Thee Podcast Episode 209

Thursday, March 1st

This week we discuss Ted's trip back east, the Olympics, and the possibility of an NHL team coming to Seattle!!

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Aston couple weeks ago for the warning is because like it just never really know you know. Q I deception to it that a couple times I've gone back to listen to Mike owed damn we recorded our whole thing. The IP bit authentic. Yeah oh tool much as there are so what are your could think if they do good week for a warning. How many emails we got him in there little. Four do we also a code word warning. Yeah and remains a solid the light full stop like hey guys just so you know everything you say is now being reported by the government. But instead like some sort of I don't know some sort of code word if not fully fleshed out idea edged out of it would be just as real life. We're alive ruined my day like you are getting to a podcast this isn't just any goddamn business. We need contact. Storing these tests. Cooled underwear I don't you know. Big contrast. And so you said with the average avoid these kids this will be those. The busier podcaster podcasts and all the last hole and tell left of me here maybe somewhere over Skype is my burner body. Good friend he's always hear what he's somewhere in southeast Asia on two wheels you rename a cop now what's going on. I boyz the Dow Jones Industrial Average is largely had its largest single day drop in history two weeks ago just proved prophetic as serious the podcast quickly followed suit. Lovers everywhere seeing red as shares slid nearly 14% over the last month with the boys managing only one cast in three plus weeks. But I am missing to deliver a baby contentious and into the chocolate city it's tough to tell he was able to pause on this tailspin for four Dessens for our annual February sat cast. And I crap like buy out right now. Okay back into the real thing go get the city off let up pop back out of the producer at CT feel it's a match goes and suspense so I hit cog. It's a known hazard yeah that's very true. I every ounce and a lot of pretty good mood tonight and that was great timing on the neutrinos as a first timer secondly I think it's it's opening a resume you laughing great code word for the country. I think it it'd be it can keep it. The first saw I gotta say I was back in May own this past week job. Fret not those stocks are going up and you know I've done a lot of things in my life thought they like going back to the Massa. Go into the looney senator. Don't of the alumni lounge I mean that. I felt like I had accomplished real things in life at this point. Funny they've borrowed time was pumped to see meaning it tickets waiting for us free Beers in the alumni lounge. I did an interview in the second half of the game with my old teacher mr. Murphy. John O'Connor and now yeah man I mean it was it was also do is one of those. But probably one of the highlights of the trip but highlights for me a long time. Did the math the rules you may read my son is good to. Sometimes incrementally it's tough to see how far we've come because we're always seeking that next thing and looking up the hill. And sometimes we forget that right now where where we hoped we would be five years ago and dreamed about being three years ago now. Yeah I mean not only that man like first all the senate looks beautiful DB was everybody hears it's OIDB all the time. So he came down we drove her Northern Virginia so my cousin and my cousin Jesus my nephew play a basketball game. Which ended up losing in overtime. To Tino had four guys in the fourth quarter climbing you know the pouch here and there top running a call from my brother and I want to make your movie. For the other team for a full dinner miracle need. I do now. You know wanna get on a volunteer coach I was just got many green gone over all and now play CMA I didn't think a couple of samples they don't let big long been in that environment Wrighster turn into a get bad. But it will be around one got him in Mount Hood that they practice it's that he's a volunteer coach it's in emerald city. Let's. Start and some sprints or something is this right. About guys. Now that's what they write a man this I think now that I picked them up from school funding pay. Right and I don't know where it came from Burnett for some part heading in the wrong spot might not like the main line. But he's walking down a mountain severe pneumonia that's it and see gatherings is yes I open the door legislate. Studio. Hey ha ha yeah. Why I swiftly and what is coming for. It's like nephew cause they see this they would go do your duty to god dare call. Sheet. And of course every year that goes by you know we were better sports are passed my aggressor they're coaching again Amanda back in my day it could seven staged image sits in three years. Graham are rehashed in the story about my. My pick six freshman year through my girlfriend this we can't control copies it's I mean could you might object to this guy I would replay like. Half the year basketball once an eighth grade and then got our terrible basketball team might seek unity leader there. I'm terrible basketball football coach all back to the senate hook up. So. I think it it it got into different topic came to icu coach Rafael Romo does and they don't break it out. Let's goddamn producers actually Allen's drive solid this the show aired it appeared you didn't catch Friday okay. God did I then I forget some of the stuff I do you come Ali I completely forgot to write them like oh yeah he goes on a mess so. Think maybe the biggest edit its music they can't it's. Ridiculous about it. Those two front. It's funny and hides under the title and obviously crush me dog violence and pass although we're attire around this out cause thing here about North American legal Cooper it's up. I couldn't help the dude how you got a real the last yourself math. I think I remember like. And your friend watching at the moment that this is harsh criminality like hilariously never ever tackled I don't know how each joke that made me out communicated here. But you know anything about basketball and X and it's I just I think about that later to lie down. Thanks a Sauna story guides. Now just misstatement honestly like this the trip back was great. But don't a map that just means a much mean team coach June and everybody images also teamed squad looked good. The senators also had a have had a beer in the alumni lounge was just unbelievable day. Ghost thanks David oh yeah. You now at his leg any did all the alumni get to do that now than me who played and they like took carry you to get it is time. No I mean any alumni and go to a game go off to the online poker lounge and stuff but we just it was just. I know how crowded the games and in the housing and they really did matter was in the crowd but I it was just nice punt medical tickets waiting for me and Dan. And then we saw coach got a red carpet rolled out fields that yet did he father Damien who clearly didn't remember me. But well here's the other weird thing right Blake. You know like I saw coach Joseph Torre nineteen him in twenty years. So he's like I did man you really trip like we've been doing it's like oh yeah like some Soledad hair and I was like plus 400 cool. That's why I told Daniel's father Damien doesn't recognize me but I'm ball I have a beard clay. There's a lot of kids come through school yeah. Crusts yeah. It's not so he doggedly the special treatment right to be hot I'm not always when you radio too I might have come on the pod on the podcast ought to be awesome yes his name is compound time but. He basically runs all the PR might be events everything from school. So everybody demand you know part time. So I think number one he likes and I actually do radio. And the number two ways you know everybody the school loves Brendon looney who passed away I still get made the main impression upon time that I after the plane. And flew back Manning just I flew back I can make the funeral but like I want to Clooney's house all's parents all's Brothers and sisters. So any S and they're gonna give me a hard time ballot now upon Tom loves you in this and that some hand and then afterwards we went to lead us to be upbeat says in. Mr. Murphy I still call mister Murphy I can't call Neil yeah for the book and I was sitting there you really wouldn't say it's the same the only thing I mean we still have mr. Murphy think you're right its course. Talk so Korean leaders and stuff rich gotten in so then once a week the math to send an email till all the alumnus rankled with the math expressed. Which is broke down to sections. Like GAAP prayers requested for somebody in the to map the family healthy family mean to back down prayers requested assuming the family sick immemorial. Here's academic news news any jazz. And then my here's the athletics here's some alumni news to them once in awhile at the bottom. Like after the things conclude upon power output in a couple paragraphs. Leave rates in these nice paragraphs it's like Ted Smith and Danny Burris are back in town resident. Any like relayed some of the stories I told about like being at the Costco and can't do. Some woman walking by I was reminded math nobody has had she goes to your math here yet and she is. So my husband it's always talks about. So he could sit there write a measly ten always talks about in Seattle attorney for it's Ted pitchers stag. And I got up so my buddy nick Weaver. I haven't even read the millions Thursday morning and we just sends me text that goes. Like what if I mean given those models is beer for two years in this and that gives you go home for one game when you're a true stat. That also could have endless. It was unbelievable and then and then Monday do you we went to the green turtle and Bertans bill. Rented out they like little room and agree internal by the way. You guys who love eternal I think you went to unless you've got to be out before something. Will there all over now here's a couple originals in my blood to map the guy like owns some of the few first ones. Madison you're right to your wheel house right of good to this clearly bad for you. They're just taken flat bread now cover and creamy blue crab dip she's an old bay colony Kraft pizza. And crab dip his Soviet yes crab dip in and you just piling them on top and that Terri into pizza like man. They got some. They are some good food out there. Yeah man he's got to be a just eat your vegetables and not a places like that can barely hear they're just enjoy the out of it because. Yeah there's some really really good food in America and 2018 and I can't. I can't support just completely depriving yourself of that. Break sorry inhumane I wanna help people will be healthier and everything and take care myself boy let's be realistic here. Rob order one of those yeah a 100% every time I. No but also write about in my weekly letters to my nutrition clients yet. And I mean might re like Bernie came out of the kids on a B I saw the picture coming into grammar FaceBook how many lives have like twenty some people. On Monday says good times awesome and then I was Telecom as early on the phone. Tuesday and Wednesday were four and eighty degrees didn't suit Tuesday at lunch my dad and then I wanna rabbani's house we were grilling steaks to lays the scariest salad in the backyard. Watching hockey man was like a wet dream for us to. I've got fantastic yeah on. Was it LA Vista NHL. We watched. We watch the capitals game. And then to lose these shows we stayed up and watch the United States loose the Czech republic of Leah yeah. The I didn't want to tell who have a copy mostly women's was less Alison how did you watch the Olympics at all. Yeah takes a these. I watched a couple of though like the buy out one man's coat and a little bit like to cross country skiing and I just kind of watch highlights. He read on how might lead director a streamer round gay porn thing. So yeah I watched like I just all the gold medal wins for the US and then like couple random events in our house by themselves like got. All right I admit I watch more hockey last week maybe it is. Part of that was on the East Coast to announce like staying up later than usual but I mean. I think I watched five hockey games last week there's sort of say tweet about it he picked up Memphis I'll get real fired up it's good read on third and the are they just. Jump on and on that NHL and Seattle. I am not. I think I am I had talked my client they blew you're gonna do it on. Together we go in on a parent and then now way. You know would just album and you know split them up to ourselves we will go to most of whom because those very decent job with my work but. You know. I think they'll be good dig its and I think you know beer worthwhile investment and it's gonna play well here. Well the deposits 500 and then never really release the prices on everything else but epithets so. Williams back out before you know we can get the deposit back if they come value in their IPO that'll be this much Jack god don't I'll that. So. And yeah I'd be curious to see Bennett you know I think I think the CI is there going to be hot tickets to come by and especially if we get a decent team but. The Ellis who happens. Dude if it comes down to it I betcha they negotiate. We me. In a scenario like that where they have a bunch of Babel pre buy it right MMI guess they call you. I'm dozens coax your little ways on the list you know they don't roll on through people if enough below Mike bailed Laura might keep him had to talk him into it a day you could get. You get at least make the case that they were allowed you to get a season ticket from below what they're offering prices for the first year. They clearly trying to block and that demand. It's quite possible. And I mean I think did I Wilson aside it's what the pick. Coyote ugly coyote ugly she's her she's happy that it seems as though hot. The fact they're the only Jersey adapts. You go. It is located it it I think yeah you're fun to watch ET for her fund a lot. I season tickets look like for like lower level well again this is. The coyotes and Arizona's. Glass seats it's late 8200 club didn't have a plan now. What do they play 82 in there and LBS of 41 Seattle 41 home games. About and then I'll bet you that. The bill I tore a piece when we split them up because like boy we get paired next to each other so that. Andrew it's for him up by eight by games. We'll but he was and that it was 2000 seats right to the end though we we need to be on the hook for about two he's learned when it came to be I guess that. I don't know I just wanted to team here so batted like this is the chance to help it happened. Seven and again as we end up with highs in hits and all lined up what we do my 500 dollars back. You know I mean yeah I think if if it wasn't for the Sanders I would totally do it but. Number one party while the senate seat isn't that expensive but as far as season tickets don't but also like. I'm thirty go to talk at least twenty matches he gains a year. Some slight drop wanna go to fort lake you might and I skip a lot of sound is matches or somebody's like from hockey to get I wouldn't I wouldn't know enough via. Yet be called men they'll probably like a little packs and stuff but Matta won as many of those at least fifty bucks again and since has Percy did not want. Oh. Scan changes. You know imagine that's forty games attitude to cash. The asked that's a lot and come out yeah I don't I don't know how an armed. I know five or months for the deposited to help them make you have to then played even if I decide not to give it to its on the road. If there's a huge surge of people buying season tickets today by attempt he would hear this. We're get a franchise. States. That's that's cool I'm in for that so. Yeah I'm I'm pretty sure I'll be infinite tee it's too good this is so fun to go to go to live games and yeah I think Seattle will. I think big team we'll do really well especially the first few years. And you know I think he'll just be good good thing to have and be able thrown up on stub hub is like amateur games. Do they do that same type of thing that the MLS does Wear light. Because of the way they do the draft for new teams the new teams end up being really good their first few years. Well Natalie with Vegas right now and what not to sell out thou way now yeah that's the weird things it they used just traded for somebody. It's like basically they thought there it is gonna have a year the people. It was cool to see it. But then. They're so good they pinch at the plate like they don't have finished your how to gathering there in person the last I think last I checked the heat up. The they'd gay love two goal lead to the kings last night. And we ended up winning in overtime score with ten seconds left does this sweet sweet. Ending. Do you are you so Seattle gets eighteen and you get season tickets. Do you denounce the king's mill d.s. Moo moo when that when those two teams play each other armored troop king senator percent no kidding yeah but I'll be as Seattle and a close second. That might change though is the first three years I was here I still would cheer for the Redskins and came down. Well I don't know that I cheer against the mice don't go to games but like if they if the united come down. Main screw that go senators are. Yeah they could be I mean you know. People involved but you know always be. A close 12 punch. But it's a fun story you did you know like years now been like yeah I grew up at kings fan of the my club showed up. They that the odds are good ploy yeah I mean just in granite NHL obviously a bigger level than the MLS. But cheering for a club since its you know analysts inception. And then actually seen them take you to fruition and we met championship marine who most satisfying things in sports there are gonna part of. Yeah I mean like I'm getting anxiety right now and using a situation all right CI's Seattle vs LA in the Western Conference finals and I was like. And how many did good problem to have I'll I'll cross that bridge when I get there and pull my deposit down a. Step one so that man can send you must like maybe on it. I should mention to one thing funny thing about going back to the East Coast is Sahara. Whether it's cousins or friends and I forget how many people actually listen to this podcast. That out my friends and tell her her home so late a couple of guys about trinket with them and Matt and Cobb you guys just come up in conversation. But it's it's easier right is what I bring up Joseph in terror and killing of a baseline for joint parent of any seen pictures of me right but like with you guys is a year voices every week. I can do is insert join in conversations and we mean nobody is who's that. That's a cool half half it's also kind of spooky is code I'm sorry Buick. You know we've never met them how much Al JJ yeah yeah they know so much about her but it's. Fiat dollars that should mean do I send them. The guys still have not got out of my way to tell very any family or friends about this thing with relish I figured this is more fun LA yeah. We have actually been surprised by the people who found out about it without me tell on them like very obscure old acquaintances and stuff it's just thing. Second best. It. Now. Publicly go to aren't all semantics. Do you honestly haven't land pretty low man on the last like what two months it's been like they said this is the worst winter in Austin's history. And us like last two weeks I think we've had. Eleven out of twelve days have been cloudy which is crazy it just ready neb today so. Yeah Amanda is is due in the winter arraignment Wednesday nights on Wednesday is Hannah thought about it. There was no I. Yes are gone and we seem Gary Ginn yet. Wish her a mistake your own failure Lugar you most ice dude I'm pretty sure she doesn't go back to maverick. Okay pop pop pop up I think she goes to go one up north which is like the big crazy one apparently so I'm not making up there at some point but there's no redeeming there's no coming back from Baghdad but is beyond us no wonder she doesn't certainly no wonder people think the crappy your rink. Differ from dealer didn't push in the face bush serve it out there aren't we Mike Castle were mostly on times they are now. No. You know we have a mound that is as the day after Alaska gas and Dave always her listeners we talked to like so we talked about your run now or pieces of it. We are those the weekend before I let us when it was the thirteenth yeah I dumped it happens special Valentine's Day. What are you doing this so I didn't have my mind says no my body but I'm Bobby you get it. This goes to god you said gas no nothing happened at the plight of valley tech continues. To. You can come up up up up up up up up up. On your phone calls from scam likely collect them iPhone does that I have my vote just are doing that true they have half. Yeah. I feel bad for the guy who owns scam Mike Nelson united soccer tournament about consider it a packet it. I is dead scam likely has a great job as my coach despite this I named to some issues title. That's how that's not a bad look comedy bit scam with Syria lightly they're calling me every today. Hundreds idea mouse on and you want the best I like the ones that are just like we were methods like. But yeah I you'll get many more we think we're calling about your Google business in this match so and it's called the guy back and think. Yeah as my business okay this pretty active have you launched right into it anxiously up all right demand for like Tony I didn't Google brings to us. Do I get a weird they get like progressively like more around ingenious gallon the other day I was at a bar I didn't yeah I wasn't the message draws in the bathroom. But they were like. It was like someone's Lewis is like should pay and congratulations. You can assure that there's a lot of credit thanks are applying I'm slated to. Dude I do you'll really call them back like all I delivered I'm glad for a 2000 dollars or I'm a I mean somebody must. That's that's due that's what gets me about all those things is like it's working somewhere and that's what I think about like weird fake Twitter profiles are we're like take Tinder profiles because they think about like all those downs. It's always like wow this worked on somebody. I I Newsom made tool and only got scam satellite 30000 dollars solemn thing the war but the world's assistance in place there's this so many. So many people out there that thinks so many different things that I feel can literally make a living doing anything right now it's insane. Do we talk about one on the casts you as a member. Foreign oil went scam. Yeah I ran scans to rule as it is like buying and like some sort of take gets like lottery tickets or something. Do what was that ten you know entire amount was he by and now. When it's saving him. We've talked about one on the cast somebody that. I'm mad you know I don't think mass madam but that was like involves a one of those scams music buying something. It turtle like gift cards Starbucks gift cards at target gift card. Our parting gift cards that's that's an up a guy you know what he doesn't listen now we get us it was my dad. She's yet there was right RE barely answer is the first whom I had to begin with right. And then I get a call from my brother when he goes I know this is true or not Bob rob Bob. I Colleen is I don't know Lisa there's something wrong on my computer so I like green in my computer and opened up this and that and then. He went and withdrew its thousands of dollars to buy target gift cards and I was lake. I know wind. Is no what do you targeted Blake asked that your mind thousands of dollars in gift cards and it seems a little off from the number twos they knew nothing went off at your bank. It is withdrawing cash determined it. Gift cards at all. Yeah what's also weird just like I am thinking about getting older cycle right now my goal when we see any email that looks like a scam obviously were like oh that's a scam. Or like if it's like a text message or whatever but as you're like as we. Near the 30 let's get further away from Mike the advent of new technologies like whatever that bring guests. Like there's going to be stuff that we've never heard of you know we're like it's very likely that that to us would not set off alarm bells. Yet and you're right and I mean luckily that's you know you're a decent chunk of the back but you're right you know who knows he goes down and hops on the computer he narrowing dodi's doing I was dating his credit I can you know was a slave what are you do in my and we got in he's like all right I'll go to like a retirement community and again and we yet. But no offense the like. Now you take it falls in the house and I got to pay 100 painting. Think my brother probably however I should tell us to hurry read like two years you're right my dad takes a fall my house one night right turns out he had like a minor heart attack to. So rank he fell in the house it was kind of stuck there for a few hours. School my brother get someone who knows life alert necklaces. You just pay even when he goes polo you know when I go outside. But what I guess we're not worried about you in public around other people moment and we'll sort of back. But load that you need to be wearing that thing. There industry's money in my. I don't know there's some funny sorry or sad story issued treasury was kind of funny but I'm like you know old people just all fairly often and so like my grandma lives at a place where they have those buttons and I'll one point like they can't control when they gonna fall and so she was like to Sammy or bathroom and fell into the toilet and guide her hand stuck in the toilet. It's like did you want to tell my bore out it was a big deal you know but just like. I don't imagine working one of those places like deceive people and some very like bizarre and sometimes you know compromising positions. Did I mean honestly they the past there was probably the most dangerous place for all people. Oh yeah right there. We don't think about me mad you know this she works so much of body's muscles like a lot of the stuff doesn't work this seems like getting into a tub obviously is easy but strictly. It's easy for Oscars were helpfully pick up and on how limited that is holding its target in out of the top. I mean I lose motor functions need I agree I'm. Yeah that I deal with it but it's very very rewarding and you know land older people just do a few simple basic exercises. They start to see a lot of improvement and feeling. Better balanced and more are more capable just throughout their day to day life and that's really cool as you can elicit that kind of result really quick. Where's this someone's like our listed deep down desire. All we got some time that could get some other progress markers out. Well that's a link to like my mom still like you know she's still pretty active person. So yelling like Downey just two X and I was like calm like dude I'm not asking you know run a mile. But him saying he's got to get up move get outside that would walk around the block a couple of times yeah I mean Al walking suit truth it's so simple and so there's rear. Yeah. Candidate are using you lose it to a lot of you'll lose a ton of their range of motion that's why a lot of oh my dad does so Diaz is it doesn't bare breast does say he does a lot of has ordered. Just do blues and range of motion can't turn their heads up like that. Yeah right are like my coming in next starts turning men. You're promising Croats and they're so we're is that right under alas and now someone writes all jacked up too Maxi career via ground and then you saw on the toilet. Diligent you know they'd tell you they had been diligent they've had their hands when you know story of its. They're back sort of paints yet ideas what might get my momma to a community of people that are retired is under threat Charles Ali look. You raced through cure kids you were the breadwinner. Late go to community with the other retired single people. Go enjoy it's fun to hang out yeah and I I swear to god three muscle do we get older too. But everybody at noon in that seven meats like eighty year old brain drain. So my friends Al Gore and aunt were the same way like they're out they're all so stubborn and they do not only go to these communities never going to a multitude like. Torture its great and blow Omaha. Gee that's a bunch of people on vacation. In your eight track all the time yeah there's singles is on a couples and I remember the same stuff. Just the end you can all you drug can eat like three. We asleep I don't know what my cards is a baker for one of those places like they have an on staff. Person has bacon freshen you know breads and rolls and cookies and Kate and stuff I. All full time job. It's crazy. Yeah a lot of people do experience sort of like a personal Renaissance and move and I like this kind of feel young again looks like around people of the same interests and sort of like experiences and time lines and served as they are now extremely Iceland when Neil that's like one of the biggest reasons for. Shorten lifespan. Right I mean just think about belly like in every point in your life you just natural did you gravitate toward your peers. We moved uranium lake. And I'd I could still go to a nightclub this feeling like pierce all that's right it's going to be a lot of younger people miss in that. Yes he played I delivered the city uses other single professionals you know at her. People have young kids they all moved to the suburbs are all relatively kind of the same age like relics think people like to be with their peer groups in LA. If you're retired would go hang out of the other retirees ticket. I don't consider Blake looking ended up working in that area lake as isn't that focus on. And just very be very I've rewarding to Augusta and Yahoo! did you know he sees such awesome improvements we hear these great things guys have one client hairy beasts. You know she is say it's so awesome. But. I just feel like I don't know how would be. They give you go to that body clients are gonna. Die long leader you know I mean it's gonna be my old men. Where's where's Brian this week thank. That I don't raise your thing im in my classes are my and that's how. That's because a lot to handle yeah that is tough and it seems he says that I was in my first thought like you right he obviously have a higher percentage your client's personal win. But it also could be pretty rewarding to help them out those last two years I mean like looking and right now I can't explain to you how much more comfortable I feel my mama's like. I have this personal tree killing this guy that helps us of the gym and it's not like all of them. Mike good. Be out but you're right that would be a tough thing. Well you know you don't like his senior. Erica 55 and over kind of joint yeah I mean may you know air mailing out the nursing home enthusiast. Yes it's good boy he's still he's still don't run into that and you'll know who knows I mean maybe you'd be good because like you know I liked it. Think that I have lived a good life put out sewed. Don't wanna die and I think that's what we you know. Being a little bit more comfortable with death late. Some some pretty deep people there I'll look up to you have a different view on death that I did find myself running around with most the time so. Yet begin that in that sense you know the name. Dude I mean it. I can't tell when you aside let's head. Just like some Mike senior times folks they sparked a memory for me so little known facts I don't think we've talked about this but. At one point I worked for a start up in Seattle that could categorize this. Like. Elderly living centers and like state by state. There's like twenty different names for what they are and what that includes in some states have Mike different names for the same thing and Mike the same names for different things. Ike it's pretty crazy but anyway shout out to snap for seniors dot com. Actually it was like the Google of seniors senators like when I first. I senator's retirement communities itself like that is a live thing so yeah yeah just living in homes there and patient you know there's a there's like a million did fracas I first brought to grandma's alienate their and I don't quit I'm sure we would all be the same way do we are seven music I don't need to be in a nurses and I'm not sane nursing home. Like an old found sailing. Her retirement from there he really does to other people to take it a yeah. It's frankly that's the biggest thing that I think about in terms of as far as housing. You know it's a weird advent of the twentieth century that everybody is like. Not living in any sort of like tribal community diagnosing the breakdown of community there's a good book about it now bowling alone. How there's like more people bowling now than ever but less people and I'll on bowling teams as I've the thing a lot about. Just like the idea of like you know what a community is and communal living and what not and there's actually a couple places springing up in Austin. But I might try to join the basically just like instead of each person having their own little house and their own little like fenced off yard and not near nobody knows our neighbors our I think you or is moving in and out whatever like. You know just living near people who randomly -- house near you or moved in the apartment exe or whatever and so there's a lot more intentional communities and our retirement -- kind of the same thing it's like yeah we're all sort of like you know like around the same age made around the same money -- around the scenario whenever and there's a -- a huge psychological. And happiness related benefits that come from living in community. And you know of course there's also benefits terms like. Raising children and community and helping each other out whenever I've actually noticed that a little bit even when rat meltdown just for a couple days. How I guess I don't have something Haggan borrowed from somebody or you know like in my back turns me during a back massage whatever it is a bunch a little community saying some make people feel safe and connected and happiness. Some surprises are more common notable event. Yeah out but it also. I'm with you but I think it goes against the American instinct now but I think the American instinct is just. It's good we do not you rented a lot of you'll like to talk about communities or money doesn't matter this and that but continual leak. We screw each other over all the time. Democratic talk that from business strength. You see a group of guys on the picket line a lot of people's net natural reaction is exclude that Mike somebody else have their jobs like why don't they work this and that like. But so like I get we've seen about the community thing but I just don't think it's in Americans anymore or a week you think the business has spread it out of us. I I agree with you I think it's in some Americans got fewer and fewer there's a huge. Exposure of their parents generation. There's a big. Like. Propensity towards like just like in individualistic. Liasson there's so much fear bred by the media that once scared of their neighbors slip out of the sand sore they pull into the garage before they close you know or whatever and like people are like isolating themselves and when I what's cool about Teixeira economy you know like lips to her every Indy whatever he's certain meeting people you otherwise wouldn't meet us how little tremor about the suit and she's like do you realize like. Most people are are pretty nice and pretty like agreeable off somebody's judgement person we zipped around politics all time to look yeah you know so easy for real hate each other over the Internet you need to -- the person you know in person they're not some like radical Republican or whatever like there either moderate and they have some good very reasonable views and you know you trust to watch your kids and whatever else and their rational person for the most part but. You know the extremes dominate the headlines and so I think sometimes we forget that we're more similar than we are different to a lot of people are scared of their neighbors and a continued to be. I totally agree with you that America and that's our paradigm for sure. Yeah it's weird I saw the show. What is the name of it the guys kind of like scientists. Have he's a real sign our early the guys on. Mythbusters real scientist. This you yeah our team needs. Is one and makes you like I remember one of them has some crazy credentials. I wanted Jamie that the port sample on my part to me. It's so there might be guys like solving problems. Anyhow I saw one episode where was all about. And I can't look it up. It was all about wages rank. In it was like a fifteen if they are my keys slate really the idea of telling your co worker which you make is frightening ranked. Easily because you automatically assume with the co workers in me jealous of you this and that. Our music but it's well how I. Can contact Patrick I. But he was just same lake in actuality he would work the other way lake frankly give Matt likely they. If we all knew we were all making. And it's sort of been batted your buddy or whatever who works the same job we do make more. You would naturally everybody would just be annoyed with the people that are pain you know it why does he get more right so you have to explain it was basically was saying like. They kind of taught you that you shouldn't have these conversations in this imagine you're gonna fight with each others like in the end. If we'd be better off than we don't kind of know or stand in and we would naturally. Sunday it clicked back together. Yes 100% intentional that it's like your cultural taboo. Yeah because and they can get away with paying some people's vastly less for the same job. Yeah. Hookah I mean that's like that's been such a concerted effort by like. Just like I don't know what you label a bulletin saying this conversational save big business. But just like you know the erosion of those unions and a workers' rights and health care and now a lot of the retirement stuff in a lot of value speech I pensions and whatnot now Sasha and armored. Com am or what special term as you know like this individual contribution plans and things like that and now like. A lot of companies should direct contract laborers rather than full time employees. People's work cycles are getting shorter and the more they do that the more they erode the power of the labor force because it's easier to swab people and now it's easier if you walk out for him to bring somebody else and whatever else and it really takes away. Other collective bargaining power and and also a lot of dear individual. Leveraged firm getting better wages and you know leveraging your skills from pac. And I think grain and a lot of this is passionate to mean that you know I grew up in May reunions and and worked and AFL CIO. But I I just the main zone my friends sometimes think when they were the talk about you stuff. It's a real that I IE I highly regarded me intelligent people dispute like. Are you serious thing what's your beef with a union and they're doing a good thing they have excellent you've got to pick it to get what you don't think they wanna save their pensions like. You know like please and I'll screw that and then you talk about the contract workers like I agree with you think that's part of the culture now what you think well screw that person and I got to your mind. It's. Yeah I did and there's no reason you know in terms of like mighty. Professional experience there's no reason why I would be pro union like obviously like you know I had employees and whatever but like I'm definitely pro union because that is the balance of power has gotten so far over to capital and away from labor. It's insane and some of the working conditions hours that people are working there things of this deal with the numbers are like I did good for sick pay you're getting. You know vacations or whatever now. I I agree that there were some issues with some of the tensions were very bloated and don't cause a lot of heat to companies almost collapsed and the don't get me started General Motors it don't give up quite I love unions obviously unions went through a bad period to where it got too ridiculous. Right yeah I'm also pro union the workers need to be represented especially the big manufacturing concerns. Yeah but that's us you know it's kind of like honestly to me it's kind of like a pitched some of the trump stuff sometimes. The likes of dealer Mike can you believe this is happening in this and now you're not really he's basically just running the government now a key lake he would a giant business lake. I I think it was old time with a lot of this is on us. Right lake. You know I thought I was and I the united. Chris your child but it's on us right. But we can't sit around doing this to you know you know crossing picket lines in this in that NB a like we're we're all business and then be mad. That there's a business guy in Iraq and it like a big corporation that answers the shareholders would. Yeah I wish the pendulum swung too far towards like. Pursuing. Process and and money and status and whatever aren't too far away from the you know like happiness and the common good end. Things like I don't know just shared resources. And that's actually exactly what Bill Gates said in his AMA today on routed as he says like. Essentially. You know stripped down version as like everybody needs and did their part in our wrong looks at the billionaires and he's like I'm doing everything I can but. Really like it's our fault too collectively. And we all collectively need take action because we're much stronger with millions of us. Well Meehan Bill Gates I had you know he called my game's in my notes and yes this is where it's all come from. Fear an advisor. You have to be gates calls me technical term I column gates he kicks yeah. We make jokes about lacrosse team and to different gates family includes a whole thing. OJC. Supposedly on where and how they're reacting all the Mecca brought him deeply. The different and sounds so late in ten world would have been exposed to enough over the years I served all right could put it like. I kid you not talking to stoke the eighteenth. It that's what a match I don't think she's doing right now there was so much that the math of the middle of the Ted world right kind of get away with some form of originally. You why why use the toll of course German who has a reputation you have. Shot violate mr. Murphy put in his tweet for the broadcast he said to members of the basketball program. I mean birth goddamn played there I just kept gore yeah. Her. I don't miss it does. Typed layers MMI don't know that I beat Italy to leave it to members of the programs very young. Awesome dude hallway I would laugh and have a flick template called it Missouri burned him. Oh man. I I words mean else. Yeah X is a real one that's relevant to what we're just talking about you buoy interest and gas is one to chime in on the subject of keeping current with the news not letting it drive you insane. Earlier today there was another mass shooting this time in Florida I hope congress why. But there's that sense of futility to that expectation that always get as. Thoughts and prayers. It's important times like these to take time for self care throughout the news brewing Twitter and spent time with the people on things they give you join the news will be there when you get back in writing carry yourself you'll give yourself the strength to be diligent and persist. Stay strong. To ginger ninja. Diligence. Yeah your comment I'm attempt the yeah that's tough and is it tough being. Tough balance they were leg when my clients is do one I'd and Condit says she wanted to did not she felt to normalize to lay of fell like. Not a not be if felt he noises Danny to stop the might think about the Amazon's site. OK you know I take that time for yourself I guess as a good thing go right I also felt the night I. Keep. Keep folks and on the good you know bomb bomb my dated date so and doing deals that's up to belabor it. I mean that's a finger to easily. The it happens so often now that it it. You know any link is it's terrible what are my children getting murdered in school but it happens so often that it doesn't. You're right it doesn't if you know. I was tweeting about the damn Olympics and a guy that listens in the Manger looked in Canada films like three with all the time like he's tweeting about gum Aussie now. And I have a does sober moment of like. Geez the great he's Canadian he's even like what is going on down man I'm tweet about hockey. Now. Yeah I don't. I am. A Mac Lamar is a good line about that Celine about by basically the Rodney King didn't beat up and like although you know Los Angeles gone crazy after the Cosby and companies like. That's just some we see every day on YouTube it's just some my generation used to. Now neighborhoods are never see a news crew yeah yeah and that. Yes crazy man like Witten with any saying your tolerance increases or do you drew boos every day. You know your baseline become so high guy like three shots five shots is not the teal or like for me you know being super addicted to coffee like to Starbucks coffees feels like nothing more like that's a huge massive amount calcium. And so you know like or if you're reading into sugar or one like did you do those like elimination diet things before here I am. From there various political day ceremonies yeah gay dance so like. You know some might that we come back come out just good taste of like the amount of sugar in a piece of fruit. You know I was like wow Mike Campbell leave Powell like intense this tastes where usually I. Yeah put down a pint of Ben and Jerry's on Sunday. Hell yeah. Yes and that's what's crazy about like this the 24 hour news cycle and just all alike. I'm push notifications are far phone is like that becomes a new normal which is Purdue whilst. And that's kind of a little piece of gross time volatile communities and is like our new normal is to live our lives Sara Lee in a fairly solitary way. And my car. Armed a lot of people's victories are public but their defeats are very private and I think what you'll feel isolated because about the now a 100%. What's up Dylan Jones. Like if they could get it out of Jessica Obama or some episodes and I loved your hatred towards the flask got a few episodes back. I am now flask and I don't care if it's a wedding concert for a fancy garden party I will almost always how flashed on. Flat must matter. Let's head and he podcast listener party were a hundred cotton thrown out I'd be humiliated. Because. It's become a game at this point and I'm undefeated sometimes I'm looked down upon my friends because I'm almost forty years old and still sneaking in CR could come soon as Crown Royal oaks this is normally the case until the haters there's 22. There's a moral victory intriguing leg warm ZR bathroom stall and silly getting gouged my commanders staters to my friends chairs so Purcell. Yeah I mean. I love that email yet that's I'm with them like I would probably carry paid through a bathroom stall I can just bring a soda and a technical. We still got to dump it in there and exit path. You know what I'll do you one better I made fun of flash guy. The home front sorry I'm a golf ball go when I went to the U tall you don't game. Blake would not last fall the fall before like we pregame and stuff right then like. You you guys know me generally I'm not in their foot the first owner kick off when we saw the pre ceremony and we we saw everything right. So now think the fourth quarter in your voice they know the moment. And I've taken a yeah go ahead Dick gonna take a swing and that there. Do we may have been too harsh on the class you'll match me make some good points and honestly he's right like we judge until my you know for that wedding and somebody offers by Ted I know you you guys. Yelled at us about fireball Michael some ground right here's what I'll say. I was harsh on flash guy but I don't know that in person especially at a wedding that's that's a completely acceptable behavior. But I I don't know that I would I would just feel like they got it but yeah I'll take a sip. It's just so nice and. The lack of lines then overspending. On it later I got at the and not waiting in line I think alone is worth any judgment that he may get from any anyone. Yeah but I that's such a such a game changer where rear rats sporting event wedding you know yeah. One sober salads one of those things like this philosophy. And then there's life you know I mean like we can sit up here are soap box all day anti how bad it is but. But at the end of the day at 12 o'clock midnight at a wedding. In a bathroom stall like yeah all of this up. Yeah 100%. SAL is our bodies out. Don Eaton that is so now all yes with the Jewish last name. That helps yeah we came I don't see him put it yeah yeah. Was that he said sober so. Yeah pages making a joke is he said he had a bit the yeah the flask with them everywhere. He's your leg of class guy yeah checks out. You'd have stabilized. Listening from the city of sin Lynn mass. Don't know I'm sorry it was like from Jesus I budget that. Hey boys clothes from the city of sin. Lynn Massachusetts. Love the shelf cloud on most of the man's German stumble across the podcast analysis of the may cast. The problem with the men's room in the may cast his competency DP I don't hall thank you reference earlier this year that. Could take LA I grew out of all of those other shows that I tape or compliment yeah. That's there. Did Ted I'd love to do an observer may cast at some point you guests on that extra men out there. Couple questions there is got to be asked all Lance all the life although they're going to be in person. Yeah I totally 'cause I sat on when I'm back. How does the expression lark on comfortably. All right you guys correct me if we're wrong but I'm pretty sure early on we I was just joking around about something about Larkin. And then matters the leases maybe that should be our tax jaguar paw and right live action role player should explain that's our. And I don't think there was any more was there something more. I did hit a visit my dad and my earlier in the episode you were talking about how you want of the hash tag. Right now that if I remember correctly of in Bellingham there's like two warring armies that needed a spark. So Lar I think that was part of the conversation I was tired about how we always wanted to like raid it so they act had a band together to fight us. We never did yeah and I think we're actually Haiti Nomar purse for awhile. Mistake big mistake boy slides I think. I think part of it just seemed funny to us that was our hash tag is no it was actually Denmark being. So that's how lard bottom of the well over a hundred episodes helped and then it within the first late twentieth right Piaf. Yeah those early years ago yeah I mean honestly like it's funny things. Then what happens if years from now like people really want a real answer Madonna no word has been done we hear local area you are check the archives there always coveted stock. It's how we welcome everybody M newscast now who knows if that's you smoke and we may comes out you know free form and it's free for. So afraid that if India is there another half of that bet that. It's. Tough but the. Planet fast and loose student and since I just found showed two weeks ago I can only back to episode 160 and quickly ripped through the available so scientists so my question is I can't find the older episodes anywhere. I think that's only switch servers and armed stitcher there's two feeds. You. Sue yeah I remember correctly the old ones are under a different name on stitcher and trying to look it up right now. Guys that's on stitcher man I don't know about on iTunes how that works around halide since. I'm pretty sure they're wrong K guys W dot com. What Minnesota Rihanna right now it's too sad. Focus on seeing at least as far back as 188 year. On its smile a new fully. Get into our need to be OK to aid to shoot the stymied earlier seed. Kanye definitely stitcher is your best that I believe they're two separate feeds yeah I'm back at 182. Already won 78. So yes just into school stitcher indeed podcast and you should at least science. Yeah I'm going back to 162 now markets are so let's see do so. Yeah I believe the two speeds and don't excellence institute. Although we should try to remedy is your stability and I would go to USW dot com irony I'm Marty back to and 152. On 46. Oh nice. Yeah it's out of Orange as still the outcome yeah I don't remember we have it talks people about that and I thought it got all results. Yeah I mean I'm gonna keep clicking is it if there's another email me I'm pretty sure you're recast W get all of a guess that we dot com. Yet there isn't very amount. Here's an annoying the greatest podcast all the Lance hollow man always a break him. To clarify Amber's a couple of reasons my emails and a big now long. This style I asked the general context it facts and reason as much as possible. Particularly when you have a habit of talking about subjects and viewpoints they go against what people in general agree on. I agree that. You need a lot more proof when you go against the narratives I was topic of net neutrality and capitalism brought up the previous cast comes to mind. Pastors are push previous discussion on climate change. And smear at least. It's hard is still it into you know a few paragraphs we'll helping you to understand what I'm trying to say so I think you sir I team it's under Reid it's. Yeah I agree with that. It seems like. Yeah it's tough you kind of caught in like. A tough spot there because you know for brevity sake and and obviously keeping the show rolling we need to be short but I totally understand what you're saying that. I you know oftentimes like. You eat like some ideas just are not too we double when you can't break down something it's complicated and nuanced and nine words. Yet you yeah wherever blogs they're kind of lengthy because like. I'm talking to people that don't exercise ray early right that's that's a mindset thing and a change who has mindset leg. You know maybe a quick cool three paragraphs. In and out thing prize in the best the best approach so. The idea I always come from a that they are we were also I showed to do so it's it's tough. Yeah it yeah I great he he's right I get why he'd like where is cutting him a hard time and I image is funny his. I give an inch and that it was like a week later they got through is literally the next hepa. Yeah honestly same thing I ran into it all the time on idea and cup experience and it's just like. Are they uncover experiments are and it's just like typical book yet you guys who want them so as to be like ten minutes and then a bit like thirty sometimes it is somebody's you just need I keep. Can only guess as down as rabbit holes man. After the ready for the record gas every dot com has back to episode 7171. Yeah nice eat your heart out I am laughter no after I zona a site claimed to have this episode 131. This week prince sees we'd week we discuss means we'd Johnny Mandell and get Chela before. Do etc. the tell you that the book I'm reading right now actually mentions means and they say that. Term was Kwon met Richard Dawkins comments sad fact. Cook do actually Cobb it's funny to me on the men's room to hear in this Thursday Tuesday we tape this. So we had a top ten list of lake songs that kind of got back through means. And then castles and well meantime there around that long it's a new thing in house actually if it's not our. It shouldn't. Let me tell you if you love about that a cat so. We arrived on our scooters and Austin and there is somebody you had like a hound. I don't large four legged creature sticker on there staying in and my buddy was like. Well would your dad's a buffalo and I was like well. Actually that's a bison. Yeah okay. Yeah. Also he's like well you see really passionate about bells like good and Albright. Good. America I decide for we were don't know I've heard Ted correct people like over a dozen times now about the American by buffalo person buys a blank site. Buffalo are only indigenous to Africa and Asia may and it it gathered. Focus. A diligence. The cowboys can cause efficiency no matter that. I was so you're always the last emails and do you guys I don't know if you read it but in short I was saying yes bring a blond image in topics of perspectives and I really appreciate what you guys do on the cast in other words your fall from the united damage stink. That's sad I did tonight and get carried away with writing do you so please let me know what would be a good length Leonard right and I'll do my best to stick to about the instincts tell us. They can. I would say bullet points taken as a reads emails. Alia I was in the Cobb he reads the email us yep. The unanimous. With the affect X. Well really I was gonna say is laid to eat the right lake. What you generate one mom one maybe just do one long one. You know a month or every couple weeks mentally that's not fair because it's got to listen to four episodes and I'm like I wanna go back Deborah sued to. We allocate more. You know like I know Cobbs interest did I'm pretty inch state may sell funds and. Things you say and I am aware that living in Seattle is at 31 year old youth. Hear a lot of the same viewpoints then let's not aren't the most well rounded out appreciate bit. You're on the other side of things and a lot of those cases in nearly a reasonable cool dude so. Maybe today you and write the long as lumber also like. Give. It's shorter version for the podcasts. Have to be read the kind of like a summary. Bright and I would say to regulate how was a pretty Smart dude so you give him bullet points like it but I imagine we can we can figure out what you're trying to say. Yeah our bullet points and you clear explanation underneath the disease BI to digest mall. Format on were just run and three discuss you know I usually for your re dumb but even now I commits a big wall of tax like there's no. There's no way. Marriage. Aren't. It's. We'll match. No it was. April 1 to read coma comedy club judging the second annual Ditka. That is DI CC. To open invitational comedy competition. What's up Tyler which of skippy debut for coming up and into last segment. Finally get that plug in first come out on the out all walks sometime Marsalis and I have fiber backed up removes LA ya which is coming up soon so. Yeah we'll talk about that after a thin fiber semi Ed couple dates it would work where we so coop. Yeah this weekend let's see went to. Who went to let more earth and sad all eight day trip. So Al is a lot of fun to have moved to announce who did this long line from Bahrain ended nick and Sarah my friends in the gym or melt down to. Oh well yeah both and then that's pretty cool come from the UFO campus and yes so we just had made it dates ship out and is really good leather on Saturday in the roads were clear and whose sunny but there's snow everywhere cities is god is great mountain drive and you on Saturday at the passes were a mess on Saturday. Think the roads are pretty is saved Clarence that in Louisiana wasn't doing consumer bad matter when we got there is sakes I mean you know the old time and they're the there's no. Around Vail wasn't like. Padded I don't think we needed a four wheel drive my mom's issue view is nice peace of mind but odds the hours is awesome. He knows he's spent more time drive and only didn't let the lawyers had say they're close close to equal may be. Somewhere bay either way is a great drive because you just driving through beautiful snow covered mountains to his limited music you highway to route ninety. Too nice Fiat the by Stevens pass Allison lower flight right after Stevens pass and it's like a no sir no. Terry a half hours or more to live up. You have voted jackass or girlfriend Avago bath there primarily aren't really this is Stevens. Like ten minutes of the road the truth. That takes a few more minutes the says Dallas climate Saturday I said Friday night. Him. We UN bull ring. Out and still call me I'd probably say boat as popular it's tough to Elaine in this town. All right momma says young lady who does not a Friday with this bill little boy Dahlia out and still call me. Had playroom and he had there there in the midst of the re model so. You know they have the updated bowling lanes that are full size now these satellite duck pinball heroes called lead with a small ones he would duck candlestick candlestick or debt it cannot and there's now two separate things they ask I don't know. I her so thin little pins are candle sticks. I grew up with duck pin bowling which means normal sized bowling pins did you throw three little red balsam was awake real boxing golf. Read out no no you would've been in the first soil and the use smaller balls for the candle pin right. Through pin whatever else I don't know if the user IDs show their pain and I assure. I've there is smaller balls last time played as. It's Tuesday. He goes though they had put aside some of the pins match. Smaller I think all right so your played candlestick OK yes so but this week were back. Then updated lanes says I've regular boy and yeah there's a singer a pizza in there yeah. Yes a place that looks pretty nice the guy who's great. But they don't have. The tablets they you'll be keeping score on very soon so I still keeping score with a pencil. Which made it a lot of fun yeah right there Aiello club tablets that are in the few weeks as I mean him. Those for an odd ball the 188 my first game. That's really really good for me I'm the C 188 I don't know than ever bowled over like a 15160. I think as in the same boat now as on yeah. That's tough Turkey towards the end Wu three in a row gas yes they used so satisfying. Writing it down after every one acting that fed into my success. Kyle loved his walking back after were random acts are having to do the math. You know of IDS fare okay Dan I had to add that to ten and then that next one because I really another mark here. Here I mean it is just. Doing the math and writing everything down I think have me more. In tune with it and so yeah I wanted to be sure scheme out of gates as he so it's kind of been like mad do the math for me. So let you know my girlfriend did but I still understood by the end. As though he went to this place is cool off. I hear the name has ducked in the name. Bomb and it's really did. Who teen. And I pizza. With duck. And pistachios. In their rule who's we're doing through Vietnam minds code name he had just some advanced content path. The sisters and I. I saw the black duck. The black death without those called so late that. The black cast and all that's the ones. That he'd been very. I'm shall not goo machine of a hash it out last does not right. But their really existing menu in my bunch of Beers irate didn't dead cool non alcohol when I never try to forget the name of it. But it was good. As IP outside that and that she's a you know it's non alcoholic crab it has laid yeah. I think it I think it's a fair warning now we had a good that they have plays with a bunch of fancy Beers that your your clients and the new. Yes so that was fun and then also been called the black deck to ask him bottle that's the one obviously there and it's obviously a Boozer put these Fiat. You know this one has no alcoholic yeah now he's had a bet. How close do that are Shirley Temple itself. And the other guy had a great time there there really good food and then we watched the matrix trilogy. Over the course who weekends are thousands you watched through a row only time not telling nine or somebody started as you watched the matrix last Tuesday. When. We weren't podcaster. I used as food warehouse of rough parents who watched the first one and though Watson's second to you over the weekend. Bomb and it's pretty crazy stuff man. You know it's funny I I saw the second one I think in the theaters. And that late nowadays leave the matrix comes on I find myself watching almost every time it's interesting and it's a go allow a lot of this stuff came to my girlfriend. After you watch the matrix Tuesday night Morales she's steroids and mediocrity does like Gigi is his solid top. From boot as it turned out to be documentaries. By the way I'm not trying to do about this place but it would Matt was talking about his pizza is duck. A route you'll wish this year goat cheese alien does it actually goes yeah I was guardian now really crazy is the Subaru trust sue. Aren't we Altria out there and do it well there are just getting fancy and weird for the held it. I don't doubt a lot of fun Bailey canned it's nice good work now. I know we everything coming up I was talking to see migs and they were probably trying to plan another may cast. Makes cats the podcast get together and Craig really guy we are talking to was only Tony. South lake. Using most of you guys doing like you can't study you can usually give to and then LeRoy. That means he was gonna look some of Steve I would just look each other in the same time had to be like. This is your virtual sports again. Right doesn't ask you where you all the times even though our paid two cents. Yeah I know where it was a Malibu doesn't sailing virtually Q when you're there again Mike you know people can bring their kids and stuff so it's fine I do feel little bad it's more South Bend but. The man. Where else is there. I don't we hit you know we do game works that's downtown on a weekend that's really a pain in the ass for people the trying to think he's elected Jillian took a place like that Al. Now who has stadium busters and Auburn now who that's nice out that's waste out but no way. What what we're gonna plan something Sunni get that usually springtime we get that gone. Yeah. Whereas men. He did how would know about this is a guy doesn't drink it needs to do. And I avoid it what do you do inside a Tony on an out of place I polarized views don't see music. Yeah exactly and the highlighting it's about that time. Luke. Two okay. To lose. Global as we talked a lot the last couple weeks honor which you hear me. Yeah we call Obama talked a lot the last couple weeks about. Decide how O this. What's it called overwhelming. Me calm 2.4 hour news cycle the political noise machine can become and how it sometimes. You know makes you feel like you can do anything about it. But there's a couple bucks have come out recently. That go to a more statistical approach duke equality applies beyond terms of Tom. How people's lives are improving not dying of diseases and DO DI instant mortality rates on things like that. So. Since we're in the dark depths of winter right now and mid February so sad cast. Here's a got topic. For the record I don't think there's been improper sat cast by any measure out there I told. And it was gray on the way here not completely pitch black is very guard us yet we Gucci bay beach so. Cops on the this week with all the negative headlines dominating the news these days it can be difficult spot signs of progress. What makes you optimistic about the future. What makes you optimistic about the future apps are free email us to Monty I guess dot com. I'll try to read on the air or participants could machine which match ex Aberdeen podcast series. I mean for me number one issue simple right. Last Wednesday was a reminder a brother's house are remind niece and nephew known my niece. Like after that school shooting make her you know there is a the lot of schools but I don't know if you did out here Ross who's in DC area had walkouts. And earn a friend walked out mayor how they see. She's. Fifteen. OK and ninth while and then yes you know we stood outside for seventeen minutes of silence for the seventeen kids that were murdered in the school. And you know whether or not you agree with it or not you know with with kids walk out I think it's a great example. You know count stealing from my brother here it's a great example the First Amendment ranked. A lot of people you know Leonard you know is smarter bulimia have said will wrap themselves in the flag talk about the Second Amendment. When you can't be mad. Because they're using their first demand. I don't wanna hear that they're teenagers in this and act like they're standing up for something there's a school in Texas that was like organized suspended in this an athlete come on now. Nightly you guys that you know you wanna be all about one of the amendments we can't can't crap on the other side to me that makes. You know whatever side they're on it to meet just good to see teenagers beat that socially active. You know and I mean again I think there's a lot of things because you see is so much information I think this next generation's do me a lot different than mine. You know and it's easy for us this creaky old guys to be alive you know focus on. You know and in generalize that they're all just living their lives through snapped chat in this or that whatever. But. You go and like talked some amendments I. They're crazy Smart and there. Yeah they have the ability today go learn about stuff that they're interested in in a way that we didn't or that age which take I utilized now. With the YouTube like learning about. You all this random cool stuff about the human body and you know trip him out about it. And you know I did I became a (%expletive) about that much later in life and I don't know old one iota bench since high school other than just ditching class smoking weed vote like him I had something. I didn't know where the hell go find information about it you know and now it's like these kids are brought up with all this access to this stuff and they can you know. Learn about what they're interested in which I think sets you up to learn a lot better. And then you end up was pretty Smart kids and then males don't have access to all this technology connecting them with other Smart like minded kids. And you know the potential for that. Today it to shift things move forward is pretty great. On and so that gives me give you some hope some times you know you on. And I is kind the ideas to wonder. If will be able like skirts other other. You know life is gonna ask your real dark before it's bright again Erica wages course correct now and the you know move on. That's rom or is that a. I mean a good thing is so you won't have to worry about Blake did has got me more of that. Frank in there you seem pretty pissed they're gonna vote and stuff. So yeah does and after your darker I don't know pretty soon is that going to be a question because they're already very agent they're gonna have people that have their beliefs. Running for offices. I am obviously not really even older as it gets eight you know it's real good. Real bad in a lot of a lot of things that we feel focus on to describe it is real bad right now. But it's waking everyone up that's rattling the cage people are talking in maybe not in the know its diplomatic ways you know all and the disconnect. Give the Internet it makes it easier for people live communicate that way. But. There is you know these discussions are happening people were on both sides are right it's not not good you know and so. Now oh eventually. Especially I think the connect the connection of the Internet. Enables people to so eventually. Start looking at so we. Since moving forward as a unified. Group of humans on a tiny Little Rock flying through space. Yeah ya I mean they're right that's it makes me happy. Yeah so I I got my hope for that you know I did I don't know how are. Eyes don't know what it's gonna look like scare what's gonna absolutely correct that some of the darker stuff is unfortunate rim a whole generation. The kids today if parents telling a father I Europe with through and have PT EST. From being in these conflicts I think they need. I I don't even know wanna call Moore is anymore right it's not. You just weird and were always involved in mind we never win win no not really over who is ongoing and there are telling us right I said the new fuel some machines right. But we're sending people to war zones. Right countless times over and over really that's and so some of that stuff I agree with you will be a little bit darker because they're grub with parents that has PT is deemed to be tough. And they're probably not gonna want. Like you know. More should be a final final kinda think like I we've exhausted everything else will go to war leg. I think I just worry about the environment. That's it fail I don't know bay hill to send me some then maybe blow like there's you know you have rats are about global warming and trying to normalize that even though you know there's just some record things about the north Paul's temperature whenever. Right as I'm very slick you that that let. About how our economy is not poll well there might be some things about that I don't know even though his record cover with the had a lot of things a little bit however you know someone like bacon wants it. If you mean ways say it would justify that I would be interested because they terrified of got to me but. Like Fukushima phrasing of the ocean even without pollution the map classic in the ocean night. I don't know what the repercussions of that are going to be twenty years from now and right that's pretty scary I don't think word. Moving in the right direction fast enough on some of those fronts so right so I don't think this next generation will in the dole and narrow it they'll be able they're Smart they'll find solutions to things sound into worry about it. Because I don't I don't think I'm gonna fight solve a lot of these problems. I just wanna say you know make my own impact on the world and hope that they get solved and not stress out about this but as I currently do. But just had a job where you would you think spas. Dubai and so one thing the school about the Internet as you can learn everything about any thing as far as the Texas walk out saying I believe that the state of Texas tried to ban it. And then the city of Austin they were saying that people would get suspended to. And the city of Austin. Said that anybody in Austin or school and they were not be suspended and I'm not a 100% sure on that bad believe our that this week. As Reza climate change saying. Kind of the cool side note so I. And read what bacon sent us and I was on a run up like 5 AM a couple weeks ago number America we could go and this guy asking for directions start running with me or Chad anchors turns out I get a Ph.D. in earth sciences and he was. I am in the Clinton administration dealing west nod early signs of climate change or use exit of one of the guys assigned to study it and so I asked him straight up as I was like well look sounds like. Tom you know I I personally believes in climate change but there's a lot of arguments on both sides. Man now and you know who what are you sank to stray from the horse's mouth and she was like a honestly at this point you said but beyond 99% of scientists in the world. The have acknowledged that it's happening and happening quickly and he's like basically there's three main issues Rich's son Mike. One source for hydrocarbons. Like CSC's wherever basic stuff from refrigeration. I'm to us like fossil fuels and to douse the in the spring and I Carol third ones but you seemed pretty. He seemed to very grim about how far the situation. Has gone but he also seemed pretty optimistic about our ability to reverse it just everybody gets serious about it so. On that side bar side. Whenever he wants us fine but so what makes me most optimistic about the future and I think is that. There's a natural. Who we're disorder or natural balance in the universe I believe sort of like the symbolism co opted as the yin Yang but good things kind of go one way and they go back the other end is it a weird inherent sense of balance and so like you know with a sixty easier than they can be newsman and free love and you know the acid test and all that and then swung but the cultural the culture swung back cartel like the seventies and the drug war and all that stuff so hot. I actually sink. I think is getting a little bit worse before it gets better but I think we're just about poised for a big swing back the other direction towards valuing. Things are changing our value system from what it is now I think that. One deals are much less focused on possessions more social experiences. And I think that the current system. Is having trouble fulfilling people. And so on of course has been massive technological progress and consumer progress but you know in terms of people feel it's still in their data daylight I think. A lot of the cubicle farms stuff leaves people lack insight I think optimistically you'll see your swing in our lifetime the other direction I'd be pretty cool. Little pomp. And dollar bonus is a rapper I like a lot of rappers you heard it once on PGA including English being. Murray mayor tells we've done this done as a lot and I podcast I got a little pump yeah. And I'm amazed think. Joe's kids love Rome my niece and nephew were all about little pompous or you know losing virtually you know. I saw a future some egos within their own little pump like are you lose in the amount on. Dude what I wonder about that it might just be somebody that comes along every generation and now we're just older so it's you know we get that perspective for the first time but. You I would think a lot about the old Buick crisis and I'm like. In a couple of his songs he's big on I was a permit his own or whatever cost Europe and now I'm. I think because we imagine sorry this Camille Little bit along diatribe but imagine like. Going to high school and there's all the drama and although like you know bullies and social cliques and the fact that. And at least like when you left school you were Tom what's it you know you're done today. And you had like a safe place kind of being home but now. Wish cellphones and social media it's Tony for seven and it's not like you can't have some inflated idea of who likes you or how popular ER I mean they're literally like ranking people always like what's likes and we don't read tweets and smiley faces and whatever so like. There's a very visual visceral social graph. And you others obviously act insane bystanders for women and young women. Tough standards for like what it means to be a man or if you're gay or trans or whatever and so. You know that's just Tennessee minefields. To try to navigate. In addition to your study is so. I think that. A lot of the rise of some I shouldn't say that it's possible that the rise of this. Appreciation. Or. Was I called. I guess they're there weren't like putting on the desk that type of behavior on a pedestal. On the costs are done a good stuff is because. They just need a way to unplug. From that bike. Constant like crazy environment for us as my Jesus. Yeah. I mean your yet how much demand how shall make a joke about little pomp and wrap it up. All right let me quote. There's episode 210 we will be back next week. Maybe was a guest maybe not. Oh well U I scores are okay elicited little bump but I had no he's on house arrest but he's out of jail cell Germany will celebrate. A couple of friends he DP paper cup will be dead Smith is the contest tears.