Todd Pietzsch BECU 09-14-16

Wednesday, September 14th

Todd Pietzsch from BECU joins us live in studio. There is a college scam going around scamming kids out of the tuition money. A texter asks how he should consolidate his financial debt. A man recently got divorced and is attempting to repair his credit.


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Todd I invented numbers so I know how this stuff works each. Yeah. Robotic camera crew today it is nice about it you know the idea and all of a sudden he's famous and had no idea this is that we'd be able to get pictures there's there's there's social networking and odds out of control -- got a reality shipments falling around all is it is. Keep up with Todd dashing and get top I hope I just knew today. Was that we get tiger Phil I with the today exile turn with the penalties and I'd. About that's seen you know wanted to see now that's. Good interns should do in term and that's what he did you know these deals that is she's learned nothing there. But Tyler earlier she's attorney VC is all about numbers finances about how to take care of people on their money the right way as opposed to maybe what non credit unions do. So and that's the cool thing VCU courses credit union. It's odd that means you're not just does somebody who's there your member you won't joint that's part that's why it's great you bank and replace the all New York. Everything comes back to you as a top bars here amazed that I'm at Tyler's boss and away China and yet you faced. Yeah. On some copies. You don't like that you can see Tyler in talks boss all you gotta do is just get a BE CE UIBEU membership and if you live work worship or attend school here in Washington State. That's it you're eligible to apply don't just got to be a bowling employee anymore. That's cool all the info would be ECU dot org. Are taught we've got to we got folks wanna talk to you whether it be via detects whether it be via the phone lines at 206421. Rock. Rockies 765 gossip text is at 77999. A before we get to anybody though problem. I have heard it there is a college skin because kids are gone back to school causes and session it. We know cause can be expensive and so people are looking for a way to really you know to defray those costs anywhere they can but. Sometimes they get into trouble thinking they're doing a good thing I hear there's a scam that you mean the kid's going to be working edits and parents to got to watch out for. Absolutely so look criminals they're doing is they're telling students though they'll get it cheaper tuition for them so what they do that they go in they get the credentials that give me your online. Password ID two years didn't count that go on there and only on paid tuition. Using a phony credit cards of oil and in the student logs and he's on their tuitions and paid thank you very much in the end though but for over a thousand bucks or whatever. Whatever they agree upon for that reduced tuition. On the and then in a little bit later as it bounces back to charges of fraudulent now a student is now out the thousand or 2000 bucks that that you know the tuition as well so has warned people there you know and then there's not any kinds out there so they had these criminals are gonna find ways to. It to do do it debuts a just and a warning for people fear if you're out there and you you know people offered these types of things that these Runyan though it. Yeah I have to ask yourself and life why is somebody giving me something. You know I mean if I'm nice yeah and that's disarming and my wife says that all the. I'm and I'm like no. You know I know. It there's some people who think that just their presence get it should afford them stuff and people wanna give the stuff but that really is not. It's not a good way to live because cameras can feed off in my Steven brands like old news this sucks because eventually is gonna be so that she's gonna wanna do that and now believe them that I realized no no one's ever going to do that so I should never believe anybody. Yeah the I mean people who love you Mikey he's a charity because that's their job you know to help out or you know or our charitable organization make a great donations but that's official. You know I never heard of that scan in or what's happening too isn't it these kids there they're doing it they're sharing and console for great theater and FaceBook to their friends are girls and now it's like I'll work for you and overall premier spreading the virus now chain and the chain reaction now. And it's tough because you know the younger somebody is the more they think they know and if you're an adult trying to say hey watch out. You know you don't know you're talking about. Because of trust adults right yet you know you'll people none of them. What are others like warning signs that as you get that they sometimes you get a random texts or calls from my banks are like a Belmont it's like I don't know what when something is actually legit or not. Mean just what I would use is called hang out don't respond if you if you end out to call her right now directly yourself make your own their own Joseph called on and on links now and I never click on the link you know they San Diego check your account. You know in your browser you Marty saves your you know your UB ECU link or whatever go to your browser and go to the BBC web page. Because that's how they get she wanted to do in Nigeria violence mile money all that's allegedly passed away from nine that's stupid that's where I'm gonna get it. I gave them all my information it's on the way I passed for two to WW RealNetworks. Some. He's a busy guy giving out all is rich is still get to me that it. 206421 rock rock is 76258. And also Texas 77999. Any financial questions you have an all Todd. And we get a text that says I'm about 25 to 30000 dollars in credit card debt. Originally over a 100000. And about consolidation loan as they don't use them anymore how would that impact my 771 credit score also let you know I owed. I also just over a 103000 in my mind my mortgage but I'm paying extra each month because I wanna sell move out of Seattle. On this from actually this from a PC client. BC Klein. So he had a 100000 dollars in debt and needs jotted down to 25. She's I want to do whatever you can do right except she's not to get. Amazing exactly and I would also consider why am I paying my mortgage. Down further liked to credit card dilemma worry about that first alignment pain in my mortgages probably in tax deductible depending on his tax bracket and how much interest he had it. But the interest on them mortgages can be much slower economic credit card debt so I would look at Larry pain that extra principal element mortgage until my credit card and that's its interest in talk does he said he wants to get out of Seattle. And that's why it is so important to talk to financial advisor is because emotions. And money. Are bad mixture aren't they. Absolutely. Yeah and and and and that's the thing is that you know PC use the cool thing about them and and that's why we have you on Todd is. You guys just don't take people's money guard here's an inch of rain here's a checkbook. You that you guys awful lot of services to people so they can be financially healthy I mean our goal really is to get people to reach their goals whatever those goals are right it whether it's a house it to cards retirement it's a kids' college. On the and we provide the products services and and advice and knowledge and empowerment to get there so. Yeah and you know the thing is. It could be you know we we we we of course atomic Todd he's from BE CU but Todd said many times before you know credit unions are really good like that in all pretty much any credit union. Is really good for that reason. As opposed to banks who have really lost our trust over the years and at there's one thing I could save their listeners is joining credit union leader BC you more on the other Greek ratings that are around around the state and around the country for that matter so be it but not like I AT pilot and it's yeah that's decent by action and like cash machine is what I mean it's a that's the the the beauty of it is a credit unions shares he had actually over 30008 teams at your disposal be. That's for her ATM for human a lot of ATM has and that's a lot of media. Somebody text and saying I'm divorced and I'm trying to repair my credit. So far lawyer told me to do a payment program by filing a certain chapter. One mile by homer a couple years so is this a good move or their repayment programs without having to file a chapter. And it sounds like chapter thirteen which is a reorganization where where you work with the bankruptcy court to repay your debt that's certainly a better option and chapter seven. Which is total liquidation. I would down reach out to we've talked about this before the National Foundation for Credit Counseling and FCC data or it could be its aging ailing there. The decent bankruptcy counseling walk you through that. And if you can get through to. And the phone lines are on the text lines you can always email Todd just go to KI SW dot com. And I scroll down you'll see the banner with Todd smiling face took on that plus that also. We'll take you page it has a lot of resource links that will give you all sorts of cool information Todd will also answer your emails to the best of his ability. Todd at the time as usual flies but then again with your big star with Toronto beat I don't have a right Vijay thank you yes or taught her big -- CEO and again man easier dot org one of the great credit unions that tots as you can go and try to join. And it's pretty easy now he's at the live work worship or attends school in a wash as he school district and you can join BE CU. BC dot org Oswego Todd as usual good senior buddy likewise be here. And they eggs morning's. On the rock I mean nine point nine K I guess stuff you.