BJ'S BLOG 03/09/16 "Bromance"

March 9, 2016

Check this out, Rock-A-Holics:
According to a new study, bromances may be good for a man’s health!
Researcher from Stanford University believe that a male-bonded friendship may be as important as a romantic relationships in reducing stress in day-to-day life, and may even extend the number of years a man has on this planet!
I’ve been having some bromantic moments recently. My dad had a couple of really good male friends, and they went out of their way to get together on a regular basis. I moved around for a lot of years in this job, and the hours certainly haven’t helped (you have to go to bed early if you do morning radio), but I’ve made a concerted effort to make and maintain more long-term friendships over the last few years.
You can laugh at the idea of me hosting my geeky game nights, but there are regular attendees, and I’ve made some solid friendships in the process. For an awkward guy like me, it’s great to have these relationships, especially because they tend to come a little bit easier when you’re bonding over something that both people enjoy.
Rats in a cage become more social under stressful situations, even going so far as to have male-male cuddle sessions…and our buddy Migs enjoys some post-sports communal showering with his friends. Personally, I’ll stick to the board games.