BJ'S BLOG 03/11/16 "Brotherhood In Sports"

March 11, 2016

Happy Friday, Rock-A-Holics! As word starts to spread about some of the Seahawks who are moving on before next season, I’ve been thinking about something…
You hear a lot about “brotherhood” in sports, especially on the professional level. It seems to be especially strong in that last year of college, when you know that you and your teammates are going to go your separate ways; in fact, some of your buddies might not even get that call up to the big leagues, and you have to leave them behind to chase your own opportunities.
I’ve lived in other places, but one thing I love about Seattle is the camaraderie, that sense that we can all work together to make something greater than the sum of our parts. You see it in sports; you see it in the community; and it’s even true in our radio industry, with forward thinkers like my pal, Bob Rivers. When I first got to know Bob, I learned that he had strong ideas about competitors working together to make a better industry. At the time, I thought it would never work…but he proved me wrong, and Seattle radio is better for it.
Let’s end this week with a positive discussion, shall we? Tell me about your favorite examples of brotherhood in action…in sports, or in any area you’d care to talk about. It’s a thing worth celebrating, so let’s get to it!