WATCH: Prophets of Rage Release Powerful NSFW Single 'Unf*ck The World'

Time to get "woke" with the hard rock / hip hop supergroup

June 1, 2017
Live music. Rock concert.

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If you haven't had a chance to listen to the rap-rock supergroup Prophets of Rage yet, it's probably time for you to go get your headphones. 

The musical genre-bending, woke message delivering, sonically charged-up group took 2016 by force and don't appear to be backing down in 2017. The rhymin' and rockin' collective features Rage Against the Machine alums Tom Morello, Tim Commerford, and Brad Wilk, Public Enemy's Chuck D and DJ Lord, as well as B-Real from Cypress Hill. The guys made a name for themselves touring during last year's presidential election cycle with socially aware and politically charged messages embedded in hits from each band members' former groups. The tour, which made stops outside prisons, political conventions, and even on Skid Row in L.A., among more traditional venues, was aptly named the "Make America Rage Again Tour."  

So how are they following up a year taken by storm? By dropping some fiery new music, of course. the Prophets kicked off June with the first single off their forthcoming, self-titled album. The video for the hard-hitting, socially conscious single, "Unf*ck The World," was directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Michael Moore, and features some of the biggest, most troubling images of the past year interlaced with video from the group's tour. Check out the NSFW video below:  

On the heels of the successful 2016 five-track EP The Party's Over, their debut album Prophets of Rage is slated to be released this coming September.