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Tuesday, November 7th


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Hey rockaholic that stare in daily and super pumped up because right now I'm joined by Tyler Connolly. A theory the dead man Tyler were right now let's go not fun. We Arian. It in her Colorado us that you are. You are well. Now what we have to know what is the temperature there what is happening weather wise because it's been really wild here the last few days. There is that starts snowing here today so the world could that play. Winters is not winter's coming winters here. Winter is here though we had snow at my house always I have like 45 inches over the weekend so. It's a little bit crazy but things are supposed to warm up before you guys get here. Monday you're going to be playing at the show box at the market which is one of my favorite Seattle venues how we're very excited to have you back in down. Batted they it at the payments. Venue or higher I always describe it as the one that's across the street from the first Starbucks inside Elton about it. That's a great way of describing it I mean it is a pretty legendary location we've got Pike Place Market right there and and theory of a dead man back in town and you hasn't played pain in the grass for us at least a handful of times. So you know it rockaholics are just totally die hard period a dead man fans. If you he doesn't are gonna get a really warm welcome in were very excited had he come back to our neck of the woods. I we love what we the paragraphs. Sense after you've had a great number it's it's almost like our hall where a small group about Q&A half hours or. So we spent a lot of time in Seattle Bellingham will not. While for me before I was doing radio in Seattle I was doing radio and Bellingham so I on the flip side spent a lot of time in BC. Now they go and you have page you know at the best thing about being from delta is. I. You never have to say your series. That's the main common guy I'm not know about jokes. You're welcome. Tonight as you aren't. Oh when I was brought up or when I was living in Bellingham for a couple of years. I mean I used to go to Vancouver and it did he a lot of shows that Robin not neck of the woods. And that and always have loaded up their furthermore my favorite band in the entire world is rash. So I have to know who is your favorite Canadian band of all time. Oh man favorite Canadian band of all content well you don't let I'm. There's so many but I'm gonna have to dealers to the Charlie yeah absence. Galore and afterward. I'll absolutely we we are big fans that they hit in my household so that was that was heavily great loss for them with a world of music and especially for Canadian music so. I feel aperture. Yeah it'll. Now with yet with everything you guys have had going on right now you've recorded a new album this year you guys rival even London to do this album is that correct. Yeah we the producer called up who says hey. Commit at 21 studio are Karen like. But. We went for a we spent seven weeks there are made we air being beat a couple places. I'm rely on that it was such love what we've been their budget time policy on tour but living there was a different spirit. Followed over there duplicate. The level of their great. Lee has certainly made the magic happened while you were there the new album wake up call. I had been receiving a lot of recognition I would say. Especially for the the song I now -- to clarify do we say our acts to be it prescription to we just call Medicaid what how how much as president. To tell people the name of the song. But caught it's called our acts. We we had the orient this do your true but the parentheses. Medicate because it did before. We're searching for. Medicaid but Medicaid saw one uncles. And I never actually say are experiencing and the songs so let us put Medicaid so you wanna call Medicaid. We we love it so good yeah that's when a caller. Our acts perfect well I have to say this is the you know I had a topic of a discussion and has been for awhile now about. Just kind of that old feeling crisis it's it's it's an epidemic in our not just our country but that globally. And that for you guys to put this on the forefront in in you know kind of highlighted on the album. I think it's as such an important thing to get people talking about more and understand the severity. Yeah we you know I think sometimes it's it's it's. Scary being a band and actually talking about something that maybe it is. Tropical politically charged or what it's it's a little scary convicted totally. Come bite you in the in the in the body and arms during hard but I think it's. It's a great place to start I think what we did this is talking about it was great. But remain there should step. Or cold or management and say you know what what's. Let's Parker was someone and actually try to do more than just saw. So we. Our label helped the government. There's this great. Organization called shatter proof. Which the non profit that raise money to help families with the drug addiction. Specially procured addiction. So now we were part of a family. We sell these pin social organized. All the money goes to maturity so I think it's it's it's and it's the next step for us. A good. It's a win win dollar rounded in honestly just it just to get people to talk about it and let them know that they're not alone I think pretty much every single person can say that. Either they themselves or someone that they care about has struggled with appealing it abuse and addiction. So I was to say thank you for for putting the song out there and and you know continuing the conversation. Yelling at the feedback has been. It's been crazy you know like we have in the past we've kind of been known for having solved a federal probable. It will give people come up to us and say our man that's that's my X or something like that with Cadillac and talked about it. Now bring a lot of fans. You know idea what that song. Means to me you're no idea what had gone through what I'm going through. It I have no problem I've. In chronic pain and I'm addicted to medication so now let's let you meet these people that you really feel you'll know your view. You talking about it actually thanking you only think we're doing much at the third and although the work that. It's it's different now aren't so it's kind of great to hear people say that it's almost open a little bit. Absolutely and my hat's off to you because there aren't a lot of songs out there that how that kind of an impact these days in and you guys just definitely hit a home run at that end. Every single night and play the song and every single night. I either get a text request for it or get a text request about it seeing Ike. Oh what's that one song who sings that song are I just thirty guys latest sign was talking about pills and everybody is buzzing about the songs so. And so I'm really excited in really proud to see guys play a lot of this Monday at the show box. Yes. Totally. We're excited come back and that's actually her last show. The ball to release of the month as some might so we're gonna have a budget the coming out of Rea. And one of the bands in Iran jones' from Seattle so it's account alt control room so the good. Yelled we love Iran when I saw that he was going to be on the Billick you guys I got I got so pumped up I mean they. Had the opportunity to play on the same stage as Guns 'N Roses over at the gorge and over the summer which was spectacular now to see them share a stage with you guys. And a how to be a special show for you as well haven't family in town. I think it's just going to be it's gonna be an unforgettable night and everyone should get to get everyone should be there for the Asia. Also Margaret now I got up and ask one more question. You guys kind of crowd you guys have and it almost seems like an intentional pattern of every three years. A new album comes out do we have to wait till 20/20 percent and how. I'd probably. Comment that we two words we've which were so much. We troll we're to a lot overseas so. We don't readying any songs until we get home so that the problem. That's probably is not a lot out you know we tell you home unwind a little bit you're backing your comfortable space I think that's solid plan. It's been working at it worked I think it's working so well so. What you never know Woolsey wrap. All right I'm well thank you so much Tyler it if anybody had not heard the new album yet wake up call you've got to check it out. It features that Tsonga be them playing on Kenneth W called RX the Medicaid song thank you again so much Monday night is gonna be explosive and we will see event. Sanction any time does it take care. Okay steal letter.