BJ'S BLOG 03/01/16 "College Energy Drink Ban"

February 29, 2016

Middlebury College in Vermont has banned the sale of energy drinks on their campus.
I don’t get it; are energy drinks so dangerous that the FDA needs to be examining them more closely? Middlebury maintains that even ONE energy drink can be harmful to someone’s heart.
The school goes on to categorize energy drinks as unhealthy at best, and dangerous at worst. They also claim that consumption of these drinks can lead to dangerous sex and alcohol abuse.
From cheeseburgers to herbal remedies, too much of ANYTHING is usually bad, folks. Don’t you find it odd that the FDA hasn’t cleared the shelves of these allegedly dangerous beverages? Will energy drinks eventually follow cigarettes as a heavily regulated item?
Coffee and Ritalin are still perfectly fine; Red Bull, you’ll have to step up your performance-enhancing game. Of course, colleges continue to do NOTHING about the damaging effects of being neck-deep in student loans!