Steve Migs Blog 03/09/16 "10 Inches....Brother!"

March 9, 2016
What is up with all the dong talk in American culture?  If we aren’t having politicians argue over “hand size”, we have lawyers bringing up the “package” in a courtroom. 

Former wrestler,  Hulk Hogan, is in the middle of a lawsuit with…he’s suing them for $100 million after they published clips from a video of him sleeping with a friend's wife (the friend was OK with this), and the Hulkster didn’t know he was being filmed.

Hell, he didn't even know the tape existed until someone started trying to leak it to the media.

So Hogan has been on the stand the last few days, and in the ultimate douche-lawyer-move… Gawker's lawyer tried to make the case that since Hogan has boasted about himself and his sexual exploits in interviews, he has no right to privacy in this case.


Look, I’m no lawyer, but I watch Better Call Saul, and I don’t even think Jimmy would use that as an argument.
So I present to you the strangest…oddest…most awkward discussion in a court room….here is Hulk Hogan explaining that even though he has 24 inch pythons…BROTHER…he does not have a 10 inch python in his pants! 

In case you didn’t know…Terry Bollea is his real name.  Man if I only would have know that saying your prayers and eating my vitamins would give me 10 inches…I would have been more diligent in talking my Flintstone’s Vitamins!