Monday, February 13th

Metallica 2

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Hey it's Larson Taloqan here and we only three days away from the release of the new album hard why itself to see. Yeah I just a few short days away from the Luis in the new Metallica album hard wired to self destructive we're hearing from the band all this week. The day we recorded this interview was September 27. Coincidentally. The anniversary of the tragic death of cliff Burton so last Lars how do you deal with that as a young man. We were sold. Shocked and stunned. That we didn't know what hit us and like most. Darkest kids in their early appointees. Who get ambushed when that type of thing though we jumped. Into a home. The bar alone in this case vodka from me and stayed in there for quite some time com. He went we we just we weren't mature enough. Or. What sort of cease in the life and not to know how to deal with this other than just sort of basically just. Almost hide behind the alcohol. And and compartmentalized. So. The next few months were very difficult than it was crazy but we just sort of we just put the blinders on and started. Addition based players and we knew and our hearts that cliff. It would be the first one to kick us in the gas and tolls to keep going if you could see is mope. And and so we we would there was no hoping we just kept going the best we knew mountain. The new Metallica album hard wired itself. Other studio. I'm like texting and work hard wired to 77999. Message in there at Smithkline which in the running for that. And check out the radio special with Metallica posted by Corey Taylor from slipped on his thoughts on Sunday night.