Thee Podcast Episode 224

Thursday, June 21st

Without our guest there would be 224 less episodes of Thee Podcast. The man who introduced Ted to Cobb. The Social Hurricane: Justin Esche!

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Altering. The fact that our cash we're now recording. So be prepared. The rules. I mean just don't curse too much has mats and go back in the lead amount. And news. 40 cool it's not gone well all right both dear Beth that's all we can ask yeah actually I don't get. If you don't you best I have emails we got in there. Missed a week do there was a couple hours they like five or six might I salute to the intro and very national yellow to the and show how a true view. And I'll bring up topic conversation and then I don't know I figured viewing him have a couple good source for them through simple enough after. You are getting to a podcast this isn't just any I guess just any pod cast couldn't do this. It's skin. He. Can't ask him snorting the tests. Starting deep stuff and see starting these senseless and com. Yeah. Oh big clot that there was those 244. With a would you avoid these hits it will be hosted here podcast and great block after all the way all the way I had who. Telephony countries to the right to me sitting here studio to reside here usually ends somewhere in southeast Asia on two wheels he goes rename a cop out what's going on for. NASDAQ rose slightly this morning US treasuries fell to a three month low as the Fed raised interest rates in the rust Russian Ruble and Tina Tomlin have terrorist training. Closer to home Chesney podcast responder warmer temperatures Cobb cracking Beers and Ted's new beach body was that mean for you. By now this summer we advance we'll Ted building gains of Osiris and Kessler wrote his dreams we'll find out at 630 fifths. I'm right back double we'll still get this deal also up kitten. Get people ready Iraq. Matt how are the producer MC DT. What's up man Dave head I you don't do good act Palin had some that are taking care of the water situation does not the you got the waters Motorola's gobbles Austria. I wasn't actually late. His third bridge Vesely I hear right on time bit COMSYS on top of that. I honestly listeners is how contact Melissa from foreign sized crowd on fair enough. Mean I don't want to you John away from it does go look at how little. You're just here for the summer hopefully. You know I've actually find back on Thursday. They're back on Skype next week I don't stand next week right. Also Osiris is serious individual I don't know if someone uses me too much but yeah. To me and scares me if you still don't know that dungeon or doubt I was losing their last night man that makes you consume any friends or the more like. Friends in prison religious permanent claims for the non. Its friends in prison the but I I walked by him and he kind of Lego relate to see in as the eye could see her and then I hate Presley job to stay out of the way and then there's like. But when I don't even time to go in the morning is currently there's like nobody in there and even time is of the same few people. But like. Everybody so focused but obviously I don't know I wanna mess around here a few of wanting to bring up our profits up to match last night. This one got a comes in any works out in jeans. Well and it just throws me off any just does squads. I'm never Xena seems in G and straight like I think the worst thing you gonna do and a pair of jeans and a gym like squad is probably it. To get Alec wireless is a big deal and Andre Agassi Warren like George Stew Wimbledon has because there's just ones like. Well like this doesn't compute why how on earth begin work out a peck a physical. Sport in jeans and also. You need to be embarrassed audience caromed Jimmer and we watched by Ike was that two weeks ago so McConnell from upon our. When you make eye contact with the place and I only got to for fear of Osiris CNBC and him and they don't run we came across the street over to. I met the man saying I don't need to demand as you can imagine those threats since David do you tell people that like where is the gym like you know that restaurant again Mike. In the basement that's good I'll hold Malone it's the restaurant dad's down Merida chains Clinton. I didn't think. Mostly there's three treadmills and I have today. So gloves good luck yes I know James got a thinker yeah I do by the way protest as a man has done some boxing in in the past. Call Mitt out think you emits here. Credit limits of the pageant Haiti but either way music you've got gloves. I do out there I'm pixel displays a picture guy in the corner tattooing people advice has got a homemade set up like the other corner like a couple of guys make you slim shady deal on a bunch of dudes are so lineman tank. Tops how far off my. You know I. Adds yeah there is there's lake late two inches taller late late pro version of me. Mcsame bald head seemed geared which he is just small. And protest the death and it's hard not stare I don't like now when a protest of I got my snowman you stare back at you if you don't think now my commute tent. But the place is still attending a Condo you know me I'm from a guy. But everybody sees it there's so and they. Mess around at all people coming and they do a good thing in my people everybody's working in circuits or whatever there's two massive deeds but sit there on the kind of the plate debenture something else that we'll chit chat. But it's always just to everybody else is like tournament circuit and in her. I mean have you made like where where react to their relationships. Because anyone who you would like high fives a negative. 800 is that no unit a I didn't look at who's still a marriage fighter I'd I'd answer yes you can say is that I think Bill Lester I mean more survivor and at this point. Yeah what you actual thing that happened last night. Play theme you know can I put in the middle like doing pull us right I sit him you mama joke vineyard is a triceps. And the like out of the corner haven't got him was that I got one more in the trucks that they are aren't you go ahead. Oh yeah Daniel I didn't amass previously as a reward thanks. A stated intention joint. Pro games very right. And pain it is in the bottom of restaurant it was still haunts you can get at the press. But you know Nicole misery with its normal time you know nobody it's good you don't he does know his own post and when Allen and then get a whole thing and and Alan I was out in fifteen minutes. The here's a redo. Reviewing those you know those old school tank tops it's almost like Michael racer back it's like one senator like a small thing in the middle of the power lifter is used were an 80 yeah. Are we when those a chain necklace and it's real short shorts I am I can't work out boots are you going Nantes. On the place. Gary got the beard he got the same test to show off some more body hair now flex on that dude just comes and I stand up straight with the shoulders back man yeah error Peterson. That you are prepared for an actual guerrilla walking near where you. Could the islands for me again this morning and there is one lane open it was the very fast lane and knows Blake. I'm not like whole. I'm very fast and it's both men and I know I can't go very fast and he's here really sustain it inside a few laps that I. Feel good then not feel and so he had and then a guy gets in and night. He's definitely faster than me and I say gosh. I don't aren't they'll fix stop and fix my goggles so you can get part of me. And then. It'd be a really cool guy though so maybe don't know rendered yourself that we started doing Mike sets together where we delay all right 150 with the thing between your legs Sierra all the poll actually called it. And then they X 75. Freestyle slow or and then my eight. To back shows raised as the bootleg sets it was really fun toy house in the gym and make sky show me the way the things I. There's some people on here that are like coming on Sundays and his claims real fast so you kind of give me the heads up but they'll lucky with that yeah. There's only let us any going to ask you'll split to consider circles one. Yeah it's just tune you can split the land yeah yeah I thought I had thought about doing that and then he Blake is very friendly. And when IPO and he stops but it was still fits in my goggles as it did need to be adjusted to it as this Howland is just a fake takes them you know a lot of that is catching my breath to you afterwards attitude Ramallah off so tell it he got a full lap then and then he's stopped the Hilliard Chad and and yeah I gave me that gave me a rundown we did since this set. This funds. Nice MF these goals in the last win of the deluge foot tapped it hit that extra bit of a scare the crap because they gave out I was living area our hearts town daylight breathing on pets leaders. Like not enough enough close state that I like to be energy trying to attain add on to say don't get tapped docket tapped. Do we have a conversation on the cast draw yeah we did a really solid jujitsu and kind of tiger and perhaps. Yeah you've just Leslie you're so cool about everything you're like people do not like all right I need of the many tax week about just the I was late they got how scared of our men obviously if I'll ever and I and I don't tell failed. It. If you can work him there. Yeah before he came in us so it's as light as listen in their life in the fast lane of my favorite song they in my head. And just like on doing great then he got and as I. She but does fine morning nice. Did so we got the serves American in the studio lets get on my man yet that he might have heard this reference our buddy just Nash before I think we always try to be careful about your name announcer here we'll use it. A that is on the recorded. Well no there's this obstacle earnings. Let me coming out but we both have friend felonies to Edwards felony assault. I wish I I also put up the best way I can't last they don't start unitarian and using M I met your buddy Justin and I think now. I suggest is a very good friend of mine I suggest and as the man did you introduce me to Barnes introduced Munich. And frankly just and you had a huge massive impact in my life and Indian help me kind of grow up in a lot of ways so. That's the best Wiki introduce usually a very good friend of ours and of the shows Cobb and I both in just. A huge influence on our lives. Would go a separate direction I sees more like so as a hurricane are human flame thrower. He get away with people for sure but. Green goes a new place TP young men anybody like that so anyway without African duke ash. But so. It's an impressive introduction I appreciate that how content. Worse I mean Ted two it's revealing it got a massive influence and like I appreciate that and if I remember the first time. I but we hung out and when had drinks with a Cal's or something peers. And at the end that we were back to your house and I walked in the when the first things that I said to you and it is the first time we ever hung out I was like you you can't live here. You could consider it to fix that it's. That's crept up yet. 100% we ran clever Dunn's which is now who who clever duds along with a little hill there I think there's a huge stain in the middle of your living room floor I think look actually. Asked if like he'd. Changed from a motor oil or something in your living room and don't condone and that's blood. If I don't blood. Yeah yeah. That's sure then you got me down and belt town down and just issued a grenade launcher nominal and now on her. All right so do you think that airs live footage you're describing him as the bush social her case. But also like Robin I've had some fun night. That first night in Arizona must have been like that Toffler who we were going to go crazy Matt Barr as good time so I. And urban Scottsdale my life ash is living now America time. Cobbs RD down there a couple bodies. Right Eric you'd already flown down or something deathly Daniel Barnes for us it's been trying to iron right so some of the night I get down there's that Friday night. Ash fix me up and then like we went and hung out my drinks of Beers and some people would ever fluid in downtown Scottsdale pulled down. Yeah I don't remember what the name of the bar club we went to first we went to several. Aren't I disagree the wind is a sportsman's like hunting lodge or something like that TC are very cramped they're crowded wreck in the massive line. At the one place and we got to and it's like we're standing out there and the girls understand that with us that I had to like tag along I would pull up the most golf carts math in their late or couldn't go it. How wet and how I mean an oriental I about yelled over the hum so there's these 316. That we knew I remember how. As we met the man at first bar or party have fun we decide to go to this other place is nightclub and so we hop on. I gulf crisis however only gets around down there essentially there by taxi service threatening. And some companies golf carts pound we pull a pot to what the time of the hottest nightclub in Scottsdale I don't know the name and you match. I definitely got the Vatican. I'm like yeah the three girls you don't know how we remember. Different is like 45 years ago yeah yeah they live in San Francisco and right yeah no died apple that they came full circle much later in my life and we are two kinds of our GQ going back and so it's it was a Mayan that was near the nickel reluctance that's right a swimming pool level. Had your one of the three girls and so we pull up on the these golf carts and as we're getting out like you know what we've medical Beers whatever. We get I'm there's this huge line of like to 300 people and rank whose head is we're looking on the line like of whenever and again that. One of the girls goes. Oh man you guys better know somebody until the crowd the labels like the smoke part and he likes you you him and hurt let's. Attendance ask. A bunnies like this large flight of stairs is joining us hug on us and so it's a breeze right past employment and nightclub ten sprouting an environment that's obviously was a lot of fun. Yeah let's say they caught in the social hurricane we went in there and there really isn't being in the bar in light dancing in the lake. You buddy retired but he deliberately they came up the begun hawk eye like his girl was just like you guys are freaking insane. She's got she got that one particular early dinner brave and it's time that girl was crazy. And I I just I know crazy. She goes back crazy about Superfund like a great a great. I'm in my early twenties let's party in nightclub girlfriend. And she filled that role really well you know crazy through personal it's dancers on your read about. I don't write about it and yeah I mean I think we devote credible guy at this point I also still think this is that the time like I don't know that. Haven't even fireball when we were definitely right Flynn might Jager bombs stealth. Actually it was yet it was right before the tide turned from yager bombs to to fireball from the sort of like you do she shot of the night I also remember that it wasn't Red Bull was something else or some off brand energy drink they got a great deal on their question onus on. It was like. Rocket fuel for some wired or pimp juice so this terrible I would have barber pole when with a stick these you got their locker Red Bull it was Tim jeeps. Yeah I'd sort of that in college responds by attempt to threaten the instrumental in the series goes only go there is the only bar for a sophomore Summers here under twenty ones we built this giant bar that's about the size of this. This death scratch in our dorm and we were hosts like big parties and stuff anyway and they sponsored it. It's been very present. Ten years and I'm not bottom out analog sound. What's awesome he Sausalito yet or not. Not by choice yeah. And I I mean I've seen we will get him forced on by either bin at and I Ayman bars align I'm not afraid to admit that. I haven't heard someone ordered that drink for themselves like digger bombs that sunscreen every two years ago in Vegas. Maybe three net three years ago in Vegas I was at the the hard rock then at the circle bar great bar yeah. And I ran it some people from Marilyn Marilyn at. Outlook if I could yeah. I think 2 in the morning not because Florida like yeah yeah out later that night without par and I says that was an upbeat about it yeah. Until you die tomorrow you rob you intended to Ramadan like he's in a 100% in a paper form it has really matter what you say he's just yet since the Ryder yelled out about a Utah with Mets only this weekend. You're hanging out on the beach. At the the daily cabin more beach. Yeah it's it's somebody was likely show a map was like yes he shot at a bare. The meanest girl and Housley dude I'm in for that that we recruited the mayor and intends on the and its yeah. Which I had a beer Douby down. But that a baby showed up so she got sidetracked so we shock our readers that she came down like bass screwed us shocking enough what. Lately they test I was thirtieth when what are my buddies lately we're drinking the other. He he only wants to lake theme of the night without alcohol so wherever we go out but are all ordering in the night. It is is hints. No like all ordering the that is tequila and last I saw all the water to drink thug passion. Like Allen is a how in Hennessy and I Tennessee mixed together with a winning time. I did so well you can get Somalis say the Catholic I'm in. Yeah that's a good point. Xena US originals on. Now we have incredible hole and that's pretty much the only experience I have yeah Tennessee news ruthless death Madrid looks really cool that lights up like bright green but it is terrible that that's her drink tonight. That I think you just nailed we're leaving here to go out drinks that's probably what we're drinking the it's me it will matter to me this weekend outsell everybody Josh like I used to drink inspected they were probably. When a signature drink and eighteen apple Jews all god and that as a conversation starter what does your cult had. Has seen apple juice. Can't pour it bad you just don't have anything about what you know you can bet you've got a call that AK jag and it's a good day. That's that's a bad name as AJ is over I'm it I think they'll let you know that agent will Jews with the drone and Hennessey thing came out people like I'll man. The dog was Marshawn Lynch is not a normal person's traits you mix two liquors right. But the first time I had most people most normal humans don't get a nickname like beast mode how yeah I got a she bought a new person they're telling remark on drink and he get the waiver that path. I I didn't I wasn't ready to get drunk with them I think it. You know the first time it happens you just go with that. And when I was like water we drink an inmate is hammy a pint glass that was 50%. Silver put thrown in 50% Hennessy over ice. I didn't think about that as well with that I was scared to not drink it. Dude that's exactly okay think young guy buddies and that's exact and I fell Chon camper Emery had a little bar. Oscars are going to be insulting not to drink it like in March on your you terror is scary if you're being nice you're you're scary when you're being nice you're scared to attack counts every night in known yeah and I wonder shots annual bartenders said yes and they give us Spacey like let's call high bongo I give out about four shots and he just of course boom does is like a shot times like. I did enjoy. Oh yeah red towel spent like yeah I think is sending their front about professional athlete you're not gonna not take it cedes kind of I don't know what it is about them to some magic about it for some Aaron wants us sportsman like you just shut up and accept it my way and in my. I think happens with athletes or late famous people. But I've done it with billions backstage during the late on their bus that you an adage don't like that sounds awful we know in my head I'm like yeah. Pounds or two plus one error could go what is the magic today tonight screamed on us. It is is there more for us. Well they waited to get trump card right I think you just wanna be a good hang like you don't want to be the buzz kill it was like no I would not have that give me a Heineken. The that yes not answer yeah you wanna go for. Yeah there's any governors a friends list and then sent. Gymnast consent. But by night it did. For must remind Eddie that that's when he baggage Jack in the Box and it 200 dollar bill from an Guber for thrown up on the back. So. No I mean I would. I don't know how you respond to another the Truman C. We with a twenty dollars that in and Jiang must one person that was meatballs to. Yes yeah and menu slime ball did you get the Jack in the Box in the over and then throw it up all had a hit a drive through guy and some late night to pick 2:30 in the morning with some party in bell the after game and yeah I know I remember I ever remained holed later that I was walked out and as I was. On auto pilot to around with them like Mexican chick with all the like prisons stat tattoos the man a drive through. I don't remember the chick. Yeah that should that there was a there are some things he had no I mean that's the kind of thing happens when you walk through a Taco Bell drive through at 3 o'clock in the morning to make friends of the people in the car behind you than they give you ride home and hang out. Yes so France I I HE I follow her she came down we are down there yes yeah we're cool. She I she wanted she works at a bar in Scottsdale called urban street or something like that her eyeliner appropriate. Yet they do it's. Gentleman's club and she. Is it a waitress there and think (%expletive) I kid I I don't know she bush. I got Iran is to grant your verdict I did love Andre and out from time to rely on memory like. The hope you. You'll still partying coach else. The coach out he had other places he is is fun. I I like that bars because it's just it is what it is unpretentious just like. Drinks liquor. No frills. Come have fun. And that the big game changed in Scottsdale because they dropped those bikes everywhere like in and listening in Seattle those rental bikes and so all Hollywood limelight so whenever below I'm bikes there's three competitors and so yeah. Everyone's riding bikes severely intoxicated because painting is right on top of each other it's just like an entertainment district so it's not like in Seattle where you got to ride from. Fremont up to capitol here so many to different areas of bars like all right there every rose has bikes that night truck. Yeah and Austin's social scooters right now yeah birds commuters remain strong crashed and give him my cars and dad really the birds dangerous yeah in the 36 street you critical of the skaters on dirty says there's going to be probably twenty miles an hour. Yeah the problem I don't really skew those down that street every Thursday Friday and Saturday night that's how crazy get to that police barricades and the riot squad which had given tried to check. Yeah right Byrd or like lime or any these electric hitters you see them in the news. Man I don't know one dollar unlocks it she wheels it's like it's like little motorist razor scooter with a with a motor on it. Twenty miles an hour now tell us no rules no laws stay up the side of sea off the sidewalk yours. What happened earlier. They are in Seattle. You know I got up out my home I just got NA as seem the lime bikes that are now electric yeah electric line bites an ominous in these scooters things. Well yeah they've absolutely exploded in San Francisco oh an awesome all of the places a bunch about lawsuits flying from personal injury attorneys but basically. The city's one of them to get permission to launch these services and instead they dislike. I basically went out arm around and spread out throughout the series I'm all of these companies are in a penalty may have gotten you know 200 million in funding so they're just like. You know put kind of miscues. Can't and one got yeah I think they don't hear accent 01 of the bikes got thrown off the Ballard bridge had to be recovered by tomorrow night a lot of bikes and stuff I know the outright the leaders are saying yeah yeah definitely Nazi ideas and it has a lot of fun I guide it hasn't launched in Seattle amendment ya know what you're saying that they weren't really rode with it. The CEO and founder of the company is this guy named Travis. Vendors and end and that's cellular pioneer and vendors they ended that I'm one word. He previously was I think he was like vice president of operations and Guber and then he was some sort of VP of operations type role had left. So he took all of the Alec really dark evil way to run and steal a company applied reflect the kind of nice political way of running its the only company combined the two together moved to Santa Monica raised. Hundreds of millions Austria this that the company got a billion dollar valuation of six weeks ago and then. Efrain complete round of funding and the two weeks later meet another round of funny nothing material changed whatsoever in this business. And the valuation of the company was one billion dollars. To fourteen days later like jagr was another hundred million we've really knocked out of the park here. The want ads is to cash grab at that point yet they're they're twelve competitors now baby boomers get in the game lift skin in the game. He needs now. Are using about six to the right. The 36 because there's 36. Or are they really have the right cops up there every night on the weekend. Every Thursday Friday Saturday they have mounted police they have vehicle police vehicles on every block is six streets would have been three zones. There's west sixth which is essentially like your Ballard in Seattle sort of nice like you know yuppie mid mid twenties sent to the mid thirties professionals. Then you've got like. 36 or the dirty as they call it and then he sixers come over our lives he sixes like the sort of hipster like Capitol Hill have you the dirty sex. The college. Oh yeah it's all college bars they're huge there's about forty government the strap and each one of them can hold. If I want to close to a thousand people but these things are massive tad Massey remember there's 50000 undergrad to UT along. Plus is what other colleges Marriott so. I'm so they closed on the street there's a fresh Saturday and amount police they have cop cars to cop cars on every side street that connects to close on four blocks so. Total police presence for tyra 65 officers are my. Right they do this every Thursday every Friday every Saturday if there's an immense they close off an additional block on each and to keep cars off and an additional blockage direction so fit and fourth or fifth and seventh. Like. Texas if that doesn't tell you that a parent for chaos and destruction and Sodom and Gomorrah. Then I don't know it does mean every night there's. Crazy street fights when we get near it's like Mardi Gras but it never and Matt mean it is absolutely insane I mean everything's party proof down map like. They have you know plastic cups plastic sack O you Datsyuk classic has posits eyeglasses you like that around with that diamond plating on the outside a staff to keep people from my destroying it I mean. Yeah you just like YouTube sixth street fight and you'll be watching all that. What hey I got a funny what do you what do they do one team is just insanity Holland UC platelet Texas played her biggest six home games a year. I just think about Mattel again it goes on some like that. Add to that the fact that this is University of Texas so. They about a you don't tailgate around like OK yeah kind of day in Texas football is a religion I mean these high schools 120000 person stadium spent. Yeah I schools. So like when he gets to UT level obviously there's a professional sports teams there it's like Columbus, Ohio where Ohio State is like. The city shuts down in his complete and total gridlock everybody's partying I would say half the cops are drunk if I'm being honest like. Yeah it's total chaos. Even last year because you can Demi is in Dallas which is walking around the Dallas state fair here at the cotton ball. And I used to relate talk and the cops might tell the story with a one consciously. Can you be accurate it's Beers. Yeah you just hit it should they were encouraging it. That's that's other were in Boston for the it's off to saint patty's day like half the cops swear we dropped. I feel I can actually tame down a little bit when they how these events off site like the Texas State for the red river shoot out correct it's not. It's not in someone's home turf so if I was UT student like I'd I would call us at Washington State when I'm in Pullman and a gamer a student from UW feel more comfortable because your in your environment you know the surroundings and Cilic. If you have to go somewhere decent and you kind of know where it is that you need surgery aren't are you black Dahlia way harder and wait longer because you feel safer and so if you're in Austin I think that that the people live there feel what they can let go all the way just no regrets just all the way in but if I'm at the Texas state fair that's foreign territory in the memo about an away game basically like. You know where you're gonna go getter and your car like you after like. Someone in just ripped past a row mean. At least minor league cup Harriman where. Yeah 100%. Yeah Craig is a mean when it's on your own campus for him for an auto pilot you don't care you could walk blacked out in the streets don't get held zombie. Yeah Tommy jockeys and we don't let that set did tell a little bit about palace gates not to say waiting for kinda in debt that's hot so. Large social media had application that college students use and I. Are you must have been almost PC you possibly win. I well I'll share this with the if you let people post one that one of the greatest learnings from that company is that if you let people post. Contents anonymously. That is photos and videos and you focus company around that concept in you launch it in. Predominately college campuses the majority of the content that you're going to get back is going to be expects. The that's it there the whole team people all they did all day long was manually scrub the Internet who would you save percentage of picks was to groups file its ten to one. I mean they good guys healing good men post things anonymously like it's just extra days and I mean look I'll be honest no I remember when I was living in Baltimore and that broke off all those guys pays graduated yeah from Hopkins right we still use disposable cameras yeah but I remembered doing it and it's her home on bodies they came Manny to pick you my mom found. How do you know I mean he's this I think is exact quote without the Mike small breakfast sausage wrap up a lot of sprung up. How to put up the trash you put your Barry I. Think. I think the hook up though it's a 100% true and so why another probably got hot tonight. One of the product did you actually hired Cobb and some other friends of ours and talk him from Seattle. To come down I was I was put in charge of running a spring very marketing program that at its core essentially status in Panama city beach Florida. For spring break in 2004. Team whenever the last year was before they shut it down it was the last one the murders of the unity is fourteen of the final fifteen and maybe fifteen maybe he'll get 15 yeah Tito could you do in the castle that was like the first year we we put in some guest host when you're gone yeah I think fifteen sounds about right. Yeah and so I didn't I did four and a half weeks of spring break and it almost killed me in Cobb is there with me. And at its core job was essentially just giving away free liquor to college kids and had a posting these huge events with thousands and thousands of kids. Every night thus they were the zombies. Pollyanna zombies are like when someone goes fully black I had tracks I mean he says kids but keep in mind these two are like over eighteen oftentimes over 21. And so one like. A lot of these kids and our a lot of close also that. Two or debris thrown a lot of parties and the zombie drunk kids you essentially see these kids you all day long and look at all these beautiful women walk them down the beach but they just like for one reason or not there. They were able to connect with them and they were just drink and drink her are the reason was four Loko for a lot of our logo is big for a go everywhere. Daryn yes that's the thing I'm so there at the newspaper later described as like this booze fueled by McNally. Will be the last ever at City Hall like importance rules to curb spring break drinking says the final once it got so out of control and we're talking about. We are seeing like street fights that were like forty on forty brawls like it was a Saturn out now now it was win the guy rode by on the scooter and yet another deal on the back right and cupcake and the guy shopping got in the air that's around like this is about to go full mad Max like we've I'll ask all the way to. Yet when that's the things like I'm off rounds on the scoot yeah I mean to I'd be cupcake really very little vehicle for driving our stuff round and same thing like Sunday came through on a scooter blatant pass and just ticked down a tail light. Let's outside the city and traffic to me it was dad told you before it is creative showed you a few pictures but. Like it was it was unreal crazy so yes these zombies. Would get hammered drunk beyond blacked out. And they're just walking it was like the Walking Dead mean you go up on my buddies just take himself he's with a record took fifty self is of the zombies they have no idea. I know that the like the energy was keeping them awake in Iraq it's like you know standing up walking but like all systems are rock I mean all motor control gone any sort of like. You know it front pre frontal cortex processing shot. 100% like these were zombies and they're as close as you can get to a modern now. What. What are my favorite memories of that tiger perhaps perhaps that's not months. Today yes I've been at best and that's my sister doesn't faze me. What about my 36 by Beirut memory of that tired it was actually the mistake had been made so what are our friends he's elected DJ here in Seattle. Who flew down and as part of that we were is kind of messing around aisles like paid dip loads of what this party forest bad batted minority. The deal as did blow got to play well and got we hired to play hardball remember this story that's the only Italian yeah yeah I think it. And now a 40000 people. He'll that's right it it was hundreds of thousands of dollars of that all right well cool who were hired to blow and all the money and but my friends Ben and minority get to open forums and their like you know. So that no there isn't happening was they could do it. They're my friends there DJ is here it's a good opportunity to finally they say yes they go out and as both of them are going onstage was crazy is thousands of these kids. And both plumes kind of sad they're like man I'm kinda nervous I've never played. For this many people for you this huge I mean an outdoor party on the beach so yeah as mass is massive. And there's a hotel right next to where the venue as the overlook the venue on the beach and dip low was in his hotel room out on. Out of of the balcony just like looking at it surveying in check it out. And Big Ten. Right before kind of like dimples gonna come down to come on start playing this track and it was he actually sort of playing. One of dipped low songs that you just produced and released and he starts tweeting about it mocking him. Being like this. This fool is playing my song. That's a massive cargo rule of aqaba completely if you get covered painfully somebody else's song with a couple days after the early even if you're real Bailey you can't. I don't know it's a year. Your opening up for Guns 'N Roses a year you're some new European what you can't your cover some Campion Guns 'N Roses songs that I look so what's the yeah. Now the united lights are things obviously child in my Nina I write I mean if they played it every stroke like all. Avenues of in his hotel or my tumor removed yeah allow I was ever got mad I was like I did at that point I was so emotionally checked out from the whole thing and so burn out there on the I don't care I'm happy he did it yeah it was a lot of fun. I mean yeah it was a blast the halftime he says mostly checked out you had to do that to survive down Mac you know I mean we are like. Daily shopping at Wal-Mart and then just deal with zombies so yes some poignant this distance yourself so once fact Ted. They were trying to keep the death rate low when we were there I. They the stated goal public views forty deaths during spring breaks 4040 actual people human yeah. They did not meet tackle Kirk got. So they had the number one way the people die spring break sadly is trying to jump struggling from one balcony to another croft one balcony to another so think about like. Just what you like how that plays out when they had you know 1520 kid's got finesse and so. And I guess my point has. If you don't know mostly distance yourself from how crazy and otherworldly that spring break is like you simply cannot handle it I mean human factor like. It's just too much too much hand. What that I had to be sober so that really added to my stress and down. It was a requirement that I. There there was a lot of people working for me at this point in Cobb is really brought and it's kind of like my field general I actually that's what I told my needed as like I wanna hire somebody. Who can come down. Who can relate to these kids and wrangle them and keep him in control looks I think you'll police and paramedics and event planners and night clubs and venues and hotels and somebody has to be there to basically eat all these bullets and jump analyst earnings and I need someone to run all the staff. So I was show in the morning in Cobb would be having these meetings of the 5000 kids that are getting it ready to work force of these events and I would show up. And I would have to just. I don't know in the beginning that I would get upset because there at spring break through their work for me out I robo balked at the blaze from her I remember little blaze I wanted this did. He's wearing a Hawaiian shirt he's got a hat on he clearly hadn't been to bed. And from his chest to his knees was wet and it was his own urine and he had alcohol you're. I want these people to get to come on the team they got a free trip to spring breaks a plumber college kids rise to their channel or turn today and imparting their asses off and I hung our armor yet so that I want government plays what's up with you man he's like man had a great night last on the clearly I can smell it. And he was very open about the regular guy definitely let the bad and I was late and has gone up and I just came here and it but it wasn't my bed don't worry you're not gonna lose your deposit on the hotel room you pay for for me and I think I made him stain and native Aaron I mean standard from Waffle House in the sun for eight hours as punishment that was his like spot market company for under a little tent. And he did it. And that's why he stayed with sales squads there on the telly. We'll call that a show like if they if they flake one time there were out or gone to Europe places they good luck rotation tents that. Hi I've got the emails are there. Then every up by us all out of the greatest podcast oh land oh land Cobb I admired tell intelligence when he does retire in about capitalism and socialism and how it neither one of the demo great solutions to mention something. How about I think smaller tribes are better option for society. Could I have to disagree. When you say the word tribe the first thing I think of is we're nationalism I don't think need to go to history lane piece around goal in this. I was spark in Germany there resulted with killer among other things and I feel that a somewhat when the alt right. And we have to fight it out so what what he already believes I'm its fight at all costs scientists is they can length. Is my first time using voice attacks mark on. A final match. But it is also a difference between having smaller tribes in Maine like what he's talking about like those of you to the to the small tribe decided their tribe needed to. Be the only tribe it was better than everybody else distract. Yeah that's that's like an us vs them thanks so yeah I mean I agree with you when. When I'm talking about tribalism I'm not talking about nationalism and a tie him Alex huge groups and separating yourself and marginalizing the other hand comes from having our agenda I'm talking about. Who really small groups written about acting community maybe is a better word it's more digestible for itself. A tight about groups of twenty to sixty people that are living harmoniously and all contributing to sort of a common. I'm good in goal and helping each other out so. Yeah I don't really think scale why's that relates to Germany or what they're trying to do I mean. That nationalist group was less massive and obviously they had some political goals when I'm tired about is on serve a sustainable community that. I'm you know not necessarily living off grid but essentially having their own sort of and a smaller system tonight in the hole. Hope that clears that up I don't know. Gentlemen at all it's very timeout the Latin. Gentlemen at all stands for. At holly meaning and others in mind this is just a pretentious version of etc. My litigious rather and consistently use it's trans town fancy and can't think of Morse the civil specific examples of an idea. As for your continued an excellent discussion on capitalism it's clearly a pretty ruthless system in which a lot of people are eaten alive then again. The same phrase accurately describes the entire natural world. I Cobb so eloquently said capitalism is fundamentally flawed and we just don't have a better alternative. Cop you're on point on the psychology of business and politics I said oh your point. On psychology in the business of politics is fascinating subject which I thoroughly enjoyed standing in the parliament under grad degree. Had not discussed in detail of us most aren't shiner bock Herman Austin in October if you're free. Always as always mark bond and C town what Carson lawyer. Hell Yemen and yup. I do think too though lake I get to the rules of the animals and stuff and the same for my taste and capitalism there it's not like there's not companies that don't make a ton of money. In still distribute the wealth the wealth correctly. Like these companies exist so you can you can do both. We have Peter felt. Peter militant trucking company right to drink a starter on the air manufacture a line when you and you'll be a million. Those Alec the the upper brass hasn't made a ton bunch of money but just think it's just a simple form a right to that that's my part of capitalism with. But now there's something being publicly traded as well like. You're beholden to shareholders is opposed to your employees I think there's room for both you give make money instill and I have to be at their. Yes you feel like the means of production should be owned in part by the labor force. Right but although I think you gotta go back I think all shareholders are human jump in and here but shareholders is a fancy word for banks. Right there's not a lot of individual shareholders that show up and disrupt the meeting like Irish were gonna get all these people Bada and our shares of Microsoft together and got a problem. It's a bunch of hedge funds and huge banks like Goldman sat institutional investor that you get together and force a company through. Power and for rats to make decisions to cut costs cut labor costs and do you things that they may and otherwise not do you mean Google's whole charter and don't be evil etc. all changes when banks get involved in the Serb. Bullying people pushing them around threatening them and you found this company the CEO we can fix SATA must he do we want. Activist investors a center that's not shareholder. Yeah yeah activist investors is. A key piece I think the sort parents are cuts both ways in that I think. That there are activist investors who. Make some huge. So dew sweeping changes within companies to simply comes to cost cutting or. I'm sank some overseas but the flip side of that is I'm CEOs who. Did actually all the way down the chain people who say I'm just doing my job and as a goes all the way up the CEOs like I'm just serving to shareholders may do that as a way to essentially. Past blame morally for what they're doing when oftentimes the shareholders don't know what the individual decisions are they just are folks on the bottom line. So you have sort of a weird mix there we dynamic where. It is both. The threat of activist investors and oftentimes the actual. Hutchison that's just make him move but then also. The CEO basically wanting to be morally free of what happened by saying my job is to do what's in the best interest of the shareholders who called to do Sherry duty. Where they're trying to do right by the shareholders and oftentimes when shareholders find out what actually went down. On the scene now I can emergence of lot of these funds that are sort of like socially conscious whatever basically said they say that they are open. They say publicly that their Anderson only investing in companies don't have any sort of negative impact which. He knows pretty tough for any company to do but. Anyway so. Tom it's it's a dynamic involves both parties I think so too just heard on shareholder sort of just put it on the CEO in the top brass. Either way a sort of modeling. In my opinion who is half fall I think it's the system as a whole as a whole but yet both parties. I like people saying you can't invest my money in certain things I think when it came out that. The California teachers union pension fund invested in her helper yet invested in cerberus capital. Which you went out and bought the freedom group which owns bushmaster rifle which is used. You know has been used in several school shootings whichever argument of that to anything you follow on it it it's really kind of hits home it's like. The teachers unions. Pension fund of the state of California benefited. From. A bank buying a company that owned this. Very specific item and product which is used against schools I think you have to have a set provisions that we. That he was pension would is that a pension yet just out of that mess. I. Well look if you could and that's okay. I've heard about these things. The investors and decision out of that or has so far removed to that it's just some teacher in California Iran and they don't know. What the specific policy is that maybe caused a school shooting that something's that's the other pieces are so many. Players in between that oftentimes it's tough to tell. Where to where and with whom to place also listen surreptitiously arguing your girlfriend sorry Mike. Okay we can always write in Knoxville even you are wrong about what you're saying but a certain point there's just simple DM things. If you look for companies and they get extend them bunny lake. The employee should get some two. Yeah and I mean make also employees there's a crazy word. But a lot of people now work contract they're just contract it out and it's going now I'm more and more than that everything is getting you think we don't even have employees anymore so mean. I don't know what the final answers straight is the 1% gets farther and farther away they dimension these people are gonna have any money so would good as your product gonna be that. Sort of Colebrook. Well universal incomes coming I think that. It does maybe this makes these down. Like a bad person I I don't know but even if you're in the top 10% of westerners. And it cuts of like a 120000. Dollars or hundreds and hundreds again how to make the apathy in the top 10% of wage earners. That amount of money. In the median income cities like San Francisco cities like Seattle are close to that. Bigger it's a little below that it's like 90000 dollars in terms of scale it's like 78 or 84000 Seattle. So if the median income in Seattle's 85000 dollars let's say and to be in the top 10% of overall wagers the entire country on their 2151000. Dollars. That means you're kind of doing OK if you live in Seattle see how. I have to make this disproportionately large amount of money to ever be able to save for retirement as you mentioned as it's gonna be no pension right and you two yo we owe you wanna buy a home that's adorable the median home prices 600000 dollars now. They did for an affirm our house that's probably not that nice in King County. That's created meet our car average cost fifty grand. So is someone really selfish by setting themselves apart to go work for a company like let's just say Amazon or Microsoft. Or Expedia or whatever it is it's gonna give them 200 to 2000 dollars a year they're gonna pay for lunches and breakfasts are gonna give me crazy benefits and matching for a one k.'s and stock plans and they're gonna make a bunch of money. So I think that people themselves have to become really selfish if they wanna actually just survive and I really I mean I get why people take these jobs. Gender sailing I think so we're gonna line any sleep you don't have employees to use this to we're just working on contract contract. I'm unaware of a lot of dual working jobs like Saturn like mine that are on their contract employees most of them. At the higher level are full time I mean all the good jobs and Google are full time jobs all the good jobs FaceBook or full time jobs and then they farm all of this and I was running Amazon GO worked here for three years and you get a job you want. Yeah average deployment to eighteen months and Amazon. But here's the thing so if most of the jobs you hear about are not contract jobs what about everyone else and that's or talking about right system itself is like. You know Mike what do we do with the other 95% of the population. And not be a part of it. And I think that's the ruthless thing about our society now is that people are like it's us or them. And you have to like split up the middle I I talked about this all the time I think that we have created a system that serves so few people but it's leave left many behind. It's just straight cut throat. And eventually something will change I mean there is absolutely although I and I are I don't know the answer is I don't know when it's gonna happen and nothing is gonna be revolution be saying something will have to change is the system does not work the way it's built. Too few people are getting too much money. And if you're fortunate to be part of that good for you if you're not you should recognize that the people that are need help and ask you straight to the point tents missed at the colts are you in or out. Knowing absolutely nothing about what we're based on where religion is anything hard and. Can I get it on the founding of this tax militants who have. Three of the best I can ask all Lance although I am this year. Some meltdowns finally a destination for me and I truly look forward to officially becoming a Nazi. Now along those lines and LT fresh you know it's C appreciate ten's top ten tips for summer meltdown has fassel approaches maybe Ted can give one or two tips a week. And an assist those attending for the first time but Ford senior out there to be bring in their four miles of champagne I want it. The after MMS shout. Well on its plate and that's down past Sunday morning most of us. Such as part on two dozen eighteen diligence tent for snapple Christopher Walken. Pet and yet we closer fassel season we'll talk about a little more. I doping bring some screen bring attend. Bring water. Are you guys go back to the burn I have I'm I'm ready to commit to this by the way hosting release every year now I'm I'm I'm I'm I think I'm really ready. The main page in my hands and actually taken if need be undergoing. There's a possibility and actually about going to Night Shyamalan he's that we two weeks of four. And then now I'm trying to attend tour and album to see here some time off from that point Sion about you know maybe it's I mean it's hard now. I OC lack of what we do about it I think two weeks long after meltdown. Yes and we cannot come on the severity off week before and then Robbins and it might yet so. Oh that's right you ask him possibly do ouster whatever your I have time off after end of August and we definitely went the the burden would be going off. Of god I thought that we were gonna have the thread B. I mean I listen he's a lot of fire offline hello the broadcast when disposing of his waterlogged pornography but kind of the story I couldn't help but imagine cop going outside and India. This veil of darkness after it was gonna sleep. Planning a fire handled barrels and just depends dissed nationally throwing each print page in the fire one I want Trevor Brennan the evidence on the end of an espionage movie. What a great story we're God's noble could do it like that total has pretty much Howard down that path and apparently that that rebels. But a practical like that it's. Matt. Check into. Obviously. We'll match. Yeah. Was that a couple weeks. Play he had great we can't have passed. So followed lot of our friends both weekends this weekend we had baby shower. That. A bit warm beach we talked about a little bit their body was there so does a ton of fun to you I'm got there and then. I was always going up there Blake he had yet to see Lance two weekends in a row that's exciting it's going to be threes in beer red festival. And so he had just been been on a good run oh. Trying to think who went to discovery parks the weekend before and had great walk around that place that place so fun at that have been their bunch times. But I think it's always find new places that played every parks also that's why it's called discovery part dumb ass right can make sense now so. And you know it went with the all these cult and a walkabout. We'll talk about that but yeah blocked about. Yeah and then. With the father's they have been so Saturday attends lake man Matt every time ago we already dad's house late. Easy life became lady these special her Father's Day out of lake. I have no idea. And then found that but I bet he's got to figure out so I'd call him. Thought Tuesday morning rolls like okay. What do you what do we do in his day job guys taking care of so of course he did. I always had this giant in tomahawk realize it was so dead and then tomahawks Soviet gas so went over there to suggest he's out and is late 85 degrees on Father's Day so it was just. Packed out there's this week everywhere and it was a pretty pretty intense day of of skiing out there just because when there's that many. There's that many giant wave opted to go play around I'm. Yeah that's that's what I really thrive and so is going to be out there at my dad. On Father's Day and gadgets has that great couple weekends weather's been did them fired up turn. Everything's coming up this summer aren't. That's good time a year strawberries are in out of this world right now. In Matt's a top American farmers market and strawberries Ballard the gap we'll just see rent is but in general just going to get like fresh strawberries Malia to Thursday's draft him with yes simply stand. That's a fresh on farm Friday the guy with Utley will have an arrest in the sport Barry guys like two weeks. I think that's almost that's Friday he's like god man. Think this didn't hear what 32 for five I'll take two I put it yeah so farmers are innocent until we're a little drug deal. Well at least those flexible IRS to joke about that will be one to three to five and there usually paying in cash like right. Says yes or inequality the product and Adobe and did you definitely I would if we don't approach to market it we had her own produced and we definitely need to given names to our products and he's our strawberries they have to be something way more gravel got a brand it. Yes right yes you know the what do brand this. I know the guy got a good guy and this morning fue La plaza. Alvin. Hello about the best on both to put it it. He said you don't amounts numbers meant I know I love for you to match isn't so lucky with the upper market it's I can't help fired up so here I won't say in defense though they were sweeter than Michael what do you of the grocery store and they were tinier and full of dirt. Yeah trash man you want. Now doctor Ibrahim that earth tones in the evening. That's well public face the farmer. I looked at the flat pizza like pick a month after the justice like dirt so it makes me feel it could mean some super healthy. Which is like hurt that makes me feel like I did real. That's why I Ph.D. so that. Across sign on them and no no that's thousand. I mean the out lot's happened who's been to we have had a weird thing is wasn't on the week how reverend how was split. A guy in his girlfriend were brining night coming at me. And I started. Check being out here he is he had cut off. Mighty Ducks T shirt that looked like one of the green jerseys from the first movie with Bombay's 66 on the back and I just out of the course and thing. And I was totally staring at it this guy is awesome cut off shirt. And then played as they kind of pass he looked at me I keep eyes blank staring at its grow. A friend the whole time could have divided that by the time I process that they're too far away and don't be awkward that has voters shirt iron girlfriend USA all the I. Schiavo got the tools that my body's first named Gordon Gordon Gordon bomb meant. Just if I do a lot of my nightmare last week. I'm really an angry. I don't kill a million flu because the siren guidance. Primary Iraq's threat in Iraq and dad do journalists that became a cult classic Nassau and theaters and like I around it by no one. Really cared when he came out sees that kind wouldn't weirdo I let read the newspaper a lot make. Check out movies did and make. You know try and stay up to date with played them the charts seated track whatever. And it didn't do very well and now like everybody quotes and everywhere in my house in the theaters as I. Blown away is the one and I party scene he concede girls it's in my the hot tub or whatever which. You know for PG thirteen junior like thirteen that's a huge deal so. I don't. I feel I did the plea to call economies I watched the most but were never big in theaters. Right like old schools great but that was Matt's been theaters but I don't watch someone randomly. But if I solid Dewey Cox like the walk hard story response might come and watch that spherical cloud of Trafalis on the dirt disaster artists are now lawyers say. Really intense very funny bit variant comfortable and how to Parse. Did all this be a hot six in movies let's go movies like in no I think used to wish I just knowing where in a movie like the PG thirteen movie you haven't seen you naked nest. What was that movie that sound. It's Arnold Schwarzenegger Jamie Lee Curtis and your lies your life and death. Bo to Obama did exactly. Exactly and thank you. Cable classics like I won't go back to thirteen year old Matt what ever happened Amelio Estevez. But what does the last thing you can remember that he was and he got his knees last by the Iceland got. I'm not. I'm all right I'll tell you may have just walked away from at all I don't how is dad is a market nationalized Brothers Charlie Sheen like how do you just disappear from your Brothers Charlie Sheen yeah are not known about how. How are you just to pick up where is he. Where's the body trolley back out a couple of years ago when Charlie Sheen was Wallin out and Amelio Estevez popped out it was like my brother's crazy. Understand how do you just disappear like that if he was in movies he was like maximum overdrive was great. You know it's huge for a manager has a good movie is and then also means is gone he was dating Paula Abdul for awhile feels like the mid nineties the last thing I remember about this man has he done my TV here awards shows and well now ready for a comeback. He needs a VH one reality show lets us company did he is a sex tape. Do or they like no creates one doesn't for everybody now manned well they bring him back top guns and what do they just like drop back on his old movies and use like the old like down you know black belt a little movie you have to do. Men at work. Move local local boy you know or announce that you're the Charlie Sheen both trash men very timid driver of the of the producers he repo man of course we saw it and I also deliberate. Could I fumble happened until there's a lot of stuff in the way. Yesterday into account time I drive that Matt's got its hands kind of covered there are trying to. Gog time of day. Yeah I so I've gotten as excited on the cast. Lows of last week I went to Hawaii to do that hike. Cal out trail. And up there's a big flat on the island so road is washed out we didn't get to hike. The main for your cigarette lighter for the permanent not a big deal so. As they're in the Stanley avail fly out on Saturday. And I flew out on Sunday night saying today it's myself to skate on the island do I think some of the current Snickers over the Holloway. I'm gonna rent to surf porn gos are fine and then serving out in Washington before like I'm washing coasters kind of rough. But basically you know and I was Gil on those long really easy to serve on boards you know along board says like big into variable. And pretty easy to do so. I was at I'd see all these guys all week a new school serve produce like sexy surfer chicks do I think on the sort of storm boards like its parent company's plans and like you know what. Hike if ever you're gonna graduate up to the smaller cool looking bored like now's the time not thinking like you haven't served five years you weren't that good the first play us out so. I do I go to rental place in the data came Mandy while he's trying to show me all the bull longhorns might now man I want I want to I want one of his lawyer asked the demos. He's like all right so he grabs me one he's like. I I dozens on specifically just. It's you know let's look more buoyant police here can't bet it was like yeah is short is really thick you could tell it was like they're beginner. Might miss him boards and that telltale sign of the double O big gouge is out of it's you know people each on this final time. So I grabbed it went over to the beach house like all pumped up and it's exam I was overconfident dare I say grossly overconfident. So I have actually been pummeled by the way it's about ten minutes trying to get out to line up from servers are. My diet I don't even really wanna ride a wave at this point it to me so much every out here so I go to China stand up on immediately just sick smashed against the bottom. Happens about six more times maybe eight I don't know. Come and take in my case. And it really dons a meal like man. You're cure grossly overconfident here are overconfident here and so. The top topic this week when has your overconfidence. Come back to bite you feel free to email us humility podcast I comprehensible Twitter scene. Pat deep podcast to ease when has your over comments. Come back to bite you. Boys. The first when it comes to mind for me was I can always hit right press a claim based on the fourteenth. Felt like I still play softball hockey recedes and Matt. So who. A friend of mine it was working for Miller course of the time it's like hey you recommend Safeco take BP but they're out of town smells like sure I'm talking all week like. Probably gonna hit one yard. Who are going to I heard this and whenever I notice they've got not a big deal right the honey we get the hair. I see my buddy Mike for Mike's chili parlor he's back he's 42 and we have a committed over. I hope for. If mistakes are you see the field but it's great actually go out there and I mean. At best maybe one rolled at the very end they might barely tapped the warning track. But I don't we cannot wait to hit one out there I was even close. And apparently had been no batting cage in a long time lake by the end of the round it was like I can barely even just like swing the bat look I would think for. But that's the email say is like you you know the more years away from you get the better you wore prank so you can I don't have fourteen man. Have a superstar actor Donnelly biased editing a different path of that of course day go out there as those pros Brisinger those things are always fun. I had a similar thing whereas when I first started playing hockey place ice hockey and as programs that teach myself how to ice skate and then as soon as that Ike. Kind of figured out how to stop with the Tyco up and down at the stick him pots or is just say. Pretending I'm Jeff Carter in the Stanley Cup final and stuff like I just love to see video of me playing nobody black sheeting were putt maybe 25 miles an hour. And just feel like I'm in the Stanley Cup final. But it's it was awesome on but I was also thinking we're saying that. Lately I've been. Just kind of late Claire Allen three framing things in my life and I do myself up some kind of the procrastinate or by nature. And when they're kind of stumble along not high the other day I was like man I am really confident in my future self. What I keep saying all these years later. They have not yet that's I don't know what I'd ever thought about bella Rica. This is waves of media bring some joy to part of alive for I'm usually pretty. Our myself about it if you're present. That's a column that probably. It was that was when I snap my Q these tendon. That when that happened now was when I was the most confident. In in my abilities. Then I do I really had no business doing it was when I've been I've been doing it across that god back into working out all the time it like two years I was drinking laws. Through this thing is. And that's kind of I was a poll done I mean I was I was images pictures or videos of me doesn't bench pressing 350 to dead gadgets. I was on fire skill and I loved it felt best ever. And I gonna start working out that that really intense personal trainer in the gym. And everyone that worked out there as a professional it's been like 1040% of the people to work train their orders civilians like everyone else. Physically for use their body for a job in some capacity. And out the it was a person in the world and I had great shape I really loved it but my coach convinced me to come in. Before they were having their own version of basically like a cross that games tight game type thing that a lot of cross that athletes who worked out there and you can Killen it. They do for two years everyone likes you you're super fund and its fat mascot you got coming home could that Al like that's hurtful but I do an end to. They're like these once you can't compete and be a part of it. And I bought some new shoes and l.'s feel good I got in there Arab skidding hair house. And if you did events are ridiculous and every one of their there's a twenty people competing and I'm not kidding you fifteen of them that were in that room that we're doing this like the series of routines together. I actually went on to compete in the cross that games that year and the top 100. The men and women and other part of that was really that was the least half of them women in the all waste stronger and weight faster and better looking than me. So I severely injured myself in front of all of them when they convinced me to attempt a triple jump. And for those viewed YouTube you're you're seeing me or look like the very first thing the doctor at the ER said to me when I got there after my Achilles tendon snapped. When I aged leaped. What he actually said. What about. You were. Like why did why did you think it was a good idea that jump. He's like what about. You like your body. Like meiji think leaping was what you should be doing. That you definitely. Should not have attempted this that your. You know here's thirties. We heard really good shape but elect 200 thirst pounds built like a. Bowling ball hits but if you decide you're good at leap. But he wouldn't trading floor and I like man you really have right now. Yeah yeah this in the side story to this that I don't know if I've told them or not but so he's yeah he's going to bricklayer for people who are half home and so. Taxi from the hospital. I walked in to tell my dad whose physical therapist rescind their read in the paper casually. I'm like oh yeah it's kind of crazy my body just snapped his Achilles doesn't look up on the paper you discuss the male between thirty and 38. I'm like. Yeah he is near us how classic. Hope I make it. Hey you know could ever sued two to what people are. Just the basic covenant they give rather mean the end of course. Kind of red dresses them up this Saturday they don't have tickets by now I can also bottom of the door. Matt you'll be down and all be there aren't correct so comes they had a Matt and I will both be they are doing a couple songs for new originals. Out of that I would see red sesame and that is 12. Later in the evening minutes of long day in the Sun City just. Hydrate hydrate and they told pace car in there once and while some straight sun screen debuting at sunburns going to be real hot. It's last year like rain towards the end it's yeah I'm happy sort of cool off them like they tomorrow Thursday we war. On Friday thanks to a little bit cooler but either way I understand that's a long day didn't mean to rain like last year to kind of cool we all like. I just don't see you know fights anathema that ability like hysteria believe in yourself out there have hundred a lot of pierce who don't. They need to call your own course right. Kind of go out there today very tailgate early has always been diligent as we all our fertility game. But I've read TTP for probably ten at Smith is the podcast cheers.