Steve Migs Blog 03/15/16 "Seattle's Ninja!"

March 15, 2016
Ahhh Seattle…way to keep it classy and make the news for the most ridiculous stuff.  Last night I come across a story in the news about a man that is…well…enjoying himself outside of people’s homes.  This is of course wrong and disgusting…but then I keep reading about it, and I immediately knew that this story will quickly go from a local to a national story. 

I wake up this morning, and yes…it’s everywhere.
Why is that?  I’ll share with you this picture, and I think it will answer your question….

Get the ninja wisecracks out of your system and help catch this creepy masked masturbator:

— Seattle Police Dept. (@SeattlePD) March 14, 2016

Yup.,. the guy was dressed as a NINJA!  But that’s not a nun-chuck in his hand… waka waka!
I got this tweet last night which cracked me up…

@ImSteveMigs The Masked Masturbator would be just the worst superhero name.

— Christopher (@GeekDadChris) March 15, 2016

If that was his super hero name though, good luck finding a villain that would want to mess with him.  Hell, I bet the Riddler would be like… “Riddle me this… I ain’t going near the Masked Masturbator.  I know that’s not a riddle, but I’m not angering that fella”.