The Megacast

The MegaCast stars Thee Ted Smith, Steve Migs, a perverted Australian robot named Grace, and (sometimes) Luke Willson of the Seahawks.  They do push ups and talk about fun things. #MegaHug
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MegaCast 02/12/20 "Naps"

This week the fellas try and sound like easy listening DJ's...Ted's Talk is about trying new stuff...and Migs talks about naps! Plus the fellas are excited for...

MegaCast 02/05/20 "Pancakes"

This week Ted's Talk is about spending time with friends and family. The guys chat about Steve checking out a high school basketball game to root on his cousin...

MegaCast 01/08/20 "I'm A New Dad"

This week Ted and Steve recap Migs becoming a father...Ted's Talk is about connecting with friends...and the guys say goodbye to their Australian robot friend...