The Mens Room

Greatest Story Never Told

The Greatest Story never told is exactly that. Miles and Thrill go behind the
scenes to share stories never told by guests and each other. Since the
statute of limitations have run out... why not?
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The Mens Room

Episode 23 'New Orleans'

Join Miles and Thrill as they recall the time they went down to New Orleans (ah ah ah) to celebrate a birthday, that ended in the most Miles and Thrill way...
The Mens Room

Episode 22 'CBGB's'

Join Miles and Thrill as we recall the time Thrill got a callback to play at CBGB's and had.......stage presents like nobody has ever had!
The Mens Room

Episode 21 'The Fart'

Join Miles and Thrill as they recall the time that Ted laid down a gas blaster that made Thrill look like a can of Febreeze
The Mens Room

Episode 18 'Maurice'

Join Miles and Thrill as they talk with our friend Amy, who has firsthand experience in all that you do to help the Fisher House!