowadays on a throwback station yeah you're the first initiatives into our on the jewels. All nice. Check out my buddy Alex. And don't. Yeah Alex then that team and you as nickname and they had their first few people that listen on the jewels from a Joel's it's crazy I've whatever from them yet. But I like I feel like it's also a deal cows are raping and any more like a lot of alternative stations played really feel like I've been their shows and it. Well I've been their shows in Seattle. This neither shows are pretty white but I'm not positive is the deaths are there any team but he did the reference to how Africa. Don't want an awesome is probably like Cindy Judi Purcell but definitely more of like a pop funds arrived in my hip hop vibe. Yet. Which is funny right does that mean they're talking about the serious offer a lot of the songs. Yeah I mean it was also. Tom but hell's the name of that festival. Not SXSW side they Theo. Imus or aren't limited to revive a festival Barber's concert. Artistic it was sports is Avery watching the Olympics. Does a little top. I watched only one event. Dirt bike. Am very intense cross country your race but our free preview. On Amazon whatever it is higher TV. Ran out so I'm out of the Olympics. You're just go to lake. Which NBC dot com or watch him yeah I could track him down for sure I send a much effort into it have you watched a bunch. Actually I have man I'll add the Winter Olympics just have Blake like watching dudes running a circle run a marathon not only care about. But watching people kind of do well like a long race on its diesel like. Mara hypocritical since he got people who follow our have a beard yeah. But what I really like is that triathlon and where it's cross country skiing and then you have to shoot stuff. Yet all of a heartbeat control rent it's amazing right. Yeah I love curling and loose as the match you for the winter blues is a lot of fun. So fast via BC American metal and Lucia was a thrill I'm ever cool yeah. Well. Yeah I like about the Winter Olympics to like. It just seems more fun. Waging the Americans and was that smells and pollution. I don't. Used to play handball was a guy who is on the US Olympic luge team and I wanted to be read about their age men had to go lower pocket. Thoughts why that's what I was just doing. I know curler bit but I can dispose lay also deal affects. That out of there are some some technicalities or somebody he's really in curler. Chris Chris Mazar. And AZ DE ZER. Yes I'll taveras and our debt but he won a silver the first men Lou in one medal ever. We see about that to me and the huge. Was so I called I know of the skeleton recite the face first solution you have. No with luge I think they just call luge doubles have you never seen this. Now I've seen like the full bobsled team or like that individual lose senator seem to matter. So lewd just doubles is literally one guide is laying on top of the other guy. Well yeah student. I'm telling you it's in saint you guys have never like Cobb look at Matt come over here look at risky enough. But I mean. Pitches to white dudes when I started brow. He op. I know portal and 85 dumbest ice track but his real little harder all right thank you cop that was part of what are they say is like. I like the rate we're loot but if you look at some point like the guys are joking around like you do just lay on top of me that he would be good on this track with two of us. And now the damn Olympic event. Dude this looks insane. Are you look at it now. Yes how are they so. With the lose I don't the bobsled they have some control in terms of the steering delusion they literally steering it I like how the wind has flown over their body. Yell like I wouldn't there's breaks on the air. And they did just like how you shift your weight. Wow yes how the other guys should just wait to. Yeah I mean it's intense against my thing is those lease in the pubs would think there's room for four dudes. Think clearly this sport is like I saw another guy on top of or woman and they both do it religiously who it is lay on. That's so crazy. Yeah same slated to own all god I just scroll down far to see you crash. I'll man GI's Al most as stop myself from saying you know which is rare for us of at least that seed fell on those things. The dog very practical. Our way and I know and it's fallen burns due to suit too so I don't more legs burning in the I'd die a couple years and then the last Olympics are again in just trials like he had hit a post or something yeah yeah I was at the luge. Luke. Who could delude yourself I don't know I mean it's got to be luge skeleton you have oh nice I saw that the video I made it out on the area and I was like that's gonna happen somewhat regularly when there's a bunch of people training for this the right. You know I mean you're always keep practiced enough to make it the Olympics. Is died doing that a lot and yet just. Feels like if there's. There has got to be some Marlee not only crash is out there cloud do not Google luge death. What about like we lose depth stats. They could just get like information on what it was in it was in Vancouver been around us as eight years ago yeah oak. Wow sickening trend that's mean training crash at the whistler track in Iowa where. Yeah I think what I his midget you will lose death all not the beat goes. And that's her story that comes up this in the USA today posted a day ago with sports like lewd skeleton snowboarding. Death is never far away at the Winter Olympics a cheat. It bleeds it leads. Again you're right I mean look also is that maybe part of the reason I'm still Cecil the Winter Olympics they are so dangerous they are definitely more dangerous than a summer. Prelude you're if you hit it geared. I don't know if you don't get over her like a short hurts. But I think that's different than lake crash scene of a giants well. Yeah honestly steeplechase looks like the most painful one day ahead because you're hitting like a raised eight by a rather than my girls kind of tips over I was hurdler but steeplechase brutal yeah away or some like those ski jumps like. The craziness summary concussions come from snowboarding and skiing. You know like I watched her those big air ski jumps are nuts. Yeah dangerous part of the appeal the boys you know think about like gladiators or the USC or some I might you know when there's a car crash we don't all look away. Like people tend to Miller around and look you Lou it's just it's part of our nature man I don't know why but we love that carnage. Brightness of delegates part of the reason in the winter the Winter Olympics are kind of more exciting. And I mean Blake. I was watching an event the objective hate it's women's snowboarding right now and a half pipe like. What do they call it freestyle. Why remote we think they had to go within her right jumps like time but like you go over rails and need to go over these three massive jumps right. Oca so they signed Atrix. Right the big cancel it. The knee before because there's too much wind in and they waited all day there like all right let's run this contest this but he is kinda suck for the women is like honestly these are all top. Ash on snowboarders. In half of them crashed. Or like work or we're just not go off the job because of the way and because of the wind put all my girl barely made delay in being so I was like she like. At first I was like goal is is going to be exciting because it's tough for them but then after a while the patient care with competition like it's not fair. Wow yeah I mean especially at that level what they're doing this so precise and could be thrown off so easily and night. Yeah well. If you're a good old blues noble order take even a dudes go like girls more so you're going to be pretty light you united MB of the bowl he has her all know it'll look like they're barely a hundred pounds Fiat and so that wind will let its message you want chopped that thing. And I can imagine that just really throwing everything you practice four per loop no pun intended. If they. Boy is a loser from Portland crashed yesterday. What no kids. Now woman from Portland's. Crashed in her hot curve nine anniversary fourth and final round of the women's singles luge she eventually skid sideways medical personnel that are uttered on the camera panned away. I had she was able to get her feet and walk away with just some bumps and bruises. What. I mean it's obscene when I watched that especially knowing that and from Vancouver it just feels like there's know a way that ends where you are not like shattering bones and might maybe not coming back. It looks insane. As crazy as you just walk up I don't think there's ever like Al luge crash walk away from it. Would I think they crash more than we think really generally yeah jelly like that guy that probably damage who was a key lake went out in like there was a poll right there. But they usually have I would imagine they're getting airborne quite a bit and they just talked like tuck and roll or some them. I think generally when they crash it's because they get to a high happened that in a term. It just flips them over all today meltdown with Sam they still get the ice burns to their suits oh on going down the Tribune promised Julian. You get that damn thing away from. Do that the fallen again. They are is a show of sled on the bottom but the bobsled when you crash that you're in the bobsleigh not famous to since the Sox got Jackie it's all that's that's the Sox but. I feel like you're still in the sled you forget that illusion of being you fall for that like he's I think a fallen is the come racing down the track. Well couple things so with them the bobsled like their heads stick well beyond upper edge psych yourself getting crushed by and your own way and also the way to slap on top U. But. Have you guys seen as a means floating around right now that we honestly just beat cam two it's like a three part medium it's like you know here's me. Auto accident on a couch watching the Olympics but it hasn't done anything in their last group. Ian making one tiny mistake Amanda hears me like six. All manual worthless piece this. But yeah. On and off I don't know verbatim the exact and bays like going off by cal on yeah how like. How bad it messed up. All of a sudden now boys I love how like two weeks ago we barely knew allusion is now oral lose coaches. October 08. I think of the other mean would be like me with a girl like walking on the street in like me like on the do you. She's the Summer Olympics and I'm looking back at the movement of what I got sucked up. That's less. Here and now did I thought I mean going around to like I haven't done anything I've done everything athletic you Bob Bob Bob like a different house you know loser adage. Yeah I don't know I don't know that we sounded like we thought we knew we're talking about there. I didn't feel like I knew us talked about we're just like. Excerpts are like gone high end the curve and I'd like now I flip like I have no idea how loses frittered crashed yet are you guys are regular Lotta sense I've got guys out regulate it open he's right mind made a lot of sense we'll probably make it four emails really do you that's not normally have graduated this when it never walls on I'm. I can't tell you read exclusive broke a total loser for nineteen years OK first off they don't have brakes on it second of all you never go high through turn three that if everyone knows that I. Cookbooks like that I would say of all those sports do we want well I still think Jackie do a bobsled. We got I think they'd really Texan my buddy rob what's weekly Friday night that broke the new two man bobsled I think we could you put into. Did a lot of those guys are like Olympic. Caliber sprinters. It is very very attack it like that in the in the Jamaica jamaat all right thanks yeah a lot of Margaret Jean you need us solid big guy in the back that's what I'm doing. You honestly as I said it I was like dude you only know about from cool running since throwing out even truth and all right you're really that runners at least in my computer faster beat. The only reason you put the extra man on the slide our inhale no good like calling each other out that late. Eileen you make of the cool running I was watching that snowboard being in the half pipe in the one commentators like ya. China did this crazy thing where they put in Philly Pete Jim the schools and they did about two gymnasts and figure out which one market it's no reported. And the other commentators. Yeah they did but she's not one of those girls she just really likes. I'm not talking out of this apartment or what you eat each. A cut back. Still I'm still waiting I believe there for a long time I feel like at some point there's going to be like. Home broadcasters who do sports events Prius turn in tune into their stream on YouTube. And yes they have to be really funny when it's just like. I don't know more like. In Dallas area like approachable. Announcers for things like the Olympics are front and and a fellow gamer or whatever the Skype touch more casual comment I've it would pretty fine. The out of love to hear bill Burke Colin football games. I think out we a lot of art so like last year rightly Leslie Jones a mess and now like she was into the Olympics or something they was less than Winter Olympics around. In TV should show it like she would like video herself crowd talking about the sports. It was hilarious right that in this year. But NBC's easily paid her to do it so it's I don't delegate feels forced now beats still not a sports commentator but it doesn't feel as spontaneous. So Cobb I agree with you but then of the three of us I do it after the first time we announce a luge thing now we're gonna start being like. Well I don't know man turn four we really talked Peter Cook but still likes it's. The the companies are gonna give those rights away. Easily so you know if you go be like have good access to Ghana and sat down legally would probably have to be like. Executive. Corporate suit guy. Approved. That's that god damn solid point man on my thoughts on the CEO he can throughout these kind of things. Acts NASCAR worried mart and we love and enthusiasm you know we don't think about the cost twenty's the dot in the eyes the nuts and bolts of the operation via. Yeah right now we don't have to yet and it's only a foul during the way proudly blows whistle. That's good analogy. Metaphor it's a light hit. It's Amanda. Mr. hobby at the emails for us there. I'd do before the emails at a couple quick shout outs to make our mobile. Thank you to everybody who said happy birthday to make sure it's nice I limited to. Larry Steve Dustin in Mike Goodwin Stevie Cho Chansi AKC note a case or smokes a lot. Cam Erica Michelle Collins and Matt. I got three mouse was dope I respond to most if not all of you thank you awesome. Boca. Bomb goes. Lives in who lives in lake Goodwin. Dustin had to order. I now sorry dude my Facebook's DOS and tilt yet doesn't that's funny me I think we talked to him but yet that's very by Terry Brad Cobb. Before I get to emails right again I did a wall I said was if we buried Matt is something quarrel have a dual who put him in a hoodie in tights. And now literally on my FaceBook is I didn't reload this lady thing he's like yeah that's right get them from. I have one pair ring yet that's. I ordered that say good that is crazy delay that make you just say something it used to be a they'd take it day or two for it to show up in your targeted ads now they had out like a half hour. Crazy. FaceBook is obviously becoming an issue so before we get emails also this one of my friends. Uses FaceBook for all of his like text messaging any sort of message is concerned is the media face a master. But now he's using it for his phone calls also so. Last week I on over the weekend I wanna cupid underwear Iran and Paisley might Al so it was like a big white fur coat was very posse and I and some red glasses with like silver on the sides and then underwear so red underwear. But as the costs and sort of came together and up looking like. If cupid was a cocaine dealer. So fair shall. Yes so I sent such title my buddy on face of western sentiment photo and I wanted to make that joke like throughout the day of people just want my remain it was Santorum lap accident you know. Umbrella Cuba's cocaine yuck so I want to say and I stop myself and I was like man I really don't want my name. Next to it the word of an illegal substance within the FaceBook ecosystem he was like. Well look man liked. Whether you saved via text or via us talk on the phone. You know it's getting tracked out of whack and it literally came down to I was like I think the people running the prism system. On behalf of the US government. Are less likely to use that information against me and and the people around FaceBook at a less likely or less apt to use that information instead of human rights face. That's a level organic to here Boris paranoia. Ha yeah there's string theory you guys have FaceBook when your thrown. Pays the messenger. I. Obvious FaceBook app on your phone. I messenger but I'm not I'm not date on that and actually. I should probably around about hiring the FaceBook app almost merely. Yeah I've never had a my offensively so we usually virulent that each polling AL tracks everything just. But I mean what's the difference all right I don't have that apple might thrown out of the computer our email what I fathom. If like Google tight to my fellow that I have you meet with the IP number would. Cookies I think there were they use to check that stuff so. But it's not like I Google tighten up and I literally just mentioned you where he met exact brain wanna. With Greg and I am when they had to recognize this years ago this trend well I we've talked about things and I'd show up somewhere like that. That we never do like Greg is cooling and or whatever made sense but the fact you just us saying it. In conversation led to Bruno is being like. All men and the next day aired two days later this thing showed up in my FaceBook feed and now it's down to thirty minutes. Yet they while that's crazy and I see where it cost I swear to god and I've seen. Means about this to get a lot of light so I know it's happening to other people out there because they found it relatable. Polite. I won't even say something I hold this thing about something and it will pop up there. Within the that day or two by its. It's been crazy. Yeah. Yeah. It's wildly and yet Amazon I get a hit and that I occasion reorder these supplements citizen you know I mean might that. That'll make sense but some of the stuff that'll just pop up on FaceBook grants and Graham. They said one thing and I swear it started happening with my thoughts lately which Cristiano. Outlet. What can I do. Mean do you see that guy for the future. Well I don't know the whole story come easy in the Gaza and the future of just took a polygraph he's become prime time traveler. Any past I don't know that how much are put in the polygraphs. But he passed he passed one. Lo and it's basically he's like trumps getting reelected. And any guy's gonna take over and around I don't mean obviously and content like. When he played 20/20 two were point like something like that will maybe it was like 20/20 came from what's that. What year did he say he came from us man I forget I just mechanically it's there the story today I didn't read the whole thing. Get a weird guys ethnic Hazara area weirder excelled buckle up enjoy the ride. Think that our our. Errors idealism he's from 2030 my dad. Is lie detector test the Daily Mail yeah. I it. What is there we were in between eighteen and came back twelve years that's it he only came at twelve years. That means led the technologies. Like widely available this leg all. All the people they're going to the cool times in history. Leg all the you know at all I wave back king ballot dinosaurs cause at all those people got all that out of the system for a guy goes like. Yeah let's go back twelve years. If progress is not very. Even mind he's supposedly fifty that he took in age regenerating drug the hasn't transformed to a 25 world. Migrated to boot. This could lead. I didn't crazy people can convince themselves that things Inca and passed a polygraph I know play it. I don't know this doesn't seem like the least feasible thing that I've heard in the news lately yeah. Yet how what about those emails do you not. They Cutera once drew I suggest. Right now and it's just like he's drawn out a lot of predictions. On aren't yet emails TS series yeah they're cut back. I'm sync concert parent are now we getting in the video of this work and this is too tough to tell. Boy is how it. Siren and a slow. I asked when not a serious. Voice you guys always talk about great topics curious reais stand on net neutrality. It's horrible. I'm being. I know I think we are way. Out a way to step right am I confusing it at the net neutrality is the good thing. It's intentional that they've made the language hard to understand I think OK we you and I probably agree on the actually all three of us agree on the same thing I got I don't know. Yeah I rightly do you see it any either you guys who the Burger King thing. Yes I did I'd still Burger King urging a massive corporation Knight generally part of the corporation giant doesn't want stuff right. But even they're pissed about net neutrality. So they set up cameras scrapes. And this is great after they changed the walls back and or pass something. Basically everybody won in order to whopper right so we've had to wait forever miracle which while pretty jeweler. It's like pulled the regular ones went out I went takes thirty minutes. And in some other dual walking and give his whopper right away like we get EP 27 dollars and got the fast whopper you'd eager for the fast. They are disliked every just think how the ethicist fear if this makes no sense I bought a whopper that shouldn't be a fast lane or slow lane and then they dislike you and that's what happened mega travel. A hot. That's instinct Cobb says since then there about how there are deceptive about the language intentionally could you elaborate on that Cobb. Found out now with the precision I would like to but here. Had to be confusing. In terms of the language of them writing the bill for me personally I think it's an absolute outrage I'm toll for. A free and open. And that is one of the most democratizing. Stays a part time and down you know frankly the people in control. I think our hopefully starting to see that slip. And I would love to see a much more open and open worlds at mar ties were all of them democratization of information of money of property of a bunch of thanks and so. Yeah I think it's an abomination and the people who are pushing forward clearly aired. And so out of personal interest and greed. They know it's bad for everybody and still doing it and that to me is emblematic. Of the problems that are rampant within the US right now where people don't you most about each other and must there's a major crisis. And grants. Yet it's the truth nobody really cares but they're they're gonna care and opinions is that although lake basically. Now grand as my view but to me it seems lake. Good rules lake to lake all these things that we came from an open net are gone. But they're not gonna have but the broad band too late build this stuff and do this stuff in you have to pay for all contact. You know like people they got out there and hustled on their own Brothers music or comedy and this and that they're the YouTube show late teases the marrow. Brightly when now you too much slower. People are gonna see it. Yeah I think. The existing power structures. Probably sees the Internet is the greatest threat to that power who's kinda. Can taxes every line that they're trying Baird divide. And so. Yeah makes sense that they're going after the the freedom of the Internet and you know. Billion sting to see I think the other parents try to damp this man's death of power I think it's. Could we live in a state like Washington prayed you know James Lee is gonna and and company gonna do whatever they can't to fight it in I don't. In I didn't I'd say I agree with sorrow listeners more with. You know. The amount of taxes and this and there's more Republicans out there that don't like some. Tax base financial financial stuff polite. Yeah Jane these fight for net neutrality for her for me like I'm in so I am glad I live here but it makes sense that. Though I honestly powers that be you're going after you do. Do that with human beings in that and deportations stuff I I just don't I don't and our governor to make a difference on this ego now are up. Stop it actually. Does old man he has thrown out about ten targets to shoot outside. Also this like. Sewed won the collapsing of power structures that are based on being distribution gatekeepers. You know is very real and my you guys work for a big one like a radio station you know I can make their money options you know being gatekeeper and distributed contact. And so like as that whole process gets to monetized. Ultimately. I think it's the are firm content producers and contact consumers unfortunately like. You know I middlemen get Scott out and that and so that the arguments that have been made for. For getting rid of net neutrality though are not. For the most part being made by content distributors they're being. Made or not by media companies that should be contents but by the physical content distributors I you to people who owned these fiber optic cables. Now the thing is on cities have a lot of our fight back against this because they've granted most of these companies use of the public right away so a lot of these. I don't know about the senate to each album Basie Alatas fiberoptic cables laid next to the sewers underneath the the actual city streets and that's public lands they are granted those licenses to help bring. Internet to a bunch of homes and obviously you know Comcast already had. On TV lines TV cable rights houses etc. around. The other thing is a lot of cities have tried to fight back against us for years our number one point there was a petition circling to try to get. Citywide Wi-Fi and Seattle now somebody can correct now on the details but essentially it would have been. You know they put up a few Dave why society. Arthur routers are Peters whatever Derosa went into the since ever Cisco and the whole city can have a municipal Wi-Fi system has very fast and essentially free or start in about an insanely small and opera person. Now they also can do you municipal broadband or municipal column fiber optic cables and most companies that are out pushing for this are saying it's super expensive and very complicated and all the stuff but. Realistically you know they were complaining that they couldn't spend anymore money on infrastructure. Ball they spent. Less money last year than they did to. The year previous and the year previous to that so they're actually spending less money maintain these networks not more they keep San costs are growing up so one. Their reasoning is flawed you like it's just a straight cash grab and three. There are better ways to do it and we confided that the city county state and federal level so I think there and for a long flight. I do not think it's interesting Mike Matt does I think it's. It's her effect Aaronson sanitary and that this is even being entertained. You on so I was wrong about the statement. Compared Aetna Aetna expects. Whoa rare rare Madcast that it I think I. Apps apps apps apps and confessed that it. This. Gotta work now honey that's one email. Our. Old Jesus. Bacon. And Larry you say abridged excerpts from the 2000 page manifesto but this five paragraphs candidate like Canada had time sorry. Didn't give him issue of the last what do Russert the that you did and honestly this is life. Popped over two seconds and it's like you add five paragraphs man on I'd assumed it was going to be an abridged excerpt pessimism it doubles absence. What's up rams can't get enough of the greatest podcast on Lance although and sort of comment on the top topic I first I was also space and the wonders of the universe but since that's taken more we talk about oh what's still. Was so gives you joy was a fascinates you. Those are mind yet. So my parents are quite yet some inclusion minder. As to the nervous system and a guy said weather and tides yeah men I was flying in and he's just see all the clouds it is hovered over the the land mass. But what's got the ocean as totally clear that it was so craze a look at it from above and you could just like see it. Yeah it's crazy. But since that's taken. Ocean I've heard people say that we know more about space that we do our own oceans which just amazes me. I soak up all the knowledge I cam on the two subjects every chance I get plus creatures from the ocean taste damn good thanks fell last boys diligence Trevor around. Yet Travers right man I mean there's certain things just about blue whales we don't know because they dive so deep. We're not really sure. And that is it and must do under the big long wanted. Now that's I'm in a Mets got a lot with men and so let's get to. A not. Check out what's next. That intro mine's named at that thing went out about day addicted dope invitational comedy competition happening on April 1 and ninth. Yet the two color comical coma comedy club. Is on I was allowed to announce the dead after an it is already out sell. The a look at dope show on FaceBook or who smokes weed dot mean on the web and you can find out more about that LB one of the judges the night on. And I think loved how are back in between on and talk but our also. Is always welcome cool so yeah it's real well last week was and crazy it is on. Got today and call. That my girlfriend's sister's having a baby so into hospital. Mom on Tuesday and saw her and that's always a trip paying Alan. Brand new little human especially you you don't have to learn all about the human body tripping out about it and ended. So cool tiny or hold a lot of babies lately couple yeah. Other that what I've posted the picture of Josh is babies that from December I'd never posted it not talking to about the super ball. Aside our tech stars like Oscar pictures posts that in on itself. And over there ideas tend these are opposed saudis are caption. I'm so I joined a lot. I guess no how works man like you start start holding babies at the girl is starting to pictures with babies around the girl clean. Whatever remained of WG good play good price on a rink. Got my right or wrong about old baby. Doll he wasn't even there oh my god. Pre SS enemy it would save us. Spaghetti didn't know that it's it's as fox content. And then the food. This weekend we might open that food out attempted Cisco though. Yes we flew in Friday night. Now is finally Adam cool air would be air BMB Al applied Golden Gate Park. I as so we went there will. What sleeve and then Saturday we disliked Mays who flew in kind of late Friday. My girl cause exhausted Sunnis I went the area being crashed and then. Saturday is that the big day we just woke up. And walk through Golden Gate Park to hate ash Berry and got. Got wrecked this right right break a ban on that block and then. Walked let's see who went to the grateful that house which is drive by there. And then we took some public transportation. Called the Muni debt to train system's there the Bard is still part was dealt with took that Sunday backed the airport. And and then. Threw it to the Muni which is like they're just in San Francisco won it doesn't go over to open in those other areas aren't and it's at that over to from. Kind of by the Golden Gate Park where we learned he'd asked very. An old went downtown. Which they have lake. Downtown section and and then they also have let the wharf where I called tourists they flocked to kick in and out there to be we went there. And it as so we walked around downtown. We had. Tickets to go to a museum. The museum of ice cream was pursuant to which yeah is a lot of fun really delicious and just a really fun experience they. It's all about ice cream it's not it's pretty like fun and light hearted and my deadliest sprinkle pool. There we went in and my parents all these different types of ice cream all right there's a unit corners right. Rock climbing and one of the things for our error Aaron how they title this close and I screamed out a lot of fun. And has guy screamed and then a we went into one of those C. The street cars there's three cars and cable cars rank and we took a street car from downtown. Over to the wharf area. And I kinda. Took that pile the peers and so all the people right now or get into the room went to U. In now from knowledge. And and had discount walked around their little bit. And then that and walked over days geared LE square. And did that annoy you walked up to Lombard street we are based blocked fourteen miles. And you know going to another needs him. Called the collar factory. And then. Took the trolley which is called a cable car MI cables running underneath it we didn't go to the cable car museum and learn about it but someone on our cable Hart told us about that. There's like cables that run underneath the ground that the pole and stuff gather cars latch onto it I didn't know that. That was our second cable all right on the first night he's got on. And as pretty high I should add and who's just watching the guy like. Pull those levers and do the thing and I was just amazed at tripped out what the hell is going on how my moving as a safe way. This is all these steep hills sell. Yeah I was a tough fine would that be museum which is able to beat next generation kind of like proceeded hippies. Who's led by Jack Kerouac and does really interest in what about facts. Cut up up up. Yeah we had it we ought to fund Jack Kerouac. On the road. You know what a fun stat about that yeah so I always tell people that America loves speed to our favorite truck right now it's cocaine methamphetamines whatever. And you Osama he wrote on the road it's famous as he wrote in my twenty some days or whatever but it was like in the late forties early fifty seems pop in banning the whole time. The ice. Thank you he was on speech the idea what he reverted to what he's have been so I when I was dare I got the the unedited scroll version 'cause he broke out on to say one continuous lake thing is like taping the pieces of paper to gather as is big long scroll artists paper. And so make date. Trimmed that weighed down for the book version it became really popular and successful. And then that they released this special scroll addition which is just the whole thing. There's no thinking paragraphs. It's all just one just one giant pink yes so I bought it and haven't gotten that part because there's essays ahead of it kind of like set it up telling you about it which. According to Jack Kerouac you'd actually is drinking a time coffee on that three told. Neil capacity about it which you know take a foot which you will bow like ally the speed story better. They job banks via the cell when they bands and jeans and injuring sends him. And the days to Salman inhalers need is yet and they use the pop amount and then put him in my coffee or something 00 he was legit drinking coffee. Really you would think you wanted to. You please speed in coffee that was that's not dissolved it was like well earlier like kind of he almost became the first party drugs. Wow BS so the beads are very interesting to learn about that since the little bit us up every nation on my talent led into the hippie movement and yet it's got a sin a lot of the not got a lot of stuff to read for fun. Nine and so he knows there's really quite highly recommend it be easier is very interesting and those other two are pop up museums. So I don't know how much are going to be around but they're also super dope yeah ice cream 11 I think that moves around. All right yeah oak it's a lot of fun here. Don't gaz a time terrify us ever Cisco. Now that's their main it would have been San Cisco or just the Bay Area in general I was a blast via there was wild that we crammed so much in that there is that we walked fourteen miles and pride to which public transportation at least another ten. Blake just go back and forth and the arrows it's pretty cool. First know what to San Francisco was and is seen Maryland play organ state football game who see bigs. A basic told us hey man. If you fly down to separate Cisco up pay for the hotel I'll pay for the game to get sleep and just went some way to come with the just flied out. So he does. Command. We we had a bunch of fun this and that. But the next day we get up in light where should we go to get lunch we're staying down by the war. In mr. Aron Kabul appreciate this we dined at the Rainforest Cafe and a couple classy individuals if that's. At school. Yeah. As if they have one of those are often. Now that I've discovered but I was singing its praises like two weeks ago it sooner Manningham. This the familiar. Do pimps don't understand the appeal of outplacement gave. That's does wondering as an especially that not have any down there and you go around talk about the Rainforest Cafe in her with a hoot what the hell he's talking about it. I just talked about it sir or ma'am he's from Seattle so he got to but I've unless I haven't researched efficient in the area are not a mammoth fan I don't know about super fan. OK it's all right doughnuts or something. Did you Dallas house want this guy I was gonna say me and also their doubts is too big not to have a mall that has a report Saturday. If we don't have put in Seattle. Now are at peace. We have a lot of things in Seattle that hurt we don't have you at a mile but I don't looters slips we dwellers wonder coma. Yeah but we don't have late chili's we don't have a Friday's. Also Matt remember before this podcast Tencent keep light news coming out of my apologies. Cobb good news there is there's more remained in grapevine Texas that would things near Dallas. Ala and then I got a I figured Houston would have won all right there's a dozen non zero chance on abuse at some point. They're technically can't expect it to pick ups. Yeah you guys keep talking about the Rainforest Cafe okay dad hang dog are I thought he had some yesterday in the he'll be back at thing. We start into the top topic actually I'll allow them to have the intro is gone and so we got away for him to come back. God that's it Democrats on that I was gonna save you. That would work on the cast that they necessarily need to be on. So I'll use on which Geneva Super Bowl. I thought it was it was fun to watch Brady collapse I was rooting for the patriots later said because of bill Burris Philly rent and then. And when that happened by now it's just kind of it was exciting the most fun so I'd get time. There is Osama bin sultan made stalling abilities. Were like yeah. Well good news it's about that's the hoopla top. Mountain community. I'd give bell. The Supersonics. Are back. The Mariners. Have a World Series. And 20% of people. Have had sex with robust. Topic this week. As the time traveler came back from 2030 and pass a lie detector test claim Nadal trouble be reelected in artificial intelligence will take over. What are your predictions. For 2030. You may also be podcast I'd commoners Obama talked to machine mine aren't at the Supersonics are back. Mary several World Series and 20% of people have had sex is robust. Boys. So twelve years from now. New. Issue of that cool music that's like Diddy Lyndon. 20%. Gays and refuses honors like what number what I put parents and any other predictions about what I hear at that hit of the violence sex robot we add 20% like I did. I feel like if yeah if you get if you jump up way higher than that pretty quickly. All right. I I know the cop tired unsolicited saints the question. But what is the robot kits and move specific. To have fake people are not just like avid sex of them but they're like beaten them the what does that do to regular women. Jay first of all there are ready dating. Might. They're not technically robots yet but like those like. Human looking structures. Of love down real doll or drill down doll thank you but the real dog doesn't talk back I thought about it late. Any great twelve years now I don't doubt that think he's to be of deserted the robots RD look pretty humid but what if racquet actually like interact with your biggest update itself. All the data that it has on near to where it knows the news portal leggings add in for any thirty minutes after you mention and tie it's. And then had to take all that information hinges slate. Implant exactly what you would want in a girl and a one of those real balls that look even more real by that point don't talk to Mike west world man. On. Talk about here is inevitable the RD house. Any eyes sort of pass the turing test in terms of conversation via text. We we have things like Alexis and and are living room people have real dolls sitting in their closet whatever. Like these two worlds are gonna collide were a plane and house. Humanoid looking robots that can talk to people a day I say no questions. Do you think I think we're head name I don't know but I could that they had people down a dark even darker path right. Like I can fab them. Yet you know it's been years or whatever like you just want to campaign in ship but then after awhile like it's still not a real warm so not a real human. I mean. After I did sinister thing about porn. Yeah but I watch porn to master great I don't watch it to like Connell with or talked to her like you know. Wouldn't the finger at this dvd picks. Her I think they picnic at it it it it. That's an okay now alliance the artisans are hair on an artificial woman like. She should go to sleep debuted. That's nothing in my part of me is like others of you don't play you'd Blake. So you just wanna have I don't know but a part of me gets very scared because I'll be in this thing is down a real weird hat evolution barely speaking out kind of terrifying. Also look I'm going to be the giant NASA was gonna say it if there's all these top robots run around saying everything you want. I feel like I get better looking to regular women. I have no choice for the pop up at Pitt. Is. It. But what if this robot man to Mike that's assuming is going to be one cents or does he know he's Ken dolls and robust gonna take all the jobs right these robot dude you're gonna have all the money. All the crypto currency. And I mean big about the czar these robots but don't they have to be with a person or Canadians roam around. These romance I did she do now wondering like is this like I don't know if I'm dating a real girl or. Oh or a robot girl that's gonna get there. That's the turing test and eventually. Would appoint those so I mean I'm gonna get much. It's a fact but without a shower that there's a lot and prerogatives Brevard girlfriend it's. You'll Maria 9000 is waterproof. Let's come I know you've seen that means they wiser real worried about ai you just the water on the they're kicking the crap. All right I don't know that's too much for my my mind to think for the other man but I am I try to make some predictions twelve years from. 2030. Look where we were twelve years ago may not help you 2006 Hobbs was so light hearted. It was his example for 2006. Right lake dark points everybody's at lake. We really are no luck Ilan mosque is he's does a balding hair a receding hair and make a real human. LeBron was losing there paid the price and we'll. He was losing hand. The fact that. You know what here. I got a bowl won by 2030. People will be able to change. Ethnic. F this is cities really our guests. And it's like people here anyway yeah you look at art we dirty re grow hair whatever slate isn't that crazy to think they you know if you're. Let's say I'm 116. Nigerians. Did they not extract something out like out of the 116 and in turn me into a 100% Nigerian per day. Food for idea I mean we're talking about sleep 208. Right with dale altered. Alteration or go to kind of making people have hair that shouldn't write naturally. But I thought I missed daylight is it that crazy to think that somebody could change your skin don't. Now I don't think so op. And it supplies staff find dual bull I don't know if that be considered changing ethnicity or not. Who oh says future saint. Right. I don't know how we define ethnicity. You delightful years and physical traits or is it like country of origin of you know. I don't know. Flying cars and given up on mesh is not a thing never has been. Self driving cars self driving cars in a that's already realistic. I'm. Stem cells. Matt stem cells are at. Pretty crazy. Yeah but tonight there's I mean at the US government is who they'd do permit them back could really like. Shakes and show up as far as how we are societies run others and Mel Gibson on Joseph Rogan awhile ago his dad's got a bunch in my. Yeah I mean that's there's June anti aging here. Yeah from the sound of it and so that's subs for guys like us because. All these billionaires are. You know that are old like they're just gonna stay alive forever and keep running when I can have our next generation of lake. Where the new kid you know or the new kids in charge of martyrdom make things better. You know I mean make the Coke Brothers are just gonna and stay alive forever with stem cells. I don't know how orderly at the power away from them specially if they got all the robots designed. And work and forum and send stuff off. Matt I do your sand but. Frankly like that well that was just passed out of their kids anywhere without a change in the tax structure. I think. Oligarchy that's in power will stay largely the same. I. And I was saying. When you're seeing those exact people staying in charge Ali he's and they don't sweat it is either way I only resisting I got you. Yeah whether it's Rockefeller three Iraq solid seven you know. Right that makes sense right but our other son there at the stem cells. And yeah Bennett I don't really shake things up to twelve years from now I think people people definitely. But I don't know will be at that point we can live forever but people are deftly murdered legal lot of conditions. Now. If people make money off that stuff don't care can be fixed BMI we Daly is I didn't I intend he veered. Very pessimistic. When I start thinking about how people in power and society at large are going to be in the future. And especially you know with the rise of technology how all that plays together but part of me like. And his very logical like that's how I think is they do break things down like it's emotionally I would love. Heard this other thing that I think about sometimes and might. Could conceivably comprehend. Logically edges don't know how likely it is is like. Say it someone comes into power in the US and like. Makes it so that health care is widely available in integrates them stem cell that in my payers. Some good access to all these things in life than the average everyday guy you know your me. Throws out an ACL playing flag football or whatever is able to go get some stem cells worked on it fern affordable thing in my. Beefy on better in two weeks late and yeah the whole world this is better because of all this stuff lake and I think the rise of communication technology in the Internet in which is why they're trying to squash it. Can enable lot of that sort of stuff. You know what I mean that we the brightest minds in the world and like yeah. The world's full of mostly done masses using the Internet for dumb ass stuff polite it can also enable like the brightest minds to connect in ways that we never could have thought of twenty years ago. And you know that that kind of those kind of things happening which were not widely aware of we got buzz feed tell us about the card ash eons and make all this do preach that fills up you know what. What we see of the Internet like. There's Smart people use in this for some pretty I've revolutionary things that were not aware of and like I just see it. I mean I see a lot in the fitness industry how technologies enabling all these super Smart people to really make make some. Pretty awesome advances and exercise science and all these things. And I just so. Part of the so I got assays on people to. The people always cute like Canada does feed argument but it's like. Both he would run more serious articles if they got clicks yes I want earlier you that's absolutely agree with that I'm now yeah and that's us Sam right. You know as far as. As long as the assistant like I don't know how the system needs to shake itself up to kind of create a path to that sort of awesome future bit. I wanna live in and you know would like to bring kids up in at some point like hearsay at night the without war to happen I don't know how well we need to fall and a place for it. Say it to work with but. You know it would require. The whatever affects their bottom line and the best switched. As long as the people. Give it out dumped in reg. That's lending it's not pitching to twelve years so I hear Richard same bit like Sox. White people wanting to make money's not going away so while stem cells and those things could help everybody. You're still gonna have to pay whatever to become the lake that's a prominent we get the help everybody. Somebody's either either they wanna make money off that are some ways and come along and indeed you so much money to be hard feet past and. Yeah you know yeah that's that's why don't I don't know that that utopian. Idea path is the most likely but I like to just keep it alive in my head. Yeah I think you know we are paying much later note hit you we're gonna straight up just have live animals on the table. What's via what he's not gonna cut it anymore. Like they're gonna bring the animal over and butchered right there all I thought you meant like my good Jumanji things like lions are becoming and jumping up on a table or podcast. Now a that would be dangerous the on how would get there is. Either heavy podcast and here twelve years ago out of your happen. The Sonics are back in DC that I think the united is a better chance come the Sonics have him back in the manners when in that title. With you I agree yet. As silly we get there you know I mean there's a lot of other predictions we wanna see here we make Tony thirty predictions all damp but you know I think. There's decent chance of the Mariners finally get one. SARS coming back on their way to possibly waiting but could happen sooner rather than later. And obviously people are downsides of robots. Yeah I think that's 1% numbers low. I was say I'm not the biggest mayors person but it just for the people that live feed. Especially like that specific group commanders translate and it's off before we give him some that. For Rio. It has been a long dry streak. Yet know at commanders are rights that break goes every sort of 209 duo ninth. Fred TTP for now only Ted Smith. Does the podcast years.