Tony MacAlpine Interview

Tuesday, October 24th


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And it's 99.9 KI SW metal shop where hang out here in the studio with into. Three accomplished musicians all coming together tonight at L core zone it's Tony McAlpine. Guitarist and honestly he needs no introduction but he's played with Steve by. He came on steam Mike Portnoy who brutally Reese are so. A ton of amazing things also doing his own solo music we got peak graffiti here a pieces for Tony McAlpine for giraffe tongue orchestra death clocks deemed by. Is that while zappa a ton more. And Garrett go we're a lot. Well like he's the drummer and he's behind the kit for tons of bands for thirty plus years welcome back to Seattle. Is is it's nice and rainy forty else. And while it's ironic. Good to be here this to have you and it's your first time it actually it should be raining first time in Seattle yes when you get through experience and nine via the excellent. So the death of roses is out now to bill would Tony McAlpine dot com com tells a bit about the roots of the record. Well you know it's if it's it's a sentence song. You know EP it's the first part of a two part that series and that's references yet just came out things in them wonderfully mastered. In or rather mixed by him catered out and buy. Working class went down kind regards absolute just had a brilliant time working with them you know. And I would just loving my daughter knows that plane ride that's. Very Tony you know we've we've talked about her over the last like a couple of years of when you announced those serious illness you're going in you had going on in you know you've been dealing with that but. Seems like obviously you're on the up and up and at what point did you feel comfortable with getting back to writing again and in plant life. Well there was always hearing stuff buddies can mentally physically do it but this record we recorded. You know over the last season. You know basically put together then and and had the ideas you know just milling about in there somewhere. You know. And it just happens organically you know him in and out by the way it's it's great to see you gentlemen absolutely thank you nephew much better thanks for coming back now utter. You guys got here together of mr. How did you guys get together like you have known each other for awhile how big east side does start playing again and yes and I mean we did. Tired toward his manager is a very different mine and we and the the first time we met was at that periphery in animals leaders show. Nice that last house it was like such an amazing iams per Israel's leaders and Dillinger a thing. In the tiny place this was maybe ten years ago that's a pretty awesome toward or nine years ago. Just kind of stay in touch since then. I was playing with as apple or zappa at the time. And then I left that about six years ago patents needed some new work and started tokens. Mike about it and reporting record and he sent me a demo version of this business boulevard. And I have a lot of time in my hands so I was like well that's the crazy as slick of ever heard the thing that starts that. Let me try to learn it and just record it and send it and see if Nixon and maybe. It it would be a sonnet. And apparently it did a good enough job you like it just fairly you know the rules now I can't play anymore but at some point now or never with the latest on Hannity and if I don't. That's crazy man well that's awesome I'm glad you guys reveled like make that work in we were talking about this new DP death of roses it's. Seems to be more of a DIY like self released project you guys find did easier to self released now with like the vast reach of the Internet as opposed to just waiting for for labels to do it. Yeah I mean it appears that your yes I sent Clement and knew what was gonna happen and you know anything you embrace the team in creative control. You know at least that the thing yeah wanted to answer yours yes and you wanted you know for perpetuity says that's important. Aspect of it. Do you find that inner it makes Italy's huge for you got to connect. Across obviously across vast distances sending songs back in court recording that the bass tracks sending in over yeah I mean like for for both these records are Portman in my apartment. You know and I was just talking Tony here text than it is okay and as Tony okay and like expecting him to have notes Horton pretty much every time is like not find. You're good. As like let's first take into riches of note for Africa and Exxon yeah I mean it's changed a lot I was just re reading the book choosing a yeah but about that metal about that tape trading in the eighties and early eighties and one on. Like different now yeah. And it's it's it's harder almost because there's so much it's harder to get noticed. You know like it's so much stuff out there and if if you're the type of music fans constantly searching stuff out it's almost harder to break through that so promotion is still a big deal as it ever was. This is different you need to know some some Internet wizards yet I mean it's almost like an over saturation. Thought salons advanced. Yeah that an outside yes fish in these middle two years that that we called on Mars you know five bands on the touring package and then for local brands. And start at 530 in the afternoon. It is the mean he's just dead totally and an L brought both kick drums and if an eagle boxed jump on these yet yes. He bullets and everything you know. The arena played song off your new EP it at the title track of debt the roses. Any words before jumping to this on hormonal supplement or what you think about it that I did about your relatives and hit it yesterday and gentler president who. Awesome well we're in here with that Tony McAlpine bid in Tony and were gonna play get the roses and be right back with them it's metal shop here on the. It's metal shop here on the rocking here with Tony McAlpine. Griffin and your goal. Or like. Yes her we're gonna ask every time we have got to go got to I ask every time. It's often had these guys and they're playing down Al Gore's own tonight if you go down their right now I can still catch them. They're playing with that he looks Martin whatever and favorite bands that are gentlemen. It yes there. Also with guns a bear Phil absolutely so welcome back and you know you guys have been playing music for so long so influential us studio musicians as. With all the ensemble he got the played with. I'm really curious about like your foundational days. Were there any moments or incidences in your youth where you've had that light bulb moment where he went to him. I gotta do this I edit this is what I wanna do with my life with their record a day show or something in the you know I wanna be music. By meaning that you have when I was five when I started yet know means if I ask music that that's I knew that when I'm limited in Ankara and house. Lot of players and we played something everybody played an amendment that play piano. You know my sister played a couple of instruments limited in the intelligence. Now we in my little system is different and shows how well attended anywhere. But getting any earlier and that's going to be when I went there. That's awesome. Then you are you familiar gentlemen. Sides also I was three years old. Well I remember of that. Moment man my dad he possess some engineering that hunger in this harmonization them in the growth boom Dave Brubeck. It was his team could take five reaches I think the most. Famous a time just stand there and and I've heard that song and and I just has to play immediately after an effort for us that the group for improved drum kit and I just realized okay this I'm. Prominent in my whole life I remember of that on so so you were tremor since age three yet. Are they your parents were so seldom drama. Young age man that's yet that's so cool if they give you an opportunity to I think sent. Him. Eat. I'm I'm way later than he does apparently. The literally anywhere as a third and six months ago and and we'll have that your prodigy yeah I got I got my first base I was like thirteen my parents come from me and are playing trumpet. And I mean it is our planet jazzman and stuff like that. Which is great but it wasn't until. Today the basement and I. Lies as a freshman high school he was a senior UN when a college in action one of dying. Young at these two and a half hours. And so that was if you're talking about the moment. That that was like well I was like well I. Can't do anything else you know like he wasn't given the opportunities so obviously I have to go and do. Com that's ousted in close touch with his Pamela played his base and and you still plan on ever what's wrong. Yes I have a home. What was it's offender penis but it's awesome as like the most remote and anything that's Japanese so you end up getting your hands on his days yes the took a few years later but yet those are cool and still. Really good friends with the band that he was an eye on joining man and they watched the new world example fans of seeing me play it was those programs equal for them and yet that's I mean it's it's it's a tragic thing and it still would have given all to hear what he'd be doing today. Because I still watch videos of him at eighteen and nineteen normally have held the view that it could. And the president. The day is amazing Dan Brinkley yeah. So was again in terms of the defining moments. Making that your that I couldn't possibly do anything else in my it's my parents adjustment of the yes and it turned out that that was kind of ability to do. I mean that says a lot about the power putting instrument in a young person's hand and yeah definitely. So I mean you guys went from jazz classical mutant neo classical and all that what was like the first hippies. It. That. Trinkets. You made it. Yeah I think other retirees and he created in on terra. Yeah fear for me ponder awesome to have a song. Though. Continuing. If you Rhode yeah. The filmmakers so I'm course used banned them. Sells music metal and a lot of pretty much everything has changed a lot the last thirty years. What would be a piece of advice you give to a young kid that just starting the first thing. Trying to get in a music Madeleine general. Name me some. Did I do a lot of teaching some some and it's a well yeah I. Lessons and clinics as the the main thing and with the you know and professional position almost twenty years now and think about how much the music industry has changed in that time. And how the money keeps movement and all that so. Mine a. Ability and and anybody an idealist really in the three lunacy and our ability to him stay adaptable. And via flexible gas yeah exactly and not expect to be making money off album sales war. And that's what you're playing these accent I've music like it in the last week of played. Crazy proto metal with Tony and I do the country last week and I've played for a funk band the other day and and I hate it I couldn't be happier honestly like people. But people always ask know what's your favorite have a musical plainly pretty much whatever I'm not planning right now. It is what could hurt their beef I think so that I can put Tony stuff and I'm listening to electro pop in the bat in the van and then play cup games in which could shred. That you know so it's it's Mitt part of it is never being happy with its fifth and enough of the good thing about. And sometimes he forgets what gig is ending its mixing up did you yeah yeah yeah I wish that was joke. But but yeah I that's I mean that's sort of a big deal is is A you only do the only reason to do is if you truly truly. You know laughter people who think they're gonna get rich or famous surrogate checks which is the in the funniest one mall yet. Aren't like that like yours you're not gonna be that special anymore so it has to be special to you. Pan and yet if you can't see yourself doing anything else than doing the women I met my wife that. Yeah the cutting it that's an excellent if they don't. It. These guys have been calling it could happen. So when people go and see your band. A lot of them have been banned yet for a long time some of them might be brand new AB come to seal local wind. Is there something you want people to walk away with after seeing a band that they take home. It's. He accepted he be invited guests thank yet. I think. This really ultimately the satisfaction you know there's so much times that you spend. Just waiting for that you know than ninety minutes apart. And in slate to so much you put into it and while her so long term ugly stuff but don't travel yeah and you just really want things to go Allen. You want them to be moved walk away and feel like while I wanna hear this again you know and like these guys and at the message. That's most important. We're so stoked to see you guys back and back on the road back at Seattle. Go now to Tony McAlpine dot com go by death of roses were gonna play another song off of this one is called axiomatic jewels you. Thanks again for coming in bang you'd damn heads metal shop here on the. We're back here on metal shop you're listening to. Tony McAlpine they have their playing an old war zone tonight it's Tony McAlpine we got. Into their lives here in studios even play in them for a bit. And that's cool to have you guys up here. I'm kinda curious I mean you guys have played a ton of different projects. But what I like the most memorable experiences you've had while playing lives whether it be like a crazy. Festival gorgeous lake. It's just something like his or what a couple moments that really straight. Are memorable as like a live performance of over the last. Several decades of playing put you on the spot. I hear Airgas. Alain Manny my dad. And many years ago fifteen years ago I was playing in my hometown. In the capital and you passed an anger and you know. We play with the beast Hungary and singer and that was 500000 people and 500000. Yen and I had a standing in this long from soul because it was mainly the pop game and add to earnings from Brownsville and unitas. As got a phone call on can do are good people during the council's amazing you know affect them. So was absolutely unforgettable moment. Yeah that's 500000 people looking at you only and yes. That actors aren't fit the they taught at the job. Yeah. He got endurance dude. That rules any yeah anything that sticks out of the you'll remember. I'd say. Falling off the stage I'm at the winner Steve thanks to answered I. And then running around in time after breaking I mean I felt relief are. Brooke to get our second half that are on the promising change to get tired and Annika did so believe he wanted. Which guitar you break there was no one in the cart program and the regular occurrence at the time. You have been home the brief moment of heartbreak there is that no net I was just deputy you know there was a guy. I had an arm for me just to be tested. Beat not corny but one of the most recent ones we got to plan Vegas about five days after the charges. Yet and we didn't really know what to expect we think people are gonna come out. Mean we made it a free show just to be like Hayes. We still have to go live music you know absolutely. And that was one of the more moving experiences of ventures dislike Anders that the crowd had it and it wasn't really stat that was the con coolest part like everyone was like. Fiercely trying to enjoy it yeah you know I definitely don't yet again it was it was that that the three of us really afterwards of world we are all little. Emotional honestly. And and nothing compared to I'm sure what those people like them for trying to compare but. Just revealed it to be a part lose lose some progress from the stand back up. Bring live music back right make people know that you know these things are still gonna continue to gonna stop us and it's and it's still fixes everything you know like just just going out and hearing and playing it and stuff like that whatever you got going on. You can shed it for a second and then conferences live in the moment music is an absolutely absolutely and Matt. Now there been a lot of visited him plain old records from front to back if there was a band that you could choose. Or any in any record in all of history alive or not here anymore what would be your record that you would love to see played for Tibet and junk and you know. Now you start me actually. And I don't know what I think on the Gaza right away it would be. Although this moment. Genesis land mines down broad base that would be pretty practicing and start to finish. And Ellison Genesis last week it echo Alia we're going hard with agents has. Intelligent and I got that thing into an anything I didn't take awhile on the winners and an era that. I mean which. I can be there when things happen recorded jewels cars in studio and once it was. But it's. The GO. Yeah you think unknown and come back to here. So all three if you played in so many awesome projects and really big and stuff but one of the most recent ones are surprised that he is in with and that's draft tong orchestra with members of masks on Mars bowl time. Dillinger escape plan and William Duvall. So I can you give us an update on what's going on with well. I mean any band like that. It's a scheduling nightmare. Yeah and I think that's yet so it as much as we might like to be doing shows all the time. Everyone has their own projects that pay better and are more reliable. And Massa is on the road race. Alice's house and chains doing some stuff on and off. Dillinger is finishing their life as a band right now which makes breaks my heart yeah Iran's plan to New York you seem well yeah and I'm gonna try to went to open about it. But. Yes so. You know and and then thomas' final over the world and drum clinics and stuff and I'm obviously busy things that suit. I couldn't be prouder of that record honestly. Done. In terms of my Acura of played a lot of other people paste lines which I'm very happy to have done that one I really think that when and and as well as bulletin Siegelman record when it comes. And Tony's lesser records still and that's a sentiment because he sung I feel like have my fingerprints on it a little bit more. So. To have that be as well received as it was in the three shows that we do it went really really well. And also just in now. A good friends with. All those guys accept him or limit him more recently. For years kind of on and off and now me. Then brand and Thomas Ehrlich the closest of phonies. Where were gone and work on something again soon as soon as we all the time to. You know but it was just so easy ones we're own room together where it would be hanging mountains on the play something's numbers are times editor of the nobody's counting. And that brings the kind of guy who picks up a guitar song falls out of it. And I don't even know what I have yet so it literally and we just build something around that and that that's held on other record. Not a lot of it but some of the songs came about and bad about them for use so. Often were in studio right now Tony McAlpine Pete Griffin. Mr. Gary go more exactly mr. Clinton I detail tourism we're gonna play quick at draft time orchestra songs. Hit a break and then come back with more from these guys this is a medal shot here on their. Yeah yeah. OK we're back in studio with Tony McAlpine then we have been for a bit and it's been cool to have these guys up here they give Gordon oh core zone and in a little bit but we need to you know pick your brain a bit more. Under no what goes listening to it right now is there anything it's like constant like on your music player or in the van when your when your plan. When you're going to showed shall we hit play and your device anything at all. I don't have a device. An area of them uses a computer I I just let's include and I don't listen to him. I just wasn't that kind of stuff that I'm working and started writing and reading stuff for the next Steve he answered that the bruises and working and that. Arguments pretty boring and always on the next up right at the outpouring to lust and it and you know. Yen. Or any recommendations which we which we know about. We're looking up to you guys hit Reggie since you here. Which in Reno about. That's what and in the stuff I would say is that accurate you know and amassed record him yeah. And BP. And towards this record is really it is. Listen to a lot of other kind of stuff as a spectacle hundred waters. Like the electronic. Their business. Venezuelan singer named one animal Lena which is some of the most mellowing amazing music you ever heard a lot like cool micro total. Layers of voices and stuff that's cool that's the wanna keep the only only idiots as. With that line I'm Alina if you I'm Alina. If and that has been hit. And angered Alyssa SOA Katy Perry. About we need like we always think like her head area at the bigger the musicals on the bigger musical person I don't know guilty pleasures. The only guilty pleasure that exists is that if some jerk makes you feel bad about liking something. Where. Honestly doing the tour. I. Listen. To me because I I knew I was concentrating put these music for toys. I just adds I was trying to keep my mind to really clean you know there's only so much harder. And if I think that it. So does the one question that I I really really wanted to get in here in the spur Tony but topic in a certain yeah I think it's like to Easter expert I hope so I don't. And I believe in. Seventeen years to ask you this put a local elder president there and when I was a kid I got my mind absolutely blown apart by the Steve Buyer lives of these stories dvd. And I got to know how did you guys coordinate. That section where you were playing each other's guitars and the archer crossed over hard you practice that energy. Announced that they together Steve was relentless with that I mean. We spend so much time doing that. And not as much time like on the other song come in my book yet we worked on the trade section technology that you got to get better get rich are getting aid. Bill you that Dimitri reach over here in you know he just immediately and isn't intense Fella you know he really wants to make sure that these things here. Are right in that we put you know once we did it became like pretty much a machine we could. So we had all of you line lined up for just hours working on them we we did and sound check and let them do it it'll it'll it'll any. Again that's of whom and wiggling you guys for 1 Iran plays an eastern guitar and too many hours watching the masters but the nice thing is that. He's the series are you joking. And on it is we have a higher spring didn't eat out what 11 lower I've I'm the only stringed instrument and side I needs and all sorts of good base. Right exactly. That's and so. Job growth it's okay thanks Donnie and I got to find it fun validation. I so we haven't heard yet go get the death of roses EP available at Tony McAlpine dot com. What's on the horizon for you guys for the rest of obviously the years coming to an end to start needed crappy weather what's coming up for the next year for you guys growth and we're getting ready to you know wants you know we're clear everybody schedule. We're gonna you know to Europe enter. Awesome. Ilia. Get out there and play and and you can't do that human life and lives in Spain. Really the year he spent a lot of time there Richard area you know what parts thing she lives in France and Sebastian. And urgency either cells and it's got to be such a good break and relaxation and time rings on their own you know as I look at the window here in this reining in group. Incidents and be with me now with our tiger for just came back from a year and senior year violence that's me yeah. Its top management takes command it does in the and let us Skype calls and yet there's to me it's well. Or any other upcoming projects you can keep that secret. Well there is that latency and show them on New Year's. Which is gonna be. Out of control. Thanks your new project with members of tool yeah that's that's what to indicator in drums and print on guitar you guys are doing a nice first giggled yeah climate variability. But that's a quote because like that you know the progress as I think definitely we don't send anything like primus. But. Withstanding having done that short tour that he did it's filling in for herb with primus they authorities know about themselves all the drummers will John owners. July it. It and if we. And we've kind of it's that work for the show to featured Ani it to a certain extent and as much as the guitars to finesse it is a stage show to it will characters and it's that it'll all be unfolding in the in the coming months but it finally does announce the show and it's and it's officials on super do you guys feel like the metal world getting a little smaller. Like it's such a tight community where you guys have all these friends all these relationships you've built over the last. Thirty years I I can't seem to get out of the hands with Brent at this point where I could have it and it join he's also an. But but it you're you're right about the relationships it's like once you find people elect working like why one Massa now ultimately. Do things and I'll not be known as Latin. So one of the last questions we always like to ask show us that you can't you don't have to get you naked because scar your body tell us the story. We can get to know that when it works on his. The idea. So our favorites is like this are nice yes but at some soul. Com well I mean you know writes I have just a recent. Scars and I am happy that I have those you know because them because I'm still here you know willingly throw the book that Padilla from the surgery and every time I see it reminds me. Reminder of that in moving equipment. But to be a bummer but yeah this is not a comment here here is scars of victory via the man and let you. Car psychic. It again and again there are okay. I don't. Really kinda got in there that you ever whacked your hand and ultimately got the mr. much more important and that. My one is when we play new Yorker of weeks ago I walked into it wall and those are on the island that's his that's his story you know aggressive that's generally that really about coordination I wish that was not true. Yeah. He sustained a concussion and down those line to get the I didn't really feel that much of the time business and hope like that I see. One of those abductions. We're we're gonna play another song off of the to the roses EP and now we're going to you know play that and send you guys off you're short or core zone is or anything you wanna say the Seattle audience formally go we love you guys very much and just really thanks elect as Travis here thank you and we expect a real blast at the tonight and talk to honor. Yet through then you. So gentlemen we're gonna play one more let's play electric illusionist. Go get that right now Tony McAlpine go down a cores on right now your free or driver in the city and I see them play with Felix Marten. What are runs all these young Smart and guns of bears all don't miss that band shred. This has been Toney el client who caught and Alpine experience ban or is this mine and I'll let. The you know gentlemen thanks again and go see the next time he gets in without all right Virginia thanks I don't know here.