Thee Podcast Episode 218

Thursday, April 26th

This week we're joined by Andrew Rivers, a hilarious comedian who is headlining the Comedy Underground all weekend... Go see his show and laugh!


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Stuff and play what we just kept on these giant studios right area and really set up for hints so like you look at me Guitar Center and it is like Aaron now I just we since I can't help my job has the thing and I stay there again. We've we've had people come in. And that will sit in on the podcast and watch this and personnel might. I don't know how you're gonna recreate this late I don't wide orbit we used to start our intro iPad be a very expensive. Button when you installed but he did it early and throw him to be a little stuff rightly will use. Why she's she's Adobe. You know they're like I did it costs a lot of money and have them and I am glad. As it licensing fees and stuff. The whole world understand. That is this garage band and a Mac right. Yeah I mean I've heard that he can be done that way. I don't know how can I I'm talking about starting up will me in my body are kind talking about starting you know podcasts where we just like. It would because they just the tip for Regis so all. Questions to order like. Sighs I talk in my body and I like. And we can even talk about this too like there's this girl that shows up at the gym. That same time that I do almost every single deck and I swear. She's following me around even though I know there's no way that she's the home era but I Mike. How do I. Ask her out without. Look at my decree I don't think they're losing go away go do it real tough spot yes. There's everyone's got headphones on and everyone's like to everybody's in the resume to EA everyone's like grunting and I don't know I just kind of like maybe you've earned a spot me her you know I don't think that there's an appropriate way group. I don't know I'd be all maybe all may go write a fake letter do you guys and you may make who's this from not into the river the Pentagon and the fact that. David you are listening to podcasts that this isn't just Lady Gaga suggest any pod cast couldn't do this. This is. Eat. Contacts and storing the tests. Starting people start. These. Starting these senseless and. And it. These podcast episodes to eighteen that's true this week folks who sit back. Enjoy it you're gonna love it let's go to Boise fits that will be hosted here podcasters my staff and all the way all land the left that means it's. Actually. Outside your office is not who we got a special guest before we get to him let's start back there the wheels of steel in the studio set up Matt from other producer MC TP. It's a man is dead NATO man great once again enjoying the sunshine. Traffic free commute. Yeah sunshine comes out I my whole series of people left work so early today just go home at night. Drink Beers would ever in the sun yeah no I took them makes total sense I'll take it all right tonight we have a special guest. I. I think local comedian that you travel across the country in the world Leanne thank you know him best from where. In the Seattle area injure river hey thank you so much well. Kind of a last minute co hosting absolutely. Need you guys ever need to replace anybody just call me up. Well you know I feel comedians are number one go to use its late Tyler Smith and an above great. You know Brent fiber yep but no Brett yeah met decent living room is different Maricopa one better than all those guys so that's a he expects great things. What was common trash about everybody pretty confident we know ourselves greatest podcast and all the land are now right guys we gave ourselves that we'll now it's going to be even better because I only started literally lake everybody. Especially in radio rightly TV does to Billy no matter how did you ratings are whenever you always got to coop who want it. Nobody is used some Obama fossils like pellets that there is our podshow the other way really great spot basketball and what that. Don't have to be solved ever get this what I think happens like if you. I think there's something to that. In which the crazy guy and it's like super positive and is a key to walk on coals if you just floating around about yeah he had he does walk on calls if you believe that it doesn't hurt you know. But I think there is a thing of like the more you talk positively about your stuff like my career is going really good thing degrade people actually believe me so. I don't know if you're fooling anybody but you know people come up and give us hey I'm not. That I'm. But I. I can tell you secondhand. Thinking that got us off guard satellite delay yeah. I thought Skype and I guess this mark he's. He's you know earlier but I knew Osama button and that's why you didn't hear it's a product. That is pretty funny yeah I'm with you the only people I have an issue with the times they self deprecating guy where it's not. The hate that lake. All in there actually sat when they're actually so I give you just super small whenever like out of such a fan ask Diana here come on Fella he well you know any or you do it again people leave Lilly some people are just gonna yeah there you made those choices you know you don't have to be into us right we typically think he's your super great with women's stuff like on their yeah if anything it's lay the gas well. I think media like he laid Beers. If you need that value I don't know her ex pat pat. At that. Clinton barely gets laid all the time yeah right yeah I get laid all the time yeah never catch you dream Miller Lite now Bailey smoke weed and here very skinny you know exactly welcome and again. Saw your big weave guy. And known to enjoy a little higher than it had been I'm new to it I I just kind of started. What's funny is that Tyler actually like via the first time Tyler Smith. He runs the dope show. And that at some show where they. You do is set and then you smoke weed and then you attempt the second set I say attempt because for me it doesn't. Work out it's more like a panic attack in front of people that's not good by. Match a year yeah it is fine. A for me but I mean the audience enjoy that for me they do weird sometimes PA it's it's harder it is hard to perform. A little. You know. Inebriated so does is a little easier I don't get the parlor Fella that's the stones that was easier well this is depending on the audience if the audience. He likes you and and they're also in on the joke we should mention that that you know I really don't know is that you're getting messed up so the more than you failed they just think that's hilarious and it is so there's really no bad joke but I mean I don't walk away feeling like. I really put together a nice sentence you get a hit make ideas. Ten smokes more we'd been used Holliday he's reckless I went out zen and actually better here that I got us back in my element that in the end point of this show is we get people that don't do it when I'm when I smoke I just I mean I like it just is it's very awkward I did I feel like. I feel how I turn into like a stereotypical. At the music speaks to me stand her and you know this song is a metaphor from my life. I don't always want girls to shake their lab exactly the behavior alone or whatever for a fight you know. And but I think sugar share for the I don't know Pete I think my. Like I think getting stoned is just. I think that. That's what being old is like just permanently leg Wear Nikes I'm hungry I need an app you know prevent the parent yet like I like prove. The hook. Just eat stuff that doesn't taste good busy guy obviously doesn't matter story in my faith and yes and your old selected doctors again sappy now rank rank and anyway has this got to add your CO PW what they really want in a way out. Yeah probably I mean some of them they don't last very long discussion. But let's just you know he you abused your body for. You know thirty or forty years and then eventually you eerie and he has heard a wake up in the morning in what looks like people always say like my great. My grandparents' generation or this or that grade Pekingese any refinement Campbell most Hollywood likes absolute put on hey Mike and now that you're ally in Lima Ohio and games yeah pain lately probably her tests have cutters on the net Netflix I can come sit sit in front they didn't have any other options and got worse they went right the more I do health or does it. I got my daughter and I have tickets on the game after avert a big. Didn't they didn't have a Xbox add that they have it that's why they're just mad at us here. Is there were taken down all people here. One technological improvement and time revolt but. I think they have revolted on Bosnia. Well yes I get distracted you brought up. I do what he's so you're how old are you 33. I as I mean and it's all downhill from here I started smoking I didn't really like I live back he's an arsenal we need and I hated. And at eighth. Not so relaxed when he had go and flexible phrase I think what happens is they appear like. You know your ears so burn your leg drugs are bad and then you'd try Meryl warning like that actually it's pretty got a dozen that it happened I don't but I never did it and I was pissed drunk right and I puke it and then I moved here and it's over housing Al memo if you just do this by itself it's kind of relaxing it's nice that. So like. Yeah I used to do it just only when I got paid for it and then. That don't show you include those Hoosier gave way to weed yes absolutely that's always thought tires in this fall. By Mina works against. You know was your first time ever smoking onstage at Tokyo. No I mean I tried in college or whatever and which Clinton has announced preview there was a guy and it paid me to smile with him well huh. But I don't know it. The deal you as I don't like smoke at all rugby torn about an art program. How did you go to I went to art institute of the F. I don't know if they want a shout out in this particular. I gawker they're paying piano well artist got a lot of creative people over the us. And you act and so wet but I didn't like to smoke this is funny I never like to smell it hurt my lungs and very sensitive. And as such Tyler brought me this is like a weed soda and I'll show he does here or try some of this. And I started chugging the thing and I got like halfway through it and I could see tires expression changed from Mike excited to a little worried. And I stopped as I record of the way through this bottle and I know what's the matter he does that's for four people that are and I'd like I don't know. This is again and well it is probably not that. My show's going to be hilarious it was a one of the short little stubby ones yes yes yes I know doesn't come in my iPod hundred milligrams or boarding I mean you're the authority right okay is it ten her personal serving yeah that's what they recommend it to stores gab vote won't we would. As I pulled go for about forty appease I'm certain certain occasions that it had there at the upper Echelon. What animals are just different yet but this past weekend on Saturday as a guy got much going on and tied a whole fifty but then our buddy AC picking up he's a guy. Yeah yeah. Yeah just don't they are getting complicated. And at all that we got stuck in traffic trying to calm my guest is going to get pizza and that's like twenty minutes is that we got aboard this mission and we gotta go get pizza somehow yeah. Despite the close as blazes there emergency. They were not given up where are you going where did you end up we were going from first hill to belts now. And lush you're not there was a giant crane on fourth down his fourth avenue was closed university. And got stuck there and for like twenty minutes and we just went back in my house in order to. So we just. It's like let's just turn around but called delivery guy how losses is pat. So ethically it is to have you leery guide me you industry. So that you can survive until you get home and then order more Pete to death timing out and do I staff friends or would you on the lake when they were out drinking and they would order pizzas on the little Duff so in the afternoon which is they sign a perfect a Smart. You'll be huge they don't. I mean yeah I mean you know yes. I'm trying to cut back a little bit. That's not a popular thing to say on Iraq station by that's right I don't drink and I'll bring our a half you have certain graduation crazy and my dad's been sober thirty years and I'm 33 so you know after that I don't I don't consider him. Our top. How would you do whenever I do I don't know I wish you lose that they caught a terrible twos for either event and like I can. One of us is gonna die and I had to stop. But I'm trying to cut down on trying to make just moderate oh I'm trying to make a decision before a judge makes one former you know on that make. Fence that was nice guy and you know went out the goal words bomb on earth to see black salad and we all. Took some acid in my bloody couldn't drink and I says or smoke weed busy up plus inferred do you lot of cash and then I was like me. Just couldn't imagine not smoking weed camp and is a better subject connect that's why he can't no we SL. Yet I'm really it was I'll opening day and so for me what has for many like. My in my new life motto bases like two drinks is the Newman has not grown up my dad about that nothing good happens after midnight in yet vague. Dad joke or no reason I have 24 hour ATMs you have comedies get to generate about. But yeah I guess after I how. It would drive money from 8 PM everyone in the morning like it's not going to charity here is your first close your eyes as strippers name is charity that's a point but. Could I would find the cash would like to hear a bit late two drinks is like. You'd feel I've feels those sexy successful and then you're drunk logic is like if I feel this good after to imagine how I feel after seventeen you know. But it doesn't keep going raid it stops going up the pleasure. Negate at three does it parallel interests. Plateaus or whatever and yeah and Ford starts going back down we like sport brings pressure call Mayer's girlfriend. Five drinks condoms are overrated you know. Seven brings up when they're committed anything you'd like nothing good happens at the theater to the other night this is where I came to the conclusion. A couple of nights as they make two weeks ago. I had four drinks and it was over a longer period time wasn't getting crazy but as at a bar and make a six year old man. Came in wearing a dress and just I I don't he had nine during a news like commodore dress and public on the whole areas or whatever he uses drug having. He wasn't like using an FDA was. It was a transition team but I did that drugs were working in the US group he had like a mustache and he had like a just a big Kentucky Derby floppy hat. And I don't so for whatever reason. He was where dressed so I take a photo would mrs. doubtfire. And then I sent it to my ex girlfriend. And I go hands my LA you know that have moved guards. Have a she did not appreciate the humor without the night. Oh gosh that's a problem probably war and how I thought I might go in here sort of this is thought Easter Sunday here. How how long ago did you break up with their receiver we broke up wit and like three months ago yeah okay and we just we we didn't talk for like a month. And then I we are slowly kind of just being friends wasn't the first contact now and we are well they are becoming friends and then. And then I senator. This is that funny I like is readily but I got a little. Where are what it's gonna come again okay hair the jazz were the judges. Well I only tell you that voted for you always go out now I headed inland. I got that that's fine got an Alaska is all that matters yeah. If it doesn't observant now he's right now great wealth and Jesse yeah. It doesn't matter of just anything is just some one person likes me that's all a matter credits take Baghdad. Dude just those things is brutal I had I had a last year with them enough like I. You can't help feeling already coming competition and people wanna know how they did then he's still looking. Could you cast your own people well. I mean at least one person got irate and then yeah. Well last year I didn't have work right after I was like Cain now and there are other comedians are as I. Our thought you're funny girl like. They know one of the judges and they didn't win in and night out he's gonna come out drinking with us urgent we do you have to work guys I got enables us to have Danielle and her actions it like hit they're very is that a lot of what if it came out to me then after that night or I didn't pre K on the way out of that out because I knew there was no awkward. After Thai and Cambodia your first fight yeah I have got back pocket NL I can't imagine Hillary and how does I think the rest was in charge of this. Kyra. A decision hacking. Man has assured me there's been no confusion. They're never the best the most ardent. I'm not good impressions. I just can't help it to slip and him and people are talking rather I mean it isn't bad Harry Harris and other APEC easily the greatest. It's the that it Mariner's the best gonna go to the play outside people talk about the miners needed. Everyone is saying that they're going undefeated this year. Yes so it's just so that's why it's I just in my can't do dumb things and I drinks and those are after the dope. And I was asked is that show. We went out to a bar afterwards when my friends my best friends works at a bar and coma so she always gives us a couple extra drinks for free and I'm not an image in the bar such it and and heartland. But yes so we just enough. If you see me in Tacoma then come find me but. So yeah we just had to endure and I am one lake. Whitney I was like should I send this and heroic like that is hilarious he's you have to send that and so. You know she was like are also other people drinking at this park you sure I should enhance ties should have asked maybe someone that wasn't hammered with me put. I'm late. A four out of ten high and having a drink in in an excellent haven't years and I can say that the whole area of India has still been called out his girlfriend since he won on a hunt Twitter for clogged the toilet as I said I I clog realizes like all he is no way is again there are many it's down to ninety. You really calling her out I don't know I don't know what he RO really our lives and do crazy tweet I said hey at Tyler the lady says that Hayes so everyone could see it does funny guy and by the way we don't have a plunger in our apartment. Our new apartment or something like that. I thought those oh so you're saying you know I didn't learn I don't know if we hung haven't I've sliced it didn't go I Al boiler out plunger until the water softens up if Annika pass. It's important that out and Heidi I gotta run new work but. It just as surprised when you get home guys I was as good attacks are another matter tweet and said. I mean you're right now that I'm looking at it but just this it's rather we don't have a plunger in our new apartment to. Yeah she knew took her four hours respond hole but she's dizzy. They've been running the duo had apparently hit 200 some and that reality I found out said pets at present we need approved tonight potato with hilarious. If you heard about the pro life the poop knife now so I brilliantly lit the story harm on buzz feed. In this guy talks about how grown up to had a poor night to think have a huge law that they dropped they would slicing in half. And then it turns Alley there's like 235%. Of the population grew up with Pope arrives there and. And they like him brought that came on some red wings as my it was a Braun I I just know guys is and it thread insulin like I today I learned. Not everyone had a hoop tonight growing up what's your tutor him no I wanna go see that tweet inclined in that KI SW men and yeah okay. 01737. Final understandably dejected mark and Haley don't have a plunger and and in the long before this is about. Just brag to my girlfriend about my bantam metabolic efficiency give everybody knows how to make those pains tingle hit the country. Yeah I die I'll make it the food and then there's not all of a sudden the next three is like yeah maybe it's not a good. It through the bigger. It is thought oh god if you call up your toy that would just make do they have the Soledad is and that the carriers say they don't tell I don't know where actually a case in McLean. You know him gay dad used night. Is they all with the order to open TP you know like oh we're to date people I will admit I am no TP involved it's unaffordable and the the thirty bucks an attack Soledad canyons like if it is is that may or else get that yeah like 35 bucks an Amazon currently have now that they're different price ranges but he got Tyler Smith manned the same when I'm out on the current podcast. There's a lot of people on me. The big day game is India like you just like he eats more expensive you get the one the water temperature I don't know the one you're talking about my dad has won and I love it but it's to it's I guess super it's got a remote control and as of the end game let's you and I always thought it was out of my it is right always settings leg soft normal tackled well you know it's as if that pick whatever you need. Yeah and I'm a fan but. But now would have felt excellence I don't wanna agents. Let's find in Comas I don't wanna go back. So I don't wanna get like the thirty dollar one rightly you've gone from having a deluxe the date having nobody data going back to just two days in general even if it's the lower and affordable quality and still be better and act all ma'am so that I'm back on this program. Is the first thing. That I brought over from my old apartment now due to prison. OK we got hit him hard and stuff yeah I just pure play and Hernandez could have started with like a change of clothes for the weekend end of the day I'm dead and then it at twelve pack of our era during an anymore so a lot in. I mean that they threw a lot of the way your metabolic who read his work in your draft means perfect double A predicted new maps have the putt and I mean since they should be pretty clean backside make this an investor approved knife now you need a tournament. Well I'll get. Yeah I think guys just plug it through it might not have confronts her like a normal person. Published on paper use and not viewing but I thought tonight. Yeah that dab off don't just yeah a bit. Yes that's right one little piece that added that it it doesn't even get over that thing is just via and I. That's nice. Good life I've got god other don't video on for like the last six months probably you have Lanka he said he doesn't respect people who don't have. I didn't he doesn't walk around with a dirty dance. But those dramatic but that's basically I don't I'm not our outlets are raised and let's. Let's put some web content out there right you guys both drug trial will compare cook who loses a as is cleaner and right now the ball and I guess you I lose this intent and driving hairy man gave a liar and again not yet on that. Hairy men. Say come up because when you champion of daylight. Publicly like I do. People will tell you when narrow when they're eleven now live to an hairy men are like the most grateful that they listen to my advice and invested the forty dollars. I'm I'm alluded to weeks wrecked a purchase of the day OK I was getting a new couch but held back. But he convinced he right you can get both I think I'd maybe but I think you people that hey if you could see you and welcome home and compared sympathetic with a guy hit. Oh. All right Matt I'll revisit its a Rush Limbaugh is tough. What does bush lied to men need to prove real bad anyway yeah I am and so yeah I mean are now purgatory backlog until it is unfortunate really fit legislative committee Patrick pat pat. By your listeners of their any laughter real. The real excited about this car if you took a there are there are are as all of this is that normal aren't record minimize it I now is there's an Avant. Did you rivers on the way will be the comedy underground. This weekend Thursday through Sunday yes shows six shows I'm so lots of choices. I did what does that to each night here to Friday and Saturday and then one Thursday one Sunday and looked at what time Thursday and Sunday. 8 o'clock or finger 830 or I don't Ernie I'm sure it's on a website summer come the underground dot com I don't know this thank you should know what I should look to the yea yeah she's got a group both also yet. He Gomez is a mile timed his eye on my web say instead of like making it starts at this time in this time I just go visit the day I don't know asks you figured out like later and then. But people messes me all the time what time is this show my I don't know until I had to do a lot of thing you less time to do right well that has emissions than to wait three hours is more responsible in his eyes and only responding to idioms from our girls. Time my girlfriend already Napa that's is underrated. Slide in India to Pelosi original rightly. We mice why had a MySpace that was goals are I I got a lady MySpace few times that this same idea Ford tender I mean I think the social media networks hardy do. Absolutely. Just messaging random people's not. Hey girl a girl. All right we're gonna read some emails and you feel free to that energy rivers if anyone wants to slide in the DM just heads up your Twitter Alia I still want to Erika fry you just follow me back. But maybe that was him Jamie went out and I don't write the kids if I live there and having good look at you the whole time I had at. As you follow me back as I he's really gut I don't even need backs and and then. My eye yet I put it together around it also two weeks. Injured as a very funny special out of its on the Internet that are 99 cents. And data angels dot com did Angel which sounds like a porn site well I'll tell you it is the exact opposite. It is affirm mormons. Is my favorite story to tell people it's like a Mormon Netflix so like. You know mormons are allowed to have caffeine or like he you know he named something fun they're not allowed to do it. Right so they get offended by like nudity on TV shows or whatever. So they created a whole servers that takes movies and they end now offensive content so like if you wanna watch game the drones. You can select like no nudity. And then you watch the other thirteen minutes of the game the program is sad you watch what you're missing so many plot lines. And so they filmed all these clean comedy specials which is great because they're very popular. But then a lot of people look me up after that let bill come to my YouTube channel. You know and then Libya Hague where you talk about some might I don't know oranges whatever do you bounce back and forth. I can do anything I want her running mate as far as a comedian skill lake. But if you're branded urge you just know honestly a shortly. At its easy Simeon high level like you Brian re right come out and do the dirty sets them. Where is he just clean well he probably can't if say if people know he's gonna be on the bill they'll be real sad if he's. If if Brian Regan shows a bit it's a bribery is doing the Paramount and then it comes out and is that what's up all of does you know they're gonna be like a that's not yet here's my point there's like kids in the audience for his shows so so right now you're on eight though I have like a halo and do anything. I mean I am capable of at least forty minutes Mormon clean which is also like eking its armor pre marital sex. If you talk about drinking or anything it has to be in a negative light like I they want. You know they don't want you to condone any of that stuff so like I got they have like flags. When you go to my special if you go like drive our comedy dot com slash and there are. My special pops up and says thirteen filters available and it like three of the filters are 'cause I said screw. It felt like people can potentially be like oh he said screw we're not gonna watch this and the like Ron I thought that was a lot cleaner than saying currently out of it. Yeah so. So in my normal sex I mean I make hurts a few times just because that's just how hard talk and by the jokes are all cleaned. None of it requires cursing necessarily so there are couple jokes again you know you I got jokes to pull out when it whenever I need it and them. That Joseph parish you'd as they. So I had to reduce some jokes too well sometimes it's at a show and they don't like anything and then united are at here's a joke and got. And I rocket they say that clothes on antagonize everybody and how are you to do economy nine years all right. So. So anyway I can go Bagger for this show will be mostly kind of clean but not bad I can't speak to the other comedians on the bills than they might be dirty about it. Just. But if you listen to this podcast we've sat down and talked about you're at oracle made it feel like I think people are thinking I think we're good night after night crack yourself rupee are gay happy AF what I know how the mormons or am Muslim prayer could have seen where he had staffing plan. He's down match. All right let's get to speaking it's. It's a. You're dead your podcast is offensive. Chassis we if we had some putts that broke a different path our podcast first of all levee break in a list from noble. For the other listener who was on the rover in the Roman republic Bender. The history of room Jesus I should read that you want me to have read these you know very start among other orbiter Johnson didn't cut the fat usually Cobb does this. Or email at can't. Look usually we have all reading guy he are hesitant to reread those all died as a movie I thought Amanda and rivers breathing down my neck sorry man of iron. So I'm very honored to be here please don't probably. You know he's talking about other podcasts that are good to listen to how did you and your room. Death rooms of their lonely let's not mention other podcasts this is the only one this is the best pod gets great -- had in all the land all the way through the intro song though and senator we'll even. Hillary for pain controversial topics remained in a year that's noble. We won guided doesn't believe in global warming and other guys it policies. Is a huge believer in the even going back and forth in the emails we were like gonna have a Giuliani get together and have a meat but then people said no the revenues have years and have fun. All right Chris podcast and all the land although it okay sorry guys that billion deficit all the land from started on the land tonight I'll I'll I'll starter okay. Greatest broadcast and all the land also ran out of Voyager. Still got faith that it's our guys have an emailed in a minute. I try to do quite regularly but I got my life got busy moved in within it and never realized he'd take you to do to read EG mouth so I didn't wanna overwhelm noon but he bought a good day and a half past half. Arcing path concert by every day company I would love that I knew what to warm water ruins that way you know can have you like. Now it's very weird increased emails that you're here Larry what are 21 of the topics and something needed both skill bottom getting louder and more nervous you made it just talks that he could make her freed and they're not. Even coming back like theater. I before. Two things you don't skimp on birth control. Says he doesn't want kids or an STD. That's a good for our actual birth in London on overhead signs he just let them. Figured out a part of their faces some other stuff I don't know how to break this deal but I didn't but it. Just because you don't have held only in the fifth doesn't mean you're doing it there. A I've been a bunch of stuff about Salt Lake City back to the Mormon out here. That yet Maggie is so you had a bad time he does Salem my AB David my girlfriend does and got them on the costs forty dollars just those cold. For the record at a great time Salt Lake City there's is that one weird lady on the train and I take this pill that unit down 'cause they don't talk to me. It. Out of wonderland a lot of these Salt Lake early and late friend Norman and eyes than Diaz I papers they G is coming or make you might hit wife I think it. Call not a guy says don't skimp on condoms and he's talking about protein meal supplements. We ask that about number of these give her autograph that I heard the crowd there you go about protein meal supplements. I'm only like six supplement decides create team indeed. Alina and I don't mean how mean amazingly most lectures when he threw food as you say you are it and eat eat more meat and all right I we AT Neitzel eyes Haley John Ryan and the punter yet power do not get hit. Yeah I did his podcast but they. This yuck never aired it because it was too dirty. We recorded a live one at that moment comic one time. I am I was one of the guests but it's does a long lost podcast though never come help but I on the podcast I asked him for a list of banned substances. So that I could try and Africa I would stay with the country that as the meat that was elected bellows the boxer the Mexican meter somethings are the backs couldn't. All I need. Yet about bush and Mexican town also again. And they have less standards further for what they grow and it's now whatever game probably. I I did John Heine and Nike inlet and Reagan John over at the facility. And they were not gonna let me. Leslie there around here for the podcast and again our. Oh wow he's hit it to the instigated and they yeah admit their rules and not not aspire for new England and it doesn't matter. It says here you grew up in Maryland and now I knew and it's. So yeah we did ease that these super cool boo yeah I've I would like to know. About. I had in a act you know. How did you get jacked up by how a lot of years and just you and I as I'd just like working out when I enjoy it heroes I just started by your government's got to select. If you like it then you just give it time I'd just keep doing that area that I feel like I hit plateaus at a certain point where you like and stuff not. Because the first couple months you're like every day I'm with him more and then after lie like iron seem to have maxed out at this level for now that happens that's as that I dislike the process and you liked the process and find ways to enjoy it under get out aids fund. It's fun to. You know stare at how objects and in typed I start working our civil Barbara put a far fitness then there's a lot of talent and that down a lot of salad until I was down values I tell people openly. That. That end and is an aggressive music in I did used to take. Some of those pre work out after basically match yet this. The fact that they I have one of not that bad I think but it's pretty nice it's like adding it's just like mostly caffeine and some other stuff yeah drinking or smoking. We can sell campaign. Throw out get him to say you're back to I I got a good if Vick is literally. Is they. Active ingredients caffeine and then methyl whatever. It started with the madness that went you know sort of just not all good he is yeah it was good is the stimulant. Ain't going to spiritual rip fuel. The hottest gesture prayer and a man now and yeah so but yeah I just got this three word god thing I need a Aaron I don't know what I'm doing just go online Angola than nice introductory thing that's not gonna make me eight years and yeah ha ha there's bugs in my skin Barack. This guy Jeff he just give me crap these penguins fan. I know he's openly caps win they did an out and played capitals in the next round in general of your hockey fan and all but the washing capitals have very good regular season. Almost every year and then they and then I go around and lose the Pittsburgh there. Yeah 30 I'm a fan of and east any sport at a highest level lake. Mean maybe not even meeting NASCAR's. Is the only one that I might encountering you know what's going on here you know out watch like golf you know and Mike. Bowling I interviewed about I'm friends with a professional bowler now like I read a bowler I'd rather watch bowling and golf and its leg and once you learn all validate it it's like all of this is so technical and Ike. Has to Mir just like oh you just throw the ball down he's like well no you can spin it a certain way discount this talk is John rank as he has pipes that he can. He had like special punts that he can kick. They he kicks like not players and he kicks like boomerang punter ever so fur I did all web show last year called don't quit your night job where. Obviously attempted other people's jobs because it borrowers might be a comedian the toughest job ever in my I will prove that this is the only thing I'm cable. So I I had John ranked kick me pines and to see if I'd catch them. And if he kicked it right to me like if I didn't have to move I caught it about half the time and that's that's. Pretty good I feel like they're in their if I had to run it right a movie in three feet it was over because I'm looking up and running ago I am not there are going to be easier to get a running start why am I knew how not coordinated front of you. Then a few cigars back and I know but he's moving that thing in my most no high you've I had Jersey is all my arms you haven't judged a ball like that you can't. For years and plus he can knuckle it so do those ones it was over where like even if from ray under it moves. Around like a knuckleballer in baseball whatever select. Yeah I saw on the radar and then it moves three feet to left at the last second and it just drops next junior like I swear. Aaron had a permanent return insurgency in an athlete football ever what is rang at U I yeah constant any inning any angle has the bar -- get absolute throw me off is that giant monsters running game and I feel like having the ball in front view of being able and already having some momentum seek removal and one might make it easier I mean timing it with that gam anon. I'll take you some punts went all right so cool. There's no I don't Larry I have heard that it had barely like three feet mayor unite the houses that dividend. I am not very addresses emails looking back at it when the reading guys back here that's a good idea Matt let's check this. Or. Movie. Yeah. Yeah listener made that for us as Prado that's us and our cohost is actually talking today you just take this topic up years if that's pretty cool I didn't have that yet to adjust the pitcher affairs is that it's beautiful. And right that it literally Tyler we had a moment first time he's he's called with Matt and Janet and we came over and he gave him a listener may force what's net net behalf. Yeah I like gas so there is Tyrone happen on the weekend this week it was fun pretty active. Off Friday night went out to battle mania. With the Ted Smith started at the at a nice restaurant at some other friend did. And then went down the shoebox. Shoebox markets overall market a buddy Steve migs you've been on me I know games yet in that he was actually Breslin for 321 bat. Migs were wrestling Aaliyah had I get this footage. It's our FaceBook you know and my head down and okay then yeah he crushed it it was so fun have you heard of 32 on battle. I don't know OK so it has like underground wrestling promotion apparent. That they do you hear in the Asia could evolve fitness oh run like east lake. And it's just a really fun independent. Pro wrestling thing that is I don't we go east outs wrestling and there's I don't know if it's like bleep it's really tongue in cheek in just like bind that. And they chant solid steel like every time the announcers were talking there say solid steel everywhere and yell solid steel back out down and within they would get. Like they they used back in the day used to it threw beer cans at him so right. Is it became to get my body slam moment in other aluminum cans like those are solid steel beer cans in the hope of solid steel. Then India Ed it's a lot of fun. A so I do like he can't show up if you don't know that if you don't like is there rehearsal Bono hailed her. At look I was really stoned and so it took me. We've Ali three fights the enemy and that's it for years I was going to founders game for the first time reasoning is so much fun. But they had all these songs and chants and stuff and I'd like I'm way behind us down I got right not nearly as complicated is that a good things that are remembered yelled at 320 I can't hit battle. Oh is the hill a little merit it let's read it again Jonathan. I got down after one dry it got. All is that I mean Garnett had the next I get a lot of practice in as I've must feel like a hundred times a self fund that's very. So then yes I would win in a wrestling match you were migs. Migs Arnold Helen doing OK yeah. I'm content BI do look pretty NF podcast rivalry on and how we tried that feedback did you notice that the damn how are just friends that Tenet in May have started her own podcasts yet kinda ended the war and the fact that he trader. They're part of join them. With the may cast our powers and yeah so it worked out well. But yeah I was pretty even just impressed at the choreography of all that stuff and I thought for sure a few times I don't watch wrestling. As a site. Oh my god today's geyser right giving legitimately hurt to break this past to be you know and they're acting that that back guy's arm has sued Tuesday and that I talked to Cody our body he does in the announcing foreign music. Yeah I heard everyone got out of it fine there weren't any injuries right. I saw amidst the next nine years I I don't feel any worse than if I just did. Played a game of hockey are played drums on my Austin on and I saw him the next night at Tony v.s watching him play drums with bruiser Brody. Which is also. Really really fun. How were those voice they're great hi I like their hands above yeah a lot of fun you had on estimated. Say it sounded great it was just quite a spectacle to watch and that's the best kind of rock and roll I think we even sell you how would you shows that he is. We unaccounted for a lead you to look into. Mostly all right Aaron yeah I hear Missouri he is asking for shots from the stage I'll give them. Yeah I as it was pretty we're gonna have to have a talk about this a unprofessional. Is yes very professional I I'm Cindy flag and motivate OK you get Beverly tells their singer was a little drunk. And that's okay good fight still whatever happened. Solid stand by Aaron either gotten can't I don't need to not be sort of battle many Irish ran yet. So those aren't the lyrics to this the home know only he sounded great he kept hitting every lyric going on is literally Disney like. Let him kind and I almonds who too drunk then Mike. I know the song minorities that come and you just like with a split second just pull the Mike up and decide in the notes is like TNT guys are pros. Ozzie has really impressive because there are visibly like. Yeah a little bit inebriated. But still sounded great nose like is this a rock rolls all about sometimes you see guys like that. In the sound quality suffers many feel a little bit annoyed. They had a great time that doing that. And then Sunday L got through talking with. And this might be liable cocky Tyrod and I should be run up on these plants and I've played in my humble thought I'll print. Yeah what I know what a great all right urge you put new forest Alka polar Bellevue. If there rift in our offense out Ximian my friends play every Sunday morning instant call me if you are also are out gang if you ever look in the join in on the eyes of love that and we'll play like 10 AM every Sunday morning. And then we're always looking anywhere on athletics or we lose guys their release they get hurt and had cathodic. We're certain rather low light on numbers into. That's good motor tenor of the emails and spoke at the late night at five so it wasn't plane yeah there. I'd say I like other guys didn't finish dead man and a commitment. Strawberry didn't make it right we lost three people may die debate and ethnic ethnic center pretty husbands do this year thirty AAF. And then you look at like. You know. They give you a what are we herein are Michael Bennett he's only 33 era in Powell yet he's gonna be dead tomorrow is all it at flags and and other guys still stand and and I didn't it hey guys there's a few days to recover flag in touch and flat lag for our big guys at Wimbledon and now another grids in Tampa but that's the tough thing to hear sometimes we tacked. Oh people just because we can't get. Flag you know we're like just get in down boat people to figure out oh he's here that sidelined its vegan eating easier to push him out there and we do Anne. Gust of wind knocked out of me Sunday because I was goal I was playing safety urinary and I've. As are running for the you know you see the billionaire your tracking you know looking at whoever is coming his personal court isn't ready yet the idea. I did I dove for the ball and then I collided with somebody mayor and then my whole body just spun three times before it landed. And then I eyes on the ground they act here you make noises when you get so you can hunt that it. Like the whole crowd of you know there's eight guys all former Amin. Even if I was dying and there's nothing they can do just standing there yeah I don't make a multi. I can't you broke and everybody is trying to save face right there's still a lot of mail it to go back there's not a number that guys who were third and has become a real health right now a minute. A lot of people bitch and moan about the pro receivers who don't have time you bring in enough pass if it's his hard eight yet. And some. Over the shoulder Lionsgate in. Yeah families on your garage and tripped I. Plus none of our good now are our friends are like good quarterbacks and offense and make the balls never perfectly placed like just dropped it owes playing quarterback has not he's bright brighter relational. Yeah I played quarterback went on to win the garage area like every other play event. I get scrambling to go to Russ we are lusting rules and that if I know why I can't. Do you run if this guy and looking for responders are just gonna do my best. And now one of those a guy has come full steam for me and I saw my guy go to block him that's the thing is not played tackle or playing flag but if you're not. Running or tackling. Any try and block it's essentially tackle rank. And they both go down my right in front of me and my teammate doesn't come up for allow his leg hurt him but his head collider by other friends brave who he now thinks that's broken maybe it's let's cut a path but I just saw this carnage and just take it up the end zone and then a guy came in just like shoved me out on the one I was just so mad that's you know you not a contact trying to dial by Dalai Lama did and yet. Yeah our bathroom but it sold ideals on a lot of fun it's so fine you don't care. And when you make a good play. You're like I could actually he and NFL do guys like I didn't do that out yet. Like I am the underdog somebody in a Mike man I wish there was a camera somewhere for a hi Irene OK that probably looked bad ass into. But they probably in eighty sonic camera may have BI. Loses then moving to rebound whenever. Date June 3 300 pound guy yeah and I felt great that's got had cleats this time I haven't waited to have cleats and a few times right. We've oh yeah we go hard react cleat tonight we got the gloves we got everything Smart he has apologized with the gloves at that there's been little pretentious and ninth holes that you don't have those guys haven't tried it yet it's a weekend pickup flag football game -- haven't yet luckily catch in the Alley blood on we take this seriously and a math and not win exiting verplank played Sunday the end of it. Well we added our let's then at night well we don't have problems got tyranny here. And hands on you know how to read because we need some by. Obama and I mean I went to was new and emblems skin was and how to stray and it gives me lord I know it's rough it's right. A table leave bills for next. You'll get back to emails and reading guy out here if he's the reading guy he is now I know the song is like business card called the reading I read for podcast. He's paid to smoke we obviously reading guy dude doesn't win cooler jobs in me. Yeah they email you know what is your what is your role here now I mean they're always around up up up up I didn't hit. What you actually didn't give me Darren yeah. And Palin I may Kaiser who refuses to. Under Steve in radio does is give the opponent a podcast she fills in for a topic would use near the compound Qaeda terror and obviously that's next year is OK so one cognitive media. Unavailable MIA I am available Agra. And I have a really good question I think a time so. Occasionally go into the bathroom meaning out of a class is some of them that a more of a dive bar situation. Emily's in the females. Bathroom the only couches in the and I isn't he does a lot of interesting. Writing on the walls Sallyann you know like there's always some thing there's like someone strongman. A wean her. Or something we didn't do that do I now think of others is the deep water ice on things like I was thinking specifically at nectar I know I there's always like I'm always like I'm in their members like I need I should get out of your guys come and read all this insanity I wonder what would happen if I text this number right all sorts of things and I occasionally you'll and still awake. Well now collar and scholar she's on top. If her handwriting as I should just haunt him batting do you have a lot of handwriting you tell him hey maybe it's like Kirsten gonna go to see the fancy bitch oh yeah. Yeah she must Wear red and that is how did he is not the opportunity to devote one piece of wisdom. On the installed to the bathroom. What would you write. Yeah seriously can be total garbage but it could be serious. I've just been making energy errors dot com or it's just trying to promote my own stuff yeah I wanna do we joke. It's pretty old bit. Part of college taken issue when you actually leave and it. I know I'm an architect. Of the thing yeah. I don't know man I give burning man of people write all kinds of like in light that stuff in the port of bodies bits of of that night I do like I don't want this. Cars are like wives I accidentally banged doors with his. I pop pop up so they'll want to I'm reading this you're not that. Because I don't have PepsiCo and pulled to think about it you're really read that much like when you're sober I'll relate one lumpy in Billick when your waste product Billy's right. What Jack does that just won't do it. There are no help it kind of dip stick. Follow at V Ted Smith yeah. Why do you want me to do it all it's important to note the difference plugged mine has too. Well I like. That's why can't believe the yeah yeah yeah in the senate and the dead are now it has a one footer and about a colonies people who must stop I mean that was a private moment we have now grown between us and has just. Tyler can you mean the glory hole I feel really uncomfortable and. Zone I think is either good I have a cute little thing that I think oh that's right on about when I have been waiting for the opportunity haven't done Darren. If you're in a bathroom you can write one thing what would you write up let me tell you. Two looks and feels. And tulips in the park. And my favorite tulips and tulips in the dark and you can interpret however you would like a two lips in the dark. I can't yeah I mean yeah what. I hope my daughter lives in the light before we turn right some of those could be the lives on your face or analysts on yourself mouth early eighty. Hi how this may mouth the mouth guys' night out. Two lives on your two lips met pat. Do you really not about her Red Hat if you don't follow up. You're right no. And I can. Only he would also included number yeah. I'm personal training please call yeah it is from up promotion nannies in a twisty call misty I don't know. On the ninth and then I mean that's that's that's that's a tough one we're just talking about so much coop play earlier. And you go to get a date with what the big day company turns bonds higher data on my aunt Ellen unique is that thing is is play really the face of bill is really need to be longer and it has been like making someone feel bad about them but what how did your life decisions lead do you hear and they give you had a good day at home there's no way you would settle for using his disgusting to live it. And you really need resale single individual dollars you really do you value shame that we shouldn't be yourself yeah. First off what do you do and that is why I could have dive bar you would you swallow lake you know give someone that wake up call. When they're just in there it is the light at classy establishment that she's talking about he had just try to. You don't like I would hope I won't poop in a place like that because. I've got a big day waiting at home I'm one of those knobs and so intelligent. Here's there pinch like. Roll aren't I know I just timing out well I feel like. That do this until later in hopes whatever is going on I'd you know my body just gets your body is we don't understand the human body fully but I swear to god mine is like consents when there's a day around an anti cool it's. Let her you know in the men's. It's likely you'll campaign and then like that day you get home it's like all real we're gonna MD Eric Smith yeah we've had the first opportunity. If right Terrance thinks the parent and welcome great having the light got another bathroom I have a millennium we're talking about this before by a female perspective will be amazing. Now I it was maybe. As we shouldn't say narrowed to only five that's what you here's a little joke what yeah yeah yeah exactly yeah. Is there a way to ask out a girl at the edges. Politely now being mega creepy dude I mean this is someone who is so like who played not ever at the gym I mean I would I don't like I haven't couldn't yeah. I don't I don't haven't got a lead early on and into the gym and he error. Well I'm under right in Berlin that I wouldn't go to the behavior while you're taking a train in the Jim Wallis so what yeah and but when I lived. Do when I'm back in my day when as is single and at the gym a lot and I see a hot girl working out. And maybe. Convince myself that she was checking out blogs who wouldn't do it myself I never see me she's obviously checking me out you should not have to see now may not. So that day and what I would attend the patent that. Now I would never talk to them rent divvied. To be completely fair grounds they never done this on it now I know I would I would hope I would latest about bumping into her somewhere outside of the gym and there's no headphones president rank and you have something to talk about all of a sudden my energy at. We're talking of someone new there are so maybe stalker as I hear how okay is light socket and as a take it seemed cap go to anybody else whereas I displeasure when their name on it I. I'm not I'm in my Arab FaceBook and poker guy today he runs more about it and that's exactly that's what she wants to do a better that's why he's the gender issue and I there's going up to her briefly hi Jim happened poking her. Good to people still 00. You all the time. Yeah. I I bring back at folks I NG rivers this weekend Thursday through Sunday six shows company underground. What's injure rivers got cut energy rivers dot com or Andrew. A heightened sensitivity for dean at the gym. I had grandmaster I'm doing so these qualities of these kids that this be my guest here thank you.