Thee Podcast Episode 226

Thursday, July 12th

This week we discuss the 4th, Seattle architecture, and Cobb's close call!

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Mastered that today. I got two hours earlier than I usually do rank in that he's gone back to sleep certainly I am room stories. Right that I went delicate you know pretty decent party recession whatever. Mimic my 5 o'clock am so tired. Like he can't dispute is two hours I realized my parents out for lines like pro. Basically alienated and cargo hold any Africa that's a state that hasn't it if they occupations that are right to think now known wonderland like dragging as late motion on him like a scoop of rights. It's just it's just. Couldn't if it's. Us. Starting. Studs and treat starting these senseless and top. To me. They podcaster with a 246. But that would avoid these kids this will be hosting this here podcast very podcast and all the way all the way. Telephony is always. My burner buddy he's always here looking through 1000 feet of few real movement in account now what's going on. The neat guys at six points Dow Jones Industrial Average fell fourteen points in the peso continued its decline over the weekend. Shares the podcast up for a quarter points as president trump is rumored to be considering Ted for his latest Supreme Court appointment. For the IOK how it takes to pull our nation back from the brink we'll find out app by. Pesos also still a great song by itself a front teeth. I backed up the rear of the field get the studio also an uptake in the long way go when both of the well water rides into the past stood there. Met some of the producer and feet deep if you put them up at apple paid. Sorry I am inaugurated ya I'm nets. Is it a lot of friends that super. Open and yeah. There is is not but it's so beautiful down there as bag out Tex the guys in my you know. Usually I hit traffic and other places and that's there was also traffic in those places and then there's Traficant a place where usually not it has the best the only drive itself. Is that that took it and. Good noticed I say when you Texas both that your name is slightly late I was like oh whatever no big deal and I'll look at our old house like three messages and I thread are you like Tom cotton valley bridge. Yeah highlighted the bridge to you today but I had factor that in now you're right we never reply no like no work things he just tap into. You're and you wanted to all at times a benlate just check our messaging that. This. Before that it just always be like making puns about being downstairs. Aria. Crap like two years ago I had an empty card to the building. So that detects the boys and I would just use a different mediums in different light down what was it like people named to. I Sierra morrow was now like yeah I anyway there is like you dozens of these text them to try to relent. Come upstairs. Did I was is that name but the waterfront or wherever we want to my hours are. Trying to cut through downtown by the stadiums to go play indoor soccer. Arena sports and soda. I like the traffic is just awful right course I haven't checked what's going on. Some stand there and you know when you're on the skewed you talked to anybody since the over the traffic compliment what install went on geez I wonder actions like end. This video rank well I think again thanks to an essential that some people. I think the name was cured using different bodies and replacing Bobby with lobby. Oh that's right dude yeah I had like probably fifteen different Bobby's regularly movies in south and I liked yeah Bob Barker Bobby Boucher and has always chatty as of the new one at a certain point after two years as ran out her candles on. I've preached all that commitment. So before we start we we were off last week is a fourth of July is. Is really just throw out this week holiday is very strange. Yeah I think people like many took off some time before the fourth. Kinda got a holiday and but I think a lot of people took off the Thursday and Friday that would Wednesday just a weird time probably that was Christmas to everybody would have more time. Do good things that could mess that I mean here's the thing it's a big enough holiday that you're not going to be working that day. But it's a smaller holiday the you don't get a whole week cost right like Christmas the week is off before the July like. Saint Patrick's Day you look Bono work before this last time between and honestly. Ifill like nobody knew what to do you could have Maxtor and dot Thursday bow remembered as a whole weekend off and embraced him and I don't Wednesday it really after people schedule. Yes and I I see this every year I'm at a party set on the spot gas like I don't understand. Everything happened that night why don't we get the fifth off. Did yeah totally. Right like you'll get New Year's Day you don't need New Year's Eve off the juniors they are afraid of their leaders who stay up late at night from midnight but the fireworks can happen until it's dark. Like wow which relate in years like Asia you know what 3 o'clock in July 4 everybody go home. It's your cook outs or whatever and then you did you know do you get July 5. Did this thing though it is kind of a big like picnics last barbecue sort of like you know Americana type holiday and so. Like for us growing up bruised up planned all day affair how many go bit like little games in the park firehouse you do like that egg Haas in the balloon tossed back and forth three legged race like. That street like America contacts app itself. I feel like. The big goats do for America as like you take the weekend dossier of some days on either side. It just like with this one Wednesday man it just really it's her ranch in the system for everybody nobody knew what to do. And like honestly like I kind of forgot like Britain will ever knows they are in the paint a candidate able. To voice it all gassed up you have. Says July 4 use these pretty subdued to me plus Cobb you might know this now living in Austin Mike. July 4 for whatever reason for me is the closest thing to Christmas Day where it's like. Yeah well like for me I get a little sad is like everybody's families generally together at some point four. You know naming flat at a for whatever reasons like fourth gem like but even panic I'll just chill but I forgot people grew hail. But Capitol Hill was so give live at night during the day it was dead preview or should not an eighty's in the intersection right from my house. That's insane yeah has no place to be layoff animated as someone who loves them eighties. Matt it was so loud right in like I don't know why that little intersect well probably did you did see some of the fireworks in south lake union right now there are no. But that intersection was constant all my my people kept coming out like. How is that so loud hum lake has about every five minutes people can come and I did that they're expected to do it ha ha. I've worked here Wednesday. And night and side from the end studio you can see parts a lake union. Thank you kind of see. The fireworks but there's this one building in the way and a beds really tall. As I has won buildings is blocking the view and it's the building right in front of our old building that decimated the view. I'll located tech yeah. Of man. You grant and are flipped off a building before. And it's not that building there's another building down there walked by activity it's bringing neo Edith Cobb you'll agree with the union of the next and your back I'll show you but it is it's ugly. It's what corner is an odd. I'm sure knowing southern new giant hotel based on the West Coast as a yes. That on all of an eight. On the dollar saga laced course like catty corner and quality. Yeah on the northeast corner of a ball and it yes I do not do that thing is massive mat where they'll Greyhound is used to be your. It took about hope any huge but it says it looks so for a completely. We are facing drunk act I've been tested at a time. And hadn't given that and they're driven by other sections since we moved stations. Yet let me bring in it's a mess them but yet I don't exactly I've avoided at all costs yeah I was just walking by the other day on Monday is those cut down that belt now for an appointment for working out. Like I think that things big and I'm sure be nice to have only just aesthetically it's not very pretty pleasing the did it feel that's a thing with the US in general and Seattle in particular. Is like in the US essar in a lot of other countries they try to make their buildings beautiful on chemicals and add to the city you know at least some course that next. In the US I feel like it just builds the maximum square footage and volume metric footage they can. And so they just it's a square yards whatever the plot as and it just goes up all the way but. Like in Seattle assesses that recently I feel like even some of the facades and stuff have been pretty weak. Verses like a city like Melvin and wants a contrast or Chicago mid eighties beautiful buildings and still take a lot of the plot but SO. The one thing I will say about Seattle's as a couple new ones coming online that gala pretty cool like the one next there Rainier our ethical and decent one across from your guys work the one F five has announced pretty cool kid and I'm one still on Amazon spears. There's a new one over on Lucy won't that be. I'm Westlake and probably like it's Danny it's like in that little triangle as the big oval one it's like kind of cool so. Yeah it does suck don't give us build the biggest thing make him build for the money. There's. A pool wall on the building its way over that way and it it's important it's super cool as the sun was coming out tonight bouncing off and it's got like yet. These I. I don't know if they're brakes are very different colored rectangles going out there's I have read it and they go maroon dark green and some black and that. As just an equal pattern at the sun was hidden it sounds like crap. And ever notice that. For nearly two. You were seen Mike I'd like old school comics like the old school patently public buildings are gonna square like that giant hotel just looks like it. They the bottoms a little thicker and the topic just white didn't. I'm having him into some dislike. Potomac that cool I'm sure dubious super dope hotel. Via. Yes it's kind of like a background side building he donated a man like that there's such giant a beautiful pieces to look at it. I mean I'm sure it cost him a lot of extra but they also command a higher rent just all the buildings look great now I just I would put up against that she. Kinda as the champions in the infidelity and I'll make some awesome looking buildings. What's that it's 28 team that we have more abilities to make awesome looking buildings that we have it any other point in history and it thrown up he's the show. Like that well oh the suit. Like Assad had had. You go. Outback dude I forgot to mention this awesome though and that's gonna grab your guys work does look as what's in the short like sort of document Arianna. It's on Lasik fourth or fifth but. They're putting these there it's like a skyscraper. If you lifted the skyscraper off the ground by about. A 150 feet so they've got these columns and they have had a custom made in China and shipped over. Com and these columns are obviously gonna support the whole building and they're all weird angles. And so what they want it is to be like almost like a park underneath a floating skyscraper and it's going to be dope man Mike. From an engineering standpoint it's night. So difficult to do and I really like. They didn't have to do it you know they're doing it so that people can walk beneath the building and it doesn't break up that block area. It's going to be awesome acumen the name of it. Whereas. Com it's like credit. As you had from your guys building on towards. Tight place Marcus has probably between third and fourth. On roughly like. You guys on you. Yeah it's highly ironic union owner Virginia I don't exactly Thomas that's got that's got to be that's got to be the one across four at the capitol grow right. But he used to probable there Rainier senator or something and they just Tori oh no no no. Now they're talking about so that building is going to be awesome now billions to big ramp so the University of Washington owns that property that's the first I mentioned. This one is down south like three or four blocks from that. And it's all these pillars that are gonna happen like in V shapes they're in a stand up like a hundred feet and then its customers' current topical. It's crazy. Yeah it's going to be pretty cool man nice now when I am excited those two buildings are particularly excited about. Stephen yeah I mean that's just one out well and then write it makes that other one look even uglier. Now do yet totally hate when people when developers just kind of cheap out or try to maximize. Square footage spike. It's almost are they going to aid. Festival and being the only person is not dressed up. Like you're going there are seeking look at all the cool crazy looking people were dressed up but all those people have to look at you just in your like you know your dockers and polo shirt and it's not fun and south with those buildings it's like there leaching off the neighborhood and how cool the other stuff looks at how vibrant as but just. Doing a straight cash grab of a rectangle buildings. Yeah. And you gotta talk herself like liberals are dockers to a fast. Paced routine you know the tax code that. Let's go to for getting to like I don't know. But we give these brand new hotels and stuff when you've got to put in some kind of fancy pressure and I got out of that lake. But that's sports bar at the Sheraton in Dallas like that to me as one of the more like kind of like my this is cool but he was a nice sports bar religious sports bar. Where they feel like hotels like in a giant when they to have some that fancy like now it's gonna have one name and no asks. Yeah I did it in like taste. Yet we've been the sport. Yes. Actually via sport I will give sport here's the deal back in the day. Sports who respects. I all right and her sport. The Space Needle yet I should allow us plaza yeah you don't reference the waitress there and a sport yet mr. plaza that place when I first moved here kind of sucked ranked. But he was a sports Favre like the food wasn't that good and then John Howie. That company took an overs and now you go there may hamper the food is that bus I was there and I haven't appease the sturgeon like rectory. Yeah circuit and their birth Simmons there. No shift Nokia at that he got there yeah that's nice save. Yet he is negative look to after the book the best book came out there read the whole thing and sign it and yet. All right eight. Yeah I've had I liked him for along time it's crazy ladies. The career trajectory he's been on you know historic ten years yet started in Boston. We started the Bob Dylan John how are you know bill sentiments. But he started back in the day when it Yahoo! was the main thing they have like local people you know he's just like the local guy for Boston mentally I start his career. Yeah it is to target and yet he's pretty funny. Are talking about fruits of July 4 ranked the weekend before that. We've had south over sound via podcast before course he runs and up plain stupid podcast. So I went down his place I can completely see what north Olympian. Seen here how like you meet people and their like are you gotta come to my house that super cool we got a bar in the basement probably ranked. No offense sometimes these people to mere kinda like it's nice but like. The opposite of like that that's the south house with his entire got him basement is a sports bar also they have central air conditioning system as they get them. Off. I mean like every be like any beer liquor you think coach a full shuffle board. How are the waitresses pool table you know the wages are pretty good is mainly just salary in the bar be set whose fault it is out there three I think three TV's. So I'm down ever spent two nights down ranked so Friday night we go to casinos in you know get all you can eat crabs which of course we're just crushing for hours. Saturday we get up it's with the center for July 4 I don't know how was that in the city but I mean it was kind of chilly. But so Chile were gonna get in the water I still excellent. But. So tight we might claim on the beach who got a horse clam and then you nobody ago I went yeah we you don't leave him as a body of water got to get him. So it yeah I hate it but Koppel like you mean it was chilly. And then his wife's Jessica's parents boom mikes and cattle so she made these burgers which easily were the top. I think top three of cheeseburgers iPad Matt knows all about the second set of pictures of all the food reread yeah hanging around the top three ever yes. I my brother's friend James is number one. Not positive and number two would be that had some good ones and restaurants that it that murder was deathly top five I think top story. Hampshire to James. And check out project yet. So then now thug trying it's the point of Ramos died since Saturday were having a blast right. You know we're drinking all day this map and its two colts and I was in ghosts when and then there are other neighbors come over. Were hanging out all night we played some kind of like dice game that let you roll too little pigs. Oh yes. Did out there and even Iran might we played at a some talent that's all right yes that was pretty fun to the next day we get up bright we're hanging out its July 1 candidate day we bang down a couple block Crown Royal shots. And it is today it just is like hey I got these panel sports column you've been on a pad abort. Out of work no paddles yeah I don't want. Pedal pedal pedal pedal board yet. Sorry you cut now I have no idea that even means a paddle board aren't a bicycle on I can imagine so it's like a panel board ranked. Except there's two lake almost to stair master late too little like up and down the tube which are heels on. That makes sense. Oh dude I've seen those things like did fly if you're really crank on yeah I don't exactly timeout yeah and maybe you've seen the people lake third glassy water. Several. That Sunday they were sort of tell me is that there has to commercial that's. I was on with the paddle board. I mean there's wind workload across that a smooth blotter follow Jesus Christ now but we're going across obviously it's a pretty big big distance you're gonna crawl right. And I mean. Once we get over there like we whatever see the seals that I think we got to turn around I can't steal this thing now. I mean comp your boy my PST is dripping in sweat Reiner and it's still chilly out. Tammy it'd. Honestly think there is one I never tipped over because the panel board is bigger so you can stay you stay up. But I mean there's a couple times the the water came up over and coal oil and I'll play out on in this park and during. I like how you call it PFD. Do that makes you sound. More official and qualified. By contrast that though I out that there I don't know what I'd do it out in my ass kicked but I have at PFD and it's like okay. He's legit that's good story. Some guy was not organized yeah I know it's and he told me at last sees like a row he has like I love that he does that with the yeah because that's called white jackets but he Sapient BMI. There's going to be run and it's scuba class or something. I don't somebody got me into this years ago and I see it every time will heal the parts of what based courts Obama via the but I it's really contemplate. Literally Jessica comes in first in south in in there and her comment to a I think I am both skilled talent that had happened and so then like we get off and I'm like. But you guys always go that far and she's like. Well. We've only had a per week Carolina wrote on one if it was pretty cool healthy. Since that this takes and possibly the brilliant back and they do that was up. Like I've got a half a minute and that was my comment when I got back even though his struggles like this and so recycled all weekend. But after that I mean that's I guess they like I almost died when he did it was awesome we steamed clams on Sunday as seems to assure that we ads mores and had a reels more. I can't fire and forever like. It didn't you say you put Reese's. Instead of Hershey's yes so it's like Hershey bar the breaks in the squares but it's greasy peanut plant located them by the way did you insomnia I had seen it should have Rodham Saturday. Yeah I hadn't seen him since we now get fires south the first person I saw had a but I was like this is focus more on the next level yeah that's Anthony's they're more rectangle then square it. Gay look at deathly timlin that's but really it was a very good time knocked back copies that you almost died recently as well. Dude yet today so. He. Was it water involved. There is there is no water I am OK so you got a picture like our. First though the lifestyle down here in Austin has changed me a little bit so you know in Seattle generally speaking mean are saying on the scooters a safety third but. You know I usually like Wear a helmet passed shoes on. Gloves you know at least the basics. So continuously aerials. Once you sandals shorts packed. OK so often that we play a little more fast and loose. I'm so I was ten notes at Barton springs today every two I deep ready to go for a swim this afternoon and I'm had to change my hand grips because one of the Mormon throttle was was like weirdly sort of slipping sec ordered a couple on Amazon a couple of days ago. They show up and my buddies in the scooter club we're like yeah just pull her old ones off. Should a couple of shots and hairspray and there and slot him on in the stick. And doesn't okay cool like that's under redundant forming a sounds sounds feasible right I. You remember two things up these new ones they have a giant rubber piece like right now if your gripping the handle whatever giant for a piece right next to your thumb. On both of them and apparently some people cut those costs some be able leave them. I left them. So this greatest hairspray in there slide both them on coincide kind of let it dry but the thing is the people have been doing this all live in Washington. Where it's much colder so today as. I don't know if you pick to pick. Says this right 95 degrees so I roll out in my sandals. Just my swim trunks which I like the short European style one's tank top. No helmet. And I'm just cruise over to the plans crews are indeed Betty. Site get out on the road and immediately my left hand grip so the right one as your throttle my left hand grip slips and Mike who. Oca puzzle concerning and I'm able to kind of spin that some might well whatever as a no one hand grip on my brakes are not gone back to. So. The site get to. Get to west Austin and trying to get close and I turn a corner on the kind of a main street and I got to pick up the pace. So I punched the throttle. And that moment that day rubber piece. Sticks. Don't does that I'm open throttle through the middle of downtown Austin and I can't shut off. Some like cranking on this thing trying to get up in the bikes just hit enough speed so the cars around here on 25. Maybe 38 your voice hostile and sixties when a tank top. See us. Hundreds of hand a full weight so I like weave in and out of a couple cars and at this point I'm hitting the brakes and site I hit the brakes. Kind of easy but I'm scared I kid him a little heart that I would. And the bike lurches like when you hit a friend break you almost feel like your flip over the front I hit it on Cadillac. Going on the brakes that the throttle is full and so on pretty fast and so my trying to work at a head up to a stoplight. And I'd write as I get a stop light turns green Bowman's unscrew the little boy a couple of acts and remain reverent man. Analysts and handles small screens there. And a tank tops so I'm I'm mob and found a site aren't. Right after this I just shut the bike offers a little off switch and my crews from sixty down to like twenty down to ten and and right in front of my this really like down sort of like a pretty lululemon store. I just pull in hot. And just like cousin of the storm turn off the bike like just completely. A storm away from that and yes anyway that's I almost died today but Ana talking. Well all. Yeah may mean your heart must have been pulled. Owed dude yeah you hit night I haven't been Ike. Chirac in a while and it was like at least 56 and answer my porcelain backed out like that red light like if I hit that that's a four lane road coming the other way. We would now begin as podcast and he buys its 24 mark Bowles goes to. It was a bit Serbia podcast. The poor. I mean that's a scary is now. Yet it is freeze there is kind of funny like I mean all things considered now like I laugh about it but it was intense in the moment. So what was the difference is that it was hot to its stock more. So it was it was hot so the left one wouldn't stick. But then the right one just because it was so far on and that robber was really dummy. And so when I cranked it is a rubber piece right next to your hand and that was sticking against sort of the main. Like throttle housing. And so when I was trying to turn that thing off like I bent the whole throttle housing that's how hard I was cranking on that try to get. That's rattle off like to form murals like point the other direction after. I'd out. Yeah so it was a combination thinks it was the hand grips were a little bit too big for one side hairspray was really sticking because it was hot out. And that debris were pieces probably needed to come off. I did the new people rightists in their cars like who's this speed NASA is here co author. Dad's employer goes through the rest of the day itself anyway. Two out of three of us almost died this week I like us living dangerously. Matt well anyhow now over the no I feel so boring. Believe all the fireworks are pretty safe. Yeah you see it who took risks is fireworks as a kid also that no judgment. Even as an adult I still love obliges it was a Wednesday this year I didn't know what to do like yours to hand so and then they had work Diaz says I. Yeah let's answer and I can't be taken extra days off I have meltdown coming up play hey Adam. Yeah as a narrow on this going to be you work around that and yes and then. That people had fireworks it the end but I would have had bigger ones in more of them if it was on a weekend. Yet as a problem like I don't drink I got the leg give my brought out some other way and you know. I asked already smoke weed all the time life that's gonna make the fourth of July extra special itself. I fireworks. I think this capitol hill man. July 4 he went to like 233. Area and then even on the fifth means that it a lot of new hat off the fifth. They Ellis and heard the last thing Roman candle at 1:44 AM while yet. Yeah I was Watson and from the studios here right all the non official ones yeah and there one when he got to still do my shell after midday in seeing them go off and you know commenting on. Well that I mean that was the only effort not like even though was a Wednesday or whatever like so our body dumped within town. Sued don't NIA and seen him but he was on the fourth music you don't come by and at another buddy in town to. Bent. He's a work you know he's worked for us. His his brother and also counts on the fourth like he came by. Josh we hung out and don't showed up. We want to Capitol Hill like Attica will be years but I mean. July 4 he was so empty in Italy early afternoon even. Romanian by like 6 o'clock it was so who it was crazy Afro like people party on the fourth and yeah. Yeah the morning almost like pulled you into a false sense of nothing is happening now that's so let's hearsay and yet I think a polka people had the fifth off. So I mean Mike in out party and on the fourth was no big deal. Yeah honestly I just kind of discounted how much. Texas loves America and how much people in Texas love guns and explosives so. I do the morning started out pretty chill and I was just like okay cool it's just now. Horizontal CL a goes but yet by the end of the night I mean this town was a war zone we went to watch a debate fireworks there on of course my house in the city once. And asked Daryl home I mean it it was yeah it was like a war torn. City I mean there is like yet Roman candles and sparkle or bombs and you know Rosenthal bottle rockets have gone every direction is fond. Yet that's the best I realize that that intersection around that even just from my little. From the bunker a heated seat on lake union wants any people or to set off a round. We be able to skip flown all right bill is going on like rob there's using the intersection set off their own as we watch on the I love you can't have the bunker and out as the perfect game for your place is at area if it. Few voids is built into the mountain and your boy had to get tough on somebody Friday. Night come open in my blinds right that main window. And I I looked up at some duke threw a pair of pants down my patio. All hell now right side now it shows that there he can't see pictures when I was like hey you can't. Do that. And heater that got grain that the guy had Venus fifties exit street person you know junkie. But he turns around and I mean he was so shocked count like he legit fear and he's a. Up I'll pick it up. Rights and now he's lean in Hoover China pick them up but I like throw the ball hangs. And I'm like pigeon with the door I can't get to know by the time I slide open he's like it'll never happen again. But again maybe the populace fear. But. Damn right. It apps written out repaid over there at the lower Deir brits still a pretty tough. I did you guys have good weather we got slammed in the morning with like a biblical it's rainstorm. No July 4 actually was like it was a little oddly humid during the day I mean at Seattle the with a little I was a little cooler but the weather was fine yeah. Now kind yeah we had like probably eight inches of water fall in like forty minutes it was the hardest rain I've ever seen in my life and at all. After that thinks pretty much cleared up those those thunderstorms think people understand if you don't live like taxes there in Louisiana and that those things are ridiculous. There's no real. Sorry I'll. Is it like flash flood in the city. Yet. Us dude there was like six hours on Matt before Rihanna casters like six inches of standing water but we had a scooter home stereo. I mean I sawing it's like it's all impervious surface here to salt limestone underneath the city. And so when it rains I mean just everything floods out immediately there's nowhere for the water to gal. Mean that's crazy so even at night the water just standing around. From. Yeah I'd then like some of minister still Whitewater in the streets for sure but I'd there's basically like a whole series of like concrete canals they've done again a lot of management staff so it goes away eventually but just like when that rain hits hits so. Hard and in such volume that it overwhelms the system for about like you know. Three to six hours where in Seattle people think like on the streets are well whatever but there's not so much standing water and here it's just standing cars. Has gone through look like they're my two. Nissan test zones in the commercial Yury and I water splash of hubble's science. Maybe I once or twice per season. Yet that lake in same downpour here but it's always like thirty seconds. But that they've what happens for a sustained period of time in these places which you know those things well right. You just walked across the street in your soaking wet and new low in you know like you walk into. A Seattle used C a Seattle I music used to this now right holy cow in the guys like laughing at how ridiculously hard it's coming down. But that happens right in the 32 spurts once a year here. Doesn't feel it in the fall we get those storms you'd a couple of those big ones jury that's rare is like grinder up in the summer and he is if those thunderstorms in the range for a wrench. Yes how was it in New Hampshire when I wanna their for the summer yeah there's a couple of those and it's just say. Yeah at he didn't come from Seattle he'd be used to have it now it's a totally different experience. Yes it's so I mean I remember. Aaron the first girl from I had was from Ian claw right. And I mean we watch your back for a wedding and there was a shout outs and the clock shop took off and they result there was a thunderstorm and she's like I have never seen anything like this. You know like when the lightning flashes him in the whole place rattles because of the thunder. Yeah. With that said I don't mind to get them from now on to we're staying here don't I could Virginia has great wants to in the afternoon in the summer it's a decent medical DC Virginia lake right there are like even like Orlando any of that stuff. There went to New Hampshire mr. Vegas summer school camp thing third you know cuts and it is safe. Are people join the army to see the world map all the countries got trouble on the team and a that they had these night army tight tense is a big hand is tends to Iowa platform and their effort to people. And and win one of those storms hit like a win it was so crazy. And there's lightning they post it back to our tenth. And then elect the wind hit in literally every AP and hired camps tents all came up that wanting to just like. See the route you just see all these everyone else in there in their tents. Because all the walls just flew up those insane like the light is Hammond rains coming in sideways. As to say. Police witnesses. And insane they gazed at it whether it back here. That's what you rate didn't hit my two year college thing I've been in that year before meditating and it hailed the motorists. Know how many near. Dude I was gonna say you swap those canvas tents for a Costco carport and you basically have ten nights a man. Yeah in the lightning and rain bird no light rain it was just like yen. It is like being in a wind tunnel on someone's just throwing baby powder and a minute sixty miles an hour. And so we Moscow carport with Persian rugs. And a and there. There is ghetto fabulous is now an accident about products are now it's almost got a fabulous that are relevant and in the first I mean the first few days we we were the men. The guys. Ariel do we are open it for sure but always downhill pretty quick. Now that'll happen. There we would like refugees at the end of that let's be honest. Yeah yeah we did. We looked around our place looked looked horrible. You're just wide and there opt your dad did go to sleep. And not using your blanket because you just you raptors don't coax him to dusty like no those are real low point. The act kind of forget about that stuff some time. What slightly ahead scoop off clicking into dust. Yeah that is pretty ruthless. And I don't I don't that a lot of times but still my beer parties. He knew before the day we drove in and stuff for the store should be currently do we have the right look. I get big it's on the right. We never even took the plastic off the box. So we know you know heard the real close to the growing a girl status for two seconds. It beat out the best shot I had was the girl does power chug empire ball. Like days sick physically I'm not doing anything and anybody at this point. The spirit that I how cavalier and that's you know. We didn't get that out of my and go home. I do it that dome Jesus cries we really got me you know lives but would that. At the X. I like I've got the emails for us. Did you he had Dugan telling incident saying out of does realizing how much were personal risk we take lives. Oh hole that. Yeah me neither serving on a pal or one under. Now hundreds of yards do we legacies and seals there is just cruised into an area like burning man I I still think it's all the time I was on my best friends. Obviously vary they get confident it good on paper than whatever like three weeks before that that Al Maine he's scared to. Like I don't want to read you now right and then when is move on those take care of him day yeah I got a. God whoever did. This arts. Now shorten this is much like good but it's important I wish cup committed to read fast it is beyond dollars and hanging out the greatest podcast on land although I am. Gonna send us directly through my email system as I fear my top topic you know about my embarrassing sex encounter was lost in the website I still the text if you'd like to read it unfortunately since this exploited independent contractor and happy about it Ted has a different capitalism -- market by relation. Not capitalism correctly it's the absence of force and economics in fact the only system built on that principle basic tenets or respect property rights pretty stallion and keep their contracts meaning no fraud. I give an example you have five dollars and have a pills. Are you five dollars not a poster you want to told her more than five dollars and vice Versa therefore we trade. Lot more to a optimism almost every fly attributed to it actually comes from the use of force via a government program or a loss when directly through lobbying job I thought. Investors are some basic definitions are on the same playing field. Nazis speed a definite sense since it was brought up and so people often likened to nationalism tribalism. A best way to address this out of turn Nazis sharp for a national socialism small hand to do you remember history wasn't exactly a national park that was the problem. A foreshadowing either more than one reason some people care about this topic most of which incentives side have to do with how people were raised along with several genetic factors. I'll explain further another time. Two very important topic and as one reason why these arguments keep coming out. Thanks ash sounds awesome hope to meet Monday. Agent. All right he so there. If by the way they job I'll map for the kind words and glad to make home made home has been worried about chip. Paul nice. Hello to the greatest my gas while Lance all the land pill help with a little mad trot he doesn't drive right. I don't think so I don't know a dozen track and shore. Oh by the way where's all the land. Our friend yen. I was haven't we were saddened at the Bosnian in Arlington before it went to the party have a couple snack packs and entering and she said something. And she was just about to see the phrase all the land Richie sitting next to me and I can see their hides it's like she almost didn't wanna say it isn't completely. All the land I want all the luck can't hurt I'm gonna say that. It's easy to tell it like I listen every week putting you're gonna hear it I did today on the major nobody would have picked up. There. It's awesome yeah. First one to say I love the way you guys cycle between stupid like donuts and and swing wildly to serious topics like this systemic problems in lasers capitalism. Just kind of permanent quick sense about how the blue collar workers aren't getting next hour for an air space repair contractors snohomish county not bow and as a full time employment 26 bucks an hour. I live with my mother in law because we can't afford a little my town and I simply cannot afford to buy a house. They're burned out shells and Everett for two minutes of decay and mole homes on the sixties on the 300. Have a look at the six months in seizure woolly Mount Vernon to find anything close to affordable little boy haven't been succeeding. A renting to save up for a down payment won't work because apartments 'cause it was more as a mortgage right now. I don't know how people who work and reach influencers industry can afford to live on minimum wage in the state anymore. And before long things get much worse cop teal DR. May 26 on our camp I am home anywhere in western washed and signed. They read Matt. Yeah I mean it's terrible. Yup. And that feeling yeah. Here here's my thing right and I am bacon I get panel Guerrier come from. But I thank you for writing in but I mean same lake. In this is like keep touching on is that like it's not like oh these companies are making money it just it's not getting down to the employees rang. I mean that that's my whole point about capitalism and also Cobb I didn't know that to you told me a couple weeks ago right lake. We talk about you got to look out for the investors in this in that rate it's not like the guy like one of us it's got a few bucks in on some company. It's the giant hedge fund groups and now. Down. Yeah and everyone passes the buck that's that's really always a lack of responsibility I think you know what it's like oh well I'm just do my job I'm so my job but. Yeah capital has way too much power and labor has far too little I think ray and so mostly keep to mostly cheap. Now to regulate. Now but back in the day it was OK you like you know it you're worker like you'll get along with like everybody in the company right filling valleys but you gotta be best friends of their brain the company to inflate. I know it's weird to me I was saying to somebody just the other day you look at granite I was come from different background which unions. But that's whether or not you like unions or not that was one of those things that the union was immediate screwed the guy still events that are. Here's the deal I'm its Amish UG street you know as I sit there and tell you about all the profits at her apartment that you don't get. The I mean anything to try and drive culture. We're you know oh would make me happier isn't money it's business let's say we sailors you're quick to remind me. Right corporate America just takes the bad stuff from my the tech companies right. I was so you know it's like wow. You know whether it's the open seating space is or this and that it's like right. But basically he working Google you're making six figures right to those people are have a little different mindset when they go to work. Via. Yeah I mean I don't know I'd. Abbott and do it I enjoy so I I met I've come to terms with a lot of a lot of the way it is but it flight. Yet it seems that there is saying or they take. These things that work where everybody's making six figures. And then trying to quiet places where people aren't making it and it's like it's now working people are not happy. Pay them more or he had figured figured out that. He had the big welfare of the employees is not being addressed. Right. To talk on the last my guess how much it cost me just to get into Seattle. Is overtime home. I don't know so that we were I think any measure is me doing my normal pitch in a corporate American capitalism. OK well here's one thing to think about with how much did cost of just being in Seattle has gone up so plasmas back how much state at night in my parents house. Hop in my car and I go to drive in Seattle so first 75 cents to get on Michael little express slanting and have to pay that. Granted come across the bridge for box. Parked the car and I do not favor parking senate pass but it would have been you know I 25 bucks hop on the light rail five bucks round trip to go downtown. Come back a light rail back across the bridge back out so totally Ganassi just again to Seattle for one meeting as like you know 1520 bucks. And imagine if your pain that every day plus gas plus depreciation and you know post the purchase price your car etc. And you cannot every day and gift paper parking like. It's absurd I mean somebody who's making even twenty bucks an hour would work half of their day. You now just to cover that and their food and there gas and so it's just it's crazy ants it's unsustainable. Yeah I mean you know I think it is but also you know I don't know it didn't seem like that bubbles popped in San Francisco yet. Dad did give bush a lot of people left San Francisco we actually have quite a few people in Austin from San Fran just as they are like. And you make really good money beer not able to save any of it in now. And that a lot of restaurants there having trouble getting staff. Apparently it is like a big thanks so they've had a couple fine dining restaurants open. That you actually. Serve your own food but I don't doubt that our diners I'll. Yeah well that's that I we say to and it's late. You know I I I know who sit down a break numbers and you know when argue with you but I would say if the people write your city I EU or. Bartenders sure waiters you or people older boomers like him none of them give living your city you have an issue and then. Yeah definitely and Seattle is only getting worse and read in the right direction. Borrow or fired another heat. Actually that's it all and on a positive note. I wanted to get up off the Internet. It's. All right I left out of them might weekend because I was with Matt the most secular with match. But yeah. Tonight. I. Both floor right it's this past week and hike out. It's a click back here at his camera on real quick. As so. Two weekends ago has dropped. I just wanted to say how awesome would shed is with doctor bass in their red fest over the weekend. Two weeks ago. They threw their first ever shed fest oh you can lead up in the woods and who is so awesome is so cool off I was out from where we were. Huge. EB six miles of models I can saying maybe one exit further down I five iron but it was super cool. And the eyes receiver proud as those guys that love them and knows who's really cool this G you know vision that honors after awhile come to fruition. And said thousand ton of fun that week analysis saw a window in the night before. And doubles I mean down the night before that now stating how much easier was when I had them all play the same show for my birthday. Find out about it is breaking Canada percent bats that's. -- traded bitter row for the dollar of that sound off them all of those bands in them. Yeah I love the people in them so and then this past week and who's pretty eventful as well off right and I made some wings. And I had friends over and you know when mountain in Ballard wrote allow and his now and then at the winking. They negated we've got some new sauces that farmers artery tried to thank Al paying you know her how to narrow main go or something now that it is givers still made the classic. Buffalo's while and it's yeah as great and then the next. Morning I went out to bigger ground. Fitness in Renton and went to a coaching workshop. Led by Martyn Rooney from training warriors is not indeed. It really just fired me up and had a lot of great insights and advice. And as cool way to spend the day. Hit it and yeah had had the vibe is you know just sit there and getting fired up about what I do felt the head. And then. After that went out to easy street records in west Seattle. To see that gem and I at there installer performance. The same town has seen them they're so cool to see live. And is kind of fun. Our our our friend Ernie has been on the podcasters Piero great photographers who ousted as case for it was our course and is there is about my aloft at there. And these guys picture of days haven't picture's there the whole crowd but there's one round like. Turned around looking at and that has kept looking around. My checking out the windows are open there's people on the side blocks the incident on the ice out there. And yeah eighties it's cool vibe ticket out of work I kept looking over an area. So you can cool. In any got a picture of me outlook in looking at an anatomy as of the press at the right that is alleged dumbfounded smile that it is so cool. Yes is super fun time and then Saturday night after that. He mind at that played. Not at all basically for pain at than real Saturday night you know and that then. Not really each time. Little bit the evidence is just the I interrupted sleep. Let's. A bank Carrey you know like it was funny who is during the thing and it bigger coaching great thing. Mark really complex and ideas fitness fancy ivy in eight hours of sleep at night. Hot couple. Whereas in van at that I'm also the wing king yeah I'm busy guy and you know it's I'm not. I'm aware of the health effects of not sleeping. Well. And but I'm also willing to take my chances for the awesome stuff that I cramming them not sleeping and I didn't. Stay up all night on instant Graham two nights in a row. But the second and got off to a second night. I don't watch much Netflix you know let the second night. I got out. In his. Can't cash early lead Syrians. Awesome property. And backup sandwich jab back Kevin standard sets three weekends in a row but I went to festivals that my friends through. For the right I mean I can't explain that enough like Brad tend through a fast via I I until we as I mean. His view wanted to call it a small are giant party did that they have felt much wanted to smaller festival yeah that we heard jokingly to. And there's multiple DJ is enjoying it crosses over. There was an eating and DJ that a girl singing on a platform and the sky band and it's a tough hand right there is other Dijjer. Eighties and other bad idea so it was definitely possible. And it was a ton of fun so we got there later later that it was still the sun was setting as we drove there in the sun was rising as we drove home. I think that the epic epic and it was right and they had Blake. The of their regular fire and another giant fire pit I mean people have RV needs a little have been there were already late solidarity past albums and you. The idea there's I never son Nolan once yeah that's obvious isn't it confirmed he was there at some point. Bet yeah I was super cooled went up into that. That little ten Hammett thing is like elevated they had their ideas web in the trees and climb the latter to go I'll know super cool. Yemen often terrified of heights and that's pretty intense for a very proper. And as cool and ton of fun and yeah outages and a siren Betty and and it was it was super cool. Our friends Jesse and Jamie are about to have a baby says suit we'll talk to them about that then. Yeah hadn't seen general while she's up from Morgan and so. Yeah is is great see everyone. You visit the whole meltdown crew was out radler then yeah award with their limits and Lance bit Brad the medium has spent and tired nursing him do that the Florida and he cooks the meat he got some good burgers and stuff before him to all who on this I believe that that he had me I'd. I've seen people's the first arrests op people's been virus out of the falls with him. In his eye Gatti and fires doping he didn't do it yet he's been learning it was my first time seeing him. I was like dude that was Bosnian of giants solar says Diaz. It isn't as of wild night is a lot of fun it's that two fires going yeah one giant ones smaller. And use it the whole time and yeah also it's a lit up trees and trails and in our locker hang out it camper techno music weird thing about fires. As great. Great time well well done there and it'll take out at the but I hear you're there to. I. It was. Unbelievable it was so much Faust Telecom for the podcast even just like during the day like sitting up on the deck with like the rest the parents family BS and think. They don't all know all the meltdown people. But it was just a good time in like everybody there was haven't fine when dawn Marie's friends. Against is this demo bad but this lady Mary. Her husband passed away about a year ago Wright and she was in perfect health in this in the happening is basically the husband passed away she you know I was he would take that hard. She now's Walken with a walker herb with a mechanic cane. But she basically hadn't been out of her house in like a year. Oh Saddam Marines accused is kind of like to be dearly you know late. The helium chit chat with and I'm holding the six pack for boosting him art soda water. Her right this lady have and have a house haven't had a drink of reverend geez we keep talking about it apparently. You know Mike you won't want. She's like. Yeah like you sure you don't mind knowing of course not and then. I forget who made becomes east. Jen Jen made accuse the cabby had branded can't cash to uzis. So NASA photo one man so jealous bio Ambac on Matt's team wearing cargo shorts to him this lady has been on our house a year. I breaking out now hard soda water for reported an excuse me like here you know they have and what I saw or like which he was leaving negative economic thinkers who would you like we had so much fun and that's and that lake. It was images. I you know I will say this I don't know. Hate military branch is the fun time and they put out guys have a terror so fast I mean I love them and how I love pain out then hey it was a really good time. Yeah that's that's awesome guy like Ike and you heard directly with the awkward thing though are so that the place for. Good talent to that story about. About us one time in our house right via our exile might on the story so Cobb and Matt will test this Terrence very good friend my beats you at ten and I pretty close. Right and bragged at that everybody rates on its not a big deal to beat a party and the like mean Terri might Connelly and her like hold on each other. So how are currently group in general Cohen group in general so I walked out of the house writes I go to the big fire and there's I see Brad there right. And there's a girl sitting next film kind of looks like Chile you know so I just assume it's ten. And I hit and cop I walk up behind your. Put both hands they kindly gently on her shoulders and say something like by the noise got your back in kissed her on the head. Right and I still kind their governor shoulder a little bit as she turns around I realize I have no idea who this person. Is she says so the light that was very nice filly who argue and I'm like. Oh man I thought yours somebody else and then finally I'm like I that is otter. I think eighty was bred sister. Who was trying to establish. Viewers sit next to Brad Brad luckily that backs you up like Ali in a dodger fan Mike don't slated. But I have still not positive group but I mean I felt so law courts. The creek and coyotes that. Man I don't I may have also I live up my game that night I wouldn't sleep relatively. Are prepared everybody you're not who we are looking for in the darkness you're out before the sun came out yeah it is very rare yeah. We gad damn ten think he'll lean Jeremy human thing we always say that we also really wish to sever people. Through these nights that we say sake I say those of the live like five foot pound out the you know Exxon. Sometimes you think outside the sun goes sometimes and at nine in other parts of the year which is totally different ball game so great call yeah I look is very short order longworth Thrivent together so. It is amazing how early summer how early the sun comes up in the summer Villa and how late it goes down but it's crazy Alec. Just a little bit cloud coverage and then you can't actually CA will add late. Thirty human they unity in a save like 3040 minutes often either direction. Just there's clouds out verses what cleared. I know sex had. It's the timing here where it's light as them signing off on around this image show. And it's so cool to watch the sun come up over the horizon. And that some days there's thousands. Now is a great time sound weekend via and I got to stop at the buzzer and always a plus. All right guys about that time yeah. God top. To open. Are a couple weeks ago I was out town on a run there's this trail that goes around a river that runs right by my house runs right through the center of the city. So I'm on this Ryan's Connolly and now all of us and I see all these like glowing Forbes a bunch different colors are green blue. Orange or red. And ice radio my first spot for like a quick second. Was exits are astronauts are out I'm like hovering over the river. That's sounds like aren't I gotta investigate site go to like kind of down the down. Let's call the embankment out of the river's edge and look out and all these women in. Tight yoga pants and sports bras. On how boards that have neon. Attached to the bottom of them and the neon is so bright that shines in the lights up the whole Revver. And there's a bunch of the there's like toy sixty alum rice the whole river is lit up is really cool it down until it's awesome I want to do this so. I go and look it up later and it's calling globe pal morning some I doubt but found the thing is back. It's expensive it's like fifty bucks to go and do the same answer one paddle board and of course I was like oh would be a great day you know take somebody out like. You know and medical thing but you know pretty expensive and so I just kind of got me thinking now about like hobby is and how expensive some people's hobbies are honestly and like. So I go to I work out climbing gym down here and I asked him again implying she is and then Mike you know I went quite soccer didn't -- Mexico on us and my soccer shoes are kind destroys a lick and its new Cyrus she says is they don't like I don't know how much we spend on our. Our hobbies and how vastly it changes like for soccer apron is just in a pair shoes you know no big deal and you're good they're sums. Some hobbies that are crazy expenses. And so you know like deep sea fishing Ngo Bono suffered ever so anyway. I was thinking about. Like that compared with flight down frisbee golf. And basically the top topic this week is what would it 150. Dollars get me in your hobby. So feels pretty email us humility podcasts dot com has to Emerson how podcast to me is what would 150 dollars get me in your hobby. Eyes is cleared Telecom how. How. The look that we shot each other or you lay and then there's these girls and yoga pants are on for so I live right next still hurts and how quick hits now to look at that. It. I don't have weird Al board nighttime yoga. And just imagine this now I know it's hot as hell like Texas in the area. I don't know. Like I used to snowboard that's a pretty expensive hobby too is what the lift ticket. I'll yen yet somewhere expert and that I honestly tat hobby is gonna be delegated. I was gonna say yeah that's a personal I want to Miller Lite in 150. It's that they are it's a Hewlett subtle but the too dangerous talk about right like like what you have your points are deeply indoor soccer right you appear issues may appear she. Yeah and then. That the cheap and so you're just tail gaining not going to the sport ever that's the cheap and now you want to go to the sport and pad than a hobby it's more expensive your paper tickets. Yeah at an assembly with soccer you know like bang again water bottle launching garden socks and special shorts and you now. Same thing. Me. Leagues he does that. Lately my hobbies since women are it's it give me at least thirty swims paying its. Fifty dollars per attendant swim punch card in their 550. If you pay individually. And so you saved five bucks a few Bynum. Had a which him Prague and need you now that might as is fine. That's what I say it happens lunar. And then about a thousand and about hockey. Which I gotta get my gear we have storage now it's just been in my parents for instance I lived in Seattle and barely play a bit. I think if paid to keep my year Ballard that will be that would be game changer and of Richard Huck say Italian new equipment like. And there's gloves yeah I hot gas and hot it's expensive as hell to Libya news you may be appears shin shin pads. Certainly I don't think it might be able find some helmets there. I'm certainly no skates. Turn. But he had maybe if Ewing used I think you get on the ice for 150 PO use the Allen used when I first started playing ice hockey I'm pretty sure. Including the skates it was late. Closer to 300. Bird had to tell used here. Yes a putt cost. Who maybe didn't. Green ended 95 but summit that. Mean I would say I would thinks like slow pitch softball late when she and Blake. But the bats are expensive but if you have one you're probably using it for a year to right. Yeah that's not give up my hockey gear next I ended up getting on this stuff I haven't played a lot of while in iso regret having it. They're buying X I love that I have that I can go play hockey any time out on it's just more my schedule and for awhile as not having the year with me. Have an out my parents spite of change and it's and I go over there. So. An imminent that that actually. Have a tougher question I expect it. They depends what the obvious. Added exactly it that's why it's just I'm just curious like they can you know you can get ounces for 150 around these days. Yeah I mean look if you play cards I'm if you want to paint yak on man. Now seriously. Speaking about Plame card that was Texan with yet the other day you stop there grind it. Pat downs the World Series in Vegas yesterday. Cool I started like the last week out the flu on our watch some of the World Series of poker to those like we have a friend playing. Yeah and then is just insane. There's so many people they do it now. Like. As a tunnel runners. Yeah well like they were saying Mike you know like they're like it's kind of complicated now but they're like back in the daylight. You know for me until I saw maybe the movie when pounders like I never even heard of Texas hold. Yeah but the idea that World Series of poker like that I had no idea was going on and off yet raised. 66 weeks long now too I mean because a much different events and main events and is on offense and side action it's become. Less. Late for a while it like popped up big and everybody was like talking about it and it's faded a little bit now from maybe act of public. The public eye but it's still. Wave it's still have grown since then my people are still into it from then. And yet it's got a huge following I'm just I just don't pay as much attention Tuesday used to. Yeah its it's crazy that I have some other friends that play poker. My big money maker changed it to right like what it's Chris moneymaker came along and it was a big guy. That you know basically EE one on line and got into the tournament and he won the whole things I think between that yeah rounder so you just took off. You're right it's not as popular. As it was but I think it is still. Fruity pilots still yet still does they do it blew up with that it's still massive compared to what it was before that. The big collapse though as Black Friday. I don't know what that is. Referred to in the poker rose Black Friday may seem like a bunch of the I'm one of the main sites. I seized by the US government because you went on to gamble online and they. In into NG some legislation where. Yeah basically all the sites stopped allowing US users unhappy curbed a lot of US interest for the sort of casual players. And sort of set in some hard times for the professional poker players out there. And you're right I completely forgot about that these. I would say this it's frightening when you go to website it's got that FP I think there is I remember when they club photo sites it's like holy cow. Was sites are you going to Ted that'd enclosed by the FBI the poker sites. We're talking about. Now all right let it go. Of my way I will say hopefully everybody stand diligent out there have a good on it's diligence. Next week we will have in Anthony. Freight train Hamilton and he's the former. Really oh champ Dan cage for the and he went to the you have seen had a few fights. Tonight I'm back down. Kate Ford hasn't had its advocates were 52 July 21 following camera queen casino. Cage resonate heavyweights bang in a while so it's came up to an end than our old body back Kovacs. Some like I was already Texaco actor he's like over to stand their bank. It got out of Kovacs hate it on the ground than and I should be good slug match to have Hamilton in here he's a real cool dude in. I interviewed him a few times in the cage of inches CEO we have the same house weeks element and a record next week. That not as I and that's wafers correct Saturday the 21. So Europe into seventeenth the big boys banging get those tickets now being gimmick Ticketmaster for them queen casino. But either way while Anthony Hamilton on next week. And then. Canada summertime before there is out there enjoy life and will stay diligent. Right for for MC TP for Cobb on the debts in the pocket chairs.