Monday, February 13th

Metallica 3

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Hey this is Robert Trujillo from Metallica and we're only two days away from the release of our new album hard wired to cell. New Metallica album is out on Friday hard wired to self destruct I looked up to the band back in September to talk about new album and the history of Metallica we talk a little bit about their explosion in popularity in the early nineties there was unfortunately some resentment from old fans when the black album came out I'm and then you've got bands like Nirvana for example that maybe didn't like to play smells like teen spirit alive did you guys ever feel the same way about a song like enter sandman. When an underground staying in becomes popular. It it scares people I think it really messes with people's heads when their whole intention is to be underground and cool and one other people. Want the same thing to becomes popular what do you do then I think it can you not still like it I mean do you actually like him because you'll like it or do you like it because it's. There's no one else likes it it's is just it's it's like. You know I'm trying to post also pulp apologize that it hasn't really worked. In our opinion do you like it and you like it in other people like it its Soviet. Then now playing teen spirit lives that's their choice I'd say sandman probably one of our most. Popular songs we like playing at any gives people move in and it moves crowd and you know whether it's our favorite song to play ever or not it's still part of our. This is part of our. You know our quiver then it's one of the songs of of photo weapon of ours and we we love it and we. We play it and it gets people saying ending guess people happy SS. Saying it is the same for us Robert at that point you're see yourself being a part of something like this. Put the black album I was interest in because when that came out it was so different than injustice for all but it was so damn beard and and you know at first maybe it was so different that you didn't know if you were gonna like it or not a lot of other bands and musicians were talking about it. So it wasn't it didn't connect their first with a lot of musicians go for me it did I I felt the songs are really powerful and and again just great song writing and obviously there were some hits in that mix. So they had done something different they would challenge themselves and they won a slightly different direction and and kicked ass. I remember with suicidal tendencies we had toured with Metallica on the black album so back in 1993. There was. I remember you know we'd do our set and then I watched them from around the crowd and I just thought to myself man there are different too so. So bad acid isn't and there are so damn popular you know. I a wonder if I could ever be a part of that you know energy and be in a part of such a big band so for me it's very surreal to actually now be playing with Lars James and Kirk. And to be upon that big stage but it hit the back then it was really just a fantasy and I was like well maybe someday. You know but. That's how life has been for me you know you take the small steps forward and you dream a little bit and fantasize and sometimes they come true. So are here we are now making music together it's pretty cool. The new Metallica album hard wired itself. Other studio. By texting the word hard wired to 77999. Mrs. Indira Smithkline which in the running for that. And check out the radio special with the Metallica posted by Corey Taylor from slipped on that's on Sunday night at 9 o'clock on the rock.