Steve Migs Blog 03/10/16 "Going Out To Eat?!?"

March 10, 2016
I have one of the most awkward…emotional…and hilarious videos to share.

The Boston College Eagles had a rough basketball season…they won their first three games of the season, lost the following six, won the next four and proceeded to lose the final 19 games.

For one of the guys on the team…it was especially tough, as he broke down in a post game press conference after their final game.

Senior Dennis Clifford was understandably emotional, but he gave an odd answer to this question…

Awkward: due to the length…I think there was 18 seconds of silence before he answered.

Emotional:  Duh…it has to such for him to know that his college bbasketball playing days are done.

Hilarious:  A combo of the long pause and the random answer.  When you read into the answer… I get it, he’s probably going to miss grabbing food with the fellas…the camaraderie.  But it’s funny that after that pause…I think many of us were waiting for a profound answer, and all that came out of his mouth was, "going out to eat."
Speaking of sports…this is a great video.  Hockey is huge in Minnesota…so huge that the High School championships are held at the big area, and it sells out.  Yes, for High School hockey.  Well someone notices that hockey players have some interesting hair styles…it’s all about the “flow” in hockey, so they made a video of the “2016 Minnesota State High School All Hockey Hair Team.”

Man, I wish I wasn’t bald for just this reason haha