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Thursday, June 9th

Ryan Castle and Tom Morello on Prophets of Rage

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Well and it's not Howard Mann I'm I haven't talked you know a lot of years it's good to hear from. Pay so I know we have a short time but I gotta ask right of the gates cute how on earth in 2006 team in the world of social media and everything else did you guys managed to keep this thing quiet nobody did some days. Well we were heard saying. In secret in the deep San Fernando back for quite some. In this day and age when something. It manages to stay a surprise. It's always shocking to me especially yeah. Yeah this magnitude it would be important to look as well let's. There were a lot of dipping into the ground fully formed suitors so you know that you're that you're doctors may know by now profitable wage is the rock and roll bands that are combines world. The members and sonic fire probably against the machine public enemy and Cyprus and we just decided we could no longer. In this election years they had on the sidelines of history dangerous times demand be dangerous solves. It's definitely time to take power back it is certainly time to make America Luigi. And this is a let's be honest this is 88 direct results of how can I put this the current climate of presidential politics in the United States. Absolutely I mean it's it's our country world. Feel like they're. Teetering on the stage of the business and these songs these Rage Against The Machine songs speak to those frustrations and anger and aspirations of people across. The political spectrum you know right wing independent left wing rebels rockers outsiders anarchist. Across generations. And everywhere I go people ask when you guys feel good comeback. They need. I think it's I know I need it but it's completely someone in music somewhat in culture to fight for them and to be bullish for them. In what I'll compromise or apology and so profit of our age are going sort. So how does this come about do you guys you guys get on the phone and say hey we wanna put this back together who's. Who's going to be the scenario happened organically. Reached out. Two opinion glad to see if they were opened the idea of of jamming list choppy armed and you know we we don't reach the and then dormant for a long time in a different sort of since we just kids can't. Wouldn't it well like that you don't want to and to you know you go to the ballot box and people to you know maybe it's about tweeters shoot them like we got there. Huge arsenal. Rock and roll revolution and our goods we need to roll out and so shot where is agreeable and that we spoke would be real and that became. It would not it no longer felt like it was going to be. You know of nostalgia tour were able to reach a far. You know the public enemy kill all of Italy just thought the focus so Kellogg. And then those guys PD and let the so those were Truby. Primary they would be singled to most importantly the pop influences aren't Rage Against The Machine. So it was like watching YouTube to find somebody you can little karaoke version of the bullpen. And so the other is not in my view this is not a super group. This is a league task force of revolutionary musicians determined. To confront this mountain of election year BS head on with Marshall explains. So I suppose it's no coincidence the first date on this tour is in Cleveland during the Republican National Convention there's no. Venues scheduled to optimize safe to assume that you guys do is going down there to stir some (%expletive) up. And up. I think that's the same assumption you're government. We do actually gulag but never actually had at one point Schobel for the order of books the warm up show for the children close Skid Row Los Angeles. And then and they we're gonna toppled the RNC cause a ruckus. And then hit the ground level I mean what are the what are the reasons why are we got I thought we. Had to do this tour ballot if they're both. In the media both trump and Sanders are regularly referred to as raging against the machine elect on the on on the that's but that's that's the territory with one that you know what it really needs to reconstruction. I think I read years ago is guys like Donald Trump or the exact machine everyone was raging against. We yeah and a little bit but I think that aren't very good here he gets he and his followers get a lot of little children should unfiltered. To scoff from people but I think that the people who are responding to that matters I think that there underlying frustrations. Very legitimate. You know basically the fact that American jobs are being sent overseas. Yeah they hate the fact that they're the Wall Street controlled Washington. So. I agree with both. Now the other recent misogynist demagogue who you're leading them straight in my in my view but he's under and that they also liked the fact that this is the guy that's not calm cool. Miles is not controlled by a Wall Street's pocket book like every other politician. Arms and yeah that's what things in Iraq when I was leader. We're able to speak here completely on compromise way as well but with a very good message and that's what Bo was important that we bring our. North American campaign. You know concurrent with because election cycle. To let people know what really needs to arrangements. And whoever we have a message that I believe the general electorate. Field and their ball. If you go to which itself. Do you well do you think it's time and is there room for a third party in American politics on the left or the right. Who doesn't think that the two parties are that the Democrats or Republicans aren't. Hopelessly broken certainly we all agreed they can. Let me about what happens is what you make up a bit I think that's sort of that's one of those things that will be you know you know goods. Throws saying in the eyes of the American public is ego oh probably the Republican involved with the Democrat Levin going why not winning every four years to just go to booze and you know cast the ballot and cross my fingers and hope that somebody does something for me like that's how history happens. That's subtle change. That was some people exactly like everyone what it is right now. Standing up so they are right where they live and where they work that's how women got the right to vote. But some civil rights movement happened at some of Vietnam War brought to him and had nothing to do with. You know I'd go right. Person you know in the Oval Office that everything to do with average people fighting the power. Tom are people voting against. What they don't like rather than voting for what they do like. All of about it because it all the you know that you hold your nose when you go into the voting buttons right I think I mean that's that's. That's what it's come down to because there are not there's not you think if you poll the American people really want a really neat that. You've put candidates who make it this fall are prohibited. From other than that the body saying that what is voting really mattered that make it legal. Here and and so I think that but I'd like to do if it matters less who you hopeful and more what you do. And that is part of the message it is to work but also I mean in what we try to do is back it up. Not just. Talk about it not just played it Bible book what we do one of those things that we are reaching into the groups have economic inequality. Excellent on this country right now also true that and would make sure that every single show on this tour. Has a minimum twenty dollars tickets. So twenty box gets you know the people pars and and that maybe some servers are there's a twenty dollar ticket. Let's get into the show and wanna. See you know can meet these trips to sweating up close it's a little bit more expensive but it's important for all those people a minimum amount of talk inaudible to have. Portion of the proceeds from each show go to local homeless charity September and that white river amphitheater. Profits of rage tickets are on sale tomorrow morning at 10 AM Tom Morello it's always a pleasure my friend. Thank you very much for having me on malfeasance and Lucy's soon. Richard.