WWE Superstar Natalya 10-17-17

Tuesday, October 17th

WWE Superstar Natalya joins us live in studio talking about Smackdown Live tonight at The Key Arena!  


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EJ you know I'm excited just WE smackdown is in town that's nice tonight. And I am so beyond excited that our next guest is here she is smackdown women's champion please welcome to yourself WE superstar and a tally after. Thank you guys so much ramming on. I don't wanna do this show we just to hang out all morning since Martin does have some of them here in some of the greatest stories about your family and I know I know I allow my love my family I love my family almost as much as I love being smackdown live women's champion attention half half half and that's Zell got the bell with you and everything that I felt his bedazzled by the way that looks good IE and this thing is so cool idea I secretly love when I get pulled over at TSA Miller what is this and like oh this. This you'll know what this is actually and I give them my whole life. I get calls like you would let them know hey listen I'm the best of his best there was the best server will be. So you can take stats and now I don't think that hey how. How. How regulators so it's just so cool and tonight we're at at the Key Arena and obviously you feel being in Seattle as it is really cool because it is you guys are really close to Canada and that's where I'm from. Calgary Alberta Canada and down. It's just. There's always a cool vibe in Seattle and you know tonight we we have an incredible show lined up everybody from back tomorrow antigen or my hall there. Korean Bjorn in the arm myself to China flare Becky lynch. Carmel law Carmela move by the way I'm really sick and tired of her. Waving her briefcase her money in the bank contract in my face like as if she is ever going to get this for me about what her endgame Ellsworth and a sharpshooter at same time. But I have to I'm so is that Ellsworth I man this is so keep the little slime ball ha ha Qatar. Even what a great. Here it has been for you I mean think about you've been part of the WW ENN and had you seen a lot changed its ally and a new flocks of by knew it knew talent as well I would imagine it's kinda like my alien lost in the shuffle on that did not happen it seems like. This is it and in my opinion for you. The best run this and then phenomenal and you're a jerk and a nice and are pretty I mean I Tamiflu weird future because she's such a nice likable person who watched until divas and and everyone logjam and now you're into the new year is this. Just as vicious I will say playing the role of bad girl is way more fun than being nice it's fun to be like if it's like I can live like seriously through my character like. I get news but I don't like July just my friend Lamar. Yeah somebody asked some people say that northern entertainment. They'd much lately loved about her bad guy ran them the good guy that you really even though the good guys they hero it's really fun I mean I. Can do both and that's one cool thing about being on this reality show by the way season seven total diva premieres November 1 time geeks. I know oh I'm an original cast member why all that over hundred episodes of the show and I love. I love you know being on smackdown live and doing total divas because I get to show. So many different layers of who I am I'm. And what my family means to me what being the leader do he means being not a woman and Debbie didn't need finally winning this championship and this really has been. The best run of my career and dominance you know I feel like. I've been doing so many historical things and it for me this whole year's been about perseverance and not giving up and not. And to read it to realize you know I look at somebody like Chris Jericho and. Randy Orton John Fina AJ styles oral doing like the best work of our career. And innocent to like even the really for so long but the thing is is that it's taken me awhile to actually really discover. Like my best work and it will end and I mean now with the best known. I mean I was. Are positive that he liked being part of the first ever women's ladder match. This past pay per view for him you knew he had hellish cell I surpassed Trish stratus is record for having me most paper B matches of any woman that really are streak. And it. And myself and Charles Blair this is the first time any girls and ever competed for four different championships. We were competing for the enix T women's championships this smackdown live. Women's championship the rob women's championship and the divas championship. And so for me wrestling is just in my blood but now we're bracing this women's lives that we WE I just I'm so grateful. And we're talking and tie yeah of course are smackdown live a Key Arena tonight show starts at 445 tickets at Key Arena dot com. You know that Netflix show glow it's really amazing to see. The beginnings. Of women and participating in wrestling my watching that show at least through the where was and where you guys are now where you guys are like a legitimate draw. Which that's going to be something earlier because they've you know because it was always about the men and you guys have just as big a following now. Well it's cool because you know who the girls who people are really starting to take notice of us and I think. You have glow on Netflix you have total divas you have the surgeon. And Demi giving readers two different championships and accompanied her as one Enron once backed and you can arrest Romanian there was two women's matches like it's. You know you have you just have this very it's it's a very special time in the industry I'm so happy to be a part of met and you know it's for me it's also will be different and that's one thing that I feel. Most proud of is that I always stayed true to who I am I'm. Because a lot of people you know when I first started WW we it was a different a little bit in although the company was a little different as far as. What the women were doing we hadn't kind of reached surge of women's wrestling. Good way to we have great now when this very moment with the women's revolution ends. Come. IE sometimes didn't know what we're trying to fit in because I wasn't really a model I wasn't really a dancer and I just didn't know. And now like I'm so glad that I just embraced when I did best which Tressel. You know I wrestle that's what I do and I'm so glad that I just and bam my shot off. How that's now because you seduce a different time a one point where there weren't a lot of others ladies that you could wrestle like straight up and running wrestling match now. There's finally and that has to be a lot of fun for you that you could LK I can have a program which Charlotte I have a program which you know and I am you and Naomi yeah whoever it may be because all these ladies. Taking golf. And that's the thing is that I'm super competitive and very aggressive and it's. You know most people would get arrested if they body slam someone that I can just caught my job and make sure rest of I love asking whenever I channel wrestler is about like the early days of training and and you have a story next to share that most can't because you won the last to train women dungeon in the dungeon yeah BJ about it you know all the dark dungeon yeah Stewart style to which was I mean known for being a place where are you may not alive you going to be as tough you were good good stuff yes I'm what was that like. I mean it was just a small little room my grandfather's house in Calgary for the Hart house very famous home now it's historical site in Canada home but they've actually. Think they can never re torn down or anything it's like yeah it's something that the city is deemed a historical site because of how special it is there's just a little room and. And it's it was called dungeon and right next to it was a crematory because my grandfather's home was built in 190 kill fish and it was a hospital in the first world war. And so that was good that was what was right next to the dungeons symbolically was crematory. And dumb you know I learned about perseverance and guts and when I made out of from training in the dungeon and that training actually helped. Brace me for everything every bone bruise. Pick up every trial triumph in the beginning meet coming from the dungeon has just prepared me for so much. And dumb and I am one and only females who have trained in the dungeon and it's just. It was such an incredible experience because there're so many times that yummy brutally honest and I was like I can't do this this is too tough. I wanna quit and I just kept going and that's looked like the film out is just persevering continuing to. You know you fall down only dust yourself off you get back. And you don't quit he'd just keep going and that's why I eighty I feel like finally winning smackdown women's championship at summer slam. It just symbolized that I won it. That I didn't give up I saw a dream and not only did I see a dream through but I chose to dream bitten. I'm so glad that I had such big dreams because they became a reality. Yeah and yeah a lot of times when you know dad's in the industry. Hit the last thing he wants is is she is yet the same industry. How was that conversation when finally when you went immediately when you Jimmy Campbell of course your dad. This is like OK you know I think I wanna do this because sometimes fathers like Dario might not want my kids doing what I do. Well initially my dad it was like no we're not the only wrestler. And then after I wouldn't competed successfully in my first tour of Japan I was an independent promotion and it worked for forever came to WE. And my dad was like my biggest cheerleader he's to this day like. In his entire office until about a rather sisters because I have two sisters and Mike. My dad just that often often funny him not really sure the coolest their eyes yeah like I mean LA baby my sisters get it like it's something my dad and I share and a say in so called her leg. My dad like my biggest fan and meg I just yell out last year Russell Chara flared Helen's cell and my dad was like you are so good you're so talented. You're way better than Charlotte flair and uses might not getting into the U like half I love Ric Ric Flair always been more my closest friends but you're the best that the analysis really because you know your parents listening to your the best and eighteen year Rick talk him he's like my daughter some fast cars and it's it's great because you know our parents have so much pride NASA my dad is like nine I save my biggest cheerleader and I just I'm so proud of where I came from I'm so proud my grandfather still martz you eat at WW the hall of Famer. And obviously actually yesterday was the anniversary of his own passing it's been fourteen years is my grandfather passed away but you know my grandfather helped train Mohammed Ali. And I know that after I posted a picture of that on Twitter yesterday. When Mohamed Ali I guess I was a guy could get out like I did something I just had this extraordinary family and I never take them for granted because of like tonight they will stop don't say in my husband's. Unlike I can't believe like the feeling so cool. Like from Owen Hart to Bret Hart to the British bulldogs my dad Jimmy Kimmel Leiter my grandmother still are all these people that came from the dungeon. And there were influenced by my family and that I'm the first female family. Like continuing to carry on my grandfather's legacy just makes me dizzy goose bumps talking about it and I'm so proud to be doing that it's. And the same time you're known Italian and this is a long line of WW guess we had her fantastic you guys everybody who matter who it is shows up. They just seem to really be like good down to earth people and yet here in this world of fame entertainment and an Al there and I'll the F lettuce is in the goes along with. I don't understand why you guys get it it's only other industries don't it's amazing how you guys just seem to be like really at peace with life with all the stuff that's gone and you. Crazy schedules well we do have crazy schedule but we also chose this and it's so much fun and it's the only thing that I think is work truthfully. Are those 5 AM flights. Those fights kill me bomb. Unless they wanna talk to me about what this championship is my bad. I'm not a those are mad that is why sometimes that that is what I call work is traveling yesterday we had a really long travel they would like for like fifteen hours to get to. At Pittsburgh forward came to Seattle and obviously show was amazing last plane analyst firm but there was some delays and weather issues and plane issues and it. It was like wow that's what we get paid to do was to travel but like in general I think the reason why we're so nice. Is because we have so much fun there's not a job like this in my world we just have the most. I'd type I love doing what I do why I love it and it's it's so cool to be able to travel the world meet extraordinary people even this month the entire month of October and immediately we were dedicating their breast cancer awareness with Susan G. Komen. Last month we work. Honoring you know children John cancer whether it's our own organization that really recalled cars cure. Yeah we don't just rest so we also do things that lift people up how. We've raised millions of dollars for pediatric cancer awareness and research with cars care that was started in WBB an organization of Stephanie McMahon and our husband drove late start and then we have Susan G. Komen and we get that I'm getting regular South America on Wednesday. Flow so cool. I can't tell you how uneven he had so much funnier traveling when my favorite things ask any restaurant I do find what you guys get to do is so fascinating because it's just not your run of the mill normal things at them what emotional center experience and I always go back to I don't know if you know the independent wrestler Matt crossed right and donkeys Don yup my favorites and I remember talking to him asking this question he said the weirdest place he ever wrestled and was at a prison sentence in Mexico I believe flowery it was just for a male who's somewhere but edu Breslin in jail and use reduces the weirdest thing because you realize how. Miss some of those guys in the front row word invite not necessarily suit be that close to probably a wrestler but right for you woes what's been the weirdest. Experience you've had because of them that the life of being a professional. I mean I just there's so many we are so many unusual experiences I mean I think. I I wouldn't say we're man I won one experience that was life changing for me was going to Rwanda. I'm 2013. I was picked to go to Rwanda with the United Nations and we went there and we visited two different refugee camps with over 30000. Refugees that were hiding and and they were basically hiding like in the woods from issues that it happened with the genocide in 1991 that they were still in hiding and and it to visit those refugees into visit I mean. I ate it was life changing it was heartbreaking it was inspiring and lifted me up it. It it rocked we'd like core I was like wow like I'm so. Lucky to have the life that I live these people. They're they're they're written their trees trying to survive and they gave me this totally different perspective about like what life is all about. They didn't know what WW he was they don't have televisions they only get like. A certain daily get a little bit of food each month. They get they only have a certain allotment of water that's like the world's food bank. And there are these people are struggling to live and to be able to go on that trip to a wand I would never gone to go to were one down. With the United Nations if I didn't work with a we WE. And that's a trip that is changed my life because it's is that these people want wrestling stands. They were just excited that somebody cared enough about them to give give them supply. From the didn't mean they didn't shoes they didn't have. A lot of times they don't even have a spot to go back after an end it was like a very powerful experience again it's super lucky that I was able to go on that trip and it. And we we helped change lives we brought millions of dollars in cash and supplies in the army and we just showed the love. And I think that they were just so happy to that that somebody cared about it's heavy yeah that was an experience I won't ever forget that you think that he didn't mean you think you know what we do. You know it's very colorful. Com but there are things that we do that are very very powerful and that was one of them. Pam. Well Italian. Again man Evey are you guys are just from every time you guys come through no matter who it is it's just it's just it's just the surprises me but then again hearing that story. I can understand man you know I can understand how you can feel good about life and you're having great fun to work and that's something we watch something on television go boy looks like they're having fun to have someone tell you all yell we are. That's that's a rare thing in the world of entertainment world graph on the schism really that's that that is a beautiful gifted to be able to say that that's the case. Young version of me would keep myself I don't say this allows grown up watching the heart foundation I was always team and they'll I always like he was my favorite of the of the two when he came to Brad bird's Indiana and I aren't all that's so cool I remember having the glued LBJ were never the the robbery action figures. And I was always Jimmy M on my heart was my guy I have as a kid I wanted to grow goatee but of course my dad puberty didn't allow me. How bad shots so my dad looks exactly the same by the way yeah I love like you're on total diva is easy he looks exactly the same I don't know what sort of moisturizer he's using but I'm assuming it'll America's it's really she looks amazing that is good news for Europe it's in the blood. He's just so funny my deadly he's just doesn't agent uses the late to save as he's always been met. Tom this is I think wrestling is our from a fountain of youth I think that that's Becky says John my dad still gets recognized so much like people just. You know at least from a very iconic air that yeah eighties era with. Macho man it out and you know the heart foundation and the ultimate warrior and hacks I didn't dug us. Superheroes dad are like a larger than life and so again it's really cool that I can do. You don't carry around their legacy end. Can't wait for guys and CF 290 in Seattle the Key Arena so I can be awesome. Yes 45 show that's when it starts tickets and information you got it. Key Arena dot com and seeing Italian and anti thank you sir and thank you for getting up early I know then again you talk with the crazy schedules so kind of you command of course and make this part of your crazy schedule we greatly pretty you know it's my pleasure thank you so much and get tickets and info a Key Arena dot com. The next morning and nine KI guess stuff here.