BJ'S BLOG 03/08/16 "Hillary Butler"

March 8, 2016

Former Seattle Seahawk Hillary Butler lost a football-coaching job…and it may be related to marijuana. Butler is soon to be a licensed cannabis producer – which is legal in Washington, just in case you forgot - and he believes that the Clover Park school district let him go because they found out.
Butler, who also played for the Washington Huskies, was working as an assistant head coach at Lakes High School, and things were going well. In fact, the team’s last season was a success. Unfortunately, the team will have to continue without Butler, despite the fact that Lakes high school itself doesn’t want to let him go.
Clover Park school district coaching contracts are renewed each season. The district issued this statement, confirming nothing about the circumstances that led to the successful instructor’s dismissal:
"All Clover Park School District coaching contracts are non-continuing, meaning they are season to season. Coaching adjustments are made regularly, depending on the needs of the team and best interest of student-athletes.”
Well, ain’t that a kick in the head? Pot is legal, but it sure seems like Hillary Butler is being hung out to dry because he’s choosing to grow some, despite the fact that he’s obtaining the proper licensing from the state. How would that be any different from, say, brewing your own beer?
I’d love to hear your thoughts, fellow Rock-A-Holics…because this seems like a load of B.S. to me.