Todd Pietzsch BECU 07-13-16

Wednesday, July 13th

Todd Pietzsch from BECU joins us live in studio. Caller Jayden owes about 3,500 for his car and can no longer pay the bills, wants to know how he can save his credit. Caller Jimmy wants to know the statute of limitations on medical bills. Caller Poggy’s wife has a bunch of medical debt and wants to know if the collectors can come after him.


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Todd I invented numbers so I know how this stuff works each and. Stats are taught on the guitar I don't need to I didn't know we bodyguard to a man I mean I know is he's the fact. And it's not get over twenty years in the financial services and he's done it off Manning credit collections business at all it played jammed out through. I so yeah we are taught from ECU got organ of course IBC is great credit union man if you. If you live work worship or attend school in Washington State school district you can be a member of BCU it's not just for Boeing employees anymore. It's for people just like you. And now all the info PEC dot org and we're taking questions any financial questions at all Todd here doing it is a public service and we're happy to have it's been a lot of good years to miss with Todd. 206421. Rock rock is 7625 Texas 77999. Let's go to Jed and throughout jade you're probably Todd peach from being ECU dot org go ahead. Opulence not good but you. Do it all right just drag in a few pesky phone calls and and credit card companies and well long story short last year got the car accident. Decided. A particular budget money to buy a nice car this sound system and and everything was gone good in like a car accident you know access problems. But I didn't apparent gap coverage but I didn't sort of let me Cuba and and all of a carton and about a brand and a half with both the credit card for a socialist. So between then and now I have since changed jobs don't make nearly as much money and I'm just kind of option or Joplin paychecks. Got a call need people there told me that the minimum payments that I can export more even government interest rates. So I want to look and debt consolidation. Or trying to find a way to blow it off and just pay it people can but I thought well that's that I think force. I mean how quickly you yeah this page gained and he was talking with 33500. Dollars. Yes and they know I'm nick and you know fourteen hit each and they are our opinions whereas my car insurance like car payment like oh. You know how many other types income from work forty hours but I it'll hurt until October MoneyGram dot though in his. Does not like I don't even go to our I'll smoke cigarettes are trying to save as much money that possibly can't. Still come in short get these people are taught me it seems like it makes. All cut interest rates OK so this is obviously hurting your credit. Substantially rate. Yeah my credit was in the seven hundreds and not let our. Okay now so what I would recommend. Nominees are people you can trust not here. People there any guarantee the gates added debt and do this kind of stuff so go to and FCC data working good BJ's page we have. A links up there is wealthy confined there. On the look it up there there's again three of them I'm locally here clear point American financial services and am. Prize and a belief on and you connect contact one of those and then they can work work it through there's also with the call a debt management program they can put you in where they'll they'll work. Directly with the creditors on your behalf. And the and you make payments to them and then they negotiate with creditors so. Men and that's a net debt management program is the way to go but they'll help you direct unit that is and then they'll they'll work with you'd be kidnapped. That's really good to note sodomy for the most part there's something out there the government is put together to help people but we don't know how to go get it we don't know where it is which is another great service that you guys do you know that. Might I. I've been part of banks my entire life and I never felt they've done anything for me as far as really. Like you know I don't have a relationship with a my love that about you guys have BC because the credit union as a man as a member owned situation. So it's not about making money it really is about helping people manage their money and you guys all do it together as a team. I would never known that something like this existed. I would if Andre Agassi in an alcohol of these companies are saying get me out of debt but you're saying this is a free service that set up by the government. He had not made it's that they're either nonprofits so these are nonprofits like he's he is and not for profit right yeah these are non profit so. Money's coming in from foundations or may need government funding some of these. These local organizations that these are people who have your best interest in mind dissent somewhere what BC guys were trying to. Help you get to year the two goals and whenever you're trying to achieve in life and the best way to empower you make the right decisions so. Jordan if you have any problems you know sending an email you can find my email at BJ's pages well. On that and that's where I would start and kind of come up with a plan let's get them. So it's nice to know that it's not hopeless cause a lot of folks find themselves in debt and figure once screwed. But our parents don't know you know I mean a lot of us don't realize that their stuff out there and I and I and Nike cement our website has a lot of great and links and and that's another thing about Tom and oppose a VCU futures school went and asked if you're a member. They will point you in the right direction which is really really nice let's go to Jimmy and never Jimmy you are on the rock. They'd a Jimmie dale wanted to find out what the statute of image Asian bird like medical bills that are the Carter for. Quality. It's scary it's gonna be on your credit report for seven years and in if you filed bankruptcy you know it's a new report for ten years. Seven years it should file a lot you can pull up your credit report even go to annual credit report dot com. How it'll show it day on Ireland will follow off so it's not what you say it'll follow up what do I never pay that medical bill after seven years will fall off anyway it'll follow us all out of that that doesn't mean that there's it's hard for me to get injured boys. That is not no matter the now. Yeah I mean that they can they're still here there's still and how long has it been Jimmie and then probably fourteen years and I don't. You know I got medical bills owner -- fourteen years ago on your credit report on my credit report. A man day and that should not be there. Now there is you know they can still take you court there are stacked the limitations even on rate that. But it shouldn't be on after that that period I'm what do you do what do you do Todd because I mean I I know that work companies that would tell you they would they would I actually signed up 11 time where they would win. They went on your behalf. The challenge to credit report challenged the right people to ride that was off what is a regular guy do if suddenly this is on the critical what what it would what Kenny. And there's again it shouldn't be on after seven years I would contact experience and union go right to the bureaus and say why this music it's my deputy. Ella tonight it's gonna work Jamie it's not it's not easy that in light easy it's worth it it. But he go to those reports and and Canadian again what if he pulled out your credit score to see what that is. And monitored and monitored every month law I'll tell you this Jimmie and I again I don't know. Exactly where to go there's been a long time but I I think I paid fifty bucks a month hired a lawyer hired a law firm. And Dave would actually pepper the reports and say look in they would challenge at the right way so but I wouldn't do the wrong thing and all of a sudden given permission to keep it on longer. I guess there's certain things Syrian of subsidies to send letters to me sometimes saying hey. Which is whiter validate this make sure this is right it turns out if you do that that gives a right to keep your credit reporting on Monterey yes. I don't what I want know your score is two agent meaning is it are you in the seven hundreds we have Jews islanders and on ago we lost every below estimates are but it is not a bad sorry Jimmy but finally score is too because if you're scores could not affecting any way that lets call how long. What's a good score. And see what you're a 76780. Yeah that's the best I. And get there and you nap and do any better on your interest rate typically in and those are those and move move around a little bit depending on the economy. I was to be used I don't know what he did that hurt himself from almost. Like what did they cost like that's Pollyanna gas medical bills in Chile all I know how they really can I have some friends I mean just can't really even get an ambulance it's like it's ridiculous I proceeded to. Which which is I mean that's why I mean I mean you know we won't get political but I just don't think it's right that somebody who you know we have great technology so somebody can be healed from something. And then they get basically killed financially it's like if I get her on either taken maneuver or cargo. Yeah I think you got to zero and I don't know you're right dude I know it's it's it's it's it's a crazy councils and more than one cents a minute on the car to go that's a lot cheaper yeah you're right there. It's expensive we oppose Ian Aline poke into calling you on the Iraq with Todd from BEC dot org go ahead bogey. Medical. Yet about actually my wife migrants are doing it. And my wife as Iraq or what a close the 300000 dollars in medical bills are all the medical bills. Angel. When you say she's racked it up does that mean you have no insurance. Sheet. Two boys do how are you in that situation we don't have insurance. Well we've Booker work in mentally. Ill are enough that barely at about four year old and it ever covered where she is now. Again I am so so who who covered and you. Well he's covered the state my recovered their work. Ten I date certain dental insurance. Yeah my question is how long. Don't want this typical action to hatter checking account completely trainer then practical launch. He charmer bank. Question. Can they start coming after me to the one they just. Charger where we're from these forward we are married. And then and if they insert something after I mean would it be beneficial for us separate and number filed bankruptcy or. Good question outside when a when all of a sudden is his debt are her day at your debt when you're married like well is there any specialty outlets on the breeze it's able yet to sign the agreement that there is no agreement here to elect that you don't absorb somebody's nobody can come after you once you're married we are community property state so I guess they could go to court and I was one and a value. But I think that's probably. Not likely. I'm now if you're on the house together on it again that's a different animal rights and making McCain and that but I would podium would reach out for opening 300000 that's going to be tough. Tough to come back from Yahoo!'s mobile make that kind of money and now really you've got to make life. You gotta make 600000 to get 300000 for the most part when you're talking about again and and now we talked about the National Foundation for Credit Counseling that I would reach out to them to me that they do do bankruptcy counseling. The that is it and haven't nine and explore for surely seems like it when it's that kind of it limits that kind of a mom money. That seems like the thing to do adamant he had he had to at least explored that's yeah exists I'm not telling anybody to go do that that that's that's the reason it's out there are. Situations. Where you can make sense that's again we able it and we have the web. You know if you go to our website bogey I just go to podcasts on the dot com click on the Vijay and makes page. And then you look for Todd or deceit Todd smiling face and a banner broadcasts W dot com and any questions and you'll go to that website that is all those free links. Oh man it's so important guys to really. Catchy stuff in order when you're doing family stuff insurance is important no it sucks but man. Health insurance and life insurance that's has got to be. That's going to be. A no brainer you've got to have that because you're getting older you're not gonna get any healthier I mean life is that way you don't get any healthier as the years go on. You know of things just happen and we spend more in in two yet to understand it's years years that money in retirement and medical bills. Yeah man sees it says it's a bomber it sucks but I mean it's one of those things especially separate and famines offense to a tied as usual man it's time flies if you didn't get through on the phone lines you can always email Todd just go to KI SW dot com scrawled on to see his smiling face on a banner. Let's not website talked about all those great links that are all free resources to you and VCU dot org and that's great thing about being a member. You know you can go to guys like Todd and they can point you in the right direction no matter what financial situation Iran that's a great thing about a credit union. Again VCU dot org tot. Todd it's always good to see you buddy thanks Vijay. Bigs mornings. On the next point nine K I guess tells you.