Tim Leiweke and Jerry Bruckheimer 03-01-18

Thursday, March 1st

Tim Leiweke and Jerry Bruckheimer from the Oak View Group (NHL Seattle Ownership Group) join us live in studio!


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He's a guy at W top defense and our next guests are truly the greatest men in the world because they're trying to bring an NHL franchise a year in Seattle can you call my life. I'm well I don't text sir I'll call hers here's Seattle messenger please go to the open your group Tim Tim minority and Jerry Bruckheimer. I welcome gentlemen welcome thank you. Thanks for having success thrilled to be here well I tell you something man it's it's a thrill for us because. If you're Stephen I. We do love hockey and we don't we scratch our head because we are so close to Canada were like why don't we have a hockey team. And I think that's a question you guys are finally answer impressive yeah why don't we allies DT. We're gonna have a hockey team are we a like I hear about this and guns and god America -- 120 you're gonna die one day you'll be awesome if we have a hockey team and I understand what you Wear our goalies here I didn't the weird on me yes of course your third goalie don't we are you're gonna be the third goalie so look out below is my third question I'll stay up here I think you need a 43 year old purely popularity as a practice goalie or as a drill and when you guys have injury or illness or whatever may be no I've. Friend who plays a less and he's the third goalie for the kings and he goes to every single game gets free tickets yes and played yet. But if the two goaltender goes. Yeah there. I'm sold on not given your free tickets are and is down now how I'm from yeah yeah I am if I'm sitting on the bench and you take. I antibiotics. Finally finally those are the most expensive seats. Alternate Jersey I'll buy the ticket come back if that's yeah heard goalies now we want you out on sound Jerry stop get in the tickets way in hell yeah. Yeah and I guess Jerry Bruckheimer says on the third goal and just I don't know Kerry I'd be curious I know I every series and a couple of successes in his life I think he gets to make these decisions doesn't force I don't worlds I got no problem that's you know they have a neighbor yeah August 3 goalies win her third goal words so. We re really should cancel the seasons are your deposits campaign and we are concerned all of the big all right we're gonna we're told we're gonna go back to the commissioner Don. The deposit campaign didn't go well don't always. Like I Jason had a third going to start to Wear that I'll see. Seattle sciences and that's quite the go so you get to amaze kid yet if you don't have that makes it we're not gonna get my experience in Seattle's in the third goalie all right here. Hi this is just you played as well having you. I still played poorly but I get out there and you're both. It's a lot of fun that's armored you're bringing it to it's a great spectator sport in the world surpasses even the world it's so much fun to watch Seattle doesn't ever winter sport. We want to bring the winners were here we hope that they ticket drive go so well. That other sports leagues who look at this and say wow this is a fat and lose market and that all the fans had been waiting ten years for another team. We'll get that opportunity also. There's I'm I'm I I you use you hit on the head Gerry up hockey is sometimes I look at people it's like the best kept secret it is a fantastic sport I was looking up to grow up and in the northeast and Massachusetts of course I know about hockey in the tradition. And it's still Bruins fan and Bruins fan but I had yet but I feel like I'm gonna change my allegiances there are great team this year they they rebuilt on the fly and are good again yes you're right they of course those Vegas nights there the success story that you guys are so happier happening because that's confusing when you get an expansion team in any sport. I you're lucky if maybe they win a quarter of their games you're lucky in your happy if the fans listen to see some w.s once and while the home ice. But the biggest nights their first season and now as a as a person like this could be Seattle our first season to be amazing just like them but she's great that's what I love about this whole situation. We we aren't we ought to chewed it didn't it then there's the winning this. Franchise ever for expansion for any sport not just hockey so it's it's a great opportunity for Seattle we'll have the same conduct. Draft rules that they had awesome that's going to be terrific so we can put in a terrific team in your if you would just have to go to the website but put a reservation down for tickets. For season tickets and hopefully by June we'll have. The go ahead from the NHL took. Debris team here well it's just like guys especially now obviously amount you put more people talk about hockey going effort to root out here is almost like you're in this weird cult opined that Jerry I'm sure you know this too later when she sees on that you know is a hockey sentiments are you agree with this. You know. Right of the bat that's salt of the earth kind of guy whether it's a player whether it's a fan like you can instantly kind of bond over the fact you love hockey. And now we're gonna have that opportunity for other people who witnessed and experienced what that's like it's it's unlike any other sport it's the sport that I love and I love a lot of other sports but that's a sport that matters the most mean I've all my friends are blowing up all morning. You can do when the season ticket thing you do and it's everything it's just called the that you don't know like you throwing it out there you're going up this. Hope that people are gonna put down 500 bucks for a thousand bucks to do yoga on the on the season ticket list. But you don't know until 10 o'clock well how it's gonna go but I mean just from the Bible and on social media and on the tax line. I mean I think it's going to be pretty incredible I don't know what what is your guys let feeling somewhat. The sun shining we're in Seattle the sun shining a swarm outside. We got Los Vegas and the rules that have been set up the means we get to be competitive you once we get Jerry Bruckheimer is an owner we got to use our third goalie what in God's name are are. Feel I didn't realize they don't like Texas it's all on other pieces and is more like a Pacman to this strong instinct for me is going to be a lot more pressure come out my button called go to they're playing with the third goal in Seattle hockey team you could just a matter I think and you do wanna come play drop and Jerry I gotta let you know what. I am. Audits and why we did Jerry Bruckheimer are part of the group that's actually you know. You pretty much gonna make us all very very happy and bring. Another great sport to an area that it I we're seeing now how much people love sports here I think that the sports fans in Seattle and under appreciated for the longest time. And guys like you have made the change made the difference in with the sound isn't done what you know what the Seahawks have done. This is fantastic and I added the question is is why why did you guys because I mean I mean Jerry amino you've got a great career with the movies and television shows. And and Tim I know I can send you a little bit more because you know you have a connection spores but one major guy say okay we're gonna bring a hot eighteen to Seattle that's our passion how does that. Happened for you guys. So all started in my brother so my brother was up here for ten years with the Seahawks and sounder she's very instrumental in a proud Tom thanks to Pete Carroll I hated it it was so we hired Pete Carroll my backyard true story so we had two things about impeachment mine but I'd love Pete Carroll is one of my friends. We were really close in LA and my brother calls on one date going. Do you think Pete Carroll whatever we USC and might I don't think so. He solution just talked to form and so I talked to PP site we we got to meet someplace quiet so we end don't do in my backyard bed. Sunlight I just heard meeting Mike Todd can you please make the deal I'd like my backyard OK so I'd like you guys to clear out of here and never come back again. The third meeting in several dinners they got the deal done. And he stone and an amazing job so and their backyards most of my backyard where does this is where we're gonna errors are going so ignorant and they're so good. There's the strain of that this founders I brought your role Roth up to meet Adrian and Todd so when the senators were created we we had abandoned. We've always admired Seattle I've always been because my brother connected here. Did you get the twelfth largest marketplace without a winner sports franchise we're gonna privately spend 600 million to build a new stated the art arena. If you look at hockey there's 35 million people on the northwest to do not have a hockey team. And so it's amazing and all came together. And the fact that the end the NHL had 31 teams they need 32 teams to barrel sent out. And then we had David in jury that popped up and said let's do this this would be fun. So a lot of credit goes to David Bonderman he's stepped up and 650 millions a lot of money to pay for team. But I I again everything's aligned in of this goes well today there and I think that's the last step. And one of the things I notice they're just playing men's league hockey it's people don't realize how popular it is for a a a city that doesn't have an NHL franchise is a very strong men's league system and it's a great youth program. And that's without a team I can even imagine what the youth programs gonna be like if that's when they'll want a hockey is just how immersed at the players and the team gets to the community and I can I. I can imagine more rings are gonna pop off for kids to play out I mean this there's so much awesome benefits that happened when you bring an NHL franchise to a tour a city. No we agree it's it's a fabulous sport as you know you play and so you understand how much fun it is and you know what is it so great for your kids who play the sport because he if your only player who knew 910 years only going travel teams. And the folks are always with your parents with them so you spent a lot of time with your kids. And would do when you see any stars every single one and have great relationships with their folks think spending enormous amount of time when the reason they're in the NHL it's because of their parent. And they appreciate that and it agreed to bring all these great stars to Seattle he concedes skill and the speed. Some of the best players in the world. And this is a silly question because obviously were some put maybe go to a couple sets who had been out if you could if you get a dream one player if you had an opportune I don't know I takes also NHL Seattle dot com for those of C makes they've already answered what I learned that I got cold until voters and all. It's. There's a number forty that's my. But you have that if you could just get that one players you would love to have as part of the Seattle franchise who died one player being. Whose anti Embree who we talked kind of they awarded I. There's a commissioner listening he's in Vancouver so Romero always OK. Well let's just say had a beer league that Chad go I thought to have everybody here just retired yeah how about we tell you our favorite players are to watch a call that's all I had a better way to ask a question so what two or three and then I loved Drew Doughty just watching him wheel and deal and bring that puck out of the back and open up the attack his seizures won't my favorite players and just a great guy and obviously had the experience of working with him in winning a cup together. I think Austin Matthews is a special player he Tom. The kids from here so we get to play for the thunderbirds last year mask you know so it and the islanders now he is phenomenal to watch pattern now when he was in his -- with a cheaper but it's like is it features turned on a hole like times on the money so insidious cancer there that I cannot believe how gifted he is as a player yeah he's he I think he might be the rookie of the year. And then he got to love watching Sidney Crosby's one of the greatest athletes on the face nearest. And he's dominant and that team has a chance of winning three Stanley cups in a row now and hasn't been dominant very since the islanders and hasn't been done to you point out things us not forget TJ Scioscia to talk a local kid Sam great to go to bring him back yet. On the website you wanna check out for many reasons is NHL Seattle dot com wanna go there because that's where you can get the season tickets. What we're doing is we're trying to show the NHL why you reserving your season tickets. And he is we're showing the NHL the interest that we have been having a hockey team you're so gold or make it happen get your friends together whenever you can do. Because I'm man. So many good things are coming out of the fact that we've got these guys want to bring a team here. And the big thing especially for us us rockaholics is you're taking a beloved place a landmark place Key Arena that we'll frankly was just one under appreciated neglected for so many years and I've seen the pictures and Michelle Seattle dot com. What you plan to do to that facility. I and Tim we are talking about the fact that. I did for music stand there even musicians and of course he amusing big in this city. Or so happy with what you're doing and has nothing to do a hockey from them they're just happy what you're doing the arena. Yeah right now the Key Arena is the 76. Rated arena in the world for music and yet I consider Seattle to be one of the. Two or three best music markets in the world. So when you look at the Foo Fighters when you look at Pearl Jam when you look at Michael Moore all and the influence they have the music in the industry. And the fact is we don't have a palace for them to plan. So one of the things we wanted to do was create a state of the art arena brand new arena and constantly make a perfect. So we've hired a team of engineers at the urging by the way of some of the local groups and they aryan now working without us to make the building. Compatible an equal to the sound experience and Madison Square Garden in the form Los Angeles so the other huge upside here. There's I think we're gonna do fifty to sixty concerts a year and my nation who's the largest promoter of concerts in the world. Is our partner on the building. So that's going to be huge emphasis and huge priority for us is to make sure from an arts culture and music standpoint. This is also a really great home so we have the sound will be playing here the hockey team and music. And I also think it sets us up well worth the NBA wants to have a discussion the good news is David jury in the ownership group that made it very clear we'll have that discussion. I can play center for that as I was it and yet here are near where you're gonna be multitasking. I was I led the league in fouls and in my little you want to be on the stage with Pearl Jam the horn I don't know if I drums come autograph. Unfortunately. Right now Seattle's a fly over city for a lot of data because it stealing Christmas and I could not do it in the arena we're gonna change on that you're gonna have a ton of concerts. So you don't like issues at the loading for in their crew that's a big part of us trying to get all the years I wanna nobody really doubts. We're proud that we're building eight floating back and demands in and out here in a time when the birdies very happy with some other guys this is guess what. Happy is people in the world right now for the union jazz because we're gonna make their life a lot easier work in the buildings and doing a lot more amounts as much about procedures we get to hear right Jerry's favorite players and I wanna gloss over that Sumter all good guys. According kings games together and Jerry as a fellow hockey my MO I always love hearing I think. I love magic carpets are used to stood for a phenomenal player to stir so strong so strong on the part. And you gotta you gotta look economist David and he's so exciting to watch and Patrick Kane. I was guys have been the magic can't easily get full speed the game is one of the fastest players in the if not the fastest player. And he does everything a full speed can shoot he can think. And it's just a thrill to watch when I can't wait for in Seattle fans to have these guys come through here. And hockey you know they it's still a sport where demand that the stars are just down to earth real people it's amazing to me that. You know here we are 2018. You just see what celebrity does everybody and it's just doesn't seem to hit hockey that way. Another great reason to love that sport theirs they just seem very accessible very real. And aren't truly animates the toughest sport to play I mean soccer and hockey I don't know if you can go and beat up your body more the way you do when those sports. I couldn't agree more and you know again it comes down to how these kids are raised bottom confirmed communities in Canada who are around the states. And it's it's appearance commitment to their kids in the kids never forget it and that's what's that's what makes sports so great and you know. Either you for an all your fellow hockey players as the boys at this time that they take from day one used delegates instill in your head and even as a 42 year old guy I'm so referring to my buddies is the Boise when it avoids what we all get together and it's I actually I do and so I think you still have that mentality of being this young thought Jason a year you're goal Lee you're hanging out with a boy a you have your own classic rock and roll and you get a total on their heads on son Tony what's. I didn't ask that's why don't lose a hockey fans here and generals are the smartest also shot get a right yeah. Casey Kelly I'm you're I don't want to string goalies. It's. A week and I'm not a lot of he wanted to know how how how how how much that that strikes and you know I really isn't there we're gonna get its dividend Stevens what's okay. How good golf cart and they got all Tizzy over the dog I don't know how. I'm but I want I want blue I would like Jerry is staged her good special effects when he gets across and here let's get this done right okay we want this to be action packed. Let's make this my real leery even units as Aaron taveras is not I got goose bumps along the Seychelles talked there goes my credit card balance of buying tickets today. Another purses and I'm not even a big hockey camp and I'm ready to put down money tourist season tickets since this. The energy is this is something exciting about it to have a brand new franchise like you. The mayor of dig in it I mean I remember a time where the talk politics is this Condit morning and hear about sports. I don't know how you did this but you've got our mayor just loving the idea politicians love the idea I take my hat off to you guys really do that. Because it wasn't always that way here now and she's she's great and then you should tell about Newark afternoons. Our we have this young boy whose whose hockey player here unfortunately got cancer and had his foot amputated. And he's going to be our first kid that he's a wonderful kid he's too lazy. Now Brett he's he had a press static and a boot made freedoms we can still play so he's gonna raise a flag today with the mayor. Wow I'm meeting him last year at the T birdsaw hockey times they've got playbook and and I was wearing when he got into David this year he had a prosthetic in skated on the ice to do ceremonial puck drop with the thunderbirds and usually you know emotions Sunday talk about. That's that's incredible that's really make you sit your kids. Great kid and he's what we believe that the culture of organization has to be so. He's a class act he has a unbelievable securities he's fighting this disease every day. So getting him to raise the flag on the Space Needle and sending a message that we're back. And then after a ten year wait hiatus of fans in Seattle now are giving it a winner sports franchise and we're gonna do it right. And we're gonna have a wonderful arena and the mayor's been phenomenal shall be with us again today raising the flag on top of the Space Needle. We we couldn't be more excited and this marketplace. Now what happens excellent let's say our fingers crossed I mean I think I've goodbyes and a lot of us to elucidate the energy of the audience also lives is excited about this season ticket drive. We get to 101000 become a 101000 Seattle strong are honing her attorney won't ever does the we are gone off pass so I want everybody and because in that line and ineptitude that will be the group we go back and so many plans to impartial plans to an end individual tickets to. So this group. Not only do we go back and say look the deposited the end of the day is refunded if we don't get the team if you don't like your seats we'll refund your deposit we take all the interest and we donated to charity we've already given. I commitment to twenty million back to Seattle series of we're gonna reassure our foundation so this is. And no risk and you make sure he gets kicked the tires we get to do we get the franchise you get to see you want. And if you don't get season tickets and we promise everyone. This is the first groups that will have priority back for individual tickets in many claims as well so people should jump on here because. This is high you're gonna have the chance to get tickets to hockey Hokies let's say I did it goes greatly hole. Mass sort of people behind them what happens next so's that's a great message city NHL but then what happens so people jump on today NHL Seattle dot com for more plug their. And then five days later we give you a priority number. And then we take all of this back to the league -- audited to make sure it's real there's are gonna wanna test and make sure these are real people with real money that they put down. They'll analyze a few other things in the marketplace we'll have to prove to them our timeline works on the building from hump entitlement standpoint. All of that goes well. Then in June dole socially approved the franchise and then there's the great thing about jury is he wants to run into management team today. So I think you'll see is just very aggressive and giving them a two year head start off in order for us to be phenomenal on the ice and I think you guys know some people in the world hockey. If you don't I can I know guy and I generation needs and I'd America's Larry I you know I can appreciate you know world's biggest who's doing it and we we we went down there and we were just that we wouldn't we we've we were so amazed and surprised and happy to place was so vibrant it was packed. I mean something besides gambling really or or even a show. Is dominating the Vegas scene right in the middle of all the action. It's a beautiful facility and it is such a hot and plays everything around there they I mean outside bars did did you nights it's amazing. What that team has done for Vega. In just a short time and we have the same architects filming our government. So it's gonna blow as Abdul Rasul variance for the fans daring and we are the opportunity for the winning team on the ice which is unheard of based on wood when Vegas is doing. And also was low pressure on you guys to seal the longest time yet alien gang your team yeah we do you regret I disagree and I'm I heard our goods are good for good nine goals against Saturday. Now what I only one period yeah me active athletically you know we think in the test you can really does an expansion team give him a few years for men Vegas is just change that hole so mentality. If it goes well today Jerry and I won't come back and make sure you get into training camp for one of the of this dates okay sold I had slept all right you have to deal there are I'll sure whoever future coaches will be so happy we just made this committee I don't love me. And you can allow Kuralt like dog Lulu will come with me on the Oregon steel and lose her soon to tell your eyes on contact and remain. I don't know I can make that change. I put my wife might be very adamantly obviously got to understand okay this is big shots and your big chance. Jerry so once you start playing hockey. I certainly wouldn't clouds but eleven I played for many years to when Gretzky came to Los Angeles I senator take skating lessons and asserted figure skating lesson started playing. Yeah and Clinton on I still have to take skating lesson central still can't do could very well so I'm still doing that and I love playing actually try to play once a week or twice a week you're back in a way. And as you know the best part is when the skates over him in whenever drink of choice you have would try why employers did you always like yeah exactly there's nothing better to just hang out in the locker room and just just having a good time you. France NASA it's just forty can take on forever and you know if we in my advanced stage I'm still playing so I don't think anybody can do not because I'm not very good at. Some of your favorite guys that you had an opportunity to play with and I imagine you've had some good opportunities like you know here in town I I'm I feel very lucky to have a chance at Virginia hospitals are you guys know he's. Really want to great ambassadors for. Hockey here in the northwest playing in the NHL for several years and I was gonna can make you intend to be playing with him. But I would imagine for you mean you pride in being in LA being wherever he's from the Mardi me stories and Wayne Gretzky has been some good spirits. Well I actually was Gretzky you know I played with two with a lot of great guys so we it's it's really trip to McGinley it's been Torre I think. So. Two morial new. She's OK Patrick Kane. And we felt you how big pain Howell and David I have been celebrity game played with him to be able to watch that kind of speed must say no it's it's it's great. Forsberg who's been out with us some of the great fighters have been out with a tie dome he's gonna fix sorting out this early so we have a tournament every summer and a lot of the guys come to a. Your line CEMEX early in Domi and nobody is gonna go Miriam yeah that's actually a series of fastest skater in my life yeah. Why don't look good though the little kids a little Jerry must be so very very happy this moment some news are realists say you share the ice with those greats. Holy cow that's fine. That is a lot of fun it's such a great sport guys. I cannot thank you enough for for what you're you're you're doing for this town because I totally believe it's you know sports and professional sports Major League level sports. Just make it sound better the camaraderie of things happen especially horrible things happen we saw Houston we saw in Boston what sports did for those cities when they went through tragedies. And and this is why I'm happy because. You talk about what does for the community in the family aspect hockey is a great sport and we're a great town that's a marriage that needs to happen. Yes I agree in about a way we're very honored and privileged and and we can't tell you how much it means DOS for us to be a part of Seattle. Yeah and I'll I'll like it man and again you wanna help out you were making all happened. Go to NHL Seattle dot com you'll get to see the beautiful mock ups of what the new arena's gonna look like. As well as how you can get involved get those season tickets and and reserve those show the NHL get on their shoulder and yet we want hockey here and we want it now NHL CL dot com has like shouldn't be patient today and may take awhile we get we've we think we're gonna have a lot of people in there. Hang in there and stay in their businesses how we create a relationship and our fans long term. Yeah that's awesome Tim I Wiki Jerry Bruckheimer he thinks he's got a great coming in furniture having us. They X morning and now point nine KI SW.